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Archive | September, 2013

Focus on solution

One of the mistake people do with the law of attraction is to focus on “ solving problem” rather than focusing on the preferred or desired reality. People want to solve problems… The problem when you focus on problems,is that you are more likely to create more of the same. A problem cannot be solved […]

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The Choice for Love Is the Choice for Non-Duality

Duality versus non-duality is the key distinction being made in A Course in Miracles (ACIM). The metaphysical and psychotherapy principles are based in helping you understand how to choose non-duality because that is the choice needing to be made. Until you grasp this type of perception and correct choosing, it can seem frustrating and impossible […]

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Deep trance state

There is a state of consciousness that will make many procedures such as the borrowed genius, artificial reincarnation, love meditation (sending love) or others a lot easier, it is when your body is a sleep (physical senses very reduced) and your mind is awake , I will use the terms ‘deep trance’ as Robert Bruce […]

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