Datre 131 – Every death is a suicide

Datre answers Rob.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Rob, and his first question is… “I realize that there is no right and wrong but that it is our beliefs that cause us to think this way. We do get pain and pleasure, it this pain or pleasure contributing to our belief system…

DATRE: That is not contributing to your belief system, it is for you to OBSERVE and analyze. Why have you got the pain? Why have you got the pleasure? That’s what its all about. If your belief system is “contributing” to your pain and/or pleasure, that’s the way it works.

In other words, you’ll say, ‘oh, its cloudy today and there’s a lot of moisture in the air, oh I’m going to be stiff and miserable, I’ve got arthritis and this is the worst kind of a day for me’. What is that? That’s a ‘belief’ system. You have told yourself – repeatedly – ‘its cloudy and its damp and I’ve got arthritis’. You’ve told your brain ‘you have’, so the brains says, ‘okay, its cloudy, its damp and I have arthritis’. Okay, on those three things, the brain computes and says, ‘all these things exist, therefore, I will be miserable today’. That’s what a belief system is.

See how insidious a belief system is? Someone will say, ‘everyone in our family has had diabetes’. ‘Everyone has had it, the parents have it the grand parents have it the kids the relatives; everyone in the family has had diabetes. Therefore I better go to the doctor because I’m going to have diabetes too so I better start taking precautions’. Who says you picked up that gene?

JOHN: And if you did, who said that you turned it on?

DATRE: That’s right, you don’t have to. You can have everyone in the family die of heart attacks, that doesn’t mean that that’s what you’ve decided that’s what you’re going to do.

You see a belief system is something ‘you’ set up. In other words, if I go out today and I work in the yard and I haven’t worked all winter long, I’m going to be ‘stiff’ and I’m going to hurt and I’m going to ache and I’m not going to ‘feel’ good because I worked so hard. What are you telling your brain? You’ve told the brain that you’ve worked hard and you’re going to be ‘stiff’, what does the brain say, ‘body be stiff’.

Those three words are words you use constantly and never blink – ‘I am tired’. What does the body say, ‘oh, I have to follow the dictates of the brain’. The brain say’s, ‘I’m tired’, the body reacts, ‘I’m tired’. Your brain and your body ‘reacts’ to what ‘you’ give it. We’ve said that many times. The brain is a little child; the body is a little child. You’re the one to ‘train’ it. But, it is like everything else; you don’t pay much attention to your children either. They run helter skelter and lay down on the floor and kick and scream and cry because they can’t get a certain toy that they want. Then the mother or father or both of them walk off and, ‘come on, lets go’. Then if the child doesn’t go, they pick it up and carry it and they’re talking to each other and the child is screaming and nobody pays any attention to anybody. That’s what you do with your bodies. Your bodies are little babies. Your brains are little babies. And you ‘teach’ them all the time, but you don’t pay any attention to what you’re teaching them. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues with… “Or is it more to steer us in the direction we need to go towards to neutralize/be aware of our belief system. Could Datre elaborate on this?”

DATRE: I think we’ve said enough on it. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “In physicality we seem to be imitating or trying to do things on a physical level what is already done on the non physical level…”

DATRE: Nothing is being done on the non physical level. Why did you think it was being done on the non physical level? Things are being done ‘here’, because of the YOU that ‘you’ are trying to get a message through to you to lead your life into a life of understanding what physicality and planetary existence is all about. That’s what this whole thing is. And, the thing is, you’re not paying attention. What ‘other’ peoples do, what ‘other’ peoples experience, is ‘not’ your experience. Each individual is an ‘individual’.

The only way that you can know, the ‘oneness’ of the whole experience of physicality and planetary existence, is for you to become ‘first’ an ‘individual’. When you become an ‘individual’, then you will begin to understand what its all about and ‘see’ the cohesiveness of the whole pattern. But you want to see the whole thing as ‘one’ – and what does that do? It doesn’t get you any place. If we are all ‘one’, then why bother with ‘individualization’? It was a silly thing to do, if you want to be all ‘one’, then you might just as well go back to being ‘clones’ – then you can be all ‘one’. But you didn’t want that. That is a cookie cutter existence, and you’ve been through it. Continue.

JOHN: He continues along and says…”E.g.: our communications with cell phones, the net etc. are becoming faster and faster, medicine is trying to cure more and more etc. These things seem to follow what can be done naturally on a non physical level.”

DATRE: No – that isn’t true. What you’re doing is, experimenting in all directions and you’re doing that on a physical level. You’re doing it because you found something that you’re interested in doing. You’re interested in being a scientist, you’re interested in being a doctor, you’re interested in being a teacher, you’re interested in being a painter, so you pursue your interest. Then, in pursuing your interest, you are bringing about changes in your self. And in the changes in your self you are also bringing about changes in ‘others’.

In other words, you talk about the ‘net’, that is expanding, expanding, because peoples get ideas. ‘Oh, if this does this and that does that, and this does something else, what happens if…’. And there you go. Someone is off on a grand experience. And who knows what happens when they try that? That’s what makes ‘evolution’. That’s evolution on a physical scale. That’s evolution with ‘particle’ reality. That’s what you are – you are ‘creators’. The only thing that you forget about is the greatest creation that you have is ‘you’ – and you put that in the background – because that gets in the way of what you want to do. But, without the physical construct, you couldn’t do anything. So, continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and says… “Are we trying to physicalize and physically experience what is already a non physical reality?”

DATRE: You are making your reality “continuously”. It is a moment by moment evolution – it’s a continuation. And you think of ‘life’ and ‘death’ as beginning and ending, but it isn’t, it is a continuous evolution. But, the majority of the people on the planet cannot see it as such – but it is. Just because you ‘die’, that doesn’t mean that ‘you’ are dead – the body is dead.

So, the thing is that you continue to evolve. But, you don’t ‘see’ it, because you’re not interested in looking. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “When we go to sleep do we take our daytime awareness with us into the sleep state…”

DATRE: Yes, that is one of your problems. You take ‘all’ your problems, ‘all’ your frustrations, everything you didn’t get done today that you’ve got to do tomorrow, and you take all of that ‘garbage’ into your sleep state. Then you wonder why you can’t connect up with the YOU that ‘you’ are and bring back anything that makes sense? You’re much ‘smarter’ when you’re asleep than you are when you’re awake – because you have a better connection. But, the thing is, you’re not interested in the ‘connection’ because you’ve got all these problems and worries and deadlines and everything else.

So, you’ve got your opportunities set up in front of you. Its as though you go into a great big department store and there’s nobody in there but ‘you’ and the clerk that’s waiting on you – is the REAL YOU. The physical part of you goes in there and the clerk says, ‘can I help you?’. ‘Oh, I just want to look around’. So you go through this great big department store, you go upstairs and upstairs and upstairs, and look and look and look, and you’ve got all these ideas – all these magnificent ideas. Then you come down and the clerk says, ‘can I help you?’. ‘Oh, I’ve got all these magnificent ideas’. ‘Have you chosen one for something for tomorrow?’. ‘Well, I haven’t quite decided yet’. So, the next thing, you wake up, and where are you? Back in the same place you were yesterday. Very simple in explanation, but, that’s basically what happens.

You see, the YOU that ‘you’ are does not say, ‘this is what you have to do tomorrow’. The YOU that ‘you’ are says, ‘can I help you?’, ‘oh no, now I’ve got all these other ideas.. da… da.. da.. da da’. And you don’t get any place. You have to be an OBSERVER in the daytime and you have to be a ‘listener’ in the night time, and quite dragging everything with you – its not ‘you’ anyway. The ‘you’ that existed yesterday, has nothing to do with the ‘you’ that exists today. So, continue.

JOHN: And he continues along and says… “…if not what happens to it? And what does happen to our awake awareness when we die, is this clouded by our belief systems?”

DATRE: Nope! When you die it is just another continuation of your daytime existence. Those that return from that which you call the ‘dead’, will tell you again and again and again – they write books about it all the time – that they feel no different than they did when they were ‘alive’. It is very hard for them to accept that they are no longer in a physical body. It has nothing to do with your ‘belief system’. You carry your ‘belief system’ with you. But your death is not a result of your ‘belief system’.

Your death comes when you’ve become disgusted enough with living that you don’t want any more part of it. That’s why some people die at 2 or 3, some people die as babies, some people die in their teens, their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, what ever you want. They die when they are no longer ‘fascinated’ by ‘life’. So they say, ‘I’ve had enough’, and they quit. How come, the other day someone died at 104? Why didn’t they go before? Their friends were dead, all their relatives were dead, and they didn’t have anybody around any more, what did they want to live fore? Apparently, they wanted to get everything they could. And, if it was an intelligent individual, they took it all with them. My, what a grand bunch of experiences – good, bad and indifferent.

So, you see… they talk about suicide. Every death is a suicide, if you want to look at it that way, because ‘you’ decide you don’t want to live any more – you ‘pick’ the way you want to go. You choose. You choose what day you want to go. They’ll say, ‘oh, wasn’t that a tragedy? Right when they were starting life, and now its cut short by an accident.’. That’s a ‘belief system’ – if I ever saw one. There’s no such thing as an ‘accident’. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre has said that we don’t know the real significance of lightning. I think this is true for all our weather and especially storms. Just in the last number of years it was discovered that storm clouds produced lightning geysers on top of the clouds that shoot upwards into the atmosphere. Can Datre tell us what these might be or what is happening with electrical storms in relation to nature and man?”

DATRE: Well, that’s another thing that’s connected with your planet. Now I’ll tell you something that you probably don’t want to believe, but that’s all right. The majority of your lightning comes from your ground. It is a ground disturbance that shoots up – instead of coming from the clouds down. It works both ways – but, same appearance, so it’s lightning. It doesn’t matter if it goes from the ground up or from the clouds down. Or whether it goes ‘sideways’ – and there’s a lot of that. There are many, many pictures, taken over large cities where your lightning goes ‘horizontal’ – great big long streaks of horizontal. Why doesn’t ‘that’ go up or down? You see lightning has many different patterns. But that is planetary.

There is a great deal more to lightning, but I don’t have physical words to tell you about it. We’ll leave that up to your scientists. Because, what they think of as lightning and what we know as lightning, are two different things – two different phenomena’s. Lets put it this way – two different ‘descriptions’ of the same phenomena – and we are not into technicalities. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “In society many people are in a rush, e.g.; eating toast, driving, discussing work all at one time. People don’t have time they want for family, self or even their job, no time for what they want to do. Is this a mass learning on how to create time? Is this an evolvement towards learning about simultaneous time or a wider range of focus or is it lack of focus, just destructive and stressful?”

DATRE: Now, as we’ve said before – ‘you create your own ‘time”. The clock does not create your time. The sun up and the sun down creates ‘time’ to a degree. But, its just a cyclic thing, its a planetary cyclic evolution, and the ‘time’ you put on that cycle, is ‘yours’.

How come, one person says, ‘I don’t think this day is ever going to end, it just drags on and on and on’, and the other person says, ‘I have just exactly the opposite, I can’t believe that the day is over already’. They’re looking at the same clock. How much was achieved by one Vs how much was achieved by the other? Because, that’s the way you measure things, you measure things by physical achievement – you don’t measure it by a clock. You measure it by, how fast can I go to get this much done? That’s your clock – ‘I have to get all of this done today, I have this and this and this to do’.

So, you get yourself in a panic and rush around to get everything done. Why? Time is entirely up to you. The person next to you has an entirely different schedule. They say, ‘its going slow’ – ‘its going fast’. Two people, in the same room, with the same clock in front of them. Doesn’t that tell you anything? It tells you what ‘time’ it is according to a physical instrument – but ‘you’re’ the one that sets the ‘time’ on that clock. You can make it go as slow or as fast as you want to. You don’t ‘believe’ it, so therefore, whatever you decide – that’s it.

They’ll say, ‘I don’t know how that person gets so much done? That person is so well organized’. No.. not necessarily so. That person makes time the way that person wants the time to be. But, in physicality, its very difficult to look at anything like that, simply because you have done it for so many thousand years.

And now, you’re not satisfied with hours and minutes on the clock, you have to get down into ‘nano-seconds’ or some other thing. You have to split and divide, split and divide, split and divide. Can’t you just stop and take a deep breath?

I will tell you something very interesting about that. You can be working, doing whatever task you are at, and there will be that moment where it will be like ‘oh’, it will feel like a space – feel that space. Stop, take a deep breath, and relax. Information is coming in for you. From that point, work from there. You don’t realize it, because you don’t ‘stop’. But you all have those ‘tiny’ indications. That’s why your ‘frustration’. That’s why things don’t go right – is because you don’t ‘catch’ the incoming ‘thoughts’. You block them. How are you going to make progress if you ‘block’ everything? Why are you stressed? Things don’t work right. Why don’t they work right? Because you don’t have any new ‘thoughts’ coming in.

You’ll say, ‘well, I’m too busy’. Well.. busyness does not create anything ‘new’. You’ll say, ‘I don’t have ‘time”. I don’t care what kind of a job you work in, physical bodies require bathroom breaks. Bathroom breaks allow you to walk to wherever you need to go to a bathroom. Isn’t that a good time to ‘clear’ your head? Clear it of what you’re doing – don’t take it with you. You’re walking, enjoy the walk. Relax in walking. Don’t scurry, don’t get your body all up tight, you can’t get anything ‘in’ that way, because your brain is going 90 miles an hour it won’t allow any ‘new’ thought. Take a deep breath, and walk. You can get there just as fast in a relaxed manner as you can if you get the body all up tight and you scurry down with little bitty steps. You’ll arrive at the same destination. Only one arrives calm, collected, the other one arrives in the same panic they were in when they got off their chair.

Then you’ll say, ‘how come that person is so calm?’. Because they take the ‘opportunity’, if its only a matter of a few minutes, to allow the body its ‘calmness’, to allow the brain time to relax – then its calm. Then the body settles down – try it. It isn’t going to take you any more ‘time’ to walk from your chair or wherever you’re standing or wherever you happen to be, next time you have to go to the bathroom – because you all have to do it I know. Take a deep breath. Relax the body. Empty the brain. Go in ‘calmness’ and enjoy your walk – however far it happens to be. Then when you come back to where you were previously, then you can get all up tight again. But, I will give you one thing – you will ‘not’ come back to the same level of ‘stress’ that you left with. Try it; it is a fun exercise for you to do. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre states that time is simultaneous and the essence can have many aspects and we are here to learn. It would seem possible and most beneficial to experience both sides of a situation, e.g.; being the victim and the perpetrator, being the husband and the wife etc. can essence do this? Can essence have 2 or more aspects and interact with it’s self?”

DATRE: Now, what you’re referring to when you call it essences, we refer to it as the YOU that ‘you’ are. Of course! You are but ‘one’ portion of the YOU that ‘you’ are that is experiencing. My goodness, the YOU that ‘you’ are, the expanded Entity that ‘you’ are, would certainly not be satisfied with ‘pinching’ a portion of itself off and experiencing only ‘one’ existence – which is ‘you’ in physicality. Why would they ever do anything like that?

That Entity, which is the YOU that ‘you’ are, has had “all” of these experiences. But, because of the ‘inability’ to be able to ‘record’ any of the events experienced, decided to take but a ‘small’ portion and put it in physicality – which is ‘you’ at the present moment – to experience these particular things. It was left to ‘you’ to pick out what ‘you’ wanted to experience, because the YOU that ‘you’ are didn’t care what you experienced, but that you did. And did that with goodness knows how many ‘others’ – thousands. They were “all” part of the YOU that ‘you’ are. Is there only one YOU that ‘you’ are? No! Definitely not.

The magnitude of this particular little planetary existence is beyond your knowingness. But, that does not make you unimportant. That makes you ‘extremely’ important when you realize ‘what’ you’re doing. Because, as you OBSERVE and begin to understand your planetary existence in physicality, you are going to be the YOU that ‘you’ are – in your own right. This is going to be ‘yours’. You can collect it all together, all the ‘life’, ‘death’ processes that you want – that you have experienced.

So, have you been the wife, have you been the husband, have you been the child, have you been the neighbor, have you been, have you been, have you been? Undoubtedly so. And what a grand experience you’ve had. Just that little portion that was pulled off, that said here, I’ll put you in this ‘first’ physical body – play in it. And you have played and played and played and played through the centuries. How many experiences have you gained? What knowledge have you gained? The only thing that you haven’t done is put the ‘life’, ‘death’ business together so that you have continuity. Which would give you a greater understanding.

But, because you ‘drop’ everything, you have remembrance of nothing; you start at square one each time. What a magnificent understanding, if you can take it all with you at the BIRTH. But, that would be up to ‘you’, that would be ‘your’ evolution; it is no one else’s. The Entity is not up there telling you, ‘now this is what you have to do today, this is what you have to experience’. You choose, you pick. The Entity is only there to OBSERVE you. The Entity is giving you this opportunity. Take advantage of it; learn as much as you can. Enjoy life. This was not set up as a prison. Next question.

JOHN: His next and final question is… “Throughout the day the mind is busy with chatter. Meditation teaches to quite the mind and go to levels of pure thought without chatter. Where does the chatter come from and what is its role or significance?”

DATRE: The chatter, is the brain picking up MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Plain and simple. That’s what you run off of is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s why its so very difficult for those who try to get out of running on the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, to be able to get into ‘purer’ thought, because MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is like a bowl of pudding or jello that isn’t quite set. You know how jello gets to a certain point where it starts to get a little congealed and you push it aside and the minute you take the spoon out, it goes right back together again? Well, that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is like. It’s hard to separate it, to get it separated long enough to get any ‘pure’ thought through.

But, that’s what your ‘chatter’ is all about. Its there, you’re living in it. Its there all the time, your brain just keeps picking up, picking up, picking up. Then your belief system sits there and sorts and sorts and sorts. That’s why we say, take a deep breath and get some different ‘thoughts’ into your head.

What do you get in meditation? Meditation should be ‘relaxation’. But meditation is usually ‘pushing’ yourself again. ‘I have to meditate, therefore.’ What are you getting in meditation, where are you going, who are you getting it from? What is that all about? Is it a connection, isn’t it a connection, what are you connecting up to? There again, if it’s just getting out to a nice place to sit by a lake – fine. Sit by a lake, but don’t drag a whole bunch of thoughts in there.

You see, the same thing can be accomplished, in a bare room. Just sit around and look at the room. ‘Gee, I didn’t know there was a spot on the wall, I wonder where that came from?’. ‘That’s interesting, the floor feels a little cold, well its that time of year, its not summer yet’. You see, you can sit in a bare room and enjoy physicality. You don’t have to constantly be doing something. Just being an OBSERVER can be a ‘grand’ trip in itself. Just listen to something. You can become so absorbed in listening that you will just feel a ‘thrill’ within the body. It doesn’t matter what you listen to, its better if you listen to something that sounds nice. But, enjoy being in a body. This is your experience – being in a body. Everyone wants to get ‘out’ of the body, but what in the world are you going to do without one? You haven’t achieved the point of ‘knowingness’ to be able to function without one. So, you better learn how to function ‘within’ one.

You’ll say, ‘well, I’m without one when I die’. No you’re not! No you’re not, you are still with a containment. You don’t know what its like to be without a body. You can meditate, because you know you can always come back to your body. But, what would happen, if you were told, ‘you get out of that body and you can never get back into a physical body again – ever’? What kind of a feeling does that stir within you? For most, it is pure panic. The thought on ‘never’ being able to come back into a physical body, ever, ever, again. So, stop and think of that and notice what you’re ‘feeling’. Feel it ‘deep’, and then, recognize what your body does for you and ‘enjoy’ it.

We are Datre.

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Datre 130 – The spirituality of animals

Datre answers Pat and Claude.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Pat, and her first question is… “I was wondering if Datre would comment on the following, taken from the book Seth Speaks channeled through Jane Roberts.

Animals have varying degrees of self-consciousness, as indeed people do. The consciousness that is within them is as valid and eternal as your own, however. There is nothing to prevent a personality from investing a portion of his own energy into an animal form. This is not transmigration of souls. It does not mean that a man can be reincarnated in an animal. It does mean that personalities can send a portion of their energy into various kinds of forms. (Seth had mentioned that he had a dog fragment personality still living on earth).”

DATRE: Well, I think at one time, we explained what this ‘birth’ from different existences was all about. In other words, when a ‘birth’ occurs, if a decision is made by those that are going to go through the ‘birth’, that this is the vibration that they wish to continue to carry for an extended period of time, then they will ‘stop’ at that point.

Now, cats, dogs, other animals, fish and birds going through a ‘birth’ at one stage of existence, stopped their vibratory construct at ‘that’ point. That vibratory point is what they carry, regardless what existence they desire. Now, a cat or dog, carrying ‘that’ vibration here on this planet, going through the ‘birth’ or going to another planet, if they wish to continue with that vibration on another planet, they could have an ‘entirely’ different form.

You see, ‘form’ and vibratory construct, have nothing to do with each other. Now, evolution of a vibratory construct in a physical body – like you have now, if you were to say, ‘I like what I am right now’. Okay, you go through the ‘birth’, you will continue with that vibratory construct regardless of what planet you go on and whatever you decide to do. But, because the ‘majority’ on this planet are highly enough evolved, so that they will want to continue in something that ‘looks’ like a physical body but it doesn’t have to be the ‘same’ kind of body you’ve got here. You may say, ‘I don’t particularly care for this kind of body because…’. So you will go where you’ll find something you want to experience through.

So, same with cat and dog. They carry a vibratory construct, that vibratory construct will say what ‘kind’ of existence they will have. I know that sounds strange, but that is what actually happens. So a cat or dog here will not necessarily become a cat or a dog on another planet. They could look like a crocodile, but it would still have the same vibratory construct. In other words, the crocodile would have the ‘intelligence’ per se, of a cat or dog. Which would make the crocodile entirely different than what it is here.

JOHN: What about the question of having a particle of himself in a dog, how does that work?

DATRE: Well, let’s go onto the next question, I believe there’s more on that.

JOHN: She goes on to quote another part that says… “He simply adds some of his energy to that present in the animal, mixing this vitality with the animals own. This does not mean that all animals are fragments in this manner.”

DATRE: All right, now, that is ‘experiencing’ from the point of the YOU that ‘you’ are. In other words, you can’t – here on the physical planet – put a part of your self into a dog or a cat. You can influence them by the way you train them and work with them. Why not? Evolution is experience and experience is evolution, and there’s no way you can separate the two.

But, there are those dogs that are extremely, what you call, intelligent; they act entirely different than another animal. Now, that could be an influence of a portion of the YOU that ‘you’ are, or it could just be the evolution of the animal. Here in physicality, you can’t tell the difference. But the YOU that you are ‘knows’ what he or she is doing, because at that level, there’s numerous possibilities and probabilities. That’s the point that many are trying to achieve. You see, from Seth’s point of existence, he IS the YOU that ‘you’ are. In other words, he has achieved that ‘knowingness’ that he is all that he is. Continue.

JOHN: Her final question or quote is… “Consciousness both in the body and without finds its own range, its own level. A dog then is not limited to being a dog in other existence’s.”

DATRE: The only limiting is like I said the vibratory construct… those are the only words you have that I can use that can explain, because there is no other. That is your… its actually… its what ‘you’ express. It’s that portion of YOU that ‘you’ express.

And as said before, the dog carries that vibratory construct. The knowledge that a cat or dog has, that’s it. Now, it evolves, but it evolves at a different ‘rate’ than you do. The dog and cat evolves from entirely different experiences. The animals in the water evolve at a different rate than you do. They have talked about the intelligence of whales and dolphins and how intelligent they are. But that’s their vibratory construct that say’s ‘this’ is the way they experience. You could someday find out that they’re much smarter than you are. But because of their ‘particle’ representation, you classify things as being ‘intelligent’ and things being ‘not’ intelligent and so forth.

But, intelligence of a ‘species’ has nothing to do with form. But, it’s a ‘vibration’ that you carry. And you have a grand opportunity now – with the new energies that are coming on the planet – to be able to understand things more quickly than you ever have before. Look at the ‘input’ that you have daily, from every direction possible. But it’s all related to ‘physical’ existence.

The amount of information you have now, coming through ‘channels’ and books and everything else, is more than it’s ever been. Then you pick and choose what ‘you’ want, because of where your evolution is. Some peoples are satisfied with this much and think they have the whole ball game – this is all there is, and quit searching because they think they have it all. But that is up to them. We’re trying to push ‘you’ to not be satisfied, but continue ‘your’ evolution because, at the time of the BIRTH, the vibratory patterning – the evolution that you have gained in this particular segment of experiential evolution – is what you’re going to take with you. So its up to you as to whether you want to continue being like you are OR take the next evolutionary step and go on further. There is that ‘thrust’ within some individuals that will not give up and say, ‘well, there can’t be any more than this’. The person that is, shall we say, ‘driven’ within themselves to find out more and more and more and more, those are the ones that are going to continue. But, that is ‘your’ evolution, its no one else’s. All right continue.

JOHN: We now have some questions from Claude, and his first question is… “I am beginning to understand the concept of the body and the “one that I am”: for me, the body is like an extension of the “one that I am” as a foot is the body, but the body is not only the foot. My question is the “one that I am” chose to experience in material via my body, but, how can he allow a perpetual repetition like live and die and live and die without permitting him to remember? Couldn’t he live a lot more profitable experiences if he helped the body in a best way?”

DATRE: That can be. But you have to make a more ‘solid’ connection with the YOU that ‘you’ are. When that portion of the you in physicality and the YOU that ‘you’ are begin to work in synchronicity, you won’t believe that physicality could be so different. If it is your ‘desire’ to live and die and live and die, then through your ‘teacher’ – which is YOU – will teach you HOW to go through living and dying and never losing any continuity. Its being done, its being done by those that have reached that level of understanding of ‘knowing’ that the body has nothing to do with your evolution. It is for your ‘experience’ and for your ‘evolving’, but it’s not necessary for your evolution, because it’s only a ‘vehicle’ for experience.

You are a great deal more than you give yourselves credit for – we have said that before. You don’t ‘know’ WHO you are and that’s why you struggle. Then someone will say, ‘well, why go through all of this?’. It’s because you desired to. You can evolve and learn a great deal more and a great deal ‘faster’ through a physical expression than you can out in the Big Universe, simply because you have something to ‘push’ against. You have the ‘opposites’, and the opposites were chosen for your evolution. If you want to look at ‘life’ and ‘death’ as opposites, okay, fine. But, once you understand ‘life’ and ‘death’, you will not look at it as ‘opposites’, you will look at it as ‘progression’ – continuous progression, evolutionary progression. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I don’t remember hearing Datre talk about sex. To me it seems a powerful energy that is certainly not only available for reproduction and fun. Would you give us more details on that subject?”

DATRE: Datre has not gone into sex, because it is a subject that can go on and on infinitum. Regardless of what we tell you about that which you call sex, you’re never going to be satisfied. You will never be satisfied, because sex is an ’emotional’ experience. It is a ‘particle’ experience – and that is fine. You were put here many; I don’t know how many thousands of years ago, as a CLONED reality. So, where was the sex? If you decided you wanted to have another one of your species, you just had another one of your species. You did it within your own ‘thought’ processes. You did not have male – female.

So, you decided you wanted more than that. Okay, we had to figure out how we could give you something that would be ‘more’ than that. So you had that which you used as male and female for making children. But, there again, it is like everything else, there is ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ – and that is ‘your’ decision. There again you have your ‘opposites’. If you want to know more about that which is sex, then there are other books where you can read about it, but it is not a subject that we wish to spend our time on. Because, regardless of how we went at it, and what we said about it, it would not make any difference. Because, like everything else, it has to be an innate ‘knowingness’ within yourself when you begin to understand the process – and what it’s all about.

Those that get to the point that they do not ‘desire’ sex, it is not through ‘abstinence’, it is through understanding. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “We are approaching the end of the millennium, and it is a subject of panic for many on this planet. We know that we are ending a cycle, as there is a lot more energy coming. Am I right if I say that the year 2000 has nothing to do with it? The measure of time as we know it was invented by man and isn’t it a coincidence that the cycle ends at that time? And what about the millennium bug?”

DATRE: Well, the thing is, you set things up for yourself – it is an “agreed upon” situation. You “agreed” that this would be your time frame. The calendars are all ‘wrong’ – if you want to get technical about it. So, the year 2000 really has nothing to do with anything. It’s not going to be the ‘end of the world’. But, it will be the end of many individuals ‘anticipation’.

Now, the ‘doom’ and ‘gloomers’ are going to anticipate that ‘God’s’ going to come, that ‘Buddha’s’ going to come, that the ‘UFO’s’ are going to come – everybody is going to come to ‘save’ them. From what? Save them from what – themselves? That’s the only one you can never run away from – you can’t do it.

The other thing is, those that are looking forward to 2000 with the excitement of all the ‘new’ things that are coming. Now, the scientist’s would be shocked out of their boots – and they probably already are – if they ‘knew’ where your “planet” was headed. You see they’re beginning to understand that by looking at the ‘stars’, they’re in just a little bit different place than they used to be. And they don’t dare tell anybody – even themselves – because they don’t ‘know’ what’s happening.

JOHN: The same with the Sun coming up.

DATRE: Yes, the same with your weather patterns, they’re trying to find all kinds of ‘words’ for explanation. They’re trying to figure out – why things are so different. Your planet is beginning to… is going to move out of its orbit, we have told you that before. Its already started – it’s getting to the edge of breaking out of its ‘original’ orbit, which you have been in. Why is this happening? EVOLUTION!

But, there again, if people ‘knew’ that you were moving out of your orbit – panic. Well, what are you going to do? Where are you going to go? You can’t get off. So, it’s up to them to stew and fuss about it. And it’s for you to sit back and watch and understand it. Remember, your physical bodies are but representations in physicality for you to experience through. We say once again, you are NOT your body. But your ‘energies’ are changing, and that’s why they’re changing – one of the reasons you’re changing. When you change where you’ve been, you’re going to hit other ‘energy’ patterns.

You know, they talk about taking the ‘ships’ and going here, there and the next place. Do they realize the ‘different’ ENERGY patterns they run into when they do those things? Oh yes, we’re going to go here, we’re going to go there and we’re going to go the next place. Not until you figure out ‘how’ you’re going to get there. Then by the time you figure out how you’re going to get there, you’re planet is probably going to be in a ‘different’ location, so you’re not going to get there anyway. But that’s not ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’, those are ‘facts’.

But you see, because you have, as a civilization, for all these thousands of years, stayed ‘status quo’, its very difficult to realize that there are changes that are taking place. But why get panicky about it because it says 2000? This started many, many years ago. A planet doesn’t just all of a sudden decide, ‘well, we’re going to move’. This has been gradually moving. But, as it gets closer to the ‘edge’, its going to accelerate. So you’re going to find, the whole ‘thrust’ of your planet is going to be ‘different’. Your weather patterns definitely will change. Your ‘bodies’ will change. Your ‘thinking’ patterns will change. And, if you’re an OBSERVER, you will make great strides in your evolution, because you begin to OBSERVE and evaluate ‘everything’.

You know, if you just go through… you talk about ‘life’ – ‘death’, how about ‘day – ‘night’? Oh, it’s the same old thing, I’ve got to get up and I’ve got to make breakfast and I have to make sandwiches for the kids for school and I have to make my own and my husbands sandwiches. Then we all run off to work and we do the same thing, and we come home and its scattered and halter skelter and we don’t have enough time and everybody’s running around. Then all you’re doing is running around in physicality and not ‘seeing’ anything. Yet, how do people, that have families, that are running around in your halter skelter world, react with ‘calm’? How do they manage to evolve? They do, because in being an OBSERVER, they’re constantly ‘evaluating’ physicality. That takes a little ‘work’ I’d say – probably. But then, how much is it worth to you – to evolve, to OBSERVE? After you get used to being an OBSERVER, you don’t pay any attention to it, because that becomes your way of life. Then in being an OBSERVER – that is the ‘beginning’ of your EVOLUTION.

Up to that point, you’re in ‘particle’ existence and you run around and not have time for anything, then the next thing you know, its all over and, ‘I wish I’d done this and I wish I’d done that’, and you’re DEAD. Then because you have no… ‘Well, I want to get out of here, I want to get out of here’. Okay, so now you’re dead, ‘I don’t want any of those past remembrances, I don’t want any of those things, oh, I want to forget all of that’. Okay, so you forget all of that. What are you going to do when you’re ‘born’? You haven’t got anything to ‘start’ with. So you start as a baby, Ga, Ga, gooo, gooo, and have nothing to ‘build’ on. Those that EVOLVE have been OBSERVERS. They’ll say, ‘I’m going to hang on to every bit of this, good, bad or indifferent, it’s MY experience and I don’t care what anyone else says about it, because it is not up to them, its not their evolution. They can do theirs and I will do mine. But, when I leave, through death, I’m going to hang on to “me” and carry all of this with me, because next time I’m going to have ‘that’ understanding to build on.’.

So, millennium, I wouldn’t get all excited about millennium. What I would get excited about is what am I going to do today. This is the one that’s important. As we’ve said before, ‘oh, its going to snow tomorrow’, so you spent all day worrying about how much snow we’re going to have tomorrow. So, tomorrow the sun shines. ‘Oh, what happened, I thought we were going to have a storm’. So then you can talk about everything you talked about the day before. My goodness, if that’s ‘evolution’, I don’t think I know many people that want any part of it. EVOLUTION is ‘yours’ – go for it. Continue.

JOHN: What about the millennium bug?

DATRE: Well, what about the virus Melissa? So you got all excited, you crashed a lot of systems, you got it fixed, and now its business as usual. What about the Y2K? There will be glitches, and panic by those who are looking for excitement. The problems will be solved and it will be business as usual. We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 129 – Believe in yourself

Datre answers Dennis.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Dennis, and his first question is… “We are all just about numb from hearing warnings of the apocalypse, or the millennium disasters that await us. Obviously, if such an event were imminent, we would have considerable suffering as physical bodies succumb to the effects of the awaited destruction.”

DATRE: Well, what’s happening is, everybody’s jumping on the ‘bandwagon’ of “excitement”. The excitement existing previous to a big change in that which you call your ‘numbering’ system. Now, when I say ‘excitement’, that’s exactly what I mean. Now, you can get ‘excited’ when you have a ‘fearful’ situation in front of you, and you can get ‘excited’ if you have something that’s going to be ‘great’ in front of you. It creates the ‘same’ emotion within the physical construct.

Now, those that are ‘excited’ about all the ‘new’ things that are going to be happening in the year 2000 and beyond, are using the energies and getting ‘excited’ about – what’s coming up. Something ‘new’ is coming up. You have started with ‘grand’ things, as far as your “medicine” is concerned, working with that which you call “gene” technology. That is one of the ‘grandest’ break through’s that you’ve ever had. So, there’s ‘excitement’ about what can be done by ‘transplanting’ or growing ‘genes’ and making changes within the physical construct to different kinds of that which you call ‘diseases’.

Now, there’s ‘excitement’ in that field. There’s excitement with those that are called astronomers, because they’re ‘seeing’ new things. They’ve never seen things like they’re seeing now in that which you call, your heavens – and they’re all excited about that. The archeologist are excited because they’re making new discoveries – they’re finding new things – under that which you call your ground and under that which you call your water, and they’re all excited about that. There’s excitement in many different areas. So people are using that, ‘look what’s coming up, look what’s coming up’.

Then you have the ‘other’ excitement, of the ‘doomers’ and the ‘gloomers’. But, as we’ve said before, this is a planet of ‘opposites’. Which one do you want to do? Do you want to do the ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’ kind of stuff, with the apocalypse and all that other kind of stuff – or do you do you want to be on the ‘other’ side and see that ‘excitement’? There’s peoples that are planning to go to different countries, because there’s great big ‘celebrations’ that are going to take place in the year 2000.

It’s ALL based on your ‘belief’ system. Your ‘belief’ system starts when you come into the physical body. You have choices as to which you want to ‘believe’. You have teachers, you have parents, you have relatives, you have… everybody starts telling you from the time you were a little baby, two minutes old. You’re either told, ‘oh, he’s tiny’, ‘he’s red’, he’s beautiful’, ‘he’s not very pretty, but he’ll grow up to be a better looking child’. You’re told, told, told, told. And those that do not have enough ‘integrity’, will find that they’re very easily drawn into the ‘trap’ of listening to what everyone tells them. So there are parents that will scold one child, and the child will feel ‘chastised’ and want to please the parents and feel very ‘bad’ about what they did. Another child will say, ‘I did what I wanted to do and I don’t care’. Opposites again. You’re working on a planet of “opposites”.

Now, it can be a planet of ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’, IF you fall into the ‘trap’ of listening to all the rest of them. But you must remember that there are those on this planet that ‘believe’ that when you ‘die’ – you’re dead. That’s it, that’s the end of your existence. Now, you’ve got to realize, you put ‘that’ against those who ‘know’ that they’re going to come back again in another form of existence, in another reality. So they remember, and they ‘plan’ for what they’re going to do the next time they come into a physical body.

So you see, those are ‘distinct’ opposites. Those that say, ‘so the physical body dies, okay, if its going to die, then I’m going to figure out what I’m going to do next time, because I’m not going to have this kind of existence the next time around’. So they ‘plan’ what they’re going to be when they get ‘born’ again. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, that isn’t possible’. Yes it is! It definitely IS! And there are those that do it. But, those are not the peoples that you ‘hear’ about. Why? Because they are a minority. You don’t hear about ‘minorities’. You hear about “majorities”, because that’s where MASS CONSCIOUSNESS exists, is in “majorities”.

So, it is your ‘belief’ system that’s going to take you into the year 2000 to ‘enjoy’ or to ‘suffer’ through – the choice is ‘yours’.

Now, what would happen if had not had a calendar? What if you didn’t ‘know’ that you had 2000 coming up? What difference would it make? To those that are ‘gloomsters’, it would make all the difference in the world, because they couldn’t ‘plan’ for a tragedy.

Now, John is laughing, but that is truth. There are those that ‘plan’ for tragedies. There are those that you will talk to in a store, ‘isn’t this a beautiful day?’ ‘Oh, yes, but we’ve got cold weather coming and its possibly going to snow.’. Now, what kind of an answer is that? And Aona will look at them and say, ‘well, I don’t care about tomorrow, I’m living today’, and they look at her as if, ‘boy, her head just fell off and rolled over the floor’. They can’t handle that type of information, because they’re looking for trouble. And if you’re going to look for it, you’re going to find it. That is like those sayings, ‘seek and yea shall find’. Keep looking for disasters, and you will find them. But, the person that does not ‘look’ for a disaster, and has what you call, a ‘surprise’ disaster – they’ll handle it very quickly – because, they have not ‘planned’ for it. It becomes something they have to OBSERVE and ‘act’ upon. That’s the difference in the way your ‘existence’s’ work. And, the choice is definitely “yours”. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “Beyond this, those who believe that the people of the world need to be enlightened, punished, or destroyed will all somehow make the survivors more spiritual.”

DATRE: There again, that’s their belief. You cannot change peoples belief. The only thing you can change is your ‘own’ belief. The thing that happens is, there will ‘always’ be people who will be telling other people what to do. That’s a big number, tell people, tell people. What we’re trying to do is, not ‘tell’ you anything; we want you to make your own DISCOVERIES. We’re giving you ‘snippets’ to show you what your physicality ‘looks’ like, because you’re so immersed in it, you cannot see it from an objective point of view.

In other words, from ‘our’ standpoint, we can ‘see’ the opposites. We can ‘see’ how your planet works. We can ‘see’ how your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, in different areas of your planet, changes the thought patterns of the peoples in those particular areas. We can OBSERVE this. But you can’t, because you’re only living in one area, in one surrounding, with one group of people, with one family, whatever. So your ‘view’ per se, is restricted.

Now, that which you call your television, will allow you to see pictures of different countries, and different scenery, and different plays, and different music. Different things about how to repair your house and all of these things. So you can do a garden and all of these things. You can pick and choose what you want. You have more options now then any previous physicality has had. Your options are numerous. You have television. You have radio. You have the computer. So you have all of this input to make choices from.

Your choices are going to make ‘you’ who ‘you’ are. So if you choose to go with the ‘gloom’ and ‘dooms’, there’s more than enough of those that you can follow. There’s more than enough of those to follow, that believe the UFO’s are going to come and ‘save’ you. There’s all of this that you can believe in. But what we’re trying to get you to do is – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you want the experiences of going into another physical existence, entirely different than this one, but continue in physicality – the choice is ‘yours’. If you eventually want to go out into the Universe, you’ll DISCOVER as much as you possibly can about who “you” are, because when you get out there, nobody’s going to help you – YOU HAVE TO “KNOW” WHO YOU ARE.

So the choice is always yours as to what you want to do. But, in listening to everyone else, you’re not going to DISCOVER who ‘you’ are. Maybe, in reading some of this material, and reading some other material, and OBSERVING different things, it will ‘trigger’ something, a ‘knowingness’ that is the YOU that ‘you’ are is trying to connect to the ‘you’ that is in the physical body. Because the ‘you’ in the physical body is different. You don’t have all the ‘knowingness’ in the physical body. That’s what’s so interesting about physicality, is the amount of information that you have been able to put ‘into’ these physical bodies.

That is fascinating to us. The progression, the evolution. And it is all up to ‘you’ as to how far you want to take the evolution of that which you call, physicality, because that’s entirely up to you. And, that’s where this business of ‘continuing’ through the ‘death’ process into the next – what you call – LIFE process, that is a ‘continuous’ evolution. And, that to us, when we see those that are doing that, is extremely fascinating – because they have never lost that control. They’re beginning to ‘know’ WHO they are. They’re going to continue in that direction, learning more about themselves, continuously. But, everybody evolves at a different rate. And it is up to ‘you’ to make the decision as to where you want to go.

Are there going to be disasters – yes. But haven’t there always been disasters? What about terrible wars? Haven’t you always had terrible wars? Even when you went at each other on horseback with spears? There’s always been terrible wars. Okay, what about the terrible diseases that are coming up? Diseases, okay, dis-ease. Okay, they’re different; the medications don’t work any more. Okay, when haven’t you had plagues? Diseases that have wiped out… in one country, wiped a whole town out. You can always look for something bad, its very obvious. It takes a little more work to look for something else and decide – why is that the way it is? Do I want to be a part of that? Is this something I want to experience? No! But you don’t make the decision after you’ve got it; you make it ‘before’ you get it. Look at it and say, ‘is this something I want to experience? No, it is not.’ But you don’t wait until you’re in a hospital bed and say, ‘oh, I don’t want this’. Its too late – you’ve got it. Now figure out how to get out of it. I know that sounds very silly, but that is ‘truth’. Those that are in ‘control’ know what they’re doing, and they make constant decisions. You just don’t make decisions once and a while. An OBSERVER makes constant decisions, makes a constant evaluation of everything. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “I can imagine fairly little good would come of this, as most likely the following decades would be spent rebuilding the devastation into much the same sort of world that exists now and I question whether this would make the survivors any more insightful spiritually. Does Datre see these expected calamities in earth’s future and does Datre think it would be beneficial?”

DATRE: We cannot do anything about what you’re doing to yourself. We are OBSERVERS – we’re not ‘fixers’. We have ‘fixed’, because you have cried so many times, but now, you have to begin to ‘fix’ yourselves. Its like, if someone is told to do something, and they say, ‘well I don’t want to’ or ‘I can’t’, so the mother or father say’s, ‘well, that’s all right, I’ll do it for you’. What happens, as that child grows older? He or she becomes totally ‘incompetent’. ‘Clean up your room’, ‘I don’t want to’, well that’s all right, I’ll do it for you this time’. So you walk into the house of this child, the child is now 35 years old and has a husband and children running around, and you can’t get through the front door – for the mess. Why, why don’t they clean it up? Very simple – ‘I don’t want to’. That’s it, it apathy, its ‘I don’t care’, ‘I don’t want to’, ‘I will do what I want to do, the way I want to do it’.

That’s fine that is their decision. We haven’t anything to do with that. That person that grows up ‘irresponsible’ in every sense of the word. Until that person say’s, ‘I’m not going to be this way any more’, what can an ‘outsider’ do? People can yell and scream. They can try and make them feel guilty. They can do all sorts of things. But that person will never change, unless that person wants to change.

Now as for this coming up, and what benefit it will be. What happened in the ‘renaissance’? Why are people so ‘fascinated’ by the ‘renaissance’? You see renaissance fairs all over the place. What they don’t remember about the renaissance is the ‘renaissance’ was “recovery”.

Now, if MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is going to go through all this stuff, and go through an apocalypse and all of that stuff, they’re going to have to pick themselves up, wipe themselves off, and start all over again. But, because “they” experienced that, do you have to? That is entirely up to you.

If a tornado comes through and takes the house across the street, are you affected? What do you decide to choose? If you’re sick and tired of hearing about all of this stuff, separate yourself from those people that are talking about that. You don’t have to be in their presence. Or if you have to be in their presence and they talk about. ‘Oh, this is going to happen and that’s going to happen and something else is going to happen’, say, ‘well, if that’s what you want’. They will be totally mystified by that, they wouldn’t understand that. Is the end of the world coming in 2000? Definitely NOT! What happens in 2001 is entirely up to you, as to what ‘you’ want to do. What kind of ‘excitement’ do you wish to enjoy? Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Are there other life forms roughly equivalent to humans within the physical confines of Earth or is Earth’s solar system existing in either the same or DIFFERENT dimension or times?”

DATRE: Well, that is a very difficult one to answer – because there is no ‘time’. Now, physicality exists – in what you call – a ‘linear’ time. That’s to slow things down, so that you can go through the events at a slower rate of speed, for you to work through physicality. But, actually, everything is ‘simultaneous’.

Are there ‘other’ human forms? Yes! There are other ‘human’ forms, but not ‘developed to the degree that you have developed on ‘this’ planetary system. Are they coming here? No! If they came here, they would have an entirely ‘different’ concept of how to get here, than you have. In other words, they wouldn’t come so that you could ‘see’ them – because they wouldn’t know what to do with ‘particles’. That may sound strange, but you work from ‘particles’, and their ‘particles’ or whatever ‘they’ use to work with, are different than ‘your’ particles. So if they came here, they would not ‘materialize’. If they came here, they would not “land on your planet”.

They could come here as OBSERVERS – but they certainly not get anywhere near you. If they were OBSERVERS, they would stay on the outer rim of your ‘bubble’ to look in and OBSERVE, but not come in.

But you see there are different ‘stages’ of evolution through out… I think you mentioned the word Galaxies – definitely. You see, your pictures that you have that… your movies, have tried to put ‘particle’ form on ‘other’ existence’s, which is very difficult to do. They had to use their ‘imagination’ to figure out what something might look like that was not here – and yet they could communicate with you, and all of these other things.

But that is why peoples have… they say they see people in crocodile forms and they speak to me and all of this other things, is that they’re dipping into different things, and this is what they come back with. You’re always dipping into things to find out ‘how’ things work – when you’re not in the physical. So you bring these things back, and you put a picture on them and that becomes a ‘belief’ system.

Then they’ll say, ‘but I saw it’. Yeah you did, and I cannot say that you didn’t see it. It’s your own ‘picture’. But it’s pretty difficult to get somebody else to ‘see’ it, because it’s ‘yours’. Its ‘not’ an agreed upon. Your ‘agreed upon’ vibrations as people are ‘agreed upon’. Your ‘agreed upon’ vibration that you call a ‘tree’ is ‘agreed upon’. Now, when you get down into different trees, and get down into the ‘technical’ stuff, you have to continue to ‘agree’ with another person. So, I cannot tell you any more than that.

But, as to the year 2000, do not look at it as dread. Look at it as a period of ‘excitement’ – new things happening. Now, from our standpoint, and what we OBSERVE in physicality, we wouldn’t look at the year 2000 as being the ‘beginning’. Your ‘beginning’ is the next moment that you’re in physicality – that’s your ‘beginning’. Your next moment, is your ‘beginning’. And the next moment is your ‘beginning’. That is the way ‘we’ would view it. But, join the ‘excitement’, pick up on the excitement, but use it to your advantage. Use it to make ‘you’ happy. Use it to make new DISCOVERIES for yourself. It is entirely up to you.

But the ‘doom’ and ‘gloomers’ let them ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’, they haven’t anything else to do but feel sorry for themselves. So, you don’t have to feel sorry for them, they’re doing a good job all by themselves. Remember – OBSERVE – it’s all up to you. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, turn it OFF. Find new friends, do different things, go different places. Be an EXPLORER, don’t be afraid to go out and try and find new areas to EXPLORE. And don’t worry about the people you left behind in the ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’, they’ll take care of themselves. The main thing is to take care of “you”. You are the ONLY ONE that can EVOLVE. You can’t evolve another person, regardless of how long you talk. We cannot evolve another person. There’s no way, it has to be the one that’s in the physical body, and they’re the only ones that can do anything.

So enjoy the excitement. Go out and EXPLORE new things. Finding, what you call, a new life for yourself. I think we just did one recently that said something about something Aona had picked up on the commercials for us. “Make the things that you want to do, into the things that you have DONE.”
We’ll leave you now.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 128 – What is actually occurring during a lucid dreaming state?

Datre answers Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Kevin and he outlines his questions as follows; “I’d like to get some comment from Datre on the following: The other night I had a rather curious experience while “dreaming”: At some point during the “dream” I recognized that the events I was witnessing were rather extraordinary and became suspicious that this was a “dreaming” experience. For me, this realization is normally what triggers a “lucid dreaming” experience which then causes me to begin to OBSERVE my surroundings very carefully.

However in this particular experience I became somewhat confused due to the “realization” of my surroundings. It seemed the more closely I focused on this scene the more tangible everything became, right down to the cold crispness of the air, the sounds, smells, colors, tactile sensations, etc. Typically, my “lucid dreaming” experiences are not quite so vivid or so “convincing”. It was only by analyzing the somewhat implausible nature of the events taking place that I was able to conclude that this was in fact a “dream”. My ability to maintain this focus and state of awareness however lasted for only a short while before I became swept up in the story line and then it was lost.

What is actually occurring during a “lucid dreaming” state?”

DATRE: Well, you see what happens is, as we have said many times – ‘you create your own reality’. And that’s a ‘hard’ one for you to understand. But, when you play around with, what you call, a ‘lucid’ dream, you’re picking up another option of something, that could be a story line that you wanted to take part in. When you got to the point of smelling and feeling all of these experiences, you ‘actually’ were ‘experiencing’ those. So what started out as what you thought was a ‘dream’, was a “switch” in a reality that you were writing the picture for.

Now, at some point, there was the realization that that was something you didn’t want to continue, because you said, ‘the experiences became bizarre’. You did that to, shall we say, switch you back into the pictures that you had before you went to sleep, or went into your ‘dreaming’ state. You see, in sitting and wondering what an experience is like, you can sit and experience a situation to the point that you are ‘actually’ in the situation. You feel, you smell, you taste, you touch, everything in that experience. Then when the experience is over, to your satisfaction, you come back into that which you call, your ‘normal’ awake state.

Now, that does not say that the experience that you had when you were ‘dreaming’, was not equally as valid as the ones that you have when you’re “awake”. You see, you don’t have to ‘physically’ experience everything, it is not necessary. But, if you want to experience something, and not go through the ‘trauma’ of it or the ‘excitement’ of it or what ever, you can, in the ‘dreaming’ state, have that experience, and how does the brain know which direction its coming from? Your brain is your ‘computer’, it does not say, ‘this one is valid and that one isn’t’.

So, the dreaming experience, whether you set it up for yourself ‘knowingly’, or shall we say, go into the dream state and just experience, the brain does not know the difference, and the brain doesn’t care. But the experience is yours. So, that’s what happens in the ‘dream’ state.

Many people will say, that the dreams are so ‘real’. Well, they are! Just because the body happens to be sleeping, you’re not. See, that’s the difficult part for you to understand, that its ‘two’ separate things working together. When you are “asleep”, what are you doing? You’re not just sitting on a wall up in heaven, dangling your legs back and forth and wondering, ‘well, I wonder when the body’s going to wake up?’. It doesn’t work that way. When the body’s asleep, you’re not there. Why would you want to hang around an ‘inanimate’ object for? It’s a waste of your time.

You take your ‘dream’ state, you’re ‘sleep’ state, and go someplace else for another experience. The thing is, if you go someplace else and have another experience, why not enjoy it? If it is something so ‘bizarre’ that you can’t translate it into your brain upon awakening – you don’t remember the ‘dream’ experience – it’s as simple as that.

When you ‘experience’ in ‘other’ realties that are not describable to the brain in ‘this’ reality, you’ll say, ‘well, I don’t dream’. Well, your brain can only comprehend so much. It depends upon how you have ‘trained’ your brain in the ‘learning’ process.

You see, you ‘train’ your brain, through books, like history, geography and mathematics, and reading and writing and all that kind of stuff that you ‘train’ the brain with. But, you don’t think of training the brain in knowing that the ‘body’ and ‘you’ are two separate things. You have no way of doing it, because it doesn’t come in a book. There is no book written that can tell you ‘exactly’ how to do it, because everyone does it different. You can go to all kinds of people that will tell you, to do this, that and the next thing, but, why not ‘experiment’ yourself and find out what its all about?

But, understand that your brain does not know anything that it can’t ‘attach’ something else to. In other words, with everything that you learn from the time you were a baby, through the growing up period and all of that – its ‘progressive’. Now, when you get into something like this, where’s the ‘progression’? There hasn’t been any ‘progression’, because up to this point, “you never thought about anything like this”. So you have to train the brain to understand what’s going on, and to understand that you ‘work’ with the physical body, and the body learns from you, but who else is going to ‘teach’ the body?

Now, when you’re not in the body – when you’re dreaming – and the body is asleep, if you have something that you enjoy in a ‘dream’ – you bring it in and remember it. There are lots of people that have what they call ‘precognition’. They can see something happening, and it ‘will’ happen – how come? How come, good story. They wrote the pictures, and they made the pictures “come true”. It’s a very simple thing. Very simple, and very complicated, because it has been made that way. Simply because, there has been no one to tell you that ‘you’ and you’re ‘body’ are not the same thing.

You start out with this business of, ‘you are born in sin’. That’s a good beginning. But I don’t know what its the beginning of. You’re given ‘guilt’ the minute you take your first breath because, how were you ‘conceived’? Oh, that was a naughty. You know, from our standpoint, it’s a very ‘strange’ situation that you have worked yourself into.

But, you see, you start out ‘backwards’. You start learning ‘all’ things in books. Why are children fascinated by a computer? Because, they can make things ‘move’. They’re more fascinated by a computer than they are a ‘toy’, because when you get a ‘toy’, it only does so much. And what has been lost is that which you call ‘imagination’. They’ll say, look at that poor child, they don’t have any ‘toys’. That child has a cardboard box, that is their world. That is a castle, it is a fort, it is a dollhouse, it is anything that child wants it to be. Yet, it’s nothing but a cardboard box. He or she is writing their own story lines. They’ll say, well they’re just ‘pretending’. What are ‘you’ doing? You are just ‘pretending’ that you have no control. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is the physical brain involved in this process at all?”

DATRE: It’s involved, in that you’re showing it to the brain – but the brain is NOT making the pictures. The brain is taking the pictures that you are putting in front of it and translating it for your own use. But ‘it’s’ not making the pictures – the brain doesn’t make those pictures – “you” make those pictures. The brain ‘translates’ them and stores them into the brain for accessibility. That is why you have a brain, you have a brain to ‘remember’. You have a brain as something you can access for information. That’s what a brain is all about. It’s an access to information, so that is what you call ‘memory’.

JOHN: Question?


JOHN: If the body is asleep, and the brain never turns off, and I am out of the body, how does that dream connect to the body and the brain?

DATRE: Because you ‘can’ connect it. There’s no reason why you ‘can’t’ connect it. The reason being is that you’re “always” connected – there’s no ‘disconnect’. The only thing is, that the brain cannot disseminate and understand a great deal of your dreams, but that does not mean you’re not connected. You have that which you call, that ‘silver’ cord – so how can you disconnect? The only time that can be ‘disconnected’, is that time which you call death. So, it’s a perpetual connection. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “Why is it so difficult to maintain this “lucid” state of awareness in the “dream” state?”

DATRE: Well, that is entirely up to you. What advantage is it to you to maintain it? If that’s a ‘reality’ that you strongly desire to go into – that you’re experimenting with – then that is exactly what you will do.

You can ‘skip’ realities. You don’t realize it, but you can. Those that ‘skip’ from one reality to another, have no ‘close’ physical ties in the area that they’re living in. You can’t just do it, simply because people would get all upset if you just ‘disappeared’. But, if you packed your bags and left an area, and people will say years latter, ‘I wonder what happened to so and so, we never heard anything from him after he left here or she left here?’. That makes it “valid” in physicality. But, when you left the area, it was your desire to go into another reality that you had “dreamt” about – so why can’t you go? If that was your ‘desire’, you would. Continue.

Wendi.comJOHN: And his last question is… “Have our “dream” experiences also been affected by the new wave energies? Might this explain why this dream appeared to be so “convincing”?”

DATRE: You’re going to find that the new energies are going to do many things. You see the “new energies” are also bringing in new – what you call – “think” patterns. Now, peoples are not that much aware of it, but, if you’re aware of it, you will see that there is definite changes in many areas – that you’re not even aware of.

We’ve had Aona writing down things that are on the TV. You have commercials ad nauseam. But, there are commercials that have statements in them, that are ‘interesting’ to the OBSERVER. Many of the things that we have been talking about – for many years – are showing up on your TV screens. How did they get there? Because, someone picked it up. As we’ve said before, what stops a ‘think’? What stops something that’s been said? It is there in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to be picked up by who ever wishes to pick it up. You have many statements that are coming on your TV screens that are very interesting.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well those are nice sayings’. Stop and think about what those saying say, to you. You are giving yourself ‘messages’ all the time, which you absolutely ignore.

Now, we have no idea what programs, what commercials, these came from. But, one of the first ones was a car commercial, and they kept saying – “life is a journey, enjoy the ride”. Does that not sound like a Datre quote? But, because it happens to be a car commercial, it’s not that important. You know, they think of it as, ‘oh, enjoy the ride in the car’. No, that is ‘not’ what’s being said. It is a good place to put it, but, an OBSERVER, will pick up that statement, and it will be a ‘reminder’ – this is what you’re here for. There’s another one – “be all that you can be”. I think that the last part of it is in the army or the navy or something, I don’t know. But, that statement – BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE – take your physicality and ‘be all you can be’. Here’s another one – “go confidently in the direction of your dreams”. Now, there again, very good.

“Live the life you’ve imagined”. People will say, ‘well, its just my imagination’. What else do you have? What’s a ‘dream’? Imagination! What is your life? Imagination! If you can’t ‘imagine’ something, you can’t do it. They say, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? It had to be the chicken. It had to be the chicken, then they had to find out how to get it to go the other way. You have to have the “end” before you can have the “beginning”.

All right, “You can’t depend on your ‘eyes’, when your ‘imagination’ is out of focus”. How good can these get? Watch, be an OBSERVER. This is the last one, “Life, is turning the things you want to do, into the things you’ve done”. Now, are things changing? Yes, they’re changing, because these are very good statements applying to your everyday life.

Regardless, of what the commercial is about, it doesn’t matter. Its the ‘words’ that are important. The words on a billboard, you’ll say, there’s billboards all over the place. Watch what those billboards say – they’re important. Sure, for each one that’s important, you’ll probably find twenty five that aren’t. But, that’s immaterial. Watch what people in stores are saying. Watch what people in businesses are saying. You will notice, that there are changes in peoples attitudes. Sure, you’re always going to get Mr. and Mrs. grump, but that’s part of this reality that you’re existing in. And regardless of what you say or how you interact with those people, it really doesn’t matter, because they’ve got the switch turned off. Turn your ‘switch’ ON, watch what is going on. These are very good.

JOHN: There’s an old saying that answers that – “its not the ‘messenger’ that’s important, its the ‘message'”.

DATRE: That is correct, it doesn’t matter where it is. REMEMBER, “YOU” ARE THE ONE WRITING THE MESSAGE, WHAT DO “YOU” WANT TO LEARN?
Thank you.

We are Datre.

4 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Skills

Meditation is a highly personalized activity. You may meditate first thing in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. You may meditate laying down or sitting up. You may meditate for two minutes or two hours. You may only meditate when you want to connect with a spirit or you may meditate every single day. The following are suggestions to help make meditation as productive and easy for you as possible.


It goes without saying that you don’t want to be distracted while meditating. Not only is it important to eliminate distractions it is also vital to eliminate the possibility of distractions. Don’t just tell yourself that no one is going to call; take the step of actually turning your phone off. Don’t meditate ten minutes before your partner is due to walk in the door; give yourself plenty of time when you know that no one will be coming home. When you don’t eliminate the possibility of distractions your brain may be focused on waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for your partner to walk in the door. Let your brain be at ease knowing that there will be no distractions.


Don’t settle for less when it comes to choosing where you are going to meditate. Make sure that every single part of your body is relaxed, at ease, and comfortable. Use your creativity to find the best location. It may be on the couch with your feet propped up, sitting on the floor with a pillow supporting you, you may find yourself plopped down on your favorite recliner or sitting outside on a lounge chair. Also pay attention to the temperature. Are you too warm? Too cold?


Why is it that you are meditating? Will you make judgments as to whether it was a successful meditation? What will you base those judgments on? You may be seeking insight on a question you have. For example, wanting to know if you should take a new job. Perhaps you want to connect with your Spirit Guide. Maybe you want mental clarity and improved concentration. Perhaps you’ve had a stressful day and just want to feel calmer and more relaxed. At the beginning of each meditation set a goal for yourself. It helps to structure your meditation a bit and make it more productive for you.


Not only is there more than one way to meditate there are dozens of ways. Some of the more popular techniques include:

Focus on your breathing: Take deep breaths in through your nose, hold for a count, then exhale through your mouth. For example: breathe in for a count of six, hold for a count of four, and exhale for a count of six.

Guided Meditation: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of guided meditation recordings. Guided mediation recordings come in a variety of subjects. Some help you to relax, others help you to connect to a spirit guide, some help you to receive insight from your Higher Self. See if guided meditation works for you.

Do an activity: Meditation doesn’t have to involve sitting down and being still. You may find that your meditation is much more productive if you are engaged in an activity. Some people choose to meditate while gardening, others while exercising. Many people find it helpful to meditate while in nature. Perhaps while going for a walk or sitting on a bench in their garden.

Listen to a fountain: In recent years decorative water fountains have become popular. You can pick one up at Target or Wal-Mart for under $20. You may find the sound of the fountain to be very relaxing.


Meditation is an individualized exercise. Don’t force yourself into believing that it must be done a certain way. It doesn’t. Meditate in a way that works for you. Be creative and try out different techniques. Best of luck to you!

To learn more visit Psychic Awareness today at: http://www.Psychicawareness.org.

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Datre 127 – The simplest things are the hardest things for you to do

Datre answers Ron.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Ron, and his question is… “Let’s say that the “you that you are” has set up in its play a disease for itself to experience in the physical. According to Datre, we in waking consciousness should observe this disease as it progresses through its stages and learn what we can from it. Wanting to heal ourselves then would seem to be a fear based reaction and would interfere with what we need to learn from this disease. I would think that taking control and attempting to heal ourselves would be a much better way of handling the situation than to just watch the disease to progress but it seems this “taking control” would be “fighting a physical happening” instead of allowing what has been decided by the “you that you are” to run its course.”

DATRE: Well, now I’ve never said… the thing is, that you can be a fascinated watching the healing process as you can watching the deterioration process of the disease. In other words, if you have decided on something – like a disease – you’ve got to take the first step and that’s “analyze” the word that you have spoken DIS-ease. That’s what disease is all about. Disease is caused by tension that you build up in your body. It causes ‘knots’ in your body that restrict the ‘natural’ flow of the fluids within the body. Its ‘uneasiness’ that causes those things.

If you are relaxed within that body construct, that will be an entirely different situation. That does not mean that you’re not going to get something occasionally, because your bodies need to keep their ‘immune’ system active. That doesn’t mean that if your relaxed within the body, you’ll never get a cold. But, if you get a cold – you decide this is what you want – to see what makes it work, to keep the ‘immune’ system in proper order. That does not say that you have to ‘keep’ it. You don’t have to keep a cold any longer than you ‘want’ to. I know you’re going to ‘disagree’ with me. Because the ‘doctors’ and all the people in the medical community say that this is how long you have a cold. So, there’s a belief system you buy into. ‘Oh, you’re going to have that cold for ‘this’ period of time’. Why? If the body gets what it needs in a day, why have a cold longer than a day? It’s ‘your’ decision.

But you see, in trying to heal to heal yourself, what you’re doing is “trying”. That’s the operative word. I’m beginning to learn to use your language a little better. That is the operative word – T R Y I N G.

Now, you can say it is impossible to heal a disease that you have had or that you have got, without ‘trying’ different things. I hear you peoples use the word ‘fight’ a cold or ‘fight’ a disease. It is NOT a contest or a battle – ‘you’ are the one in control – not the body. Can’t you make a decision that you’re going to take something and that’s going to take care of it? You can tell your body – if you’re working with it, like you should be – all right body, this is what you’ve got and this is what you’re going to get from me. I’m going to give you this medication. Now, this will take care of it and you will be fine. HOW STRONG IS YOUR BELIEF? Are you saying that with ‘conviction’ or are you saying it with – if this doesn’t work, we’ll try something else?

The body is no dummy. The body works with what it is given. Now, if you want to ‘heal’ a disease, where is your intent? If your intent is to ‘keep’ it, and watch it, that’s what you’ll do. If your intent is to be through with it, so that you and your body can ‘enjoy’ being together and working together, than ‘that’s’ what you’ll do.

You see the simplest things are the hardest things for you to do – because you have been ‘trained’ out of SIMPLICITY. Do you realize how much you have trained yourself ‘out’ of SIMPLICITY? You have things that are so complicated; that you think ‘everything’ has to be complicated. Your medical field is so complicated; they can’t get out of their own way. They have set up parameters, just like the scientists have. “This is a ‘fact’. This does this and this does that and that does something else. Therefore, since we have said it and we are an ‘authority’ you believe it.” You don’t have to. That is what we are telling you about – being an individual.

You don’t have to go down the same road everybody else does, simply because that’s the way they’re going. Don’t you want to do things that are different? They’ll say, ‘that person used to be sick all the time. Now look at them, they’re as healthy as can be, I don’t understand it.’. And from a point of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, they never will.

But, there is an individual that has taken a ‘sick’ body and made it the way ‘they’ wanted it to be. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with that one called, Teddy Roosevelt. Why did he become the robust individual that he became? Because, his intent was to have a healthy body. He didn’t lie around and take all kinds of medication. What did he do? He went outdoors. He learned to ride a horse. He got out and ‘experienced’ life – because that’s what ‘he’ wanted to do. I can imagine everyone in his family told him, ‘Oh, you better stay in bed and take this medicine, you’re not strong enough to do that. Oh, you can’t do that, you’re not strong enough, you might hurt yourself.’ I can hear all the family members now, because that is your ‘ritual’. But, there was an individual that had an ‘intent’ – and his intent was to do what he wanted to do. He wanted a healthy body that he could ‘play’ with and have fun with.

Peoples don’t understand that. They’ll say, ‘well, he was an exception’. Why not ALL be exceptions? Why do you have to listen to other peoples? Listen to yourself. That is the important part.

That one called Christopher Reeves, who has complete immobility, from being thrown off a horse. He can’t breath by himself, he as to have air pumped through a tube that goes through his neck, so that he can breath. He and his big contraption that he has to live in, when he’s awake, weighs over 500 pounds. People have offered him money to take care of his wife and him and his children, and what did he say? ‘I can do it myself’. He flies all over the country. Can you imagine what a process it is to get him from point A to point B? You can’t imagine that. You’ll see him on a stage someplace talking to hundreds of people about those peoples that are in wheelchairs with spinal cord injuries. And you say, ‘that’s magnificent’. Do you stop to realize, what it took to get him from his front door, to that stage in another state? No!

You see, that is one of the things we keep talking about through OBSERVATION. Think about things. Think about things that are important. You have so much ‘junk’ and so much ‘noise’ all the time that you don’t take time to stop and think about anything. Your bodies are so ‘jangled’ with ‘noise’ from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. You have ‘noise’ constantly. The ‘noise’ on your planet is humongous. And I don’t care where you live, you can live in what you call a very ‘quite’ spot, and there is still that ‘noise’ that exists on your planet.

That is distracting you from what you want to become. You want to be the very best that you can be. You want to heal your self? All right, conviction, – “this is what I am going to do”. ‘I’m going to get something, and the body is going to understand that this is going to make the body the way I want it to be, the way the body wants to be, so that ‘we’ can have ‘fun’ together’.

This planet has been called the planet that… the playground. This is what this planet was set up to be – a playground for people to enjoy themselves. And you have turned it into a planet of ‘disaster’. It has become a ‘hospital’ planet – that is the biggest thing you’ve got going. You have things that are going on, that if you will take a real good look at it, you will ‘see’ what you have done as individuals. It has become a ‘hospital’ planet, because you don’t want to take care of your own body. ‘If I go to a hospital, somebody else will take care of it’.

It has become a planet of ‘lawyers’. It has become a planet of ‘layers’ simply because you won’t speak up for your self. You won’t take care of your self. ‘I’m in this job, I’ve been in this job for 25 – 30 years, and all I’m doing is looking forward to the day I’m retiring’. Do you like your job? ‘No, I hate it, I hated it the day I went to work – but I had to do it – because there wasn’t anything else for me to do’. Well, after work did you try and learn anything else, so that you’d be qualified for another job? ‘Well, no, because when I get home from work I’m tired’.

You see you have ‘not’ taken charge. Those that make any step in their ‘evolution’, in evolving themselves to where they want to be, are not those that sit around passively. Being an OBSERVER is ‘not’ passivity. Being an OBSERVER is learning through INTENT. ‘I intend to learn something, and my best way of learning – for me – is through OBSERVATION. Its ALL ‘intent’. ‘Well, I’m stuck here and I’m stuck there and I have to do this and I have to do that’.

You said that ‘you’ and the YOU that ‘you’ are have decided on a disease. Why? Why didn’t you choose an alternative that you could learn the very same lesson from? You did not have to choose disease. Why did you choose disease? Why do you put your body through that? You wouldn’t do it to someone else, so why do you do it to your own body? I’m being very hard on you. And that is not only for those that asked the question. I’m telling this to each and every one of you. Why are you so hard on yourself? Why don’t you have RESPECT for your self and say, ‘I don’t want to cause my body these problems’? Find another way to learn. There are as many ways to learn as there are peoples on the planet, with a hundred million left over – that you’ve never even thought about.

It is important for “everyone” to begin to be an INDIVIDUAL. Take charge of your “life”. Take charge of your “body”. Work with your body, learn from your body, learn from other individuals. It is all a learning process, and it can be a delightful world to live in. It can be ‘fascinating’. You can get up and not know what the day is going to bring.

But, it is like this beautiful weather that they have been having on the East Coast, and they’ve been having in the Mid West. This beautiful, beautiful weather, and someone says, ‘this is such beautiful weather’, and the person that they’re talking to say’s, ‘oh yes, but I guess that we’ll get a cold spell and then everybody will get sick’. Now, is that any way to look at an existence? You can laugh about it, but where’s that person coming from? Why can’t you enjoy. Aona say’s back to that person, ‘I don’t care if a storm comes tomorrow, I’m not living tomorrow, I’m living today’. Then that person looks at her as if, ‘well what rock did she crawl out from under, she’s got some strange ideas’. Yes, but strange is good, strange is different.

If you’re going to do the same things that everybody else does, then what’s different? Different is important. When you have a disease – go about healing it. That you can watch the process. Watch how quick you can make it work – you can turn it around. Or, if you don’t want to turn it around, speed it up and die and get out of here. There are those that have done that too. Said, ‘I don’t want to be sick forever; this is not something I choose. If the body is in such a state that I can’t use it any more, okay, I’ll take death and come back and get a new one’.

I don’t know what else to say on this subject, do you have a question John?

JOHN: What about so called ‘genetic’ types of illnesses?

DATRE: You have genetic illnesses, very definitely. You have what they would call, a ‘weak’ strain or genetic weakness or whatever that is. But there again, that does not have to be dominant. Did you set that up as a ‘dominant’? If you set that up as a ‘dominant’, then why did you do it? You did it for a reason. Pursue it until you find out what it is. Why did you do it?

You have genes that go way back to the beginning of ‘this’ planetary existence. Then in all of those genes in that gene pool, in ‘your’ lineage… your particular lineage, why did you choose that one? What did you do it for? With all the options that you’ve got, why did you choose to limit yourself? What did you want to do with that ‘limitation’? What did you want to ‘learn’ from it? There are those that have that which they call… I think ‘multiple sclerosis’. There are peoples that are beautiful artists that cannot use their legs and arms, so they put a brush between their teeth and paint beautiful pictures. Why did they limit themselves like that? Maybe, all they wanted to do is paint. They had this longing to paint. An inward feeling that, ‘all I want to do is paint. If I had any other obligations, I wouldn’t be able to paint like I want to.’. Stop and look at that one from that side of the coin.

It’s ALL choice. You don’t realize it – but it is. It’s your choice from the beginning to the end. Then from the beginning to the end, again and again and again. So, there’s genetics, all right there is that. But there is also “you” that dwells in the physical body. And how strong is “your” intent? Your intent can change your physical construct. It is all up to you. But, if you have a ‘disease’ – heal it. If you can’t heal it, then do what ever you want to do. But, ‘learn’ from the doing.

No one else set that up for you – no one. No one can have ‘any’ influence on you what-so-ever – if you do not wish to have influence by anyone else. They can give you all the advice in the world, but if you don’t want to take it, you don’t have to. What we’re saying is, “be the ‘you’ that you are, be an ‘individual'”. OBSERVE, LEARN, that’s what its all about. And the ‘learning’ does not have to be one of suffering. That is one thing that you desire to do for some reason we cannot understand.

Why do you feel that you have to ‘suffer’? We do not understand that. You are in the physical to “enjoy” it. Enjoy it to the fullest, which ever way you can, however you desire you want to do it. It is like the man that say’s, ‘I will pay this man $100 to kill me, I don’t want to live any more. And tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock I will be walking through the park – I don’t want to see you – but I want you to kill me. I will write a contract and all this other kind of stuff if you want it.’. And the fellow say’s, ‘no, just give me the $100’. So the fellow say’s, ‘all right, I will give you the $100’.

So he takes the $100. The next afternoon the man is walking through the park and he say’s, ‘finally this will be over, it won’t be long now.’ The man is already there, he’s ready to shoot him. Then the man spots something in a little child playing with a car on the sidewalk. And the joy in the child’s face, and the child looks up and he smiles and he say’s, ‘I’ve got a car’. And the remembrance in the man of the day he got a little red car that he had longed for, and how he had played with that car. Then he began to remember that of living as a child, and he progressed in his thinking, and he said, ‘I do not wish to die. I have no desire to die. I want to find that joy, that happiness, that excitement that I had as a child.’ He continued walking with that thought in mind. Someone came up and tapped him on the shoulder and the man turned around and it was the man with the gun. And he said, ‘you have changed your mind, here’s your money back’. Who wrote the story?

We are Datre.

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Datre 126 – Datre on responsability

Datre answers Dennis.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Dennis, and his first question is… “I have been told that we are fully responsible for our actions. We are NOT responsible for the actions or welfare of others. Still, as a parent I am responsible to and for the welfare of my children and my spouse. Further, there is a feeling and a certain need to look to those who are less fortunate, even strangers to us. What is the Datre’s view regarding responsibility and charity?”

DATRE: Well, you see, responsibility is a word that encompasses many things. You feel a responsibility to your wife and to your children. That is part of that which you call the physical existence.

Now, being responsible to them is how ‘you’ feel it is necessary to be. In other words, you’re responsible to your wife as ‘you’ see your responsibility TO her. Not as ‘she’ sees it, but as ‘you’ see it. You see you don’t know what the other person is thinking. So the only way ‘you’ can ‘act’ with other people, is from ‘your’ individual standpoint. That again comes down to your ‘basic’ belief system.

In other words, you set up something that ‘you’ believe that you need to do this and that, in order to satisfy yourself. Then, as you satisfy yourself, you will find that you satisfy ‘others’.

Now, as for children, you have a responsibility to them. In other words, you have to ‘teach’ them until they are old enough to make their own decisions. But, you cannot accept ‘blame’ for them. In other words, if the child turns around and say’s, ‘well, its all your fault, because you told me such and such’. They’re trying to lay a ‘guilt’ trip on you that you are not responsible for. You are teaching and responsible from your individualistic self. And you do the best you can do from that standpoint.

But, if someone complains about what you’re doing and how you are doing it, it is not up to you to ‘accept’ that blame, if that is not what you feel that you have accepted as your responsibility. That you have done what ‘you’ feel is the way ‘you’ want to do it. But there again, as an OBSERVER, you can watch what you’re doing and what ‘other’ people are doing. That’s why you get into family situations.

In other words, if there were not lessons to learn, being a husband and a father, you would not have chosen that. You would have ended up being by your self. It was ‘your’ desire to be in that role and play out that role, because there were lessons that ‘you’ wanted to learn.

Now, if your wife and children had lessons that they wanted to learn ‘with’ you, they joined you. In other words, if your wife had lessons she wanted to learn, and the situation was compatible – you joined together – to learn together.

All right now, the children choose you. You don’t choose the children. The children choose you, because you have set up a situation that they want to be involved in – for ‘their’ learning. You see, from what I’m saying, you’ll say, ‘well in other words, we’re all ‘selfish’?’. Yes, you are. You have to be ‘selfish’ in that, ‘this is what I chose, what am I to learn ‘from’ it? I didn’t just get into this willy nilly. I went into it ‘purposefully”.

Now, they talk very much about “crib death”. Much of “crib death” is the fact that a child comes into a situation that they OBSERVED that they wanted a part of. Now, because the child is born, the wife or the husband starts bickering, first thing you know, they’re constantly arguing, they can’t do this because of the baby, we can’t do that because of the baby. You’re giving too much time to the baby. We can’t do the things we used to do. Then the baby say’s, ‘I don’t want any part of this, I’m not going to learn anything from this situation’, and leaves.

Now, there’s a great deal to be learned from just that. It sounds very simplistic, but there’s a great deal to be learned by that. Now, in many cases that will split the two because of the animosity that has been built up. In many cases it will draw them closer together and the next time they have a child, they will act differently. And how do you know that that same child doesn’t come back again.

You see there are so many things about physicality that you do not see – in the physical. You can’t, because you’re working from ‘this’ construct. But, as an OBSERVER you will ‘see’ many things and you will understand.

Now, as to the business of ‘other’ individuals, there again, other’s will put a ‘guilt’ trip on you because, ‘why aren’t you donating money to this cause?’. Now, there are a lot of things to be said in that area also. But, at that time, take a good look at what ‘you’ believe and what you think of the situation. Is it better to write out a check and give it to someone and feel satisfied with that? Or is it better, at some point in time to find someone that needs help, and help that individual? And give a check to an individual or say to the individual, ‘I will give you the name of some company that needs help, you can fill their need, here is someone to go and see’. Talk to that individual and give him the prospect of a job.

You see there’s many ways of handling things. But don’t feel that you need to accept a ‘guilt trip’, because that’s MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will make you feel guilty. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will make you feel ‘fearful’. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, if you buy into that, can make you “react”. And what we’re trying to tell you, is “act”. Don’t allow them to put ‘guilt trips’ on you. You do what you know ‘you’ want to do – not because you have to do it – because you don’t have to. It is “your” evolution. It is nobody else’s. And you can go as far as you want to go. And when you become an OBSERVER, you’ll see what you’ve set up for yourself, because, when situations occur, you’ll take a good look at it.

When someone comes and says’s, ‘we want you to donate to such and such an organization’, and you say, ‘I’m not interested right now’. And they put a ‘guilt trip’ on you; take a good look at it. Is it ‘your’ problem, or is it ‘their’ problem? And if you don’t want to, why do you have to because someone puts a ‘guilt trip’ on you? You see that’s MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that’s not thinking. That is ‘not’ thinking – that’s ‘reacting’. Why did that person say to you, things like putting a ‘guilt trip’ on you? That person wasn’t ‘acting’ – that was a ‘reaction’. Mad because you wouldn’t give money to something. You see that’s a ‘reaction’ – that is not an ‘action’. So watch these things carefully. It is ‘your’ decision, but it is ‘not’ anyone else’s decision to lay a ‘guilt trip’ on you. That is a very good question, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “There are humans who greatly excel in understanding the physics of the universe as we experience it. Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking, for instance. Further, there are those who have an unusual knowing or psychic abilities. Are these kinds of humans closer to where they need to be or are these abilities and “knowledge” irrelevant to our growth?”

DATRE: Well, you see what happens is, that those individuals like the Einstein and Hawking, had an ‘intent’ and had a ‘purpose’. Now, all I can say is, many come into the next, shall we say, ‘awake’ process or ‘birth’ process, bringing through a ‘knowingness’. They will pick and choose specific genetics that will take them in the ‘direction’ they wish to go.

Now, those that have ‘specific’ psychic abilities, as you call them, that is something that they have had previously, or have begun to develop. So through the process of bodily aging, they die. But they keep that ‘remembrance’ of what they want to continue to do, they want that continuation, they want that ‘ability’. So, they will choose genetics that will maintain that genetic patterning and maintain those abilities. That is a choice before they come into the physical again.

While there are many now who have no ‘psychic’ ability that they are ‘aware’ of – and I say ‘aware of’, because, every single one has it. Your ‘psychic’ ability is your ‘connection’ with “YOU”. It is a ‘knowingness’ that you’re ‘connecting’ with “YOU”. But then it’s explained in so many different ways, that it becomes all muddled. But, your greatest ‘psychic’ ability is to get to ‘know’ who “YOU” are.

As to those that have psychic abilities, it is not important what another person is going to experience. That another person is going to get a great big fabulous job in the next two months, or whatever. The only thing that individual is doing when they give out ‘that’ information, is satisfying ‘themselves’. You see if they were not doing it, they wouldn’t know the difference, nor would the ‘other’ individual know the difference.

You see, it all comes back, and its such an ‘individualistic’ thing, that you’re not even aware of it. But, ‘psychic’ abilities, that is part and parcel of your existence. Some people have it developed more than others, and it depends upon what they do with it. If they’re just going to sit and read other peoples futures – probable futures – picking up the possibilities and probabilities of ‘other’ people, and this is what they do all their lives, then what are they doing with their own? How far are ‘they’ going? So, to answer your question, does it matter? No, it doesn’t!

The thing that matters, is for you to find out “who’s” running the show – is it “you” or is it your “body”? Then, if it’s a ‘joint’ effort, it is a ‘magnificent’ thing. Then in working as a ‘joint’ effort, with ‘you’ and your ‘body’, you will make tremendous strides in getting to find out ‘what’s’ going on. But it becomes a fascinating game. Continue.

JOHN: He goes on to ask… “Is there a distinct benefit to actually experiencing things first hand as opposed to reading a written account of another person’s experiences? Or is learning through reading, meditation or actual physical experience of equal benefit?”

DATRE: That depends upon the individual and what the individual wants to do. You can sit and read as many books as you want to. You can sit and meditate as long as you want to. And it does not matter, it’s what ‘you’ gain for your own experience.

You see it is in the ‘interaction’ with ‘other’ physical beings, that you can OBSERVE. Sitting and meditating by yourself, you can take yourself into different ‘realms’ – I think we did one recently where they were speaking about that one called Jane Roberts of the Seth material. Jane Roberts could travel to many different places. She had ‘grand’, what you call, ‘psychic’ abilities. She was able to connect up into different realities and have many ‘grand’ experiences – on her own – other than bringing through the Seth material. But, because she had ‘fear’, and never really got to the point of OBSERVING and understanding that ‘underlying’ fear, she did not accomplish what she wished to accomplish.

There’s many ways of learning. And that is an ‘individualistic’ thing. You don’t ‘have’ to be always in the ‘psychic’ communities. You don’t have to be ‘always’ reading the books and all of that. It helps with your understanding. But, we find that the peoples that are making the greatest strides, having the GRANDEST experiences, finding out what physicality is all about and understanding from the point of having ‘experiences’ that are “individualistic” and working from ‘that’ standpoint of being a GRAND OBSERVER. Every one of them, have very responsible positions in the job market. They have wives and children. They’re hard working individuals. They don’t have ‘time’ to spend hours meditating. But, every waking minute of their day, they’re OBSERVING. Then in their OBSERVATION, when they have that moment, when they are able to sit and just OBSERVE, they’re coming up with “magnificent” experiences. And maybe they only have a moment – a fleeting moment – and they will have a GRAND AWARENESS that they will write and tell us about.

So you see, people are doing different things different ways. They’re all doing what they want to do in whatever way they want to do it. But, you don’t have to start out with anything grand and glorious, because you forget – “you” are the GRANDEST “you” can be. It’s only that you don’t ‘recognize’ it when you get into a physical body. You have POWER that is unimaginable. You have ‘resources’ that are unimaginable. But, you ‘limit’ yourself. You ‘limit’ yourself, because you can’t handle ‘knowing’ WHO you are. If you were to have any idea how GRAND you really are, you couldn’t handle it. So, you go through that which you call, a ‘learning’ process. And it’s only those that are interested in learning that will ever find out. And the GRANDEST TEACHER you have – is “YOU”. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Can a spirit leave their body and travel to any time and space, including off this planet AND remember the experience? How?”

DATRE: Number one, you can leave the body, its very simple. You don’t have to have the body to be “YOU”. Who are ‘you’ when you’re sleeping? You don’t have a body – but you’re still ‘you’.

The thing is, that when you get into realms that are distinctly different than anything that you can put words to, there is no way you can come back into the body and ‘express’ it. Because, your ‘language’ only encompasses ‘that’ which is in physicality, that you can ‘touch’, ‘see’, ‘taste’, ‘smell’, whatever.

Now, you can travel into ‘other’ realms, where you will ‘see’ something, and coming back into the physical you’ll say, ‘I saw this or something like that’. Then you will put an explanation on it. That will be for ‘your’ understanding and for satisfying yourself as to what you have seen. Then perhaps you will find someone else who has “seen the same thing” or something ‘similar’ to what you have seen, so you have a common ground to talk about. But, when you get out into ‘other’ realms where you can’t describe them, you’ll come back with a ‘feeling’ – but there are no ‘words’ for expression.

There are those that will go out into other realms and make ‘other’ connections and come back into the physical body, with tears, because of a ‘recognition’, but can not ‘explain’ the situation – because the ‘words’ aren’t there. I hope that answers your question. Continue.

JOHN: He asked how would you do it, is there a ‘how’ to it?

DATRE: Is there a ‘how’ to getting out of the body?

JOHN: That’s what he asked at the end, and remember the experience, and ‘how’ would you do that?

DATRE: How do you remember the experience? That is ‘your’ body that you have to work with. You see, that is the thing, when you’re working to try… actually, you’re ‘training’ the body all the time. You’re the one that’s trying to get the body to understand, because this is what ‘physicality’ is all about.

Its like having… we refer to the car again, its like having a brand new car. You don’t know where all the ‘buttons’ and all those things – what they’re all for. You don’t know what the radio and the heater and the windshield wipers and all of that, so you get into your brand new car and you’re playing with all these things to find out what makes them work. That’s what you do in a physical body. That’s what a baby does when it comes into a physical body. It has to figure out ‘how’ to get things to work. They try to walk and they keep falling down. But they can’t get the coordination. So, it’s a ‘training’ process. Of course, you’re so familiar with physicality that after you’ve been in it a certain length of time, you become ‘bored’ with it – its old hat. You’re so used to it, you have done it for thousands of years.

But, how ‘you’ train ‘your’ body and how you work with your individual body is an ‘individual’ thing and I can not tell you ‘how’. I cannot tell how anyone works a body. I can tell you, when I’m in the physical body, I can move the hands and the arms. I can see through the eyes. I can move the upper torso. But, when the individual comes back into this body again – from the waist down – it has to be a complete realignment, because this body has been sitting immobile and nothing has been happening to the ‘lower’ portion of the body. But, I don’t know how to work that. It is not important for me to have to work it, I don’t have to get up and walk around in order to give you this material.

But you see I’m looking at it from that standpoint and I’m saying that each one has to get in and out of their body in their own way. They need to handle their bodies in their own way. Everyone does it different. You see, you see people walking down the street and they all look the same to you, because they’re all walking. But if you could see the ‘squiggly’ lines of all the peoples walking, you could see that there was such a great variance. Even if you become a very good OBSERVER, you will notice how ‘different’ people walk. They use their feet, their legs, their hands, their arms, their heads, their shoulders – their whole body ‘posture’ is individualistic to that one person. It is how ‘they’ have set these things in motion. That is why physicality is so unique.

So, all I can tell you is that, I have to work from the experiences that I have when I’m in the body for a very short period of time. Now, I can’t tell you how soon I will get back in the body again, if ever I will get back in the body again. Then if I never get back into the body, I have had a ‘grand’ experience.

But, from ‘your’ standpoint, you’ve been in it, ‘oh, I’m getting old’. So maybe you’re 35. You don’t realize that these bodies where set up to ‘live’ thousands of years. Then when the body was no longer functioning the way it needed to function, the body was laid down and another body was picked up and gotten into. That would scare you to pieces. But that is the way it was, before that which you “invented” as death. Now people, oh they’re so afraid to die, they’re so afraid to die. How many thousands of time have you done it?

So you see, from ‘our’ standpoint, it is a very individualistic thing. And the more I keep bringing that to the forefront – that “you” are individualist – it is “your” evolution. That you will begin to OBSERVE ‘what’ you are doing – and what a magnificent thing you are doing. And I don’t care if you recognize you have one iota of ‘psychic’ ability – ‘you’ are ‘still’ MAGNIFICENT and that you are trying to learn what physicality is all about. That in itself is a MAGNIFICENT undertaking. Don’t let anybody put you down – because you are GRANDER than you ‘know’ you are – each and every person. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: That is it, we have enjoyed being with you.

We are Datre.
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Datre 125 – BE the best YOU you can be

Datre answers Susmita

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Susmita and her first question is… “Seth mentioned that each of us have our individual psyche. Do each of our separate selves/aspects has the potential to evolve as separate individual entities? In our Earth bubble are psyches more numerous than entities or at any given moment? I am confusing myself on this, since many of our experiences (e.g. mood swings, early childhood traumas, abuses, adult obsessions, multiple personalities, dream structures) cannot be explained within the boundaries of a ‘lifetime’. Is there simultaneous inner communication of experiences and feelings going on among the different personalities/faces existing now and in different historical periods?”

DATRE: Well, what you’re doing is, you’re getting involved in a lot of words that are confusing you. You all have an individual psyche. You all have an individual brain. The ‘word’ psyche is very confusing, because it encompasses ‘more’ than a brain. But, if you will just begin to work with “today” – which is the important part of your living – it will eliminate a great deal of confusion.

The material about the “psyche”, about the “consciousness”, about the “aspects” and all of that, has been a “background” for you to understand the MAGNIFICENCE and the MAGNITUDE of “this particular creation”, which you call PHYSICALITY. But, it can be very confusing, because “words” can be used “interchangeably” and each individual has a different way of ‘explaining’ something. So, from our standpoint, what we’re going to be working on ‘most’ now, is going to be – what you would call – “be the best YOU, you can be”.

In other words, it does no good to ‘gripe’ about the fact that you’re in ‘physicality’ and that you want to get ‘out’ of it. If you hadn’t wanted ‘physicality in the first place, you wouldn’t be here. If you were in ‘control’ of your life, you wouldn’t be complaining about it all the time. Instead of ‘complaining’, become that which we call the OBSERVER. What is causing the ‘problem’? Why did ‘you’ put that there? Why did you ‘want’ to experience it? No one does anything “to” you, they can’t, its an ‘impossibility’. As an individual, you work from the ‘physicality’ that ‘you’ reside in.

The biggest thing NOW to learn, is that ‘you’ live IN a physical construct. You are the one that is the BOSS. You are always “you”, there is no ‘higher’, there is no ‘lower’, there’s no ‘nothing’ – other than YOU.

We say connect up with the YOU that ‘you’ are. Let’s change that a little bit, to give you another picture, so you’ll have something else to play with. Put “YOU” at the top of a piece of paper, then draw a line down the paper, at an angle, and put the word “SLEEP”. Then from “YOU” draw another line in the other direction and put the word “AWAKE”. Now, who else is controlling the show? It’s all YOU. The only thing that’s different is, you’re ‘controlling’ from a different standpoint. In other words, “YOU” can understand from a greater vantage point when you are “ASLEEP”, because there is not, shall we say, the physical body interference – you don’t have a physical body in “SLEEP”. So “you” can figure out what it is you want to learn and in what way you want to learn it.

You are trying to get the physical body trained to the point that it understands what “you” are trying to tell it. That’s why the Datre concepts are different, because they’re looking at physicality in a different way. Why are there so many “victims”? It’s much easier to ‘blame’ everything on someone else. It’s very simple, when something goes wrong, to say, ‘it was the other persons fault’, because you’re ‘drawing’ from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is a gestalt of “belief systems”. And that is what you are ‘allowing’ yourself to ‘draw’ from. Nobody say’s you have to get your information from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you don’t have to.

But, it depends on the strength of the ‘individual’ as to how much ‘they’ want to know about themselves. How much do you want to ‘know’ about yourself? Does it ‘scare’ you to realize that you are in ‘complete’ and ‘total’ control? It does many people. “FEAR” is what ‘blocks’, they’re afraid of “themselves”. Now, that may sound like a strange thing to say, but it is ‘fact’. We see it, when we come into physicality, and can walk in a physical body and OBSERVE. We see people that are ‘afraid’, they’re ‘afraid’ of everything, because they’re feeding off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

You don’t have to feed off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Why don’t you find out ‘who’ you are? What are you doing? Why are you in physicality? What are you learning? It is ALL up to “you” – and that’s scary. But that is true. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I wondered why Seth in his communications through Jane devoted so much explanation on one particular religion “Christianity” and not others like “Buddhism” for example? (Personal note: I was born in a Buddhist family in a sect, which is a tiny unknown minority in India; and I used to wonder about that! I am glad now that I did not grow up with a concept of GOD).”

DATRE: Why did Seth spend so much time in that area? Simply because, that was something that was part and parcel of Jane’s and all of her, shall we say, ‘aspect’ selves or other ‘life times’ whatever you want to call it, or ‘other’ physical experiences. She had a dichotomy going. In other words, she was afraid to give up God, and yet, she was ‘afraid’ to step into the future because the Seth material was so far ‘different’ than anything ‘she’ had ever been exposed to. And that most ‘other’ people had not been exposed to.

So, she was ‘afraid’, and ‘fear’ will lock you into many areas. You see, once you get locked into the focus of ‘fear’, that does not only relate to ‘one’ thing. It’s attached to ‘everything’ that you encounter on a daily basis. In other words, you become ‘fearful’ of everything.

It may look like ‘that’s silly’ – no, it isn’t, because we can OBSERVE it. FEAR becomes dominant, and when ‘fear’ becomes dominant, what’s running the show? The body. The ‘body’ is what’s afraid. “You” are not afraid. When you find that there’s a ‘distinct’ separation, between ‘bodily’ reactions, and ‘you’ ACTING in a situation, you can see, there’s a great deal of difference. “YOU” are not afraid, the body’s afraid.

And because of ‘her’ belief in God – and that is a ‘belief’, just like everything else – she was afraid to let go. Had she let go, she would have ‘resolved’ the issue of ‘fear’. Then she would not have died as she did. She died being completely ‘immobile’, because she was so ‘afraid’ that she tied herself in so many knots, that she was unable to ‘move’ the body – physically.

And what did it? She let the body run the show. She had ‘magnificent’ capabilities. She could ‘travel’ with her own ‘psychic’ ability to many marvelous places. She could do many marvelous things. But, she would ‘not’ allow herself to know ‘who’ was really running the show. Continue.

JOHN: She further goes on to say… “Many times I anticipate something and that is what I get. Sometimes I chose to act on that and sometimes I do not, even when I see the consequences would be undesirable for me or others in the short-run! But for sometime now I have not been able to distinguish whether it is my prior belief (anticipation) about something that attracted/caused/created certain events or whether I am tapping into the future where the event already exists! Can you elaborate on this a little more for those of us who wish to create with full awareness/consciousness (I know these are different). Or is full awareness possible in physicality?”

DATRE: Is full awareness possible in physicality? When ‘full’ awareness is realized in physicality – you won’t be here. When ‘you’ have learned, what ‘you’ wanted to learn, and you understand from a deep knowingness – why stay? There’s no need. When you understand ‘what’ the game is all about – that you’re playing with yourself… In other words, there are people that sit and play card games, and they win and they win and they win, and they’re fascinated by that winning. There are ‘other’ people that will sit down – this is a new game, this is the way you play it – they play it until they win. When they win, they don’t play any more.

Two different ways of approaching things. You see it’s all up to you. Then what ‘you’ see and what ‘you’ OBSERVE, whether its past, present or future does not matter – it really doesn’t matter. What are you going to do with it ‘now’? This is the moment of ‘action’ or ‘reaction’.

You see, you set things up, and then you ‘assume’ that ‘this’ is the way it’s going to be. Everybody else is going to die, but you never think of yourself as dying, because you keep that a secret. You’d be surprised the ‘games’ you play with yourself. So, you’re the one that knows. But, what difference does it make, whether its something you’re dredging up from your ‘past’ or whether you’re seeing something that’s in your ‘future’? You can’t do anything about either one of them. You can’t do anything about that which is ‘past’. You can’t do anything about that which is in the ‘future’. So why draw any conclusion on either one?

Today is the ‘only’ day you’ve got, and if one is ‘over’ and one hasn’t started yet, you can’t ‘do’ anything. It’s no different than playing a ‘game’. Right now ‘football’ is very important to many people, because its ‘excitement’. It’s excitement, watching ‘other’ people do what ‘you’ don’t want to do. So, you enjoy sitting and watching them. But, they can’t play the game until the whistle blows and they say they can start it. Same thing with you’re days. That’s why it does no good to fret about ‘yesterday’, it does no good to fret about ‘tomorrow’. Today is the ‘only’ day you’re living. You can’t be anxious about either one. You’re wasting valuable time of OBSERVATION thinking about ‘future’ and ‘past’. Continue.

JOHN: She further asks… “Seth said in his Dream book II, something like sensation/feelings can and do exist without “senses” and the pure land of the psyche is something like “a world without beliefs”, where (adding Datre’s description) beings just “do what they do” in full awareness. In such a state how does evolution/creativity continue, if one is doing the same thing over and over (each time little differently)?”

DATRE: Well, you’re kind of mixing things up there. Because, what Seth, in his explanation there, is describing the ‘land of the psyche’. But that isn’t where you’re living. You’re living in a physical body. “YOU” can be said, to live in the ‘land of the psyche’. The “YOU” that’s at the top of the page that I had you draw. You can say the “YOU” are is living in the ‘land of the psyche’. But, when “YOU” come into physicality, you’re working with a ‘physical’ instrument. Which is like ‘you’ driving a car.

You have to know where the lights are, and the signals are and the horn and the brakes and all that other kind of stuff. Then you get in the car and ‘you’ run that physical car, and you get out of it. Has that changed ‘you’ from the time you got ‘into’ car until the time you got ‘out’? You look at your physical body and it looks the same, doesn’t it? Same thing with “YOU”. But, you don’t ‘know’ it. You don’t know that ‘you’ are the one that is in the ‘sleep’ stage. ‘You’ are the one that’s in the ‘physical’ stage. It’s still “YOU”, its nobody else. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question continues on… “What is ‘pure thought’ (something like ‘Thoughters’ do)?”

DATRE: You can say that. We used the ‘Thoughter’ analogy to know it’s ‘not’ something that’s a ‘think’. So, if you understand ‘Thoughters’ – ‘Thoughters’ and ‘thinks’ are two different things. ‘Thinks’ are brain oriented. ‘Thinks’ are the brain making connections. Putting things together for your understanding. ‘Thoughters’ is that information that ‘comes to you’ as you say, ‘out of the blue’. Its different than what you recognize as, what is in the brain. And it is never ending, until ‘you’ decide to end it. You pick and choose as long as you want to. When you have had enough, you say, okay, I’ve had enough – release it, let it go, and go on to something else. That could be called ‘pure thought’ – the information from a ‘Thoughter’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question asks… “Is there a framework ‘three’ and how is it related to framework 2 and 1? Is Datre focused in framework three?”

DATRE: We don’t know, that is Seth material. And if there is such a thing, then that would have to be explained by him. The ‘frameworks’ are not anything that ‘we’ have worked with. Those are the terms he used to explain situations for helping you to understand. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “If everything in physicality is a symbol, then what do the human body and its parts (five fingers and toes for example) symbolize?”

DATRE: I don’t know that the body parts symbolize anything. It’s a vehicle for you to function ‘through’ – that is it. It’s just like the wheels of the car, which allow the car to move down the road – but it is still a part of the car. If you take them off, then you haven’t got that to work with, then you have to figure out something else. The same way with physicality, the people that don’t have legs that have been hurt in ‘accidents’ and stuff. They don’t have legs, how are they going to get from here to there? They get a chair with wheels on it to get to where they want to go. They still have to maintain a semblance of physicality to be able to ‘function’ in it. But, it has no meaning. Symbols are ‘exterior’ pictures for you to OBSERVE. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Lately I was having a lot of problems with my stomach, (bloating, pain, etc.) And I have observed that the slightest conflict between my rational mind and feeling mind triggers it? Am I right in my conclusion? I also have back pain (sometimes like a tight knot in the middle of the spine) with the slightest physical exertion sometimes.”

DATRE: all right, stop right there. As to the ‘bloating’, you will find that if you watch television for ‘one’ day, the majority of the commercials are ‘antacid’. Something to take before you eat, something to take after you eat, something to take while you’re eating. Your bodies are changing and the one area that’s being affected by change is your ‘digestive’ system.

You will hear people talk about, ‘oh, I’ve got such gas pains, I’ve had to take extra strength something or other’. The bodies are changing, and you’re so ‘tense’ in your body construct, that you’re ‘tightening’ your body.

JOHN: What they’re doing is restricting the ‘natural’ flow of the gases that the body needs.

DATRE: Well, that’s true, the body needs gas to run on – that’s what your body runs off of. The thing is, if you would ‘allow’ the body to ‘eliminate’ it’s excess gas without getting all upset about it… just go some place and do whatever you would need to do to get rid of the gas. Allow the excess gas to exit from the body – don’t ‘hold’ it. I know you work in big places, where there’s lots of people, and you want to ‘burp’ and you’re afraid to – go someplace, in the hallway or something and ‘burp’ and get rid of it. But, most people are afraid to do that. ‘Well, I can’t go away from my desk right now’. Okay, which is more important – stop and think – which is ‘more’ important?

That physical construct that you’re working with is not going to work properly if you’re ‘restricting’ it in every area. Gas is a big number now – coming and going. The other thing, about the back. If you watch any kind of sports, and I don’t care what it is, what is the thing that they refer to constantly? Back pain! We’ve gone through that before. Your ‘backs’ are changing. The little ‘pads’ between the bones are ‘expanding’.

All right, if you’ve got bigger ‘squishy’ things – these pads – if they’re bigger, and they move, it isn’t going to take a great deal of movement to make an ‘oww’. You can move something that’s ‘squishy’ a lot faster than you can move a bone. If you’ve got mostly bone, what’s to hurt? The bone doesn’t hurt; it’s the ‘squishy’ stuff that hurts. Why does the ‘squishy’ stuff hurt, because that’s what carries the ‘nerves’. So, back pain, you’re going to hear a lot more of it. As those bodies change and those ‘pads’ expand, the back is going to become more of what you call, ‘vulnerable’. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues along and says… “Is this due to changes in my body? I prefer not to go to doctors and usually such physical discomfort alleviates within 2/3 weeks or so. But I feel my body has become very sensitive. Do we really have abdominal brains as Cayce noted?”

DATRE: Every part of your body has ‘sensitivity’ to varying degrees. You have, what you call brains, in every ‘function’ of your body. If they didn’t have a ‘brain’, how would they know what to do? Now, its ‘not’ a ‘brain’, its a ‘function process’. The ‘molecules’ know what to do. How do they ‘know’ what to do? I don’t know how they ‘know’ what to do. I don’t get into a body that often and to tell you the truth, I’m not much interested in it, as long as it works. And that’s the way it is, unless that happens to be your field of endeavor to figure it out. But, when I get into the body, as long as I can crawl in and use it – that’s fine.

That’s the way it should be with ‘everybody’. But, if you’re going to put ‘restrictions’ on it, you’re going to have all kinds of aches and pains. What difference does it make? If you focus on ‘that’, you ‘intensify’ it. Put your focus someplace else. This is what we’ve told people before. Even the doctors are beginning to realize what they can do with cancer patients – when they change their focus. It’s a well known fact. But, “you” are the one that has to change focus. If you change focus, you can change how you feel in the body. Continue.

JOHN: She further goes on to ask… “Whatever I find myself significantly occupied with at this life at this time also has some connection with my other lives. Is that statement true?”

DATRE: What difference does it make? We’re trying to get you away from relating ‘your’ existence to ‘others’ existence. We’re trying to get you to be an INDIVIDUAL. In other words, how are ‘you’ going to know ‘you’, if you keep comparing ‘you’ with something else or someone else? It is ‘imperative’ that ‘you’ become an INDIVIDUAL – because, that’s what you came here to learn. And, ‘comparison’ is not the name of the game.

Teenagers go through that, wanting to “become”, because that is part of their ‘evolution’ at that particular span of their physical existence. So they make ‘comparisons’. But, when you get ‘past’ being a teenager, then the focus “should” shift to being an INDIVIDUAL. Then as an INDIVIDUAL, then ‘you’ become “yourself” – ‘you’ become your own BEING. And when ‘you’ become “yourself” – your own BEING – and become INDIVIDUALISTIC, all the people that you will gather around you, will become INDIVIDUALISTIC too, because ‘you’ set an example for them. Setting an ‘example’ of being an INDIVIDUAL, is farther reaching than any ‘book’ or anything else.

But, don’t ‘pattern’ yourself by making comparisons. They say, “be the best ‘you’ you can be”. Those are very profound words. So it’s in a commercial, nobody pays any attention to it. If you were to look at some of your commercials today, you would find little ‘snippets’ of things that Datre has said, coming into focus on your TV screen. There’s probably just a little phrase here or a little bit there, but as we’ve said before, ‘words’ have strength and they carry’. Peoples are picking up, on little bits and pieces here and there. And ‘you’ in the physical can be a GRAND example of an INDIVIDUAL, if you don’t ‘talk yourself into it’ – but BE one.

You see, so many people want to be ‘important’. They go to someone to learn something ‘magnificent’ and therefore, because they have that ‘knowledge’, ‘they’ are magnificent – just ask them. It goes nowhere! Because, an INDIVIDUAL, that IS an INDIVIDUAL, doesn’t walk around ‘proclaiming’ to be an INDIVIDUAL, because that person is so busy being THEMSELVES. To tell you the truth – who cares? It is YOUR ‘evolution’ – nobody else’s! Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I feel a strange connection sometimes with the wind, trees, animals and they seem to be attracted to me; although I never had a pet. Is everything on earth connected in a subtle yet deep emotional level? Our earth really looks like a most magnificent jewel in space! Are there other planets as diverse and as beautiful as earth in the Universe?”

DATRE: No, there are not. You don’t realize what you have. But, your connection with animals, with the wind, with the trees, with everything, is, there again, ‘your’ focus, ‘your’ connection. ‘You’ are making the connection. There is a ‘vibratory’ pattern that is carried by each person in physicality.

Now, how many times have you heard it said, that ‘if an animal doesn’t like a person, that person is ‘not’ a good person’? That is an old, old, old saying from way back when. They say that if someone comes and knocks on your door, and your kind, gentle dog goes up and starts snarling and barking, that is someone to be avoided. What is happening is, the animal is reacting to the vibration of that person.

You don’t realize, but that is the way ‘you’ make connections with ‘other’ individuals, with your vibratory patterning. That is why you are ‘attracted’ or ‘repelled’ by different people. Some people you want to be around, you can’t get enough of being around that person. Then ‘other’ people, you don’t want any part of, get away. You’ll walk into another room to avoid one person. It’s your vibrations, it’s the vibration that you carry.

Now, vibrations are many times misunderstood. Someone that carries a very ‘distinct’ high vibratory pattern, will ‘frighten’ other people. They’re frightened because, they have ‘secrets’ they want to hide, and if you get too close to them, you might find out what their secret is. Here we get back to the same old thing, we’re back in the belief of ‘fear’ and of ‘victims’. Now, who’s running the show? Are ‘you’ running the show? Or has the body decided that ‘it’s’ going to run the show? It is all up to you. Continue.

JOHN: Her last question asks… “Existence without any kind of containment sounds very exciting to me; but I just do not know how that is like or what is there to do. But nobody goes anywhere without some understanding and all I know is that I had to have some inkling in order to be excited about something! Am I right?”

DATRE: Well, you wonder what its like. That is why we’re telling you to find out ‘who’ you are, because ‘that’ is what ‘you’ will take with you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does, its what ‘you’ do. That’s why we would like to take ‘some of you’ that have been in physicality, that ‘know’ who you are, and take them out into the Universe, to find out ‘what’ they’re going to do. Because ‘we’ don’t know.

But, if ‘you’ know ‘who’ you are, and you take that package of ‘knowingness’ out into the Universe, I’ll guarantee, you’ll find something to do. And it doesn’t matter what. But, in being on this planet, you’re a CREATOR. So, I would assume probably the first thing you would do, is find some way of gathering up something, to ‘create’ something. That is what I would assume. And we would all watch. But, you see, there again, you would have to know ‘you’. There’s not going to be anybody to tell you what to do, because nobody can.

You’re different, you’re unique – recognize your uniqueness – and recognize your POWER. Don’t be afraid of your POWER. Don’t be afraid to be an INDIVIDUAL. Now, I didn’t say, be an ‘egotist’ – I said, be an INDIVIDUAL. There’s a great deal of difference. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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The Power of 11-11 and Aligned Numbers – Is it a Message to You?

It’s back again. The synchronized and aligned numbers. I am seeing them constantly every where I look: my cable box, digital clock radio, at the bottom of my computer screen.

11:11, 5:55, 3:33, etc.

This has happened to me many times before over the years. A couple of weeks go by and I don’t catch them once, then I see them at least 5 or 6 times in one week.

So, does it mean something?

I have been studying spiritual concepts for almost 20 years now. Over those years I have come across many different definitions of what this “alignment of numbers” is all about. I have always “known” deep down that it is more than just simple coincidence and that there is some kind of message in it for me anytime I see them.

But what can the message mean for you? The following are some ideas from others describing their thoughts behind this phenomenon.

One site described 11:11 as a wake up call to all lightworkers on this planet at this time. They believe that Lightworkers are people who signed up for a “green beret” type of mission when they were on the spirit plane and before being incarnated on Earth. What the mission is, in short, is to hold as much Light as possible, as strongly as possible, on this planet.

They believe that there is a twenty year period (starting on January 11, 1991) that will see matter holding more light than it has ever held before. That the reason why it is so difficult to remember our origin, remember that we are all connected, remember who we really are is because the vibration on this planet has dropped to a very, very low frequency.

11:11 is the wake up call during this period to the light workers reminding them that they are part of this mission.

In my own personal opinion, I believe each one of us studying these types of spiritual concepts is a “light worker” right now. I could absolutely agree with the “20 year period” concept that started in 1991 because I can see with my own eyes how many more people have “woken up” starting around that time as well as continue to on a daily basis.

Then there is this description I found on Crystalinks.com. It explains how 11:11 is believed to be an activator of our DNA.

They believe that physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. That numbers, numeric codes, define our existence. Human DNA, our genetic memory, is encoded to be triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of DNA.

They note that seeing 11:11 frequently creates synchronicities in your life.

They also believe that the year 2011 will have great significance and consciousness will evolve in full swing. January 1, 2011 we find – 1/1/11 which could be seen as 1111. November 11 – 11/11/11. And that this promises to accelerate consciousness toward 2012.

It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, our genetic encoded memories, that we are spirits having a physical experience, not physical beings embarking on a spiritual experience.

For example, a person named Joe noticed that each time he was about to go through another major spiritual awakening, an epiphany of some kind, those numbers would appear in his physical experience to signal the upcoming change. The numbers would say to him, “Pay attention!”

Stacey Wolf, the author of Get Psychic!: Discover Your Hidden Powers describes 11:11 this way: “Seeing sets of the number 11, especially in this form, means that someone high up on the other side is giving you a message that you are not alone, …”

Then there is this quote from Solara “11:11: Inside the Doorway”. “For many years, the numbers 11:11 have been mysteriously and repeatedly appearing to people all over the world. Often appearing on digital clocks, the sightings of 11:11 tend to occur during times of heightened awareness, having a powerful effect on those involved. They cause a reactivation of our cellular memory banks and a stirring deep inside of something long forgotten. The appearance of 11:11 is also a powerful confirmation that we are on the right track, aligned with the beam of our Highest Truth.”

Another source claims that 11:11 is simply a hug from Universe.

Uri Geller was also a big believer in the fascinating sequence of these numbers.

So which is it? A message in our DNA? A hug from Universe? A message from our higher selves? A message meant for light workers? A wake-up call to get on track? Or a sign that you already on the right track?

Personally I believe it can mean any of the above; it simply depends on your current circumstances.

There have been times when I have been on a real “spiritual roll” manifesting quicker than ever and the numbers have appeared to me constantly. Then again there have been other times when I have been out of alignment due to something that might have happened and when I see those numbers it is an immediate message to me to get back on track.

There have also been instances when I have had my doubts about something not working out as I originally planned and seeing those numbers was my actual “hug from Universe”, my reminder to not lose faith and that everything is always working in my best interest.

And yet again times when I have seen the numbers and it did mean that another “spiritual leap” was about to happen.

As for the lightworker theory. As I mentioned before, I believe that all of us studying these concepts right now are lightworkers who chose to be here during this Earth time to do all that we can to help raise the energy on the planet.

So the next time you see those numbers, remember it is not simply a coincidence. It is some kind of message to you. A message for you too to “Pay Attention!”

Then you simply need to “feel” out what the message means. It really isn’t difficult. As soon as you hit on the right answer you too will “know it” deep down.

Happy Creating!

Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. If you would like to read more inspiring articles from this author, please visit her daily blog at The Very Happy Human

The Number 11 and 11/11/11

In November of 2011 a very interesting date is coming; 11/11/11. This powerful numeric sequence will only happen once in your lifetime. We’ve been through almost all the magic number combinations; starting with 1/1/01. The last one will be next year on 12/12/12. The energy has been intensifying, building towards the culmination on December 12th of next year. What’s all the fuss about numbers and dates? Ask a numerologist. The day and time you were born is very significant in your life. Certain dates coincide with planetary alignments and impact us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Eleven is a very special number. It is a prime number, meaning it can only be evenly divided by 1 and itself. Mathematicians have recently shown that 11 dimensions may exist in the universe, where time ceases to flow. Many physicists also believe there is an 11th dimension. The multidimensional hyperspace of the 11th dimension is thought to correspond to particles that form the basis of everything – all matter and energy – ever in existence. The Christian Bible says God inhabits eternity, and since time ceases to flow in the 11th dimension, the 11th dimension can be considered the dwelling place of God. Pretty interesting if you follow scientific theory as related to religion and the number 11.

In numerology, 11 is the number of intuition, patience, honesty and spirituality. It is a Master Number, representing the Light within all and the awareness of Universal relationship. Eleven represents the energy of opposites achieving balance.

Here is The Universal Healing Meditation for use on 11/11/11:

Be in a place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Exhale slowly. As you exhale, focus on releasing any tension in your body, mind and emotions.
When you feel ready, ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to and through your body, all the organs, cells, molecules, and atoms.
Feel the Love, Light and Healing energy flowing to you and through you, bringing you peace and healing.

Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to all the people on planet earth.
Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to all the plants on planet earth.
Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to all the animals on planet earth.
Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to all the elements of planet earth.

The Water
The Fire
The Rocks, minerals and dirt
and The Air.

Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to the entire planet, healing her wounds.
Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to all the planets in our solar system.
Ask Love, Light and Healing energy to flow to all Dimensions.

Feel your connection to all creation through Source Energy and Be at Peace.

On 11/11/11, powerful energetic forces will be at work, in our lives and on our planet. Set aside some time on that day for spiritual practice. Meditate. Contemplate. Connect with Spirit and feel the presence of the Divine in your life.

Cynthia Tierra – Holistic Health Practitioner/Reiki Master Teacher is the founder and proprietor of Healing From The Heart in Sedona, Arizona. She assists people on their journeys towards healing and self realization. Cynthia created a personal treatment style catering to individual client’s needs that works with the mind, body and spirit. A stress reduction specialist, professional healer and Universal Shaman, she facilitates personal healing retreats in Sedona and also does distance healing by phone.
Visit her web site http://www.HealingOne.net

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