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Archive | January, 2013

Tips for Seeing Other People’s Auras

One of the best bits about running psychic development workshops is teaching people how to see an aura. I love teaching this to people as they can discover their abilities to ‘see’ the colours surrounding others very quickly. What Is The Aura And Can Everyone See It? The colourful aura that we typically see is […]

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Automatic Writing – How to Open the Channel

You may have come across the ‘Seth’ books by Jane Roberts or other works by other spiritual or psychic mediums that ‘channel’ their information from sources believed to be external to the authors by means of automatic writing. Automatic writing is a form of writing in which the author appears to lose all volitional control […]

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Tantra For Women – An Exercise to Awaken Sensuality

A tragic fact is that the gender with the greatest potential for mind-blowing sexual pleasure, the ultimate erotic tantra experience, usually settles for much less. As a tantra teacher, I condemn the excessive cultural emphasis placed on a man’s virility, and on the fact that a man’s orgasm is essential for procreation. Ancient tantra has […]

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What Is Tantra Actually?

On tantra. First, let’s explore the word tantra. Tan comes from Sanskrit and means condensing energy. There are 2 million and 1 mis-translations of the word, which literally stems from the word for loom or to weave. The best and most sensical translation is to condense and organize energy. Tra means vehicle or movement. So, […]

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How Do Thoughts Affect the Law of Attraction?

A question I’m often asked is how do thoughts affect law of attraction (LOA)? So, in this article, I’m going to offer a brief explanation of the role of thoughts in LOA and a stress-free way to think about them (because honestly, if you add stress through a process, what’s the point of the process?). […]

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Do You Really Exist in Another Parallel Universe?

The question as it was posed: I recently saw a program on PBS about a scientist that had a theory about a parallel universe and how every time we make a decision, another self experiences another version or our action in another universe. Is this true and can you explain? This is one of the […]

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Turn Your Pet Into A Psychic

Throughout the centuries there have been people who communicate with animals. What if we could all do that? What if we could learn to understand what our pets are trying to tell us? What if we could learn to use our pets as weather forecasters, being it that we know” that they “know” about natural […]

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