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Archive | November, 2011

Datre 131 – Every death is a suicide

You see, you can sit in a bare room and enjoy physicality. You don’t have to constantly be doing something. Just being an OBSERVER can be a ‘grand’ trip in itself. Just listen to something. You can become so absorbed in listening that you will just feel a ‘thrill’ within the body. It doesn’t matter what you listen to

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Datre 130 – The spirituality of animals

intelligence of a ‘species’ has nothing to do with form. But, it’s a ‘vibration’ that you carry. And you have a grand opportunity now – with the new energies that are coming on the planet – to be able to understand things more quickly than you ever have before. Look at the ‘input’ that you have daily, from every direction possible. But it’s all related to ‘physical’ existence.

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Datre 129 – Believe in yourself

Datre answers Dennis. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Dennis, and his first question is… “We are all just about numb from hearing warnings of the apocalypse, or the millennium disasters that await us. Obviously, if such an event were imminent, we would have considerable suffering as physical bodies succumb to the effects of […]

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Datre 128 – What is actually occurring during a lucid dreaming state?

Many people will say, that the dreams are so ‘real’. Well, they are! Just because the body happens to be sleeping, you’re not. See, that’s the difficult part for you to understand, that its ‘two’ separate things working together. When you are “asleep”, what are you doing? You’re not just sitting on a wall up in heaven, dangling your legs back and forth and wondering, ‘well, I wonder when the body’s going to wake up?’. It doesn’t work that way. When the body’s asleep, you’re not there.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Skills

Meditation is a highly personalized activity. You may meditate first thing in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. You may meditate laying down or sitting up. You may meditate for two minutes or two hours. You may only meditate when you want to connect with a spirit or you may meditate every […]

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Datre 127 – The simplest things are the hardest things for you to do

you have been ‘trained’ out of SIMPLICITY. Do you realize how much you have trained yourself ‘out’ of SIMPLICITY? You have things that are so complicated; that you think ‘everything’ has to be complicated. Your medical field is so complicated; they can’t get out of their own way. They have set up parameters, just like the scientists have. “This is a ‘fact’. This does this and this does that and that does something else. Therefore, since we have said it and we are an ‘authority’ you believe it.” You don’t have to. That is what we are telling you about – being an individual.

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Datre 126 – Datre on responsability

Datre answers Dennis. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Dennis, and his first question is… “I have been told that we are fully responsible for our actions. We are NOT responsible for the actions or welfare of others. Still, as a parent I am responsible to and for the welfare of my children and […]

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The Number 11 and 11/11/11

In November of 2011 a very interesting date is coming; 11/11/11. This powerful numeric sequence will only happen once in your lifetime. We’ve been through almost all the magic number combinations; starting with 1/1/01. The last one will be next year on 12/12/12. The energy has been intensifying, building towards the culmination on December 12th […]

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