Archive | October, 2012

Datre 184 – AH HA doesn’t necessarily have to come from the mind

Just think of all the things that you interact with through all your physical emotions – your taste, your touch, your smell, your seeing. All of these things are being recorded – constantly. Your ‘aura’ is out there picking up all of this information. So, what you’re doing is, you’re collecting all of this constantly. And where do you store it? It has to be stored someplace. So, for now lets say, we store it in the brain.

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Beauty – The Physical and the Divine!

At every point in our lives here on Earth, on this part of our journey through the universe, we will be seeing and experiencing beauty through our eyes, and making so many decisions based on our interpretation of the word itself. We will associate with others, fall in love, make friends, and all our attraction […]

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