Datre 181 – Your physical construct goes beyond your skin

Datre answers Diana (Datre181)

JOHN: Today we have a question from Diana, and her question is… “In the transcript (Datre166) Datre said, “So to explain to you ‘our’ existence, is an impossibility. Now there are those that come through this physical construct that have had physicality. But that is a long time ago, in your counting. So the remembrance of physicality is only there at the point of contact and the minute the point of contact is no longer, the memory does not exist.” My question is; If memory doesn’t exist at the point of contact with physicality then how do others know (or remember) they once had physicality?”

DATRE: Now, there again, you must remember that this contact, physical contact, is different than the majority of your individuals that are doing “channeling”. The majority of those that are doing channeling are channeling from the dead zone – only. Those are – generally – one individual contacts. As is the case with those you are familiar with – the Ram and Seth. Those were ‘one’ contact with an individual.

Now, Seth had, what you would call, others that were in contact, but there again, you see, because – as we have spoken of before – when you have many, many different ‘expressions’ from a source, then there are times when there are connections between those working in and through different portions of physicality. So, what we’re referring to is the many ‘different’ ones that come through ‘this’ physical construct.

Now, what would those that had had physical experiences and worked through them in their individual understanding of physicality need to carry around that which you call memory – if you don’t have a body? There is a triggering mechanism for someone coming into physicality that has had previous physicality that brings through that, which you call, a memory ‘patterning’. It’s an energy construct that even if you don’t have a body, you have an energy construct that you function with. And unless something ‘triggers’ that energy construct, it remains an integral part and does not separate itself like it does in physicality.

In physicality, you have an energy construct of the whole of your body. But, you have ‘individual’ energy constructs ‘within’ the body that are separate. In other words, your taste, your touch, your smell, your emotions, your hearing, all of these are in one containment and that one containment is an ‘energy construct’ of each one of these individual portions that are making different changes constantly. And adjusting the energy construct of the whole.

Now, how many times have you been working on something, and you’re so involved in what you’re working with that you’re only aware of what your eyes are seeing. Take reading a book as an example. You are so involved in that book that the words that you’re reading are creating a picture for you. You’re actually creating all of these people and you’re creating the scenery. You’re going with these people. You’re making it a whole moving picture and you’re part of it – but you’re not ‘in’ it, you’re watching the whole thing because you’re making it. What happens when your foot goes to sleep? You become aware of your foot. Up to that point, you didn’t even know you had a foot. You see what I’m trying to explain to you? The energy construct that you’re focusing on is the one that you’re aware of at the time.

You’re not aware of your feet when your hands are moving. If your hands are still and your feet are moving, you’re aware of your feet. You see, you have all these components of the physical construct – which are extremely interesting – and they’re all functioning. You’re not aware of being hungry till your stomach growls. You see how fascinating your physical construct really is? So, you are not aware of portions of it until your focus is there.

Now, someone coming into a physical construct, that has at one point in time – regardless of how many hundreds of years ago that particular instance took place – as they come into the physical construct there is, what you would call, a remembrance pattern. It is a ‘response’ pattern more than a memory. The ‘memory’ is not there. But it triggers a response pattern that is different – because the one coming into the physical construct is not working with those energies in that way.

So how does that energy construct of that which you call Seth – which is constantly evolving and is not like the ‘Seth’ that was involved in the books, because the evolution has been far beyond that point – have memory? Those times are very often not within the response mechanism. But, because of that “portion of time” that it was working with an energy construct that it ‘built’ and worked with and picked up response patterns that were worked with, now that same energy coming into ‘this’ construct works entirely different, simply because, there is no ‘connection’. It’s an entirely ‘different’ bodily construct.

And, because of the many that come through this bodily construct, the energies are constantly changing within this bodily construct due to the ‘others’ coming and going, and because of ‘her’ individual evolution also. So the ‘memory’ is not there per se, of ‘their’ physical time on this planet. But, there is a response to certain foods that stimulate that, so there is a response pattern to something like that – because that is not connected to any ‘particular’ experience or any experiential ‘patterning’.

Now, you might say, ‘well then how come they can refer back to something that was on a previous transcript?’. Well that’s very simple. Because the channeler does not know what’s going on, there is a portion of the brain that is being used in order to bring the transcripts through the physical containment, there is a record of every one of the transcripts within this bodily construct. And, it’s very easy for them to access those energy ‘patterns’ to be able to extract that information.

You see your brain is a very, very complex instrument. And, because it is such a complex instrument, it is very difficult for anyone else – a scientist, a doctor, whatever you want to call it – to be able to understand a brain. The only way that a brain can be understood, is by taking a brain and getting an electrical response – a jumping or whatever – to show what they’re looking for. But they don’t know ‘what’ that is. They don’t know what kind of a memory they’re tapping into or exploring, or anything else.

And, even ‘you’ do not know the content of your own brain. Simply because, every emotional experience – everything you see, taste, touch, smell, interact with – all of these are constantly recorded, because they are your experience. There are many things that they have discovered through questioning people – regarding an accident or an incident. They keep talking to this person over and over again, because your ‘instincts’, your energy construct, will record things that you are unaware of per se because its your energy construct that interacts with your environment. That is why someone will say, ‘well, I didn’t realize that I saw that’. No, they didn’t realize that they ‘saw’ it – because they probably didn’t ‘see’ it. But, their physical construct interacted ‘with it’ and recorded that interaction.

You see, you think of your body as being a little bitty containment with skin over it. Your physical construct goes beyond your skin. And, depending upon your individual evolutionary process, your energy construct can far exceed your ‘body’ size, many, many, times. Those that can see aura have seen individuals walk through a doorway, and walk into a room, and as the individual enters that room, the color of that energy begins to spread until it fills the whole room – top to bottom and from side to side. That is that individuals energy construct that is filling that room. And unless you can see the aura of these individuals, you will never see it.

So, how much information is being picked up by that one individual, whose energy construct is filling that whole room completely? It is picking up the ‘feel’ of every object within that containment of the room. Now, the brain is recording all of that – because that is ‘experiential’ information that is vital to your evolution. That is why we have said so often, that you can see – if you go into a mall particularly – cardboard people. They have no energy construct that is discernible. In other words, you cannot ‘see’ it.

So you see, the brain does many things that you have no idea of – none what-so-ever. Memory isn’t what you think it is – no. It’s not at all what you think it is. But, because you need to explain – then you call it memory. But, there again, you see, the physical is much more complex and much more of a delight than you have any idea. At one time, we believe you knew more about all of that, then you do at the present time. Now, let us see what you have decided for your selves to go forward. It is going to be very interesting.

But, don’t limit your self. That is why someone will say, ‘I don’t know where that idea came from’. You walked, or drove a car, or were in an airplane, or on a river, or whatever mode of transportation you had, whatever it happened to be, and your energy construct connected with something that was “familiar” – it was another energy that was familiar. And that “triggered” and the trigger is amazed, ‘where did that come from?’. And how would you know where it came from? You see, you don’t have any idea what you brought in “from your past life”. What is deja vue all about? Walking down the street and saying, ‘I have been here before, I lived here, my parents lived over in that house. I remember being ten years old and looking at the river from my house.’ And it becomes clear and you see the whole picture.

Something ‘triggered’ an energy construct. Your energy construct is not only comprised of ‘this’ present lifetime experience but also many previous ‘lifetime’ experiences. As said before, when you ‘die’, you still are ‘you’. That’s deja vue.

So, you see, this becomes very interesting, very complex. And yet you take your selves so seriously you can’t see it. You’re too busy. You’re too busy to have fun. You’re too busy to ‘relax’ and let your self enjoy the experience of what you call – being alive. Next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

Create the Life You Deeply Want

“You are the boss of your own reality.” Those are the words in a handwritten letter sent to me years ago by Jane Roberts, who channeled the Seth books. I treasure that letter, but even more, I treasure that message: I am the boss of my own reality. I am creating and shaping the colorful play doh of my life with my feelings, beliefs, desires, expectations and actions. This is the life-changing paradigm shift from feeling like a hapless victim of circumstances to being an empowered creator your my life.

This paradigm shift was ignited early in my life when I read the book, Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life by Donald Curtis. At that time I was a depressed teen who felt unlovable and feared I’d always be alone. But that book set off fireworks in me! I was thrilled to know that if I changed my beliefs, I could change my reality. That began a long journey, which over the years took me 3,000 miles across the country where I eventually married the man of my dreams, as fate would have it, in the very church where Donald Curtis had been the minister!

The power of belief is not a new concept – Jesus talked about it more than 2000 years ago, saying: “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” And, “I say to you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

When I first met my husband-to-be, he lived in Minnesota and I lived in California. If the power of belief could move a mountain from here to there, surely it could move him from there to here! I got out my well-worn favorite Seth book, The Nature of Personal Reality, to help refresh and prime my manifesting skills…and, through passionate and dedicated application, I managed to MANifest this amazing man into my life!

Here is Seth’s magic formula that I faithfully followed: “For five minutes only, direct all of your attention toward what you want. Use visualization or verbal thought — whatever comes most naturally to you; but for that period do not concentrate upon any lacks, just upon your desire. Make one physical gesture or act that is in line with your desire, and then forget about it.” Doing this every day builds the vibrational energy of what you’re wanting and magnetizes it to you.

Through the power of belief, imagination and strong desire, anything is possible, anything can be changed and healed…even cancer. There are many stories of people who have used the power of visualization to heal themselves of cancer. My friend, nutritionist Dale Figtree, inspired me with a compelling account of how she healed a tumor overnight using visualization!

Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I am once again reading my Seth book to remind me that through the power of belief anything is possible. Every day for five minutes I visualize and feel my body filled with shimmering, healing light. I imagine myself full of vitality and energy. I picture myself healthy and vibrantly alive. Then I take action steps toward that end, which includes eating healthy foods, taking herbs and supplements, exercising, and listening to meditation tapes that raise my vibration. This is the reality I’m choosing to focus on and manifest.

I can’t help but wonder sometimes if my fear of cancer was a focus that created it in me. That’s what the law of attraction might say. But if so, I reassure myself that I’m in good company. Many people on a spiritual path like I am, people who were living a health and spirit-oriented life, nonetheless got cancer; including Wayne Dyer, who once wrote, “What you really, really want, you’ll get. And what you really, really don’t want, you’ll also get. What you are focused on in your mind is what you attract.”

On the ego level, having cancer could seem like a failure. Yet, who knows what our souls are up to. I’m deeply aware of my souls passionate agenda to learn and grow and evolve my consciousness. My ego’s agenda is to have fun and avoid suffering. I believe that ultimately soul’s agenda trumps ego’s agenda. In my case, that’s the result anyway; and in accordance with the law of attraction, the result will ALWAYS show you your strongest intention. My soul wants to wake up as much as possible in this lifetime, and I am now vividly awake much of the time. Therefore, cancer has been a means to that end (instead of a mean end).

Jane Roberts also wrote in her letter to me, “Love the dusk and the dawn. Be thankful for this life.” I am thankful for this life, and thankful for this wake-up call that has made my life richer. I like the reality that I’ve created.

How about you? Do you like the reality you’ve created? If not, you can change it; you are the boss of your own reality!

Janet Jacobsen
Author of the book Oh No, Not Another ‘Growth’ Opportunity! An Inspirational Cancer Journey With Humor, Heart, and Healing

If you or someone you know is coping with cancer or other life challenges, you can read more of Janet Jacobsen’s FREE, inspirational, entertaining, and informative essays, as well as the first 4 chapters of her book, at to http://enlightenink.com/

Datre 180 – Channeling music

Datre answers Hans (Datre180)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is… “A few months ago Datre made some comments on Johann Sebastian Bach. I find a lot of pleasure in listening to his music and often wonder where he and other great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi etc. got their inspiration from to produce such masterworks. Were people like them specially born to be genius in their field and provide such rich culture to the world?”

DATRE: They were those that tapped into that which you call the dead zone, because they sat down and the music was there. Now, there are individuals today that sit down and in a very short period of time write tremendous amounts of music. What they do is, they actually tap into another source. That’s why the music of those individuals is very different then what was “written at that time”.

You see, if you go back into that which you call your history, at lot of the music that was written was written for the churches because they were the only ones that had the money to pay the individuals. Then these individuals would tap into those areas in the dead zone to produce that kind of music.

Now, there were those that wanted to produce something different and they would tap into another portion of the dead zone to bring that through. It doesn’t matter what… for whatever reason many have begun to think of the dead zone as bad place. No it isn’t, because in the dead zone in a pseudo body that you create for yourself you are able to tap into energies that are different than the energies of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the planet. And this is where many that “go into the dead zone” through death do their greatest work. And they look for that individual that is open to give that information to. And they give it to those in the ‘live’ zone. It is a perfect exchange.

And these individuals don’t “go into trance” or any of that sort of thing. They just sit down at a keyboard and they hear this music in their head and try to put it onto paper or play it on a keyboard or an instrument. It is nothing but a vibratory exchange. And many times, what they will pick up is not what is actually coming through, but its what they interpret it as. And they’re fascinated because it’s different.

If you will watch a real composer, a real painter, anyone, even a crafter, a quilter, anything, anyone that is so totally involved in their art, they’re totally oblivious to anything around them. Nothing exists but what they’re doing at the present time. A glass blower. A welder. Any of these individuals. They’re all concentrating on ‘what’ they are producing. And in that time of extreme concentration of what they’re doing they’re open. Now that sounds contradictory, but it is not. Because, in extreme concentration you are setting the body aside. You’ll say, ‘well, that can’t be because they’re working with the body’. Yes, but it is working in such an integral way that they’re not aware of the body movements. At that point ‘you’ are in control of the body and working ‘with’ the body – the body is not controlling you. There’s a big difference.

So this is how this beautiful music came through. Then you’ll say, ‘then why do we have this noisy rhonchi music that’s being played today?’. Because, its still coming from the dead zone, and what’s happening now in the dead zone – at the lower levels, if you want to call it that – is chaos. Now, someone will say, ‘well why does chaos exist now more than it did before?’. Well, there are two reasons. Number one, you have more people on this, which you call your planet. You have a tremendous amount of ‘energy’ that is chaotic. We’ve talked about that before – the noise on your planet.

Now, in order to get anything ‘pure’ through this chaotic atmosphere, it’s very difficult. So, those individuals that are extremely volatile in their nature and are what you call ‘hyper’ and the want to be musicians, because of their energy construct of the physical, they’re picking up that which is chaotic in the dead zone and bringing it through. That’s the screaming. That’s the hollering. The pounding of the drums – all of that.

Now, another reason for everything being chaotic now, is because you are going into a brand new century 2000. The nineteen hundreds are gone. The year 2000 was the year of decision for the direction that the individuals on the planet wanted to go in. Now, chaos happens when there is indecision. There is ‘indecision’ now on your planet. There are those that want to stick with what was. And there are those that want to go forward. You’re in a period of transition. The United States is the greatest example you have of indecision – your election was split half and half. You look at your governmental structure – it is split, half and half.

You see, the United States is the forward looking section of your planet. In other words, you’re the ones that are the newest. Everyone came from other countries to populate this particular area you call the United States. Those were the adventurers. Those were the ones that wanted to take chances. Those were the ones that had a zest for life – were always looking for something new. This is what you have here in the United States. So, change originating on your planet would be more apt to come from the United States, than it would from another country who is still living solidly in what you would call ‘the old ways’.

So you can see, if the United States was used as an example, you can see the indecision’s. You can see the ‘black’ and ‘white’ more clearly. And that’s what its all about – to show you ‘black’ and ‘white’. The opposites, always the opposites. And when do the opposites join? They don’t. But, they learn from each other. That’s what it’s supposed to be. That’s what they’re trying to show you as a group of individuals in your government. The dynamic split in the United States government – half and half – to show you, can we get this to work together or is it going to remain a split? In OBSERVING that, you will gain a great deal of understanding of what your planet is all about. And, what your life is all about. If you can look at it without emotion, and just OBSERVE.

Now, people in other countries are also discovering great splits and they’re getting wider. Countries fighting against each other. Are they going to be able to resolve and work together? Or, is it going to remain a split? There are countries that are trying to get together. And there are countries that are going to keep separate. But, this new Millennium was – lets see in the 2000’s which is a brand new section of, what you call, life – if the whole global population can live together in harmony. Watch and OBSERVE there’s a great deal to be learned. Continue.

JOHN: He next asks… “Is there a part in the universe which is advanced in composing music?”

DATRE: In the Universe? I think we need to narrow it down to this planet. This is where the activity is. These are musicians that are living in the ‘live’ zone and living in the ‘dead’ zone. You will not find music as such in other areas. This is your individual evolution on your planet. So, don’t look out there, look here where it’s at. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “And is there any kind of music in your world Datre?”

DATRE: No! What would we do with music? We don’t have any bodies. The only way that we can ever hear or see, smell, touch, feel emotion, feel pain, feel excitement, feel anything, is when we come into a physical containment. And that is only a small portion of us that comes in. There’s no way we could bring all of us… all that I am or any of the others of us could bring ourselves all in here.

That which you call the Ram, that which you call Seth. Those are just names that are put on an energy construct. And I mean that sincerely. They do not have bodies, what would they do with a body? Their evolution is not ‘body’ oriented. You’ll say, ‘well, how can they live in the bubble?’. Why couldn’t they live in the bubble? No reason why they couldn’t live in the bubble. They are experiencing beyond anything that you could possibly imagine because; they’re not constrained in a physical containment. And the reason they are not in a physical containment is that they got to the point that they ‘understood’ what physicality was all about and how it worked. And, what evolution ‘in’ the physical body was all about. There’s no need for them to have a body. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “There is some evidence that especially music from Mozart increases, at least temporarily, the intelligence and also improves the hearing and I have heard that music is used in some kinds of healing, like in China and also by the Sufi’s. Would you say that there is future potential in using music in healing in the western world?”

DATRE: Absolutely, absolutely. I don’t know whether that was in a transcript or not, where at one time they were experimenting with the piano and they hit a particular cord and the person sitting next to the piano player had a great big boil come up on their leg. And they screamed in pain, because all of a sudden they had this great big boil. And the fellow stopped his playing and wrote down the cords. Then he started working on the piano, and working on the piano he finally hit a cord and they hollered ‘stop’. The boil had immediately disappeared and they wrote that down. This is actual; this is not a fairy tale.

There is music that can be used to heal. But, that is an experiment that those that understand will be working with. It was a very interesting statement that was by the singer called Andrea Bocelli, who is an operatic singer but also won an award for a song that he sang that was not an opera. He was given an award for that particular song, and he said, the one thing that he had observed with his concerts is when people left, they left happy. And when the audience left these heavy metal concerts, they left in ambulances. That was his statement. And this is true; because of that type of music these young people are loosing their hearing.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well, they shouldn’t be doing that, its somebody doing it ‘to’ them’. They’re doing it to themselves, and what are they trying to learn? What don’t they want to hear? They don’t want to hear themselves speaking ‘to’ themselves in the physical. People that wear glasses, what don’t they want to see? People who have hearing aids, what don’t they want to hear? People that have many different things that they say, ‘well, I was born with this’ or ‘I’ve got that’ or ‘I’ve got something else’. Why? The ear is very important. The eyes are very important. They’re great learning tools to be used in your evolution. But, if you are the one that wants to ‘know’ what physicality and planetary existence is all about, then you keep those two very clean and clear. So that you are ‘able’ to discern for yourself, what you want to learn.

But, as for music, yes, it is very important. A number of years ago there were a group of people, a very small group that composed music that they made a record of and it was called “Plant Music”. There were names like “ode to a philodendron” and they had different pieces that they played and gave them names for different plants – because they needed to call it something. But they were all individual pieces of plant music. And when these two were working with that recording, they not only found how the plants grew, but how calming it was to children. A very interesting experiment.

Music has a very great effect on plants. Try that, play different music. There is music that you can play for a plant that will kill it. Then there is music that you can play for a plant that will make it grow exceedingly beautiful. The plant is made up of some of the same material you are made up of – particle components. So see what it does for the plant. Then see what it does with people. If you were interested, it would be a search that you would find, not only very interesting, but might even help you find your self. This is for anyone and everyone that is interested in sound. If your music sounds like anything you have heard before keep searching for something different. Continue.

JOHN: His final question is… “Is there any way in using music to advance on the path of better knowing who we are and break through limitations? I mean whether we can use music in other ways that we have not thought about yet, to more expand ourselves?”

DATRE: Yes! There are many things that you can use for your own evolution. And whatever it is that is your fascination, then that is what you need to experiment with. If you find something that you’re extremely interested in, you will find, as you begin to work in those areas, with extreme concentration, that you will “come up with things you never thought of”. If you start in that, what you’re doing is, you’re not only opening yourself up to new sounds, you’re also opening up the physical construct to new sounds. And that will help your physical body. The physical body relates to music. So, begin your journey. You will find delight in it.

Anyone who has a passion for anything, regardless of what it is, don’t ‘think’ about it – do it. And, it doesn’t start tomorrow – it starts today. It starts NOW. Because NOW is all you have. If you say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, how do you know what you’ve got planned for tomorrow? What have you got planned NOW – because NOW is all you have. NOW is the time of action. Action creates your ‘time’. Your ‘time’ is your own. If you want it to be, it can be very beneficial. You can work for an hour, it can seem like ten minutes or it can seem like ten years. Once you begin to work with what you really desire, your ‘time’ becomes very, very different. You search for love and enjoyment and happiness – that’s the one thing everyone wants – but there is no one more fulfilled than that one that is striving for perfection in doing what they enjoy doing. Next question.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 179 – In OBSERVING opposites is where you learn

Datre answers Claude (Datre179)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude, and his first question is… “Is the One that we are of the Big Universe?”

DATRE: No! Well, now that is hard to answer, I should not have said no. Those that are of Universes and also that which you call the Big Universe experience in many different ways. I’m not going to go into detail, because it becomes too complicated. But, in this particular case, we’ll say yes, simply because it is one that has experienced by taking a ‘portion’ of themselves and dipping into other ‘realities’. Now, other realities also can be interpreted as ‘other Universes’ because all the Universes are different.

You see, when you begin, or anything begins, it wants experience. Now, this ‘particular’ Universe of physicality is unique in and of itself. One of the most unique portions of this Universe is your planet – which is ‘very’ unique in that it has evolution of more than one species on your planet. You have the evolution of that which you call your plant. You have the evolution of that which you call your fish. Your birds. Your four legged animals. And man. So, everything that is on your planet is evolving. And that includes the evolution of that which you call, your sand and rocks and dirt. That is an evolutionary process there too. So, everything that you have on this planet is unique – in comparison to ‘other’ planetary existence’s.

Now, when those which were experimenting and learning and evolving saw the development of that which you call a ‘particle’ reality, they were extremely fascinated by it, because this had never been done before. Now, particle reality is extremely ‘different’ from ‘other’ Universes or portions of Universes. So in becoming so enamored with the uniqueness, and wanting to experience it to a greater extent, they came into a ‘particle’ Universe for experience. And, from those that came into the ‘particle’ reality experience – it is hard for you to understand, from a stand point of ‘one’ existence in ‘one’ body form that to someone that had had great experience in evolving through many different ‘types’ of Universes and realities to, shall we say, sit in ‘one’ physical construct – would be extremely unthinkable.

You think, because you are in ‘one’ physical construct, that this is all you can handle. Yes it is, because of your ‘extreme’ confinement in a very small physical containment. But for another, they wanted more than ‘one’ physical containment for experience. So, they took ‘many’ portions of what they call ‘themselves’ and spread them out through ‘particle’ reality for experience. And that goes into numbers that you cannot fathom, because of its vastness. But, the only thing that you need to be concerned with is, that portion of you which is experiencing in ‘one’ physical containment on ‘this’ particular planet in ‘this’ particular bubble.

Now, that sound like a ‘huge’ thing to do – from your standpoint – because of the confinement in the physical containment. And that’s why we say, ‘when you go – to what you call to sleep – you are out of a physical containment, you are without constraints, and you are able to maneuver and experience in this bubble, as far as your vibratory construct or energy construct, is concerned’.

So, I don’t know whether or not that helps you, but there is no “one” because there’s no such thing. Even the portion of you that came off of ‘one’ is so far removed from the gillions of other ‘ones’ that came off of that ‘one’ that your brain can not comprehend. So, to think of connecting with the ‘one who you are’ is very small. But that does not make it insignificant, because the evolution of ‘who you are’ and finding out ‘who you are’ and what you’re all about, and the whole evolutionary process – on this planet – is extremely important. Not only to ‘your’ evolution and ‘your’ understanding, but every one adds to the whole. Its an impossibility ‘not’ to. And still, you have an ‘individual’ evolution.

It is like an orchestra, a choir, anything that has a great number of people. It is a group effort of many people. Any time you have a group effort of any number of people, regardless of how big or how small, it is only as good as the poorest performer. As the poorest of performers is elevated, then ‘that’ elevates the whole group. The greatest, will continue their evolution, because that is their desire. They have reached a point where they have not given up. They strive for better, but the only way you can drag, shall we say, the rest of them along is to give them an incentive so that they’re willing to put forth the effort to become better. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “And how many “One that we are” could there be for our bubble?”

DATRE: I cannot tell you. As we’ve said, there are many who wanted the experience of particle reality, and of each one of those there’s gillions. So, I cannot tell… it’s beyond measure. You talk about Universes as if they’re some United States or some country in Europe or something. You cannot fathom the magnitude. So, continue.

JOHN: He next asks… “But what can we do as physical entities to change things that we don’t agree with? – Change our belief system?”

DATRE: That is a very good way.

JOHN: He asks… “But how?”

DATRE: Why don’t you agree with them? Now, you asked about belief systems? Why don’t you agree with them? Because, you are looking at things through a belief system that is ’emotional’. Look at things, you don’t have to agree. But how does it affect you as an individual? If its something you don’t like, then why be a part of it? What in your belief system is holding you there? What was the next thing?

Take a good look at it. See ‘what’ you believe, why you believe. You know, that’s how a child grows. A child is interested in everything. Why? How come? What for? But you grow up and don’t ask those questions any more. You ask those questions and you will find your life changed if you really truly look at those questions and continue to ask.

JOHN: He then asks… “By becoming an observer?”

DATRE: Absolutely! You have no idea how many letters – e-mails – that we get that say, ‘I don’t know why you keep repeating the same thing over and over again.’ ‘And how come some answers are so short and some answers are so long?’ ‘And how come this person got a better answer then I did?’. And how come and why, and complain and moan and groan. You’re not required to read this information – you don’t have to read it. But if you’re not getting anything out of it – why? Because, for every e-mail that we get that is a complaint, we have more that say, ‘you keep on a subject again and again and again, and I didn’t get it the first time, and I didn’t get it the second time and I don’t know how many times it took me before I realized ‘what’ you were saying – keep up the repetition. I have become an observer and my life is no longer the same.’.

Now, opposites? That’s what your planet is all about. We have said it many times, good – bad, black – white, yes – no, all are opposites. In OBSERVING opposites is where you learn. If there never was anything on this planet – because this was the way it was set up originally – if there never was anything on this planet that was what you call ‘bad’, ‘distasteful’, ‘I don’t like it’, ‘that’s terrible’, and everything was rosy, lovely dovey, you would have nothing to ‘push’ against. Where’s your learning? Your learning comes from OBSERVING the ‘opposite’. If you’re not a jealous person, you can’t see jealousy – no way. If you’re not a depressed person, you can’t tell when you get ‘out’ of depression and enjoy it.

But you see, you put yourself – and no one else does it – you put yourself in these situations for your learning. And you will continue to do it until you ‘learn’ in physicality. Because you, outside of physicality, know what you want to do – there’s no question. You know what you want this body to do. And you give it, continually, the lessons that you want to give it, for learning. Continue.

JOHN: He then continues and asks… “Seems to me that we should look at our body, our decisions, our dreams like someone external and ask ourselves why each move, until we know ourselves completely. Great program!”

DATRE: Yes it is a great program – that’s what its all about. And when you begin to look at it as a fascinating game, it changes entirely. But that is not easy in physicality. And if it was easy, you wouldn’t have come here in the first place. You would not have chosen this particular kind of evolution if it was easy. Give yourself some credit for being intelligent enough to ‘want’ the challenge. Continue.

JOHN: He then goes on to ask… “Time does not really exist; it “is” only here because Earth is rotating around the sun.”

DATRE: No. Time exists for you as an individual. And what makes ‘your’ time is a ‘thought’ or a ‘think’ put into action. Without ‘action’ on any thought or think, time does not exist. That’s why you have those periods of “getting lost”. Because, there was something for you to take ‘action’ upon and you didn’t do it. So, you – your self – created a gap. Then realized, ‘oh, what was it I was going to do?’. That’s where the gaps are. And the ‘action’ is what creates your ‘time’. A hundred people all sitting in the same room and nobody’s got the same time – it’s an impossibility.

Now, you can agree that the sun is going up or that the sun is going down. And that’s fine. That’s part of what you call physicality. But, if you’re all by yourself, you’re the one that makes the sun go up and down – at your bidding. You still do it when you’re agreeing with someone else. But, it’s the OBSERVATION of a movement of a celestial body. And its as ‘you’ see it whenever you see it, how ever you see it. It’s like the old thing with the banana. There’s your half and here’s my half. What does your half taste like? And what does my half taste like? You have no idea what the other person’s tastes like – only yours. Continue.

JOHN: He continues and asks… “But in our bubble, nobody can live without considering it. To us it really “is”.”

DATRE: It doesn’t mean that you don’t consider it. Of course, you’ve done that because this is the way you wish to pursue your evolution.

If you were so interested in what was happening, every single day of your lifetime – and this goes for everyone on your planet – if everyone lived that way, you would not have ‘death’. Simple as that. You only have ‘death’ because you created it because you didn’t like the circumstances in which you were existing. You caused the body to age or you decided you wanted to get out of the body and get into another one. You have not reached that stage in your development of the evolutionary species so that you could step out of one body and form another body – of your liking – to continue your evolution in. You’ll say, ‘well, that’s an impossibility’. No, it isn’t. But, because you ‘think’ it is, it becomes so. That’s actually what you do now. Only you make a ‘play’ out of it by, what you call, dying. Continue.

JOHN: He continues… “For the “One that we are”, no matter if it takes hundreds of lives to reach the final goal.”

DATRE: It really doesn’t matter. You must remember that – YOU ARE. What difference does it make in what physical construct you continue to go on in? The thing that makes the difference is that you don’t pay attention, and ‘keep’ the information from the life that you just lived. Your belief system says, ‘oh, I did so many bad things, I don’t want to remember that’. So therefore you don’t. So you had, what you call, an uneventful ‘bad’ lifetime, what have you got to start your next lifetime on? Not much. But, it’s constantly ‘your’ decision. And the unfortunate thing is, there has not been enough information that has filtered down through, that which you call, your evolutionary process to ‘maintain’ that information so that it can be used. That is one of the reasons we’re here. To show you your possibilities and probabilities.

So, how many lifetimes? Does it matter, because you don’t remember from one to the other anyway? Now, the ones that evolve do remember and bring it in with them and build on that. But, that number is very, very few. Continue.

JOHN: Next he asks… “In physicality, we know we have so much time to live, and would prefer to live it in harmony, fullness, creatively, love and so on… (I know you consider death as a simple change in life, but we in the present cannot). That gives us the impression that we are only puppets in the hands of you know who: it is like we have nothing to say but accept His decision and choices to be happy. Inch Allah! Eliminate all desire, dreams and know that He choose the best for you….. Become a vegetable and be happy!”

DATRE: No, that isn’t what its all about. The vegetables that are trying to be happy are not evolving either. Who is going to tell you what to do – but you? The thing is, the ‘you that you are’, knows what it wants to learn in its evolution. And we’ve said it before, the minute the ‘you that you are’ gets into a physical construct it forgets. Such a simple process of opening the eyes – or becoming consciously aware – in a physical containment changes ‘everything’. That’s why we say, ‘the only way to make contact – when your eyes are open – with, not the physical construct, but the ‘real’ you, is through OBSERVATION. You set things before you all the time for you to pay attention to. But, most of the time it will be, ‘I don’t want to do it that way, I don’t want that’ or you say, ‘okay, lets see what I’m going to learn by this one’. You need to be an OBSERVER.

You, in the physical construct, are waging a war between ‘you’ and physicality. That’s really what it is. When you get out of the physical construct, you’ve got all kinds of ideas. You’re ‘free’. You go around and check out all these things. And then you get down to the business of, ‘well now, this is what I really want to learn this time.’ ‘So much time I’m allotting myself to do this and if I can’t do it this time, okay then I’ll start over and do it next time and see if I’ve got a better shot at it.’. That’s the way the real ‘you’ operates.

It becomes a game. The thing is you say you’ve only got so many years. Who says you’ve only got so many years? You decide that your self. And how much do you learn in a year? How much do you learn in a month? How much do you learn in a day? That depends entirely on you. It is yours to waste, it is yours to learn. That’s what FREE WILL is all about. You have no constraint saying, ‘this is what you have to learn in order to get from 1st grade to 2nd grade.’ ‘And this is what you have to learn to get from 2nd grade to 3rd grade.’. You don’t have that in physicality. Your evolution is not graded. You’re the only one that does the advancement of your individual evolution. So, what do ‘you’ want to learn? You can’t say, ‘well, this one is so highly evolved’. How do you know? What kind of a game are they playing with you? Are they ‘pretending’ that they are highly evolved to impress? Be very careful of that one. Those that wish you to think they are highly evolved – are playing a game. Not only with you, but also with themselves.

As you know yourself, you will recognize all of these things. But, if you’re not an OBSERVER, you’re never going to know the difference. Humanity is very interesting in that… I think you’ve had a generation recently that was called the ‘me’ generation? All the focus was on ‘me’ and ‘I’. Me myself and I. ‘I want’.

Now, in wanting and getting everything you want, what are you learning? You’re learning to be spoiled, selfish and disrespectful of other individuals. And, until you respect your self, and respect others, you’re going to have a constant battle on your hands. Respect is a very big number. And it isn’t something that’s ‘pretended’. Its something that is ‘understood’. There’s a great deal of learning to be done on this planet. And those that begin to shape themselves in the direction that they want to go for their evolution find it is not easy. It never was intended to be. ‘Give me the answers’. That does no good at all. The experience is the only thing that will do it for you. And that is what ‘you’ set for yourself. There’s nobody making you a puppet.

You see that’s the one thing that is very interesting. You have set up a lot of… way back, you had the deity’s, the gods. Zeus and all of these different gods that you had. Now, you turn from that, you went to Allah and Jesus and Buddha and all the rest of them. And you have set up ‘governments’ to take care of you. You have set up attorneys to take care of you. You’ve sat up everything to take care of you. But, when are you going to take care of your selves?

You see, as you begin to ‘look’ at situations, you’ll see why they are the way they are. Because, too many individuals are not interested. Take a look at everything. Observe! That doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time going around ‘looking’ at things. Looking at things doesn’t do it. The man that’s out in a boat, that’s out at sea, and is ‘looking’ for land, won’t see it – because he’s ‘looking’. An OBSERVER looking for land will find it – because he’ll notice the difference. You can’t do it by ‘looking’. You have to do it by OBSERVING. Continue.

JOHN: His next and final question is… “You say we are the writer, the director, the actor and the spectator of our lives. You mean “The One that we are” is, because I don’t feel like a creator at all as I feel absolutely unable to materialize favorable instruments.”

DATRE: As I have said before, there is no separation. The only time you separate your self from anything is when you separate your self from a physical construct – in that which you call sleep or death. But, the ‘You that you are’ is no different then the ‘you’ in physicality, except that you… like I said, the minute you open up your eyes everything changes. You slip back into a mode of operation – which is physicality. When you step ‘out’ of the body – in that which you call sleep – you function entirely different. But it is still ‘you’, regardless of which way you want to look at it.

I know, you’ll say, ‘ well, that’s not what you said a long time ago’. But, what we’re doing is trying to ‘gently’ take you through the steps so that you can understand. But, somewhere along the line you got the impression that ‘the You that you are’ is different than the ‘you’ in physicality – its not. But, because you’re so used to looking for something or someone greater than you, you don’t realize ‘your’ greatness, because somebody has to be better. There’s nobody better than you are. And in becoming an OBSERVER you’ll begin to see – in little ways – what a really wonderful thing physicality is as a learning experience. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Opening The Flow Of Love by Klaus Joehle

You can download a MP3 version, use the link below:

Read these instructions before doing the meditation:

You will find this tape very different from normal meditation tapes. I am very result oriented and my goals are very high.
I have been working with my own tapes since I began with sending love. Over time I constantly adjusted the tapes and improved them in order to achieve my goals. I have tried many other meditation tapes but found them to limited in their scope in order for me to reach my goals and expectations. So I have constantly created my own tapes to push the limits of what is possible.
I have absolutely no interest in what is generally accepted as possible. Considering this you must realize that I have created this tape for myself to push me beyond what I can do today and each day.

Therefore you will find the intensity of this tape very extreme also there will be a fair amount of tension. This meditation is more like a work out than a standard relax and almost fall asleep type of meditation. This meditation will push you physically, mentally and spiritually, By the time you are finished you will feel like you just had an enormous work out but at the same time you will feel energized and alive.

There are physical effects, mental effects and spiritual effects. Physically just as an example you will probably feel that your strength has increased considerably. Mentally just as example your mind will be moving at a much faster speed than normal. Spiritually you will probably just as example notice something quite special.
Normally our larger self guides us by pushing us into certain directions or by closing doors so that only one is left open and or many times in painful ways if necessary but this is not necessary when we are more in touch with that larger part of ourselves.

My meditation is designed to place me into automatic pilot with my soul putting my soul in control. There are times when I do things that I myself would probably not have done and it is not till after it is done that I realize that my soul has taken over for that time. This is actually a very good thing. I could give you many examples of this but that would take up too much space and you will discover this for your self. These are just some of the examples.

This tape is very intense so please start off slowly. You will probably noticed that you will be straining during this meditation that is OK, the Caterpillar does not just turn into a butterfly, there are enormous growing pains but in many ways these pains can be beautiful. I could write an entire book of affects this tape is going to have on your life but that is something you will need to discover for yourself.

There is a certain breathing technique that I use. I take long deep breaths constantly expanding the amount of air I take in. Filling my entire lungs with air and at the top of my breath expanding just a little more each time before releasing. You will find that if you follow the meditation that you most likely will begin breathing this way automatically. Please work into this slowly, remember that I have been working with my tapes for quite some time and have brought them to a very intense level.

Breathing during “Opening the flow of Love” meditation

I can’t make this part of the tape so you will need to learn it before hand. I know you are excited but lets do this right Lets take a better look at the breathing.

Breath through your nostrils, breath into your stomach, then your diaphragm, and finally your chest do this in one movement, not three parts. Now let go and release your breath. Now do it again but fill your lungs with a lot of air and then hold you breath there. Notice what you are doing, you are physically closing your air flow. Never do this in the meditation.
Now do it again except this time just stop at the top of your breath just stop do not hold your breath. At this time you should be able to take in more air just a little about 3 to 4 very small tiny breaths, very tiny breaths do this a few times and try to increase it to 5 to 8 more tiny breaths but never holding your breath. You’ll notice that you are expanding your lungs but there is something else happening you are opening and also opening your energy centers, Don’t over do this the first time, but increase it over time a little every time until you can do it for more than a minute. You will not be taking in a lot of air and that is not the point either it is just to expand and to get you to feel the expansion. Do it just enough to give you the feeling of expanding like a balloon, but don’t over do it. The breaths are so small that you can hardly feel them. If you do not understand this do not go any further write me and I will try to answer your questions until we have an understanding.

You will be doing this in the meditation at certain times when you are opening the energy centers and increasing the flow of love. The meditation is a short 30 minutes but this will make it very intense and the results are enormous. As you are doing this there comes a time to release the air do so and as you do see the flow of love increasing even more, then just breath slowly and deeply for a bit before doing it again. I know that it is confusing but you must stay focused on the tape not the breathing. Use this breathing technique to increase your concentration. If you are working on creating something with love you will use this also. In short you are straining and then relaxing and straining and relaxing a balance will be created but the balance consists of both not a combination. Two forces working together as one but separate yet as one is more powerful then just one or the other.

Now comes the best part. The tape is designed to open the energy centers and increase the flow of love and also to increase soul guidance. So the tape is short and meant to be intense. There is no background sounds either for good reason. When the tape is finished then you have a choice of ending the meditation or going on. At this point you have opened the flow and are ready to create what you want and to send love where you want or if you want to do healing work by increasing the flow of healing love. You will do this in the same way I do it.

I can not put this on a tape even for myself because it changes every day. So here is what you do. When the tape finishes you will continue with your own inner voice giving yourself the instructions to what you want to do and to what you want to create. Say it out loud in your mind exactly as if you were giving someone else instructions to creating what you want. If you want to be a better healer give those instructions.

As in: I want to increase my healing abilities and am now increasing the flow of healing love and 2 increasing my guidance as to how the healing shall be. Give yourself explicit instructions and carry them out. See the healing love coming from you from your hand or your heart. What do you want this healing love to do. Speak it, feel it, sense it, hear it and see it. If you want to be more closely guided by your soul give those instructions if you want to create more abundance give those instructions, see the love going out from you radiating from you and bring the abundance back to you. Remember the breathing, your pushing and letting go and pushing and letting go. Next to love there is nothing more powerful then your own will and your own words directing that will to engage love to create that what you want.

Direct the love you send

After all what do you expect if you do not give love instructions on what you want. No force or power is of any use if it has no purpose and direction. Once the love you send out has the direction allow it to come in the best way and in the best form. Each one of the hundreds of energy centers in your body are like little projectors projecting the world you see and experience. Once they are projecting love what do you think you will see and experience? Through your eyes and in your lifetime you will see heaven on earth.

Now when you are creating with love at the end of the tape and after you have given yourself the directions with your inner voice you continue to send love out and do the breathing in order to increase the flow of love. But here is where we do things a little different. Lets say you want to create a boat, A row boat or sail boat whatever! You know what you want so tell yourself what you want. I want a row boat so I can row to places I could not go otherwise and look for things that get washed up on shore. This tells my bigger self exactly what I want and tells love exactly what I want but it still leaves the possibilities open to how you will get it and to how it will be manifested.

So now you will send your love out into the world not the object that you want but into the world through out the whole world and the universe and time and space into all probabilities and possibilities and just radiate it out there more and more do the breathing and then just before you let go breath in 3 to 5 times very deep breaths taking in as much air as feasibly possible with out hurting yourself and then letting go. Rest before going on to the next thing.
Healing with sending love

Even healing you will do the same way. You focus on the person but basically just send the love out there and not just directly to the person. I am still working on the details of healing with love and will be upgrading the instructions as things progress. In the past I have not worked much with healing but that is about to change. If you have been on the web page you will know why. Please read this several times it only looks difficult but if you read it a few times you will be doing it automatically.
How powerful is this???? How long did it take me to get the boat from the time I did this meditation sending love out to create it in my life? I will let you think about it.

“ What you put out is what you get back. ” What you send out through those energy centers is what you will experience.
Think of them as projectors the problem is that you can only do one thing at a time, either you run the projector or you enjoy the show.
That’s why we send love so that we will enjoy the show.
I sent out love looking for a boat what came back was “a boat”, it was built very lovenly by hand a labour of love. So I got a boat made with love for next to nothing and the person got something also, alot of love sent to him and his family at a time they needed it more than the boat. How long will I continue to send them love? Probably as long as I have the boat. What a deal.
For those that believe in creating Your own reality. As you raise your vibration you move closer towards fluid like spirit thereby making your reality creation more manageable and easier. Sending love raises your Vibration.

Visualize what you want when sending love

Sending Love, Visualizing/imagining things the way you would prefer them to be does not work if you contradict your visualization! How do you contradict your visualization? By visualizing what you want and also visualizing what you don’t want. This can nullify the creative potency of your sending love and visualization!

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #1:

If you want health, don’t visualize being healthy and also visualize not being sick, because then the focus on “healthy” is contradicted by the focus on “sick”.

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #2:

If you want world peace, don’t visualize peace and also visualize no more wars, because then the focus on “peace” is contradicted by the focus on “wars”.

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #3:

If you want wealth, don’t visualize being wealthy and also visualize no more debts, because then the focus on “wealth” is contradicted by the focus on “debts”.

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #4:

If you want to lose weight, donґt visualize being thin and also visualize getting rid of excess fat/ because then the focus on “thin” is contradicted by the focus on “excess fat”.

Similar style of meditation:

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Datre 178 – The emotion behind the words

Datre answers Will (Datre178)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Will, and his first question is… “A question I have is, what exactly is THAT type of information? Would your wordings be referring to the words sword type of information… the spoken word, or printed word?”

DATRE: I cannot figure out exactly what you are talking about having read the preceding information. How ever, speaking of that kind of information, it must have been in some transcripts – and there are many of them – when we tell an individual we cannot give you that ‘type’ of information, because they have asked ‘personal’ questions. We cannot answer ‘personal’ questions regarding individuals and their lives. So, that type of question cannot be answered by us. That type of question regarding ‘personal’ matters need to be addressed by either those in the physical or in the dead zone. We have done many transcripts saying that we are unable to address personal – individual – questions. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “If so, then I ask, what exactly is the DEAD ZONE, per Datre’s definition or explanation?”

DATRE: Just exactly what it says. You walking around in a physical construct, on the planet, and doing what you call ‘living’ in the physical – that’s living, that’s the ‘live’ zone shall we say that you’re drawing your pictures on for your experience. Now, the ‘dead zone’ is when you lay down the physical construct – the one that’s made of earth matter – and continue your existence in another vibratory construct – which you call dead.

As anyone knows, you’re ‘not’ dead; the only thing that ‘died’ was the physical construct. And that’s not ‘new’ Datre material. Anyone that has read anything for as far back as you can find out the writings of people that talked before they learned to write – they’ve always known that dead is not the end of anything. It’s a continuation in a different vibration. That’s all it is. But, because the body is dead, ‘oh, that person was so wonderful when they were alive and now they’re dead’. No, they’re not dead; they’ve just gone into another vibratory existence. We call it the ‘dead zone’ because everybody knows what ‘dead’ is – from their interpretation. So, that’s what the dead zone is.

Now remember, the realities constructed in the dead zone are realities constructed by those that are existing in ‘that’ vibration. So you have as many varied realities in that which you call the dead zone as you do in the ‘live’ zone, created by the ‘thoughts’ and the ‘thinks’ of the individuals. That’s what creates realities.

So, you don’t stop ‘doing’ because you died. In fact, there are many who say, ‘that was the best part’. Because, that’s when they really felt alive. They felt ‘dead’ in physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “While reading Datre’s words through your printed wordings, I was moved to share with you the slight mis conceptions of the power of the word, here in the physical.”

DATRE: Now, I don’t know what you mean by ‘misconceptions’ of the power of the word. The ‘word’ in and of itself has no power. The only thing that gives any word any power is ’emotion’.

Now, you take a sentence, and you say, ‘go home’. How many different ways can that be interpreted? If there’s a lot of emotion in it and you’re talking to a child, and you’re angry with the child and you say, ‘go home’. The emotion that you put into those two words sends fear through the child and the child runs home. It is the emotion behind the words. If someone turns around and says to you, ‘oh, go home’. You’ve been working at the desk for many, many hours and your tired and someone comes up and sees you still working. Puts a hand on your shoulder and compassionately says, ‘go home’. It is the emotion of the words that makes you feel relieved, ‘oh, that sounds so good’ and you pack up and you go home.

You mention ‘go home’ in a group of psychic individuals and what is the first thing they think of? Oh, we’re going home. We’re going back to our original planet where we came from. Or we’re going to Venus or Jupiter or some other place. And they get all emotional. But it’s the same two words.

There’s no power in the word. It’s the ’emotion’ that is connected to the word that contains the power. You can sit and read anything you want to, and what is the emotion evoked by the words within you? A sentence, in a murder mystery, and you get shivers. It’s the emotion evoked within ‘you’. It’s not the words. Somebody else that doesn’t care for murder mysteries can read that and say, ‘I don’t know what that was all about’. No emotion. It didn’t stir their emotions in any way-shape-or-form.

Take a very popular one. You’ve heard it on television all over the world for many years – ‘going to Disneyland’. Everybody is supposed to get excited. This is where we’re going to have fun. And everybody gets excited; the commercial shows everybody getting excited. Except the people that are so sick and tired of seeing that commercial that they say, ‘why don’t they do something else?’. Two emotions – same words. Or emotion, because maybe this is someplace we can go this year. But what’s the word – Disneyland.

It’s not the word; it’s the emotion it creates within you. So, I don’t know where you were going with your ‘word power’. But looking at it from our standpoint, they all have the same vibratory construct, until you put ’emotion’ behind it.

That’s why some people are good speakers. They take a ‘canned’ speech that someone else has written for them – it’s not even their own words – and they get up and they deliver that speech with emotion and people just go crazy. Emotion! The words have nothing to do with it.

Why are there good actors and bad actors? The emotion created by them in the words that they give to you, the audience. The words have no power without emotion. If you’ve got somebody up there that’s just reading the words in a play, it wouldn’t take you very long to get out of the theater.

People have emotions that they put into words – that’s what makes them different. We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 177 – You form your own reality

Datre answers Sue (Datre177)

JOHN: Today we have a question from Sue, and it is…”I was wondering if you could say something about the merging of the universes or realities that is going on now? The vibes are very chaotic!”

DATRE: There is no merging of universes. And there’s no merging of realities.

Now, perhaps this is as good a time as any to get into that which you call ‘realities’. Realities seem to be something that you are confused about. Realities are not something that is made by someone else for you to experience. In other words, it’s not a foreign land that has been set up by “others”, whoever others may be. You form your own reality.

Let us begin with that which you call ‘thoughts’ and ‘thinks’. Nothing happens until a thought or a think – which is… a ‘think’ is a brain connection of ideas. Nothing happens until a ‘thought’ or a ‘think’ is put into action. At the time a ‘thought’ or a ‘think’ is put into action then that becomes a ‘space’ in time – in the reality you are presently in. That causes what you call ‘time’ to gain movement. So, when a thought or a think is put into action and is acted upon, that creates your ‘time’, and time is ‘movement’. Now, this ‘movement’ of energy is what creates your present reality.

Now, we talk about ‘different’ realities that you go into. Because everything happens simultaneously – you have different movements, or ‘time’ movements in different realities. We have said, for every action other actions are generated. In other words, what we spoke about in the last transcript was the JFK assignation. It happened and it didn’t happen, and every variable in between. Each one of those variables falls into a different reality category. Now, it has been said that everything has been lived before, so therefore, everything that you do has been but the ‘living’ of the lifetime of another. In other words, it is ‘predestined’. That is not the case. Take the one instance, how many different variations from that point of JFK’s death. How many ‘other’ scenarios can be written from that point? And which of those variances and realities did you wish to follow?

You’re given constant choice. And I think that’s why you’re all beginning to feel chaotic, is because the choices are so many and you’re beginning to understand that there ‘are’ many choices, and you’re becoming frustrated. Because of the intensity of the energy level on your planet, you’re becoming scattered and you don’t know which way to go. It’s very hard to keep even in communication with yourself and your body in today’s activity because of the noise and confusion. So, you’re having difficulty finding out what way you want to go. You don’t realize how disturbing that is to you in the physical. You, outside of the physical, function perfectly fine. Its when you crawl back into the body to begin a day, it does not take long for you to begin to lose connection between you and the body.

Now, what happens is – and it’s so difficult for you to, shall we say, find your way, because everything is so chaotic. You are the one that has to take ‘thought’ and ‘thinks’ and put them into action in order to maintain a reality. In other words, you’re trying to maintain a reality and make choices as to which reality you want to experience. If all is calm and peaceful and quite, it is not that difficult for you to make constant choices. You make choices throughout the day, because the physical body – in action – is what creates a reality.

A reality is ‘not’ created by an outside source. Every reality on your planet is created by a physical construct or ‘constructs’ working together in a certain area of ‘think’ patterns. So, when you go to another reality, and you’ve been in meditation and you come back and ‘oh, this reality was so marvelous’, that reality, at whatever point in time, was created by physical individuals and you experienced it. Now, you’ll say, ‘why isn’t it pre-destined if I can go into these and they’re already done?’. But, that isn’t already done, because there is no ‘time’ – you only put ‘time’ into a sequence so you don’t get yourselves too confused.

There are those that have already done a ‘future’. There are those that have already done a ‘past’. There are those that have done a reality that you’re in. But, when ‘you’ enter ‘that’ reality, that is already “there”, your very presence – with your ‘thinks’ and your ‘thoughts’ – going into that reality, changes two things – you and the reality both.

The Chinese I believe, are the one’s that have the saying that, ‘as a butterfly’s wings flutter it changes the air currents around the world’. Now, that sounds like a statement that is far out – it is not.

Men and women on this planet, have for whatever reason, become so ingrained in the think of being insignificant – that they don’t recognize their SIGNIFICANCE. Every one of you is very significant not only to your own evolution, but to the evolution of everyone and everything within your reality.

Now, lets get right down to the nitty gritty, you’ll take a neighborhood that is run down. Its a mess, its full of crime, its full of screaming children, its full of unhappy parents, its full of this that and the next thing and you call it a slum. Then some women begin to get together little by little and say, ‘nobody is doing anything here, so its up to us to do something about it, I’m tired of seeing our children killed, our children on drugs’. And what happens. The mothers get together and they begin to change things. They begin to clean up their houses, fix them up, paint them up. What happens? The children begin to change, they’re anxious to come home from school to see what’s happened – what has mother done today?. And eventually the whole neighborhood gets changed.

And now, instead of people wanting to get out of the neighborhood – they’re looking for housing to get into the neighborhood. The reverse is also true. You have a beautiful old neighborhood, but the older people begin to die and one trashy family moves into the area. ‘I don’t want to live in this neighborhood any more’ so somebody else moves out. Another trashy one moves into the area. Then the next thing you’ve got is a slum.

But what we’re saying is, you don’t recognize the significance of the individual. You’re the one that makes the realities. And, until you recognize how significant you are, change cannot take place. People say, ‘well everything’s the same, nothing changes’. No, that is not true. The only thing that needs to change – is you. Then you’ll say, ‘well, I’m only one person’. But how many times have you seen ‘one’ person make dramatic changes? Are you going to be the one that moans and groans and complains and says, ‘I want to get out of here’? Or are you going to be the one person that takes a good look at themselves and says, ‘changes is needed, I will change myself first and see what happens to the rest’.

Now, these areas that you drive through, or walk through, or go by in that which you call the slum areas – that is not your reality. The only time that becomes your reality is if you are going to move into that reality and become a part of it. That is the same thing that we talk about, where people are getting upset by what they read in the paper, or see on television or any of these other things they become emotionally involved in. You are at that point, viewing someone else’s reality or reading about someone else’s reality – but it’s not yours. So, the emotion is useless unless you want to take it and go down into the very depths of it in your being and become so emotionally involved in it that it becomes a ‘real’ experience to you that you do not ‘have’ to experience – but ‘have’ experienced it to such a degree that it becomes ‘yours’.

But, to just be emotionally involved with ‘surface’ emotions is fine, but then, after the surface emotions, then drop it. It is just like a movie that you have seen. You get involved in movies and you cry or you laugh or whatever. So you’ll say, ‘but this is reality’. Its reality, but its not ‘your’ reality. The only time it becomes your reality is if you go down into the depths of your emotions and experience it – so that it becomes ‘real’ to you. Other than that, you’ll say, ‘well, you go by and you see this tragic accident and you see all these people hurt and all that’. Is that ‘your’ reality? Or are you just ‘looking’ at a reality? Is that ‘real’ to you?

Are you going to get out of the car and get involved in it? Then it becomes ‘your’ reality. If you ‘view’ it and go on – view it as a picture and then go on – then it is ‘not’ your reality. It is only your reality when you get into it physically. And if you ‘stay’ in it, stay and help all those people until the ambulances come and get all involved in it – that becomes your reality. But, if you’re driving by in a car, it is not your reality. These are subtle differences – but they are very, very important. One is total emotion in making it real, making it ‘your’ reality. The other is ‘viewing’ a reality that is in existence.

Now as to the chaos on your planet, what is happening is, the energy that is coming onto the planet, as we have said before, is different. It is different than the energy that you have experienced for a number of years. What is happening is, the inability of individuals to be able to work with the new energy.

You have a tremendous number of people on your planet. And, when you have a tremendous number of people on a planet, you have a tremendous amount of, what you call, ‘think’ spoken word vibrations along with, what you would call, pure energy. Now, when you take, what you would call, a pure energy that is ‘undifferentiated’ energy that is coming on your planet that is a different vibrational quality, mixed with all the vibrations of the human voice ‘thinks’ that are being transmitted all the time, you have a very different combination of vibratory energy.

One of the things that are causing a lot of this – if you want to call it – chaotic energy – is the fact that people speak more than previously. In other words, you have all these people on telephones. You have all these people on these cell phones that they put in their ear and walk down the street with. And you have these people, shall we say, talking to thin air, because they’re talking into a mechanical device. But that vibration of that voice is going out. All over the world you have these telephones that people carry with them. You have tremendous amounts of television – which is voice. You have radios – which is voice.

Then you have all of the heavy voice noise that takes place in all of your sports events – all over the world. And now you are starting to talk to your computers and send voice e-mail.

You have numerous kinds of equipment that is carrying different vibrations. You have these big towers that transmit constantly. You have those cell phone repeaters spaced every so many feet to accommodate your cell phone traffic. They are picking up your voice down here, you’re talking on the street, in a car, in a building, and that’s being picked up by a repeater and the voice signal is repeated and if it doesn’t go far enough its repeated again. How many times has that voice vibration been transmitted? So you have all of this ‘static’ filling your planets atmosphere and you can’t get away from it – its within everything.

Everything is transmitting, transmitting, constantly. The thing is, when you have all those repeaters – they’re killing your birds. People are wondering why certain kinds of birds are dying in certain areas. It’s because of that magnification of the voice that is picked up and transmitted with a greater intensity. And the birds don’t know that that’s not someplace that they should be. So around these repeater towers large numbers of birds are dying.

Then you have the noise from your airplanes. You have the noise from your cars. You have noise from construction work. Your whole planet, in say the last 50 years, the ‘noise’ on your planet has intensified to such an extent that if you were to take a person that has not lived through this time period, but from 50 years ago, and immediately transported them into ‘this’ present reality on this planet – they would go mad just from the noise level. Their physical construct could not stand the vibration and the noise level on this planet.

Then you have these people that are singing – they call it singing. They’re standing up with the microphone and they’re screaming and the audience is screaming. So, you don’t realize that your planet is not quite any more – nowhere. And then you wonder where the chaos comes from. People cannot get away from it – there is no place to go. There is no place to go where it is quite. You can go to the most remote regions on your planet and it is still there.

You’ll say, ‘oh, its so quite’. That’s because, it’s in comparison to – what you are used to. That is why people that live in comparatively small communities go into large cities. And, if you like that type of stimulation in a large city, you will be happy with it because your body will be so revved-up from the noise and the chaos that you will say, ‘oh, this is good’. And those that live in it all the time don’t even hear it.

But you see, you wonder why there is chaos. That is one of your biggest reasons of why everything is chaotic. So, you’re asking about the realities. You’re asking about the universes, it doesn’t matter. If you’re talking about any reality it doesn’t matter – because all realities are on your planet. And your planet is noisy. Your realities are not quite because; in your realities you don’t go backwards, you go forward.

There may come a time when you will have more quite on your planet. But that will be a while. Simply because of the population of your planet – and because ‘I have to be heard’. No one wants to listen. And it is in listening and observing that you as an individual make your greatest progress. Because, in observing and in listening and analyzing for yourself, you will find your self. You’re not going to ‘find’ your self, if you’re always chattering. Because, you’re not ‘allowing’ your ‘self’ your connection. You need to have that connection with your self.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop working. That doesn’t mean you have to meditate. That doesn’t mean you have to do anything. But you can’t talk all the time. Because, take… let me give you an example. Let me give you something to play with, everyone in the psychic community wants something to play with, they want a ‘lesson’ or whatever. I will give you a lesson, and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in or where you’re at, your age or anything else.

Take one day, and at the end of the day, starting at the beginning when you wake up until you’re ready for sleep again, go through all of your conversations all through the day. Now, how much of that has been substantive and how much has been chatter? It is a very interesting thing to do.

You’ll say, ‘well I have to talk at work’. Yes, we understand that because we’re speaking through someone that works. You have to talk at work, but how much do you have to talk? You need to talk, you need communication. But, you also need ‘contemplation’. Which is something you don’t do any more. A woman says, ‘the greatest time I have is when I get into the bathtub, I have candles and scent and all this and sit in the bathtub, because that’s one time I’m not disturbed’. If that is what you enjoy doing, then get into the bathtub, and listen to what you’ve gone through all day long.

Women and men with children – you don’t have to talk to children all the time. You’ll find that a contented child is a quite child. It’s not a rambunctious child, it’s a child that’s interested in everything – but is not constantly chattering. They learn the chatter from you. It’s the only way a child learns, is by following what you keep doing all the time. And if you’re constantly chattering, what does the child do? They think that’s the way of life. Then you’ll buy him or her a little toy telephone and they’ll talk, talk, talk – because that’s what mother and dad do. You see what you’re teaching them? A child will follow your actions and very often will not listen to a word you say. So when you stop and look at what your actions are, it makes a difference.

Try that. See how many things you thought were important to say, and how many things you could have done without saying, and were saying just to be talking. You see you don’t always have to say things. A smile suffices. When someone says, ‘have a nice day’ – they’re so used to saying it now that it doesn’t mean anything – but if a clerk says, ‘have a nice day’, smile and say, ‘thank you’. You don’t have to go into a great big long rhetoric.

This is interesting. You planet has become a planet of ‘chatterers’. And the thing is, when you’re chattering, you want to be ‘seen’ or you want to be ‘heard’. This is the only way you can find your validity. The ‘squeaky wheel get the grease’ – ‘so I must make myself a squeaky wheel so that someone will notice me’. Someone notices a ‘quite’ person. And you will be surprised, because people will walk by and say, ‘I didn’t know you were there, I haven’t heard you say a word’. What’s there to say?

You need to be cordial to people – yes. But, they don’t care about your life story, any more than you care about theirs. You pretend to be interested, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s only an office acquaintance any way. A friend is different. But, then when you’ve spoken for ten or fifteen minutes, how much more have you get to say? Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: Thank you.

We are Datre.

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