Thanksgiving: Your Secret Key to Abundance and Blessing

Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.

~ Brian Tracy

In America, we have a wonderful national holiday called Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to gratitude and appreciation for our many blessings. It’s a time to gather with friends and family to celebrate Life. Thanksgiving Day encompasses tables overflowing with favorite foods, laughter, reminiscence, and hope. In short, it’s wonderful!

Wouldn’t you like to have all that bounty and blessing every day? I propose that you can, by making every day a day of thanksgiving. Become consciously thankful. In everything, give thanks (I Thess. 5:18). It will transform your life.

Many times throughout the day, someone or something makes your life smoother, easier, better. Gratitude notices and appreciates those small blessings and favors.

  • A parking space in a crowded lot (Thank You, Lord!)
  • A ray of sunshine through the clouds (smile and say a prayer)
  • A cup of hot tea (coffee or cocoa) on a cold morning (Ahhhh.)
  • A traffic light that turns green when you’re in a hurry! (Thanks, God. I needed that!)
  • People around you who make your life better in some way (a waiter, bank teller, office assistant, family and friends).
  • Your own gifts, talents and abilities. (Thank You, God, for making me ‘me!’)
  • Favor in a potentially negative situation (All things work together for good… )
  • All the conveniences of life that we take for granted (We toured a sod house in South Dakota. I am very grateful for electricity, indoor plumbing and carpeting on my floors, shopping malls and grocery stores!)

Those seemingly insignificant ‘blessings’ are God’s way of saying He loves you. Yet, most people are so focused on their problems or To Do lists, they don’t even notice. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ helps you recognize your blessings despite the circumstances. Sometimes you may need to consciously look for those blessings. I’ve heard it described as ‘finding the strawberry’ in every circumstance. Gratefulness says, “No matter what, I’m OK. Life is good!”

You see, gratitude doesn’t come from your circumstances. It is an internal attitude – like love, peace, joy, kindness, goodness; all the fruit of the spirit. God expects you to develop those seeds He placed inside you into mature fruit, constantly aware and active. They connect you to Divine Spirit. The more you develop your own love, peace, joy and thankfulness, the wider and more open your ‘tap’ or connection into His ever-flowing fountain of peace, favor and blessing.

Just remember, development takes practice. Muscles don’t get stronger without exercise: repeated demands to lift more and do more. Tension and pressure. Athletes aren’t fully developed without a great deal of constant effort. Musicians, even prodigies, spend hours developing their craft. Practice love when you don’t want to. Express joy when you don’t feel like it. Be grateful in the midst of a mess.

Thankfulness activates what is currently known as the Law of Attraction. God called it seedtime and harvest (Gen. 8:22). The seeds you sow – thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation and cooperation – will grow into a harvest of abundance, peace, favor and blessing.

The more you practice gratitude, the easier it becomes. Focus on the good that surrounds you. A grateful heart helps you face your problems with confidence, stay humble, and look toward the future with anticipation.

Gratitude is also a multiplier. It magnifies blessings and returns a dividend to the giver.

  • A card in your mailbox feels good. Calling the sender to say thanks makes both of you feel even better!
  • An efficient teller or waiter is helpful. Thanking him or her adds joy to their day and makes you feel good.
  • A helpful spouse is a blessing. Noticing, especially the small things, and saying thank you enhances your relationship. Add a hug for good measure!

You get the idea. Don’t take anyone for granted. Develop true gratefulness. Share your love, joy and appreciation with everyone.

Gratitude is contagious. Spread it around! Make everyday a day of Thanksgiving.

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Ruth Seebeck has built a reputation over the last three decades as a life-skills coach, mentor, Christian counselor and friend. She is a business owner, author, community volunteer and event coordinator whose passion is helping others overcome life’s challenges.


Creating Abundance Through Joy – Finding Your Passion

To discover your life’s vocation is to observe what you most love to do, what you seem to want to do naturally and what skills you’ve learned along the way.  When you love what you do and you’re doing what you love time goes by unnoticed; you feel fulfilled.  When you are fulfilled, nothing else matters; making money doing it is immaterial to you because the driving force is joy, not money.  In this state of being, you radiate joy and therefore, by the Law of Attraction, only more joy can come to you.  So the question becomes, when you let go of your (and everyone else’s) preconceived notions about who and what you should be, what are you automatically drawn to?  What skills do you enjoy using?  When you release what feels like effort and choose to focus only on what brings true joy to your heart, your life’s work will evolve from that joy coupled with the use of your natural and learned skills.

Sometimes we have a limited perspective of what one could consider a “skill” and that can interfere with our ability to see our own gifts.  Skills are not necessarily visually obvious…such as being a great artist or designing magnificent buildings.  Skills are not necessarily audible such as being a musician or a great orator.  Your skill and joy can come from something as simple as being an uplifter to those with whom you come in contact. Perhaps you enjoy creating beautiful environments or working with plants.  Perhaps you like sewing or making little ornaments out of unusual pieces of wood. It doesn’t matter if the world would define your skill as grand.  It’s how it makes you feel inside that is important. I know of a man named Colonel Sanders whose skill was hidden in a chicken recipe he had.  He totally believed in the magnificence of his recipe.  One day it occurred to him that others might like it as well, that perhaps he could sell it and make money.  Thus Kentucky Fried Chicken was born.

Initially I had trouble identifying my passion because, “I didn’t have a passion.  All I wanted to do was study the higher mind teachings and figure out how to apply those to daily living.”  I didn’t realize that this was my passion…that my niche was in my inherent ability to see the latent potential in those who aspired to know their authentic selves and to help them manifest this potential on earth.  The passion was so close to my heart that I was blind to it, thinking I had to take up music or art of some sort when all I really wanted to do was find the God-Self within.

So where is your passion hiding?  Start by identifying that which brings you joy. What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money or other restrictions or obligations?  Here we find the direction of your soul’s work.  You don’t have to have a business proforma ready to produce to the world just yet. Just enjoy being in your joy!  Then concentrate on using the special skills you have acquired along the way and appreciate that you have them.  Attend to them. Make them bigger.  Make the joy bigger.  See how you can use those skills in other areas of your life so that you are turning all your activities into expressions of your life’s work.  This will begin the process of drawing opportunities to you for making money and supporting yourself.

As always, whenever you’re feeling great about what you are doing, make the “greatness” bigger.  Visualize yourself becoming aware of ideas as they come to you.  See yourself ready to take action when opportunity presents itself.  See yourself being supported by the universe for your endeavors; making money easily and effortlessly as ideas begin to take shape. Create these pictures first; building an etheric prototype of your ideal and allowing it to morph into “the perfect idea”.  This will also take some of the angst out of trying too hard to hear a nebulous voice inside of you; making you more and more receptive to the plan that your soul is emitting to you.

Allow your inner creativity to expand your concepts about what is possible and worry not about whether you have all the required skills to create it. Opportunities for further development will flow to you naturally as “next steps” as you live into your dream. Stretch your imagination, and your ability to manifest will develop as well. By milking the joy of your personal expression, by making it grand and seeing it as the seed for bringing value into the world; by appreciating the skills and talents that you already possess; by going beyond what you think is possible, you will find the key that opens the doorway to your unlimited potential.

Transform your life into an impenetrable source of inner strength, love and wisdom with Biosophic Life Coaching. As an intuitive Life Coach since 2004, Diane Richard is skilled and experienced in the areas of personal growth, transformation, coaching and leadership. Diane has a strong niche in helping others to align with the full awareness of their personal power in order to achieve happiness and a higher expression of the self. Visit our website at


How to Use EFT Tapping With the Law of Attraction

Before you even start becoming intentional about shifting your vibration towards alignment with your dream life, you need to be prepared to deal with the resistance that will likely show up. The failure to have these tools to do so is what accounts for virtually all perceived failure of Law of Attraction techniques or programs.

~ Bob DoyleSince the cause of all perceived failure of desired manifestations is resistance, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, is a perfect match to the Law of Attraction because it literally taps out the resistance that keeps you from having the life you want.

Resistance is anything that is not in harmony with your Inner Being. It comes in the form of negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and can slow your energy down. Resistance wears you down and over time, manifests physically as illness or pain.

EFT helps to release resistance by balancing the energy system of the body and restoring emotional alignment. This allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities. EFT often works when nothing else will.

EFT is easy to learn and apply. While focusing on an issue you want to release, affirmation and reminder phrases are repeated as you tap various acupressure points on the body with your fingers. Often the process only takes minutes to achieve results. In other cases it may take a little longer if there are underlying issues that also need to be addressed.

EFT can be used with the Law of Attraction in the following ways:

Negative Emotions – You can use EFT to dilute or eliminate feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, jealousy, resentment, or any other negative emotion that lowers your vibration and robs you of your natural state of well-being. EFT is an excellent tool to reduce your stress levels and restore you sense of peace.

Limiting Beliefs – People get hung up on all sorts of limiting beliefs of why they shouldn’t, why they can’t, what others might think, and beliefs about what might happen if they succeed (example: “It’s not safe to succeed.”) Tapping out limiting beliefs will help you to break the cycle of self-sabotage so you can be successful at whatever dream or desire you pursue.

Affirmations – After tapping out negative emotions or limiting beliefs, tap in at least a couple rounds of positive phrases, such as “I am worthy of joy,” “I am worthy of being happy,” “Happiness and joy are my birthright,” “I allow myself to be happy.” This has worked exceptionally well with my clients and leaves them feeling uplifted and optimistic.

Visualization – Tapping on the meridians of the body stimulates the energy flow, which allows the mind to be more open and receptive to your input. Tapping in positive statements while visualizing what you want enhances the experience and gives a sense of stronger belief that you can truly have what you are visualizing. You can use statements such as “I see myself winning the lottery! It feels exhilarating to know that I am now financially free and secure.” while you are picturing yourself with a winning lottery ticket.

Meditation – Spending time in meditation on a daily basis is highly recommended as a resistance release technique for the Law of Attraction. But if you’re like me and have a difficult time quieting your mind, try using EFT before you begin your meditation process. You can use statements such as “Even though it’s hard to quiet my mind,” “Even though it’s difficult to suspend my thoughts for 15 minutes,” or “Even though I can’t stop thinking.” Tapping is very calming and will help you to relax your body and mind for a more satisfying meditation experience.

Although EFT is simple to use and very forgiving, there are a few tips that will help you to achieve optimum results:

  • Drink water before and after tapping. EFT is more effective when you are hydrated and the water helps to flush out any toxins that are being released from the tapping.
  • Be consistent. Make tapping a priority and set time aside daily to focus on tapping out any negative stuff you might be dealing with in your life. I like to use EFT after my meditation time. My day always runs smoother when I include it as part of my morning routine.
  • Be persistent. If you don’t get results, keep trying. There may be other aspects to explore and tap on. If a seemingly unrelated thought comes up during a round, tap on it also. There may be a connection that you are not aware of. Ask your Inner Being to guide you.
  • Relax and have fun! Remember not to take yourself too seriously and keep an open mind.

Having a simple, yet powerful tool like EFT to eliminate your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk will prove to be an essential key for leveraging the Law of Attraction! After you have learned to make EFT a habit and experienced the amazing results of using it with the Law of Attraction, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Soon you will be attracting everything you have been wanting into your life.

Christa Smith is a Freedom Coach and EFT Practitioner. “I believe…we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We have the freedom of choice, to do, be or have anything we desire. Freedom, abundance and joy is our birth right. I believe our path in life is to follow our bliss! My mission…is to assist you on the road to freedom.” If you want to learn how to live life deliberately rather than by default visit her websites at and

The Power Of Creative Visualisation

Creative visualisation is a powerful technique in the process of solving problems, creating solutions, achieving your goals, and making your dreams come true.

Whilst creative visualisation is powerful, it is also one of the most difficult techniques. I come across so many people in my coaching practice, who attempt visualisation and then tell me it does not work.

Further probing reveals that they did not practice for more than a week maximum, yet expected major results!

That attitude is endemic of a society that has put emphasis on convenience and quick fix.

Visualisation is the art of creating an image of a desired outcome, as if it is happening now. Napoleon Hill captures the complexity of the skill in his book ‘The Keys To Success’ p7:

‘The subconscious mind receives any image that is transferred to it by the conscious mind under strong emotion. Think of the pair as a camera. The conscious mind acts as a lens, concentrating the image of your desires and bringing them to a point on the film of the subconscious.

Getting good pictures with this camera is the same as it is with any other: the focus must be sharp, there must be good exposure, and the timing must be right.

Correct focus requires a clear definition of purpose. The composition of the photo must be made with care and precision; you decide what to include in the frame. The proper timing is determined by the intensity of your desire at the moment of exposure.’

You can see from this description that visualisation is both a science and an art that involves key ingredients – definite purpose and desire, for example. Two of the most common challenges I come across with this process are:

1. Those who struggle to visualise clearly, because the visual sense is not their dominant sense of processing information.

2. When they visualise they do so in a detached way. In other words they do not see their vision as if it has already happened. What they see is the gap between now and then – their lack of vision

Steps To Improving Visualisation

If your dominant sense of processing information is not visual, play to your strengths by using your other senses to sense your vision, dream or outcome. Also use empowering questions to direct the focus of your senses.

I use this to great effect as my visual sense is not my strongest sense. In tandem with this continue to flex your visual muscle. The way to improve visualisation is by visualising more, with the help of the tips just given.

Practise seeing your dream as if it has already happened. The act of seeing your dream as if it has already happened adds the emotional intensity required for the image to be imprinted firmly on the subconscious.

As Napoleon Hill adds:

‘This sort of repeated exposure of the subconscious to the image of your desire is crucial. You must work at the process repeatedly until you have transferred the exact image you want into your subconscious mind.’

This type of imprinting opens doors to creative ideas as to how and what steps to take to close the gap from where you are now to the realisation of your dream:

‘The intensity with which you impress your subconscious with a picture of your plan directly affects the speed with which the subconscious will go to work to attract the picture’s physical counterpart by inspiring you to take the right steps.’

Draw out on paper what you are sensing and perceiving. This will help to formulate your images. You do not have to be an artist. A tool that may assist you in this process is goal mapping.

Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein attribute their respective success to their ability to engage with creative visualisation to solve their challenges. We have benefited from their discovery.

I have used this successfully to write my upcoming book and receive top industry endorsement without campaigning for it.

I got clear on my values, my purpose and desire, set my standards for delivery of valuable content, and visualised the solution of finding true ambassadors of personal development to review and endorse the book based on the value they saw.

I took action based on the ideas that arose as a result of visualisation, and the intuitive nudges that resulted. Had I relied on logic alone I would not have achieved this.

So practise creative visualisation, so that you can gain insights and ideas for action, then act accordingly with belief and perseverance, and witness the doors that start to open in your life.

Rooting for your success with visualisation


Anita Narayan is a highly endorsed author, speaker and coach. She is shortly to release her new book Breaking Free From The Prison Of Survival. Find out more at

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A Process to Tap Into Your Life Purpose

There is a plan or template for your life, and sometimes when we quiet our busy minds, a wiser aspect of ourselves can reveal that plan to us, our life purpose. It may come in whispers or it may come like a bolt of lightning. The important thing is to listen to that inner voice.

Here is a simple process to help you tap into your life purpose and to help you consciously access your intuition and your inner knowing.

Allow yourself at least twenty minutes to do this process.

1. Intention: The first step is to turn off your phone if you are at home and let family members know not to disturb you. Realize that this may bring up issues about always being available every minute of the day. But it is important for your own wellbeing to occasionally “unplug” from all the demands around you. Trust that the world will manage without you for a short while.

2. Inspire: You may choose to play a piece of music that inspires you, or you may prefer silence. (If you would like silence, but your only option is a noisy environment, you can try a noise-canceling headset. They work quite well. I have also used a sound machine that created “white noise” and found it rather peaceful.) Or you may prefer to find a beautiful spot in nature, filled with natural sounds. Experiment to see what works best for you.

3. Receive: Sit comfortably, preferably with your back straight and supported so you can stay more alert.

4. Rhythm: Take a few deep breaths and relax. With each inhale, know you are feeding your brain with oxygen, which will enable clear and focused thinking. With each exhale, let go of any tension you are holding in your body.

5. Invitation: Consciously call in your own higher self, your inner guide, divine intelligence, pure inspiration, or whatever fits with your belief system. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

6. Clarity: Then, simply ask for clarity about your life purpose, your reason for being. Why are you here?

7. Listen: Be still and listen, listen, listen-not just with your ears, but also with your heart. Be open to what appears. If you find your mind wandering off track, know that is natural. Gently bring it back to focus on the questions: What is my purpose? What is my reason for being? Why am I here?

8. Insight: When you feel complete, write down any insights that occurred to you in your journal or notebook.

Repeat this process as often as you feel drawn to. It will give you great insights into your life purpose.

Excerpted from the book, Full Wattage! A Practical Guide to Living an Engaging and Purposeful Life Worth Celebrating by Liz Fletcher Brown. Get your free chapters as well as tips and tools to live a balanced, joy-filled life at

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