Datre 112 – You are completely ALONE and no one can influence you without your consent

Datre answers some comments and questions on “them” continued.

JOHN: And continuing on… “I can tell when I’ve been worked over or borrowed?? Because I have small scalpel cuts appear over my veins on my arms and the backs of my hands the following morning. There are bruises as well that appear to be in 3 finger mark groupings on my legs and back.”

DATRE: Why are you ‘allowing’ this? That is the question you need to answer. Why are you ‘allowing this, are you not writing your own script? The ‘master’ knows he’s the author of the script, he’s the one up on the stage, he is the director, he is the producer, he is the ‘whole’ ballgame. And what exists around a ‘master’, is something that he OBSERVES as ‘illusion’ – because he ‘knows’ it is an ‘illusion’. Because, he knows he ‘is’ and he knows his ‘body’ is and he knows the ‘difference’ between the two.

Now, you ‘know’ that you’re ‘not’ your body. Your body is that which you come into for experience. When you go to sleep at night, you don’t take your body with you. Why be encumbered with anything like that? You’re encumbered many hours within the body. When the body produces a chemical to put it to… the physical ‘particles’ – what you call, to sleep. It slows down everything, so that you are able to leave. The body is able to rejuvenate itself, take care of itself, because you’re out of the way. And you’re off doing whatever ‘you’ want to do. Working with ‘others’ on the planet, to arrange your ‘next’ play that you’re going to take part in.

When you have satisfied yourself that you have all the pieces and people together that are going to enact this play that you have set up to play in for the next however long day, week, month, year, whatever the length of your play. One, two, three acts, whatever you want. And you have decided, ‘okay, this is the way the plan is going to work, this is the way the play is going to come out’. Then you’ll go back into the body again. Now, how long have you slept? Have you slept 5 minutes, have you slept 10 minutes, have you slept 3 hours – have you slept 5 days?

Somebody will say, ‘well my goodness, I couldn’t have slept 5 days’. How do you know you can’t sleep 5 days? If this is an ‘illusion’ and you’re writing the play, you’re not going to come in and put all the actors on stage to start your play if you haven’t completed writing it. So how long is it going to take you to write it? But, what difference does it make as long as they’re the ones that are going to act in your play?

Now, it may be the other way around. You may be acting in somebody else’s play. But they are not going to start their play until they get ready. So you have to wait for them to start their play. How long is that going to take? You don’t know how long you sleep. Oh yes, everybody agrees, you slept… ‘Oh, you’re up this time’, ‘did you get a good nights sleep?’ ‘Yeah’ ‘how long did you sleep?’ ‘Oh, I slept about 7 hours last night’. So everybody agrees you slept 7 hours. Well of course you did, because ‘that’s’ your play. You wrote it, all you’re doing is acting it out.

That’s why a MASTER say’s, when they ask him or her about what they dream about? What does the MASTER say, ‘I live my dreams’? Because he ‘knows’. That’s when you get to ‘total’ awareness you ‘know’ – you ‘know’ what you’re doing. And that’s what you want to achieve. Because in that ‘knowingness’ you’re able to go someplace and ‘do’ something because at ‘that’ point you begin to ‘know’ who you are. Continue.

JOHN: And moving along… “I understand a master plan is in place but in I’m beginning to get a real Christ complex over the why’s, where’s and how’s of how I fit in the overall scheme. I haven’t heard from “THEM” for about 2 weeks now and wished Datre knew just who “THEM” are because some of the physical pain I’m enduring feels almost inhumane and cruel.”

DATRE: Why did ‘you’ write that play? If you are writing your script, then why do you write that type of a scenario? What are you trying to tell yourself? There is a definite message there. What are you trying to tell yourself when you set up for yourself ‘that’ type of a scenario? Are you setting it up to ‘allow’ yourself to be manipulated? You are the ‘only’ one that can answer that question. Do you wish to continue with ‘that’ type of manipulation? Because, NO ONE can do it ‘TO’ you – it is an impossibility. And ‘why’ you would want to do this, we do not know. We do not know ‘who’ “they” are, because the “theys” are those who ‘you’ have contacted for whatever reasons ‘you’ wish to contact them – IF there is a “them”.

You see you can pick up information constantly. Where do you suppose an ‘idea’ comes from? You get an idea about something, and where does it come from? That is for ‘you’ to figure out. That is what everyone on this planet needs to figure out. Where do your idea’s come from? Who is the instigator? You see, when you really and truly begin to understand that you are – absolutely, totally and completely “alone”, that no one has any effect on you – in any way, shape or form, except what ‘you’ allow. Your strength is in ‘knowing’ who you are. Then when you ‘know’ who you are, you begin making decisions from ‘that’ point. And the interesting thing is, when you ‘think’ you’re going to make decisions from ‘that’ point, you no longer ‘have’ to make decisions – because you will become the AWARE OBSERVER. Then decision are not necessary.

That is not a ‘passive’ thing. This business that they talk about – go with the flow – they think they’re just supposed to “lolly gag” through life and – well, just go with the flow – and be bounced all over the place. Going down the river on a raft and if the hit a rock, oops that puts me on the left shore. Oops I hit a tree; whee I’m over on the right shore. That’s “not” going with the flow – absolutely not. When you begin to realize that you are being ‘PULLED’ into your FUTURE, by none other than ‘you’, it say’s, ‘may the ‘force’ be with you’. You know what everybody thinks of? Somebody ‘pushing’ you from behind. No! It does not work that way – that is inside out. YOU are there, trying to coax ‘you’ in the physical, to pay attention and be PULLED into the ‘future’ in an even flow. That’s a very difficult concept, but that is the way it works. Continue.

JOHN: And the final group of comments is… “All of my instruction comes from as addressed the moon, sun and earth whom I trust and know to be my parents or am I being used and lied to?”

DATRE: Stop right there. The thing is, who’s lying to ‘who’? If you’re writing the script, then are you trying to fool yourself? You see, when you’re not in the physical, you know ‘exactly’ what you’re doing. You know ‘exactly’ what you’re doing, its when you get into the physical construct that you become confused. Now, the day that you ‘drop’ the ‘pretext’ of someone doing something “to” you or being ‘guided’ by something ‘external’ to yourself, is the day you begin to find out ‘who’ you are. Because, if you are taking ‘guidance’ or ‘direction’ from anything other than ‘yourself’, then you can not become the MASTER that you wish to be.

There are ‘no’ teachers. There are peoples that give you information for you to work with. But the thing is, that all of your ‘isms’ and ‘osophies’ and everything else, are ‘structures’. They tell you to do this and such and such will happen or if you do this, then ‘this’ will happen and all of these other things. It’s a ‘learned’ process. Everything that you have on the physical planet is a ‘learned’ process. It’s school. It’s everything that you do is, you put this together with this and you come out with this answer. There’s one place that does ‘not’ work, and that is when you begin to find out ‘who’ you are. Because, when you begin to find out ‘who’ you are, then you’ll begin to work from the concept of ‘deep’ FEELING. Then that deep ‘feeling’ will pull within you, the ‘power’ that you want to make the ‘decisions’ that ‘you’ want to make, regardless of anyone or anything else on the planet.

This is what you want to do in life. You want to be able to instruct and work with a physical construct to the very best of your ability. You ‘know’ that you are more than what your physical construct will hold. But what you came here to do, was to see what you could do with the physical. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on… “Pretty bad eh to begin distrusting the intuition I was born with. I know that I was a creator in cosmic form and that I asked to become a creator in human form (I’m a painter/sculptor/writer in this life) at this time in earth’s history – what the F’s really going on??? 🙂 What’s Datre’s take on extraterrestrial (dead zone??) interference? Does he recognize it at all or is it a figment of human imagination. I know what I’m enduring to be true and document able.”

DATRE: Yes, absolutely, you can document anything you want to. There are individuals that John and Aona have met, that can name you any kind of a guru that you want to name. That they have studied under. That they have suffered under. That they have done all of these things. They have walked on hot coals. They have gone through excruciating pain, and yet, they don’t understand why they can’t understand. And you know why? Because they are all working from the point of ‘intellect’ and ‘structure’.

That is one of those catch-22’s that you have on your planet, is thinking that you can be manipulated by something or someone else. You cannot. The only time you can be, is if you ‘allow’ it. If you ‘allow’ someone to jerk your chain, then that is entirely up to you. But, if you ‘allow’ it, then look at it and ask, ‘why am I allowing it?’. What am I doing this for? Why am I allowing this to disrupt the beautiful life that I should be living?

You said you know you are a cosmic being. All right, then if you are a cosmic being, then why are you ‘not’ being a cosmic being? A cosmic being would ‘not’ allow anyone else to guide, manipulate or anything else. That is why this information does not have many people that are – oh yes we have those that are on the net reading it – then there are those that all of a sudden beginning to find out things that are ‘shocking’ them – because of their AWARENESS and their OBSERVANCE, and they’re finding that ‘life’ is something that is fantastic. But they never expected that. It’s supposed to be a life of pain and anguish and hurt and anger – but those are all emotions. Now, when you become an AWARE OBSERVER, that does not mean you throw out emotions – you don’t. You ‘enjoy’ emotions. But, you don’t have to have the emotion of ‘pain’ to the extent that “you” have an emotion of pain.

Now, I will tell you one thing, there are those that use, that which you call pain, to bring them back into their body. Because, there are many who spend their time, shall we say, outside the body, observing the body, instead of being “in” the body. It’s really quite a bit easier. Because the body is very intelligent, the body knows what to do. The body knows how to do many things.

So it’s very easy to get out of the body and watch the body do mundane things. But, that which is called ‘pain’ is to get the individual back into the body, because ‘that’s’ the game you’re playing. You came into physicality to learn the way the physical body and ‘you’ work as a unit. Now, if pain was to continue, the body would finally shut off and you would not be able to communicate with it, because the body would say, ‘what’s the deal here, why do you keep abusing me? If you keep abusing me, I’m going to kick you out and I will not let you back in.’. Then the body will continue in a ‘robotic’ manner until it dies, shall we say. But the body will only continue with just so much of that – if ‘you’ are inducing it.

Now, why is it that there are those that can withstand tremendous amounts of pain that “someone else” is inflicting upon them? You were talking about some of this other stuff. There’s a Biblical story about how those peoples were in with the lions in the Bible and the lions were tearing the bodies apart and yet the people were still singing. Now, stop and think of that. You can use the intellectual brain to do so. Those people were out of the body. The only time you feel pain is when you’re in the body. If you’re out of the body you don’t feel pain.

Now, as an example, there are times when we will come into the body of Aona, if she is having some pain of some kind. Like a severe headache, when changes are being made within her body, if the change is going on within the jaw area and so forth. Then we will come into the body and let her go out and we will do a transcript or we will come in and talk to John, to relieve her. Then when she gets back in again and in that time, many times the energy construct has been changed, and the pain is no longer there or if it is still there it has been lessened. But, we do that with her, because what she is doing with us – it is a mutual thing.

So whoever ‘you’ are doing anything with – if that is your feeling that you are doing it with someone – then why are they not helping you like we help Aona? Why do ‘they’ not come into your physical body so that you can have a rest that you deserve? If it is doing something that is that important? That is just an example.

We’re trying to get you to find out ‘why’? There is not a child that does not come into this planet that does not have very strong connections with – that which you call, in the term of everything else – the ‘spirit’ world. Most of them have ‘playmates’ that no one else can see. The majority of them do. The majority of them come in with a lot more understanding than they do by the time they’re 20. You have ‘intellect’ by the time you’re 20. But the ‘connection’, the majority of the time is broken. That is the way it works. That is the way it has worked for… because that is the way you want it. But, it’s the ‘wanting’ that makes the difference. Continue.

JOHN: That’s it!

DATRE: All right, now you mentioned about being and artist, a writer, a sculptor. To use your phrases, those individuals are the most ‘intuitive’ there are, because of one thing, they are ‘creators’. They are taking an idea and making it ‘visible’. Someone said to a sculptor one time in watching them, ‘how do you know how much clay to take off?’. They know how much clay to take off, because they already see what is inside that piece of clay and all they do is remove the excess. Because they have already, so strongly visualized what that clay is as a finished product, that all they do is take off the access.

You see, ‘that’ is the power of creating with ‘particles’ and because it is easy for you, you think of it as being ‘unimportant’. A writer will write and write and write. But they’re never satisfied with their writing and people say, ‘it is fabulous that you can write like this’. And they always think within themselves, ‘but my next novel will be better’. There again, they’re working with ‘particles’. They’re taking and making their ‘particles’ visible. That is being a ‘creator’.

Creation comes in many different forms. The creation that is of the utmost importance at ‘this’ time is the creation of a physical construct that you can be happy living with and working in conjunction with for the ‘enjoyment’ of both.

I don’t know whether we have helped you in any way. We have given you examples. We have given you questions for you to ask yourself. You are the only one that knows the answer. There was no one on Earth or outside of the Earth or in the Universe that can give you the answer, but ‘you’. You ‘can’ become a MASTER. You’ve already made steps in that direction. Now you have to begin to ‘feel’ deep within you, I AM – ‘I WAS, I AM, I WILL BE – and I will experience ‘all’ that I can possibly experience, wherever I am at anytime within my periods of existence’. And that goes far beyond what any numbers can be put on paper.

Because of the number of peoples that are taking instructions of many kinds and many different ways, we wish to have this information given to all on the Datre Net. These questions and many others need to be seriously considered by EVERYONE. Think on these things, ask the question and then wait for the answer that comes with a deep, deep FEELING, not a surface emotion.

We have enjoyed talking with you. Keep in touch with us if that is your desire. We’re always anxious and willing to talk. We’ll leave you now.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 111 – Learning to work with particles

Datre answers some comments and questions about “them”.

JOHN: We have some comments and questions from one of the subscribers and Datre would like to make some response to. It say’s, “thank you John for giving my questions to Aona. My major problem right now is physically becoming very ill after every major energy transfer.”

DATRE: Well, what you’re talking about is an energy transfer. Now what I would like to know is, what you’re referring to as an ‘energy’ transfer? Perhaps that will be explained, continue.

JOHN: “This involves being instructed to go to a geographic place…”

DATRE: Now, who is instructing you to go to a geographic place? That’s another question, continue.

JOHN: “the last one was Salt Lake City. I spent 3 days literally sitting in a crappy hotel room with my ankles clamped around a toilet base: immobilized to move or act as I felt tremendous energy transferring from the top of my head and spine through my feet into the ground. My lips chapped; my neck swelled as though I had juvenile Mumps and I thought I was going to die.”

DATRE: What you are doing is, putting your body and yourself through a great deal of stress. Let me begin by saying one thing, we have many that write to us that say, ‘I was told I had to do this and I was told I had to do that and I was told I had to do something else.’

Now, are you questioning ‘that’ information? Or are you accepting what you are “hearing” as to what you should be doing? Now, one does not realize while in the physical construct, ‘who’ the ‘master’ is. ‘You’ have a great deal of power. In the physical construct, that ‘power’ is forgotten about. And it is very easy for you to ‘allow’ “your chain to be jerked”.

Now, in the present time, the ‘energies’ that are coming into this and on to this planet, are ‘different’ than ‘energies’ that have ever been upon ‘this’ planet before. You are getting a great deal more of that which we call ‘the WAVE’ energy. Which is ‘raw’ energy from the Universe. Now, your scientists talk about ‘wave’ energy – we can measure ‘wave’ energy. What they’re measuring is the ‘particles’ within the wave. They are measuring what they can see, feel, taste, touch, whatever, because the body is a ‘tactile’ instrument. The ‘wave’ energies are very different ‘energies’ and they will affect the body in many ‘different’ ways. But, you can’t detect them in any appreciable way. There’s no way. You have nothing within your physical body that can detect the ‘wave’ energy. You have nothing of a ‘mechanical’ apparatus that can detect a ‘wave’ energy. These are RAW Universal energies.

Now, when RAW Universal energies are coming on this planet, it is different, and you are going to soon discover that many people that are trying to work with these energies are encountering a lot of physical problems.

You see, for all the time that humans have been on this planet, there has been meditation groups, there have been mantra’s, there have been out-of-body experiences. There have been ‘mediums’ that have been able to project their ecto-plasma to form peoples that other peoples will recognize. Because the ecto-plasma comes out from the body of the ‘medium’ and forms a ghost or ‘smoky’ type figure that is recognizable. Then the ‘medium’ can pull that ecto-plasma back into their bodies again.

This has been one of the things that has been going on ever since the physical body has been on the planet. You have worked with the physical body in many different ways.

Now, there have been those that say that they’re getting information from the ‘spirit’ world. There have been those that have opened themselves up to ‘allow’ – what they call – the deceased from a family to come in and speak through a ‘medium’. They speak through that which they call the ‘trumpets’.

But now, the new form of bringing forth information is “channeling”. That is the new “catch word”. It comes in all different forms. But, those that are channeling information from the dead-zone and those that are bringing forth information from that which is called ‘Universal’ sources, is entirely different. The preparation of the bodies are entirely different. The effects upon the physical bodies are entirely different.

With those that bring through information from the dead-zone there is little or no effect on the physical construct of those that are bringing forth the information. No problem, they sit down, answer a lot of questions, they write books, they do all of these things and their physical body is not that much effected one way or the other.

JOHN: That’s because the one that’s coming through that body is an ‘Aspect’ of them anyway.

DATRE: Absolutely! That is the only thing that those that bring through information from the dead-zone are ‘only’ bringing through information from their own ‘genetic’ line – or themselves in a previous time span or a ‘future’ time span. Whichever way it works. But it’s ‘all’ connected by that which you call ‘genealogy’.

Now, that information can be thought of in whatever way you want to think of it. If it feels valid and you think its ‘valid’ then to you it is ‘valid’. If you think it’s not of any ‘value’, then it is not of any value. But you see you’re the one that needs to make the decision.

Now, in opening yourself up to ‘any’ form of information – if you’re beginning to have information coming to you – do you sit down and ‘analyze’ that information or do you just ‘accept’ it? I know this sound like nothing of great importance – but it is.

I will not tell you how many years and how long it took for Aona to ‘believe’ us. Then when she finally did, that is when the ‘training’ began. That was not an ‘easy’ training either. But ‘you’ are the ‘only’ one that is going to be able to make the decision. Like with Aona, she would say, ‘get out, I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to have any part of it – I don’t want it’. You see that was ‘her’ decision. It remained ‘her’
decision until she was thoroughly convinced – after years – that this was ‘valuable’ and ‘viable’.

Now, if someone is coming to you and asking you to do these things and handle these energies, are you sure ‘this’ is what ‘you’ want to do? You are the master. You are writing the script. You are in control. You do not have to do anything you do not wish to do. Now, to put yourself in a position where you become ‘that’ ill, and you are working with those energies that will cause these physical things to ‘happen’ to you – of what value is it to ‘you’ as an individual? What does it ‘do’ for ‘you’? What does it do for others?

Now, whatever it does for you, I do not know, that decision has to be ‘yours’. But what you’re doing for ‘others’ is unimportant. Everyone on this planet has their own physical construct to do ‘with’ as they wish, at any time they wish. And whatever ‘you’ do has ‘nothing’ to do with ‘their’ existence what-so-ever.

Now, handling energies is unimportant – because you can’t. There does not have to be anyone working with these energies. The ‘energies’ are ‘there’, no one is ‘putting’ them ‘there’ – no one from the Universe is asking you to work with the ‘energies’. These ‘energies’ are something that happens from a UNIVERSAL standpoint.

You can’t change what happens to your planet. That is ‘not’ within your control. You control ‘your’ physical construct. The planet takes care of itself in whatever way “it” so desires. And whatever ‘you’ do does ‘not’ have any effect on it what-so-ever.

Because remember – you’re a HOLOGRAM. And your existence depends upon that which is called your “grid structure”, which surrounds your planet. And don’t think that its a single layer – like a piece of ‘chicken’ wire – that goes around the planet and you’re sitting on a piece of ‘chicken’ wire. No! That is ‘not’ the grid. The ‘grid’ extends ‘into’ the planet and extends upward from the planet and it is layered and layered and layered in ‘both’ directions.

Now, what can ‘you’ – as a HOLOGRAM – do to ‘change’ anything? You cannot, because you don’t have that ‘power’ within a physical construct. You can manipulate the physical, in whatever direction you want to. You can go ‘out-of-body’, you can come back into the body, you can transport the body – teleportation – you can do ‘all’ of these things with it. But you can’t do thing ‘one’ with the planet. You can’t do thing ‘one’ with ‘energies’ – because energies “are”. You can’t dissect them, you can’t change them. You can change an ‘atom’. But look at the piece of machinery that needed just to change ‘one’ atom? They call them an ‘atom’ buster or something like that? They travel at great speeds – a little bitty atom – and goes down and explodes into gillions of little pieces. Big deal – that’s ‘one’ atom.

Now, if that one atom explodes to ‘that’ amount then what is your body capable of doing? Nobody ever stops to think about that. How many atoms have you got in your body? What ‘power’ do you contain within your physical construct to do something with? Now, we’re not ‘teaching’ and we’re not ‘preaching’; we’re trying to get you to ‘think’ for your ‘self’. And try and understand what that which you call “life” is all about.

That is what you’re ‘here’ for; it is ‘not’ to wreck your physical construct so that it is ‘incapable’ of doing that which you want it to do for your evolution. There are ever so many on this planet that want to work with the energies and we have yet to understand ‘why’. It is something that is incomprehensible as far as we are concerned.

What you need to do and everyone else that wants to work on this planet, is begin to work with your ‘particles’, because ‘that’ is what you need to learn to do. That is what this ‘manifesting’ business is all about. It is taking ‘particles’ and making something. You can’t make anything out of ‘energy’. But you ‘can’ make something out of ‘particles’. You can take a handful of sand and you can make something out of that handful of sand. You can ‘change’ the molecular quality of that sand and make something and hold it in your hand. Because, in learning to manipulate the molecular structure of the sand, you can make gold, you can make silver, you can make precious metals, you can make stones, you can do all kinds of things – if you learn ‘how’ to ‘manipulate’ it. But you’re manipulating ‘particles’ and that’s why people that begin to do that have fun with it, because its something they can see – it’s working with ‘particles’. Anyway, continue on.

JOHN: And continuing on… “I’ve talked to others that are teachers of Mer-ka-ba meditation, under Drunvalo Melchizedek and they are familiar with this; the only advice they could offer was to drink quarts and quarts of water to keep from being burned too badly. The point of the transfer is counteract whatever is there that geographically is clogging the magnetic fields. Mumbo jumbo—”

DATRE: That is mumbo jumbo. As we have said before, if you are taking energy and pumping it through your body you can burn yourself to a crisp – and to what advantage? How are those individuals that are doing those things? How are they different than the person walking down the street? How much different are they, and how much are they going to take ‘with’ them when they go? What is their power of OBSERVATION, what is their AWARENESS factor? You see we do not wish to have you harm yourself. We wish to have you become an OBSERVER, become AWARE. We wish to have you ‘understand’ what a magnificent piece of machinery – if you want to call it that – the physical construct is that you have to work with. It really is a ‘magnificent’ thing that is so ‘fascinating’. You have many, many things that you can ‘do’ with it.

In trying to do ‘other’ things, you are taking ‘valuable’ parts of your life and making them very tragic for yourself. Now, that does not mean you ‘shouldn’t do it. You can do anything ‘you’ want to and that is what everyone upon the planet is able to do. You can do what ‘you’ want. But, the main thing is, if you’re interested in ‘doing’ something, do it for ‘your’ evolution.

The peoples that belong to this group – who knows what those people are doing, but those people that belong to that group? And why are they doing it? Are they doing it to ‘impress’ the next person and say, ‘well so-and-so can do this, and so-and-so can do that, and so-and-so can do something else’? What are they doing? Of what importance is it? The most ‘important’ thing is, learning to live “in” the body. Learning to do whatever it is you ‘want’ to do. But, learning to do whatever it is you want to do has to do with ‘particle’ reality.

If you have a burning desire to do something – then do it. But what you’re working with, every time you do anything – is working with ‘particles’. Now, wouldn’t it be far better to take a piece of wood and a knife and start carving and make an animal or a person or a tree? Or cut out the wood and make a scene with a lake with trees all around it. So there could be something that you could enjoy and that someone else could enjoy – work with ‘particles’. That is of benefit to the body, it is of benefit to you, because you are being satisfied. You’re doing what you want to do. It’s of benefit to other people, because they will look at it and admire it and maybe want to buy it from you and have great appreciation for what you are doing. Then in turn, that other individual gets enjoyment from something that you have created.

So, we’re saying, if you’re going to work with anything – particle mass is the best option. If you want to take a physical construct – thought pattern – of the physical construct into “another expression” after the BIRTH wouldn’t you far rather have a ‘good’ physical construct to relate to? Instead of relating to one that was badly bruised and broken? Because the ‘thought patterns’ are what is going to be there. You see, that unique part of yourself that is called the PSYCHE – which is but one part of that which you will take with you when the BIRTH occurs – PSYCHE ‘never’ forgets. The PSYCHE will never forget ‘anything’ that has happened to you within a physical construct. So, wouldn’t it be far better to have the remembrance of a healthy happy body and ‘you’ enjoying ‘it’s’ existence and ‘your’ existence within it? Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along… “I’m also a bit confused because over the last 2 months I’ve grown an inch in height, I’ve developed a body that is “completely” different than the one I’ve had for 30 years , grown another pineal gland at the base of my spine and have grown another acid duct in my stomach. My eyesight is different every day. Some days I can see some I’m blind enough not to be able to drive.”

DATRE: All right, what you’re doing is you are bringing energy within the physical construct that your physical is not able to tolerate. Now, number one, I don’t know who told you about the pineal gland at the base of your spine. You might have a growth of some kind there. But the pineal gland is not there and it never will be there. Then as to what you have done with the body, yes, you can grow, you can make your body taller. You can make your body shorter – remember it’s HOLOGRAPHIC. A HOLOGRAM is not a ‘stable’ construct. How do you suppose you grow from a baby to an adult? If a HOLOGRAM was a ‘structure’ that could not be manipulated, you would never get past the size of a baby. You change your HOLOGRAPHIC structure – size wise.

You see, when you work with energy, you can do many things with it, because that’s what a HOLOGRAM is made up from; those squiggly lines are an energy construct. That’s why when people say that they see your ‘aura’, they’re not seeing your ‘particles’, they’re seeing your HOLOGRAPHIC emanation. As you well know if you are familiar with seeing auras, a person’s aura changes. It can change as you’re standing there watching it. That means that the energy construct within the body is changing. The ‘particles are not changing. The energy construct within the physical make up is changing and there again we’re back to the HOLOGRAM.

So you can change the emanation – color wise, so that you can ‘see’ it. So there again, if you did not have eyes to ‘see’, the squiggly lines could change all the time and it wouldn’t… you’d see nothing. You’d maybe see the squiggly lines, but you would not see the color. Your eyes give you the ability to see the color.

So you see, in shutting down or not being able to use any portion of that physical construct that you have, you are loosing more than you are gaining. Because the AWARENESS and the OBSERVATION comes from the ‘acuteness’ of ‘all’ your senses. Every one of your sensory perceptions comes from your physical. So, from our standpoint, it would behoove an individual to have the ‘best’ physical construct they could have. Because, that would ‘allow’ greater keenness of AWARENESS, and keenness of OBSERVATION. The better your eyes are, the better you’re able to see – you need the best that you can have.

So in pushing energy through your physical construct and distorting your physical construct – from our standpoint, you are ‘loosing’ and not gaining. Remember, no one can do ‘anything’ TO you, because if you have the ‘strength’ of your conviction, and ‘know’ with a feeling that is so ‘deep’ that it is indescribable, then you ‘know’- I AM. Those are very, very, powerful words. But you ‘must’ have the ‘feeling’ and from that ‘feeling’ operate in the physical. It does not matter ‘who’ is what, where, how, when, whatever – it is unimportant. The ‘only’ thing that is ‘important’ is ‘you’. Become ‘that’ individual that you are ‘trying’ to be.

That is what you are trying to do; you are ‘trying’ to be the individual that you ‘know’ you are. The individual that you ‘know’ you are – is powerful. But, the power that you ‘know’ you have, and the ‘power’ that the physical construct can contain and ‘work’ with, are two different things. And many have caused themselves many problems in trying to contain and work with more energy than their physical construct is able to handle. It is ‘not’ necessary. The ‘only’ thing that’s ‘necessary’ is to ‘know’ YOU and work from ‘that’ construct – not from anyone else’s construct.

If you were to leave and walk away from everyone and everything that you knew, and went to the other side of the planet within the next 5 minutes, how would that effect anybody else that you knew? It wouldn’t! It wouldn’t, because they would continue on and ‘you’ would continue on. Because that is what everyone needs to strive for on this planet is, INDIVIDUALITY. You cannot be of any good any place – on the planet, on another planet or out in the Raw Universe – you’re not any good to anyone or anything if you are ‘not’ an INDIVIDUAL.

Then people will say, ‘oh, we’re all individuals’. No, you’re not! No you’re not, because you rely too much on ‘other’ people. It’s what ‘other’ people do and what ‘other’ people say and what ‘other’ people ‘expect’ of you. You need to be YOU. And ‘then’ is when you will know your ‘power’ and you can honestly and truthfully say, ‘I AM’. And it does not matter what anyone else is, say’s or does. Continue.

continued on Datre112

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The most difficult two things that the ‘human’ has to do, OBSERVATION and AWARENESS

Datre answers Thelia.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Thelia and her first question is… “I know I make time (what an amazing discovery, when I first noticed it the first time). But I don’t understand how it works that I have to sleep (at least) 8 hours a day, because that’s still using hours. (I avoid looking at my watch unless I have to) is it enough to sleep enough, i.e. until you wake up?”

DATRE: That’s what you do. What difference does it make as to how many hours you sleep? You know why you sleep 8 hours? Why some people sleep 5 hours, why some people sleep 7 hours, why some people sleep 9 and 10 hours? It depends on how much you’re doing when you’re out of the body. From the physical standpoint, you probably are very ridged in your ‘structure’ of ‘observation’ and work and all of these things that you do. If you’re ‘structured’ you will set yourself up for that 8 hours. Now, those that aren’t ‘structured’ have to have a radio or alarm clock or something to wake them to bring them ‘back’ into the body. Because they’re so busy ‘out’ of the body that they forget they have to come back in to go to work.

So you see, ‘time’ out of the body does ‘not’ exist. ‘Time’ in the body ‘does’ exist, because you are so ‘convinced’ that it does. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is ‘convinced’ that it does. Then, in those cases where you have a work structure, that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS sets up the whole thing of ‘time’. See, you’re ‘out’ of ‘time’, but MASS CONSCIOUSNESS won’t release it. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS wants to ‘stay’ the same. They want to ‘continue’ this game they’re playing, they don’t want to release it.

So, everyone on the planet is ‘out’ of ‘time’. But, it isn’t released because of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You tell someone that ‘time’ is your own, and they laugh at you, they don’t understand. Because the vast majority on the planet, is ‘not’ interested in any of this that we are talking about. They’re interested in science. They’re interested in medicine and being shopkeepers and all of that. But they’re ‘not’ interested in ‘evolution’.

I mean, like the woman that said, when they were writing out an insurance policy which had a clause that said, and this will be until you’re 85 and then beyond that… And she stopped them and she said, ‘I don’t want beyond that, I don’t want to live to be that old, I don’t want to be 85. I certainly want to be out of here before that.’. Now, what does that tell you? They are so convinced that they are going to be able to get ‘out’ of here then come ‘back’ and do it again, and come ‘back’ and do it again, that if anybody tried to convince them, that the ‘time’ is going to run out and you’re ‘not’ going to be able to play that game any more, they wouldn’t believe you. And that’s where the majority of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is.

So, you see, when you have 95 percent of your planet that has that ‘attitude’. And the other 5 percent that is interested in ‘evolution’ and learning the ‘flow’ of ‘life’ and ‘death’ so that they understand the ‘whole’ thing ‘this’ time so that they don’t have to play these games any more. They then can play a ‘different’ game in a ‘different’ setting, with different characters. That’s what they’re looking forward to. You see, that 5 percent is a small minority – not the majority. So that’s why you’re ‘still’ lock-stepped in that which you call ‘time’.

Do not be concerned that you sleep 8 hours. Do not be concerned that you sleep 9 hours. ‘You’ put the numbers on the clock. What difference does it make? What are you going to do with one more hour?

You know, you can do a ‘million’ things in that which you call ‘one’ day, ‘If’ you OBSERVE ‘what’ you’re are doing, because one thing flows into another, into another, into another. And you can tell people where you’ve been in a car and the things that you’ve done and the things that you’ve seen. And they will say, ‘you can’t ‘do’ that in a day. You can’t, because to drive to this town, then go to that town, and go to that town and have lunch. Your mileage alone, you can’t do it unless you’re driving 120 miles an hour between places, because the mileage is too much’. Now, that has them baffled. They don’t understand ‘how’ you can ‘do’ that, because the mileage is more than the hours that you did it in. Then you just look at them and smile and say, ‘well we did it’. Now, where’s the ‘time’? Next question.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Can’t I shrink the time I need to be asleep so it’s shorter in terms of hours?”

DATRE: That is entirely up to ‘you’ – nobody else shrinks it and nobody else extends it. And, like I said, what do you need an extra hour for? If you begin to ‘manage’ your own ‘time’, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. It your ‘intent’, when you say, ‘I’m not going to hold to that which is called ‘time’. I’m going to do what I’m doing, right now. Then the next minute I’ll do what I’m doing right now.’. You know, if you all lived as if there wasn’t another hour, it would be a lot different. But you’ve set yourselves into such a ‘rigidity’ that it is a very difficult task to do. Don’t allow ‘time’ to be your master. You master it. Watch what you’re doing. Don’t ‘project’ into… from 9 o’clock in the morning; don’t ‘project’ into 3 o’clock.

You see if you let 3 o’clock surprise you, living becomes more fun. Don’t think, ‘well he gave me this work to do and I have to have it done by 3 o’clock’. You know what you do? You set yourself in a great big amount of stress, your fingers get tight, your head spins and you get all excited, because you have to get this done by 3 o’clock. ‘Well, if I just have somebody get something and I can sit here at my desk and eat…’. Hey, wait a minute, how much time are you spending thinking about 3 o’clock? You know at 2:30 he can come and tell you, ‘you don’t have to have this done until tomorrow’. Now, what happened to your whole day? You ruined the whole thing worrying about 3 o’clock.

See what we’re saying? Do what you’re doing ‘now’. Then if someone hollers at you and say’s, ‘hey, its time to go to lunch’, what do you need a watch for? Its time to go to lunch, everybody’s getting up to go to lunch. ‘Oh, is it lunchtime? All right’. Then you go to lunch. You see the difference? You take all the stress off the body. Continue.

JOHN: A comment about sleeping 8 hours or whatever number of hours. One of the things that happens is, that when you wake up, if you have the sense that you’ve done a whole lot of things during sleep. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, I did so many things, I must have slept a long time’. So ‘you’ then put the appropriate numbers on the clock.

DATRE: Sure!

JOHN: But that’s how it works. There’s no real hours for being gone, you could have been gone 3 days.

DATRE: Yes, it doesn’t matter and how long do you think your 8 hour day or 16 hour day is? It’s ‘exactly’ as long as ‘you’ want it to be. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Another thing, about dreams; I’m not completely clear on whether or not we should remember our dreams or not. Or isn’t remembering really that important as long as you keep your mind clear before going to sleep?”

DATRE: With the dreams, it is ‘not’ important to try and remember your dreams and I’ll tell you one of the big reasons why. In your ‘dream’ world it is ‘entirely’ different. You come back into physicality – into the body – and you try to figure out what your dreams were all about and your brain gets all confused, as to what you’re trying to tell it, because ‘it’ doesn’t understand dreams. So it gives you all kinds of things. You can say, ‘I can’t understand what this dream was all about, I need an interpretation. I was walking down a street and it became a forest and I was concerned about the baby. Then when I looked in the buggy and all I had in there were three oranges and some stones. Translate my dream for me.’. It doesn’t make much sense, John’s laughing. But that is true, and you try and translate your dreams, why? Why not ‘live’ your dreams?

“Live” your dreams. Well, you’re going to say, how is that possible? Simply by being ‘aware’, because. What you have ‘planned’ in your dreamtime, is being played out in a physical construct, if you ‘watch’ what is happening. There’s the difference.

You don’t have to say to a ‘master’, ‘what do you dream about?’. Then the ‘master’ will say, ‘I dream my ‘life”. Because, that’s what they do. They don’t care about the next hour or the next 5 minutes, because they work with what’s in front of them. They OBSERVE what is in front of them and take ‘action’ from that point.

Now, ‘action’ and ‘re-action’ are all together different. ‘Re-action’ doesn’t take anything. I mean, that’s just like a leaf blowing in the wind. Everyone ‘re-acts’ in physicality. But, to be able to take ‘action’ has to come from someone that has OBSERVED a situation and made a ‘decision’. And, who’s ‘decision’ is it? That individuals, nobody else’s. And don’t say, ‘well, they should have done this or they should have done that’. The person that takes ‘action’ knows what they’re doing. And how do you know which person is taking ‘action’ and which person is doing ‘re-acting’? There’s no one that ‘knows’, except the person that is ‘doing’ it. Continue.

JOHN: And now her final question is… “All I want to know (don’t laugh) is; can I walk on water? (if its about beliefs, I’m working on it)”

DATRE: Now, that question has been asked many times. You must realize, that if you want to walk on water, it is not as easy as saying; it’s a ‘belief’ system. Because, you have in your bodies – in your genes – remembrance patterns. So you can say it’s a ‘belief’, but how far back does it go? How far back does the ‘fear’ of water go? You will find some place, be it a thousand years, be it two thousand years, how far back in those genes that you’re carrying in your body today has the ‘fear’ of water existed? And how close to the ‘surface’ is that fear of water?

You see, there is so much more to this physical construct then you have any idea. There are some things that a ‘belief’ system will very easily take care of. There are ‘other’ things that it doesn’t take care of that easily, because of the body. And, like we’ve said before, the body needs to be trained. The body needs to be taught. But, how quickly the whole physiological structure that you call your body can be changed depends on how soon you can ‘do’ something. So there’s very deep seated ‘beliefs’ within that which you call your ‘belief’ structure.

A lot of things are carried in your genes. Then when you begin to recognize that, you will see that many of the ‘barriers’ that you have and you think are like walking on water. That is not really important. So you focus on things that ‘are’ important, to you.

Now, say that you could go out tomorrow and walk on water. What would you have ‘achieved’ in that which you call your ‘evolution’? It would be a ‘fun’ thing to do and say. ‘oh I can do that’. But would doing that translate into any ‘other’ type of ‘awareness’? See, that’s what its all about – its ‘awareness’, its the ‘experience’, its the ‘feeling’ that you get. And if all you want is the ‘feeling’, that ‘exhilaration’, then find something that’s ‘exhilarating that doesn’t take up that much of your time and effort.

So, if that is a ‘total’ desire, and if you want to spend your ‘energy’ and your ‘effort’ trying to figure out ‘how’ to do it, then that’s entirely up to you. But, how much are you going to ‘miss’ in the mean time?

See, it depends on what your ‘focus’ is, what you want to achieve, where you want to go. What you want to do with ‘this’ life expression. If you want to find out ‘everything’ there is about that which you call ‘life’, then the easiest way to do it, is to be ‘aware’ and OBSERVE. In that way, you function perfectly, as far as ‘you’ are concerned. Then you take off a lot of the ‘anxiety’ and everything else. Because, you’re so busy living ‘right now’, that you can’t be bothered with all the ‘other’ things, because ‘everything’ becomes fascinating and interesting.

Two things, and its the most difficult two things that the ‘human’ has to do, OBSERVATION and AWARENESS. You know what that does? That does not put you out in high sky meditations, it puts you ‘in’ your body and you function from ‘that’ point. When you become AWARE and become an OBSERVER, there will be… things will change so dramatically for you – things are going to look different, because you will have a ‘totally’ different way of looking at the whole world.

You can OBSERVE many things. You see that is what’s happening with what you call your television. You are becoming so used to having people shot and killed and car crashes and buildings going up in smoke and tragedy and peoples being killed in all kinds of ways and everything. The young people are so used to seeing that, that it doesn’t ‘mean’ anything to them. Like the boy that shot someone and said, ‘well I didn’t feel anything’. You see, to him he thought he would ‘feel’ something when he killed someone. But he said, ‘I didn’t feel anything’.

Now, you see what has happened, there’s no ‘feeling’ there, no ‘feeling’ what-so-ever. That is what… because they have seen this since they were little children. So, you can see what happens, people become so used to their environment, so used to doing the same things over and over again, that they become bored with it. Then they become, little more than ‘robotic’, because they’re all – what you call – stressed out.

JOHN: We’re all doing ‘reruns’.

DATRE: That is true. And you’re going to have to do ‘reruns’ until that which you call the BIRTH comes. But the thing is, to someone who is ‘aware’ and someone who is an OBSERVER, that is ‘not’ a rerun. It becomes entirely different. This is what we’re trying to explain to you and its very difficult, because until it ‘happens’ to the ‘individual’, its hard to explain it. They think that there’s some secret to it. There is no secret, there is ‘nothing’ secret – everybody ‘knows’ everything. So, there is no secret in any of this. But, then they write to us and say, ‘it happened’ and they don’t have to explain, we ‘know’. We know what happened, they finally… what is your expression… “I got it”. That’s what we want you to do, say, ‘I got it’.

JOHN: A comment! Perhaps the people have difficulty in understanding why is everything ‘known’ if only one person speaks it? That’s simply explained by the nature of HOLOGRAMS. The smallest piece of a HOLOGRAM has all the information of the ‘whole’ HOLOGRAM. Then since this is a HOLOGRAPHIC reality, anything that’s expressed in it, is ‘known’ by everything in it.

DATRE: Yes! But you see, at one point in time, they ‘knew’ that. And they could take the smallest part of that which you call the physical and make another one. But that is so far back – and you have decided how many years you’ve lived – there’s no sense in me trying to tell you that that is ‘not’ right. And it really is not of any importance.

But, there are still places within this which you call your world – and those are soon going to be gone – because peoples are all over. Because they’re so curious, they have to know. But there are peoples that if they get hurt and their arm gets cut off, they can, within a very short period of time, grow that arm back. And they live way beyond hundreds of years. But those places are being sought out. And all you need to do is have a group of people go in with cameras and all this other kind of stuff and actually ‘change’ the vibration within that construct. Then they will no longer be able to do those things.

JOHN: That brings them into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

DATRE: That is correct. That is correct, but you see, they have lived in an area where they have not had to deal with concentrations of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. They still have and have had, coming down through the generations, that understanding, that belief.

JOHN: The integrity!

DATRE: Yes! And that has never been challenged by anyone. Now, people come in with cameras and notebooks and ‘how come’ and ‘why’ and all this kind of stuff and the whole vibration of the area will be changed. So that will no longer be either.

Now, there’s no sense in being upset by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The only thing that is necessary is, for you to live in AWARENESS and OBSERVATION then that is not going to bother you, because you will look at things entirely different. You will ‘not’ be out to ‘fix’ the world. It can’t be ‘fixed’ when you have such a vast majority that is going with the ‘other’ thought patterns. The only thing that you can do is, maintain your own. That is ‘all’ that you’re here for. It is a real challenge. They say, ‘well why come to ‘this’ planet?’ Because it’s more challenging. You have so many ‘obstacles’ and when you learn to work from a point of ‘understanding’, they no longer are ‘obstacles’ they’re OBSERVATIONS.

There’s no such thing as ‘victims’ and when you really, truly, understand those things, it becomes altogether different. You don’t get emotionally involved. If your help is needed, you help. If its not needed, then what difference? But you see, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS works from the point of ’emotion’ – NOT from the point of AWARENESS. Not from the point of OBSERVATION. It’s all from the point of ’emotion’. Now, that does not mean that you’re going to be ’emotion-less’, because then there would be no sense in it. But, OBSERVATION and AWARENESS makes everything within the physical construct more ‘intense’. Your ’emotions’ are more ‘intense’. Your whole body is more ‘aware’ of everything. You use your whole body for AWARENESS – you don’t use just your head. Your whole body becomes a ‘field’ of AWARENESS. Your whole body becomes a ‘field’ of OBSERVATION. It is entirely different.

So, what we’re saying is, as long as you’re here, why not enjoy it to the fullest? Even if your scared out of your jibobins by going up in a roller-coaster. You’re scared and you’re screaming and you’re hollering – but remember, you can get off. When it goes around, you can get off and you may say, ‘I’ll never do that again’. But you did it once. That is what ‘life’ is like. That is what many are saying now that are becoming ‘aware’ of what is going on and what is happening. They’re saying, ‘well, I’ve done the roller-coaster ride of ‘life’ and now I want to get off’. Then I will try something else.

You see, ‘you are’, ‘you have been’, and you ‘always will be’. If that is ‘your’ desire. Next question?

JOHN: That was it!

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We’re Datre.

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What You Should Know About Powerful Psychic Attacks

You must have heard about psychic attacks and how it affects the lives of the sufferers. Psychic attacks are initiated by those who have access to dark energies. They know how exactly to manipulate different types of dark spirits, energies and entities.

The person who knows how to initiate powerful psychic attacks transfers negative and dark energies into the energy and physical body of another person. At certain times, dark forces and energies are sent by a person without their awareness.

Most of the time, they are sent intentionally to create damage and harm and to manipulate, control and punish the sufferer. Psychic attacks can be triggered through ritualistic ceremonies and techniques or by using the mind and psychic powers.

If a person’s aura is strong and healthy, the attacker will be unable to penetrate. Factors that weaken the aura include negative emotions, repressed emotions, diseases, smoking and use of alcohol and drugs. Aura can also be severely weakened leaving the person vulnerable to psychic attacks through the presence of worms, parasites, fungus, atomic and chemical poisons in the body.

Most of the diseases and illnesses have their roots in the aura from where they move on to the physical body. It is therefore necessary to take optimum care of the energy body in order to protect it from psychic attacks.

Psychic attacks intentionally triggered through voodoo, spells, negative energy rays, invocations, mantras and black magic types can cause serious harm to animals and humans at the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental levels. The sufferer is debilitated at the energy and health level due to the attack.

Psychic attacks trigger many symptoms that indicate the presence of dark energies, entities and spirits. These symptoms can also be due to other health conditions and it is therefore imperative to explore all possibilities before initiating treatment.

Those who are under psychic attack may start acting totally out of character and may display major behavioral changes for no apparent reason. The sufferer is unable to think in an analytical and clear manner and experiences frequent lapse in memory.

The person under spiritual attack also feels totally drained and suffers from fatigue for no reason. They tend to hear voices and experience sudden icy cold feeling all over their bodies. Sufferers have frequent, recurrent nightmares and experience recurring accidents. They totally lack in self confidence and experience extreme fear and discomfort in a particular area in the home or office.

They always have a strange feeling that someone is watching them and experience sudden loss of energy. Other symptoms of psychic attacks include unexplained illnesses that cannot be diagnosed with ease, a feeling that someone unexpectedly bumps into you even if there is no one else present in the room and sensing a strong other presence.

Sufferers also go into a deep depression all of a sudden for no reason and have constant, irrational difficulties with their relationships and finances. They imagine frightening shadows, animals and monsters and have hallucinations and visions. They are plagued by an obsessively negative thought and irrational sorrow, anger and fear.

Spiritual attacks can be combated with the help of a good, reputed psychic who will give you valuable tips on how to deal with the situation.

People often wonder how they can get absolutely free psychic readings and helpful advice online. I would say that getting help from a live free online psychic chat expert is often the best way to learn.

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Datre 109 – Christophe Reeve the real SUPERMAN

Datre answers Jan and Lee.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Jan and that question is… “Recently I read where some people have a “thrill” gene, where we (I am one if it is so) just keep doing exciting and dangerous things just for the experience. In a way, I thought this was validated by the Datre material… to enjoy physicality, but now I am wondering.”

DATRE: You have it right. Everyone has a ‘thrill’ gene; you all have the same things available to you. The only thing is, you pick different things to experience. I mean, where is evolution, if everybody does the same thing, if everybody’s interest is the same? So you choose what you want. If you’re smart enough before you come in here, you also build a body so it will accommodate that which you want to do.

Now, if you want to sky dive, you’ll build a body for yourself that will be able to do that. Whatever you decide to do, you make accommodations.

You had a president a long time ago that was sickly and as a child he couldn’t do a lot of things and who’s that?

JOHN: That was Teddy Roosevelt.

DATRE: All right. Anyway, he decided that he wasn’t going to be sick any more and did everything he could to strengthen his body to accommodate what he wanted to do. There are many that do that. Then you could say, ‘well, why are there those that sit in wheelchairs?’. That’s what they want to do. They want to experience from ‘that’ vantage point. You don’t know what other experiences and expressions that have been achieved at other, shall we say, other time frames. So the thing is, that you’re always looking for something new. And each time you jump into a body, that is what you call ‘alive’; you want to do something different.

Now, somebody will say, ‘well, how come I can’t do this or I can’t do that or I can’t do something else?’. Time is simultaneous, how do you not know that another expression of you is not doing that same thing that you want to do now? ‘Well. I’m unable to do that, why can’t I?’ Well, why should two expressions of ‘you’ be doing the ‘same’ thing? So, find something to do that is satisfying. Don’t sit and complain about what you haven’t got, find something that you can do and be content with what you have.

See, that’s what some peoples don’t understand. Some people that don’t have any money, they have rundown houses, they enjoy sitting on their porch talking to people. Then they say, ‘well, I don’t understand that person has no ambition, they don’t want to do anything, all they want to do is sit and talk to people.’. So, that’s what they want to do. You see everybody can’t be the same. Maybe that person sitting on the porch talking to people has another expression that’s working very hard and being successful. So, you know, peoples that look at other peoples and make ‘judgments’ are not helping themselves at all. That’s why we talk about OBSERVING. OBSERVE that person, watch what they’re doing, if you want to ‘interact’ with them – fine. If you don’t, that’s up to you and that’s fine too.

But, its the trying to help ‘other’ people and make ‘judgments’ as to what they should be and ‘how’ they should live and if a person wants help and asks for help, that’s one thing. But, if a person is content the way they are, then find out what they’ve got that you don’t have.

So, if you want to experiment with things that are – what you call – dangerous, then go ahead. Maybe you’re thinking, what will happen if I have an accident, how will I function from that point? I think everyone knows the actor Christopher Reeves, who is in a wheelchair, that got hurt falling off a horse. And he is totally… he can’t manipulate his body and he can’t breath. Now, prior to that ‘accident’, he had worked in a movie where he had played the role of that type of individual.

Now, take a look at that scenario. He tried it out in the movie to see if its something he really wanted to do. Then, he decided to do it. The type of ‘accident’ he had is what they call, one in a million. If he hadn’t done it that way, he would probably have done it doing something else. But he was doing what he wanted to do. But, you see what he’s doing, he is bringing people into the awareness that something needs to be done for people that have these type of ‘accidents’ occurring to them. He’s also supporting his family by making movies. You see, what he’s doing, he’s pushing every ‘button’ to the limit and that is the way he has always lived his life.

But, you see, it is up to ‘you’ to decide ‘what’ you want to do and ‘how’ you want to do it. If you want that ‘thrill’ – go for it. If you don’t, that is all right to. Each one does their own thing. That is what ‘evolution’ is about, because, you may not be aware of it, but at another level everyone benefits from every experience that ‘any’ individual on the planet is having. Regardless of ‘time’, ‘space’ or anything else. Because what you are doing is, expanding the ‘awareness’ of the ‘whole’ – of what you call – humanity.

So, next question.

JOHN: Now we have a couple of questions from Lee, and the first question is… “Could you as Datre (explain) if all of us are going through a school on this planet what is the “ultimate” reason for it. Why are we really doing this?”

DATRE: Because you ‘want’ to. We’ve said that time and time again. If you didn’t want to be here, you would be someplace else. You don’t realize – you don’t ‘have’ to be here. It was a decision that you made that you ‘wanted’ to be here. Every part of universal expression, be it in a physical construct, be it without physicality, is ‘experimentation’, ‘exploration’, pushing the ‘boundaries’. Pushing the boundaries for not only your own ‘evolution’, but for the whole ‘evolution’ of everything that exists. You don’t realize how ‘important’ you are, because each and every one of you contributes to that which ‘is’. Where would humanity be, if at the time it was first put into motion, that everyone just sat down and said, ‘let’s sit here and wait and see what happens’? I hate to say it, but that’s what a lot of you do. You sit down and say, ‘well, I’ll wait to see what happens’. Anyway, next question.

JOHN: Lee’s next and final question is… “Since I understand that some of the “vibrations” that compose Datre have been in a physical environment such as this and some have not, why did we – those in this environment – choose this expression?”

DATRE: I guess we just answered that. You ‘were’ without a physical construct. Then you decided that that’s something that would be fun. Nobody told you you had to. Nobody in the universe tells anybody they have to do anything.

The ‘creators’ in the universe are creating all the time.

JOHN: The creators are also walking around in human form – that’s us.

DATRE: Well, everyone… that’s true, but what I was going to say, that there’s creators that are creating ‘all’ the time in the Big Universe. They start a project and they get just so far with it and sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes they ‘scrap’ it. Sometimes they say, well that’s good enough, let’s take that one and see where it goes. That’s what happened when they first decided upon that which you call ‘humanity’. Then, as the ‘human’ began to get more ‘expression’, then more of them said, ‘you know, I think that would be kind of fun to ‘explore’ humanity’. So, they sent a part of themselves in and put it into physical containments called bodies.

Now, you see, the thing that is hard for us to explain – and you ‘still’ don’t understand it but sometime, something will ‘click’ and you will – Where are you when you are asleep? Now, you’re out roaming around doing gillions of things. Why be in a body? There’s no reason to be, the body can take care of itself. That gives ‘you’ a chance to connect up with ‘others’ to ‘plan’ your plays, to plan your events, to plan your scenarios. Then you jump into physicality and say, ‘now, I hope I remember this’. Then you get into physicality, you wake up and it’s the same as yesterday.

Now, the OBSERVER wakes up and says, ‘no, this isn’t the same as yesterday, I wonder what’s going to happen today?’. Then, as being an OBSERVER, their day takes on a whole new type of ‘magic’, because, by getting out of your ‘own’ way, you’ll discover all sorts of interesting things. But you keep yourself in the body in such a state of ‘have to do this, have to do that, this, that, that, that – that you don’t ‘relax’ enough. Then when you’re doing this, that, that and that, OBSERVING at the same time – you can do ‘both’. If you are so stressed out that you can’t OBSERVE your actions, then there’s going to be no fun. If you were to ‘relax’ in the body and get up in the morning and ‘watch’ what you’re doing, watch what the ‘bodies’ doing – it becomes more interesting.

It’s interesting how you can ‘watch’ the body go downstairs or go into the kitchen and make breakfast. The body knows where everything is and if you ‘watch’ it, it becomes very fascinating. You see, they think meditation is ‘grand’. It’s more fun being in the body and ‘watching’ the body. But, that is for you to discover. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question from Lee.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 108 -What happens to your consciousness after death

Datre on death and dying.

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from one of the subscribers concerning death and dying and the first question is… “I am dying – it unfortunately is going to be a slow and painful death. I have two questions: (A) What happens to our consciousness after death, what is the post death experience?”

DATRE: All right, now, we have said many, many times, you “are”, you “were”, and you “will be”. Now, we’ve also talked about LIFE-DEATH. We have said that one of the things that would be very beneficial for humans is if they were able to go through a ‘life’, ‘death’, ‘life’ process – in complete and total awareness. In other words, being an OBSERVER in all cases. Now, that is not easily accomplished, but there are those that have done it. They no longer have any need for physicality.

What happens when you go through the ‘life’-‘death’ process is the fact that you loose the ‘particles’ of your HOLOGRAM. Now, that is something that every one of you upon ‘this’ planet has experienced thousands of times. When you ‘die’, you actually change the vibratory construct and the first thing you will do upon dying is, you will reconstruct a body for you to live in. Now, you’ll say, ‘well I don’t know ‘how’ I can do that’. Well, because you’ve done it so many times before, you certainly will be able to do it again.

Now, we’ve spoken of those that have “died” and they are never alone. You will have – what you call – people, that you will connect up with. That is one of the things that when the old time ‘mediums’ would bring through the deceased relatives, they would say, ‘we’re just fine over here, we’re better than we’ve ever been, we’ll be waiting for you to come over’. Now, did you believe it was ‘true’ or did you believe it was ‘hogwash’? There are both sides of the fence that people are on.

But, if you ‘were’, and you ‘are’, and you ‘will be’, that say’s it all. You think, simply because, in the case of death you ‘change’ – no, you don’t. Your ‘construct’ changes, you’re no longer filling your HOLOGRAM with ‘particles’. But, you build yourself a ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAM. HOLOGRAMS don’t die. HOLOGRAMS may ‘change’, to some extent, but they don’t ‘die’, because that’s your ‘basic’ structure. That’s your ‘squiggly’ lines that we see. That’s the ‘energy’ that holds everything together. All these squiggly little lines are a HOLOGRAM; the HOLOGRAM gets ‘stuffed’ with ‘particles’ so that you can ‘see’ it. It’s ‘not’ a complicated process, from ‘our’ standpoint. From your standpoint when you’re ‘in’ a physical body, it’s not so understandable.

That’s what we’re here to explain. To take the ‘mystery’ off, it’s ‘not’ a mystery, its not a secret – there are no secrets. Everything is ‘known’, the only thing that isn’t known to you as an ‘individual’ or to anyone else that’s an individual, is that we can’t give you information if you don’t ask the question. That’s the only thing that’s ‘unknown’. If you can ‘ask’ the question, we can give you the answer.

So what happens? You will be ‘stunned’, probably – to begin with, because it is a change. But you will very easily adapt. You’ll be able to think, walk and talk, just like you could here. Because, after all, if you get right down to the ‘basics’, the whole thing is a ‘dream’ to begin with. But, that is hard to understand when you’re in the physical body, because you have become so ‘attached’ to the physical body. Because ‘that’ is your existence. This is your ‘focus’ point. This is where you are ‘focusing’, is ‘in’ the physical body.

But, we just did one recently where we said, ‘where are you when you are asleep?’. You see it is no big mystery when you really truly understand those few words.

Now, you see, there’s a difference in individuals as to how they have been brought up into what ‘knowingness’ they have and what ‘knowingness’ they acquire in a “lifetime”. Now, if you were brought up in a family that had told you this from the beginning when you were a child, because children always question death. Children always question death, because they wonder about it. The first time there’s a death that they have any knowingness of, they will question it. And many, even if its somebody in their neighborhood, will want to go to the funeral to see what a dead person looks like. Then, at that point, it is a grand opportunity for parents to ‘explain’ to children. But, if parents have no understanding, then the child grows up wondering about the whole situation too. But, the child will do one of two things, either he will pass it off and say, ‘well, mother and dad don’t know the answer, so I guess it isn’t that important’. Or, that will stick with him and they will pursue that.

So, do not be concerned that you’re going to be lost, that you’re going to go into the ground and never be seen again or heard of or anything else. The only thing that goes into the ground is ‘particles’. YOU “WILL” REMAIN. Continue.

JOHN: And the next and final question is… “(B) When this dying experience becomes too painful, is there a penalty for ending it myself?”

DATRE: Now, you could look at that in many different ways. Nobody will penalize you when you get on the other side and lament the fact that you did not learn what you wanted to learn when you came in here. Nobody is your judge and jury. All of your ‘life’ experiences are just ‘that’. You are the ‘only’ one that makes the decision as to, so called, right and wrong, good and bad, sin, etc…

Now, one of the difficulties with ‘pain’ is that many do not know how to handle it. There are those that are working with individuals who live in pain and they are doing miraculous work with those individuals. There are those that have ‘chronic’ pain, due to something or other. And there are individuals that have ‘had’ chronic pain and have learned ‘how’ to handle it and are teaching others how to ‘live’ with it.

Now, as long as you say its going to be ‘long’, why don’t you begin to work with yourself and learn what you are ‘capable’ of doing with the body. Now, they’ll say, ‘well the pain is so great, I can’t think’. Now let me tell you something, we’ve told you before, the brain is a computer. When you hit a key on the keyboard of the computer, it prints on the screen. You can’t put two keys down at the same time, it won’t work, you can’t do it, because the computer will only ‘print’ one key at a time.

The same with the brain. You can only think of one thing at a time. Then someone will say, ‘well how can I sit and type and be thinking about a grocery list?’. Because your body is doing the typing. You’re thinking about your grocery list. Then all of a sudden the body will stop the hands and that will pull your mind away from the grocery list to the hands and wonder why they had stopped typing. Then read what had been typed and say, ‘oh, I’ve got that all done, I wonder how I did it?’.

You see, that becomes so ‘natural’ to you, you don’t notice it. But, your ‘focus’ is on your grocery list; your body is doing something else. This might sound very simplistic, but these are good lessons for you to learn.

Now, when you are in pain, why not try getting your ‘focus’ out. You can actually – through practice – take yourself out of the body, so that you don’t feel the pain. It ‘can’ be done; it is being done by many all over your planet. Now that is a good experience for you, to learn to separate yourself from the body. Then you’ll say, ‘well the pain keeps drawing me in’ – that’s where your ‘focus’ is. Your ‘focus’ is in the physical. Take the ‘focus’ OUT of the physical. You can do that many ways. You can listen to a piece of music – I would prefer you take a piece of classical music that is soothing, that doesn’t have any words to it that you can follow the words or anything. I want you to get ‘into’ the music. Get into that music, that’s where your ‘focus’ will be – intently ‘focus’ on that music. That pulls your ‘focus’ away from the body – then the body does it own thing. The body will continue doing what its doing. But you will ‘not’ feel the pain, because your ‘focus’ is not in the body. Your ‘focus’ is in the ‘sound’.

This is a good practice for you, because as you learn to go in and out of the body, in that fashion, at such time that you ‘decide’ to leave the body, it will be no big deal. Because this is what you do in that process that you call sleep. The body sets up a chemical within its physical construct that ‘shuts down’ the body mechanism and that’s what you call sleep. When the body mechanism slows down then it ‘releases’ your ‘focus’.

Now, you see, the body does it in one case, in another case ‘you’ do it.

So what I’m saying is, when the body shuts down, you go to sleep. Now, you’re doing it the other way around. ‘You’ are in control; ‘you’ are controlling the focus of your brain. Your brain is not ‘focused’ in the body, the brain is ‘focused’ into the music. You can take ‘traffic’ noise, if that is what you have and you don’t have music. Focus on all the different sounds of the cars and trucks and whatever happens to be going. Then listen intently to each different sound that you hear of the traffic. Do the tires of this one sound different than the tires of that one? That must be a big truck, this is a little car, there’s a motorcycle.

If you are in a hospital or some such place, listen for footsteps. Soon you will recognize a person before you ever ‘see’ them. See what you’re doing? Your takings your ‘focus’ out of the body. And that is one way of dealing with constant pain, because then when you go back it hurts. But you know that the minute that it gets to the point that you don’t want it any more, ‘you’ are in control and ‘you’ decide what you’re going to do. Let the body do its thing.

Then the more you do that and the more comfortable you become with that, then what’s the big deal about death? You see, the body decides when it’s going to die. But if ‘you’ decide that ‘you’ want to make the decision, then who’s to tell ‘you’ what you did was wrong? It is ‘your’ body; it is no one else’s body. That is one of the things that you are beginning to hassle now in that which is called your ‘moral wars’.

When you see the bombing of the clinics where women are going to get abortions, who is there throwing the bombs? Men! It is not a mans body. Every individual has a ‘right’ to their own body. But men have not ‘allowed’ women to have their own bodies. They will ‘rape’ women. They will have as many wives as they want. They will throw a woman into the street because she doesn’t bear ‘male’ children. It has been ‘male’ dominated.

It does not matter what your thoughts are on the situation, one way or the other, because they’re ‘your’ thoughts. I’m only bring this up to say, that the body is ‘yours’. It is ‘yours’ to do with as you want to do with it. Remember, “guilt” is an emotion. Emotions belong with the physical construct. Who’s ‘guilt’ is it? Is it something that someone has ‘told’ you? A ‘belief’ system – emotions.

You see, when you get to the point that we are trying to get you to ‘get’ to, ’emotions’ are ‘controllable’. At first, you will ‘control’ your emotions until it becomes such an ‘automatic’ that you’ll realize, ‘I wonder why I ever had that particular emotion?’. Jealousy – an emotion. Anger – an emotion. Guilt – an emotion. Fear – an emotion. But, the biggest one is ‘guilt’, because it has been ‘pushed’ at you as a child. When they tell you, ‘no, don’t do that’ and you do it, then you feel guilty. So you begin from the beginning. Fear is the other thing. Those are the two that come right from the beginning. Jealousy comes right from the beginning.

You see that is why it is so important to ‘train’ children properly. But today, children aren’t trained. People have children and after they have them they don’t want them. It is not a nurturing society right now.

But, anyway, what we’re talking about, it is ‘your’ body. It is ‘yours’ to handle. You see they talk about ‘stress’. Stress causes ‘constrictions’ of the body. They say, ‘they’re all tied up in knots’. That’s exactly what you do – you tie your body into a knot. Then you don’t ‘untie’ the knots. What happens if you take a blood vessel and you tie a knot into it? Where does the blood go? It can’t! What happens when the blood can’t flow through that knot, or just a little trickle goes through the knot? Something happens. And it’s called “dis-ease”. It is called a tumor, it is called cancer, it is called a number of things. It’s a knot that is put there by ‘stress’. It is a ‘knot’ that is put there by a ‘belief’ system. Its ‘knots’ within the body, that are causing all of these problems. And the ‘stress’ now is at a high level simply because everything is moving at an ‘accelerated’ pace.

You can’t get a fast enough computer system. ‘I’ve got to work faster, I can’t waste my time sitting and waiting for it to change over, its got to go faster, its got to be more powerful’. What happens to an automobile? Oh, they show it running around the curves real fast. The only place you can drive over a hundred miles an hour is in Germany, where they’ve got a great big road and if you’re driving less than a hundred, they pass you. You couldn’t do that here, because you don’t keep your ‘focus’ on what you’re doing. Like the picture that Aona laughed at the other day when the man said, ‘you bumped into the back of my car because you were putting on lipstick’. Then the girl said, ‘no I wasn’t’. And there was a tube of lipstick stuck up her nose. He he he he! Oh I laughed at that one. See what you do? You don’t ever get to the point that you ‘think’ where you are – “focus”.

So, I think we have covered those questions. It is ‘your’ decision. Don’t let anybody lay a ‘guilt’ trip on you, because ‘they’re’ the ones laying a ‘guilt’ trip on you – how do ‘you’ feel about it?

You know, someday, one of the greatest things that could be done for any country, in any place in the world, is to pass legislation that each and every person ‘owns’ their own body – and nobody else. That would be a ‘grand’ step in the evolution of humanity, if people were ‘allowed’ the ‘freedom’ to have their own body. You know, the biggest past time, for many, is telling ‘other’ people what to do.

Now, you have something that you need to handle, it is for ‘you’ to handle it. It is for ‘you’ to handle in any way you so desire. There is no one in the universe that is going to say, ‘oh, you were a bad boy, or bad girl, because ‘you’ decided to commit suicide’. You see WE look at ALL death as suicide. You ‘invented’ death. Why did you invent it? Because you were ‘bored’. You couldn’t think of anything else to do, so you said, ‘well, what… how are we going to do anything different? I wish I were 20 years old again, how can I achieve that?’. Well, then they said, okay, lets solve that – so you invented death.

Now, this may surprise you, but that which we call the ‘dead-zone’ is no more than a place to put the HOLOGRAMS until you ‘reactivate’ them. Surprised? True, that is exactly what it is. In the mean time, in that which you call death, there are many people doing lots of things.

Now, where do you suppose a lot of your information comes from in any technology? It is those in the ‘dead-zone’ that are still working on what they were working on at the time they died. There is no ‘barrier’ between the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. In other words, ‘this’ MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is not here – and ‘that’ MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is not ‘there’. It’s “all” together. So you pick up a new idea – you could be connecting with someone that’s doing the same thing in the ‘dead-zone’ that you’re doing in the ‘live-zone’ and they may have a different ‘spin’ on it, as you call it, and you pick that up and away you go. Now, you’ve got something ‘new’ on the Earth in the ‘live-zone’. In the ‘dead-zone’ they’ve already perfected it.

So you see, it ‘not’ a big complicated system. It’s a system of ‘learning’. It’s a system of ‘experimentation’. It’s a system of ‘evolution’. This is the kind of ‘evolution’ you’re involved in.

So, maybe in explaining some of this, it helps you to ‘understand’ more about what is going on. So, you said to make it simple. I don’t know if we have satisfied you in what we have said so far, if not, then come back with some more ‘specific’ questions and we’ll see if we can do a better job. We just tried to skim over things to give you ‘all’ – everyone that reads this information – because were not putting a ‘name’ on it. We figured this was something that everyone would be interested in. And the person who wrote to us will recognize his or her own questions. But, anyway, we have enjoyed being with you and we will talk to you latter.

We are Datre.

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Datre 107 – The Importance of being a creator

Datre answers the Veteran Human Being.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from the individual who calls them self a Veteran Human Being and the first question is… “You are part of my instruction. You are one of my teachers. I don’t think I’ve been human before. I’m here planted for special work involving energy transfer. Is it time for me to ask for this guidance?”

DATRE: Well, you’re the only one that’s ever going to know the answer to that question. All we do is give information and it is up to the individual to do with it whatever they want to do with it. You can read it and ignore it. You can read it and do something ‘with’ it, it doesn’t matter. Information has been given by many over that which you call your period of time that you have been in existence in physical form. It’s always been there. It’s been different, it’s always been different, and it has to be different. It’s different, simply because of the evolution of the individuals on the planet.

Now, there’s been different periods of time when ‘this’ information would not have been able to have been absorbed in any way-shape-or-form, because you had ‘nothing’ you could work with.

So, its ‘time’ for those that can take the information and ‘use’ it. For those peoples that read it and it doesn’t make any sense to them, it’s ‘not’ time for them. That’s as simple as that. We do not make a ‘decision’; you are the only individuals that can make a ‘decision’. Nobody else can ‘do’ it for you. Somebody can ‘direct’ you to it, hand it to you, tell you to look on your computer for it, then what ‘you’ do with it as an individual is up to ‘you’.

It’s like everything else, that’s what we’re trying to ‘tell’ you, be an ‘individual’. In other words, you can go someplace for that which you call dinner. You can sit down and people will put all this food in front of you. Then you take a look at it and you say, ‘I don’t think that looks very good, well, I better be polite. So I’ll try a little of this and I’ll try a little of that and I’ll try a little of something else’. And maybe some of the things you’ll like and maybe some of the things you won’t like, then maybe you won’t like any of it at all, but its ‘your’ choice.

The ‘words’ that we give you, are for ‘your’ interpretation. Actually, ‘words’ are nothing but ‘symbols’. That is the way you communicate. Your ‘zymology’ in the written word and your ‘zymology’ of the spoken word – its nothing but ‘symbols’. Why do you so often ‘misunderstand’ people? Because, what they ‘say’ and what you ‘hear’ are two different things. Why? Your ‘interpretation’ of what was said is different than what ‘they’ thought they were giving you. It’s very ‘individualistic’. Peoples will read the ‘same’ book and people will come out with two or more different conclusions. ‘Well, this said this and this said that’. ‘No, it wasn’t ‘that’ way’.

Why do they argue constantly over ‘history’? All right, now from our standpoint, we look at it different, we look at it as ‘his-story’. So whether you were ‘actively’ involved in the ‘story’ or whether you were reading information ‘about’ the story or what active part you played ‘in’ the story – they’ll ‘all’ be different. There is no way that they can constantly be the same. But, if you have a ‘solid’ belief ‘this is what it was’, you will make everything ‘fit’. That’s where ‘scientific’ facts come from. They will find something and they will say, ‘that’s impossible’, but they’ll work with it, and work with it, and work with it, until they figure out a way to make it a ‘fact’.

So, you see, its ‘all’ an ‘individualistic’ thing. So, as to the ‘timing’, if you feel its right, that’s fine. If you don’t feel its ‘right’ then you’ll ignore it – it does not matter, because it is ‘your’ evolution. The way to be really ‘special’ is to become an INDIVIDUAL. That may sound very simple, but it is not. (This is what we have discovered through our observation). In order to go out into the Big Universe YOU ‘must’ become an INDIVIDUAL. In the Big Universe there is no one to ‘help’ you. You are on your own. We are BIRTHED knowing ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are and ‘what’ we will do. This experience is to teach you to be a ‘creator’. Next question.

JOHN: The next and last question is… “All of my information is coming from the sun, moon and Earth; whom I consider to be my true family. DATRE: how do you fit into this at this time? I’ve been directed to know you.”

DATRE: Well, that’s what we said; it is up to ‘you’ as to what you want to get out of it. Now, you mentioned sun, moon and stars, you mentioned working ‘with’ energy. Was that not…

JOHN: Sun, moon and Earth and working with energy.

DATRE: Sun, moon and Earth and working ‘with’ energy. All right, now let me give you a little information about energy. Number one, energy on your planet is ‘controlled’, shall we say, by what you think you can control it with. But, to be very truthful, energy is ‘uncontrollable’. Energy – IS. Energy is one of the things that exists throughout the Universe. Each planetary environment works ‘with’ energy in a ‘different’ way.

Now, you think you’re standing still, which you are not. You are in ‘constant’ movement throughout that which ‘you’ call the universe. Now, because you’re ‘fixed’ in your little ‘orbits’ and all the ‘other’ planets within your Solar System are ‘fixed’ in their orbits, you maintain a ‘constant’ pattern. Which to you is very comforting. Now, we have said many times before, the ‘energies’ that are coming to your planet are ‘different’ than the ‘energies’ that have ever been on your planet previously. You’re constantly, over that which you call your periods of ‘time’ on this planetary existence, your ‘energies’ have changed. But, they have never changed so ‘dramatically’ as they have in this period of what you call ‘time’. Simply because, your “time” – your ‘linear’ “time” – has ceased to exist.

Now, these energy ‘waves’ that are coming – that you’re passing through – in your planetary existence, are ‘different’ then the planetary ‘energies’ that you have worked with before. In other words, everyone on your planet works with energy. This is part of your HOLOGRAPHIC physical existence experience. You see, you’re a lot smarter then you think you are. Because, in order to be a part of this HOLOGRAPHIC planetary existence, you have to ‘know’ how to manage a HOLOGRAM. You have to know ‘how’ to handle ‘energy’. Yet, you put yourselves down as being insignificant. But, that in itself is a ‘big’ lesson. But, this is something you need in order to go through that which you call, your ‘life’-‘death’ cycles.

Now, the ‘energies’ are ‘different’. The HOLOGRAMS are ‘changing’ – everyone ‘knows’ that. The energy is ‘changing’ the planet. The energy is changing all the animals and the fish and the birds ‘on’ your planet.

Now, we’ll tell you – and I think its been mentioned before – that you are going to be going ‘out’ of your planetary orbit that you have existed in during this ‘linear’ time span. What causes a planet to move out of its orbit? Very simple! When a planet is made ready for some type of existence, it is ‘released’ out into that which ‘you’ call the universe and the planet will travel until ‘it’ finds an ‘orbit’ with a ‘compatible’ energy pattern. That will ‘stop’ the movement of the planet. The planet will adapt… will ‘lock’ into that ‘orbit’ and when that is completed, it will ‘maintain’ that ‘orbit’. Then as it ‘maintains’ that ‘orbit’, then the planet is ready for what you call ‘seeding’. Because it has maintained a ‘stability’ that will ‘allow’ another ‘existence’ for its ‘evolution’.

Now, the energies are ‘changing’ the HOLOGRAMS. It’s changing your planetary existence. Your planet, your ‘whole’ planet, is absorbing and working with these energies also. The grass, the trees, the rocks, the water, everything is working with these ‘new’ energies.

Now, as ‘energies’ change, your planet and its ‘orbit’ are no longer going to be ‘compatible’.

JOHN: Yes, they’re out of ‘sync’.

DATRE: That is right. That word you call ‘synchronicity’. Alright, when the planet and the ‘orbit’ do not ‘match’, then the planet will not stay ‘in’ an ‘orbit’ it will just automatically ‘leave’ it. It’s real simple. It’s not complicated in any way-shape-or-form. It will just ‘slide’ out of its ‘orbit’ and begin its path and the path will be directed, not by anyone, but by the ‘energy’ components of the planet. In other words, there are what you call ‘pathways’ that planets follow. Then that planet will follow the pathway that the ‘energy’ is compatible with – until it finds another ‘orbit’.

In the mean time, the HOLOGRAMS – your physical bodies, as you call them – will not be able to ‘change’ to match the planets environment that it is going through on these ‘pathways’. So, one by one or tens by tens or hundreds by hundreds, the HOLOGRAMS will “disappear” because they cannot ‘maintain’ the energy construct. It’s not a complicated process at all. So when you no longer have a HOLOGRAM, then that means you will go someplace else.

JOHN: You won’t have a ‘body’ either, because the body is the HOLOGRAM basically.

DATRE: Well, that’s what I’m saying. Yes, you won’t have a body. There are many that are going to feel that the body ‘died’. Then that is no big deal, because what happens is, that basically, nothing is ever lost. The only thing that will happen is the separation of the ‘different’ vibratory constructs that you have set-up for yourself on ‘this’ planetary existence will be ‘maintained’ by that which is ‘you’. Then, as YOU, ‘you’ will go where your ‘vibration’ matches. Because you don’t match ‘this’ planet, you have nothing to function ‘in’. So you will find another ‘place’ to function – very simply.

JOHN: Then you’ll build another HOLOGRAM there.

DATRE: That is correct and you will build a HOLOGRAM that is ‘compatible’ with the planet that you will go to. It’s not a bit complicated and it’s nothing to fear. But there are many that are going to be ‘afraid’, because there are so many upon your planet that are ‘Aspect’ selves that are not going to ‘know’ what is happening. Then if they have not decided to ‘connect’ with a ‘stronger’ HOLOGRAM who was the ‘originator’ OF the Aspect, they will find a great deal of difficulty in trying to find out ‘what’ is going on. But, that is what we have said, there are many upon the planet who have been ‘drawing’ their Aspects selves ‘to’ them – that’s what that’s all about.

Now, if they’re are Aspects that want to go it on their own, for their own expression and ‘experience’ and ‘know’ what they’re doing, they will be alright too. But, those that have no idea of what planetary existence is all about, will be no different than those that are just running around screaming and hollering on your planet today – it won’t make any difference. But, as we’ve said before, nothing is ‘ever’ lost. It is ‘not’ a great big deal as far as we’re concerned and as far as ‘you’ are concerned – it’s no big deal either. The only thing that’s ‘afraid’ is the ‘you’ that’s in the physical.

JOHN: In other words, this BIRTH that we’ve been talking about, is an EVENT situation. When the planet is no longer ‘stable’ in its ‘orbit’ and starts to leave, then that EVENT causes the ‘disintegration’ of the HOLOGRAMS, which causes the ‘disintegration’ of the body and “that” is the BIRTH that we’re talking about. (That’s right) So you have to find another environment that will support ‘you’ and your HOLOGRAM.

DATRE: Another HOLOGRAM that you will build for that NEW environment. That will happen, not only to the HOLOGRAMS that… it will happen to the fish and the birds and the trees and the rocks and everything else. By the time ‘this’ particular planet reaches its ‘home’ orbit again, and settles in, it will be all cleaned – as you call it. You talk about ‘cleaning’ the planet and ‘saving’ the planet; the planet takes care of itself. By the time it gets there and has gone through all of these energy constructs that exists within the universe, the planet will no longer be the planet you are existing upon. Then, where you to ever, shall we say, ‘view’ that planet, you would not recognize it.

JOHN: That’s because, the planet ‘we’ interact with is a HOLOGRAPHIC ‘representation’ of this planet that “we” create for our own interaction.

DATRE: But, anyway, working with ‘energy’ is going to be very difficult for anyone upon the planet – simply because, there’s nothing you can ‘do’ about it. The only thing you need to ‘do’ about it is take care of yourself and notice the changes that are taking place within your physical construct. There ‘are’ things taking place within your physical construct. You can OBSERVE what’s happening on your planet. You’re going to find a ‘lot’ of changes that are taking place. You’re beginning to ‘notice’ your weather changes; your weather patterns are changing. Well, they say, that’s El Nino. You can call it anything you want to, it doesn’t matter. That just happens to be a ‘word’ that they have used, because they have ‘seen’ what they ‘think’ is a ‘similar’ phenomena to something that has occurred previously.

For whatever reason, the peoples upon your planet want to be in control. Control gives them ‘power’. That ‘power’ is, as we’ve said before, EGO stroking. None of you have ever been able to control the weather. If you cannot control the weather, which is a physical phenomenon, how do you think you will ever be able to control universal energy? A better place to focus is learning to ‘create’. That is what ‘this’ experience in this reality is all about. Learn to be a ‘creator’. What is happening “out there” is not important, because you can do ‘nothing’ about it. It is ALL universally ‘timed’, NOT ‘linearly’ timed. Once you learn to be a ‘creator’ you will be having so much fun watching the process that ‘time’ and ‘place’ will no longer have any significance as far as ‘you’ are concerned.

You see, everything that you have on your planet, you base on something that ‘has’ occurred. In other words, that’s your comparison. You compare ‘today’ with what was, ten, fifteen, twenty, years ago or whatever year you want to pick. You’re always making ‘comparisons’ – ‘well, this is like something else’ or ‘this has happened before’. That’s because your brain has not had anything put into ‘its’ computer that’s ‘future’. So, the best way to handle a physical construct at this ‘time’ is to ‘not’ make comparisons with that which is ‘past’ or try to figure out that which is ‘future’. What is the expression they use very often on this planet – ‘live in the now’? In other words, if you’re busy living today, what difference does it make?

See, that is the point that individuals upon your planet are reaching is – ‘I don’t care about tomorrow, because, if I’m so busy with today then that’s all that matters’. That “is” all that matters. They can read about ‘anticipation’ of the BIRTH. You can read about a lot of things. You can read about… you can work in places where they’re experimenting with ‘new’ things that they’re going to be using in technology. New things that you’re going to be using for changing foodstuffs and all of these things – and that is fine. But those people are focused on the information that they’re working with today. So, that is what we’re saying is, be that OBSERVER, see what is going on today, because that’s what is important.

Your “memory” will ‘always’ be there, it doesn’t get erased. The only thing that will ‘not’ be erased, but ‘changed’ is your ‘belief system’. The ‘belief systems’ will ‘change’ as ‘you’ change your focus as to what’s important and what’s important is right “now”. The people that ‘truly’ understand this, they might think about, ‘well, I need to do this tomorrow’, but no big deal. The thought comes and the thought goes. But, it is ‘not’ focused upon. Tomorrow is not ‘focused’ upon. You can focus to the ‘future’ and ‘I want to do this and I want to do that and I want to do something else’. But, that is just a ‘fleeting’ thing. In other words, you pick up a paper or read something or hear something and you’ll say, ‘that’s something I’d like to do and maybe I can do it tomorrow or six months or whatever’. But, it’s dropped. It is ‘not’ focused on, that does not become your main focus. Your main focus, is OBSERVING what’s happening TODAY. The people that understand this say, ‘well, I don’t much care ‘where’ I go, because to me it is unimportant’. ‘I know that I AM, I HAVE BEEN, I WILL BE, with or without a body is immaterial, because it doesn’t matter’.

So, we wanted to get that information across that the energies are changing, they will continue to change and the BIRTH ‘will’ take place and there is “no time schedule”. It can happen ‘today’. The planet can go out of its ‘orbit’ today. It doesn’t matter, because as soon as the energies change the planetary energies, “enough”, so that the planet and the ‘orbit’ are no longer compatible – the planet will go – it will move, guaranteed.

Now, you don’t realize, you say you feel “like your standing still”. But you ‘know’ better. You ‘know’ your planet is constantly moving. It’s going around in its ‘orbit’ and it’s ‘tipping’ and how do you know if you’re upside down or down side up or sideways? You see, it doesn’t matter. Then you’ll say, ‘how will I know the difference?’. You don’t, you don’t and it does not matter. You see, all of these ‘big deals’ are not that whizzy-bang-wow when you really basically come down to the bottom line. Very simple – if things don’t ‘match’ they separate. As the energy ‘changes’, the Earth moves out of its ‘orbit’, as it moves out of its ‘orbit’ it goes into different energies that exist within your universe. When you’re out in that, the HOLOGRAPHIC bodies can no longer maintain themselves – BIRTH takes place. Very, very simple.

Its been done again and again and again. You’re afraid of ‘death’. How many times have you ‘died’ and how many times have you gone through these experiences of ‘life’-‘death’ as you call them? You’re ‘still’ ‘you’ aren’t you? What difference does it make whether you go through that or you go through a BIRTH? If you ‘know’ who you are, you will still be ‘you’, new changes, new experiences. New things to explore. New means of growth.

That’s what its all about, it ‘never’ ends. Don’t think that at one point in time ‘anything’ is going to end, because it isn’t. Because the universe is a viable situation and regardless of what ‘form’ you want to take, or what you wish to experience, ‘you’ WILL BE – simple. We have enjoyed being with you.

We are Datre.

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How To Do Distance Healing

The term Psychokinesis (PK) (from the Greek, “psyche”, meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and “kinesis”, meaning motion; literally “movement from the mind”), also known as telekinesis (TK) (Greek, literally “distant-movement”), refers to the direct influence of mind on another physical system which is done ‘remotely’ or at a distance.

Psychokinesis, can’t be performed by volition alone. To have an effect on an object at a distance several things are required. The first thing, is one needs to use one’s imagination to hold an image in one’s mind, to provide a pattern, thought form or intention for the movement of one’s energy. The second thing, is one needs to build up power or a force of increased vibrational energy in the body, which can be also seen as ’emotional energy’ or as a charge building up via activation of nervous system and this charge being held in body vibration in the muscles. The third thing is one needs a relative medium or body through which the power can work, which is the end point or object of one’s focus, what one wants to act upon. It is not possible to change things without having an object to work upon. In distance healing we act upon energetic objects, and even though we can’t see them, this doesn’t make them less real.

All changes in conditions in the world are brought about through Psychokinesis, which is a natural process of creation, employed consciously by everyone to greater or lesser degrees. The physical world is literally created out of our collective actions, which all action has at its base ‘a thought’ as the seed to create it, and thus the physical world can be seen as a ‘reflection of thought’.

To do Psychokinesis consciously is what distance healers do when giving a distance healing. One is transforming one’s intention (idea), into desire (emotion) and then into completed action on an object – but doing so at a ‘distance’.

Detailed steps for distance healing

1. Raise one’s bodily vibration using your favorite method. I stand and hold a copper ring and intone 3 reiki symbols, the last being the long distance symbol. As I do this I focus on feeling the energy movement in my body. When I feel the vibration in the body is highly activated, I then sit down to start the distance healing. See my Quicken Touch method on my website, for more ideas on how to build up one’s starting level of vibration.

2. Next, put one’s hands on one’s own body (the body part of your choice), using either fingertips or palms. Keep your focus on movement of energy happening between your fingertips or palms and the body part you are touching. When you are feeling that strongly, then you state your intention. One must decide clearly what one wants to do with one’s energy, one does this by stating one’s intention of what one wants to accomplish, create or do. This sets the thought at the base level and provides the idea or creative element as seed to channel the vibration force built up as energy charge in muscles (emotional energy) as desire and also determines the direction of movement of the energy and the time for it to happen. One also states the object of one’s focus, what one wants to act upon. For example: “I request a long distance energy connection with the being of Sandy Johnson, in West Palm Beach, Florida, at 10 pm or at the best time for her. I ask that the energy be used for her highest good as determined by her being, and to be intuitively guided by the being of Sandy to send her energy in the most effective way and be open to receive any messages for her.”

3. After the intention is clearly expressed, then one drops the intention and enters into a meditative or no-mind state, just focusing on the feeling of energy happening between one’s palms and one’s own body. One does not have to keep repeating the intention, it is set – it is so, repeating it just keeps the mind busy. The greater one’s ability to sustain quiet mind, the more one’s bodily vibration will keep rising to higher levels and the more effective one will be in sending energy. Another way to say this is your vibration in body will rise up to the level which reflects your own self-realization and ability. The higher you can raise your vibration and sustain it, the more effective the healing for yourself and the other person at a distance. When in state of no-mind, even if it lasts for only a second, you are in that second one with the vibration of all, and while ‘like that’ you can exchange energy with other objects on the level of vibration or energy.

4. Establish ‘ethereal’ connection with the other object to lock in your resonances. Now that one has raised one’s vibration by entering into a meditative state and one’s intention is set, next one needs to identify the unique identity of the object one wants to connect with. So in the case of long-distance healing, one needs something from the other that uniquely identifies that unique vibration of them, so it can be zoomed into or selected out from the universe of all other objects – it’s much like an address. A photo of a person, their full name and location, or a piece of something they have owned and put their energy into it, or a piece or hair, any of these will uniquely identify them as ‘their vibration’. What I do is visualize my body and face as the other person, and then I imagine my hands are being placed on their body. I continue to visualize the body/face of the other and simultaneously focus on the feeling of energy exchange happening between my hands and their body, until I feel a physical link or connection established with them. This is the entrainment process itself, and when you FEEL it happen, then you know you’ve set up a scalar wave with the other, your resonances are locked. This usually happens within a few minutes. One might feel this as a sudden inrush and elevation of energy, or one will sense a kind of pulling sensation of the energy out of yourself, there is a kind of tugging action established between the two of you, a push pull action. You have now established a physical link or cord, it is also known as resonance locked scalar wave. If you do not feel this link, then either you are not quiet or receptive enough and/or the other is not open to receive the energy exchange, in which case you should not go any further, but you can still do a self-healing…

5. Keep the link established. Once you feel this pull/push wave, then you can drop all visualization and all intention and just sink into a pure meditative state, becoming your breath, not really doing anything, except moving your hand positions for your distance healing session, when indicated by intuition or according to the healing method you are used to doing. Thinking too much about moving one’s hand or trying to heal the other in specific ways necessarily uses the mind and is counterproductive to being in a meditative state. If one is not very advanced, it is best to not move one’s hands at all, but rather to just put ones hands in one position and hold them there for the whole session. Long distance treatment is different than ‘hands on’, as one is working on the energetic level and can treat the whole body easily from any hand position. The most important aspect for an effective remote healing is that one has established a firm link and can sustain quiet mind.

6. The natural amount of time it takes to entrain to the others energy and for the energy to move up to higher frequencies on spine, from tailbone to skull takes around 1 hour, so this is a good amount of time to allow for a session. When one no longer feels the pulling sensation in oneself or you notice that the energy healing has come to natural conclusion (energy moves up spine to brain as last step), then the session is over. In any case, make sure you conclude the session by doing a verbal disconnect, to break the link you have established. I just say: disconnect with ‘name of person’. If you don’t do this, you may still be resonance locked (connected) with them, and you might notice this when you have dreams or pick up on images or feelings that feel they aren’t your own.

Signs one is being effective in distance healing

When one is able to sustain quiet mind for longer periods, then it will feel like one has fallen asleep, and like one is sort of ‘out in the cosmos’ or ‘out of body’. Sensations in one’s own body are remote, like at a distance, yet, one can still feel sensations and might even recognize pain in one’s own body as healing takes place, but one doesn’t react to it, it is easily passed through. One can easily observe energy flows rapidly passing all over the body, in all kinds of figure eight and vortex patterns. An hour session can go by in what seems to be a few minutes. It is also common to experience enhanced hearing of outer sounds, and to see a starry background in one’s mind’s eye (eyes closed of course) and to hear cosmic sounds or tones in one’s ears, such as a melodic sound or the sound of a train. If one opens one’s eyes, one will see sparks of light in the air, and a kind of moving picture view of the world, but doing so can easily take one out of the deep meditative state. While one is in this state, one might receive images from intuition, or from the 3rd eye, that don’t come from mind activity. They just pop up into view and one can trust the information contained in them to be helpful for healing yourself or the other. While the above is the ideal session, in reality, it takes quite a bit of practice and probably years of doing daily meditation before one is able to sustain quiet mind and have such a session for a whole hour. What is important is the more you practice, the better you will get at it and every second you can be truly quiet is what counts, as in that moment you are one with all, and are not only helping to heal others but also you are healing yourself.

Betsy, Revised: October 10, 2010, Distance Healing from Betsy available at http://distancehealing.phoenixtools.org

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Self Knowledge – Differentiating Intuition From Conditioning

Part of anyone’s personal development will be getting to know yourself and learning to tap into your intuition. At the beginning of that endeavor this can be a not so easy challenge to sort out “what really is intuition and what is all the other ‘crap'”?


To shed a bit more light on what’s driving you we need to understand conditioning. The way you are today, the way you think and behave is the result of your conditioning, your upbringing and your education. The sentences you heard from you parents, all well meant and intended, will have left a mark on your unconscious mind. Some of those statements have become guiding principles, like the policies of a company that are stored somewhere in the archive cupboard.

Years later, in present time, you are still running your ship with guiding principles and policies that might have been useful at an earlier time, but are outdated now. The crux of the situation is that they don’t update themselves, they quietly influence your everyday thinking, emoting and behaving. It’s time to clear out that archive cupboard and throw out those not really useful beliefs!

How to find limiting beliefs or guiding principles?

Start by listening to your mind. For example you might be standing in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, intuitively reaching for the passion fruit yogurt when a voice says: ‘You should first use up the blueberry yogurt or it goes off.’ Alarm bells! ‘Should’ is always a good indication that you’ve just uncovered some old belief or guiding principle that was created by someone else. In the example it might be something like ‘You shouldn’t waste food’ or ‘You must always eat up what’s on your plate’ (later ‘in your fridge’). Does this make sense?

Even though those principles may not be ‘wrong’ as such, it is questionable if you are in the process of honing into your intuition. For whatever reason, you were reaching for the passion fruit yogurt. Often there is no clear logical explanation for intuition so don’t bother searching for one. It just is.

Choice point

When you are at the point where you notice what I’ve just explained in the example above, you are now at the point of being able to make your choice. This is the process of getting to know yourself and finding the your voice of intuition.

If you find yourself overthinking a topic, there is a good chance that intuition has already been surpassed a while ago. Intuition usually is like a subtle voice, sense, or feeling that comes immediately when you do something. Also if you find yourself tossing and turning between two options that sound equally good and you find it hard to make a decision, just step back for a moment and when you come back to it, go with your gut instinct – that’s practicing following your intuition.

Want to know more? Have a look at my blog.

Nathalie Himmelrich is the founder of ‘Reach for the Sky Therapy’ on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and specialises in ‘relationship related issues’. She is working with individuals and couples using techniques ranging from Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming to Journey Therapy. She supports clients in their personal growth in a supportive and professional environment.

Visit my website: http://www.reachforthesky.com.au or visit my blog: http://reachforthesky.wordpress.com and sign up for our newsletter today.

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Significance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is perhaps the most talked about planet in Vedic astrology and many people fear by the mere mention of Saturn. Well, that is only because of lack of knowledge and the false rumors spread by the unscrupulous and self-proclaimed astrologers. Saturn is considered to act as a judge in the person’s life time, pretty similar to Yama (The Lord of Death in Hindu Mythology and the brother of Saturn) who judges a person’s actions after his death. So, if you have been a righteous person and you have worked for the benefit of poor and downtrodden then you will surely be rewarded by success, peace and prosperity in your life time by Saturn. However, if you have been unkind and manipulative then you might be awarded a miserable and disease prone life by Lord Saturn.

Saturn is the slowest mover among all the planets in the Solar system and it takes almost 2.5 years to transit from one Zodiac to another. So, in total it takes almost 30 years to make a complete revolution around the 12 zodiac signs. Many people are reported to have suffered from “Shani ki saade saati” (A period of Seven and Half years when the Saturn is at its influential best), “Shani ki Dhaiya”( a period of Two and Half Years when Saturn awards or punishes your actions) and Shani ki mahadasha (A period of 19 years of Saturn’s influence) and if calculated precisely almost everyone suffers from “Shani ki dhaiya” or “Shani ki saade saati” so there is no reason to shiver from it, as it is not as cruel as it sounds or fake astrologers project it to be.

So, ideally Saturn can be considered as someone who warns you from practicing evil deeds in your lifetime. Many people do not pay heed to this significance and they tend to run to temples and seek the Vedic astrologer’s consultations when they are punished by Saturn. The intensity of sorrow or trauma is directly proportional to the extent of evil deeds. If you are suffering from the harsh justice of Saturn then you can practice several remedial measures, as prescribed by a knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer. It is sad to see many people trying their own methods to appease Saturn and intensify the problem further. The best way is to lead a righteous life and avoid the pain and sorrow at all. However, these things must be carried out after seeking the suggestion of a knowledgeable Vedic astrologer.

Rashee Studio provide Freewill Astrology and Vedic Astrology Report between the two persons.

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