Datre 169 – Datre on chronic stress and other conditions

Datre answers Cheyenne (Datre169)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Cheyenne and his first question is… “In one of the transcripts you talk about chronic tiredness being a buildup of stress and tension. Is there a way to reverse that which has already been done esp. if it’s chronic?”

DATRE: I don’t know in what context that was written, so its very difficult for me to answer in any specific way other then to tell you, that which you ‘perceive’ as being ‘chronic’ is something you won’t let go of. In other words, in the morning when you wake, as we have said many times before, you pick up your ‘garbage’ bag full of ‘yesterday’ and search through it to make sure everything is there, then you drag it around with you all day long. Then you keep looking in there to make sure that you don’t forget how you were ‘yesterday’ – so that you can continue doing what you did ‘yesterday’ into today. But you see, that is the problem, that’s why it becomes chronic – because you won’t let go of it.

When you reach an understanding of what ‘you’ project into a physical body, you will see that your body responds to ‘you’. So if you want chronic illness, all you have say is, ‘I feel the same way today that I did yesterday’. Then the body immediately records that – ‘you feel the same way you did yesterday’. ‘Oh I have a terrible, terrible headache’. The body will give you one – it will respond. You say, ‘I HAVE A TERRIBLE HEADACHE’. Well the body has to give you one, because you say you have it.

I know that sounds like I’m speaking in riddles, but that’s the way you work in physicality. So if anything is chronic, it’s because you continue to hang on to it – that’s what makes it chronic. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “If things are not predetermined how can one go about changing from a life of being in a constant state of lack to a state of abundance? Does that also go with ones belief system, so that if ones beliefs are changed so will the circumstances change?”

DATRE: That is true. But, it takes a long time to ferret out your beliefs. This does not happen over night. It takes a long time to find out ‘why’ you continually have, what you call, a repetitive problem. You just can’t ‘see’ what you’re doing. That is the challenge of physicality. It’s like reading a mystery book. They’re putting all of these things in the book as clues. And you’re going through and you’re trying to figure out ‘who’ was the murderer. Was it this one, was it that one, was it another one? Well, this one couldn’t be because. And this one could be because. And you’re constantly doing that. But in physicality, it isn’t as much fun as reading a book. And yet, the more you get to understand physicality, its much more fun than reading a book – because, you’re trying to figure out ‘how’ to work with the body to achieve that which you wish to achieve. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “What is with this concept that the Universe will provide all that is needed or wanted simply by creating it in our mind – that we either deliberately create it or create it by default?”

DATRE: All possibilities/probabilities that are needed for physicality is in the ‘mind’ of the bubble. Deliberately creating is ‘observing’ and making ‘your’ decisions. Default is becoming emotionally involved and following others. Continue.

JOHN: He further asks…. “I find that many of my experiences are from being very “unsettled”, in other words, constantly looking for different things. I start something and go for so long and then lose interest in it. Then I move on to something else and it happens again. It makes it very hard to stay in relationships, as it seems I’m constantly changing. Would this be what “I” intended to do in this lifetime experience or is it a lack of something within myself. It seems I like the challenge of something and then have to move on.”

DATRE: You’re the only one that can answer that question. What do ‘you’ want to do? Do you want to just experience, experience, experience, experience? That is totally up to you – if that’s what you want to do. If you don’t want to be tied down by anything or anyone – then that is the way you should live. But, then look at it and decide – is this what I want? You seem like this is what you’re doing, but it isn’t what you wanted. So, you need to decide what ‘you’ want to do. Nobody else does anything ‘to’ you or ‘for’ you – it is all ‘you’, it is ‘your’ decision. Continue.

JOHN: He then asks… “Within this framework of this society I have felt many times like an outcast not fitting in with the belief system here. Also, now understanding vibrational patterns, I now understand why people are put off from me until they take the time to get comfortable with me. I seem to have come with certain beliefs that didn’t fit here and slowly over time tried to conform, but when I couldn’t accept it, I have come full circle to finally believing in myself. Why would I go through all that only to come back to what I originally felt?”

DATRE: You said you like experiences, that is what you did. You experienced it, and you finally made a decision, you came to terms with yourself. But, it was trying to find yourself that became the experience.

There’s no time limit on anything you know, you can take as much time to get to know yourself as you want. And its up to you to decide what you want to find and what you don’t want to find. How is one ever going to be an individual if they don’t know ‘who’ they are? In searching to find out ‘who’ you are, then you become an individual. And that individual is somebody you like or you don’t like. So you make your decision as to ‘who’ you want to be and ‘how’ you want to be continually. That is what you’ve done. No time wasted – because you don’t have any time. You only ‘put’ time on things because that is what you want to do. But that ‘time’ only exists for you and… After all, it’s your ball game. Continue.

JOHN: How does one “do” when finances hold you back? Is there a way of changing lack into abundance when dis/ease has set in? Is it just a matter of changing a belief in myself that is holding me back?”

DATRE: All right, lets go back to a few transcripts ago – that we did a few transcripts ago. We talked about ‘energy’, transforming energy, working with energy. That’s ‘all’ that you have to work with. You form it and shape it, as you so desire.

Now, why doesn’t it work? Well, one reason is belief. The other reason is, why are you in the situation that you are in at the present time? What do you want to learn? If you’ve tried other things and you haven’t learned, you will try other things and you still haven’t learned, try other things and you still haven’t learned, and then you hit this one – a big stumbling block for humanity. This is a big learning, and that is for you to figure out. That’s all this whole business of physicality is nothing but a ‘learning’ experience.

The ‘energy’ that you have to work with, to produce what you want, in any way you want to do it, is yours. Nobody can add to it, nobody can take away from it. It’s a very simple process, except, when you get into the physical containment. You feel ‘limited’ because you’re in a physical containment. You have all of these ‘beliefs’ that you have built up since childhood, and you can’t ferret out one from the other because they’re so multitudinous. Trying to find your ‘blockages’ is part of the game you play in physicality – regardless of what it is that you are setting your own blockage for. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is the purpose other than a learning experience on this earthly plane? What is the purpose for any of it… does it lead to something that we can’t even fathom right now?”

DATRE: There is, in all… in this universe and all other Universes, there is nothing but learning, experimenting, becoming – that’s all there is. What ‘manner’ you chose is entirely up to you. I’m not speaking of the ‘physical’ you; I’m speaking of the YOU that ‘you’ are. You ‘choose’ physicality for experience and you continue to do so. And you are tenacious enough so that you will continue to try and figure out physicality’s infinities – because ‘you’ want to figure it out. But, in the physical construct, you’re restricted. Then you’ll say, ‘I’m so restricted by being in a body’. Of course you are, that’s why you’re ‘in’ the body. It’s a GRAND experience. And BECOMING is a forever thing.

I can give you a very good example. The other day, when Aona was doing something, she said, ‘this is going to be a big job, its going to take me a long time to do it’. But, then she stopped, because she had an answer, and it was not from ‘brain’ stuff. She had an AH HA. SHE HAS ALL THE TIME THERE IS, BECAUSE SHE HAS TODAY. You all have all the time there is, because you have today. You segment it into day and night, hours minutes and seconds. You also segment it into LIFE and DEATH. But it’s ALL TODAY. Continue.

JOHN: Then he asks… “If this is nothing more than a learning game what is it that we are headed for? Why do we play this game – is there a destination?”

DATRE: No! There is never a destination – because the destination is TODAY. And another TODAY. And another TODAY. For as many TODAY’s as you want. It’s all the same TODAY regardless of how you slice it. You’ll say, ‘well you’re talking in riddles’. Yes I am – because the hardest things to understand are the things that are the most simple. And the things that are the most simple are the hardest. Continue.

JOHN: And again he asks… “If it is just a game then why all of a sudden are all these vibrations coming through now to tell us what its all about?”

DATRE: The vibrations are coming through now simply because you are in the need of change. Vibrations exist within your bubble constantly. The vibrations are there, you choose them to change ‘you’. If anyone can say, they haven’t seen any changes, they are not looking. I realize that many of you maybe have not had many years of experience. In other words, if you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, you have not ‘seen’ the changes, because there hasn’t been that big a ‘time’ change, shall we say. But changes are taking place – constantly. At a greater speed, shall we say, than has previously been experienced.

That’s why people are so scrambled – got to be faster, faster, faster. You have to walk around with a telephone stuck on your ear all the time, because you can’t wait until you can get to a telephone. You have to have faster computers, because you can’t sit and wait for the system to work. It’s got to be immediately. The televisions, you have to push a button and it has to light up right away, because you can’t wait 3 seconds for the screen to come and be illuminated. Everything has to be fast. But in being fast, you are missing a great deal that is happening – because you’re not paying attention and ‘looking’. You are trying to ‘speed read’ life.

A number of years ago, the big saying was – “stop and smell the roses”. Those people in that “generation” could see what was happening at that time. You were going so fast, you were forgetting to ‘enjoy’ life and living. So, next question.

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JOHN: He then asks… “If we are to find our own answers why are they channeling through now to give them to us. It seems to me to be just a matter of doing our OWN thing and nothing more, except learning. Is it just a purpose of learning or a purpose for learning for something?”

DATRE: It is a purpose of learning for something. This is what ‘you’ want – it is for YOU. It is for you to become the being that you wish to become – that’s why you choose physicality, because it’s a faster learning experience. It’s faster because of the restrictions. You put restrictions on yourself. If you don’t have any adversity, where’s the learning? You put yourself in a physical containment for learning.

We’re not giving you answers; we’re just trying to show you a different way of looking at your physicality so you can change the ho-hum of your everyday life. If you always look at, that which you call ‘life’ in the same way, you’re going to be very bored with it. Then if you look at life differently, then things change.

Like watching, that which you call, your Olympics. Where people from all over the world are gathered together for their individual experiences. And one woman said a very profound thing, ‘don’t forget to dream’. You can’t go any place unless you put your ‘dream’ into action. Continue.

JOHN: Then he asks… “The thing I like and dislike about Datre is that the lack of emotion keeps it cut and dried but at the same time diminishes the feeling of really any emotion at all. It is like just observing without reacting to anything.”

DATRE: How can Datre react to anything when the body is only being used for a short period of time? We are ‘observing’ physicality from a different standpoint. Emotion is body – it has nothing to do with ‘knowing’. It has nothing to do with anything except physical and we’re not physical. So that is why it sounds that way. Continue.

JOHN: He next goes on to ask… “If what of “us” is here just to experience why would one choose to experience life in the ghetto’s or the third world countries?”

DATRE: Excitement. Learning. You choose what you want to learn in whatever way you want to learn it. If you think you can figure out things faster living in one environment than you can in another that’s what you choose. The choice is always ‘yours’. And you can choose any environment you want.

Why do people die? That’s a good question. They die because they do not want to continue in the environment that they are in. ‘I want to get out of here, I want to experience in another way’. They don’t realize they don’t have to die to do it. That’s the only concept that they think is viable. It is NOT. But that is what they believe. So they die so they can experience in another environment. It has nothing to do with ‘time’ what-so-ever. Continue.

JOHN: And again he asks… “When they say connect to our “Higher Self” for answers, is that the other part of us still out in the universe?”

DATRE: We have never ever said ‘higher self’. We have tried to get you away from that. You are YOU. But there is no way that the ‘totality’ of YOU can experience in physicality until ‘you’ teach the physical body to ACCEPT more and more of you into physicality. The more you accept of the total YOU into physicality, the more your whole physical existence changes.

But, if all you do is draw from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that is exactly the way your life is going to be. You will follow the exact same patterning of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – if that is all you draw from. Some time ago we gave a transcript on functioning in more than one way. There are many things that need to change in that which you have built up from that, which you call, childhood. And, in adulthood is when you can make those changes. And you are the only one that can ‘allow’ more of YOU to exist in physicality. By being ‘open’, changing your belief system, being an OBSERVER, being open to ‘new’ ideas, changing ‘thought’ patterns – it is a GRAND adventure. So don’t limit yourself.

But there is no ‘higher self’. It is all YOU. What you don’t do is ‘accept’ YOURSELF – because you’re afraid, you’re afraid of KNOWING. That is one of the things we don’t understand about physicality is – why are you afraid of ‘knowing’ WHO you are. I don’t think its as much afraid of knowing ‘who’ you are, as you’re so fascinated by the game that you don’t want to give it up. Continue.

JOHN: Next he asks… “If it’s all just a picture that we are creating, how do we go about creating it with out a belief system and thoughts?”

DATRE: That is what you’re here to figure out. They’re ‘your’ pictures. You present yourself with them. Its your puzzle, its your mosaic, you’re making it, you figure it. It cannot be created without ‘belief systems’ and ‘thinks’. Continue.

JOHN: And again… “Is there any truth to the statement “heal thyself”?”

DATRE: Absolutely! No one else can heal you. Doctors – good doctors – will tell you again and again, ‘I can only do so much, but you must heal yourself’. Who else can? Nobody, absolutely nobody. Continue.

JOHN: Then he asks… “Can we actually do any of those things or is that all just thoughts of this “bubble”?”

DATRE: You can do it all. This is a “PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT” – nothing more, nothing less. All you’re doing is working with ENERGY to create what ‘you’ want to see for your learning. You create your body the way ‘you’ want it. You create everything the way ‘you’ want it. You find those that are also creating and if their creations are what you want to take part in and you want to share a creation – that’s fine. And you will share that creation until either one of you want it any more.

But, because you put labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on everything, then you can’t see it for what it is. There’s no one that can help you, because you’re all the help there is.

When you stop and think – this is all ENERGY, nothing more, nothing less. You do with it what you want. You don’t have to conform. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You create your own personalities. You create EVERYTHING. It’s like taking a piece of clay and making a body. Then you take another piece of clay and you make a building. And you take another piece of clay and you make a car. And then you ‘play’ with all of these things. You don’t realize that! It is fascinating to watch – it is fascinating.

But you see, you would never be able to ‘see’ because you’re not what we are – which is ‘nothing’, which works with ENERGY. So we can perceive ENERGY. And we can see all the plays that you are involved in. And there’s no two alike. They always say there are no two fingerprints alike. Why? Because you made your own fingerprints no body else did. So why should your finger print be like anyone else’s? Very simple. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “How would what we experience here enhance or evolve that part of “us” that is still in the Universe and to what purpose?”

DATRE: You have a portion of that which is in physicality. The portion that’s in physicality is a ‘part of’ your TOTALITY that is wanting the experience. Wanting the experience to BECOME. To become what it wants to become. And that’s different for everyone. There can never be any two alike of anything. And that holds true of those that comprise Datre. Nothing can ever be ‘exactly’ the same; it cannot be because that ‘ends’ creation.

You talk about ‘all knowing’. That is an impossibility because there is always that which needs to be discovered and wants to be discovered – regardless of what ‘form’ it is in. Everything is constantly in the state of BECOMING. Continue.

JOHN: Next he asks… “What is the purpose of being Out in the Universe?”

DATRE: Well, it is another means of, what you call, learning – because, as we have said, that’s all there is. It doesn’t matter what you think in physicality because physicality is the ‘game’ you’re playing. You’re playing ‘live’, you’re playing ‘dead’, you’re playing all these games – but in playing games you’re learning, you’re becoming. And what are you becoming? I do not know, because the ‘totality’ of YOU makes the decisions and it has no idea of what ‘it’s’ becoming either. Because you have that which you call ‘aspects’ and there’s many many aspects and all the aspects are having different experiences of ‘becoming’. And all that is part of YOU.

So the BECOMING becomes GRANDER, simply because it is a process – never ending. That’s why you have TODAY – because TODAY is always and forever. That’s all you have. It is always there whether you are in physicality, whether you’re in another state of BECOMING, whatever you choose. But you have to know “ONE” before you can go to the next.

In other words, you’ll say, ‘I don’t care for physicality any more’. Well, you haven’t really gotten into it to find out what its all about and find out how fascinating it is. And if you weren’t here, where would you go? You don’t know where else there is. From the standpoint of looking through physical eyes, how do you know where someplace else or something else is? You don’t, you only know what ‘your’ pictures show you. So how are you going to go to ‘no place’? So, you’re learning is here, enjoy it, figure it out, its ‘your’ puzzle. Continue.

JOHN: And finally his last question is… “Who created us and for what reason if there is not a God as I have continually read throughout your passages?”

DATRE: Who creates you in physicality? You did. You are creating ‘you’ in physicality all the time. You created the baby. You created all the stages in-between. You created all the experiences. You create everything that your senses interact with constantly.

You’re reading these ‘symbols’ on, what you call a computer screen. Are those Datre’s words or are those your interpretation, because ‘you’re’ putting that information there. For everyone that reads Datre, they are only reading what they are putting there for their own experience. Its nothing but ‘symbols’. It is ‘your’ interpretation ‘of’ the symbols. There again, we go back, what are you working with? ENERGY. You’re taking the energy and forming it into little symbols for ‘your’ interpretation.

I think, if Datre had any desire for each one of you, it would be that you could ‘know’ how GRAND you truly are – because you ‘minimize’ your GRANDNESS. You don’t realize what you are capable of becoming. YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU ARE – NOW. Open yourselves up to BECOME that GRANDNESS that ‘you’ are. Next question.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 168 – Who is Datre ?

Datre answers Fluoats and Chuck (Datre168)

JOHN: Today we have a question from Fluoats and the question is… “My own music I find very inspirational! It sounds like the most beautiful healing music I’ve heard anywhere – but I have blocks. How can I free these blocks, or the ‘one big block’, (perhaps you can see it, or understand it) so that I can get on with my life of ‘pure communication’ with others?”

DATRE: Now number one, we have said again and again and again and again, these are ‘not’ dead zone communications and we are ‘not’, what you call, psychics. That is ‘not’ who we are. We have no bodies. We have no memory. We only experience physicality when we come into a body to do a transcript. That is the only time that we have the ability to use, what you call, humanity. Other than that, you cannot understand how we exist. Continue.

JOHN: And again he comments… “I think it would be very cool to see what its like to be Datre”

You say, ‘I would like to know what it feels like being Datre’. At the time that you know WHO you are and are able to function – totally and completely – on your own, with out anyone else’s help, without a body, without a memory, with none of the physical entrapments that you are working with today, and work with ‘nothingness’ – because ‘you’ are ‘nothingness’, and can only perceive from that vantage point, then you would understand Datre.

DATRE: Datre is not ‘one’, but ‘many’. There’s more than one individual – that’s the only word I can use because you can’t understand anything else – that work through this particular channel. The channels that you are familiar with are ‘dead zone’ channelings that are able to contact people here that do channeling, and can give you information about physicality. The only information we can give you about physicality is only that which we experience through this channel or through John – because we have that information. We can come into the body to view that which, you call, your television or listen to your radio. Some of us can manipulate the body, others cannot.

So when a transcript is made, depending upon the question(s) that is asked, that determines ‘who’ comes through and gives the answer. So, as far as us being able to give you any information about your blockages, then you need to go to someone who is channeling ‘dead zone’ individuals – because they have had, and still are in physicality. Dead zone is nothing more than a different vibratory construct of physicality – they are still physical only in a different way. We do not have a vibratory construct.

You’ll say, ‘well how big is one of Datre?’. You cannot fathom it – because we have no boundaries. So for us to be able to tell you where your blockages are, that is an impossibility. If you were sitting straight across from me, I still could not give you that information. These are things that those in the “psychic” world will give you an answer of some sort. And if it agrees with you, then you’ll say, ‘oh, that’s my answer’. If you don’t agree with it you’ll say, ‘well, that psychic’s no good’.

So you see, it all comes down to what you ‘want’ to hear. You will find the person that you want the information from – and hear what you want to hear – regardless of what that person tells you. This is ‘your’ reality. You set it up, beginning to end, every single one of you.

We’re ‘not’ aspects. Aspects are only that which exists in physicality. Everyone say’s, ‘oh, Datre must be an ‘aspect’ of Aona’. No way! How can we be an aspect of Aona if we’re not physical? It is an impossibility.

So if you have blockages, you’re the only one that can unblock them. There is no one else that can do it. If you can find someone else ‘in’ physicality – in the dead zone – that can give you information, that is what you need. But we are trying to clear up this business of everyone thinking that Datre is nothing more than an ‘aspect’ of Aona or is coming from the dead zone or knows everything about physicality. You have no idea of the number of questions that we get, ‘help me with my finances’, ‘help me with my relationships’, this is not what Datre is all about.

If you’re picking up ‘one’ Datre transcript and haven’t read any of the others over four years of time, you have no idea ‘who’ Datre is. I’m sorry, but there is no way we can help you. And I hope that anyone else coming and reading the Datre information will recognize that Datre is ‘not’ a dead zone channeling. So, is there another question?


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Chuck and the first one is… “Can you give me an idea of what Buddha’s teaching was like before it became distorted?”

DATRE: No we cannot, that is physical information and the only way you’re going to find that out is through research. We do not know what Buddha was all about. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “Seth came down hard on the concept of Nirvana, (or Void ness Etc.). If this idea or state is “dangerous”, as Seth put it, why was it taught to human beings? I mean why would a spiritual teacher dispense a teaching which would be disastrous?”

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DATRE: We do not know. That is information that we don’t have any idea of… in what context it was talked about or anything else. So there is no way we can give you an answer on that. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “I’m confused about the nature of the Ego as delineated in channeled material. Can you give a clear picture (possibly a nuts and bolts picture) of what the human Ego actually is?”

DATRE: Well, there’s a misconception of two different words that are used. And because the majority of individuals, in today’s physicality, want things so quickly – they want instant answers to everything – so you find that people skip over what they think is unimportant or they don’t read carefully enough what is said. They get two words mixed up. One is Ego; the other is the Egoic Self – two different things.

The Egoic Self is, shall we say, all that comprises that which you are in physicality. That is your whole BEINGNESS, shall we say. The Ego is that which is developed by an individual from the time of birth until, that which you call, death. Everyone has an Ego. The only time you hear about an Ego, is when someone says, ‘he certainly has a big Ego’ – in other words, referring to someone who is pompous, who has all the answers, is always right, has a dynamic personality that he uses or she uses to ‘override’ other individuals. That’s when you hear about an Ego. You hear about the people who have the big Ego that you do not appreciate and do not like. But everyone has an Ego. That is a part of the ‘development’ of that which you call, an ‘individual’ self.

That’s what is developed. You come into that which you call, the birth stage. Your whole development is the creation on an individual ‘self’ in whatever way you perceive ‘you’ wish to be. You can accept or reject at any time in that which you call your ‘life’ span, any information that you wish to. In other words, if someone says, ‘that child is always cranky, that child is mean, that child is destructive’. That child picks that up and can do one of two things, They can continue being destructive, disruptive, disagreeable, mean, ornery, or that child can say, ‘that isn’t the way I want to develop, that isn’t who I want to be’ – and change.

You’ll say, ‘well, a little child, what does a little child know?’. It is amazing, but a little child knows a great deal when it is born. What says that child doesn’t have any perception? The child becomes a child when he or she is talked into ‘being’ a child. Little children are very intelligent. Why wouldn’t they be? Remember, you’re ‘not’ your body – you are ‘not’ your body. You are working ‘with’, ‘in’ and ‘through’ a physical containment called your body. But that’s ‘not’ you. A difficult concept. You’re looking for whizzy-bang-wow things all the time. Do you realize what its like for an individual to come into a baby body – and figure out how to work it from that point? You think nothing of those things. You don’t look at what is really truly happening.

Looking at it from that standpoint, that this is an ‘intelligent’ individual, trying to work through a baby body to get it to grow up to the point that it is usable. Maybe you have a little better idea of what that child is going through in trying to grow up, and be a little bit more compassionate towards that baby body. You talk baby talk to children. And I can see it now, this ‘you’ that you are is hearing all that gibberish, and not being able to make the words come out of its mouth – but if it could, you’d be surprised at what it would say, ‘What’s the matter with you, I’m not stupid’.

Realize what’s going on. Realize what you’re doing. You came into a physical body to accomplish something. Are you wasting, that which you call, a ‘lifetime’? Or are you learning what physicality is all about? Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 167 – Realities are as varied as an individual

Datre answers Hoyt (Datre167)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hoyt and his first question is… “Just as we get pleasures from observing other cultures that are quite different, to see alternate ways of looking at things, I’d like to hear information about any particular culture that’s quite different from ours, but not so different that we couldn’t fathom it at all. For example, it is clear that in my reality, there are many animals and civilization remnants on Mars now, as I see in many of the 16000 Mars pathfinder images (see http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Atlantis/1263).

Will you explain in detail the anthropology, history, nature of the technology, biochemistry of what mass consciousness will find there now?”


DATRE: You asked a question that cannot be answered, simply because, you can’t find anything there until you create it. You cannot see anything that someone… your saying your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS creates a great deal. That’s the way everyone views it, is through MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

In other words, if you wanted to create – I think we used this one before – an old lady sitting in a rocking chair on Mars, and MASS CONSCIOUSNESS created that there, that’s what you would see.

I think the one thing that is probably the most difficult for anyone to accept and understand, is REALITIES. Realities are as varied as an individual. Now, you agree on certain ‘basic’ fundamentals of a reality that you are viewing at the present time. In other words, it is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that forms the ‘energy’ to make that which you call a city. It holds that energy to the point that it becomes – what you call – solid. It’s the ‘arrangement’ of energy. Energy can be ‘intense’ enough so that the vibrations will ‘form’ that which you a city. In other words, you have a building here, and you have a store there and a sidewalk and a street and the cars and all of these things – that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of that area has ‘built’ the energy – shall we say – solid enough that you all participate in it.

You built that for your experience in that particular city. Now, how each one reacts within that city to that energy, is an entirely different situation. But that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS not only ‘solidifies’ concepts for you to work with, but it solidifies things so that you can ‘see’ them – intensity of ENERGY.

We started that a little bit in the last transcript and we’re going to go further with it. Now REALITIES, are that which you form and experience as an individual. Now, there is ‘one’ city that you are in – this is familiar to you. You go into another area of ENERGY that is ‘un’ familiar to you, but the energy has made another – what you call – city. It has also formed your roads, so that you could get from one city to the other. You have formed this ENERGY into what it looks like today over – what you call – the beginning of your earth ‘time’.

You look at pictures of cities in the 1600s, 1700s, whenever they started making pictures of cities, so that you can go back and see what things looked like and what things look like today – the same city. The ENERGY that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has used changed it, from that time in the picture, to this time that you call the present. But it’s a ‘transformation’ of ENERGY. So nothing has changed, except, the way it is perceived – because it’s all still ENERGY.

That is why what you call deja vu is experienced by individuals. They can walk down a street – in another country they have never been in – and they will encounter an energy vibration that triggers something within that which you call your recognition. And if that energy is potent enough, that which is being viewed will ‘change’ to another – what you call – point in time. The person next to you is walking along and talking to you, is walking down the same street you’re walking down. But your interpretation of the ENERGY you are encountering changes what you see. That is what is called deja vu. You can call them deja vu, you can call them flashbacks, you can call them reincarnational experiences, you can put any label on it you want to.

But, you’ll say, ‘that was another reality’. And you’re not a bit surprised by making that statement. Why? Because it’s familiar to you? How about stepping into what you call – another reality – that is ‘un’ familiar to you? That becomes something entirely different. These ‘realities’ are all here. Now someone will say, ‘well I don’t want something that’s all finished, I want to do it myself’. You do. You do, but don’t you like to surprise yourself? Don’t you like experiences? You don’t get upset by a “past” experience. But you become upset by a “future” experience.

How can one meet up with – what they call – their ‘past’ childhood and interact with that as a ‘past’ childhood? Step into that which you call another reality. Different realities exist simultaneously. There is no ‘beginning’ and no ‘ending’. The only reason you take pictures of what it was, and pictures of what it is today, and the people that look like they did and people that look like they do, is to put things in ‘linear’ perspective to keep you from going crazy. If you saw all of this at the same time, you couldn’t handle it. That is part of what palsy like spasms are all about. They slip into another reality that is so dissimilar to the one that they’re in that they go through spasms because their body can’t handle it. That is ‘one’ cause of that which you call palsy like spasms.

Now, someone that does not have fear goes into and out of different realities and it doesn’t bother them. But if someone has fear, they go into another reality that is totally unfamiliar and it scares them, and they spasm. They used to call it ‘having fits’. They used to lock people up for that. All they’re doing is going into an unfamiliar reality that they are afraid of. But if you’re not afraid of going into different realities, then you can experience them.

But unless MASS CONSCIOUSNESS puts something on Mars, and solidify the energy to such an extent that it can be seen by ‘others’ – whoever others may be – there isn’t going to be things there. You see this business of physicality is more interesting than you have any idea. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “I know this is a tricky question, so if necessary, please just pick one probable reality that corresponds roughly with what we’ve already found there, and describe it in detail, just so I can broaden my views of what makes a society work.

If you don’t want to do that, please explain why this sort of data is not generally provided”

DATRE: It cannot be provided because you’re the only one that is doing it – and your view is yours, its nobody else’s. All right, let me give you an example. They recently brought up an old submarine. How come they can do that? Its there because they are so sure that it exists that they make it a ‘reality’. This is what archeology is all about. Finding something that they want, to prove an existence of – that is all it is.

You see man has to find a reason that they exist. Archeologist are always trying to find – how did we get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. There has to be a way that you get from here to there. When “HERE” is where you are all the time. THERE does not exist until you create it – HERE exists because you are creating it. Why does it exist? All you are doing is ‘rearranging’ ENERGY.

Has anyone in any book ever told you how many ‘realities’ exist on this planet alone? Realities only exist if you want to make that ‘your’ creation. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “It would also be interesting to hear about some realities that are so different we can’t really fathom them, e.g. Seth has mentioned realities based on musical notes and mathematical formulas.”

DATRE: So, what do you want to know about that? Have you ever listened to music and then you can’t hear anything? The music is ‘off’ in your head. Then you begin to see color, beautiful, beautiful colors that are not like colors that you can describe – because they are colors that you are only seeing at the present time and you can not put ‘names’ on them because they’re a little different than your eyes see. It is beautiful and you become, shall we say, aware of what happened. And the brain says, ‘well what happened to the sound?’. Your ears ‘stop’, your eye’s ‘stop’ and you begin to hear the sound again. Did you step into another reality? Of course you did. You experienced another reality. Could you ‘live’ in the reality with nothing but color? No, you can’t. Because you are tied into a physical body at the present time. This was your agreement, this is where you stay.

Peoples talk about ‘the music of the spheres’. They also talk about the ‘akashic’ records. These are just a few of the realities that people tap into and have put names on them. When you put ‘names’ on things, everyone will use those names because that’s familiar to them. People talk about beings with reptilian bodies – another reality.

Same thing with different realities that you go into. Those are viable realities. How many of you – in a moment of not thinking of anything in particular – or doing something that is repetitive, so you’re not paying much attention to what you’re doing, and all at once, all you’re seeing and all you can see is mathematical equations. You have no idea what they are. Numbers and numbers and numbers and numbers, and they seem to be in little groups here and little groups there and little groups someplace else and they seem to be in motion. Some of them will form a line. Some of them will form other configurations and patterns. Others will just be like one number off by itself or some numbers are bigger and some smaller, some are skewed in different ways. And you become fascinated looking at all those numbers and say, ‘I wonder what that’s all about?’. Then, there will be a noise or whatever, and it’s gone. Have you stepped into another reality – of course you have. But you can’t ‘exist’ there, because this is your existence – this is what you agreed on. ‘I want physicality’. This is what you have.

Daydreaming, you’re exploring another reality. You can’t live there, unless you’re ‘intent’ is so strong that this is where you want to go. But, what happens is, your ‘logical’ brain kicks in and say’s, ‘well I couldn’t exist there’. And immediately you are back in your body. So you’re experiencing different realities all the time. But how can anyone explain to you something else?

You see there’s a lot of that which you call your science fiction. Science fiction, how do you think that exists? How do you suppose those writers of science fiction ever write about science fiction? They tap into another reality. Then they take that as an inspiration and embellish it. That’s what science fiction is all about. They step into another reality. But what happens is, you go into another reality and you come back in here, and unless it is viable to that which you call your computer brain, you can’t translate it. How many times don’t you feel, ‘I’ve been gone but I don’t know where I went, and now I’m back here and I can’t remember anything’. And yet there’s a ‘knowingness’ that you have been someplace else. Why? You stepped into another reality, but you can’t explain it from your physical brain, therefore it’s just a happening.

So there’s no way for us to explain to you what is happening to you in your physicality. There are all kinds of things that exist in other realities. Now, if you’re talking about other civilizations and that sort of thing, that’s an entirely different thing. But realities are there; they’re there all the time. It’s just whatever you happen to connect with – whatever ‘you’ want to explore.

You’ll say, ‘well, I want to remember’. If you’re into an area that your brain can’t comprehend, how are you going to do it? You can’t. Because the brain hasn’t got anything to work with. We have talked to you about the limitations of words. You have so few to be used to explain anything. And yet you keep changing your dictionaries all the time so that you can keep up with the ‘new’ words that you are constantly putting into, that which you call, your language. But your ‘new’ words are nothing but a different description of something you’ve already used previously. You’ve just… instead of saying something is good, you’ll say, ‘oh, that’s real bad’. When you mean its very, very good.

So you see, you don’t change an awful lot. You just keep skewing things around a little bit because its fun. I’m sorry, I cannot tell you any more about ‘other’ things, other than realities exist constantly. Because everything within your ‘bubble’ is existing in different forms. Lots to explore. And you don’t have to sit down and meditate in order to get there. It can happen at any time you so desire, and usually when you’re not expecting it. But you’re ‘dipping’ in and out all the time, you’re exploring, you’re looking. So, next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 166 – Datre on Health

Datre answers Pete (Datre166)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Pete and his first question is… “I have heard and read that in order for the body to get enough water that one must drink an amount equal to – if you take your body weight and divide it in half and take that number and drink that many ounces of water daily you keep your body hydrated. Which has numerous health benefits. I have tried this and found that I did experience some good benefits and a couple of not so good benefits. If Datre would speak on this subject I would greatly like to hear what they say.”

DATRE: Because everyone in this particular – what you call your time – is focused on health, it has become a big issue. Everyone is giving you advice as to what you should do. They have all sorts or remedies, prescriptions, ideas, concepts and everyone is expressing them. Due to your media, which we’ll say is your telephone communications between you and other people, you have your television, which is telling you about all the new drugs – but be sure and see your doctor. Then they list all the things that could happen to you if you take that medication – the side effects from it. Then the health magazines that will give you all the Herb’s and all the things that you should take. Then you have these little groups that each has their own way of telling you how to get healthy. If you listen to all of that, I don’t know what kind of a body you’re going to end up with.

Everyone is doing ‘self’ diagnosis, but they’re not sure of themselves, so we better go and ask somebody else what’s wrong with our body, because I have something that’s similar to that and I wonder if I have it. So, from that standpoint we’ll begin to answer you.

What do you want? Is drinking water beneficial? Yes. Clean air is also beneficial. But, how many of you are living in large cities where you don’t have particularly clean air nor particularly clean water? In those particular circumstances, how come some of you are sick and some of you are healthy?

How can some of you be healthy, when you go to work in the morning in a car that is behind another car in gillions of automobiles and people that are spewing out all kinds of elements? You go into an office where you are with all kinds of other people, breathing that same air with other people. Go into a gym at night and exercising in a room with all kinds of sweaty people. Getting back into the pollution of the evening. Going out and jogging on the road next to cars that are spewing out kinds of junk. And some of you get healthy and some of you get sick. Why? What makes it happen? Some people are paying more attention to their bodies than others. Some people are totally oblivious of their bodies and some people are monitoring their bodies.

In your case, you’re drinking the prescribed amount of water. Sometimes you get benefit from it; sometimes you get adverse benefit from it. But what you need to do – number one, what does your body want? Have you ever asked your body what it wants? That’s the difference. The body say’s, ‘I don’t want any more water today’. Then don’t drink any more water. If you drink water and the body say’s, ‘oh, that tastes good’, drink until your body decides it doesn’t want any more. But you’re totally out of touch with your body – because everybody else is telling you ‘what’ to do, this is the ‘right’ way.

If you are to become an individual, you have to live with your body and function within the parameters that your body say’s it wants. They say you should drink a certain amount of water a day. All right, you start out at the beginning of the day and you said, ‘well, my body needs eight ounces of water in a glass and it needs eight to ten glasses a day’. So you get to the forth glass and the body goes, ‘I don’t want that any more’. You get sort of a feeling that, ‘oh, this really doesn’t taste good’. What are you going to do about it? Keep pushing something at the body that it doesn’t like?

You’re here in ‘cooperation with’ – not to fight against. It is up to you. If you want to fight against the body, because it is something that is prescribed, then that is up to you. But, just stop and think of what I said right at the beginning. How many ‘others’ are telling you what to do? Why don’t you decide for yourself? This goes for each and every one of you. Especially in your US where everyone wants to be an ‘expert’ – be your own person.

Water and air are beneficial, so is food. Someone can sit down and eat a great big steak and be happy as a clam – to use one of your expressions. The other person can sit down and eat a great big steak and get sick. But it’s supposed to be good for you, it makes you healthy. Who? It makes ‘who’ healthy? Your body will tell you – if you but listen. Continue.

JOHN: And Pete continues on and asks… “I understand that Datre is in no way physically oriented, except when in a human, Datre stated that they do not have consciousness but an awareness. Is this awareness anything like what we experience with telepathic awareness or “feelings” that we experience? If not can Datre explain in the best way they can, how their awareness is?”

DATRE: Well you see everything that you’ve said so far is comparing from a physical existence. Consciousness is physical. Telepathy is physical. All of the things that you listed. That’s all physically aligned. It is hard for you to comprehend existence ‘without’ a physical construct. There is no way to explain it, because we know no different. We are BIRTHED to do what we do and we do it, but we can’t explain it – because it is not anything that can be explained.

When energy works with energy, how can you explain it? Energy is an unexplained component, which you could refer to as ‘nothingness’. Then if we say, ‘we work with nothingness’, then you’re going to say, ‘then how are you doing anything?’ But we are, we are doing many things.

But, there again, we have no memory. That’s one of the reasons physicality is so fascinating – because you have memory. You don’t understand how fascinating that is to someone that doesn’t know what that’s all about.

So to explain to you ‘our’ existence, is an impossibility. Now there are those that come through this physical construct that have had physicality. But that is a long time ago, in your counting. So the remembrance of physicality is only there at the point of contact and the minute the point of contact is no longer, memory does not exist.

It is like you are standing… pretend Datre is a flashlight. When Datre makes contact with the physical construct the light is turned on. When Datre releases the contact with physicality the light is off. But actually, the light being off does not change the construct of the flashlight. Is that understandable? The flashlight is still the flashlight. And the energy inside the flashlight is still inside the flashlight – but the ‘direction’ of the energy is different. So, that is as close that I can come to explaining any of that. It is one thing to make contact – then the contact is released. The only time the contact is visible is when it is in the physical construct – then the light is on. Then it is activating something that can communicate with you. When the contact is released, the light goes out as far as ‘you’ being able to observe us is concerned. But, the energy is still there – and we’re still there. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “I have written earlier and asked about how magnetic health products work for us and have since read in session number 106 that Datre states, “healing with magnets is not to our advantage”, would Datre elaborate on this subject? I understand about beliefs, but I keep going back to the animals and infants that show a positive response to them. How would their belief system be affected by us when we don’t communicate with them per se? Is it done telepathically?”

DATRE: Now you must remember, it is ‘you’ who has the belief systems and what ‘you’ observe and what the animals and infants experience, are two different things. Your ‘observations’ will ‘always’ confirm your beliefs. This is why changing a belief system is so difficult.

Now you’re talking about the magnets and that is a big thing here in that which you call your United States. However, there are countries that have worked with that magnetic ‘powers’, shall we say, or magnet energies, for long periods of time, prior to your even knowing such things existed.

There are many things in this United States that exists in other countries that you have absolutely no idea of what it is. Let me give you an example. Right now, you pickup that what you call, your Sunday ‘funny papers’ in your United States and they are talking about “Feng Shui”. That is the big thing today. That has been practiced – in China – for so long that there is no relating to the beginning of it. Now, there is going to be released books that are called “Vastu” that come from India. Now, what is the difference between “Feng Shui” and “Vastu”? The difference between the two is the Himalayan mountains. There’s the difference. Different interpretation of the same thing in two different countries separated only by a mountain range.

Now we get back to magnets. Those that are changing the vibratory constructs of their bodies through their ‘belief’ systems, are going to have a totally different vibratory construct than those in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that are unaware of any changing that they may be making. They’re not looking for answers to find out ‘who’ they are and ‘why’ they’re here and what this whole thing is all about. Now, if through your ‘belief’ system of what you understand about yourself changes the vibratory construct of your body – which it will – then it is up to you to decide whether you want, shall we say, an artificial substance to change what you are going toward.

I cannot tell you, that if you put a magnet on your wrist, or put them in your shoes, or put them across your back, that that is going to be harmful or hurtful to you. I cannot tell you. But, the reason I put that statement in there, a long time ago, was for you to stop and ‘think’ about what you are doing. Is this what you really want to do? And think it through. Think it through ‘intellectually’; it is the same with crystals.

These things on your earth plane contain different energies. Now, if you want to ‘alter’ your energy patterns that is entirely up to you. But we cannot tell you, the only thing we can do is tell you to ‘talk to your body’ – is this something you really want to do? And if your body say’s, ‘yes, I want to try that’. Then try it. If you like it – fine. If you don’t like it – fine also. But, in knowing yourself and finding out ‘who’ you are – then get in touch with your body and find out how it works also. This is what you’re working ‘in’ and ‘through’ and ‘with’. You are not your body. Your body is a separate entity in and of itself. But, with you ‘in’ it it becomes a cooperative effort.

Now, you talk about the animals. Communicating with animals or whatever and putting magnets on them for healing or whatever you want to do with them, that is up to the animal. The animal will let you know very quickly whether it wants that type of treatment or not. The same thing with a child. The child will let you know very quickly whether its anything they want any part of.

If you put a magnet on a child and the child coos and goes to sleep, you know the child is enjoying it. If the child grabs it and fights it and throws it away, then you know the child doesn’t want it. That is the only way you can tell there.

You mentioned something about communicating with animals and children also.

JOHN: “How would their belief system be affected by us when we don’t communicate with them per se.”

DATRE: How can their belief systems be affected… because as young children and as animals they respond instinctively. You don’t have to yell at a child for the child to ‘know’ that you’re angry with them. The child instinctively knows. But you ‘reinforce’ with words. You see, as a child and an animal their ‘instincts’ are very keen. An animal survives by instinct. A child is instinctive until they’re told they shouldn’t be.

You see, you teach by words. But, you also teach by actions. A child will pick up your actions far quicker than any words that you can give them. So, you’re dealing with many different areas. Continue.

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JOHN: And his final question is… ” Datre stated that “magnets and crystals can upset the physical construct” would Datre elaborate on how and why this happens. Is there any type of index on the subject matters other than what is on the main web page?”

DATRE: Now, every environment that you contact and come in contact with changes your physicality. If you are an individual that is changing their vibratory construct, you will notice the changes that are taking place. You will find that people that have, shall we say, all their lives enjoyed spicy foods will one day say, ‘oh, I don’t care for that, it is so spicy’. And the comment will be made, ‘but you always liked that’. ‘But it doesn’t taste good now’. That’s one way to ‘know’ you are changing. The other is, as we’ve said before, walking into a store and feeling the vibrations of the individuals in it. If you’re sensitive, you will ‘feel’ the vibrations within a store are ‘comfortable’ or they feel scattered, jagged and all of these other things.

Your house that you live in changes constantly. Then you’ll say, ‘but the family are the only ones that are here, except for occasional visits by others – but it’s basically our family’. But everyone in your family has different thoughts, contacting different people in different environments. Then when you all come back in together, it’s not the same as the family that was at the breakfast table.

Why would one child come into the kitchen sit down at the table, then get up and leave? And when asked where they’re going they say, ‘I’m not hungry, I don’t want anything to eat’ and will go to their room. There are many reasons for it, but one of them can be they’re uncomfortable with the vibrations that have accumulated around the table.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go out and ‘observe’ all these things, because you’ll say, ‘well, that’s all I can do is see what’s going on’. It’s just a part of that which you call your physical makeup. So, coming in contact with different things will change your physical construct. Especially if it is something that contains a great deal of energy.

Why do people like to soak in bathtubs? They like the feel of the water, they like the energy. Other people are content to have the waterfall on top of them in a shower. A shower changes the energy – because water is a potent energy. Magnets why would that be potent energy? Anything that will draw something to itself is powerful energy. Crystals are the same way. In the crystal you can feel the emanation of the energy. People that are sensitive can feel the energy of another person’s body. Those that can see auras can see the emanation from a body.

If I were to say you had one basic element that you work with consistently, its energy. You form it, you shape it, you use it consistently in whatever way you want to. That’s ALL you’re doing. You are creating from that which you call ENERGY. Transforming it in whatever way you want to.

Then you’ll say, ‘where does the ‘belief’ system come in?’. That is something that you have set up for yourself, to put yourself in the direction you want to go, in whatever way you want to do it. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 165 – What is a fact?

Datre answers Edward (datre165)

JOHN: Today we have some questions and comments from Edward and his first comment is…”I’ve been following Datre for several years now and the information provided is worthwhile. However, today’s publication contains several factual errors that must be cleared up.”

DATRE: We have never claimed that the information we provide is ‘factual’ – because it is not. Nor is any other information ‘factual’ or ‘truth’. There is no such thing. Your ‘truth’ is your ‘truth’. Your ‘facts’ are your ‘facts’. The ‘fact’ becomes a ‘fact’ because of gathering information and having other people agree. And the more people that you can get to agree that this is right, you then label it a ‘fact’. That is ‘fact’ only as far as your ‘intellectual’ brain is concerned.

This is what we are trying to get you to understand, the ‘intellectual’ brain is not the only thing you work with in physicality. If you totally and completely, shut off information that is coming from the ‘totality’ of YOU to the portion of you that is inhabiting a physical construct, you are not going to find the answer to ‘who’ you are and what this physicality is all about. It cannot be understood ‘intellectually’ only. Since the ‘intellectual’ brain only has the information coming from the ‘outside’ that is put into it.

That is why we have stressed; recently, because you are all ready for this information now, you have enough background to be able to understand that you get information from ‘two’ sources. And the more you become aware and work with that information that comes – through you – from the MIND of the bubble into your physical construct, and work from that, you will eventually ‘not’ work from an ‘intellectual’ construct. Then when you begin to work from ‘that’ standpoint, that is another point of, what we call, ‘realization’.

You can not understand, that you are the whole play, the director, the writer, the actor, the one sitting in the audience, the stage managers, all the rest of it, the costume designers. That’s all ‘you’. And the ‘realization’ of ‘that’ is not ‘intellectual’. You can talk about it intellectually from now until… But, it’s the ‘knowing’, and the knowing is ‘not’ intellectual. It’s an understanding. It’s a feeling. And as that occurs everything else changes. You don’t see a tragedy in the world as a ‘tragedy’ – you see it as another evolutionary process. You look at the whole of this world entirely different.

Everyone looks from an ‘intellectual’ standpoint. That’s where ‘truth’, ‘facts’, ‘spirituality’, ‘God’, all the rest of it comes from. It’s all intellectual. It’s ‘not’ knowing YOU. So, as far as a ‘fact’ is concerned, that is not anything but ‘intellectual’ worldliness, if you want to put it that way. And a ‘fact’ becomes a ‘fact’ if a lot of people ‘believe’ in it. And a fact is a fact until it is changed within ‘your’ own construct – individually. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Now then, what prevents one from being fully conscious? Its ones “personal Level of Consciousness”… those beliefs and thoughts, which “Attract” morphogenetic energy fields of a low LoC (Level of Consciousness) that then, imbalances the life force energy flows through the body’s Meridians, thus causing all diseases and psychological disturbances present in this reality construct.”

DATRE: Is that what you believe? We have said before that ‘energy’ is UNDIFFERENTIATED. You could not exist, if the energy field that you live in was differentiated by ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – you couldn’t live here. How would you decide, you see a piece of energy and you’d say, ‘now is that energy good or bad? How can I decide, I can’t see it, I can’t taste it, I can’t smell it?’. But it’s got to be ‘bad’ energy. There is no such thing. It is your intellectual ‘belief’ system that say’s its ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is colored by you as an individual.

Someone, as we have said before, can look at a tragedy, ‘oh, this is terrible, this is awful, this is a tragedy’. Get all emotional about it and that person standing next to them say’s nothing, because they’re looking at the situation with ‘different’ eye’s and realizing what its all about and is not disturbed by it – because he ‘knows’ that it is a ‘picture’ that they’re looking at and not involved in.

And it’s ‘your’ picture. And its the people… every individual that is looking at this “tragedy” is seeing it entirely different. And experiencing it entirely different. There’s no two of you alike. But you want to take people and button hole them and put them in little categories. Man is ‘individual’ in a category all by himself. And you don’t realize the ‘magnificence’ of it. Continue.

JOHN: Next he states… “Lets start at the beginning. First, there is All-That-Is, God.”

DATRE: Is that your belief system? Do you have to have someone grander than you in order to exist? Is that necessary? Why do you need a God? You don’t! But if you ‘believe’ you do, then absolutely you do – it is a necessity. Because you don’t know ‘who’ you are.

Now, the term All-That-Is has been a replacement for God. That was not the intent. God, according to the understanding of the majority, is a Deity. People pray to God. All-That-Is, is your bubble and everything that is in it – which is nothing. Now, you will say, ‘how can it be nothing?’. We have said, ‘it is a psychological construct’. You will say, ‘but you keep talking about physicality’. This is necessary because we need to explain to you in terms you can understand. The real difficulty we have in our communication is that we have had to adopt, what might be called, “the language of separation”. In other words, to artificially separate things in order to describe the parts, where there are no separations. In order to be able to take the energies contained in this bubble and shape them as you so desire you must hypnotize yourself into believing it is real or you could not continue your experiences of creativity. Continue.

JOHN: The next statement is… “Second, God “thinks” and all realities at all levels spontaneously spring into beingness.”

DATRE: There again, God does not ‘think’. That is ‘intellectual’. Those ‘words’ are intellectual. We have told you that ‘everything’ is within the MIND of the bubble, beyond your grandest imaginings that you draw from for your physical expression – nothing more, nothing less. It is your interpretation that makes it different for each and every one of you. Continue.

JOHN: He then makes the following statement… “Third, in Earth reality all life forms initially appear as “wire frame” outlines as defined by the energy meridians. The meridians are energy channels, or conduits, through which God Mind energies, Life Forces, flow, thus the meridian wire frames are materially “filled in” producing that which we call Man, animals, birds, water dwellers, plants and finally insects.”

DATRE: That’s fine, if that is what you believe. But when you find out, it is nothing but a ‘picture’ you have painted for yourself – where’s the reality? You have to, shall we say, hypnotize yourself into a ‘belief’ system in order to survive on this planet. But you know better. The only thing is to get your self to ‘know’ what its all about. But you hypnotize yourself and come in here, that’s the only way you could be here, because if you had your ‘full’ knowingness in a physical containment, you couldn’t stay here. You would, as we would say, “die laughing” because it would be so strange to you.

But, these are things you need to learn. It doesn’t come in a scientific manual. It doesn’t come in a book. We can give ‘hints’. We can use words to explain the best we can. But when you once begin to ‘experience’, just a little corner of inspiration of ‘what’ this reality and this world and your place in it, is all about, it changes the way you look at everything. Then you will see it is ‘not’ what you thought it was. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to state…”In the case of Man, beliefs and their subsequent result – thoughts – act as Attractors for these energies naturally present in this reality called the “Dark Side”, Evil or whatever one wished to label them. The effect of “incorrect” thought is to imbalance the meridian energy flows such that negative energy “morph’s” are instantly attracted to the individual, thus causing the various disease states.”

DATRE: How come you didn’t mention anything about the ‘other’ energy? In other words, the only energy that you feel that the physical body attracts, are the negative energies, or the ‘dark’ side? What about, what the others call, spirituality? Don’t you attract that? If the meridians carry all of this energy, what’s ‘dark’ and what’s ‘light’? What’s ‘good’, what’s ‘bad’? What’s ‘black’, what’s ‘white’? OPPOSITES, that is your planetary existence. What you, as an individual, or anyone else on this planet, attracts to their physical construct – is what ‘they’ want. And they are the ones that differentiate the energy as it applies to them.

I can give you a very good example, many years ago, when Aona and John were invited to a woman’s house, and when they walked in, here was a whole house full of people wanting to talk to them. They had their little rituals that they went through, and the praying and all of this, meditation and all of that. John and Aona sat through it, then they wanted John and Aona to talk to them. And as they were talking to different individuals, one woman came up to Aona – she had several women sitting on the floor around her, which made her feel like she was sitting a throne, which she did not like and they were asking her questions – and this woman came tearing in, grabbed one woman by arm, jerked her up and said, ‘get away from that evil woman, she’s a devil don’t listen to her’. The woman said, ‘but I want to get some answers to my questions’. ‘Don’t listen to her’. She screamed and hollered and ranted and raved, and everybody stood there and looked at her. She absolutely went crazy.

Now, opposites? They both felt Aona’s vibration. They both felt John’s vibration. They are two individuals, that when they begin to work their vibration is very strong. People interpret the vibration as ‘good’ and ‘evil’. You take your choice. The individual is the one that differentiates the energy as it suits them and their particular physical construct. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and states… “Now then, to assess one’s relative “Level of Consciousness” positioning on an arbitrary scale of 1-1000 (Christ, Buddha, and Krishna have been the only individuals of LoC 1000 thus far) one must learn the techniques of “Kinesiologic calibration”, a very simple method of querying God Mind directly and receiving dead accurate answers about anything here and now, or from the past. So, the means are at hand for Milt, and for you, to discover just where you are operating from on the 1-1000 spectrum of earth consciousness.”

DATRE: Now, I am not, nor any of the Datre’s working on this spectrum, as you call it. We’re not working in your spectrum. The only time that we come in and give this information is when we work through ‘a’ physical construct, which has been – over many, many, years. It has been changed so that we can connect on a vibratory level. This did not happen over night, there were ‘years’ of preparation. This body became ‘prepared’ for the vibration that we come in with. She must step her vibration ‘up’ and we step our vibration ‘down’ and send but a small portion through a physical construct to give you the words. The words we give you are nothing but symbols in a vibratory construct for you to interpret individually.

Of the thousands of people, every month, that read and or download the Datre material, there are no two people that interpret this the same way. It is ‘your’ interpretation; it is ‘not’ our interpretation. There is no way that – with your limited vocabulary – we can explain to you any different than we do. We have a very difficult time, because your vocabulary is limited. We don’t have that much to work with. And sometimes we don’t use the ‘proper’ words. But there again, the ‘words’ are not important; it’s your interpretation. So, the interpretation, the substance is there. If you analyze every word, you may not find the right words. But you’re not in the process of analyzing, what you’re trying to do is get a ‘substance’ to work with – for you as an individual.

So, as far as Datre, if you want ‘that’ type of information, then you need to go to someone who is bringing through information from the dead zone – not from us. That is entirely different. Continue.


JOHN: And Edward continues along and states… “Now, once learned, what does one DO to increase one’s LoC, thus transcending disease, illness, psychological turmoil, etc.? The only means available is free and may be obtained at www.the-tree-of-life.com on the Attractor Field Therapy, ATF, page.”

DATRE: All right, that is fine, if people want to go to that page and read it that is perfectly all right, it may be helpful to some. But remember, that is ‘your’ belief system that you are posting, and if their belief is in alignment with your belief system, that is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to find their own way of understanding whatever information is given.

But, why do some people get well? Why do others stay sick? Why do people have horrendous accidents? Some people go through a whole lifetime and they’ve never even had a headache. Why? BELIEF SYSTEM! That’s what it is. You are here to learn physicality, and everyone chooses a different way of learning. It is up to the individual. They can learn by, shall we say, getting sick and making themselves well. They can learn by staying sick and dying. They can learn in whatever way they wish to pursue any type of learning. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ you’re learning, its getting to know ‘who’ is there writing the script, directing the play – who is doing it? When you find out it is ‘you’, that is the only way anything will change.

And if you’re going to come into a body and know nothing about it and moan and groan and complain, you’re never going to find out about it either. That’s what the majority of the individuals on the planet do. Because they’re interested in a house and a car and the children and everything else – but finding out ‘who’ they are. Where is your FOCUS? What do you want to learn? What do you want to know?

Ramtha, the Ram said, ‘I want to be the wind’ and he became it. Continue.

JOHN: He continues with his next statement… “John, the information at TTOL has literally cured individuals of numerous diseases, most of which are deemed incurable by current medical technology such as: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, genital Herpes, Hepatitis, Tinnitus, etc. Of course, all of the other “curable” diseases may be alleviated with out drugs, radiation, etc., as well. Try ’em and you will see.”

DATRE: Ha ha! I think John would laugh at that because John is not sick. John does not know what sickness and illness is. So, you do not need to tell John. You might need to tell someone else. But, he’s the wrong person to tell at this point in time. Continue.

JOHN: And his next group of statements are… “As for elevating one’s LoC and becoming “fully” aware, the LoC sequences given in AFT will accomplish that transition. Datre continually emphasizes DOING, and rambles on, mostly accurately, about how reality “happens” here in this dimension of Being. What Datre doesn’t yet provide is a clear and present means for shifting how personal reality “shows up” for each individual. This is not a diminishing of Datre… that entity has not experienced this reality in manifest form, nor operated with the arbitrarily limited LoC that we must contend with. The Tree of Life Foundation has, through epiphany, been focused towards unraveling the “how” of this manifest reality creation-becoming that we call life, and “how” to undo the imbalance that causes all disease, and more importantly… how to foreshorten the reincarnational cycle such that this lifetime is IT… graduation finally.”

DATRE: To quote you, “What Datre doesn’t yet provide is a clear and present means for shifting how personal reality “shows up” for each individual.” Neither Datre nor anyone on your planet can change anyone’s reality unless the individual BELIEVES this can happen. In other words, if you believe in doctors, then you MUST go to doctors, because your intellect and belief in them is necessary for a cure – if that is your desire. There are those who desire to learn the physical expression through this means.

If you find that in our twice a month transcripts that we are rambling, that is fine. There are times when we do ramble and you know what causes the rambling? It is the ‘changing’ of those coming through with information. There are many that come through in one session. So the ramblings are those that are changing and sometimes repeating – in a different way – what has originally been said. But then, you must remember, they don’t keep track of everything either. Datre is not a ‘one’ Being show, shall we say. There are many that participate. Many that have a different concept of that which you call, your physical reality. So, there are variances in the way the information is presented. But, the one thing it is is presented for you to take what ‘you’ want for your individual evolution. Because, there is ‘no one’ that can give you guidelines or specific steps to take.

We are constantly receiving letters from those that have had, what we call, the big “AH HA’s” and have said, ‘I knew this all along intellectually, now I ‘know’ it’. Intellect has nothing to do with it. But how can we tell you in any way-shape-manner-or form that ‘intellect’ has nothing to do with your ‘knowingness’? The intellect puts the information that is on your computer, into your brain – via your belief system. And by the way, what you are calling an epiphany; we are calling the big “AH HA’s”.

That is why individuals that have read the Datre material and have gone back and re-read it, have said, ‘I never read it the first time’. Simply because, their ‘framework’ has changed. We do not teach ‘structure’. Structure is immovable. In other words, if you do this, this, this, and this, this will happen – that is structure. If you think about this, this and this, and say, ‘well, I like three parts of it but I don’t care for the other part, well that’s okay, I’ll take these three parts and leave the other part’. You’re beginning to build a ‘framework’. But, the forth one that you are not interested in at the present time, in what you call your future, may not have had anything to connect with at the ‘present’ time that made any sense to you, but as your framework grows – in every single direction possible – it will connect up and your framework will find a place for that particular piece of information and an AH HA will occur. Its no longer ‘intellectual’, it becomes a ‘knowingness’ and a knowingness cannot be taught.

You said that, “that entity has not experienced this reality in manifest form, nor operated with the arbitrarily limited LoC that we must contend with”. Datre is comprised of many different vibratory constructs, both in the Big Universe and your little universal bubble. Universal Beings are both non-physical and nameless. There are two individuals on the very edge of your bubble that have access to Big Universe information that you are familiar with, Seth and Ramtha. These two were added to the Datre group several years after the Universal Beings were well established. They were needed to add, what you would call, physical expressions and explanations (like the dog chasing its tail and experiences of John and Aona).

I think we’ve used this one before; we will use it again because it’s very important. A man went to see a sage, a guru, whatever you want to call him. And he sat down and he said, ‘I want to know about your philosophy, I want to know what you know’. And the old sage picked up a teapot and he put tea in the mans cup and he put tea in his own cup. And he said, ‘old man talk to me, I want to know, I want to know about your philosophy’. The old man picked up the teapot and again poured into the mans cup. And at this point the man really got angry and said, ‘I came thousands of miles because they told me that you were the best and you had the answers and I came to you and I want answers, I want to know’. And the sage picked up the teapot and put more tea into the cup and he kept pouring and the tea poured over the cup into the saucer and onto the table and into the mans lap. He got up and he was furious and he said, ‘I don’t like being treated this way, what are you doing, you’re telling me nothing, I want to know’. And the old sage looked up at him and he said, ‘you came with a full cup of perceived ideas, I can not fill anything that is already filled’.

You see, you can’t ‘stuff’ intellect into ‘knowingness’. It doesn’t work. Knowingness can affect intellect, but it doesn’t work the other way around. And ‘knowingness’ comes from within and not from without.

JOHN: His final comment is… “We truly hope that you and Datre are open to new learning’s, because no one of us has all the answers. Only God Mind fulfills that “all knowing” state of Being, but of course our collective Source would, would it not?”

DATRE: It is impossible to comment on any individuals belief system. In the Big Universe there is nothing that equates to “all knowing state of being” because, everything is in a constant state of expanding awareness. An “all knowing state of being” cannot exist. That is a statement of completion. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 164 – How mass consciousness influence you

Datre answers RJ and Dorothy (Datre164)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from RJ and the first question is… “Am I to understand that ONLY the SPOKEN word contributes to mass consciousness?”

DATRE: To put it very singularly, yes. That is why we use a vehicle to bring forth any information that we give you. There is no other way for you to communicate. You can say, telepathically, but telepathically only works with individuals that are within the same proximity of each other. In other words, if you have an individual in the same room with you, you can work back and forth telepathically, but that is only between two individuals. Someone may be able to tap into that, but not very likely.

So telepathy, or anything else does not work, as far as getting the information out into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “If this is the case, would reading the material aloud possibly prove more beneficial than just reading silently and thinking about the information?”

DATRE: You can do whatever you wish to do. If you feel that that is something that you would like to impart to others, mass consciousness that is fine. Some people find it’s more beneficial to read out loud because they get a different impression of the material. As we have said before, ‘as words are spoken, what’s to stop them?’. Words become nothing more than a vibratory construct and vibratory constructs are not changed – they’re only changed by another spoken word. But that does not change the ‘original’ words that were spoken.

In other words, the saying, ‘the word was God’ has a great deal more meaning than that which you think, is God speaking words. It is far ‘grander’ than that. The words that you speak, are those that ‘make’ your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – those are the ones that are important. Being spoken as you call it, very spiritually, or cussing – its all there. The rap singers that sing all these, what they call, dirty songs, its there. That forms your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS as much as those that speak ‘spiritually’ – as you call it.

So you see what a conglomeration you have in your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now can you see why some people are drawn to some areas of a city, as opposed to ‘other’ areas of a city? Or some people are drawn to one country, as opposed to another country? It’s a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are comfortable in, that you stay in, and become a part of. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has more to do with ‘where’ you live than the climate. People will say, ‘well I want to go to such and such because the weather is such and such’. That, initially could be what it is. In other words, it’s warmer rather than it’s colder or it’s colder rather than its warmer, because either you like to swim or you like to ski. That’s the ‘initial’ draw you tell yourself, but it is a great deal more than that. Because, within the ‘warm’ or the ‘cool’ climates, you will find an area that is compatible with ‘your’ thinking – which is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are most comfortable in.

Why do some people drive through a town and say, ‘I don’t even want to stop here for a cup of coffee’? It is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the town – the town is immaterial. It’s the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of a town which attracts you or repels you. And what forms the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? The spoken word.

So, you see, all of these things work together. And if you feel its of benefit to you and to others to read this information, or any other information that you think is important to go out into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, by all means read it out loud. If you think that that’s of benefit to both than do so.

So, you see, the ‘spoken’ word is very important. And the saying, ‘the word was God’, it… actually, in a way, if you want to look at God as an ‘electromagnetic’ force, then that’s what it is. So you see, what goes around comes around. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Am I understanding correctly that being REALIZED basically means evolution and growth has stopped?”

DATRE: No, it does not. And that word ‘realized’ perhaps was not a good analogy. That does not mean ‘stopping’. When you ‘realize’ something, it is like an ‘understanding’ of something. It is a ‘recognition’ pattern that you are comfortable with – that does not mean ‘stop’.

Now, when you are ‘painting’ your pictures, when you are putting on the play, and you are the writer, the director, the actor, that one sitting in the seat watching the play, the money provider, the stage director, the costume designer, and you ‘realize’ that is what you ‘are’, then that does not stop you. It expands your ‘awareness’ beyond the point you ever thought it was possible to expand. Because, by that time your recognition becomes so ‘grand’ that you take off your limitations. If you are all those, you ‘are’ realized in the sense that you ‘realize’ WHO you are.

Then, from that point of recognition, you are expanded to a tremendous, tremendous, amount of understanding. You have thrown away all your crutches. That is what we have talked about many times is, at that point of ‘realization’ you do not need ‘validation’ from any other individual upon this planet – because you’re secure. If you’re doing the whole thing – who’s to blame? If you’re doing the whole thing, then if someone makes a mistake, who’s mistake is it? You see, it all… and at that point of being, at that point of ‘realization’ you are not stopped – you understand what its all about. And then you will see your ‘unlimitedness’ for the first time, because ‘you’ are You and once you reach that point, what the rest is, is unimportant because, you can change any thing in any direction you want it. Continue.

JOHN: And the question continues on and asks… “That whatever is REALIZED just IS what it IS?”

DATRE: That is correct. That ‘you’ are YOU. And that is what you are looking for. You’re looking for YOU to ‘realize’ WHO you are in physicality. You know WHO you are. But the minute you come into a physical construct – you forget. It’s getting your self in physicality to ‘know’ WHO you are. That’s the name of the game. Continue.

JOHN: And RJ’s final question is… “Understanding that things like color, and sound are just a way of interpreting certain aspects of energy while in physicality, is it possible that now that we’ve learned to interpret energy in this way, that when we move away from this physicality, that we (being the whole YOU that is you) can take the ability to other areas of the universe (be it physical or not)?”


DATRE: Yes. Now, if you take it into an area that is non-physical, then you will have a different way of working with it. That doesn’t mean you’ll loose it, but you will have a different way of ‘processing’ that information. You will be able to ‘interpret’ vibration – which is music and color. So, you will use it whatever way you want to.

So you see, the ‘knowing’ here… anything that you ‘know’ is not taken away from you. The only time it can be taken away from you is if you give it away. No one can take anything from you – it is an impossibility. You cannot hurt another person, you cannot damage this that or the next thing, because remember – it all your pictures. But, you can ‘give’ away.

There again, we get back to the last transcripts that we’ve been working on and that which you call a ‘belief’ system. If you ‘believe’ that you have ‘sinned’, and someone say’s, ‘I’ll take away all your sins’, and you’ll say, ‘here, take them’. Then you turn around, and you’re in the dead zone, and you’ve given away all these – what you call your sins – and you are what you called a ‘bad’ person – that was your belief system – and you look at it with clear eyes, you’ve got ‘five minutes’ out of a lifetime that you thought you were ‘good’. Belief? There we go again.

Now, we have talked about ‘belief’ systems we have talked about ‘ego’ systems, lets go a little further. You take a ‘belief’ system and you “want to get rid of it”, what are you going to replace it with? You can’t leave a hole. The brain will be very disturbed, because something has been gotten rid of, so to speak. And it will continue to pop up every once in a while. And you’ll say, ‘I thought I got rid of that’. And bingo, here it comes again.

Now, analyze a ‘belief’ system. You’ll say, ‘that is something I’d prefer not having, so I will replace it with something else’. So, think of what you will replace it with. Then you’ll say, ‘well what can that be?’. It is up to you to discover what you are comfortable with. But don’t leave an open hole.

It’s like a man out in the back yard digging a hole. And a fellow says, ‘what are you going to put in there?’ and he says, ‘I don’t know’. But you don’t walk away and leave a hole in the ground, you put something in it, or you put all the dirt back in it again. Then if you don’t put anything in it, with the wind and the rain and all this, the dirt will go back in by itself. Then every time you come up against it, here’s this hunk of dirt again. It will bother you, because you’ve got a hole there. The brain is a ‘worry-wart’ – it will rut. You’ve heard of a rutting brain, it keeps bring up the same thing over and over and over and over. And you’ll say, ‘I don’t want to think about that any more, I’m not getting any place, I keep worrying about this same thing, a dog chasing its tail, around and around and around’. Well, if you don’t put something in its place what’s going to stop it from going around?

When a dog starts chasing its tail, what do you do? You throw it a ball, distract it, and then it quits. And the second time it does that, you throw it another ball, and then it quits. It finds that the second time its more fun playing with the ball than trying to catch that silly tail so it quits. You do the same thing with your brain.

If you have a computer and something pops up on the screen and you say, ‘well I don’t like that’ and you go on, and the next time you come to that, ‘oh I don’t care for that’ – why not erase it or put something else up there? FOCUS! Here we’re getting back to FOCUS again. You see how everything ties together? FOCUS on something else. Replace it. Change a ‘belief’ system. But you can’t ‘change’ unless you change it TO something else. Continue.


JOHN: We now have a question from Dorothy and it is… “In recent year a large number of people in the US and other countries have experienced spontaneous rising of the Kundalini energy… often with no attempt to do so and no spiritual understanding. Many of these people experience great physical pain and/or go into a different state of consciousness, which is seen by doctors as mental illness. There seems to be no help for this in traditional medicine. Can you comment on this, please?”

DATRE: Well, your physical bodies are very interesting. There has been another phenomena that has been happening in the last few years, and its astounding the medical profession who can’t find any answers to either, and that is opening up a body on an operating table and having it explode. Why would that body explode and send pieces all over the operating room? There is a great deal that the medical profession doesn’t know about the physical body or the ‘mental’ body, as you call it.

The psychiatrist work with ‘brain’. So, if they’re working with the ‘brain’ that’s all they have connection to is the ‘brain’. But, the individual… the indwelling individual has a great deal more than what they express and work through the ‘brain’.

And, here we’re coming back to the last transcript – working from the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’. That can be a point of confusion. Change a ‘belief’ system – a radical change in a ‘belief’ system. That will change the ‘electrical’ conduit of the body, shall we say, that will change its vibratory construct.

Now, it can be dramatic, and because it is dramatic to, that which you call, your central nervous system, which is a vibratory construct again, it will cause disturbance within the physical construct and the brain cannot understand it.

But, again, the only person that can regulate is – the YOU that ‘you’ are in connection with the ‘you’ that inhabits the physical construct. And you’ll say, ‘well, to change that is no big deal, lets give it a go’. How do you know how much it’s going to change? You don’t!

Why do you have that which is called ‘human spontaneous combustion’? People that wake up and find that their leg is gone from the knee down? And all that’s lying there on the bed is ashes. The rest of the body is fine.

You see, you have a lot that you do not understand about ‘vibratory construct’ on the planet. Now, you talk about the Kundalini. Why do these people go through that when they don’t know anything about it – have no ‘spirituality’ or anything else? They feel these strange vibrations within the body and they feel all these things happening, and they panic and they fight, because it’s unfamiliar to them. If they knew anything about it they would relax and let it happen, and nothing would hurt them. But, it is ‘fighting’ against many things and especially that which you call your Kundalini – and there again, how do you ‘know’ its Kundalini if those people are to the point that you can’t communicate with them? How do you know that’s what they have experienced?

Also, they’ll say, ‘well, that person opened up their Kundalini and another individual walked in’. No, another person didn’t walk in – it just changed their whole vibratory construct to a point that they were no longer recognizable to others or to themselves – so they thought they were a ‘walk-in’.

Now we can go around and around and around on all of these subjects, and we’ll try and help you in any way that we can, but there again, many of these, so called, ‘accidents’, if you stop and think very seriously about this, if you are the ‘only one’ that is doing ‘all’ of these things, how can anyone else ‘know’ or be responsible? And try and figure out what’s wrong with you.

How do they know its Kundalini? How do they know that you didn’t have a different ‘brain’ synapse? How does another person ‘analyze’? They can tell, very quickly, when you break a leg or have something ‘physical’ happen to you – they can analyze that. But anything that comes, shall we say, connected with your brain or your ‘mentality’, or your nerves, there is no way that they can register it.

They can monitor your heartbeat on a machine. They can do a body scan and find out what’s wrong with you. But how come they are not able to work with the brain? They can take out something in your brain that’s a tumor or something like that. But they can’t go in and rearrange your electrical system in the brain because; they don’t know anything about it. It is far more complex than a computer – because when you’ve got all of that in your brain, they wouldn’t have any idea where to start. How important are the ‘ridges’ in your brain compared to the ‘smooth’ part? What do they fix?

Then you’ll say, mental illness. Now, if they’re in another reality, but their body is still here, how do you know how unhappy they are? Maybe they’re perfectly content. There are many that go back and forth between here and the ‘dead zone’ all the time – how do you know whether they are here or whether they’re there? People go into meditation, now a doctor comes in, opens up your head and looks at your brain, how does he know you’re meditating? How does he know whether you’re in body or out of body? There’s no way of knowing.

So you see, you have a unique means of learning. What greater instrument, or whatever you want to call it, could you find to function through, than a physical body? Extremely interesting. But you don’t like it – but still you come back into it.

So you see, you’re playing a game with yourself and you don’t know it – and you don’t realize it. And if people have got Kundalini rising, what have we told you about the changes with the vibrations of the planet?

You see, they say, ‘well the planet is getting hotter’. No big surprise to us, because that’s the direction you’re going in. Your planet ‘will’ get hotter and it has continued. They say, ‘well, its because of El Ninja – you have to put a word on it to explain it. That what we are struggling with most of the time. Its put words on something to explain the ‘unexplainable’. Because, every single person that puts their foot on the planet in a physical construct, is ‘seeing’ everything entirely different. And I don’t care how close you are to a person or how distant you are, you have no idea how the other person is experiencing the exact same environment you are. Two people in the same house, ‘this place is a dump’. The other person says, ‘oh, I love my home’. They’re in the same environment.

There again, you see, you are so unique in your uniqueness, you don’t see it. That’s why we say, ‘when you ‘realize’ you’re the whole ball game, you’re painting this whole picture, you’re on the stage, you’re the actor, the writer, the director, you’re the whole thing’. This is ‘your’ experience – yours and yours alone. And how do you become an individual? By finding out ‘who’ you are. It is a GRAND revelation. And nobody can tell you how to do it. Simply because, every road map is different, because you’re the one that designed it. You’re the one that knows how to get ‘into’ physicality and you’re the one that knows how to get ‘out’ of physicality.

No one can sit beside you and tell you, ‘this is the way you are going to be born. This is the way you’re going to develop in a womb’. Who can tell you that? ‘Well, it’s in the mother’s womb and it develops by dividing and dividing and dividing and this happens and that happens and something else happens’. How does it happen? You’re the one directing it. You’re the one that’s saying, ‘this is what I want; this is the way this baby is going to be. And when it comes out I’ll get into it and see what I can do with it.’. Sound like fiction? No, its not. But you don’t realize what a powerful person you are.

This is a reality of creativity. There’s no way you can come into this reality, into these physical constructs, unless you are a CREATOR. If you are not a creator, you’re not coming in here – plain and simple. Because, if you can’t ‘create’ – your physical construct and everything around you – you can’t be here. So it is ‘your’ CREATIVITY. And those people that go through the Kundalini are going through it in full ‘knowingness’ and they’ll say, ‘oh, that’s no big deal’. Then they come into the physical and they foul it up – because they don’t know the physical construct. When you know the physical construct you can work with it.

So you see, you have a vast amount to learn and you’ve taken all this time – thousands and thousands of years – and you’re still standing there saying, ‘but I don’t know how, tell me how to do it’. And yet you do it every time you come into a physical body. After sleep, after death, after birth, whatever. ‘Well I don’t know what’s going to happen to me when I die’. Well, how many thousands of times have you done it? You KNOW, you just pretend. You pretend you don’t know and the only reason you pretend is to ‘fool’ yourself into staying here. Realize what you’re doing. And in realizing what you’re doing you will set yourself FREE. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 163 – You and the mass consciousness

Datre answers Mert

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Mert and her first question is… “If I become an individual and do solely what I want to do, that seems contrary to the concept of cooperation. If I follow the precepts of cooperation, then don’t I become one of the crowd–a follower of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS pattern of thinking that governs that particular group?”

DATRE: No, in cooperation with others you do not become one of the crowd UNLESS you are cooperating from the stand point that you are cooperating against how you truly feel inside. You can be in a crowd and not a part of it. In being an individual you are listening to information coming from the ‘outside’ into the conscious and listening to information coming from the ‘inside’ and when you get to the point of not shutting off either source of information, and allowing both to work in cooperation with each other, your outer actions will be those of who you truly are. As you can see, the first cooperation has to begin with input from ‘outside’ and input from ‘inside’. When you are ‘balanced’, you are comfortable with yourself and actions that you take are made from that standpoint. You will no longer feel pressured into cooperation but, as an individual, you will take action in total alignment with yourself and others.

Disagreement is not something to be avoided. Remember, people are in your life because there is an interaction that you desire and they desire. When people are comfortable with themselves, they don’t have to be liked or disliked to be comfortable within themselves. So, someone doesn’t like an idea, a person, a situation – what difference does it make. Remember, those people that are not needed in your life will disappear from your life. Why put a situation in front of you that is of no value to you in what you want to achieve in your particular growth pattern of becoming an individual. Feeling pressured to conform is not to your advantage unless you find out why you feel that way. The vast majority of people feel that they have to conform to situations. If you look real carefully at any given situation, from the ‘outside’ input and the ‘inside’ input, you will see situations in an entirely different way and you will either stay in the situation or get out of it and be perfectly comfortable in your decision.

JOHN: And her next question is… “My question is, how do I become an individual when I feel pressured to conform by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? The concepts of individuality and cooperation seem to contradict each other.”

DATRE: You, and the majority of the people on this planet, feel pushed and pulled in many different directions. If they are only listening from the ‘outside’ they are confused and uncomfortable. You are constantly giving yourselves messages on the ‘inside’ and trying to make them conform to the messages you are receiving from the ‘outside’. The messages you receive from the ‘inside’ are very simple and uncomplicated. The messages you receive from the ‘outside’ are funneled through your belief system. What most do not realize is one of the biggest influences on your ‘belief’ system is the ‘ego’. In other words, the ego says, ‘I want what I want when I want it’. The ego ‘colors’ your belief systems. If you were to get paint on your body, when you were painting, you would not be concerned because you know you can wash it off. Now, the painter who gets paint on them self and thinks that the paint is part of them, is a painter who can not see them self as they truly are.

The ego is the ‘paint’ that colors your belief system. As many times as it is pointed out that the ego is coloring the belief system, that is the most difficult to discern. This is one of the reasons the ‘inside’ information is adjusted to match the ‘outside’ information. It is difficult to discover because it has become so much a part of your beingness. From the beginning of your humanity, little by little, the ego is manipulating thru the everyday interaction with the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The information that you carry with you – through your genes – is passed on to other generations, colored by ego. Allow your ‘inside’ messages and ‘outside’ messages to be viewed as clearly as possible. Don’t try and make them conform, analyze them separately, become comfortable with your decision.


JOHN: And she continues on and asks… “If I am becoming more aware of who I am, why do I feel so pushed and pulled in so many directions? How do I assimilate and integrate all these ideas and feelings and still maintain my sanity, for lack of a better word? How do I maintain my identity?”

DATRE: From the ‘inside’, all things are working together. From the ‘outside’, things are working thru individual belief systems. You agree with others that have the same or a similar belief system. If your belief system is in contrast to others, then you will feel pushed and pulled. If you are in harmony with the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, if you are in contrast to others, it will not bother you, you do not need outside approval from others. People feel that they have to be liked and loved by others because they do not love themselves, are not comfortable in their own bodies, are not truly comfortable in their belief systems and are looking for validation from others in one form of recognition or another. It is pleasant to be liked and loved, but is it a need that is satisfied from the ‘outside’ only. If the need is satisfied from the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ THEN the ‘outside’ likes and love is doubled, so to speak.

JOHN: And her final question is… ” In the bigger picture, I intellectually understand how individuality and cooperation work together to create the whole. But, within my smaller perspective, I have difficulty uniting the two. It’s like I have two selves or two perspectives. From the bigger picture I understand; from the smaller picture I can’t reconcile the difference. I had a dream that I was living in a group that was not going according to “the plan” and that I had the knowledge that would “fix” the group. But, I had no desire to fix it. I was secure within myself because I had the knowledge and that was enough. I felt capable of living within that group with calmness and serenity. Why can’t I live that way in physicality? My emotions seem so contrary and conflicting sometimes. I consider myself a jack of all trades and a master of none. I have many different talents and abilities. But, I feel a pressure to focus on something (anything!). But, I want it all! But, my brain isn’t capable of handling it all at once and it is totally frustrating.”

DATRE: Emotions are volatile. Emotions ‘stem’ from the ‘ego’. The ego wants gratification. The feeling of ‘wanting it all’ is a huge MASS CONSCIOUSNESS belief that is affecting people all over your planet. Since 2000 began, people have been trying to find a ‘direction to go in’. If you will notice many changes are taking place in thought/think patterns. These appear to be random, popping up here and there, but as more and more of these changes take place, the greater the ‘impact’ will be and MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will be changed accordingly. According to what they call ‘statistics’, most young people don’t stay at a job longer than a few years. They want to have it all. I must have a husband/wife/significant other, house, two cars, several children, all the household conveniences, satisfying job, enjoyable leisure, etc. All ‘outside’ things to satisfy me (my ego).

O.K. Are they nervous, uptight, need pills to sleep, pills to get up, pills to avoid pain? These are the pictures you constantly see on your TV. If you don’t have all these, who are you? A very unhappy person because you are patterning your life after something you haven’t got. You all have something very precious and you don’t even know it, yet. You have YOU. Listen to the ‘inside’ (that information that is coming from the MIND) listen to the ‘outside’ (that information that is coming from BRAIN processing). Live from that point of understanding. Watch your belief systems. Watch your ego – see if you can find it and watch how it functions. As you become more comfortable with yourselves, you will see how things change. No one else can change them for you. If you are content within yourself, then others will wonder ‘what has he/she got that I haven’t got and I wonder how I can get it’. You have it all. Use it. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 162 – You can change in the blink of an eye

Datre answers Gunnar.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Gunnar and his first question is… “Can Datre confirm the existence of dark or negative forces, in our “bubble” at least, that are opposed to the vibration of love in the universe where Datre exists?”

DATRE: Well, number one, lets clarify this right now. In the Big Universe that we live in that which you call ‘love’ is not existent either. You see the ‘love’ and the ‘hate’ and the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ are all the opposites of ‘your’ planetary existence. It has nothing to do with the Big Universe what-so-ever. It exists in ‘your’ PARTICLE universe.

In other words, that which you call the ‘dark’ and the ‘light’ is, in terms of the sun and moon and all of that, or ‘evil’ and ‘good’, or ‘love’ and ‘hate’, those are ‘your’ PARTICLE planetary opposites that you work with. That’s the way the planet evolved. So, that’s what you have. And the evolution of the planet in that way was due to the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the individuals on the planet. And if you say, ‘well, we’ve got more dark evil forces on the planet than we’ve ever had before, then what are you seeing? What you’re seeing is the results of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are tuning into. Your ‘belief’ systems paint the pictures.

Now, if you are making your own individual pictures for your self, and you’re funneling it ‘totally’ through your own belief system, you look at the whole thing as an entirely different ‘picture’ scrape – each and every one of you. If you’re looking at the dark evil forces – those that are doing harm to others and all of the other things – instead of looking at it as a ‘tragedy’ – if your belief system says, ‘what is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS showing each other in its belief system?’ then you will see the situations entirely different. The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS reflects back to you whatever you want to see in it. Your belief system is what you use to ‘interpret’ any and all situations. Continue.

JOHN: And Gunnar goes on to ask… “There are many researchers (David Icke et al) that have detected what they call a reptilian consciousness behind the leading forces of this earth (government, banking, military etc.) that feed on the strong negative vibrations of human emotions such as fear, hate, despair etc. And which have a vested interest in keeping humanity asleep and unknowing about its real identity and potential, in order to keep feeding on us like cattle. The researchers claim that this usurpation has been going on for millennia. Will Datre comment on this?”

DATRE: That is one man’s ‘belief’ system – that’s what he ‘believes’. Since this is what he ‘believes’, this is what he writes about. You ask, ‘Is this true?’. Every person on this planet has a ‘different’ belief system. When two or more people agree on a statement or situation, they insist that it is truth and try to convince others of it. The more individuals they can convince the more wide spread the ‘belief’ becomes. The same principle is applied in ‘establishing’ a ‘fact’. This holds true for religion – of all kinds – politics, family lineage, science etc. Science uses this all the time, the newest one being, that your universe is ‘flat’. We hope none of you fall off. Ha ha.

There has always been a belief on this planet – since the Adam and Eve story began – that reptiles are the symbol of evil. So we have Saint Patrick ridding Ireland of evil by ridding the land of serpents. Or Saint George slaying the evil dragon etc.

You see you’re going to get so tired of me telling you this that you’re going to begin to look at things a little differently. That’s what he ‘believes’ is happening. It is like the transcript we did recently where we talked about the ‘holocaust’. One person says, ‘I was there, it was terrible, it was awful but I escaped’. And another person says, ‘but I was there and it never happened’. They’re both right. Both situations are valid. Why? Because they filter everything through their ‘belief’ system. Their ‘belief’ system forms their pictures that they look at. That ‘picture’ forms your reality.

It’s so difficult for peoples to understand that situation. Its like everything else, you ‘see’ what you ‘see’ and no one else ‘sees’ the same thing. You agree on certain things. You agree that a color is green or that a color is blue. But, how do you know the intensity and the shade and the hue and the value of one persons ‘green’ against yours? Someone will come in and say, ‘oh, I can’t stand that color’. Another person will say, ‘I think it’s beautiful’. They’re looking – supposedly – at the same thing, but they’re not.

So, that’s the way he views the world. He views the world from ‘his’ standpoint of seeing everything being manipulated. But we’ve told you before, the only thing that happens is, that you are viewing MASS CONSCIOUSNESS through your ‘belief’ system. And that’s what he’s doing. Apparently, he is fearful and he ‘believes’ this is happening; otherwise, he wouldn’t have that view. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “When seeing the appalling atrocities that are being committed in this world, especially in wars, it is very difficult to accept that this is all something the victims “wanted to experience” and had “arranged” with their tormentors to make happen. Is this really so?”

DATRE: Now, what happens is – apathy. People jump into that which you call a physical body – which remember, is a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT and does not exist – but you make it exist, because this is what you want to experience. Okay, you are born into a family, into a country, into a religion, into a political situation regardless of where you live on the planet.

Now, if you’re just going through the motions of being born and eventually dying, you’re not paying attention to anything, that’s what you’re seeing. The people that are interested in their ‘individual’ evolution do not put themselves in those situations. And, when they ‘view’ those situations, they look at them from an entirely different standpoint.

There was a movie – many years ago – that everyone thought was so wonderful, it was called “Doctor Zhivago”. The body that I’m in right now saw that movie and she said, ‘she had never seen anything so terrible in her life’. And yet, why were people drawn to it and went to see it again and again and again and again? What made the difference in why one person thought it was terrible, and the other people were absolutely fascinated by going to see it, over and over again – one of the most wonderful movies?

Now, in watching a movie, if you were to transport your ‘thinking’ into one of the characters and ‘lived’ it – rather than standing and ‘watching’ it – you get two different things out of a movie. So, what can I say? At one time you could read all the books that were written about the terrible wars that existed on the European continent. You read them now – so you read a ‘story’. But do you get into that book and experience the pain and the agony of those people in those books? It’s all in the way you look at life.

So what I’m saying is, people don’t do anything ‘to’ themselves – its apathy. If you expect to just have everything ‘rosy’ all the time, you are not living a full experience of existence. Now, somebody will say, ‘well, I don’t want to live like that’. You don’t have to. But if you want to experience it, go to a movie or get a book – and ‘live’ it – don’t just read it, ‘live’ it. Then if you have ‘lived’ it, right down to the agony and the weeping, then what’s the difference? It is a ‘picture’ you put in front of yourself for your learning. And when the movie is over or the book is closed, that experience is yours, because you felt it down to the very depth of your being. You have ‘lived’ that and that becomes a part of your experience just the same as if you had actually been there, because they are all ‘your’ pictures. Continue.

JOHN: Gunnar continues and asks… “Who was Jesus really, what was his REAL message, if any, or was he just a handy and unsuspecting prophet figure around whom a faith was manufactured for the benefit of those who controlled it?”

DATRE: Everybody will ask about Jesus periodically over time, again and again and again. Now you have to remember, at one time you didn’t have any record of anything, everything was word of mouth. Events were “witnessed”. Things were spoken orally about an event. But what happened when all of this information was finally transcribed into records and books and put into great big libraries in Alexandria – and that was all destroyed?

How many times was that which you call the “King James” version of your Bible rewritten and rewritten and re written? Why are the Jewish books on religion different than the books on the Protestant religion? How come in the Protestant religion there’s all different ‘kinds’? You have the King James version of the Bible, but there are other Bibles. The Mormon’s don’t use the King James version of the Bible, they have something else. The Christian Scientists don’t use the King James version of the Bible, they have something else. The American Indians have their own philosophy, as do the Buddhist and all of the others. Remember the King James version of the Bible was written at the command of King James, who at that time was the King of England. Naturally, the book had to be written to please him. He was the one setting up the new religion for his country. The Catholics and the Protestants are still fighting over this in Northern Ireland.

So, there again, we get back to what do you want to believe? Was Jesus a real person or wasn’t he? If you think he was and you think all his teachings were grand, then that is your belief system and you work from that until you change it. And if you never change it, then that’s where it stays. You believe in what you ‘want’ to believe, and don’t ‘believe’ superficially. That is one of the problems now, everything is ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’, ‘quick’, ‘fast’, give me the end results in a hurry because I don’t what to spend time going through a whole bunch of stuff in order to find the answer. The answer is within each one of you. The only thing is it does take, what you call, your time and your effort to find out ‘who’ you truly are. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “If this is all arranged by us during our sleep, how can we possibly be so alienated in our “waking” state from the sleep state that we plan things to ourselves that we never would do while in the waking consciousness?”

DATRE: There’s no reason why you can’t do everything that you set out for yourself in your sleep state into waking – no reason what-so-ever. Its just that your ‘belief’ won’t allow you to. Your ‘belief’ system sets your pictures, that’s why we’ve said, ‘you can change in the blink of an eye’. Change just a small part of what you ‘believe’. Do you believe you’re fat? Do you believe you’re thin? Do you believe that you’re a victim, that people ‘do’ things to you? Do you believe you ‘control’ your self and your own ‘individual’ pictures? It all comes back to that. And if you think that me talking about the belief system and ‘changing’ a belief system is a simple process, you’d better start thinking in a different direction.

Why do people ‘believe’ that they’re sick and have to have operations and medication? Is that a ‘belief’ system? Or, do you ‘believe’ that you occasionally get good and sick and say, ‘all right body, what do you want to eat? What do you want to drink? When do you want to sleep? What rest do you desire? What will make you more comfortable?’ and go in that direction. You can be very, very sick, but understand that the body heals itself and you ‘know’ it heals itself. So you’re sick for a day, you’re sick for a week. But if you ‘know’, deep inside of you and your belief is that this is something that you’re working with – this is a ‘cooperative’ effort between you and a ‘particle’ existence, the body will take care of itself. But that takes a ‘strong’ belief system. That’s not willy nilly. That is lying on a bed in pain and saying to the body, ‘I will lay here and be quite so that you can heal yourself’. The body constantly adjusts itself in what you call, “getting sick” or in what you call, “an accident”. Continue.


JOHN: His next question is… “On a different note: I have noticed strange occurrences that have happened too often to be coincidence. This is simultaneous but unrelated occurrences of words. For instance, I am reading the word “potatoes” and at exactly the same time I read this word I hear it uttered on the radio/TV (just a small example out of many). Is this just “one of those things” that do happen sometimes, or is there some synchronicity here that is an indication of something deeper?”

DATRE: It is a significant synchronicity. It is showing you what you’re doing. Who’s creating the picture? You’re reinforcing what your picture is. Whether it comes through the eyes or it comes through the ears, or feeling tones or sensations on your skin or whatever. It’s a reinforcement it’s saying – ‘see, see what you’re doing’. Now you’re going to be looking at those a little differently.

You will have some ‘random’ thought – as you call it – go through your head, some little phrase, and you will see it in a magazine, you will see it on a billboard, you’ll see it on TV – the exact same words. Now, that shows you something. You see, because of all the distractions that the humans have you have – shall we say – buried that which you call ‘instinct’.

Why is it, that cats or dogs – either one, family pets – know prior to a phone ringing, prior to someone coming home – they ‘know’ – because they work more from ‘instinct’. But you have that same ability, but you don’t pay any attention to it. You don’t ‘follow’ what you have thought or what you’re thinking. You’ll say, ‘well that’s insignificant and don’t pay any attention to it’. The FUN is getting something that says, ‘oh, I should go to such and such and do such and such a thing’. Follow that. You’ll say, ‘well, I haven’t got the time’. Okay, so you missed having some fun. The FUN is following that which you call, basic ‘instinct’.

Its not basic ‘instinct’, its telling you something. You’ll say, ‘well, I should stop on the way home and get a loaf of bread’. ‘Oh, well that’s not important’ and go on home. The next day you’re out, ‘stop here and get a loaf of bread’. So you walk into the store, go over to get your bread, its discounted. Have you told yourself something? Have you had FUN? No! You haven’t paid any attention to it. ‘Oh, grumble, grumble, I had to stop and get bread’. You didn’t see the FUN in what you were doing. You’re in a play with yourself and you don’t realize it. Begin to play. Something pops into your head, go for it. ‘I haven’t got the time’. Who in the dickens is making the picture for you in the first place? You’re doing it yourself.

You’ll say, ‘well I have to be at such and such a place in such and such a time’. Well quit looking at the clock and say, ‘well, I have to be there at 7/8 o’clock’. All right, just tell yourself, ‘I have to be there at 7 o’clock’. When you get there – if you have “belief in yourself” – and you walk in and look at the clock, it will be exactly 7. ‘I have to get dressed in an hour’. All right, quite stewing about it. Say to self, ‘I have to get dressed in an hour, I’ll be ready’. And you will be. That’s when life becomes interesting. Everyone thinks that they have to become “spiritual” in order to discover what they and this particle existence is all about. The first step to understanding yourself or anything else is paying attention. Paying attention to the ‘little’ things changes the ‘bigger’ picture. Focus. Continue.

JOHN: And Gunnar’s final question is… “NASA satellites (SOHO) have photographed something that looks like strange and huge moving structures around the sun, and sometimes a huge, spiraling beam emanating from the sun. The photographs are heavily censored and few showing these structures reach the public. What is this, and can it have something to do with the impending birth, or is it something else?”

DATRE: It has nothing to do with anything, except their exploration. Seeing strange things spiraling off the sun, why not, you’ve got different instruments now, you can detect high energy levels. If you were to be able to “take pictures of the sun”, which you think is a blazing hot ball, you’d probably find a lot of things on the sun. Big surprise? Who ever said the sun was hot? You reflect the ‘heat’ energy from your bubble. As the suns energy comes through your bubble you transform the energy from the sun to accommodate ‘your’ physical reality on this planet. And every planetary system that uses the sun does the same thing. That’s why there’s no two planetary existence’s alike. Why should there be? Different things are needed. Different energies are needed to sustain different ‘types’ of realities on different planetary bodies.

So, if they were to take a picture and see a lady sitting up there in a rocking chair, they would really have fits wouldn’t they? You know why they don’t? Because they don’t “project it”. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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