Datre 175 – Don’t limit yourself by what you see

Datre answers Teresa. (datre175)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Teresa and her first question is… “Datre says that for an individual to be able to go out into the UNIVERSE with the total understanding of physicality as far as a body is concerned… is going to be very interesting, because in itself it will be a study of something very unique in universal understanding….” “Why was not Ramtha and his body used to accomplish this? After all, he stated that he took his body with him upon his death. Does this mean that he didn’t take his body directly into the big universe – if not where to, and where is his body now?”

DATRE: Now, the statement that was made was ‘the understanding of physicality and of the body’ is what you will take with you. That does not negate what the Ram said. Who’s going to take his information of his physicality away from him? He took that with him – the understanding of physicality and the understanding of the body. He has that with him.

Now, why didn’t he take it out into the universe? Because, there is universal ‘timing’ involved in everything. He remains within this bubble until the time comes when changes are made. Now, just take a very simple analogy. You cannot die whenever you want to die – so called. Why is that? Because, there has to be a ‘timing’. There has to always be a maintained ‘balance’. You’ve heard them speak of a ‘window’ opening. You will notice that there is’timing’ – if you work in anything that is concerned with mortuaries, where they take in the bodies and prepare them for that which you call the death, you will find that there will be ‘spaces’ where there will be no one. And then there will be several people, individuals, but several within a short span, like in two or three weeks there will be a lot of individuals. And then there will be a blank space again. They’re very familiar with that ‘timing’.

You will notice that there are times when, within a couple of weeks, you will have major disasters that will take large numbers of people. Now before these ‘disasters’ the approximate number of people leaving will have been measured, not by physical bodies, but by vibrational qualities. At the same time the vibrational qualities of those replacements coming onto the planet will have also been measured. The birth of these individuals will have taken place prior to the ‘disaster’. The reason for this is to allow those that are being ‘birthed’ to begin their development. The vibrational quality of the indwelling ‘you’ varies significantly. Thousands may leave their physical bodies and only a few hundred may be ‘birthed’. In having these changes take place in this manner a more evolved MASS CONSCIOUSNESS results.

You see you’re still working from a psychological standpoint, but you’re still working with an energy construct. And you have an orchestration here on your planet, just as you do in the universe, just as you do every place else. Because, it’s ALL energy. And it’s ‘how’ you manipulate energy. Not ‘you’ as an individual, but you as a collective. Because, although you may have an enemy… one country has an enemy and is an enemy to another country – the two countries are enemies – but its a ‘cooperative’ effort. And you don’t look at it from that standpoint.

You’ll say, ‘well they’re fighting and killing each other all the time’. But its still, at another level of understanding… is the only words I can think of to describe it. You know exactly what’s going on and you’re watching it. You see, physicality is very, very, interesting. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Also, Datre tells us that only Ramtha managed to get to the Big Universe, yet Ramtha maintained that several did so; for example Buddha and Jesus Christ. The theories of Datre and Ramtha are different, yet we are told that they are both from the Big Universe.”

DATRE: I think there’s something wrong there. I don’t think that Datre ever said that the Ram was from the Big Universe. The Ram has not left this planetary bubble. Everyone that was on this planet at the origination of the planet still maintains a psychological construct here – in one form or another. Continue.

JOHN: She continues and asks… “Does this mean that they – like us in physicality – also have individual perceptions/understanding/knowledge? Example, Ramtha was insistent that he was able to help individuals and made many promises, such as “I will help you”. Yet Datre is equally insistent that each individual is responsible for their own evolution and their lives whilst in physicality.”

DATRE: Well, that is all true. But you must realize that the Ram is not from the Big Universe. Now, there again, you must remember, the Ram had a physical existence. He is used to a physical construct. And if he has made the statement – ‘I will help you’ – then, what he is saying is ‘I will help you’. But, it’s your ‘belief’ system that’s going to make it work. If you think that the Ram can come and tell you something that will help you, and you believe it – that is your ‘belief’. If you believe that Datre can give you information that will help you – then that is your ‘belief’. And that is all right.

Now, because Ramtha has had ‘one’ physical existence and has learned everything he wanted to know from that physical existence, he has ‘one’ perspective of physicality. All right, now, there are those in Datre – the Ram included, and Seth included – in Datre. There are also those that are ‘not’ of this planetary existence that are part of Datre. Now, they’re all different expressions, thought patterns, how they perceive. Now, this channel ‘feels’ the difference. When someone that has had a planetary existence, such as Ramtha and Seth, come into this physical construct, the body feels entirely different than those that come in that have never had physical existence. That are, shall we say, outside looking in and how they perceive this whole physical construct is so entirely different in the perception that it is not even comparable.

That is a hard thing to explain. Datre has been quoted, as being very ‘flat’ lined – no emotion. How could one who has never had physicality have emotion? It’s foreign. The fact that they are able, have learned ‘how’ to manipulate the voice box, the tongue, the mouth, of this physical construct to bring forth the information is one thing. But, many of them can’t move the body. Not even to move a finger. Not to see through the eyes. They work with it in an entirely different way.

So, to say that Datre and the Ram are different. If the Ram isn’t in, of course it will be different. If Seth isn’t in, of course it will be different. The Ram and Seth are entirely different. The body knows immediately which is which.

You see it’s a physical construct that has been changed to accommodate all these different vibrations. It is uniquely different. We’ve never had this opportunity before. So, you’re going to get differences all the time. But, you look at when that which is called the Ram lived and what his experiential lifetime would be like, and then you look at the ‘time’ that Seth lived in and his experiential lifetime would be entirely different. But, as they begin to know themselves, and know ‘who’ they were, and what physicality is all about – at that point, the separation becomes less. Because, they’re looking at physicality from a different standpoint. That’s where the difference comes in. That’s where the difference comes in in physical existence.

If you switch in and out, in a physical existence, from that which you ‘know’ that you are, and that which is the physical, bodily, mind functioning, it’s entirely different. And so, this is one of the things that happens as you begin to gain your understanding. You will look entirely differently at the same thing.

You see what happens is, when you had the Ram here with you, and when you had Seth here with you, you try and keep them exactly the same, as they were when they were here. Remember, this is not like heaven where you sit around and do nothing. How boring to never have anything left to learn. But you must remember, that the Seth that was here and the Seth that exists in what you would call ‘today’, is not the same. The Ram that was here in his existence is not the same as the Ram of today. Wanting to ‘know’ is the only thing there is – period.

Now, you think of the time span – what you call time span – actually a ‘time span’ is nothing more than a ‘learning’ span. And when you look at it that way, when you compare a physical existence, your learning ‘span’ is exceedingly small. But, you’re not the same person you were 5 years ago – if you are making any progress at all in your understanding of physicality. You are ‘not’ the same. You don’t think the same. Now, why do you expect them to be the same as they were? They are not – nor are you. Allow, push the boundaries a little bit. Open your selves up to the possibilities. Realize, yes the vibration of the Seth material and the Ramtha material is still here – where does a vibration go? It stays within the bubble. That’s it. That’s what creates. That’s what you use as your stepladder to learn. But, nothing stays the same – it cannot.

So, if you’re bringing through the information – it’s not going to be the same. Especially not with Datre. But one does not negate the other. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “What of the millions of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease whose thought patterns are jumbled to such a degree that they depend for their very survival on others?”

DATRE: Now, you must remember, Alzheimer’s is a disease of the physical construct. That does not have anything to do with ‘you’. You are working ‘with’ the physical construct for experience.

What happens in these patients – as they call them – that have Alzheimer’s is that they do loose the ‘continuity’ of physicality as far as the physical construct is concerned. What happens is, the indwelling ‘you’ – that portion of ‘you’ in physicality – is checking out the dead zone and checking out other possibilities and probabilities. Checking out other possibilities, looking this over and looking that over and then come back into the body and is totally confused. That happens to a lot of people. The only thing is, that they are using that as an ‘experience’ patterning. In a psychological construct you’re always learning in whatever direction you wish to go – what is going to be the greatest ‘impact’ for ‘your’ learning.

Granted, Alzheimer’s is one that is very difficult, not for the one that has it, but for those that are trying to take care of that one. There are many things coming up on your horizon, shall we say, that you as the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS on your planet are working with and toward. And some of these things, like Alzheimer’s, those athlete’s that have spinal injuries, all of these different things that are being worked with on your planet, its a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS desire to improve physicality, and to learn about physicality. All of these thing are fascinating to those in the physical constructs. And as they become more proficient in their learning, in whatever area they wish to learn in, then you will see changes taking place on your planet. You’re all working together but also working on your separate evolution and you’re alone. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “Where does that leave them in terms of their evolutionary progress?”

DATRE: It leaves them no different than it leaves you in what you’re gaining from your experiences. What are you learning from it? If they’re not learning anything from it, then it’s no different than any of the rest of you in physicality.

If you’re playing the part of being a victim, then you’re not learning anything. But, if you’re looking at the situation as a learning experience, then a great deal can be learned. You see, one of the things that could be learned, by an Alzheimer’s patient, that probably couldn’t be learned any other way because of fear, is they learn how easy it is to slip in and out of the body. You see, that is one of the things that you fear is leaving the body. Because, you think you’re your body – but you’re not. But an Alzheimer’s patient can learn a great deal from that experience, by realizing – ‘I don’t have to stay in the body; I have freedom to get out of it. Then leave it and come back into it – and the body still is working – ‘okay, I’ll stay in it a while. I’m so confused now because of where I’ve been I don’t know where I am now’.

And there’s their confusion. Because the more you go in and out of the body, like they do, then they don’t know where they are. And besides that, could care less. They’re more unhappy, waiting for this physical construct that they have put together, to say, ‘I’ve had enough’. They have to wait until the physical construct wants to go and there’s an ‘opening’ to go through. Then you see there’s a lot of individuals that also will use Alzheimer’s to get what they want. You see you don’t know what is in the thought patterns of another individual. Maybe that individual say’s, ‘you know I’ve had just about enough of this physicality, and the body is in such good shape I don’t know how in the world I’m ever going to get out of here and I don’t want to commit suicide and I sick and tired of the situation I’m in, let somebody else take care of the body for a while’. Have you ever thought of that one?

You see, don’t limit yourself by what you see. Now, there may be somebody else that has Alzheimer’s that’s trying to figure out something. What is this thing called death? What’s it all about, what’s it like? What’s it like in the dead zone? And in wanting to ‘know’, the deep down desire of wanting to know what the dead zone is like before you ever go there, will begin to leave the body and make excursions into the dead zone to find out what its all about. But, in coming and going, the confusion gets to the point that they can’t explain it – even to themselves.

But, look at all these different things for every different situation. There are many, many different avenues of experience out of just one given instance. That is why we say, ‘open yourselves up’. Think of the possibilities and probabilities of every single thing. That doesn’t mean that you can’t live a physical life. They’ll say, ‘well I can’t be walking around just observing, I’ve got a job, I’ve got a family, I’ve got…’. Of course you have. That is where the interest comes in. But, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to OBSERVE what you’re doing. If you have to stop to observe what you’re doing, you’ve missed the point. You’re back into meditation. In other words, ‘I can’t get to where I want to go unless I meditate’. But, where are you going and what are you doing when you’re coming back? Except wanting to go back into meditation again. Because it’s so peaceful. It’s so wonderful. And I see so many wonderful things.

You see you’re trying to get away from the physical. Detach yourself. Out there is much better than in here. No, it isn’t because, the enjoyment, the excitement, the emotional body has no part when you take off and go into meditation. So the physical body sits here and waits for you to come back. You’ll say, ‘oh, my life is so hum drum’. And the body is saying, ‘boy, look at the excitement we’re having’. Okay? I’m not being flippant, I’m being very realistic. That’s why we say; ‘you have to get into the body in order to get out of it’. Next question?

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Vipassana Meditation Technique: How To Explore Physical Sensations

A variety of Vipassana Meditation Techniques are gradually becoming some of the most popular meditations being practiced today.

Part of the reason for this is simplicity. There is nothing complex about the basic methods of Vipassana. Anyone (who can follow directions) can do it.

Another benefit is rapid results. Some practitioners experience a profound shift in their very first meditation. Although practicing Vipassana consistently is definitely the best way to get powerful, permanent results… the nature of the practice frequently brings powerful shifts and profound insights from the very first session.

Many methods of Vipassana use awareness to explore the senses. Some of the common variations are: Exploring internal images, exploring external images, exploring inner sounds, exploring outer sounds, and exploring sensations in the body.

Of these, connecting with and exploring the sensations in the body is the simplest and most straightforward meditation technique.

How can you begin this practice?

  1. Find a relaxed, upright position.
  2. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and get comfortable.
  3. Start to notice all the sensations arising in your chest, stomach, and back as you breathe. Notice how they feel. Notice where they come up. Notice how intense they are. Notice the sensations arising before the breath… notice the sensations arising with the breath… and notice the sensations arising after the breath.
  4. Continue to relax as you pour all of your focus into the abdominal sensations associated with breathing.
  5. Now gently deepen the breath. Gradually allow the breath to expand deeper into the lungs.
  6. Notice if the sensations change. Notice if their location changes. Notice if their intensity changes.
  7. Now gently slow down the breath. Gradually allow the in breath and out breath to move more and more slowly.
  8. Once again, notice if the sensations change. Notice if their location changes. Notice if their intensity changes.
  9. Maintain this practice as long as you like (5 minutes is a good place to start). Notice how you feel when you have finished.

Working with the breath has many benefits (as you will see), but once you are comfortable with exploring sensations in your body, you can isolate your meditation to any part (your hands, your face, your feet, etc.), or you can use the entire field of physical sensation as your focus. The more flexible you are with your practice, the more quickly you will be able to carry your practice into every moment of every day.

As you begin to take a few minutes every day to practice this Vipassana meditation technique, pay attention to how much more relaxed you become. Be aware of how much more focus you develop. Enjoy how the peacefulness expands through your life.

Godspeed on your journey!

Benjamin Langley has been studying meditation, self-hypnosis, energy work, and other healing methods for over 15 years, and he has written over 400 articles on these subjects, as well as numerous podcasts and videos.

If you are interested in a Free coaching program that will show you how to identify your own critical point, and how to shift it to make achieving your goals effortless, go to http://Warrior-Mystic.com to learn more.

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Datre answers Fiona (datre174)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Fiona and her first question is… “I realize that those who stay for a long period of time in the dead zone start to fade away or what ever and need a physical construct to get back into to continue evolution – if this is the case what of all the Melchezideks, Archangels, Sanandas etc. who I believe are dead zone entities – how is it that they appear to be able to manifest from this zone for such a long time and seemingly maintain themselves in that state? OR, are they alternate reality beings – in which case the alternate realities are physical anyway. Do you get my drift?”

DATRE: The reason that those in the dead zone come back into a physical body, is that they are loosing their ability to maintain their pseudo body in the dead zone and are unable to continue without a ‘body’ of some kind out of fear of not having a body.

Now, what you must realize is that we’ve talked about giving away… when you go into the dead zone. You’re so used to having to ask for forgiveness for everything, because you have ‘sinned’, etc., that it has become an obsession. You look at everything that you don’t want – that you say, ‘well, I’m ashamed of that’ and ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’ – so you ask to be forgiven.

Now, we’ve said before, if you were to sit down and analyze – what you call – a horrible, horrible sin, what did you ‘learn’ from that experience? That is what is important. You are here to ‘experience’. Why did you do it in the first place? Because you wanted to ‘learn’. You wanted to learn by that experience. So what do you do? You cower in a corner and ask to have your ‘sins’ forgiven, because you were a ‘bad’ person, never stopping to realize that what you have ‘experienced’ can tell you a great deal. Peoples that sit down and analyze a situation and figure out ‘why’ they did ‘what’ they did, learn a great deal. Then they will not have that ‘type’ of experience again – because they have ‘learned’ from it.

The person that has to have their sins forgiven and asks everyone else for forgiveness will find that that particular ‘lesson’ continues to repeat itself in different ways constantly, until ‘you’ get the message to ‘you’. No one does anything ‘to’ you – ‘you’ have done it because you wanted it.

You’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t want it’. You didn’t want it because you’re sitting in a physical construct. But the greater ‘part’ of you said, ‘learn’. And how much greater to learn, then to have – what you call – a tragic experience? If you’re ever going to change your ‘belief’ systems, you can’t change a belief system unless you do something about it. Analyze it. Learn from it.

You think of experiences as only being ‘good’ things. How are you ever going to learn if everything “goes your way all the time”? Where’s the learning? It is not there. You need something constantly to ‘push’ against. That is why you’re here in physicality. That is your ‘learning’ experience. Learn from it.

So, to answer your question. You do the same thing when you go into the dead zone. The first person that you can find – you want forgiveness from. Your belief system says that you are going to see Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed; you name it, whoever you want – all forms of God. This is what you’re going to see, because your ‘belief’ system says this is what you’re going to see. And you fall down on your knees and worship them and say, ‘take away my sins’. And the exchange between you and whatever energy constructs you are interacting with gains the energy. You have heard, many times, about those individuals – and you hear it a lot in the psychic communities – of those that come to the meetings, simply to ‘suck’ your energy out. You’ve probably heard that many, many times.

Well, if they can do it here in the physical, why can’t they do the same thing in the dead zone? Then you’ll say, ‘well, the Archangels and Malchezideks, and all of those certainly wouldn’t take my energy from me’. They will take your energy from you, IF you give it to them. You’re the one that is ‘giving’ the energy. If you’re in a room and you know that there’s someone sucking your energy, why do you ‘allow’ it? It is your ‘belief’ that you can’t stop them.

A strong individual – an individual that ‘knows’ themselves – can walk in that room and not feel a thing. And do you know why? Because the individual that know themselves have such a strong energy field that nothing or no one effects it. A strong individual is impervious to other energies, because there is no such thing as a ‘good’ energy and a ‘bad’ energy. Energy is energy, and as you interact with it in the physical construct, what you get – is what you expect. If you expect to feel ‘bad’ energy and also feel that it is harmful to you – that is exactly what you will experience. A strong individual may feel a scattered energy but does not label it ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

You are powerful, powerful, individuals. But you don’t realize where your ‘power’ comes from. YOUR POWER COMES FROM ‘KNOWING’ WHO YOU ARE. Facing your experiences and learning from them. And, if you want to give everything away, then don’t say anyone ‘took’ it from you – because it cannot be done. It is only to be ‘given’ – if you don’t want it any more.

That’s why when you go back into, what you call, physicality again – from the dead zone – you have nothing to go back with. Because you’ve given it all away. You’ve given all your experiences away. ‘But they were bad’. All right, who said they were bad? It is ‘your’ discernment of your actions, because you have ‘not’ learned from your experiences. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I want to ask about so called Starseeds, Lightworkers etc. A lot of people currently incarnate on the planet believe that they have only been here for a few life times – that they have come from other places in the Universe to incarnate on to the Earth primarily to witness or help in these years of change toward the Birth/Ascension (I know you say no to ascension, but this is the buzz word with relation to the coming changes). Is it possible that some of us do belong elsewhere in the Universe and are just here for a short time? Then returning to our home base when/after the Birth occurs?”

DATRE: What you’re doing, most of the time is, connecting up with an Aspect that is in another planetary configuration. Now you’re going to say, ‘how could I have an Aspect someplace else?’. Who’s to say, maybe ‘you’ are the Aspect. An Aspect has nothing to do with ‘location’.

You must remember this is a psychological game you’re playing – like a game of chess. But you don’t realize that you’re playing a chess game, and you’re not enjoying it. Why can’t ‘you’ be an Aspect of something from another planet? Or, why can’t something else on another planet be an Aspect of yours? Why not? You have ALL the possibilities and probabilities – so why can’t it be? It is your ‘belief’ system that puts you into believing what you are or aren’t. So, until you get to the point that you know ‘who’ you are, then that’s another subject entirely.

But, you’re all looking for answers. And the answer is right within ‘you’. The only one that can find out what’s within that which is ‘you’, is ‘you’. Physicality is ‘not’ an easy subject. Physicality is one of your highest grades of individual education. But, you don’t look at the physicality as an educational process.

If you were having a test in school, I’m sure you would study for it. You are the only one that can study for the test. You are the only one that’s got the paper and pencil in hand. And you’re the only one that can put down the answers. The teacher can’t do it for you. And yet, you go to teacher after teacher, after teacher. And if the teacher is a good teacher, the teacher will say, ‘it’s up to you to do your homework’. Continue.

JOHN: She continues on and asks… “If most of what we know of as space ships/UFO’s are either earth based or dead zone based – have we at any time actually had visitations from beings from other star systems, planets, or other places in the cosmos outside of our earth bubble?”

DATRE: Now, we have said before, who are these space people? They are us – we humans. You think of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in just relationship to everyday things. Alright now, you have all your different psychics, all your different mediums, all your different channels, you’re getting your information from the dead zone, you’re getting information from this one, that one, and the next one. Okay, that’s fine because you learn from all of them. But every group that you go into has a different set of ‘beliefs’. All these different beliefs form a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of that particular group of individuals. Now these small groups of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS have been referred to as Gestalts. To put it very simply, a Gestalt is the mutual interaction of like thinking individuals.

So, if that particular group of individuals – regardless of whether the number is large or small – all believes in spaceships and UFO’s and people coming here from other planetary existence’s, and this is the ‘belief’, then do you buy into that ‘belief’ system because its comfortable to you? Or do you say, ‘no, that is not for me’. But, there again, you put yourself in these positions for ‘learning’. What did you learn from ‘that’ experience of ‘believing’ in the UFO’s and the spaceships and the extraterrestrial’s? What did you learn from that? Is it important to your everyday existence? How do you live today? What do you ‘learn’ from your existence today? If you’re comfortable in those beliefs, stay there until you’re uncomfortable – then find something else. There are as many different groups of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that ‘believe’ in as many different things as you can think of.

When you believe in a ‘ship’, you’re believing in ‘limitation’. You believe that the only way you can get from point A to point B is to go by ship. Well, if that’s the way you want to travel, it’s a slow boat to China, but that’s all right – there’s a lot of people going by slow boat.

But you see, this is ‘your’ discovery. You have to discover for yourself and no one else can do that. Stop and think of limiting yourself into a ‘particle’ reality and “only” a particle reality. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “We are lead to believe that there numerous “mother ships” surrounding the planet right now. If this is the case where do they come from? Are there beings out there observing us here inside our bubble who have come from outside the bubble – the bigger universe?”

DATRE: Well I don’t know what the Big Universe would need with a spaceship to tell you the truth. But you see what you’re looking for in a ‘mothership’? The very words in themselves say you’re looking for ‘protection’. What does a ‘mother’ do with a child? She nurtures the child within herself. She ‘births’ the child. She nurtures the child. And you have seen women in their 80’s and 90’s talking to their 60 and 70 year old children – ‘well, you’re still my boy or girl’. You’re looking for protection. Protection from what? Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is Ptaah (channeled by Jani King) known to Datre? Ptaah is very similar to Ramtha and has told me that he and Ramtha are on the same board of directors, so to speak?”

DATRE: I am sure that I can make this statement – what would Ramtha need with a board of directors? That’s a hierarchy – what does he need with that? If he is through with physicality, why would he drag it with him?

This business of all of these people in the hierarchy strategy – it is all dead zone. The dead zone needs a hierarchy because; it is a very different situation. Those people are existing as ‘humans’ in another psychological construct. But they’re still working from a ‘human’ standpoint.

Now when you get to the edge of the ‘bubble’, that doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s going on here and can’t relate to what’s going on here – because you have had physical existence. But you are no longer interested in it. Your communication at the edge of the bubble is ‘out’ – not back in. That’s where the interest lies, because that’s going ‘forward’ – not backward. There’s just no interest in going backward.

Now, that doesn’t mean that someone at the edge of the bubble cannot communicate through a physical construct, because they’re familiar with physicality, but they’re not ‘interested’ in physicality. The amount of time spent in the physical construct, through channeling, is minuscule in comparison to that which does not exist in ‘time’. You’re still existing in ‘time’ because you have to slow things down in order to be able to understand them. But when you get beyond the point of having to have ‘time’ to, shall we say, mark your progress – then you don’t need time.

So, to come through a physical construct is less than a ‘blink’ of an eye. What you would call a nano-second. It doesn’t even register to them. Putting your finger into a glass of water and taking it out again – same thing.

You must realize that upon meeting these energy vibrations in the dead zone they will manipulate their ‘pseudo’ body, shall we say, to make them to look like whatever you want them to look like. So, they come through a channel, and in order to validate themselves, they have to be friends with someone like Seth or Ramtha or whoever. It’s just a validation game. If you need validation, you’re going to find someone that is well known, to be validated with.

It’s no different than in ‘live’ physicality. What’s the big thing with many people that you interact with? What is the first thing they do? They tell you all the famous people they know. Or, I know so-in-so. Or, I’ve interacted with so-in-so. ‘Well I happen to know this movie star’. Or, ‘I happen to know this channeler’. Just dropping names all over the place. Do you think the dead zone is any different? Next question.

JOHN: She continues and further asks… “Datre says that our DNA has never been tampered with, yet just about every other source of information says YES we have had our DNA manipulated by off planet beings, 4D beings etc. etc. How is it that so much misinformation is being presented and what is the source of these stories? Can so many “different sources” be so totally wrong?”

DATRE: As to all the different information – nothing is totally ‘wrong’ or totally ‘right’. It is only your perception of the information, based on your understanding and your belief system.

Now this process of channeling is different for everyone. The ability of the physical construct to handle different intensities of energy makes a difference as to what information can be brought through. Another thing to be considered is distortion. Distortion can be caused by many things – stress, pain, medication, illness, etc.. When a channeler sets up regular sessions for a given number of people on a certain date, that individual has no idea what the condition of the body will be that far in advance – even if it is only a day or two. This channel never knows when a reaction to an earthquake or volcano will occur. Datre only works with this channel when the body is stable, and this is easy to accomplish because there are no ‘set’ deadlines. Also, there are no interruptions or disturbances by an audience.

Now as to Ramtha and Seth, you need to remember, that they are not the same as when they made contact with channels a number of years ago. For them to be the same would stop the whole process of evolution. Evolution is ‘constant’ change.

You don’t have to believe that Datre is right. It is up to you to decide what ‘you’ want for your belief system for ‘your’ education and for your knowing.

Has the DNA been tampered with? The only one that can tamper with it is you. How can anyone tamper with what you have as…. you take your energy, you form it into particles, you make your body, you work with your body. Your body is a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT of ENERGY that ‘you’ work with. You put it together. You take it apart when you die and leave the particles behind, shall we say, because you don’t need them any more, – you die and then you can’t find anything and you don’t know where you are, so the first thing you do is build a pseudo body so you’re comfortable. But, it’s ALL a psychological construct. And that’s very difficult – from a physical standpoint – to understand. But the more you begin to find your ‘belief’ systems, watch what you’re doing, learn from what you’re doing… find out who you ‘really’ are, that’s when changes are made. But ‘nobody’ can change it for you.

Now, when you come into physicality, in that which you call birth, you ‘arrange’ your DNA, your RNA, everything, the way ‘you’ want it. And just think of what you have behind you, shall we say, as far as ‘data’ is concerned. How long have you been on the planet? How far do you go back?

Now, who’s going to manipulate that bunch of junk, but you? You’re going to figure out what you want ‘dominant’ and what you want ‘recessive’, what you want to experience. Its all ‘you’. Now, how in the world is somebody else, from another universe, from another planet, even inside of this planet, going to do anything ‘to’ you? I mean you have to stop and think these things through.

If you are so convinced – believe so thoroughly – that somebody is going to victimize you and change your DNA, and you’re going to sit in fear ’til the day you die, of somebody going to do something ‘to’ you, and become a consummate ‘victim’ of everything and everybody, you’re going to end up where you don’t want to be – because you’re going to drive yourself insane in the physical construct. It happens! You think this only happens to those ‘other’ people. You have no idea how many more times this happens to those that are trying to figure out a lot of – what you call – spirituality. They drive themselves insane. Because they begin to have a strong ‘belief’ in victim hood. They’re so concerned that they’re going to do something wrong, or that somebody is going to do something ‘to’ them, that they become paranoid.

And, what is the one big thing you have on your planet right now? People who are paranoid. Because you are constantly being told, over radio and television, and every place else – in the stores – ‘oh, you better take your flu shot’, ‘you’re going to get sick if you don’t take your flu shot’. How many times do you hear that when you go out? When you go to work, ‘oh, have you had your flu shot yet?’, ‘oh, the flu is terrible’. How many times are you going to hear that in the work place, in the grocery stores, in any of your stores? Then the first thing you know, you’re going to finally think, ‘well, maybe I better get a flu shot, everybody is telling me I should’. Then there’s someone that comes along and says, what in the heck do I need that for, I don’t plan to get sick’. They look at that individual as if – ‘boy that’s a nut cake’. It’s not a nut cake, it’s someone that knows ‘who’ they are and what they are capable of doing. Continue.

JOHN: She next goes on to ask… “In our history of being confined to our planetary bubble…..”

DATRE: Now, stop right there. You chose the confinement. You use the word confinement as something that is unacceptable. Something you don’t want. ‘I am confined to this planet’. When you begin to ‘know’ who you are, and ‘enjoy’ being ‘who’ you are ‘where’ you are, you will not look at this planet as confinement, but, as total, complete expression of your BEINGNESS. Continue.

JOHN: Her question continues… “have we never had visitations from “off planet” beings? If not, are the Zeta’s, Grays, Reptoides, Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc. all manifestations from within our bubble? How is it that so many people claim to have had travels “off planet” in craft of supposedly ET origin whether it be in body or astral form? Are we totally confined to the illusion of this planetary bubble in every respect or are we night traveling to other parts of the universe in our other bodies? This is a point of confusion for many of us Datre readers.”

DATRE: Well, if you’re night traveling to another universe, you’re not going to need a body. The body is going to be what ‘stops’ you. The body carries a vibrational construct. Its vibrational, its energy that is of this planetary existence. If you want to travel, you’re going to have to travel ‘without’ a body – just being ‘you’. Now, you stop and think about that and figure out how many people are able to do that.

They don’t, because the thing is, the minute they are aware of ‘not’ having a body, panic sets in. If you want to travel, you travel, but you don’t bring back ‘that’ kind of information. If you are traveling, you’re not interested in reptiles… reptilian forms. If you want to travel, what you’re interested in is connecting on a vibrational level that you are able to work with. You’re working with nothing but ‘energy’. If you’re traveling, and you come back with reptiles, then that is the energy construct ‘you’ have picked up and relate it ‘to’ a reptilian form.

But you see what happens? Somebody says, ‘oh, in my out of body travels I encountered a reptilian form’. Then someone else says, ‘oh, I’ve done the same thing’. I wonder what in the world they’ve been doing? What have they been connecting up with? How many people are traveling to find reptilian forms and all of these others? And they are so totally convinced that this is what they have done. You cannot – in any way shape or form – convince them that this is not something that they have encountered.

Your belief in a reptilian form – what does a reptile do? They tell you to stay away from crocodiles and alligators because they will bite off your legs or they will eat you, or whatever. I am speaking now from the brain patterning of that one which I am working through. They have encountered people who they have been asked to come and talk to who are convinced that they have seen reptilian forms. And they get all upset when they are told that that is their ‘belief’ system that has ‘constructed’ that from an energy exchange. They say that they can see reptilian forms in the room with them. Of course they can. You can interpret any different energy in any way you wish and that will form a ‘picture’ for you to see. You’re the only one that can take ‘energy’ and decide what you’re going to make it look like. Continue.

JOHN: She then goes on to ask… “Can Datre give us any insight/details on the set up within our planetary bubble of the higher dimensional states that we have heard about for so long such as.. Shamballa (above the Gobi desert) and other higher dimensional “retreats” that the so called Ascended Masters reside within? Also, Ramtha and many others have talked about the beings who dwell within the hollow earth, plus we have very good information on the Agartha Network and the Subterranean People who live within the crust of the planet. These people have supposedly come from our past (Atlantis and Lumerian civilizations) and have the ability to travel in space (i.e. seem to have no trouble moving about in space outside of the planetary bubble and are supposedly in contact with ET races). Can Datre comment on this info?”

DATRE: Well, now as to Atlantis, Lumeria and all of that, is that in the past or is that in the future? Stop and think about that one for a while. Who says it’s in your past? Why can’t it be in your future? Why isn’t it something you’re going to, instead of coming from?

When you begin to ‘look’ at many of these things, and analyze them, what do you want to ‘believe’ in? Do you want to believe that the only thing that was ‘fantastic’ was something that someone had already lived? I mean, Atlantis has been so wonderful, that you can never, ever, achieve that state again – why would you put it in your past? Wouldn’t you like to go into something that was that fantastic? ‘Well, we can’t, because that’s in the past’.

You see, you set ‘limitations’ on everything. You don’t let yourselves ‘be’. You don’t give any ‘allowance’ to being. Because, in order to gain ‘security’ you have to have a ‘past’. That’s what archeology is all about, digging up, what you call, dead things – objects so that you have a ‘past’. But the thing is – have you got a ‘future’? Now, they’ll say, ‘well, so-in-so can tell me such-and-such’. Fine! Can you tell your ‘self’? Why do you have to go to someone to have them tell you that you’re going to meet this wonderful person. And that you’re going to get a new job and all of this. Why don’t you tell your self? Don’t you trust your self? Don’t you realize how ‘powerful’ you are? Do you know why you don’t tell your self what your next day is? Because you’re smarter than that, you want to surprise your self.

Now as to the ‘Ascended Masters’ who live on the earth, the people in the ‘inner’ earth, are these just fables that have gained validity simply through repetition? Or are these, so called, facts? How does this information change your belief systems?

Now, you’ll say, ‘well Datre will say one thing and then Datre will say something else’. You must remember that Datre is a ‘composite’. And each one of the composite is individualistic. In other words, it’s like anything else, you don’t all agree. You don’t all see things the same way. Nor does everyone that comes through and gives information under the trademark name – if you want to call it that, of Datre, they all have different experiences. Their experiences are not the same. They didn’t come from one kettle of fish – they’re all different.

Now, if you’re getting information from ‘a’ single individual that’s being channeled by someone in the physical, that information is going to be very much the same – because there is a continuity. But when you have individuals jumping in and out of this physical construct, giving different information at different times to different questions, you’re going to find that there will be differences. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “I would like to know if Datre could explain how the “dead zone” differs from an “alternative reality”? How is an alternative reality birthed within the bubble?”

DATRE: Your alternate realities are there all the time. Its not birthed, its there. Different realities are experienced. Your alternate realities are constantly changing, because they are constantly being ‘lived’ also. How many times in what you call, one day, do you experience a different reality? You have no idea. The people that switch in and out of realities all the time feel the difference, because they’re about to do something, say make a pot of coffee. They go over and take the coffee pot, put it under the water faucet, and the next thing you know the water is running all over the coffee pot and into the sink and they look up startled and wonder where they are. The immediate reaction is to turn off the water. But then, ‘where was I?’. ‘Well, I haven’t any idea so I might just as well finish making coffee – if that’s what I was doing – or was I just washing the pot’. And then they look at the time and say, ‘no it was time for coffee so we’ll make coffee’.

Now, maybe this does not happen to you. But if it does, you’re switching all the time. You know, why do you have to sit in this body all the time? What’s daydreaming? Where do you go when you daydream? What happens when you’re thinking about something intensely? When you have a problem that needs to be solved, do you just sit and mull it over in your head? A lot of people don’t. A lot of people leave and get the answer and come back in again. You see you don’t look at the ‘fluidity’ that you have. Don’t lock yourself in so tight. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: Now, we want to say again, this is not just for the questioner – this is for every one of you. Watch what you’re doing – and have fun with it. Physicality is not a prison. It is giving you the opportunity to ‘push’ against something to see what you can do. Enjoy.

We are Datre.

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