Datre 193 – A world of changes

Datre answers John (Datre193)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from John, and his first question is; “Does the destruction of the Trade Center towers initiate possible new plans for the New Millennium?”

DATRE: Everyone was so devastated about the Trade Center bombing. All right, I do not know how far before the bombing of those two towers some computer programs came out – two computer games came out that were designed around the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. Both were terrorist activities in these computer games.

Now, isn’t it interesting that the individuals that put out those two computer games were not sitting around in psychic circles? Where did they get their information from? The Humanity as a whole, or what we have called Mass Consciousness? They were ahead of the event. But they picked it up. Interesting! Very interesting!

As you can see many on your planet tap into the Mass Consciousness gestalts and pick up ‘possible’ projected events. In order for large changes to take place, the ‘the Humanity as a whole’ (including both the ‘live’ and ‘dead’ zones) have agreed on possible/probable events to use as triggers for setting in motion directions for desired changes. Because the United States is a large country with a great deal of focus on it, this will attract more attention than a smaller country.

Many bombings on Embassies in different parts of your planet have not drawn sufficient attention needed to bring about changes. Why the two Trade Center towers? Because that symbolizes “International monitory impact”. Individuals from many countries contributed in this particular event. There were individuals from over 30 countries killed in that event. This was needed to get other countries, as well as the United States, involved in change. What is more dramatic to all peoples than the loss of human life (as you call it)?

Any time a significant change takes place on your planet, new “guide lines” need to be put into motion. As an example, for many, many years man has wanted to be able to fly. When ‘the Humanity as a whole’ agreed on the basic principle of flight, man began his experiments in that area of exploration. These principles were not always there. The completed principle must be there before exploration can begin. This is an area in which the Dead Zone plays a significant role. There must be sufficient thrust in any given direction before it will be implemented.

‘The Humanity as a whole’ used the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, and the other ‘planned’ government buildings to highlight money, military power, and government power. These three elements are common to all countries. This is a common denominator for all nations.

JOHN: And John’s next question is; “You have said many changes are going to take place. One of the questions today is why is ‘time’ so changed?

DATRE: The element of ‘time’ has never been absolute. At the beginning of your known civilization, your planet was spinning at a much faster rate. As an example, as recently as the time of Julius Caesar (45 B.C.) there was an attempt to organize a type of calendar. Prior to this time your orbit and rotation speed was so erratic that it was unpredictable. Caesar’s first calendar had 445 days – based on sunrises and sunsets.

The next change that took place was during the time of Pope Gregory the XIII (1582). His new calendar contained 365 days. Pope Gregory also added today’s Leap Year and also changed the beginning of the New Year from March to January. This changes your Christmas from Spring into Winter.

The dates and the individual’s names were taken from various sources of information, because we thought it important enough to research this information before presenting it. We knew huge changes had taken place in your recording of ‘time’ and thought it would be of interest to you.

Your planet is slowing down even more and constant adjustments are still being made to make your ‘illusionary’ time consistent. It has been said that not only does ‘time’ change but your ‘past’ and ‘future’ also change. The reason you don’t notice the change is that you change with it.

The words have been used so many times that you don’t pay any attention to them. YOU WERE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE. Then look at the other one – THERE’S NO TIME. Everything is happening – there’s no beginning and no end. You put ‘time’ – linear time – on events so that you can keep track of where you are. But as you begin to change, you’ll find that those lines become very blurred.

A day is no longer a day, its just a group of events. You wake up in the physical construct, you have events and events and events and events and pretty soon the sun goes down and its time to put the body down so it can rest and repair itself – and you leave. You look at the clock from time to time to see where you are and that sort of thing but, the more you get into living ‘events’, you’ll find that ‘clock time’ and events don’t fit.

JOHN: John’s next question is; “Have noticeable changes taken place in any other areas in physicality?”

DATRE: Yes, your television has become very stagnant, in that you either bring back the old programs and rerun them, or you maintain a very, very narrow scope. Sex, violence, cartoons and then you have what you call situation comedy. How many years are you going to watch that? People sit in front of it and watch this and where does it go? It goes no place. Now, here again we have ‘the Humanity as a whole’ taking a ‘new’ direction.

When your new movies and television programs come out, what is the most popular of all movies? What were the most popular books? Books that were written for children. Children’s books called Harry Potter. Who read the children’s books called Harry Potter? Not only the children but mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers. And who is going to the movie? Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. The big question. WHY? Because its ‘magic’. Children recognize ‘magic’. To them the world is a playground of discovery. Grown-ups want to regain that sense of ‘magic’ and discovery. They call it wizardry and this upsets some people but what is the difference between wizardry and magic? It’s just a label that you have put on it.

People are looking for ‘magic’ – because they can’t find the ‘magic’ in their own lives. So, if they can ‘see’ it, it makes them think and look and see something that is different. And where does it come from? A ‘child’s’ book.

Everyone looks for ‘Magic’.. “Why can’t I teleport?”, “Why can’t I do all these ‘magic’ things now?”.

You are all looking for ‘magic’ and yet it is with you all the time and you can’t even see it. You want teleportation and all of these other things so you can ‘see’ the ‘magic’. How often haven’t you thought of someone and within hours or maybe a couple of days, you are contacted by that person? Magic! You say that happens to me a lot – big deal.

How are you going to discover the ‘magic’ in your lives if you don’t pay any attention to it in your everyday lives? You all expect big things right away. Recognize the little things and the process will grow. Each time you recognize “magic” you will feel happiness and that will build on itself just like a child builds with his blocks on the floor.

Magic is ‘natural’ to all of you. This is your existence whether you recognize it or not. Clock time is fine for your work-a-day world, but a person who recognized the “mystery” of life lives in a different ‘time’ that is not constrained by a clock, and yet, when you recognize the ‘magic’, you will see that everything falls into place more easily. We have consistently spoken of ‘observation’.

Large events are easily observed. Watch for the ‘unimportant’ things. The body sets up a rhythm of its own that is more relaxed. The trees, animals and plants all have their own rhythms – your body needs its own rhythm, especially if you are involved in the world of the arts. That is why computer programmers are given “free reign” in the development of their programs. They are allowed to create to their own ‘body’ rhythm.

The other thing that is very, very popular now – again, and probably even more so this time then it was previously because the ‘timing’ is different – that is “The Lord of The Rings”. That is not new. That has been around for a long time. Why are people watching that? There again, you have a story with a form of ‘magic’ and excitement, but the ‘magic’ is there. Then you have another one that is coming out that everyone has watched for many, many years, a new episode of “Star Wars”. People have watched those movies for years.

But it’s because there’s a different type of relationship with different types of people. You’ll notice that all the people are ‘people’ like you are. If they have animals, they will have alligators and so forth acting like people. It is all ‘people’ related but it’s the interaction and the suspense with a bit of ‘magic’ thrown in. In the whizzy-bang-wow of the Star Wars you all like to watch these great big humongous pieces of metal flying around in the sky and that gets you all excited because its ‘out there’. Then you have the ‘magic’ of switching realities portrayed in the new movie ”Kate & Leopold”. Where a 19th. Century English gentleman finds himself in the year 2001 in the city of Manhattan.

Now, why is NASA all upset? Because they’re not getting the funding they want nor are they getting engineers in the engineering schools because the young people are not interested in going to learn engineering. So they don’t have the minds that are needed to produce the ‘tin cans’ that they want. Now, that must tell you something about the change in ‘the Humanity as a whole’ in that the ‘thrust’ is not in the ‘mechanical’, the ‘thrust’ is in another area.

Which is your fastest growing area of exploration on your planet? Medicine and biology. The discovery of the workings of the human body. That has become the fascination. They have all the ‘drugs’ and all the rest of it but why all the drugs? Why all the studying of DNA? Because individuals on the planet have decided – why live such short lives when I don’t accomplish as much as I want to accomplish before that which is the ‘biological’ body says, ‘death is needed’.

So what is happening is, people are becoming more productive in many areas because their bodies are able to sustain a valuable, viable life for longer periods of time. What about the women basketball, baseball and soccer players. These women that are in their 40’s and 50’s are out there playing these games competitively. Now, you go back even a few generations and you’re not going to find that. My goodness, could you imagine people at that age going out and doing strenuous sports like that? No, absolutely not. They were too busy staying home, raising children and cooking and taking care of the house (no dishwasher, no microwave, no frozen dinners, no clothes dryers – just to name a few) and that was such a very short time ago.

Look at your evolution in a ‘blink’ of an eye. Then you’ll say, ‘where are we going?’. The Humanity as a whole has decided where you are going in possibility/probability parameters and you’ve all agreed on it. The Humanity as a whole’ I am speaking of is comprised of both the ‘living’ and ‘dead’ zone. Now, as John S. says, ‘you don’t have to have a program to enjoy the show’. Sit back and OBSERVE what ‘the Humanity as a whole’ has decided upon for your evolution. You have no idea how GRAND life can be if you don’t ‘watch’ what’s happening. It ‘is’ going to be different.

Your bodies are going through changes; they have been for the last number of years. And they’re going to continue going through changes. There are parts that you’re not going to need any more. There are other parts that you’re going to have to develop to be sustainable in the new environment. All of these things are going to take place. So, there are many things that are going to be happening. Then you’ll say, ‘well I don’t know anything about that’. Maybe not in the physical, but ‘you’ don’t spend all of your time in the physical.

And when you become part of ‘the Humanity as a whole’ in the areas that are ‘not’ physical, that is when many of your decisions are made. In the physical, you’re only ‘acting out’ what you’ve decided. You’re making it ‘visible’ so you can interact with it. Your New Millennium is going to be exciting. Watch what is happening.

DATRE: Are there any more questions?

JOHN: No, that was it.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

Real Freedom

Real Freedom allows Creativity to grow.

Creative Freedom

We all have Creative Freedom.
Alas, we are not all free to use it.
Those that know they have creative freedom are free to use it.
Those that believe that there is a price to pay for it, restrict their ability to use it.
We are all free to create our own reality unless we choose not to.
We are all free to experience creative freedom, unless we choose not to.
I am free not to choose to be creative, if I so choose.
I am free to choose my freedom, as I am free to restrict my freedom, as much or as little as I choose to.
I am free of everything that I am not attached to.
My freedom comes with my Detachment.
My sensitivity to the world in which I live is the essence of my freedom.
My Creative Freedom requires my Sensitive Detachment.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is not granted or inhibited by someone else.
It is attained when my ‘Speech’ allows my ‘Freedom’.
When I am no longer a slave to what I say, I attain freedom of speech.
When my speech expresses my freedom, I have freedom of speech.
When my speech expresses my limitations, I have lost my freedom of speech.
Limitations are not my truth and they will limit my freedom.
Boundaries are not my truth and they will limit my freedom.
When I speak of my boundaries and my limitations, my speech is limiting my freedom.
When I believe that I have freedom of speech, I believe that I have been granted it and that I may lose it.
When I know that I have freedom of speech, I know that my speech always liberates me, because it is always an expression of my Truth.
I am always free to speak my Truth.
I can only speak my Truth once I know my Truth.

Freedom of Thought

Speaking my Truth requires Freedom of Thought.
Most people are free to think whatever they choose, or so they think.
My ability to think is limited to my past experiences and my ability to remember them.
My ability to connect with my thoughts is not the same as my ability to think.
Thoughts that are a reflection of my Truth are not easy to connect to.
Intuitively inspired revelations are not thoughts that flow freely to many.
Few have learned to reconnect to their ability to reveal intuitively creative inspiration freely.
Intuitively inspired revelations express the truth of my creativity.
My Truth is free and allows my freedom, yet does not appear through the process of rational thinking.
Being free to think does not always allow freedom of thought or my thoughts to flow freely.
What restricts my freedom of thought and free flowing thoughts are my beliefs about my lack of freedom and my ability to think.
The lack of truth that exists in my life acts as a resistance and a restriction to any thought of freedom.
Freedom of thought arrives with every thought of freedom.

Freedom of Action

Few people believe in Freedom of Action.
Most people believe that being able to do whatever you choose, whenever you want, should not be allowed.
To this end, every nation, society, religion, culture, creed and civilisation has made rules and laws governing what Man can and cannot do.
We are only free to do within our society what our society declares we are free to do.
We are only free to act with what the consensus of people, within our society, have deemed to be correct and lawful behaviour.
When we act in a way that is seen to be detrimental to others, our freedom to act is taken away.
Society believes that the only way that we can be free to act is to have our freedom to act limited by society.
Normal actions are allowed and abnormal actions are disallowed.
Creativity is stifled when new actions have first to be vetted and approved.
Acting from personal truth is discouraged in favour of the belief in the right actions of a just society.
A just society does not allow freedom of action.

The Reality of Freedom

Freedom is not real until it is created.
Reality is created through a process of thought, word and deed.
In reality, True Freedom requires ‘freedom of thought’, ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of action’.
My thoughts become my beliefs that become the behaviour of my actions.
What is real to me is the experience that my thoughts, my words and my actions have created for my Self to experience.
To experience freedom, I first have to create it.
To create freedom, I first have to define it.
To define freedom, I first have to realise what freedom means to me.
When I know what freedom means to me, I can then speak it.
When I speak of freedom and know it to be my Truth, I can then realise it.
When I realise my freedom, it becomes my reality and I can then experience it.
When I can experience the freedom of my reality, I know the Reality of my Freedom.
That’s Real Freedom.

Keith Collins
The Inner Coach
April 2011
Life Coaching for Personal Spiritual Development & Growth

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Some Unusual Chakras

Most people are familiar with the seven major chakras in our body – the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and the Crown. Apart from these 7 commonly known chakras, there are some other unusual chakras, each having specific roles and functions.

(1) About one to two feet above our head/crown chakra, I think one writer call it Soul Star. This is the chakra I use to connect to distant stars to tap their energy and I think the energy is golden in colour. You can also activate this chakra, draw in its energy field and form a golden energy armour to protect yourself. The method is to scan for the chakra, by feeling for it, connect to its specific energy field, and pull it inwards until it becomes dense and harden. Will it to remain for the duration of your choice and protect yourself in it.

(2) On the forehead approximately at the hairline position: This is the chakra that is part of the Third Eye series chakra. It is supposed to project energy and allow you to scan the environment. I use it to beam out energy and if you are strong enough you can project offensive laser like energy. (Laser light is formed by visualizing the rays of light compressing them until they become parallel to one another and forming a thin straight line). Sometimes if I have impurities in my body. I dispose off them via this chakra.

(3) On the point between inner corners of the two eyes: Also part of the Third Eye chakra. In some Traditional Taoist meditation, when you succeed in meditating on darkness, you shall be elevated and rewarded with brilliant lights which are supposed to enter into your body through this chakra. I think it is more receptive. I use it to sense vibrations. I think this minor chakra correspondents to the Dan Tien acupuncture point. When I do my skin breathing meditation (Or the Baby In the Womb breathing), I vibrate this chakra and the Dan Tien (sacral chakra) together as I will my pores to open and close to breathe and to inhale and exhale energies..

(4) Behind the nostrils: This another unusual minor chakra, also part of the Third Eye’s family. Receptive in nature, I use it to take in energy, especially from the trees. At times, I thought I could take in energy from joss sticks and candles and have the feeling of well being… just like in the Chinese ghost stories where ghosts feed on joss sticks and candles offered to them by human beings. In the wrong hands, this chakra could be liken to Dracula’s fangs to suck in other people’s energies but whoever do it will pay a Karmic price. Nothing is for free.

(5) Behind our eyeballs are the eye chakras. I think they are receptive in nature. Similar to the chakra behind the nostrils, I use them to draw energy from trees. There were rare occasions where I was forced into confrontations and I used them to cast overpowering gaze at my opponents. Normally, after I stared hard at them they would look away and avoid eye-to-eye contacts.

(6) Earth Star chakra – this is the chakra where I use to draw earth energy into my body. To connect to this chakra, you visualise a perpendicular straight line extending deep down to the centre of earth below your feet. The focal point is a red brilliant star in the sea of total darkness. I could draw earth energy in this manner, and they raise, enter my body and activate my major 7 chakras from the base chakra upward until the crown. Aragonite seems to be the best stone to help connect to earth chakra.

(7) Stella Gate Chakra – is the ultimate chakra in our overall chakra system. To me, its a brilliant gold star extending right into the infinity of the universe. I could tap it and draw upon the golden refined energy to do cleansing and charging. I think it is likened to Buddha energy – Buddha Amitabha. Sometimes I meditate by drawing down the golden energy into my body and connect it to the earth chakra mentioned above. Depending on our level of spiritual development, most people like me could only access low level intensity in accessing this divine energy.

(8) As for the The Third Eye chakra, which is not an unusual chakra but merits some discussion, itself is approximately between the eye brows about half an inch into the forehead. Some say it is at the point where your spinal cord ends and where the two imaginary lines from your left and right ears converge. My teacher expected me to see this chakra visually, with its spokes/pedals, but I could only make out its hazy outlines. But, this chakra seems to be both projecting and receiving. I use it like a radar of bats, scanning for vibrations. When I look at photographs, I use this chakra to scan for vibrations.

(9) I have taught others to look at a stone with this chakra and feel which part of the body the stone vibrates them. In this way, we are able to differentiate what are these stones according to which of our chakras they vibrate, such as: if it vibrate our solar plexus, it is a yellow stone – citrine, yellow topaz or etc. In this manner, if the stone is purported to be a citrine, and the vibration is on the Third Eye chakra, then the stone is an amethyst deeply heated to transform its colour into yellow with the intention to pass it off as higher priced citrine. Some with smoky quartz which is supposed to vibrate our base chakra, and if it vibrates our crown chakra then it must be a white quartz subject to intense radiation to change it to dark or black colour. Another thing about stones with high dosage of radiation is that they have dense, offensive and prickly vibrations. (example: precious cat eye stones being radiated to bring out the lines)

There are other multiple minor chakras all over our body and we should take time to identify them and get to know them.

Anthony Leong

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Mantras: Divine Vibrations of the Universe

Mantras are chants, or more specifically, energetic vibrations of words that connect us with the vibrations of the True Self, the Universe, the One. The word mantra comes from Sanskrit. Its two syllables can be broken down as: man – to reflect, to think, to be aware; and tra – an instrument which saves. Mantras are instruments that save us from the ego’s perception that each of us is separate from everyone and everything. Chanting mantra is a meditation practice to help bring us to the awareness that we are all Consciousness, the True Self, the One.

Religions and spiritual practices all over the world incorporate some from of chanting, singing, and music from the simple mantra of Aum, to devotional hymns to a specific god, to the transcendental vibration of the beat of a drum. They are all vibrations of energy just as we and everything else in the universe are vibrations of energy. The divine vibrations of mantras help us to connect to the divine vibrations of the True Self, the All, the One.

The luminous being of the perfect consciousness which is non-different from the entire cosmos and which is inherent in the multitude of words whose essence consists in the knowledge of the highest non dualism is the secret of mantra.

– Shiva Sutras

Here are three mantras that can help us connect to the Divine Consciousness:

1) Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most ancient mantras known. It comes from the Rig Veda, which is an ancient Vedic collection of sacred hymns from around 3000-3500 years ago. It was given by the Supreme Being to the Rishi (Sage) Vishvamitra, who recorded the Gayatri Mantra in the verses of the Rig Veda to share with all of humanity.

The Gayatri Mantra is said to bring wisdom and enlightenment, and to purify both the singer and the listener. We could say that it is a gift from the Universe to help us humans gain clarity and awareness. Since this mantra addresses the Sun-god, it is often recited at sunrise and sunset, but the vibrational energy of the mantra is sure to be a beneficial meditation practice any time of day.

Om bhur bhuvah svah / tat savitur varenyam / bhargo devasya dhimahi / dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

Om earth, heaven, light (created) by God (Savitr/Surya/Sun-god), whose excellent glory we may attain, and who may enlighten our prayers (minds/meditation).

2) Mantra to the Divine Mother

The next mantra is a mantra to the Divine Mother. Most religions, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, have a figure who represents the Divine Mother and Mother Earth, such as Gaia, the Virgin Mary, Frigg, Demeter, Tara, Pachamama, Isis, Prakriti, and Shakti. Ancestral spirits, the souls of mothers, grandmothers, etc. who have past, can also represent the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother represents the creative force of the Universe and on the mundane level, the creative force of motherhood and nature. The Divine Mother nourishes and sustains life. She is the cosmic mother of time and space, the dynamic action of the Divine Oneness. She is an aspect of and the creative force of the Divine Oneness manifesting as Nature and Life.

This mantra to the Divine Mother was written by Shri Aurobindo, based on a traditional Indian chant:

Om Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Parame Swari.

Om, She full of Bliss, She full of Consciousness, She full of Truth, She who is Supreme.

3) Twameva Sarvam Mantra

The Twameva Sarvam mantra, sometimes called the Twameva Mata mantra after the first two words, is a another beautiful Vedic meditation chant. Twameva Sarvam means: You are all in all (everything). This mantra is a meditation on the True Self, the Ultimate Reality, the Universe, the Oneness of All.

Twameva mata cha pita twameva, Twameva bandhu cha sakha twameva, Twameva vidya dravinam twameva, Twameva sarvam mama deva devah.

You are my mother and my father, You are my friend and my companion, You are all wisdom and all wealth, You are all in all, the utmost Divine.

Who is this Self on whom we meditate? Is it the Self by which we see, hear, smell, and taste, through which we speak words? Is Self the mind by which we perceive, direct, understand, know, remember, think, will, and desire? These are but servants of the Self, who is pure consciousness. This Self is all in all.

– Aitareya Upanishad

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How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides, Angels or Higher Self

Have you heard people talking about their “guides,” and wondered whether you, too, could contact higher consciousness? It’s easier than you think! There are many ways to name the loving, wise, compassionate beings or forces that work with us. Some people resonate with traditional religious terms like God, angels, or archangels. Some prefer non-religious language like the universe, Source, All-That-Is. Some feel at home with the language of shamanism: spirit guides, helping spirits, power animals. Some coin their own terms, like Wisdom Beings or Wise One. Some use terms like Higher Self, inner teacher, guide, or guidance. Some feel most comfortable with the simple phrase larger self. Personally, I like all of these terms, although none of them feels exactly right or complete to me. Language is shorthand; it cannot fully encompass reality, but gives us ways of pointing toward it. So, to keep things simple, I most often use the terms “guide” and “inner teacher.”

However you understand and experience this level of guidance, it is available to support and help you. The most important ingredients for establishing a connection are your willingness and your intention. If you are willing to make contact with a wise, completely compassionate aspect of yourself or of consciousness, and set an intention to do so, it will happen.

No particular process or ritual is required; our guides are available 24/7, and they not only make house calls, but office calls, highway calls, airplane calls and mountaintop calls. Wherever we are, they’re there too. However, since most of us have the habit of paying much more attention to physical reality than to the non-physical, a ritual may help us make the transition from what shamans call “ordinary reality” – the regular human level of consciousness – to the state of consciousness in which we are able to hear, sense, see or perceive the non-physical realm. The more often you connect with your guides, the easier and faster this process will become.

Tips for Connecting with Higher Consciousness Guidance

1. First, choose a particular spot where you will physically sit (or stand, or lie down, or dance) each time you want to initiate conversation with inner teachers. If your spot is indoors, you may want to clear up any clutter in that space, and then intentionally decide what you want to put there. A cloth of some kind, either on a table or the floor, can help define the space; on it you can place any objects that have meaning to you, or feel sacred to beautiful to you. Many people like to use a candle, incense, sage, or perhaps a small vase with a flower or two cut from their garden. Some like to create more formal altars, on which they place many objects that have personal and spiritual significance to them; others prefer to keep it simple.

2. Next, take time to just be in this spot – with your lit candle or with your objects, if you have chosen to put any there – for at least a few minutes a day. It may take a week or even several weeks of daily returning to this inner space of quietness before you are able to sense the presence of an inner teacher. In the meantime, you can take the opportunity to deepen your sense of contact with yourself – which is, of course, part of the same process.

3. Remember that this is not a chore or obligation, nor a task at which you might succeed or fail. No one will be grading or evaluating your efforts or experiences – with the possible exception of you! If it feels like your critical mind might inhibit you, see if you can enlist its cooperation instead. It can be helpful to develop a statement of intention for yourself, and repeat it to yourself often; you can even incorporate the critical part of your mind into that statement. Here is an example:

“I intend to connect with my larger self, or with sources of wise, compassionate guidance, and I invite all the parts of my being to participate in this process. If any parts of me are not familiar with the energies of openness and compassion, I invite them to learn about those energies through this process, and ask that they lay aside any fears or judgments that might get in the way. Since I know that I have guides already, even if I have not yet met them, I also ask my guides for help in creating a smooth, clear inner pathway to making contact with them.”

4. If, in the process of trying to connect to guidance, you encounter an inner voice that seems determined to keep you from making the connection, see if you can dialogue with it or sense into it to find out more about it. Is it scared? If so, what frightens it about the idea of connecting with higher consciousness? You may be able to help allay its fears. But if its fear is too strong, or if it is hostile – for instance, if it asserts that you do not have guides, or do not deserve to connect with them – then you may need to seek help from a human practitioner. There are many people who can assist you with this, so don’t worry, and don’t give up! Everyone can access higher consciousness. You may just need some healing or clearing work to get you ready.

5. Remember that you are seeking to connect with inner teachers or guides who hold a “higher consciousness” field of energy – in other words, beings who are completely wise and compassionate, and who have no requirements, needs or agendas. You are not issuing a general invitation for any and all non-physical beings! This isn’t like playing with a Ouija board – which, by the way, is not a good idea at all. You’d be unlikely to seek deep healing or guidance from any random stranger in the physical world, and it makes no more sense to do that in the non-physical world. The way to ensure that any beings you contact have only your highest good as their sole intent is simply by clearly intending that, and being very specific in your invitation. Intention is an extremely powerful tool.

6. It’s helpful to remember that guidance can come in many forms. Some people like to start by quieting their minds, writing a question down, then writing whatever comes into their minds as a response. The book Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within, by Janet Conner, offers a detailed and inspirational description of the author’s work with this method.

Yet some people prefer to simply listen within, rather than write. Some like complete quiet; other prefer to have music playing. Some like to sit; some prefer to lie down, stand up, dance, or use yoga postures. Some like to connect with their guides while lying in bed or sitting at their kitchen table; others prefer to be outside, perhaps under a tree or next to a flowing stream. If it’s cold outside or if you live in a city, you can simply imagine yourself next to a tree or stream.

6. It’s generally best to connect to guidance with a specific question or intention in mind. This helps to focus your mind, and also lets your guides know how they can best help you. If you haven’t yet met your guides, your intention might be something like this:

“I intend, desire, choose and decide to meet my guides now. I invite them to take any form which allows me to perceive them, and I ask for their help in allowing me to recognize and interact with them.”

7. Remember that as a human being, you have free will – and you will continue to have it, even after developing relationships with inner teachers. A higher consciousness guide will never insist that you do anything, prevent you from doing anything, or get angry or offended if you don’t follow his/her/their advice. If you sense a presence or hear a voice that is demanding, harsh or judgmental, it isn’t a higher consciousness guide. Reaffirm your intention to contact only being(s) who are completely compassionate, who have only your highest good as their sole intent.

Remember: we are surrounded by and filled with a field of higher consciousness which is pure love, wisdom and compassion. You have the absolute right and the inherent ability to connect with beings in this field of consciousness, since, in fact, they are you at another level of being. They will welcome the opportunity to guide and support you. They have no agenda of their own, and will require nothing from you.

This might be starting to sound like an infomercial. “Wise inner guides are waiting for you! Call now!” But in fact, it’s really true – they are, and you can.

If you enjoyed this article, you may want to read the book it’s excerpted from! “Soul on Earth: A Guide to Living & Loving Your Human Life” has won rave reviews on Amazon. One reviewer called it “The best book written in the last 20 years!” Another commented, “Life-changing. This is a fabulous book.” It’s available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. At 350+ pages, it’s an invaluable resource filled with tools, practices, stories and prayers to help you heal, transform, and cultivate joy. You can also follow the author on Twitter (@SoulResource) or visit her website at http://www.EvolutionarySupport.com.

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What Do Psychics Do? (And the One Truth I’ve Learned on My OWN Journey For Spiritual Growth)

What do psychics do? How can a psychic reading help me get where I really want to go? Do psychics only predict the future… or can they offer me more practical tools, tips and techniques to live my life right? What are the sorts of services I should expect, and the kind of questions a psychic can answer, if I do decide to go that route?

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about the reasons people would want to call, speak or see a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, or any type of intuitive professional. In real life, there are many diverse drivers and motivations for people who seek out this sort of guidance.

It can range from curiosity, to desperation, to simply adding another interesting adventure to the arsenal experiences many people crave.

Some people use psychic advice very much akin to how others may look at a life coach.

Others turn to specialized spiritual advisor’s for energy or healing work, some types of alternative healing modalities, or even to explore or expand their own sense of spiritual connection to something bigger than themselves.

Some want a reading because they have a big decision to make, or feel like they’ve hit a rut, or have a proverbial fork in the road and want as many unique perspectives as they can have, before forging ahead.

Many people seek out psychic readings purely out of curiosity, or to be entertained for an hour or so… and escape the mundane elements of real life.

Still others have a driving need or calling to connect to unseen worlds, or to people they’ve loved and lost, and look at specialized psychics like mediums as their secret ally in that search.

Believe it or not, many people seek out psychic readings as a way to validate their own world view – be it skeptical or cynical about psychic abilities, to true blue believers, as well as plenty who fall in the middle as curious but not convinced.

(Often the psychic that is selected plays a big role in validating this opinion… for better, or unfortunately, for worse!)

If you’re like me, and have always sought out exceptional experiences on the edge of what others consider the norm… the one REAL truth I’ve learned on my own journey is this:

A good psychic reading can open up a whole new world of power and potential in your life… and expand your sense of what is possible as well. Many of us simply need a gentle nudge in the direction of our dreams, and in that sense, if it gives you that push, speaking to someone whose perspective you like, trust and appreciate can be the very best investment you can make… regardless of whether they’re psychic, or not!

Real Psychics. Real Mediums. 25 Years of REAL Life Changing Experience. Real Results. Start Free


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Datre 192 – Freedom is only within yourself.

Datre answers Marlen (Datre192 – part 3)
(Continued from Datre191 – part – 2)

JOHN: The next question is; “What we call archangels, are they focused in the dead zone?”

DATRE: Of course, where else would they be? It’s the only place they can be. Continue.

JOHN: She next asks; “Do you have any kind of routine within your reality, comparable to our daily routines of showering, cleaning teeth, etc…?”

DATRE: Nope, don’t have bodies. All we have is that which… I guess what the closest I could come to it would be a process that we use that is similar to your ‘thinking’. And that is our motivational force. It’s not ‘thinking’ like your brain thinking – your brain thinking is static. Our ‘brain’ thinking is ‘fluid’. That is an adjustment we make when coming into a physical body – is from the ‘unlimitedness’ and fluidity of our existence – and coming into a physical containment where everything is an ‘on hold’ process. Your processes are containments.

Your body is a containment. Your brain is a containment. Your cells are a containment. Your whole bubble is a containment. Everything you work with in physicality, everything is a type of containment – it’s a boundary. A table is a containment – it has boundaries. Houses, buildings, cars, streets, everything has a type of containment. Nothing is ‘fluid’. Even your air is a containment, because ‘it’ contains different things – like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen – all of these different “elements”. Elements are containments – they’re separations.

You see everything you have has a containment quality to it. Where as, in our existence there is no containment. That is the ‘freedom’ that would drive you – going from physicality and not ‘knowing’ your Self – into an existence not like ours, but similar to ours – would be madness, because you have no boundaries. So you can see, we don’t… and the many different ones that come through and use the ‘word’ Datre – because we had to be named something – we use that word as a containment for many. So it is… Datre is not just ‘one’; it is a containment of many in the ‘word’ Datre. So we are unlike what you perceive in physicality. Continue.

JOHN: Next she asks; “What is contained within our planetary bubble? All the stars we can see with our telescopes, or more or less?”

DATRE: Well that is not the bubble. You can see through the bubble it’s just an energy envelope that contains… that is your containment. So, there are bubbles within bubbles, so you can look out into the Galaxy – which is another bubble. There are other bubbles within the bubbles and all the stars and you know… there are all different kinds of things. Your bubble that we keep talking about is your planetary bubble. That’s it; the moon is within your bubble. That which you call the sun is something different that you don’t understand – so I’m not getting into that. Continue.

JOHN: She goes on and asks; “Your energy seems similar to the Seth energy to me. Are you shaping one entity?”

DATRE: Well, the reason you’re experiencing that is, because that which is familiar to you as that which you call the Seth energy is what we have been using for all the latter transcripts. We found that we are receiving a lot of the communications identifying the transcripts as being a Seth like energy.

Now, Seth ‘like’ energy, I will say again, the Seth that you knew at the time of Jane Roberts – is no more. That too, you see that is an evolutionary process. But, in order to get more down to earth communication, for your understanding, the energy that we use with this physical containment is being reorganized to convey that energy – because that was understandable by many.

So the Seth of that many years ago is different than the Seth energy of today. But, because all we work with is energy – because that’s our home – energy is our home, that is us. So that is easily changed. You see you don’t give yourselves credit – that’s all you work with is energy too. But you don’t see it as energy, because everything you work with is a containment.

Then in ‘containing’ things – you label them. And in labeling them it becomes more confusing. The energy containment that you’re familiar with – and surround yourself with – you call a house. It is your energy within that house that makes it ‘your’ house. But it’s nothing but energy. But you see, you have to ‘contain’ it in order to work with it, because that’s physicality.

Stop and think about some of these things – it becomes very fascinating. Realize what a GRAND creators you are. Why do you belittle yourselves – you’re GRAND. But you don’t want to acknowledge it. Look at all the people that walk around today that limp and have this wrong and that wrong. Look at all the sports that you have geared to people in wheelchairs or geared to people that are incapacitated – mentally, physically, whatever.

You seem to wear a handicap sign as a badge of honor. What changed your planetary thinking to that point? Why did you desire to be helpless? You want to be taken care of. And for every one person that wants to be taken care of, there are five people ready to heal you and take care of you. It satisfies a need in both directions.

But why work in those parameters? You keep saying, ‘oh, if I only had freedom’. Freedom is only within yourself. Continue.

JOHN: She continues on and asks; “If not, are you focused in the same bubble?”

DATRE: There are some that are on the very edge of the bubble that also can – I don’t want to say communicate, but – because that’s the only word that you have, so I have to use it. There can be communication. In other words, those are on the edge of the bubble and when this bubble makes changes – in whatever way it makes changes – then there will be the freedom of everything in the energy construct that is your bubble will be neutralized. So, those that are on the edge and are familiar with the energy can pass through it with no problem.

Now, before you get excited, you’re not going to take this body with you. Any more than you do when you “die”. The body doesn’t go. The body stays here because this is a planetary environment that ‘it’ is made for. The body comes from the elements that are here on this planet – the consciousness that is here on this planet. Everything that you make a body out of comes from this planetary bubble – inside of it.

So, when you leave, that’s got to be left here. That does not go anyplace. You can take a spaceship and go out into the Galaxy and come back, then that’s different. But, when you leave this planetary bubble, everything – from the planet – is left here, including that which you call ‘consciousness’. Imagine functioning without ‘that’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is; “Is this planetary bubble the same as what we call a Galaxy?”

DATRE: Nope! Galaxy is everything you see around you. Continue.

JOHN: She continues and asks; “What is contained in our planetary bubble?”

DATRE: Energy! Energy, that through evolutionary discovery – by the species – you have categorized, identified, labeled, whatever you want to call it, to be another energy that you can work with. There are many energies on this planet that you have no idea about. And yet, they’re all in containment, just exactly like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and all the rest of them. There’s many. But that’s what the evolution of the ‘species’ is all about. But, everything contained within your bubble is ‘energy’.

It is energy and it has all been, shall we say, categorized. And the longer this ‘species’ evolves, the more you will discover, the more you will contain and work with. That’s what its all about. But, the majority on your planet is more interested in the evolution of the ‘species’ then it is in the evolution of ‘Self’. And that’s what we are trying to do, because in the evolution of ‘Self’ you can be of more benefit to the planet – just by walking among people – then a rocket scientist. Because, the energy emanating from a physical body of a MASTER can change a great deal. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “When you answer the questions via Datre Net, what kind of perception do you have concerning the person who has put the questions?”

DATRE: As you know, John reads the questions. And when he reads the questions, what we are perceiving is the thousands of people – every month – that read the Datre material are undoubtedly asking the question you ask. Probably in different forms. Maybe they’re wondering about something. But we do not see the questions as coming from an individual. Because, the questions that come are the questions of many on the planet.

You see we have a record of – not an individual – but of how many individuals come to Datrenet and read some of the material or all of the material. Then in reading the material they will download all of it, certain portions of it, whatever. We have a log of what was downloaded on what days. Even if the whole group of transcripts covering four plus years, I don’t know, something like that is downloaded. So that’s the only record that we have. There is never a name it is just – as John calls it – a hit count.

Now, when we send out the transcripts then we have to have a name and that persons ISP address in order to be able to send the information direct to those individuals that desire it. But, over an above the people that have subscribed to Datrenet, I’m talking about the ones that come from all over the world, the planet, that we have no idea who they are or what they’re doing with the information and don’t care. If they’re interested enough to download the information, this is fine. If they’re sharing it with friends, this is fine.

If they’re running it off on copy machines and handing it out to friends, this is fine. Or putting it on their web sites as Datre material, this is fine – we don’t care. But there are many thousands, at the end of this year we will tell you how many individuals have used that process of coming on Datre and taking off (downloading) materials – over 100,000 to date this year. We will tell you how many we have had over the year, because you may be interested to find out the number that come and download from Datre. Now those run in the thousands every month.

So what we see, when we hear these questions, that John reads, we see a multitude. We don’t see an individual. We see like a multitude. That’s the only word that’s available in your language. So you see, that is why we thank you for questions, because it is one question, but it is going out to many who are looking for answers. Continue.


JOHN: And finally she asks; “If you consider money without any emotional concept, it is only a specific energy. But it is the most powerful and dominant energy on this planet, at least in the industrialized parts of earth. And it is THE BEST AVAILABLE ENERGY on this planet for CREATION and MANIFESTATION so far. I wonder why so many light-energy-workers who devote their lives to “energy-work and manifestation and creatorship” seem to have little access to this powerful omnipresent energy. But people who do not consciously work with energies seem to have much easier access to it.

I am convinced that the cause is not reducible to belief systems, since I’ve seen a lot of successful changes in belief systems about money and self worth among many light-workers, but no changes in their abundance issues.”

DATRE: There again, I don’t like to say it, but it is a belief system. There is something that you are trying to tell yourself to learn. And, as hard as that may seem, that is what it is all about. It is unfortunate that on your planet you have set up ‘one’ energy patterning that is very forceful and very dynamic.

Now, there are two things that are very, very, dynamic on your planet. One is the money situation. The other one is the political situations that are existing in your countries. These are two things you are going to try to put into better balance. What were the two areas that were hit in the United States? The money, the two financial towers. And the pentagon – the military government. These are two – the two biggest issues in all of your countries around your globe. How are changes going to take place in these two areas? Watch carefully to see how your physical ‘species’ addresses these issues in the future.

If you will look at the money situation in ‘any’ country, the rulers of any country are always prosperous. And the more prosperous they are, the least amount of money will be had by that countries inhabitants. And what does that cause? It causes problems between those within a country and those from other countries.

What view do those people – in other countries – have of this United States? What do they know about the American people – so called? They see the television and they see the movies. And these depict people in good clothing, big beautiful houses, grocery stores with all kinds of food, people playing on golf courses, people flying in airplanes, people working in big buildings, prosperous people, sex, violence. That’s the way they view the United States.

They do not see the people that don’t even have a living wage. They don’t see the street people, the families that are sitting on streets in big cities with their families, asking for help. They don’t see that. Because, that isn’t what the movies and television show people in other countries. They think everyone in the United States is a millionaire. That’s what your programs are – do you want to be a millionaire? Come on here and answer a few questions and you can be a millionaire.

Why do you think people in other countries think everyone in the United States is a millionaire? They don’t look at these people that in their ninety’s and a hundred years old that retired when they were sixty five, and what kind of money are they living on? They can’t even afford to buy newspapers, because it’s too expensive. Because they have lived so long that they have out run the money of their retirement and their social security is not enough to keep them going. They don’t see that side of the United States.

Who comes on television – the people in government. The great big White House. All the representatives and all the people in congress and all of this. All these people that have two houses. That goes to the big fancy parties. That’s their depiction of what the United States is like. They don’t realize that that is such a small portion of the United States. Because, we can see the ‘over all’ from the top.

Look at these other countries; there are other countries that are the same way. Big government. Big people at the top. Lots of money. And yet the people in the country are starving. You see the inequality? See what needs to be fixed? And MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is about ready to ‘change’ some of these things.

Watch the changes, it is very interesting. You are living in a very interesting time of your life. Do not look at everything with fear. Fear is not going to solve a single problem. Remember, no one does anything ‘to’ you but what ‘you’ want to happen. And that is a hard one to understand. Because, when you’ve had everything wiped away from you, you’ve had things stolen from you, and you’re right down to the end, and you turn around and look at yourself and say, ‘I did it myself what am I to learn?’. That is hard to say because of all the people that are out of work, they don’t have a job. They were doing fine, they had very big important jobs. They have families, and now they have no way to pay bills. What are they being faced with? A very, very, stark reality.

And it isn’t only in the United States. It is other countries as well. And then they see the terrorist activities and they know that their country can be hit as well as any other country. And that’s why countries are coming together. You see it’s a story. John came up with a very good one the other day, he said, ‘you don’t have to have a program in order to be able to enjoy the show’. You don’t ‘have’ to know what’s going on. But, you can enjoy it, and watch it, and see what’s happening and how it’s happening, and ‘why’ it is happening. As long as you OBSERVE, because that’s where it’s all at.

Its not looking at the tragedies and screaming and hollering and ranting and raving and crying, and maybe you don’t even know anybody that was in those buildings. That doesn’t do any good. You can pray from now until… That isn’t going to do any good. OBSERVE! See what is happening and why it’s happening and then work from a vantage point of being the lead elephant and not following behind. The view from that side never changes. We thank you.

We are Datre.

Nature of the Astral Plane – Little Known Facts Revealed

What is the astral plane? You will get different answers to this question. No two answers are alike. Since there is no evidence for the existence of an astral realm or plane or level, you will not get any definite answer based on scientific studies. The answer you will get is the product of individual astral travelers’ experiences in the astral. If you experience it yourself, you might have a totally different story to relate.

To put it simply, the astral plane is just a level of existence like the physical world. And there are many planes of existence like the astral and the physical plane. Each plane of existence has its own rules, which must be followed.

In fact, what most people call “heaven” and “hell” are really astral realms vibrating at different frequencies. One could call the earth and the planes lower than it “hell” because earth and the lower astral levels vibrate at a lower frequency. The higher astral planes vibrate at a higher frequency and are beautiful, which is why they are called “heaven.”

The astral realm has 7 planes of existence. The highest planes are called Mental, Buddhic, and so on. The highest plane, which cannot be explained in human words, is the seat of collective or universal consciousness or God, whatever you might wish to call it. When entities leave for the higher realms, they are pure consciousness without any vehicle such as the physical or the astral body.


Entities enter the physical realm to learn valuable lessons. As they progress, their vibrations rise and they become capable of gaining access to the higher astral planes.

The astral planes, which are slightly higher than earth, comprise human thoughts and emotions. Since people are constantly thinking, the astral realm is full of mental debris, which makes life very confusing for first time projectors. The higher astral realms however do not contain any astral debris.

The astral plane is a great place for learning. It is the doorway between earth and the higher realms of existence. The astral plane might be fashioned like the physical world with schools and institutions, where people learn and work on projects, just as they do on earth.

The astral realm is populated by two varieties of spirits-those who have passed away from the earth and the astral counterparts of those who are living on earth. This implies that we live out many parallel lives even while on earth.

While on earth, we derive help, knowledge, and inspiration from the higher planes. This is a place for reconciliation, learning, forgiveness, understanding, healing, and compassion. In the astral plane, you have the opportunity to set things that have gone wrong on earth right.

After we “die,” we go to the astral plane and spend some time mulling over our life on earth. We will evaluate and assess ourselves, meet our loved ones, deal with negativities, and prepare ourselves for another life on earth.

Abhishek has been practicing Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming for the last 15 years. He has got some great Astral Projection Techniques up his sleeves! For step-by-step instructions on how to successfully Astral Project, download his exhaustive and powerful eBook, “Astral Projection Underground”, from his website AstralProjectNow.com.

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Purified Heart Chakra Meditation Unleash Incredible Body Energy

Heart chakra meditation is an isolated adaptation of chakra meditation. The heart chakra is just one of seven chakras present in the human body, but it’s a considerable one. It differentiates itself from the other ones by its more important function and profitable effects on spiritual growth. The procedure for that specific type of meditation is basically just like a standard chakra meditation; only, it’s focused more intensely and for a longer interval of time on this specific chakra. The method is simple and not used enough by beginners. Heart chakra meditation unleashes a really powerful energy that profits the entire body and mind, and it’s open to anyone.

The heart chakra is chakra number four; it’s the central one located in the middle of the chest; and relates to relationships, compassion, and love. Heart chakra meditation is meant to keep this chakra clear or unblock it. The chakra can be blocked if you are feeling depression or fear. The common belief is that all of the seven chakras have to be balanced and synchronized. Even though I don’t imply that this is wrong, I think it’s actually only the beginning. Heart chakra meditation allows to enlarge the heart chakra to include everything there is. I put forward that all chakras are subordinate to the heart chakra.

The chakra is situated at the center of our physical body. It’s exactly in the middle of the three lower chakras linked to the physical realm, and the three upper chakras united to the spiritual realm. Being the center of all chakras, if it’s larger, more balanced, and more inclusive, all the other chakras will be synchronized easier.

Heart chakra meditation method is rather easy to execute. Begin by sitting in a comfortable stance; just make sure your spine is somewhat straight. Inhale with your palms together lightly pressing the knuckles of your thumbs into your sternum. You will feel a small notch at the level of your heart where the knuckles will fit just right. Gently close your eyes and breathe slowly and profoundly with your whole upper body. Focus solely on the air moving in and out of your body; feel everything about your breath, forgetting about everything else. Once your body and mind feel relaxed, direct your focus to your thumbs and feel the beating of your heart. Hold this focus for anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes.


The second stage of heart chakra meditation consists of seeing the energy flooding your entire body. After the first step, softly release your hands and rub your palms together to make them very warm and energized. Then, place your right hand in the center of your chest and your left hand on the top right. Your eyes are still closed and you see and feel the massive amount of radiant energy invading your entire body as an emerald green light. Feel the energy flowing from your heart to every part of your body and back to your heart during 2 to 5 minutes.

During the last stage of heart chakra meditation, slowly liberate the hands and turn the palms up with the elbows bent and relaxed shoulders. Feel and imagine the green light coming out of your body and being spread into the world. To put an end to your session, inhale the arms up as high as you can to bond with the spiritual realm, and then exhale the hands lightly pressed on the floor to unite with the physical realm. Before you move on with the remainder of your day, take a moment, open your eyes, and get back into reality.

The heart chakra meditation is that easy. To learn a little bit more about chakra meditation and chakra in general, I clearly recommend you drop in on Steven Adams’s http://www.meditate-for-beginners.com where you will discover very dependable and relevant documents completely free. There are also audio files you can obtain to make concentrating on your heart chakra meditation easier.

-Mark Thomas-

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Datre 190b – Fear is the great barrier to human growth

Datre answers Marlin (Datre191 – part 2)
(continued from Datre190 – part 1)

JOHN: She again asks; “I am obsessed by the idea of teleportation and shapeshifting. I long deeply for owning these abilities NOW. My belief system is ready but I don’t succeed, so what are the further limitations which I don’t know?”

DATRE: There are none. There are none, there’s a good question to ask yourself right at that point – you’re fascinated by teleportation, you’re fascinated by shapeshifting and you want to do it now – why? Is it that important to your evolution? Teleportation – where do you want to go, what do you want to do, when do you want to come back? You do it constantly. Take a look at teleportation with clear eyes.

How many times have you walked someplace – from one store to another – or from one building to another if you’re on a campus or university a school or whatever, and you stop and say, ‘how in the world did I get here?’. The brain just hasn’t filled all in yet. You get in a car, you start driving, and all of a sudden you stop the car and you’re right in front of the store where you want to be. ‘I don’t remember getting here. I don’t remember passing such and such a building.’.

Teleportation? Yes! Very simple. But when you ‘try’ to do something according to a book – it doesn’t work. How many people read books on how to do this and how to do that and how to do something else? The one thing you have to do is ‘learn’ you. That’s what you’re here for. Not learning how to do all these whizzy-bang-wow things. I could tell you something very simple. The people that do the whizzy-bang-wow things very shortly quit doing them because they get bored. Been there, done that – lets do something different.

It’s not all that grand. People will tell you how marvelous it is. Then you talk to someone who does those things and they say, ‘oh yes, I remember doing that’. ‘Well why don’t you do it any more?’ ‘How many times are you going to do it? I’m bored, I need to do something else.’

All you’re doing is playing games with yourself anyway. There’s no one limiting you, you can do anything you want to – if you can get past FEAR. That’s the big thing that holds you more than anything. And fear only exists because you don’t ‘know’ you. That’s the only reason that exists. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “Concerning free and new energy I observe people working basically in two different manners. One group in a scientific manner, developing machines, altering gene material, etc… The other group is working only with mind/intent. Are things like space journeys, teleportation, rejuvenation, accessible equal by both fashions or are there certain issues which can only be developed in the scientific technical way?”

DATRE: As we’ve said before, you have ‘dual’ evolutions. You have the evolution of the species and you have the evolution of the individual SELF. Two different things. You want to work with the evolution of the species? Do you want to work with the evolution of SELF? Do whatever you want to do. But don’t be concerned because you can’t do something.

You know, you have many – what you call – aspect selves. Those portions of you that are doing other things. I mean the “totality” of you would certainly be bored if it only had one little ‘you’ to work with all the time. So, why do you have to do something that another portion of ‘that which is you’ is already doing? Has done, will do, whatever. You know, you’re not alone here. You’ve got many different things that are working all together – and always for your benefit. But, when you’re in a physical body, you need to concentrate on that.

When you get to the point where you can make connections with other aspects, then that’s fine. That will be a whole new world for you – because it will still be your own. It will be very fascinating. But there again, why are some people not interested in some of these spectacular feats like shapeshifting and all of that? They’re not interested, ‘oh, I’ve read about it, heard about it, its fascinating, I can see how people would be fascinated in doing it’. Then someone will say, ‘well why don’t you want to do it?’. ‘I’m not interested in it’. Have you ever stopped to think that they’ve done it? Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “In new age channels we’ve been told that our abilities in the new energy would be beyond our imaginations. As the new energy is approaching more and more it seems to me that these “promises” we had been given are shrinking more and more in newer channels. I wonder whether our imaginations were simply underestimated and our earthly game board will not be a magic brand new one, but simply a bit more comfortable than the old one was, so what is the new energy all about?”

DATRE: Your new energy is all about change. Channels can predict and predict and predict. And what we continue to tell you is, it will allow the planet as a whole to make the changes it wants to change to change the evolutionary path of the species. It is supportive of the blueprint that you have made for your plans for the New Millennium for the species. Some people are going to be very comfortable in the new energies. Others are going to be very ‘uncomfortable’ in the new energies. I cannot tell you ‘who’ or ‘when’. Continue.

JOHN: She then asks; “In many books we were told that during our lightbody process we will get immense new abilities, like seeing aura’s, communicating with nature, etc… Is there something wrong with my lightbody or why don’t I experience any of those miracles?”

DATRE: There’s nothing wrong. I don’t know what you mean by a ‘lightbody’. It’s something that they talk about all the time and we can’t understand it. There is an energy that the bodies radiate that… when we observe the planet, we see areas that are gray then we see little areas that are lighter and everything. And this is what we perceive as the energy movements of the physical bodies. Animals also do that. You see light from different animal bodies. Some animal bodies will be quite bright and other animal bodies will be fairly dim. And they can all be the same, they can all be cats or they can all be dogs or whatever. But it’s the way ‘we’ distinguish them.

But that has nothing to do with you and what you’re seeing. These light bodies… you see, you have light and dark, good and evil, and you put them together – how I don’t know. But, white, light and good go together. Then dark and evil go together. Well, I’m not going to sit here and explain this whole thing to you because it’s just going to be more confusing then ever.

But, this business of the lightbodies, that’s supposed to be spiritual. You see, you’ve linked and labeled every single operation. If you’re not governed, or if your belief system is not geared in those directions, you’re going to ‘free’ yourself of a lot of excess baggage. In other words, if you look at a person and talk to a person then say, ‘oh, that person is so enlightened, that person is so spiritual’ and on and on and on, you’re not seeing the person. You are seeing the ‘projection’.

Now, there are individuals that are born seeing auras. And they have a great deal of trouble with people, because someone will say, ‘oh, that person is so spiritual and enlightened’. And the individual that can see auras – they don’t necessarily see purple, pink, blue, whatever, they see an energy vibration. Then if the energy vibration doesn’t match what the individual is saying… Now, who has the better insight as to what that person is all about? It’s the person that ‘sees’ the energy vibration or ‘feels’ the energy vibration that makes his or her own decision as to what that person is all about.

Now, there are people that have very ‘high’ energy vibrations. Then someone that feels that energy vibration will say, ‘oh, that person is awful, have you felt that energy? Oh, it terrible. That person must be directly connected with Satan. Get away from that person’. The ‘fear’ is coming from ‘within’ the person that is perceiving the energy. How often have you seen an individual – in a strange town – walk into a store, and there’s a greeter at the store that say’s, ‘good morning, do you want a cart?’ or whatever they say, I don’t know.

Then the stranger replies and talks a little bit to that individual and as the stranger walks by, the greeter reaches over and hugs that individual. Why? Its not what comes out of the mouth. That is where your deception begins. That’s why we call many people – the talking heads. They are talking to deceive. Make your own decisions. Continue.

JOHN: Then she asks, “When we have managed to establish heaven on earth or whatever you would call our current evolution process, will there be the concept of sub- or superconsciousness?”

DATRE: Well, number one, you won’t have heaven on earth, because you’ve got a dichotomy going right there. You have a conception of what hell is like, you have a conception of what heaven is like, you have a conception of what physicality is like, and they’re all three different. Then, until you understand what physicality is all about, you will never be able to see physicality as it truly is.

Also, you categorize and split everything. You’ve got consciousness, unconsciousness, superconsciousness, subconsciousness. There again, the only thing that you missed on that, as long as you’re putting everything in categories, the one biggest one that you have, and you don’t know anything about, and that’s ‘sleep’. Because in sleep there is ‘knowingness’ and there is not a division. Continue.


JOHN: She continues on and asks; “My idea is that soon there will be a melding of our consciousness with our now hidden superconsciousness what we here on earth are calling the I AM presence. In short; will we then be FULLY aware of what we truly are or will there be again a level of consciousness which we will have no or hardly access to?”

DATRE: I cannot say. At the state that the individuals on the planet in physicality are in at the present time, it is ‘total’ confusion. I do not know what is going to happen to you tomorrow – I have no idea. I cannot tell you what you are going to do with superconsciousness, unconsciousness, consciousness and all the rest. It is an ‘individual’ process. And the only one that is going to ‘know’ when the process is completed is that portion that is living in physicality. No one else can tell you when your evolutionary pattern on this is complete – but you. You will ‘know’. You will know when you have completed it – there will be no guessing.

You talk about consciousness. Do you realize that that’s the only reason that you have the planet on which you are operating? If the planet itself and everything on it did not did not contain a portion of consciousness this would not exist – period. It could not. This had to be brought into this planetary bubble in order for it to maintain its existence. It is there. It will be there. Because it is what makes your system work. Your whole bubble contains that which you call consciousness. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “Will we have to take care of our food quality, nutrients and so on in the new energy or will we be able to heal and balance our bodies by intent only?”

DATRE: You run and operate your own body, nobody else does it. You can be a vegetarian. You can be a meat eater. You can live on air, if you want to. These are all your individual ideas and concepts. Its ‘what’ belief system do you want to try out? That does not make it good, bad or indifferent.

If your belief system say’s, ‘I think I would feel better if I were a vegetarian’, then okay be a vegetarian. Try it out, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. If you’ve been a vegetarian and say, ‘I think I would like to eat meat once and a while. I’d like to eat fish, I don’t know, I think I’ll try that’. Try it out. How are you going to ‘know’ about anything unless you try it?

If you have the urge to try something – try it. Don’t label everything. ‘If I eat this its not good for me. Oh, lets see, how much calcium am I going to have to have today? What am I going to have to do to avoid diabetes? What am I going to have to do for this that and the next thing?’. The television is so full of it; you can hardly see the program that you tuned into.

Then if you read all the disclaimers at the bottom, ‘don’t take this drug if you’ve got this and you’ve got that and you’ve got these symptoms or you’ve got those symptoms, be sure and ask your doctor’. Now, if that isn’t an oxymoron, I don’t understand one. But you buy into it because you think that that’s going to do it. The best health medicine that you can have is to take care of your ‘mind’ – that’s where it’s.

Remember the image that they made of Buddha and he’s a big fat jolly person sitting there and he’s happy. People look at that and say, ‘he’s happy’. So, they smile and go on. What makes him happy? He’s just sitting there doing nothing. In your world today, sitting there doing nothing is almost the biggest sin there is in the world. I mean, don’t let five minuets go by with nothing – that must be a sacrilege. But, he’s just sitting there smiling. Smiling, because it depicts an individual that ‘knows’ themselves. That’s all it is, it is a depiction of an individual that knows them self. Continue.

JOHN: She then asks; “When I read books about highly developed civilizations, whatever planet they are living on, and I learn of the gene experiments they are making in order to get rid of diseases (or anything else); I have often wondered why they aren’t able to accomplish desired modifications by intent only. This technical stuff seems so complicated to me. Isn’t it true that mind rules over matter? Am I only a desperate dreamer?”

DATRE: Well, mind rules over matter unless you’ve got a belief system that stands in the way – that say’s, ‘well I don’t know whether it will really work or not’. Not only that, you then must remember the evolution of the ‘species’ is not the evolution of those that trying to find out ‘who’ they really are and what physicality is all about. You are not the full species, you are an individual. The ‘species’ is – back of the lead elephant. The ‘species’ wants someone else to take care of them. That’s all the ‘species’ knows.

So, the evolution of the ‘species’ comes when they can find ways of making physicality feel better, live longer and all these other things. That’s the evolution of the ‘species’. How else are they going to achieve the desired result that the ‘MASS’ wants? How many individuals take care of their own bodies? They don’t. They go to a doctor. They go to a dentist. They go to all these people that can heal them – because they feel insufficient to heal themselves.

Now, if you have a persistent pain of some sort and you really don’t feel you want to go to the doctor, find something you think will help in the interim. In other words, tell the body, ‘here, I’m giving you two aspirin because you’ve got a headache, now you analyze what’s in those two aspirin and see if the body can’t produce that so I don’t have these headaches’. Then the next time you do it you say, ‘okay, here’s two more aspirin, see what you can do with it’. Then, after a short period of time, the body gets the message and can do it itself.

But you see you don’t realize you have to train the body. You’re the one that is ‘teaching’ the body. The body is teaching you. It’s a cooperative effort. But, how many people are going to do that? They’ll say, ‘well, I can’t do that, I need to go to a doctor, I have to check my blood pressure’. ‘What’s your blood pressure?’ You’ll say, ‘I haven’t the vaguest idea’. Then they look at you as to say, ‘what planet did you just come from?’. ‘You don’t know your own blood pressure?’ I mean, this is got to be ‘way out in left field someplace’; you’ve got to be a strange animal.

But you see, there again, evolution of the ‘species’. The ‘species’ wants to evolve, but doesn’t know how. Therefore, someone has to figure out a way to do it for them – they can’t do it themselves. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is; “You keep saying that our experiences are for learning, that everything is forever about learning. When this is the purpose of the universe how could I allow that I feel so bored, so disgusted and fed up with this learning process? I refuse to believe that the complete I that I AM, but not yet know, is simply trying to annoy me.”

DATRE: You are no different then many, many other people that we hear from all the time. ‘How come I’m so bored?’ ‘Why can’t I materialize what I want to materialize?’ ‘What’s wrong with what I’m doing?’ There’s no one that can tell you. Do something different. Why aren’t you doing something different? Get up and move. ‘But, I’m…’ Yeah, there are a million and seventy-five reasons why you shouldn’t move.

All right, paint the walls inside the house a different color. Get rid of old furniture and get new furniture. Get in your closet and clean out and get rid of your old clothes and get new ones. Do something. Don’t just constantly concentrate on what’s wrong. You keep saying, ‘why am I bored?’. Then the brain comes right back and mocks you, and say’s, ‘why am I bored?’. The brain will mimic. The brain absolutely will mimic. And that is the hard one to get past. But this is the way it works. If you’re bored, do something else or, do something.

‘I don’t like my job’. Well change your job. ‘Well I can’t afford to’. Well figure out a way that you can afford to. If you are working an eight hour job and you don’t like it, go to school and learn something else, at night school, so you’ll be qualified to get another job. Then get another job before you quit the one you’re at. Just say, ‘I can’t come to work now, but I can come in two weeks, because I can give two weeks notice’.

Everyone continues to talk about the tragedy of the two trade centers and surrounding buildings. Does anyone listen to the comments being made by those who find themselves out of work in the airline business, the computer business, or any of the other businesses that are doing away with a work force? As an example, an airline pilot out of work says that after taking a look at his situation and the fear of his children if he goes back to flying, is considering finding other means of employment. He finds that what is most important to him is, being with his family and not being away from home 60 hours a week. This is only one instance where people are beginning to ‘reevaluate’ their life style and their priorities. Are these people really ‘victims’ or are they making changes?

Think! There’s no one else that can help you. Everybody can ‘tell’ you what to do, but no one can ‘help’ you – you ‘must’ do it yourself. This is why we keep saying, OBSERVE, be an individual, know your Self. There’s many ways of achieving things. There used to be an old saying, I don’t know if you still have it or not because you’ve dumped a lot of old saying that were pretty good. “Never start a new job before you finish the old.” In other words, if you’re afraid of changing, then overlap them. You can do that. The boss that you’re working for now doesn’t know you’re out looking for a new job. Or, he may know that you’re going to night school, so he doesn’t care.

You can go to night school. You can go to school on Saturday; you can go to school on Sunday. ‘But I don’t know what I want’. Well you’ll never find out what you want if you never try. It doesn’t matter what it is – try it. If you don’t like it you can quit. You’ve still got the job even if you don’t like it. You see, ‘static’ is not getting to ‘know’ your Self. Movement is the ‘only’ thing that works. Sitting and complaining about something doesn’t do it. You have to get your two feet going and get your head going – then go. Boredom can be a very temporary thing if you put your mind to it. Continue.

JOHN: She continues on and asks; “Why do I create these feelings?”

DATRE: Because you’re giving the brain the wrong messages. You need to get excited about something, so that you can convey that to the brain so that the brain can pick up that excitement and give it back to you. You see boredom is a ‘void’. And the brain doesn’t like a void, so it will repeat. You have to fill the void. They always say, ‘if you want anything done, ask a busy person’. Because a busy person will get it done. The person that doesn’t have anything to do will never do it, because they can’t get out of their own way. Continue.

(continued on Datre192 – part 3)