Datre 160 – What is spirituality?

Datre answers Thomas and Christopher

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Thomas and his first question is… “I follow a path called Huna, is Datre or any of his co-helpers aware of or has lived lives on Earth with a Huna society?”

DATRE: Now, Huna is like everything else, it is something that has been set up on your planet for your understanding, education, whatever you want to call it. The information we bring to you is not connected to any ‘isums’, ‘osophies’, ‘religion’, ‘cult’, whatever you want to call it. That has nothing to do with the information that we bring to you. We have not been connected with any of these. Our information is Universally based. What we try to do is show you ‘different’ ways of finding out ‘who’ you are, what you are doing here, why you’re here and how you can make changes in your own ‘belief’ system to change your understanding about the life that you are now experiencing.

So as to Huna or any of the others, no, there is no relationship between the information we can give you and any information you are presently studying. So the next few questions regarding Huna will be skipped.

JOHN: Okay, skipping down to the next non Huna question, he asks… “The astral body, has been a subject of discussion, could a description of the astral body, it’s purpose and functions and uses be given?”

DATRE: We recently did a transcript (Datre158) that included information on the astral body as it applies to out-of-body travel. Continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “There is much talk in the metaphysical literature about the concept of soul. In some sense it seems to refer to the entity descriptions, in others it seems to relate to the subconscious and in others it has been postulated as a witness function. It is very confusing. Is there a root understanding of what a soul is and could you describe it?”

DATRE: The soul has always been a perplexity. It is like anything else that you have to describe that has no ‘description’ to it.

Put very simplistically, as one tries to tell a child who is going into the first grade of school, you start out with a very simplistic explanation. That is what we will give you.

What you refer to, as the ‘soul’ is nothing more than a ‘recording’ of your life experiences. You have it all, all the time. It is that LIFE SPARK that records all incidences. You have it with you in the physical embodiment, you take it with you into the ‘dead zone’ – it is yours.

So from our standpoint, all it is is an ‘essence’ that holds your experiences. Your experiences in that which you call the ‘dead zone’ are as valid as the experiences that you have in the ‘live zone’. So if you want to have a record of your experiences, then that is what you have. That is all I can give you as an explanation of a ‘soul’.

JOHN: His final question – which includes Huna – asks… “Huna claims to trace its beginnings to the Lumerian culture. Would it be possible to give a brief history of Huna origins, through and in time history?”

DATRE: There’s no way. I don’t know the beginning and end of Huna. That was just like any other religion that was started. So, we’ll drop that.



JOHN: Okay, now we have a question from Christopher, he asks… “I have been missing some of the foundation info in the topics more or less in the Datre. I understand the background part but I feel that the relation falls a little short of what a person or many feel about the Datre’s relationship with humanity and our spiritual beliefs. Understanding is always been something of a live and let live conformity. It seems that there is a whole relation of science involved as this is a very important aspect of the files. I seem to be looking for some of the info a little beyond that of science and a little more on the relationship of a divine principle “for lack of a better word”

DATRE: Well, you spoke of two things there – number one you spoke of a ‘belief’ and number two you spoke of a ‘divine’ principle. A ‘divine’ principle is a belief. I know you’re not going to like that answer, but it is true.

Spirituality is another ‘belief’. What is spirituality? What do you do that is different if you’re ‘spiritual’ then if you’re not?

Now, you’ll say, ‘well a spiritual person doesn’t go out a kill someone’. ‘A spiritual person doesn’t harm their neighbor’. ‘A spiritual person does all ‘good’ things’. Right? Being ‘spiritual’ is being ‘good’? Is that the way ‘spirituality’ works?

You see, you have set ‘words’ that you have described an explanation or a definition to, like everything else, because ‘words’ is your communication. But, do you ever stop to analyze the words that you use? You don’t pay any attention to the words. But, your ‘belief’ system sets its own ‘individual’ definition of that word, to you. Now, if you agree with someone else that this is the definition, this is what this word means, and the other person agrees – that’s fine.

You can sit and listen to a lecture all day long. And you’re sitting next to another person that you began to talk with before the lecture began and you seem quite compatible – and you’re getting along just fine. At the end of the lecture, you become opposing ‘enemies’. One of which says, ‘that was the most wonderful and inspiring message I have ever heard’ and the other one looks back and says, ‘that was a bunch of junk, I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life’. What did you hear? One interpretation, another interpretation.

So you ‘assign’ different things and different ‘ideas’ to the same words. But, think about the word ‘spirituality’. Think about the words ‘old soul’. Think about the ‘Confederation of Galaxies’. Think of all of these things. How did they come into being? Hierarchy of any kind, of any sort, of any description. You set these things for your self. And do you know why? Because it gives you something to think about and uncover – if you want to do so. But, what will stand in your way for you to ‘see’ clearly is your ‘belief’.

Your ‘belief’ system is your ‘individual’ interpreter of all words, of all actions, of all individual… everything that you can think of. It all filters through your ‘belief’ system. And, if you take a good look at that, and see how it has ‘changed’ as you have ‘discovered’ more and more of the things that we have talked about, you’ll see that you have made changes in your self – subtle though they may be.

You see, the individual that grows from a child, to an adult, to what you call an old person, and has watched the changes and has become fascinated by them. When some people are asked, ‘when was the beat time of your life?’. And the individual says, ‘every single phase of it, I see my life in different phases and I have enjoyed each one of them’. And then, other people say, ‘oh, I don’t know why I had to get old’. What difference does it make with your bodily construct?

An individual that is ‘old’, in their 80’s and 90’s will realize that their bodies are incapable of the functioning it had previously enjoyed. But, the mind is still young – it is still thinking young – in the people that are focusing and enjoying their life. And those people are taking everything as it comes, looking at it and passing through it, and not making a big deal of it.

So you see, ‘spirituality’ – take a good look at it, see what you come up with. It may surprise you if you really start thinking about it – if you don’t get in your own way. There’s a very good way of doing that. Get yourself in a position so that you set yourself aside, and say to yourself, ‘really, what is ‘spirituality’?’. And see what you come up with. Surprise your self. Delve into it. You’ll find very ‘definite’ belief systems, some you want to keep, some you don’t want to keep, that’s up to you. Discard them all; keep them all – but make a ‘discovery’.

How does a teacher become a teacher? A teacher becomes a teacher by analyzation. In analyzing, you will find out things. You cannot be a teacher unless you have had the experience. That is why, several generations ago, if you had a “teacher” in any of your ‘isums’, ‘osophies’, ‘religions’, whatever, they would tell you, ‘you will be a good teacher yourself some day, but you must be old enough to have experienced life’. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 159 – The vibration of your body is getting finer

Datre answers Claude.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude, and his first question is… “Silicate is a kind of quartz as I understand it. What difference will there be for human to be silicate based instead of carbon?”

DATRE: Silicate is not the proper terminology, its ‘silica’. Silica is a very opaque liquid substance. It is… you have a lot of what you call ‘silica’ within your body now. When you cut yourself and there’s a whitish liquid, the first thing you say is, ‘oh, those are white blood cells’. That is ‘silica’. It’s what is referred to as ‘silica’. In your mouth, you have a constant liquid called saliva, if we were to spit some out on a plate, you would see that it is a very ‘opaque’ substance, very liquid – that again is ‘silica’. Your eyes, there’s liquid in your eyes, that’s ‘silica’. You have ‘silica’ through out your body.

In other words, that is a very important part of your body. Now, they say that your body is a large percentage of water. Well, its not water like comes out of a tap when you get a drink in a glass. It is ‘silica’. If you did not have ‘silica’ in your body, how would you make any motion? Your bones would rub together until they wore each other out – the ones that fit together. You have to have ‘silica’ within the body in order to have movement.

Now what happens is, that with the ‘finer’ energies coming onto the planet, in order to be able to facilitate and ‘use’ those energies to the optimum, you need a finer body. In other words, your body has a vibration to it. Now, you say your bodies are ‘carbon’ base that is true. Carbon based is a very heavy atomic substance. If you have a very heavy substance it defies movement – it takes a ‘lot’ to shake it. Then you take ‘silica’ and you shake it, it’s going to shake like ‘jello’.

Now, we’re talking about changes taking place within the body. Also, there’s changes taking place within your brain. Your brain is… there’s a lot of ‘silica’ in your brain matter. If you receive a ‘finer’ vibration, the ‘silica’ in the brain is going to move, but the heavier carbon substance isn’t going to move. So, you’re not going to be able to pick up that vibration. In these ‘finer’ vibrations is where you’re going to be able to make ‘connection’ with the substance that is within your earth bubble – which we call the MIND of the bubble. Those vibrations are very fast. The ‘finer’ the vibration, the faster the vibration is. And, if you’re sitting in a heavy carbon body, you’re not going to pick up those vibrations, because nothing is going to happen, you’re not going to make any movement.

You wonder why some individuals are more ‘sensitive’ than others; in other words, they pick up the vibrations of other people that they pass by. If they had a heavy carbon base body, they would be like everyone else, they’d pass by them and never feel it. If you have a ‘silica’ base body, or have more ‘silica’ in your body, you’re going to pick up the vibrations of other people – it’s an automatic.

So that’s what ‘silica’ is. And with ‘new’ energies, those individuals that have more ‘silica’ in their bodies are going to be more receptive to many different things. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “Who took the decision of this transformation and why, does it have something to do with the “Birth”?”

DATRE: Well, no decisions are made by anyone except those that are on the planet. The individuals ‘on’ the planet are the ones that make the decisions.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well what did we have to do with the ‘finer’ vibrations?’. That is something where you had no decision. Your planet is in constant motion – we’ve said that before. You’re not standing still in space. Science fiction says that this planet is here, and therefore if you fly from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ you’re going to hit this planet. Not necessarily. Planets are always in motion. Planets and star systems and all of that – it moves all the time. So you’re not stationary.

Then because your planet is traveling through another portion of that which you call, space, it is going into another type of vibration. That’s why we say; these finer vibrations are coming on your planet. Its not that we’re ‘pushing’ them onto the planet. Your planet is moving in that direction. Remember, the planet also has its own individual evolution. The planet is going in the direction of ‘it’s’ evolution, so you better change to go with it.

So no one ‘out there’ – regardless of what you may think – no one ‘out there’ is causing any of these things to happen. The planet is going through it’s evolution, it’s going into that section of what you call, space, where vibrations are ‘finer’ – because the planet is evolving. An evolving planet will not go into an area where the vibration is heavier than where it’s been – that’s not evolution.

The smaller and the finer anything is – as far as your atomic structures are concerned – the smaller and the finer are the most ‘potent’. So your planet is moving into an area where the vibrations are ‘finer’. If you’re going to stay on the planet, and evolve ‘with’ the planet, then you’re going to have to figure out a way – collectively – to change the construct of your physical body.

We’ve talked about changes in the physical body. If you were to take all the men on the basketball court and the football and all of these different sports that you have, and take all these people that are so much taller and bigger and put them back to the time of your great-great grandfathers, how would they look at them? They would be giants. They’d want to put them in a circus. They were ‘freaks’. But, you don’t think anything of it. So you have someone that walks into a room that’s 6 foot 8, 6 foot 9, 7 foot 1, do you get excited and scream and ‘oh, look here comes the monster’? You pay no attention – because that is the evolution of the species at the present time. They’re getting taller. They’re getting bigger.

Evolution! What has it got to do with the ‘birth’? If you’re going into a finer vibration, you’re going to pick up more ‘direct’ information from the MIND of the bubble and bypass the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is what holds down the evolution. And the evolution of the ‘species’ is something that everyone on the planet, or in the dead zone, wants. They ‘all’ want evolution. So, how can evolution take place? How can those in the physical bodies get information that they’re looking for? Change the vibration of the physical construct.

Until you’re able to make ‘connection’ with that which you call the ‘finer’ vibrations that exist in the MIND of the bubble, you’re not going to be able to make that ‘discovery’ – shall we say – that this is nothing but a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT. When you get into the MIND of the bubble and begin to work from that standpoint, you will begin to ‘see’ the planet as it ‘is’. The individuals on the planet as they ‘are’. Then you’ll ‘know’, and the minute you ‘know’, what this whole system is about and ‘why’ you’re here, and what you are doing here – when that happens and you can see it for what it truly is – you’ll no longer be ‘contained’ by the planet.

Now, there’s something very important, you all want the answers, you all want teachers, you all want information. You go to the bookstore and you read and you read and you read. You get the Datre material and you read that. All of these things are going into your brain, some fit, some don’t fit. But, as you begin to ‘unfold’ within yourself and understand more and more, this piece information fits with that piece of information that fits with that piece of information and you’ll get an ‘Ah Ha’. ‘Okay, now I understand.’ Not ‘brain’ thinking, ‘now I understand that one concept’. And then you’ll go on to others.

Then as these things begin to fit together – just like tumblers in a lock – and your body changes, more and more of these pieces are going to fit. And the more the pieces fit and the finer the vibration of the body becomes, the more you’ll be able to connect up with the MIND of the bubble – which is what you want to do.

You see, no one can tell you ‘how’ – it must be done by you. How did a teacher – like the Ram, like Seth, like others – how did a teacher become a teacher? What did ‘they’ do so they left the planet and are able to come through the vibration of a human construct and bring this information to you? How did they do that? THAT is the challenge.

You accept what people tell you. In other words, its like somebody says, ‘well I read it in the newspaper or I saw it on television, so it has to be right, it has to be true’. Not necessarily. The thing you need to do, each and every one of you, is begin to ask ‘why?’. ‘How come?’ ‘Why did I do that?’ ‘Why did I react in that manner?’ Because, you are ‘reacting’, then find out ‘why’ you reacted. When you get to the point of ‘not’ reacting, but ‘acting’, then you’ll know. That’s another step in your learning process.

What has it got to do with the ‘birth’? To get as many of you attuned to the finer vibrations for your own ‘individual’ evolution. And every one that has their ‘individual’ evolution helps the planet in ‘it’s’ evolution. Next question.


JOHN: He further asks… “Birth seems to me as a kind of recognition that human are a lot more than their single body, and this recognition would completely overthrow humanity as we know it. But because of centuries of physical restrictions and our way of life, I imagine it will take a long period for the process to be completed.”

DATRE: It will and it won’t. But you have to remember; you no longer are working with time. You’re working with ‘remembered’ time. You’re working with ‘time’ as you remembered it. Now is the grandest opportunity for you to realize and ‘set’ your own ‘time’. You scurry and you hurry and you bustle, ‘because I haven’t got enough time’. Next time you do that, stop and say, ‘wait a minute, if I’m the one that’s making the ‘time’, then why don’t I do it’. Start making your own time – its fun. It becomes a very interesting process. You’ll say, ‘oh, I’ve only got ten minutes to do this’. Who says you’ve only got ten minutes? You have the longest ten minutes that you can imagine – if you but want it. Watch it.

Someone says, ‘this has to be done by one o’clock’. You look at your watch – which is habit for everybody – you look at your watch and say, ‘oh, I’ve only got this much time to do this’. Instead of doing that, next time don’t look at the watch, don’t look at the time, don’t ask about the time. Say to your self, ‘this will be done by one o’clock’. Set your focus to doing what you are to be doing. And when you finish what you are supposed to be doing, look at the clock, and it will be one o’clock – guaranteed – if you don’t get in your own way. Get out of your way. Focus on what your task is to do.

Every time you get all upset, all you are doing is getting the physical body stressed. If you could look at stress the way we see stress, it looks like the edge of a saw blade – spiky. That’s what we see when we see stress – we see those little spikes like you have on a saw blade. Those little spikes are sticking out all over people. Sometimes they’re great big long spikes. They just go back and forth and back and forth. It’s like a child with a picture on a piece of paper. They take their pencil and they keep… they draw spikes all the way around the body, all the way around the feet and the legs and the hands and the arms and the fingers and the head and the whole thing – make it all spiky.

That’s the way individuals look when they’re stressed. Now how are you going to go ‘smoothly’ through life, when you’ve got all these spikes sticking out of your body? Everything you walk past, you grab onto. You walk by a chair and the chair will grab you, the spike will grab. You think of your body as the outside of you, where is your aura? Your aura is ‘not’ attached to your skin. The aura emanates out ‘from’ your skin. And depending upon how big your aura is, you’re going to snag yourself on everything you go by. That ‘snagging’ slows you down so you cannot accomplish what you want to do. Look at it that way.

Why are there people that are very sensitive that walk by someone and they’ll say, ‘ow, it was just like walking past a barb wire fence’ – because they got stuck with all these little projections sticking out of an individuals body. You live in a fascinating world – but you don’t see it. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Primitive people as we call them seem to me often more aware of who we really are. They cure themselves and find foods where civilized ones don’t see anything, and never forget to thank mother Earth, and the Sun for they know they could not exist in that form of life without them. Would you elaborate on that.”

DATRE: Primitive people are more closely aligned to the earth vibration. In other words, because they’re aligned to those vibrations, that is why they do these things. But, there are fewer and fewer of those in existence all the time, simply because you have the desire to ‘know’ who lives where. People are going out exploring – ‘I heard there was a civilization in such and such a place’ – and they’re going to get into their vehicles and go to that place to see those people. And the minute you take people and cameras and all this and go into these civilizations, you immediately have an impact on their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

You scramble it, because you go in with equipment and questions and all of this and it disturbs their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And once their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has been disturbed to any great extent, they’re not going to be able to do what had been doing. But, there again, there are no accidents. If they hadn’t wanted further evolution, they would not have allowed that in the first place. So, you see, they want more also. They may say they don’t. They may say they want to be left alone. But, something is urging them to a greater evolution of their species in a certain area. It becomes very fascinating to watch.

So, those people, yes, they give thanks to mother earth and to the sun and the moon and the stars and the wind and the trees and everything – because, that is how you all started out. You all started with that basic evolution. That was how you sustained yourself. You tied your self into the earth, so that you learned how to ‘work’ with earth substance. But now you don’t have that concern any more, because you get into tin boxes and you drive on cement. So, the earth is not that important to you. But, evolution takes place by the people that are on the planet. And the people that are ‘on’ the planet are the ones that make the decision as to which direction they wish to go in.

You talk about giving thanks, how people sit down at tables and pray to God and thank Him for the food. That was not the original. The original was to give thanks to the food as it was picked. As lettuce was picked, as pumpkins, your fruits, your vegetables, all of these things. The animals were asked if they would give their life to sustain yours. An animal was not killed unless permission was given and the agreement was made. Those are the old, old, old ways – that was the original. So when the animal had given it’s life to feed you, it was a mutual respect – because the animal said, ‘if you want my body to sustain you, then I will have a new experience by being eaten by you to go into your body, so that I can experience that’. See, the animal doesn’t think like you do. But, then when the people sat down and ate the animal, and ate the fruit and vegetables that were picked, they gave thanks to everything for their substance.

They didn’t just go out and rip vegetables out of the ground take thing off of the tree by great big pieces of machinery, no, they hand picked everything. And they asked before they took. That’s where thanksgiving came from originally. They were thankful for the giving of other things on the planet to give for your sustenance. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: A little bit more about what you call your evolutionary process. I believe at one time we made reference to the different stages of evolution. We are telling you about the ‘silica’ and how you are able to facilitate a ‘silica’ body. This is a time when the more ‘silica’ based your body becomes, the better you will be able to put together the life that you so desire for your learning.

Now, if you will notice, in papers, in magazines, on your television, how many times you’ll see little pieces of tile put together to make pictures. They call them mosaics. They’ll show you the top of a table and all these little bitty colored pieces. And you take these little colored pieces and you put glue on them and put them down on the tabletop and you make pictures that are pretty for your tabletop. You take tiles and you put them on your floor to make pretty pictures on your floor. On the television, you will see that they take pieces of little colored squares and put them together and you will see a lady’s face. Or you will see a great big mural and all the figures are of these little tiny tiles and one tile falls out and drops on the floor. These are all mosaics. It takes little tiny pieces, all put together to make pictures. These mosaic images of things in commercials are the work of the advertising people whose livelihood depends upon their ability to tune into the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and know what they want to see.

This is a time you are living now. This is to tell you that this is the time for you to take the pieces and put them together to make the pictures of ‘your’ life the way ‘you’ want them. You see you don’t have to go out and try and find something that is so fantastic, in order to find out what is happening. Your television is showing you mosaics all the time. This has been going on for quite some time in the United States, a year or more in your time counting, I don’t know. But what it is showing you consistently is it is up to ‘you’ to take the pieces, take the information that you have to build the life you want to live. To understand what you want to understand.

But you have to do one thing first, you have to FOCUS. You have to FOCUS on what you’re doing. And that is important. FOCUS on your mosaics. If you have a tabletop and you have all these beautiful little pieces of glass or whatever, and you’ve got some glue, and you start putting this together, you don’t want to be interrupted by someone that says, ‘the telephone is ringing’. You don’t want to answer the telephone. You want to stay focused on what you’re doing, because, this is more fascinating than going to a telephone and you’ll say, ‘tell them I will call them back, I’m busy’.

Do that with your life. Take the pieces that you want and get your FOCUS. And if someone says something to you say, ‘don’t bother me, I’m busy’. There are always other people who will try and tell you how to live your life. FOCUS, make your mosaic. As each one of you does that, you will find great joy and surprise in the mosaic that you’re making for your life. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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A Virtual Space to Revel and Muse

Positivity in life is an essential ingredient, and there are very few websites that actively help in introducing an element of such positivity into people’s daily lives. Sure, there are self help portals that show people how to make their life better, but Revelri does this with a twist. There are no philosophical quotes or wordy lines of advice in Revelri – there are just actions, simple, everyday actions, the kind that people can take up on a daily basis and try to carry out.

This is one of the highlights of the website, because these actions are designed to cater to everyone.

As a child, you’re sure to have harbored dreams, ambitions and desires that you later gave up on slowly, mainly because of your shifting priorities and the race to establish a luxurious life. During this journey, you would have missed out on the smaller things in your life – seemingly trivial everyday instances that can brighten up your day and perk it up with a bit of fun. Revelri pulls out all the stops to bring back these instances into your life, to show you their importance and how contentment and fun in such small doses can have a giant impact in your life.

Instead of turning to medicines to cope with everyday pressure, have you ever tried blowing bubbles as an adult and relived your childhood days?
Has it ever occurred to you to buy a box of toffees for your coworkers, which is an act that can not only bring you together but also add a smile to their faces?

And when was the last time you read to your children at night, or cooked up fairy tales or adventures for them to infinitely enjoy?
These simple tasks are what Revelri mainly focuses on, in an effort to make the lives of its users better.

A Treasure Trove of Small Delights

The website can be accessed through your Facebook account, and if you’re too particular about not using your Facebook credentials, you can create an account using just your email ID. The sign-up process is very simple and straightforward, but building your complete profile as a Reveler might take a bit of time. There are no loopholes and you don’t have to spend money, as Revelri is completely free!

Revelri digs deep into the lives of all Revelers (a catchy name for all Revelri users) and extracts vital information and personal details in order to tailor the profile efficiently for them. The actions that are given out everyday are personalized – so when you sign up with Revelri and enter your personal details, the actions that you get will only revolve around what you can do.

You don’t have to worry about getting tasks or actions that involve children if you’re unmarried and single and you definitely don’t have to worry about wearing killer heels to work because such actions will apply only to Revelers who register themselves as women!

Apart from their personalized nature, the daily actions provided by Revelri are unique because they apply across different cultures and are not bound by geographical constraints. Its actions can be credited as Revelri’s strong point.

And a Few More Surprises!

Have you ever felt grateful for having an amazing family and close friends to rely on?

Have you ever had the time to express your gratitude for all that you have in life?

With a unique idea, Revelri makes it easier for you to express your gratitude – through the Gratitude Journal. Like the name suggests, this is indeed a journal that you can maintain online for expressing your gratitude, one that will help you get a load off your chest and mind. You’ll have the power to make this journal public too, for other Revelers to view and be inspired.

Revelri also has a WishTree feature, where you can list out your short term and long term wishes and desires. Sometimes, for you to succeed in fulfilling your ambitions, all you need to do is write them down somewhere so that you’re visually reminded of these aims time and again. Revelrisolves this problem by providing an online solution, in the form of a WishTree.

If that’s not enough, there’s a Synergy section that focuses on the well-being of the entire community. If you’re feeling low and helpless and would like an extended hand or a prayer for your condition, you can post a case in the Synergy section and fellow Revelers will flock to pray and wish the best for you. If such positive motivation can’t set things right, nothing will! As a Reveler, you’ll have the freedom to extend your prayers towards another member who’s having problems in life.

The Synergy section brings to the fore all that Revelri is about – being a part of a community. The site is populated by like-minded individuals who believe in improving their lives, and spreading happiness and peace. To make things easier and to allow them to communicate with each other, Revelri provides messaging options in their profiles so that they can constantly keep in touch.

Although these features are very exciting and quite new, Revelri needs to work more on these sections to make them a tad more attractive – right now, the actions steal the show in the website. But the best thing about Revelri is that it offers all its features for free, while other websites often lock their best features away under a paid account. So go ahead, introduce some passion and fun into your life, because Revelri’s here to make the world a utopian one.

Click below to joing Revelri for FREE

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Datre 158 – Exploration of life

Datre answers Flo

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Flo and her first question is… “Is it possible that one could have chosen to come here to experience a one time physical existence? That is to be here at this point in time only, for this period of experience?”

DATRE: It would be more difficult to do it now then ever before. And I don’t think anyone would really want to come here and do it as a one time experience in this particular stage of the evolution of your species. There is too much that is happening that is of interest. You have many things happening on your planet now. That is why we can’t understand why people are bored and want to get out of here.

You have exploration in every area that you can think of. From medicine to archeology to discovering new anything. There isn’t one thing that we can think of, that you’re not exploring and wondering about and expanding on it. Everything, from the discovery of the patterns that are made by all the genes in your body, to patterns in the sky, to patterns in the earth everything, your whole planet at this particular time of its evolution and ‘your’ evolution, and all the species upon this planet and their stages of evolution is like something that is unbelievable.

Look at the intelligence of your plants, your animals, and your sea creatures. Look at the peoples that are going out in boats, and are petting sharks and whales and dolphins. Look at the ‘communication’ that is happening amongst ‘all’ creatures. Many are not aware of all the sea creatures that the different peoples that are going down in scuba diving stuff, that are playing and petting fish of all different kinds. The interaction between those animals, which have never been interacted with in your evolution of your species or of their species. Look at the interaction between people and birds. Peoples interaction with little animals on your planet, big animals on your planet.

Your interaction with all of these different things. Look at the new foods that are being discovered within the last few years. Who would have understood – probably less than 50 years ago – if someone looked at them and said someone… you contacted somebody who lived 50 years ago and said, ‘wasn’t that salad great? I really like kiwi’. They have never heard of kiwi, let alone eat kiwi.

You don’t look at things. You are so easily made complacent about everything. If its yesterday, its old. And then you wonder about the ‘energies’ coming on your planet. If you didn’t have these new energies coming on your planet, you would not be any more ‘aware’ than you were 50 years ago, because the evolution would be so slow. Your evolution has been very slow up until the last… say probably 1800’s, 1700 – 1800. Up to that point, your evolution was not at the speed it has been from there on. So, now you take 2000 and you think things went fast in your 1900’s, wait until you get further into your 2000’s and see how fast things are going to go then.

You have learned how to make this computer of a brain of yours, accept and work at a very fast rate of speed. Your comprehension rate is faster. And how do you suppose your computers work? They’re patterned after the brain – its not the other way around. The brain was used as a model to contain information – like the brain – and so your brain comprehends faster, what are your computers doing? Make them faster, make them faster.

So, I cannot see anyone coming here with everything that is happening at this rate of speed and wanting to only come here one time. The fascination is too great. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues and asks… “If one who was not consciously aware of any of the metaphysical, spiritual, universal knowledge, and just out of the blue started to experience vibration, and then was led on a roller coaster ride through synchronistic events, and found themselves to be finally led here, understanding all that has been presented and agreeing with it, could they be assured that they will move beyond the physical existence boundaries?”

DATRE: Nobody is assured of being able to go beyond the physical existence boundaries. It is an impossibility to tell anybody that understanding the Datre material is the way ‘out’ of physicality. That is an ‘individual’ decision and the decision is made by the transformation that you make within ‘your’ physical construct – and your ‘understanding’ of the physical construct. Plus, your understanding of what this reality on this planet is all about – what makes it work. Then when you find out what makes it work and ‘understand’ what makes it work, and your ‘belief’ system accepts this information and you ‘discover’ that it IS a psychological construct and ‘how’ that works with the physical construct, the game is over. You’ve won! You’re out!

But you see, ‘that’ is something that is ‘individual’. And you’re the only one that’s going to know that you’ve done it. Another person of a different ‘belief’ system and different understandings will never understand what you understand – it’s an impossibility. You’re the only one that knows how ‘you’ see this reality. Another person has no idea how you ‘see’ this reality. And that goes for everyone – you are all different. But when you ‘understand’, and ‘know’, you will actually disappear from this planet. Your ‘belief’ system will release your psychological construct and you will see that its no longer needed. When you ‘understand’ ONE game, then you will go on to another game – this is but ONE game in a huge Universe. Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to ask… “When one is chosen to channel Universal Knowledge, such as this channel and Jane Roberts, is there an agreement made beforehand that this will happen? Meaning it is not so much the development of the person channeling, but the agreement made between the channeler and the channeled to start at a particular time regardless of the development of the channeler at that particular time.”

DATRE: There are many who begin channeling information and have had no previous experience or understanding in this area. It does not matter, as long as the channel is open. But, it also takes training. If it is decided, and agreed upon at another level, then it will happen. But that does not mean that it will continue.

There are those who have made the commitment – come into the physical body – begun the channeling experience, begun the training to accept these vibrations, and have said, ‘I want no part of it’ and have quit. You talk about free will on your planet that is the ‘one’ thing that you have. If this channel said, ‘this is the last that I will channel’, that is her decision and we would never come through this body again. There are many, and the majority of those that channel information of a Universal energy, do not necessarily agree with the information brought through.

Jane Roberts was an unusual channel in that she ‘allowed’ the information to come through – without any tampering on her part – but she was afraid of it. It was so drastically different that she was afraid of what people would think. This was a constant thing with her all through her channeling – all the years she channeled. You see much of the teaching was not in line with her ‘belief’ system – the ‘belief’ system of the body. So that made it more difficult for her.

Now, with this body, the body understands the information that is brought through. The information that is brought through is brought through in very simplistic terms. Now, what happens is, when the person inhabiting this body leaves, the understanding of this information is a great deal different than what is brought through. It is understood at a greater depth – she has wanted it to be simple so that people could understand it. But you need to remember; this channel is not an ordinary person. The information that she understands and she knows, is something that there are not words for. And this is fine. But you see, there’s a difference in the people that do the channeling. I don’t know if that answered the question or not?


JOHN: Sounds good to me. And she again asks… “Having read very little of the Seth material, I may be wrong here, however from what I have read, and the conversations I have had with those who have read Seth, I get the impression that the material is mainly geared toward our physical existence, and how we can make our physical existence more of a self created reality. Is this so?”

DATRE: Yes! Why go into a great deal of rhetoric that is not pertinent to your physical containment? That is one thing that you need to understand. You need to understand ‘how’ this communication between YOU and the body ‘you’ works. It is very fascinating. That is why, in all the material that’s given by these two channels – it’s the same thing. It’s trying to get you to understand what this reality is all about. You can understand everything you want to about a tree or an airplane or an automobile or your work or a computer or anything else, but that’s only ‘intellectual’ knowledge. What we’re trying to do is, spark something in ‘you’ to get you to understand ‘beyond’ intellectual understanding. Once you get past the point of saying, ‘well, I understand that’ and ‘I know about that’- once you get past that point, that’s when things begin to happen.

Because, when you ‘know’ and you ‘understand’ – 99.9% of the time, those people are talking from an ‘intellectual’ understanding – its when you begin to ‘experience’, that’s when you begin to understand. And of the many people that we receive communications from, its the people that have said, ‘I thought I understood this, I always said I knew it I understood it, and something happened one day, NOW I understand’. Now, how can you know what that person has experienced? You can talk back and forth intellectually from now until… And intellectually is fine, because something might hit you some day in some way, and something will connect and you will understand ‘beyond’ intellectual. And that’s what we’re trying to spark. Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to ask… “I find it hard to understand why a channeled entity’s information still has to be interpreted through the mind of the channeler, if the entity has taken the place of the channeler in their physical body.”

DATRE: Now, we do not use the mind of the channeler. There is a connection that is set up, but we do not per se use the mind. The only time we would use the mind of the channeler, is if we were searching for information that was pertinent to a question that was being asked. Or for some information that we thought was relevant to today that might be of interest to you. Then we would check through the mind… or the actually its not the mind, its the brain of the channeler that we connect with. We can read that information that is in the brain. The brain is turned on because we’re in it. The brain is turned on when the occupant of the body is in it, so that the brain information can be accessible. In other words, you can have all the information you want in your computer, and you can sit and look at that screen all day long, but it doesn’t do a bit of good until you turn it on.

So what we do when we come in, we turn the brain on to ‘our’ frequency. But we do not use the portions of the brain that she uses. We have set up our own communication system. We have our own dictionary. We have what we need that we use, it does not interfere with her at all. And we don’t interfere with her. Its like, she has all these disks in her computer, and we have one CD, and when we come in we put in our own CD. Now does that help you understand? When we leave, we take our CD out so that she is not burdened by having that information.

That is why, when the Datre session is over, and the CD is pulled out, she does not have any idea what has gone on. Unless, something is said directly to her that she may be able to get a little inkling because she is picking up these communications at an entirely different level, out side of the physical containment. There is a great deal more to be picked up ‘outside’ of the physical containment, as far as our information is concerned, then ‘inside’ the physical containment – because there’s no body to contend with. So perhaps that will help you understand a little bit about this type of channeling.

JOHN: And finally she says… “What is the purpose of being within the body, if the information still has to go through the mind of the channeler. Why put the channeler through that, when the information could be telepathically sent with the same result.”

DATRE: Now, I’m going to ask a question. How much information do you receive telepathically from the time you open your eyes in the physical containment until you close them at night? You are picking up, thoughts, ideas, everything, not only from the MIND of the bubble, but also from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now, how difficult would it be for you to pick up ‘this’ information, telepathically – with all the other static that is coming through all day long? As you become more adept to ‘blocking’ all the noise from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you will be more able to pick up information that is within the MIND of the bubble that your brain can process. But, until you get to that point, you have all of this input constantly. And you’re the one that chooses which pieces of information ‘you’ want to put together to do the tasks that you have set before yourself.

So telepathically would be fine, but we can’t get the words on paper for you to read if we do it telepathically, with all the static you’ve got on your planet. There would be no way. Not only that, the vibrations that we bring through the body are, shall we say, filtered down to be able to go through a bodily construct. In other words, as she goes out of the body, and we come into the body, a change takes place in the passage of frequency. And as we come into the body, the frequency is altered as closely as we can, to match the frequency of the indwelling entity, so that this information can be communicated.

Now that is not an easy process. And depending upon ‘who’ comes in to answer questions, there are times when only a sentence or two will come through, because the vibration is too strong for the physical construct to handle and has to go out again – to maintain the physical construct. So this altering has to take place in the frequency, if that’s what you want to call it, the energy frequency. Remember, words have their own frequency and that also has to be matched. Not so they sound the same, but so that the ‘frequency’ is the same.

The other thing that was needed to happen, was the jaw had to be realigned, to allow the air to come up in a different manner, for us to be able to use the throat. So, you see, there’s a lot more to channeling, then just sitting down and having somebody from the dead zone come through and talk. Remember, the dead zone energies are the same as your energies.

So telepathically, it can’t be done, because if we were to come through telepathically, we couldn’t match any vibration of frequency. We have to match ‘her’ frequency and make an exchange with ‘her’ frequency in order to be able to speak through the body.

We’ve talked about the energies and the different energies. You see, the energies that we bring through does not contain ‘particles’. That is hard for you to understand, I know that, but the energy we bring through does not contain ‘particles’. That’s why the frequency has to be adjusted to work with the ‘particles’. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we hope that in this way we have helped you understand a little bit about how ‘this’ channel works. Not all channels work the same. They cannot, because every single individual has a different frequency of their body that they use. Also, the indwelling entity – you – have a different frequency. Everyone has a different frequency. Of all the people that you have on your planet, there are no two that have the same fingerprints or frequency. The frequency is what allows ‘you’ to come into the body, to leave the body, to explore other regions – if that is your desire.

That is what out-of-body is about. Taking your bodily frequency and taking it out for exploration. With your bodily frequency, you take – with your bodily frequency – enough of that which you call ‘you’ in the physical, to be able to ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘touch’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, experience if you’re ‘out’ of the body. It’s your frequency that you take out of your body for those experiences in what you call ‘other’ realities.

So the exchange is, from ‘in’ the body, ‘out’ of the body, back ‘in’ to the body. But it is your frequency and all that that contains within that one word – because it is the only word I can find that works – to experience out-of-body. Maybe these things will help you a little bit, to understand more about what you’re doing and how really magnificent you are – but you don’t know it. And this is what we like to tell you.

You see, you have a great deal more knowledge then you allow yourself to know. That is what we are trying to help you find, so that you can ‘enjoy’ what you are doing. You are MAGNIFICENT – you just have to know it. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 157 – Earth is a fascinating planet

Datre answers Jacques and June

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Jacques and his first question is… “I am presently at the session 32 or 33, where Datre says that there is water only on earth. Well it might interest you to look at a recent news published on the CNN site where it mentions about findings of water on a meteorite that fell on the earth.”

DATRE: Now, what do you suppose is in that which you call the atmosphere of your bubble? It is the ‘raw’ substance that the earth and you, and everything on the earth, uses to produce the whole planetary existence. Now, if there’s a meteorite that comes from “outer space” and it comes through that which you call, your atmosphere, why would it ‘not’ have water on it? If the properties of the meteorite were such that in passing through, it was ‘hot’ and passing through the ‘cool’ atmosphere – which everyone knows its colder the further up you get – the ‘hot’ meteorite, the ‘cold’ – what do you get – condensation. Condensation is water. So to me, it is a very obvious thing.

Now you also have to remember that, when you have volcanoes great big hunks of junk are spewed up into that which you call your atmosphere. Where do they go? They don’t necessarily all come back down as they go up. Many of them go up into that which you call, your atmosphere, and they stay up there. They can be up there, then at some point come back down. This happens all the time, it has always happened.

But, its because you’re at a point in your evolutionary process of trying to find out many different things in everything that you can think of that people are investigating everything.

Now, at one point in time, everyone thought the earth was flat – if you got to the edge you’d fall off, because they didn’t understand beyond that point. Now if they didn’t understand beyond that point, they certainly had no understanding – or even thought about – what happens to the stuff that comes out of a volcano. If they saw a meteorite come tearing through the atmosphere and land some place, even in their own back yard, they didn’t pay any attention to it. Something fell out of the “sky”. But it was not of any concern to them. Now, you find any little teeny winy bit of an abnormality, and you jump all over it as something big and exciting. And this is fine, because this is your evolution of your species – is in ‘discovery’.

And something was mentioned about finding water within rocks. That has always been on your planet. If you’d go into some of these stores that have all kinds of different rocks and gems and all of that stuff, you will find a great many things that have water ‘inside’ of them. So, because it’s in a store, and it has water inside of it, you’re fascinated by it. But, if you were to find it out on a desert someplace, and say, ‘oh, this is something new and it’s got water in it’. You see what I’m saying? That is nothing new.

Since your planet has been known in your recordings of it, these things have ‘always’ existed. But it was of no particular concern to any one, because, their life was such that their main goal was to see that they had food, that they had shelter, that they has clothing. It has only been in the last very short period of your recorded time, that you have gotten down into the teeny, tinniest, little bit of anything. You’re getting into ‘nano’ seconds in recording time. You’re getting down into the DNA and the RNA of the bodily systems. You’re delving into the teeny, tinniest of things. And this is fine, because it is the ‘evolution’ of the species.

But, my original statement still holds. This planet is where you have water. It is the ‘only’ planetary existence that has more than ‘one’ species in their state of ‘evolution’ on one planet. In other words, you have those that are in the air. You have those that are in the water. And you have those that are on the surface of your planet. Those that are on the surface of your planet, that put their feet on the planet, gain their substance from the planet. And they’re evolving in many different ways, including you, which is evolving in a different way than the ‘other’ creatures on the planet. Those that are in the air are evolving in a different way than those that have their feet on the planet. And those that are in the water are evolving in a different way than either one of the first two.

This is your ‘evolution’ of ‘all’ of the species. And this is why ‘this’ planet is most fascinating. Because, on other planets, you have ‘singular’ evolution taking place. In other words, you have all “physical” bodies evolving. But you don’t have the other things that are evolving on it. In other words, the other creatures evolving on it. You have other planets that have one ‘type’ of an animal evolving on it. But they don’t have all the rest for interaction.

So you see, what’s fascinating about this planet, you have many things going. And it is now, when you’re coming to the end of a very important cycle of your evolution, that everything is speeding up and you’re getting more involved in wanting to know. And wanting to ‘know’ goes in may different directions. It’s as individualistic as every one of you with feet on the planet. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “A little question: I suppose you also follow Elias material. Did Elias ever mention about a Star Birth? And about waveform energy vs. particles?”

DATRE: I do not know who you are speaking of. We do not follow up on other information. The only time that we have any other information is if it has been in previous times of the one that we speak through or of John. Other than that, we don’t have any information. And when we want that information, we can check through that which you call your brain and find the information that is pertinent. And if it is not there, then… many long years ago, there had been very little information that has been even looked into. So the information in books of the psychic community has not been delved into, in any way-shape-or-form.

So, if this one you speak of is someone that has written a book in the psychic community, it is not anything we know anything about. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a question from June and it is… “I am one of many people who are earthquake sensitive. For instance, I get terrible headaches before earthquakes in the 6 or greater magnitude, as well as other symptoms. Even my animals seem to have sensitivity, manifesting in vomiting and agitation.

Can you please tell us why some people and the animals are so sensitive, and the nature of the energy we are picking up that is causing our bodies to experience these symptoms which range from nausea, headache, agitation, itching, and various aches and pains. And lastly, is there anything that sensitive’s can do to decrease their sensitivity.”

DATRE: If there was anything that could be done to decrease the sensitivity to the earthquakes, I’m sure that this body that I’m speaking through would have done it a long time ago. This has been something that she has had for many years.

Now, is this a decision that you made at one point, to help the planet ease it’s stress? It is possible. If you were to go back into history, the earthquakes and the volcano’s that you have had a number of years ago were a great deal more catastrophic than they are today. History records tremendous earthquakes and tremendous volcano’s. In comparison, your volcano’s and earthquakes are comparatively small. Although they seem of great magnitude, in comparison, they are small.

Now, as to the stress of the physical body with earthquakes and volcano’s, there are any number of people through out the planet that experience this. Many are not aware of it, they think they have the flue, they think they have been on an airplane and have that which you call, jet lag, and it has made them sick. Or, various other things and they don’t pay any attention to it. The people that pay attention to it are those that have searched out some of the ‘psychic’ information that has been brought through over a period of years – the last, more recent years of your existence.

Now, those that are sensitive to that, find that they are sensitive to ‘different’ earthquakes and different volcano’s at different times. It is not necessarily the ‘magnitude’ of either one. It is due to the location of the physical construct when these become active.

You all are familiar with what you call, the ‘grid’ lines or the ‘lay’ lines of the planet – which is ‘how’ you exist. Now, those ‘lay’ lines or energy lines can be seen and can be photographed. Why can they be photographed or seen? Because, energy of certain intensities can be seen. And these energies follow different pathways continuously. And you don’t have just one band that goes around the earth. Your energy bands go ‘above’ – up into your atmosphere – they go below the earth’s surface.

The energy lines are activated in a pulsing or flashing light type motion. I use these terms, because I can’t think of any other. Its not a ‘pulse’ like you’re thinking of it, the ‘pulses’ are long – of long duration. They’re not just one right after the other. A pulse on a lay line or a grid line can be of very long duration and move very slowly in the direction it is going. And when that ‘pulse’ activates a ‘line’, if you are on that line or close to that line, during a volcanic eruption or an earthquake, you will ‘react’ to that. Because, it is an ‘active’ energy and the ‘active’ energy line, is what causes the earthquake to begin its process of ‘quaking’ and the body also is reacting to that pulsation.

Now, with this one that I’m speaking through, the volcano’s and the earthquakes, will effect her approximately two weeks ‘prior’ to the actual taking place of the eruption or the cracking of the earth. Of course, by the time she hears or reads about a volcano or earthquake, she’s forgotten about being sick. But, because of the distinct ‘nature’ of what happens to the bodily construct, it is easily identified as not being connected with something she ate or whatever. And then the heart palpitations are only when there is something that is happening of a magnitude – that is on the same line that she is on.

Now, the sensitivity of the body is of your own doing. In other words, you are the one that is controlling the body. You are the one that made up the composition of the body for things that you wish to experience or take part in. Therefore, when something is going to occur, and this all begins to happen, with the heart palpitations and the illness and all the rest of it, the vertigo and everything else that goes with the phenomena of earthquakes or volcano’s, like this channel says, ‘I don’t know why I did this, but I did, therefore I live with it.’

Now, you must realize that not everyone has this problem – if you want to call it that. And there are those that have it and don’t recognize it as to what it is. To take any medication for heart palpitations at the time that this occurs, really would not be beneficial. Because, the heart medication they would give you would be the type that would be used for a consistent heart attack patient or one that has a heart abnormality. Well, if you’re reacting to an earthquake or to a volcanic eruption, you’ve probably got one of the strongest hearts on the earth. Other hearts would not be able to take the palpitations that go with the vibrations connected with the earthquake or volcano.

Another individual’s heart would not stand up to it, because, during those times when there are large earthquakes and the proximity of the earthquake is not that far away, the heart palpitations are beyond belief. The last one this channel went through that was of tremendous magnitude, was when they were living in Dallas, Texas, and there was a big earthquake down in Mexico City. Now, look at the proximity. It was a large earthquake and they were very close to it. This channel was sick for three solid weeks. Now, there are not too many hearts that can stand up to that type of interaction.

So, instead of being concerned about the fact that you have a frail heart, you can look at it the other way around and say, ‘I’ve got a very, very good body that will stand up under this type of energy exchange’. So, as sick as you are, you can still thank your body for being as good as it is, because it is far better than most.

I know we have not helped you, but this is why we work through this body, because of the experiences this individual has in this body. So, unless we can connect up with an individual that has and has had these experiences ‘in’ the bodily construct, there is no way we can talk to you. It has been said many times on your planet, ‘the only people that can help, are those that have gone through the same experience that you are having’.

That is why; people on drugs can only get help from other people on drugs – because other people do not understand. That is why people who have had cancer can talk to other people who have cancer – because they understand. And the only way that we are able to talk to you from an experience vantage point is to get into this body, with her experiences, to help you understand. It is unfortunate that we cannot give you a ‘pat’ answer as to why or what you can do about it, because it is ‘individual’.

We do not know this channel’s reasoning – nor does she for that matter – nor do we understand anyone else’s reason for experiencing the effects of earthquakes or volcano’s. One thing we can tell you, thank your body for doing the job that you wish to do in it. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 156 – Be your own guru

Datre answers Hans;

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hans and his first question is… “I recently went through some books about Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj and many of the things said by Maharaj are very similar to what Datre states. I would like Datre commenting on some of Maharaj’s statements.

What Datre calls psyche Maharaj calls universal consciousness. Maharaj says: “all my actions are the actions of universal consciousness appearing through my body. I do not remember something from the past and then act, it is all action in the now.”

Is this the state which one achieves by consistently observing from moment to moment which Datre recommends?”

DATRE: What Datre calls ‘psyche’ is not universal consciousness. Apparently, what Maharaj is calling universal consciousness, is that information that is contained within your ‘bubble’. Now, to begin with, you must remember all the guru’s and the one you that you speak of there, all of these individuals are living lives that are very different than the lives that you are living. We are talking about peoples that have relationships, that are married or unmarried, people with or without children or pets, people that go to work every day, that are in a ‘living’ experience. That are living life right down to, what you call, the nitty gritty.

The guru’s and the mahatma’s and all the rest of them are living lives that are very different. They’re living a life where they don’t support themselves. They don’t have relationships. They don’t interact with people in the same way that those that have to get up and get the kids ready to go to school and you have to go to work and everybody piles in a car and everybody goes their different directions. Everybody’s got appointments to make. You’ve got decisions to make all day long, in a physical construct that is constantly being pulled in seventeen different directions – all the time. These are the people that we are talking to. People who are looking for answers regarding in relationship to that ‘inner’ feeling of wanting to know more about the ‘totality’ of their being.

Now, were you to take an individual that is in an every day work a day, every day world setting and put them into a guru setting, where they didn’t have to do anything except ‘be’, where all their needs were satisfied, as far as they were concerned, how can you relate the two situations?

If they are drawing from what they call ‘universal knowingness’ and living from ‘that’ standpoint, and you’re trying to live from the standpoint of being in a body and having to maintain, not only your self, but maybe many others in an everyday existence, where MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is bombarding you from all different directions, and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to be able to understand what Datre is saying, we’re trying to make it simple enough, so that when we say ‘observe’, you will be able to more easily figure out your next ‘action’ or ‘reaction’.

But, for someone that hasn’t anything particular to do, their existence is entirely different. So, from our standpoint, its very difficult for us to relate to someone who is – from our standpoint – not doing much of anything, to those that are living in a helter skelter world existence and try and compare the two.

It is like, I take a banana and give you an orange, and then ask you, ‘doesn’t this banana taste good?’. And you’re eating an orange. How do you know what my banana tastes like? You see, you can’t do that.

Now, information that they give is not to be thrown out. But Datre tries to bring it down through a physical construct, which this one allows us to come into a physical construct to ‘see’ what’s going on in the world. You see we can’t help you in any way, unless we know what’s going on as far as a physical construct is concerned. When we come into this physical construct, we feel the vibrations of that, which you call, a body. And that body can be, not feeling good. The body can have, what you call, a headache, stomachache, or heart palpitations or a limb that has been hurt in some way and feel the pain.

Now, to us, that’s a fascinating experience. But, we stay in the bodily construct long enough that we can ‘feel’ what you in physicality are concerned about. You’re concerned about, how to live – right now. What can I do today to ease the pain, to find my answers? That’s what you’re looking for. What you’re drawing from – basically – is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You’re trying to ‘filter’ through that which you have picked up when you’re ‘out’ of the physical construct – in that which you call sleep. You bring back information and the first thing you do, in the morning, get into a physical body, your feet hit the floor and its pretty hard to maintain the information that you’ve set before yourself. In which direction you want ‘this’ life to go.

So, if they’re drawing from that which they call ‘universal’, and living in ‘that’ state of existence on the planet – they’re not living the same lives you are.

Now, you asked about being an OBSERVER. Being an OBSERVER helps you understand what you’ve set up for yourself. Because, all day long you are giving yourself, signs and signals to follow. And its very difficult, but, if you’re driving down the street and something catches your eye, and you look at a sign – even one that you may have seen before – and it has some information on it and you get this ‘ah ha’ feeling, you know ‘you’ put that there. Nobody else put that there. Sure, somebody put the sign up and put the words on it – they didn’t put the words on it. The words are nothing but ‘symbols’ – ‘you’ translate them. You’re telling yourself something. That’s being an OBSERVER.

But see, that is the way ‘you’ need to function in your physical body. But, your bodies and the way you live, you’re not going to be able to compare ‘your’ life to that of a guru. You’re not protected, you’re not fed, you’re not clothed. You have to get out in the world. That’s two totally different existence’s. It is as if those that live the existence of guru’s live in… They could be on Mars, because, their existence is ‘that’ much different than the existence that you have to contend with every day. But, by being an OBSERVER, you can help your self. But, it is ‘harder’ for you, living your physical existence of the work a day world. So, continue.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “At a question Maharaj says: “What you are describing is God. Where there is a universe there is also its counterbalance, which is God. My world lays past these two.”

Datre, would you say that this is a fair description?”

DATRE: We have said this before, God, as you see a God or a Buddha or any other symbol to be followed, worshipped, whatever you want to call it – that is planetary. That is not the Universe that we speak of, that is not anything in existence. That God etc.. universe is ‘man made’. And that is fine, because people need to turn to someone or something that they feel will give them answers.

So they prey to God or they pray to Allah or whoever, because they feel that that is someplace that they can get answers. But that all came because of the ‘fear’ of being in a physical body and being out of ‘connection’ with YOU. The YOU that ‘you’ are is that which you are separated from in what you call this physical existence.

So, you’re calling for help, you’re calling for answers. You’re lost, you’re afraid and so, you have constructed a God, an Allah, a Buddha whatever to help salve the fear. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and say’s… “At another question Maharaj says: “Of course we live in one world, but I see it as it is and you not. You see yourself in a world and I see the world within myself. You see yourself being born and dying. For me it is the world that comes and goes.

You are convinced that you are born in a world of pain and suffering. I know that the world is a child of love, which has its beginnings, its growth and fulfillment in love. However, what I am goes even deeper then love.”

Datre, can you clarify this? Is it really so that when you know the truth that the world is within you and it only appears to be outside? I sense this is true but it is extremely hard to grasp.”

DATRE: It is very hard to grasp. That is one of the things that we are trying to help you to understand. These are ‘your’ pictures that you are putting in front of you. This is what you want to experience. You’ll say, ‘no I don’t’. But it is, because what you are doing is setting up ‘experiences’ for your self. And you are setting them up for learning and for understanding.

You could not learn what you’re learning, if you where not in physicality. You see, you talk about love – love is a ‘bodily’ emotion. Hearing, taste, touch, smell – these are ‘bodily’ emotions. Belief systems – body. That is ‘not’ YOU. The YOU that ‘you’ are does not contain those emotions. In order to experience those emotions, that little portion of YOU was put into physicality for that experience to be gained. Those that are in the Universe have different ways of learning – that they figure out for themselves as to what they want to do and learn and how they want to learn it. They have ‘perceptions’, but to figure out how I could ‘perceive’ this and understand it to a greater extent – take a small portion of me and put it into physicality and I have that experience through osmosis. Because, you are never ‘disconnected’ – you still are ‘you’ and the YOU that ‘you’ are is ‘you’. But the YOU that ‘you’ are cannot – in its totality – experience physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Somebody asks then: “when the world is created out of love, why is there so much pain?”

Maharaj answers: “That is only so from the point of view of your body. But you are not your body. You are the immeasurablness and infinity of your consciousness. Do not base your judgment on incorrect assumptions, then you will see the things as I see them. Pain and pleasure, good and bad, true and not true are all relative ideas, which you should not see as the ultimate truth. They are limited and temporarily.”

Maharaj realized himself through a very strong desire to learn the truth and constantly stating: “I AM” by doing this forcing himself to continually live in the moment of now. Maharaj also had a guru who guided him on his way.

Datre, I have a strong desire to know the truth and am applying many of the things you say in every day life, which I find to be helpful. Do you think a guru who gives you some personal assistance is necessary or are the today’s energies along with general help like yours, sufficient?”

DATRE: That is an ‘individual’ decision that we can not make for you or anyone else. What you feel, within your very being, is what you need to follow. In other words, if you think that by following a guru and his teaching, you will attain what you want to attain – that is up to you to find out if that’s what you really want. It can be gained – either way – because it builds. Remember one thing, there is no such thing as “the truth” – because, as you each have a separate set of individual finger prints, so have each of you your own ‘truth’.

You know, you can sit at the feet of a teacher for years and years and years, but unless you have an ‘experience’ to make those words come ‘alive’, so that you can ‘own’ them, they still remain ‘words’. That is why, someone that is a teacher who is teaching about a foreign country and their government and how the people live and all of the rest of it and teaching from a book and have never left where they’re teaching from the book, have experienced only through the words. But, the individual that is teaching that same country and goes and lives in that country, and experiences the taste, the touch, the smell, the seeing, the hearing, in that country, is far more enriched than the one that just has the words. Because, every one of your senses is an individual recorder. So when you take all your senses and experience through every single one of them, how much greater ‘that’ experience is then experiencing through the ‘eye’s’ only.

It is up to you. Do you want to have the experience in its ‘totality’? It is something that is going to have to be your decision.

I would like to put something in here at the end. Probably helping you to understand, from the point of everyday existence, how we perceive your physicality. And we’ll do it in a very simplistic way.

Now, this is one way you can look at the physical existence and your experiences in it. The ‘total’ YOU is sitting looking at a movie screen of a picture that is being shown. The YOU that ‘you’ are becomes fascinated by the picture and all the things that are happening in the picture. And the YOU that ‘you’ are says to itself, ‘I think I would like to make myself small enough that I could crawl into the picture and be a part of it – instead of just ‘looking’ at it’. ‘So, if I take a ‘portion’ of me and put it into that picture, how can I do that to experience what I’m seeing?’

A physical body was designed and animated and it grew into something that could be inhabited, shall we say. This little ‘portion’ of YOU – in the morning – goes into a physical construct and experiences the movie. Instead of just sitting there and just ‘looking’ at it, it actually becomes a ‘part’ of it. It discovers that they are the writer, the director, and the audience – the whole thing. And this becomes a very fascinating project. But, because of the duration of ‘time’ that you have been in physical bodies, you no longer are able to distinguish who is ‘what’ and ‘where’ you are and what the purpose is and all the rest of it.

The ‘purpose’ was to EXPERIENCE. To see if this little animated critter in physicality would be able to function in something that had ‘dimension’ to it. The thing that happens is, when you go to sleep at night, that little ‘portion’ of YOU – shall we say – disengages and looks at the picture from a different standpoint. It goes back and ‘connects’ with the ‘totality’ and views from that vantage point and sees the options available for ‘experience’ and expression.

So, the little ‘you’ that goes up there and watching the picture says, ‘oh, I’d like to have the picture go in this direction’. Because there is no ‘original’ script that you have to follow you pick the portion that ‘you’ want to experience and, satisfied with your choice, go back into the physical body when it wakes up in the morning and ‘you’ begin to set up ‘your’ motion picture the way ‘you’ desire it.

Now, if you get to the point where you do not have total control and loose the focus of what ‘you’ have set for the picture, the way ‘you’ want it, you’re going to have a mess – because you’re not going to achieve what ‘you’ want to achieve. Its simply because, when you get back into the physical body, its very difficult to keep in touch with what ‘you’ have decided ‘you’ wanted to experience.

And that’s where MASS CONSCIOUSNESS comes in, because you are bombarded with all of these thoughts, all of these images, all of these situations, all the bodily trauma and all of this other that goes on the minute you step into a physical construct – that you become distracted. And you’ll say, ‘well I think this is the way it’s supposed to go’. Then you try that and it doesn’t work. ‘Well, maybe that wasn’t exactly the way I thought it was supposed to work’. ‘Well, I’ll try it again and I’ll do it this way’. And once you’ve got it and you say, ‘alright, now that part I got, that I understand – that experience is mine okay, that’s finished’. Then you go back and connect up again and continue your motion picture for as long as you want to continue it.

You see, you talk about that which you call… you put on some kind of goggles and you can look around and you’re in a situation. Like the one on TV where the fellow is dancing with this girl and he’s in the middle of a store and they’re trying to get the goggles off of him. He’s so convinced that he’s there dancing with this girl that he won’t give up the goggles. You see, ‘virtual reality’ is very fascinating, because it puts you – from the point of a physical body – into a situation that you can take part in.

Now, isn’t that amazing, that’s what you do everyday. But you see, because you know you can take the goggles off, it doesn’t bother you. ‘It’s an experience, so I can take the goggles off and I don’t have that experience any more’. You can be in a war. You can be dancing with a beautiful girl. You can do all these things through ‘virtual reality’. But, how do you suppose that concept ever came about? Because, its what you do every day. Your life in physicality is nothing more than ‘virtual reality’. And the day you ‘understand’ that principle – totally and completely – you won’t be here, because you can take the goggles off. But, that realization is a great deal harder for those in physicality to comprehend and understand, than you have any idea.

Because, taking goggles with ‘virtual reality’ – you’re in it – but, not to the same degree, because you don’t have the physical body with it’s multiple ‘belief’ systems to function through. The key is, they’re both PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCTS. They’re ‘mental’ images projected for your experience and understanding.

But its fun to put the goggles on and ‘pretend’ – but you take the goggles off, you’re back in a physical construct and you don’t ‘pretend’ any more. But, the minute you put your body on, you no longer ‘pretend’. You have grounded yourself in a multiplicity of BELIEFS. That’s what holds you here. It’s a multiplicity of BELIEFS and they can be ‘good’, ‘bad’ or indifferent it doesn’t matter. But your ‘belief’ system is what maintains the PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT that you ‘perceive’ as real. Look at it from that standpoint and see how it feels. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Where Positivity Meets Peace

Utopia – the very word kicks up a feeling of euphoria and brings to mind a perfect setting where happiness is a norm. Revelri, a newly launched website that provides daily tips with a twist, aims at sowing the seeds for a utopian world by injecting some fun into people’s lives. The portal does this by kindling awareness about the smaller things in life, through everyday actions that bring pleasure in the minutest of quantities.

Revelri caters to a wide range of people who act as functioning pillars in the fabric of our society, with a target that’s not only community oriented but even individual-oriented. Revelri is a FREE website, and when people sign up they gain access to the different features of the website like Actions, Synergy, Wish Tree and Gratitude Journal and get an idea about their journey through self discovery.

Actions and Gestures, With a Pinch of Fun

When was the last time that you went for a calm walk with your wife?

Or stayed up a bit late in the night listening to your favorite songs before drifting off to sleep?

Are you in touch with your relatives, and friends of the family who were an integral part of your life when you were a child?

As time passes, we all tend to get sucked into a materialistic lifestyle where relationships slowly falter and become meaningless, while previously trivial entities like virtual lives overtake personal goals and values. One of the key things about Revelri is its actions – the website offers daily actions for all its users, just small tasks that they can do on an everyday basis to make their day a little bit more cheerful.

There are tips and tasks for the health conscious, actions that are specifically meant to improve personal relationships and familial ties. There are even actions that are designed to rouse people and get them out of their daily fears and insecurities to make their outlook much brighter, changing their perception of what they’re capable of.

From dancing when no one’s watching to rolling down the car window to feel the breeze, the website must be commended for providing simple actions for people to do, and effective ones at that!

How Unique Are These Actions?

The actions in Revelri are diverse and apply across all cultures, and they are rooted more in human emotions and feelings. Another aspect is that these actions are tailored specifically for different users across the website, a smart move that makes them a lot more doable.

Women who have signed up don’t have to worry about sporting a beard to work – Revelri makes sure that such actions only apply to an audience that can successfully pull off a goatee – men!

The finer actions among these are the ones that cater to parenting. The tips provided are neatly classified by the website into those for boys and those for girls. This will surely prove to be useful for clueless parents of the modern age who’re struggling to establish a rapport with their children.

Revelri strikes the right chords when it dishes out actions that can make the world a better place to live in, urging people to go green, reduce their waste, recycle materials that they use daily and passionately work for a cause.

There are different levels that Revelers (a fancy name for its users that’s very catchy) can reach over a period of time, and these levels are pegged as Clouds. Revelers can start off from Cloud 0 and slowly work their way up to Cloud 5.

These little tweaks give the website a very positive vibe and contribute towards making the entire experience an engaging one.

A Gratitude Log on the Virtual Space

Apart from its actions, Revelri goes a step further by providing a Gratitude Journal where Revelers can note down their gratitude for all that they have in life. The website also has a Wish Tree where users can jot down their desires and wishes, and strike them off once they are fulfilled. These neat little features add on to the site’s overall feel, although a little more attention could have been paid in this direction.

Another striking feature about Revelri is Synergy, where cases of concern can be posted by Revelers and can be healed by fellow Revelers. This serves as a platform where people can pray for each other’s well being, and feel like they’re part of a larger scheme of things. This is a very interesting and unique feature from the website that focuses towards bringing Revelers together in a tightly knit community.

The idea is novel – imagine you’re feeling low due to certain unfortunate circumstances and are hoping that things will change for good. All you need to do is post about your problems, and fellow Revelers are sure to spend some moments praying for your well-being. As a Reveler, you’ll have unending access to such positive vibrations.

Revelers can interact among themselves within the community through features like Messages, and the website provides a platform for like-minded people to get together and share their thoughts and prayers.

With such refreshing concepts, Revelri is quite different from the regular self help groups that crowd the internet. What’s more, the website offers all its services for free, while other websites often charge users for accessing their creamy features. With a little bit of tweaking and some more online prominence, it can soon grow into a platform to reckon with, thanks to its positive content!

Click below to joing Revelri for FREE

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Datre 155 – The TOTALITY of YOU is far greater than you can conceive from this physicality

Datre answers Larry.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Larry, and his first question is… “I hear from you continually that I chose the existence that I now experience. Did I create the divine spark that ushered me into this existence?”

DATRE: That is a difficult question to answer – it comes out ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You see the ‘totality’ of ‘you’ is far greater than you can conceive from this physicality. There is a ‘portion’ of you in physicality for experience, that is trying to create – for itself – an individual spark to continue its own evolution totally separate. Now, from that standpoint of being a total ‘individual’ that is secure enough in itself to go out into that Universe where there is no physicality and explore and function from ‘that’ point – where we are – is a grand undertaking. As yet, no one has.

There will come a time when that can become a possibility. Your first step in achieving that is to go from the ‘live’ physicality, as you call it, into that portion of the ‘dead zone’ where you exist without a body, but still maintain the ‘thinking’ qualities that you have here – which is a grand experience. There are those that come through and use the all encompassing word Datre that are from that area. So you see, that is attainable. But not that many search that hard to discover it. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Surely there was something greater than me that caused this all to happen.”

DATRE: You are looking from such a small portion of you – you are but a portion. But, you must realize the ‘grandness’ of the ‘portion’ that you are instead of thinking of yourself as minuscule and unimportant. You, in physicality, are the one that is gaining all of this experience. What could be grander than that? There are multiple portions of YOU that are experiencing physicality and it can ‘all’ be yours – every bit of it. But it has to come from understanding. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “Now here I am. I long to be removed from this place. It holds nothing of an attraction.”

DATRE: Why does it not have any attraction? Why do you want to get out of here? Do you realize, that regardless of where you go within this ‘bubble’, this portion of you that is in physicality at the present time, will maintain the exact same thought patterns that you have at the present moment. So what have you gained by dying? You have not gained, you have lost. You can lose everything that you have learned. You don’t look at your ‘life’ as a ‘learning’ experience. It’s a fantastic learning experience, except that you get so bored with it because you’ve done it so many times.

The reason Datre is bringing forth this information is for you to take the information and look at that which is you in your ‘physical’ existence from a different standpoint. You have looked at it the same way for eons of time. Change the way you look at things. Nothing is going to change in your physical existence until ‘you’ do – nothing one. People talk about relationships, ‘oh, if I had a relationship it would be wonderful’ ‘I’m looking for my soul mate’ and all of this other stuff. Do you realize that the day you become the person you want to be, the right person will be there for you. But, you don’t want to change yourselves; you want everyone else to change you. Other people don’t change you – unless you’re just a wishie washy piece of physicality – ‘you’ need to change ‘you’. Then everything ‘you’ look at will be different – I guarantee it. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues along and asks… “This world is a swirling mass of duality’s and to me it’s just a surreal stage play. I want no part of it. Yet I’m stuck here. I can’t bring myself to suicide because of the uncertainties of the consequences in my consciousness. I still project a creator of love, harmony, and beauty, but this is far from my experience.”

DATRE: Now, you’re looking at a creator that is love, harmony and beauty – who are you looking at? You’re looking at the greater portion of YOU that puts a little portion of itself in here for experience. And that greater portion of YOU does not function from physicality; it has no need to function from physicality, because a portion of ITSELF is ‘you’ in physicality.

And that greater YOU does not function from love and compassion and beauty and all these things. Those are physical, emotional terms. You can only experience ‘love’ on this planet. You can only experience ‘hate’ on this planet. You can only experience ‘ugliness’ and ‘beauty’ on this planet. Compassion, respect, and all these things, are ‘planetary’ existence. If you want all these things and want to experience these things – what are you doing? You’re experiencing YOU in physicality. You’re the only one that can experience it – and what a grand thing it is.

If you’re looking at it as surreal and a stage play, that’s exactly what it is. That is exactly what it is. And those that come to the realization that it is nothing more than a stage play – that is when the difference takes place. But you become so mired into it – meaning physicality – that you no longer ‘see’. You are no longer in contact with your senses.

Why do you suppose these physical bodies were composed is such a way that you could ‘see’, that you could ‘hear’, that you could ‘smell’, that you could ‘taste’, that you could ‘experience’? Why were they made that way? So that you ‘could’ experience. This means that the ‘body’ is the one that carry’s the ’emotion’. The ’emotion’ is what you desired to experience, or you would not be here. And you can experience it in any way you want to. But death is not the answer. It does not give you any answers. Evolution of you individually is what is going to give you answers. Continue.

JOHN: And he again asks… “I have knowledge of the perfection’s of Jesus the Christ, but this knowledge only darkens the shadows of my existence.”

DATRE: Now, who said Jesus Christ was perfect and where did his perfection come from? Again, look at where that information came from. People do not ‘search’ for answers. They hear somebody say something and they fall into the trap – ‘and I’m not going any further, this is what it is’. They don’t ‘look’ for anything, because they’re not really interested in anything.

Now, contrary to many ‘beliefs’, Jesus was in these other countries and he traveled all over and this and that and the next thing. Do you have any idea what your planet looked like at that time? No, you haven’t the vaguest idea. Do you know where Pontius Pilate is buried? No, you haven’t any idea. Do you want to know where Pontius Pilate is buried? Go and find him, go find the information, where is he buried? Now I will surprise you, he is buried in Scotland. How do we know he was buried in Scotland, because there is an ancient Scottish Bible written by hand – it is hand written.

And this Bible contains more information than you have any idea. How do we know that is Pontius Pilate’s grave? Because it is written in this Scottish Bible. Has the grave been seen? The grave has been seen, but it has also been robbed. And now it has a fence around it so you cannot get to it – because people when they find something, ‘I want a piece of it’. And why isn’t this common knowledge? Because the Scots think nothing of it – they know it. But, if people want to go around and build their own stories, that’s fine with them, that doesn’t bother them one way or the other.

Have you ever gone to ‘look’ for anything. Have you ever ‘wondered’ about anything? Pontius Pilate and Jesus were friends – big news. They both spoke the ancient Gaelic. There’s very little old Gaelic left, because it is no longer spoken, it is no longer used. But the books are there, the dictionaries are there. Which, the one that I speak through, has seen. This is not something that is ‘told’ to her and John, it is something they have experienced.

Now, for those that don’t care, that aren’t interested in looking and searching for anything – that’s fine – but there are those that are. Why go to another country and look for the same things that you have in your own country? Get into a country and ‘discover’ things. Don’t just go and look for a McDonnell’s. Continue.

JOHN: And his next comment is… “So I am supposed to be an observer. I used to see beauty in everything. Now I only see nothingness.”

DATRE: Is that your decision? Is that what you want to see is nothing? Then that’s exactly what you’ll see. You see no one can do anything ‘to’ you or ‘for’ you that you do not want to have done ‘to’ you or ‘for’ you – that is up to you. There is no one that can give you answers – no one. Because, the answers that you search for, have to be found by you. Everyone that reads this Datre material will get something different out of it. And we have the subscriber list plus all of the other peoples that come and read this information – which is between 3500 and 4000 people that come and read the Datre material each month. Plus all the information the subscriber gives to other people. In planetary numbers, that’s not huge, but for the numbers of peoples that are getting this information it is quite a good number – because they’re all over the world. And, every single one that reads this information it is entirely different. Words on paper are but symbols. You interpret – the world and everything in it is your interpretation of what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

There are people that love the smell of animals. Horses, horses have a beautiful smell – don’t tell that to Aona. She thinks horses stink. Now, why is she different than the majority of the people? Because, her vibration is different. As your vibration changes, everything that you taste, touch, see and smell is different. You are an ‘individual’ and the only one that can change ‘you’ is ‘you’. So, if you’ve decided that this place is not anything that you want, then you’re going to have to tolerate it until that which is your body decides it’s going to quit. Or, you decide that you’re going to get out of the body. But, there is something that’s holding you here and you haven’t looked at your self with ‘clear’ eyes to know that. What’s holding you here on the planet is ‘you’ – physical you. Continue.

JOHN: And his final comment is… “There is no pleasure in food, only nausea. No pleasure in activity. Expended energy exhausts me. I still smile at people and am helpful where I can be, but I know of no one who understands my perceptions. Please don’t tell me I chose my misery. I want out in the worst way. Yet, how?”

DATRE: Well, number one, you say you enjoy being helpful to people. Have you ever looked at all the people that are in the same situation that you’re in? How many people on this planet are depressed and unhappy? I would say more are in that state of existence than the other. What does this channel hear when she goes to work? ‘I don’t feel good’. Then rummage around to find some pills. ‘This is not right’. ‘That’s not right’. There’s nothing that’s right.

Aona will say, ‘this is a beautiful day, isn’t this a beautiful day?’. Then somebody will say, ‘yes, but they’re predicting rain’. Now what is that? At the moment she said it, it isn’t raining. But, they can’t take a moment and enjoy it as it is. They have to talk about who’s in the hospital, who’s husband shot himself, who’s going to have a baby, all of these things that are immaterial to their enjoyment. What are they doing? They’re looking ‘out’, and from their standpoint, it’s a world of chaos. But if you don’t understand the world and physical existence, it ‘appears’ as chaos.

But, do you realize all the good things that are happening on your planet in many different parts of many different countries? No, I bet you don’t. Because, what is the ‘news’? The shootings. The new pills that are out to help you with something that’s wrong with your body. And then they list all the side effects that you’ll get if you take the pill, which is worse than what you’ve got in the first place. You don’t ‘look’ at all those things. Look with ‘clear’ eyes. The world becomes very fascinating.

You hear about the train wrecks. You hear about the fires that killed people in houses. Is ‘that’ what you’re interested in hearing about? Or are you interested in listening to something that’s on your TV that tells about what’s happening in other parts of the world that are very beneficial? The news will give you the wars. But the news will not tell you about the transformation that is taking place in many countries throughout this world.

It is like looking at a cup that is either half full half empty – the decision is yours. And that is what people don’t like about Datre. As we come into a physical construct, and ‘observe’ through a physical construct, without any restrictions what-so-ever, without picking up any of the emotion of the physical body, but seeing it from ‘our’ standpoint, we see both sides of the coin. In physicality, you focus on the side of the coin that you want to see.

Maybe, one of the things we should start repeatedly saying to you – ‘where is your focus?’. With patients that have pain, what they call chronic pain, how do they help those individuals? Through ‘focus’. Why is it that you can be hurting all through your body and you turn your ‘focus’ on whatever you’re doing at the present time – you do not feel pain until you take your ‘focus’ off of what you’re doing. And the minute you take your ‘focus’ off of what you are doing, you will feel that pain. That is one of the beauties of physicality, you don’t realize that you can ‘focus’ either place – and your ‘focus’ is what changes your whole life.

Focus on your cup – half full, half empty – which do you want? What are you going to ‘focus’ on? You have this magnificent cup of coffee. For whatever reason, you’ve never tasted coffee that tasted like this at that moment. And you look at the coffee cup and its half empty – and you say, ‘I’ve still got half left that I can enjoy’. Your ‘focus’, what are you going to ‘focus’ on?

You have many years left in your life. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to ‘change’ yourself or are you just going to go and be pushed around by others? Because, that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does. They talk about Jesus and his followers… you are my sheep or something like that. Well, if people don’t have something to follow, they’re all sheep. Then you’ll say, ‘well I don’t know how come so and so is able to do this that and the next thing’ – ‘focus’. Focus, if they don’t get what they want to achieve one way, they will change and work at it another way, and if they don’t get it that way, they’ll work at it another way – until they figure out ‘what’ they want to do and the way they want to do it.

But, it’s ‘not’ the other person that is important. The other person is there to ‘show’ you different things. But, if something doesn’t work, you don’t keep your ‘focus’ in the same place. Change your ‘focus’. You change your ‘focus’ and then other things will change. But you have to be flexible enough to be able to ‘accept’ change. Get out of your rigidity. You are seeing things in one way only. You said, ‘Datre said, ‘you do it to yourself’. Absolutely you do. But what are you trying to tell yourself? Are you going to ‘want’ to continue to be a failure in your own eyes?

Change your ‘focus’. Do something to change your ‘focus’ – regardless of what it is – because what you’re focusing on is something you probably wouldn’t want if you finally got it. So, don’t always go in the same direction. Expand your horizons. Try and look at things differently. If something isn’t working in one direction, change it and do something else. But don’t do like MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does, allow other people to push you around. That is not what Datre is trying to tell you.

Try everything you can. If you don’t like it… it is like painting a wall. ‘Well, I’m afraid to paint my walls that color, because what if I don’t like it? How much is a can of paint? Paint it, if you don’t like the color paint over it. If you don’t like that color, paint over it. Now do you get the picture? If you don’t like the picture you’ve put in front of yourself, change the picture – because you’re the one that’s got the brush in hand. We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 154 – You Do not die

Datre answers Will and Nancy.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Will, and his first question is… “I have some questions for Datre regarding “The Book of Urantia”. I doubt if he has read it, but the thing is, I don’t know if it is a huge fabrication of the Christians or if it is a priceless mine of true information straight from “Up there”. Datre says there is no “Hierarchy” where they are, but that book names hundreds of officials and operators that are running the Universe like a huge Corporation!

Q1. For instance, can you confirm or deny the existence of these officials… The Santania Life Carriers, Lanonandek Sons, Michael, Melchezediks, Archangel Gabriel, Lucifer, Seraphim’s, to name a few?”

DATRE: All right, do you recognize those? Archangel Gabriel, is Biblical. Melchezediks, that is a Biblical name.

Now let me start by clarifying something at the beginning and maybe the questions and answers will be easier for you to understand. We have stated, in the Universe there is no Hierarchy. Now, what we refer to as Universe, is not what the majority on the planet refer to as Universe – there’s a distinct difference.

Now, in the Universe, we function without bodies so we don’t ‘perceive’ as you perceive. From your standpoint on this planet and on other planets that have ‘life’ forms, they refer to things as they ‘see’ them. In other words, you ‘see’ people – men and ladies. Now, when you ‘visualize’ or conceptualize, you ‘think’ in terms of a ‘physical’ construct – man or woman.

Now, these names in the Urantia book are referred to as being man or woman. That is ‘planetary’. You have a planetary existence. You have a ‘bubble’ that surrounds your planet and your moon, and there’s other ‘bubbles’ that surround other portions of your little ‘space’ that you’re residing in. But basically, you function from your ‘planetary’ understanding – which in your case is male – female physical constructs.

Now, we have said before, you don’t die. When you go into the ‘dead zone’ all you do is change your vibratory construct. Now, in changing your vibratory construct that means you still function from a ‘physical’ standpoint. Functioning from a ‘physical’ standpoint, a ‘government’ – if you wish to call it that – is set up in that which you call the ‘dead zone’. Just like you have governments here in your planetary existence – because that’s your thought patterns. So if you have governments down here ‘on’ your planet, you have governments up in that which you call your ‘dead zone’. You’ve heard the expression – as above, so below? That’s the whole thing.

Those first ones that decided they didn’t want any more physical expression, decided against physical expression and stayed in that which you call the ‘dead zone’. The only reason we call it the ‘dead zone’ is because you can relate to that, you can understand what we’re talking about. But, the ‘dead zone’ is no more ‘good’ or ‘bad’ than the ‘live’ zone that you have here on your Earth plane. You’re just functioning from two different vibratory constructs.

In other words, those in the ‘dead zone’ you can’t ‘see’ and however those in the ‘dead zone’ can at certain points ‘see’ you. But when they get to a certain point, they have no connection with you per se, because they’re establishing their own evolutionary construct that they work from in the ‘dead zone’.

So what I’m saying is, that functions from ‘that’ standpoint and that has a great deal to do with how you function here in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, because they have a great deal of influence on the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the planet. Now, if you will think back into your history – the patriarchs and the Popes were the warring people. You had all of the religious wars from as far back as your history books record. If you didn’t have an influence of some kind, where would this information come from? It comes from those that have lived before in physicality on the planet.

So lets work from that standpoint that you are both one and the same, but working from a different standpoint. Those thought patterns, shall we say, of those in the ‘dead zone’ are very, very, old. When you think that those thought patterns existed ‘prior’ to any religion, you can see how old those thought patterns are.

That’s also where your ‘belief’ systems come from. So looking at the Urantia book from that standpoint, you are looking at it from the standpoint that those that are in the ‘dead zone’ are bring forth that information from ‘their’ understanding. Is there hierarchy in that which you call the ‘dead zone’? Very definitely and positively. And the ‘core’ hangs on to old, old, old, ideas and thought patterns, because that was their understanding. The only thing that changes those thought patterns on the planet is the ‘infusion’ of new thoughts and new ideas and new ways of looking at your physicality. All right continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Q2. Can you confirm or deny the existence of those places…. Jerusalem, Edentia, Uversa, Salving ton, Nebeden…?”

DATRE: Now for those that are functioning from that standpoint in the ‘dead zone’, those places are as real to them as Chicago, New York, Helsinki, London, and Tokyo. These names are all familiar to you because this is where you’re functioning. Those names are familiar to them because that is where they’re functioning. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “Q3. True or false…was Earth registered as “World number 606″ of the Satanic System and known as Urantia, the planet of the cross?”

DATRE: Now there’s a very good clue right there. That should answer many of your questions. “The planet of the cross”. God, as you know Him or Her, from your understanding, and the ‘cross’ as you understand it from your understanding – from anyone’s understanding, on this planet – what is that? That’s basic planetary information.

Now, if those in the ‘dead zone’ have said that you are such and such and this is the name of your place, where is the information coming from? Its not coming from the Universe, because there is no such thing as ‘names’ for things. We identify by vibration, we don’t identify by a ‘name’. The only time we identify by a name is when we come into a physical construct. And then is not a name per se, because first we recognize a vibration, then try and put a ‘name’ on it. See, when we come in, the vibrations that we work with are hard to describe – we’ve said this before – because we work from a vibratory construct and then we try and find a word that describes what we’re trying to convey. You see what I’m trying to get at? We don’t work from a construct of ‘words’ – words, places, anything. Anything that revolves around ‘identification’ with a ‘label’ of any sort – is your physical planetary existence. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Q4. True or false….In all Satania there are only 61 worlds similar to Urantia as Life Modification Planets?”

DATRE: Now when you use the word ‘Life’, it has different meanings – it has many different meanings. Life as you know it refers to the things that you can ‘see’, ‘taste’, ‘touch’, and ‘smell’. So, what I’m saying is, anything that comes in those categories is what you can relate to.

Now, there’s ‘Life’ in every cell of your body. There’s ‘Life’ in every cell of a tree or a rock or a blade of grass, whatever. So ‘Life’ carries a very different connotation from our standpoint. Now, you have your science fiction movies and books. And how is everyone depicted? As some horrible ‘human’ with big ugly things on their faces or disfigured hands or feet or bodies or whatever. And they always have to be uglier than what you perceive yourselves to be. But have you ever stopped to think, why is everything put into a physical construct very much like your own – when they’re out visiting other planets? Ponder that one for a while.

There is existence on other planets. But existence as you know it, and existence on other planets would probably shock you – because your mind could not comprehend it. But that does not mean it is not viable. So I’m not giving you a direct answer on that, I want you to think about it yourselves – everyone of you who read this, stop and think about it. Continue.

JOHN: His next question goes on to ask… “Q5. True or false…. Was Earth set up as the 60th? Satania experiment designed to amplify and improve the Satania type of the Nebadon life patterns?”

DATRE: That I cannot answer, because that is something that has been fabricated by humans – I cannot tell you what you have fabricated. (That is a quote from the book Urantia) These are your concepts. They are ‘planetary’ concepts for your own evolution. And whether you believe in them and believe them to be true or not believe it to be true is immaterial. Each and every one of you that read this information and the answers that I’m giving you, have to draw your own conclusions.

We have said this many times, your evolution is ‘your’ evolution – individually. So whatever is beneficial to you, as far as learning about what this whole physical existence is like and what it’s all about – that’s your lesson. And how you go about it and what you ‘believe’ is entirely up to you. But as to what’s written in a book, I cannot substantiate – even if I’d read the book I would not substantiate it – because our thought patterns are different, even when we come through the physical. Continue.

JOHN: And he concludes with… “With your Yes/No answers I will be able to assess the validity of that fascinating book. Thank you. And thank you for all the other information we are receiving.”

DATRE: That is good. I probably gave you more questions than you had, because I want you to think about these things. Reading any and all information is beneficial. It is what you glean for reading any and all information is what is important to you. If it is important in your understanding of the YOU that you are in physicality – that is very important, because that is what you’re here to learn about. There are no ‘rights’ and there are no ‘wrongs’, there is only that which you call – the evolution of ‘you’. And that has nothing to do with anyone else. So I’m glad you said you would draw your own conclusions, because that is what I ask you all to do.

Datre is not some ‘thing’ or some ‘one’ that you can follow. That is why the internet is so beneficial, because we don’t have any followers. The information is given to you to read, to make up your own mind what you want to do with it each and every one of you. And that’s why it is given in the way it is given, because you cannot ‘attach’ it to anything physical. You can’t attach it to Datre per se, because Datre is not one, it is many that are coming through the same channel. You cannot attach it to the channel, because you do not know the channel. The people that she works with have no idea what she does, because her learning comes from ‘living’ a physical existence. So you see, nothing can be ‘attached’ to anything – the words are there, you make your own decision. We are happy for every one of you – believe it, don’t believe it, it is up to you – because whatever is right for you at the present time that is all that’s important. You don’t have ‘yesterday’ and you don’t have ‘tomorrow’ – but you have ‘today’, enjoy it.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Nancy, and her first question is… “In Datre’s answer to RJ (Datre152) they said some interesting things about boils. That we don’t have them much anymore because the mass consciousness decided not to participate in that particular physical reaction anymore. I have been plagued with boils for the last 20 years. I can’t even find them listed in any medical books. How did I miss the boat here?”

DATRE: You did not miss the boat. What happens is that there are different components…. different genes that run in families. And sometimes in putting together a gene pool that you wish to experience, there has been perhaps a strong gene pool of that which you call ‘boils’. And that gene pool is ‘active’ rather than recessive. Now what happens with a boil from what I have been able to glean out of information that I had that was available to me, the boil is an eruption in the skin – under the skin – of a mass of toxins that have gathered in one area.

Now, toxicity is something that everyone has to varying degrees in the body. Then what happens is, that there is, what you call, disease in your body. Now, take the word apart dis-ease. Now you may say, ‘well I’m not unhappy about anything, I’m not disturbed about anything and I’m content with my life’ and all of these things if you start going through that which you call your ‘belief’ system. But dis-ease is something that is not in harmony.

You would all have perfect running bodies, without any problems what-so-ever, if you were at ease with your body. Dis-ease, uneasiness with the body, these are the things that cause all… and anxiety; anxiety is another one that goes into that category. They all cause uneasiness with the body and the body is trying to balance itself and it comes in many different ways. Why is it one person will have continuous different kinds of cancer? They have one kind of cancer and that one gets taken care of and then they pop up with another kind of cancer and that one gets taken care of. Why does that body continually have different kinds of cancer or renewing the same type of cancer? There is something underlying and it is very deep.

These are very difficult to ferret out. There is something that happened at one point in time in the physical existence of that particular body that has caused ‘uneasiness’. And it may be something that if you were to find out what it was today, you’d say, ‘well that’s absolutely ridicules, why should that effect me now?’. Perhaps, as a child you sat and watched a cricket and were fascinated by the cricket. And your mother came down stairs and saw you, and here you were in the living room watching this cricket. And your mother said, ‘oh my goodness there’s cricket’, and she goes over and she stomps on it and kills it. Sounds totally irrelevant to anything. But it may have caused trauma in the child.

Now, how would you go back and find that if you were the one looking for something that was hanging on to your body – in the form of a ‘belief’ system? It would be very difficult to find. So, to find what is a cause of a boil, what is a cause of a cancer, is not for other people to figure out – it’s for you to figure out. There is something that is not at ease in the body. And it may take a while to figure out what it is and you may never figure out what it is.

We’ve said that one of the most interesting things that we have observed is to watch people list their beliefs. That becomes very fascinating. And someone will say, ‘that is a big waste of time, I know what I believe’. Do you really know what you ‘believe’? Start on it sometime. And when you get stumped, walk away and leave it and go back when you find another one. I’m not saying that this is going to relieve your boils; I’m not saying that. But I’m saying, it will help you find out something about yourself. And this goes for everyone. If you want to go to the road to ‘discovery’ about yourself in a very fun way, begin to list your beliefs. And if you think you can do it in 15 minutes, you’ve got another guess coming. Once you start with it, you will be at it for months and months, if you’re really serious about doing it. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question asks… “How can I tune into that portion of mass consciousness and get rid of the boils?”

DATRE: That would be very interesting, but I don’t think its… you see, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS changes its belief systems. Now, that’s one way things change. But, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS can change its ‘belief’ systems, again and again and again. But how much it affects you as an individual is another thing entirely. It’s where your focus is. What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and trying to be like all others in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? Or are you very different in your very being? The more different your thought patterns are to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, the less you will connect with them – because, as your thought patterns and beliefs change, the whole vibratory construct of your body changes. Then as that changes, you relate less and less to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can go around living with out it, because there’s no way to avoid it – it is everywhere. There are different concentrations of different thought patterns and beliefs in different areas – that is very evident. But, you don’t get out of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But the way you live your own life, with your own thoughts and beliefs systems makes a change in your whole physical construct. Just some things you may think about.

But you have something that is ‘unsettled’ in the body, just like anyone who gets phenomena – there’s something unsettled in the body and the body is trying to balance itself. You’ll find that there’s – within the last few years – there have been peoples all over the whole planet that have had these tremendous headaches, backaches and fevers. Everything on your planet is changing. The vibrations on the planet are changing. Your bodies are changing. The fevers are the result of different vibrations on the planet and you’re adjusting to them. The backaches are changes of the bodily construct. The headaches, are the ‘rewiring’ that’s taking place in your head as you release old thought patterns and beliefs and change to new ones.

So, there are many changes taking place – and you’re the one that’s making the changes. So you can’t say, ‘well its somebody else’, because you are the one that comes into the body to change the body to make it the way you want it. The body doesn’t do it arbitrarily. The body has genes; the genes do certain things and your DNA and all of this other stuff that you’ve got in your body work to perform in a certain way. You’re the one that changes the way it works – to ‘your’ specifications. Continue.

JOHN: And her final comment is… “The underlying question is: how much does mass consciousness affect the individual?”

DATRE: I think we just explained that. That depends on where you’re living, what you’re doing, how receptive you are to that which is around you. Now, depending upon what part of the world you live in, you are affected by whatever MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is predominant in that particular area. But, that does not mean you have to live your life according to what everybody else does and thinks and experiences. That is what you set yourself. You can follow along with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and be just like everybody else, just think like everybody else. That is up to you.

But, you’re still the deciding factor in everything. You can be in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS all day long in the work place and have it affect you not one bit – except, you pick out the portions of it that you want. You don’t have to associate of be effected by the ‘grumpies’. But, you will find that if you are a happy person you gravitate to another happy person. Then instead of only one person being happy, you have two people happy. Then somebody hears somebody laughing – which is a very unusual thing on your planet – and they will say, ‘what’s all the laughing about, what’s so funny?’. And they’ll come and they’ll want to join – and pretty soon everybody’s happy, everybody has a good time, then everybody turns and walks into their own office and the day goes much better.

Now, has MASS CONSCIOUSNESS affected you? Or have you affected MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 153 – About the Datre teaching

Datre answers Jerry.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Jerry and the first question is… “Of all the SOURCES of information that seem to come to us mortals from another dimension via channeling such as Datre thru John or what-ever “Title” through Who-ever; how do YOU differ from the others???”

DATRE: If you were to read the information from the start of the Datre and go all the way through it you’d find one underlying theme that we keep telling you consistently and that is – to become an ‘individual’. To rely on you’re self. The other thing is that we have said this is a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT. In other words, the idea of physicality is to ‘discover’, through the physical construct, what this is all about.

It’s like a maze. They start you out at one end of a maze and you keep going down a little section until you run into a wall. That means that you have to turn around and go back and find another way to go. And you keep bumping into these walls all the time, until you finally get to the point that you get to the end.

Now, the end result is not as important as you trying to find your way to get there. In other words, if you set up a line that zig zags all over the place, but was open at both ends, where’s the challenge? The challenge is to find out what physicality is all about. You keep bumping into walls because you’re not paying attention. You’re not allowing yourself to relax enough to find out where you should be going.

In other words, if you will look at a maze that’s even on… just say on paper, and its a big enough one, so that you can’t look at it and immediately see how you can get through it to the end, if its a big enough maze and complicated enough, you’re going to have to use that which you call your ‘instinct’. Then, if you relax and don’t get all up tight and tense, you’ll find that you will look at the maze and use your ‘instinct’ as to what you think is the next way to go.

That is what life is all about. You keep running into these walls because you’re not paying attention. Now, if you run into a wall and get mad, and turn around and say, ‘well, that wasn’t the right way to go’. And the more angry and frustrated you become, the more difficult it is for you to get out of it. And finally you get so frustrated with that which you call ‘living’, that you decide you want to die. But you don’t realize, that in dying you’re still as much ‘alive’ as you were when you were ‘living’, even though you’re what you call, ‘dead’.

So, you don’t get ‘out’ of it, you just compound what you’ve already done. That’s what were trying to tell you about. You’ll say, ‘well why did you put me in this?’. No, we did not put you in this – you put yourself in here. And you’re the one that’s going to take yourself out of here. And you’re not going to be satisfied until you find the answer.

When you jump into the physical, in the morning, and you get frustrated in the physical body -remember, that’s only a ‘small’ portion of ‘you’. So, I think that what we do – to make Datre appear different – is say, its not the other guy’. ‘Its not somebody that you can turn to to blame or to ‘save’ you.’ You have two choices, you can look to someone as a savior, or you can look to someone to blame. But, the more you become an OBSERVER, you’ll discover that you don’t want either one.

Then you start looking to your self. Then when you get mad and frustrated, its not because there’s no one to blame, or there’s no one to save you, its what you’ve done yourself – to teach yourself something. And that is a little bit different than most other things that you are coming across, as far as reading or discovering or what ever.

But, if you will notice very, very carefully, within the last few years of your time the ‘thinking’ patterns are changing. An OBSERVER will notice that. And its simply because this information is being brought through for your understanding. The only way that anything can change is if it is brought through the human voice, which causes a vibration, which spreads and others pick up and that’s the way the whole thing works. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “It seems to me that there are as many messages coming through the “Cosmos” or whatever, as there are people to receive them, and the only ones anyone should attach any importance to are those that benefits ones desires.”

DATRE: That is correct. That is correct, at different stages of your evolutionary development you will find that you will gravitate to different sources of information. At one time you might find an individual that’s writing a book or that’s giving lectures or whatever and that’s exactly what you want at that time. You’re all excited, because ‘this’ is what you’re looking for. Then, after a while, you’ll find that’s not important any more. Then you’re not satisfied any more. You’ve had enough of that and you go on to something else.

That’s what its all about, is continually searching for answers for ‘you’. Your answers to any questions that you have are to be answered satisfactorily for ‘you’ at the present time. The people that stay with the same thing from birth to death aren’t making much progress. In other words, if you keep the very same thought patterns – and remain ridged in those thought patterns from the time you’re a child until the day you die – you’re not making a great deal of progress. Its ‘discovery’ of new thought patterns. You may run across some thought patterns that the Datre people are giving out that you don’t like at all. You’ll say, ‘well that’s too far out’ or ‘I don’t believe that’. That’s fine, because that’s where you are in ‘your’ state of evolution. And that’s fine, because you have had that information, maybe five years down the line, a situation will occur, and the Datre material is just right for that situation. And then again, maybe you’ll never find it fits into your “life style”. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep searching for that which ‘you’ want to know about.

That’s what its all about. The only thing that I can say is, I’d like to see everyone continue to ‘search’ – because there is no end to searching. And that applies to everyone that comes through and uses the term ‘Datre’ for indemnification. You never quit that which you call learning. If you did, and if we did, everything would stop. Why continue anything that’s not going any place? Then the whole experiment would be gone and that would be it. But, there are always enough to continue the search. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question asks… “Seems to me that Datre is very logical in an obtuse way… while “others” come across so much more “loving” and personal.”

DATRE: Well, when you look at things from the standpoint that we view things, it is very logical to us, because we can see the ‘game’ you are playing – and we admire you for it. We think it is a grand undertaking. But, the other, with the love and all of that – that is human emotion. For us, we don’t have emotion – because we don’t have bodies. The only time we can experience an emotion is when we enter a ‘physical’ construct. But when we deliver the information we don’t use emotion. We’re trying to help you to understand physicality. And for us to come and give you what you’ve already got a lot of, its not of any importance, because you have gillions of channels and books and information that is all full of love and compassion and all of that. So it would be superfluous for us to come and try and give you more information couched in a physical emotional construct.

We work through the physical in order to bring the words to you – but we bring information. If you want a channel that is kind and loving and compassionate and all of that – there’s a lot of those. And if it’s coming from the ‘dead zone’, there is a lot of that, because that is emotion connected to emotion. We spoke not too long ago about the vibrations of the channels that channel the ‘dead zone’ – it’s the same emotional construct. And that’s why these channels gain so much weight on their physical body, because they absorb all of that emotion that comes from those in the ‘dead zone’ – and it stays.

Now, in working with those that are not in the ‘dead zone’ – or are at the very most outer edges – where no body is needed any more, the vibration is so entirely different that although it comes through a physical construct it does not remain because it has nothing to ‘attach’ to – it is so different. That is why, after the channel is through channeling, it is hard for her to get back into the body – because it is so completely changed. The vibration has changed the whole body to such a point, that it is difficult to get it back to maneuver it again. It takes a while for this energy/vibration to dissipate, but it does dissipate.

So you see, there’s a great deal of difference in the channeling by where the information comes from and how it’s received. Now, there’s nothing good or bad about either one. It’s just that this is the way it is. If this information works for you, that is fine. If other information works for you, that is fine – because you’re all in the state of becoming ‘who’ you want to be. Understanding ‘who’ you are. Then walking out of this play that you are in. Recognizing – as Shakespeare said – ‘the world is but a stage and you are but players on it’. You’ll hear people say that all the time, but they haven’t the vaguest idea what they’re talking about. We want you to understand; that this is something you are setting up. This is for ‘you’ to play with. You don’t realize that – because you get enmeshed in the physical construct and you can’t ‘see’ the play. But the day you ‘see’ the play, you’ll walk out of the maze – ‘I won’. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question asks… “Is one or any source of seemingly “other-world” information somehow more reliable than another?”

DATRE: That is up to you to make that decision. No one else can tell you which is more reliable than any other. It is your discernment of information that is important. We cannot tell you, ‘listen to this one, but don’t pay any attention to that one’. It doesn’t work that way. The information is there, channels are different. There are individuals that can only channel from the ‘dead zone’, because they cannot raise their vibrational rate of the physical construct to go any further. The ‘dead zone’ vibration is compatible to them.

Now, as the physical construct and shall we say, the brain of the channeler is able to handle a ‘finer’ frequency vibration, the more they’re able to ‘connect’ with that which you call the ‘outer’ rim or those in the big Universe. It can’t be done otherwise. And there are some bodies that are easily trained in that manner. And there are others that will only go so far in the training experience, and then quit because it is too difficult for them to handle. So, those that are channeling different information, also channel, based on what their brain-mind set is and what their physical body can tolerate as far as the change in the frequency that takes place within the physical construct when this particular body is used by others.

Now, if you will notice… and we have had many comments on this, that in one transcript there are paragraphs that are so very different in the way they’re presented than other paragraphs within the very same questioning. But it’s because there are different one’s that are coming in to give information and leaving with other ones coming in, giving information and leaving. And there are not many in the physical construct that are able to get so far out of their bodies, and have a brain and a mind that will not ‘fight’ the information that is being brought through – so that’s where a great deal of the difference comes in.

It is up to you to decide what is comfortable for you. What you want to know for your evolutionary process. Evolution is as ‘long’ as you want it to be. It does not matter what the calendar says. The calendar says such and such in physicality. But, when you’re not in the physical construct, ‘time’ has no meaning for you what-so-ever. So you continue your search. And if it means that the physical body has had enough, that it doesn’t want to work for you any more – it is depleted as far as you’re concerned. Then you lay the body down, go through the ‘dead zone’ come back in again. But then you don’t ‘loose’ that which you have gained. You don’t throw any of it away – the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ or the indifferent. You keep it ‘all’ so that the next time you come in, you have that much more to work with.

To us, this is very fascinating to watch what you are doing. And if you had the ability – which you will some day, each and every one that has come into physicality one day will have the opportunity to ‘see’ what this is all about – you’ll find how fascinating it is. What a grand array of experiences you have set before your self. There is no end to your possibilities and probabilities. You have a vast array of everything, because the vibrations on the planet now are so increased. Your colors are more intense. Your sound is different. Everything is different than it was, even one hundred years ago. You talk to individuals that are a hundred years old and they will tell you how different it is – because they have ‘seen’ even in a hundred years, how things have changed.

So you’re in a grand time to enjoy what is happening. And its up to you to make ‘all’ the decisions. If you make ‘all’ the decisions, then ‘you’ are the one that becomes the INDIVIDUAL. And that’s what you want to be – because in order to be out into the Universe, you ‘have’ to be an individual. There’s nobody out there to help you. You stand on your own two feet – except you don’t have any.

But you see, the Universe doesn’t have time to ‘train’ anybody. There is no way to ‘train’ anyone, in any way. So, you need to become an ‘individual’ to go out into the Universe, to explore from your individuality. And from ‘your’ individuality, everyone else in the Universe gains. It’s no different there, than it is here on Earth. Everyone gains from your evolution. Everyone that you come in contact with gains from ‘your’ evolution. Now, in light of those words, how can you feel insignificant? These are the words we bring to you. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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