Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can help you achieve your weight loss goals through belief. Belief is the cornerstone of the Law of Attraction program, which says that somebody who uses the law to achieve personal success must begin to visualize and believe their goals. If they want to reduce their debt, for example, they may visualize getting a better paying job or becoming frugal to help them achieve their goals. They will start living this lifestyle, and the goal will become a reality in that person’s life. Weight loss can be achieved through a similar method. If you think that this may work for you, this article will give you advice on how to best use the Law of Attraction to achieve your weight loss goals.

Firstly, it is extremely important that you learn how to visualize your goals. This means that you thoroughly analyze your goals and think about how your life would be different if you achieved them. For weight loss, think about how you will feel and act when you have lost the weight that you need to. How will your life change and what will you do? By asking yourself these types of questions, you will allow weight loss to start becoming a reality in your life. Visualization is not simply imagining your body once you have lost weight, but really thinking about what it would mean for your life.

Next, make sure you take time to plan your path to weight loss success. Weight loss will require a lot of work beyond simply visualizing your goals. Think about what you need to do in order to lose weight. Start to make plans that detail what types of exercise you want to do and when and where you will do it. You should also begin to think about your food plan. You will need adequate nutrition and it will take work to find and purchase the food you need. As well, you will have to ensure that you are drinking plenty of fluids and getting adequate sleep throughout the process. Write down the details for your plans. This will help you to become absorbed in the new lifestyle you are about to have.

Once you have made your plans for weight loss, you should go and purchase everything you will need to begin the process. If you need new clothing, exercise equipment, or gym memberships, now would be the time to purchase them. Start to regularly buy the healthy the healthy food you need to eat and implement it into your diet. Then, you can plan rewards for all of your milestones. Different people prefer different types of milestones, and whether you like to measure your success in terms of pounds, increased health, or greater confidence, these rewards will help you to feel compensated for all of your hard work.

Once your plans have been completed, it is time to truly change your lifestyle. Part of the Law of Attraction is to live like the person you want to be like. Think about a thin and healthy person and start modeling your actions after that person. If you are pondering on whether or not to eat more food, think about whether this thin and healthy person would do so. Whenever you are tempted to eat unhealthy food or be lazy and not exercise, try to follow the actions of a regular thin person. You don’t have to be thin to live like it.

By using the Law of Attraction, you can lose weight easily and effectively. Through visualizing and living thin, you will achieve your weight loss goals.

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Law of Attraction: Manifesting Better Health

Every time everyone talks about the law of attraction, money is always the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, that’s the ultimate goal for everyone including myself… to attain financial freedom. Many equate financial freedom to happiness which may be true according to their respective interpretation. However, when you truly understand the interaction between money and this universal law, you will realize that this focus can lead to changes that may not necessarily equate to happiness. Poor thinking and poor practices can lead to manifestations that backfire!

In order for the law of attraction to work for you, it is good to remember a crucial key which is an appreciation for your present state of abundance. A thankfulness for all the blessings that are already in your life which interprets into the realization that there is actually nothing lacking at all but instead a welcome state for more abundance. With an attitude for gratitude, you are aligning your positive feeling into harmony with the Universe.

In gratitude, you realize that money is important, but not more important than your health. A continuing state of health in the pink is a state of freedom that is immeasurable to anything else you would want look forward to experience in your life.

Now you may begin to question, “Is it possible to manifest the level of health that you want using the law of attraction?”

The principles of the law of attraction are applicable to anything you want to bring forth into your life and it does make sense in leading you down the path of good health. You can use it just the way you would apply to manifesting financial freedom by removing the fears and expectation of illnesses that surround you. You know that the Universe sends back to you whatever you send out in your focused thoughts that are strengthened by your emotions.

Good health is a natural state of your body. Believing this becomes your reality but when you allow your body to be overcome with stress, fatigue and over-indulgence, your vitality becomes your own victim. Drained of all energy, your thoughts are weakened into feeling unwell, depleted and beaten. During these challenged state, your thoughts and emotions are easily hijacked to trigger the negative physiological responses in your body. Believing them to be irreversible or incurable will soon become your reality too!

Change your belief system to return your mindset and emotions that attracts good health. Be grateful for every little improvement you noticed in your everyday health as you regain the power to repel the negative thoughts. Your belief system is a powerful tool that can help you to regain your health and vitality. There are no guarantees that you will never fall sick or suffer from an illness but it is important to believe that you deserve good health and complementing with the necessary measures to maintain a positive balance can make it happen.

Being conscious of your own ability to manifest a better health, you can create deliberate acts to ensure your body generates the positive physiological responses by starting on the following steps;

1. Identify the state of good health you want: Understanding the law of attraction, you know you will need to determine what good health is in your mind. If you are intent on losing weight as part of regaining your health, define how much weight you want to lose and the time frame. If you are looking to repair your general health, define the goal you are looking for. Even if you seek the prevention of a hereditary condition, define what you are looking for.

2. Focus on your desired state of good health: Always remember to focus on your end result… the state of where you want to be and not where you are or how you are getting from now to then. Free yourself from being methodical and trust the Universe to guide you.

3. Take inspired action to achieve good health: This is the most common statement that involves the process of self-improvement. Well, your desire to maintain or attain good health is very much a part of self-improvement. For the law of attraction to work for you, this is a necessary part of the process. Allowing the Universe to take its course, the solutions will be lined up for you and it is up to you to take the actions you are inspired to do. It could be a new exercise regime, a new eating habit, quit smoking, follow a prescribed list of medication or undergo a certain corrective surgery.

The power to turn your health around is in your hands. You decide what you want, focus, take the necessary actions and let the Universe show you the way to a healthy happy life!
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Datre 136 – This is your evolution

Datre answers; Raphiem, Keim, Ian, Sue and Consciousness.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Raphiem, and his question is… “Who/What is Merlin?? Apart from the well known Arthurian legends which we have lots of info… I’m asking from a spiritual/metaphysics angle rather than the legend… what does Merlin represent??? What was his purpose??”

DATRE: Well, that is something we know nothing about. You have a lot of story lines that you have used in the ‘evolution’ of the species. What has happened is, at the time these ‘myths’ or stories are ‘told’, shall we say, they were pertinent information for the people of the time.

Now, that has been and still is in existence in many of that which you call your ‘tribes’. Your Indians and your Aborigines and a lot of your people in the remote areas of your planet, still have the ‘stories’. And they’re passed down from generation to generation.

Now, that is no longer done where you have the speed of computers. If you want information, you sit down at a computer and plug in whatever you can find on that particular subject and it will give you all the information that you are looking for.

Now, in the ‘tribes’ that exist today that still carry on their ancestral information by word of mouth, these stories are carried down through the generations. But, their evolution is different than yours. Your evolution, at this point in time is of… ‘how fast can we get information?’. The tribes don’t care how ‘fast’ they get information, its what they ‘do’ with the information that they get.

Now, as to looking for anything that’s of a ‘spiritual’ nature in any ‘stories’, it would depend on the ‘story’ at the ‘time’ it was given to the people that were in the area. So you see, its very difficult to say – from this vantage point – what that was all about. Because, you don’t ‘think’ the same now as the people at that time did.

You don’t… like with this King Arthur, John said that was the connection, what did King Arthur and his men do? Number one, they rode on horses. They went into battle with metal armor that they wore. They had shields and spears, and this is the way they fought. What do you have now? You have huge airplanes that drop bombs. You have super great rifles to ‘kill’ with. Do you see the difference?

It’s the same thing with any ‘myth’ or story line that came out of a ‘particular’ portion of that which you call ‘time’. What in the world would someone like King Arthur do today if he were able to step from his round table into ‘this’ reality? He would go stark raving mad because his ‘brain’ could not handle the ‘concepts’ that you use for everyday living.

So, I’m not trying to be evasive, but I think what needs to be done is not be concerned with what ‘was’, but what ‘is’. Then not with what ‘is’, but what is going to happen. Where are you going and what are you going to do? It is the ‘forward’ thrust that is important.

They always say, ‘history repeats itself’. It repeats itself, but it does not give you any ‘lessons’, because you don’t ‘learn’ from it. They were talking on the radio today, about the World war in Korsavo with the Arabs and the Serbs. That war was started because the Arabs and the Serbs were fighting. They’ve only been fighting for seven hundred years – that’s no big deal. But, the thing is you had two countries that took different sides. One country took the side of the Serbs and the side of the Arabs, and you got yourselves into a World War that lasted five years. That is what you are trying to avoid today.

History has repeated itself, you have the Arabs and the Serbs fighting again, hating each other, what did you learn from the last one? Nothing. History repeats it self, but why does it repeat itself? Because you don’t use the abilities that you have for ‘forward’ thinking. Continue.


JOHN: We now have a question from Keim and the question is… “I want to know if the body is able to fly… and how we can fly… did we forget? They should have given a manual with this vehicle.”

DATRE: Well, if you can get to know your body well enough to be able to make it fly, it’s all up to you. It’s nobody else’s body but yours. Do you know your body well enough to be able to get it off the ground?

If you want to try flying, why don’t you try ‘levitation’? That would be a good beginning. There are people that can do that very easily. That would be a good experiment for you. Lie down on a floor, and relax to the point that the body leaves the ground. Have someone there to put their hands underneath your body so that you ‘know’ that you have actually come off the floor. That can be done. So, if you want to try that, that would be a great deal of fun for you to try.

Get to ‘know’ your bodies, that is what you came here for. It’s a vehicle that you use every day and pay no attention to. So, if you want to have fun, first try levitating your body – get it off the floor. See how high you can go. But, you know what will happen? You’ll ‘think’ about it, and the minute you ‘think’ about it, you’re going to hit the floor again. Because, that’s the one thing that stands in your way. The body is a marvelous instrument – if you allow it. But, your ‘brain’ – that ‘you’ control – is what stops it. You need to work ‘with’ your body. Find out what it can do – it is a great deal of fun. Continue.


JOHN: And now we have a question from Ian and the question is… “Hi. I was wondering if Datre could elaborate on these ‘new energies’ mentioned in the introduction. What is meant by ‘those will go to another reality’?”

DATRE: I believe, if you were to go back through all the Datre material, of which there is ‘tons’ of it, over a period of I don’t know how much time (almost a million words) you will find that we have explained over and over again… in fact we just did a transcript – which you should have now – on the ‘energies’. That should have given you some idea of what that is all about.

Now, the ‘energies’ are there to help those that are able to use them to further their ‘evolution’. In other words, you all try to get your bodies to be more sensitive all the time. Then as your bodies become more sensitive they are able to detect a ‘difference’ in what you call your ‘atmosphere’ – and they begin to work with that. And that is what is going to ‘allow’ them to be able to leave this planet.

They talk about the Mayan civilization and what happened to it – it disappeared. Now, you must remember that there was a great deal of difference at that time. Everyone worked together on a ‘common’ thought. And they reached, through their commonality, a stage where they figured that they ‘knew’ all that they desired to know about ‘physicality’ at ‘that’ time of their evolution – and they all left the planet together. Where did they disappear to?

Well, we could ask you, where do you disappear to when you put the body to sleep? You never stop and think about that. You don’t stay in your body – why would you? That would be so boring. You couldn’t ‘do’ anything with the body, the body is asleep. So you leave it. No big deal. But, when you get ‘into’ the body and open the ‘eyes’, that’s when your ‘fear’ comes in. That one simple process creates ‘fear’ – and we do not know why. This was supposed to be an evolution of the ‘body’. You had the manual. You were the one that was going to make all the changes. You got in the body and you ‘forgot’ all about it. And you’ve forgotten all about it for all this time – you pay no attention to it, it’s a nuisance. If it was such a nuisance, why do you keep coming back into it? Learn about it and have ‘fun’ with it. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a question from Sue, and her question is… “How do we reprogram the subconscious? There have been a lot of easy answers, but none of them worked for me.”

DATRE: Well, you don’t ‘program’ the subconscious. You have a lot of fancy words in your physicality. You have your ‘conscious’ and your ‘subconscious’ and all these other things.

If you OBSERVE ‘what’ is happening and ‘why’ it is happening, you’ll begin to understand that your answers are all there. Remember, this is ‘your’ reality. It is yours to create, as you so desire. No one else has any control over you, in any way-shape-or-form, unless it is allowed. If you ‘allow’ someone to have control over you in the body, you have to turn around and ‘look’ – ‘you’ are the one that ‘allowed’ it. If you don’t want anyone to have control over you or your body, then don’t ‘allow’ it. That is one of your big ‘learning’ things, right there.

There are no ‘accidents’. You plan ‘everything’ for whatever reason you ‘want’ to plan it. Then they’ll say, ‘I don’t know why some people have so many problems?’. Because, your ‘learning’ process is to learn certain lessons that ‘you’ decided that ‘you’ wanted to learn – for your own evolution. Then they’ll say, ‘well, this tragedy and that tragedy and another tragedy keeps happening to that person all the time’. Well, if that person ‘learned’ from the ‘first’ tragedy, as it is called, there wouldn’t have to be a second. It’s that simple.

So, its up to ‘you’ to do as ‘you’ so desire. But, you just don’t go around willy-nilly – you ‘watch’ what’s happening.

It is very simple, John had a question that was ‘nagging’ him, and he kept saying, why? why?, I can’t understand, why? And then last night he was listening to something – ‘one’ sentence – in two hours of dialogue gave him the answer. It’s always there, but are you able to pick it up? You’re putting up ‘sign-posts’ all the time for yourself. Something for you to ‘see’, something for you to ‘listen’ to, for ‘your’ understanding. You do it all the time, but you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. You’ll say, well, this is a busy world and I don’t have time. We’ve heard that enough times.

But, if you’re more interested in running around in physicality, then you are in your ‘evolution’, that also is up to you. There are those that are ‘fascinated’ by the ‘evolutionary’ process – not of the people, but of themselves. It is a fascinating ‘game’ you play with your self. And when you begin to learn what the ‘game’ is all about, it becomes more ‘fascinating’.

So, I know there are people who have said, ‘Datre said, ‘its all up to ‘you” and its the first time I’ve ever heard that said. But, in turn they have said, ‘I have gained a ‘freedom’ that I never knew I could possibly have’ – because, its not up to anybody else, its up to ‘me”. That EMPOWERS you to do what you want to do. Continue.


JOHN: And finally, we have a question from a person who calls them self Consciousness, and their question is… “GOD put us on Earth to learn by ourselves and make our own decisions. (I refer to GOD as any superior mind state). Why is Datre interfering?”

DATRE: Well, we are not ‘interfering’; we are supplying you with information. Now, it is ‘your’ belief system that you have a God that has these certain things that he allows you to do and/or tells you to do or whatever. That is your “belief system”. Everyone’s belief system is different. There are those that ‘believe’ that ‘they’ create everything that they experience. Their belief says, ‘I decide when I’m coming back again into physicality. I decide ‘who’ my parents are going to be – I pick my parents. Because, I pick my parents for a ‘specific’ reason to ‘learn’ something that I wanted to learn.’ They have complete control. Those people have ‘that’ belief. They are the ‘creators’ of their own reality – beginning to end.

There are others that have a ‘different’ belief system. They believe that God puts them here to do different things. Well, if something happens – it’s the will of God. It is two different sides of the same coin.

The one thing that you have to look at – at both sides of the coin – is the one thing that you want to keep in mind, at all times, regardless of which side of the coin you believe in, “THIS IS YOUR EVOLUTION”. What do ‘you’ want to learn? What do ‘you’ want to get out of this physical existence? What is it you want to understand? Understand with a ‘knowingness’ that is not intellectual, but a ‘deep’ feeling within you.

There are those in the psychic community that say, ‘we all have the feeling we want to go ‘home”. And yet no one knows where ‘home’ is. You know why they can’t find ‘home’? Because, its there all the time. You are ‘not’ your body; you are using the body for your experience. But, you always ‘have been’, you ‘are’ and you always ‘will be’.

So… there’s another saying, ‘home is where the heart is’. Home is where ‘you’ are at ‘this’ particular moment. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s in ‘this’ reality, or ‘another’ reality – your ‘home’ is where ‘you’ are. And you know where you are? It’s where ever you desire to put your ‘focus’ of attention for ‘your’ evolution.

Datre is not interfering, as you call it. We are trying to give you ‘options’. Giving you other ways of thinking about your physical reality. It is entirely up to ‘you’ as to whether you wish to read the information or not. It doesn’t matter; the information is there for you to do as you please. But, remember, there are always two sides to every coin. Why are there two sides to every coin? Because, this is the way this physical existence, this reality, is set into motion. And it will remain that way until the BIRTH. At the time of the BIRTH, and you go to ‘other’ planets for your experiences, it will be different. But, it will still be ‘your’ evolution. Enjoy your evolution, in whatever way you wish to do so. We thank you.

We are Datre.

Datre 135- Is there a God?

Datre answers Elveta.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Elveta and her first question is… “Is there no GOD at all? By GOD, I mean a single originating source?”

DATRE: There was an ‘original’ source, undoubtedly, at one time or another. But, that was so many EONS ago that no one remembers when there was a ‘beginning’.

Now, you have the ‘big bang’ theory that was the ‘beginning’, from what ‘you’ refer to as the ‘beginning’. But, if you want to look at it ‘that’ way – a big bang – if you want to call it that way, you could say, that was the ‘beginning’ of a “Universe”. But, you’re not the only Universe that’s existing. There’s lots of Universes.

Now, to put things in perspective, the “Universe” that you are in – what you call your Universe, is anything that you can ‘see’, you say that’s your Universe. You can see the Milky Way and you can see all these other things and you can see all the stars and all that kind of stuff – and you call that your Universe. But, that Universe, that you call your Universe, is but ‘one’ little section of a BIG Universe that you reside in.

So, when you stop and get figured down like that, then you see, you’re only a ‘little’ portion of a BIGGER Universe. And, there is more than ‘one’ BIG Universe. Now, have you got your mind out so far you can’t get it back in your head again? But, you see, that’s what’s good to start ‘stretching’ to realize the magnitude of that which you call “creation”. Creation didn’t start on this planet with Adam and Eve. That’s what we’re trying to get you to do, is ‘think’ beyond that point.

Now, you have Adam and Eve and you have God and you have Jesus and you have all your different Hindu Gods and all of that – that’s ALL planet. That has nothing to do with Universal understanding. That’s planetary. And you are but ‘one’ planet and you look out and you say, ‘well, this is our Universe’. That’s fine, that’s all you can see, that’s all your instruments will provide you with. If you were to see even ‘one quarter’ of the Universe in which you are presently residing, it would be something you couldn’t comprehend.

So, you see, when you say, ‘is there a God?’ you’re thinking in planetary terms. We talk about EONS and it’s like you talk about ‘billions’ of dollars. And yet, you have no concept of a ‘billion’ dollars. You talk about it, its ‘paper’ talk. You don’t know what a ‘billion’ is. ‘Well, its so many zero’s that go down on a piece of paper’ and you don’t pay any attention to it. ‘This costs a million dollars. And we’re going to have to send millions here and billions there and that…’ But you have no ‘concept’ of what that’s all about – because its ‘paper’ transfer, you don’t ‘see’ anything.

Now, when you talk about a twenty dollar bill or a fifty dollar bill, or maybe even a hundred dollar bill, that maybe at some time you have seen, then you understand that. But, you put things in newspapers, on television and everything else, about ‘millions’ and ‘billions’ and you can’t comprehend. Its like taking a penny, and comparing that to a ‘billion’ dollars, is like comparing the planet Earth to the Universe that you can see. Does that put things into perspective?

So, then you ask if there is a God, and if there’s an ‘originating’ source – and this is but ‘one’ Universe and there are ‘other’ Universes – you figure. Continue.

JOHN: And she goes on to ask… “What happens to the animals at the time of the BIRTH?”

DATRE: They leave the planet. Animals are very different than you are. When an animal doesn’t want to live any more, they leave the physical construct and let the physical construct die in whatever way. They talk about, ‘oh, the poor cat or dog that got run over by a car’. That cat or that dog, left the body ‘before’ it got run over.

So, the planet is going to be no more – you’re not going to ‘live’ on this planet any more, you’re going to ‘other’ planets. The cat or dog will leave their bodies behind and ‘go’. That is no big deal for them – because, they ‘know’ they’re ‘not’ the body. That’s what you can’t comprehend yet. You can’t comprehend, that you are ‘not’ the body – but an animal can. That’s why we say, that an animal is ‘realized’. An animal is ‘realized’ at that point of their evolution – they have gone through a BIRTH for that understanding. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “At the time of the BIRTH, do we just wake up in the castle, so to speak?”

DATRE: That depends on your own ‘individual’ evolution as to what you understand – as to where you’re going to go. Now there are those that have absolutely ‘no’ understanding about what any of this is all about. They will be taken someplace else.

You see, as soon as you get out of the body, ‘you’ act and react differently to situations. See, the only thing that you can relate to is, when you leave the body – its death. So you have life/death, life/death, life/death and that’s all you have to remember. But, at the time of the BIRTH, for many, it can be like ‘death’. In other words, you will ‘leave’ the body behind. And there will be a ‘recognition’ that, all of a sudden you are someplace else. But you will continue your ‘evolution’ at whatever stage you are at, at the time that happens.

Your evolution does not stop, simply because you get out of one physical containment and get into another. If you get out of one physical containment and get into another, and you are on another planet, what difference does it make? You ‘evolve’ at your ‘own’ rate of speed.

JOHN: It’s just like going from one classroom to another.

DATRE: Exactly the same. If you go – if you’re in school – when you go from one grade to another, you’re going into a new set of rooms. Is that traumatic? You look forward to it, because it’s something new different and interesting. Same thing with the BIRTH. You’ve got a different kind of a body. You’ve got a different kind of environment – gee, this is fun. I’m tired of the old way of doing things. This is all brand new, what do we do here? What can we do here? And that’s the excitement of the BIRTH. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues along and asks… “In other words, will we “materialize”, for lack of a better word, or will we actually have to go through a physical birth and be infants again?”

DATRE: Well, what do you do here? No big deal, you come back in every time as babies and start over again.

Now, do you go to babies again? Who knows, I don’t know where you’re going. And I cannot tell ‘you’ where you are going, because it’s ‘your’ evolution. But, I will tell you there is nothing to be feared, there is only excitement to be gained – because it is ‘your’ evolution. Evolution is a ‘fun’ thing. You’ve been on this planet doing the same thing for long periods of time – wouldn’t you like to have something new? Wouldn’t you like to have some ‘new’ things to ‘explore’ and experiment with? Depending upon your ‘individual’ evolution will depend upon what type of an environment you will find yourself in.

Some of you will find yourself in something similar to a physical existence like you have here on this planet. And there are others that are anxious to ‘avoid’ any more ‘physical’ existence’s, because they ‘understand’ physicality. They understand ‘who’ they are. They understand they are ‘not’ the body. They understand ‘what’ makes this planet ‘tick’, shall we say. They understand the trees and the plants and the animals. Not ‘intellectually’, but from a ‘knowingness’ – because they have evolved to that point. And when they have evolved to that point, and when they ‘know’ that when they come into a body, its just something they use for a few hours a day, and then they leave it, in that which you call sleep in nighttime, or whatever. They come and go, in and out of their bodies – its no big deal to them. So, they’re ready for a change.

The trauma is going to happen to those that ‘die’ and don’t know anything ‘about’ evolution. Its amazing how much smarter you can get, with just understanding the first, very simple principle – you’re ‘not’ your body. And once you’ve figured ‘that’ one out, everything becomes a lot easier. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Are these energies coming onto the planet related to the CME’s?”

DATRE: What’s a CME?

JOHN: “CME’s are corona mass ejection’s. Solar flares which blast the earth with bursts of electrically charged particles.”

DATRE: My, but that’s an interesting observation. We are being blasted with electrical particles – all right, if that’s the way you figure it, we’ll go from that point. The solar flares have an effect on your planet – your science knows that. This has nothing to do with ‘solar’ flares what-so-ever.

The energy WAVES that are coming on the planet, are WAVES that you cannot detect with your present instrumentation. What is coming on your planet is what are referred to as WAVE form energy. And you do not know WAVE form energy – we’ve said that before. Your science says, ‘these are wave forms’ – because they make a certain pattern. They’re detecting the ‘particles’ in the WAVEform, but not a WAVEform.

WAVE form energy, is that which you have in the Universe. The individuals, on this planet, in physicality, that are used to working with the WAVEform energy of the Universe, recognize these WAVES because, they are able to work with them – even in physicality. And the more that they work with those energies of which they are familiar with, the more ‘their’ physical construct changes, the more their brain patterning changes, that allows them greater understanding of ‘Universality’ – where they came from. They will get to the point, where they will ‘totally’ disappear from this planet. They are familiar with doing that.

That is why the WAVEform energies are coming on this planet, to assist them in their BIRTH – because, they do not need to be ‘tied’ to this physicality. Now, those in physicality, have the opportunity to be able to work with this new type of energy. That is something very different and ‘new’ to them. Now, I can hear the next question, ‘how do we do it?’. There is no way to teach it. There will be those that will ‘tell’ you that they can do it, but they can’t. That is something that each ‘individual’ is going to have to be able to understand and be able to work with. It’s not something that can be ‘taught’.

It is no different than, they’ll say, ‘so and so is a great teacher’. We can teach you ‘intellectually’. And you can say all the buzzwords, and you can have all the right answers to every question – but do you ‘know’ what you’re talking about? You have to get the information ‘intellectually’ into the brain to be able to work with it – that’s why we talk to you. But, when its there, can “you” work with it? Can “you” understand what’s going on? That’s the difference. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “I have also chosen to have a healthy body and have further chosen to avoid physical pain and discomfort. Will I therefore not feel these physical symptoms, which you speak of in relation to the energies? Because I never get headaches – never have, don’t want to! Never have back problems, never want to.”

DATRE: That depends on your evolution. We can tell you right now, of very healthy individuals, they are not sick individuals, they don’t have headaches, they don’t have backaches, they don’t have any of this. They don’t know what its like to be sick – they’re perfectly healthy people. Sickness and illness is not something they’re familiar with. But, we get letters from them saying, ‘something’s happening, and I don’t understand what its all about. I’m getting strange sensations in my body. I’m getting headaches, I’ve never had a headache, I didn’t know what a headache was. I know what a headache is now. I don’t understand these problems.’. They have reached an understanding and sensitivity, and the sensitivity of the body is what’s being affected.

If you have a very strong healthy body and you don’t know anything about any of this, about evolution… about any of it, no interest in it what-so-ever – they’re not going to have as many problems. They probably will have dis-ease, which is something they can die from – because they’re ready for death. But as far as experiencing a lot of these ‘finer’ energies, they won’t. Its only in understanding your surrounding environment that you will begin to feel changes within the physical body – because, your brain changes with your thought patterns.

You start making connections with your environment and begin to understand some of these things we’re talking about, your brain ‘changes’ the physical construct. That may be hard to understand, but it actually does. When your physical construct changes, that’s when you will begin to ‘feel’ these things because of your sensitivity. Strong healthy people, that live in great big cities, all of a sudden are noticing ‘odors’ that they’ve never noticed before. ‘Why do I smell this, I never smelled that before?’ ‘Why do I taste things so differently?’ Because, the body is changing. They’re beginning to work with the WAVE energies. WAVE energies cause your whole physical construct to change.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well, they don’t look any different than they ever did before’. The change goes on in the inside. Its not on the outside, you don’t wear it like you do your clothing. People change their clothing to be ‘different’ and in being ‘different’ they all look like the ‘group’ that they’re in. It doesn’t change a thing. You can dress any way you want to on the ‘outside’, it doesn’t matter. It’s on the ‘inside’ that matters. Your whole physical construct changes. Your hormones change. You lymph nodes, your glands, your blood. Everything within your body changes. It becomes ‘finer’, if you want to use that word. You’ll find that as these peoples bodies changes, they become more sensitive. And in becoming more sensitive, they will ‘notice’ all of these things.

When your body has less heavy particles in it, you have to ‘push’ yourself around during the day, in this environment – when you have ‘heavy’ particles, you don’t notice it. But, you take a finer body, and there are days when it feels like you have to ‘plow’ through, that which you call, physical ‘air’ – because it feels heavy, it feels like you’re ‘pushing’ against it, and its a beautiful day. But, that all comes with the understanding. It is a ‘grand’ journey – enjoy. We thank you.

We are Datre.

What Are Vedas And What Is Vedanta About – An Inquiry Into Principles

“VEDANTA” is a subject which purely teaches the main theme of Vedas. Vedanta means that it is the essence of Vedas. Obviously, if we find any book or any article, we would certainly try to know the beginning and the end, so that the main theme or the essence of that can be known! In the same manner trying to find the beginning and end of Vedas through an enquiry into that will give out a clear main theme of Vedas, but, we can’t find the beginning and end of Veda’s as they are immortal and infinite. In this universe man can find beginning and end to those things which are created by man only, but this Creation, Vedas, Time and Space are never created by man and they are unknown to the human minds with confined consciousness but, we can feel their inner truth with Super consciousness.

Vedanta gives a clear conclusion to Vedas; it will reveal you the “TRUTH” that which is the cause for Vedas. The beginning is called as “UPAKRAMAM” and the end is called as “UPASAMHARAM”. Between Upakramam and Upasamharam there are number of principles, doctrines and theories but we can know all those only when we see Upakramam and Upasamharam. Only when we read a book from beginning to end, shall we come to know the main theme of that book and points in that book. In the same way “Vedanta” is a subject which deals with every point of Veda and gives out a crystal clear understanding regarding the points that are dealt in Vedas. Veda is called as “ETERNAL LAW” as it is the immortal one and primordial and primitive cause, Vedas are with out beginning and end. Vedas are not confined to space and time. Vedas stand as substratum to everything of this universe; Vedas are the primary cause for “LAW”, all the species on this earth are governed by that very law. Vedas are not born, they are not composed by man. Vedas are taught only by speech; they should not be kept on paper. So, they are called as “Sabda Brahmam”. “AUM” is the cause for Vedas, “AUM” belongs to the supreme self, the supreme self is beyond sound and speech. That is the cause of all but, yet seems to be not. “Supreme Self” is the cause for the manifested form of self called “Vishnu” “Brahma” and “Siva” and again “Vishnu” is the cause for Vedas, as “Vishnu” is immortal, infinite, unfathomable and beginning less and endless, Vedas do also have the same characteristics. Vedas discuss about the supreme self, they try to express and describe the form, shape, colour, altitude of supreme self but at last, they concluded with “Not this Not this” (Neti – Neti; in Sanskrit).

“YO vedadau Swarah prokto vedante cha prathisti tha” (in Sanskrit)

Means, that supreme self is existing eternally in the beginning and end of Vedas.

To know the meaning and theme of Vedas here are certain principles. “Memamsa “ will reveal us about these principles. To know the meaning and theme of Vedas, we have seven principles that are revealed by ‘Memamsa’. They are 1. Upakramam, (Beginning) 2.Upasamharam, (Conclusion) 3. Abhyasam, (Practice) 4. Apoorvatha, (Praise) 5. Phalam, (Result) 6. Arthavadam, (Meaning) 7. Upapathi. Before we discuss about these seven principles. There are two types of Memamsa revealed by Jaimini and Vyasa. They are (1) Purva memamsa (2) Uthara Memamsa. According to the purva Memamsa, composed by “Jaimini” we have 10 points. (1) Creation: By the Supreme Self, it is infinite and immortal. It is like a flow of fission and fusion. (2) Jeva: Materialistic consciousness filled individual who thinks that he is Karta(Doer) and Bhokta (Owner). (3) Cause for attachment or bondages: Restricted actions. (4) Bondage: The sorrow that is to be experienced in hell as a result of the restricted actions. (5) Liberation: Securing or achieving the pleasures of heaven. (6) Abnegation for Liberation: Righteous actions that are revealed by Vedas. (7) Adhikari: Aims at the fruits of action. (8) Main Action: Karma Kanda (Duty/Action). (9) Duality/Non duality: Duality in self. (10) Result: Purification of mind – Chitta Suddhi.

According to the “Uthara Memamsa” , composed by “Vyasa Maharshi” also, we have 10 similar points but, their definitions and principles are different. (1) Creation: It is Maya, which is having form, name and action, which created the universe with unmanifestable materialistic power, that which is depending on the Supreme Self. (2) Individual (Jeva) : Jeva is known to be as ignorant. The universal consciousness of self is clouded by nescience. (Avidya). (3) Cause for Bondage: Nescience. (4) Bondage: Actions performed with Nescience. (5) Liberation: Achieving or experiencing supreme bliss by the cessation of actions of nescience. (6) Abnegation for Liberation: Trying for Real – Existence – Infinite – Non-dual knowledge of Parabrahman. (Brahma-Jnana). (7) Main Action: Jnanakanda. (Knowledge). (8) Duality/Non-duality of Self: Non-duality. (9) Adhikari: Aims at the pure- (Nirmala – Nirdhosa) four qualities called “Sadhana Chatushtaya”. (10) Result: Direct knowledge regarding Supreme Self and Non-duality in thought, experience. (aparoksha jnanubhuti tatdwara jivanmukthi.)

Now, Let us come to the main seven principles, and deal with each principle:


The beginning and end of Vedas explain the similar and one point. If beginning is other than the end. Then how can the conclusion be the absolute? The beginning point is undifferentiated from the ending point. If beginning and the end have “Oneness” in the principle. Then, that is said to be the main theme of that particular book or essay. So Upakramam and Upasamharam deal with the same points.


Repeating the same principle again and again, a hundred of times is nothing but, Abhyasa. If we want to recollect some principle or point and to keep it in memory we will repeat it many number of times. To make any point or thought as a principle or doctrine, Abhyasa will invigorate it. So, Abhyasa is nothing but incessant practice.


We may read a book for the first time and grasped some information. In the second reading also we may find the same information. And in the third and fourth reading also we may find the same, but, if we find any thing new information in those readings, then it is said to be the principle of that particular reading. Besides the information we acquired in previous readings this takes a peculiar representation because, it is acquired after so many readings. So, it will have some vitality and that is called as “APOORVATA”.


We generally find some slokas in a book which say that by reading this book so and so result comes out and the meaning of the sloka will be backed up by some experiences, illustrations and etc.,. We can find this commonly in devotional books, slokas, prayers where at the end we find some special paras which will reveal about the result, they are called “Phala Sruti”. So this is called as “Phalam” means the result or fruit.


Speaking about lot of topics and describing, explaining, praising one particular topic or point with some examples and illustrations is called as “Arthavadam”.


Speaking about some point and proving its time of existence, character and etc., then that point will be the main point of that essay and that is said to be the ‘UPAPATHI’. For example in Adisankaras life history the author will prove his time and age of existence, his place of existence, his characters, behavior, his magnanimity and grandeur and etc., then these points will become the importance of that book.

Memamsa says that by the consideration of the seven principles the meaning of the subject can be decided. Deciding the meaning of subject with the help of the above cited seven points is known as “TATPARYA LINGAM”. If any one of the above principles are acquired it is enough and if all the seven are acquired then there will be no doubt regarding the meaning extracted from the subject.

If we consider Vedas with this law of Memamsa then, we can easily know that the beginning and end of the Vedas are one and the same and also that the former lies in latter and the latter lies in former. The swara (Tune) of veda at the beginning will continue till the end, likewise the beginning starts with describing, explaining and expressing parabrahman and this continues till the end and yet, describing, explaining and expressing parabrahman will not end. The Vedas are still chanting Neti – Neti (Not this-Not this) from ages. So, by taking “this” into consideration we can say that the “end” is still so far away and most probably it may not exist. “This” is the word which shows the object nearer to us. Then, Vedas are still saying and negating “Not this” so, it indirectly means that Vedas are marching towards the “end” of that subject. Then how it became beginning less?

Vedas started the subject – parabrahman with a continuous series.  It is obvious that if one subject is started in continuous series then the subjective aspect is sure to exist from long before.  So, “Para Brahman” is beginning less and endless and in praising and explaining “Parabrahman” Vedas also turned to be beginning less and endless.  We do not know, when, where and how Vedas came into existence and we have a story of ancient history of the Sage Bharadwaja who tried to learn Vedas completely.  This story is “ Bharadwaja Maharshi is under going vedic education in deep meditation.  One day, he learned Vedas to the maximum that no one can ever learn, still he is having unsatisfaction so, he prayed for Lord Brahma, the creator.  Brahma appeared before Bharadwaja and asked him what for he prayed him?  Bharadwaja said that he would like to study Vedas completely and asked Brahma a boon to live on the earth until he completes it.  Then Brahma replied, “Oh! Bharadwaja! Vedas are infinite series without beginning and end.  No one can study Vedas completely for ever, and even I do not know Vedas completely and I’am unable to see the beginning and ending.”  And he continued, “Oh! Dear Bharadwaja! So, please leave the thought of learning them completely.  I will show you the mightiest mountains of Vedas, see them.”  Bharadwaja saw the mountains of Vedas which are glowing with lights of hundreds and thousands of Suns.  Bharadwaja was astonished and he started crying.  “Oh! How mad ‘am I to think that I could study Vedas completely”. Then Brahma, the creator gave him boon that until he completes studying three morsels of Vedic knowledge, he will be alive.  But I’m sorry to say that Bharadwaja is still studying it, from thousands and lakhs of years.  So, the conclusion is Vedas are endless too.

The beginning and end of Vedas can’t be found but we can know the theme of Vedas and knowledge by means of Vedanta. The supreme self is very nearer to us and it is millions of miles away from us, too! Means that self is very far away from the farthest and very near here, than the most nearest. The self, which is said to be beyond every thing and very far away is existing in us, from long long ago. The Externalization of the modifications of mind is the cause for the fear that self is very far away. If the mind is restrained from modifications, transformations and externalization and is concentrated inwards then one can see how much nearer it is!

“TAT” that self and “TVAM” you, of the Vedas tell that “You are Parabrahman” – That Thou Art. The continuous thought of “I AM” is known by that supreme consciousness. If that consciousness and knowledge of the self are not in existence then you can’t even think and act. The knowledge which is keeping you in knowing that “It is Apple, That is a boy, this is a book” is nothing but supreme self. Searching outside rather than subtle enquiry inside is the cause for nescience. Self is the ultimatum for every thing. It is the substratum of this universe. The beginning and end of Vedas, is Para Brahman, the silent spectator of this creation is Para Brahman.

Knowledge is “TAT”, the supreme self, knower is “TVAM”, the Individual and knowledge is “TATVAM ASI –THAT THOU ART”, “YOU are that supreme self”. This is the stanza from Brahma sutras. This stanza says that the substratum for every thing is that supreme consciousness which is infinite but, it seems to be finite in us. That is the only one self which stands for “TAT” and “TVAM”. Our subject which explains about “TAT” and “TVAM” is called as “TATVAM”

Vedanta is the subject which explains and describes about the need of Vedas and gives a clear conclusion. If one can understand the theme of Vedanta and imply it in daily life, everything then appears as supreme self, there disappears sorrow and infinite supreme bliss flows continuously.

Phani Madhav R.S.S – About the Author:

I am a simple man with an urge to learn.On the professional front, I have 14 yrs of work experience in Sales, Customer Service,Training working in various capacities.. My hobbies are Reading, Writing, Travelling. Travelled through out India exploring Temples, Hill Stations & Cities. Interested in subjects like Archaeology, Astronomy, Ancient History, Philosophy etc. Been writing from 1996 which started as a hobby and also recently started maintaining personal blog Looking forward to make this wonderful hobby of mine as a professional career option. Feel free to contact me by email to

Datre 134 – Why the pain and suffering?

Datre answers Mahrouk.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Mahrouk and his first comment is… “Quote from Datre: “Body you reside in is a robot. And ‘you’ are the manipulator of the ‘robot’. Where the difference comes in, is the body has its own intelligence and ‘you’ inhabiting the body have your own intelligence and many times there’s a great fight between what ‘you’ want the body to do and what the body wants to do”.

“Datre I don’t understand this statement. If the body is a machine, a robot that is manipulated by me, then where does the fight come in?”

DATRE: The ‘fight’ comes in, in that the body has it’s own intelligence. In other words, the body works on an entirely different principle, in that the ‘cells’ of your body are intelligent. All the functions… when you stop and think that you do not have to ‘tell’ the insides of your body ‘how’ to function. You don’t have to tell the throat ‘how’ to swallow every time you swallow – you don’t think about it. You don’t think of… after the food goes through the throat, and you’ve swallowed it – what happens to the food? Who makes the decision as to what food is taken in different places and what is done with it? You don’t do that, that’s the body’s intelligence.

The body works the heart. You don’t have to sit and say, beat, beat, beat, beat. You don’t pay any attention to your heart. The digestive system works on its own. The liver, the kidneys, the glands, everything within your body. You don’t have to tell your eyes to blink, to keep moisture on them so they don’t get dry. That is the body’s intelligence.

When you stop and think what a ‘magnificent’ robot you have, you don’t appreciate it. You push it to limits that it cannot handle. And then you wonder why it “breaks down”. You see, the body has limitations. But, you don’t think of it as anything but, ‘I want to do this, I want to do that, I will do this, I will do that’. But, what if the body is not capable of sustaining the ‘energy’ level that ‘you’ insist it maintains to allow you to do what ‘you’ want to do? That’s the body’s intelligence. The body is screaming at you saying, ‘stop’, ‘stop, I can’t keep this up, I need rest’. You’ll say, ‘well after work I’m going out and I’m going to play baseball, I’m going to run, I’m going to aerobics, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that’. And the body is tired, and the body says, rest. And you ‘push’ that body until one, two o’clock in the morning because its something ‘you’ want to do. But, you have no regard for the body. And you should, because what would you do without it? Continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and says… “Who manipulates the bodies intelligence?”

DATRE: Well, that body intelligence is all done by all the ‘cells’ in your body. You look at your ‘skin’. You’ll say, ‘well, its skin’. Yes, but the ‘skin’ has its intelligence. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t stay where it is. So, you see, it ‘has’ it’s own innate intelligence. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “And this takes me to the question of the big ‘I’ or Higher Self which you say does not exist.”

DATRE: You do not have a ‘higher self’. That has been referred to for many, many, years. Your ‘higher self’ is supposed to be ‘all’ knowing – you don’t ‘have’ a higher self. A portion of YOU is put into a physical containment for you to learn and experience. But, ‘that’ is not a higher self; it is just a ‘portion’ of ‘you’. That’s why you don’t understand universality. In the Universe, if we were only to do ‘one’ thing, it would be very boring. We take ‘portions’ of ourselves to experience many different things. That is what makes our existence very ‘rich’. You have taken a ‘portion’ of ‘yourself’ and put it in here for experience. And you should look at that as a ‘richness’. Its experience gained. Its ‘evolution’ of ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “You say it is YOU awake in Mass Consciousness and YOU in sleep being the Observer.”

DATRE: No, in sleep what you do is choose your experiences – that’s what you do in your sleep state. Everything is there for ‘you’ to experience, to take part in. Choosing what you want to do with your life – and you ‘do’ choose. You make choices at night. But, you’re so scrambled in your ‘thinking’ that you don’t bring the information back into your wakefulness and ‘watch’ what you’re doing.

An OBSERVER watches, and in watching knows what to do, because you’re always telling yourself where to go, what to do, what to look for. You put out these ‘pictures’ all the time. But you become ‘frazzled’ and inattentive and ‘rush’ through, and then wonder why things don’t work. Because, you are going contrary to what ‘you’ have chosen. If you were in constant connection with the ‘total’ YOU that ‘you’ are – which is no ‘higher’ or no ‘lower’, because its part of ‘you’ – if you were in constant communication, you would be at the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time all the time. But that is a learning process, and you’ve come so far away from it, its very hard for you to get back to where you understand ‘what’ this physicality is all about. That’s what its all about – is staying in contact with the ‘total’ You, acting out in the daytime ‘your’ choices – no one else’s. Your choices as to ‘what’ you want to experience. Then your life would ‘not’ be as difficult as it is.

They’ll say, ‘well I don’t understand why that person is so peaceful all the time’. If they’re in ‘contact’, what’s to get excited about? You know ‘what’ you’re going to do, you know where you’re going to go, and you know the outcome, what’s to be frazzled about? The frazzling comes, when you don’t pay attention. If you start out being an OBSERVER the first thing in the morning and keep it up all day long, you would find your lives entirely different. Continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to say… “But isn’t this another way of referring to the big ‘I’ or Higher Self?”

DATRE: Well, that higher self is no more than ‘you’. You could not bring ‘all’ of YOU into physicality. That’s why you brought a ‘portion’ of YOU in here. Just because it’s a ‘portion’ of YOU does not mean it’s ‘less’.

Take for example, a loaf of bread. Is the slice that you cut off of a loaf of bread any less tasty, or any different texture or anything else, than the loaf itself? It is but a ‘piece’ of it. So, continue.

JOHN: He continues along and says… “You say in Mass Consciousness one has no Free Will, again isn’t that the small ‘I’?”

DATRE: If I said, you have no Free Will; it was in context with another statement. You definitely ‘have’ Free Will. It’s that you don’t take advantage of it. When you wake up in the morning – and this is 99,9% of the people on the planet – you’ve completely forgotten about what you decided what you were going to do, what you were going to experience. The Free Will is there, you don’t pay attention so that you can live FREE, because, you begin to take your ‘thinks’ into your brain off of Mass Consciousness, instead of taking your ‘thinks’ from your YOU that ‘you’ are.

When ‘that’ connection is made and you’re thinking from ‘that’ vantage point, your life completely changes. But, you ‘all’ think using Mass Consciousness. If you use Mass Consciousness, you’re not using ‘your’ Free Will. If you take your ‘thinks’ from Mass Consciousness, you’re just recycling other peoples ‘thinks’. You are not giving yourself the opportunity to express your ‘self’ with clarity. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “If it is just one YOU in charge of the whole show, why can it not ‘awaken’ it’s waking self instantly?”

DATRE: It can, but that all depends upon ‘you’ in physicality. That is a ‘learned’ process, because you have forgotten what its like to stay connected. You were not always where you are today. You’ve had a long time to lose touch. You can’t blame it on anyone; you can’t even blame it on yourself, really. Because of your ‘inattentiveness’ and no one has told you about ‘inattentiveness’ – you don’t have people telling you these things. You’re always told to rely on ‘other’ people.

Why do you have ‘governing’ bodies? Because they’re smarter than you are? No, they’re not; they just get up there and take their money and tell you what to do. That does not make them any smarter than you are. In being part of ‘governing’ bodies, they are but servants of Mass Consciousness. They are doing what Mass Consciousness wants them to do. Why do you have people telling you what to do? Because, you don’t pay attention and do what ‘you’ want to do.

Once you can begin connecting up, even if it is only once or twice a day to make that connection, to see the ‘possibilities’ and ‘probabilities’, once or twice and you’d begin to see the difference. The only thing you have to ‘master’, is yourself. It has nothing to do with what the person next to you in your office does, it has nothing to do with what someone else ‘tells’ you. When you become a MASTER, you listen to your ‘self’. If you want to call it a ‘still’ small voice, that’s fine, some people have that. But, there again, that still small voice could be something else that you are picking up. When you hear that still small voice, say to yourself, ‘now, is that really ‘me’ talking to me or am I picking that up from Mass Consciousness?’. There is a great deal of difference, and once you begin to discover that… even if it only happens once, it will make a difference. Then you will begin searching for that very thing that you have experienced. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and says… “Why the pain and suffering?”

DATRE: Because you’re going ‘against’ your self. Look at the word dis-ease, what does that tell you? You’re not at ease in the physical body. You’re not working as a cooperative team. We have done transcripts at some other time where we said, ‘do you ever ask your body what it wants to eat? Have you ever been doing something and your body has been ‘resisting’?’. And you stop doing what you’ve been doing, and say, ‘okay body, you’re resisting me, you don’t want to do it, I’ll go along with you, because you go along with me’. Very different, a very different way of living.

You are not getting this information from other peoples. But this is what you are looking for, because in finding those little things, is where ‘your’ evolution is going to blossom. You don’t care about the evolution of anyone else, because you can’t do it, you can’t force other people into their evolution. But you ‘can’ make your own evolution, and you can make it as ‘grand’ as you want it to be. You’ll say, ‘well I can’t’. Already you’ve told the body it couldn’t. Remember that one thing, the brain is a computer. You tell the body to do something and it will do exactly what you tell it to do. All it does is put ‘pieces’ together, just like your computer.

So begin to work ‘with’ your body. It is a cooperative effort. You see that is why many things happen… you talk about disease, how do you suppose the body feels when it is serving you on a daily basis, and you keep complaining about the size of it? ‘I’m ugly. I’m too fat. My feet are too big. My nose is too long. My hair isn’t curly.’ All of those things. You’re berating the very vehicle that you have ‘chosen’ to use for ‘your’ expression for your evolution. Next.

JOHN: And he continues along and says… “Why is Mass Consciousness so all pervasive?”

DATRE: Because, there are more people working off of Mass Consciousness, then working with themselves. You have all of this ‘chatter’ that goes on all over your planet. If you were to be able to go off the planet, far enough so that you didn’t hear any chattering – any noise, and then turned around and come back in, you would never believe the amount of ‘noise’ that is on your planet – it is a perpetual din. That is why, quite times in a room by yourself is good for you. You can sit in a room, you can do a craft, you can work on your computer, you can read a book, you can do anything you want to do. But, how many of you, take one hour a day or – even with your busy lives, because you’re ‘pushing’ yourself against the clock – take a half hour, just for you and your body – to enjoy each other.

You’re talking about how you see on television, there are more women taking these baths, where they have oils and candles and all of those things. They say that when they come out, they’re completely rejuvenated. Sometimes they take a book and read. But it’s the idea that you’re giving the body a chance to relax. You’re giving your self a chance to get away from all the ‘chatter’ on the planet. It is important. You don’t have to sit and meditate, because, in enjoying your body and giving your body a happy sensation, that is meditation enough.

You don’t always have to have ‘input’. That is what is happening now, you have ‘input’, ‘input’, ‘input’. Bits and bites, bits and bites. Do you know the ‘attention’ span of individuals on the planet is about 20 minutes? They can’t stick with any subject longer than that. If you keep on going, and you’re talking about something – you can ask any of these people that give seminars – they have to get people started. They have to tell a joke, or they have to do something to keep you stimulated all the time so that they can get their message across – because your attention span is so short. You’ve got to have everything fast, fast, fast, fast. But if its fast, fast, fast, how are you going to be doing any connecting up with ‘you’? The larger portion of ‘you’, but not ‘higher’ – its just a larger portion of you. It is just like the bread. You’re just a ‘slice’ of a loaf. And its just as tasty one place as the other.

It’s ‘your’ choice. You choose to come into physicality. Nobody forced you into it. Nobody told you that you had to be born. Nobody told you that you had to suffer. You’re doing it all your self, and that is a ‘hard’ number. Because, everyone tells you, ‘if you do this or if you do that or if you do something else, your life will be wonderful’. But, you’re always leaning on someone else or something else. Turn around and become, the ‘you’ that you were intended to be in the first place. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Why the need for lessons and experiences to gradually become the Observer?”

DATRE: Now, how do you suppose you’re going to evolve? What would be your evolution if, every time you have a thought – it was finished? What would you learn? It is the ‘resistance’ that catches your attention.

Now, the ‘resistance’ catches your attention, an OBSERVER looks to see where the ‘resistance’ is coming from. Then quiets themselves – just for a moment – to see what the situation is all about, and goes from there. It’s as simple as that. But, people will say, ‘I don’t have time’ – that’s the big number. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: Always remember, your personal evolution is ‘not’ based on what other people tell you they know. Each person is unique and as you connect more and more, you will ‘know’ deep inside and become comfortable in your ‘knowingness’. We thank you.

We are Datre.

Is Learning Telepathy Dangerous?

The basic definition of telepathy is feeling another’s reactions or thoughts without using what is categorical called the five senses. Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense. This allows us to sense things without being face to face with someone.

Because of the nature of telepathy, it is viewed as communication that is not on our plane.

However, there have been several scientists and even animal trainers who are completely convinced that animals have the power of telepathy. While you would think this would be a crazy thought, they actually believe this can happen by vast distances.

It is believed that many natives who have not been modernized may be able to share ideas through telepathy. This is an amazing observation in this technical day and age.

Even if you have never considered it before, the truth of the matter is that telepathy is just a different language that can be taught and learned. We already acknowledge those who can’t speak correctly or read as well as others, so we should also help those who have problems developing their telepathic powers.

It is sad to say that we have lost much of our telepathic ability when once it was as pronounced in some as being musical can bring out a response from another.

Some people consider this another sense altogether. That is considered to be the sixth sense to many. It also comes in many other names depending on the era and region. It is now basically considered an instinct.

This instinct can manifest itself in many ways and can be regarded as telepathic in nature by some. I am sure we have all heard the instances of people who are just getting ready to board a flight for a planned trip, just to get a weird feeling and then decided to not to get on the plane. When they get home there are news stories of the flight they were about to take being in a bad crash with few survivors. Did that person who chose not to fly have a telepathic insight? What made them decide not to fly that day? Some might say it is a survival instinct that we all have. Others will say it was a telepathic intuition that made them feel the danger ahead and that is what made them falter and not get on the plane.

Exactly why has humanity lost its telepathic powers?

However, one reason that can be directly linked to this is the popularity of modern religion. Today, religion all but belittles the telepathic ability or treats it as some sort of sign of being a demon.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do when fighting a religion. Many people believe that all the religions have so much power over our society that most people have been taught to put no faith in telepathy. This is because it’s believed that the Messiah, Savior, or Prophet has to the natural abilities to do something of this magnitude.

So exactly why are religions so against the concept of telepathic powers?

In our own opinion it has to do with the power struggle between religious leaders. Why would they want someone else challenging them if they knew about telepathy? Granted not every leader is like this, but the majority has been throughout history.

Everyone deals with different religions, but if they’re not pushing down telepathy, scientists who are narrow minded are the next in line.

Perhaps it has been down played for them because of their religious beliefs or perhaps it is because faith is needed to believe in it some what, what ever the reason, most scientist think telepathy is folly. It could be that there are no scientific labels that are associated with telepathy, as in the periodic chart or other measurements that are used. It can not exist if you can not measure it. It is a close minded way of thinking, but it happens unfortunately.

Scientists do not however have a problem in believing that intuition is a true emotion. Intuition is not far from telepathy so it is wondered why the disparity can happen when it comes to telepathy.

Some believe it could be that the scientists who oppose telepathy are simply jealous. After all, it doesn’t seem fair that someone could do something like this, which is why they don’t want anyone else to have them. So instead of branding something different, it is always considered an instinctive response.

Why we as a people have become out of touch with our ability of telepathy is an unknown mystery but perhaps it can be traced back the biblical story of the Tower of Babylon. Perhaps the reason that there was so much confusion in language was because some of those languages were actually telepathy and it created chaos. One will never know but the lesson learned is that just because you cannot do it, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

About the Author

Please visit the website. Find out more information on telepathically. For further details on telepathy development. When you visit here you will get a FREE DVD package.


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Law of Attraction: Letting Go Of The Excess Baggage

Many people who have heard of the law of attraction are very much interested to use it to manifest their wants, be it a better job, a nice house, a loving partner or perhaps for want of more money. It is important to believe that the law of attraction will definitely work to manifest whatever you want as long as you follow the following simple mathematical formula:


However, before you get started to set up the formula to work in your favor, you will have to conduct some housekeeping. Nope, it is not about cleaning your home, though having a clean home would indeed enhance the flow of positivity in you. It is actually a housekeeping you do on yourself in order to clear your thoughts and emotions that may limit you from successfully attracting whatever you want.

Doing a housekeeping on yourself will get rid of all your excess baggage and allow you to start being the person that you truly are. Getting rid of excess baggage simply means freeing the tremendously heavy burden off your shoulder that’s attracting negative emotions such as fear, self-doubt and anger. The law of attraction is all about ‘like attracts like’ and these negativities attract the opposites of what you truly desire.

You can start this housekeeping process by spending some time in reflection to rediscover yourself. Simplest is to make a note of all the self-discoveries as you go along. It can be anything that comes to your mind like how you feel about yourself, assessing your behavioral patterns, evaluating the traumas that are still troubling you as well as where and how you could start to renew your outlook and life goals.

Many people carry around with them all sorts of burdens from the past for so long that it is not unusual for them to cling on to them unconsciously. It has blended into their thoughts and actions that they’ve simply forgotten how to let them go. In order for your thoughts and emotions to flow positively and delivered to the Universe with the right vibrations, you will have to let go of all the excess baggage that’s dragging you down every day.

In order to release all the unconscious burdens or traumas that have been weighing you down, the following five tips should be able to help you process the notes you made earlier and start on your clean-up.

Be accountable: First and foremost, you will have to be accountable for the changes you are going to make in your life. Once you have made that commitment to yourself, do not procrastinate. Stick with it with determination and perseverance. Remember, you are changing for yourself.

Enlist support: If you do not feel the confidence at being accountable to yourself, you can enlist the support of a loved one, friend or mentor who will be your pillar of strength. Let them in on your intention and its importance to you. This person will be able to make you accountable better to yourself because of their concern for you.

Defocus and refocus: There are burdens that simply drain away your energy but you have to learn to shift your focus away from them. If they had not gone away after all this while, they are not going away anytime soon. Stop focusing on the things you can’t change at the moment. You can return to them later when you are more prepared but meanwhile, shift your focus to things that can be easily changed and will keep you motivated.

Love and respect yourself: No matter what shortcomings you’ve discover about yourself, make peace with yourself. Be grateful that you have discovered them now and know that you are worthy of change you have planned for yourself. The love and respect you have for yourself will power you to make the positive changes.

Give yourself time: Remember that you have been conditioned into who and what you are over many years. It takes time to change. So if you begin to feel overwhelmed by the demands you are making on yourself, take a step back and slow down. It would be good to enjoy the housekeeping process in order to appreciate yourself more. There’s no such thing as overnight success here.

If you are intent on making the law of attraction work for you, think about how you can improve your life by making the changes happen. Getting rid of any excess baggage is a good start towards an unhindered subconscious mind and giving it a fresh list of instructions. You are telling your subconscious mind that you are ready to move forward to a positive stage in your life. So start letting go today and start living a better and happier life!

About the Author:
I freelance as a ghostwriter and I also write regularly to share my learning curves, thoughts and manifesting experiences on the Law of Attraction in my blog at Come share my journey as we make this law of the Universe work for us together. You can download “You Can Do It Too!” e-book for FREE now and start your very own journey to attracting more abundance. Please feel free to visit The Journey of Living Deliberately at and share your valuable thoughts with everyone there.


Datre 133 – What is consciousness?

Datre answers Gerardus.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Gerardus and his first question is… “You have told us that your group lives in the big universe, as you call it. Is this “area” beyond the energy of consciousness?”

DATRE: Yes it is. It is beyond the area of consciousness, as you know it. The consciousness the you have within the physical construct is strictly for your body use – we don’t have bodies; it would not be anything we could use.

We have more, what you would call, an ‘awareness’. But, our ‘awareness’ would be different than your ‘awareness’, because of that which you call body and we who have no body. So, there is a distinct difference, because functioning without a body cannot be explained because you have nothing you can equate it to. All you can equate to is ‘physicality’ and anything related to physicality. Even that which you call ‘out-of-body’ experiences are still related to physicality. That which you call ‘death’ is related to physicality. You see, everything that you would experience, in this construct, is related to physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on with… “Is there more than Consciousness in the Universe?”

DATRE: Very definitely! You see, consciousness is… well lets put it this way. You’re all wanting to go out into the big Universe – eventually. Whether you do it through this physical experience ‘this’ time or the next time or ten thousand years from now, or whatever numbers you want to put on it, that is the evolutionary drive, is to be out there. It gives you something to strive for. So, let’s put it this way… in functioning in physicality, you have been given a new bicycle with training wheels. What you’re trying to do is become proficient enough at riding the bicycle, to be able to take off the training wheels.

Now, there are those that will say, ‘I know that I don’t belong in this… in physicality, that I have an awareness of having been someplace else’ or whatever. There are those that have that remembrance. The thing is, they’re striving for that again. But, many loose sight of what is ‘here’ for you to learn, because that’s what you came here for.

But, consciousness is something that you’re using now. Consciousness, as you proceed in your evolution, will turn into ‘awareness’ – which is a different ‘type’ of understanding than consciousness. Awareness works from an entirely different principle. You will reach a certain stage in your evolution where you’ll begin to notice a distinct ‘difference’ and you will begin to work from the point of ‘awareness’. That will change your life considerably. That does not mean that the consciousness that’s within the physical construct is not going to be there, but you will function more and more without it and ‘develop’ awareness. Continue.

JOHN: He continues with… “Is there Life beyond Consciousness?”

DATRE: Very definitely! If that were not true, then we would not be here to speak to you. You see there’s a difference between Consciousness and MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and all ‘other’ different kinds of consciousness. But, that is only a physical construct that you work with. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is consciousness? Is it a certain Energy with a certain range of vibration?”

DATRE: No, it is something that was put into the bodily construct. In your development of your physical construct, many things were introduced into the physical body. When you worked beyond the point of a ‘cloned’ reality, that’s when consciousness was introduced. This is stretching the statement a little bit far, but look at consciousness as a ‘connection’ between ‘you’ and your Entity.

In other words, that which you call consciousness is that portion of you that is connected to the YOU that ‘you’ are and allows you to explore different realities through your ‘Aspect’ selves. It is your means of connection to your ‘Aspects’ by way of the YOU that ‘you’ are.

You can only access other realities that contain some of your ‘Aspects’. If you do not have an ‘Aspect’ in a reality, you can not go there. All three (‘you’, the YOU that ‘you’ are and your ‘Aspects’) are greater when these connections are made, but not ‘less’ in not having these experiences. You cannot be ‘less’, but you can be ‘more’.

Consciousness is such an integral part of your bodily construct that you could not function without it. In other words, even in that which you call ‘death’, you still carry that with you. That is a ‘part’ of physicality. Continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “Would it be to our advantage to ingest the so called White Gold or Etherium Gold powders as most likely was done by the Elite in the past?”

DATRE: Those decisions are strictly up to you as an individual. That is something concerning your body and what you do with your body is entirely up to you ‘and’ your body.

When you begin to ‘realize’ that you and your body are two separate constructs and work together as a ‘team’, you can ask your body if it ‘wants’ and you will get a feeling within – yes or no. As you continue, some day the body will even speak back to you. But, at this point it will be a ‘feeling’ that you have whether its ‘right’ for you or ‘wrong’ for you. Your body knows what it ‘needs’ and what it wants. But, that is one thing that most people don’t do anything about. ‘Oh, I’m hungry, I think I’ll have a hamburger’. Is that what your body wants? Ever think about ‘asking’ the body? Maybe the body would rather have something else – after all ‘its’ the one being fed, not ‘you’. But, because it’s simple to jump into the car and get a hamburger, that’s what you think about or whatever you get. ‘Well, I think I’d like’. But, is it what the body likes?

See, the body definitely has ideas of what it wants – especially now, when so many changes are taking place within the bodily construct.

You see, you figure that you read an article someplace and it says, ‘for this, this and this, you need such and such a vitamin’ or ‘you need such and such a medication’. ‘Well, I’ve got those symptoms, so therefore I must need this or I must need that or I must need something else’. But, if you got to the point of asking the body, the body would tell you.

So, I’m sure that all of the medications that peoples are taking now, the body is saying, ‘what are you giving that to me for now, when I’m trying to make adjustments? And you’re stuffing me with all this medication that I don’t want. You’re shutting off a lot of the things that I’m trying to do.’

Your body is ‘carbon based’ at the present time. You are in the process of changing ‘this’ body into a “silica” based body. Now, where do you get “silica” from in your body? You get it in your sinus cavities. That’s what all this ‘sinus’ business is about. And yet, ‘oh, my sinuses are bothering me, I’ll go take a pill and I’ll feel better’. What you’ve said to the body is, ‘I’m running the show, and I’m shutting you down’. The thing is, that just compounds the problem. You need to allow the body its freedom to ‘make’ the changes – you all want to make changes, you all want to evolve. But the body is ‘evolving’ too. The body has ‘it’s’ evolution, you have ‘your’ evolution, but if you work as a ‘team’ it sure works a lot better.

So, if you want to take something, ask the body if it wants it. That’s your best answer. You see your ‘teacher’ is your body. Now, ‘you’ are to train the body in many areas and work ‘with’ the body, but don’t ‘shove’ things at the body that the body doesn’t want. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Is it indeed possible to feed our body a certain form of matter and reach a state of awareness that would propel us into the Fifth Dimension making our body invisible to third dimensional life?”

DATRE: No, there is not. Now, that is within the bodily construct that can be developed. But, you have to have a certain amount of ‘awareness’ to be able to develop anything like that. It would not be to your advantage, to take a ‘pill’ and be able to become ‘invisible’ on this planet. Have you thought what would happen if you did such a thing? You’re still ‘here’. You’re still viable in a physical construct, even if you are ‘invisible’ to others on this planet and you walk across the street and get hit by a car, and you’re dead, because they could not ‘see’ you. But, where have you gone? You’ve gone no place but to the dead zone.

You see invisibility, living in this construct, is not anything that’s feasible.

JOHN: Invisibility does not change your ‘viability’.

DATRE: Not one bit. Absolutely not. The only time that you can change anything is when you’re to the point of ‘awareness’ where you know ‘what’ you’re doing. There are those that ‘can’ make themselves invisible. But, they do it with discretion. They do it for very short periods of time. They do it under circumstances where they know the physical construct is safe. But, that comes from ‘knowing’ what they’re doing. It isn’t something that you can take a ‘pill’ for. It is a process of ‘evolution’. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

Sleepsonic and Hemi-Sync Kit

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Singularity and Duality

“To attain knowledge, add things
every day.

To attain wisdom, remove things
every day.”

— Lao Tzu

Man is certainly a complex creature and the most complex parts are the brain / mind / consciousness. I have spoken of many different aspects of the mind and of problems we have in life and of their solutions. So now I come to a very important issue. How mankind views his world. In all aspects of communication, this article that you are reading for example, the ego is the filter or mechanism by which we understand communication. It is because of the ego that we have an incredible capacity for communication and processing of information. There is unconscious communication but as the term implies we are unaware of this communication. That is, our ego is unaware.

So nearly all of communication that we are aware of, is obviously conscious communication and is filtered by the ego. The enormity of this type of communication is mind boggling but because it is one of the main and common things we do. We simply take it for granted.

There is however a major problem and it is because conscious communication is filtered by the ego. The ego is unaware of unconscious communication and therefore unconscious communication and understanding is unknown and unavailable to the ego/ conscious and also based on a different reality.

What do I mean by a different reality? Herein lays the big questions to life, such as what is the meaning of life? How did it all begin, who am I? Etc.

Where do I begin! I typed in the headline and started, so I’ll try and explain. Looking at the first paragraph, I typed in “How mankind views his world” This is where I’ll begin. The sentence should be ‘How the ego views the world”. For man does not view the world. The ego does and the ego views it according to its understanding of itself, which is severely limited. The ego views its world. It perceives how the world is and the ego believes its perception and the ego loves when it is in harmony with the shared perception of others. The ego understands itself as master of mind and body, this thing that I am. But the mind and body can exist without the ego and yet without the mind and body the ego is nothing it cannot exist. Animals have mind and body but no ego, though higher order mammals have to different degrees an ego and they will develop the more they evolve. The point is, an ego is useful (essential to be able to function in our society) but not essential for life.

Communication is a highly adaptive tool that helped mankind to flourish and give it an advantage over other animals and predators. In order to communicate effectively and to ensure the survival of the species, a new part of the brain was needed to manage this tool. Hence the ego. And for communication to be effective, identity was needed. For without an identity, communication would be very difficult and problematic. Identity solved the problem and communication has evolved into what it is today.

This may be hard to grasp because it is so engrained in all aspects of our living, but identity is a concept. It developed to assist communication, which was needed to ensure the survival of the species. The concept of Identity necessitated the concept of Duality. This has resulted in a plethora of meanings that have hindered mankind. It is almost impossible to reject the idea of duality. For in order to reject duality, your ego needs to reject it, for the ego is in charge of
communication (of which ideas are). To reject duality the ego would have to reject the concept of identity. Which it can’t, for then it would cease to be needed, would cease to be. Now identity, though a concept, is real because we choose to believe it is real. But it is a reality that is layered over a deeper reality. Identity is true only in that it is a useful construct.

The deeper reality is that there is only oneness. Duality is true only in that it is a useful construct. It overlays the deeper reality of singularity. One side of a coin is, only because the coin is, you can’t have the side without the coin. The unconscious is aware of and operates at
this deeper reality. There are many different levels of unconscious and it is the deeper levels that I am referring to. At the deepest level there is just energy intermingling and flowing
throughout all things. All things are connected as the flow of energy is uninterrupted. Energy can organize into form but the energy of the form is not fixed but flows. The form looks fixed and is fixed in only as a river looks fixed. At any point in the river the water (the
energy) that was there a moment ago has flowed on.

It is extremely hard to dismiss the idea of duality. Though we do not need to dismiss it but see it in its true reality. A reality that makes sense only to the ego. Duality/identity exists only because singularity /oneness exists.

We look for meaning in everything, no, the ego looks for meaning in everything. The ego searches for meaning. For the ego cannot accept the deeper reality of oneness and singularity. In fact meaning only matters to the ego. It is always trying to prove that the concept of identity and duality is reality. For if they’re real then the ego is real. The search for meaning is the search for identity and ego to have meaning and to disprove oneness and singularity. Reality has no meaning, it is meaningless.

If there is no time, no place, no meaning and no – thing, what is there???

If you contemplate this question without any bias and let your deep unconscious answer, the answer is not nothing but – Everything/totality.

For in nothingness is

By Philip Martin

About the Author:
Philip Martin is a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and Author of “Life Patterns, the Secret to Emotional Freedom” and “The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process, a clear and defined pathway”. The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process is also avaiable as a free eBook from his website How to Heal Cancer


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