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Datre 190a – The Evolution Of Self

every planetary bubble has a different set of parameters. In other words, you can say, ‘well there are other planets that have physicality’. What kind? They don’t all look like you – why should they? What would be the necessarily of having all planets doing the same thing that you’re doing? Each one sets up their individual parameters and this is the way it works. Evolution is a ‘process’.

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Telepathy For Beginners – How to Begin to Be Telepathic

Communication through means other than senses bears the name of telepathy. It consists in transmitting and receiving information to and from someone else’s mind. We all know from experience that these things do happen. Here is an example of telepathy. I was planning to go on a trip to a foreign country a few months […]

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Datre 189 – What is LOVE ?

You look at love and excitement and hate, all of these things, these are all emotions. But emotions are a reflection of interaction with a situation. Be it another person. Be it a sunset. Be it someone that cuts in front of you in traffic. All of these different things are what we call emotions. It is a physical reaction of the body to a situation. You’re not judging anything.

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Brainwave Entrainment: Are You A Low Vibrator?

Is the frequency that you are sending out into the Universe, weak and spindly? Do you sometimes wonder why so much garbage seems to be attracted to you? Maybe your vibration is low. Yes you vibrate. Everything in existence vibrates at a particular frequency and whatever that frequency is, will attract the same back to […]

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So you want to be a tarot reader?

Perhaps you’ve seen tarot reading being performed on TV or in films or have had a professional reading by tarot readers for example. Maybe you have been given a tarot reading that has made a big difference to your life and which has inspired you to have a go yourself. Whatever the reason for […]

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How to give yourself a psychic reading

Many people attend psychic readings in order to gain some kind of insight into what the future holds. Additionally, some people decide to visit a psychic because they want to unlock secrets from the past, or try to make sense of something that has happened in the past. Whatever your reason for attending the psychic […]

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