Psychic Channeled Reading For The Bereaved

The loss of the loved ones leaves BIG grief in the bereaved’s mind and heart. It is the sense of loneliness that drives them to get confined in the gloomy rooms for a period. Since there are many leftover words to say, the living desire to contact their departed loved ones even though they are no longer on Earth. In that sense, many seekers join in the journey of finding the trustworthy Mediums who can successfully mediate the dimensional conversations. Since the art of Psychic Channeled Reading is only accomplished by the genuine Readers, all bereaved are advised to test the occultists first before making a payment!

What To Consider In A Psychic Channeled Reading?

Psychic Channeling is the art of reading the spiritual beings’ energy and contacting them to form a dimensional conversation. Whether it is the connection with Spirit Guides, Angels, or human souls, the Mediums activate their sixth sense to sense the existence of the immaterial entities and communicate with them for some compassionate purposes. Due to the bereaved’s request, the spirits are called upon to exchange the cherished words or to get their leftover hopes fulfilled.

Please notice that the dead’s messages may come through as pictures, sounds, words, or feelings that can only be deciphered by the authentic Mediums. While the Psychics use their clairvoyance to peer into the future scenery, the Mediums themselves tune the heightened sense of sight to interact with the deceased and help them to rest in peace. Since the spirits have rights to come or not, it is the readers’ merits that can convince them of the bereaved’s wishes.

There are some souls that are not fond of talking with their family members or spouses due to the past arguments. Luckily, the Mediums can handle the cases gently with their compassion. Anyway, bear in mind that the deceased should not be called upon because of the trivial matters! The quick meeting somehow increases their remorse and penitence. Therefore, the bereaved ought to think carefully before being committed in the Live Channeling.

During the channeling stages, it is not good to cry bitter tears, remember! Instead, try to let the deceased loved ones gain purification! Crying in this case can not change anything but it prevents the dead from resting peacefully. Understanding this point, the so-called Mediums will remind you of what to do to bring benefits to the loved ones’ circumstances. Meanwhile, you also gain comfort and the insights you lack. Contact the grandmas and help them to live in refreshment after the bodily death.

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The richest people in the world

The richest people in the world

Many books have been written about the richest people in the world. There are so many teachers who teach how to get rich. Those, who do not know the subject well, teach. Therefore, I will not teach, I will just point out one observation. As you are interested in this chapter I deduct you did not get rich either.

I split the richest people in the world into two groups:
group1 – they have an angel
group2 – they have excellent lineage karma

Only those, who have become rich during their life by their own work, were included. They did not inherit anything, or very little. I omitted mobsters and so on.
The easiest way how to learn to see angels is to download images of people who have them and to meditate on them. Compare it with photos of ordinary people. I have chosen a few wealthiest people who have an angel. This includes: William Gates, Paul Allen, Ingvar Kamprad, Li Ka-shing, Lawrence Ellison, Larry Page, Michael Dell, Sergey Brin, Francois Pinault, Jack Taylor, Kirk Kerkorian, Lee Shau Kee, Philip Knight, John Kluge, Leonardo Del Vecchio and Mark Zuckerberg. I suggest downloading some pictures. It is not as noticeable on just one of them. If you can see the differences between particular angels and you can perceive something about them, then welcome among us clairvoyants.
At the moment angels are very popular. There are many teachers. However, none of them has this kind of angel. They usually have something small and not very effective. One needs to learn how to communicate with angels. They only respond to specific questions. For example, you are walking along an unsafe neighbourhood at night and a group of hooligans are walking against you. When you ask your angel, whether you should go left or right, if you should run away or calmly continue, your angel will answer. If you ask for help, your angel probably does nothing. They only answer to specific questions.
Similarly, if you ask your angel to help your son to finish university, your angel would do nothing. An angel is not silly, therefore will not watch your son, accompany him to exams etc. Your angel will not do any miracles for the benefit of your son. Nevertheless, if you ask a specific question then the angel will give you advice. Questions must be clear. For example: Should I be stricter at my son? Should I control him more? Should I give him more or less money? Is he even my son when he is so stupid? That last sentence was a joke.
The same applies for business. It is necessary to be specific. Should I cooperate with this company? Should I hire this person? Can I trust this partner? If the world’s richest people asked an angel to give them money, or to make them rich, they would not have achieved anything. They always ask specifically.

It is not good to use an angel for intrigue. I have noticed that some people do it. They cannot use an angel correctly. Let’s say that two persons are interested in one leading position. The one who has an angel uses his angel to obtain compromising information. I think that if he used his angel correctly, he would achieve better results in his career.
An angel sends out positive energy. They create a pleasant atmosphere around the person, who has one. Once I met a person who took advantage of this. She tried to use everything to her advantage. She used the angel to get her superiors in a good mood and then she took advantage. She also used the angel to hide information about herself. When someone has an angel it is difficult to find out something about them. Firstly it is necessary to move the angel away and then uncover information. The same applies to people who follow their intuition. Angels can deceive them too.
This only applies if you have an angel. If you do not have one then you can borrow one. In ten minutes they will return to their original position. This means that you need to see the angel first and then you can borrow. Alternatively, you can attract only part of an angel. If you take let’s say a half of the angel nothing will happen to the angel. They will return and again unite.
I do not like this solution because it’s not very practical. For example, I need to answer something. Firstly I find a photo, then attune to the angel, attract them but they disappear after ten minutes. You can also borrow lineage karma in a similar way. It lasts longer, probably 2-3 hours, then returns. This is not going to solve anything either. Personally I prefer improving lineage karma. There are some clairvoyant techniques for this purpose. Unfortunately, they are difficult and only for the advanced. I do not recommend you to follow the path of angels, they prevent reincarnation. I should explain such a serious statement. Unfortunately I cannot. This is a topic for advanced spiritists.
Communication with angels needs to be learnt. If your decision is wrong or if you act immorally they disappear. You can communicate with angels by telling them: I am going to do this and that. If the angel stays, it is the right decision. If the angel leaves, it is the wrong decision. Over time they will return. While training call on your angel and tell a lie. The angel
should leave. Call them back and tell the truth, the angel will remain. We can communicate with them in other ways too. It is individual.
As I already mentioned it is tricky to find out something about people who have got an angel using clairvoyance. Angels cover everything. Firstly you have to move or dissolve them temporarily. Do not worry, they will return. Then you can read. Therefore, if you cannot read well with your clairvoyance, the problem might be that the person has an angel.

How to see angels: attunement

You can learn to perceive angels by focusing on your belly and attuning into the child psyche. Children are usually able to see angels. Parents tell them angels do not exist, thus children will believe it and gradually stop perceiving them. Imagine you are a child and choose your age. You need to believe it for a while. For twenty minutes you will become a child with everything that goes with it. Then you will return to normal.
Try various children’s roles, such as, I want this toy, this is my toy-car, this is my dolly and so on. Finally you will remind yourself of a variety of children’s mischief and various children’s games. Eventually you will remember all your childhood mischief. You will do all these mischiefs again because you are a child. You will remind yourself of the most beautiful childhood memories. Imagination has no limits. Play some child’s game in your imagination. Listen to music for children.
If you have small children or if you are a teacher in kindergarten it will be easier for you. Alternatively, you can watch small children and copy their behaviour. We do all of this only in our imagination. We do not take anyone’s toys away or anything like that. It is a kind of meditation. Also in some yoga meditation you become a child.
This is called tuning. It is very important in esoteric. The exercise should be repeated until you feel like a child. Attuning to ninety percent should be enough. I suppose you will need at least ten such exercises. It means that you will become a child for twenty minutes and then become an adult again. After a longer repetition of this exercise you will be able to attune in two seconds, back and forth in both directions.
Finally, I will repeat everything once more. Children can see the angels, therefore we practice attuning to the child’s psyche. When we attune to their psyche, we will also see angels. You don’t have to be afraid that you will remain in the child psyche forever. It has been tried and tested. Once you learn it all you will attune and see angels in two seconds. Then you will retune back, or wait until the child attunement leaves itself. You do not have to practice anymore. Now you will remember it for your lifetime.
I have a friend who has an angel of a different type. It is a common angel. When she crosses a street she never looks right or left. She just crosses the road. The angel does everything for her. He checks if the road is clear. However she is not able use the angel for anything else.

The second group of the richest people consists of people with excellent lineage karma. I will not describe this group of people because everything has already been written in the chapter on karma. Well perhaps only one thing. In aura above the cerebellum they have an elongated object about four centimetres wide and fifty long. It is balanced and goes straight up. Ordinary people have it too, but it is warped and twisted. It is attached to the cerebellum and probably somehow connected with their karma. It is being examined at the moment.
It is difficult to improve your lineage karma. Firstly you should watch educational videos about the cerebellum. You have to obtain the spatial idea on ​​how it looks. Therefore videos are better than images. Basically I recommend both. Then you need to meditate for a long time.
The cerebellum has ten parts on the left and ten parts on the right. When you look at anatomical images, you will have a problem to count ten parts. Each part has a different shape. Never mind, doctors have counted it well. It is necessary to focus on these parts and find out what is written there. You will obtain the next information when you focus on the whole cerebellum or if you focus onto the aura behind it.
The main function of the cerebellum is to coordinate movement, but now we are not interested in the medical aspect. I think that the majority of neurons in the cerebellum contain clairvoyant information and the rest is used to coordinate movement and so on. It is stated that we use only fifteen percent of the brain. Thus the space for clairvoyant information is here.
As part of improvements to my lineage karma I did an experiment. I copied the record from one yogi into one part of my cerebellum, from his cerebellum to the same part of mine. He is a not a very well-known yogi, but he is excellent. He lives in India. I could not fall asleep one night. This record forced me think; who am I going to help tomorrow and how. The yogi thinks this way before he falls asleep. I could not think about some things at all and about others only partially. It was really strong. As I wanted to sleep I went with it. I stopped my thinking before sleeping. I thought about whom I’m going to help tomorrow and how. Everything was fine during the day and in the evening it was all repeated. I could not fall asleep again and I had to think as the record in my cerebellum wanted.
After a few days I had enough and I have stopped the record. Unfortunately, I am not morally mature enough to be able to keep it up. Sometimes I send it out to various immoral people. In terms of clairvoyance is very interesting to watch them fighting it. Some of them can block it after a week of heavy battle. This shows that they have immorality in their blood.
The things you think about before bedtime have much more power. Your subconscious processes these ideas at night and over time this will reflect in your psyche. Changes should be done slowly and gradually, not how it was done in this experiment. I even had an idea that I would copy this record further. I will give it to other people. However I am not sure how this would work. Firstly, I would have to test it. Let’s say I would impose this record on a hundred people. The world would be better by a hundred people. Unfortunately, there are some people who would take an advantage of their kindness. In fact I would not help them at all. Yogis can have this system. They live in ashrams and this is a completely different world.
There are about 1-2 billion people with good lineage karma in the world. There are about 50 million people with excellent lineage karma. There are about ten thousand angels of this type. As you can see it is not enough to have excellent lineage karma, or an angel to get among the first hundreds of the world’s wealthiest people. It is necessary to be diligent. Yes diligent, at least at the beginning. Remember that I have dealt only with people who did not inherit their wealth, but they have become rich by their own work. Furthermore, you must have an entrepreneurial initiative, education and you need to be lucky too.
For the advanced I have here one specialty. On your spine you can see something like a male figure, or you can imagine it. This figure means success. Usually it is about four centimetres high. The higher it is, the more successful the person is. This figure begins somewhere in the lumbar area of ​​the spine and goes upwards. It can be no more than 50 centimetres high. The richest people of the world have this figure too. However it looks more like a vase.
Try to compare management and ordinary employees at your company by focusing on their spine in this area. If you meet all members of management together it will be easy to recognize. In theory your success should be improved if you enlarge this figure. Try to practice. You will be concentrating on the lumbar spine and above. Firstly, you have to be aware of the spine and spinal cord inside. With every inhale you will make this figure grow by one vertebra.

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