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Archive | September, 2011

How to Lucid Dream Tonight

Simply speaking, a lucid dream is a dream in which a person is aware that he/her is dreaming and is able to consciously manipulate dreams, i.e. to shape them into a desired content. The very term lucid dreaming was coined by the Dutch writer and psychiatrist Frederick van Eeden in the beginning of 20th Century. […]

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How to read your aura

An aura can be defined as a vibration of atoms that surround a particular person or object and can be seen through psychic reading. Any other normal person may also be able to see it if they put the necessary effort into it. They are not supernatural things that would produce the dramatic effect that […]

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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss, and Soul Retrieval Maybe you are struggling to get over a relationship breakup, or you know somebody else who is? Or a bereavement? Or the loss of a home or a job? Or maybe you (or they) are still feeling the wounds and effects of a difficult childhood? Or perhaps it is another […]

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Datre 121 – The BIG fear of going out of body

Fear is the one thing that holds you more tightly than any other ’emotion’ that you have. And the ‘only’ thing that eliminates fear, is understanding. When you understand, you realize what this is all about, the ‘fear’ is eliminated – it’s as simple as that.

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The Ultimate Basic Science Behind Huna

The Hawaiian Islands were for thousands of years the home of extraordinary group of people known as Kahunas. The Kahuna were extremely advanced and amazing miracle workers, seemed to posses the extraordinary powers for influencing and controlling visible as well as invisible agencies. Huna explains the wonderful human psychology which provides the key to understanding […]

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Datre 120 – You are too used to a linear existence

Datre answers Claude. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude and his first question is… “For most human, saying that time as we know it, with a past, present and future, doesn’t really exist, is very hard to understand.” DATRE: Now, have we ever said that ‘time’… there was no ‘past’, ‘present’ or ‘future’? […]

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What is true power?

For those in power to stay in power they must spread false information on how power is gained and maintained. The masses must be kept in darkness about how to increase their scope of influence and command in the world. They believe power is gained by money, greed, persuasion, domination, force – all of which […]

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Datre 119 – Everything is HOLOGRAPHIC

Now, the YOU that ‘you’ are has many different ‘experiential’ patterning’s going on all at the same time. But it’s very hard for you to understand, and it becomes very complicated. But, you’re not the only one that’s using the HOLOGRAM. Every “aspect” and every “face” in every “time” span reality, that is that particular portion of expression of the YOU that ‘you’ are, it ALL works off of the same HOLOGRAM

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Datre 118 – An OBSERVER does not ‘judge’ a situation

Most people will look at a situation and ‘judge’ it. But you don’t learn from ‘judging’ it, you… when you ‘judge’, you shut off everything else. You look at something and say, ‘that’s wrong’ – end of subject. That’s a ‘judgment’. If you look at something and say, ‘I really don’t like that. Well, why don’t I like it?’. You see it’s always the questions.

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