Review: Levels of energy by Frederick Dodson

level of energyBy now, I read “Levels Of Energy” several times. The book explains that at various levels of consciousness corresponds to various levels of energy. Depending where you are on the scale it would be advisable not to aim too higher for your current level. People move up the ladder of level of consciousness by understanding and accepting more of who they are. At the bottom of the scale, there is almost no self-acceptance at the top, there is a total acceptance of ALL THAT IS.

In the Dodson book, the scale goes from 0 to 1000, from 0 to 199 you have “negative” energy, from 200 to 250 you have a fairly neutral energy. At 275 there is the beginning of saying “YES” to life. 320 to 380 says “YES!” to life they are the successful entrepreneurs of the world with high productivity.

The 400s energy level is involved with science, the mind, the art. This is the level of most classical music, natural science and most philosophy. Superstars also reside in the high 400s.
That why business (380) use stars (460) to promote their products.

500 marks the beginning of genuine spiritual energy. 600 is the level of knowing WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Above 600 it is possible to experience cosmic consciousness (the concept that the universe exists as an interconnected network of consciousness).

The book is very entertainment and Dodson take the time to measure all sort of things people, places and concepts. You will learn a lot from reading this book It will also boost your energy, to some extent.

I highly recommend this book, for some people it will bring some revelation. For example, many people who chant peace and love, the hippie’s style aren’t talking about the genuine LOVE (500) but a melting pot of boredom and contentment measuring in the low 200.
NLP is not the state of the art technology for personal change. NLP measures in the 300s.
On the other hand, the Sedona Method measures in the high 400.
When you read the book, it will be easier to determine what kind of teaching is worth pursuing.

Thumb up to the book!
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Datre 195 – Learning who you really are

Datre answers June (Datre195)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from June and her first question is; “Datre seems to imply there is no creator, no Universal Mind/God – just US who create ‘everything’ we perceive.”

DATRE: That is correct, you do. Actually, the whole bubble, the planets, everything – including you – are vibratory patterning. Everything is an ‘energy’ construct. You take energies and make them into what you fashion for yourselves for your understanding. Now, you’ll say, ‘well, how can you get a tree and two people say that they know it’s a tree?’. Because you have picked up the ‘energies’. As a child you were taught – that is a tree. So every time you see that energy constructed in a certain patterning – that becomes a tree. And, you make a picture of a tree as you have been shown as a child. A child sees a tree in a book and yet when a child sees a ‘real’ tree they know the difference. But it is still for them, ‘tree’.

You see, you fashion the energy first, named it, then drew a picture of it. Then the picture you drew coincided with what you see. That’s very simplistic, but that’s the way it works.

That’s why a child has to be taught the ‘words’ that go with the vibratory constructs. We’ve said it many, many, times that mother and father are different to each one of the children in that family. There are no two children that see mother and father the same. This is simply because, it is ‘their’ understanding of the vibratory patterning that they create to make mother and father recognizable to them. That is one of the things that is difficult for anyone to understand.

We have explained it as a banana. You take a banana and cut it in half, give another person a half of the banana, you take the other half. You both agree it’s a banana. But do you know what their banana tastes like? No, it is an impossibility because it is ‘your’ creation. You all agree, but how do you know that the other person’s banana doesn’t taste like what you think an orange taste like? Simply because they acknowledge that it tastes like a banana, but you don’t know.

That is why, there are no two people that can look at anything and see the same thing – it is an impossibility. Because, ‘you’ are the creator. You are the one that transforms ‘energy’ into what ‘you’ want it to be. Now, that energy that is, shall we say, agreed upon to be energy that you use to make a tree – you agreed upon that – so you all make trees. And you get different vibrations that make different kinds of trees. But, how often haven’t you looked at a view, out of a car window or a train or a plane or whatever, and you see one thing, you see a beautiful sunset. But, everyone’s sunset is different. It’s the vibrational patterning that ‘you’ put together to form ‘your’ pictures and no one else’s. Continue.

JOHN: And June continues on and asks; “To me, there has to be a beginning, a creator What or who created Nature, the Universe(s) and Datre, for that matter, how could we create US, the Universe, Nature, when we weren’t?”

DATRE: Who says you weren’t? We have said over and over and over again, YOU WERE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE. You are looking at everything from the concept of ‘time’. In the world of time, you have a beginning and an end. That is one of the constructs that is in your bubble that you work with. That is one of your, shall we say, things to ‘push’ against. A ‘time’ restraint. You have so many things you ‘want to do in a “life time” that I will never get it all done’. Because you have a limit set on the number of years that anyone on your planet is ‘supposed’ to live. Who set up the restraints? ‘But science tells us so’. They’re only looking at statistics from a ‘time’ oriented society.

Where’s your ‘time’ when you’re asleep? You’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t sleep much last night I only slept three hours’. Oh, really. Where did you go in those three hours and how much time did you spend in those three hours you were ‘not’ in your physical construct? You get back in your physical construct and say, ‘its got to be six o’clock’. Then the body says, ‘okay, its six o’clock’. You have told the body, the body produces – it is very simple.

But to say, how could it be, when you weren’t here? You’ve always been here. This is just a different school for learning for your education. That’s what its all about. There are those that don’t desire to be in physicality and work under the constraints of ‘time’, particle reality and all of these other things that you are experiencing. But you’re here because this is so ‘rich’. But you don’t understand that because you cannot perceive anything that isn’t here.

Say that within the next five minutes the planet and all the people on it all disappear – what happens to you? Shocks you doesn’t it? You created it. Your playground isn’t there any more, what are you going to do? Being that you ALWAYS WERE, YOU ARE, you might be confused, but you are, and YOU WILL BE. You’ll have to figure from that point what you’re going to do next. And that seems an impossibility because, you have always – in this bubble – relied on the fact that there’s a God, that there’s a Source that you can go to and all you’re looking for is the bicycle with the training wheels because you don’t want to take them off. You’re afraid to ‘know’ who you are.

If you have a God and things don’t go right, its God’s will. You can do whatever you want. If you’re in another country, ‘praise be to Allah’ – regardless of what’s happening. But you see, that way you’re not taking responsibility for ‘who’ you are. It is very difficult in the physical construct to understand the UNLIMEDNESS of that which is ‘you’ because; to have ‘no one’ to rely upon to take care of you is a very scary situation.

You talk about the people that are afraid to die. My goodness, you still have someplace to go. But, what if there was no death and you died?

And then everyone says, ‘oh, we want to go out there’. You know how you go ‘out there’ is alone. You don’t realize, to this day, that you are not your body. When you take the bodily structure away, unhinge the umbilical cord that connects ‘you’ with the body, both in the ‘living’ and the ‘dead’ zone, take off that umbilical core entirely – then ‘who’ are you? Something that you do not ‘know’ and you do not understand and are scared to death of. That’s WHO you are. Continue.

JOHN: Next June asks; Is it possible there is a creator but Datre does not ‘know’ this; perhaps because they have not been around long enough to know.”

DATRE: No, I think the thing is that ‘you’ do not know that ‘you’ are the creator. We’re being very, very tough on you now. We’re going into a New Millennium and it is time for you to quit pussyfooting around. We are not going to give you pabulum because you don’t need pabulum. What you and your whole world society has been doing is not paying attention to your evolutionary selves. You came here to learn and yet you have not paid attention to what is going on.

All you have been interested in is me, me, me. How much money can I make? How can I get a new car? Am I going to have my relationship? Am I going to have a family? Everything is related to something you see and want in physicality. All you want to do is take care of the body. Get what I want. Have as much as I want before I die, because I don’t know when I die there’s going to anything else. There are still many on your planet that think death is the end all – that’s it.

But that is ‘not’ the evolution that we’re talking about. You have a Grand opportunity to work through a physical construct that gives you ‘limitations’. We have mentioned it before; everything you have is a ‘construct’ that you work with. A construct of your own making. You’re trying to tell yourself something.

It is not that Datre doesn’t know. Datre knows, simply because Datre are not in physicality. They can, if they want to see what is going on, they find a physical construct to work through so that they can see a ‘bit’ of what you call physicality. Because they’re curious. There are many that have never had physicality. There are those that have ‘had’ physicality but are no longer in the restraints of a physical construct – because they know they don’t need it. That is all I can tell you on this subject right now.

But, to go to a Source. Who’s greater than you? You ARE. You don’t have to have a physical body to BE. That is not essential. That was a Desire of certain individuals. And when they got it to a certain point they thought, ‘this would be fun to experience’ and they did. And the majority of them are still here experiencing. And they’re still fascinated. They’re still watching. Because this is very, very interesting. But once you ‘know’, the game is over. So, why not play the game as long as you can? But ‘learn’ from the game.

You came in here to be a ‘responsible’ individual. Have respect for yourself. Have respect for other people. Respect for yourself comes first, because you can’t have respect for anyone else if you don’t respect yourself.

They talk about the weeping and gnashing of teeth. My goodness, you’ve got it right here on your planet. Why do you have to die and go to hell to get the weeping and gnashing of teeth? I don’t know how you look at things. But I’m trying to get you to look at things with ‘clear’ eyes. There are many that are going to reject this information. And that is fine, that is up to them to do what they want to do.

If you are comfortable with a God. Waiting to die to go to a Source or be united with a Whole or All That Is or whatever you want to call it, if that is your ‘belief’, then that is the life that you will live. Until you ‘believe’ differently, that is the way you will live. And it doesn’t matter to anyone else on the planet. It only matters to ‘you’. Then someday when you get that urging to ‘know’, to really truly ‘know’, then you will begin to look for answers. And some of the answers will be staggering. But you will pursue, because there’s something inside of you that says, ‘I really, really, want to ‘know’ what this is all about’.

And until that day, be comfortable where you are. But ‘watch’ what you’re doing. Because no one can do anything ‘to’ you. You can only go as far as you want to go. And if your beliefs stand in your way, then find out what your belief is and how strong it is. Then, do you want to keep that belief or do you want to discard that belief? You all have to have beliefs of some kind otherwise you could not exist here, that is a part of your existence. But how much do you want to change? ‘Well, I can’t change, because’. All right, that is your decision. We will leave that up to you. Next question.

JOHN: June’s final question is; “Our purpose, according to Datre, is to evolve through observation, experiences and learning. I have come to believe my main purpose was to evolve to ‘reunite’ with the Source. If, as Datre implies, there is really no-thing to strive for, or to seek, or to look forward to – no end game, why do we still try to evolve? Toward what objective?”

DATRE: To ‘know’ your Self. Not know your body. Not know what you’re creating. To find out who ‘you’ are. Because, here you have put up every barrier you can think of so that you don’t get to ‘know’ your Self. It is a GRAND journey as you start to peal off all of these exterior things that you have put in your way. Then find out, what is this really all about? Why are you here? What did you come into this physicality for? You came because it was fascinating. You wanted an experience that was totally different than any other place that you could think of to go.

You have the ‘freedom’ within this little bubble that you live in and on, to do anything that you so desire. But you have to know ‘how’ and you have to know ‘why’ and you have to know ‘what for’. Because, answers to those questions bring knowledge to you. Then you take this knowledge and put it to use, then it becomes ‘wisdom’.

They talk about the wise-man and many times it is with a sneer – because they make fun of the wise-man. But the wise-man/woman walks among you. And you do not even know who they are. They have an appearance that is no different than yours. They live in physicality. But they live in physicality with a ‘knowingness’.

Then you’ll say, ‘well how can this be any fun? This is supposed to be a playground.’. The wise-man finds it a great deal of fun because its like playing charades – he plays ‘with’ the peoples on the planet. He plays with Nature. He plays with everything, because he ‘knows’ he’s the creator. How can you have more fun then knowing ‘who’ you are, being able to do whatever you want – because you’re constantly creating what you ‘want’ to do to see what you want to learn.

You don’t realize that when you get out of your body at night or during a catnap or at whatever time that you actually leave the physical construct, you go and pick out from your possibilities/probabilities and you act out the play. You see it all evolve, just like these grand playwrights that you have on your planet. They have a vision of what they want so that they can put it on paper or put it in a movie. They ‘see’ it, then they create it. But that’s what you do at night.

You take these things and you play with them and you create. ‘Yes, this is, no this isn’t exactly what I want because if I do it this way I might miss out on what I really wanted to learn and understand. So, lets take another probability/possibility and run it through and see if this is what I want. This is what I want. This is what I’m going to do. When I get back in the body in the morning and I’m going to remember, this is what I’m going to do. This is the direction I’m taking. And you may bump along for a long time before you get your ‘play’ in physicality the way you want it. You keep tweaking it and tweaking it. Just like the people that write the plays. The writer, the scriptwriter, the producer.

All of these people all working together to produce a play on Broadway or London or Paris. They all do that. But you see, what you do is, you do it all at night. Then wake up in the morning then put it into action. You’ve done it, you know this is the way you want it and in physicality you’ll keep tweaking it and tweaking it and tweaking it until you get what you want. Then one day you’ll say, ‘oh, now I understand, I’ve waited for that answer. I’ve finally understood what this was all about. Okay, what’s next?’.

That is a GRAND learning. You create it. You act it out with possibilities/probabilities. You put it into motion in your waking hours. You may not like what you’re doing, but you’re doing it. Because you have set into motion that this is what you want.

You’ll say, ‘well, that person didn’t act out their part right and therefore’. Wait a minute. That person acted out their part exactly the way ‘you’ set it up. It’s ‘your’ reality. Yours and yours alone. A very hard concept. But this is the way it is.

And there are those that are beginning to get a glimpse of what is happening. There are those in physicality that are beginning to get a glimpse of what is happening on your planet. It is being said on your planet, ‘we were so busy having fun over these last few years and finger pointing at everybody, that we did not pay attention to what was happening. We don’t know where we’re going, but it certainly has to take a different direction.’. These are people here in the United States that know that they have lost valuable years in the evolution of the species. And are ready to pull up their bootstraps and get going. This has been decided upon.

Someone asked a question once that said; ‘well, you said at one point you would give us things that would knock our socks off.’. All right, you’ve had some of it already.

You see, you set these things in motion – all of you as a ‘species’ – for your ‘species’ evolution. Because, what more exciting vehicle do you have to work with, than a physical construct? Then you’ll say; ‘well what about out there?’. What about ‘out there’? If it was so exciting ‘out there’ why are you in here? This is where the ‘excitement’ is. Out there is plain simple boring. You’re in here for the ‘excitement’. Out there is not nearly as exciting as in here because you are in a state of exciting development. And you want to throw it all away?

You all want to throw it all away until you go through that little separational vibration of ‘living’ to the Dead Zone. Then you say; ‘oh, if only I had stayed another week, I could have solved this dilemma and I could have gone onto something else.’. Too late. Your decision was to end it, that’s it. Now you start over again. At whatever stage you ‘remember’ to start over again. Maybe because you did ‘that’, you’ll pay more attention the next time around? Then you’ll say; ‘then you’re talking about reincarnation’. Well, everything is happening all at once. So what’s reincarnation? You may go backwards and change some things in another reality.

You see you don’t realize the latitudes that you have. And you don’t recognize it simply because, you can rearrange the ‘past’, you can rearrange the ‘present’, you can rearrange the ‘future’ in any way you want to. You don’t recognize it simply because you’re always there – where ever ‘there’ happens to be. Next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.


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The REAL Secret To Irresistibly Attract Someone

Question from Gavin. M: Can I use sending out love to someone to seduce that person, I’m madly in love with a girl on my campus?  She keeps ignoring me, I love her.

Well, yes, very definitively, I call the technique the “Super Blessing”. It is based on sending love and appreciation.
HOWEVER, you have to ask yourself one question.
Why would you want to seduce someone who obviously isn’t attracted to you already?

Can you honestly answer me this question?

Gavin. M: I think that I will be happier, I’m really attracted to her. I would feel good about myself, if we had a relationship. It will increase my sense of self-worth. I will feel appreciation for myself. I will be somebody.

Here is the deal. Can you for a minute, imagine yourself with a high self-esteem, high-confidence, healthy self-appreciation and high sense of self-worth?
See how it feels from that standpoint. You see from that vantage standpoint, you are more likely to be a “vibrational match” for the type of person that you desire. Providing that you accept the idea of a relationship, you might attract such a person without any particular effort on your part.
I know this first hand. Because, when I became a “vibrational match” for the kind of person I wanted. I attracted and got involved with that person without any particular effort, no seduction game.

When you see someone and you decide that you would like to know this person more for maybe have a relationship with, and if you feel that you need some kind of tactic to attract that person.
Actually, you have to understand that it is not a signal to use some kind of tactic. It is a signal that you need to change to be a “vibrational match” for what you want.
If you have the desire to be in a relationship with a certain kind of person, and you are not already in that relationship assume that you are not a “vibrational match” for what you want.
Otherwise, you would be already involved in a relationship.
You need to change to become a ” vibrational match”. People think they need to use tactics to get the other person instead of changing themselves.

I understand in the today world, there is such a mass belief in powerlessness. Almost all the movies and pop music out there are selling us the idea of powerlessness.
Let me tell you, you have the power to change yourself and be a vibrational match for what you want and attract what you want effortlessly.

If you have to use a seduction tactic to get someone, you implicitly imply that you are not a deserving and abundant person when it comes to creating a relationship. You rule yourself out of getting what you want naturally without effort.
Often, you will hear people say “when I search for’ a partner,  it is difficult, and I don’t find one. However, when I have a partner then other potential partners seem to pop up from everywhere”

What they are really saying is this as I wasn’t a “vibrational match” for what I wanted I could not get it. But, when I became a “vibrational match” I attracted an abundance of what I wanted.

I experience this all time, and you could too. If instead of using seduction or flirting tactics, you would change the person you are. Here, the old saying apply: Change yourself and your world will change.

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Lack Of Love

Let talks about the lack of love. If someone is telling you or if yourself you are telling “You never say, I love you to me!”
You can be sure that the person making that statement or variation of that statement is the person with some issue.
The issue at play here is a lack of love or the inability to feel loved. It is sometimes observed as a feeling of emptiness. In relationship, it may take the form of co-dependency.
It is often associated with the themes of abandonment, the fear of losing the love of someone if the needs of that person aren’t met, the fear to be alone and not loved and much more.

At the core of the problem, there is a belief in unworthiness.
Unworthiness causes a lack of love. Usually, an individual in such a condition will create difficult conditions to feel loved and when these conditions are met because that individual feel unworthy, they will be difficult to maintain.

Such a person does not understand that love IS NOT and NEVER coming from the outside!!!

What people do today is this. They meet someone and they say “OK, I meet this person now. I will allow myself to love myself”

Because, it is really what it is.
When you say “oh, I lost the love, nobody loves me now”.
It is simply a decision not to feel your own love. Because, the only love that can be ever felt is your own.

In the Universe, there is no such thing as outside, time and space. All that stuff are illusions created by the YOU that you really are.

Now, there is no outside, there is no space, there is no time. How about others?
Well, you are the one perceiving. You perceive your own created version of the others.
The real OTHERS you do not perceive, just like you might feel separated from the real YOU that you are.

For the others to play a part in your life, there is always love involved. Love is a strong motivational force. Because the others love you, they accept to play a role in your reality for you to better yourself.
This is what relationships are for. For you to BE THE BEST, YOU CAN BE!

There is often stronger love and deeper bound between two enemies than two friends.
For a soul to play the role of a worse enemy and take the risk to meet with a tragic end as a physical individual strong love, commitment and courage must be present.

Through that karmic contracts, the two souls will evolve through a journey of contrast Hate/Love and make their own conclusion at the end of it.

For a second, see your physical life as a Hollywood TV show and see yourself as the producer of the show. If you aren’t happy with it. You can c the rule!
If you can only feel love when your partner says “I love you”. How about deciding to feel love, when you see a tree, a dog, when you are alone. How about deciding to feel love when you give love?
You see it is not complicated to create easy situations to feel love.

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lack of love

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How to lose weight with the law of attraction

I created this small video (mind movie) style. It was a great fun. I go over some ideas to lose weight with the law of attraction.

5-step to lose weight

thin slim weight loss law of attraction

1 – Take a decision and stick to it! it is just a question of discipline
2 – Release and let go of resistance you are feeling in the body as hunger
3 – Visualize yourself with your ideal weight
4 – Stop eating sugar and carbs for awhile eat fruits, vegetables and drink a lot of water instead
5 – Move! do some sport or some long walk in the park or forest.







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Datre 194 – What is the purpose of the Dead zone?

Datre answers Frank (Datre194)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Frank and his first question is; “Since we all now know about the Dead Zone, and we know it was created by us, it seems as though we can now do away with it.”

DATRE: Why do you wish to do away with it? Do you not recognize the validity of the Dead Zone? Where do you think that the majority of your ‘new’ information comes from? Those in the Dead Zone that are there working with ideas to put into motion on your earth plane are doing just what I said – working. It is far easier for those that are in the arts, the sciences, all the different areas of your physicality that are in the process of making new things for the development of your ‘species’ are in the Dead Zone. Many who “come into physicality” have a very strong connection with those that are working in specific areas of exploration.

Now, there are those who will say – as a child facing graduation – ‘what am I going to do? Everybody asks me what I’m going to do. And I have been thinking about it and I have so many directions I want to go in.’ or ‘I don’t have any direction in which I want to go.’ If they will but be still and wait for the answer. Humanity ‘pushes’ constantly on the young people to have them make up their minds what they want to do. Then the child becomes disturbed and cannot open up to the answer that is there that they are looking for. That is why many children, for lack of anything better to do, go on to college because they don’t know what else to do.

Now, there are those young people who have very strong desires and will begin – at a very young age – to continue their hold on that which they call their desired goal. The children that have these strong desires feel the connection with the Dead Zone and will hold on to it instead of being ‘talked’ out of it. They will hold on to that connection and will continue in their chosen path.

You don’t often recognize those children that are, lets say, musically inclined and at a very young age produce outstanding music on different instruments and are coming from a family who has no musicians within the present family or in the background of past generations with music. But the child recognized the nurturing qualities of the parents and knew that in his or her desire to be a musician this is the type of family that would be supportive of the learning and the desires of that particular child.

So, we say again, why do you want to get rid of the Dead Zone? The Dead Zone is very important because they are the ones that set the parameters of ‘new’ discoveries and bring them to the people in the Live Zone that are open to suggestions. Then the new area of ‘discovery’ is put into motion. Continue.

JOHN: And Franks next question is; “How is this done?”

DATRE: Well, it is being done in many ways. There are going to be less people on the planet simply because you will find that; number one, the big push in 2001 is education. Now, as a rule, but not as an ‘absolute’ rule, the majority of the educated peoples of your planet will not have large families. They see the world in a different light in that they can see that there is not as many individuals that are needed to produce crops, to do many other labor intensive things.

So the more educated people will have fewer children and be able to provide them with the education that they need to go on to different areas of exploration. Also, with the more educated families, many times, in order to maintain the child’s direction they will have them work to provide money for their education. They feel that it is important for the child to accept responsibility for it’s self.

The one thing that has happened in recent years is that children are not growing up. They’re adding years, but that is all. Because it is so easy to have automobiles when they are still in school as children, education is more of a ‘playground’ than a ‘learning’ experience. ‘Because, that’s the thing to do and I don’t have to do anything but continue going to school and mother and father will pay for it.’

That is why you have so many ‘children’ – and I will call them children – even if they are in their 20’s and 30’s, that are turning around and going back home to have mother and father take care of their children while they continue to work, because it is a separated family. And the stress that is put on the parents is not even considered because, ‘I don’t know what else to do’. So, go back to mother and father, they will take care of me. That is a sad state of affairs, a very sad state of affairs. Because, a child is to learn how to grow up and, to use an earthly expressions, stand on it’s own two feet.

As a child, you give a child, what you call, a training bicycle, a small one with wheels on either side of it so the child is secure in riding this new bicycle. Then when the child gains it’s stability, and you can see that the child is stable, you take the extra wheels off and let the child ride on the two wheels as the bicycle was meant to be ridden. You don’t do that with the education of your children. You keep the training wheels right there.

You keep giving them money, thinking that will satisfy everything. The child needs to have the training wheels taken off. If the child needs some further education for some desire, be it in medicine or law or music or some kind of athletic ability that needs special training and special coaching that is fine to offer them help and assistance. But when do you stop? When is the child old enough to be responsible for it’s own maintenance?

Now, the other thing that is happening is, women are unable to bear children. This is becoming increasingly more evident. 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars are being spent so that couples can have a child. Now, those children that are coming into the world that way will be very few. Maybe one or two to a family. And those bodies that are being produced are being watched by those who have ‘specific’ desires in the direction that they wish to go to the benefit of the planet. There are still many bodies produced all over your planet but they are not always those that are being desired by individuals that have a ‘specific’ goal that they wish to achieve.

Those are two ways in which there is a difference that is being made on your planet. The Dead Zone is being reduced. But you must remember that, many from the Dead Zone are desiring to get back into bodies. So, there is the constant watch for those bodies that are going to be of great use to the indwelling Entity in the fulfillment of what you call, the evolution of your species. Next question.

JOHN: Frank follows that with; “Is it feasible to do so?”

DATRE: No, it is not. Simply because, in the Dead Zone you are working under different parameters. It is far easier to develop new areas of exploration to be used on your planet. Actually, what you do is, you take the information and make it with ‘particles’ so that you can see it and work with it from ‘this’ direction. You can say, more or less, that what is done in the Dead Zone is where ideas are ‘formulated’. But, the actual process of development takes place by those that have two feet upon the planet.

The Dead Zone is very advantageous in that direction. Now, you’ll say, ‘well, what’s the Dead Zone for when they bring down all of these other things that are not beneficial? Like your screaming, hollering music? How is that beneficial to the planet?’. The screaming music is coming because that is coming from certain regions of the Dead Zone.

The reason you are ‘producing’ that music on your planet, is because you are all screaming and hollering for attention. You are unhappy. You have had too much too fast in the last years of your, so called, living. You’ve had things so easy and you do not appreciate it. Things that are worked for and achieved is reward in itself. Then the physical construct is satisfied. And when the physical body is satisfied, that is when it can produce beautiful things for the ‘development’ of your species.

The planet, as a whole, is crying out for a ‘new’ direction. You are going into a New Millennium and you’re screaming and hollering going into it. You knew what you were doing. You were playing. You were having fun. And those of you that were able to rise to great heights monetarily did not recognize the disparity of others. In other words, those that became ‘rich’ did not realize how far ‘above’ – monetarily speaking – you were from those that had little or no money. The gap became so wide that you needed an equalizer – because it could not continue in the direction it was going. You needed an equalizer so that everyone on the planet could live more comfortably. No one can live in comfort when the disparity is so great. Continue.

JOHN: Then Frank asks; “If it can be, will we then be able to proceed outside of our little bubble and learn more about the “bigger” Universe?”

DATRE: Now, let us put something straight, right now. There was talk about what you call a ‘birth’, that is no longer an option, from what we can see at the present time. There has not been that much learning that has taken place. That much ‘understanding’ of ‘knowledge’ – first you need the knowledge, then you need the wisdom. The knowledge is no good unless it is put into action. People can get information on any subject that you want to mention, from that which you call your medical, all the way up to that which you call your spiritual, and you can get all the knowledge that you can collect, but knowledge does absolutely no good, unless it is ‘understood’, put into ‘action’ – and then it becomes Wisdom.

People are so quick to say, ‘Oh, I understand that’ or ‘oh, I’ve heard that before’ or ‘that’s nothing new’. To them, that may be true. But, do they understand? Are they putting it into ‘action’? You can read a thousand books and know every single word in all thousand books, but if your life hasn’t changed one iota, from the time you read the first book until the time you read the last book – you have gained nothing. You can fill a teacup until it runs over and runs into the saucer and on to the table then on to the floor and maybe on to you, but it will keep flowing into the teacup until you begin to ‘drink’. It is only in the drinking that your ‘thirst’ will be satisfied. Can you see the analogy that I am saying there?

You have been given opportunities and you have not used them. The beginning of the New Millennium is going to be in whatever endeavor you wish to pursue. Taking time to ‘drink’, to absorb, to learn and put into ‘action’. Not only that which you see on the pages of a book, but in your ‘respect’ for each other. That is a very important lesson that everyone on the planet is going to be forced to learn. Because you have not respected ‘others’. Because you have not respected your ‘selves’. You will say I’m being very hard on you. I am, because you have wasted many years. Then you’ll say, ‘but look at all the new developments’. Yes, you have made new developments. And some of them that are coming to the fore now are going to be in very important areas.

You have many magnificent artists in the field of music, particularly in the, what you call, your uppity up music – your classical music. There you have many dedicated artists. No one seems to understand or even care about what music does to the population of the people on the planet. You are continuing to scream and holler – for attention. Those that wrote music which we now call the classics, struggled, many were improvised. But the most important thing was that they heard the music in their heads and they wrote it and they produced it – and it changed your planet. Not all at once, but gradually.

Take as an example, that very beautiful children’s movie that you had by the name “Fantasia”, which had beautiful music for children to listen to. Then when the child got older, they would recognize the music that they heard and found out that they had been listening to the classics. As one of your great musicians said, ‘I didn’t know that as a child I was playing Mozart, but I loved the sound of the music. It brought joy to me and everyone that listened to it’.

Are you bringing ‘joy’ to others, simply by being yourself? Respecting yourself? Because in respecting yourself you also will respect others – it is ‘natural’. Continue.

JOHN: And Franks final question is; “Are we destined to eventually become part of the “larger” Universe you have spoken about?”

DATRE: That could be. But why would you want to? You have so much to learn about physicality. There’s great JOY to be learned by living in the physical. And yet, everyone wants to get ‘out’ of the body. It’s because you don’t understand. You don’t appreciate what you have. Why did you come into physicality in the first place? Because you were ‘limited’. It gave you something to ‘push’ against to learn. If you have nothing to push against to learn, you are bored. Why all the competition? In every sport you can think of. In the sciences. In the arts. The painter longs for a blue ribbon, longs for recognition and works hard to gain it.

An athlete longs to be number one. You don’t get to being number one being a ‘couch potato’. You put in hour after hour after hour of training, of learning, to be number one. The scientist that is working on developing a new drug to help people with, say, arthritis or whatever. Doesn’t know what time it is. Doesn’t pay any attention to a clock because, ‘I’m right on the verge of discovery’. Does he care if his name is up in lights? He probably says, ‘yes it would be nice to be acknowledged, but its not important. The important thing is helping with humanity in the only way I know how’. The desire to achieve a goal.

There has not been a significant number on the planet that are interested in reaching a goal of understanding of ‘self’, of ‘how’ everything works together. Your body, your consciousness, your psyche, the Dead Zone. You can’t begin to name all the directions that your physical body has ‘connections’ to and with. You’re not a puppet. Although, many are. You don’t have to be a puppet. But how great is the desire to learn ‘who’ you are?

As an example, Ramtha, who refers to himself as the RAM. He was run through with a broad sword in an ambush. And then he was taken and laid on a rock for many years to heal. Why did he do that to himself – because you know there are no accidents. He did that so he could stop himself so that he could learn ‘who’ he was. To him, that was the most important thing there was.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and shoot yourself and lay in bed in a hospital. But, if you’re going to lie in a hospital bed, then spend your time learning – learning about ‘you’. Maybe that’s the only way you have of stopping yourself, getting off this treadmill, to look at this situation called LIFE and learn from it. That’s doing it the hard way. But there are all manners and ways of doing that. But, there has not been that much interest, because you’ve been in a playground, you’ve been having fun. And I do believe that a more serious approach is going to be taken at the beginning of this New Millennium to set forth in a ‘desired’ path you all wish to go in and benefit from. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.


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Attractor Field

Attractor field are made of the thought-forms installed in your aura or energy field. They essentially determine what you are going to attract in your life. Your aura surround your physical body and if you have a large auric field that extend many feet away, it will be easy for you to connect with people. If on the other hand your aura is very tight, it will be difficult to connect with strangers. Also people with tensions and anxiety usually do not have a big aura and don’t connect well. A life of stress also makes the aura smaller.

Your habits and your beliefs are attractor fields, the thoughts that made them to quote Seth (pg 66 – Seth Speaks) : mental images , accompanied by strong emotions, are blueprints therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event will appear. The intensity is the core about which the electromagnetic energy unit form. The more intense the core, the sooner the materialization.

If you have strong and intense distorted beliefs about the opposite sex for example, it will affect your relation with it, the stronger the belief the worse the reaction. Beliefs like “Women are conniving witches” or “men are idiots” or “I can’t trust men/women” do not help. Continue reading

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Brainwaves entrainment and Binaural Beats

Deep meditation, extra-sensory perception (out of body, remote viewing) and certain states of creativity, have been characterized by something called brain synchronization, it occurs when the two hemispheres of the brain resonate to a similar electrical signal.

Obtaining brain synchronization can occurs, when you listen to shamanic drumming, spacey or psychedelic sounds, even in silence and meditation you can obtain the effect. However, those way may requires a certain time of learning, nowadays, technology make it possible to use brainwave entrainment CD that make the process a lot of faster and easier.

Binaural Beats

One of the most popular techniques used today to obtain synchronized brain hemispheres is the use of binaural beats. A binaural beat is a perceived sensation caused when 2 tones of nearly similar frequencies (less than 1500 Hz) are presented to each ear, the difference between the 2 will be an electrical signal. This electrical signal set up a frequency following response (FFR) that cause the brain hemispheres to resonate at a chosen frequency.

Example : When we sleep the brain produce brainwaves ranging from 0.5 and 3 Hz (hertz = cycle per second), if you want to put someone asleep using binaural beats technology, you can with headphone you have to present to one ear a tone of 220 Hz and present a tone of 223 Hz to the other ear, the whole brain will generate a signal of 3 Hz, conducive to deep sleep.

An important element in the use of binaural beats technology, it’s the use of right carrier frequencies (the frequencies that carry the information in the case of the above example 220 Hz and 223 Hz), some searchers experiment with low and high carrier frequencies. Below is an example of carrier frequencies used on one of the popular binaural beat CD on the market.

144.6Hz carrier centre frequency, 10Hz beat, 3 minutes
144.3Hz carrier centre frequency, 9Hz beat, 3 minutes
143.9Hz carrier centre frequency, 8Hz beat, 3 minutes
143.4Hz carrier centre frequency, 7Hz beat, 3 minutes
142.9Hz carrier centre frequency, 6Hz beat, 3 minutes
142.4Hz carrier centre frequency, 5Hz beat, 3 minutes
141.7Hz carrier centre frequency, 3.5Hz beat, 6 minutes
141.3Hz carrier centre frequency, 2.6Hz beat, 6 minutes
“carrier centre frequency”, here mean the frequency half-way
between the two carriers, so a 144.6Hz centre frequency plus a 10Hz beat means 139.6Hz and 149.6Hz on the two channels.


Some subjects will resist the use of such technology, its due to a homeostasis (resistance to change), the use affirmations, breathing techniques, autogenic training, mantra chanting will usually ease the process of integration.


Synchronized brain hemispheres have been proved useful in a large number of applications such as concentration, creativity, meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, pain management, sleep improvement and psychiatric applications.

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Frederick Dodson interview

frederick-dodson-217x300Frederick Dodson is the author of “Parallel Universe of Self”,”The reality creation technique” and many other books. He is also a world-class coach in business, communication and reality creation. He started teaching reality creation in 1999. He is also active on the lecture circuit giving conference on lucid dream and related topics. He has a series of audio programs on sell on his website. I recommend to check out the free Reality Creation Course. Which I took 😉

Today, I’m happy to present this interview with him. Most of the questions are from readers and I thanks them.

This interview will give you valuable insights on a variety of topics.

Reader Question: What it takes to move from a life focus on ambition to world success? I have been trying to be in the movie business for years. I only got small parts in minor movies.

Frederick Dodson: Love and Persistence. And if that wasnt enough, more of the same. And if that still wasnt enough, even MORE of the same. Love yourself, others, your downs and ups. And be crazily Persistent in showing up, in being professional. In being there. In Auditioning. When you say you have “only” had minor movies, that is a lack of Love, a lack of Gratitude. Love the small gifts the Universe gives you bigger gifts.

There are many trying to get into the movie Business and they try again and again. And after so many “agains” they give up. Imagine these masses of people trying to get into a door. And the more often they are rejected, the more give up. So as you repeat and repeat and repeat, the crowd in front of that door becomes smaller. And you still stick to it. And the crowd becomes smaller. Your Competition becomes smaller. And then, one day, you slip in.

But do not wait until “someday” to define yourself as a movie success. Allow yourself to feel, think and act like you are one already but still very eager to go to Auditions. Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of Auditions. Practice makes perfect and puts you into the energy-field of an actor.

Reader Question: Whenever I am reading or trying to meditate I am always thinking about a lot of other things, what out there can help me?

Frederick Dodson: Focusing is a matter of Decision and Relaxation. Many people nowadays cannot sit still and watch a complete movie. They have to watch the movie while playing a Computer game. Or watch the movie while browsing websites. Or watch a movie while having conversation. This is the extreme version of not being able to Meditate. This comes from inner Tension and Impatience. And Impatience comes from thinking the Here-and-Now is not enough. The Ego always thinks the Here-and-Now is not enough. It is always lacking, always wanting to change something, always needing to be elsewhere or with someone else. The opposite of that is to be not like the Ego but like the Soul: Liking the Here-Now, Liking whatever is going on right now and relaxing with whatever is happening.

So if you have many thoughts, relax with them. Its OK to have thoughts. They are not you. They are just thoughts. Its like a Television running in your mind, but that TV is not you. Its just a TV. Its not really important, its not really interesting. The only reason we think so much is because we think that this is interesting or important. Its not. Let it run. You cannot stop it. Accept that you cannot stop it. If you fully accept that you cannot stop it thats a good first step to calming the mind.

When you learn to meditate properly, you will see that that little “TV” in your mind only makes up 0001% of what happens in the mind. Imagine sitting in a gigantic Football Stadium that is empty. Totally empty and peaceful. At the far end of the Stadium there is a little TV and it runs on and on and on. But its only a little TV. Not important. It can run as long as it wants. You cannot stop it, because the Infinite Universe contains everything…also TVs. So instead of trying to stop it, you let go and simply allow it to be there. It is of no concern.

Reader Question: I have been laid off. Now, I saw, what you are doing and I think it is pretty cool. I would like to be a coach. How I can become a coach like you? and is it necessary for me to be familiar with the levels of energy?

Frederick Dodson: To become a coach it is good to be very familiar with many different types of coaching, spiritual and non-spiritual, conventional and unconventional. Even if you dont use some of the methods, its helpful to know them all. For every book I write, I read 100. So if you want to be a coach, see many coaches. On Youtube. Live. In books. Study them and their philosophy. Once you have gained an overview over everything see what you are able to do best. Find your own unique ideas and styles. Try to do things better than you saw all those coaches to them. Then, develop an identity as a coach – this includes Business Cards, a Website, Materials (Books, CDs, etc.). Its also good to be more intersted in others and the world, than in yourself. And to enjoy many different types of people.

Reader Question: How you got interested in the whole field of “human potential” (coaching, reality creation, and so on). How did you get started?

Frederick Dodson: At the age of 4 and 8 and at the age of 14 and again at 22 and 23 I had extraordinary states of Consciousness. Very extraordinary. Very Low and High. This got me curious. I read countless books but none helped me understand what I had experienced. So I felt inspired to write it myself. If you cant find it, create it.

Reader Question: What the difference between “Parallel Universe of Self” and the new book, “The Reality Creation Technique” is?

Frederick Dodson: Those are two different methods for two different kinds of people or moods. I would say that “The Reality Creation Technique” works for anyone and the “Parallel Universes” Technique works if you are in a good space/state.

Reader Question: How to apply the shifting into a parallel universe principle to learning foreign languages?

Frederick Dodson: You have to listen very carefully and be able to imitate/copy what you heard exactly like you heard it. Be able to copy it in your Imagination, in your mind. And be able to copy it in your speech. This is why actors and trained-actors have an easier time learning languages…they can shift their identity, they can shift their mentality.

Reader Question: And how do I use the same principle to bring more love into my life?

Frederick Dodson: The principle says that you can only bring more success through success and more love through love. Thats the whole idea. Its simple but also profound. Be the change you want to see. In this case you would have to be loving before you bring more love into your life. Reality begins and ends with you and what you put out into the world.

Louis’s comment: On the RC/language technique: I used this technique in the past what worked well for me was to include cultural information. Such as facial mimic ,body posture, mannerism and so on. It really made a difference for me. It was easier. That why if someone has to do this with movies as study material. it is best to choose character-driven movies rather than big star movies. Learning British-English is better with Tv-drama Eastenders than with James Bond. TV-Soap are fine for me because they have a lot of close-up and less cuts. Try to learn English from The Transformers movie. It will be discouraging. I also noticed that standing up for this, is better than sitting. Is there something else to add?

Frederick Dodson: No, I agree on all points. It is true that language is not only vocabulary but also mannerisms, facial expressions, energy-vibration, mentality, history, culture. Someone who does not understand that will never sound like a native, no matter what he does. One has to become that culture.
Movies are a fantastic way to learn, especially if you can add subtitles in the foreign language so that you dont only hear it but also see the words.

Reader Question: In my understanding, manifestation is dependent on empowering thoughts with great energy and/or emotion, to bring about a desired end. The energy manifests the desired goal. If you actively engage in denying giving your thoughts power, but engage in whatever manifestation practice you might have, will your manifestations be as successful?

Two methods:

1. Charging a thoughtform with either Emotion or Repetition/Willpower

2. Surrendering the Desire to the Universe/God

The second is effortless, the first requires active effort. With the second you dont know whether manifestation will occur or not. The Universe
gets to choose what is best for you. With the second, you choose. Both methods are completely valid and interesting.

The second method is a better match to what you are calling “denying giving your thoughts power”.

Louis : There is a dating and relationship teacher out there who base his teaching on his understanding of the level 500s of energy/consciousness. He claims his normal level is 595. However, his teaching is filled with very strange ideas that are more of the 160-280 levels. Either I’m correct saying he is a sad fraud or he is right. I would like your opinion on some of his idea:

Frederick Dodson: People are doing all kinds of nonsense with the energy-levels. Thats why I dont advertise the book. I keep it a little bit secret. Its not
for everyone. What the Ego will do is take it as a system of rank. Thats not what it is for.

600 is not “better than” 300. If I want to conduct a Business, 600 will have me fail because I am unable to concentrate on physical reality:-) So it is not a system of rank but more of a general map of Domains-of-Reality.

Louis: I will not name this teacher but here is one of his idea “To solve all of our world’s problems, it’s simple. First, build a giant fence around the continent of Africa. Then, calibrate the level-of-consciousness of everyone on the planet. Grab everyone who’s nonintegrous and stick them in Africa. Then rest of us can then live in peace, abolish the laws and courthouses, and enjoy life.”

Frederick Dodson: This is misuse of the levels-idea. I describe these misunderstandings in “Levels of Energy”.

Whoever wrote this is certainly not basing his understanding on that book.

By “the law of attraction” I can be standing in the middle of a bomb-attack and not get hit if my own focus and vibration is elsewhere. This has in fact
happened to me and been demonstrated to me several times. So it does not really matter which country you happen to live in or who else lives in yours.

If you hold a certain energy-level in you, you will naturally end up at a certain place. And whatever that place is, it is right for you, for that time.
This makes it none of my Business what other people are doing or not doing.

Everybody is right where he is supposed to be. 99% of what goes on energy-wise cannot be seen by the naked eye. But if one could see what is going on energy-wise everything would make perfect sense.

Louis: That teacher idea about attraction and flirt “When it comes to dating, by approximately the levels 510 to 540 (valor, unconditional love) you know exactly what to say and how to behave around people and you become automatically super-successful with all kinds of women. You know just about everything about them.”

Frederick Dodson: I also describe this in “Levels of Energy”. I am assuming you havent read it. People can temporarily “pretend” to be in the 500s for such purposes but they really arent. And because they are only pretending, the benefits are only temporary and end in Frustration. Authentic 500s are not interested in the gimmicks of pick-up-artists. Pick-Up-Artistry is a 120-290 realm.

Louis: So at 595 people still watch television? Make racist comment? Chase chicks?

Frederick Dodson: Whoever you are referring to is into boasting and grandiose claims…identified in “Levels of Energy” as 190. Racism is referred to in my book as 160. Chasing chicks is identified as 275.

Louis: What is the cause for the ego aggrandizement of certain teachers? How aspirants can avoid this trap?

Frederick Dodson: The world-self (Ego), takes itself very, very seriously and thinks its very important. Humor and Love are good protections against this. And keeping in touch with and walking amonst the normal world with normal people in a normal way.

Reader Question: I suffer from somniphobia. It causes me to have chronic headache and insomnia.I would like to have astral travel and lucid dream. But, I have a terrifying fear of the unknown. I guess all that stuff is linked together. I tried many things in the past nothing worked. I dont know what to do. But I think if I conquer my fear of the unknown. I will change. What can I do ?
[Note: Somniphobia is the fear of falling asleep]

Frederick Dodson: It is my personal opinion that somniphobia and the ability to astral-travel are linked, yes. By practicing conscious breathing and relaxation before falling asleep in bed you address both topics. And: There is no such thing as insomnia, unless you believe you “must” sleep. You can use the non-sleeping time for very many interesting explorations in awareness and relaxation. This problem and the path to overcoming it serve as a stepping stone to these abilities.

Louis: Can you tell us what your new book “Lives of the souls” is all about?

Frederick Dodson: 99% of what is going on we do not perceive with the senses. This book is about the souls perspective of many lives and incarnations. Its about what happens in the afterlife. And its also about Higher Self, Intuition, Lucid Dreaming.

Thank you very much for the interesting questions all. Please keep in mind that life is amazing
and that each question could have been answered in a Million different ways.


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How to reach the theta state

how to become psychicMany people want to reach the theta state I believe it was famed in the 70’s by people like Jose Silva back then it was all about alpha state now it is theta.

What benefits people get when they are in the theta state ?

A bit of history, when Jose Silva discovered the possibilities of altered state of consciousness his life took a turn for the best, the theta state Silva, put himself into enabled him to bring more of his Natural Self, as a result, he had a great source of inner guidance. He even won the lottery by the receiving the winning numbers during a session in the theta state.

The possibility to bring more of the total “YOU” in your waking identity is alone worth to learn to be in the theta state.

Another great benefit of exploring the theta state is the fluidity associated with it, creativity and association are a lot faster and clearer in the theta state. When you are in the theta state, you usually have less worries and the ability considerably reduce stress. The fluidity and the stress-free state allow to focus and imagine solution to problems with no showstopper such as doubt, anxiety and any other inhibitor. Basically, the theta state can be used for problems solving and creativity.

It is easier to focus your thoughts in the direction of your preferred reality when you are in a comfortable theta state. Your ego  will not oppose as much resistance as during your waking state where the ego usually dominate.

If you like techniques such as creative visualization, the theta state provides the perfect condition for it.

It is easier to reach theta with the use brainwave entrainment technology in CD or MP3 (Those are CD/mp3 specifically designed to assist you to go in a particular state), however, if you fail to have the appropriate level of physical and mental relaxation you won’t reach theta level at best you will have a comfortable alpha state (7 to 14 cycles per second).

Below is a procedure that I have used to put myself in a deep theta state and sometime even deeper. If you do not use a brainwave entrainment CDs, you will have to pay particular attention to your physical relaxation. Deep relaxation is really important. Take your time to relax well.

When I started this technique I didn’t have any CD to help, so it does work without a CD, however, your body needs to be accustomed more than one try will be required.

A high quality brainwave entrainment CD can help you to reach the theta state even during your first session.

Personally, I had great success with Brainsync Ecstasy, Immarama Insight, Hemi-sync Human Plus Sweetdreams, Mindtek Ultra-Meditation CD 2 and the Gateway Experience, I had poor results with The Brainwave Suites, Mindtek Eternity.

If you work with a CD choose the one you like, I haven’t tested everything.

A few years ago, I was doing my theta meditation and something funny occurred.

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I imagined myself shopping in various shops with a girl, I had met recently at a bar where she was working as a waitress. The same day, I went to a party and strangely the girl from the bar was there, she saw me and directly came to me and said ..”We were supposed to meet, that was our destiny”.

She asked me my name when I told her my name she replied by saying that if she had a son she wishes to call him my name. It was interesting because she never manifested any interest in me prior to that. I assume that the expression of appreciation (visualizing having fun and a good time) during my meditation session did something good for us.

If you have a grudge toward someone, maybe, expressing appreciation to that person may help you.

Have you ever heard of Elmer Gates? He was a psychologist and an inventor. He developed a system of generating ideas outlined in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Elmer Gates system involves being a deep relaxed state and allowing ideas or solutions to problems to come. In the case, of Elmer Gates and many others, it worked very well. Elmer Gates had well over forty U.S patents.

So you see it is cool to master a few meditations in theta state.

Here, we go:

Lay down on your bed and close your eyes.

Tell yourself my arms and my legs are warm and heavy. Repeat one more time.

Tell yourself my arms and my legs are getting warmer and heavier. Repeat one more time.

Tell yourself my arms and my legs are completely warm and heavy. Repeat one more time.

Tell your self my heartbeat is slow, and I’m relaxed

Say to you I breath slowly and I’m relaxed

Say to you, I remove all tensions and tiredness from my face and neck. (Here, you can tailor this; go to all your head part one by one, it has proven to very useful )

Do the above procedure one more time.

Take 3 to 6 slow deep breaths, the point is to feel a comfortable relaxation.

When you feel the relaxation occurring imagine a stream of light coming from the bottom (if it helps you can imagine coming it from the center of the Earth), the energy enter the plant of your feet and goes up to your head.

Can you Imagine a stream of energy flowing down from the above. You can imagine the energy coming from the sun if you want. Let it enters your head and goes down to your feet. You can imagine this energy forming a cocoon around you.

Note: If you have been trained in Robert Bruce Energy Work method you can do, 10 to 15 minutes of the full body circuit charging which is even better)

Now, you will have to count slowly backward from 100 to 1, do the deep breath while you count.

When you get to 1, visualize yourself walking in a meadow, a beach or any beautiful landscape.

Put your point of your focus between in your eyes and think of the beautiful landscape here let the imagination do the work if you have done properly, hypnagogic imagery of the beautiful landscape will appear in front of you; it will be like the pictures from a dream. Some of you aren’t visual in some case; you will see nothing but you will have feelings for the beautiful landscape, it isn’t necessary to see just have the perception is sufficient.

Now, you are in theta, Enjoy !