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Archive | March, 2014


How to activate your genius mind

We have been told that we live in an unlimited Universe. Yet we experience so many limitations in our daily lives. They are many reasons for that notably the way we are raised and educated into believing that certain things are not possible. But fortunately nothing is set in stone. We can change our perspective […]

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Psychic prediction vs. the law of attraction

So you heard about the law of attraction. Alright, you put it to use through creative visualization. You visualized your perfect day in your perfect life (which is by the way, a good exercise to define the parameter of your preferred reality). You are happy and filled with renewed motivation then you decide to visit […]

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3 things to do when you are discouraged!

Sometimes, for one reason or another you might be discouraged may be your expectations haven’t been meet. Here is a series of things you can do. 1 – Recognize that you believe that your reality cannot support you. If you are working on a project, and you are feeling discouraged then maybe you have the […]

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Hematite: Love stone or not ?

You can find jewelry on the theme of love  made of hematite. But, hematite is definitively not a love stone. The word hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood (Haima) and share the same root as the word hemoglobin, some variety of hematite are red. hematite has also been found on the planet […]

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Subliminal Recorder Review

A little while ago, I bought Subliminal Recorder X1 (SRX1). It’s a fun program to use. But it has some important flaws. Let start with the good side. Subliminal Recorder has a lot of features that will allow you to create your on subliminal WAV file. The program comes with an easy to follow manual […]

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