Tapping Into Higher Spirituality & Awareness Using Binaural Beats

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With hectic lives that lead us from one thing to the next, we barely have time to think let alone relax. And when we do have five minutes to chill and enter a state of calm we usually experience difficulty getting the mind to center and stop jumping from thought to thought. We’re so used to being on autopilot with high brain activity that when we want to take a moment of mindfulness it’s almost impossible to settle down.


This is a problem for those who want to meditate and cultivate higher awareness and spiritual consciousness, because to do so the mind needs to be in a state of low frequency activity, known as the theta and delta zones, rather than the alpha and beta zones which we are in when we are rushing around in our daily routine.


We become trapped in high mental activity, and this can result in having trouble sleeping and relaxing in general; we just can’t turn off. The good news is that binaural beats recordings can assist in manipulating the brain to the desired state of calm and quiet contemplation. By listening to a recording in the theta zone we can achieve a meditation state within just a couple of minutes.


How Binaural Beats Manipulate the Brain


The technology works by sending a different frequency to each ear via headphones, the difference between the two frequencies then entrains the brain to the desired frequency. For example, if we send a signal of 220hz to the left ear, and 210 hz to the right ear, the difference is 10hz, and this is the frequency the brain will begin to operate at. This is known as frequency following response (FFR).


Binaural beats were first discovered in 1839 by German experimenter H.Dove.  However, it wasn’t until 1973 though that biophysicist Doctor Gerald Oster brought the technology into mainstream awareness through a paper called “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, published in the Scientific American, 1973.  Oster’s research demonstrated that binaural beats were an effective tool in cognitive and neurological research. The technology has since been fine-tuned by sound engineers to help people tap into specific areas of personal development such as stress relief, better concentration and increased productivity, and also as a tool to help meditators access deep states of meditation and spiritual awareness.


Binaural Beats for Spirituality


Many meditators the world over use binaural beats as a form of guided meditation, thus the term “binaural beats meditation”. The recordings particularly benefit those who struggle to focus in the present moment, and those meditating under time constraint. Using binaural beats regularly for meditation and spiritual consciousness will entrain the brain to be able to move into a contemplative, calm, centered state on demand, which is good news for those who find it difficult to turn off a chattering mind and relax in the moment.


Binaural beats have become popular in a number of spiritual disciplines, particularly Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. This is because such spiritual endeavors require the mind to be completely centered and ultra relaxed to cultivate awareness in the dream world (lucid dreaming) and to leave the physical body (astral projection).


Are Binaural Beats Safe?


Binaural beats recordings engineered in the low theta and delta zones have been known to induce a relaxing high that habitually manifests itself in the psyche; a very calm, positive feeling that leaves the individual open to spiritual encounters, higher awareness and higher learning. The good news, however, is that binaural beats have no negative effects on the brain, and only assist the brain in replicating brain states innate to the human disposition. There are no side effects, either, and research has shown that binaural beats enhance quality of life in a number of ways, including enhancing learning and creativity, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and aiding recovery from sickness.


If you’re interested if increasing your ability to cultivate and manifest higher learning, awareness and spiritual consciousness, then check out the professionally produced binaural beats recordings at http://www.binauralbeatsmeditation.com

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Are You Psychic or Intuitive?

A common question I typically hear from my clients and beginning students is “Am I psychic?” The answer has and will always be the same.

Of course you are!

I firmly believe that EVERY person who is born into this physical world has strong intuitive and psychic abilities which are woven and genetically implemented right into their DNA structures.

Who out there has not had a psychic experience? Let’s look at some common and not so common psychic experiences that people tend to have and discuss what psychic ability is being used.


· Has the phone ever rung and you knew who it was before you looked at the caller ID or answered it?

· Have you ever worn the same color shirt as a friend that you were meeting later in the evening?

· Have you ever said the same thing at the same time as another person?

· Do you just know what your baby or pet needs, despite the fact they can’t talk?

· Have you ever thought of a friend and they called you while or shortly after you were thinking of them? Likewise, have you ever called a friend only to hear “I was just thinking about you!”

· Have you ever wanted something to drink and were thinking about it and shortly after a spouse or friend brought you something to quench your thirst or asked if they could get you anything to drink?

You are acting as either a generative or receptive telepath in these situations. A generative telepath can send ideas and thoughts to another person. A receptive telepath can pick up on the ideas and thoughts of other people. Two very skilled telepaths can hold entire conversations with just their thoughts while never speaking to each other. Many women find themselves doing this when with their best friend, but both men and women are capable of using this ability.


· Do you know what mood a person is going to be in before you encounter them?

· Do you get sad when you are around another person that is sad? Do you get really happy or excited when around another person that is having the same emotion?

· Has anyone ever told you that they just feel instantly calm, at ease, or even safe when around you?

· Do you hate crowds, graveyards, or hospitals because of the feeling or feelings you get when around them?

Your empathic ability is at work in these cases either in a generative or receptive way. When you are a receptive empath you tend to pick up the feelings and emotions of others. These are the people who many times have trouble being in large crowds because they end up being bombarded by the emotional energy of so many people at one time. These people make phenomenal counselors as they usually tune right into what another is feeling and are capable of truly understanding them.

A generative empath is able to take a mood they are having and make others feel it. Very useful when a person is going through a crisis situation or is very angry. Someone who is a generative empath, if capable of remaining calm themselves, is able to generate that calm feeling outward and have others feel it.


· Have you ever had a dream that came true?

· Have you ever seen a vision that turned out to be real?

· Do you see dead people?

· Do you see auras?

· Can you think of a location and then picture what is actually happening or going on there, or what has happened there?

These are mostly all forms of clairvoyance at work either in a precognitive or a remote viewing fashion.

Precognition means before the fact. It’s the idea of seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing something before it happens. If you’ve ever been with a person watching a movie and a few minutes into the movie they outlined the whole plot for you, despite the fact they had never seen it, you are sitting with a person that is having a precognitive experience. While frustrating at the time, just think of their “psychic” potential!

Remote Viewing, sometimes called long distant viewing, is the ability to see another location and watch what is happening or going on there.

When I was first working to refine my psychic abilities I use to sit with women I was dating and play a game with them. The object of the game was for me to describe their bedroom to them. When you start getting really good at this, you tend to get an “Ok, you’re freaking me out now!” response.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It’s the psychic ability that deals with sight. Anything which involves you seeing real or mental images can be called clairvoyance.


· Have you ever touched an object or entered a room only to get flashes or images that somehow seemed associated with it in the past, but there was nothing happening in that present moment?

· Have you ever picked up a DVD or book and your mood changed to match the mood of what that DVD or book was about?

· Have you ever shook the hand of another individual and got a strange feeling about them or had a thought which didn’t make sense to you at the time, but found out later was connected to that individual?

These are all forms of psychometry which also usually makes use of empathy and clairvoyance. Psychometry is “psychic touch.” It happens when we feel a vibration that is different from our own, especially as related to physical objects. Because it deals so much with other vibrations it is sometimes called vibaturgy.

Many police or forensic psychics work with psychometry. But anytime a psychic must hold your hand or an object that belongs to you or another person you are inquiring about, they are doing a form of psychometry.


· Have you ever heard someone call your name, physically heard it, but when you turned around or answered nobody was around?

· Have you ever had a discussion with a person that has crossed over and either heard their voice or the answers in your own head? Have you ever heard their voice with your physical ear?

· Have you ever started to do something but were scolded or told to stop by another voice other than your own when nobody else was around?

· Have you ever laid in bed at night or been in a very quiet location and it sounded like many people were chattering or talking?

These are all clairaudient experiences. True clairaudience is when you hear these things with your physical ear as though they are an outside voice actually talking to you. Telepathic clairaudience is when you hear the voices inside your own head.

I am a primary clairaudient psychic. Besides channeling, it is the psychic sense I make the most use of. This is how I get the vast majority of my information both during and outside of a session. Because of this, most of my students eventually develop this ability and most, unfortunately, think they are going crazy the first time they are laying in bed and realize that “the voices” are chattering with them. Eventually you learn to tell those voices “one at a time!” or “Tune it up or tune it out!


· Have you ever gotten a headache and discovered that someone else in the room had one prior to you getting it? Did the headache go away after you found out?

Anytime you feel pains in your own physical body that actually belong to someone else, living or crossed over, this is termed clairsentience and works off of the empathic ability. The word means clear feeling. Many psychometry and empathic experiences are often grouped under the clairsentience category as opposed to separate categories.


· Ever smelt a particular odor (like perfume, cigars, etc) while at a friends house, but discovered that you were the only person smelling it? Did you ever ask if anyone in their family use to wear that perfume or smoke that cigar?

You might be picking up on a spiritual energy or guide through your psychic smelling ability. Clairalience means clear scent and is the psychic ability that correspondence to our sense of smell.


· Did you ever get a gut level feeling that you should take a different path home or avoid a certain location only to find out later that an accident or something negative took place there?

· Have you ever pulled into a store parking lot and just somehow knew where to find that parking spot right in front?

· Have you ever been surprised to discover that you know how to write, paint, speak, or perform any number of different things right when you needed to be able to do it, but when asked to do it again later you discovered you weren’t capable of reproducing those efforts?

Clairognizance means clear knowing. It’s a psychic ability that has to do with just getting sudden insights and understandings into things. It can also allow some very gifted people with this ability to actually be able to perform actions or tasks which they really have no knowledge of. A great example is a friend of mine. She’s phenomenal with computers and can get them to do almost anything she wants or needs them to do. When you ask her how she did it though, her response is always “I don’t know!”

All of these are psychic abilities and chances are, if you’re the average human being, there is at least one or two in the above that you’ve found yourself doing. These are just a small number of them too! There are many other examples that one could use besides these that could also fall under psychic classification.

Some people would laugh and say, “That’s merely coincidence!” What is coincidence though? According to Wikipedia, a coincidence is the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. In other words, it is merely a term that a human being thought up in order to be able to explain that which nothing else is capable of explaining.

My psychic development students are not allowed to say or use the word coincidence. I make them strike it from their vocabulary. There is no such thing as coincidences. Everything has an energetical reason in some form or another for happening. For any coincidence that has occurred, an energy somewhere had to be at work helping to draw those experiences together.


Children are among the most psychic individuals you will ever come across. When we are born into this world we are many times fully open and our only way to interact with the new world we have come into is through the psychic senses. Even young children are no strangers to the psychic energies that are active within the world.

· A child who has an imaginary friend, might just really be communicating with a spirit guide.

· A kid that begs you not to go somewhere may be feeling or knowing something which you aren’t aware of in that moment.

· That child that says grandma visited them may actually be telling the truth.

There are countless other examples, but these are the main ones that kids get in trouble for. Parents and society has a way of shutting these abilities off. Many times a child must learn to shut down in order to avoid punishment and harsh words and criticism. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either as it allows the child to learn to live in and function in the physical world.

It takes a special parent or caretaker to guide children, helping them to stay open while at the same time teaching them how to live in our physical world. Most of the time, believe it or not, it’s better to teach children to shut down and then, later in life, help them to relearn that which they had known all along.

That’s what psychic development classes are mostly about. Relearning that which has always been there, but which was shut down for one reason or another. The difference is we learn to selectively use our abilities and then turn them off when we are finished.

So are you psychic?

Everyone is. You just have to take the time to investigate it and relearn that which has always been.




Get free instant access to psychic and shamanic information, new age articles, secrets, and insider information.

Visit my website Mystic John Culbertson now


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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss, and Soul Retrieval Maybe you are struggling to get over a relationship breakup, or you know somebody else who is? Or a bereavement? Or the loss of a home or a job? Or maybe you (or they) are still feeling the wounds and effects of a difficult childhood? Or perhaps it is another traumatic experience, such as bullying at school or at work? Or maybe there is a feeling of never really having been the same after a serious illness or accident. Or maybe there are feelings that do not obviously stem from a particular event; apathy maybe; a lack of focus and enthusiasm; depression; addictive behaviours; low self-esteem. If so, then in shamanic terms, the most likely cause is ‘soul loss’.

The idea of soul loss is central to shamanism. Shamanism is our oldest spiritual practice. It dates back at least 40,000 years, and is probably much older still. It has been practised by all human cultures. What is amazing is that although shamanic communities are scattered across the four corners of the earth, there is a remarkable consistency of belief and practices between them. This was first noticed by the anthropologist Michael Harner(1), who coined the term ‘core shamanism’. One of these core shamanic beliefs is the idea of ‘soul loss’, and the associated shamanic practice of ‘soul retrieval’. This is the idea that part of our soul can literally leave, leaving behind a sense of emptiness and a feeling that ‘something is missing’. The treatment is for a shamanic practitioner to find the missing part and persuade it to come back, and help make the person whole again. The symptoms of soul loss are many. They include:

• a sense of somehow being incomplete; that something is ‘missing’
• feelings of numbness or flatness; of just going through the motions
• feelings of hopelessness, apathy and indifference; like a spark is missing
• a sense of being disconnected from life or what is around you; as if you are living in a dream
• depression, ranging from mild, to moderate, through to severe
• feeling lost, indecisive and aimless
• procrastination; time wasting; or finding it hard to sustain focus or effort
• a lack of confidence and self-belief
• having a strong inner critic who puts you down and is always on your back • phobias and anxieties; fearfulness
• missing memories (where have the memories gone, and why did they go?)
• addictions or other compulsive behaviours and/or thought patterns
• a sense of never having really recovered from a past event
• repeatedly returning to a person, location or behaviour that is unhealthy for you
• inability to move on from an issue or event, despite efforts to do so
• finding it hard to (re)invest in the future with enthusiasm and optimism
• feelings of grief, fear, anger or rage that you cannot seem to shake off
• the feeling that soul retrieval may help

That last one may seem strange, but in fact it is surprisingly common. This is because, prior to the birth of so-called ‘civilisation’ from around 4,000BC to the present day, all humans practised shamanism. In fact, they did not just practice it (in the way that in the modern world we may, or may not, ‘practice’ a religion or spiritual path, as if it is an ‘optional extra’). People lived and breathed shamanism; it was central to them. The vast, vast majority of your ancestors, going back literally thousands upon thousands of generations, knew the symptoms of soul loss. So nowadays, although we have lost the conscious knowledge of it, we still have an ancestral, unconscious, inner knowing that that is what is wrong. And so, for many people it immediately feels right when it is explained to them(2).

Physically, the symptoms of soul loss can be pretty much anything. Fatigue is very common, and a weakened immune system. But literally, soul loss can be behind pretty much any illness. We are talking about being in an energetically weakened, run-down state; it is not surprising then that things may start to go wrong in the physical body too.

There are some obvious causes of the soul part leaving. Traditionally soul loss was said to result from things such as accidents, serious illnesses, shocks and other traumatic events. However there are other causes too…

• abuse; not just sexual, but also physical and mental/emotional too
• prolonged anxiety or fear
• loss and grief
• shame and guilt
• prolonged pain
• giving your soul to another; codependent relationships
• domination by another person, or a group (everything from peer pressure to religious cults)
• allowing your soul to be stolen by another, or others
• substance abuse and other addictions (allowing your soul to be stolen by the object of the addiction)
• not being true to oneself; disowning or disallowing parts of oneself

Sometimes soul loss occurs when we do not feel safe, say in the case of a traumatic event. Part of us then leaves, as it does not feel it is safe to stay. Sometimes the part is literally shocked out of the body. It may then still be stuck in the time and place of the traumatic event, literally hanging around it like a ghost (this is why people describe flashbacks, or persistent thoughts or images; part of them is literally still stuck back there). Prolonged situations such as fear, guilt or pain can have a similar effect. Part of us eventually leaves because it could no longer cope (we may say we felt part of us died). Sometimes we give our soul (our power) over to a loved one, and when they die or leave, we feel our heart has been wrenched out. Other times somebody (or even a substance like alcohol or drugs) may ‘steal’ our soul, by undermining and gradually overpowering us; dominating us and keeping us in chains and tied to them.

Maybe the most subtle (but no less damaging) cause of soul loss is actually what we do to ourselves. Maybe as a child there was something you were repeatedly told never to do, such as: be angry; or upset; or cry; or be noisy; or clever; or naughty; or answer back; or any number of things. As a child, what are you going to do with that bit of you? If you are repeatedly criticised or rejected, punished or shamed if you do this thing, then in order to survive, you have to block this part of you off. We do this, usually unconsciously, by adopting what is known as an introject (from the Latin intro- = into and -iectin = throwing): something from somebody else that is thrown into us. So an introject is a ‘should’ or a ‘shouldn’t’, a ‘must’ or a ‘must not’ that we adopt and take on board. Psychotherapists would say that this part is then repressed, and that through the process of therapy, this part can be recovered and reintegrated. As a therapist myself, I certainly know this to be true. However shamanism says that sometimes something altogether more startling happens. Sometimes that part is not just repressed, but actually leaves altogether. The (soul) part literally splits of and goes. In this case, there will be only so far that therapy can go. This is when shamanism comes into it’s own.

So, where does the soul part go? As I said earlier, sometimes it is stuck back in the time period and place of the trauma. Most times though, the soul part drifts further, and literally goes off into realms beyond this one. Sometimes parts flee to safe places in these other realms. And sometimes they gravitated to places of hopelessness and despair. What they need, and what the person they belong to needs, is to come back. This is where soul retrieval comes in. In a soul retrieval the skilled shamanic practitioner leaves their own body and enters into shamanic reality. This is usually (but not always) done to the accompaniment of a shamanic drum or rattle. Working with the help of their power animal(s) and other guides, the practitioner finds the soul part of the person they are journeying for and attempts to persuade it to return. If it agrees to return, the part is then gathered up, brought back to this reality and then literally blown back into the person’s body.

The actual process of doing a soul retrieval can seem surprisingly quick. This is because it is happening outside of the time scale of this reality. So the whole process can be done in an hour session. In many cases one session alone is enough. Sometimes a series of sessions are needed, when soul parts are reluctant to return, or when multiple parts have been lost. Sometimes too other shamanic healing is necessary. As well as soul loss we can suffer power loss, and very often it is necessary to do a power retrieval for the person too, usually in the form of what is known as a power animal. Also, when soul parts leave, they leave holes in us. Other things, ‘intrusions’ can then get in, and need to be removed. The process of removing these is generally known as shamanic extraction.

So too, where there are strong introjects, the may need to be worked with. It is all very well for bringing somebody’s soul part back for them. But if the soul part is a part of themselves that they have strong ‘shoulds’ or ‘should nots’ about, then if the part is to stay then these will need to be addressed (and this is often where counselling or psychotherapy can pick up the thread again).

The other thing that sometimes happens is that the soul part returns, but the body is still in shock. Shamanism recognises different bits of us, each having different needs. Put simply here, we are made up of body, soul and spirit. What Body needs is to feel safe. So sometimes as well as soul loss there is ‘body shock’, in which case what is needed is a ‘body re-patterning’ journey too.

The effects of a good shamanistic soul retrieval (and other shamanic healing) can be dramatic or subtle. But either way, the effects are very often profound. People often describe it as a turning point, not always at the time, but usually in looking back. They experience a return of their self esteem; their optimism and motivation; health may improve; addictions and compulsions fade away. Just think about what it would be like to have a whole and intact soul, with no bits knocked out, and you will get the picture.

Footnotes (1) Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing
(2) For more information on soul loss the classic book is- Ingerman, Sandra. Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self through Shamanic Practice.

Paul Francis is a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist in Lancaster. He offers soul retrieval and other shamanic work on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face, or by distance if necessary. For information on shamanic soul retrieval sessions visit http://www.paul-francis.co.uk Paul also runs workshops and training courses in shamanism at all levels, from beginner to full shamanic practitioner. For more information on shamanic training courses, including soul retrieval, go to http://www.therapeutic-shamanism. co.uk


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Reality Creation – Before the Law of Attraction

Based on Thomas Troward’s THE CREATIVE PROCESS IN THE INDIVIDUAL copyright, 1915

Thomas Troward was the Founder of New Thought, and reality creation.

Troward was a major influence on the works of Ernest Holmes, Frederick Bailes, Joseph Murphy and Emmett Fox, and has been quoted by numerous other writers. His writing is both a little archaic and very, very tight with each sentence building logically on the previous idea. We will do our best to make his thinking on reality creation more palatable for the modern reader.

Reality Creation is exciting because it pushes the limits of spiritual beliefs and quantum physics. This is where the Law of Attraction becomes heart blood and heartbeat. This is why Ho’oponopono is able to teach that we all have 100% responsibility and why one person’s prayer of cleansing can change another’s life forever.

Reality Creation

Thomas Troward teaches that in the beginning the Spirit has a Thought which created matter for self expression and self recognition. This was the original reality creation. At first there was only one intelligent spirit, no time, no motion, no consciousness of self and no matter. This original creation set up an original polarity between Universal Substance and Universal Spirit. Spirit supplies Selection and Motion, the energy, and Substance supplies matter, the material from which everything, all reality is created.

There are four steps in evolution since the Law of Tendency indicates that the Cosmic Mind tends to be active rather than absorbed in an awareness of being. This activity includes the Law of Polarity which maintains a current flow, a motion, and the Law of Reciprocity which demands a similar motion as a balance, so as the stars maintain their circular motion, so do our atoms. Yet, the Cosmic Mind, the Source, wanted more than circles and so evolution produces ever progressive steps:

Step One: Mineral Life in rotation

Step Two: Plant Life

Step Three: Animal Life

Step Four: Human Life. Selection and initiative are the first principles. The third is for an ever increasing Enjoyment of Life.

Step Five: ?

Troward believed there was a Cosmic Mind that insures that the Universal Laws are upheld. Euclid’s theorem that two things that are equal to another are equal to each other is what explains the ability of the Cosmic Mind to insure that what we see is what our neighbor sees. Otherwise, he explains, wooden boards would arbitrarily change length, and it would not be possible to build anything. So, once created, matter tends to remain stable. Beyond these laws that maintain the stability of the Universe, we are all free in all other respects to pursue reality creation.

Reality Creation begins with the Spirit’s conception or statement of something, which necessarily makes it exist! The Law of the Whole, and the Law of the Part insures that we humans are as able to manifest as the original Spirit of which we are a part. We do this every day. Everything in our lives is a creation of our Spirit mind.

Some argue that abuse and disease is not a creation of the victim.

This is the sticking point for many, we understand. Troward allows that there is the possibility of negativity in the spiritual world, which he calls inversions. “An inversion of the Life-principle will transform the energy stream into something poisonous and deadly. The essential condition for receiving the Perfect Fullness of Life is to present ourselves before the Eternal Spirit free from every trace of inversion. Prior to reality creation we must present our selves in the likeness of the Eternal Ideal. Project into the Eternal Mind the conception of yourself as identical with the Eternal Ideal.”

The qualities of the Substantive Being are Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy. The Qualities of Active Power are Initiative and Selection. When we are clear of inversions, we will not select or initiate any manifestation that does not come from Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy. The Buddha said, “To end suffering completely, one must remove desire, ill will and ignorance.” This is the way to clear ourselves of inversions to prepare for healthy reality creation.

Some say that Force is the ego’s perceptual interpretation — it’s inversion — of Love.

In Conversations with God, God says that we choose the circumstances of out lives. If that sometimes seems harsh, imagine that we are only partly in this physical world, because we are also always connected to source. If that is so, then we can step out of this consciousness at any time, as Jesus could have. We don’t speak of His suffering as victimization, but as sacrifice. Try to imagine that we all have this strength and choice, to choose love over force.


Ho’oponopono is an Hawaiian method of clearing and problem solving and is taught by The Foundation of I, Inc.. “I” come forth from the void into light…The undefinable atom of creation. “I” am the “I”.

As taught by Dr. Hew Len,

The Void is the foundation of Self Identity, of Mind, of the cosmos. It is the precursor state to the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious Mind.

All that scientists know is the cosmos was spawned from nothing, and will return to the nothing from whence it came. The universe begins and ends with zero. (Charles Seife, ZERO: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea.)

Memories replaying displace the Void of Self Identity, precluding the manifestation of Inspirations. To remedy this displacement, to reestablish Self Identity, memories need to be transformed to void through transmutation by Divine Intelligence.

To clear the unconscious of memories that prevent clarity and connection to Spirit, (or Substantive Being and Active Power in Troward’s language) we can consciously petition Divine Intelligence to transmute our memories to void. We do this by praying. As Dr. Hew Len explained to Joe Vitale, we start with telling our memories that we love them. We say we’re sorry to Divinity, ask for forgiveness and then finish with “thank you.”

Troward argues for Spirit versus Matter, and does not discuss levels of consciousness or awareness. Ho’oponopono, or The Foundation of “I”, describes the higher mind, which communicates directly with Divine Spirit and receives information or delivers our petitions. The lower or unconscious mind stores the memories and feelings associated with those memories, and runs our day to day bodily functions. The conscious mind is where we reside in awareness.


This is a little odd, because awareness is the movie we produce. Awareness is the game we are playing with our friends. Awareness is the book we get “lost” in, yet our higher mind is never separate from Spirit. Our lower mind is continually monitoring our body and our location in space so that we don’t have to worry. If, in the movie theatre, someone kicks our chair, our lower mind is attentive and may notify our conscious mind if it continues. If, on the highway, someone swerves into our lane, our lower mind will alert our conscious mind which might be “lost” in some thoughts about an upcoming meeting we are running.

Our conscious mind is full of thoughts, and our unconscious mind is full of our sensory “reality”, and our memories, and only our higher mind is free to access Divine intelligence.

In a video of Jill Bolte Taylor for TED (http://www.mindbridge-loa.com/who-are-we.html), she explains how she experienced the right side of her brain without the left hemisphere due to a massive stroke in the left hemisphere. The right side was aware of all the energy exterior to her body and was unclear about the limits of her body. She was aware of being one with all other beings in the Universe. She took in all the sensory data of touch, sound and sight and was in the moment without a thought of past or future. She was connected and ecstatic while in her right brain.

What she lost when she lost her left brain, was language. She was not aware of that until she tried to converse with a colleague and realized that he sounded “like a golden retriever” and that she did as well when she tried to respond. She lost her ability to decipher numbers and letters in a meaningful way. She lost her sense of past and future. It was her left brain, clicking in and out like a light with a loose wire, that alerted her to seek help.

She did not talk about this, but we suspect that she lost her reality creation. The Active Power that selects and initiates seems to be a function of the part of the brain that sees time and progress in a linear, horizontal fashion. This was gone. The right hemisphere seemed connected to Substantive Being and all Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy. This was intact, but the polarity was gone.

And so, without polarity, there is no Reality Creation.

Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of: http://www.Mindbridge-LOA.com the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction. She is a writer, licensed Social Worker, educator, artist and therapist. She believes that everyone can make the Law of Attraction work for them.


Overcoming Guilt – How to Free Yourself From a Guilty Conscience

Guilt is not a healthy thing to keep bottled up within you as you go through life, whether you think you have to hold on to it or not. Guilt is often the result of a refusal to accept that we make mistakes, we will all have failures and no one is immune to these facts of life.

It is also important to know that guilt does not have to be negative.

Guilt can create positive outcomes when it is used to correct something in your life that has gone wrong, or improve something that was lacking.

Nevertheless, there will always be some instances where unresolved guilt will remain. It is at this point that the guilt can begin to consume thoughts, damage lives and cause real harm.

Learning how to let go of the guilt that has been weighing you down can be amazingly uplifting, leaving you feeling immensely better when that burden is removed.

The first question you must ask is why you feel guilty.

In order to rid yourself of the guilt, you must first understand exactly what it is you are feeling guilty about.

There are some basic causes of guilt that could be causing the problem:

* You are not accepted by others or think the thoughts you’re having are wrong.

* You feel responsible for something bad that has happened to you or someone else.

* You feel obligated to do something for someone for the wrong reasons.

* You never did something or said something important to someone and now you’ll never get the chance.

Resolving your guilt.

After determining the root cause of your guilty feelings, you must face and accept the situation that you are feeling guilty about. Living with the guilt consuming you is harmful to you and everyone around you.

There are things you can do to help you work through these feelings:

1. The past is past, it can not be undone, and it should be left alone. We will all do something wrong, but beating yourself up over doing something wrong won’t make it any different or right; the past can’t be changed. It is important to do what you can to make amends for the wrongdoing, learn what you can from the situation, make a commitment not to repeat the mistake, and then let it go and move forward. That’s all that can be done about a mistake that has already been made.

2. Problems should be fixed. If there is an ongoing problem that is creating the guilt, that problem should be corrected. Correcting the problem is the primary thing that should be done, it is important to realize that continuing to feel guilty in this situation will not be beneficial to anyone. Work to overcome and correct the situation, and then let the guilt go knowing that you have done the best you can to set things right.

3. Give yourself permission to be human. You may have set your expectations for yourself so high that you fail to meet them, so you need to bring your expectations back down to realistic levels for yourself. You should always strive to do your best, and if you have done your best, then it’s time to allow yourself to be human and stop feeling guilty.

4. Talk it out with friends, family, or professionals. You may find that a good friend or close sibling has experienced something similar. Asking for their help, asking how they handled it, may provide valuable insight that can help you to let go of the guilt.

5. You can and should forgive yourself. We are all humans and humans make mistakes. No one is an exception. No one is perfect, and you should not expect perfection of yourself. You can make a conscious decision to forgive yourself, and this will help you let go of your guilt.

Only you can make this decision.

You will find there are people who will try to make you feel guilty just to bring you down. These people may even be family members or close friends. It is important to make a conscious decision that you will not fall victim to this. By being aware of when someone is trying to make you feel guilty without cause, you will be able to stop it. It is a choice that you can and should make for yourself!

Your physical and mental health will suffer if you live with constant feelings of guilt. But these tips can help you to let go of the guilt and really enjoy your life.

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Unconditional Love Really Means Unconditional Radiance

The fastest way to raise your frequency is to do the job you were designed to do. You were designed to love. You were designed to radiate Love unconditionally. Now before you go, “Oh THAT again. I’ve tried loving unconditionally, and it is impossible,” you need to understand that what I’m saying is different. What I’m saying is that you are to love, plain and simple. Not love somebody. Not love something. Just to love. Okay, in a sense, you are to love somebody or something, but not in the ordinary sense. You are simply to love God.

You were designed to be a receiver and transmitter of Life Force, also known as Love. The ability to do that is hard-wired into your body-mind. But we have largely forgotten how that is designed to work, and confuse the act of loving with our personal relationships with other human beings. Loving is rightly an impersonal act. Now, I’m not saying that there can’t be a personal aspect to loving–of course there can and is. However, one of the things that stops us from doing what we are designed to do is that we tend to tie the act of loving–or not loving–into a recipient, or lack thereof.

There actually always is a recipient of your Love–it’s just probably a little different than you may have considered before. You were designed to participate in a mighty cycle of Love, issuing from God, returning to God. If you’ve read Recreating Eden, you know that there is a masculine aspect of God, and a feminine aspect. When you radiate Love, you are participating in the larger action of “Father God” (masculine, radiating aspect) loving “Mother God” (feminine, receiving aspect). Both at the macro level of God–God the Source–and the personal level–God In You, there is a radiation of Love and a receiving of Love between the masculine and feminine aspects. This is how it is designed to work: Source radiates, the feminine within you receives, the masculine within you radiates, Source receives and the cycle continues. The more dynamically the feminine and masculine within you participate in the larger cycle of God loving God, the higher your frequency and the more paradisiacal your life is.

In the process, the experience of Love in all Creation is increased. This is where the personal aspect of loving comes in. When you understand that God is in everyone and everything, you know that as you radiate Love unconditionally, and hold an entity in your consciousness, their experience of the Love increases. The only Love that we experience is of God, not of another person. When we feel Love from someone else–or think we do–it’s merely that the radiance from God In Them is catalyzing a greater experience of attunement with God In Us. It is attuning us with the mighty flow of Love that God radiates constantly. There is no Love but the Love of God, loving God.

Practically speaking, what we are called to do is to radiate Love the way that Source does. We are to radiate it whether or not we feel it is being received (it always is–just not necessarily consciously received by the object of your focus). We are called to radiate Love whether or not we believe someone “deserves” it: God always “deserves” it! Remember, you are not actually loving a person or a thing–you are loving God. You may feel fondness for the particular configuration of form that God has created in another person, but as for Love, you never get Love from outside yourself–when you experience Love, you are only experiencing the movement of Life Force through you. You are participating in the cycle of Love from God, to God.

We are called to radiate Love even when we feel we don’t we have it in us. But here’s a cool thing to know: while you can’t radiate Love unless you first receive it, the intention to radiate it will initiate the flow of Love to you from Source. As you may remember from Recreating Eden, the Adam in you–the inner masculine–may be holding the inner feminine–Eve–out of alignment. The easiest way to turn this around is for Adam to decide to consciously radiate Love. The act of doing so aligns both aspects of you the way that they were designed to be. When you engage your masculine, radiant aspect in the job it was designed for, that automatically puts Eve in the receptive position, and Adam in the radiating position. And the rest is as natural as breathing. Because it’s what you were designed to do, you were born knowing how to Love. Neat system, don’t you think?!

Yes, we are to radiate Love no matter what. Bad mood? Don’t feel like loving? The fastest way to raise your frequency upward out of less-than-joy–and to experience more Love, yourself–is to do what you are designed to do! We are to be as consistent and persistent at radiating Love as is God. What if God got in a snit and withheld Life Force/Love because we weren’t consciously open to receive it? The Whole of Creation would collapse! What if God withheld Life Force/Love because we weren’t aware or appreciating it? What if God withheld Life Force/Love because we were being jerks? Thankfully, God radiates Love impersonally, unfailingly, unconditionally. Love radiates from God whether we appreciate it or are unaware of it. Love radiates from Source regardless of what we do–or don’t do. When we intend to Love in the same constant and impersonal way as does God, the Source, and do so more and more, our journey home to the higher frequencies where ease and joy are the norms, is expedited exponentially. Indeed, unconditional radiance is the key to everything.

So, the next time someone cuts you off in traffic and you’re tempted to go into reverse polarity, withhold Love, and perhaps even actively focus the opposite of Love in the offender’s direction, understand that you are truly removing yourself from the flow of Life Force and Love, reducing your own frequency (and thus, the frequency of the Whole), and you are removing yourself from the cycle of God loving God that you were designed to facilitate. In such a situation, you are doing the exact opposite of what is needed–whenever there is disharmony, what is needed is not judgment and reaction, what is needed is more Love. I understand that it is human nature (or rather, the ego’s and reptilian brain’s nature) to react defensively and unlovingly, but our very job as human beings, and certainly, as re-creators of Eden, is to listen to and obey God In Us, ignore the serpent, and continue radiating Love, no matter what! If you should happen to be pulled out of alignment by your ego, just take a deep breath, let your ego know you’re on to it, tell it to be silent, center yourself in the Truth, align with your Spirit, and radiate Love as you were intended to do. You’ll be surprised how wonderful it feels–after all, it’s what you were designed for!

©2005 Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia Rogers Hamrick is a visionary who spontaneously revisited the reality state called “Eden” in 1982 when her response to a catastrophic illness catapulted her to a radically higher frequency. She has been a spiritual-growth facilitator for over two decades, and is the author of Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet. To learn more about her Eden experience, read the introduction to Recreating Eden by going to http://www.recreating-eden.com/RecreatingEdenIntroduction.html For more information on Julia and on recreating Eden, visit http://www.recreating-eden.com To read about Julia’s own dance with Spirit and ego, read Julia’s blog, accessible from her website.

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Datre 185 – What is the KUNDALINI

Datre answers Adrian (Datre185)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Adrian and his first question is… “Every time you mention Kundalini I get different aspects of a complex phenomena. Would you please explain what it is?”

DATRE: It’s very difficult to explain what the Kundalini is, because everyone will experience it in a different way. Since you are all individuals and having your own experiences and learning from your own experiences, there are no two people that will have the same result.

In other words, many people will say they have gone through the Kundalini. You can find some commonality, but it is never the same for any two people. So, to explain what it is or what it isn’t is an impossibility. It is only as ‘you’ experience it. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and asks… “Is it purely a physical phenomena?”

DATRE: Absolutely. Everything ‘you’ experience is physical, there’s nothing else involved. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Does it break down the ego to reveal the Egoic self?”

DATRE: It doesn’t break down anything. What it does is – more than anything else – you are looking for answers to questions, because that’s what physicality is all about. You have questions – you look for answers.

Now, if you ‘push’ and ‘push’ and ‘push’ to get answers, you can get them in various ways. Now, some individuals are impatient and want the whole thing right now. So, they will ‘push’, either by themselves or with someone else – who knows what to expect when a person goes through the Kundalini – and they will ‘push’ until that is achieved. They want that experience. They feel they will be a ‘grander’ person if they have gone through the Kundalini.

That is not true – as far as we can tell – because we’ve watched individuals. There’s many different ways of achieving a goal. But, it’s like everything else, if you want to take a crash course, you can do it. But, it’s going to take you a long time to be able to assimilate the information from that point on, because it does change your perspective. That’s what it is – it’s a re-alignment – of the physical construct.

And anytime you do a re-alignment of the physical construct, when that alignment is finished, you will see things differently. That’s because you’re re-aligning your neurological system as well as your whole physical construct. And, when that happens, it is like people who go through the “death” experience and know they must come back. They come back per se, as different people because they look at things entirely different. Same thing with the Kundalini.

If it’s a traumatic experience, the humans have difficulty ‘dropping’ any experience and going on. Drop the experience. You’ve had it, its over, it’s done with. Now, what have you achieved? Are you beginning to view things in a different way? This is where your OBSERVER comes in again. You will ‘see’ things differently. It doesn’t happen over night because you have gone through a traumatic experience.

There are individuals that have had ‘accidents’ – as you call them – with automobiles, with animals, with whatever, and they have gone into periods of comma and come out of the comma and they see things differently. It’s a ‘realignment’ of your physical construct. So your brain, as you ‘observe’ things will view things differently.

And in viewing things differently the brain needs to find a place for it and there isn’t a ‘place’ for it because it’s ‘new’, its different, so the realignment of the brain takes place. And you work from ‘that’ point forward. Its not an ‘elimination’ of the past. It’s a change of perspective. And if you keep trying to put what you view today into the ‘past’ – it isn’t going to fit. You’ve taken a ‘crash course’ in trying to understand what physicality is all about. That’s what ‘our’ perception is of the Kundalini. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “How does it crack the unconscious?”

DATRE: It doesn’t crack the unconscious. As I’ve said, you change your perspective because of the way you view things in physicality. It cracks nothing. You’ve got everything that you had, but you have a change in perspective. This changes your… every time you read something over you can look at it and say… ‘I’ve never read that before’.

But, individuals that don’t go through the Kundalini and have the ‘AH HA’s’ say the same thing. There are many who don’t want to jump off a bridge – like a bungee jumper. There are many of them who would rather walk on the bridge and observe the view from that point.

So you see, how you go about achieving what you want to achieve is individualistic. That’s why their experiences of the Kundalini are going to be different – they’re going to be ‘yours’. They’re not going to be anybody else’s. Continue.

JOHN: Then he asks… “Can it be controlled?”

DATRE: That’s a very interesting question. There are individuals that have had a dramatic, shall we say, experience and being flooded with information that was coming so fast it was like a raging river. They have had to grab a hold of themselves and stop it, because if they didn’t they would have gone mad. There are those that have gone through the Kundalini and because they get emotionally involved in it they too have to learn to control it. But in both cases, you have had an opening of a floodgate of information.

Now, if it happens spontaneously, how are you going to stop it? If you allow the Kundalini to continue, and don’t fight it, it isn’t that bad. If you allow the floodgate of information all of a sudden to be coming through you like a raging river, you know what you have to do, then you have to stop it.

But, they’re different experiences. The ‘AH HA’s’ can open a floodgate of information. And if its just one instance – for an AH HA – that’s fine because its just one thing. But if it continues, and it is coming faster than you can handle it, you can stop it. The body is in control of itself. With the information, you’d say ‘stop it’. The body will stop it.

There are those individuals who can have an injury with blood oozing out of it, and through – what you would call – sheer will, can stop that bleeding immediately. There are tribes that are in country’s that you would call ‘primitive’ – who are not primitive – but will not allow people to come and see them, because it is like when you came and brought all your diseases to the American Indians.

It’s the same type of thing. They don’t want your infiltration and all that you bring with you, mentally and physically. But these individuals, if they were to cut off a hand in an accident – if they were cutting down great big trees and they slipped and cut off a hand – they stop the flow of blood. Then they immediately produce a hand exactly like the one that was there before. This is not fiction – this is fact.

So you see, the physical body – in conjunction with you – is capable of many many things. And that is the mystery. The body is the mystery to be enjoyed and to be understood and to be seen through.

So, I’m getting off the track. But I want to tell you that these things happen to different individuals because they want it to happen. You give the body information and it produces the result that you’re looking for, because you have given it the information that you want to give it.

So, as for the Kundalini, if you had not wanted the experience, you would not have had it. You wanted it, you have it, now it’s up to you to continue in whatever direction you want to go with that information. OBSERVE and watch, and you will see how differently you look at the world. That’s what you want to see. You want to see – through the eyes of physicality – the difference and try to understand the difference and why the difference. Continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “What is its purpose?”

DATRE: Well, I think we’ve just explained that.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Is it who we truly are?”

DATRE: No! You are you. The physical construct of the body is the physical construct of the body. It is a cooperative arrangement, and this is for you to understand. You may figure it out this lifetime. You may figure it out next lifetime. You may figure it out a thousand million life times from now. But that’s what fascinates you – is trying to figure out ‘what’ physicality is all about. It depends on your intensity. What do you want to know? How do you want to learn? You don’t always get what you think you want.

In other words, you might say, ‘this is what I want and this is exactly the way I want it’. But, you’re speaking from the standpoint of being in the physical construct. You are speaking from emotion – because ’emotion’ is what drives physicality. And right now, your emotions are so tangled that its very difficult for you to know where you want to go and what you want to do. Because, all of a sudden you’re into a new Millennium and everyone is trying to figure it out.

A lot of the “rules” and a lot of the things that you have set up for a learning experience, in the last Millennium you just went through, have changed. You’re saying, ‘we need to make some changes’. And, as a cooperative effort, everyone on your planet has set into motion things that they want to learn in this next Millennium.

You see, you don’t realize – there’s nobody ‘out there’ – that tells you how your planet is going to be run. It’s the individuals ‘on’ the planet that makes the decision. And each country that you live in has its own set of parameters. And each country has a different type of learning experience. That’s why you’ll find individuals that have been to many different parts of your globe – different countries and they will have a very different view of every country that they are in. Because, the more countries that they are in, the more they expand.

You go from your birthplace in one country, you go to another, and you can see all the discrepancies, so you compare these two countries. Then you go to a third country. Now you have the combination of the first country and the second country and you’re experiencing the third country and you pick up information from that country.

And the more countries that you go – and live in for a period of time, that not just going for a week, but live in for a period of time – you’re constantly changing, constantly changing. So, each country that you go into becomes more of an experience and it’s easier for you to adapt, to understand, because you have gone through these other different countries. Lived there, experienced them. So your perception of everything keeps changing.

It’s the same thing when you’re searching for answers. Every time you read information, regarding something that you’re interested in… ‘Oh, well this is the first book I’ve read on that subject’. So, all right you’ve got a start. So the next book you read, you have two. The next information you OBSERVE, you have these two book that you have read, and you look at that from the information that you have gathered from those two books. All the time, your physical construct is absorbing the information to work with. The more you expand your ‘knowingness’ into many different areas, every time you OBSERVE something, you will OBSERVE it differently.

As the years go on, you’ll say, ‘well that person is growing up’. There are a lot of people that grow up and are no different than when they were in high school – and they’re 45 years old. They’re still running on pure emotion. And any little thing whips them in any little direction they walk in. But, the OBSERVER gathers information and works from that.

So who are you? Is this who you are after a Kundalini experience? Who are you, is different every minute. It has to be, whether it is driven by emotion, or driven by the wanting to know, or what ever. There is no way that you can be constantly the same. They’re saying, ‘why are so many people getting divorced?’. ‘Why are so many people living together instead of getting married?’. Long term relationships. But after that they go their separate ways. What’s happening? You’re learning different ways of learning.

In other words, if you have a relationship that lasts 3, 4, 5, 10, years whatever number, and you can say… ‘Well I can see this is going no place’. You have reached a point where you are not of benefit to each other, so you no longer stay together. That is a very different way of expanding your knowingness. You haven’t locked yourself into the last Millennium’s programming of… ‘We met when we were in school, we got married after we got out of high school, and we’ve been together 50 years’.

Have they grown? Yes, because they have had children and grandchildren and all these different things. If that’s what they wanted to experience, that’s what they have done. But, because of the wanting to know more about why and what physicality is all about, you’re changing the standards.

Its been coming gradually, and its been increasing. The attitudes towards many different things. Can you imagine your great grandparents being comfortable with today’s sexuality? Absolutely not. Them talking about what you have in your schools? Goodness, they couldn’t understand that. And yet you take it for granted. The other thing is with your television, and your video games.

You are so used to seeing tragic car accidents and people shooting and killing. People that are dragged out of buildings that have been bombed. And your video games is shooting and killing people. You have become so anesthetized with seeing all of this, that it doesn’t bother you any more. It doesn’t bother the children. A child picks up a gun and shoots his playmate and say’s… ‘I don’t know why I didn’t feel anything?’. Well, they don’t feel anything because it didn’t happen to them. They weren’t the ones being shot. But they expected to feel something, they didn’t even feel emotion.

You see what has happened has changed as far as your viewing physicality is concerned. So, who are you? That is for you to figure out. The only way you can find out ‘who’ you are in physicality, is to OBSERVE what your physical bodies are experiencing. It is much like this one that is doing the transcript – the body we are using – how does she know what she is doing?

How does she know whether she is just sitting here and answering the transcripts and is anybody paying any attention – does anybody care? What do you do? You check and find out how many individuals have come to the web site and taken off information. Then she knows – for her own satisfaction – what has been happening and what is happening. Who else cares? But she likes to know. So, the same with you. You want to know ‘what’ you’re doing and ‘how’ you’re doing it. OBSERVE what your physical body is showing you. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

Applied Kinesiology – Explanation of Muscle Testing

Our bodies contain all the components necessary for optimal function of all organs, tissues, nerves, muscles, etc…. and all in perfect balance structurally and chemically (such as hormones). Under stress, our body adapts to deal with physical stress from gravity, straining, lifting, slips and jars, and dietary stress, mental stress, lack of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition.

Sometimes we are subjected to a combination of stresses beyond what the body can adjust to. When this occurs, our bodies actually shut down or turn off certain parts of the body in an effort to protect other parts. This is very similar to the breaker switches in our house shutting off if the wiring is overloaded.

These systems that shut down can involve nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic drainage, muscles, and actual organs. Here we can see that if these systems are left turned off for an extended time, malfunctions and disease can occur in the tissues involved. This could result in stomach problems, kidney malfunctions, heart disorders, pain, headaches, back pain, etc. This depends entirely on the tissues involved. Along with these systems being turned off, muscles are blocked and do not work.

Health comes from inside the body. It is important here to note that as long as all parts of the body are working normally, good health will be the end result.

Each muscle pulling in one direction in the body is counter balanced by another muscle on the other side pulling the opposite way. If one muscle pulls with 90 pounds of pressure, the muscle that opposes it will also pull with 90 pounds of pressure. As long as all muscles are balanced, our spine is held erect in its normal position. We have good posture, level hips, level shoulders, and level head.

If a muscle is blocked off or turned off in the system, abnormal structure and function occur. The muscle involvement allows the Applied Kinesiology doctor to determine there is a problem in the system and when it is turned on and returned to normal. Applied Kinesiology (AK) provides us the ability to evaluate function of the body system.

Since nerves control body functions, including all the major systems, it is essential that a doctor be able to evaluate all the nerves in the body. AK gives a doctor the added ability to evaluate specific function of the nervous system that controls organs, glands, and other tissues.


During the course of your examination, the AK doctor may test a muscle and then have you place a finger or hand in a certain spot. S/he will then re-test the same muscle; sometimes there will be a remarkable change in its apparent strength. What the doctor is doing is using your hand to stimulate nerve receptors, or otherwise add or subtract energy in different centers. By doing so, one is able to obtain additional information that might indicate abnormal function. These tests, along with other clinical findings, help indicate the most effective treatment.


Muscles support joints and give them stability. If the muscles of one side of the knee or lower back are not functioning properly, there may be joint instability. This may cause joint fatigue, pain, easy injury, and – eventually – joint disease. Nearly all joint of the body can be involved, including the entire spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles.


The effect of nutrition and chemicals on health is not totally understood. Modern science is making great strides in furthering this knowledge. Examination to find the cause of a health problem or to generally enhance health should take many factors into consideration. Your AK doctor’s knowledge about you begins with observation. Hair and skin quality, color of the whites of the eyes, feeling of glands, organs, and muscles, and other observations offer initial clues for further examination procedures. Laboratory examinations or special tests may follow. In addition to these usual procedures, your AK doctor may test various muscles before and after you chew or inhale nutritional or chemical factors.

Nutritional items, when chewed, stimulate the nerve endings in the mouth. These taste buds are “chemo-receptors.” This may have an immediate effect on muscle function.

You will be pleased with your doctor’s addition of AK to his/her other diagnostic methods. It not only helps the doctor determine the type of treatment needed, it also helps both of you determine the progress being obtained. As your treatment progresses, you will observe muscles that once functioned poorly now test strong. This, of course, is because your body is now functioning in a normal manner.

When health is back to its maximum level, your AK doctor can use AK procedures to help you maintain it by finding poor function and correcting the problem before symptoms develop.

Your chiropractor, using AK examining techniques, will evaluate and treat the three main aspects of your body – chemical, structural, and mental function. S/he will correct structural and nerve function to effect better support and control of your body. All three of these main aspects of your body can be tested, using your own body to determine the effect. Emotional and anxiety reactions can be improved by working with the other two (chemical and structural) aspects. The interplay within these three main aspects of health can improve or be detrimental to many other functions of health. These developments in chiropractic provide an advanced ability to treat the TOTAL PERSON. As a result your overall health will improve, not just the symptoms that caused you to seek the doctor’s aid.

Professional Applied Kinesiology www.icakusa.com

Dr. Nancy Doreo, DC

Practicing Applied Kinesiology since 1983


The best of DNA customized nutrition

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