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3 things to do when you are discouraged!

Sometimes, for one reason or another you might be discouraged may be your expectations haven’t been meet. Here is a series of things you can do.

1 – Recognize that you believe that your reality cannot support you.

If you are working on a project, and you are feeling discouraged then maybe you have the belief that your reality cannot support you, no matter what you do, it will fail. In this case, examine why you have the belief. Are your expectations fitting what you believe is possible for you at this time? Do you believe you can succeed? Do you believe you deserve to succeed?
If you have negative beliefs about yourself, they affect greatly what you can achieve in your life.
Find the limiting beliefs, release them and choose to believe in yourself.

2 – Change your approach.

Let say that you perceive yourself as a creative person, and you want to write a book. You started writing but quickly got irritated because you are going nowhere. Because, you see yourself as a creative person you are upset at yourself because you cannot get going then your anger turn into discouragement.
Now, a solution, could be to ask someone who is successful at the same thing what that person has done or if another person isn’t available you might want to find information about what someone successful in the same field as done differently.

You might find that the successful writer was mind mapping ideas for the entire book, mind mapping for chapters and even creating the mind maps for each chapter thus having a detailing roadmap of what to write, on the other hand, you might find that your approach was just to sit and write and hope for ideas to pop up. Changing your approach can help you greatly when you are discouraged.

3 – Act as if you were the person you want to be.

Desperate behaviors create desperate reality. Decide to see yourself as successful at what you want to create. Visualize yourself vividly with the feelings as best as you can as a successful person, use your imagination. Do this everyday and soon enough it will influence your behavior. You will receive impulses to move in the correct direction. New possibilities will open to you as you change your thoughts. You see it is very simple if you change your thoughts your ideas will change and your possibilities and probabilities will change as well.


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