February 2014


Datre on the Universe

You’re the one that sets the parameters as to what ‘you’ want. This is what ‘creation’ is all about. Your planet and all that is in and on it, is constantly changing – CREATION by the very word itself implies constant search for ‘newness’. CREATION never ends, it is never finished, it is always ‘beginning’. That is why we talk about NOW as being all there is.

pet psychic

Pet psychic

Have you noticed that your pet seems to know more thing about you than you normally except. Some dogs ,


Datre 200 – All realities are there continuously

When you get to the point of beginning to experience each ‘now’ disconnected from the ‘past’ or the ‘future’ and you move from ‘linear’ time to a different time, which allows you to step in other directions, then you will be able to perceive ‘other’ times per se.

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