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Law of Attraction: A Non-Linear Paradigm Poorly Understood by Mainstream Science

While thinking purely on terms of external, material existence, the idea of a single, universal consciousness that links the entire universe together into a great “Oneness” or “Wholeness” is often repelled as being too foreign a concept. However, all the great religions throughout the history of humanity have taught the reality or existence of a Supreme Being. Therefore there is some familiarity with this concept of a universal power or force such as the “Law of Attraction” already present in conventional thinking, yet this concept is often quite limited and quite distorted by all manner of religious dogmatic restraints while often being completely rejected by modern materialistic science.

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Datre 101 – Your Chakras and your aura are not so important

The color of your aura, how big it is or how small it is or what the charka’s are doing and all of that stuff, is really of no great importance. The important thing now for you to learn is, to bring in more of that which is ‘you’ and get to ‘know’ you. Get to understand, what you are trying to ‘teach’ yourself.

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Datre 100 – The New Age Belief System

Change your life, not someone else’s. You don’t have to live a life of tragedy so that someone needs to save you. Or to organize your life or organize the planetary situations. Today is the only day you can live anyway.

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Datre 099 – Does homosexuality signify anything?

What does homosexuality signify? Wanting to do something different. Wanting to experience something different. That’s what its all about. Its experimentation – nothing more, nothing less. It is up to you, that is why you have been given free will. You have been given free will within this BUBBLE to do what you want to do. So if you want to be male, you can be male. If you want to be female, you can be female – fine. It is those in ‘humanity’ that have put a label on it, good/bad.

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Datre 098 – There is ONLY YOU! you are living singularly

In becoming an OBSERVER you take ‘action’. If you ‘judge’, you are REACTING. Being a judgmental individual is a ‘reactionary’ individual. In being an OBSERVER, you can have ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ without being ‘judgmental’. ‘I like this, I don’t like that’, that is your prerogative. But by being ‘judgmental’, you’re being ‘reactionary’ and an OBSERVER takes ‘action’ if action is required or wanted.

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Datre 097 – Bad experience is where you learn

You see, when you work in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS construct, you work in an area that say’s, ‘I have to get old’. Why do I have to get old? Because if I stayed 40 and my children are 50, how can I maintain 40 if they’re 50? You see, you have set-up an ‘ageing process within the physical construct.

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Datre 096 – Be that Grand Observer

Be that GRAND “observer”. Watch the “evolution”. And in watching the “evolution” then you become “part” of it, because you will be changing your “focus”. Instead of having it “scattered” all over, you’ll be pinpointing it. Then in “pinpointing” it and becoming the GRAND “observer”, you can make changes within that which “you” perceive, which will change your whole existence.

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Datre 095 – Datre On Animal Disease

Now, when an animal dies and humans die, their “particles” go back into Earth substance. So, you can say that from picking up Earth “substance” or “particles” to fill the HOLOGRAM you have picked up part animal and part human. Then you pick up other substances from your plants and trees.

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