Datre 148 – Datre on predestination

Datre answers Milt and June (PART II continued)

JOHN: Now we have some questions from June, and she asks… “I am not clear about Datre’s position on the concept of what many would call predestination. If we choose to come here to experience earth, humanity, parents, children, etc., have we also chosen (prior to coming) when we depart, i.e., death?”

DATRE: There are those that believe that. They believe that the day they are born, they also know the day they are to die – that is a belief. Now, your ‘belief’ is what changes what happens, that is the only thing that changes anything, is what you believe.

So, as far as predestination, what is your belief? If you believe you’ve set up the day you’re going to die and you are comfortable with that, then that is what you believe. It has nothing to do with actuality, because everything is filtered through your belief system. Your whole existence is filtered through a belief system. There’s no other way to function in this reality. So, what you believe, so it is.

There are those that believe in karma. Their belief is so strong that they filter everything through a karmic belief system. There are those that believe, when you die, you are ‘dead’ – that’s it, done, finished, its over with. So, you see, it is all a belief system.

There are those that believe that when you die, you change your concept of what’s going to happen next. You drop the ‘particle’ mass from the body, and continue on and continue your learning process, because the minute you are without a physical containment that you can see, you hurry up and make one that you can see. But the only thing that surprises you, is that you can make it any age you want it to be. So you make it the age you want it to be and continue your discovery of what everything is all about.

But, it’s your belief system that takes you from one place to another. It’s your belief system that takes you through life, through death, and back into life again in a continuum – if that’s your belief. So it comes right back to the beginning – its your belief system. It has nothing to do with what actually is happening.

We have said before, when you reach the point of getting so deep into life, that you understand it, you are on the other side of it and no longer have your feet planted here on this Earth. You do not go to the dead zone, you go beyond that point. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues on and asks… “In other words, are the aspects (mainly timing) of our exit predetermined?”

DATRE: Nothing is predetermined. That’s why, when they say, ‘well, when is the birth going to take place?’ we cannot tell you – nothing is predetermined. That is what makes the exploration of life interesting. If everything was predetermined, and everything was written in stone, what would there be to be discovered?

You need to discover. That is part of your existence in this reality, that’s what its all about – its the discovery. And if its all laid out, and you’re just walking a path that says that you turn here and you go there, and you have to learn this and you do that, and if you learn that something else, something else. That’s not ‘living’, that’s someone else telling you what to do and how to do it. Don’t you want to get out there and do it yourself? That’s what learning is all about, that’s what discovery is all about.

Your focus is here, know that your focus is here, and enjoy life from here. See, the thing is, everybody thinks that ‘out there’ is so much better. We’ve said before, just because you die, you don’t get smarter, it doesn’t work that way. Your concepts now, are the ones you take with you, regardless of where you go and what you do – dead or alive.

So, if you think that there’s something ‘magic’ going to happen because you die, you’re going to become brilliant, it doesn’t work that way. You’re not going to be any different than you are here. That’s why people have, what they call, the gnashing of teeth, because, ‘I should not have left. I should have finished up what I had started’. But it’s too late. They wanted out of the body, they wanted out of the body, now they’re out of the body and they can’t ‘do’ anything. So, they’re as frustrated in death as they were when they were alive – they’ve accomplished nothing.

So, keep those things in mind, we’re going into 2000. A lot of things are changing. The energies on the planet are supporting different thought patterns, thought patterns that can help you in every way possible, because they are seeping into ‘mass consciousness’. And as ‘mass consciousness’ changes, that is where the majority on your planet function from, if that changes, and that’s the information they’re picking up, they’re going to change. And that’s going to help you, because you’re not going to be plowing through a lot of ‘mass consciousness’ that you no longer believe in. You’re beginning to realize what ‘mass consciousness’ thinks and you think, are at opposite ends of the pole.

Realization is setting in. That all of these old concepts are no longer valid. And, the more people that discover that the old concepts are no longer valid, change will take place. And as change takes place and becomes more in alignment with how ‘you’ feel about your concepts of living, and more in alignment with that, you will become more comfortable and begin to enjoy your life to a greater extent.

Don’t be concerned about the nitty gritty, get out, enjoy, whatever you are doing, and if you don’t enjoy it, figure out why, that also is a learning process. You know, everybody says, ‘when I get to heaven and I get to be up there and all this, it will be wonderful’. And the question is asked, ‘what are you going to do when you get there?’. Then the blank stare comes across the face and says, ‘I never thought about that’. Never thought about that – very interesting. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues to ask… “And, how does this ‘square’ with the Datre quote: “You see, what you have, is your ‘bubble’ which contains your Earth and your moon. When that was formed, everything that you could possibly think of to experience, to learn, to express, was put into that ‘bubble’?”

DATRE: The fact that all of your possibilities/probabilities were put into your ‘bubble’ does not make them predetermined. For example, if you were to go from Boston to San Francisco, you could get there by a finite number of routes or ways. And even though all possible options presently exist, the route that you choose to get there is your choice, and that choice cannot be called predetermined, even though all options are known in advance.

But, everything is there, that’s all the possibilities/probabilities are all there; you’re the one that picks and chooses. You pick and you choose, but remember, it all filters through your belief system, and that changes what you experience.

Now, if you choose something and you are clear enough, and you bring it through a clear belief system of where you are right now, that will change what you experience – guaranteed. Because, if you have a belief system in an area that says, if this and this and this happens, then this will be the outcome, and you set that experience up for yourself, you will follow ‘that’ belief system, because, if this and this and this happens, I believe that this is what will happen as an outcome. That’s exactly the way it will turn out.

But, as you pick up a possibility or a probability and say, ‘I would like to experience this’, and in the physical expression you say, ‘I will allow it, lets see how I’m going to handle it’. Then you will have a free flowing experience, and it can be tragic or it can be over in the blink of an eye, because it is what ‘you’ expect to happen.

They keep telling you, ‘prevention is the best medicine, be sure and check with your doctor’. Okay, be sure and check with your doctor to find out if you have anything wrong with you. You think you’re feeling fine. But be sure and check with your doctor, because he might find something wrong with you.

Now, if you believe that its necessary to constantly check with your doctor to see that you’re alright, that your blood pressure isn’t too high, that you’re cholesterol isn’t too high, or you’ve got this or that or the next thing and you have to keep checking it all the time. If that’s your belief, then you better do it, because your belief is that strong, that if you don’t, you are going to experience something else.

But, if you’re an individual that says, ‘well, if there’s anything wrong with me, I don’t care to find out’. And you truly believe that, then you’ll just keep on going. They do autopsies on people that have cured themselves of cancer, time, after time, after time. Why? Why does that person live to be 90 years old and cured themselves of cancer many times? Where another person finds out he’s got cancer and dies the first time he’s got it. BELIEF SYSTEM!

The minute you name something, you set up fear. And setting up fear aggravates whatever you found out that you’ve got. I’m not trying to be hard on you, but I’m trying to show you how differently you can look at things. Your belief system is stronger than you have any idea. If you believe, that everything is going to be okay, and you really truly believe that, it will be. And everything you filter through your belief system will be okay – you’ve set it up that way. You believe it, and believing it, it is so. So that is why we say, be an OBSERVER, because you also have to observe ‘your’ actions and reactions. Otherwise, how are you going to find your present ‘belief’ system and make changes? Continue.

JOHN: And June’s last question is… “As it was our decision to enter and experience this path, how do we know we are actually experiencing what we decided upon prior to entering?”

DATRE: How do you feel today? How do you feel today about where you are in your life? Are you content? Are you upset? How do you feel? That’s the only way you know. If you are content in living as you are living, then you’ve achieved it and you go from there.

There are no ‘standards’. There’s no one ‘higher’, no one lower. You may look at someone and say, ‘oh, they’re not spiritually advanced’. How do you know? You don’t! They’ll say, ‘oh, that person is an old soul’. How do you know? Don’t compare ‘your’ life with others. Access your life by how ‘you’ feel about the way you are living, not what somebody else has to say.

You see, that’s why you connect yourself up with those phones up to your ear; I think some people sleep with them. They walk along connected with a phone to their ear all day long, all night long. They can’t go to the grocery store, they can’t get into the car, they can’t do anything unless they’re connected up with someone else. Why? Is it a fear of being by yourself? Is it a fear of listening to your self and to your body? You’re an integral part; you and your body need to work together. And if you’re both happy, what do you need anthers input for? It is not necessary. You don’t have to be connected up with something all the time.

It’s in all the ‘noise’ that you have on your planet, that you can’t find yourself. That doesn’t mean you should go and live in a cave. But, watch what’s happening. Why all the immediate fear of not being connected with another individual? They’re in a store, there’s all kind of people around them, they’re in a car and stuck in traffic and you can’t move, you’re surrounded by people all the time, and yet there is that fear of being alone. Now, how are you ever going to get anyplace if you have a fear of being alone?

Because, your ‘path’ as you call it, is your own. Nobody sets the standards, nobody keeps score, it is ‘your’ life to do as ‘you’ wish. Watch what you’re doing. Make every day count. Because, if you know what you did today and are happy and content with what you did today, and how you did what you did, and you’ll say, ‘well, I made a mistake, I could have done this better’. All right, then don’t fret about it, forget it. The next time that situation comes up; your body will automatically come up with that same thing that you went through before. Then you can say, ‘oh, that’s right, that’s what I did the last time, alright, I’m not going to do it that way this time’. And you will never have that experience again, because you learned from it – you changed. So, don’t carry old baggage. Enjoy today. Continue.

JOHN: We have one final note… “A special thanks to you both for making/taking the time for these channeling’s which we know are exacting of both your minds and bodies.”

DATRE: Now, as to the channeling being exacting on the mind and the body, this is not a dead zone channeling. People will channel and they’re exhausted. People will do a healing, and they’re exhausted. Why? Because they don’t know ‘how’ to handle energy. Channeling is not exhausting. This channeling is coming back into a body that has had an elevated vibratory rate, and it is readjusting to the new vibratory rate of the ‘particles’ within the physical construct. But it is not exhausting. It is not taxing. It takes ‘time’ out of that which you would call a day. But, then, if you don’t have any ‘time’, then what difference does it make? It all adjusts itself.

This body is not getting older. So do not be concerned about it. What happens when the vibratory rate of the physical construct is increased, it changes many things in the body. But, that is part of channeling that has been accepted by the individual that spends the majority of her time in the body.

The adjustment came many years ago. Learning ‘how’ to handle the energies. Now, it is very simple, so do not be concerned about the channel, because the channel is not working with the vibratory rate of the dead zone. When you bypass that, you get a different type of energy entirely. It does not deteriorate the body, it excites the body. And the excitement is good for every one of the cells in the body.

You see, when you work with the dead zone energy, you are working with an energy that is no different than a ‘live’ physical body – it’s the same energy. The only thing, when you work with the dead zone energy is, that that energy stays with the body construct, because the particles adapt and adopt that energy because it is compatible. Some channels do know how to dissipate that energy. The higher frequency energy actually changes the cellular construct.

Now, for those of you that have seen pictures of Jane Roberts, Jane Roberts was not a big fat women, she is slender. There’s the difference. Jane did not work with dead zone energy. This channel does not work with dead zone energies, and she does not have an ounce of extra weight. But it’s a different energy that you’re working with that makes the difference in your existence. So, do not be concerned. This is what we enjoy doing. We enjoy having these questions, trying to help you to understand more about what you are doing, why you are doing it. And if there is a way we can bring through information that will help you understand, this is what we want to do. This is what the owner of this body wants to do. She’s very happy to relinquish it. Then when we’re through with it, we give it back.

Now, as to the transcribing, that takes a great deal more time, because the tape must be listened to and typed onto the computer. Then when it has been typed on the computer, then we go back and go through the whole transcript again, to be sure there is continuity. The reason that is done is, because, there are times when there are changes in those that come through and bring forth the information. So in going back and reading the transcript that is in the computer, we’ll often find that the continuity has been lost. So it needs to be adjusted.

All right now, we were talking about stress and tension, and we mentioned that tension in the body makes a narrow aura. What happens is, when you live in daily stress and tension, you build up a type of toxicity in the body that the body has to deal with. What happens is, if you live very ‘free flowing’ and in a non-tense mode, you do not build up that huge amount of toxins in the body.

Now, how does the body rid itself of these toxins? At night! At night, the body releases these toxic tensions from the body. So, if you have accumulated very few toxins during the day, it’s very easy for the body to dissipate them. But, if you have lived the whole day, in extreme tension, the body has trouble getting rid of all those toxins that you’ve built up in the daytime. So there’s a residual that is left within the body when you wake up the next morning.

Now, the next day is lived in tension and more toxicity is built up in the body. Now, you go to bed and the body has a tremendous time trying to release all those toxins from the body. Now you have even more residual that the body can’t get rid of. And you keep building and building and building and building what the body can’t get rid of in one nights time. So, there’s always this residual. And as the residual begins to build – then you wonder where disease comes from?

What is going to happen? You have these toxins within the body. Your weakest cells in the body are the ones that are going to have to handle those toxins. And the weakest cells can’t handle them, and therefore, disease is set up within the physical construct.

So you see, tension and stress is, shall we say, the body’s worst enemy. The body has a tremendous job to do, in trying to keep the body clean and clear. So, living in a state of stress and tension is perhaps, the most detrimental to the body. And there’s no one that can release the tensions but you.

Now, you can sit and relax, and that will help. But, if you live in a state of relaxation, your body is not fighting to get rid of excess toxins. That is where your aging comes in, because your body is fighting excess toxins. If you’re constantly fighting within yourself, the body is constantly fighting within itself of all these toxins that the tension has built up within the body, you’re going to be constantly tired. Tiredness comes from the inability of the cells to function the way they were intended to function. The cells function with ease if they’re not fighting the tension built up within the body. All these chemicals within the body are not advantageous to the cells within the body. It deteriorates the cells. Deterioration of the cells causes aging and also causes disease.

Now, there are countries where you are given, shall we call it, a leave of absence where they will allow you to go to a spa to relax the body, to have the body taken care of. These spa’s are where people’s bodies are relaxed, the tension goes out of them. They go back to work and they are working from an entirely different concept with their body. The bodies finally have released themselves of the excess toxins that resulted from the tensions. But you probable will work a whole year and get one or two weeks vacation. At which time you have to run around and do something, because this is the time to have fun. But, you see, you’re already going with a body that is too tired to go in the first place.

So, stress and tension is something that when you begin to OBSERVE what you’re doing, and enjoying what you are doing, and paying attention to your body, will be greatly reduced. You’ll say, ‘I’m tired but I’ve got to do this. I’m tired, but I’ve got that to do.’. Who’s going to take care of your body, but you? No one! Doctors already know that. You are the one that has to take care of your self. Be kind to your self.

If you want to make a New Years resolution, which a lot of people still do, say that ‘I WILL BE KIND TO MY BODY AND I WILL WORK WITH THE BODY KNOWING THAT WITHOUT IT I CAN DO NOTHING’. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre answers Milt and June (PART I).

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Milt and June and Milt’s first question is… “A major message which I have gleaned from Datre has been the desirability of just ‘being’, making every attempt to cease living in a ‘doing’ mode. Have I interpreted this correctly? If so, would such a modus operendi on my part exclude/preclude plans, expectations, judgments, assumptions, etc., of self and others?”

DATRE: Now, the ‘doing’ is an important part of living. In order to gain the most experience in this reality is by living.

When we talk about being an OBSERVER, that is part of your daily existence, it is not spending your time observing it is a part of being aware of everything that you do. Peoples on your planet are so rushed, so scattered, that they’re not paying attention to anything. What I’m saying is, you need to ‘do’, because in ‘doing’ is how you experience and being an OBSERVER is part of your living experience. In other words, if you’re not ‘doing’ anything, you’re not really contributing much to your living.

You can be an OBSERVER in everything that you do. In being an observer in everything that you do from the time you open your eyes in the morning, until you close them at night, you have a greater enjoyment, a greater appreciation of everything. You’ll begin to ‘see’ things differently. And many things you’ll find, that in being an OBSERVER, I believe you mentioned judgment. Judgment is not in the picture, because you’re not looking at things in a judgmental way. You are OBSERVING. That does not mean that you are passive, that means that you’re getting into LIFE and seeing life in its fullest.

So, the ‘doing’ is important, you have to ‘do’. But you don’t have to do it in nervous anxiety. When you become an OBSERVER, nervous anxiety takes the back seat instead of the front seat. In OBSERVING, you are living to the fullest extent, because you’re not only seeing things from ‘one’ point of view, you’re seeing things from many points of view. And, that’s what being an OBSERVER is all about. Everything that you do, becomes enriched by observing what you’re doing.

So, in non-doing and being passive, you are really not learning what you truly want to know. You need to get involved, but you don’t need to be scattered. The one thing that you hear constantly, where ever you go, in whatever company you happen to be in is, ‘I don’t have enough time’. You have all the time you want. But you don’t have to go lollygagging around either. You can be a very, very, active person and do many, many things but, as an OBSERVER, you drop the tension, because you are focused on what you are doing. We’ve talked about ‘focus’ before. Focus, is what enriches your life. If you focus on what you are doing, it enriches everything.

Its not sitting back and watching the show, its being part of the show. It’s being in there. It’s being the actor. An actor is not passive. A director is not passive. A producer is not passive. A writer is not passive. And the audience is not passive. And you are playing all these parts. But, many of you are ‘not’ playing all the parts, and that’s where the tension comes in. You’re not realizing the scope and the magnitude of the ‘whole’ play and everything that surrounds the play by getting in and ‘doing’. And being an OBSERVER in your doing you will see a great deal more.

Its the individuals that are ‘working’, that are ‘doing’, that are raising a family, that are doing all of these different things, they are the people that are benefiting. Because, if they are OBSERVING what they are doing, they’re getting twice as much out of everything. So, a ‘doer’ is the one that’s having these marvelous experiences. It’s not the mediator. It’s the one that puts on his shoes in the morning and does something. The mediator doesn’t go any place. Meditation is fine, but some people don’t get beyond that point. They think that’s the beginning and the end and the whole ball game, its not. It’s getting out there. It’s the interaction and the ‘observance’ of the interaction.

Once you begin to be a consummate OBSERVER, the tension will be released from your body and you will enjoy, that which you call living. Instead of ‘disliking’ life. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “We intend to live on the planet as many years as these bodies of ours are capable. Having not incorporated this intent during my first 50+ years, I now want to bring this body the healing which may be required to stick around for another 100+ years. Can you provide a discourse on very rudimentary actions or paths to pursue to assist our bodies to achieve their full longevity potential? Current allopathic (and, in some cases, alternative practices of healers) to aid and abet life extension in this era are not readily apparent to us.”

DATRE: You know how you can extend your life? By enjoying it! Enjoyment of what you are doing and how you are doing it, and being happy and content, is one of the best and most successful ways of living a long life. There are many, many, many, people that are living past 100 years of age on your planet. And when asked about it, they will recall incidences in their lives, all the changes that they have seen since they were children, and they’re content. They have not ‘fought’ life, they’ve enjoyed it. And that is the big thing; it’s the enjoyment of life. That is what will get you to be 100 or more. You can live as long as you want to.

You are the one that says what the year on the calendar is also. But one of the things that happens is, if you are watching anything in the sports, you will notice how often they will say, ‘he’s getting old now, he’s playing this game and he’s 36, so he quite old to do this.’. 36, you haven’t even started to live yet, and yet he’s too old to play a game. Now, how often are you going to be told that before you begin to believe it? That’s the question.

Then they’ll say, ‘well, my parents are getting up in years now, they’re in their 70’s and you know, they’re getting older’. From who’s vantage point? From the children’s vantage point, or the people that are living it?

You see, you constantly bring age into the picture, you don’t leave it alone. Are you proud of the fact that you are the age you are? Or, are you saying, ‘well, I don’t have that many more years left’? How many years have you got left? How do you know? How do you know you’re going to be here tomorrow?

You see, by focusing on certain things, you bring them to you. Why is it that so many peoples look forward to retirement, and less than a year after they retire, they’re not living on this planet any more. Why did they die? Because they have nothing to do. They have no reason to get up in the morning. They’re bored! ‘Well, I’m, too old to do this, and I’m too old to do that’.

How about learning to swim at 75, because you’ve never been able to have to opportunity to learn how to swim? So, at 75 you say, ‘there’s one thing I’ve wanted to do and I’ve never had the opportunity to do it, I want to learn how to swim’. And their friends say, ‘oh, but you’re too old to do that now’. How about these women that are in their 80’s and 90’s that get on the backs of parachuters and go up in an airplane and jump with a parachuter that knows how to handle someone on their back? And the first they say when they hit the ground, ‘oh, lets do that again’. Those are the people that are living, because they say, ‘I’m going to do everything I want to do’. That’s how come you get to be the age you are.

How about these two women in their 80’s that are trekking through the Amazon? Who told them they were too old? If somebody told them, they didn’t listen, they’re having the time of their life.

Now, let us talk about ‘time’. What is this thing called time?


You always need those individuals on the planet that put “THOUGHT” into ACTION to create “TIME” that you function with. The ‘mass consciousness’ uses this created “TIME”, with the RATIONAL THINKING brain, to continue the evolution of the species. The more individuals that put “THOUGHT” into “ACTION”, the more changes that can be made in evolution.

The brain cannot ‘act’, only ‘react’. The people on the planet do not distinguish between ‘mind’ and ‘brain’. All possibilities and probabilities are contained in that which is referred to as the MIND of your bubble. The brain is the physical construct that uses RATIONAL thinking to create your physical reality. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and asks… “Is it ‘necessary’ to seek guidance outside of our own ‘knowing’ toward these ends?”

DATRE: It’s not necessary. It is not necessary, we only tell you things you already know. But, maybe you only need some reinforcement. Maybe you need to look at something from a different angle. But, nothing magic. There’s no magic in the words. And you only read what you read out of the symbols, that’s why some people like Datre and some people like somebody else, because they’re reading something from the symbols that pertains to them. That’s all you do, you look for something to reinforce your belief system, or to give you a different slant on how to look for something, or look at something, to change a belief system. And sometime it changes your belief system, and sometime it doesn’t. But it doesn’t matter.

And if you never read another Datre, or if you never read another book, then you would turn inside and find your answers. But, that is a little bit harder. Then you see, when you do that, you question the validity of your own seeking. It is a very interesting thing to watch your cultures, and they say, ‘well, I read it in the newspaper’. And they feel if they read it in the newspaper that has to be valid. But, it doesn’t have to be.

They interpret someone’s speech that has been given. And everyone that interprets that speech will interpret it differently. So, rather than listen to everyone’s interpretation, listen to the speech and draw your own conclusions as to what you think they are saying. That’s all it is, nothing more, nothing less. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “In other words, is it just our thoughts that create any ease and/or dis-ease and therefore is seeking any other ‘healer’ input of any value?”

DATRE: That depends entirely on you. If you have a healer that you believe in, and you believe this individual can help you, and can fix your problems, and the belief is that strong, that’s exactly what that individual can do.

Why do people, that want to loose weight, go on diets that are prescribed for them, rather than using their body to tell them, listening to themselves? It’s easier for them to listen to someone else. Why? Because you don’t believe in your own self worth. You don’t believe in your self. If you believe in your self, and you listen to your body, your body will tell you what it wants.

Now, that’s not saying, ‘I’m hungry for a piece of candy and I know I shouldn’t have it’. There you’ve done it right there. You’ve set up the trigger, because you know what you said? ‘I know I shouldn’t have it, I’m watching my weight’. Well that isn’t very difficult, all you have to do is go to the mirror and watch it.

But, what is causing you to feel that you don’t have any self worth? ‘I don’t have any self worth because I’m fat’. All right, you’ve admitted that you’re fat. Now what are you going to do about it? Are you going to enjoy being fat? Or, are you going to say, ‘I don’t want to be fat’ and do something about it. The choice is always yours, it’s nobody else’s. And it is not up to anyone else to tell you how to run your life. That’s why you don’t have self worth, because you listen to what other people tell you. You need to listen to your self.

You have self worth. Everyone on this planet is necessary for this civilization to move in the direction it is going. Regardless of where you’re located, what you’re doing, or anything else. Each individual is important on this planet. That does not mean that you have to go around with a great big Ego. But realize, you ‘are’ important. You don’t realize that your desire to come here and participate took a lot of nerve in the first place. You’ve done it so often you think its insignificant, but its ‘not’ insignificant. You’ve cut yourselves off from realizing ‘who’ you are and how important you are to everything and everyone on this planet.

So, if you look at situations from that vantage point, maybe you’ll say, ‘well, maybe I’m not so bad after all’, of course you’re not. It doesn’t matter what ‘package’ you have chosen. If you want to change the package, change the package. But, remember that takes a little bit of doing – its ‘desire’. That’s what it is all about. It’s the ‘desire’ to LIVE, ENJOY, APPRECIATE, have respect, for yourself and others – that’s what it is all about. Very simple words, and if you do these things, if you live in that manner, it will change.

There are all kinds of books and all kinds of programs and all kinds of channels that will tell you the same thing, because that message is coming through loud and clear. And it’s coming through loud and clear, so that all the channels are picking it up. Datre is not the only one that is saying this. Oprah Winfrey is not the only one that is saying it on her program. And all the others that are saying the same thing.

Where is this information coming from? Its coming from ‘mass consciousness’, that’s why everyone is picking it up. It was brought through, a number of years ago, and it has been picked up and intensified until it is to the point now, where ‘mass consciousness’ is becoming ‘aware’ of the very words that we’re saying – its nothing new. But it is intensifying, and this is what is going to make your new MILLENNIUM as beautiful as can be. Continue.

JOHN: And Milt further asks… “Learning completely through Observation appears to be a pain-less and perhaps the shortest linear way of experiencing. Is it possible to complete my learning’s by perfecting only the ‘observational’ aspect of my being?”

DATRE: No, definitely not. Definitely not, it is in ‘living’ and observing the living process through OBSERVATION that enriches your life. No one can tell you, not even the psychics, what is going to happen to you as an individual. What have you set up for your self? What do you want to learn? What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime? Not as far as a job is concerned, but as far as ‘knowing’ is concerned. As far as taking ‘knowledge’ and making it into ‘wisdom’. That’s what you all want to do.

Everyone says, ‘that wasn’t very spiritual’. LIVING is ‘spiritual’, it cannot be separated, it’s not a ‘separate’ thing. It is an integral part of each and every one of you. There is a little flame inside of you that says, ‘I WANT TO KNOW’. And pursuing that ‘I want to know’, comes in many different ways. But, it is only in OBSERVING that you learn what you are doing. In other words, you’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t know why I was in that accident. Why did this happen to me?’. And the easy way out, is to say, ‘It was God’s will’, so that takes care of everything, but you haven’t learned anything from it. That’s why people are turning away from that phrase. Its God’s will, no, its what you put there to teach yourself. Nobody put it there, you did it yourself. What did you want to learn? No one has the answer but you. And, in finding that answer, that will change your life. They will say, ‘I don’t understand what happened to that person, their life is so completely changed’. Maybe he’s starting to pay attention to what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. That does change lives. Continue.

JOHN: And Milt further asks… “Much of the Datre input appears to focus on an ‘achieved’ ‘vibration’ level. Is there an earthly measure for me to use to become aware of my vibratory ‘level’ while I am awake in this existence?”

DATRE: No, there is not. That is something that happens to the body as you change your thought patterning. There are… I know you all know, you can walk by someone and you’ll say, ‘oh, I don’t like that person’ and you don’t even know the person. What you’re doing is, you’re picking up the vibration of that physical construct. Now, you don’t know what your own is, there is no way for you to know what your own is. You will instantly dislike someone that has a vibration that is not comfortable to you.

Now, that can work in two ways. An individual with a very high vibratory level in their body will scare many people, because they’re different. There will be those that will gravitate to an individual with a high vibratory rate, and say, ‘it is so comfortable to be next to you’. Why? Because they’re looking for that higher vibration because it relaxes their body, because they are of a higher vibratory level than the ‘mass consciousness’ that they are around. So, to find someone else that has a higher vibration, they become comfortable in that. Another person will walk by and say, ‘I hate that person, why don’t you get away from that person? That person can’t be any good at all’. Why? Because they don’t like the higher vibration.

Who’s going to say who’s body got what? You don’t know, and it doesn’t matter, because that is an automatic thing that happens with the cells in your body. That comes from your ‘knowingness’. There is no way that you can say, ‘I want my body to vibrate higher or slower’, or any other way. That is an automatic thing that happens ‘to’ the body as your understanding of ‘your’ life changes. There is no way that I can tell you anything to achieve that.

How come some people have, what they call, a little skinny aura that’s only about 6 inches outside their body? Then another person, when they come through the doorway, the whole doorway lights up and when they walk into the room, the aura spreads out and almost encompasses the whole room that they walk into. What makes the difference? The thought patterns of the individual.

You can’t have a great big aura and tension and anxiety at the same time – it doesn’t work. When people are all tense and anxious, and like you say, all strung out, they have a very tiny aura. It’s the individual that’s relaxed, that’s enjoying their life, that’s the individual that has the large aura.

What causes that? Chemicals within the body. The chemicals within the body ‘change’ as your attitude towards your individual lives change. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “If not, is there any way to monitor/assess my vibratory ‘status’? If this is a non-issue, can you please explain it again to help in understanding the vibratory issue more clearly?”

DATRE: Well, all that can be said about that is, the vibration allows you more flexibility in your experiences. In other words, if you want to travel out of body, which a lot of people do, they enjoy that, in traveling out of body, the vibration that you carry when you go out of body, is what allows you to go into certain areas, and dis-allows certain areas. Because, your vibration has to match an area that you’re going into. You can call it a reality, you can call it anything you want to, but in the body, it doesn’t matter. It is only when you get ‘out’ of body that your vibration will take you into areas of exploration.

There again, if your vibration doesn’t match you’re not going to go – it’s as simple as that. There are many that will talk about out of body travel and be going along just fine, then hitting a stonewall. You’ll hear that many, many times and they don’t know why. Well, the why is the vibration that they’re carrying? But, in your everyday life, it does not matter. If you pursue your life and you’re happy in doing so, then your body automatically will change to accommodate what you want to do. Your vibration doesn’t matter, so do not be concerned. Continue.

JOHN: And Milt continues on and asks… “I believe it was P’taah who said something to the effect that one need not dwell on past or future lives, and that what we experience and learn in the ‘now’ updates all three aspects of our being while in this bubble (past, present and future). If this ‘simultaneity’ concept is valid, can you elucidate Datre’s understanding of this concept?”

DATRE: You are constantly changing everything all the time, everything is in constant change. It is your understanding of what you are doing ‘now’ that changes your past and your future, simply because every time you look at something, and look at change in what you’re OBSERVING, you’re looking at the ‘past’ and ‘future’ differently. That’s why some peoples lives stay the same from beginning to end, because there’s no change in how they’re viewing their life. They’re going through all their experiences, but not ‘observing’ them and finding out ‘why’ they’re doing what they’re doing and learning from it.

But, if you are learning from all your experiences, and understanding them, naturally everything going to change, because the way you ‘look’ at things is going to change. It’s not how anyone else sees it, but you will constantly see it different.

That’s why you get bored with life, you don’t see any difference. Everything looks the same. But, if you begin to OBSERVE and understand, then everything looks different, everything changes, it changes constantly. But, it can’t be done from yesterday and it isn’t done from tomorrow, its done from ‘now’ – what you do right now. This is where your focus is, your focus is today, this is the day to learn in whatever way you want to learn – it is up to you. Continue.


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Datre 146: If your bones are cracking, READ THIS

Datre answers McLaod.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from McLaod and his first question is… “Its about a series of body reactions since I started a conscious spiritual path. For more than a year my spine has been cracking, (bones crack), it happened first when I started breathing exercises, cracks are always followed by belch, (I don’t understand why).”

DATRE: Well, you talk about cracking of the bones. Your breathing exercises are expanding areas of your body. Now, at one time I believe we talked about the fact of a change within that which is your spinal cord.

Now, if you’re doing breathing exercises, you are realigning your body construct. Breathing exercises are no different than those who go to these gymnastic places and work out with different pieces of equipment. What happens? They get muscles, their whole body structure changes. Breathing exercises do the same thing. You think of breathing exercises as just being a natural part of everything.

Now, when you breath, what you’re doing is, you’re changing your construct. When a singer begins to develop the voice… not the people that sing pop songs, but the people that do the operatic singing type of singing, those that don’t need a microphone to reach the people in the back row of the audience, they only sing notes because of the breath that goes by the vocal cords.

Now, they take in breath, they control the breath that goes through the vocal cords, through the mouth. That’s why they can reach the last row in the audience. It is very unusual to find a ‘skinny’ opera singer, simply because their whole chest cavity and their throat expands to accommodate the breath.

What you are doing in breathing exercises is no different. You’re not producing a sound, but you’re expanding and as you expand, something is going to crack. And it doesn’t matter what age you are.

Now, leave the breathing exercise out of it entirely. The cracking of the bones has been mentioned many times through those in contact with us. ‘I go to turn my head, and crack, crack, crack.’ ‘I go to reach for something and snap, crack, in my arm or in my shoulder or my knees crack.’ What does that tell you? Your bodies are changing with the new energies. Very simple!

You’ll have periods where every time you move, it seems like something is cracking. And then one day, you’ll realize you don’t hear it any more. That means your body has settled into that alignment. It is nothing to be concerned about.

Why does the belch follow? Real simple, you’ve probably never had that much air inside of you, you’re expanding, you’re releasing the air from the stomach cavity and up it comes. Nothing magical.

How does this body that we’re in at the present time release the air within the stomach cavity? By stretching. All you have to do, instead of sitting with your head over your plate all hunched over, is sit up straight. What happens, you sit up straight, you expand, you relax the body, and the gas comes out of the body. You don’t have to go and take a medication. Learn what your body is doing, that’s one of the things you need to know. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “I had to relax all the tensions in my neck to try to cure a buzzing hearing, which is not cured yet. Since I began the process, each few months I’ve been loosing my hearing JUST on the area of the coronal charka! I eat healthy. I use many good medicines, homeopathy, kinesiology, osteopathy etc.. Could this be signs of an unbalance at the coronal charka? Or is it a sign of Kundalini awakening?”

DATRE: Those words are all up to you to figure out. But it sounds like you’re getting so involved in things you’ve forgotten to enjoy life.

Why do you eat healthy? Is it fun? Why is a vegetarian a vegetarian? Is it because its fun or because they want to achieve something they think that they can achieve that they can’t achieve otherwise? Everything on this planet was put here for you to use in whatever way you wanted to use it. To eat healthy in one man’s country is suicide in another man’s country. What is your ‘belief’ system? Remember, everything that you do, in physicality, is filtered through your ‘belief’ system. That is the way you function. As you change your belief system, other things will change.

If you’re going to find problems in areas, then what are you telling yourself? What is your ‘belief’ about it? That is very important. Your belief system shows itself in your ‘exterior’, because your belief system alters your body, it alters your body chemistry.

You are what you ‘believe’ that you are, there is no other way that you function. So, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to relax and enjoy life. It is interesting to ‘try’ all of these different things. But, what works and what doesn’t work and why does it work and why doesn’t it work? Those are the questions to ask yourself, continuously because, if you get deep enough into it, you will reveal a great deal about yourself.

I cannot tell you what is wrong with you. And I cannot tell you about your belief system, because that is your own. No one else can tell you about your belief system, because they have no idea what it is. What you voice to another person, and say, ‘well I believe this and I believe that or I believe something else’, when they begin to ask you questions is what you come up with as the obvious. Its what ‘isn’t’ obvious is what is important.

So, along with everything else, find out ‘why’ and ‘what’. Are you afraid of the kundalini? Are you afraid of that coronal charka? Are you afraid of the body in which you are living? You’ll say, ‘well, I’m not afraid of my own body’. You’d be suppressed how many people are. People ‘are’ afraid of their bodies. If you have to monitor your body to that extent, you are not comfortable in your body. If you were comfortable in your body, you would not be concerned about it. The body follows a belief system.

Then what happens is, you’ll say, ‘well I certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen’. All right, you weren’t expecting it to happen, but why did it? What are you trying to say? You’re trying to get your attention in an area. And if all of these different things that you are doing and trying is building the amount of tension that you’re loosing your hearing, are all of these things that you’re trying that important? Wouldn’t it be far better to forget the whole thing and rely on yourself? Enjoy life; your body was put there for your enjoyment. That’s why you chose it. You put it together yourself, nobody else put it together. Nobody else is living in it, and no one can tell you how to take care of it.

You can go to all the doctors in the world and you can take all the medication, you can take all the food they prescribe and everything else, but, remember one thing, the people that you get the information from, and I’m not speaking only to you, I’m speaking to everyone who is reading this transcript. Don’t you know your body better than they do? There are some very wise doctors who say, ‘I can not heal you, you must heal yourself.’ And that is the truth, no one else can heal you, you have to heal yourself. Then they’ll say, ‘well I don’t know why I can’t heal myself? I have this problem and I can’t get it fixed.’

Why? Because you have a belief system that there’s something that you can’t find, you can’t uncover. Is it something that someone has recently told you or is it something further back that’s hidden, that you can’t find?

They have said, there are many types of cancer that are caused by very traumatic experiences in children. Now, go back and try and find that one!

You see we have talked about that so often, is that you function through a belief system that is how you work in physicality. Now, your belief system can be very insidious, because, they’ll say that you create your own reality. Do you? You may try, but remember, it comes through a belief system. And that belief system is what makes your physicality as fascinating as it is.

So, take a good look at what is happening, see if you can find out what is causing what is happening. And this goes for everyone on the planet, including the body that I’m speaking through. Why are these things happening? What is it telling me? There’s a message in there someplace.

And when this body becomes very ill, and someone will say, ‘oh, you better go to a doctor’. No! I need to find out what I’m doing and why. What is the reason for it? Notice the ‘timing’. This body is very interesting in that it will ‘time’ feelings of illness at a time when there is nothing demanding that she needs to do. Watch those things. When the body has readjusted and realigned itself, it will be fine. But that is paying attention to what’s going on.

I cannot tell you what is wrong. That is for you to find out. No one else can tell you what is wrong, because they don’t know the body as well as you do. This is going to everyone, this is very important. You may think it’s insignificant, but it is one of the first steps in really discovering ‘who’ you are. Because, you are an integral part of the body, you’re not separated from it. You are working through it.

You are training the body the way you want to have it. You’re training the brain. But, it has to be a cooperative effort, because, if you’re shoving things on the body the body doesn’t want, then what good is that?

People will say, ‘oh, I love my body, I need another tattoo or I need another ring in my ear’. And what are you doing, the body is saying, ‘what are you hurting me for, I don’t want to be hurt?’ And you say, ‘Oh, but I want it.’. So okay, so we stick rings in our ears and our nose and our tongue or wherever. And we’ll go through hours of having tattoos on our body, which are painful. Why? What are you doing? You’re not working in cooperation with the body. And then you wonder why relationships don’t work? You can’t even get along with your own bodies. I’m not being funny. I’m being very straightforward and trying to get you to pay attention as to how you are living. Next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: That was it, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 145: COLORS

Datre answers Lee.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Lee and the first question is… “I agree with Datre that we are in the midst of growth process for those of us incarnated here (present, past and future) which will carry mankind and probably this planet to another level. What will it take for this process to reach ‘critical mass’?

DATRE: That is a good question, I do not know. It’s not only the critical mass, it’s also the ‘timing’ with other things that are happening on that which you call, other planetary existences. Many things are involved when change takes place.

It’s not only the people on your planet, its people on other planets, if you want to call them people. There are many changes taking place on many other planets. You’re not the ‘only’ existence. There are many ‘other’ existences but because they’re ones that you probably would not have any recognition of, you don’t think that they have an existence.

All the equipment that you put up on your planet to connect up with ‘others’ on other planets, you have spent… I don’t know… every little group puts up a whole bunch of sophisticated equipment to find out if they can get answers from anyone from outer space.

You must realize, that your ‘focus’ and your physical construct that you’re working through, only has the ability to comprehend, that which is on your planet. If you go out into space, and go up on that space platform with the Russians, you’re still working with planetary people. Your eyes, ears, your sensory perception, are ‘set’ for ‘this’ planetary existence.

Now, we have talked about the evolution of that which you call your physical expression. And we’ve talked about color – I don’t know when, but it has been talked about. We recently received information from an individual that in their study had come across these very interesting pieces of information, from the book “Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard M. Bucke MD.

“A most fascinating example of the sense of color, which did not evolve to its present state until quite recently.

“Max Mueller (in his Science of Thought) makes the statement that; “It is well known that the distinction of color is of late date; that Xenophanes knew of three colors of the rainbow only – purple, red and yellow; that even Aristotle spoke of the tri-colored rainbow; and that Democritus knew of no more than four colors – black, white, red and yellow.

And again, “Lazarus Geiger (in his Contributions to the History of the Development of the Human Race) points out that it can be proved by examination of language that as late in the life of the race as the time of the primitive Aryans, perhaps not more than fifteen or twenty thousand years ago, man was only conscious of, only perceived one color. That is to say, he did not distinguish any difference in tint between the blue sky, the green trees and grass, the brown or gray earth, and the golden and purple clouds of sunrise and sunset.

“The poets of the Iliad, Odyssey and the Bible ignore the blue color of the sky completely. Given that the skies in the areas of those compositions are the most vivid blue on the planet, this omission can hardly be attributed to accident. Etymology assures us that at that time the subsequent names for blue were all merged in the names for black.

And once again, from the same book we have; “It does not seem possible that at the time when man recognized only two colors, which were called red and black, these appeared to them as red and black appear to us–though just what the sensations were that they so named cannot of course now be ascertained. Under the name ‘red’ it seems they included with that color white, yellow and all intermediate tints; while under the name ‘black’ they seem to have included all shades of blue and green. As the sensations of red and black came into existence by the division of an original unital color sensation, so in the process of time these divided. First red divided into red-yellow, then that red into red-white. Black divided into black-green, then black again divided into black-blue, and during the last twenty five hundred years these have split up into the enormous number of shades of color which are now recognized and named.”

You see we have spoken of how your eyes are able to ‘see’ such a wide range of color. If you were to go back… you don’t have to go back as far as Aristotle. You talk about Aristotle as if it’s going back ten years, because it’s familiar to you. So in your talking of Aristotle, you don’t think of a long ways back – I mean, that’s comparatively close. It is comparatively close when you stop and think of the thousands of years of your existence on this planet and the evolution on physicality ‘on’ this planet.

Then you’ll say, ‘well, how come they could only see three colors?’ Because, evolution changes ‘everything’. That is evolution of the ‘physical’ species. And as each thing is discovered, the physical bodies change the… what you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, it all changes.

For example, people of only 100 years ago could not ‘see’ many of the colors that you have today, their eyes hadn’t evolved to that degree yet.

The very existence, in other times, is a fascination for you. You look at the Renaissance and say, ‘oh, that was such a grand period of time’. You look at these Renaissance fairs that are very, very, popular within the last years of your existence. They dress up in all of these costumes and they sing madrigal songs and they play these strange instruments and everything – and its wonderful because the colors are all beautiful. And the music is very different.

But, you must realize, those colors are the colors you are seeing today – not the colors they saw then. You’re interpreting the music as you think it should be today and not as it was then. You don’t even have to go back very far to watch your evolution in your music. Everyone all over your planet has music written and played from the basic simple one note (concert A) that they start everything on. They’ve rewritten all the music of your marvelous composers.

As an example, the one I am speaking through does not like Bach. And yet, when Bach was played on Bach’s instrument that he composed on, in the key that he composed the original music, it is absolutely unbelievably beautiful. But, because everybody on the planet plays the same music, you made it all the same. It does not have the clarity of tone. It does not have the beauty.

So you see, some things you have changed one way, some things you have changed another way. But that is evolution. How far does this planetary existence wish to evolve, before it decides to reach critical mass? It is not important when you reach critical mass.

How does anyone that is reading this information know that they are not going to be in that which you call the ‘death’ stage? You may not be living at the time critical mass is reached. So, what happens then? ‘I’m dead, how can I evolve? How can I reach critical mass? I’m dead, I can’t do anything, and yet I can’t live forever.’ You see what panic you set up within yourselves?

It’s like your Y2K. You have two exact opposite poles that people are functioning from on your planet. I should probably say three. There are those that are excited about the year 2000, and what it is going to bring. There are those that are stock-piling food and all necessities, because the Y2K program is not going to work and all our computers are going to be down, the telephones won’t work, we won’t have electricity, we won’t have heat. Be careful, be fearful, be fearful, be careful. Stock up, of course we don’t want to do that because we want to leave plenty for other people, but I want to be sure that I get enough so that I’m taken care of. What are you afraid of?

All right, now you have two opposite poles. Then you have the other people that could care less. They say, ‘I don’t care, I’ll wake up in the morning and I will ‘live’ the day’. Which do you choose?

You are fascinated by the Renaissance, the year 2000 is another planetary renaissance, how are you planning to view it?

Critical mass, does it matter when it happens? Today is the day that’s important. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Since we are all at various stages of ‘growth’ and this is the reason for attaching a vehicle (body) to this planet, what happens to the less well informed and thoughtful people with this move to the next level?”

DATRE: Well, there again, you see, that is so much the New Age community thinking, that you have to reach levels. The highest level that you can reach is recognizing and functioning from the ‘total’ you.

Remember, the YOU that you are and the physical body and that portion of ‘you’ that you have separated to experience the physical, are all ONE. It is impossible for anyone to know the extent of the “less well informed and thoughtful people”. You can only view what the physical expresses. There are many people on your planet that will have no problem making the transition from this reality to another. They may know nothing about Datre or any others but are living each day in a ‘connectedness’ with their ‘totality’.

For example, you can look at a man, sitting on the side of the road, watching people go by. Some people will be compassionate to him and want to give him money. Some people will say, ‘I don’t know why he doesn’t go out and get a job?’. Some people will not even see him there.

Now, look at it from the standpoint of the man sitting beside the road or woman sitting beside the road watching people go by. What are they thinking? “For everyone that passes me by, I have been there – I know”. That is the difference.

The man or woman sitting there, and watching the parade of people is not concerned because they have experienced it, they have been it, they know it and they are ready to leave this physical existence, to exist within your planetary bubble without the encumbrance of a physical body, because they understand it. They ‘know’ it. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “As it affects this evolutionary process, could Datre comment on how the learning from past incarnations, our ‘individualized’ physical vehicles and race or ethnic memory can be or is coordinated in this process?”

DATRE: It is only coordinated in this process if you wish it to be. If you want to go to someone and have them take you into a reincarnational period so that you can view it for whatever reason you want to view it, that is up to you. If you wish to sit down and through changing your focus from ‘this’ physicality in ‘this’ reality to another physicality in another ‘time’ space to view a situation, you can do that.

You can go to another part of your country or another part of what you call, a European country, or an Indian country or a South American country or whatever. And you will walk someplace and you will have what you call Deja vue. You’ll say, ‘I have been here, I know what this is all about, I’ve experienced this’. And because something will trigger your focus, it will take you into another ‘time’ span, and you will experience it, and then as you see something else that is familiar to you – in ‘this’ reality – your focus will shift back. And you’ll say, ‘that was a marvelous experience’. But that is it, they’re all experiences, and they’re all yours.

But, does it affect how you function today? That is what we’re trying to get you to do. Evolution of the species is one thing. Evolution ‘individually’ is something else.

If you look at reincarnation and you lived in another ‘time’ period, and you look at that and discover something through that experience, that is fine. But it doesn’t matter. Its what you do today and how you do today. Its paying attention to what’s happening.

And what color skin you have, whether you’re male or female, what experiences you’ve had in the past, all add to your ‘total’ experiential package. But it is like an article in the paper, where a writer had said that he was beginning to understand more and more about women and the role they are playing in today’s existence. What a scramble it is for them to achieve. And, because men have always been the dominant factor, they wrote the books, they wrote the rules. They told you how you were to live your life.

Then, when you look at it from that vantage point, you have two things going, but OBSERVE those things and learn from them. And keep emotion out of it. Keep the anger out of it. Look at it with clear eyes. Does it affect you today? Not particularly, probably, from a male or a female standpoint but look at it as an evolutionary process.

You see, your life is very interesting, if you will look and see what is happening. But that is something that you have to do and no one else can do it for you. You are your own teacher, we don’t teach you anything. The only thing we ask you to do is be an OBSERVER. But that is only a request. And we do not ‘teach’ you how to be an OBSERVER, its something you need to do yourself. Next question?

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: That was it? All right, we thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 144 – Physical existence as a projection of a psychological construct

Datre answers Harold.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Harold and they are… “As I find myself at that point in life where disengagement from this experience approaches I find myself with unresolved issues in respect to settling affairs and detachment from those items, that I care a lot about. Books, writings, and accumulations that have been near and dear in the process of living a life need to be laid to rest in one way or some other way.

The thought of “my reality and my illusions” comes to mind and that maybe it simply does not matter, but because of the emotional ties or what I suppose is that just hangs there in limbo and has for a long time. I cannot just decide to toss it all or, on the other hand, to really get any plans in place achieve my trunks of notes, disks, old computer and miscellaneous family materials. I think I need some review of perspective here as the issue seems so evenly balance in respect to having my stuff stored, which I suppose is really the chronicle of my life in seeking the remembrance or awareness of our subjective reality for many years and years…

The quest for the universal bases for this place we visit… and that this stuff needs to be here in this particular objective reality – which I suppose will be the case either way, of being here or not being here, in respect to another’s reality with a connection to me of some way… or as a bag of energy that should be released? I have overstated the question I suppose in trying to articulate the question (to myself I realize) – but this matter of laying things to rest as a final undertaking 🙂 does pose some issues that has me very much puzzled and I would greatly appreciate any help you may offer.”

DATRE: Now, why do you feel the need that you have to leave that to rest? Where are you living? You’re living only ‘now’. This is the day that you are living. You’re not living your past and you’re not living your future. That does not mean that you cannot connect up with your past or not connect up with your future, you cannot connect with, that which you call, your ‘reincarnational’ activities – everything is ‘now’.

Now, from the sound of your question, you sound like you are ready to exit this physicality. And you are not prepared to release many things of this physical existence. Now, your decision to exit physicality is strictly up to you, at whatever time and whatever way you decide to do so.

If you look at this lifetime and all life times – it is all happening simultaneously, and yet it has been separated by that which you call, ‘periods’ of time in history. These experiences are all yours. You have chosen different avenues, different relationships with people, different experiences of different kinds. They’re all yours, every one of them. The thing is, your projection into this reality – is but a ‘projection’. This is where your focus is at the present time.

But the validity of ‘all’, is as great in one historical time period, as it is in another. The ‘body’ is what maintains ’emotional’ attachment to anything on your planet. Your ’emotion’ allows that which you call your physical construct and all that you interact with to be a very strong focus, so that you don’t just fly all over the place.

In other words, if your focus is not intent upon ‘this’ reality, then you will be in ‘another’ reality. But you have set things in motion to keep your ‘focus’ here and experience here in this particular ‘time’ construct.

Now, if your intent and focus shifted into another ‘historical’ time pattern, it would take you there into such a strong reality, that you will actually ‘feel’ that you are there. You will have your emotions, you will eat, you will sleep, you will take part in that experience in another reality ‘time’ span.

But, individuals focus their attention here, because ‘this’ is their present stage of evolution. Now, for you to have emotional ‘attachment’ to information that you have gathered, over this particular lifetime, because your intent and focus is on, ‘should I save it or should I discard it?’ your focus is such that your emotions get involved and you do not want to part with that which you have. What is wrong with saving all of it? As your focus changes, what you feel is important will also change.

That is why friendships, that are deep, deep, friendships, and many say, ‘oh, I always want to keep in touch with you’, and a point is reached in your existence where that particular friendship is no longer needed for what ‘you’ want for your evolution. So, for various reasons, you will move away from that individual or that individual will move away from you. ‘We’ll always keep in touch’. And you will write and you will call, back and forth, for… depending on what period of time you wish to maintain that contact.

You will find that you have one direction you are going in, and the other individual has another direction that they are going in. Meeting again, after what you call, several years, after a very short period of time, unless you just want to sit and recall the ‘good old days’, you’ll find that your present day lives have little to do with each other, and conversation ceases.

When people are no longer needed, in that which you call your evolution, they will “disappear”. The contact will be broken; there is no need to hang on to anything. The same way with a book, or information you thought was important. You move from one place to another. Or you loan a book to someone and that book never comes back. And maybe years down the line, you’ll wonder, whatever happened to that book and you don’t remember. You’ll say, ‘well, it was lost along the way’. It was lost, because your ‘focus’ was not in that area, your focus has changed.

That is why we say, ‘the day you begin to look at this physical existence as a ‘projection’ of a psychological construct – really, there is ‘nothing’ here. That is why those that go beyond the point of physicality realizes that that does not have to be there.

Now, you’re feeling attachment, do not be concerned about it, because you’re spending your time thinking of how to dispose of physical objects. Make a decision, today, one way or the other, and act upon it. But, do not go back and, shall we say, second guess your self.

That is what we talk about, when we talk about ‘reactions’ and ‘actions’. Even doing nothing, when thought about, is an ‘action’ and it is a positive action. If you decide, ‘I’m going to do nothing about this at the present time’. That is an ‘action’. If you decide to keep the information, that is an ‘action’. If you decide to get rid of the information, that also is an ‘action’. So you see, you have three options. Make a decision and abide by that decision and forget it.

It is in the constant remembrance from one day to the next, to the next, that you are finding that you are carrying baggage. If you drop the subject, after you have made your ‘action’, then it will resolve itself.

You might say, ‘how does that happen?’. Very simply, you change focus. You have forgotten about something that is a constant reminder to you that its something you have to do. You never forget, everything is recorded in your brain, just like a computer disk. It’s all there, but is it needed for your physical existence and evolution today? This is the question that needs to be asked, not only about what you have and are undecided about making a decision, but that is true of everything.

When the day is over, it is over. When the next day appears, then it should be brand new. And that is the difference with those that begin to realize ‘what’ this physicality is all about. It’s because, they look at each day new. Then you’ll say, ‘well that’s an impossibility, because we have the same people, we have the same work environment, we have the same house, we have the same, the same, the same…’. It is possible, when your focus changes as to ‘what’ is important to you ‘today’.

Whatever is the most important thing to you today, then do it. And if you concentrate in your ‘doing’ it, the day will bring satisfaction. It is in the ‘vacillation’ and the ‘undecided ness’ that you cause your bodies a great deal of stress. That is what those on your planet are living under, your emotional ‘stresses’ that you place upon your bodies – because, you have restricted yourselves by that which you call ‘time’. The big statement today is – ‘I wish that I could do that, but I don’t have ‘time”.

You have all the ‘time’ you need. You have all the time you need to complete ‘any’ project you wish to complete. Your day is as long or as short as you want it to be. And if you’re frustrated by ‘I didn’t get enough done today’ – you must have, or you wouldn’t have placed the day at its end. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 143 – People living Earth but not coming from Earth

Datre answers Christine.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Christine and her first question is…”Datre, please sum the whole of “me”, the me in this current life, here now, up.”

DATRE: Now, that is very difficult to do. Then you’ll say, why? Number one; there are different classifications of that which you call, your peoples that are on your planet.

There are peoples that ‘originated’ – their origins – was ‘this’ planet. That’s where they started. That was the ‘beginning’ of their evolution. Now, you have those from that, which you call, ‘beyond’ your dead zone. Those peoples that have gone into the dead zone that have accelerated their ‘knowingness’ of the ‘workings’ of the planet and have continued to keep in touch with the ‘mass consciousness’ of the planet in a ‘learning’ experience. They have kept up with the ‘evolution’ of the individuals upon the planet, to the point that they have not been “left behind”. Those individuals have chosen to do it in that manner, because they reached the point, where they understood physicality as it was at the time that they were in a physical body.

So rather than just go into a state of almost comatose, shall we say, and experience from the dead zone, their vibrations took them to a point ‘beyond’ the dead zone, where they continued their learning process.

Those individuals, from time to time, have had physical bodies made available to them that they come down and experience through. Now, what they do in those cases is they can see what is happening in ‘mass consciousness’, and will bring down, through a physical body, some information that is pertinent to the evolution of the peoples of the planet. Then, when that body, has lived as long as it is going to live, then those individuals go back again to another point ‘beyond’ that which you call the dead zone. Surprisingly enough, they do not go back to where they were, but because of a physical existence, go beyond that point where they were previously.

You see, that is something that many are not aware of. There are those that come onto the planet that will stay for long periods of time. They will be seen and they will be interacting with peoples on your planet. And these peoples, in these bodies, do not stay in any one place any length of time. They’re continually moving. They are going from country to country. They are contacting peoples in different civilizations on your planet – leaving information as they go.

But, you see, until you reach the point of ‘that’ understanding and ‘knowing’ what you can do, you’re in a ‘static’ cycle. We talk about getting to know ‘who’ you are. Those people ‘know’ who they are and they know what they can do. They will come back and function in a body, as long as they want to. So, there you have two different kinds of people.

Then you have those individuals that are what we call the ‘specialists’. They will come in – the same way – sometimes, they will even decide to be born into a family where they know that they will be brought up in an environment that they can use to their advantage, to bring forth vital information. That can be in the sciences. That can be in politics. That can be in, what you call, your religions. These are the people that make ‘dynamic’ impact upon the planet. As a rule, the majority of those individuals do not live very long lives. They live with ‘intensity’. But the duration of their life span – as a rule – is comparatively short. They come in, they do what they want to do to influence a ‘specific’ group of people – their impact is great. There we have three, and there are more.

So for us to tell you, who ‘you’ are, is an impossibility. And that is when finding out ‘who’ you are becomes very interesting. Because, in your search to know ‘self’, you will find ‘you’. And you probably will be very surprised at ‘who’ you are and what you are capable of.

You see, you all ‘limit’ yourselves to such a great extent. You have been on this planet a long time.

Now, you will say, ‘well how come some of these civilizations are so ‘backward’, uneducated and all of these other things?’. You have what you call ASPECTS. It depends on ‘how much’ intent of purpose that goes into an ‘aspect’ when you release it. You may release an ‘aspect’ just because you want to experience going to two places at the same time. You see, that ‘aspect’ doesn’t have a great deal to work with. So that ‘aspect’ will probably continue until it feels no more viability, so it will “go into the dead zone”. And it may never return to the planet again, because it’s a process of not enough to work with to go any further. But nothing is lost.

So, you have those ‘aspects’ that, you’re working on a vital project, and you want to figure out all the different ways of how to get this project working. You’ll say, ‘well I’m going to study this part and get this part working first. I wish there were three of me.’. Why not become three? The three are working so closely together on one project that – unaware to you, in your daytime existence, you’re not connecting up. But you are, because you’ll get an idea, and that idea is from one of your other ‘aspects’. Then when your body goes to sleep, that’s when you can really get to work. Then you can really work with each other. Then, if only one of you decides to come back into the body, all right, then one comes back into the body. One says, ‘well, I’ve had enough of this; I don’t care to go on any further. So that’s that, I want to go in another direction.’. Fine, go on your way.

So, the one that goes on it’s other way, it has absorbed a great deal of physicality and how physicality works and a great deal of this information, but wants to take it in another direction. That one has something to go on. And that one will go on until the body dies. But it is so full of ‘animation’ and ‘I want to do more, I want to do more’. Comes back into another body experience, shall we say, and continues going in that way. And that one becomes very ‘viable’, because it continues. So, there’s another way to look at things. And I’ll bet you thought everybody was the same – they’re not.

JOHN: You broached the question of cultures that are uneducated and primitive. You started into that, but never answered that part.

DATRE: We’ll go into that. The majority of those are ‘aspects’. They want to get back into the body but they’re not particular about where, they just want another ‘body’ existence. There is not that much that is ‘pushing’ them. So depending upon… that doesn’t matter ‘what’ civilization it is, it doesn’t matter where it is in your line of evolution, because ‘everything’ continually evolves. The majority of those that come back in again, have not made good choices.

You will find that… I don’t know how many that are reading the Datre transcripts are familiar with that which you call, the ‘reincarnation’. When that began to flourish, that idea of reincarnation began to flourish in that which you call, your United States, a number of years ago, individuals became interested in it, because it was something that was not anything they were familiar with here, as they are in other portions of the world. So, peoples “jumped on the bandwagon” and were interested in reincarnation. Then they went where they could see people being hypnotized or doing it themselves, that could go into “past lives”.

Many, many, times – more times than anything else – you will find, the poor dirt farmer was a poor dirt farmer, was a dirt farmer, was a dirt farmer. And every time he went back further in that which you called your ‘time’ experiences, it was the same thing, again and again and again.

So you see what happens is, the evaluations in that particular individuals life experiences/expressions have been consistent, and have not developed to the point of working him or herself ‘out’ of that existence. That’s complacency. Then you have those which go into which you call ‘reincarnation’ and of course, everybody has to have been somebody that’s important. If its a woman, she has to have been Cleopatra, or somebody that was very important and a man when he goes back, he has to be some Duke or Earl or general or whatever it happened to be. That’s because they are not ‘allowing’ themselves to go into the ‘past’ – they’re only ‘projecting’ what they want to see and hear.

You’ll say it can’t be done. Oh yes it can. Oh, yes it can, you’re not all those famous people. Maybe you were a dirt farmer and you don’t ‘want’ to know you’re a dirt farmer. You can ‘block’ anything and everything you want to.

So, for me to tell you ‘who’ you are, I cannot. I don’t know ‘where’ you are in what you call, evolution of ‘self’. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Where did I come from, where am I headed? And give me some specifics, something that will click.”

DATRE: Well, that is very difficult to do. There are a great many peoples on your planet that are so convinced that they came from Venus, that they came from the Pleiades, that they came from all these different places, that its hard to tell ‘what’ you’re connecting up with, what you’re feeling, where ‘you’ want to go. It’s an impossibility.

The more you get to know ‘who’ you are, as an individual, the more you’ll discover that all of these fancy places – that many think they came from and are going back to – are but “imagination”. They have ‘imagined’ it to the point that they feel that that is real. Now, if they’ve imagined it to the point that they feel that that is ‘real’, and that’s where they’re going, then that is up to ‘them’ to know themselves well enough to ‘know’ that they can go there – because, you’re not going with anyone else. No one else can ‘take’ you there. No one else can ‘get’ you there, but your self. And if your vibration doesn’t ‘match’ wherever you think you’re going, you’re going to hit a stonewall because you can’t go any further. Vibration is what indicates ‘where’ you’re going and ‘what’ you’re going to do.

And that is an impossibility to ‘measure’ another persons vibration. It is like trying to know what is in the mind of another individual – you can’t. You can never know what is in the mind of another individual – it’s an impossibility. Oh, they say, they can ‘read’ your mind. They’re only catching your ‘brain’; they’re not catching your ‘mind’. Your ‘brain’ is what they can contact, because that is a ‘physical’ object. But, your ‘mind’ is yours and that cannot be touched by another person – it is an impossibility.

When you go to sleep at night, you leave the body. You don’t take your ‘brain’ with you, you don’t have to, you have your ‘mind’ – that’s what you work with. When you come ‘back’ into the body, you work with your brain.

So, to tell where you’re going – I’m sorry dear lady, no one can, but you. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “I’m new to you, please give me some background about YOU and those around you. I’m not so good on reading archives and I’d love a nice neat summary to bring me up to date and knowing.”

DATRE: It is very difficult, because, number one, we have a chosen name of Datre, which means nothing. People didn’t like the idea that they couldn’t call a name, so, we made a name. But, because we have a ‘body’ with the flexibility that this one has, this body makes no discrimination on the individuals that ‘use’ the body. Because, those that use the body are ‘not’ from the dead zone. This body has been ‘totally’ reconstructed and there is no way that anyone from the dead zone can ‘use’ this body. This body takes Universal information.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well, you bring forth information from those that are still around the planet.’. The information that we bring through from ‘those’ individuals, are individuals on the very outer most, outer most rim of that which you call your ‘bubble’. They’re on the ‘inside’, but they’re right there where they can connect up with the vibrations of the Universe. Those individuals that are at ‘that’ point do not have bodies, they don’t work with ‘particles’ – that’s ‘sandbox one’ is particle reality – there’s no need for them to work with ‘particles’. They don’t function from a body. That is why they enjoy from time to time coming into a body, because it’s a unique experience.

But those that are on the ‘inside’ edge of the ‘bubble’ – the very outer most point – and those that are on the ‘other’ side of the ‘bubble’, that information is also brought through.

You see, for individuals to ‘channel’ the dead zone, it is very easy. It’s very simple, there’s nothing you have to do except to just relax and let them use your body – because they do from time to time anyway. You don’t run your bodies as much as you think you do. Those in the dead zone love to come in and run your body. The dead zone especially loves to come in and run your body if you’re doing something they enjoyed doing when they were alive. They like to come in when you’re smoking. They like to come in when you’re drinking. They like to come in if you’re playing football or playing golf or doing many of these things that they enjoyed when they were in their life experience. But, because you’re not aware of it, you walk down a street and all of a sudden you’ll say, ‘I wonder how I got here? I don’t remember… I must have passed that store I was looking for.’. Were you in the body or was someone else in the body? Very simple.

But, if you’re going to bring in any Universal information, you’re going to have to go through years of training. Because, your vibration has to be ‘changed’ to accept the ‘higher’ vibratory frequency. So it is not a simple thing. So, this body brings through that ‘type’ of information. I’m bringing forth this information today. I started this one and I’m ending this one. That is not true of all transcripts.

Many transcripts are done with four, five, six, seven different ones that will come through with just, probably, two or three sentences of information that they want to interject, that they feel is important and pertinent at that time. I don’t know when I’ll get back again. I may be back on the next transcript or I may not be back for another year. But it does not matter.

When this body reads the information that is on the written page – with the questions from the questioner – at that point the decision is made as to who wants to come in and answer the questions. Its just like you’re sitting in school and the teacher asks a question, and you’ve got the answer, so you raise your hand. Then if you’re the first one to raise your hand, you’re the one that gets to answer the question – same thing. Of course we don’t have hands, but its the same thing, its the same principle. And sometimes the information we bring through may sound very simplistic. But, you must remember, the most profound statements are the most simplistic.

And, in keeping it simple or giving you a picture, something that you can understand and make a picture of for your understanding, that is what we try and do. The reason we do it is, because we have individuals from all over the globe, from many different countries, speaking many different languages, many different thought patterns as far as their… what they think physicality is all about. We try and keep it, so that everyone will understand so there’s the ‘exclusion’ of ‘none’.

We could come in and give you a transcript that would ‘knock your socks off’. And probably… what we have close to 300 people, maybe 4 people would understand it. What good is that? It doesn’t do any good – you loose the audience. The main reason for bringing through the information is for ‘your’ evolution. Your understanding of your self. Your understanding of physicality and what its all about. And the more you learn about those things, the more your ‘perception’ of everything changes. And, everything becomes ‘different’.

You have been on this planet for so long that you’re sick and tired of it. We’re trying to influence you in some way, by giving you some information, so that you can find contentment “in your own little corner of the world”. We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 142 – Imagination has no limitation

Datre answers James.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from James, and his first question is… “My question is regarding transitions. More specifically the transition involving the change from external worldly perceptions to internal “inner landscapes”. This transition occurs at the end of the fourth cycle of physical plane existence.”

DATRE: Now, you don’t have to reach any… you don’t need to reach a fourth cycle of the physical plane, that’s where you reside all the time. The thing is, you are where you are functioning from, on the ‘inner’ level as well as the ‘outer’ level. Interior and exterior at all times.

The only difference is, as a child, you work from what you call, the inner landscapes – because a child works with ‘imagination’. That’s what “inner landscapes” are. Inner landscapes are ‘imagination’.

Belief systems are what ‘changes’ your perceptions of “outer” landscapes – which you call physicality. It is nothing more, nothing less. You constantly function from an ‘inner’ landscape. But your ‘belief’ system ‘changes’ what you experience in an ‘outer’ landscape of physicality. That’s what changes everything.

If you were to continue, from the time you were a child, with your ‘imagination’, and working from ‘that’ vantage point – your world would be so entirely different, that you would find difficulty living in the physical, because, your ‘imagination’ has no limitations. Remember that – that’s a very important statement. IMAGINATION HAS NO LIMITATION. That’s your ‘inner’ landscape.

Your ‘belief’ system shuts it down. You have reached a point in, shall we say, your worldly existence, that you don’t ‘trust’ your imagination. You question your imagination – you don’t believe in it. Therefore, you have set up a ‘true’ – ‘false’ world, a ‘black’ – ‘white’ world, where you constantly work from what you ‘see’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘hear’ and ‘touch’. You don’t have “time” for imagination. You have shut yourselves down. When you shut yourselves down, it takes a while to get back into ‘opening’ up again.

That’s what we have spoken about in being an OBSERVER. Watching things, being an observer ‘changes’ your perspective. It ‘allows’ you to function from a different standpoint – that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Where IMAGINATION exists, you have an entirely different ‘outer’ physical reality – because, you’re ‘creating’ from a different standpoint.

Now, someone opens up to ‘imagination’, and makes a “discovery”, and everybody jumps on the bandwagon, which you have done in your technology, and your technology ‘flourishes’, because all of a sudden you have a new emphasis – something to ‘drive’ you in another direction. That all comes from ‘inner’ landscapes. But, the ‘inner’ landscape is always there.

Just like you try to separate ‘consciousness’. Consciousness “IS”. If it weren’t, nothing would exist – nothing or no-thing would exist. Because, ‘everything’ contains consciousness. Everything ‘contains’ and is ‘in’ the ‘inner’ landscape. Then through ‘imagination’, you enter the inner landscape to bring back ideas into physicality. So you’re experiencing from an entirely ‘different’ standpoint. Now, have I got you totally confused? Or did we straighten it out? Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I am concerned with another transition that occurs during an incarnation. This is also the fourth and occurs at about the age thirty five. From Datre’s perspective what could I do to assist others in these transitions, especially in terms of inner landscapes?”

DATRE: There is nothing you can do. That is not an area that you can work in, because you’re working in ‘your’ inner landscapes, another individual is working in ‘their’ inner landscapes. That’s what dreams are all about. And everyone is interested in interpreting everyone else’s dreams. And, if people buy into that, and says, ‘well, this person knows what my dreams are all about’, and you buy into that – where is ‘your’ life? You don’t have one, if you let everyone tell ‘you’ what you’re thinking, what you’re dreaming, how you are supposed to interpret ‘your’ existence – where is your ‘personal’ evolution?

You see everyone tries to help everyone else, that is the way your whole planet is going now. We’ll help the other person. Now, is it help or is it hindrance? Peoples are always ‘looking’ for answers – constantly. So they run to whoever they think they can get an answer from. But, I think that anyone that is interested in their ‘own’ evolution, and getting to know more of what physicality is all about, don’t ‘want’ other peoples answers. They want their ‘own’ discovery.

So, whatever way you decide you’re going to help someone else, that is entirely up to you because, those are ‘your’ decisions, those are ‘your’ belief systems. And I’m getting back to ‘belief’ systems, because that’s exactly what it is.

You ‘believe’ that in helping another person that you are doing a great service to mankind. You’ll never ‘do’ anything for another person, unless you get ‘glory’ out of it yourself – unless you get that ‘feel good’ feeling. That’s why you do things in the first place. Because, you feel compelled to do it, to help someone else, ‘and boy do I feel good when I’m doing that’.

Now, these are ‘your’ decisions, as to what ‘you’ want to do. We do not make decisions for you. we try to present information for you to make your ‘own’ decisions, looking at it from an entirely different standpoint than what you may have previously looked at any given situation.

The information we give is not ‘new’, its just trying to turn it around as many times as we can, in different wordings for your understanding because, everyone reading this transcript will come to a different conclusion – as it should be. Because, if everyone reads it and has a different conclusion, then, in that respect, you have expanded the ‘outer’ landscape of ‘thinks’.

Because ‘thinks’ move constantly – nobody stops them. They continue on, and the more different ‘thinks’ that are out there, the more ‘options’ individuals have for making their own decisions.

This is what Mass Consciousness is all about – the variance of ‘thinks’. What has happened is, there hasn’t been any ‘new’ input, so your ‘thinks’ remain comparatively ‘static’. By pointing out different ways of looking at situations and getting out different information, your ‘thinks’ change.

Remember, the ‘exterior’ is the “end product” of the inner landscape. The exterior is a psychological “projection” of the ‘inner landscape’. Continue.

JOHN: I am aware of the gains I would receive so this isn’t totally altruistic as I’m sure Datre will understand.”

DATRE: I think we’ve covered that did we not?

JOHN: I think you did a pretty good job.

DATRE: I don’t think we need to go any further. We will leave you now.

We are Datre.

Datre 141 – Our Particle Universe

Datre answers John D.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from John D, and his first question is… “One of the topics which do keep returning to me though which I am not sure of is Datre’s information on wave-like structures. From recall, Datre asserts that we don’t yet work with waves; rather we work only with particles within the waves. I glean from Datre’s words that they do not think we know about wave-like structures yet.

This puzzles me as in communication equipment we have worked with wave-like structures since Marconi invented what was then termed “wireless” or radio as it is called today.”

DATRE: The ‘one’ word that you use consistently is your answer. You keep referring to wave ‘structures’. That is where the difference is. Wave ‘structures’ implies that there is something that is ‘holding’ it together. You are a ‘particle’ based reality. Your ears, your eyes, all of your senses, your hands, everything, all of the senses of the physical body, are oriented toward ‘particles’. That is how you function.

In the Universe, we do not have bodies. We can’t smell, taste, touch, hear, see. We don’t have those senses that you have in physicality and that is what’s confusing to individuals upon your planet. They have difficulty comprehending that anything can exist ‘without’ particles or structure. And, the only way you can have ‘structure’ is through particles.

You see that is why it is so fascinating for us to come into bodies. To be able to experience all these senses that you have. It is indeed most fascinating. You see, we come into a body, and all of these things are happening. We can feel the heart beat, and we can feel the digestive system working. We can feel the hot or the cold of the body. With the hands we can ‘touch’ the arms of the chair and feel the texture of it. We can look and see sun light or moon light. We can see everything. We can hear the hum of a computer. We can taste water or food that is given to us. You have no idea what that is when you have never experienced it.

That is why there are many that are looking forward to experiencing ‘without’ a body. Just imagine how unique that is to have a ‘process’ that you will carry with you as that which you call ‘thinking’. Then take it out into the Universe, and there’s nothing there – including you.

So you see, from our vantage point, when we say, ‘you have never experienced ‘waves’ on your planet’, what we’re referring to is Universal waves, which are – as you would term it – nothing. Because, you experience ‘only’ through a ‘particle’ reality. Everything is there for you to see and work with; because ‘that’ was the fascination… this is why you originally were so fascinated with coming into a body. Because, to have these – what you call now ‘restrictions’ – was so utterly fascinating that you couldn’t wait for the experience.

You see, when you look at things from one vantage point to another vantage point, it is totally different. You can’t say, ‘well, this is this and that is that’ when they don’t fit together.

You use the words ‘wave’ and wave-like, because on your instruments you see something going that looks like an ocean wave, and that’s what your instruments detect. And that’s fine, because that’s what you’re here in physicality for – is to learn about ‘physicality’ – that’s why you’re here. I know you’ve been here too long, that’s why you’re bored with it. But that’s the way it is. Now, this BIRTH was to have taken place in the 1980’s. This is what I (Seth) was setting up. It was tried and there were those that went through the process but it was not successful. We didn’t want a BIRTH with only a handful of people. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “So One question for Datre is that would they be able to confirm or otherwise say that the wave-like structures we use in sound, light and communication is the same thing as they are talking about, but at a different frequency or wavelength?


And if so, then does it follow that everything does have a wave-like structure that forms its own unique signature which to other living wave-like structures which we can see, sense, feel or using other sensory perception, know what the other is?”

DATRE: There is no way… there is no way. You see your ‘waves’ etc. are ‘magnetic’s’ based. The Universe doesn’t use magnetic’s. Even your bodies are magnetic based, cells, blood etc.. If you were to put a piece of iron in your left shirt pocket, after a period of time you would find that it had become magnetized.

You have ‘Universal waves’ that are coming on to your planet. This information is not new. This information was known about back as early as the 50’s and 60’s. There is no way you can ‘detect’ them. However, your bodies ‘are’ changing frequency. Some bodies are changing ‘faster’ than others, depending on your desire to ‘know’. Your desire to know about physicality and your desire to know about non-physicality. But, the more you ‘know’ about physicality, the more you will begin to ‘know’ about non-physicality. You’ll begin to see the ‘transparency’ of physicality. Once you begin to see the ‘transparency’ of physicality, you are moving into another ‘state’ of AWARENESS. And, your body ‘follows’ what you tell the body.

Then it will begin to pick up the ‘waves’ that are coming ‘from’ the Universe, because, those that want to go and no longer experience physicality, need to have some way of making the transition that will not be traumatic. So they need to have that experience before the BIRTH comes.

So you see, what happens is, when you get into these ‘states’ of knowingness – shall we say – then you need something else to work with. That does not mean that you ‘step out’ of physicality, you stay ‘in’ physicality. But you see, the only way you can get – shall we say – ‘out’ of anything, is to get so far ‘into’ it that you can go to the ‘other’ side – there is no other way. When you get so deep into physicality and you ‘know’ what physicality is all about, you comprehend it ‘totally’ and ‘completely’, that’s when you begin to make the ‘shift’. Because, when you begin to see the ‘transparency’, as we’ve said many times, you’re the ‘whole’ thing. This ‘theater’ is yours. You work with other individuals in your ‘cast’ of performers. But, you direct them. You write the material for them. You sit in the audience and watch them. And you’re also involved in the play. But, until the day comes, with ‘total’ certainty – within you – that you ‘know’ it’s a play, and you ‘know’ your part in it, that is when you begin to make your step.

And the ‘wave’ that is coming from the Universe is to help those that are making that transition. But they don’t disappear. They stay in physicality, because that’s when the ‘enjoyment’ begins. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “A second topic has to do with the planet. Datre says that the planet has begun leaving its orbit. I read another channeling where they said that planet Earth will fetch up orbiting a star which we call Alceone which is a part of the Pleiades star system (the so called seven sisters). Whether or not that will in time be the case is irrelevant. Datre did say in an earlier channeling that Earth would move to a new sun at the point that it’s vibrational rate or frequency is no longer compatible with our sun. So there seems a possibility that it could indeed make a trip to that star we call Alceone, or to another which perhaps we don’t have a name for.”

DATRE: You are going into another ‘portion’ of that which you call your Universe. Why would you go into Pleiades when Pleiades is completely established? You are going some place else. Why do you want to experience what they’re experiencing? Don’t you want to go some place entirely different and unique a system that you set up for yourself?

It is like what is happening now that we are out of that which you call ‘time’. What is happening? If you will watch your television, your movies and your music – those are three very good areas that you can look at. They’re taking the ‘old’ songs, the ‘old’ plays, the ‘old’ music and they’re redoing them, simply because there are so few people on the planet that are ‘visionaries’ that can look ‘forward’. The majority on your planet can only work from that which ‘has been’. It is very rare to find an individual that is going ‘forward’. They’re basing everything on what ‘has been’ – yesterday. They’re doing it over again – and doing it badly.

But you see, the thought patterns of today, don’t fit compatibly with the thought patterns of ‘yesterday’. What is ‘evolution’ about? – going forward.

So why would you want to go to someplace that’s already established? If you want to go there, then you would go there on your own for that experience. But, why would you ever bother to have the whole ‘planet’ go there? Peoples don’t want to do things over and over – that’s why you’re bored, you’re tired of repetition. So, your planet’s going someplace else – enjoy the ride. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Now it seems to me, that there is another factor which influences that greatly. That is, there may well be other suns which are not within the human visible band and not detectable by humans in this particular reality. That would imply that the universe as we see it is only those parts of it which have a similar vibrational rate or frequency to ours. That is, they are more or less to some degree in our own physicality, so to speak. Regardless of whether or not we would ever be able to physically visit them in a tin can.

It could well be that there are other solar systems and indeed other planets in our own neck of the woods which we simply cannot detect or see because they are in a different reality or dimension for want of a better term to describe the environment in what they might have existence.

Given that this later paragraph might be true, then it is possible that the so called Ascension of the planet, (that term is one other channels use for raising of the vibrational rate of the planet Earth and its inhabitants etc..) will take its being from our physical reality out to another one in which it will have a totally new existence where its frequency will match that of other stellar bodies around it. I can see the possibility for instance of there being another sun perhaps more in our solar system which doesn’t have any effect or bearing physically on us in this reality and certainly not detectable or visible to us. I may well be barking up the wrong tree here.”

DATRE: No, you’re not barking up the wrong tree. You are very right in stating the fact that there’s much that is very close to you that you have no way of knowing. Your eyes and your instruments are based on what you do with particles within your physicality on this planet. You see, you can’t ‘see’ but what is in front of your physical eyes, because they’re attuned to ‘your’ physicality.

You have been told, I’m sure, many times, that everything has a vibrational rate. Even that which you call, your walls, your furniture, everything, you’ll say, ‘well that’s solid’. No, everything is vibrating. There is a vibrational rate to everything. Your senses of the physical body are ‘tuned’ to those vibrations that you are working with. So, there is a great deal that you have no idea of its existence.

As to the word ‘ascension’, there’s no such thing – I’m sorry to tell you that. But, there is no such thing as ascension. There is an ‘evolutionary’ process that is continuous – not only on ‘your’ planet, but on every other planetary existence, every other reality. There’s always ‘changes’ taking place. And changing the vibrational rate of ‘anything’ does not ascend it – there is no such thing. That has become a concept that for whatever reason is supposed to be magnificent. Those people that are ‘evolving’ with their ‘knowledge’ of physicality are not ascending, they’ve got their feet firmly planted – because ‘that’s’ what you’re here for.

The planet is not going to ‘ascend’. The planet’s going to change. The planet’s going to move. The planet will move when the vibration within the orbit is not compatible, and it will move to another orbit. But that will… the minute the planet finds an orbit that is compatible, it ‘locks’ in – and you have another planetary existence. It’s not… it doesn’t have anything to do with ‘spirituality’ or ‘ascension’ or anything like that.

It would be a ‘shocker’ if they knew how much of your physical existence is just plane and simply, a ‘physics’ principle – that’s all it is – as your science will attest to. Continue.

JOHN: He next asks… “Is there other suns or planets in or close to our solar system that are simply out of view to our instruments and human eyes?”

DATRE: Absolutely! Continue.

JOHN: He continues… “If that is so, is it to such a destination (for want of a better term) that our planet is headed?”

DATRE: You have no idea where your planet is headed and neither do I. At such time as this planet totally and completely leaves its orbit it will find another orbit that is compatible. And, does it matter ‘where’ it is? It really does not matter ‘where’ it is located.

You see, planets travel all the time. Just because you have been in one orbit for such a… for what you call a long period of time, you think that that will continue – it doesn’t. Evolution is evolution – its not staying in the same place forever. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues… “Given that earth is off to pastures new, we may well need new biology. Other channeled information from such entities as one called Kryon and another group who I suppose are like Datre but who will only allow themselves to be called “The group” (they don’t have names) have told us our bodies are undergoing physical changes to a less dense version. Datre says to a silica based one. It would appear to me that if we are to move off this planet at the so called Birth, it can be accomplished by one of two ways.

One: we are lifted off by some mechanical means and transported to whichever of the three realities we are supposed to fetch up at, and of which Datre has told us about with regards to the so called Birth.

Two; we die on this planet and incarnate into biology already on the planets to which we are assigned or have chosen to go to. The latter implies that there is an operator/s there somewhere who set up the biology in the first place.”

DATRE: It can go both ways. That is something that we have answered in another one that we wrote recently – we don’t know. How can ‘we’ know what you as individuals are going to do?

Now as to being taken off the planet and transported someplace else – that will happen in the ‘sleep’ state. There’s nothing ‘mechanical’ that’s going to take you anyplace. The minute you get off this planet, you’re going to be in a ‘different’ vibration. Then, in a different vibration, everything is going to be different.

You see, the thing that you don’t understand is – and we’ve explained it before – you ‘die’ on this planet, and then you come back into another body for experience. Then when you’re in ‘this’ bodily experience, how much do you know about the last life that you lived? Is there any panic in that? No, because ‘that’ is the way you’ve set it up to get a brand new body. That’s the way you wanted to make it work.

What about ‘other’ realities on other planetary existence’s where they keep the same body? The bodies are ‘birthed’ at maturity and they stay that way for as long as the indwelling entity wants it. When the indwelling entity doesn’t want it any more, they just drop it and walks off and leaves it. But, that’s something that’s very hard for you to comprehend – because, even in that which you call ‘death’, you create another body, because you can’t be without one. That is your ‘belief’.

Now, there are those that go through that which you call the ‘death’ state, and don’t want to get back into a physical body, don’t ‘need’ a physical body – and still maintain their existence within this ‘bubble’ until the time of the BIRTH. But you see, those are different ‘states’ of existence; even within this planetary ‘bubble’ that you’re in.

Now, that may strike a note of ‘fear’ to some, but not to those who don’t want bodies any more. They don’t want the encumbrance. But they want to be able to use, that which you call, the ‘mind’, which is entirely different than your ‘thinks’. There you work with ‘thoughts’. Thoughts are very important, very potent, and you can do a lot more with ‘thoughts’ than you can with ‘thinks’ – ‘thinks’ is brain.

And those that desire to go from ‘thinks’ to ‘thoughts’ – to go from ‘body’ to ‘no body’, understand physicality. They’ve gotten so far ‘into’ it, that they can get ‘out’ of it.

You also mention, would we go to bodies that were already there – that depends. We’ll have to wait and see. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “Indeed, I see the Adam and Eve story as being the beginning of man’s jump from a so called cloned body to a self manufactured one. i.e. the Adam and Eve story is a very shortened story of mankind at the time of the change in biology to accommodate this jump and hence the story is genetic.

Datre and I think Seth, and certainly other groups and or entities have said we were once clones.”

DATRE: There was a ‘cloned’ reality to begin with – that is how it all begins when you start a ‘new’ experiment. A new experiment always starts out with ‘clones’. It’s no different than in your laboratories when you start out making something. You make several of them to see ‘how’ they react. To see if they ‘react’ differently, or if they work from a ‘group’ concept. What attracts ‘what’ to ‘what’? So when you started out with that which you call, your physicality, it was ‘what’ would stay attached to ‘what’? That’s what it amounts to. What will stay attached to what?

In other words, if the components of your body did not ‘attach’ to each other, you’d be just scattered all over the place. You have to have something that makes a ‘cohesive’ form for physicality. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Who were the operators who originally set up our biology and who did the cloning of the bodies for us?”

DATRE: That originated on the planet that you call Jupiter. Many experiments take place on that planet. That is where a ‘specific’ species decided to experiment and they were the ones that ‘engineered’ your bodies.

When you got to the point where it was causing confusion – among those that were doing it and those that were watching it and those that were unaware of it – they took that which they thought ‘might’ be a body, and put it on another planet – and that’s this one that you’re on now. This was originally a satellite that went around Jupiter. Just like you have things going around planets, you have satellites that go around Jupiter. So, they put you on that.

And some of them went on the planet, and you have a remembrance of ‘ships’? That species used ‘shuttles’ to go back and forth between the satellite and Jupiter, because they were monitoring your bodies. And this thing that started out as an ‘experiment’ soon became, that which you call a ‘body’ – this was your ‘cloned’ body. Not as you see it today, because that is an ‘evolutionary’ process. But, you started out as being very ‘big’ bodies, because that’s what they could work with. But, at some point in time, when they found that the bodies were able to sustain themselves, they shoved the satellite away. The satellite got into a compatible orbit – and this is where you are.

See, it doesn’t matter ‘who’ started you out – that’s immaterial. The thing is, how much do you know about what you’re doing ‘today’? That’s what’s important. That’s ‘evolution’. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “What is their relationship to us humans and to us as spiritual beings (spiritual being one way we can understand as being that which we are)?

DATRE: There is no relationship. They engineered you – they turned you loose. You got to the point they didn’t need to baby sit you any more.

This happens all the time – you are ‘not’ unique. You’re not unique in any way. The only thing is, you have not reached the point of knowing enough about your human bodies, so that you are able to start making ‘other’ bodies. Where would you start? What would you use? That’s the thing, that species was to the point that they thought this would be fun – lets make something that’s kind of like us. I’m using the word ‘kind of’, so don’t say, ‘well we can go back and find our ancestors on Jupiter’ – no you can’t. No you can’t, because ‘your’ evolution started on your satellite – which became planet Earth, as you call it.

This is your beginning. Now, keep on going – you’ve got a good beginning. You have gone further, faster, in ‘electronics’ and in many different areas that are ‘unfamiliar’ to any other planetary existence. So, continue your evolution. But don’t try and be like ‘others’. That’s one thing on your planet that is a deterrent. Everybody wears bell bottom pants because they want to be different. Then you walk down the street and everybody is wearing bell bottom pants, because they’re all different. Everybody wants to wear their hair long and in a pony tail, because everybody else does, and I want to be different – ‘I want to look like’. Why don’t you learn to be ‘individuals’? That’s evolution.

So don’t try and be like everybody else. Don’t try and figure out all of this stuff. Try and figure out what you are today. It is a fascinating journey. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “Given that there will be a birth, the likely hood from our perspective is that we will all die physically and reincarnate into new biology, who prepares the biology we incarnate into?”

DATRE: Well, there might be some species that’s ‘engineering’ some stuff, we don’t know. We don’t know whether ‘you’ are going to be compatible with that species that ‘thinks’ it up. If not, then you’re going to have to find something else.

You’ll say, ‘Oh, what’s going to happen to me?’ – nothing. You don’t realize you are ‘not’ your body. So, it will all be taken care of. As to ‘how’ – we don’t know. But then, ‘what’ is a day in eternity? What’s a day in foreverness? What’s a day in that which has no beginning and no end?

Your ‘days’ on the planet have been very recent. They go back and say that so-and-so was such and such an age – how do they know? ‘This was the birthday of so-and-so’. They didn’t have calendars then. They didn’t have days, they went by moon and sun cycles. But, now you have calendars so that you can mark everything on. You’ve gone down into, what they call, nanoseconds, or something like that. That’s the evolutionary path that Mass Consciousness has taken.

But, this is where you are, figure out ‘where’ you are, ‘who’ you are, and go from there. It’s an adventure. You’re so used to having people ‘tell’ you ‘where’ you’re going, ‘what’ you’re going to do, ‘where’ you came from.

You can find all these channels, all over the globe that will give you ‘all’ the answers. Datre will not give you ‘answers’. What is the ‘joy’ in discovery if you’re given the answers? The ‘joy’ in discovery, is finding your own. Don’t settle for what someone else ‘tells’ you. We ‘tell’ you things, because you’re asking questions. But we always leave something in there to look for for your self. That’s the name of the game – ‘self’ discovery.

If you don’t think that these vibrations are picked up by everyone on the planet, you’ve got another guess coming. The minute any ‘words’ are put into ‘vibratory’ form on this planet as spoken, what’s to ‘stop’ them? There’s nothing. You don’t stop a radio wave unless you have a piece of equipment set up that will pick up the radio wave. But it doesn’t ‘stop’ it – it keeps on going. So these ‘waves’ that are put out, through that which you call, your vocal cords, into ‘words’, will not stop unless it hits something compatible, which could be another person in physicality. But that doesn’t ‘stop’ it, it keeps on going. This is why so many channels seemingly pick up the same information. It is easy to pick up information from the ‘dead zone’, because their vibration is not that much different than those in physicality. Training is required to pick up a ‘Universal’ vibration, which is a higher frequency range, however, once this information is spoken it can be picked up by any body.

Now, as an example, you have on your television, a station called ‘discovery’. And they are doing things on the planet – they are ‘discovering’ things. Individuals are ‘discovering’ things. Those individuals are happy, because they’re finding something new, different and interesting.

If you were told what was at the end of a river, or the end of a forest, what was on the other side, what would be the object of going there in the first place? That’s why we say, ‘discovery’. Are you willing to search? Are you willing to ‘discover’? Not through somebody else, not through another channel, but on your own? Continue.

JOHN: He continues and asks… “In the event that we are to change our biology by ourselves or with help in some way on this our current planet to prior to making a move to other planets, what methodology is to be used to get our biology to another planet by some mechanical means?”

DATRE: Nope! If your biology is going, it will go in what you call, your ‘present day’ mind. What you have stored in that which you call, your brain that will be a ‘package’ you will take with you.

In other words, when you discover yourself on another planet, you will have your existing ‘think’ patterns. So, what you are today, were the BIRTH to take place at 5 o’clock, and you were on another planet at 7 o’clock, you would have the same ‘brain’ thinking you had at 5 o’clock. So, if you can take, that which you call, your ‘brain’ thinking with you, then regardless of what the circumstances were, you would adapt to it. Just like you take your ‘brain’ thinking with you when you die. The only thing is, you get rid of most of it and when you come back in you haven’t got anything, so you start over again. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “What time frame in generation terms will we need before our current biology has made all the necessary changes to accommodate the environment of our new homes as it were? I guess I mean how many human generations will be needed to accomplish the biology change?”

DATRE: Why do you need any? Why do you need any ‘generational’ changes? Remember, this is ‘engineered’. You’re working off a ‘physics’ principle, why can’t physics be changed instantly? There’s no reason to have ‘generational’ changes. That’s ‘old’, that’s what you’ve been doing. That’s what you want to get away from; you want something ‘new’. You’re tired of physicality, as it exists at the present time. You want ‘change’ – you’re getting change. There are those who have always ‘known’ that they could change themselves and their surroundings in the blink of an eye, and have done so. The only thing that stops you from doing the same thing is your ‘belief’ system. These concepts are not new – they have existed for hundreds of years. For example, if you were to go back into some of the literature of the l890’s to 1920’s you would find quite a lot of material about people levitating and doing other very interesting phenomena. Because of the age of the ‘body’ of this channel we have access to a tremendous amount of information.

And those that don’t want it are getting it whether they want to or not, because there are, shall we say, certain ‘Universal’ timings. Things that happen on ‘other’ planets effect what happens on your planet, as well as things that happen on your planet effect things that happen on ‘other’ planets. So, there is a ‘Universal’ timing to things. And, the Universal timing is based on your planets and your suns. And it’s ‘approximately’ so long before a change takes place. But, because we don’t figure in numbers, we work with what the situation is at the present time.

In other words, if you’re up skiing, you’re in the snow and you’re coming down the hill, and you can see a great big bolder coming down and it keeps getting bigger and bigger because it keeps picking up snow what are you going to do? Aren’t you going to try and get out of the way? Same thing with planets. Planets are ‘not’ stationary. You’ve been stationary for so long, you think that that’s existence – it isn’t. Planets are ‘not’ stationary. Planets move from orbits to orbits. Just because you’re going to be changing ‘orbits’, you’re getting all excited about it. And you should, because it’s going to be interesting. And, what you’re going to do when your planet changes orbit, you’ll find out when you get there – because we can’t tell you either. Talk about the ‘age’ of discovery. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “No matter what way you look at it from our perspective, there has to be some behind the scenes operation. Who are these unseen to us background workers?”

DATRE: Well, as I said, it is ‘Universal’ timing. Like the snowball coming down the hill. When one thing changes, something else changes, and something else changes, and something else changes. So the little stone that started out at the top of the hill has all kinds of snow packed all the way around it and now it’s huge. You can say, that that’s what your planet is doing. Your planet is not getting huge, your planet is not going to ‘ascend’ or any of those things, your planet is changing its ‘vibration’. You on the planet are changing ‘your’ vibration. Okay, so you’re not compatible to the orbit. Okay, so you go to another orbit.

Whatever is in the orbit on the other planet is going to be compatible with your evolution – and it will be. You can’t look at the ‘past’ and you can’t look at the ‘future’, because, really, if you look at it, both are ‘unknown’. As your concept of reality changes, so does your ‘past’ and your ‘future’. The only thing that you really can put your hands on is ‘today’. That’s all you have. And today is ‘eternity’ – you don’t realize that. Today is your ‘now’. This is the only place that you can exist – is right here, right now in this physical body. You’re here, because you ‘want’ to be, because you came here to ‘discover’ what it was all about.

Now, find out the ‘fantasy’ of it all. Get to know physicality so well, that you can see that is very ‘transparent’. And then you can move on to something else. But its not being ‘out of the body’. It’s not meditating or being ‘spiritual’ or waiting for ‘ascension’ or anything, it’s ‘living’ today. And that’s the ‘one’ thing that peoples don’t want to hear. They avoid that. It’s my relationship. This is happening, that’s happening and something else is happening. Find out ‘why’ it is happening. This is your day of ‘discovery’, it’s the only one you have.

You don’t get ‘out’ of physicality, because that’s what you desired to be in. Now, when the BIRTH comes, if you don’t want physicality any more, then what are you going to want? Are you going to want ‘evolution’ without a body? Or do you want to be completely and totally annihilated?

It is like that individual that has been sick for 15 years, and has faced death everyday of his life for 15 years, and when the time and day comes and he ‘knows’ it – he fights to live. That’s what you should do. Fight for your existence, fight to ‘know’ your existence, discover what its all about. Then in ‘discovery’, you will continue your evolution in whatever way you want to. There is no one that can tell you, what to do, how to do it. There is no one that has ‘control’ over you. There is no one out here in the Datre group or any other group that has any control over your existence. None what-so-ever, unless you ‘allow’ yourself to be pulled around by the nose. I think we have said enough on that subject, we will leave you. Thank you very much.

We are Datre.


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Datre 140 – The Evolution of the human body

Datre answers Barbara and Erica.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Barbara and her first question is… “Datre stated that the body has its own intelligence. Does it have some kind of “consciousness” on its own as well?”

DATRE: When I said the body has its own intelligence, I was referring to ‘all’ the workings of your body. In other words, you take all your internal organs and you don’t have to ‘think’ about how they operate. If you were to constantly monitor the insides of your body, you’d have a fit.

How would you – all at the same time – digest your food, keep your heart going, keeping your fluids going through your kidneys, your bladders and purifying the system? How would you keep your blood flowing through your veins? The thing is, its not ‘pumped’ through, but that’s what you want to believe. But how would you do that? How would you blink your eyes? How would you manage to hear? How would you swallow? All at the same time?

They have a saying that’s very funny which say’s, ‘that person can’t walk and chew gum at the same time’. I think that’s very funny. But I think it would be even funnier, if you tried to get all your inside organs to function from your brain – it doesn’t work that way.

Now, is the body intelligent? We think so. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “And what happens to the cells if they are dying? I understand that I am not my body, but the cells of my body are themselves, aren’t they? So what happens to them – the idea of extinction doesn’t seem to fit in Datre’s explanation.”

DATRE: Well, okay, lets just take a real simple one. Have you ever reached down and scratched your arm and you get little white flaky stuff that falls off? Those are dying cells. What happens to them? They fall on the floor and you vacuum them up. But in vacuuming them up, they get in the dust bag, you empty the dust bag and where does the dust bag go, the dust bag goes in the garbage and the garbage goes to the dump, the dump moves all kinds of stuff around. But, you don’t know if that dead cell that falled off your arm, what it’s doing in the dump.

So you see, when you look at it from that standpoint – is the dead cell on your body really dead? It has reached the point where it is ‘incompatible’ with the rest of the cells of your body, and you don’t even pay any attention to it. But, because it is incompatible with the rest of the cells of your body, you say, ‘oh that’s just dry skin, that’s dead skin.’ Well, how ‘dead’ is it? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Does the body have sort of an evolution as well, and the cells, the cell particles, the atoms? Is there anything at all which doesn’t evolve?”

DATRE: Well, everything evolves – it’s in a constant state of evolution. I think your peoples that work with bodies say that your bodies are ‘totally’ different after seven years. In other words, seven years before, this is the way your body was and it changes. And by the end of seven years it’s totally ‘different’ than it was, but – it’s constantly changing.

Even in that which you call – when you die you leave the body – so the body goes through a state of deterioration. But, everything deteriorates, but that does not mean that… it just changes its composition. But that happens… your body ‘changes’ all the time. If a body didn’t change all the time, how would ever get past being a baby? You have to. You don’t mind the ‘growing up’ part. But from the time it starts – what you call – going into ‘old age’, then you don’t like it any more. You try and get rid of the ‘wrinkles’ on your face, because you don’t like the wrinkles. Well, if you look at those as signs of ‘expression’, and ‘experience’, then it becomes a different way of looking at things.

In other words, it says to people, ‘I’ve experienced’. Now, when you look at it ‘that’ way, you’re looking at as some of your cultures on your planet do. They revere an older person because they say, ‘that person has had experience’. These are the people that I want to talk to and learn about ‘their’ experience. So, it’s all in the way you ‘look’ at things. But, everything constantly ‘changes’.

Evolution perhaps is a word that we should not use any more. Maybe you would prefer that we use ‘constantly changing’ – because, that’s evolution? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Evolution implies the idea of something “getting better” – but as far as I have understood the Datre material there is no “better”, evolution just “is”. So, does it matter at all if we try to evolve “faster” (I mean, trying to understand the “lessons” which we are teaching ourselves, trying to be an observer, trying not to get caught in mass consciousness etc), if evolution happens anyway?”

DATRE: Well, it all depends on how anxious you are to learn about something. You see, maybe if you would look at it in a ‘different’ way, I think we recently did one on the hobby of a wood carver. The wood carver becomes interested, he starts whittling with a piece of wood and becomes so ‘fascinated’ by what he can do with different instruments to transform a piece of wood into something he wants to transform it into, be it a boat, or an animal, the face of a person, or whatever. That person becomes ‘fascinated’ with doing that process.

You don’t have to look at the Datre material or any of this as being something you ‘have’ to do. It is not going to help you to ‘have’ to do it. You have to be ‘excited’ about learning. That’s why the children going to school today are not learning, because they’re not ‘excited’ about what they’re learning. You give a child a subject in school that they are ‘fascinated’ with, and they will come home with straight A’s. Not because the parents have said, ‘I want you to get better marks in school’. The child is not looking at the marks he’s bringing home; he’s looking at ‘what’ he’s learning.

So, it’s all in the way you look at it. If you’re not interested in anything, regardless of what it is, whether its sports, or whether its the theater, or whether its wood carving, if you’re not interested in it, then put your mind to something you ‘are’ interested in. If you’re interested, things happen ‘automatically’. You become better and better at what you’re interested in – that’s an automatic. You don’t ‘have’ to do anything. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Is a “faster” evolution in any way desirable, does “time” matter in any way?”

DATRE: No, time does not matter in any way. You can do whatever you want at whatever speed you want to do it, it doesn’t matter, its up to you. Those that go around ‘proclaiming’ that they’re this, that and the next thing, that’s fine, if that’s what they want to do. They want to have the ‘recognition’ of being a highly evolved ‘spiritual’ person.

The first thing that that tells me is that their ‘Ego’ is still in the way. A highly evolved ‘spiritual’ individual is someone you would never notice – but you will ‘feel’ their presence. Continue.

JOHN: And her last question is… “Last question: Could anyone choose not to evolve, or is this impossible?”

DATRE: You can choose not to evolve! For the first time – that is a possibility. There is no sense trying to get individuals to continue physicality, if there is no desire to do so. There are enough individuals on this planet that ‘want’ to do something. And if there are those that don’t want to do anything, then that is up to them. If the desire is ‘not’ there at the time of the change over of the BIRTH, they will just cease to exist, because that is their desire. That has never been allowed before.

But, why? Because you’ve never had an ‘evolution’ like this. This is totally unique and different. So things are totally and uniquely and different this time, then any other time. That is ‘evolution’. It’s something totally different and unique.

In other words, if you’re going to spend all these gillions of years evolving to this point, then those that don’t want to ‘evolve’ beyond this point, that is entirely up to them. Continue.


JOHN: We now have some questions from Erica, and her first question is… “When I (we) reach this place of enlightenment will I [she’s referring to the BIRTH] be able to have direct contact with all and how will it be that we can contain this kind of openness doesn’t it blow a few of our fuses, our physical energy and mental states? For those souls that come from Fear base consciousness won’t they react in a violent way?”

DATRE: Well, I can’t totally answer that question because, as we have said previously, this has never been done before. So if its never been done before, we can’t tell you ‘how’ its going to be done. The only way we know ‘how’ its going to work, is when its over, we can say, ‘this is what happened’ – there’s no other way. Its something that’s never been done before – how can you tell the out come? There is no way.

What is going to happen? We don’t know. If the tramatization reaches a certain point that we feel that we’re going to loose ‘everyone’ that has taken part in ‘this’ planetary existence, then there will be some sort of ‘help’ that will be offered to maintain ‘this’ level of physical existence – because, we don’t want to loose the whole thing.

But, this is but ‘one’ point of evolution. That is a ‘continuous’ thing. It doesn’t ‘stop’ here at this planet. Nor does it stop at the next planet, or the next planet, or the next planet. It is an ‘ongoing’ process. And, whether you want to take part in an ongoing process or not, that is entirely up to you.

But, the thing is, what we’ve tried to do, is get you ‘connected’ up with more of the ‘totality’ of YOU then you exhibit in physicality. The more that you can connect up with ‘that’, the more you will understand about your self and ‘who’ you really are. It is hard, because ‘this’ is the way you have set this up. You set this up, to bring but a ‘portion’ of yourself in here for experience.

But, in the process of ‘evolving’, you wanted to do so many things at the ‘same’ time, that you have set up a system of ASPECTS. Now, quite some time ago, maybe a year or so ago, we mentioned about that it was possible at this time, to allow ‘aspects’ of yourself to come back and ‘join’ with you in physicality. And many were beginning to experience things that they were surprised at. In other words, one day they were ‘totally’ and completely interested in something that they had never even thought about. They had ‘absorbed’ an ‘aspect’, and that ‘aspect’s’ desire to do something.

In other words, a business man, who had never ever had any desire to even pay any attention to a painting – yeah, paintings were hanging on the walls in the houses and buildings and so fourth – but he never paid any attention to them, so there were pictures there. Then one day, he had this burning desire to paint. And he was so astounded by it, but it wouldn’t go away. Finally he decided to get himself a piece of paper and some paint and found he thoroughly enjoyed it. Where did that come from? ‘I’m having a grand time’. He’d absorbed an ‘aspect’.

But, you see, some of these things are ‘subtle’ and they’re not noticed. But, if an ‘aspect’ had not developed to a point of anything other than the ‘one’ experience, that one ‘you’ desired to experience, the ‘aspect’ has no validity. It’s just another ‘exploratory’ whatever.

You send things in space all the time – for exploration. And, after the information is brought back, you don’t much care about what brought you the information. If it disintegrates in the atmosphere, it doesn’t matter; you have the information you want. Same with an ‘aspect’. But, if the ‘aspect’ doesn’t return the information to you, it has decided to go on its own and continue experiencing – because, from that point, it can have its own validity. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “In regards to our evolution… I believe my body does understand it all. It seems I am changing and becoming more sensitive to the vibrational levels. I hear and see thoughts and sense peoples thoughts. Almost as though I perceive peoples’ real intentions. It is not a constant state but rather I find myself drifting in and out of like the tide of the ocean. I feel a big gap between myself and others and then union. I understand there will be a separation of consciousness. And I am sure it will happen with discord through the Group Consciousness. I feel my responsibility is to stay centered and real, my only reference is what my body feels. Could you please expand on this process?”

DATRE: Your bodies ‘are’ changing there is no doubt about that. You’ll find that the bodies are becoming more sensitive. Your bodies are changing tremendously. Look at how big your peoples are. A few generations back the peoples were not big, they were not tall, they were very small. The women were around 5 feet tall, they were very small peoples. Look at how big your peoples are now. Look at what you’re doing; the men and women are athletic. My goodness, you go back to Victorian times and what did the women do? They didn’t do any of these activities; they had too many clothes on to do anything to start with. And they were all strapped up and laced up to make themselves beautiful for men.

You see, you don’t ‘look’ at evolution from that standpoint. The thing is, you have evolved in many ways. But the ways you have ‘not’ evolved in is in ‘knowing’ your selves. Its always ‘you’ in relationship to ‘another’ individual. Its ‘not’ you in relationship to ‘yourself’. You don’t know yourselves. And it takes a little effort to ‘know’ yourself.

The woman says, ‘if I had the right husband, I would be…’. And the man says, ‘if I had the right wife, I would be…’. But they never say, ‘when I become the right person, the right man or woman will be there’. That is working on yourself and getting to ‘know’ yourself. You need to ‘know’ your ‘self’, and be comfortable with your ‘self’. The majority of the individuals reading the Datre material have reached the point that they are ‘past’ being ‘reactionary’. They’re “settling down into their lives”.

So, at ‘that’ point, when you are beginning to settle ‘into’ a life, then their need is to begin to ‘know’ them ‘selves’. There are some portions of your planet where the women wear a ‘dot’ on their forehead. I don’t know what it signifies today, whether it signifies what it did many years ago? But, many years ago, that ‘dot’ was put on the forehead of a woman at the time of marriage. That was to ‘remind’ the woman, that after she had raised her family, she was to begin to work on herself. The men are the ones that go to the temples. The men are the ones that do the praying, and all this other. The woman is busy with the family, the house, the cooking and all this ‘other’. But it is to ‘remind’ her – and it is a constant reminder – because, how can you look in the mirror and not see that red dot? It’s also a constant reminder of… for her relatives, to remind her, that when her children are gone, she is to begin working on her self. You don’t have such a thing. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “My love of animals has given me the gift of unconditional love. I am aware of my “Pet Buddies” even in my dream state, we travel together. Are the animals going to blossom as well? Will they live through this rebirth? How closely are we ALL intertwined in this evolution step together? I think animals really do laugh at us. Is humor an evolutionary step? It seems enlightened persons have great humor, do animals have this?”

DATRE: Well, animals are, as we have said, animals are ‘realized’. So they look at things entirely different than you look at things – there is no comparison. Now what an animal does living with a person, an animal ‘mimics’. Animals are very good mimics. Why do you suppose you have all the veterinary services for animals that you have now? Why do animals have arthritis? That is something that they have learned from the humans they live with.

Now, are the animals going to evolve with you? I don’t know. I have no idea what you’re going to set up for your ‘next’ existence. Each and every one of you, on this planet – now you stop and think how many peoples you have here – have all decided what ‘they’ want to experience. Now you will find that there’s commonality in what some people want to experience and what ‘other’ people want to experience. And that is what will ‘separate’ you as to what your ‘experiences’ will be.

When you started out, I’m sure you did not know that you would end up being an ‘electronic’ planet – because that’s what you are, that’s what you’re interested in, that’s the way you function. Everything you use today, has something to do with an ‘electronic’ existence. In order to have light at night, you use electricity. In order to connect with people, you have cell phones, you have regular phones, you have computers, you have tape recorders, this is what you use for ‘connections’. So actually, when you look at it from our standpoint, you are an ‘electronic’ planet.

Electronic is anything that ‘pushes’. Now you say, ‘anything’ that pushes, that includes gasoline’. Gasoline ‘pushes’, how does it ‘push’ – because it explodes. When it explodes, it ‘pushes’. That’s what ‘pushes’ your cars, that’s what ‘pushes’ thing up into the air. You also have things that change your planet, and that’s ‘water’. Your rivers, your oceans, your seas, it all ‘pushes’. There’s where your tides come in. What makes your waters run in your rivers? It’s a ‘pushing’ force.

So, how can we say what ‘you’ want to experience in your next evolution? There are some that are not going to be interested that much in bodies. They’re not going to appreciate having a body any more. They’re not interested in continuing to experience and ‘electronic’ evolution. They are not interested in raising food, preparing it, or eating it. They are not interested in physicality. They would rather experience ‘without’ a body. There are those that want to experience ‘through’ a body. But that is up to each individual. Nobody will separate you, you will separate your self – it’s as simple as that. Change takes place, on a ‘individual’ basis. So we can’t say what you decide you want.

What you… it is like when you are 5 years old and you want that ‘special’ toy for Christmas. And you don’t get that special toy, and the next year, you would still like that special toy – but you don’t get it. At the age of 7 guess what you have under the Christmas tree? That toy that you wanted when you were 5 and 6. But, now you’re 7 and you don’t want it any more. We cannot tell you, because many things will change in your life experiences. And if you were to decide today what you wanted, ten years from now you’ll say, ‘I don’t know why in the world I ever wanted that?’. That’s evolution. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “Who were the Samaritans, where did they come from? Is it true that they genially engineered us? Are we a type of hybrids? How did the different races come about?”

DATRE: Well, number one the Samaritans were peoples on your planet. How could they engineer you if they were here? It can’t be. You were engineered, but you were not engineered by any living group on the planet. No! And really, what difference does it make? Does it matter ‘who’ put your body together, today? Does it really matter? You can’t go ‘forward’ very easily, if you keep looking ‘backward’. It really doesn’t matter. You have to begin to live every day of your life.

When you wake up in the morning, look at it as brand ‘new’. And that is almost an ‘impossibility’, because you have your ‘past’ that is right on the other side of your sleep stage – and you haven’t let it go. When you go to bed at night if you will say, ‘I release all of my uncompleted thoughts’, you will find your body relaxing and sleep will be peaceful. You’ll say, ‘well I couldn’t exist if I lived that way’. Oh yes you can. You can have ‘memories’. And if there’s something you need know, you can go back in there and dig for it and find it. You’ll say, ‘well I can’t forget because I have to use that in my everyday world, I’ve got to ‘work’ with that’. All right, go back and find it. Use it, but then ‘drop’ it – let it go again. Don’t try and ‘file’ it someplace, because you’ll never find it. It’s like the men and women who put things away, ‘I’ll put it here so I’ll be sure and remember where I put it’. Then a week later, they can’t find it.

That is showing you something – but you’re not paying attention to it. Don’t ‘try’ and remember everything – drop it, let it go. When you ‘need’ it, the brain will find it for you – it’s a good computer. How do you suppose you got computers? Computers are modeled ‘after’ brains. So if a computer can find something, my goodness, your brain certainly can. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry it ‘with’ you. That’s why people are unhappy – they carry ‘yesterday’ with them. ‘Well, things always go bad for me, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to me today.’ That’s a good way to start! But ‘start’ what – repetition of what you had.

So really, it does not matter. It doesn’t matter ‘where’ you came from. And it doesn’t matter ‘where’ you are going. It’s your daily existence that matters. That’s what we’ve talked about – living in the ‘moment’, living in the ‘now’. You’ll say, ‘well I’m too busy, I’m too stressed out’. You’re too busy and too stressed out, because you don’t ‘relax’ and let things ‘happen’. You’d be surprised, if you had a workload that is overwhelming – if you’ll say, ‘alright, I’ll do as best I can and I can not do any more’. Then if someone else doesn’t like it, you have done your best. And you tell them, and they say, ‘well, you should have done this and you should have done that’ – you turn around and say, ‘I did the very best I could’. Don’t accept a ‘guilt’ trip that someone else is trying to put on you.

I know these are ‘different’ concepts, but if you will put them to work and put them in ‘action’ you won’t be ‘stressed’ out, because nobody can stress you. You cannot be ‘stressed’ if you do the very best that you can – and you are satisfied with your ‘self’. You’re not here to please ‘other’ people, that is not why you came into this physicality. You came in here to learn what physicality was about, and enjoy it. Then you should start doing it.

Don’t be concerned about ‘yesterday’ – be concerned about ‘today’, because a ‘good’ today, leads to a better tomorrow. We thank you.

We are Datre.
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