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Archive | June, 2011

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Datre 093 – You REAL reality is in your dream state

A MASTER is not one who sits home on his thumbs. A MASTER is out in the work place. A MASTER is working. A MASTER is experiencing. A MASTER is doing his or her thing the way he or she wants to do it – regardless what anyone else tells them to do. And these people will all tell them how to do this, do that, do it this way, do it that way and he listens to all of them and does not reject them

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Datre 092 – What Datre is here for ?

We are able to “observe” the actions and reactions of other individuals in a store situation. Then, because we see things from a different standpoint than you do, we can see the peoples and the “disturbed” nature of peoples upon the planet. Also, we are able, being in a physical body, we’re able to pick-up vibrations that you are unaware of.

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Datre 091 – What is the reason for physical illness?

You see one of the difficulties that we constantly incur in the Datre material is this business of “separating” everything. Separating the “spirit”, separating the body, separating, separating, separating. When you begin to work as a “total”, when you work “with” the body as an instrument of “expression”, of “experience”, then it becomes a different world – entirely.

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Datre 090 – WORLD I

WORLD I will contain these people that are murderers, those that are “unscrupulous”, to use your words, in their way of getting ahead and making money any way they can. Also those that are completely content with life on this planet. Their God is in their heaven, He’s taking care of me; He will give me no more than I can handle and they’re living content in that framework. Those will ALL go to WORLD I

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Datre 089 – What Does It Really Mean To be An Observer

Let’s get to the word “observation”. You “look” and you “see”, the words to you are the same – look, see, observe. To you they all sound like they are exactly the same. In “looking” and in “seeing” there are two different perspectives. You can “look” at something and you can “see” something, but they are two “different” things. Ask anyone who has done extensive “look-out” duty on big ships, the difference between “looking” and “seeing” – there is a great deal of difference.

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Datre 088 – Your OWN Evolution

You put a “beginning” and an “end” on everything. That’s… when you invented “death” – because you were tired of ‘living’ – you locked yourself into a very “short” experience upon this planet.

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Datre 087- You and Your Planet are HOLOGRAPHIC

You have many different experiences within THIS universe. You have many REALITIES within this Universe. You see, you just don’t ‘pop’ off one Universe into another Universe. You can ‘pop’ off the planet. But this Universe contains multitudinous different experiences and expressions and evolutions.

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Datre 86 – No One That Is An Older Soul Than Another Soul

The thing is that the word “soul” is a nebulous term that man has contrived to explain physicality, non physicality, whatever. But, you may have had many, what you call, “reincarnations”. But how many over a thousand have you had? How many over two thousand have you had? How many over five thousand have you had? If anyone on the planet at the present time, in that which you call, the “living” physical construct, have any idea how many times and how many different physical experiences that they have had, they would be shocked out of their gee bobbins. They have no idea. Somebody say’s, ‘well, I’ve been here, ten – fifteen times’. You’ve been here ten – fifteen “thousand” times.

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