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Archive | June, 2013

Datre 193 – A world of changes

Many bombings on Embassies in different parts of your planet have not drawn sufficient attention needed to bring about changes. Why the two Trade Center towers? Because that symbolizes “International monitory impact”. Individuals from many countries contributed in this particular event. There were individuals from over 30 countries killed in that event. This was needed to get other countries, as well as the United States, involved in change. What is more dramatic to all peoples than the loss of human life (as you call it)?

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Real Freedom

Real Freedom allows Creativity to grow. Creative Freedom We all have Creative Freedom. Alas, we are not all free to use it. Those that know they have creative freedom are free to use it. Those that believe that there is a price to pay for it, restrict their ability to use it. We are all […]

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Some Unusual Chakras

Most people are familiar with the seven major chakras in our body – the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and the Crown. Apart from these 7 commonly known chakras, there are some other unusual chakras, each having specific roles and functions. (1) About one to two feet above our head/crown chakra, I […]

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Mantras: Divine Vibrations of the Universe

Mantras are chants, or more specifically, energetic vibrations of words that connect us with the vibrations of the True Self, the Universe, the One. The word mantra comes from Sanskrit. Its two syllables can be broken down as: man – to reflect, to think, to be aware; and tra – an instrument which saves. Mantras […]

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How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides, Angels or Higher Self

Have you heard people talking about their “guides,” and wondered whether you, too, could contact higher consciousness? It’s easier than you think! There are many ways to name the loving, wise, compassionate beings or forces that work with us. Some people resonate with traditional religious terms like God, angels, or archangels. Some prefer non-religious language […]

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Datre 192 – Freedom is only within yourself.

Datre answers Marlen (Datre192 – part 3) (Continued from Datre191 – part – 2) JOHN: The next question is; “What we call archangels, are they focused in the dead zone?” DATRE: Of course, where else would they be? It’s the only place they can be. Continue. JOHN: She next asks; “Do you have any kind […]

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Nature of the Astral Plane – Little Known Facts Revealed

What is the astral plane? You will get different answers to this question. No two answers are alike. Since there is no evidence for the existence of an astral realm or plane or level, you will not get any definite answer based on scientific studies. The answer you will get is the product of individual […]

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Purified Heart Chakra Meditation Unleash Incredible Body Energy

Heart chakra meditation is an isolated adaptation of chakra meditation. The heart chakra is just one of seven chakras present in the human body, but it’s a considerable one. It differentiates itself from the other ones by its more important function and profitable effects on spiritual growth. The procedure for that specific type of meditation […]

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Datre 190b – Fear is the great barrier to human growth

Datre answers Marlin (Datre191 – part 2) (continued from Datre190 – part 1) JOHN: She again asks; “I am obsessed by the idea of teleportation and shapeshifting. I long deeply for owning these abilities NOW. My belief system is ready but I don’t succeed, so what are the further limitations which I don’t know?” DATRE: […]

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