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Archive | September, 2012

Datre 183 – Follow the signs that you give your self

Datre answers Frauke (Datre183) JOHN: Today we have some questions from Frauke and the first question is… “To bring more of the YOU who I really am into physicality, does that mean to follow my intuition, my impulses, my desires?” DATRE: To follow your impulses. To follow your intuition. To work from that point, that […]

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Willpower affects reality

Willpower does work. You can create realities through the power of your will. You can develop your will power. The secret to this is to define a goal and then be willing to go through a number of blocks and resistances on the path to that goal. This method is not for marshmallows who cave […]

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Incarnating into Virtual Reality

As souls we zoomed in on a tiny dot called “The Universe” and were absorbed by it. Then, within the Universe we zoomed in on an even more tiny dot within, called “Planet Earth”. We then contracted our Consciousness even more by incarnating into a body. Then, on planet earth, we went into increasingly dense […]

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Get out of your Head to start feeling Alive

Life is energy and that energy always flows. If you are resisting the stream of life, your breathing becomes shallow, your muscles contract and you are more into thinking and wanting. If you relax, open up and go with that flow of energy, your breathing becomes slower and softer, your muscles are loosen and you […]

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Letting Go – An Adventure with Wild Spinner Dolphins

I started researching dolphin swim programs and trips. Later that summer, I attended an engagement party for friends where I met Jon, a personal growth and workshop leader. He was leading a trip to Hawaii the following March to swim with the wild spinner dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our mutual interests soon […]

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Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus

Vivamus gravida convallis eros. Vestibulum tempus, lacus vulputate euismod pretium, nibh urna rhoncus elit, quis vulputate nibh arcu vitae magna. Phasellus id odio dui, ac dapibus erat. Fusce quis enim lacus. Etiam vel dolor erat, eget porta lorem. Proin arcu leo, fermentum vel rutrum ac, pulvinar vitae velit. In pulvinar velit nec purus convallis tristique. […]

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The World’s Greatest Mystery – The Crystal Skulls, Part II

We have heard about 13 large temples that existed throughout various parts of Atlantis with the possibility of each one containing a crystal skull which functioned like an oracle. By this we mean that if you did a meditation with the skull, it could impart great wisdom into you or wake up knowledge buried deep inside our subconscious. Healing is also discussed by people who have past life memories of working with crystal skulls in the temples of Atlantis. Either a healer would hold or touch a crystal skull and then place their hands on the area of the body where the person is afflicted or even just placing the person near a crystal skull physically, activating the skull with color/light/sound and then the energy emanated through the skull would completely remove any illness or physical problem.

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The World’s Greatest Mystery

Part I – In the Beginning Maybe about 30 years ago there existed just a few – very few – crystal skulls known in the world – one in a Museum in Paris (came out in the 1860’s), another in a museum in London (there since 1898 but purportedly also discovered in the 1860’s) and […]

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Datre 182 – Revitalization

H HA doesn’t necessarily have to come from the mind – .Water is a substance that you do not understand, it has unique properties – Noise has a very debilitating effect on you – You need just fifteen minutes to just sit and be quite –

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