How to use creative visualisation

seaside town In my last post, I explained how I used the law of attraction to manifest my ideal lifestyle. In this post, I’m going to explain step by step the exact creative visualisation technique I used. If you have not read the previous article read it first, it will help you to have a clear intention about what you want.

It is an exercise that it is best done at night before falling asleep. Because this is the last thing you do before falling asleep, your mind is going to take that information and work on it.

Your subconscious mind will work the information in two ways. One it will create that reality the best it can by passing this information to your higher-self. The higher-self is the real creator of your reality.

The other way, your subconscious mind, will work the information is that it will show you, your resistances, limiting beliefs toward your preferred reality.
It will come under the form of strange dreams about the things you have to let go.

An example: A woman would like to manifest the partner of her dream. She uses the creative visualisation technique to create that reality as I will describe below. But then she had recurring dreams where she was challenged to forgive a man, she knew in the past. She understood that her refusal to forgive has a created an aura of resentment about men around her and it prevents her to attract what she wants.

She quickly lets go of that resistance by forgiving the man she saw in her dream. Just doing that open a door that was closed. Now, she is much more likely to attract her ideal partner because she removed her resistance.

I personally used the creative visualisation technique to manifest a partner at some points and I had several dreams where I had to come to term with issues of shame, guilt and anger. When I did that, my partner appeared in my life overnight. You can use EFT or the releasing technique from Larry Crane to let go of resistance. I use both.

The technique of creative visualisation is itself very easy to put in practice. Every night before falling asleep the last thing, you will do is to visualize as best as you can your ideal lifestyle, your perfect reality. If you start on a Monday then you visualize your ideal Monday from your preferred reality, then the next day, you continue where you previously stopped. After a week, you will have created an entire week of your ideal life from Monday to Sunday.

At first, your visualisation may not be clear and you may have difficulty to form coherent pictures but overtime the clarity of your visualisation will get better.

Do not ask for when and how, you will get it, your conscious mind is not equipped to answer that only your Higher Self knows these answers.

You are really doing this exercise to put yourself in the frequency of your preferred reality. As you become equal to the frequency of your preferred reality, you will magnetize it into your life. Like attracts like.

My creative visualisation sessions were 30 minutes long, it was the length of the relaxing music CD I used during this exercise. I start by visualizing the day from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. I remember when I visualized my ideal life, I was often confused about living by the sea or by the hillsides.

So I imagined that I was at my balcony in some sessions I saw the sea and in some other sessions I saw the hills.
Well, the Universe gave me both the sea and the hills. I manifested a nice apartment by the sea and there were also hills all around.

seaside town with hill

How long do you have to visualise your ideal life? You have to do it until you have a feeling that it is planted in the Universe. You will know it when it will happen for you because this is a distinct state that is devoid of doubts.
Back in 1998 when I was a student, I visualised by ideal life as a computer programmer at the best company in my town. I also visualised that I lived in one of the best neighborhood in town.
It took 6 months of visualisation then I felt it was “planted.” Back, late 1999, I was living what I had imagined.
In 2007, I wanted a new change in my life and that time it took only 3 months of visualisation. The 2007 visualisation was bigger in scope than the one in 1998, it involved moving in a new country, living a nice place and making a living from passive income. Yet, it manifested quicker. I believe it is because I also practiced forgiveness and self-love.

When you practise forgiveness and self-love, you are basically saying “YES!” to yourself and the Universe will conspire to give you what you want even faster because you have less resistance. As a matter of fact, the 2007 visualisation didn’t bring me dreams showing my resistances, on the other hand, I had a lucid dream where I saw the place I would live months later.

I sincerely encourage you to give a shot at creative visualisation. You have nothing to lose. The question is never will it work or not. You have to make it works and you do that by sticking to your visualization and letting go of resistances as they arise.

Law of attraction specialists Greg & Alvin developed a great system of dream programming and subconscious mind programming to help you to achieve your ideal life. You can watch their video presentation here. I really like the story they gave about the guy who used creative visualisation to heal himself of cancer.


How to activate the law of attraction

Activating the law of attraction begins by forming a clear intention of what you want. If you are confused about what you want, you will attract negative PPE (People, places, events) that reflect your state of mind.
That is why it is important to choose something coming from a state of joy rather than a state of fear.There is difference between:1 – I want to stay away from bad people
2 – I want to be surrounded by good people.Intention 1 is going to magnetize bad people. Because, the focus is on that. Intention 2 will attract good people.
What you hold in mind you attract.Do this exercise, it might take you a couple of minutes or several hours. It took me 2 days and 6 pages!Answer in a written form to this question:

If there were no limitations or consequences what would your perfect average day look like?

Write this with as many details as you can. Take your time. Describe a perfect average day from beginning to end. You can include even mundane details such as what you have for breakfast; your morning routine and so on. I did this exercise around April 2007. When I had a clear picture of what I wanted, I visualized my perfect day for 3 months then I felt it was “seeded.” I stopped the visualisation exercise and then in December 2007 my perfect life begun to manifest. By early 2008, I was fully living exactly the life I visualized and some of the details where even better.

For example initially, I was not sure if I wanted to live by the seaside or by hillsides. The Universe gave me both, I discovered I placed that I was unaware of. I moved in my new apartment in January 2008, there I had a view from on the sea and on the hills from my balcony. Here is a picture from my window:


Here is a picture from the hills near my house:


At the time in early 2008, I watched a tv show and there was a quite interesting actress in it. I told myself, I wish I had a girlfriend like this. So I created my “girlfriend avatar”

She appeared in my life in May 2008. I got exactly everything I wanted.
If you want to manifest a partner, create your partner avatar like this:

Write down a description of your perfect partner. You have to describe the physical appearance, height, hair color, eyes color, type of body etc…
What qualities/ strength your perfect partner has
What kind of relationship you have etc….
Write maybe between 5 and 30 lines of description.

Once you have your ideal day and your ideal partner written, you have now a clear intention.

Because, your intention is clearly focused, you become like a laser going in just one direction. Your energy is focused on what you want.
You are radiating from your core and you have decided to magnetize someone to you from your core. Keep your vision in your mind and that’s all there is to do.
Each time, you feel resistance toward your preferred reality, you can surrender the negative feelings and let go of the limiting beliefs that block you.

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How to free yourself of lower energies and feel alive

Feeling Alive. This presentation goes into detail on how exactly to take back your life energy, so that you experience more zest, enthusiasm, passion, clarity and power. It shows how energy becomes stuck in unprocessed and unforgiven issues of the past and worries about the future, taking you out of your only place of power – the here and now. It describes how you can authentically release instances of stuck energy and what wonderful consequences that has. —

About the author: Frederick Dodson – is the world authority and founder of the Reality Creation Techniques and he was the first author to combine the “Many Worlds Theory” of physics with self-improvement. He is best known for his books “Parallel Universes of Self” and “Levels of Energy” and he has written more than 20 books and held Seminars in over 300 cities globally.

Books by Frederick Dodson

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Demystifying the Art of Palm Reading

Also known as Chiromancy, Palm reading has its roots in ancient Indian and Egyptian cultures. As an art that took form in East Asia, it has transcended borders and is now popular in many parts of the world. Its success can be largely owed to the articulate and accurate nature of its predictions. The lines on the palm can accurately predict the past, present and even future events. Palm reading considers various aspects of the hand-the shape (cheirognom), the mounts (cheirosophy) and the lines and formations on the palm (cheiromancy).

The shape of the hand plays an important role in determining a person’s character. It is the first thing that palm readers notice while conducting a palm reading analysis.

Here’s a brief on the five common hand shapes.

Shapes of the hand

Earth hand
Physical attributes- broad, square palms and fingers, thick and coarse skin with a pinkish tinge.
Typical characteristics
• Headstrong and can get stubborn at times
• Have a pragmatic outlook on life
• Tend to be materialistic
• Possess the capabilities to acquire wealth

Air hand
Physical attributes- fingers longer than the palm that is square or rectangular shaped, dry skin
Typical characteristics
• Social and witty
• Like to engage in lengthy conversations
• Harbor ill feelings and resentment for a long time
• Can be cold and calculative

Water hand
Physical attributes-relatively long hand, almost oval shaped with slender tapering fingers, length of the palm is equal to the length of the fingers
Typical characteristics
• Display superior creative skills
• Introverted and prefer to do things quietly
• Have frequent mood swings

Fire hand
Physical attributes- short and stout fingers, square or rectangular shaped palm
Typical characteristics
• Bold and courageous
• Tend to be inconsiderate and insensitive to others
• Extroverted
• Spontaneous

Combination hand (Air-Earth and Water-Air hand)
Physical attributes- people with the combination type of hand shape have both the attributes of the respective hand shapes
Typical characteristics
• Since they have characteristics of both hand shapes, they are more balanced and practical.
• Intuitive
• Remain calm even in trying situations

Apart from the shape of the hand, there are other aspects of palm reading which together reveal a person’s character and destiny. Understanding the patterns and lines of the palm is no mean task. A palmist or palm reader is the person qualified and trained in the art, and finding one is not very easy. However, with online palm reading one is not required to go through the hassle of searching for a trustworthy and qualified palm reader.

Online palm reading has surfaced as a hassle free and reliable method for making accurate predictions. Online Palm readers can provide accurate forecasts of your future and also give a detailed description of your personality. Additionally, they can also inform you about the ways in which you can improve and enhance your luck. All you need to do is send in a picture of your hand and then sit; you will receive a detailed analysis of your palm reading for a small fee.

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Is a Chakra Meditation Worth Your Time?

rad a man mind
Recently a friend told me she had been practicing a chakra cleansing meditation. What surprised me though was how she prefaced the statement. “I know you hate these kinds of meditations but… ” I guess it is always surprising to find out just how much you’ve been misunderstood. Let me explain my position on chakra meditations. First of all, I think they’re great. But if you have limited time to meditate, is a chakra meditation the best use of that time? I don’t think so.First let’s look at the chakra system and what it means to “cleanse” it.The chakras are part of a wellness system that comes to us from India. According to this system we have an energetic body as well as a physical one. Our energetic body consists of thousands of channels (nadis) that carry energy (prana) throughout our physical body. These nadis can be thought of as streams flowing through the physical structure providing energy to the various organs, muscles and tissues of the body.This is similar to the way rivers, streams and other channels distribute water throughout the earth. If the stream becomes blocked with sticks, old leaves and other debris, the water pools and becomes stagnant. This causes a flood in one area and a water deficit in another. The same thing can happen within our own body. When a nadi becomes blocked prana pools causing physical pain in the flooded area as well as a lack of energy in the area that is normally fed by that nadi. This is the same principle as in Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, acupressure, qigong movements, etc; these are all methods of unblocking channels to allow the free flow of qi. Prana is Sanskrit while qi is Chinese. Both words mean life force or energy.

A chakra is formed when two opposite flowing lines of energy are side by side. Much like a whirlpool is formed when two streams of water pass each other going opposite directions. In some Vedic philosophies the chakras are nothing more than knots or tangles in the nadi system and our aim should be to smooth them out completely. In others they are seen as an integral part of the overall energetic body. While there are hundreds of chakras the main focus is on the seven major ones.

The seven major chakras are lined up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra affects the functioning of the physical systems it is located by as well as different aspects of our psychology as human beings. So, the first chakra (also known as the base chakra since it sits at the base of the spine) has to do with survival issues, the second chakra (belly) with sexuality and emotions, the third (solar plexus) with power, the fourth (heart) with all kinds of love and devotion, the fifth (throat) deals with communication, the sixth (brow) with vision and intuition, and finally the seventh (crown) with intellect. These seven chakras can be seen as conduits of information. We receive information from our surroundings as well as broadcast information through the chakras. They are meant to swirl or turn like a wheel, as well as open and close. Flowing and changing freely in response to whatever is going on in our environment. However, just as the nadis can become blocked, the chakras can become blocked and unable to function. When this happens we experience physical as well as psychological symptoms. For example, a blocked throat chakra could cause problems with the thyroid gland since it sits in the same physical location. But someone with a blocked throat chakra could also experience difficulty expressing themselves. They may have trouble speaking in front of people or may be unable to say what they mean in an understandable way.

Finally we can get back to the chakra cleansing meditation! These meditations are very helpful for unblocking the chakras and allowing them to flow smoothly again. So why do I say they are not the best use of your time? Well, we need to look at what causes a chakra to become blocked in the first place.

While the chakras are located within the physical body, they themselves are not physical. They are energetic. So because they are located in the physical body, they can be affected by physical events such as injuries or traumas. Because they are energetic, they can be affected by energetic events such as habitual ways of thinking or emotional trauma. In my experience the primary cause of blocked or malfunctioning chakras is habitual ways of thinking. These thoughts may have started in response to emotional trauma such as a child being told, “Shut up! No one wants to hear what you have to say.” Or a physical trauma such as a throat injury making it difficult to speak. But the thoughts caused by these traumas become habitual. “No one is interested in what I have to say.” or “It’s too painful to speak right now.”These habitual thoughts cause the throat chakra to close up and make it impossible for that person to express him or herself. While a chakra cleansing meditation may help unblock the chakra, the habitual thoughts will just block it back up again. So a chakra meditation without the work of a mindfulness meditation is like putting a bandage on an internal wound. The pressure may make it feel better for a while but it really isn’t helping.

A daily meditation of just sitting and observing your thoughts is so simple. It’s so simple and yet so difficult. But it is the best way to become aware of the many self sabotaging thoughts we have moment by moment. Most of the time we are not aware of these thoughts but we react to them and act on them non the less. Once we become aware of these thoughts through our daily practice, we can see them, hear them, be aware of them BEFORE we act on them. That gives us the opportunity to decide whether or not to act. It gives us the opportunity to choose whether we believe these thoughts or not. It puts us in charge of our thoughts rather than our thoughts being in charge of us.

So if you only have time for one meditation, a mindfulness meditation such as Shamatha meditation will be much more beneficial then a chakra cleansing meditation. Only because with Shamatha you can get to the cause of the problem rather than just masking the symptoms.

Susan L Qualls teaches meditation, fitness techniques and qigong. You can read more of her articles at


Psychometry, Also Known As, Psychic Touch

weird secrets about menPsychometry is the ability to read the energy of an object by utilizing touch. It is one of the most basic skills and the most easiest skill to learn in the shortest amount of time.

In as little as a few hours to a few days of practice, one can easily become proficient in their ability to read objects by simply understanding the following:

    • All objects only appear to be a solidity. They are actually atoms vibrating at high rates of speed and slamming together being held in place by an unseen force which gives the appearance of solid mass.
    • All things absorb energy from things that are around them. For example, one can easily feel the warning coming from a person or animal. This is referred to as heat energy. A glass holding ice water will absorb the cold. Thus these two examples easily establish that all thing absorb the energies of the things around them.
  • All objects are composed of the same things–atomic particles, which project several types of energies (magnetic, heat, cold, electrical, and the body’s natural aura or force field)

In Psychometry the hands are used for the detective work and the body is the detector. Each hand serves a purpose. If you are right handed typically the right hand projects and the left hand absorbs. Reverse this if you are left handed but it is best to experiment to see which role which hand plays. However for informational purposes the left hand is connected to the right brain. The right brain is where creative imaging resides. Again you may have to experiment to see which hand is dominant and most sensitive. Once you have determined which hand is dominant, you should never pick up any object with the dominant hand when you are using pschometry skill because that hand will actually imprint your energy onto the object.

You can try this experiment to determine which hand is the dominant hand so you never use it during psychometry.

    • Hold your left hand up at chest level and facing your right side as if you are going to pray.
    • Place your right hand up facing your left hand holding your hands between 6 to 8 inches apart.
    • Bend the fingertips of your right hand and face them towards the palm of your left hand. Move your fingers back and forth slowly and see if you feel a current. Closing your eyes may help you feel the current more easily.
  • If you feel absolutely no current. Try this process again but this time bend the fingertips of your left hand and repeat the process.

Whichever hand you feel the current, that is your dominant hand (the projector) and you should never use that hand to hold an object or touch and object for psychometry purposes. If you do, you run the risk of imprinting your energy. Always pick up objects or touch objects with your receptor hand. This is the hand that absorbs the energy from the object.

How to hold an object:

There are no right or wrong ways to hold or touch an object. It is up to the individual to determine what works best for them. You can lightly place your fingertips on an object, put an object between your thumb and index finger, lay an object in your palm, or wrap your hand like a fist around the object. Practicing with the various ways will help you determine which process creates the most sensitivity to the energy of the object you are reading for you.

Typically these are the various ways that works best, but again it is your preference.

  • Photos – placing your whole palm on the back of the photo.
  • Small Objects – closed fist.
  • Larger Objects – finger tips.

When you are just beginning to learn this skill, vary the methods you use and experiment. You can even use other body parts. Some people the back of the hand is super sensitive or the neck. Don’t be afraid to try different things. There are no wrong ways to do things here.

What is some of the information that can be received from utilizing Psychometry?

  • Past
  • Future
  • Events
  • Past ownership
  • Color
  • History
  • Images

Experiments you can do using Psychometry using simple things around your house.

A deck of playing cards, tablet, and pencil. Only deal 3 cards at a time.

First take a red suited card and turn it over facing down. Cup your receiving hand over the card and feel the energy of the red card. Notice does it feel warm? It should the color red usually feels warm. Do the same thing for a black suited card. Once you established what it feels like for each suit color red or black, shuffle the deck. Place a card on the table face down. Place your receiving hand cupped over the card. Feel the energy. Again Red suits the card should feel warm and Black suits, the card should feel cool. Ask yourself does the energy feel hot or cold. If it feels cold on your tablet write Card #1 – Black. Continue this for 2 more cards until you have information written down for 3 cards. Do this 3 more times. Then score yourself. Each entry is worth 1 point. 3 or more is a good score. A score of 7 is considered extremely high. Continuing practicing this test until you feel confident on your skill.

You can move on next with the card experiment and now use closed eye imagery to determine if it is red and diamond or hearts or black and spades or clubs. You will be using your minds eye to “see”. Experiment which works best for you, cupped palm over card or just fingertips.

If you are not adept at imagery in order to stimulate your minds eye in order to gain information from an object, close your eyes and try to imagine first something you have, like your car, your spouse, a child. Next imagine a sunflower. See the yellow petals and the brown center. If you were able to see that image of the daisy, move on to a rose, specifically a red rose. Red is the easiest color to create in your mind’s eye. Next visualize that the rose has changed to another color. If you were successful, continue on and try different colors.

Practicing and using closed eye imagery will help you in the future because it gives you a better opportunity to learn. With much practice in the future you will not have to close your eyes. You will be able to see images with your eyes open.

The key to becoming adept at pscyhometry or any skill is to practice daily. For the card experiment even just practicing a few moments before bed, will keep you in the habit of repeating which is key for learning. The brain learns by repetition.

For information and explanation regarding intuition go to: