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Datre 175 – Don’t limit yourself by what you see

Today we have some questions from Teresa and her first question is… “Datre says that for an individual to be able to go out into the UNIVERSE with the total understanding of physicality as far as a body is concerned… is going to be very interesting, because in itself it will be a study of something very unique in universal understanding….” “Why was not Ramtha and his body used to accomplish this? After all, he stated that he took his body with him upon his death. Does this mean that he didn’t take his body directly into the big universe – if not where to, and where is his body now?”

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Vipassana Meditation Technique: How To Explore Physical Sensations

A variety of Vipassana Meditation Techniques are gradually becoming some of the most popular meditations being practiced today. Part of the reason for this is simplicity. There is nothing complex about the basic methods of Vipassana. Anyone (who can follow directions) can do it. Another benefit is rapid results. Some practitioners experience a profound shift […]

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You are powerful, powerful, individuals. But you don’t realize where your ‘power’ comes from. YOUR POWER COMES FROM ‘KNOWING’ WHO YOU ARE. Facing your experiences and learning from them. And, if you want to give everything away, then don’t say anyone ‘took’ it from you – because it cannot be done. It is only to be ‘given’ – if you don’t want it any more.

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