Learn Telepathy – Crystal Ball Reading

Another way you can learn telepathy is crystal ball reading. Some people have great luck with this type reading in a very short period of time. It is believed that when doing this type reading, the crystal ball acts to concentrate the readers psychic energy. People who are learning telepathy through crystal ball reading do not have to use an actual crystal ball. There are many different objects that can be used and will be very effective, depending on the individual. These include shiny quartz, polished metals, clear water, hot embers, a cup with water and the insides blacked out or just about any shiny surface. It really are depends on the person and what they feel most comfortable with. Be aware that whatever object is used, does not have any power of its own, all the psychic power comes from the individual doing the crystal ball reading. You should try and use the same object when you start to learn telepathy. You will impregnate the object with your psychic energy and this will make future readings much easier.

If you do decide to practice crystal ball reading with an actual crystal ball, there are certain things you should do in the care of the crystal ball. You should not allow others to use the ball or even touch it. This is so they do not scatter your psychic energy or contaminate it with theirs. You should also keep the crystal ball covered and put away when not in use and in general treat it with respect like you would any valued tool.

When you start to learn telepathy, you should do it with expectation and be completely serious about it. If you are doing it in a joking manor the results will not be there. As you start reading it is best to do it alone or with others that can be highly supportive of you. The lighting in the room should be indirect light with it at your back. When reading you should not strain your eyes, but have a steady, relaxed gaze. It is okay to blink, but maintain your gaze. Some people when they are crystal ball reading like to cup their hands and create a tunnel that they look through.

You may start getting results from the first time you attempt crystal ball reading, but usually it will take 6 or more try’s before you start getting the slightest of results. As you learn telepathy – crystal ball reading, the first signs that it is working is a slight milky mist you will see in the crystal ball. Next you will begin to see faint outlines of faces, landscape and slowly these images will become clearer and clearer. As you continue your reading you will first see images of things that you are familiar with, these will not provide any new useful information. Second you will start to see images that are familiar to other people you know, these images may or may not add new information. Third you will start to see images of the past, present and future, these images will take on a telepathic nature and can become very helpful in your life.

There are several other general guidelines one should follow when you start to learn telepathy – crystal ball reading.

1. Do the reading in a quiet room without distractions. The room should not have any reflective surfaces, distracting colors and the room should be at a comfortable temperature.

2. The crystal ball should be placed on a table and the bottom half should be wrapped in a black cloth. This will help to prevent outside reflections and also make the images easier to see.

3. When reading for the first time you should limit the time to 10 minutes. The next time you can go 15 minutes, but keep to this amount of time for about 8 attempts. After this you can increase the reading gradually, but you should never do more then 1 hour.

4. When starting to learn telepathy, it is best if practices in the same place and at the same time of day each time.

5. If you allow others to be in the room with you they should remain silent and not act in a distracting manor. They should also be sitting at least four feet away from you as you are doing the crystal ball reading.

6. When crystal ball reading you will start to see pin points of light, milky haze or a bluish color. Keep practicing you are on your way and very soon full images will start to appear. Do not be alarmed if sometimes you see something and the next time you see nothing, this is normal.

7. It can also be very helpful if some calming breaths are used before starting crystal ball reading. If you no the practice of pranayama that would be preferred.

8. Do not practice crystal ball reading on a full stomach or when you are hungry. It is best if you take care of your health overall, this only helps in crystal ball reading.

9. When you do start to see visions in the crystal ball, the images that appear closest to you are things that will happen in the near future and images that appear to be farther away will happen farther in the future.

10. When images start to appear it will be up to you to interpret them. This will take a little practice and skill. It is also helpful to write down what you saw for future reference. As you continue reading you will become much better at the interpretations, based on the feedback you receive from the actual events.

Do not worry if nothing happens during your first attempt at crystal ball reading. Think of it as learning to drive a car. Some people are very good, very fast and others have to take a driving test 10 times before they pass. Each individual is different, but all people posses the ability to learn telepathy.

The author Paul Andrew Todd was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and Since a very early age Paul has had a interest in metaphysics. He has read and studied extensively in the fields of spirituality, metaphysics, religion, mind control and other personal improvement areas. Paul has been a certified hypnotherapist for thirteen years. He graduated from the Cincinnati School of Hypnosis in 1996. Paul also has been practicing meditation daily since 1994. He is a trained yoga teacher and meditation instructor. Paul learned yoga at Rishikesh Yogpeeth in India. Since early 2009 Paul has been traveling the world and living on the road. His web site can be found at Telepathy

For more information please visit Learn Telepathy.


How to activate your genius mind

We have been told that we live in an unlimited Universe. Yet we experience so many limitations in our daily lives. They are many reasons for that notably the way we are raised and educated into believing that certain things are not possible.

But fortunately nothing is set in stone. We can change our perspective and open ourselves to new possibilities and probabilities.

One way to increase your creativity, your awareness and intelligence, is to practice seeing something an object, an idea, a concept from various points of view.


Take a walk in your town. Look at the top of the building and imagine that you are on one of those building rooftops and project your awareness there and see yourself walking in the street. Take note of insight you gain

Take an idea you have and see it from the point of view of someone of the opposite sex, see your idea from the point of view of an expert that field see it from the point of view of a celebrity then from a spiritual leader then from the president. See it as the Universe would see it. Write down any insight you gained.

Deep trance identification

Deep trance identification (DTI) is a hypnosis procedure to borrow the genius of someone else. It is well documented that athlete can improve their performance by repeating movements under hypnosis. Champion golfer Jack Nicklaus visualized each of the holes on a course and rehearsed in his mind the right stroke until perfection.

But, what if you could just step into the mind of a genius and borrow his talent that idea behind DTI.

In order to practice DTI, you have to hypnotize yourself deep enough to reach a comfortable theta state. Theta state is a very good state to tap in the Universal Mind, where everything is connected and all possibilities and probabilities exist at once.

Once, you are there, you can imagine that you are meeting that genius. Observe that person and then gently step into that person. Feel that person from the inside and gently let new ideas, insights come into your mind on the topic you are interested.

Practicing deep trance identification will directly open new possibility for you.

Sexual Energy

There is a connection between sexual energy and creativity. Human beings are created out of sexual energy without it no babies. You channel your creativity sexual energy into art as did so many artists such as Picasso and many more. But, if your sexual energy is blocked due to shame, guilt or anger, it is not going to work. First, it is necessary to let go, release repressed emotions on the topic of sexuality. If you have blocked energy there. It will be a great gift to yourself to heal that area of your life. It will bring you so many good things from creativity to better health, to be relationship and sex life.

Another technique is the master mind principle from Napoleon Hill : ”

Because eight minds are better than one

Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds” ― Napoleon Hill

What else can you do to activate your genius mind?

If you follow and give yourself truthfully to your life purpose, you will activate your very own genius mind. Because, you will be aligned with the purpose of your soul for being on earth at this time. I believe that the more you live your life as your soul would live it, the more a genius you are.

Of course, it will be your own genius meaning it will be nothing you have to compare with someone else. There is no reason to compare. You are unique.

“Feeling love seems to throw open windows of opportunity, opening perception beyond our beliefs, limitations, and expectations” Bruce Moens


The more you love yourself and others, the more your true self shines through you. When you become a radiant light for the world, I believe that you truly have activated your genius mind.

Roadmap To Genius

Psychic prediction vs. the law of attraction

So you heard about the law of attraction. Alright, you put it to use through creative visualization. You visualized your perfect day in your perfect life (which is by the way, a good exercise to define the parameter of your preferred reality).
You are happy and filled with renewed motivation then you decide to visit a psychic reader to make sure you are on the right track.
Bang! the psychic reader, an experienced psychic who has done many accurate readings announce you that you are going to die in a airplane crash in a couple of days….
What ?

Well, let me tell you something. There is no such thing as a psychic prediction of “the future”. Because, they are many probable futures to beginning with.
We have access to an infinite number of probable futures and probable realities. What psychics do are a reading of your current energy and tendencies.
Therefore, if you keep your current energy level and tendencies, you are likely to go in certain directions and ignore other paths.
At any moment, you can change your path.

It is illustrated very well by this story from Datre (transcript 127):

you can, however you desire you want to do it. It is like the man that say’s, ‘I will pay this man $100 to kill me, I don’t want to live any more. And tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock I will be walking through the park – I don’t want to see you – but I want you to kill me. I will write a contract and all this other kind of stuff if you want it.’. And the fellow say’s, ‘no, just give me the $100’. So the fellow say’s, ‘all right, I will give you the $100’.

So he takes the $100. The next afternoon the man is walking through the park and he say’s, ‘finally this will be over, it won’t be long now.’ The man is already there, he’s ready to shoot him. Then the man spots something in a little child playing with a car on the sidewalk. And the joy in the child’s face, and the child looks up and he smiles and he say’s, ‘I’ve got a car’. And the remembrance in the man of the day he got a little red car that he had longed for, and how he had played with that car. Then he began to remember that of living as a child, and he progressed in his thinking, and he said, ‘I do not wish to die. I have no desire to die. I want to find that joy, that happiness, that excitement that I had as a child.’ He continued walking with that thought in mind. Someone came up and tapped him on the shoulder and the man turned around and it was the man with the gun. And he said, ‘you have changed your mind, here’s your money back’. Who wrote the story?

Your point of power is the present. It is now. At any moment, you can change the direction of your life path and go in some other direction. You do not need to accept psychic prediction. They are only a reflection or snapshot of some of your tendencies and energy.

RV session 2 and 3: The body vibrate, encouraging rv result

remoteviwingcourseThe last few days, I did the session 2 (RV Disc 3 – RV training 2). The session teaches how to operate the mind as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of vibratory light.

I did that session for 3 days. It was easy to make my body vibrate, but I remember more than 10 years ago, when I first took that course, it was so hard.
Now, it is easy. It will be easy if you are used to practice such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other energy work. I have done energy work for years now.
If you have no energy work practice, just let go of wanting something to happen. I believe wanting something to happen is a source of resistance.

Today, I also started session 3 from Disc 4, I plan to use it for two more days. I really enjoyed this session. Many users of the program reported that they became more attractive to the opposite sex. I’m not surprised because, in this session, we have to build a radiant expanded aura that fill the room.

When you have a radiant aura like this, you build more presence, and if you are man the feminine is attracted by presence. If you are a woman, you will build radiance and the masculine is attracted by feminine radiance.

In the eBook “Psychic Seduction V” is a technique like this called Aura Meld.

But that was not the most interesting aspect of the session. During the exercise, I was instructed to expand my aura when I did it I also tried to remote view what is at the front of my house, and I saw a dirty white car.

After my session, I had to go to a store and guess what ? There was a dirty white car parked right at the front of my door. This is very encouraging.

3 things to do when you are discouraged!

Sometimes, for one reason or another you might be discouraged may be your expectations haven’t been meet. Here is a series of things you can do.

1 – Recognize that you believe that your reality cannot support you.

If you are working on a project, and you are feeling discouraged then maybe you have the belief that your reality cannot support you, no matter what you do, it will fail. In this case, examine why you have the belief. Are your expectations fitting what you believe is possible for you at this time? Do you believe you can succeed? Do you believe you deserve to succeed?
If you have negative beliefs about yourself, they affect greatly what you can achieve in your life.
Find the limiting beliefs, release them and choose to believe in yourself.

2 – Change your approach.

Let say that you perceive yourself as a creative person, and you want to write a book. You started writing but quickly got irritated because you are going nowhere. Because, you see yourself as a creative person you are upset at yourself because you cannot get going then your anger turn into discouragement.
Now, a solution, could be to ask someone who is successful at the same thing what that person has done or if another person isn’t available you might want to find information about what someone successful in the same field as done differently.

You might find that the successful writer was mind mapping ideas for the entire book, mind mapping for chapters and even creating the mind maps for each chapter thus having a detailing roadmap of what to write, on the other hand, you might find that your approach was just to sit and write and hope for ideas to pop up. Changing your approach can help you greatly when you are discouraged.

3 – Act as if you were the person you want to be.

Desperate behaviors create desperate reality. Decide to see yourself as successful at what you want to create. Visualize yourself vividly with the feelings as best as you can as a successful person, use your imagination. Do this everyday and soon enough it will influence your behavior. You will receive impulses to move in the correct direction. New possibilities will open to you as you change your thoughts. You see it is very simple if you change your thoughts your ideas will change and your possibilities and probabilities will change as well.


Hematite: Love stone or not ?

You can find jewelry on the theme of love  made of hematite. But, hematite is definitively not a love stone. The word hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood (Haima) and share the same root as the word hemoglobin, some variety of hematite are red. hematite has also been found on the planet Mars. The hematite found on Mar was grey hematite that suggested scientists that in the past water existed on that planet. Grey hematite is usually found near water source.

In the past, the Egyptians used Hematite to build amulets. The amulets were used in treatment against inflammation and madness.

Love Stones
Among the gemstones and crystals associated with love, we found rose quartz (heal the heartbroken) Aventurine (Bring love and adventure), chrysocolla is an interesting love stone of dark blue color. It is known to balance the throat and heart chakra and create a gentle vibration that inspire love.

It has been said about magnetite that it is a natural magnet that bring love to the person holding it. About sapphire it was said that it is for fidelity in the couple.

How to choose a love stone as a gift for a loved one

If you want to offer a love stone as a gift, it will be easier and more beneficial to use your intuition to choose your stone. You should close your eyes focus on what you want to express in that particular relationship with this person and let colors , images and impressions come to know, depending of your knowledge of gemstones, your intuition may direct you to a particular stone to offer. If you don’t have a deep knowledge of stones don’t worry your intuition will probably guide to make an appropriate choice.



Subliminal Recorder Review

A little while ago, I bought Subliminal Recorder X1 (SRX1). It’s a fun program to use. But it has some important flaws.

Let start with the good side. Subliminal Recorder has a lot of features that will allow you to create your on subliminal WAV file.

The program comes with an easy to follow manual within minutes you will be able to create your subliminal recording.

When you launch Subliminal Recorder, it will open the main panel as you can see on the picture below:


They are fourth audio channels but in reality will be able to use only 3 of them. The fourth channel was created to have the possibility to build playlist. However, each time I tried to use that fourth channel the application crashed .


It is easy to create subliminal audio-files with this program. You can load your own. WAV file to the program or you can directly record audio from SRX1. I choose to load my own audio file. If you do that make sure that you use  16 bits PCM WAV files, SRX1 will not accept 32 bits WAV files.

SRX1 has an integrated wav/mp3 editor. You can use it to trim your file, remove noise, add effects such as echo, reversed speech, fadeIn, fadeOut, amplify and much more.
It is very useful if you also use another tool provided with SRX1, the soundscape creator. I usually experiment with creating various soundscapes then in the wav editor, I add a fadeIn effect, and I trim the file if it is too long.


(Soundscape creator within SRX1)

So basically, you can put your recorded voice on one channel and your soundtrack on another channel. SRX1 comes with a huge library of sound files and background musics so there is no need to look someplace else for that . But, if it is not enough  as a user of SRX1, you have access to subliminalaudiocenter.com to download more sound and music files.
SRX1 allows you to create ultrasonic subliminal. It means that the channel with your voice will be modulated at a frequency between 15 Khz and 20 Khz to create a so-called silent subliminal. You can adjust the modulation rate in the option. I personally use 17,5 Khz rather than the default 16,5 Khz.
There is a brainwave generator integrated to SRX1 and you can use it to create file with Alpha, theta or delta brainwaves.
There’s not the possibility to create a vocoded file to have a masked subliminal like the subliminal sold by Inner-Talk but despite that SRX1 is a nice little program fun to use. I recommend it, if you are a beginner with creating subliminal audio.
There is text to speech functionality but I didnt  use it. There are also  a series of subliminal scripts ready to be loaded in the text to speech editor. I do not recommend that you use them as these scripts are written in a way that are likely to cause resistance.
The most important part of working with subliminal is to create a coherent script. I recommend you read books by Eldon Taylor or any book on self-hypnosis to learn to do that.
The biggest flaw of SRX1 is the way audio file are recorded through your computer “stereo mix”. So it means that if you create an one hour audio, it will take SRX1 one hour to encode it into a wav file. If you play a Youtube video or something else while encoding your final file, the sound of that will be in your final audio  file. Which is clearly annoying. Thats really a problem so while encoding your file , please, do not touch your computer.
Once, you have a wav file you can re-encode it in mp3 or OGG file format using the integrated converter.
Overall SRX1 is a OK subliminal creation package good for people who know how to create their own scripts and who are motivated to that. The advantages of SRX1 are the ease of use, everything in one place, the large sound and music files library, ultrasonic and brainwave functionalities.
The disadvantages are some bugs and instability issues, the way final mix are encoded, no vocoding.
Subliminal Recorder is available on this website : http://www.subliminalrecorder.com

RV session 2: A Beautiful Mental Trip


Session 2:

CD 2 RV training session 1 – duration 46 min 26
The purpose of this CD and the session is to train to easily refocus the mind to a much deeper level of inner awareness where remote viewing is natural and easy. The deep theta level.
I bought the ARVARI remote viewing and remote influencing training system last December when Gerald O Donnell the creator of the course ran a holiday discount sale. Now, I have the the time to go through the course seriously and learn from it. 10 years ago, I did the RV course on audio cassette but now I’m doing it again with the addition of the RI course.
I’m sure that the skill I’m relearning will help me in many areas of my life. I often have to deal with creative challenges and It is my belief that great artists, inventors, writers are channeling their creativity from their higher-self or even higher aspect of existence. This is a skill taught in that course.
I enjoyed my session. Many exercises in that session reminded me techniques,I learned years ago in Silva Mind style-course such as breathing color, connecting with guide in alpha or deeper state, going deeper by visualizing myself descending in a elevator.
I really like Gerald O Donnell style of relaxation exercises. When I reached the alpha state some explanation on how to reprogram the mind to manifest a preferred reality were given. Listening to that put me in a mild euphoria state as I clearly got the message.
I’m following Gerald recommandation for combining both course the RV and RI. It does mean that for my next session, I will move on to CD 3.
Do you have that course? What was your experience with it ?