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Archive | July, 2013

Review: Levels of energy by Frederick Dodson

By now, I read “Levels Of Energy” several times. The book explains that at various levels of consciousness corresponds to various levels of energy. Depending where you are on the scale it would be advisable not to aim too higher for your current level. People move up the ladder of level of consciousness by understanding […]

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Datre 195 – Learning who you really are

Datre answers June (Datre195) JOHN: Today we have some questions from June and her first question is; “Datre seems to imply there is no creator, no Universal Mind/God – just US who create ‘everything’ we perceive.” DATRE: That is correct, you do. Actually, the whole bubble, the planets, everything – including you – are vibratory […]

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The REAL Secret To Irresistibly Attract Someone

Question from Gavin. M: Can I use sending out love to someone to seduce that person, I’m madly in love with a girl on my campus?  She keeps ignoring me, I love her. Answer: Well, yes, very definitively, I call the technique the “Super Blessing”. It is based on sending love and appreciation. HOWEVER, you […]

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Lack Of Love

Let talks about the lack of love. If someone is telling you or if yourself you are telling “You never say, I love you to me!” You can be sure that the person making that statement or variation of that statement is the person with some issue. The issue at play here is a lack […]

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Attractor Field

Attractor field are made of the thought-forms installed in your aura or energy field. They essentially determine what you are going to attract in your life. Your aura surround your physical body and if you have a large auric field that extend many feet away, it will be easy for you to connect with people. […]

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Brainwaves entrainment and Binaural Beats

Deep meditation, extra-sensory perception (out of body, remote viewing) and certain states of creativity, have been characterized by something called brain synchronization, it occurs when the two hemispheres of the brain resonate to a similar electrical signal. Obtaining brain synchronization can occurs, when you listen to shamanic drumming, spacey or psychedelic sounds, even in silence […]

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Frederick Dodson interview

Frederick Dodson is the author of “Parallel Universe of Self”,”The reality creation technique” and many other books. He is also a world-class coach in business, communication and reality creation. He started teaching reality creation in 1999. He is also active on the lecture circuit giving conference on lucid dream and related topics. He has a […]

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How to reach the theta state

Many people want to reach the theta state I believe it was famed in the 70’s by people like Jose Silva back then it was all about alpha state now it is theta. What benefits people get when they are in the theta state ? A bit of history, when Jose Silva discovered the possibilities […]

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