Datre 183 – Follow the signs that you give your self

Datre answers Frauke (Datre183)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Frauke and the first question is… “To bring more of the YOU who I really am into physicality, does that mean to follow my intuition, my impulses, my desires?”

DATRE: To follow your impulses. To follow your intuition. To work from that point, that is what it is all about. Now, your desires are entirely different. The focus of humankind is on ‘desire’. So, we will say for you to follow your intuition and be that grand OBSERVER. Because, in OBSERVING you will be given ‘signs’ to follow that you are putting there for you to see and ‘act’ or ‘react’ upon. And that is perhaps, one of the most difficult processes you have put in front of yourself. Is to follow the ‘signs’ that you give your self – and your interpretation of those signs. Continue to the next question please.

JOHN: And the next question is… “So that I just have to get the brain to understand, that whatever I wish to experience is possible and that the brain doesn’t need to figure out how to do it, because it will unfold itself perfectly?”

DATRE: You do not need to get your brain to understand what you want. See, what you’re doing… lets get at it from another direction. Number one, you are ‘not’ physical – the body is. It is a cooperation between a physical construct and a non-physical construct. The idea is to learn both ways. You are learning physicality. Physicality is learning non-physicality by working with non-physical you.

Now, you set objectives. Learning’s that you wish to see developed in physicality for your understanding. You give the brain the message that this is what… these are the parameters that you wish for your learning and understanding. You want to explore certain areas. And the brain or the physical construct is the one that sees the most efficient way for your learning.

Now, ‘you’ have no control of ‘how’ the physical construct is going to set this particular learning experience in front of you. You may say, ‘I don’t want this, this is not what I wanted, this is not what I was looking for’, because you’re viewing from the physical construct and experiencing it. But the physical construct is trying to get ‘you’ to understand what it is trying to show you. It may not be to ‘your’ liking. But, the physical construct has been set up by you, for you, with you, whatever way you want to look at it. And has been set up because you think, ‘this is the way its going to work the best’.

In other words, if you wanted to be a great musician you would not set up the physical construct that would give you a physical construct with fingers that wouldn’t work with instruments. Or vocal cords that couldn’t be used for a voice. Or any of those things. You would want a physical construct that was such that it could be used to attain those results to whatever degree you wanted to work with that particular form of experience. But you certainly wouldn’t set it up with a physical construct that wouldn’t go in that direction at all.

So you see, a lot has to do with ‘you’ and the physical construct working in cooperation with each other. Now, what the physical construct sets up is, that from its stand point this is the best way to learn the lesson that you want. Or to get the results you want.

Now, if that experience doesn’t give you the results that you want, you’ll say, ‘well, I still want this result, therefore we’ll try something else’. So the body figures out some other way for you to get that experience. But, if you are an OBSERVER, you will watch the ‘signs’, the signals that the physical construct is putting out.

It seems like a lesson in futility, because you’ll say, ‘well I’m not getting what I want’. You ‘are’ getting what you want. But ‘you’ in the physical are ‘not’ getting what you want. That’s where it comes to an abyss. The body has emotions. You do not have emotions. So the body’s looking at it from one direction and you’re looking at it from another direction. Until you begin to get ‘into’ the body and look at it from that point, the physical body is doing the best it can to give you the pictures ‘you’ want to see to achieve what you want to achieve. Not to accomplish your ‘desire’. If you will look at ‘desires’, desires are ’emotional’ fulfillment.

That is ‘not’ what ‘you’ came in here for. You wanted evolution of ‘learning’. You didn’t want to stand still. You wanted to proceed, proceed, proceed. Instead of sitting ‘within’ a physical construct and saying, ‘well, I want this and I want that and I want something else and I want something else’. Then if you’re given all these physical things – it’s like a child.

A child walks through a store with the mother. ‘I want that toy, that’s the only toy I want, I don’t want any other toy, this is the toy I want, I’ve got to have it, I’ve got to have it’. And finally the mother breaks down and says, ‘all right, that’s it, here’s your toy’. Buys the toy, takes it home, a week later, ‘I haven’t got anything to do’. ‘What about your toy?’. ‘I’m tired of that’. And ‘that’ is the way you function in physicality. No if and’s or but’s about it.

All you are looking for is to fulfill your physical desires. And every time you change, it’s something else. But, your change is ‘not’ wanting to ‘know’ what makes physicality on this planet work. That’s what you came into physicality for. But you’re so sick and tired of it; you’re constantly looking for ‘self’ gratification in any way you can think of. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “When I realize more and more through creating on purpose and observing the results that I am really the “whole ball game”, I have the feeling that then there will be a point, where physicality is no longer a challenge; because when you “know” that you really can put every picture you want in front of you it starts to get boring…?”

DATRE: No! No, it will not, because, as you do that, as you begin to ‘see’ what is happening from the standpoint of evolution – not gratification – it becomes an entirely different ball game. To see things happen just because you want them to happen, again, its like a child, the gratification doesn’t last. But, if you see things happening and you understand ‘why’ its happening, and ‘how’ its happening, and what you’re learning ‘from’ the happening and you see the evolution of ‘your’ understanding in the physical, it becomes more and more intriguing. Because, at that point, you will begin to ‘push’ yourself into more and more ‘knowingness’.

And more and more knowingness, leads to nothing more than wanting ‘more’. In other words, even a simple thing that you begin to play with as a game it becomes fascinating. And each time you play that game… lets take a difficult game. Lets take a difficult game that taxes you mentally, like a chess game. Every time you play that chess game you find another angle that you hadn’t seen before. So you store that. And the next time you go to play chess, you play with anticipation because, ‘will I be able to make that move work again in that same kind of situation?’. So you try it again – that works. But, in playing that game you forget that you wanted to try something new. But you won that game on that particular move. All right, fine. So the next game you play someone throws another aspect in front of you and you say, ‘now that’s another one for me to figure out’.

Same thing with life. If you look at it as, ‘all right, I’ve got that figured out’. Now, something pops up in front of you, ‘oh, I haven’t experienced that before, I wonder how that one works?’. And you will never run out. It is an impossibility. The thing that will happen is, you will become more and more intrigued with that which you call the ‘game of life’. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

Willpower affects reality

Willpower does work. You can create realities through the power of your will. You can develop your will power. The secret to this is to define a goal and then be willing to go through a number of blocks and resistances on the path to that goal. This method is not for marshmallows who cave in at any sort of challenge or difficulty. It is for people who know that those resistances, blocks and problems are an integral part of the goal, not interruptions to the goal.

A good example of how this works is sports or workout. Workout perfectly demonstrates how willpower achieves results and how one must go through various resistances to breakthrough to a feeling of natural high and achievement. One might lift weights in 15 repetitions. At around the 13 repetition things start getting painful. But if I push on, through the resistance and make it, not to 15 but one higher to 16, I have broken through a barrier and will feel elated afterwards. Over longer periods of time my persistence helps me lose weight, gain better physical health, release and overcome resistance, feel more alive.

You can read and hear how people are saying that you cannot achieve things through willpower alone. “Obesity is genetic. You cant get rid of it through willpower”. “Smoking is a strong addiction. You cant get rid of it through willpower”. “I have never really had money, no matter what I try”. “I am too old to find a fulfilling relationship” – all of these statements and a few Million more are utter nonsense, no matter how often they are repeated in your mind, in the media and even by supposed “authorities”. Throughout my 15 years as a coach I have seen almost every issue either resolved or strongly improved by the application of Awareness and Will. I concede that not everything is achievable through Willpower, e.g. you will most likely not become a famous basketball star, but much more is achievable than many think. Willpower is a mixture of

Willingness (being willing to go for something)

Decisiveness (commitment “no matter what”)

Concentration /persisting in something until it is achieved)

Attention is directed by Will. Will is a property of Awareness. Awareness is a property of Consciousness. Consciousness is a property of Infinity. Almost any sort of problem imaginable is due to a lack of will which can also be called a lack of energy. Almost any sort of human achievement came about through the strong intention of a person or a group of people. Dont let “them” tell you that willpower is not enough to make progress in many areas of life. I have healed illnesses through relentless visualization and affirmation over many months. I have written 25 books through raw willpower alone. I quit smoking through raw willpower alone. And it all works when you are willing to fail, to embrace failure. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before they reached their goals and invented something brilliant. If you are not willing to embrace failure, which is an integral part of your road to success, you will never develop the supercharged willpower I am referring to. But if you do understand that you go through resistance to come out at the other end, at the goal, you will love those resistances because you no longer see them as stumbling blocks but as spring boards.

These are some methods with which you can increase your energy and willpower:

1. Limit sugar and carbs

Foods that are high on the “glycemic index” can lower your overall energy and willpower by giving you a quick boost at the expense of your overall state. Sugar is best used at times when you really do need an extra boost, such as when you are trying to quit smoking or going through post menstrual challenges . Carbs are best limited after 6 p.m. because that is the time your body is winding down and does not really require the surplus energy. You`ll lose weight if you limit carbs to the morning and afternoon. I normally do not give any chemical advice, but these are time-proven: sugar, carbs, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are best taken in in limited quantities., when a boost is really needed. By adhering to this advice you will certainly experience a boost in energy.

2. Don’t suppress your emotions

Suppressing emotions costs a lot of energy. People who suppress what the feel are known to get tired more quickly. But not suppressing them does not necessarily mean expressing them either. While talking about them or letting them out is better than suppressing them, this can also waste a lot of energy. Instead, deal with negative emotions like Buddhists deal with them: Allow them to pass through without suppressing or expressing them.

3. Take naps.

The reason you get tired is so that you go to sleep and regenerate. If you ignore tiredness and keep on pushing yourself, you overstrain and deplete willpower and energy. Even a very short nap of a few minutes can reawaken your sense of alertness and freshness. If your lifestyle allows it, check if you can distribute your sleeping time through the day a little more rather than taking it all in one chunk at night. This also applies if you’re a teenager or in your twenties.

4. Do one thing at a time.

Many people claim that they can “Multi-Task” or that multi-tasking is somehow an indicator of superior willpower. I disagree with this notion because I know how split-attention can subtly lessen energy in both men and women. See if your power does not increase if you follow one goal at a time. If you are trying to quit smoking, build a new company, save your relationship, take care of your kids and get an athletic body at the same time, you may be overstraining your power. By preserving power and focusing it on one thing and doing that properly, more is achieved overall.

5. Go the “extra mile”

Stretch your inner self by always doing a little more than is required. If your customer expects to spend one hour with you, stretch it to one and a half hours. If you run a mile, try one and a half miles. If your spouse asks you to take out one bag of trash, take out three. By embracing so called “stress” and doing a little more than expected you train your willpower muscle. People and situations will then no longer be able to exhaust you.

One of the best examples of incredible willpower are so called “human statues”. If you’ve gone walking in any European city before, you have probably seen the people who are dressed up in some costume and do not move for hours (unless someone puts a coin in their hat by which they make one movement). No matter what happens or who ridicules them, no matter if a bird takes seat on their head or a drunkard tries to get them out of their poise, no matter how many attractions and interesting things are happening in their surroundings, they remain poised. Some human statues report that they would have loved to turn around sometimes to check out something interesting going on behind them, or to take a break or to respond to rude passerbys, but that is against their self-imposed discipline. I have always been fascinated by human statues because they exemplify what I teach my students: To maintain poise, no matter what is going on around them. “But my wife said X, and I just had to respond!”, “But my Boss did this, and I just had to respond!”, “But reality delivered this and I cant possibly stay relaxed!” they tell me. However, human statues prove that it is possible to remain calm no matter what is going on. And they gather the awe and applause of passerbys many of who wouldnt even have enough self-control to focus their attention for only a minute.

From interviews with human statues I have gleaned an important principle of willpower. Most of them report that the job is utterly exhausting at first, but becomes natural and easy over time. This is why effort is a good thing: whatever you are investing your effort into, really does become easier over time. I also teach that if you wish to control your circumstances, you must control yourself first. Once you set an intention or goal, simply dont respond to circumstances that try to veer you away from your self-chosen path. And if someone talks harshly to you, why not just remain silent, or say “OK” and leave it at that? It is a matter of willpower. It is difficult at first and becomes easier with practice.

6. Finish what is Unfinished

The mind does not like unfinished tasks. It keeps nagging at you as you, compelling you to run it in your mind over and over again. This subtly depletes your energy. The only ways to free yourself from this are to

a) Finish the task already

b) Decide to abort the task

c) Delegate the task

d) Decide what you will do with it and when

One of these four frees your mind from the unfinished tasks. The mind also treats goals and problems as unfinished tasks. .The more goals and problems as well as unfinished tasks you carry around with you, the more your energy and willpower are scattered instead of focused, depleted instead of stored. You will experience a marked increase in well-being and power by writing down all unfinished things, tasks, errands, emails, phone-calls, projects, problems, goals, desires, hopes, fears and then applying one of the 4 abovementioned decisions to them.

If you finish everything on your list you reach a place I call “free attention” or “zero point” or “freedom of mind”. It is recommended that you stay close to zero for the rest of your life. But first you have to get to zero. Because once you have gotten to zero physically, you can get to zero mentally, thus having a completely clear mind. For instance if you have a a tray at your desk where you put all unfinished stuff and letters and you completely take care of everything that is in there, you will have reached a physical zero point in that regard. From there it will be easier to do an inner inventory of inner unfinished stuff and reach a zero point there too.

Am I saying that the “peace of mind” state so many Meditation-Practitioners try to achieve can be facilitated by cleaning up the stuff on your desk? Yes, that’s what I’m saying! What to do with all this energy saved by coming to “zero-point”? Well, those ideas will come to you much more easily when your mind is clear. Free your mind.

7. Change your Habitual Patterns

Yet another way to increase your overall Willpower (and thereby state of energy and Aliveness) is by deliberately changing your habits and behavioral patterns. The following examples of behavior may have nothing at all to do with your goals but any of them will nevertheless benefit your goals because as you change one thing, that spills over to other areas in your life. Here are some examples of changing patterns, habits and routines:

Walk Backwards

In my early twenties I took the same way to work every day. I used this time to make several deliberate changes in my thinking and acting. One of the things I would do is walk backwards to work. This changed my habitual morning-thinking, which in turn made my day more creative.

Brush your teeth with the other hand

Why not switch the hands with which you brush your teeth? This quick behavioral shift demonstrates that you are not running your life on automatic but are yourself the creator of your experience.

Change your Posture

Try changing your body posture several times throughout the day. It will immediately transport you into the here and now, having you feel more aware and awake. Every deliberate act you do, trains your willpower.

Enjoy something you normally dont enjoy

Take something you resist, and try to enjoy it instead. There is no use resisting standing in a grocery store line. Why not thoroughly enjoy it next time? Do not be a victim of circumstance.

Change your speech patterns

If you have always used fillers such as “like” or “actually”, why not try doing without them for a week? Small changes can create big things. Such a simple tool can turn your whole world upside down because you are actually beginning to pay attention to what is going on.

These were only five examples but we could surely come up with hundreds of ways to exercise willpower and awareness, which are the primary keys to success in life.

Focus leads to success. Success sometimes leads to lack of focus. Not resting on your laurels but instead maintaining your momentum when you have reached the top is also a matter of will.

If you enjoyed this article, read more at www.realitycreation.org

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Incarnating into Virtual Reality

As souls we zoomed in on a tiny dot called “The Universe” and were absorbed by it. Then, within the Universe we zoomed in on an even more tiny dot within, called “Planet Earth”. We then contracted our Consciousness even more by incarnating into a body. Then, on planet earth, we went into increasingly dense realities. Finally, it was offered to us to enter virtual reality, a whole new Universe within a Universe, and many got absorbed by that. Attention is energy. Absorbing attention is absorbing energy. Absorbing the attention of masses of people a type of sorcery. What consumes the most attention of humankind in these times? Answer: Virtual Reality (Internet, Movies, Artificial Settings).

The average teenager spends most of his free time in front of a 2-dimensional screen, not in the 3-dimensional world, much less in the higher “4th Dimension”. Virtual Reality will intensify over time as it becomes more three-dimensional, surround- and holo-deck like. Everyone will be connected to the world wide web. Computers will think, speak and act. You will be able to connect Biocomputers to the brain. The Diffusion of privacy which is beginning with “Google Street View”, Webcams, GPS, SearchEngines, will continue. There will be robots with artificial intelligence. Every household and every appliance will be connected to the web of inter-communication. How do I know? Because “as above, so below”. Modern technology mimics the spiritual world. The Internet mimics the metaphysical Interconnectedness of all Beings. Search Engines mimic the Akashic Chronicles, a Cosmic Library that contained information on everything. Cell Phones Mimic Telepathy. Airplanes mimic Soul-Flight. Television mimics Clairvoyance.


s in the astral and celestial realms, so on earth.  The ancients complained that our reality is merely an “Illusion” and that we should “awaken” to the “real” world. They claimed that what we consider “real life on Planet Earth” is only a dream, only a virtual reality and that by renouncing the world we could awaken to something more real. Similar will some day be taught to people who have become so lost in virtual, computer-generated worlds, that they think those worlds are “the only reality”.

A virtual world or a game would not be a problem if it werent for the Minds tendency to proclaim it “the only reality”.  Gaining perspective means noticing not only content but also context, not only seeing the details of any given reality but the framework in which it happens. This is like being enthralled by a disturbing movie, feeling emotional upheaval because of it, and then sitting back, noticing it is only a movie and becoming aware of the overall Theatre beyond the hypnotic pull of the events on the screen. The importance of the movie is re-contextualized and no longer felt as disturbing. Likewise, life is more enjoyable if you can identify (step-into) and de-identify (step out of) any focal point at will. As your attention shifts, what was previously of great importance recedes into the background and you take in a wider context from which to live life.


About the author: Fred Dodson www.realitycreation.org


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Get out of your Head to start feeling Alive

Life is energy and that energy always flows. If you are resisting the stream of life, your breathing becomes shallow, your muscles contract and you are more into thinking and wanting. If you relax, open up and go with that flow of energy, your breathing becomes slower and softer, your muscles are loosen and you are more into feeling and being.

The mind is a recording device that records events and plays them back when you need to access memories. It fulfills that purpose perfectly. But that machine we call “the mind”, is not really in touch with life or the here and now, nor is it meant to be. Remember the feeling of aliveness and zest you had as a child? If that recedes with age, it’s because you spent too much time with inside the device that records life, instead of with life itself. Being preoccupied with thinking is as if you are reading a book about wine, not drinking it, reading a book about love, not living it, talking about travelling, not doing it, writing about art, instead of creating it.

Releasing thinking, letting go of it more and more, or ceasing to look in the mind for answers will not reduce your Intelligence or make you dull. The mind is useful for the details of daily life, but it does not know happiness and energy, just like a Computer couldn’t be happy. Letting go of seeking answers, trying to understand things, trying to grasp everything with the intellect will not make you more stupid, it will actually make you smarter. Don’t you see how the more someone exerts himself and tightens his forehead trying to figure things out, the stupider he gets? It’s a misconception that a lot of thinking gets things done or solves issues. Even scientific research is best done in a balance of thinking and receiving, of mind and emptiness, of concentration and release.

If you reduce your thinking you will increase your power and happiness. But trying to get rid of or suppress thinking will not work. What will work is feeling. When you notice yourself get tense, unwell or into too much thinking and wanting (wanting = lack. Thinking and Wanting always appear together), simply shift back to feeling. Shift back to energy. The quickest way to do this is to re-direct your attention into your body. This is also called “getting out of the head”. So instead of being preoccupied with the mind and having attention in the head-area (Consciousness loves hanging around in the head area), you redirect attention to your stomach or chest or arms or legs or simply to feeling. Feeling what? Just feeling whatever is there. Whatever you are feeling right now. The mind will say that you are “supposed to” feel this or that way, but that’s only the minds commentary. The mind always provides commentary. You can’t stop the mind. Meditation-Practitioners try to stop it, but that’s impossible.. Just let that inner TV Set run, its not important. When going to your feelings, letting your feelings be your guide, the most important thing is to stop resisting feeling itself. The way you have been brought up as a human, you are resisting what you are feeling most of the time. Resisting feeling creates more thinking. If you release your general resistance, you calm the mind.

So take a deep breathe and just feel what you are feeling right now. Feel your life energy right now. When you feel life, you feel all the energy passing through, without filters. Thinking is like putting filters on that energy. After awhile you only perceive a very small part of all the energy.

Sit upright and watch your breathing. Do this for a minute or two.

Notice how just watching your breathing clears the mind and feels uplifting.

Breathing is connected to feeling. Cutting off the breathe of life is connected to thinking.

Except when it is doing creative visualization, the mind is essentially a recording machine. It records information and then it plays that information again and again. This can be very useful to draw upon a vast library of information and align your intentions and actions. But it can also become a burden when you keep playing the same old negative records over and over. The funny thing is that it thinks its helping and protecting you by playing negative records on a daily basis. It’s reasoning is: “If you are afraid of this, you are protected from it”. But actually, just the opposite is true. Fear does not protect you from what is feared, it attracts what is feared. If you wish to empower yourself you’ll have to overcome this basic mistake that is implanted within each and every human like some kind of programming error. Attention on the problem does not solve it. So let go of trying to solve it, grasp it, understand it, figure it out, and return to feeling. It will then solve itself.

Return to feeling-what-is, without resistance, every time you notice yourself get back into too much thinking, wanting and tension. Let all energies, emotions, feelings that come up just pass by and pass through. If you don’t resist them, they just pass through. When something painful comes up, there is a tendency to stop that energy or try to push it back down. This does not get rid of the Emotion, it just puts it back into subconsciousness. You then may not feel it anymore but you do not have a gain in energy, you have an overall loss. If you let that “painful” emotion come up and out it may be more painful then usual but in the long run there is a gain in calm, a gain in lightness, a gain in emotional clearing. People who practice this may be experiencing more emotional “pain” than other people because they are letting it come up and out. All other people keep it down in their subconscious. They will have to face it some day. But in reality there is no such thing as emotional “pain”. It only feels like pain if there is still a part of you pushing it. Just let it completely come up and out.

A helpful exercise in this regard is to feel into each body part before going to sleep. Have your attention be in your right foot. And then the left foot. And in this way gently through the whole body. If you practice this for awhile you will start feeling your energy again. You will also effect the quality of your night-dreams positively.

Another good idea is to try experiencing places, people and things without filters, without protection. To understand how this works, look at some object. Now, do not give the object a name. Do not give it a quality. Do not desire it, do not resist. Do not form an opinion about it. Just take it as it is. Unfiltered. Your experience of the object will intensify. You will actually begin to feel the inherent energy of the object. You will see what it really is, beyond your personal labels and preferences. In my Live Courses I have people do this Meditation-Exercise for hours. They get high from it. Why do they get high by simply walking around looking at things? Because they do so without filters. All energy comes in without being blocked.

99% of real life is invisible. Life is really not about the 1% you can see, but about the energy all around. The mind is always preoccupied with the visible, with the 1%. If you wish to access the 99%, stop resisting life and feel it.

About the author:

Fred Dodson

The author is a Life-Coach who can be reached at www.realitycreation.org or www.oceanofsilence.com.

Letting Go – An Adventure with Wild Spinner Dolphins

I started researching dolphin swim programs and trips.
Later that summer, I attended an engagement party for
friends where I met Jon, a personal growth and workshop
leader. He was leading a trip to Hawaii the following March
to swim with the wild spinner dolphins on the Big Island of
Hawaii. Our mutual interests soon sparked into romance. I
signed up for the trip and agreed to help design the visuals
for his flyers and advertising. I was thrilled! In my
imagination I immersed myself in the dancing waters of
Kealakekua Bay, I flew with the Goddess Pele over rivers of
underground molten lava and sacred caves, and I felt the
breath of balmy ocean breezes on my skin.

As the months went by and we got closer to our departure
date, I began to wonder what the chances were, realistically,
of actually finding the dolphins. After all, we were meeting
them somewhere out in one of the largest natural bays in
the Hawaiian islands. I felt a great sadness well up inside
me as I considered the possibility that this encounter might
not happen. For days I struggled within myself, wanting to
prepare myself for a very real scenario — the likelihood that
they would not be there. Over and over I’ve observed this
dilemma between the doubting mind and the heart. The
heart longs and aches, and the mind scrambles to protect
us from disappointment, from failure, from disillusionment.
For days I prayed and had conversations with the dolphins
in my head. Finally, I came to a place of letting go. I let go of
my attachment to seeing them. If they chose not to come,
that was okay. I would still enjoy my vacation in Hawaii.
Nothing would be lost. In fact, everything would be perfect
just as it was.

It was at this place of detachment, of letting go and
surrender, that something miraculous happened. I was very
busy with work the week before we were scheduled to leave.
I was putting in long hours, and I had countless details to
attend to. Then, in the midst of all this pre-occupation and
noise, I started to hear something else. I started to hear,
faintly at first and then louder, small distinct chirpings and
whistlings. It became unmistakable — it was the sound of
dolphins, and it got louder. I don’t believe this, I thought. I
signaled back anyway: Thank you for communicating, but
now I’m having a hard time concentrating. All week long it
was like being tuned into a very special and exclusive radio

At the end of the week we flew from San Francisco to the
town of Kona on Hawaii. From the air I could see the
moonlike lava landscape of the west shore. We arrived at
our beautifully situated hotel south of town, ate dinner and
then headed for bed. We were scheduled to wake up early,
at 5 a.m. the next morning, to carpool to Kealakekua Bay
with our wetsuits and snorkel gear. In the haziness of early
morning light we sheepishly greeted one another, coffee
cups in hand. My heart hammered in my throat. The moment
had arrived. Would the dolphins show up for their date — an
invitation made through the ether and precipitated in the
heart? Slowly, we drove the winding road down towards the
glistening waters of the bay and pulled into a sandy parking
lot. Large red hibicus flowers lay strewn across the ground.
I walked toward the beach, and then I saw it — the splash of
a single dolphin jumping just off shore.

I was so astonished that I started to cry. I realized then that if
this was to be the only contact we had with the dolphins all
week, I would still be extraordinarily happy. To me, they had
decided to keep our date. Later, at the end of our swim, I
spoke briefly with an old Hawaiian man who sat watching
our foray out into the water. He grinned and quietly
commented, “They haven’t been here for weeks, but today
they are here.”

We did find a huge pod of dolphins — or perhaps they found
us. They showed up on each of the three days we had
hoped to swim with them. It was magical and extraordinarily
dreamlike — like being in an altered state of reality or
another dimension. In the evening Jon led us in
meditations. “Visualize,” he said. “What more do you want to
create for yourself with the dolphins?” My inner vision had
been flooded with brilliantly colored pictures of the dolphins
ever since our first swim in the water. It was like watching

my own inner nonstop movie. I wondered — was I creating
the pictures, or were the dolphins sending them to me? As I
sat quietly attending to the in and out of my breath, I saw
myself gazing into the eye of a dolphin as it slowly swam
next to me. Then another one leapt high up in front of me.
The next morning I found myself transfixed by the gaze of a
dolphin as he gracefully swam past me. Then a loud splash
caught my attention as a dolphin leapt into the air, spraying
me with water. I laughed out loud. They must have gotten my
message. Or maybe I got theirs.

One of the things we discovered was that the dolphins liked
playing a game with leaves. They particularly seemed to like
the large yellow leaves that floated out from shore. The
dolphins would pass them from one fin to another,
sometimes catching them on their flukes (tails) or carrying
them on their rostrums (their long beaklike jaws). As a
group we decided that we would come down to the bay for a
fourth day and bring the dolphins a gift of leaves and
flowers. That last morning we carefully swam out with our
gifts, looking for the dolphins, but they had disappeared. We
had not had a prior agreement to swim with them, and in
their enigmatic fashion they had quietly vanished. We
returned to the beach, and on the sand we created a
farewell mandala of shells, red hibiscus flower petals and
yellow leaves. I was touched by the delicate beauty of our
fragile creation. It seemed appropriate that our last
encounter would be with our group together standing in a
circle holding hands, with the temporal beauty of nature
spread out at our feet.

The teaching for me here was about the power of the heart,
of letting go and surrendering. What I learned was that we
are enormously powerful if we choose to create out of love. I
felt as though I understood in a new way the old adage: Let
go, and love will find you. With the distance of hindsight, my
mind would sometimes argue that I tend to have a very
overactive imagination and that I am a prime candidate for
hearing and seeing things. How would I ever know whether
the dolphins would have shown up regardless of anything I
did or felt? Wasn’t it all just a matter of random chance?
Over the years, however, the truth of these experiences has
become more and more palpable. The dolphins are a
constant reminder to check in with myself and to ask
whether a wish for something or someone is truly coming
from my heart. If the answer is yes, then those things — be
they people, projects, places, experiences — seem to come
towards me. They do show up. It is not a logical road.
If my desire is coming from a place of ego or of trying to
control a situation, the outcome is less predictable. The
“message” doesn’t seem to get through — or if it does, it
doesn’t seem to have much power. Over and over again, I
have heard the communications to relax and
surrender and let go. As a result, I find that I cry
more, and I laugh more. I try to let myself be in the river of
life, no matter how scary it may sometimes appear — to go
with the flow rather than trying to resist it. I try following my
intuition or my gut, often down a seemingly illogical path.
Ultimately, the power of Love seems to find a way. It
appears to be irresistible.

Since these initial experiences, I have become familiar with
the term telempathy, a phrase coined by Joan Ocean,
who has spent years swimming with the wild spinners in
Hawaii. Telempathy is a combination of telepathic and
empathetic communication, or empathy at a distance.
Empathic communication occurs when we experience the
exact sensations of someone or something else with whom
we are emotionally close. My own experience has shown
me that dolphins tend to be extremely empathic. They seem
to have the ability to feel the pain and emotional state of
another being. This, combined with their echolocation or
imaging skills — the ability to project clicking sounds
(created in the air sacs beneath the blowhole) out in front of
them, then interpret the soundwaves as they are reflected
back, thereby determining the size and distance of foreign
objects — seems to make for a very sophisticated form of
telepathy. I am reminded of a woman in our group on our
trip to Hawaii who was pregnant. She didn’t go into the
water for the first couple of days because she felt tired from
the flight. When she finally did, she was surrounded by
dolphins who seemed to show a particular interest in her. It
was if they knew she was carrying a child and needed
special attention. The combination of these two skills — the
ability to be empathic and also to “see through things” —
makes the dolphins especially suited as “healers” (by their
very presence) and as messengers, perhaps even cosmic

When people ask if dolphins have changed me, I say that I
seem to have more dreams now and fewer plans than I
used to. I hold my dreams out in front of me and then let
them go. Invariably my dreams show up in unexpected ways
and sometimes in new forms — here we are, it’s time,
here’s the connection or the opportunity. I worry less
about the details and spend more time putting color into my
daydreams, adding scents and enjoying the warmth of the
sun on my skin.

In the midst of great change or loss I am reminded to trust
that everything is unfolding perfectly. Stay calm, listen and
catch the next wave. I try to practice living in dolphin time. To
me dolphins live in circular time as opposed to linear time.
For many of us life appears to move in straight lines, but
perhaps it is more accurate to say it moves in many
directions at once perfectly synchronized. We are not
separate from one another, but part of a much greater pod
that has its own intelligence. Our job is just to tune in and
then get out of our own way.

Karin Kinsey is a Bay Area freelance travel writer and graphic designer. She leads dolphin encounter trips and has explored such places as Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and British Columbia in search of marine mammal life. Excerpted from Dancing on Water: Adventures with Dolphins, Whales and Interspecies Communication (Dolphin Press, 2005). See http://www.dolphinpress.com/DancingOnWater/

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The World’s Greatest Mystery – The Crystal Skulls, Part II

In the first part of this article we introduced the Crystal Skulls and gave some history. However, we didn’t speak much about the various theories that have been speculated about their origins or why the crystal skulls seem to attract or hold special frequencies of energies which have a profound effect upon any individual they encounter. Finally, to illustrate how the crystal skulls function, I will site a few personal experiences in my 27 years of being around what I call the “Crystal Friends”. It is my hope that this article and others we will be writing will help people to understand what a crystal skull is and why it is vitally important to the future of all of humanity.

Now one area I haven’t addressed which I think would help our readers (I mean I am always curious about this myself when I study a new subject, so I must assume so shall some of you) is why an individual would get involved with the crystal skulls which is not your normal field of study. Not only involved and fascinated but willing to spend almost half of their life even. So let’s start here.

Imagine it is April of 1983 and you are only 28 years old. At this point of your life you are going on a spiritual journey of self discovery and traveling on faith. You have no idea where you are going, how long you will stay and what will be coming up for you in the near future but you trust this is the correct path for you to live.

Then you find yourself visiting a metaphysical bookstore in San Jose, California, just across from the Rosicrucian Park. You are there to see the owner, Francoise, who is a good friend (possibly was even your mother in a past life) and also coincidentally one of her sons had the exact same birthday as yourself. Francoise shares a photo of a remarkable artifact – a quartz skull, made of amethyst – about the size of a young adult’s skull. As you are viewing this photograph, you recognize this object within yourself – but why, how and from when, you have no clue. Next, you feel an inner earthquake inside of you while viewing the photo – your body is vibrating wildly inside (not outside) – again what is causing this? Then maybe just 15 or 20 minutes later, the table that the photo is lying upon starts shaking violently as well. As there was a real earthquake in the area just south of San Jose. Coincidence? A Sign? Your Desinty?

Anyway, somehow this sequence of (pre-ordained?) events triggers an inner knowing that the crystal skulls are very very important for the future of humanity and not only must you see this specific skull in person (which you do a few days later and really feel its energy and its aliveness) but you have to search out the others, by what ever means you can and share the best information you are able to collect. Who would ask for a job like this? Who would agree to a job like this (the pay is not always the best) but this is exactly what happened to me and has been a life’s work since then.

Of course, today as we mentioned before, we have many modern carvers using predominately diamond tipped tools making crystal skulls not only of quartz crystal (which is a material of a fair high hardness and not easy to carve) but also of many other types of gemstones. So crystal skulls are turning up everywhere. But the older skulls, some of which we mentioned in Part I of this article are not so available. But still just in Mexico alone, over one hundred (including several hollow skulls) are literally just coming out of the ground all over the country within recent years, so the revealing publicly of these hidden skulls has begun. Almost like someone turned on a switch since the middle part of the 1990’s and now its literally flooding with new skulls coming out almost every day.

Speaking of Mexico, I had an opportunity to visit there twice in 2009. The first time I met Maestro Rosales, who is a famous muralist. He has a great love for Mesa American artifacts (Mayans, Aztecs, Toltec) but not only to collect but to protect them. Since he is so well loved in Mexico, the government allows him to keep these artifacts (which he wants to create a museum for) as long as he doesn’t take them out of the country. And of course during my visit I saw five crystal skulls he had, three were the hollow type and one was a large (human-sized) clear quartz skull, all found within the ground. Also during this visit in March, I met the famous journalist Jaime Maussan, who is known for his reports of UFO activities in Mexico but Senior Maussan had his own crystal skull (found when they were digging to open up a foundation of a building) a larger then human-size rose call skull which he called “Rosie”. Also Senior Maussan did an interview with me for his show.

The second visit to Mexico (Mexico City) was for a crystal skull conference offered by a friend where I had a chance to speak. And once again, the participants of the conference brought crystal skulls – some amazing crystal skulls that we had never seen before, people were buying at stores or having relatives passing them down. Some of these skulls were intricately carved and made, with symbols carved into the stone and others were primitive or hollow.

But lets move on to some theories discussed within the crystal skull world about how some of the older crystal skulls (those which have very precise details in their design plus are generating a lot of kilobytes of energy) may have been created and by whom. Atlantis seems to be a common point of origin. We have heard about 13 large temples that existed throughout various parts of Atlantis with the possibility of each one containing a crystal skull which functioned like an oracle. By this we mean that if you did a meditation with the skull, it could impart great wisdom into you or wake up knowledge buried deep inside our subconscious. Healing is also discussed by people who have past life memories of working with crystal skulls in the temples of Atlantis. Either a healer would hold or touch a crystal skull and then place their hands on the area of the body where the person is afflicted or even just placing the person near a crystal skull physically, activating the skull with color/light/sound and then the energy emanated through the skull would completely remove any illness or physical problem.

As far as related to a few ideas about how the crystals skulls from these far times in the past may have been manufactured here is a few thoughts:

a) Perhaps there was some type of laser cutting system used on a large block of quartz controlled by a computer to make its form?

b) Were the skulls gifts given to Atlantis by a Galactic Civilization?

c) Was the power of the mind (or by a race very evolved) used to change bone into quartz or by some technologies we do not possess today nor can even imagine?

d) Some people feel the crystal skulls (possibly with crystal bodies) were manifested by spiritual or dimensional beings who solidified their light body to have it become physical.

e) The ancient civilization of Lemuria also has legends and stories stating that they might also have created crystal skulls – part of this can be interpreted from legends told within various indigenous tribes that exist today. Too many theories and possibilities, yes?

The last source we have heard from deals with the idea of a Hollow Earth. This implies the earth is hollow with a mini-sun at the very core. Gravity holds the residence of our world either on the outer surface (like where we live) or an inner surface which then receives sunlight 24 hours a day due to the inner sun. It is said satellites flying over the true North Pole are able to take photos of an opening that exists there which explains the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights in the sky). And that is, this light is a reflection of the inner sun as clouds pass over the opening at the North Pole. Therefore, if this theory is correct, there could be people living inside and purportedly they are very advanced and have their own sets of crystal skulls again used to store information and energy.

One other possibility, which is of course unproven, is that maybe some of the crystal skulls have been brought back from the future, in order to assist humanity in some way. Since we are not totally sure how these very old skulls were made, why couldn’t future people slip some of their skulls in here then? Who would know?

But how are the crystal skulls helping people today besides being a curiosity? Well many people are using the crystal skulls for their personal spiritual growth or energy. By meditating with an awakened or energized crystal skull – this can act as a catalyst to bring out your spiritual gifts (inner vision / 3rd eye; enhanced dreams, sensitivity to different forms of energy; hearing spirit or your inner self; helping to have clarity about one’s life purpose or world mission). But a person needs to remember that as they seek to have these inner openings and know themselves better, there also can come very intense transformations (like a “death and a rebirth”). So sometimes the crystal skulls also act to bring out blockages which can be temporary down time.

The last area, I will just mention briefly, just to go give you an idea of how complex the study of the crystal skulls are, is a type of scientific research we have done linked to our understanding of the paranormal nature of the crystal skulls. Since so many people have felt an energy (not known from where it comes) within or around the crystal skulls and this energy has had a powerful effect the people it touches, we have to see what can we learn about this energy.

So we developed a series of tests using different equipment. Such devices as Meridian Stress Test Systems, Aura/Kirlian Cameras, a Lecher Antenna (like a dowsing rod but able to measure specific frequencies of energy), a Brain Frequency Scanner and more. The bottom line is, no matter what device we used, working with people as subjects to see shifts in their electro-magnetic frequencies, the skulls showed a powerful effect, regardless whether we worked with new skulls (that had been activated) or their older brothers and sisters.

Within this article, I have tried to offer various insights into the crystal skulls and explain why so many people are so fascinated by them. For myself, with the nine crystal skulls that I share with my life partner Katrina, they play a key part of our lives. Every time we go out to explore some new areas or places (whether these are sacred sites or special locations within nature), visit bodies of water or just to be part of some type of public event where there are many people, they (our crystal skulls or we call them the “crystal kids”) always come with us. They are truly a part of our family and we are their hands and feet to share them with other individuals we meet along the way throughout the world.

The key messages we believe being shared (or inspired) by the crystal skulls are about peace, cooperation and unity. They carry within them these peaceful and harmonious energies which can touch on some level everyone around them. Additionally for many people who are guardians of one or more crystal skulls, each skull has its own personality attached to it which is perhaps the spirit (or spirits) that work through the crystal skulls to animate them. The skulls greatest desire is to inspire humanity to greatness and to teach and remind us how to live life following the universal laws of peace. And this job, as it were, is not just happening now as our world finds itself in all kind of challenges and messes (all made by our own hands) but has helped humanity over the millennium (in times in the far past) so all the crystal skulls are doing is returning again to play the same helpful role.

In conclusion, the absolute best way to really know the crystal skulls is either to become a crystal skull guardian yourself (they are not all that expensive to get one and we can help if you wish) or to visit with the ones that are well known and traveling for people to meet and touch them. When you have come into the energetic field of these crystal friends you will feel or sense something. You will see changes occur in your life. What we are still working on though, in our research, is to better understand how they work (from both a paranormal and scientific perspective) – what is powering these skulls and how do they become activated. And for those results, you will have to stay tuned to future articles.

Thank you for your kind attention,

In peace and light always

Joshua Shapiro

A crystal skull explorer


Joshua Shapiro is known as a Crystal Skull Explorer. He has been involved with the crystal skulls for 27 years since 1983. He is the co-author of two books, “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” (with Bowen & Nocerino) and Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers (earlier versions with Blue Arrow Rainbow EagleWoman & the current edition with Katrina Head, his current partner).

At this time, Joshua & Katrina are offering two key products and services to help other learn more about the crystal skulls, their free newsletter entitled “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls” which offers to the member a free gift of a 3 part documentary Joshua helped to create in 2007. Plus in this newsletter Joshua & Katrina are sharing all their field reports filed with photos and video of new crystal skulls they are meeting and Joshua is finally release materials he has collected in his travels but never shared before just with the members. To sign up for the FREE newsletter just head on over to:

http://www.whoisjoshuashapiro.com/newsletter-signup.htm – (just fill in on this page your name and email, you will get a thank you page back, and then also a confirmation email, please look for this – in the confirmation email is a link to click on to confirm, after this confirmation you are presented with a webpage with the 3 part documentary)

Or grab your copy of our new edition of our FREE e-book at: http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/free-ebook/csexplorers.html – (fill in the short form and the thank you page explains how to get your e-book)

Thank you.

Joshua Shapiro
the crystal skull explorer
phone: 1-678-779-0537
skype: joshaushapiro17
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

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The World’s Greatest Mystery

Part I – In the Beginning

Maybe about 30 years ago there existed just a few – very few – crystal skulls known in the world – one in a Museum in Paris (came out in the 1860’s), another in a museum in London (there since 1898 but purportedly also discovered in the 1860’s) and then what is known today as “The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love” (out since 1924 from Belize in Central America). Up until the middle 1980’s these were the key crystal skulls.

However everything changed in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s. Here is kind of a news flash summary of what is going on now:

1) Several crystal skulls determined to be what is called “ancient” (that means either from 1-2,000 years in their creation or older) started to rush out in the late 1989’s to mid-1990’s and it hasn’t stopped since:

a) Max, a 16 lb. clear quartz skull from Guatemala which is healing people and traveling almost every weekend (Joann Parks, guardian, Houston, Texas)

b) ET, a human sized smoky quartz skull found on the property of a Mayan family in 1906 in Guatemala was sold to Joky van Dieten and in 1991 and helped her heal a brain tumor, still in her hands

c) Late 1980’s via famed crystal skull researcher F. R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino via a Mayan Priest in Mexico sees two large quartz skulls (amethyst and clear quartz with circular indentation in the temples) one is last heard with a lawyer in Texas and the amethyst was sold to an individual August 2009, but the new owner has not announced himself, the Mayan Priest sold both skulls (or received a loan never re-paid)

d) Hollow Skulls – there are tens of crystal skulls coming out of the ground in Mexico in all kinds of sizes and shapes coming out of Mexico, I have personally seen several, the first one I saw was in 1999 in Sedona, AZ with Dael Walker, who has Madre and Rainbow, two small clear quartz skulls he believes is ancient – the Smithsonian Institute has a very large hollow skull (left on their doorstep and shown on the 1996 BBC program Everyman, episode, “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls” – and more of these skulls are coming out all the time.

e) Synergy – a 16 lb. large clear quartz skull – gifted to a European Gem collectors in the 1980’s by a family in Ecuador that received it from a nun who said it came from an ancient civilization. Now with Sherry Whitfield in AZ and traveling the world. A man she met in England said when he showed a photo of Synergy to a tribe of people in Australia, they recognized the skull and said they guarded it over 1000 years ago. Synergy doesn’t look like a human skull but is more like an animal.

f) hundreds of non-quartz skulls are coming out of China and Mongolia – we even have one which was uncovered in Mongolia when they were digging in a ground to build a dam. Have also seen Jade Skulls and a Jade Skeleton also perhaps linked to Mongolia and Genghis Khan – the Jade Skulls have strange system on them.

And there are many more skulls coming out linked to old and ancient ruins – so many it is impossible to keep up with them all – but now lets get down to the real issue at hand – what are these crystal skulls (we will focus on the quartz skulls) all about – why are they such a world mystery and why are they visit to the future?

First the shape of the skull – is this important – oh yes it is – why is this? When you look at a person do you speak to them and look at their hands, their legs – their chest – why of course not. You look at their head because we believe the essence of who we are is linked to the brain, the control center of our body – and also we see an intelligence in a person’s eyes. But also the ancient people felt the shape of the head was linked to the God Head – and in a way from a spiritual perspective they are right – because our true essence is spirit and consciousness and our spirit works through our brain to experience this world and move our bodies. But also we believe the shape of our head – its form, just like a pyramid is a receptacle to receive universal knowledge and information.

Therefore if we create a crystal skull which matches the shape of a human skull, as many of the very old or ancient skulls do quite well, then it will contain these proprieties to be a knowledge receptacle but also being comprised of quartz crystal (which is a transmitter and receiver of various frequencies of energy) will amplify its ability to hold information and also to send out healing energies to the people around it. Can you imagine what energy might be stored in a crystal skull that has existed for thousands upon thousands of years. And since quartz is recording also all the events that happening around it as well (just like a video camera) imagine what kind of knowledge could be recorded inside. The crystal skulls were the first computers far before we developed the ones we have now which still re-lie on quartz crystals to work.

Now what has taken place recently is that even before the Indiana Jones film, many people all of a sudden decided to get their own crystal skulls. Starting in the middle part of the 1990’s this phenomena happened and now on e-bay you can find hundreds or thousands of crystal skulls for sale (but don’t believe the claims about the authenticity by all the sellers). People are using crystal skulls for their personal meditations, to improve their sleep or dreams, to have more energy or focus in their life and even to enhance their creative and psychic gifts. People are working with crystal skulls to store special energies from sacred sites they visit, or to re-active old sites by going their and meditation. World Peace Meditations are being conducted working with crystal skulls to amplify the energies sent out by the meditators.

(This article is part of a two part article – in the second part we will delve more into theories about how the crystal skulls might have been created, a summary of personal scientific and paranormal research we have conducted and some personal stories. Part II will appear here in my author’s section. )


Joshua Shapiro is known as a Crystal Skull Explorer. He has been involved with the crystal skulls for 27 years since 1983. He is the co-author of two books, “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” (with Bowen & Nocerino) and Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers (earlier versions with Blue Arrow Rainbow EagleWoman & the current edition with Katrina Head, his current partner).

At this time, Joshua & Katrina are offering two key products and services to help other learn more about the crystal skulls, their free newsletter entitled “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls” which offers to the member a free gift of a 3 part documentary Joshua helped to create in 2007. Plus in this newsletter Joshua & Katrina are sharing all their field reports filed with photos and video of new crystal skulls they are meeting and Joshua is finally release materials he has collected in his travels but never shared before just with the members. To sign up for the FREE newsletter just head on over to:

http://www.whoisjoshuashapiro.com/newsletter-signup.htm – (just fill in on this page your name and email, you will get a thank you page back, and then also a confirmation email, please look for this – in the confirmation email is a link to click on to confirm, after this confirmation you are presented with a webpage with the 3 part documentary)

Or grab your copy of our new edition of our FREE e-book at: http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/free-ebook/csexplorers.html – (fill in the short form and the thank you page explains how to get your e-book)

Thank you.

Joshua Shapiro
the crystal skull explorer
phone: 1-678-779-0537
skype: joshaushapiro17
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

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Datre 182 – Revitalization

Datre answers Debbie (Datre183)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Debbie, and her first question is… “I have had AH-HA moments, I guess I have called them revelations. What I would like to know is when you have an AH-HA this is obviously the MIND. At the moment of this revelation does the BRAIN get it at that point. Does the BRAIN then accept this new information?”

DATRE: Well, that AH HA doesn’t necessarily have to come from the mind. You see your brain is an accumulator. And as you bring experiences, emotions, you read, you hear, you bring all of these things into the brain and the brain is trying to set up a filing system. In other words, with your computer, what do you do? You set things into categories or into folders. And in the categories, they can be very simple, like one is the transcripts, and one is music, and another one is artwork, another one is news information, and things that you want to keep – storage. Its like a file cabinet and you’ve got the draws all labeled.

Your brain is trying to do the same thing. Can you imagine the amount of storage that the brain goes through in but an hour? Just think of all the things that you interact with through all your physical emotions – your taste, your touch, your smell, your seeing. All of these things are being recorded – constantly. Your ‘aura’ is out there picking up all of this information. So, what you’re doing is, you’re collecting all of this constantly. And where do you store it? It has to be stored someplace. So, for now lets say, we store it in the brain.

Okay, now as we’ve said in the previous transcript, you have energy construct ‘triggers’. Now, in getting an AH HA, that can come through an energy construct trigger. It can come from a ‘brain’ finally finding a place to connect a bit of information you’ve just received – and the brain says, ‘okay, I’ll put it in here, lets see if this piece of information fits in this category’. So it goes into the file and the brain sees all these different things and that’s another piece of the puzzle. There’s a ‘click’ – its an energy click – its an AH HA. The brain has found a piece of information that makes this ‘other’ information its been filing make sense.

You see why you like puzzles? You see why you like mysteries? Its what your brain is doing constantly. So when the brain has a puzzle – a jigsaw puzzle, a crossword puzzle out of a newspaper, it has a mystery, it has something to solve – its excited because its a much simpler situation than trying to figure out where to put all the information you put into it.

Now, this is very simplistic, but it’s trying to help you understand ‘how’ this system works. You see it’s an automatic thing. You don’t have to think about – well now, I’ve got this piece of information and where am I going to file it? You’ve filed it as an energy construct in the brain. And you see, that is what is important, is that the brain finds something that it can connect with.

Now, this can also come from the mind. Because the ‘mind’ is different than the brain, the brain is making connections. The mind information is different. And it may take the brain a while to assimilate the ‘mind’ information – because it is uniquely different. That is why we try to convey to you different ways of looking at things and thinking about things. Because in doing that, your brain is more readily able to ‘accept’ the mind information and find a place for it.

So, you see, it can come different ways. But an AH HA is still an AH HA. And an AH HA – depending upon your evolutionary process of what you are trying to achieve and what goals you have set forth in front of you – these things may take years – in what you call your time counting. Take for example, that one called Kahlil Gibran. How many years did it take him to write his famous book “The Prophet”? The Prophet is not very big as far as books go. There are books that have thousands of pages in them, and there are books that have a very few pages, but have substance beyond measure.

But you see the ‘impatience’ comes from wanting to have the answers ‘now’. The answers of evolution are not ‘now’. ‘Give me the answers so that I can get out of here in a hurry’. It doesn’t work that way. The brain takes ‘time’ to assimilate information. And the time it takes to assimilate the information depends upon your evolutionary process being able to make the connections to make sense.

Now, we’ve talked about OBSERVERS many, many times. In OBSERVING, that also helps to assimilate different information that the brain uses constantly. So you see, you have many, many ways of getting an AH HA. We’ve often talked about the aura and how important an aura is to each and every individual. That is why we have said – many times – that when you work with patients in a hospital, you work on people in healing, you work with people in cutting hair, polishing fingernails, massage, anything that you have ‘physical’ contact with another individual – as again, we have said many, many times, showers and baths are very beneficial. Water is a substance that you do not understand, it has unique properties – when you are working… even to eat in a restaurant, be you the server or you are the one that is being served, it is very important for you if you are in an energy construct that is uncomfortable to you or very volatile, or whatever, that you wash your bodies.

Because, everything you touch permeates that aura. And the aura is what is used to contain the physical construct. Your aura, what your aura picks up is what is used by your body.

So you see, there’s many different ways of getting an AH HA. You may have come in contact – in some way-shape-or-form with an individual during the daytime that can trigger an AH HA. Because that individual has an aura that has some information that your aura interacts with. I’m taking you into different fields that you are probably unfamiliar with but it is to make you think what a wonderful construct you have to exist in.

So, your AH HA’s are GRAND. Because, what that does is, you take a giant frog leap into an area of different understanding. Next question?

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “Also how do you know when the information is from the MIND and not just a notion from the BRAIN?”

DATRE: That is very hard to discern. But something that feels familiar will be from the brain. Usually, something that comes from the mind is very different. It’s… what do you have a saying… its like coming in from left field. Its probably so different, so outlandish, such a revelation, that it causes a big, ‘whoa, where did that come from?’. Those you can easily discern. But there are those that come from the mind that are very ‘indiscernible’ simply because, as we’ve said, you dip in and out. You dip into the mind during the day – many times. But because you’re not paying attention and it isn’t important, you either reject it or accept it. Just like you do with something that’s from the brain.

It really doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter – except for those that are interested in making changes. And, how are you going to know? By being an OBSERVER and ‘tracing’ – see if you can trace where it comes from. If you have an AH HA, see if you can trace. It is a grand experience. And it’s a grand experiment. You may not be able to do it, do not become frustrated with it. But, if you have an AH HA, check it out. You see most peoples don’t take the time to study anything because the input is so great. Your physicality now is so bombarded with energy that it’s scattered, that it’s difficult for you to maintain a balance of any kind.

You’re out in the workplace, and you can come home at night and say you are so tired – why are you so tired? Because you have actually been walking in a hale storm. Your body has been bombarded all day long – by noise. Noise has a very debilitating effect on you. But you don’t realize that. If you were to go out in a hailstorm and the hailstones were blowing at your body, you’d find shelter. And yet you go out in a hailstorm of ‘noise’ every single day.

That is why – every one of you needs a quite time. Then you’ll say, ‘well, I haven’t got time’. You give everyone else your time. You give your time to your employer. You give your time to your work. You give your time to your family. Your significant other. You give your time to organizations. You give your time to everything else. How about taking – at least fifteen minutes – of quite time for yourself. You don’t need to sit and meditate. You don’t need to sit and think. You need just fifteen minutes to just sit and be quite. Don’t you deserve that? You give to everything and everyone else but you don’t give to the revitalization of ‘you’.

So you haven’t got time one day for fifteen minutes – how about when you lay down in bed? You usually don’t go right to sleep anyway – very few people do. Take that time to totally sink into the bed and just don’t think just relax, don’t fight it, give yourself ‘that’ peace that you need. So that when you go to sleep your body can restore itself.

So, I think we got a little off the track. But that’s all right; we had something to tell you. I hope we have answered your questions in a way that can help you – we’ve become very simplistic in our answers. But this is to help you in understanding. No one ever gained a great deal from a teacher that talks in great big words and explains nothing. We try and simplify it to explain. We thank you.

We are Datre.