How to Lucid Dream Tonight

Simply speaking, a lucid dream is a dream in which a person is aware that he/her is dreaming and is able to consciously manipulate dreams, i.e. to shape them into a desired content. The very term lucid dreaming was coined by the Dutch writer and psychiatrist Frederick van Eeden in the beginning of 20th Century.

Lucid dreams can start in two ways. The first one is a dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) that begin as a normal dream and the person concludes it is a dream. The second one is a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) that happens when the dreamer is transferred from a normal waking state directly into a state of dreaming and is conscious about it.

In order to achieve lucid dreaming you should program yourself with a trigger to make you aware when you are dreaming, to take control over it, meaning to become lucid. The best proven way of doing this is by having a habit of making regular reality checks during the day. A reality check means to stop what you are doing at the moment and check the reality level of the situation in which you are. It is very simple. Every time you do a reality check, you can ask yourself:

  • Is this a normal situation; is there something strange about it?
  • Can you fly? Try floating around.
  • Try to close your eyes. This is a dead giveaway –you cannot close your eyes in astral realm.

In order to become effective, this reality checking must become habitual. When you are doing a reality check during some dream, you will realize that you are dreaming and able to take the control over the dream. The important thing here is to affirm to yourself that you will remember everything from the dream. You can repeatedly tell yourself, “I have to remember this when I wake up.”

One of the keys for a successful reality check is to have a good trigger. It is recommended to make something you would normally do many times during the day. Any kind of habitual action would be great. Here are few ideas:

  1. Do a reality check every time you look at your watch. A
  2. lso, set the timer to beep hourly and when it happens, do a reality check.
  3. A wrist watch is the most effective.

Every time when you look at your hands, do a reality check.

If you are a smoker, every time you light a cigarette, do a reality check. It is interesting that if you are an habitual smoker, you will find your self reaching for a cigarette during the dream.

It, of course, takes some time to make you trigger habitual, but it is usually no longer than two weeks. It will also help you to do affirmations before sleeping. For example “I will remember to look at my wrist watch.”

When you are in a lucid dream, if you want to change it to a real time projection, it is good to become aware of your physical body. If you are able sense it, you are also able to return to any time location. This can be difficult and may end the dream experience completely, but with the time you will learn to deal with it. However, we recommend you to enjoy the lucid dreams as they appear. Even communal dream pools are colorful places with lots of fun, so you will see all kind of wonderful and weird things and experience many adventures.

The dream recollection is your ability to remember dreams, so a good dream recall is often the first step towards lucid dreaming. In order to improve their dream recall, many people keep a dream journal, recording dreams the moment they wake up. It is good to write the dreams quickly as there is a normal tendency to forget what has been dreamt. Keep your eyes closed while remembering the dreams and write your dream journal in present tense.

If you are not satisfied with the dream pool you are in and want to enter something more exciting for you, you can change your reality location. Here are few ways to help you do this:

  • Take a close look at your hands and watch them melt. It is worth doing just to see this phenomenon of hands melting.
  • Spin around until you feel yourself disorientated.
  • Visualize the place you would like to visit. This is instantaneous travel and it will most probably move you to a dream pool similar to the visualized destination.
  • Fly as fast as you can. Even if this does not change your reality location, you will experience an amazing space flight.
  • Try to walk into a mirror, painting or picture. This is the same as a virtual reality projection.

All these techniques are designed to trick your subconsciousness through intentional disorientation. The point is to find a reality location, a lucid dreaming where you can experience all possibilities of this beautiful ability all humans have.

Have an awesome experience!

Steve G. Jones is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy. In order to keep up with the very latest in research, he regularly attends training conferences. Learn more by visiting:

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How to read your aura

An aura can be defined as a vibration of atoms that surround a particular person or object and can be seen through psychic reading. Any other normal person may also be able to see it if they put the necessary effort into it. They are not supernatural things that would produce the dramatic effect that is depicted in movies. They are quite normal and anyone can see them.

What comprises an aura

Auras are comprised mainly of electromagnetic radiation that is present in the air. Human bodies emit several wave and heat patterns that affect these and though electromagnetic waves are invisible to the human eye, the vibration of air and dust particles around them is. Psychic reading involves the interpretation of these vibrations.

Scientists have been researching on the subject and have proven that these aspects of human life are visible and can be interpreted. The part of visible light that is perceived by the human eye is called the ultra violet light. Psychics do not need any scientific knowledge to do accurate psychic readings. They have a natural ability to focus on these patterns to be able to interpret their meanings.

Auras provide people with a way to see the thoughts of others before they can vocalize them. They change in color especially above the head region and these patterns can be used as a window into the thoughts of others. Being able to read auras accurately turns a person into a living lie detector. This is because they can see the thoughts of those they are talking to.

The process of reading one’s own aura is quite simple. All is needed is a mirror and deep meditation. The individual who wants to see it then stands in front of it and observes the various patterns that will form above their heads and the other body regions. A white board can be placed behind the person so as to form a screen which forms the screen on which the image will be formed. This will make it more visible.

The only way to enhance the vision of the aura is through practice. This is what people do to be able to provide psychic reading professionally. This is the only way since an enhanced sense of sight is necessary. This will extend the range of visible light to the human eye. This also enhances nerve conduction speeds which lead to better sight perception.

Children and auras

Young children have better ability to see auras than adults have. The only problem however is their limited ability to vocalize what they see. This explains why they are able to judge bad and good people and know who to trust without being told by adults. This is their natural way to keep themselves from danger.

Sarah Saxon writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and overviews

Psychic reading


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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss, and Soul Retrieval Maybe you are struggling to get over a relationship breakup, or you know somebody else who is? Or a bereavement? Or the loss of a home or a job? Or maybe you (or they) are still feeling the wounds and effects of a difficult childhood? Or perhaps it is another traumatic experience, such as bullying at school or at work? Or maybe there is a feeling of never really having been the same after a serious illness or accident. Or maybe there are feelings that do not obviously stem from a particular event; apathy maybe; a lack of focus and enthusiasm; depression; addictive behaviours; low self-esteem. If so, then in shamanic terms, the most likely cause is ‘soul loss’.

The idea of soul loss is central to shamanism. Shamanism is our oldest spiritual practice. It dates back at least 40,000 years, and is probably much older still. It has been practised by all human cultures. What is amazing is that although shamanic communities are scattered across the four corners of the earth, there is a remarkable consistency of belief and practices between them. This was first noticed by the anthropologist Michael Harner(1), who coined the term ‘core shamanism’. One of these core shamanic beliefs is the idea of ‘soul loss’, and the associated shamanic practice of ‘soul retrieval’. This is the idea that part of our soul can literally leave, leaving behind a sense of emptiness and a feeling that ‘something is missing’. The treatment is for a shamanic practitioner to find the missing part and persuade it to come back, and help make the person whole again. The symptoms of soul loss are many. They include:

• a sense of somehow being incomplete; that something is ‘missing’
• feelings of numbness or flatness; of just going through the motions
• feelings of hopelessness, apathy and indifference; like a spark is missing
• a sense of being disconnected from life or what is around you; as if you are living in a dream
• depression, ranging from mild, to moderate, through to severe
• feeling lost, indecisive and aimless
• procrastination; time wasting; or finding it hard to sustain focus or effort
• a lack of confidence and self-belief
• having a strong inner critic who puts you down and is always on your back • phobias and anxieties; fearfulness
• missing memories (where have the memories gone, and why did they go?)
• addictions or other compulsive behaviours and/or thought patterns
• a sense of never having really recovered from a past event
• repeatedly returning to a person, location or behaviour that is unhealthy for you
• inability to move on from an issue or event, despite efforts to do so
• finding it hard to (re)invest in the future with enthusiasm and optimism
• feelings of grief, fear, anger or rage that you cannot seem to shake off
• the feeling that soul retrieval may help

That last one may seem strange, but in fact it is surprisingly common. This is because, prior to the birth of so-called ‘civilisation’ from around 4,000BC to the present day, all humans practised shamanism. In fact, they did not just practice it (in the way that in the modern world we may, or may not, ‘practice’ a religion or spiritual path, as if it is an ‘optional extra’). People lived and breathed shamanism; it was central to them. The vast, vast majority of your ancestors, going back literally thousands upon thousands of generations, knew the symptoms of soul loss. So nowadays, although we have lost the conscious knowledge of it, we still have an ancestral, unconscious, inner knowing that that is what is wrong. And so, for many people it immediately feels right when it is explained to them(2).

Physically, the symptoms of soul loss can be pretty much anything. Fatigue is very common, and a weakened immune system. But literally, soul loss can be behind pretty much any illness. We are talking about being in an energetically weakened, run-down state; it is not surprising then that things may start to go wrong in the physical body too.

There are some obvious causes of the soul part leaving. Traditionally soul loss was said to result from things such as accidents, serious illnesses, shocks and other traumatic events. However there are other causes too…

• abuse; not just sexual, but also physical and mental/emotional too
• prolonged anxiety or fear
• loss and grief
• shame and guilt
• prolonged pain
• giving your soul to another; codependent relationships
• domination by another person, or a group (everything from peer pressure to religious cults)
• allowing your soul to be stolen by another, or others
• substance abuse and other addictions (allowing your soul to be stolen by the object of the addiction)
• not being true to oneself; disowning or disallowing parts of oneself

Sometimes soul loss occurs when we do not feel safe, say in the case of a traumatic event. Part of us then leaves, as it does not feel it is safe to stay. Sometimes the part is literally shocked out of the body. It may then still be stuck in the time and place of the traumatic event, literally hanging around it like a ghost (this is why people describe flashbacks, or persistent thoughts or images; part of them is literally still stuck back there). Prolonged situations such as fear, guilt or pain can have a similar effect. Part of us eventually leaves because it could no longer cope (we may say we felt part of us died). Sometimes we give our soul (our power) over to a loved one, and when they die or leave, we feel our heart has been wrenched out. Other times somebody (or even a substance like alcohol or drugs) may ‘steal’ our soul, by undermining and gradually overpowering us; dominating us and keeping us in chains and tied to them.

Maybe the most subtle (but no less damaging) cause of soul loss is actually what we do to ourselves. Maybe as a child there was something you were repeatedly told never to do, such as: be angry; or upset; or cry; or be noisy; or clever; or naughty; or answer back; or any number of things. As a child, what are you going to do with that bit of you? If you are repeatedly criticised or rejected, punished or shamed if you do this thing, then in order to survive, you have to block this part of you off. We do this, usually unconsciously, by adopting what is known as an introject (from the Latin intro- = into and -iectin = throwing): something from somebody else that is thrown into us. So an introject is a ‘should’ or a ‘shouldn’t’, a ‘must’ or a ‘must not’ that we adopt and take on board. Psychotherapists would say that this part is then repressed, and that through the process of therapy, this part can be recovered and reintegrated. As a therapist myself, I certainly know this to be true. However shamanism says that sometimes something altogether more startling happens. Sometimes that part is not just repressed, but actually leaves altogether. The (soul) part literally splits of and goes. In this case, there will be only so far that therapy can go. This is when shamanism comes into it’s own.

So, where does the soul part go? As I said earlier, sometimes it is stuck back in the time period and place of the trauma. Most times though, the soul part drifts further, and literally goes off into realms beyond this one. Sometimes parts flee to safe places in these other realms. And sometimes they gravitated to places of hopelessness and despair. What they need, and what the person they belong to needs, is to come back. This is where soul retrieval comes in. In a soul retrieval the skilled shamanic practitioner leaves their own body and enters into shamanic reality. This is usually (but not always) done to the accompaniment of a shamanic drum or rattle. Working with the help of their power animal(s) and other guides, the practitioner finds the soul part of the person they are journeying for and attempts to persuade it to return. If it agrees to return, the part is then gathered up, brought back to this reality and then literally blown back into the person’s body.

The actual process of doing a soul retrieval can seem surprisingly quick. This is because it is happening outside of the time scale of this reality. So the whole process can be done in an hour session. In many cases one session alone is enough. Sometimes a series of sessions are needed, when soul parts are reluctant to return, or when multiple parts have been lost. Sometimes too other shamanic healing is necessary. As well as soul loss we can suffer power loss, and very often it is necessary to do a power retrieval for the person too, usually in the form of what is known as a power animal. Also, when soul parts leave, they leave holes in us. Other things, ‘intrusions’ can then get in, and need to be removed. The process of removing these is generally known as shamanic extraction.

So too, where there are strong introjects, the may need to be worked with. It is all very well for bringing somebody’s soul part back for them. But if the soul part is a part of themselves that they have strong ‘shoulds’ or ‘should nots’ about, then if the part is to stay then these will need to be addressed (and this is often where counselling or psychotherapy can pick up the thread again).

The other thing that sometimes happens is that the soul part returns, but the body is still in shock. Shamanism recognises different bits of us, each having different needs. Put simply here, we are made up of body, soul and spirit. What Body needs is to feel safe. So sometimes as well as soul loss there is ‘body shock’, in which case what is needed is a ‘body re-patterning’ journey too.

The effects of a good shamanistic soul retrieval (and other shamanic healing) can be dramatic or subtle. But either way, the effects are very often profound. People often describe it as a turning point, not always at the time, but usually in looking back. They experience a return of their self esteem; their optimism and motivation; health may improve; addictions and compulsions fade away. Just think about what it would be like to have a whole and intact soul, with no bits knocked out, and you will get the picture.

Footnotes (1) Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing
(2) For more information on soul loss the classic book is- Ingerman, Sandra. Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self through Shamanic Practice.

Paul Francis is a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist in Lancaster. He offers soul retrieval and other shamanic work on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face, or by distance if necessary. For information on shamanic soul retrieval sessions visit Paul also runs workshops and training courses in shamanism at all levels, from beginner to full shamanic practitioner. For more information on shamanic training courses, including soul retrieval, go to http://www.therapeutic-shamanism.

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Datre 121 – The BIG fear of going out of body

Datre answers Kitty, Robert and Barbara

JOHN: Today we have a question from Kitty, and her question is… “How can you explain visions? Visions appear to me and in a few weeks or months they happen.?”

DATRE: That is not unusual. They are not what you call ‘visions’, but what you’re doing is, you are showing yourself the up coming events. There are many people that do that.

You see, if you were to reach the point where you would be an OBSERVER, you would be “following” your “visions” all the time. That would be a ‘natural’ thing. But, you wouldn’t have this ‘time’ span of a few weeks or a month or whatever. When you begin to connect up, it will almost be like when you ‘see’ something, its almost as if ‘I’ve seen it before’. Because, what you’re doing is, you’re bringing your ‘experiences’ that you are ‘anticipating’ into your physical existence. That is what is happening, it is ‘not’ a vision. It is bringing what ‘you’ want to happen, into physicality. Now, that is very ‘beneficial’, because, when you “see” these things, you will be able to, at that time, decide on many ‘options’ as to how you want to handle that situation.

You see that’s why there’s such a difference in those that live a life of ‘tragedy’ and those that ‘seemingly’ have no bumps in the road. The thing is, that they have had that ability to be able to function from, what you call, ‘now’. Because, when they ‘see’ something happening, regardless of what it is, good, bad or indifferent, it has a ‘familiarity’ to them and they decide as to the option as to how they want handle any situation. Then as that becomes more and more a part of your everyday experience, you no longer question it, because it just something that comes ‘naturally’.

Now, there are those that know ‘how’ to do that, and desire ‘not’ to do that, because that takes away the fun. The ‘fun’ is being surprised by what’s coming up. Now, you have to do one ‘first’, before you can do the other, because, if you don’t do the ‘other’ one, the one that ‘shows’ you what’s coming up, and experience that, then you will never notice the difference. So, when you ‘see’ things and then they happen, that is showing you what you are capable of doing.

You see you don’t have to rely on another person to show you or help you through this physical existence. You do it by yourself. You do it alone. Then in doing it alone, you’ll have that feeling that, ‘I don’t have to rely on another person’. You see, you are all in such a ‘belief’ system, that you have to rely on others – you don’t. Then when you begin to feel that, ‘I don’t need to rely on anyone else, I can be my own person’, it gives you that feeling of ‘security’ that people that don’t understand it don’t have. You become ‘secure’ in the knowledge that, in any given situation, ‘I can handle it. I can handle it because, I will not panic, I will not be afraid of it, because I wouldn’t have put it there in the first place, if I didn’t think I could do it at all. I’m the one that chose the experience, nobody else did it to me’. You chose the experience yourself. And you would ‘not’ have chosen it, if you didn’t think you could master it. Then, in mastering it and feeling that, ‘hey, I did it myself’, you become secure in the knowledge that you don’t have to rely on other people. Enjoy your experiences. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a question from Robert, and his question is… “Is there any form we can assume to actually “explore” this physical universe? It is such an amazing and beautiful construct, I know that in these physical bodies we will never really be able to fully experience and explore it, and I would love to be able to “see” all of its wonders!”

DATRE: Well, if you were to get out into the Universe and see all the different planets, all you would see would be planets. You would not be able to experience anything beyond that point. If there was ‘life’ on the planet, you couldn’t see them anyway, because they would be of a different vibratory construct. You see, the Beings from ‘outer space’ are nothing but “you” and you don’t realize it.

But, the thing is, why would one go and look for things in the Universe? Because, it is not ‘grander’ out there than it is here. Do you ever stop to realize the GRANDNESS ‘of’ this planet? That is why you’re ‘not’ going to come back on this planet, because ‘others’ want to have the experience ‘of’ this planet, which is ‘unique’ and very different. But, you’re all sick and tired of it. You don’t realize the ‘evolution’ that has taken place on this planet. The ‘evolution’ of all your plants, your animals, your birds, your fish, plus you humans. You have many, many, things that are beautiful, and yet you’re so tired of them, because you’ve had them for so long. And yet, you’ve never stopped to realize the beauty in any of it.

They laugh at those that used plants and animals to give them answers to things. That is something that you don’t even think about experiencing. You don’t experience the ‘exchange’ of energy between you and a tree. When you see a great big beautiful old tree, do you ever stop to think of all the experiences in the growth of that tree? Experiencing the wind, the rain, all the peoples that walk by that big old tree, the energy exchange? No! People don’t stop to ‘realize’ that – so it’s a tree. But, when you see that big old tree and realize the experiences that that big old tree has had, from “it’s” standpoint of evolution, you feel like you want to give it a big hug.

You see, you treat a big old tree like you treat your old people. Old people are in your way. You don’t look to older people to benefit from their experiences. That is something you have gotten away from. ‘I want to do it myself’. That is fine, you can do ‘everything’ by yourself, but do you realize the ‘wealth’ of experience that is contained within an individual who has lived 80 – 90 years? The experiences they have had that you can gain by talking to them. You see, that is something in ‘your’ country (USA), you have never thought much about. There are ‘other’ cultures, especially the Orientals, who admire those that they call the ‘aged’ people. They admire them because of their experiences and what they can gain by listening to those individuals.

Now, that does not mean that that is something that you have to go to somebody that’s older and say, ‘well, what do I do now?’. That is not the point. They will not tell you what to do now. They have to tell you what ‘they’ have experienced, and let you figure out what ‘you’ want to experience. An old tree, and old people, are beautiful. But they’re beautiful in a different way. They’re beautiful from the experiences that they have had.

That’s what you’re doing, you are gaining experiences through that which you call a ‘life time’. Treasure every one of them. There’s nothing out there in the Universe that you can see. You have telescopes, you have all these other kinds of things to look out there and speculate what’s out there, and maybe I can get up in a little piece of ‘tin’ and go ‘whoosh’ out there in the atmosphere and look around the Earth and then come down and have that grand experience. Maybe an experience is just as grand if you get in an airplane, or if you get on a train, or if you get in a car. But, because you’re not going ‘away’ from humanity, it’s no fun.

You see how differently we look at things than you do? You want to do something that ‘other’ people don’t do. And that is fine. And if you learn to get out of your body, you can leave your body and travel and see lots of different things. If you want to get out of your body, you can go into that which you call, a ‘past’ life. You don’t have to have anybody take you. It’s ‘yours’, you can go there. You can do anything you want to do. But what grounds every one of you is ‘fear’, that is the big number.

You see, because you put yourself in a piece of ‘tin’ and say, ‘this is safe, I can go out in the universe in a piece of tin, because it ‘safe’, and I can go around the Earth many, many times and then come down, and I’m safe.’. You’re safe because you’re surrounded by a piece of tin. You’re used to pieces of tin, because that’s your automobiles. You see, you’re moving in a piece of tin, which is a car, you are safe, no fear. You get into a piece of tin and go up into what you call your atmosphere and go around, and around and come back down again – no fear, you’re in a piece of tin. Listen to that very carefully. You have ‘fear’, otherwise you wouldn’t have a piece of tin around you.

Getting out of the body and going places is ‘fearful’ for those that try it. Many experimented with it. There are those that go out of body very readily, very easily. And there are those that you can’t get to move two inches away from the body, because the ‘fear’ holds them in. Realize who you are. You’re ‘not’ the body. You don’t have to take the body with you to experience. The experiential part of your body is the ‘you’ that occupies it. You have grand experiences at night, but you don’t ‘dare’ tell yourself about it. You’re NOT your body, so explore. Get out of your body, go places and see things. That’s why there’s these people that very readily get out of their bodies and go to different countries, do different things, experience different things. They can ‘look’, they can ‘see’, but you see, they do not have the ‘fear’ of being out of body.

So, from our standpoint, you’re not going to see anything but pieces of ‘rock’ out in the universe anyway. Why not get out of your body now, and go and experience and go to another country and see what they’re doing. Maybe they’ve got a festival or something that you can stay there and watch. Nobody’s going to bother you, because they can’t see you, you don’t have a body. You can stay there and watch as long as you want to or until your body calls you back. Your body will pull you back when ‘it’ wants something. So, have fun. Continue.


JOHN: Now, we have some questions from Barbara, and her first question is… “I understand that if I experience something horrible, it was me alone who set up that scenario, so the best thing I can do is try and find out what I wanted to show myself by this. Now, Datre have often said that animals are completely different from humans. So if an animal is tortured and mistreated – what’s the deeper sense in that? Is this situation the animal’s free choice, and are the possible reasons for this choice similar, or completely different from those of a human?”

DATRE: We do not know, because we have never been able to get inside of an animal, per se. In other words, the animals work from an entirely different construct than you do. You each have individual ‘bodies’ and individual ‘brains’ that you function from. Animals have individual bodies, but they function basically through what you would call a ‘group’ mind. So you see, their experiences are entirely different.

If an animal is going to die, the animal is smart enough to get out of the body, so it doesn’t have to experience the ‘pain’ of the bodily death. Why does an animal run out onto the road to be killed by a car? They do that, because they don’t want the body any more, they can go pick up another one. You see their construct of the body being a ‘sacred’ vehicle doesn’t occur to them.

Because you have had so many cartoon characters and so many films that have placed ‘human’ thoughts and feeling into animals, that you think of animals functioning as a ‘human’. They have characteristics that they will pick up from a ‘human’, but they don’t ‘function’ as a ‘human’. So, if an animal is being tortured, an animal will do one of two things; if it is possible to get away, it will get away; if it isn’t possible to get away, when its had enough, it will leave the body.

But, you can’t put human ‘physical’ thoughts and emotions into an animal body and expect it to act like that, because, it doesn’t – its entirely different. That is all I can tell you about the animal body. Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to ask… “Especially the fear of the unknown seems to be something immanent and very basic in almost every human being. How come? Is there any reason for fear? Can anything (for example our ignorance, or our curiosity) do us harm, e.g. when waking up out-of-body?”

DATRE: Fear is the one thing that holds you more tightly than any other ’emotion’ that you have. And the ‘only’ thing that eliminates fear, is understanding. When you understand, you realize what this is all about, the ‘fear’ is eliminated – it’s as simple as that.

Now, waking up and finding that you’re out of body – why should you be afraid? You’ve been ‘out of body’ all night, you just happen to wake up before you had a physical containment. I think we answered the question on that, just the one a couple of questions ago on getting ‘out of body’.

You see, when the “body” puts itself in a ‘sleep’ mode, it sets itself to the point of ‘inactivity’ as far as the body is concerned. Then when that ‘inactivity’ of the body functions are slowed down, then ‘you’ know that you can leave the body. It’s something that ‘you’ and your ‘body’ have arranged. But, you don’t understand what ‘sleep’ is all about. Sleep is not a ‘mystical’ thing at all.

Let’s turn this around and see if this will help you. When you lay down at night, say to the body, ‘now, I have other places to go and other things to do. So as soon as you’re ready, you let me know. But I’ll be back to see you again in the morning’. Then when the body relaxes, you leave. You don’t have to lie there and say, ‘I wonder if this is going to work?’ It does work. You do it all the time. You’re not ‘aware’ of what this ‘system’ is all about. So, you’re showing yourself, when you come back, and you’re looking at the body, you’re showing yourself that you’ve been out of it. Then if you say, ‘okay, I’m ready to get back in’, it will happen automatically. You don’t have to ‘panic’. Panic is what causes so many things to go awry in your physical existence.

When they say the body is tied up in ‘knots’, it actually is. Because, you have put yourself in such a mode of ‘stress’ that the body is all full of ‘knots’. Knots restrict circulation. Where do you suppose all your aches and pains and your diseases and all of this comes from? It’s ‘restriction’ caused by all the ‘knots’ in your body. Now, from our standpoint, we see you as ‘squiggly’ lines. Now, the ‘squiggly’ lines, the vibratory construct of your physical body, as we see it, the ‘straighter’ the lines are, we know that that body is in better physical condition. If we see ‘squiggly’ lines with a whole bunch of ‘knots’ in it, we know that body is in ‘bad’ shape – because, you can actually ‘see’ the ‘knots’. And the ‘knots’ are not tied by anyone but ‘you’.

If you live in a ‘relaxed’ OBSERVER mode within the body, you don’t have the ‘knots’. Then they’ll say, ‘that person is in such good health’. Well, is that an ‘outward’ appearance or is it an ‘inward’ appearance? We can see someone that is supposed to be in ‘vibrant’ health, but, from our vantage point – if we get out of the body we’re in at the present time (Aona) – we can ‘see’ all the ‘knots’ and know that person is NOT in very good health. The runner that runs down the street and drops ‘dead’ – as you call it – from a heart attack, and they said, ‘he was in perfect health’, you didn’t see all the ‘knots’ in his body. He may have ‘appeared’ to be in perfect health, but he may have been all stressed out on the inside – that’s where it counts.

But you see, ‘you’ have done that through the physical construct, the physical construct doesn’t start out with all the ‘knots’ unless ‘you’ put them there. So continue.

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “Datre have mentioned that concerning the exploration of new experiences “pushing” is not advisable, that it’s better to “allow”. But where does “pushing” begin? Do I already “push” instead of “allow” if I ignore my fear of the unknown and give in to my curiosity? And what may happen if I “push”?”

DATRE: Well, we’re saying, “pushing” in one context in particular. That is that so many individuals now seem to be ‘tied’ up again in what you call the kundalini being the grandest of grand. That’s why we say, the “pushing” is not important. What is most important is, that ‘you’ become the OBSERVER. Get yourself out of that which you call stress and begin to connect up with the “YOU” that ‘you’ truly are in the body. WHO you are, when you’re out of the body and WHO you are when you’re “in” the body, are two different things. And, only by ‘allowing’ and OBSERVING are you going to relax that body enough to allow you to be able to ‘function’ the way you want to function – its as simple as that.

You don’t have to stress yourself out, to ‘allow’ or get yourself to go into kundalini, to eliminate the ‘fear’ of going out of body. You see, all of those things… they may say, ‘well, you need to do this in order to do that’. No! That’s not necessary. It’s ‘not’ necessary, you don’t ‘have’ to go through the kundalini in order to take part in the BIRTH and get to where ‘you’ want to go. That is not that important. A lot of people try to get themselves to go through the kundalini and ‘crack’ their PSYCHE and are out of commission for years. What benefit is that? Or to sit down and tell somebody, ‘oh, I’ve done this and oh, I’ve done this and you don’t know the pain I went through in order to achieve that’. Why?

What we’re trying to do is, give you the ‘easy’ way to get the ‘experiences’ that ‘you’ want. To be able to enjoy the ‘experiences’ that you get. To be able to get ‘understanding’ from your experiences. Rather than grunt and groan and do all kinds of things in order to get yourself into an area that can be gotten into very simply. Those were the ‘old’ methods. You don’t need ‘old’ methods. You don’t have a ‘sextant’ on a boat to figure out where you are, you have a great big bank of computers to run the boat. Different? Yes! Ridiculous statement? No! It’s ‘not’ a ridiculous statement. Why use ‘old’ antiquated things to get to where you are? You, in your progression, have ‘done’ that. Why go ‘back’ to it? Why not go ‘forward’? That is what we are trying to ‘tell’ you, there’s an easier way. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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The Ultimate Basic Science Behind Huna

The Hawaiian Islands were for thousands of years the home of extraordinary group of people known as Kahunas. The Kahuna were extremely advanced and amazing miracle workers, seemed to posses the extraordinary powers for influencing and controlling visible as well as invisible agencies.

Huna explains the wonderful human psychology which provides the key to understanding yourself and achieving your goals in the spectacular manner.

Three types of selves:

  • Huna psychology teaches that there are three basic, fundamental dimension of human mind. These are three separate physic aspects of human mind functioning in distinctive manners.
  • The three selves are the Lower Self, the Middle Self and the Higher Self. They are so called due to their psychical locations. The Lower Self is located in solar plexus [in the centre of rib cage], the Middle self is located in the head of brain and the Higher Self is located at about five feet above the head.
  • Each of three selves plays a vital role in our physical, mental and spiritual evolution.
  • Lower self is our subconscious mind which stores all emotions memories, feelings, guilt’s complexes and neuroses.
  • The Middle Self is our conscious or awake mind with which we reason, think and make decisions.
  • The Higher Self is our super conscious mind which is the most enlightens part of us. It can influence any person/event/circumstance, to fulfill our legitimate wish.

Three types of bodies:

  • According to Huna each 3 selves have a shadow body which exist beyond the physical plane. These shadow bodies are energy bodies of different vibrational frequencies.
  • The Lower self is our astral body which is the shadow of physical body and also known as etheric double. It is the exact replica of our physical body. It is just like copies of physical things in energy forms. For Kahuna all memories, emotions and feelings are stored in the shadow body of Lower self.
  • The Middle self has mental body as its shadow body, which is more subtle than astral body and responsible for logic, reasoning and intellect of the human being.
  • The Higher self has casual body as its shadow body which is the subtlest and the extraordinary powerful body having extreme higher vibrational frequency.
  • According to Huna the shadow bodies of lower and middle self are said to penetrate the physical body and reside there but the shadow body of the higher self does not reside within the body at all but is said to be located outside.

Three types of vital forces or Prana

  • We are surrounded by a mystical vital Force without which we would be lost called the universal life force or vital force or Prana. All life and nourishment is maintained through breath the most vital of all resources.
  • The kahuna recognised the importance of Prana in performing occult work. They believed that Prana is an electrical charged energy when charged by means upon entering the body, can be utilised to create greater physical and spiritual power.
  • Huna tells that the prana energy can be said to have 3 levels.The lower level of Prana is used by Lower Self is Unihipili, the middle level of Prana is called Uhane used by the middle self and Higher level of prana is used by the higher self called Aumakua.
  • The prana breathed in by conscious middle self is converted into higher voltage of electricity by lower self which sends it up to higher self for the magical and extraordinary manifestations.

Aka chords:

  • The 3 selves work in dynamic manner with the help of invisible Aka chords which connect themselves. The Aka chord is sticky elastic energy cable like structure needed by 3 selves to communicate with each other.
  • Like perfect conductor of electricity thoughts, ideas emotions and feelings in the form of electrical impulses can easily travel along these Aka chords between three selves.
  • The lower self is connected with middle and higher selves with connective threads of Aka chords. Middle and Higher selves are not connected.

Huna theory:

  • With the amazing network of 3 selves, Prana and aka chords the Kahuna performed their extraordinary works.
  • Prana is the substance with which the Higher Self works when we want it to accomplish some objective for us.
  • The Middle self breathes or takes the prana, the Lowe self converts it into higher voltage of electricity and higher self uses it for manifestation of goals.
  • Prana once it has been converted into higher frequency of power by the Lower self and sent to Higher self is the magical force which that creates miracles. Once it is highly elevated state and directed by higher mind it can smash atoms and cause dematerialisations and rematerialisation of matter.

Basic science of instant manifestation in Huna:

  • Some specific parts of brain such as the reticular activating system [RAS], works with the visual parts of our brain to call our conscious attention to things that are important to reaching our goals and to filter out those things that are unimportant.
  • The RAS activated by programming of goals in our sub-conscious mind is the basic science behind the ancient Huna magic.


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Datre 120 – You are too used to a linear existence

Datre answers Claude.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude and his first question is… “For most human, saying that time as we know it, with a past, present and future, doesn’t really exist, is very hard to understand.”

DATRE: Now, have we ever said that ‘time’… there was no ‘past’, ‘present’ or ‘future’? Because, in every physical existence you have that as a remembrance. Because, as you live today, you remember when you live tomorrow that you had today. You see you can always look backward you can’t look forward, because you don’t have that ‘sight’ that sends you ‘forward’ into your own future.

Now, what happens is, that you have been living in that which you call ‘time’ and we have said that ‘time’ has run out as far as the original set up was concerned. In other words, your ‘past’ – your ‘time’ element – the BIRTH ‘should’ have occurred at the ending of your ‘time’ cycle.

It’s like reading a book. You have to have a beginning, you have to have a middle and you have to have an end. In any ‘engineered’ reality – like the one that you are in – there is a ‘beginning’, there’s a ‘middle’ and there’s an end. Now, you have reached the ‘end’ of your book. But, none of you have ‘realized’ that you have ended the book.

Vibratory levels will be increased to help you with your understanding and ‘knowing’ that you are out of ‘time’. That is what will happen. But, you are so used to a ‘linear’ existence that you are still functioning with that very thought pattern. So, continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and say’s… “I have read in ‘Conversation with God’ that instead of visualizing it as an horizontal line, we should rather see it a vertical way, as a note-pick. It is easier to conceive from that point.”

DATRE: That is easier for you to conceive because you’ve always believed that there’s something ‘higher’ than you are. So, everything that you conceive of in your thought patterns, you think of as ‘up’. The higher it is the better it is, the grander it is. It doesn’t work that way. You can set up your ‘time’ lines in whatever way you want to. You can set up your ‘0500’s’ all the way to your ‘1900’s’ in whatever direction you want. But, actually, it’s all very ‘simultaneous’. But, you have ‘separated it so you don’t get confused. You have narrowed it down to the ‘minutest’ quantity for your understanding. For you to conceive that ‘complexity’, your brain would go off line totally, because it has nothing that it can relate to. Your physical brain cannot contain that sort of understanding. So, continue.

JOHN: He further continues and asks… “Now with that concept, all the events of our past, future or even past lives become accessible to us, or can at least be visualized. But, can they be changed without altering the life of relatives implicated in the same event?”

DATRE: Why would you want to ‘change’ anything? Every event that has occurred through your individual ‘life’ – ‘death’, ‘life’ – ‘death’ process has brought you to where you are now. You go back and change one iota, and you change your whole ‘future’. You could very well end up being something you don’t desire to be.

You see, that is the same misconception as, before people die, ‘oh, if only I had had time to do this’, ‘oh, if only I had done this, instead of that’, ‘believe me, if I ever have a chance to do this again, this is what I’ll do’. In the mean time, you forget all about it, you come back in, totally erased the whole thing – because you didn’t want to take any of your ‘sins’ back in with you – so you gave all your ‘bad’ experiences – as you call them – away, so you don’t have an awful lot to come back with. And, you’ve totally lost any direction, so you come back in as ‘totally’ oblivious to what you were last time. And you continue to do that, because you don’t maintain any continuity.

If you were to take your ‘life – ‘death’ processes in a continuum, and ‘build’ on them, you’d be sitting out there at the edge of the ‘bubble’ someplace enjoying watching the show until the BIRTH came. And picking up the Universal information that you could, from the ‘outside’ of the ‘bubble’ to incorporate with ‘you’. But, because of the total ‘oblivion’, from one – what you call life span – to another ‘life’ span, you come back with nothing every time. And we’ve said it, time and time again. So why change anything? You’re where you are – ‘build’ on it. Every experience that you have is to be ‘built’ upon. That’s what ‘experience’ is all about.

Everybody thinks that you have to have a ‘totally’ blissful life, all happiness, and love. life, laughter, oh hugs and kisses and love all over the place. You don’t want any of the ‘other’ stuff – why not? It’s like taking a chair with four legs and putting two legs on it and saying, ‘now, sit down’. You’ve only got two back legs to set the chair on. What’s going to happen to the front of you, you’re going to tip forward. You need four legs underneath the chair to round it out, so that you can sit on it. You want to take one leg of a chair – eliminate the other three – and fall flat on your face, because, you haven’t had the ‘experiences’. And you don’t want the ‘experiences’, because they’re ‘bad’, they’re ‘evil’, they’re all the connotations that you’ve put on them. Continue.

JOHN: His next question continues and say’s… “I have seen in a television program (base supposedly on true facts) that two or more persons can be tied in the same matter that what one does, has an effect on others. If yes, could it be reincarnations at the same time level?”

DATRE: It has nothing to do with reincarnation; it has to do with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s how you get ‘tied’ together. Also, you get tied together with genetics. So there’s a lot of different ‘ties’. But I don’t understand what you’re talking about when you say tied together in the same manner, that does not make sense to me, I don’t know what that manner is.

JOHN: I think its his grasp of English grammar… its like the twin thing. One twin hurts themselves and the other twin feels the pain.

DATRE: That is ‘genetics’. All right, fine, that is genetics. There are also those relationships with ‘other’ individuals that have been “in other – what you call – lifetime’s”, but it has nothing to do with reincarnation, because that is an ‘existing’ sequence of events.

JOHN: Its either an ‘aspect’ or a ‘face’.

DATRE: That is correct. Continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and asks… “I really try to become an OBSERVER, and notice that I sometime get a direction on what I should work on. But it seems I am a long way behind becoming a film director. Unexpected and painful events still occur in my life on which it is not easy to find why I created those situations. Help me become a great director.”

DATRE: The thing is, that you can only live one day at a time. You don’t have to be ‘working’ on anything – but OBSERVING ‘everything’. You can’t eliminate the “bad things” in your life. You will learn more from the “bad things” than you do from the “good things” – because it makes a ‘bigger’ impact on the physical existence. That’s why, when people go back into their ‘life times’ and they think about what they’ve done in this life time what pops up more often than not? The things that they didn’t like. The things that were ‘tragedies’ in their lives. The things that they did that they called “wrong”. ‘If I had only done ‘this’, instead of that’. Why didn’t you? How are you ever going to learn?

There is something very interesting about those that work on any type of ‘project’ of any kind. Be it a ‘craft’, be it a ‘computer’, or be it a piece of ‘wood’, anything that you do. Where do you learn? You learn when you make a mistake. If you hit a wrong note on a violin, it’s a mistake. You learn the next time you play that passage, when you come to that note, you’ll spot it, and you won’t do it again. See, it’s by ‘mistakes’, doing something that you call “wrong” is how you learn. This is what the process is all about. Continue.

JOHN: His next question asks… “Maybe I am wrong, but I think I disclosed impatience in some of your last interventions, as the questioner tried to get information on our everyday physical life. To me it is the base to understand what we do and why we do it. All of us would like to be a step before, but we have to follow our own way. So please keep repeating, as we human are slow in understanding.”

DATRE: Well, the thing is, you see, the way that you use your words is sometimes very difficult for us. Your words are so very limited. When we are doing these transcripts, many times there are long pauses, because, we are trying to find words that ‘work’, to explain things to you. We are not ‘impatient’ with you. We are trying to explain different aspects to you, each time putting a different ‘slant’ on it for you to understand. But, in trying to do that, its very difficult, because you haven’t the ‘words’ that we want to explain to you.

It is like when we did the last transcript, and trying to find ‘something’ in physicality that would help you understand that a HOLOGRAM that ‘you’ work with as a HOLOGRAM in physicality for your bodies, is ‘not’ the same as a “hologram” that is ‘refracted’ light that ‘your’ “holograms” are. The HOLOGRAMS for your bodies are an ‘electrical’ construct. We’ve said before, we see you as ‘wiggly’ lines. We see you as a ‘vibratory’ construct. The only thing that we can use is those terminologies. That’s why the laptop computer screen (LCD) was the best thing that we could find, and it has taken us a long time to locate something that we could refer to. Because, a regular computer screen does ‘not’ give you the same thing that we were looking for. That is why it is difficult for us to explain to you. But we are ‘never’ dissatisfied or anything else, by the repetition of the questions. Because, you see, for us it is a ‘challenge’ to try to explain to you, what we OBSERVE when we come into a physical construct.

You see, we can’t ‘see’ anything. We can’t ‘do’ anything, until we enter a physical construct. And that is a ‘challenge’ for us. To be able to find words to explain a situation. So if it sounds like we are unhappy or ‘puzzled’ by things, it’s because, we ‘are’ puzzled in trying to find the ‘proper’ explanation.

Sometimes, if we have something coming up – we have transcripts ahead sometimes – and if we have something coming up, we have more or less of a pattern that we follow. That’s why sometimes it takes longer for us to answer your questions, because we try and – with the questions – get a flow. See, we have no idea where you’re looking for answers to ‘what’ questions. So until we get questions, we don’t know what to do. Then when we get questions we set them up in an order so that they will have some continuity.

So you see, you are faced with challenges every day in the physical construct. We have just very short periods of time ‘within’ a physical construct to try and put words together that don’t adequately explain a situation. So, without your questions, there would be no need for Datre, remember that. It’s like those that stand on a stage, if there were no audience, why would they act out the play? So, continue.

JOHN: He further goes on to ask… “Our planet is apparently going to Birth, and those who are ready will follow her in the same direction, but there would be another planet for those who are not, on which they will continue their path. Any comments?”

DATRE: Well, you’re not going to have ‘any’ contact with this Earth. Earth is not going to be… this planet has been a planet for a certain type of experience. You won’t come back to this planet. Why would you? You’ve already had, I don’t know how many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of thousands of years to experience ‘this’ particular planetary existence. You will have ‘other’ planetary existences. But they’re not going to be like this. Why would they be? One planetary existence may be somewhat similar, but the ‘concept’ of the learning on ‘that’ planetary existence will ‘not’ be the same as here. In other words, here you have ‘black’ and ‘white’ and ‘day’ and ‘night’ and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and all of this as your construct for evolution on ‘this’ planetary existence. Now, those patterns, that construct, is not necessarily going to be the same.

There may be ‘similarities’ to begin with. But, there again, if a ‘time’ line is so desired – in other words, a beginning a middle and an end – to be put on that existence, then you will have different ‘thoughts’, different ‘constructs’ of evolution that you will work with. That will take you in, maybe, a more ‘accelerated’ existence. We do not know. That is in the process of being decided.

There will be ‘other’ planets that will do different… every planet is different. Every planetary ‘existence’ is different. So, what happens here is, you have such a grand ‘array’ of many different ‘life’ forms. You have ‘humans’, you have ‘birds’, you have ‘fish’, you have ‘animals’, you have ‘trees’, you have all sorts of things that are ‘all’ evolving – all at the same time. As a TV program recently said, the one area you have not explored, is the water.

There again, you see, your thought patterns are going ‘up’. So what do you do? You go in a space ship and ‘up’ you go. Up is ‘bigger’ and grander. But those that go ‘down’ into that which you call your water, found it is a whole new world which no one has ever bothered to explore. Now you are getting equipment so that you can take the physical construct and go down. And people are having a ‘grand’ time. They’re finding something new, different, interesting. Something ‘different’ to explore.

You have many things on your planet that now that you’re getting to ‘end’ of shall we say ‘time’ here – which of course, there isn’t any more – that you’re just finding out about. It’s been here all the time. But your evolution has been, in some respects, comparatively slow. What you ‘originally’ came here to do, could have been done in a very short period of ‘time’ if anyone had paid attention. But, you went in so many ‘different’ directions, that you got ‘completely’ lost, and you’re still fumbling around.

So, when the BIRTH comes, changes will be made. But, as to coming back here, it will ‘not’ be. But you see, it’s no different than when you ‘die’. When you come back, after that which you call ‘death’, do you remember who your mother and father were the last time you were in physicality? No! And that’s only a matter of less than a hundred years – probably fifty years. Is about all you can maintain without ‘blinking off’ or deciding to ‘reenergize’ your HOLOGRAM by going back into physical existence in the ‘living’ stage again. And you don’t have any remembrance of that. So, you won’t have any physical… you will have ‘different’ experiences in experiential patterning’s that will be a ‘sort’ of remembrance that you can ‘build’ on. But, as far as remembering anything here in ‘specifics’ and what happened on Earth, you won’t. It isn’t necessary. Experience is experience.

We don’t even have a brain to put anything in. And yet, all we do is ‘do’. And that is a concept you cannot understand. But to us, that is it. Someone say’s what do you do? ‘Well, I do what I do, but I can’t explain what I do’. But we each have things that we do. We are BIRTHED to ‘do’ something. There’s never a ‘nothing’, because if we find a ‘nothing’ we’re going to do something with it to make ‘something’. That’s the first step, in being a ‘creator’. That’s why it’s often called ‘sandbox one’, because, learning from physicality to be a ‘creator’ is the ‘beginning’. Some of you are pretty good at it too. Anyway, continue to the next question.

JOHN: He continues on and asks… “If I follow this scale: body, spirit, psyche, the you that you are, do I have the good picture? Then, is the you that you are in the big Universe?”

DATRE: No, the YOU that ‘you’ are is not in the big Universe, it doesn’t have to be. It continues in your BUBBLE. That is why you can make contact with it when you go to sleep at night. If it was ‘outside’ the BUBBLE, you couldn’t make contact. But, you make contact at night. That’s when you set up what you want to do, what you want to experience. The YOU that ‘you’ are will show you what’s available for what you want to experience and what you want to learn. In other words, let’s put it very simply, it is like you go to your teacher and you say, ‘this is what I want to learn as an end result’. And the teacher will say, ‘all right, these are your options. You can take this, you can take this, you can take this. And any one of these will give you the experience you want, and it will give you the information that you want for that experience.’

Same thing, you go to the YOU that ‘you’ are and say, this is what I would like. The YOU that ‘you’ are – doesn’t ‘say’ it – but will layout what you can experience to achieve that you want to achieve in physicality. But, it’s that little thing we’ve talked about before. Getting up out of bed in the morning and filling your head with all kinds of things and getting yourself all stressed out with the “have-too’s”. And ‘not’ getting the message through that you ‘want’ to get through. That’s why so many lives are in disarray. They’re so stressed out and so hyper, so ‘I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that, I don’t have any time’. You split your ‘time’ into the tiniest parts available, to push yourself and push yourself and push yourself.

And so that’s why we say, get up in the morning and be an OBSERVER. That does not mean that you have to sit and meditate or contemplate, or anything else. Get out there and ‘do’ whatever needs to be done, but ‘watch’ what’s happening.

You know, when you stop and think of all the years that you’ve had on this planet and all the ‘layers’ of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, ‘goods’ and ‘bed’s’, belief systems add infinitum, and then you expect that in probably a month or a year to have all the answers, it can not be done. But then, don’t be hard on yourself, because ‘everything’ you learn is to your advantage – its ‘all’ experience. You don’t have to get ‘out’ of here to have experience. You’ve got a ‘multitude’ of experiences – ‘good’, ‘bad’ or indifferent. Nobody ‘labels’ them but you. Of course, your relatives and your friends will try, but you’re the only one that needs to label them. Just remember, it’s all experience. Continue.

JOHN: And his next and final question is… “Is it true that our DNA has been manipulated, so that we lost a lot of our capacity to recognize the spiritual things and had to work with fear and survival?”

DATRE: No! If anybody manipulated the DNA, you did it yourself. Nobody… I don’t know where this concept comes from, that there’s somebody ‘out there’ manipulating your body. This is not an unusual question. It comes up time and time again. NO ONE manipulates your body. Energies are coming on the planet. It is how “you” use the energies. We have said many times, water is a very unique substance. Water can be drunk. Water can be washed in. Water can be cooked with. You can sit by a stream and watch it. You can get into it and bathe in it. You can do all these different things with water. On the ocean you can put boats on it. In the hydroelectric plants, you make electricity with water. You do a lot of things with water. But water does not change, water is water.

The same thing with your HOLOGRAM. Your HOLOGRAM is your HOLOGRAM. What ‘you’ do with your HOLOGRAM is entirely up to you. There is ‘nobody’ manipulating it. The YOU that ‘you’ are does ‘not’ manipulate your HOLOGRAM. The only time the HOLOGRAM’S can have any work done on it at all, is when ‘you’ are in the body working it.

Now, the body has it own agenda – granted. It will take care of itself while you’re sleeping. It will roll itself over and everything else. But, if your body is thirsty in the middle of the night, it will wake you up to get a drink of water. There are sleepwalkers, yes. But they usually have their own agenda. They don’t get up and drink water.

So you see, the DNA is ‘not’ manipulated by anyone. The energies used by ‘you’ in connection with your physical body, can change your DNA, your RNA, whatever. It has been often changed since you came on the planet. Its in constant change. But, nobody does it, except the indwelling entity which is ‘you’. It’s not done by anyone else.

So, maybe that will help put that one to rest, I don’t know. If there are any more questions we’ll be most happy to answer them. Did you say that was the final question?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

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What is true power?

For those in power to stay in power they must spread false information on how power is gained and maintained. The masses must be kept in darkness about how to increase their scope of influence and command in the world. They believe power is gained by money, greed, persuasion, domination, force – all of which are actually symptoms of powerlessness.

A few game rules of true power are shared within this article. In extrapolating these principles you will discover other things on your own.

Self-Importance vs. Others Importance

People are addicted to feeling important, special, better. You gain power not by Self-Importance, which makes you inert and manipulable, but by making others important. You are a unique individual. But by showing this too much and making yourself better than others, you will attract envy. People will want to put you down. By making them important, valuing their talents, beauty, achievements – you cater to their insecurity and needing of wanting to be better. Do not outshine your boss. You are not important. Your customers are. You are not important. Your superiors are. You are not important. Your colleagues are. You are not important. Others are. And as you give people what they long for, your own power increases.

Control of Others vs. Self Control

If you think trying to control others equals power you have been misinformed. Before seeking command over others, find command of yourself. You are all you truly have. The world and what you experience is a reflection of you. Control yourself and you control the world. In any situation where you are wanting to change others, have others think or feel something, manipulate others, you are in a state of lack. You cannot change others directly. In fact, if you attempt to do so, they will notice, and resist the change you seek in them even more. Wanting control equals not having control. If however, you are an example of poise, self-discipline and clarity, you will lead by that example. People will change in your presence not because you told them to change or tried to exert dominance over them, but because people always imitate the people who have the most energy. Others are a mirror. You cannot expect the mirror to change by demanding it to smile first.

Chatter vs. Silence

A lot of energy is wasted in mindless chatter, gossip, lying, not keeping your word and verbal focus on the unwanted and the unimportant. A lot of energy and power is accumulated in Silence. Insecure people can’t stand silence and so they talk for the sake of talking – without purpose, reason or focus. But talking is creative, and when you are finished talking you have created a world from your words. Energy diffuses when talking is pointless and unfocussed. “Where were you just now?” asks the wife. “I was taking the garbage out” answers the husband. And the point of this conversation? None.

Observe those who spend hours talking about the most mundane and unimportant things. Look at how they exhaust their energy, constantly focussing on issues that have nothing to do with their truest hearts desire. Lying and deception is another certain way to loose your power. How much creative power do you think your WORD has if it turns out that that WORD is untrue? Who will follow your command? Nobody. If you have spoken many things that did not come to fruition, your inner-self will take this is a signal that your word does not mean anything. Talking too much also overwhelms other peoples attention-spans with things they could not care less about. When you hold a speech in front of people, it is not only about what you say but also about what you do not say. Too much information will quickly bore them. Giving less information will keep them attentive. Say less than necessary. Never ever talk bad behind someones back. Foul-mouthing others subtly reflects worse on yourself than on the person you are talking about.

Fixed Identity vs. Formlessness

Water resists nothing and nothing resists it. It is formless and easily passes through all situations. Having a fixed identity, fixed opinion, fixed lifestyle, fixed habits makes you predictable and easy to attack and break. Wood is easy to break. Water and Air are impossible to Break. Change is the only constant. Being thus always on the move or in a state of transformation, you cannot be located and fixed as a target. Do not succumb to the identities and roles society tries to bestow upon you. Be able and ready to adapt to different realities, countries, people, situations. Not being fixed in one position also allows you take on other peoples viewpoints – which, ultimately equals being able to lead them.

Reveal vs. Conceal

Do not reveal your goals, intentions, plans. Doing so will open them up to doubt and attack from others. But they cannot attack something they do not know about. They cannot doubt something they are unaware of. Revealing your goals before they are achieved can also stifle their very accomplishment. Never brag. Do not discuss your weaknesses in public or towards people you are not very close to. Remain elusive to the world. You need not justify every move you make. You need not report your location, whereabouts, past, present, future to the world. Remaining thus mysterious your appeal will grow.

Work vs. Productivity

Do not exhaust yourself with work you do not enjoy. If there is an important errand that must be done, do not procrastinate or postpone but get it over with quickly. Spend the rest of your time doing things you enjoy. Allow your work to be creative and productive. Delegate the work you do not like to others or to “The Forces of the Universe”. Money is not important. Approval from society is not important. Success is not important. These are superficial things. What is important is that you have joy in being productive and creative. In focussing purely on creating value for yourself and others, while ignoring all superficial desires, your power will increase. You will not catch many butterflies by hurriedly running through the field after them. Instead, use a bait that smells wonderful to butterflies and they will come to you – without much effort on your side. True Power gets more done with less effort.

Wanting to be Rich vs. Passive Income

Rather than focussing on “making a lot of money”, focus on automated processes or objects that can generate money for you. This means you work once or purchase something once – and that thing will, from that point on, make money for you without you having to do anything. Becoming “rich” at the expense of your time, health or joy, is no success at all. It is a wasted life. For example: I write a book. That means I work once, with passion. And henceforth the book makes money for me, without my effort. There are millions of other ways to generate passive income. Come up with something.

Take vs. Give

Do not judge the day by what you reap but by what you sow. Ask not what you are getting, but what you can give. The beggar always seeks to receive, the wealthy man is always in a position to give. Instead of asking what a customer or a company or a group or society can do for you, ask what you can do for them.

Dishonesty vs. Integrity

In its original meaning the word “Integrity” means “Being part of the whole”. This means to treat the world as you would like to be treated. If you manipulate others, you open yourself for being manipulated. Your inner power can create anything and everything – without needing to lie, steal or cheat. So remain clean. Maintain the highest standards of reputation and ethics you can. Then you will not have to feign or pretend to be in good standing (which costs a lot of energy). Keeping transgressions and evils secret sucks life energy out of you. It makes you vulnerable for attack. It makes you a target for blackmail. By obeying the ethics of your society and community you become someone who cannot be attacked or hurt. And if someone does decide to attack you or blame you for a wrong, it will reflect back on them – as no evidence of your wrong-doing can be found.

Reactive vs. Pro-Active or Non-Reactive

At the heart of powerlessness lies reactivity. Reacting to perceived enemies. Reacting to problems. Reacting to attacks. Whatever you react to, you assign importance and validity, thereby giving it power over you. When something you dislike happens: Either do not react to it at all, or become pro-active in the opposite direction.

Frederick Dodson is the author of books, videos, audios and skype-sessions on success, spirituality and metaphysics. He is the creator of Reality Creation Coaching at and

The Basic Reality Creation Technique

Datre 119 – Everything is HOLOGRAPHIC

Datre answers Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Kevin, and his first question is… “I’m trying to better understand the nature of holograms. Datre says that our holograms are being changed by the energies/frequencies/waveforms entering our planetary bubble. Our holograms are also being maintained by the “YOU that you are”. To what extent are our holograms under the control of our “singularity” vs. the influence of the Universe and its Entities?

DATRE: Well, first of all, your HOLOGRAM is ‘yours’. This is what you are functioning from.

Now, the HOLOGRAM, once it has been started, so we say, when the planetary existence was started for that which you call ‘human’s’, the HOLOGRAM was started and the HOLOGRAM has ‘evolved’ – because that is your “electrical” system that you function from. The ‘particles’ are those that belong to the planet. But, the HOLOGRAM is maintained, that does not ever… its never done away with. Once a HOLOGRAM is made, a HOLOGRAM remains a HOLOGRAM.

Now, the YOU that ‘you’ are has many different ‘experiential’ patterning’s going on all at the same time. But it’s very hard for you to understand, and it becomes very complicated. But, you’re not the only one that’s using the HOLOGRAM. Every “aspect” and every “face” in every “time” span reality, that is that particular portion of expression of the YOU that ‘you’ are, it ALL works off of the same HOLOGRAM.

JOHN: And the ‘particles’.

DATRE: Yes, the ‘particles’ too. The ‘particles’ are just ‘rearranged’ by those that want to be using them at whatever time they want to be using them.

Now the closest thing that we can come to describing the HOLOGRAM is a laptop computer screen. It has to be a laptop and we’ll explain.

Now, the screen is the HOLOGRAM. It has hundreds of thousands of active devices that compose the screen (LCD). Now each device responds to a specific signal. When a signal is sent out, each device picks up its own unique signal and activates its own individual color (expression). Now each device, to use the term loosely, is a ‘you’ in physicality, regardless of gender or ‘time’ line.

Now the whole screen is the HOLOGRAM that the ‘YOU that you are’ is using. Each device is unaware of the devices that go into comprising the total picture. No one device is dependent on any other device.

But, you see, the thing is, ‘it’s all pictures’. In other words, its like the HOLOGRAM that you’re using, is standing still. And let’s say that you can only see that which is in ‘front’ of you. But, there is someone else using the ‘same’ HOLOGRAM, that’s looking at a different ‘time’ span and viewing ‘other’ pictures. So that becomes very complicated from ‘your’ standpoint. Its best if you don’t think about those things and just be concerned about what “you” are doing in the HOLOGRAM, at the present time.

Because all this ‘other’ stuff is just going to get you into a state of confusion that’s really not necessary.

That’s why its so easy for you to bring in your “faces” and your “aspects” and your different one’s from different ‘realities’ and different ‘times’ – its because you’re “all” together. Its that you have some… what do they call it here, you have selective amnesia? So like I said, some of this can be very confusing from a ‘physical’ standpoint. And all it does is get the brain confused. And the brain does not have a program in it for understanding. In other words, you’ve only ‘taught’ your brain up to a certain point. And why try and explain to the brain something that… its only if you are working ‘with’ the physical brain and from a physical standpoint, all it does is, like when you have a program that doesn’t function – it just ‘glitches’. And you can’t get anything out of a ‘glitch’.

So, do not be concerned. The thing that’s happening is, what ‘you’re’ experiencing at the present ‘time’, is the changing of the “energies”. The changing of the “energies” changes the “electrical” content of the HOLOGRAM that you are residing within.

Now, the more, what you call, ‘electrical’ content, for lack of a better word, and that’s a horrible analogy, but its the only thing that you’ve got to work with, is the fact that the ‘more’ you contain, for ‘your’ experience, the more you are ‘able’ to experience. In other words, if what you’re experiencing has very little ‘electrical’ content, you’re not going to experience a heck of a lot, because you don’t have the facility to do so. The more ‘electrical’ content that is contained within that which you call, your ‘physical’ body, the ‘finer’ the vibration becomes the more you are able to perceive, because you’re ‘vibrating’ at a faster rate. Vibrating at a faster rate, allows you to “see” and “experience” and “feel” different things, that someone that’s vibrating at a very ‘slow’ rate cannot even be ‘aware’ of.

Someone that’s vibrating at a very ‘slow’ rate of speed does not have as ‘acute’ hearing, or ‘seeing’, ‘tasting’, or ‘touching’, or ‘smelling’, or any of that. None of the physical attributes of the body are ‘enhanced’ by the vibration. So, when it’s a very low vibratory level, you can’t experience a lot.

The faster the ‘particles’ in the HOLOGRAM vibrate to this ‘electrical’ energy shall we call it, the more you will be able to appreciate an experience. That’s all that’s about.

That’s how come people can go into different realities so easily. The vibratory content of their body allows them to get into different realities. The vibratory content of a body that is very ‘slow’ is going to have to stay here. Number one, they’re not ‘interested’ in any research in different realities. But they couldn’t if they wanted to. Because ‘realities’ are separated by ‘vibration’. That’s ALL that separates a reality. That’s what separates you from the ‘dead-zone’ – vibration. So maybe that will help with your understanding. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Also, I’m somewhat confused by the assertion that we exist here as holograms while the planet and other creatures on it do not as they are “realized”. If their material forms are not based upon holograms then how are they maintained?”

DATRE: Being “realized” and maintaining a HOLOGRAM are two different things. Everything here is HOLOGRAPHIC. The fact that something is “realized” has nothing to do with whether it is or is not a HOLOGRAM. Everything that is here is HOLOGRAPHIC.

So, being “realized” is, shall we say… at the time of A BIRTH, on a planetary construct, there are those that are “realized”. At that point, their evolutionary construct is maintained at ‘that’ vibratory level from there on. That’s why we say that a ‘cat’ here, will not necessarily be a ‘cat’ on another planetary existence. Because the ‘vibratory’ construct on different planets, has a great deal to do with the interpretation of the ‘vibration’ upon a planetary construct.

You see, planet’s that are “realized”, maintain a planetary construct. And that is what happens, this planet say, is a “realized” planet. When everyone is off ‘this’ planet, the vibratory construct will be maintained by the planet, so that ‘others’ coming on this planet will have basically the same vibratory construct that ‘you’ had when you came on this planet.

Does that make sense to you John?

JOHN: Yes, in other words, that’s a ‘base’ system.

DATRE: It’s a ‘base’ system, yes, that’s exactly right. Now, that’s what’s going to happen in this BIRTH. There are those that have made the decision that they want to be “realized”. In other words, they are satisfied with what they are at the present time and they wish to maintain ‘that’ particular ‘vibratory’ construct. Then there are others that don’t ‘want’ to be “realized”. But they can ‘both’ go through the BIRTH. It’s a ‘choice’ that is made at the time of the BIRTH, as to what they want to be. Continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and asks… “Datre said recently that we will not ‘blow up our planet’ because it would affect the Universe. This implies that there is some overseeing force/entity governing our activities at an individual or Mass Consciousness level. With the increasing prevalence of nuclear weapons across the globe and destabilization of global politics, the possibility of a nuclear conflict seems much more likely. How would this be avoided/prevented from a Universal standpoint?”

DATRE: Well, now, it does not have to be from a Universal standpoint. You are probably going to have nuclear skirmishes and nuclear wars, to a degree. But, you must realize too, that when you get into those areas, there are going to be those “upon” the planet, in a physical existence, that are “specialists” in these areas, that are going to be able to ‘control’ from ‘that’ point. You see, from a Universal standpoint, we can’t come and put our finger in your… on ‘your’ planet and change things. The only way anything is ‘changed’ upon your planet is to have someone ‘volunteer’ to come into a physical construct, to make ‘changes’ upon your planet.

That is why we have said many times, that it is ‘important’ that the words be said through a ‘physical’ construct. Because that’s the way it can get ‘on’ to your planet. There is no way that the influence can get any other way, except through a ‘planetary’ existence. So if it comes to the point of getting close to blowing up the planet, there are those that do ‘not’ want to see this planet destroyed, or anything else destroyed. And they will ‘volunteer’ to come into physical existence to ‘maintain’ a certain amount of ‘stability’. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I’m having some difficulty reconciling something: Datre says that our physical bodies are being dramatically changed due to the influx of energies pouring onto the planet. These changes are seemingly intended to help accelerate our evolution. But then at some point in the very near ‘future’, we can expect to all leave our particulate bodies and everything else on this planet behind as we are birthed into a new existence.”

DATRE: Yes, but if you are BIRTHED into a new existence, you will also maintain a certain, shall we say, memory of what your body was like when you were on this planetary existence. You see, what’s happening is, the ‘energies’ are ‘separating’ the “two” different evolutionary ‘paths’.

There are many ‘specialists’ that have come on this planet, that have gotten, shall we say, lost in the morass of things, and do not remember ‘who’ they were.

Now, we’ve said many times that were two “bubbles” that collided. The evolution of the two was two different ‘paths’ of evolution, shall we say. Now, those that are beginning to ‘accelerate’ and are understanding more of Universal information, are ‘separating’ from those that have a ‘different’ evolutionary ‘path’.

Why are ‘you’ interested in things pertaining to the Universe, when the person next to you could care less? It is because you have “two” different evolutionary existences that have worked very well together. But, ‘now’ they need to be separated. Because at the time of the BIRTH, if you don’t have any ‘desire’ to evolve in the area of ‘understanding’ – your planet, your self, the Universe – then you can’t exist on the same planet any more with those that do.

Those that are beginning to ‘be’ interested in ‘evolution’ from the standpoint of ‘knowingness’ and ‘wondering’ and asking ‘why’, they are separating from the ‘others’. You, that are beginning to evolve in that direction, will notice, that those people that at one time you associated with, are no longer within your experiential patterns. Why? You’ve out grown them. You’ve gone a ‘different’ way. And the more that you go a ‘different’ way, the more ‘frustrated’ you’re going to become, because you can’t get the information you want, because the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is too restricting. And unless the energy changes, so that you can get some ‘freedom’, then you can’t evolve at the rate you ‘want’ to.

That’s why this BIRTH is so important, is to ‘make’ that separation. To put those of one desire on one evolutionary path in one place, and those on another path on another, and those on another path on still another. That’s why we talk about the ‘three’ different places. Because you have actually ‘three’ different ‘distinct’ groups on this planet.

Plus the fact that, not only are you in the process of ‘evolution’, so are the ‘other’s’ in the process of evolution – that being your animals, your birds, your fish. They are all evolving too.

JOHN: And the planet.

DATRE: And the planet itself is evolving, yes, definitely. Because, “experience” is ‘all’ there is. That’s why when people say, ‘I can hardly wait to get off this planet’, we wonder why? Experience is experience, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on ‘this’ planet or any other planet. Or if you’re not on a planet at all. We’re not on planets. But ‘experience’ is where the excitement is. Wanting to know. Why? How come? What happens if? Those are questions, they’re ‘wonderment’s’. And ‘wondering’ is what its all about. Continue.

JOHN: And he further continues and asks… “Why the last minute “re-engineering” when the “product line” is about to be discontinued?”

DATRE: I guess we answered that, without even knowing it. But that is why it is. Because, there are those that want to get as ‘much’ as they possibly can, out of this particular planetary existence. They want to take the “whole ball game” with them. They want to get as much as they possibly can. And in the process of having these ‘energies’ on the planet, it is ‘allowing’ them the vibratory ‘content’ that they need to be able to pick up the information that they want to have access to.

You see, not everyone has to get information from the words of Datre. Those that begin to excel to the point that they can pick up their ‘own’ information are going to want to do so. They don’t want ‘dead-zone’ information; they want ‘Universal’ information. Then in order to be able to connect with that, the vibratory content of the physical construct is going to have to be changed in order to obtain that ‘type’ of information.

Because, you see, your brain has to change too. Everything changes. The more you change and the ‘faster’ you change, the ‘faster’ your evolution, and the more ‘expanded’ your evolution. And those that are sitting here, waiting for things to happen, are wanting to get as much as they can. They don’t want to ‘waste’ this lifetime by just sitting around and waiting for things to happen. They don’t want to just sit around and wait for the BIRTH. They want to ‘cram’ as much as they possibly can cram in – before the BIRTH, so they’ve got a ‘tremendous’ package to take ‘with’ them.

Those are ‘not’ the ones that want to be “realized”. Those are the ones that are the ‘tip’ of the spear. They’re the ones that want to go ‘out’. They want to get into the Universe as fast as they can. And what do they want to do when they’re there? They’ll find out when they get there. Because, the closer they get to those ‘in’ the Universe… it is like those people going to college. They don’t know what they want to be. First year, well we’ll take this subject. Next year we’ll take that. ‘I’ve only got one year left and I still don’t know what I want to be.’ Yeah. Then there are others that start out, and the first year they know ‘exactly’ where they’re going. They are going to get as much as they possibly can.

How is it that there are some that go to the university, that are studying ‘law’ and ‘medicine’ at the same time? Because they want as much as they can get. You see that’s the difference. It’s that, ‘wanting’ to know. Maybe they only want to know ‘physical’ things. So what difference does it make? That’s what they’re in – physicality. Other’s want to know about the Universe – what makes that tick. So you see… but it’s that separation of those that don’t care, and those that ‘do’. The ones that want to evolve at a ‘faster’ rate and those that want to go ‘clunking’ along. And when the BIRTH comes, the separation will be made, and you can go ‘lickety-split’ if that’s what you want. All right, continue.

JOHN: And his next and final question is… “Exactly which aspects of our current planetary existence will be carried forward into our new environment and how?”

DATRE: It will be carried by ‘you’ in whatever way you want to take it. YOU will always be “you”. That is all I can tell you – “you” will be “you”. You take what ‘you’ want ‘with’ you. That is the thing, we’ve always said, its a singular thing. It is “singular”.

You see, those that are looking for the “oneness” in everything and everybody, don’t want “singularity”. There is a great deal of difference, a “great deal” of difference. Those that want to be “singular”, that want to be a “self”, they want to have as much ‘containment’ as they can have, they certainly don’t want to be a part of “one”. That is ‘not’ their goal. To think of them as being a part of “one”, makes them shudder. ‘No, I don’t want any part of being “one”. I don’t want that “togetherness”. I’m a free spirit I want to be ‘myself’. I want to be ‘everything’ I can be. I want to be a “self”. I want to be a “creator”. I want to “be”, I want to “be”.’ But, they’re ‘not’ interested in being “part of”.

Then you see there’s another separation. Because, those that want to “be”, don’t want to be dragged down by anyone else. Nor do they want to be ‘pulled’ or ‘pushed’ by anyone else. Like those that you’ve heard them on the planet, that said, “I want to do it MY way. I will do it MY way, I will do it by myself.”. And, it is ‘not’ in the end, it is… you have a commercial that say’s, “life is a journey, enjoy the ride”. That is true.

But you see, everybody say’s, ‘oh, it will be so grand once I get out of here’. Really? How can it be grand, when you’re taking ‘your’ thought patterns with you? How can ‘you’ see it being any grander if you haven’t got the ‘eye’s’ to see that things can be ‘different’, how can it be any ‘grander’ than it is here?

Maybe, sure in the ‘dead-zone’ its different. You don’t have a physical body, for maybe five or ten minutes, because you can’t stand being without one, so you hurry up and get your “body” to the state that you can see yourself and can put clothes on and all that other kind of stuff for your comfort. But, you see, those that want to “be” don’t care – all they want to do is “be”. And they don’t care whether “beingness” is ‘in’ a physical containment, or without one. It doesn’t matter. But I’ll tell you one thing, they’re ‘not’ going to care, because they ‘know’ its “experience”, and that’s what they want. That is ‘their’ evolution. Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 118 – An OBSERVER does not ‘judge’ a situation

Datre answers Hans.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is… “I realize that to get anywhere I have to know who I am. I also understand that the only way to do this is to forget about concepts, beliefs, books, teachings etc. and be my spontaneous self and live fearlessly in the here and now. Is there anything I should do or not do or know to progress on this way?”

DATRE: First of all, you don’t have to get rid of anything. It is not necessary for you to get rid of beliefs and concepts and everything. The name of the game is to EXPLORE that which you are interested in.

If you’re interested in going to a book store and picking out books, that you think you are interested in, and seeing what ‘their’ idea of reality is all about – that’s fine. You can make comparisons. You can compare the one that writes the book, and gives his idea of what ‘his’ reality is all about, with what ‘you’re’ idea of what reality is all about. And you may want to change some of ‘your’ ideas. So it does not matter. The only thing is, that if you find someone that your thought patterns, shall we say, more or less parallel, and are in agreement with many of the things that you are comfortable with, then read as many things by that particular author as you can. Because, there might be one little ‘snippet’ in there that will say something to you that you’d never thought about before.

You see, we say that because, its something you’ve thought about, but had not brought into your physical construct from the outside to put into your brain. So you don’t have to throw the “baby out with the bath water”, that is not what we’re saying. We’re saying, that when you read something, or you experience something, or whatever, it’s relating it to where you are at the present time with your belief system. You can’t exist without a belief system; you have to have one of some sort or another.

But the thing is; you relate it to what you feel at the present time. And, many times you’ll say, ‘I had forgotten all about that’. Now, that is a phenomena that is happening more often then you would believe right now. Because this “new energy” that came in recently, is doing lots of things to lots of people. The energy is quite ‘potent’. And you’ll be finding that you’ll be forgetting a lot of things – very simple things.

But, that’s beside the point, but make comparisons. You know, when you go to listen to a piece of music, you’ll say, ‘oh, I like that, it’s something new and different’. New and different than what you’d heard previously. You’ll go to look at a painting. You like this one, you don’t like that one, you’re making comparisons. That is ‘not’ judgment. That’s comparison.

Reading books, reading philosophies, and all of that – its making comparisons.

And sometimes, you’ll find, even in your television, as we’ve mentioned with Aona. There are certain things that she will watch, and in pushing the buttons will go by a station, and she will hear one sentence. And it is as if she gets shivers, because, that one sentence stands out to her as being important. It’s related, or correlates with some of the Datre information, it may correlate with some of ‘her’ ideas about herself, as she exists at the present time.

So, you see, everything you do is make ‘comparisons’. Really, that’s what a lot of OBSERVATION is, is making ‘comparisons’, but ‘not’ making judgments. You see an OBSERVER does not ‘judge’ a situation. An OBSERVER “observes”. He (or she) is making comparisons with his beliefs that are his thought patterns – and ‘learning’ from it. That’s a lot different.

Most people will look at a situation and ‘judge’ it. But you don’t learn from ‘judging’ it, you… when you ‘judge’, you shut off everything else. You look at something and say, ‘that’s wrong’ – end of subject. That’s a ‘judgment’. If you look at something and say, ‘I really don’t like that. Well, why don’t I like it?’. You see it’s always the questions.

You’ll notice a child wants to know. The child is constantly asking questions. The women talk about the children, they go through a stage and its always ‘why?’, ‘why?’, ‘why?’. And the mother and the father become exasperated, because the child wants to continually ask ‘why?’.

Well, they grow out of that. As they grow ‘bigger’ they stop asking why. That is one of the things to get back into. If you want to know, you ask. You can ask another person, you can search for the answer in a book, you can ask ‘yourself’. As long as you get an answer. And if you don’t settle for anything unless you find it.

And sometimes, those take a long time. In the case of John and Aona, with John, just recently some information came through, and he said, ‘that clears that up, I’ve wondered about that, and wondered about that – many years’.

So you see, you don’t forget. Those things are always there, and they’re still asking why. So don’t throw everything out, but keep asking ‘why’. Because, that’s how you find out ‘who’ you are. That is at least ‘one’ of the ways. Continue with the next question.

JOHN: And his next and final question is… “My daughter recently had a psychosis and is still tortured by several voices. One of this voices is very negative and she calls it a demon. It would help her and me to better understand what is really happening to her.”

DATRE: Now, we’re going to answer this question, because everyone is going to be going through this or know someone that is going to go through it.

Because of the ‘fluidity’ of that which you call your ‘realities’, there will be many connections that will be made through the physical construct. Now, one of the things that is happening is that you are beginning to ‘absorb’ your “faces” or “aspects” in different realities and different “time” spans.

That is one of the things that are happening. The other thing that is happening is, that changes are taking place within the physical construct and individuals are “opening themselves up to different vibrations”. Then what is happening is, they are beginning to ‘hear’, or they’re beginning to ‘see’, or they are beginning to ‘speak’ in different voices.

JOHN: Even in different languages.

DATRE: Many are bringing things through in different languages. But, you see, what happens is, you need the strength of character to be able to handle these situations.

Now, in order to be able to work with these ‘voices’ that are coming through the head, the ‘pictures’ that you see, the ‘voices’ that are coming through you as an individual, you need to have a very, very, strong individual ‘knowingness’ of SELF.

In other words, many do not realize and do not understand, when an ‘invasion’ is present. That can be stopped “immediately”. Aona and John have worked with these people. What happens is, when that individual first comes in, there is a ‘feeling’ within the physical construct of the individual. They ‘know’, because there is a ‘strange’ feeling that happens… that takes place within the physical construct – there’s a change. In other words, there’s that split second, before a ‘voice’ comes through, or before a picture comes through. Then at that time, that can be ‘stopped’ right then and there.

Now, this is not an easy thing to do. It is like trying to stop anger, when you’re in the middle of a tirade – it’s the same thing. And the thing is, that it takes a while to back it up, to get to the beginning. Then once you get to ‘that’ point, you can stop that, every single time. It takes a great deal of work and perseverance. It’s not something that say’s, ‘oh something is happening to me’. Something “is” happening to you, but are you ‘strong’ enough to say, ‘I will not allow this’. That is your individual choice as to how far you will let that go.

As an example, many years ago, when we started working with Aona, and she would get information that she didn’t like, and she didn’t know ‘who’ we were – she would shut us off. She would say, ‘that’s it, that’s enough’. But you see, she was a very strong individual to begin with.

Now, these peoples that these things are happening to, that’s what they think – ‘someone’s doing something ‘to’ me’. No, no one is doing anything ‘to’ you, it’s that you happen to be ‘open’, and in being ‘open’, that’s when it can occur.

That is why so many talk to the ‘dead’ people. They’re wide open. So all this stuff comes in. And they don’t shut it off, because they don’t ‘want’ to. Many of them make their living by talking to ‘dead’ peoples, for ‘other’ peoples. Or giving ‘past’ life regressions, or what ever. I mean, this is what they ‘want’ to do, this is what they ‘desire’ to do.

But, there again, you’ve got to realize, you’re the one that’s in ‘control’, nobody is controlling ‘you’. You can be controlled, if you’re not ‘strong’ enough in your own ‘beingness’. Then it is when you’re not ‘strong’ enough to say, ‘”no”, I will not allow this’, that they will continue.

Someone is probably, an ‘aspect’, a ‘face’, the pathway is ‘open’, jump in. It could be someone from the ‘dead-zone’. You see, the people in the ‘dead-zone’ love to come into a physical body and raise havoc, because they couldn’t do it when they were ‘living’. ‘Oh boy, here’s a body, let’s jump in and take over this one, I can do what I want to do’.

There is ‘no’ way that anyone can come and give you anything, unless it has some connection to you at some point in the reality of that which you call ‘time’.

Now, all I can say to you is, when you begin to see that there is a ‘change’ in the ‘facial’ expression of the individual, or in the ‘actions’ of the individual, then ‘you’ can be the strength and say, ‘get a hold of yourself “now”‘. That has to be done by the individual that is ‘invaded’, shall we say. There’s someone they don’t want to make connection with.

You see, at the time that that happens, there is a ‘space’ of ‘inattentiveness’. In other words, if there has been a devastating experience of some sort, then what has to happen, is something that is of ‘extreme’ interest to the individual, must be worked on. In other words, if its painting, if its making music, if its sewing something, if its hitting a baseball, if its running, any of these things that keeps the attention focused in a direction, will be a deterrent.

Two things cannot occupy the same ‘space’ at the same time. In other words, if you will notice, you can be very, very, sick to the stomach and you sit down to do something that you ‘thoroughly’ enjoy doing, because you say, ‘I just don’t feel good enough to do anything’. So you will find something that ‘grabs’ your attention. Read a book, do anything that captures your attention. Then, if you’re reading a book, stop reading. Your stomach doesn’t hurt for that first instant or two, until you ‘refocus’ the attention to the stomach. Then when you refocus the attention to the stomach, you’ll find that it hurts again.

You see what you do when you ‘change’ your attention from one place to another? That’s what transports your thought. Two thoughts cannot occupy the same space at the same time – it’s an impossibility. So that’s why they say, if something isn’t right – you don’t feel good or anything – change your attention span to something else.

So maybe these things can help, I do not know. We’re only speaking from the experiences that we can read the brain patterning of Aona. That’s what we’re picking up. See, we don’t have these experiences, so we can’t speak from that level. All we can speak from is, from ‘her’ experiences. Now, you see, for Aona in extreme pain, in order to get ‘relief’, she can get out of the body. And then go back in the body when it’s necessary. But you see, not everybody can do that. And that would not help in a situation like you have, because, getting out of the body, leaves the body wide open. Because the strength is not there to maintain that construct.

So, what you need for this case is, more of a ‘diversion’. And watching ‘when’ this takes place, and catching it and saying, ‘I want absolutely no part of it, shut it down’. But, that needs to be done with “intensity”. You can’t just say the words. It has to be from your very “beingness” that you utter those words – from the very “depth” of your being. That is where it comes from.

So, we hope we have been of help to you, if there are further questions, we will help you latter.

We are Datre.

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Mastery of Relationships, Psychic Sex Connections, Energy Vampires, Implants and Meditation Part One

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections exist in all people and in general mess up their lives. Instead they should Enhance our lives and lives of everyone around us. With Meditation Techniques we can learn The Mastery of Relationships!!

We can learn how to Get Rid of all Energy Vampires!

For all intent and purpose, Psychic Sex Connections or “strings” in relationships are very similar to umbilical connections or even electric and telephone wires, except they exist on the astral dimensional planes in all relationships. They can be very thin, or very thick, and can appear as very light or very dark streamers coming out of your energy fields/bodies.

These strings, psychic sex connections, stretch between all chakras, chakra to chakra and in the case of Relationships from abdomen to abdomen and with sex, from base chakra to base chakra.

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections can be superficially hooked onto the surface of – or more deeply plugged into the very cores of – your numerous energy fields, chakras and/or dimensional bodies.

Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous to the astral spirit, at first glance appearing very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored but Psychic Sex Connections in Relationships, no matter how attractive or light or energizing, are ties that bind, and as Gautama Buddha said, thousands of years ago, “Attachment leads to Pain”.

One of our Meditation students, Susan Macri, a medical doctor living at the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in India teaches “cutting the ties that bind” to 2000 people a year in her workshops there, yet found it necessary to learn the Advanced Initiations of Energy Enhancement to further augment her knowledge.

These Psychic Sex Connections can limit your freedom in Relationships if you can’t manage them through knowledge of the Initiations of Energy Enhancement in Relationships…gilded chains are still chains, and a gilded cage is still a cage …. Any relationship Psychic Sex Connection can be made to appear beautiful and of the light, yet one should ask ” where does this Psychic Sex Connection lead to, or come from?”

When followed back to their origins, we have found sometimes people are unconsciously connected to people who are sucking their energies. We call these people Energy Vampires. They can also be connected in to bad entities or consciousnesses, pulling these “strings” these Psychic Sex Connections – See the movie “The Matrix” WHERE PEOPLE ARE TURNED INTO BATTERIES.

You usually have a relationship with badness usually through being Implanted. The Energy Blockage or Psychic Virus implanted in you, always sends energy back to the person who implanted you. Some of these energy vampires have thousands of connections with people sending energy back to them!

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections might be seen, felt or sensed by you feeling tired and lacking in energy, or attracted by things you know are bad for you or even becoming addicted, but there are many connections that are imperceptible to most people.

It is handy to work with people who are experienced in these matters as they can help you spot the connections and help you release them, but unless you learn how to do it for yourself with advanced methods of meditation, eventually you will be implanted and vampirised of your energy again.

The bleed through of negative psychic impulses, messages and energies from one being to another through these Psychic Sex Connections can often and easily act to interfere or distort the integrity and conscious energetic experience of your own space.

This may be something most people are totally unaware of… as everyone falsely assumes that all their impulses, thoughts and feelings originate from themselves where in actuality much comes through being given Implants and addictions by these and other bad people.

The relationship Psychic Sex Connection controls them.

These matters have been known about and written about and worked with in meditation for thousands of years and indeed it is our experience in working with many clients.

Ancient man knew this…. It is good that there are movies such as “The 6th Sense” or “The Matrix” … they are to remind us that this phenomena does exist and has been written about in all civilisations.

Satchidanand, Director of Energy Enhancement, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation

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