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Learn Ramana Maharshi’s Meditation Technique for Enlightenment

Self inquiry is one of the most powerful and effective meditation techniques used by thousands of people all over the world. Taught by the enlightened Guru, Ramana Maharshi, this meditation technique alone has helped many people experience profound states of meditation, samadhi and even self realization. At the most mundane level, self inquiry is asking […]

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Dating – Law of Attraction Style

If traditional dating has not served you well in the past it is probably because you have been following the mainstream and operating by default. If you are ready for more positive experiences, it may be time for you to consider taking a different approach. Life is supposed to be fun and that includes dating. […]

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Mind Over Matter Tips That Work

Mind over matter is controlling your beliefs. Whatever you believe is true becomes your reality. Even if it is false in another persons eyes, if you believe it, it is true for you. This is the root of all conflict. Beliefs have immense power and sub-consciously we as humans know this. It is for this […]

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