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How to Use EFT Tapping With the Law of Attraction

Resistance is anything that is not in harmony with your Inner Being. It comes in the form of negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and can slow your energy down. Resistance wears you down and over time, manifests physically as illness or pain.
EFT helps to release resistance by balancing the energy system of the body and restoring emotional alignment.

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The Power Of Creative Visualisation

Creative visualisation is a powerful technique in the process of solving problems, creating solutions, achieving your goals, and making your dreams come true. Whilst creative visualisation is powerful, it is also one of the most difficult techniques. I come across so many people in my coaching practice, who attempt visualisation and then tell me it […]

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A Process to Tap Into Your Life Purpose

There is a plan or template for your life, and sometimes when we quiet our busy minds, a wiser aspect of ourselves can reveal that plan to us, our life purpose. It may come in whispers or it may come like a bolt of lightning. The important thing is to listen to that inner voice. […]

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