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Archive | January, 2012

Datre 148 – Datre on predestination

So, as far as predestination, what is your belief? If you believe you’ve set up the day you’re going to die and you are comfortable with that, then that is what you believe. It has nothing to do with actuality, because everything is filtered through your belief system. Your whole existence is filtered through a belief system. There’s no other way to function in this reality. So, what you believe, so it is.

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You always need those individuals on the planet that put “THOUGHT” into ACTION to create “TIME” that you function with. The ‘mass consciousness’ uses this created “TIME”, with the RATIONAL THINKING brain, to continue the evolution of the species. The more individuals that put “THOUGHT” into “ACTION”, the more changes that can be made in evolution.

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Datre 146: If your bones are cracking, READ THIS

If you’re going to find problems in areas, then what are you telling yourself? What is your ‘belief’ about it? That is very important. Your belief system shows itself in your ‘exterior’, because your belief system alters your body, it alters your body chemistry.

You are what you ‘believe’ that you are, there is no other way that you function. So, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to relax and enjoy life.

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Datre 145: COLORS

Remember, the YOU that you are and the physical body and that portion of ‘you’ that you have separated to experience the physical, are all ONE. It is impossible for anyone to know the extent of the “less well informed and thoughtful people”. You can only view what the physical expresses. There are many people on your planet that will have no problem making the transition from this reality to another. They may know nothing about Datre or any others but are living each day in a ‘connectedness’ with their ‘totality’.

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Datre 144 – Physical existence as a projection of a psychological construct

Whatever is the most important thing to you today, then do it. And if you concentrate in your ‘doing’ it, the day will bring satisfaction. It is in the ‘vacillation’ and the ‘undecided ness’ that you cause your bodies a great deal of stress. That is what those on your planet are living under, your emotional ‘stresses’ that you place upon your bodies – because, you have restricted yourselves by that which you call ‘time’. The big statement today is – ‘I wish that I could do that, but I don’t have ‘time”.

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Datre 143 – People living Earth but not coming from Earth

You see, that is something that many are not aware of. There are those that come onto the planet that will stay for long periods of time. They will be seen and they will be interacting with peoples on your planet. And these peoples, in these bodies, do not stay in any one place any length of time. They’re continually moving. They are going from country to country. They are contacting peoples in different civilizations on your planet – leaving information as they go.

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Something very important, you have to know, watch this video ! PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo. If you an American living in the U.S. tell Congress not to censor the internet NOW! –

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Datre 142 – Imagination has no limitation

Datre answers James. JOHN: Today we have some questions from James, and his first question is… “My question is regarding transitions. More specifically the transition involving the change from external worldly perceptions to internal “inner landscapes”. This transition occurs at the end of the fourth cycle of physical plane existence.” DATRE: Now, you don’t have […]

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Datre 141 – Our Particle Universe

You have been told, I’m sure, many times, that everything has a vibrational rate. Even that which you call, your walls, your furniture, everything, you’ll say, ‘well that’s solid’. No, everything is vibrating. There is a vibrational rate to everything. Your senses of the physical body are ‘tuned’ to those vibrations that you are working with. So, there is a great deal that you have no idea of its existence.

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Datre 140 – The Evolution of the human body

Datre answers Barbara and Erica. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Barbara and her first question is… “Datre stated that the body has its own intelligence. Does it have some kind of “consciousness” on its own as well?” DATRE: When I said the body has its own intelligence, I was referring to ‘all’ the […]

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