Law of Attraction: A Non-Linear Paradigm Poorly Understood by Mainstream Science

By Russell Symonds


While thinking purely on terms of external, material existence, the idea of a single, universal consciousness that links the entire universe together into a great “Oneness” or “Wholeness” is often repelled as being too foreign a concept. However, all the great religions throughout the history of humanity have taught the reality or existence of a Supreme Being. Therefore there is some familiarity with this concept of a universal power or force such as the “Law of Attraction” already present in conventional thinking, yet this concept is often quite limited and quite distorted by all manner of religious dogmatic restraints while often being completely rejected by modern materialistic science.

Modern materialists find themselves seemingly stuck in a rigid, external, objective physical reality firmly anchored in time and space. Linear, objective thinking about an external reality utterly separated from our inner Self, dreams and mythology is the way of modern materialistic scientific thought. It is no doubt a valid reality to itself in that it operates quite logically within the framework it provides. However, like any other framework or paradigm, it has to break down at some point. If humanity is to continue to expand its horizons, this materialistic way of thinking should neither be rejected nor isolated, but combined or added to whatever new or different paradigms that come along.

There is another paradigm completely opposite to the above system of thinking where one’s internal reality (consciousness) is the exact same thing as one’s external reality. In other words, the two, seemingly separate realities are thought to be actually one and the same thing. Additionally, instead of consciousness being an artifact of the physical brain as insisted upon by the materialists, it is actually the foundation of all existence or everything in the universe. Conventional scientists, while confronted with the rather vivid UFO encounters, remote viewing, near-death and out-of-body experiences of certain individuals, simply dismiss these encounters with higher realities as hallucinations or the antics of oxygen deprived brains. Because of the serious clash with conventional scientific “wisdom” that these experiences threaten to create, any valid evidence of an afterlife and/or extraterrestrial civilization is initially completely rejected! As a result of this ever-growing abundance of undeniable UFO, paranormal, and “afterlife” evidence, more and more scientists and mainstream academic teachers every year are having to keep their beliefs to themselves for fear of losing their positions!

For a leading conventional physician or scientist to suddenly realize that all one’s thoughts originate from a universal and timeless quantum field rather than from within the physical brain would be quite a shock, leading to having to resign or be fired from his post if he ever tried to convey to others the knowledge of this one idea and related concepts. The ever-growing and now quite popular idea that there is indeed a “Law of Attraction” most clearly presented by the soul group, “Abraham” through the channel, Esther Hicks, completely goes against all the logic and reason of mainstream science and what many academic authorities would warn you against as being a most self-deceptive matter of extreme scientific “heresy.” Intuitively, however, Abraham’s teachings seem utterly logical and correct, at least from the idea that it is always far wiser to think only the kindest, most uplifting and constructive, unifying thoughts of love and harmony rather than thoughts of fear, separation and destruction.

Fortunately, many quantum physics researchers are saying that on a subatomic level, there is a profound connection between the observer and what is being observed, all being part and parcel of what is known as the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle” which states that the velocity of a subatomic particle can only be determined to the extent that its actual position cannot. The entire concept of quantum physics describes the actual mechanisms underlying the basis of material existence supported with a universal “zero point field” and an intersection with parallel universes and/or other dimensions. According to The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, all matter in the universe is an interconnected “event matrix” illumined by and affected by the mind and consciousness of the observer. In other words, the observer is not only an essential part of reality, but reality is also influenced by the methods used by the observer to measure it. “…with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again.” (St. Matthew 7:2)

How one measures or observes reality seems to drastically effect the outcome of the measurement. Reality is interpreted in many ways all ultimately turning back toward consciousness, belief systems and the thought processes themselves. There is some kind of inverse relationship between the observer and what is observed rather like the number two (2) and its opposite value or multiplicative inverse, one-half (1/2). When these opposite values are multiplied with each other, the outcome must always become one. For the combined value of each to remain balanced at the point of “oneness,” one has to constantly effect the other. Hence, we measure, experience and create our own reality with our own belief systems, feelings and ideas.

The universe constantly crystalizes (manifests) around our most strongly held convictions, emotions and beliefs in the same manner as ice crystals form around their own geometric pattern or blueprint resulting in six-sided formations or hexagrams. This means whatever one concentrates on long enough, it will find its way into the experiencer’s life. However, belief systems and emotions are often subconscious and very tricky business to handle well enough to create the changes that one really wants to take place. If one feels absolutely no control over one’s life, that’s what one will continue to manifest. On the other hand, a life-long focus on God, on Spirit, on love, on all things elegant and desirable, will eventually manifest the same effects in the external physical world. To change one’s life and perspective for the better requires a certain amount of time, faith, inner joy, and a continually calm and effective daily meditation on the very qualities and effects one considers most desirable or positive.

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Russell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has dedicated his life to finding wholeness and is living the “wholeness” lifestyle. His website, Science of Wholeness is a spiritual and nutritional information and research center dedicated to helping you find your keys to wholeness (everlasting joy, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). Wholeness can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the different aspects of wholeness but also all the different ways toward wholeness. There is no greater thing of beauty, value and joy as wholeness!

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Datre 101 – Your Chakras and your aura are not so important

Datre answers P

JOHN: This is a communication from one of the people on the list and she says… “I recently had an aura photo taken that out-lines the whole body and shows the shakra points of the body.

And I shared it with a friend who suggested I needed them balanced. Now it looks like my root point is dark purple color, the second is a light yellow/orange color, the third is white, the heart one is white but also in a large burst pattern, and the rest are a light blue. I don’t know if this is normal for me of if I’m really out of balance. But I do have some heavy weight problems and I have had back surgery and my uterus was removed and I’m now missing one ovary from unknown sources. If these could be a cause, I’m asking if you could help me clear this or understand what is occurring with me?”

DATRE: Now, this business of the aura’s and the colors and the charka’s we have spoken of before. That is, for whatever reason, is fascinating to individuals. The color of your aura, how big it is or how small it is or what the charka’s are doing and all of that stuff, is really of no great importance. The important thing now for you to learn is, to bring in more of that which is ‘you’ and get to ‘know’ you. Get to understand, what you are trying to ‘teach’ yourself.

Now, as to the weight problem. That is not unusual. If you will look at the peoples on your planet, which we do when we walk someplace and we can see through Aona’s eyes, the majority of the people have… are big people, they’re big around and they’re big tall.

Now, there are those that, shall we say, have that genetically. That is nothing to be concerned about. If you can live with yourself – which you ‘have’ to do – and be content with yourself – as you are – that is the part that is important, because you see, from our vantage point, we don’t see you – anyone – except as squiggly lines, except when we look through the eyes of Aona.

Now, that is one of the things that you are working with in the physical. There are those people that are like ‘sticks’ they’re so skinny, and those that are big and they call them fat. So you have skinny and you have fat. But the majority of the people are in between. But you will find that there are more people on that which you call the fat side, than on the skinny side, because the ones that are on the skinny side are those that are taking all kinds of stuff to make themselves skinny or they’re not eating food or whatever. They think they’re beautiful. Beauty is not on the outside, beauty comes from the inside.

Now, as an example – and this we can talk of, because we have seen through Aona’s eyes – one of the very interesting people that you had on your planet, was that one which you called Eleanor Roosevelt. Now, with Aona’s contact with people that had met Eleanor Roosevelt, they said that after the introduction to her and she began to speak, there was no one that saw her except as a beautiful person. Yet if you were to look at a picture of her, as she got older, she was not a beautiful person. Many women have said that she was homely. But after talking to her or listening to her speak to an audience; they saw her as a beautiful person, because she projected what was inside to the outside. So you see, the ‘container’ does not matter. You express ‘through’ a physical containment. But ‘that’ is not ‘you’. The YOU that ‘you’ are contains the beauty and the more of that which you can bring into the physical – that will change you ‘entirely’.

Now we can say, that those that have brought in more of themselves, have actually lost that which you call weight, because that no longer is a stumbling block to them. It is of no concern to them. They begin to express from the ‘inside’ of themselves. Then what you have had as physical problems, you have done that for yourself, for your own understanding.

Now, as you become, that which we call the OBSERVER and you see ‘why’ you’re doing these things – like the back and the internal organs – why are you doing those things? There’s a reason why and ‘you’ are the only one that knows the answer – no one else does. They will tell you, this that and the next thing, but you’re the ‘only’ one that knows.

Did you go in for a back operation to met someone? To meet a doctor, to met a nurse? To make communication with other individuals? Did you do it to learn how to handle pain? What was your reason for doing that? There was a reason and you’re the only one that knows. When you begin to study, why you do what you do, it becomes a whole different experience. An experience ‘you’ are giving yourself, because remember ‘you’ paint your own pictures – no one else paints them. They cannot, because they have no control over you. No one has any ‘control’ over anyone in any way, shape or form. The only thing that happens in the physical, you ALLOW individuals to ‘tell’ you. But, the more that you become the YOU that ‘you’ are, it does not matter what they tell you, because ‘you’ KNOW. Continue.

JOHN: And she say’s… “Now I’ve asked him for help to balance my body energy system, but he is suggesting that sex is part of the way to help put my body back into balance. I haven’t been in any dating relationship now for about 2 1/2 years now.

Anyway I guess I’m being a bit skeptic about this idea of his. Am I right?

Well I need another opinion and I was wondering if there is another way and is this persons idea for balancing me, valid and the best way for me?”

DATRE: All right, now there is only one person that can answer that question and that’s ‘you’. No one else can answer that.

There we’re coming back to ‘knowing’ WHO you are. If you know WHO you are, ‘you’ know the answer to that immediately. You’ll know it immediately by OBSERVATION. Why did you have the aura picture taken in the first place? What did you want to learn from it? No one can tell you what that aura picture represents any more than anyone can interpret your dreams. Any more than anyone else can tell you anything about ‘you’, because all they’re seeing is what ‘they’ project onto ‘your’ physical construct.

You take a room full of ten peoples and there are no two that are totally going to agree on what you look like. What your personality is like, what this is, what that is, but they’ll all ‘tell’ you – they’ll all give you ‘their’ opinion.

We’ve talked about MASTERS walking among the peoples. A MASTER does not listen to what other people tell him, because he knows what he sees. He does not pass judgment, because it’s not necessary. He sees what he sees, he ‘learns’ from what he sees. A MASTER is not going around telling everybody ‘what’ to do, because he is so busy working on ‘himself’, that he does not have time to give advice to others.

Now, whatever your decision is, it is ‘right’ for you. But in being an OBSERVER you will begin to look at things differently. Then instead of ‘reacting’ you will ‘act’. Anyone that is an OBSERVER is not in a rush, because they don’t have to be. In being an OBSERVER, you can take all the time you want to, because who else is making the pictures? Who else is having the interaction? This is ‘your’ show; it is no one else’s. People are very quick to ‘judge’ – it is not their place to do so – because you are drawing your own pictures for you’re learning. This is what we call ‘evolution’. If you don’t put things in front of you to learn by, then you have wasted another lifetime and there are not that many lifetimes left to waste.

You need to begin to OBSERVE very carefully, ‘what’ you do and ‘why’ you do it. Others and their opinions do not matter. Function from ‘you’ and your whole world will change. You see, an OBSERVER and a quite person is a person of ‘strength’, because they do not have to talk, talk, talk all the time. They are busy learning. Being an OBSERVER is ‘not’ being casual. It is watching ‘every’ action with ‘intensity’.

It is like the food that you eat – we mentioned that in one of the recent transcripts. After the first two bites, you probably don’t ‘taste’ anything, because you’re busy thinking of something else. But, if you sit down and begin to eat and concentrate on ‘what’ you’re eating it will be entirely different. If you ask the body what it wants, it will tell you what it wants. Then, eat what the body wants; it wants it for some reason.

You see, the YOU that ‘you’ are, functioning in the physical construct and the physical construct, need to work as a unit. That is one of the things that has not been taught. You all have the feeling, that you’re your body. No, you are not. The body is your means of expression. But how can you ‘express’ through something that you’re fighting with? It has to be a cooperative venture.

So these are just little things that I’m pointing out to you that we have said before in previous transcripts that we have done over a period of time. But, perhaps this will help you, because we’re speaking directly to you as well as to the list as a whole, and trying to help you become that which you are – which is ‘grander’ than anything you can ever imagine. Then when you begin the exploration of self, that becomes the ‘grandest’ journey that you could ever have. There will never be another like it. And this journey that you have now, if it begins with ‘exploration’ of SELF and understanding SELF, will change your world – guaranteed.

We are Datre.

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Datre 100 – The New Age Belief System

DATRE: Hello Everyone –

This is going to be little insight on your belief systems.

There have been numerous references that have come back thru other peoples regarding The Ashtar Command and others. Now, to those who are of a younger generation, you perhaps never heard of the Ashtar Command – it originated back in the early 70’s. It was very interesting to hear all the tapes because they had them orchestrated to some beautiful classical music and the story line was very well orchestrated.

There was so much information coming out at that time that it was almost ‘overwhelming’ to keep up with it all. There were peoples that sat out in the deserts and numerous other locations with their ‘precious’ belongings waiting days for the ‘extra- terrestrials’ to come and pick them up – their belief was that strong. Everyone was telling about their experiences that they were having with the extra-terrestrials’.

Now it is 1999, what happened to all those ‘out there’ that were coming here? Remember there are many, many layers of your present reality and time is an artificial construct. Each reality, which is a ‘layer – for lack of a better term I can find’ – is horizontal and vertical at the same moment. Everything exists in the present ‘now’ and each is experienced in that way. But that is hard for the brain in the physical to comprehend. So you separate the ‘layers’ for yourself to experience in. If you ‘dip into different layers’ you will have different experiences.

For some reason unknown to us, you always seem to think that other extra-terrestrial civilizations are superior to yours. Not so. You are by far the most advanced in a physical construct. That is why you are being noticed by those in the Big Universe. Because no one ever thought that it was possible to reach your level of intelligence and understanding with what you call, your physical brain. You are indeed remarkable. The only problem that we can see is that you don’t ‘realize’ it and are always looking to something or someone else that you think is greater than you.

If you only remember one thing from all that Datre says; that the only person you need to be concerned with is “you”. A voyeur is always trying to fix others but very seldom takes time to look at themselves. It is much easier that way.

In being that ‘grand observer’ you can watch your actions and reactions to every and all situations. What is gained by ‘carrying a grudge’? There are no victims. You do everything for experience. If you realize what you are doing you will change your life and in turn change those around you. Because you ‘teach by example’. What is gained by yelling at children and spouses? What is it about yourself that you do not like? Other peoples reflect back to you what you are trying to teach yourself. And in seeing that reflection, make changes that are appropriate to you – not to another – not to anyone but yourself.

We speak about evolution. The evolution is you. The planet will take care of itself because it is coordinated with Universal timing. If the planet goes out of orbit and heads in a different direction, what are you going to do about it? Get off? Begin to see the beauty in the life you are living. Observation can make that so.

Change your life, not someone else’s. You don’t have to live a life of tragedy so that someone needs to save you. Or to organize your life or organize the planetary situations. Today is the only day you can live anyway. And today is the ‘only you that you can be’. Where is yesterday and what can you do about it? Where is tomorrow and what can you do about it? The only person that can ‘save you’ is “you” and your actions and understandings. Enjoy your life to the fullest. We thank you for this opportunity.

We are Datre

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Datre 099 – Does homosexuality signify anything?

Datre answers Paul and Thelia.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Paul and his first question is… “Would you please talk about the concept of families of consciousness as Seth introduced in the Unknown Reality Vol. II from your point of view?”

DATRE: Now, the information that was brought through by that one called Seth was of a good deal of value to many people. There was a lot of information that was given. A great deal of information that was not understood. The thing is that was an introduction to material that would be coming.

Now, through that which you call your periods of time there has always been those that bring forth information, as far back as they ‘talked’ about it and it was transferred from person to person. Then you came to the point of writing you had many that wrote books regarding this information that was important to people at the time. Now, within a very short span of time, as you refer to it, you have had successive groups of information. There have been bodies of information that have been brought through, that has been written, but, if you were to really ‘analyze’ the information, you would discover that it is a building process that has been taking place.

Now, that which you call the Ramtha information was taking the individuals that were beyond that knowledge which you call the ‘church’ philosophy and shocking you by saying, “YOU ARE A GOD”. Now, to many, this was a big step in the ‘evolutionary’ understanding. And that was, more or less, a big stepping stone.

Now, that which you call the Seth material, was very detailed, very explanatory in many, many different areas. But, because of the complexity, in the many of the books of information people grasped only so much and they didn’t go any further.

Now, that material – in both cases – is as valid today as it was the day it was said. It is your understanding of what was said that changes. It’s not the words in the book that change. This is what the Datre information has been trying to tell you. It is a process of the human evolution. In other words, getting you in the physical to understand what physicality is all about.

Now, as to going into the explanations of that which is the Seth material, it is all written, it is for your interpretation and your understanding. It is not for Datre to explain for you what the words said. The words stand on their own. Then, as to your interpretation of it, it is right – whatever your interpretation is – because, you can interpret something at the times those books were written and you read them. Then you can, now in this year, interpret that very same information in an entirely different way.

Now, in going back and re-reading a book and searching for some information that you’re looking for, you’ll come across something and say, ‘I don’t ever remember reading that’. You read it, but your understanding was entirely different. So when you first read it, it didn’t, to use your words, push any buttons, it was not in your understanding at that time. So it was insignificant to you. Yet, based on today’s understanding, that sentence or that paragraph pushes your buttons and, ‘wow, that’s what that’s all about’. You see it is the evolutionary process within the individual that changes the words that are written. It’s ‘your’ understanding, it’s ‘your’ interpretation, its no one else’s.

So for us to explain to you the Seth information would be very redundant. Now, one thing that is very important in any information that you receive, it’s a benchmark for you to really understand your own process of evolution. That’s why, many times, although we don’t like to suggest it, is going back and read something that you had read before. The only reason for doing that is to see how you have changed in your thinking patterns, because your ‘thinking’ patterns are what changes. Then your thinking patterns change your ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’ to situations. That is what it is all about, and this is what is so important to learn.

It’s not somebody reading a book to you and giving you ‘their’ interpretation. That is one of the things that, Aona in particular, does not enjoy. Listening to someone say something on the television or radio, then fifteen minutes latter, having someone ‘tell’ you what that person said. You see how redundant that is? Because, what ‘you’ heard that individual say out of his or her own mouth, then you hear what another person ‘say’s’ that person said and what Aona heard that person say, can be 65 miles apart. That’s because, what she understands from ‘her’ point of view and what the commentator understands from his or her point of view are almost totally opposite. Where does the opposite come from? The opposite comes from the point of ‘understanding’ that you are at and the commentator is at.

How can one person say that ‘that person is so sincere in his delivery of the words he is saying’ and another person say, ‘that person is a complete phony, he talks, but his words are phony’. Where’s the difference? That’s what happens when you become an OBSERVER. You notice the difference between how people interpret a situation. How they interpret words that are said.

How they interpret ‘action’ and ‘reactions’. How they interpret, not ‘accidents’, but ‘incidences’. Do you see what I’m driving at? It is ‘your’ interpretation of ‘anything’.

If two people agree it is fine. But if there is continual agreement on every single thing that is read, every single thing that is seen, then one person very definitely is ‘not’ needed. You need to have the ‘differences’ to be able to discern your own evolution. “Where am I coming from?” “How do I interpret that?” It’s not someone else’s interpretation, but use another person’s interpretation as to where ‘your’ point of evolution is.

All right, I don’t think we’ll go into any more of those questions, simply because I wanted to cover all of this in this way. Its ‘not’ avoiding the questions, but every question in that group is related to the Seth material and it is ‘not’ our interpretation that is important. It is ‘your’ interpretation that is important. It is each and every ‘individuals’ interpretation that is important. That is where ‘redundancy’ comes in, is constantly referring to the same things, because, if you are ‘evolving’ things are ‘not’ the same. You are not the same. The way you OBSERVE situations are not the same – they are ‘continually’ changing. So, continue.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Thelia and her, I think it’s a her, first question is… “If cattle mutations are dead zone attempts at cattle/beef farming, what are crop circles?”

DATRE: Crop circles are many different things. What they are is, nothing more than ‘energy’ configurations.

Now, someone might say, ‘well, there have been these ‘stick’ figures in (the Nazca Plains) South America… I think its South America, the one down below us? (yes) They were put there, they say, by the Mayan’s and they had specific lines that were paths and they had ‘stick’ men and other figures and they have been there for I don’t know how long. Then you have those that are over on the other countries. You have them here in the United States. They are all over wherever there’s a piece of land where the energy can be ‘undisturbed’. So that’s why they’re always in fields, because in a large field it can be quite.

In other words, the energy over a large piece of land, like a field, because there is nothing ‘interacting’ with that field, that is what we would call almost ‘static’. So it is very easy for ‘wind’, for individuals from the dead zone – if so desired – to play with the energy. In fact, there are a lot of different ways that those crop circles have come about over that which you call your periods of time.

So there are many different things. I’ll throw one at you. How would you like it if I said ‘I did that’? Then someone will say, ‘what did you do that for?’. I’d say, ‘well I like to play too’. I’m just saying that, because it seems to be something that is of such fascination. Really, from our standpoint, the crop circles are there. So you can look at them. So what do you want to do about them? Figure out why they are there? If that is a pass time that you enjoy – figure it out. It is up to you as to what you want to do with them and where they came from? That is up to you to figure out. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Does homosexuality signify anything? By the same token, what is HIV/AIDS? Why is it an epidemic?

DATRE: All right, what does homosexuality signify? Wanting to do something different. Wanting to experience something different. That’s what its all about. Its experimentation – nothing more, nothing less. It is up to you, that is why you have been given free will. You have been given free will within this BUBBLE to do what you want to do. So if you want to be male, you can be male. If you want to be female, you can be female – fine. It is those in ‘humanity’ that have put a label on it, good/bad. You put the label on it, good and bad for your experience, because how do you OBSERVE it, how do you ‘react’ to it, how do you ‘act’ to it? Its all ‘experience’ that’s what this planet is all about – experience.

So, as to HIV, that is nothing more or less than energy changing different components in the physical construct. Then again, it is a ‘choice’ thing. An individual will ‘choose’ that experience, because it is a ‘dramatic’ change within the construct. They will say, ‘I want to experience that because I know I can get through it to the other side of it. I will go through it, experience it and get to the other side of it and be perfectly, what you call, well again’. So there again it is experience.

It is the ‘absorption’ of different energies that change the construct of the HOLOGRAM… not the HOLOGRAM but the… well it will change the HOLOGRAM to. It will also change the HOLOGRAM, but its more what it is, is like you have “virals” within the body and “virals” have a certain action within the body. Now a “viral” gone awry becomes a “virus” – and HIV is a “virus”.

Now, it has been linked, to that what you call, the homosexual community. If you’ll stop and realize what I said before, the ‘choice’ to be a male or a female is individualistic. And those who choose to, after extended periods of time, shall we say, decide to try an ‘opposite’ of what they have been expressing. In other words, if they had always expressed as male and decided that they wanted to ‘change’ and express as female, that becomes a homosexual. A women can do the same thing, ‘I’m tired of being on one side, I’m going to change and be the opposite’ and so that’s where that all comes about.

Now the AIDS epidemic, as to you call it, is not related ‘only’ to the homosexual and the lesbians, it is also with what you call your ‘regular’ people. The interpretation of the physical body with different energies will produce different results. This one happens to be the “viral” is unable to ‘adjust’ to an energy, becomes a “virus” and therefore you are ‘infected’. But you see, “everything” is within your physical construct… the physicians have labeled it as one thing or another. But nothing can come into the body unless it is so desired – it cannot. Its something you wish to experience and they say, ‘well how come anyone would want to experience anything that horrible?’.

Now, what is that individual wanting to learn from that experience? It is not for you to try and figure out what they want to experience. Why does one person want to be blind? Why does one person want to be a paraplegic? Why does one person want to be sick in a hospital? Why, why, why? It is individualistic. You can be supportive of those individuals in those experiences but – be “supportive”. This is what they want to experience – at the “physical” level, they do not understand.

Now that is what happens in so many cases, because they don’t understand, because they haven’t connected enough with themselves to find out what the experience is all about and why that experience is wanted. This is why we’ve said many times, ‘if you take things in small pieces and be the OBSERVER and say, ‘alright, now I understand for me, what this is all about’. The minute you say that, that is no longer there, because you don’t need it any more. You’ve had the experience, you’ve understood the experience, it is ‘yours’ you own it – it will be gone. It is not ‘gone’ per se, but they talk about ‘miracle’ cures, what is that all about? The decision is made by the individual that this is it, ‘I understand’, that is the ‘key’ word and in being an OBSERVER you ‘understand’. When you ‘understand’ what the experience is all about, why do you have to do it again? Its when you “don’t” understand what the experience is, you repeat it. Its like trying to get your attention, pounding you over the head, but remember ‘you’ are the one pounding ‘you’ over the head in physicality – its no one else. So continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “What is dmt, or rather “dmt space”?” I have no idea what that is.

DATRE: I do not know John, I have no idea what that is.

JOHN: Okay, the final question is… “Are we going to be “realized” beings after the birth?”

DATRE: That depends on you as an individual. Some will, some won’t. Some will desire to be ‘realized’, some will desire that they don’t want to be ‘realized’ and want to continue. Then others will get there simply by ‘default’. So there’s all these different ways. Your planet is so full of those that are in the process of living without making any decisions in any direction – those are in the state of ‘existence’. So that’s why we call it ‘default’. They’re not making any definite decisions in any way. The only way you can make a definite decision in any direction is when you ‘understand’ what the situation is all about.

When you ‘understand’ what physicality and what ‘life’ is all about on this planet, then you can make ‘decisions’. Up to that point, the ‘decision’ process is pretty much out of your hands. The you that you are is trying to get your attention in physicality. As soon as you begin to OBSERVE and understand, you will begin to see how you can paint your pictures, act upon them and understand the reason why you painted that picture. At that point you will begin to function from your totality. So, we cannot tell you, we cannot tell you. It is going to be, as we’ve said before, individualistic.

We are going to keep pounding on this subject, because that is the thing that is most important. Is to, shall we say, wake you up and get you to go out and ‘experience’ LIFE and understand what its all about. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question. A comment (yes) in other words what you’re saying is, “quit being a spectator and get into the action”.

DATRE: Oh, yes. Now, there again that’s a very good point John, because being a ‘spectator’ is NOT an OBSERVER. You see, those words get very muddled. We have said before, from the point of an OBSERVER is where a ‘decision’ is made. From the point of being an OBSERVER, this is where ‘understanding’ comes in. Being a spectator is being jostled around by everything that goes on around you. When you become the OBSERVER, you don’t drop out of ‘life’ – you get INTO it to find out what it is all about. We thank you.

We’re Datre.


Datre 098 – There is ONLY YOU! you are living singularly

Datre answers Wanda, Polo and Veteran Human being

JOHN: Today we have a question from Wanda and her question is… “Can Datre give us more details about the particle and wave form duality? And how it is a basis of life and perception?”

DATRE: The waveform is here. The changes that will take place as far as your perception is concerned will only be as you perceive them. As you perceive things, and your understanding of your experiences through your “observations” will change many ways that you experience that which you call, life on this planet.

Now, the waveform energy is not going to be something that you can drink like a glass of water and make changes within your life, because that is not the way it works. Everything is gradual; it’s not a sudden happening. Evolution is an ongoing process. It is something that cannot be measured. The only way you know changes are taking place is, shall we say, to look back at what has been in your past. Then you can see the change from that vantage point. But, a waveform energy will be like a process of “osmosis”. In other words, it will gradually work its way into your body. Your bodies are going to be undergoing changes. But, it isn’t as if it is going to change over night.

When you begin to perceive waveform energy it has been so absorbed within, that which you call, your HOLOGRAM and your physical construct that you’re not going to be able to perceive the difference, because you will be what you are now.

If you were to look back, as many do, that begin to get an understanding of that which you call, the Datre material or anything else, you will find that what you understand is a growing experience. In other words, those that have been on the Datre net from the beginning up to this point and have gone back and started from the beginning and read Datre again, their understanding is so different. What makes the difference? It’s the same typed words you had read before. Why is it different? The words have not changed. How you understand the words has changed. That’s as close as I can come to explaining the difference between the energies that you work with now and the waveform energies. It’s a subtle process. And you are in the process of absorbing the waveform energies now. You all are, because they’re here.

But, there are many that cannot notice the difference. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not receiving them. It’s just that their perception of their understanding of their life existence is at one stage of understanding and yours is at another. Everything is here. Everything now is heightened. You can notice that your Sun ‘appears’ to be brighter. That your colors ‘appear’ to be more intense. Sounds ‘appear’ to be different.

Some of you are very sensitive to sound and then you’ll hear somebody go by in an automobile and everything is banging so that the car is shaking. You see it is how you have changed your body construct, your HOLOGRAPHIC construct that is making these sounds different, from one individual to another individual.

So that is all I can say. Do not be concerned about waveform energy, because they’re here, you’re using them, they’re constantly being increased, and those that have begun to understand many things about what’s going on on this planet will notice more things continually happening. But, your waveform’s are being absorbed so that’s all there is. Don’t expect anything dramatic, because nothing happens in the blink of an eye.


JOHN: Now we have a couple of questions from Polo and his first question is… “Do you understand the difference between a human being either living in the state of duality or in the state of Unity?”

DATRE: Now that is something I do not understand, because I don’t understand living in the state of ‘duality’ or living in the state of ‘unity’.

JOHN: That’s got to be more of that “psychic community” confusion.

DATRE: Well, I think we had better go on to the next question, because that is something I can’t understand of living in “unity” and living in “duality”. What you’re doing really is, you are living “singularly”.

JOHN: Its only you – period.

DATRE: There is “only” you. And the day that you understand that its only ‘you’ and the ‘pictures’ that you’re putting in front of you for ‘your’ learning experience, guess what? The life experience is no longer necessary, because you ‘understand’ what has happened and what is happening. So ‘that’ is what its all about is learning what ‘life’ is all about. But, from ‘your’ standpoint alone and the ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’ of other individuals and ‘your’ actions and reactions toward incidences with ‘other’ individuals and understand those situations is ALL there is. There is nothing more. Then what another person does or doesn’t do doesn’t really matter when you become the OBSERVER.

The OBSERVER watches a situation and for their own reason, either becomes involved in it or doesn’t become involved in it whatever they so desire. So that’s all I can say on that. Lets go on to the next question.

JOHN: The next question is even a little stranger, he say’s… “If so, is it true that living the state of Unity is much more difficult for women? This is what I’ve noticed over the past 7 years.”

DATRE: Well, maybe what you were noticing is, women are beginning to realize that they are ‘not’ dependent on another individual for their existence. They are beginning to ‘know’ who they are instead of ‘who’ other people ‘tell’ them they are.

In other words, people are always telling other people what they are. ‘You’ are this and ‘you’ are that. Now, women have been, what you call, suppressed in ‘who’ they could become. There were very few women that became doctors simply because they could not get the education, because it was ‘male’ controlled. Now, there are many women doctors, because the ‘control’ that men had over women, in all states of their existence, has been changed. That’s because women said, a man has a brain and a women has a brain, why can’t a women express what is in her brain as well as a man can express what is in his brain? If a man wants to do something… if he wants to be an electrician, he can be an electrician. But, because society say’s you can’t be an electrician because you’re a women you have to stay home and raise children, clean house and cook. Then women began to say, I have a brain and I will use my brain and if I want to be an electrician, I will be an electrician. Now you see a tremendous number of women that ‘are’ electricians.

That is where the difference comes in. That women have come in to what you call, being their own being. This is what its all about. It’s becoming the ‘you’ that you are, not what other people say you are. And that is the most important thing for the women, because she no longer listens to what other people say, you ‘can’ do and you ‘can’t’ do or you ‘are’ or you ‘are not’.

That was a label that other individuals put ‘on’ women. So women began to say, ‘that is your opinion, not mine’. That is one of the big changes that have taken place. And that is probably what you’re beginning to see in the women. That they are becoming ‘who’ they are. That is why all your Masters, who have they been? Your doctors, your lawyers, even to individuals playing in orchestras in the European countries. There is a big battle going on, even today as to, “allowing women to play in symphony orchestras”. There are those symphony orchestras that will not hirer women.

You see there are still those that wish to tell ‘others’ what to do. The name of the game is, you do ‘your’ thing, but RESPECT the other individual and allow them to do their thing. That is the big thing that is so important right now, is that very word called RESPECT. In ‘allowing’ you RESPECT. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a few questions from a person who calls himself a Veteran Human Being, and the first question is… “These questions pertain to ones ability to hold the new frequencies coming into this realm; first question is what is the significance other than to bring information into the system?”

DATRE: Well, the first thing I’d like to address is, he say’s something about holding?

JOHN: “Pertain to ones ability to hold the new frequencies”

DATRE: You don’t have to ‘hold’ the new frequencies. What are you trying to hang on to? No, you don’t ‘hold’ the new frequencies, either you have it or you don’t have it, there’s no ‘holding on’ to it. That is a ‘bodily’ change. It has nothing to do with your mentality at all. If you told your brain, ‘hang on to my frequencies’, it wouldn’t know what in the heck you were talking about. And that’s the only means of communication you have, is your brain. So let me hear the question again.

JOHN: I think you’ve already answered that, but anyway, “These questions pertains to ones ability to hold the new frequencies coming into this realm; first question is what is the significance other than to bring information into the system?”

DATRE: Well, the new frequencies are not only bringing in information they’re bring in changes, changes that are taking place within the physical construct. That’s how many changes are made, because your HOLOGRAM is only changed from frequencies. So the HOLOGRAPHIC structure is being changed by frequencies and information is being brought in on frequencies. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “What is the nature of the super conscious and how will utilizing it bring about further enlightenment as compared to the subconscious?”

DATRE: Well there again you’ve separated everything out because it’s more convenient. If you have super consciousness and sub consciousness and consciousness and if you wait another couple of years you’ll divide it a few more times.

You’re working from a concept of trying to understand physicality, that’s what you’re here for. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ labels you want to put on anything in your learning process. Whether its your super consciousness, your sub consciousness, your consciousness, whatever ‘tools’ you want to use from a physical standpoint, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is, are you learning what ‘life’ is all about.

It’s like the psychiatrist and the psychologist and all of those that want to ‘dissect’ everything. They have to put ‘words’ on things. Then they say, ‘well, its buried in the subconscious’. Well, if that individual wishes to put that information ‘aside’ and does not want to ‘recall’ it, that is their decision to do so. Then delving into the sub consciousness and delving into the ‘past’ and delving into ‘previous’ life times and all of that stuff, if that is of benefit to you as an individual, then that’s all right. Its up to you to do that. But if you can figure it out for yourself and say, ‘was that of any importance to me?’. What you’re doing… all you’re doing is figuring out what has been. What you are today is the result of ‘all’ your experiences. All of your past. All of your reincarnational experiences or whatever you want to call them have made you what you are today. So, what you are ‘today’ is what you process FROM – you process from TODAY. When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll process from ‘that’ standpoint.

Now, let me give you something. Where do you go when you’re asleep? Number two, how long do you sleep? You do not know. You’ll say, ‘well, I slept 8 hours’. You ‘agreed’ that you slept 8 hours. You ‘agree’ with other individuals that it is 9 o’clock and you paint the ‘picture’ so the clock say’s 9. Where have you been for “8 hours”? Remember, the physical body is what sleeps – you don’t. Continue.

JOHN: and his next question is… “What is necessitating the change in our dual natures? If concepts of “good”/”evil” “black”/”white” are inherited parts of the prime source existing within us; the implications would seem to be that something is out of balance. Can you identify that ‘something’ as it relates to the need for more light and love within this system?”

DATRE: Number one, it’s ‘not’ within you. This particular experience from beginning to end, called ‘life’, was set with parameters. The parameters were ‘opposites’. Not all existences are set on ‘opposites’. This existence, this ‘life’ experience, is set on ‘opposites’. It was set-up good/bad. It was set-up light/dark, black/white. This was set-up; you came into this experience to experience “opposites”. Your action and reaction to “opposites” is your learning experience – nothing more, nothing less. In this ‘life’ experience it is necessary for you to ‘have’ the opposites to ‘push’ against in order to learn. I use the words ‘push against’ because that’s the only words I can think of at the present time that work.

But, if everything were good, what would you learn?

JOHN: What about, if everything was either ‘dark’ or ‘light’ what would you experience without ‘contrasts’?

DATRE: You would only experience a small portion of that, which would be your ‘total’ experience. What if your body was constructed of 4 arms and 4 legs on a body? You’d have a real hassle wouldn’t you? Until you learned to work with 4 legs and 4 arms. That would be your ‘basic’ goal is learning to function with 4 arms and 4 legs. That would be your ‘life’ existence. That would be what you were there to learn. Then you’ll say, ‘well, that wouldn’t take that long’. That would depend on what planetary existence you were working with.

You’re working with ‘opposites’. Opposites are ‘grand’ learning experiences. But, you got to the point of labeling everything ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Then the words ‘evil’ and ‘sin’ came in. Those were judgments put on by humans. Why was it put on by humans? Well, if you can ‘degrade’ one person enough, you can raise ‘yourself’ to a higher level. So you see, from our standpoint, the big deal is ‘acknowledge’ the ‘opposites’ and get involved in whatever you want to get involved in for your experience, because you’re the only one that can do it and you’re the only one that can learn by it. You can’t learn by someone else’s experience. You have to learn by your ‘own’ experience. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Are we to suspend all judgment regarding duality and accept those occurrences we bring upon ourselves, trusting that if we take total responsibility for what our thoughts produce the consequences are not so important as the fact that the act is deliberate?”

DATRE: Well, that’s a pretty big sentence. This ‘duality’ thing has become… apparently there’s two of them right together back to back questions on that that have come in. I do not understand ‘duality’ and said that in the other part of the transcript. The main thing that you’re to learn is that ‘you’ function from a physical construct. Now, where ‘duality’ comes in I do not know, because you have only ‘one’ means of expression and that’s the physical body.

JOHN: He made a comment that say’s where duality comes in, just in ‘judgment’. It’s only through ‘judgment’ that we have this phenomena we call duality.

DATRE: Well if you become an OBSERVER you’re not a ‘judge’. So we get back to that same thing. In becoming an OBSERVER you take ‘action’. If you ‘judge’, you are REACTING. Being a judgmental individual is a ‘reactionary’ individual. In being an OBSERVER, you can have ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ without being ‘judgmental’. ‘I like this, I don’t like that’, that is your prerogative. But by being ‘judgmental’, you’re being ‘reactionary’ and an OBSERVER takes ‘action’ if action is required or wanted.

I’m glad you straightened me out on that, because I didn’t know that duality thing, I was becoming very confused with that.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “What is the nature of the energy produced in deliberate acts and how does it effect or feed the universe?”

DATRE: Nothing feeds the universe from here. You have no effect on the universe as to your ‘actions’, ‘reactions’, ‘judgments’ or any of that. That is… you are ‘planetary’, this is a hard concept to get across. You are planetary. Everything is contained within your BUBBLE; the BUBBLE is put around your planet. This has ‘all’ the concepts to be worked on, that you could ever imagine and then some. Your BUBBLE contains ‘everything’ that you need for planetary existence. Your ‘dead zone’ is also within the planetary existence, it is part of the BUBBLE, it is just a ‘different’ vibratory construct, is all it is. Death is nothing more than a change in vibratory construct.

You are within the BUBBLE. The BUBBLE is there for ‘containment’. The containment is there as much to protect ‘you’ from the universe, as to protect the universe from ‘you’. Now, that is why we have said, ‘you will not blow=up your planet’. If you were to blow-up your planet into pieces, the BUBBLE would be shattered and you at that point would affect the universe. That would be something that should be avoided, because of what it would do to ‘other’ existences and other planetary bodies. But that is not going to happen, as much as you have ‘delighted’ in the fear of it.

You see that’s another thing that people say, like there was a tornado the other day that Aona and John were fascinated by watching, because it could have come near where they live – it did not. However, the peoples there have looked at nothing but shattered things, just bits and pieces of all sorts of things. Nothing that they can put together. So they’re scraping it all up and carrying it away and people say, ‘we will rebuild’.

Now, from your standpoint, it is an accident and it is tragic. From our standpoint, these people wanted excitement and if they want excitement, they got it. Why do people continue to live in that which you call, California and watch their houses slide down and break all to pieces? They deny it in the physical, but it’s the excitement. This is why they continue to live there and build there and let their houses get smashed up by mud. It is no different; you look for excitement in different ways. It is no different than the peoples that go up and jump out of airplanes. Some people say, ‘oh, I’d be scared to do that’, the other people want the excitement – they want the ‘rush’.

They want that excitement; to jump out of a plane is their excitement. To go down a hill on skis, lickety split, excitement. Other people will put themselves in the path of a flood – excitement. Another person will live where there’s earthquakes – excitement. Other people will live where there’s mud slides – excitement. People will get in cars and go around in a circle a gillion times, as fast as the car will go – excitement. The people sitting and watching these cars go around and around and around, just like children with toys sitting on the floor and watching the little train go around the little track. The child… people will look at it and say, ‘isn’t that interesting how fascinated that child is with the train going around the track and its just a little circle’. And the child will sit there for hours and watch the train go around in a circle. To them its exciting, because its movement.

Hundreds of people will sit up and watch automobiles go lickety split around in a circle. Around and around and around and around and scream and holler. Its the same as the child only these children are grown up so they’re bigger and instead of the train, which is out dated now, they have cars. And they watch them go around in a circle. From our standpoint, the little child with the train and the people sitting and watching the cars going around on the circle is no different. So why do you do things for – excitement. Next question.

JOHN: And his final question is… “How is action based on intuition Different from action based in reason ?”

DATRE: Well, here we go with consciousness again and splitting it all up in pieces. Again we will say simplistically, if you are an OBSERVER you will take ‘action’. If you’re not, you will ‘react’. People think being and OBSERVER is a ‘simple’ process. And yet, from those that have begun to be OBSERVERS the letters received by John and Aona are magnificent, in that, when people find out what ‘observing’ is all about that are so surprised by how their ‘life’ changes – because it does change.

It doesn’t matter what label you put on anything as to your actions and reactions. But ‘reaction’ comes from ‘not’ paying attention. When you become an OBSERVER, you take the information you are viewing and make decisions from ‘that’ point. That has nothing to do with ‘reasoning’, it has nothing to do with ‘intuition’, it has to do with OBSERVATION. Then when you begin to work from the standpoint of OBSERVATION, you don’t ‘think’ about what you’re doing, because your action comes from OBSERVATION not the intellect. So, is that the last question? (yes) We will leave you now.

We are Datre.

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Datre 097 – Bad experience is where you learn

Datre answers Wanda and Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Wanda and her first comment and question is… “Datre has mentioned that in our death process we must be able to maintain our awareness in order not to drop everything that we have learned during the life just completed. There are a couple of issues here which I would like “them’ to comment on. The first is maintaining our awareness or consciousness during the process of dying and why it is so important to do so?”

DATRE: Well, you see what the standpoint that I was talking from at the time that particular transcript was made, I was speaking of those individuals that are in the ‘dead zone’ that the only way they can maintain their existence is to take energy from those that come across from that, which you call, from the living to the ‘dead zone’. It is nothing more than a transition of that which you are. In other words, ‘you’ are still ‘you’ when you’re sleeping. You’re ‘you’ when you’re awake. And ‘you’ are ‘you’ when you are dead. But the thing that happens is that when you ‘die’ you have a certain ‘vibratory’ construct.

Then this business of wanting to take away all your ‘sins’ and you say, ‘oh yes, take away all my sins, I don’t want them, I don’t want them’. What are your ‘sins’? Your ‘sins’ are what you call, your “bad experiences”. Now, you will say, ‘well I’m ashamed of some of the things I have done’ – why? Why should you be ashamed of anything you do if you understand ‘why’ you’re doing it? You may not at the ‘time’ understand why you’re doing it but in what you call ‘retrospect’ you can look back and see ‘why’ you created that experience for yourself. There was something you wanted to learn.

You know, the Indian’s have a saying, ‘you need to walk a mile in the other persons moccasins to understand’. Now, if you’re going to be understanding of people and situations, which is all you have in this life experience you have the two things ‘basically’ that are important and if you don’t experience them – how are you going to understand another person who ‘has’ experienced them or ‘is’ experiencing them?

This is what your ‘support’ groups are all about. Its people who have had an experience similar to what ‘you’ are experiencing at the present – they say, ‘I will help you because I have had a similar experience’. Be it an ‘illness’ of the body or being the loss of a family member or be it some type of whatever, they have ‘support’ groups. The people in ‘support’ groups are the people that have had that experience.

Now, the person that, shall we say, tough’s it out on their own, and does not go for help, is the one that says, ‘I will do it myself’. Then in doing it yourself, you may not understand at the time – but to look back and ‘see’ then you will understand. If you are looking at that experience, instead of ‘wooo is me’, look at it as, ‘what did I learn from that?’.

Okay, now that is the ‘life’ stage. If you have something that you call a ‘sin’ – a ‘sin’ is an experience, that you label a ‘bad’ experience. But, when you become aware of what’s going on, what is the difference between a ‘good’ experience and a ‘bad’ experience? It’s a ‘learning’ process. You don’t want to look at the ‘bad’ ones, and yet, the ‘bad’ ones are where you learn. So what you’re doing, if you give away your ‘sins’ in the ‘dead zone’, you are giving away the most ‘valuable’ portion of your life existence. That is why we say it is ‘important’ for to ‘savor’ all of those. And as you get a little bit older and have more experiences and more understanding, you will see that who you are today is a result of who you ‘were’.

The man said ‘bankruptcy’ at one time was a dreaded word, because they had done something ‘bad’. They had gone ‘broke’ and they had owed people money and it was a ‘bad’ experience. Yet, those people that pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, many of them became millionaires, because they had learned from that experience. Now remember, you’re the ones that are learning from your experiences. So what difference does it matter what someone else says? It doesn’t matter. Somebody will say, ‘well, he’s a crook’. All right, so what does that do? It doesn’t do anything. It allows one person to vent their anger. But, you as the individual – if you’re the crook – then why are you the crook? Examine it, figure out why. We have said many times, ‘there’s no such thing as an accident’. And yet you turn on that TV set and you turn on that radio and there’s an accident here and there’s an accident there and there’s an accident someplace else. They’re not accidents, they’re incidences for you to learn by. And if you can calm yourself down enough, in an accident, to look at it as an incident you have learned a great deal.

Now, if you maintain this particular life experience when you “die” and go into the ‘dead zone’, and don’t give it away, don’t give your energy, your grandest experiences away to anyone else. Keep them, because then you have something to ‘build’ on for your next experience. Okay, number two.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “The second is not dropping everything. By this I think it means to retain all those experiences in full awareness because the knowledge gained needs to be added to the sum total of what is out in the big universe.”

DATRE: No, that has nothing to do with the big universe. That only has to do with ‘you’ as an individual expression. It has nothing to do with the universe, what-so-ever. The most important thing is you don’t affect the universe in any way, shape or form. The only thing a physical expression, be it living or dead whichever, the only thing that it affects is ‘you’. You’re very much alone. Although you surround yourself with all kinds of people. Why? For experience. Then when you become ‘aware’ of what you’re doing and ‘why’ you’re doing it, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

You can affect other people. But ‘only’ if another person wishes to be affected by you. You cannot affect anyone if they don’t ‘want’ to be – its very simple. If a person wants to be affected by you – fine. But, what are they learning and what are ‘you’ learning? You see it’s a very ‘singular’ thing. And it will be ‘singular’ always – always, always, always. You think ‘this’ is singular, wait until you get out in the universe. That’s why so few are going to be able to go out there, because you don’t understand what ‘singular’ is all about; you have no idea what ‘singular’ is all about.

So, learn here as much as you can about being ‘singular’. It is not an easy lesson, because everything is ‘other’ person oriented. But in ‘other’ person orientation, learn what you need to learn. But how you affect the universe, you don’t – not until you’re there. All right continue.


JOHN: Okay, now we have some questions from Kevin, and his first question is… “Datre says no one at present is working off the MIND in the BUBBLE, because we have not developed the necessary facilities within our physical brain to work from the MIND. Does this also include Masters? If so, then how are Masters able to avoid working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS without this facility?”

DATRE: MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and Masters is… as we have said before, a Master ‘learns’ living in physicality. Many Masters gain their information and work from information from the ‘dead zone’. But, it’s because they know ‘how’ to work with the ‘dead zone’ and know how to get what they want from the ‘dead zone’. Now, playing in the ‘dead zone’ is not an easy situation. In other words, you need to ‘know’ what you’re doing. Otherwise you’re going to pick-up as much junk up there as you do down here.

JOHN: That also applies… he was asking about MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that applies the same way.

DATRE: What do you mean?

JOHN: He asked about how do Masters avoid working with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS without the MIND faculty?

DATRE: Well they ‘do’ work with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but there again, they pick and choose. In other words, yes, just because we say MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, that is a ‘basic’ consciousness in an area, shall we say. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is broken up into small pieces as we have explained one time before. Your house, your neighbors, and extends and extends. So you have CONSCIOUSNESS… ‘Think’ CONSCIOUSNESS is what I’m talking about. Think CONSCIOUSNESS is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, a Master has begun to work more with that which we call THOUGHT. And when a Master begins to work with THOUGHT Master’s also do not rely on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS for their ‘thinking’ process. They expand that and they go, shall we say, into other realities. But they know ‘how’ because they have been ‘taught’ how to work with ‘other’ realities.

Now, there are Masters who have never had ‘teachers’ and we call them Masters. Then you’d say, ‘well I never heard of that person as a Master’. No, because they’re not written about in books. But they function entirely different. There are those that are Masters that have been on this planet for hundreds of years. ‘Well how do they do that?’. Simply because, they don’t stay in one place.

You know, there are those that move around continuously. And were some individuals to see these Masters in say 50 years later, that would make the Master in his 100’s, they’d be shocked, because that Master would still look like he was in his 40’s or ‘she’ would still look in her 40’s, because they would maintain that image. They maintain that HOLOGRAPHIC image – they do what they want to do in a specific area, for a specific purpose and then move on. You will see them “leave town” and they will go someplace else. Then because they are ‘strangers’ in another location, they still maintain their ‘original’ identity.

You see, when you work in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS construct, you work in an area that say’s, ‘I have to get old’. Why do I have to get old? Because if I stayed 40 and my children are 50, how can I maintain 40 if they’re 50? You see, you have set-up an ‘ageing process within the physical construct.

Alright, these Masters that do not maintain a family life, in any way, shape or form, because that is not what they’re interested in doing, they will go from place to place. They are very much wanderers. They will go from one place to another place, experience talking to people, get to know people, interact with people, then one day they’ll say, well I’m leaving now’. ‘Well where are you going?’ ‘Well, I’m a little undecided’. You will never see that individual again. But you see those are really another form of Master. They’re not working off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. They have learned to maintain a totally different type of existence. And you know why?

Because they ‘know’ they’re a HOLOGRAM and being a HOLOGRAM, they cam manipulate the HOLOGRAM as they so wish. That’s a true Master also.

So you see, the Masters that you’re familiar with are those that have names and are in the ‘dead zone’. But realize, there are more than ‘one’ kind of Master. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “Datre recently said, “The ‘stretched moment’ exists because the BIRTH took place and no one took a body with them”. Up until then the BIRTH was being referred to in future tense. Apparently I missed something. Could Datre expound on this?”

DATRE: Yes, there has been a BIRTH. From the standpoint of Aona as one that we know, we know of ‘others’ but because you’re familiar with the name Aona we will use that one. Aona experienced the BIRTH – she knew something had happened. And by finding out that there were ‘others’ that had that same experience at the same time, and then found out that there actually ‘was’ a BIRTH they experienced it but they did not take the body with them. This was approximately 1989-1990, something like that, John say’s.

You see, ‘that’ is the prize – is the body. Now, you’ll say, ‘well how can I take the physical body with me?’ No you can’t take the physical body with you, because the physical body, this ‘substance’ the ‘particles’ have to stay here on the planet. But the HOLOGRAPHIC image was not maintained, because the BIRTH happened quickly and there was, shall we say, those that experienced it were not aware that it was going to happen. They ‘knew’ it was going to happen, but they had no idea ‘when’ it was going to happen. But when they “started comparing notes with others” the experience was the same. But it was only a short span of something very ‘unique’. But they did not bring back the memory. But when they were asked, ‘did you take part in the BIRTH?’. ‘Was that what that was?’ Yes, that’s what that was. Then in comparing notes with ‘others’ and then checking with Datre, they were told that there had been a BIRTH. But there such a few people that it was insignificant. So they all look at it as a ‘trial’ run.

But, the ‘actual’ BIRTH has not taken place. Now the ‘timing’ has had to be changed with everything else that is ‘timed’. There was, shall we say, a small opening that the ‘timing’ was right. It is like an atomic bomb sort of thing. You can’t have an atomic bomb explode, like the big one over in Japan, unless ‘everything’ is right. Contrary to what you ‘think’ you can do – you can’t. Because ‘everything has to be in complete synchronicity. And that lasts for a very short period of time. You can call it a window. That’s why atomic bombs will explode and they ‘won’t’ explode. Your government knows all about that, I’m not saying anything they don’t know about, because that’s how they can do it.

It is the same way when other thing happen, Universal ‘timing’ has to be right. This time it is going to be a window that will be open for a longer period of time. There are going to be more ‘events’ that are going to be leading up to it. More things that ‘you’ can visually see that will be happening in your skies. So, that is what that was all about. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s final question is… “My wife has recently experienced what some in the spiritual community refer to as a rude “Kundalini Awakening”. She has noticed a number of unusual symptoms such as heightened sensory/extra-sensory perception, strange physical sensations, compulsions, etc. which have left her very distressed. Does this sound like the work of New Wave Energies? Can Datre offer any additional “observations” that might be of help to her?”

DATRE: No, it has nothing to do with the New Wave Energies. It has something to do with, apparently, what she has pushed herself into. This ‘Kundalini’ business, as we’ve said before, is something you don’t play with. Your different groups that you get involved in, it periodically surfaces as a big deal. There are times when in the psychic community the talk is continuously about the Kundalini. That’s all you hear is, the kundalini, the kundalini, the kundalini. Then it will fade away and they will get off onto something else. Then cyclically it will come back up again and it’s a big number. The Kundalini is a type of electrical charge that goes through the body and changes the atomic resonance pattern in the body. Now when that happens the sensitivity level of the body is changed.

Now, what has happened from… I don’t know ‘exactly’ what happened to her, but the thing is that many times in that which you call the ‘meditative’ state you ‘push’ yourself into areas that are confusing to you. And they will set-off, shall we say, a different energy construct within your body. Let me say this, you have known people that have had something happen, say to a member of their family and they have gone into that which you call ‘shock’. Men that have been in wars have gone into ‘shock’. Something has happened that has so ‘dramatically’ affected them that their electrical system within the construct of the body has been changed. That’s why they call it ‘shock’.

Now, in many cases it takes a long time for those people to “recover”. You will not hear ‘shock’ victims talk about what happened to them – the experiences that they had, because they don’t want to re-experience them. Now, what could have happened and I do not ‘know’, but in groups that get together in meditation oftentimes things will happen to an individual. And it will change their vibratory construct. Now, remember one very important thing, “no one does it TO you”. She has done that for her own experience. She needs to realize that this is what she did.

The YOU that ‘you’ are is working with the physical construct and this is ‘how’ the physical construct is changed. Now that change took place for a ‘specific’ reason. I do not know the reason and no one else knows the reason. But, in what Aona calls, ‘re-wiring’, which we do in conjunction with her to bring in ‘specific’ energy constructs for her to be able to work with us, she goes through these periods. It has nothing to do with the Kundalini what-so-ever.

Now, the one piece of advice that I can give to you to give to that which you call your wife is, tell her to ‘relax’ its over, its done with. Then the sooner you do that and do not put a ‘label’ on the experiences that you’re having, one day they will be gone and you’ll wonder where they went. But because you keep it in the forefront, because you keep putting ‘names’ on it, it becomes ‘imbedded’ in your mind that that was something that was horrible, that these experiences are something I can’t handle.

Let me tell you one thing, when you say to an individual or even to yourself out loud, ‘I can’t handle this any more, I just can’t handle this’. What does the brain record? ‘I can’t handle this’. Now, how is it going to go away? How is it going to go away out of the body construct if you tell the body you can’t handle it? The body say’s, ‘okay you can’t handle it’. You’ll say, ‘I can’t afford that’. The brain records, ‘I can’t afford that’ therefore you can’t. You see what you do ‘constantly’? So what I’m saying is, relax and say, ‘oh, this is an interesting experience, this is like something I’ve never had before’. ‘Okay, now that’s over with’. You see what you’ve said? ‘It’s an interesting experience, I’ve never had that before and its over with’. So the mind say’s, ‘okay, its over with’. And the physical body will react accordingly. But it has to be done with ‘conviction’.

JOHN: A comment. Its my opinion that a number of these ‘kinds’ of events that people try to translate as being Kundalini are all too often a ‘stressing’ of the PSYCHE and the PSYCHE is reacting and may be ‘cracked’ from an experience. And you are translating ‘that’ as the Kundalini and it’s a totally different thing.

DATRE: Oh, it can very definitely be, it can very definitely be. And you see, that ‘pushing’ into meditation and ‘pushing’ to do this and ‘pushing’ to do that. That’s not where it’s at and we’ve said it again and again and again. Get out into the world and see what’s going on. This is your ‘lesson’; this is what you have to learn.

They say in meditation, ‘oh, go out there’. Number one, you’re ‘not’ prepared to go ‘out there’. Nothing is out there, because you don’t have a concept of what’s out there. You ‘know’ what’s here and that’s why you don’t like it. ‘I’m sick and tired of it’. Well, if you’re sick and tired of it, then you better change it. Put some ‘excitement’ into your life so that you will find the JOY of living – that’s what you’re here to learn. You’re here to learn physicality. If you hadn’t wanted to be in physicality you would have been someplace else doing something else. Don’t blame anyone else, its no one else’s fault. You’re here to experience.

You talk about experiences, we have come into this body at times when its been pretty scattered all over the place. Then it’s a little harder for us, because we have nothing to ‘draw’ from to be able to maintain it – except John. So you see, the maintenance of the body is between two individuals. And that is more of a challenge. So the thing is, in order to maintain stability, Aona needs to very ‘strongly’ pull herself together. If you find yourself in 4 different places in one room, that is a very difficult concept for most people to understand. Yet, we have been in the body when she has turned around and been 4 and watch her put it back together again.

So you see, there’s nothing to fear. Take the ‘fear’ out of any experience and it becomes an ‘experience’, instead of being ‘fear’ related. If Aona had been afraid, we would not be here. You would be getting nothing from Datre. So, tell your wife ‘do not be afraid’. Do not put ‘labels’ on anything they are experiencing. She is ‘experiencing’ different sensations within the physical construct. Watch your words. Watch what you say. When you say, ‘I can’t’ the brain registers – ‘I can’t’ – therefore you can’t.

There’s a saying that the ‘impossible’ takes a little longer, but it doesn’t say, ‘I can’t’. You ‘can’ do anything you want to do – if you persevere. It can be done. Someone say’s, ‘well I can’t paint’ – how long have you studied painting? You don’t pick-up a brush and be a Picasso – it’s training. Watching your words. Take away the ‘concept’ of ‘bad’ experience. That is a big, big number. We hope we have been helping you, we will leave you now.

We are Datre.

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Datre 096 – Be that Grand Observer

Datre answers Nola

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Nola and her first question is… “Is Nibiru (Stichen, The Twelfth Planet) the other bubble which has commingled with the Earth-Moon bubble. Or does Nibiru play some other role in the drama? The Inanna books channeled by VS Ferguson were very helpful in presenting a contrasting point-of-view. Any inputs on this subject?”

DATRE: Well, number one, you’re the ones that names all the planets. And we have told you before that there are more planets in your Solar System than you are aware of. As to commingling with others and all of this sort of thing, the only thing that you need to be concerned with is that you’re on planet Earth. And what other planets do or don’t do, it has no effect on you.

Now, you can say, “well the rays of this planet are involved with the rays of another planet”, but how do you know? Each planet, each Solar System, each whatever is out there in that which you call your sky, has it’s own individual “evolution”. Your planet has it’s own “evolution”. Your people on your planet have each your own individual “evolution”. There are more things “evolving” on “this” planet than any other planet – we can tell you that.

Now, are all planets inhabited? What do you call a planet and how do you know the difference when you look at spot out there in the sky – how do you know what it is? Is it a star? Is it a planet? Is it a nebula? Is it any of these other things – how do you know? You haven’t been there, you can’t go there. You can “speculate” you can make-up all kinds of stories about it. But who knows, who really knows? You can say all kinds of things about all sorts of things, but you don’t “know”.

You’re sitting on planet Earth, and this is what is important. Then as to these “other” names, I do not know. Those are names to us that are just names. We don’t know the names of everything in your Solar System. And does it really matter? Does it matter how many different “whatever’s” are in your Solar System? The only ones who it matters for are those people that are doing that type of research. And are “speculating” about it and having a great deal of fun with it by saying, “this is the way it works, and that’s the way it works”. Then the other group of people are saying, “no it can’t work that way, it has to work this way”. So there again, we have the “opposites”. Two schools of thought as to “how” your Solar System works. And really, what difference does it make? It is just something for you to work with and play with. But it really has nothing to do with your everyday existence – period. It has nothing to do with “you” as an individual, unless its something you’re interested in studying.

But then again we get back to the basics, the best “observation” and the best “observer” is “you”. So, as long as you’re on “this” planet, I think the best thing to do is “observe” and not get caught up in something that will not enrich your life in any particular way, unless your getting money for doing it. If that is the way you’re making your living – yes, yes then get involved in it. Otherwise, it is just a fun thing. It like reading books about the “past”.

There are many, many books about the “past” and how this planet was settled and all of this, and it is intriguing to many people. And the “future” is intriguing to many people. But the one thing that seems to be the hardest to get across, is “what about today, what about NOW?” Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I was reading Sheldon Niddle’s material, allegedly from the Galactic Federation and the Sirian Blue Lodge and I admit I was going along with the mass landing thing (based upon my ever-heightening feeling of imminent change and my long term longing for contact with a sane-culture) until two things jarred. First, I had an ever-growing certainty that I/we don’t need to be saved – that this is a natural and necessary Change. Second, they started pressing for us to do Rituals to assist the Change. So, my question for Datre is “What part does Ritual play in universal existence and in evolving into universal existence?””

DATRE: None whatsoever. We just did one not too long ago on that very fact. Ritual is like everything else; by the very word you can see that it is… it is “circular” from our standpoint of “brain” thinking. In other words, we keep changing how we tell you the “same” thing. We do that, because in changing, something will make a change in “your” thought patterns.

Now, you can take what you call a “prayer”, an “incantation”, whatever you want to call it and what happens with familiarity of that one thing? It becomes so familiar to you, that it doesn’t take very long for your brain to “automatically” produce the words. And here you are, saying this “prayer” and what are you doing? You’re thinking about what you’re going to do when you go home. What am I going to have for lunch, I’ve got people coming over this afternoon, I need something for a coffee break. And all the time the words are coming out as a “prayer”.

Now you can’t tell me, because we have “observed” people that are talking, talking, talking and they don’t know what they’re saying. This has come through “observation” through physical eyes. They’re “talking” but they’re not “registering” what they’re talking about.

So a “ritual” is a repetition. And a repetition of any kind is not any “evolution”. It’s the constant “change”; the constant “doing” that makes evolution. Someone made a statement recently that Aona laughed about and she said, “that is very true”. You see you’re going to be wondering how we know all these things. But everything that Aona reads and everything that Aona sees and reacts to is registered in her brain. Then when we come in, we just read the brain. So that is how we know these things. But she laughed at this statement and she said, “this is very, very true”. “You don’t get rid of a “sin” or anything else by sitting and “praying” about it. You’re in physicality to “do”.” Its “action”, not “re-action” that makes evolution. Evolution is “constantly” changing.

If you get up every single morning and put on your “right” slipper and then put on your “left” slipper, then stand up. The next morning when you wake up, “change” it. Get out of bed and put on the “left” slipper and then put on the “right” slipper. If you are in the habit of doing certain things in certain ways and certain times – change it. Change begins with the individual and it begins with very minute things. Because, what you’re doing is, you’re “teaching” the brain. You have gotten into such a habit of putting information onto a computer disk and sticking into the machine and making it do the same thing every time, that you do the same thing with the brain. How do you think they figured out how to make a computer? They followed the brain patterning’s. That’s what you do, and every morning you get up you take your same computer disk and put it in, and people get to work and wonder how they got there. Because they have done exactly the same thing for so many years – change it. Changes begin at the very, very minute level. Continue.

JOHN: And her next comment or question is… “Druvalo Melchizedek teaches Sacred geometry and the Mer-Ka-Ba. He also states that the Sun no longer has any magnetic field, based on data that there is no detectable difference between the North and South poles; that the Sun is no longer fueled by hydrogen, but is fueled now by helium, producing a different light. Comments?”

DATRE: Well there’s a word that we do not think is adequate in the explanation, and those are the words “fueled by”. Your Sun is not “fueled” by anything. What you see from the Sun is not fuel, it is “not” a gas – it is ENERGY. That is what the Sun is reflecting to you is ENERGY. You see it as a “color” that is what the human eye detects as color. ENERGY at that intensity has what you perceive as a “color”. You perceive it as a “color” because as it comes through the BUBBLE as an energy “wave” and it is perceived as a “color”.

If you could not see color, how would you know it was hydrogen? How would you know its nitrogen? How would you know it was oxygen? How would you know it was anything else? What kind of an instrument have you got that you can put out there on the Sun and know what it is? You can speculate.

What are Sunspots? They will tell you all kinds of things about what Sunspots are, but Sunspots are “bursts” of ENERGY, perceived by the human eye as “color”. You see what an interesting thing it is that you have going with your physical body? How fascinating a physical body is to explore and to focus through for your experience? It is fascinating. It’s the only time that we can perceive any of these things, is when we’re inside a physical containment. But, when we leave the physical containment, we have only “perception”. And in perception, we “know” what the Sun is, just like we know what all these “other” specks in your sky are. You are speculating from the point of physicality. And eyes are fantastic, because they “perceive” that which you call “color”.

But, you cannot “perceive” as we “perceive”, we “perceive” ENERGY. And you have not the capacity of either the physical construct or instruments to “perceive” RAW ENERGY. That is why your physical containment has been developed to this point.

So as to the Sun, it can be anything you want to “speculate” on. Because everyone’s guess is as good as the other. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question or comment is… “Scientists have observed a blue glow around the Milky Way. What is the nature and meaning of this? Does it relate to the blue cosmic rays detected coming toward us from unknown sources in between galaxies?”

DATRE: How come you can perceive blue rays? Have not the blue rays always been there? How do you know they haven’t been? You have telescopes now that can see further than they could ever “see before” in that which you consider your recent existence. You can see further and you can speculate more, but how do you know that hasn’t always been there? Or is it just because NOW you have the instruments that you can see it?

You see, from our standpoint it looks entirely different. So think on these things. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question or comment is… “Are the entities which comprise Datre the same sort of entities which have emitted the Life Sparks that we are?”

DATRE: No! Definitely not! We are of the Universe. In Universal understanding, we are BIRTHED to do what we do. We each are in a mode of constant DOing. We have said before that you could not exist in our existence, because everything that we – to use “your” terms – think, is “immediately” done. You cannot exist on that principle. You have slowed things down for your perception in physicality. That is why physicality is so fascinating to us, because it is so slow. And it gives you an opportunity to slow things down so that you can have a physical “interaction” with other masses. Be it a house, a boat, a car, whatever. So you have a unique opportunity of focus. That is what physicality is all about – it’s a “different” focus.

Each one of us in the Universe has a different focus. But our focus encompasses so much more than what you think of, because the focus is wherever we want to be. Where as “you” chose to focus in a very narrow band of experience. And yet, when all of that which comprises “you” is put together, it is something that is truly “magnificent” and “you” are a part of it. AND, you have the “opportunity” to be the whole “ballgame” and pick it ALL up. Because, one “will” pick it ALL up – whoever that “one” will be.

And “you” can pick up, not only “this” life experience, but also ALL other life experiences that “you” have focused in. Because “you” have focused in many, and ARE focusing in many. That is why we have said, when you get to the point that you can, “knowingly” focus within “two” existences and “know” that you are focusing in “two” existences, you will be making “great” strides. Because that is “possible” and for some, this will truly be an experience upon “this” planet.

It is like everything else, let us take and narrow it down to something that Aona and John are very interested in and that is the Olympics. This has only been, what you call, a short span between, what you call, your last one and this one, which is a certain number of years. And just to go back, just probably four times back, and look at that which they show on the television as to how it used to be in that which you call “speed skating”, look at the “time” differentials. Look at the difference in the equipment that is being used for skates. Look at the difference in the equipment that is being used for skis and the difference in the “times”. Look at the difference that is taking place with those that are jumping on the figure skates and those that used to jump on figure skates. Look at the “evolution” in just that short a period of time of humanity and technology. You can see, there is “evolution”.

Now, “evolution” is something to watch. This is what “we” do with you upon your planet. We watch your “evolution”, but because our focus is different than yours, we can go through and watch, not only the “single” individual, and watch the focus of that which is called Aona, but also watch the focus of “all” your “time” spans and “all” those that have experienced those “time” spans – and watch that “whole” thing evolving NOW. Now that is very different, because you see, our focus is spread – we can see “all” of that. Your focus is singular. And this is where it’s at, because this is the time of fantastic “evolution”. Be that GRAND “observer”. Watch the “evolution”. And in watching the “evolution” then you become “part” of it, because you will be changing your “focus”. Instead of having it “scattered” all over, you’ll be pinpointing it. Then in “pinpointing” it and becoming the GRAND “observer”, you can make changes within that which “you” perceive, which will change your whole existence. Then, instead of waking up and dreading the day that you are going to be in existence, you will look forward with great anticipation. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 095 – Datre On Animal Disease

Datre on animal disease

DATRE: When Aona received this email from a dear friend she read it over and her comment was, “I think maybe many peoples have wondered about these things, so perhaps Datre would like to answer the whole group on these questions.” So John, you read the questions and we’ll answer.

JOHN: Okay, first question… “Have animals always had “human” illness and diseases from the beginning of time or is there something else going on?”

DATRE: Well, we can tell you that what is happening to animals is the same thing that is happening to ALL animals on your planet. Now, number one, your physical components, are Earth substance. In other words, that which makes your HOLOGRAM to the point of being able to “see” it must have MASS. The MASS that is used to fill the HOLOGRAM is from the planet Earth – that is “particle” substance. Particle substance that is picked up to put into the HOLOGRAM is from your planet Earth.

Now, when an animal dies and humans die, their “particles” go back into Earth substance. So, you can say that from picking up Earth “substance” or “particles” to fill the HOLOGRAM you have picked up part animal and part human. Then you pick up other substances from your plants and trees. So that is what the “particles” that are used to fill the HOLOGRAM so that you can have a body that you can function in.

The HOLOGRAM is “energy waves”. And you can’t “see” an energy wave, because that which you call eyes, can not “see” energy waves to that extent, so stuff it with “particles”. And the “particles” that you use are from the Earth, animals and plants and trees and that sort of thing – that’s your “particles”. So now we have a human being that we can see – okay?

Now, as to disease, where would it come from? Separate the word and look at it – dis-ease. You have seen that written many, many times and said, “oh yes, I understand that” – okay? Now, who has dis-ease? Humans! An animal does not function from that standpoint. An animal, basically, from what we have observed, an animal works from that which you call instinct. We call it “action” and “reaction”. Those are basics for an animal, that’s where they function from.

Now, you have a BUBBLE that your planet Earth is surrounded by. That contains all the information that you could ever possibly use in any way, shape, manner or form, to draw from. The animal has another form for drawing information for their existence. That you can call a “cat” BUBBLE, a “dog” BUBBLE, an “elephant” BUBBLE and that sort of thing if you want to. But it is a “collective” mind or group mind sort of existence. Or group “brain” sort of existence. This is what the animals as individual groups draw from. And that is what is called their “instinct” – this is the way they function. They learn from… a mother cat teaches a baby cat.

But there is also that which when the mother cat dies, that information is maintained in what we’re calling the “cat” BUBBLE. This is what they function from. This is why the animals, when they die, they go into that which you call your Earth. Then when the people die, they go into what is called the Earth. Then, when Earth substance is picked up out of that which you call your dirt, your ground, how do you “know” what’s in the dirt that you’re picking up in the “particles”? I know this sounds very, like someone would say, “it sounds icky that we’re made out of that kind of stuff”, but you need to get your “particles” from someplace. And that is exactly what you do.

How do you know how much “cat”, how much “dog”, how much “elephant”, how much “snake”, how much anything of that, how much of your “ancestors” that have been buried in ground in different places, at different times in their existence’s? If you were to stop and think of it, peoples have existed, in HOLOGRAPHIC form and in “particle” form, on this singular planet, for a lot longer than any of your testing will ever be able to figure out.

In your back yard, how many thousands of “particles” have been used by “others” in that which you would call a previous existence? And have been buried and their remains have gone back into that which you call Earth substance along with multitudes of animals?

So you see where the animals get their dis-ease from? They get it from “you”. Because, you’re the only one that knows dis-ease and that is in the human form. Dis-ease does not exist in an animal form, unless picked up through that which you call your dirt. Plants don’t have dis-ease. They’re dis-eased by different things from your dirt. But that is a different “kind” of dis-ease. It is a “reaction” of the plant “to” something that is in your dirt. But, your dis-ease is an “emotional” functioning. And that is carried in the “particles” as we have said before, that “everything” contains CONSCIOUSNESS. And regardless of how fine a piece of dirt is or how fine a blade of grass is or anything else, a stone, a tree, whatever, it “all” contains CONSCIOUSNESS. And CONSCIOUSNESS “is”, but it also contains – in the particles – other elements that change that little grain of sand. That little grain of sand “changes” as it comes in contact with other “particle” components.

Then you see, basically, those that have lived in physicality have been in a state of dis-ease ever since they were “originally” created. Fear and unhappiness and all of these things have existed in the physical form since the beginning. It has never been to the point that “humans” have “enjoyed” physicality. And yet, as many times as we have said, “you no longer need to experience physicality, we can do away with the whole thing”, the cry goes out, “no, just a little bit longer”. You enjoy the challenge and you do not want to give it up. So we let you continue and we watch you. Anyway, we may have gotten off the track, but go on to number two.

JOHN: Okay, and the next question is… “I know we probably shouldn’t keep pets because perhaps it is not in their best interests but I always thought “animal reality” was much more connected to nature than say, humans which would allow them to avoid our diseases. Are animals “bonding” with us neurotic humans more and more and so taking on our diseases or has it always been this way?”

DATRE: It always has been to a certain degree. But you see, you’re animals, and I’m going to narrow it down to three things because these are the three that… maybe put in a fourth one. But specifically, your cats and dogs, your birds and fish, are four things that you take into your home more than any other form of animal existence.

Now, not so many people have fish and birds so we will eliminate those two, because more people have cats and dogs than anything else. So we’ll talk about cats and dogs. Now, when a cat is born, a dog is born, they’re cute little critters. Anything small is intriguing. So, you take a cat when it is a baby and you want a cat or you want a dog that is a baby. You take them home and you put them in your house and you treat them like one of the family. It no longer has communication with other dogs or other cats. It lives with you in your apartments, in your houses or where ever you happen to be. That animal is separated from its “normal” existence.

Now, as a human, turn it around the other way. If you as a human were taken as a baby and put into a totally different environment than what your physicality is set-up to function with, can you imagine what a “different” existence you would have? You would go through all the emotions of that which you call puberty with no one to relate to. How does this – whoever took you – relate to you growing up? They watch you, but there’s no communication. They blabber something to you and they give you something to eat or they give you some clothes to put on or they take you for a walk or something like that. But they don’t understand you and you don’t understand them except for basic needs. That is what you do with animals.

The cat is very intelligent and adapts. The dog is very intelligent and adapts. But, the needs of the cat and the needs of the dog, living out with the rest of the cats and dogs, and living in a house with you, is an entirely different existence. So you see what happens is, if that cat or that dog has always with you and as you communicate with other individuals and the topic of conversation – which seems to be a big one on TV and every conversation you seem to listen to – is how “sick” people are.

My goodness, you watch television, like Aona and John watching the Olympics, and you have all these commercials all the time and you watch anything or you listen to anyone and what is the big conversation? Its pills and doctors and operations and death. And that comes along with the weather. Now can you see from our standpoint, when we get into Aona’s body, how un-interesting those few comments are? But that animal is brought up in all the pills. The minute the dog or cat gets sick you take them to the vet. First thing, what’s wrong? Take them to the vet. Then the minute you start with that then you’ve got shots, you’ve got pills, you’ve got all this other stuff. And you are force feeding an animal into a “human” existence, because you’re treating the animal as if it were another person – it is your baby. You become so attached to them that when one dies, it’s like losing a child from the family. And do you know “why” you become so attached to the animal? For two reasons.

Number one, an animal that is living in your home relies on you for their existence. You don’t let your cat go outdoors and kill a mouse and eat it. My goodness, that would be terrible. The cat needs to be fed; the dog needs to be fed. They need to be taken out doors, they need to be brought indoors, they need to go for a ride, they need this they need that. That puts you in the position of “taking care of”. Why do people like babies so much? Because they like to take care of them. After they get a little older and get a little spunkier its not so much fun. But the dog or cat becomes more docile the longer you have them, because they fit into the family. The cat or the dog lays down to sleep and in their sleep, they can go anyplace they want to. So a lot of times they’d rather sleep than be in a non excitant family that’s reading or watching television – they’ll go to sleep. They would rather be out in their own thought patterns with their own type.

So from our standpoint, we see things a great deal different. Now that does not mean that you should not have pets, I’m not saying that. That is up to you, that is your desire. The other reason that you like the animals so well is they give you undivided attention and love. People say, “I love you” and wait for the other person to say, “I love you too”. Now, the person that says, “I love you” and does not care if you say, “I love you” back or not, is a person who knows “who” they are. They’re very comfortable in saying, “I love you”. Whether the person love’s them back or not does not matter to them. But that is a very unusual situation, that’s a MASTER. And it’s not an “intellectual” thing either. You see, these words when they’re “intellectual”, do not mean a great deal. But when it begins to “click” and you get the “feeling” then things are going to start to happen.

So those are the two reasons that we can see basically that you want to and have the love of animals. Because you can take care of them and they love you “unconditionally”, where other people always have strings.

JOHN: And the final comment and question is… “If disease is a manifestation of “unharmonious” thinking why are animals getting sick in this way? Are they also thinking “unharmoniously” and why?”

DATRE: No, they’re not thinking unharmoniously. What they’re doing, they’re “reacting”… you’re their role model; you are their role model. If left to their mother, their mother would be their role model. But because they don’t have a cat mother or a dog mother, you become their mother, so they relate to you. But they do not know this other. Their dis-ease is what they’re picking up from what you call your dirt. And it is not only the cats and the dogs that are getting sick. Your animals are sick, all over the planet. That’s why this planet needs to be gotten off of to be cleaned up. Because it has been used for so long that a change needs to take place.

They’re also, when they’re putting their little bodies together, they’re picking up dirt from many places. You think that just because nuclear waste is stored in one place that your backyard doesn’t have it. You don’t know what’s in your backyard – you have no idea. How many centuries of individuals have lived on that very dirt?

You don’t have any idea how many changes this planet has made. With land and oceans, oceans and land. You’ll say, “well this is a desert and its… this is barren ground and no one has lived here but the Indians”. Oh, really? Stop and think of what a foolish statement that is. How far back do you know? Not very far.

Do not be concerned that you should not have animals. This is a part of the evolution of you and a part of the experiences of the animals. So, if you want to have animals, fine but understand where it’s coming from. Mother cat knows nothing about the veterinarian. She takes care of her own and if they die they die. She takes care of them the best that she can, from “her” standpoint that is the best she can do.

You take a baby kitty and put it in your house and it gets sick and the first thing you do is introduce it to “your” doctors and let them take care of them. So you see, it’s an entirely different thing. In many countries, many, many centuries ago, the animals were free. People did not have what you call house pets. They were animals. Trees were trees. Water was water. But now it’s such a mish mash nobody knows what anything is. The water is polluted, the ground is polluted, the air is polluted and everything is all mixed up.

So you can see, were just getting back to what we were just talking about in another transcript, and that is the BIRTH. Can you see now another reason why the BIRTH is necessary? And “who” is going to evolve you to get off of this planet? Because there is no such thing as “ascension” any more. And was there ever?

We are Datre.

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