The Zero Point Field and Healing

At our most fundamental level, the human body and the human mind are not separate from the rest of our environment. Everything that is, is comprised of energy. So in actuality, we are this energy, which is vibrating in such a way that it differentiates us as human instead of a table or any number of other things we see in our every day lives. It was not until the mid-20th century, quantum physicists first identified this “energy field” which seemed to lie at the heart of existence. Science identified it as an omnipresent energetic substructure. And they called it the zero point field.

Electromagnetic radiation can be visualized as waves flowing through space at the speed of light. These waves are not waves of anything substantive, but instead are ripples in a theoretically defined field. These waves, though not substantive, carry energy and momentum. Each wave has a specific direction, frequency and a polarization state. Each wave represents a ”propagating mode of the electromagnetic field.”

Quantum physics predicts that all of space must be filled with electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations. Zero point energy is the vibrational energy retained by molecules even at a temperature of absolute zero. The origin of zero-point energy discovery is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The Heisenberg uncertainly principle states that, with regards to a moving particle such as an electron, the more precisely a person measures the position of that particle, the less exact the best possible measurement of its momentum (mass times velocity), will be. This means that a kind of parallel uncertainty exists between measurements which involve time and energy. Since temperature is a measure of the intensity of molecular motion, molecules would be expected to come to a stop at absolute zero. And, if molecular motion were to cease altogether, the atoms would each have a precisely known location and velocity (zero). The uncertainty principle states that this fore mentioned scenario cannot occur, since precise values of both position and velocity of an object cannot be known simultaneously. Thus, even molecules at absolute zero must have some zero-point energy. The exciting part about this discovery is this: The “uncertainty” inherent in this principle is not due to any flaws in measurement which are correctable, but rather, it reflects an intrinsic quantum vagueness in the fundamental nature of energy and matter.

Matter springs forth into physical reality from the wave nature of the quantum field. Everything in our universe, no matter what its size, is part of and is comprised of the zero point field. Matter it’s self is made of waves. All matter in the universe is interconnected as and by quantum waves which have no boundary. They are infinite. To the spiritual community, this means “zero-point” is a state of perfect resonance that contains all of the frequencies of all that is and ever was, which equates to the simultaneous presence and absence of all possibilities. The zero point field is the scientific basis of oneness.

As a scientific concept, the existence of zero point energy is not controversial. However, whether or not we have the ability to physically harness it is still controversial. If the technology does exist, it can not yet be scientifically proven to exist, as is the case with many new technologies. Zero point field energy is limitless. Harnessing zero point energy would mean incredible advancement for our world view, our technology, our cosmology and our knowledge of existence and reality. The exploration of the zero point field even has the potential of eventually unifying science and spirituality.

Living things, being part of the zero point field, emit radiation (which has frequency). This radiation emitted by living things can be seen and measured as photons. Photons are the smallest particles of light. One of the most essential sources of these photon emissions in living things is DNA. DNA may in fact use the frequencies of this light to drive all processes within the living body. And what’s more, the frequencies which are giving off this light may be responsible for the communicative cohesion between species which science can not yet explain such as the way a school of fish is able to achieve instantaneous, synchronized movement. These frequencies may also account for extra sensory perception. The zero point field can account for such unexplained communicative capabilities because the zero point field is the space of collective consciousness. This suggests that our “harnessing” of the zero point field, (though still physically in its infancy) can happen and does happen every day through our thoughts. The implications of this are vast. This means we create reality through our consciousness and therefore thoughts, which gives us the inherent yet not fully realized ability to make anything exactly as we wish it to be… including ourselves.

Because the zero point field is the space of collective consciousness, the zero point field is an informational field. Our bodies “read” this information and then interpret it for us into physical reality. In other words, it interprets from the information in the zero point field what we then see, taste, touch, feel, hear and even ARE. This means consciousness and even memory are not functions of the body. Consciousness and thought supersede our bodies. And memory is simply retrieved from the zero point field by our brains. The brain is like a quantum computer. If thought and memory exist outside the confines of the body (as part of the totality of the zero point field) and physical structure synchronizes with the information and frequencies it interprets from the zero point field, this means that your consciousness and the thoughts you think can determine what your body becomes. This is in fact the reason for the placebo effect. The zero-point field effects living organisms by restoring equilibrium and helping the body to achieve homeostasis. It helps restore our vitality. The zero point field, when activated with intention, can actually create what some would call “miracles”. For example, if a person has been diagnosed with “terminal” cancer, the condition is usually addressed from purely the Newtonian physics modality of treating the tangible, physical symptom. According to this modality, it is seen as an incurable disease. But, if the same problem is addressed from a modality which utilizes the zero point field using intention, it can be as good as re-writing the blue print of that person’s body. You can re-write the energetic blue print of that person’s body by de-activating the frequencies within the body which are causing the cancer in the first place and this can lead to complete remission of a condition which traditional medicine called “incurable”.

It is time that the main stream scientific and medical community focused more of their attention on quantum technologies, especially ones which relate to healing. The zero point field is the new frontier of medicine. Healing modalities which incorporate a zero pint field approach will prove to be wildly successful. And soon, zero point field energy will be widely understood by society. It will be recognized as one of the greatest leaps in understanding of man kind as a whole.

Teal Scott is a well known extrasensory, esoteric who is widely recognized as a contemporary spiritual guide. She writes and teaches publicly about spirituality, the meaning of life, and the road to health and happiness. See more at

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Time Travel Into the Future

Although most people consign time travel to the realm of science fiction or fantasy, time travel into the future is established scientific fact, and Einstein and numerous physicists have presented the world with irrefutable evidence not only mathematically but in practical experiments like the one conducted by Hafele and Keating in 1971. Two atomic clocks were put aboard a plane which traveled around the world. When the plane landed, the clocks aboard it were “behind” by 59 nanoseconds in comparison to those that had remained on the ground. This is because as the speed increases, the clocks aboard a plane, train, spacecraft or other vehicle “slow down” in relation to clocks that remain behind.

Just as the mechanism of a clock in a vehicle moves more slowly compared to one which is relatively stationary, the metabolism of a human body will slow relatively as well. The heart, the digestive organs, respiration, brain activity, and similar functions will slow in relation to those of the human beings left behind and the faster the speed, the greater the difference. In the well known Twin Paradox, one identical twin leaves earth aboard a spacecraft traveling at a speed close to the speed of light. He travels a distance of five light years, turns around and returns to earth to find that, while he has been away, fifty years have gone by. While he has aged only ten years, his identical twin is now fifty years older. If our traveler had traveled at a greater speed and/or been away longer, the results would be even more dramatic, e.g., he could return to find that his twin had died centuries or even millennia before.

In A Briefer History of Time, Stephen Hawking says flatly, “It is possible to travel to the future. That is, relativity shows that it is possible to create a time machine that will jump you forward in time. You step into the time machine, wait, step out, and find that much more time has passed on the earth than has passed for you. We do not have the technology today to do this, but it is just a matter of engineering; we know it can be done.”

Scientists at Fermilab have been able to get protons up to 99.999946 percent of the speed of light using their particle accelerator. In Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe: The Physical Possibilities of travel Through Time, the renowned physicist J. Richard Gott says “if we can accelerate protons to greater than 99.995 percent of the speed of light, we could also send off an astronaut at the same speed. It’s just a matter of cost.” That cost would, he goes on to say, be huge because a human being weighs about 40 octillion times as much as a proton. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be in our immediate future.

Are there any other methods besides achieving speeds near the speed of light? Gott describes another method that would definitely work, but would be even more difficult. The first step is to “disassemble the planet Jupiter and use its material to construct around yourself an incredibly dense spherical shell needed for that mass to collapse to a black hole (for a Jupiter-mass shell, that is a bit bigger than 5.64 meters, roomy enough for you to sit inside).” Gott goes on to provide detailed instructions of the steps necessary to construct this machine. “The bits of mass in the shell would completely surround you, and the forces they exert on you would act in all different directions, canceling each other out exactly, leaving a net zero effect [so] no gravitational forces would affect you.” Inside, time would go by four times more slowly than outside the sphere. After what would be 50 years, the occupant would emerge to find that 200 years had gone by. This would work, but no person or government on earth has the resources to construct such a device.

Are there any other methods of travelling to the future? None that we know will work. A number of scientists theorize that wormholes could be used, but this is only a hypothesis. At this point there is no evidence that wormholes even exist.

Nevertheless, time travel continues to fascinate us. It has always been a part of legends, folk tales and myths, always a part of literature and fantasy. Perhaps its day will come sooner than we imagine. Science always surprises us.

William Roskey is a military historian whose published articles have covered such varied topics as Civil War cryptography and firearms, satellite photoreconnaissance, truce negotiations, prisoner-of-war escapes, the North Korean missile program, and hostage negotiations. His novel, Muffled Shots, was published by Dell. A Korean translator with Army Intelligence in the 1960’s, he subsequently became a Medicare and Medicaid policy analyst.

Hemi-Sync Meditation Music CDs for Relaxation and Peak Performance

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Datre 123 – There are no “VICTIMS”

Datre answers Mahrouk.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Mahrouk, and her first question is… “Datre I am trying to figure out this whole thing about Free Will. You say, “THERE ARE NO “VICTIMS”. Everyone ‘writes their own script’ in their own play” and you also say, “There is a Universal ‘timing’ with everything…”

DATRE: Okay, now, you do write your own script. You, in your nighttime sleep, go out and OBSERVE the possibilities and probabilities that are available for your learning.

Now, those that have begun to OBSERVE what is happening, beginning to ‘know’ and understand, what this process is all about, begin to ‘release’ the physical in such a way, that you are ‘not’ trying to ‘write’ your script from your ‘waking’ hours. That is where the problem comes in. That instead of ‘watching’ what is happening, and making ‘decisions’ from that standpoint in your everyday ‘waking’ environment. Its what everybody does, but they do it from the standpoint of ’emotional’ REACTION. An OBSERVER does not ’emotionally’ react. Now, that may sound very far fetched, but it is the truth. An OBSERVER ‘takes’ action, from an OBSERVATION of an event.

You see you don’t have to go through the same experiences, again and again and again, with just little variations here and there to learn what you want to learn. But, if you constantly “re-act” emotionally, it’s gone, you haven’t learned anything. The learning comes in the OBSERVATION, and then the “action”. And it has nothing to do with anyone but “you”. That’s why we say, ‘you’re all free to make your own choices’ and there are no ‘victims’.

In other words, if you’re driving down the road in an auto, and someone comes through a light or stop sign, and slams into you, and you slam into another car and another car and another car. And you’ve got a great big pile up with all kinds of people hurt. There’s a reason ‘why’ you’re there, because you ‘planned’ that for whatever reason ‘you’ wanted to experience it. If you don’t want ‘that’ experience, you are not going to be there.

You see, you have lived for so many hundreds of years – and I don’t know beyond that – in this business of being a ‘victim’, that you don’t know how to function otherwise. You’re always afraid something is going to happen. You’re afraid somebody’s going to burglarize your house, so you put in burglar alarms, and you do this and you do that, and you do something else, so no burglar comes in. So what happens? Your “fear” attracts. Fear contains tremendous amounts of energy. So that energy is followed. You don’t realize that. When that happens, you ‘automatically’, according to MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, become a ‘victim’. That is the way everything is set up.

Why do you have insurance? You’re going to have insurance, because you’re going to be a ‘victim’ of something. So, you see, that is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS mentality. When you begin to move ‘out’ of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS mentality, you’re going to ‘think’ entirely different. Its not easy to function from a different standpoint, but you’ll find that you’ll do something and you’ll OBSERVE it and you’ll say, ‘oh, I know what that was all about’. That ‘releases’ something within your physical construct. In that OBSERVATION, you have learned what you wanted to learn. So you were smart enough to know you don’t have to do it again – you got it. So then you’ll try something else.

So, that’s what we’re saying about “free will”, it has nothing to do with the ‘other’ person. If you hadn’t wanted that experience, that ‘other’ person wouldn’t have hit you – it’s as simple as that. Yet, those that are so involved in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and don’t ‘think’ beyond that point – they immediately become a ‘victim’.

It’s just a simple thing that many people do not know about, and I think we’ve mentioned this before. There is a study of the human anatomy, and its old, old, old, and it’s called ‘Sanpaku’ (The book is “You are all Sanpaku”). A Sanpaku Master can look at you and know what part of your body you’re going to damage.

In other words, he can look at you and he will know that when you walk out the door, you’re going to fall down the three front steps that you came up to get into the building. He can tell you whether you are going to hurt your knee or your elbow or your head, or whatever because, the body is out of adjustment, and the body will adjust itself whether you want it to or not.

Now, Aona and John have used Sanpaku for years. John introduced it to Aona, and said, the first time it happened to her, she hurt her leg, he said, ‘say to the body, ‘thank you”, you needed that. And go about your business and ten, fifteen minutes later, you’ll find it doesn’t hurt. The body has done what it wanted to do, what it needed to do for its own adjustment. But, you see, that’s from a physical standpoint.

Now, working with the Datre material, you’re working from a physical standpoint – but, you are ‘teaching’ your brain – and the brain will do exactly what ‘you’ teach it. So, if you teach the brain that it’s not a victim, things will change. Continue.

JOHN: She asked about how this relates to Universal timing.

DATRE: It has nothing to do with Universal timing; it only has to do with ‘physical’ timing. And physical timing is ‘your’ timing, it’s nobody else’s. You can take as long to learn ‘one’ lesson, as you want. You can take lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, to learn ‘one’ thing. It is all up to you as to what effort ‘you’ put into it.

You see, you can have all the teachers in the world talk to you, give you all kinds of instructions, all kinds of lessons. You can read the Datre material and say, ‘oh, that’s wonderful information’ from each and every one. But, unless you put it into practice, it isn’t going to… nothing happens. But, it has nothing to do with anything else, but your acceptance of your physicality, and beginning to know what its all about. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question continues on and asks… “”Now, you will find that there are many that do not have a discovery gene within them. In other words, they’re not interested in discovery.” My own personal experience is that events ‘happen’. There doesn’t seem to be a timing. My whole life has been ‘guided’ by events that happened without any conscious participation on my part.”

DATRE: That is correct! It is not of a ‘consciousness’ nature on your part. Now, how much in tune are you with what you’re setting up for yourself? You may be setting things up for yourself, and not getting in your own way when you’re awake and watching things ‘happen’, but not ‘fighting’ them.

See, that’s what happens, is the ‘fighting’ physical happenings. So, if it’s not a conscious effort on your part, that’s fine. Because, you make more ‘mistakes’ working from the physical, because, when you’re ‘awake’, you’re in heavy MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And what are you going to pick up? MASS CONSCIOUSNESS! But, if you wake up, and from the time you get up and be an OBSERVER, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time, but, when things – so called – happens, watch it and learn from it. The more you do that, the more you get out of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The more you get out of your own way. Then the smoother your life is going to be. Continue.

JOHN: She further continues on and asks… “I understand the concept of having written my script before I took on this body but once I am born I forget the script. I may have chosen my parents, my genetic make-up and the event that will happen. BUT that is the BIG ‘I’ choosing.”

DATRE: No, that is ‘not’ the BIG ‘I’, you must give yourself credit. The only thing that is different from when you are awake and when you are asleep, is that when you’re “asleep” you are not functioning in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. In that which you call ‘sleep’, you are an OBSERVER. You go out and play in that which is called the “mind” of the bubble and pick and choose what you want for your experiences. You pick and choose, based upon the physicality that you are residing in. You’re the one that ‘knows’ your body. You’re the one that ‘knows’ your genetics. You ‘pick’ because this is what ‘you’ want to experience.

But you see the death process is a process of ‘forgetting’ for 99.99 percent of the individuals. They don’t want any part of what they have done before. So, every time you come into physicality, you start at zero. Now, it’s going to take a long time, if you start over every time.

In other words, as a child, if you go through the first grade, and then you get to summer vacation and you say, ‘I don’t want any part of that any more, I don’t want to remember any of that stuff. I don’t like it.’. Yet, when it comes time to go back to school, you’re afraid to go into second grade, so you say, ‘well, I guess I’ll do first grade again’. So you do the same thing every time. That’s not “evolution” of ‘you’ as an individual. That’s what we’re saying, about getting to ‘know’ who you are. Once you really ‘know’ who you are, you’ll say, ‘good, bad, or indifferent, I want it ALL, every single bit of it.’. That takes ‘looking’ at your physical life with very good eyes.

People will say, ‘well, I’ve done this and I’ve done that. And I’m ashamed of this. And I’m ashamed of that.’. All right, but are you going to put that aside and say, ‘but I learned from it. I learned a valuable lesson from it.’? Then, if you’ve learned a valuable lesson from it, how are you going to be ashamed of it? You’re only ashamed of it, simply because ‘other’ people have ‘shamed’ you – and its none of their business. It is ‘your’ business, and it is your business to learn, and nobody else’s. They can talk all they want to, but they can’t ‘hurt’ you, it’s ‘your’ evolution. Continue.

JOHN: She further continues and asks… “Even one’s emotional reactions to events are surely determined by one’s personality, which is the result of – Genes plus conditioning, both of which the conscious ‘I’ had no choice or control over.”

DATRE: That is not true! You see, you talk of ‘personality’ as if your just ‘one’. You have more personalities than you’ll ever begin to explore. You have many, many, many, personalities. They’ll say, ‘well, he certainly has an obnoxious personality’. The ‘obnoxious’ personality is the ‘dominant’ one. That’s what they’re seeing. They will see the ‘dominant’ one. They will see, that person always has such a happy-go-lucky appearance – that’s what they’re seeing. But, you have ‘multiple’ personalities. If you don’t like the personality that you’re exhibiting at the present time, say to that personality, ‘would you please go and leave me alone for a while? I’d like to have another personality come in for my experience.’. If you do that, with ‘intent’ and ‘purpose’ – instead of just gibbering – like saying something ‘rote’, but really mean it. Then just go about your business. You will feel a ‘click’, a ‘shift’, and you will discover another personality is within your physical construct.

But, there again, that takes ‘knowing’ where you are and knowing ‘what’ you want, and changing that which you are not comfortable with. And if that personality that you didn’t like comes back again, say, ‘are you back again? Come on now, go away for a while, I need something else. Let someone else come in for a while.’. You don’t ‘look’ at your personalities – you ‘react’ FROM them. But, you don’t OBSERVE them. See, there’s little hooks all the way along the line. But, those are the ones that begin to be fun. Those are the ones that ‘change’ your life. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I often get what I ask for but again that wanting and asking is determined by my personality.??”

DATRE: No. We all have wants, we all have desires in the physical body. Everyone that’s in a physical body has ‘wants’, they have ‘desires’, and that’s different than a ‘need’. It’s quite a bit different than a ‘need’. You ‘need’ food. But, what kind of food do you need? Do you need a lavish dinner of twelve – fifteen courses of all different kinds of food? Or, do you need a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? You see the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’? You ‘need’ food, but what do you want?

You see it becomes really tricky, when you really, really, OBSERVE. This may cause a lot of people to laugh when they read it, but we’re getting to ‘basics’. Watch this ‘action’ and ‘re-action’ of the physical body, it becomes very interesting. Continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “Is Free Will then only for the Higher – unconscious Self with the ego = small ‘I’ being a puppet on a string?”

DATRE: NO! No, the only way you can learn, is by ‘jumping’ into physicality and learning from here. You are not a ‘puppet’ to anyone or anything.

Now, when I say, ‘get in connection with the ‘you’ that you are’. That is connecting up with ‘you’ in the sleep state and bringing ‘that’ understanding – that ‘you’ have – into the physical construct. You have to ‘train’ your brain. It’s as simple as that. The brain will not function in any other manner, than what ‘you’ teach it.

Getting back to the computer. If you put in 25 words into the computer, and say, ‘all right, computer there’s your dictionary’. Your computer’s not going to function too well. You need a lot more than that. So you say, ‘well, I know that’. There’s the trick, “I know it”. That’s the thing you have to remember. You have to “know it” in order to function from it. That’s the only way it works.

“You” know. There are no secrets. There is nothing held from you. You have the ability to bring as much as you can, of ‘your’ knowingness, into physicality to work with it from this framework. ‘This’ is where you have to learn. Its not out there in ‘never, never’ land. This is where you came to learn. If you hadn’t wanted a physical body, to learn from, you would have done something else.

But, no one else can teach your brain, except ‘you’. You are the one that ‘accepts’ or ‘rejects’. You’ll say, ‘well, I don’t like that idea’. What does the brain say? Click, click, click, ‘I don’t like that idea’. That’s what the brain records. You don’t realize, many of the statements that you make, make’s your body and your brain function the way it does. So, that’s why we say, ‘watch, be an OBSERVER’. There’s a lot more to being an OBSERVER, than just looking around and seeing what’s going on. There’s watching and looking and seeing what’s going on, and reacting. Then you’re in a voyeur mentality. And I don’t think that’s where any of you want to be, because you’ve seen enough of that. You want something different. You want something to look at, and from a different standpoint. You’re the one that can do it. So, next question.

JOHN: That was it. I have a comment that seems to come up a lot. She refers to the BIG ‘I’ and the little ‘I’ – there is no such thing.

DATRE: No, there isn’t. Now, if you’re thinking of connecting with the YOU that ‘you’ are… that is not… that’s only ‘you’.

JOHN: Its ‘you’ out of the body.

DATRE: Its ‘you’ out of the body. And when you’re awake, its ‘you’ in the body. But, my goodness, were you to bring all of that which ‘you’ are, out of the body, into the body, the brain would not be able to comprehend. So you have to bring it in, in little bits and pieces. And the more you ‘train’ the brain, the more information you bring in on various subjects, your brain will start making connections. You may get a piece of information and not think a great deal about it.

Take, for example, we hear it all the time. Take a Datre transcript. We have said the same thing over and over, since we started putting it on the net. But, every time we change it, just a little bit, just a little bit, just a little bit. It’s tweaking here and tweaking there. Then we get a letter that says, ‘I finally understood what you meant by… so and so or such and such’.

But, you see, you have put together enough from various different sources, various experiences, from various understandings. So you say, ‘all right, now I’ve got it’. Then when you get to that point, it’s like a ‘belief’ system, ‘I’ve got it’. That causes an exhilaration that causes a ‘rush’. Your body opens up and say’s, ‘ah ha, we got rid of one of those tied up knots in our system’. People get all tied up in knots. They get nervous, they get excited. They’re in a ‘stress’ mode. They just keep tying themselves, tying themselves, tying themselves, and it takes a long time to ‘untie’ those knots. Except, when you have a great big AH HA. When you have a big AH HA, that’s just like opening the floodgates for those few glorious moments. And you will think back during the week, ‘boy, was that great. I wonder when I’ll have that happen again?’. Then, pretty soon, you’ll be getting more information, and nothing will be happening. You’ll say, ‘why isn’t anything happening?’. Then one day, something will be said, and as we’ve said before, when the fruit is ripe, it drops from the tree. All right, we’ll leave you now.

We’re Datre.

How Remote Viewing Works: Dr. Simeon Hein

This video contains excerpts from a presentation by Dr. Simeon Hein at the International UFO Congress, 2005. Dr. Hein is the director of the Institute for Resonance in Boulder, Colorado. The Institute is devoted to the study of subtle-energy sciences including remote viewing, crop circles and related subjects. Dr. Hein first learned remote viewing in 1996. Simeon’s most recent book is PLANETARY INTELLIGENCE: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-Being, and Natural Insight, a simple primer for anyone interested in connecting to subtle-energies on a daily basis. He is also the author of OPENING MINDS: Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance.

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Telepathic Communication With Animals: Creating Deeper Understanding Between Species

In my work as an animal communicator, I am often asked about what I do, how telepathic animal communication works, what it is like to be able to hear and understand the animals and how I teach others to develop this ability.

This article addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about telepathic animal communication.

How did you become an animal communicator?
Since childhood, I have had a passion for animals, and a fascination for understanding how other beings think, feel and view the world. I communicated with and understood animals telepathically when I was young, and then reconnected with this ability after I adopted my first dog as an adult.

I have done extensive training to develop and hone my skills, and to learn to use them professionally to assist others with their animal companions. I continue to deepen in my practice and learn from the animals every day, particularly my own animal family of dogs, cats, horses and chickens, who are my best teachers.

What is telepathic animal communication?
Telepathic communication is a way of understanding others through images, feelings, sensations, thoughts or deep knowing that is not based on verbal language. Telepathic communication is the universal language-the way that all beings communicate that is “underneath” the specific language of each species. Humans, particularly in Western societies, have often lost this ability through our culture’s emphasis on verbal and written language, and favoring mental “thinking” over communication from the heart.

Telepathic communication is not complicated, or reserved for a “gifted” few. I believe that this type of communication is our natural birthright, and one that anyone can rediscover and reclaim if they are willing to devote some time and energy to the process. One of my greatest joys is helping others to re-awaken this natural ability through the courses that I teach, and seeing people begin to hear and appreciate their animal friends in new and deeper ways.

Telepathy is a simple and direct form of communication that is available to all of us if we are simply willing to be open and pay attention to it.

What is an animal communication consultation?
A telepathic animal communication consultation is an opportunity for you to have direct two-way communication with your animal friend. You can ask questions about matters that are important to you or problems you may be having in your relationship. I view my role as that of “translator”-I create a connection between you and your animal friend so that you may better understand each other.

I communicate your animal’s viewpoints, feelings, perspectives and other relevant information that can help to create more cooperation and a deeper relationship between you. Animals are usually very grateful to have their people understand their point of view, and this may give a whole new perspective on how to handle issues you may be having with them. We work together to resolve misunderstandings, behavior problems, resolve past traumas and other difficulties.

I work with all species of animals, both domestic and wild. I have found that each species has their own unique way of experiencing their lives and viewing the world and their place in it, and also that each individual within the species has their own perspective, understanding and viewpoint. It is impossible to make generalizations about any species or type of animal that hold true for all.

I am often asked how long-distance telepathic communication works. Because telepathy is “feeling across a distance,” it does not matter if the distance involved is 2 inches or 2,000 miles.Much the same as you may know what a close friend is feeling on the telephone, although you may be many miles apart, I can “hear” what your animal wishes to communicate to you, whether or not I am physically present with you or your animal friend.I establish a link with your animal through your description or a photo, and your intention to communicate with him or her. It is somewhat like tuning into the right radio channel or frequency.

It is important to understand that animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care, consistent and humane training, proper nutrition and good exercise. I regularly refer my clients to other professionals when it is appropriate. Animal communication can provide a clearer understanding of what is happening from the animal’s perspective, which can then lead to knowing which other resources may be effective in helping to resolve the situation.

Is there proof?
I am also often asked about whether or not there is “proof ” that telepathic communication exists and whether it is effective. Many available resources, written by animal behaviorists and scientists as well as animal communicators, now address this question. I like to use a direct way of determining whether or not an animal communication session has “worked,” and that is by looking at the results.

Did the animal’s behavior change? Did the human-animal relationship improve? Did the household become more harmonious? For example, if a dog stops urinating on the floor after a person fully understands the reasons for the behavior and has made any appropriate adjustments, it is a good indication that an understanding has been reached and that the telepathic communication was a success.

I have had many experiences in my own practice of telepathic communication making a significant difference for the people and animals I work with. One of my favorite stories is about a client who had a huge infestation of ants in his home. We worked to communicate with the ants, find out why they were there, understand their point of view and take steps to encourage them to leave, including explaining to them why they couldn’t remain in the home, removing their food sources and offering an alternative (temporary) food source outside. My client was amazed to see the ants literally reverse direction and head in a line out the door after our communication. Last I heard, they had not ever returned.

Choosing an Animal Communicator
Each animal communicator has particular specialties, training and experience. The field has grown enormously in the last 30 years, with the early pioneers paving the way for those of us in practice now. When choosing an animal communicator to work with, it is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and compatible, as well as who has significant training and experience in the field.

Telepathic animal communication can assist people in better understanding their animal friends, and in creating deeper, more harmonious relationships with their animal families.

Nancy Windheart is a professional Animal Communicator, Animal Communication Teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher, and certified Lifeforce Yoga® practitioner based in Prescott, AZ. She provides animal communication consultations, teaches animal communication workshops and teleclasses, and offers Reiki sessions and a monthly distance healing circle for people and animals. Her passion is to create deeper harmony between species through telepathic communication, and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her healing services. She provides services internationally through phone/Skype. See her website at

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

The first sight model helps the parapsychological community answer difficult questions like “why do ghosts wear clothes?” or “how can there be apparitions of living individuals?”

Such experiences are assumed the result of hallucinations, possibly mediated via telepathy or clairvoyance. Such hallucinations are assumed a product of the mind and constructed from images in the “receivers” memory, rather from the “senders” memory.

A large quantity of ESP based data has become comprehensible due to memory models in which assume that the systemic source of extrasensory information is somehow localized in the long-term memory. These models correlate with both intentional and spontaneous ESP experiences.

Studies pertaining to memory modeling have suggested that psi processes in regards to ESP are, or in regards to PK may be, dependent upon memorial processes as a means of expression. In other words, it appears that Nature and or other people can communicate with people via a person’s own experiential data.

Such data includes images and language (e.g. vocabulary) from the recipients own long-term memory; rendering individuals with a great deal of life experience more likely to coherently decipher received information than those with little life experience.

Memory-based models suggest that during ESP information transfer, the recipient is not receiving a large amount of information, which would be the case if receiving imagery, but rather very little information in which is sufficient enough to activate the appropriate systems in order to elaborate the “message” into consciousness.

Even though psi phenomena are assumed a result of the unconscious state, they are considered in correlation to what an individual does, rather than what happens to the individual.

“A psychic experience that informs one that a good friend has just died obviously would not activate a memory of the friend dead, but would likely activate networks of memories that involve the friend, death in general, and perhaps the manner in which the friend might be likely to die.”- Richard Broughton

(Adapted from the book series “A Quantum Approach” by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly.)

Dr. Theresa M. Kelly of is a metaphysicist and published best-selling author that writes hypothetical models in regards to past and current research and studies on the subject of psychical phenomena. She approaches it (psychical phenomena) from a scientific, alternative, and philosophical perspective. Many More Free Articles on:

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Can Yogic Breathing Meditation Develop Your Psychic Abilities?

An important side effect of yoga training is the development of psychic abilities. The term development is appropriate, as everyone has these abilities.

Every culture has had healers, shamans and mystics. Some people seem to be born with this ability but most honed the skill through training with an elder. The cultures vary but the results of that training do not. Psychic powers are available to everyone.

Just like playing the piano, some people tend to have a gift for it, show amazing abilities at an early age and are savants in music. Others follow the natural course of piano lessons. With practice and dedication, the second group of people opens up their innate abilities for music. While not all play professionally, the second group, find that they too create beautiful music. It is simply a matter of how long it takes to stimulate the area in the brain.

Psychic abilities are within everyone’s reach. People use it every day and don’t realize it. Faith, belief in the unknown and focus encourage their thoughts to become realities. Have you ever suddenly thought of a friend only to have them call within minutes? That’s telecommunication. It happens occasionally to everyone. People that have training learn to recognize the signs and understand the messages they receive.

Training also helps the student focus on the positive spiritual side of life. Everyone has met negative people that believe only bad things happen in life. These people are normally right but it is no coincidence or bad luck, they lay the psychic groundwork that brings the negative.

Yoga training that focuses on awakening of the kundalini opens the higher chakra centers and taps into the spiritual potential. As each higher chakra opens, the student finds they have more abilities that are mystical. One important aspect of the training is helping the student to follow a guided path so that these experiences are positive and directed. Psychic abilities brought on through accidents, drug use and undirected focus can lead to a very negative experience. The intensity of the experience may be too much for body, mind or emotions to handle without preparation and guidance.

New studies, theories and beliefs appear every day about the power of belief. It takes focus and elimination of doubt to create the amazing results. Some stumble upon this ability but most people have to learn to be as children and wipe their minds of negative thought. Yoga training helps the student to focus and bypass the thinking mind to reach the spiritual mind that performs these feats that some call magic. To reach psychic powers, called siddhis, the yoga doesn’t train his mind to think about the desired outcome, but rather shut off the thinking process and allow the powers to surface.

For centuries, the Western world decried “witchcraft” if someone showed psychic abilities. The ruling class discouraged psychic training passed from generation to generation in peasant communities, yet they paid for the services of soothsayers and mystics. The power that came with the abilities created fear no matter how pure the intention. The church, a ruling power in medieval times, sited those with psychic abilities as heretics and witches. It is no wonder that after many generations, psychic training and belief ceased.

Scientists are just now learning there is an important ability in every being that is a separate entity from the thinking mind. It is the same psychic ability that forewarns animals of natural disasters and allows them to run to safety before it occurs. This second mind, spiritual side or psychic ability remains in man, but years of academia and logic buried it deeply inside their being. You can tap into it, but you need a guide to avoid the pitfalls and give you the most direct route. Yoga is one method to achieving psychic ability and with the proper instruction; the journey is much shorter and safer than traveling to that destination unassisted.

“Conrad Raw is an expert on practical techniques for personal and spiritual development. He is a bestselling co-author with Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy and is the author of “The Zensation Manual: Forbidden Secrets of Personal and Spiritual Development”. healing course Visit his website to get your free video course on how to activate your true potential. out of body experiences”

Sleepsonic and Hemi-Sync Kit

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Datre 122 – What is spontaneous human combustion?

Datre answers Rosy

JOHN: Today we have some questions and comments from Rosy, and her first question is… “When I was working on this rather thorny emotional problem, I finally (after two days) got to a realization; I found a belief of mine that was “at the bottom” of it all (thank you, Datre for your emphasis on OBSERVATION).

Somehow, having that realization allowed an internal “shift” — the pressure went off that problem area, and I got a sense of relief. It was a big deal.

DATRE: Any time that an individual discovers a belief system that has caused a blockage in ‘free’ understanding of situations, when that ‘blockage’ is released, there is a ‘surge’ that goes through the body, because, it opens up different areas in the physical construct that have been blocked.

We’ve talked about the vibratory construct of the body. Now, you’re all familiar with ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’ and all of that. But, you don’t think of them in the construct of the ‘energy’ that they contain. There is ‘energy’ containment within your body that you are not aware of. You think of the body as being… almost to the point of being just ‘mass’. In other words, there’s parts of your body that is bone, so that’s hard. There’s parts of your body that’s soft and that’s the stuff that goes around the bones. Then you have the liquid that’s within your bodies that you’re aware of. Then you have the eyes and the nose and the mouth and the digestive system and all of that – and that’s all ‘liquid’. So, that’s the way you think of your body.

That is why when the operate on the body, or do anything with the body from the ‘medical’ standpoint, that is also the way ‘they’ look at it. They’re fixing things that are soft, or things that are hard, or places where ‘liquid’ goes, like the blood and the vein’s in the body, and that sort of thing. So, they look at it from that vantage point. They clean out the arteries, so that the blood can flow through.

But you see they’re looking at the body from a point of things that work together, that are ‘mass’. When ‘we’ look at a body, from ‘our’ standpoint, we look at it from a standpoint of a ‘vibratory’ construct. And, what causes the ‘vibration’ that we are able to perceive, is… if I say the word ‘electricity’, you’re going to get it wrong. But, I don’t know what else to call it, because, that actually is the ‘electrical’ circuitry. And it is within every atom and molecule within your body.

You have that which you call ‘atom’ smashers, and you understand the ‘explosive’ quality when that ‘atom’ gets ‘smashed’. But, do you have any idea what’s in your body? You don’t, but they’re beginning to bring this out into, what you call, the ‘open’ because, they’re finding that they’re having more and more bodies “exploding” on operating tables. They’re opening up these bodies for surgery, and these bodies are “exploding”. And its scaring everyone. And they don’t know what’s causing it.

But, they don’t realize, the ‘energy’ construct that’s contained within the body, can “explode”. Because, they’re cutting through different areas of ‘circuitry’. This is NOT the ‘nervous system’ we’re referring to, but it’s the ‘core’ circuitry, and that’s a part of your body that nobody knows anything about. Its like… the ‘words’ are going to be wrong, and I’m reminding you of this, because you don’t have a ‘word’ to ‘describe’ what I’m trying to tell you. But, it’s like cutting different ‘wires’ within the ‘circuits’ of your body that you’re not familiar with. But, they are there. That’s what’s happening, that’s why the bodies are “exploding”.

This is why you have that which you call, “spontaneous combustion” – you’ve heard about that. Where bodies absolutely disintegrate, but the clothes are not burned.

You see, there is that ‘vibratory’ construct within the body, that when its ‘interacted’ with, under certain conditions, they will disintegrate. Now, this is not to give you ‘fear’, you’re ‘not’ going to disinter grate. That is a minute number that that ever happens to. And the possibility of everything being – right – shall we say, to have that happen is very, very tiny, very small. So don’t get all upset by me telling you this. But, I need to tell you this, in order to explain to you what happened.

You have this ‘internal’ electrical system, that is… here again, the explanation is not quite right, but I have to do it this way, so you can understand. The ‘electrical’ system within the body, is from that which you call your brain.

Now ‘you’, coming into the physical body, take over this ‘mechanical’ piece of equipment, and operate it. If you have a piece of equipment, and it’s malfunctioning, you try to fix it. That’s what you do with a ‘mechanical’ piece of equipment. But, you’re so used to coming into this physical ‘mechanical’ piece of equipment, that you have built up all of these different ‘electrical’ systems, throughout the physical body, but ‘you’ don’t know how to ‘fix’ it – because you’re not aware of what the body is composed of. The only relationship that ‘you’ have with the composition of your physical body, is that when its hungry – you feed it, if its thirsty – you give it something to drink, if it needs to eliminate – you take care of that. If it hurts, you get it fixed. But it’s always in regard to the “mass”, because the ‘electrical’ system within the body, within the brain, is something you don’t know anything about.

So, what I’m saying is, your ‘belief’ systems are more important than you think they are. A belief system “released”, will ‘untangle’ some piece of ‘electrical’ equipment within your body that will cause a ‘rush’. It’s like you had a ‘kink’ in the wire, and the electricity won’t go through. Or you take a hose and you ‘kink’ it, and you’re out watering the lawn, and all of a sudden the water stops and you think – what’s wrong? Well, you backtrack the hose, and you find that it’s ‘kinked’ itself, so the water doesn’t come through. So you ‘un-kink’ it and whoosh, the water comes through. That’s the same thing that happens when you have that which you call, a ‘kink’ in your ‘electrical’ system that is throughout your body. It ‘releases’, and in the release you get that which you call a “rush”.

Now my explanations are not probably that good, but you get the general idea. That’s where your “rushes” come from. Your “rushes” come from recognizing a ‘belief’ that has ‘stymied’ you, that you are not ‘aware’ of, because its never caused you any problem before. But, ‘recognition’ releases it – “rush”. There are many ways that you will get “rushes” throughout that period that you call your ‘lifetime’. You can get “rushes” through OBSERVATION, because you will ‘see’ something, OBSERVE something, and you will recognize something, and in recognition, that too will cause a “rush”. So, that is what we call an “ah ha”. All right, continue.

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “That’s when these energy flashes started! It happens in quite moments, like when I’m reading or just thinking. It seems to have a “surge” quality: like it reaches a peak, and then it’s gone. And if I pay attention, there’s some kind of inner sound that goes along with it, like thunder way in the background, or a rumbling.

What is happening when I feel that little “rush” of energy?”

DATRE: That is what happens, you feel that “rush” of energy, and it can, in some individuals, create that which you call a ‘thunder’. What happens is, you see, its like the… we get back to the hose again. It’s got a ‘kink’ in it. When you ‘un-kink’ it, what happens to the hose? You can ‘hear’ the water rushing through, and when the water gets to the end of the hose, it goes ‘whoosh’ – that’s what happens in your body.

It ‘within’, but because you have that which you call, ears, you can hear ‘inside’ as well as ‘outside noises. But, that is another thing that you’re not aware of. You see, just because you hear noise, sounds, whatever you want to call it, striking that which you call your ear from the ‘outside’, and that’s what you call ‘hearing’. You don’t realize, that you also ‘hear’ without hearing from the ‘outside’. You also ‘hear’ from the ‘inside’, but you’re not aware of that.

If you could hear what is going on within the physical construct of your body, it would ‘scare’ you. I’m not being funny, this is guaranteed. If you had any idea what your body felt like – on the ‘inside’ – there are times when you wouldn’t want to get into it. But you ‘block’ yourself from that, in order to be able to function. Remember, this physical body is a ‘mechanical’, “robotic”, that ‘you’ animate.

Now, how can I tell you these things? I can only tell you these things because of the OBSERVATION we have had with Aona’s body. Now, this is very hard for you to understand. But those that have gone through, that which you call, the “death” experience, perhaps, have had this. We are not sure, because we have never been in anyone else’s body.

We can tell you, that there are many times when Aona doesn’t want to get back into the body. Number one, in coming back into the body, from that which you call, an ‘ordinary’ nights sleep, and waking up and crawling into this ‘mass’ of ‘squishy’, moving stuff, is not always the first thing you want to face, first thing in the morning.

Now, you see, if you don’t have those experiences, then you’re not ‘aware’ of what its like. But, all these many years, there are times when that will happen. And Aona will not want to get into the body. Now, when you come back into the body in the morning, you open your eyes, and you’re there, and that’s beautiful. And that’s what she wants all the time. But, sometimes, she will do this, to make herself ‘aware’ of the ‘mechanics’ of the physical construct.

You see, once you’ve had these experiences, like we have had with her, then we can explain them to you. Now, as to her ‘electrical’ system within her body, she has avoided that. She doesn’t want any part of that. The squishy stuff and the gooey stuff and all of that, is enough for her, she ‘cuts’ it at that point. Someday she may decide to go through and discover the ‘electrical’ system within the body. But you see, ‘that’ is of such a ‘fine’ vibration, that it is ‘not’ detectable. That is why the people don’t know about the ‘electrical’ system within the body.

You see they still work with the concept that the heart pumps blood. The heart does ‘not’ pump the blood. Your blood contains, a lot of the ‘electrical’ current within the physical construct. Your ‘fluids’ within your body, are very important. Those ‘fluids’ are what carry a great deal of your ‘electricity’, shall we call it. We have talked many times about the ‘quality’ of water. Your water contains, what you call, a great deal of ‘electricity’ when used in the physical construct. That ‘water’ is what maintains certain ‘elements’ and ‘gases’ within your body that you need for functioning. So, your ‘liquids’ are very important to you.

That’s why, when you have some ‘diseases’ that spread very rapidly through out the body, most of the time you will find those connected with something that is ‘liquid’. The ‘lymph’ glands within your body contain ‘liquid’. The ‘blood’ stream contains ‘liquid’. Those are the ones that, when those become ‘deteriorated’ or ‘altered’, will work throughout the whole system, very quickly, because they carry, that which you call, your ‘electricity’ for your body to function from.

Now, this may cause a lot more questions, than it gave answers. But, it is like trying to explain to you, as we have tried before, with the ‘incoming’ energy waves that are coming on to this planet. We have said before, the only thing that you can detect in a “waveform”, is the “partial”. Because, you have no instruments to ‘detect’ the “wave”. You can detect the “particle” within a “wave”. But you can’t detect the “wave”, because you have no way of doing it. You have no ‘instruments’ or anything to detect a ‘pure’ “waveform”. And yet, you function ‘within’ them all the time. Its like the ‘air’, unless you’ve got instruments, its something you walk through. The ‘air’ is ‘air’, its no big problem. You breath it, you walk in it. And unless you have ‘instruments’, you don’t know what it contains.

The same way with that ‘electricity’ within your body – there are no instruments that can detect it. So, what you continue to do in physicality is work on that which you can see. It is either, soft or hard, or moving liquid. And that’s all you can do. And that is what physicality is all about. Learning ‘how’ to work with this piece of ‘equipment’ that you have.

So, very interesting, we have never gotten into this subject before, because it is very difficult to explain. But, when you receive that which you call “rush’s”, what you have done is, you have “un-blocked” something that’s in your ‘electrical’ system, and allowed it to flow more freely. So, whenever you receive a “rush”, or an “ah ha”, that causes that emotion that feels ‘good’, your body feels ‘alive’, and things look different for that “magical” moment that you experience it, the trees “sparkle” and look different than they ever did before, what you have done is, you have “released” a blockage within that which you call your ‘electrical’ system of the body. And ‘allowed’ it to function, more GRANDLY.

You see this business of working within physicality is extremely fascinating. And the more you understand about what is happening, the more you will get “enjoyment” out of it.

Are there more questions?

JOHN: An observation!


JOHN: What you’re saying is, that is the ‘root’ reason behind the idea of becoming an OBSERVER. To create more and more of these “unblock ages”?

DATRE: Yes, yes, absolutely. In OBSERVING, it is your way of ‘understanding’. We have said, many times, the thing that holds you from being ‘who’ you truly want to be, is “fear”. Then when you OBSERVE something and you ‘understand’ something, the minute you understand, the “fear” is gone. You can’t have two things at the same place at the same time – you can’t have “fear” and “understanding”. Because, if you ‘understand’, you’re not “afraid”.

That’s why children can sit in front of television and watch these animals and critters and whatever’s, chasing and gobbling and doing all of these things. And these little kids get all excited, and they scream and they holler. And they go to scary movies, and they do the same thing. But, the understanding is there, they ‘know’ it’s a picture. They know they’re ‘safe’. They’re sitting on the floor, or they’re sitting in a chair and they’re watching it happen. What can be safer? They either get up and go out of the movie and go home, or they turn off the TV. They’re perfectly safe. They’ve watched all these ‘horrible’ things, and enjoyed it. You see what I’m referring to? Physicality, being an OBSERVER.

Because the thing you don’t still grasp, is “knowing ‘who’ you are”. And once you work from ‘that’ standpoint, you know you’re ‘safe’. So the physical body dies – you safe, no big deal. But you don’t remember from time to time to time, that’s why you scare yourself with ‘death’.

What can I say? Anyway, this was a good subject to get into, because you body is, not only hard stuff, soft stuff and liquid stuff, but it is also an ‘electrical composition, of which you are ‘unaware’. So, continue to have your “rush’s”. And OBSERVE, and then ‘unblock’ your beliefs. You’ll have a ‘grand’ time. That is the end.

We are Datre, thank you.

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