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Datre on group rituals.

DATRE: We had an interesting communication from an individual and we though that because it might be something that many may be experiencing we decided to make a comment about it for everyone. Okay, would you please read the first comment that I have marked?

JOHN: Okay… “In the last year or so, I have been bombarded with requests from various “spiritual” groups both on the net e-mail and via “snail mail” to participate in group meditations and rituals. And I suspect this activity will become even more frenetic as we near the end of this millennium. It seems to me that these well meaning people are trying to replace the orthodox religions with yet another “belief system”… replete with memorized invocations, rituals, etc.”

DATRE: Now, that is something you will begin to see more and more of. And why do you see more and more of it? Because, those people have no idea “who” they are. We have said it many, many, many times, when you “know” who you are, you can drop this MASS CONSCIOUSNESS business of helplessness.

You see the only reason they are asking you to be in the group to meditate and all these other things is because they don’t “know” who they are. We just finished a transcript on that which we call “helplessness”. A MASTER is not helpless. You see, “that” is what’s being missed in what is happening today, is that people are afraid to be “who” they are.

In other words, if you are in a group and everyone is doing the same thing, you feel comfortable, because you are surrounded with everything you feel comfortable with. And I don’t care “what” the organization is. It can be a group of people sitting around doing painting. They will get in rooms and all paint together. They will get in rooms and do different things, all together. Whether it’s painting, whether it’s stitching, whether it’s… anything that they’re doing, it’s that not wanting to be alone.

There is, probably one of the greatest fears that people have, is being alone. They don’t want to be alone. They want to be surrounded by someone or something all the time. Why do people congregate in big cities? Where everybody is so close together that you can’t sneeze unless the person next door hears you. Its that feeling of being where the “action” is. When you’re where the action is, you’re taking the focus off of “self”. You’re involved in all of this “action”. But you see those that want to know “who” they are could probably, once in a while, go into that “activity”. But then go into it with the thought in mind that, “I don’t want to get involved, I want to “observe” what’s happening”.

This business of having to be together and never being alone is one of the greatest fears that everyone has. And its, from our standpoint, such an “obvious” thing. Now, we realize, you need to be with people in the work place. That is essential, you need that, you have to have these other people to interact with and there is nothing wrong with that. But, in being in the work place, if you’re busy doing your own work, you’re getting your work done. Its not fooling around and wondering what the other person is doing or getting involved in what another person is doing. It is doing the work that is set in front of you. Then when you work under those situations, you’ll find that you’re through a lot faster than anyone else – because you’re “single” focused.

We’ve said many times, “you are alone”. And that is scary to many people, they’re frightened of that, because when you come into the world, you’re nurtured, you’re cuddled, you’re taken care of. There are people that all through their lives they have been nurtured and cuddled and taken care of, by family, by friends, by husbands, by wives and all through their lives there has been somebody there to take care of them. What have they learned? They have not learned a great deal because they have not been “bold” enough to be alone.

Becoming a MASTER is being “bold”. You have to be “bold” to be a MASTER, because you are going to look at things from an entirely different standpoint. You are not going to “react” to situations like MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does and this will set you apart, you will be different. But, it is “your” evolution and no one else’s and this is very important.

But, gathering together in groups to accomplish something, is “not” where it’s at. This is something that your humanity has done for eons of time. It’s always been, getting together in groups for whatever reason. And there is a great deal of joy in interaction with other individuals. But, with interaction with other individuals, are you “still” maintaining who you are? In the interaction with other individuals, if you are interacting from the “observer” mode, it is a great deal more enjoyable than flinging yourself in the midst of things and chatter, chatter, chatter, because then, you’re not interested in your “evolution”.

So the business of getting together in groups for whatever reason, a MASTER is not much interested in. Then they say, “well, who wants to go away all by themselves?” You don’t have to go away all by yourself. You can live a very “active” life, a very “interactive” life far grander than you have ever lived before. Continue.

JOHN: And the other comment is… “Well, it is certainly not my intention, but I have pretty much isolated myself from the “spiritual” community… although they persist in their efforts to convince me my “help” is needed. Every day my email has a plethora of posts asking me to participate in some global meditation or group ritual… this morning it was for mass ascension. Am I being selfish? I have no concern over “mass ascension”…. only my own.”

DATRE: That’s where it’s at! There is “not” going to be a “mass ascension”, we have said that time and time again, there’s going to be a BIRTH. And the BIRTH is going to be for everyone. Everyone is going someplace else. So why do you have to “pray” for it? What are you achieving by “praying” for something that is a “Universal” activity that is going to happen? This is “not” orchestrated by you in physicality sitting on this planet Earth. You have the whole thing upside down. This is “Universal” orchestration” there is “Universal” timing involved. And you can sit on your little planet and you can pray until you “die”, but it has “nothing” to do with what’s going to happen. This is “not” YOUR show to say, “this is going to happen”, “that’s going to happen”, something else is going to happen”. This is “Universal” timing.

The only show that you should be interested in is the show that you’re putting on – “your” play – for “your” evolution. If you do what you came into physicality to do, you will “write” your script, you will “play” out your play, in whatever manner you wish to do, and “you” will make the decision as to “where” you’re going to go. And I don’t care how many people “pray” for you or pray for anybody else, it is “not” going to matter. They have “nothing” to do with “your” evolution – absolutely NOTHING. And, when the BIRTH occurs, “you” will make the decision as to where you’ll go – if you know “who” you are. And not anyone in the Universe, not anyone in the whole group of Datre, any of the MASTERS that you have proclaimed from physicality, your family, your friends, NO ONE is going to tell you where you’re going to go – except “you”. No one else CAN. You don’t realize what a GRAND opportunity you have for learning. This is where you put your focus; this is where it’s at.

Now, this is something that has been, probably, always in whatever way you want to say it, it has been repeated in every language that you have on your planet, it has been repeated in different words, different phrases, but it has been said again and again and again throughout ALL of the physical existence and that is – OBSERVATION PRECEDES WISDOM. And that is a very, very potent sentence. ONLY THOSE WHO CAN OBSERVE CAN THEN LEARN. If you don’t begin to be an individual “observer”, how are you going to learn? Who’s going to tell you?

You’re writing your own script. You’re the one that is putting things in front of you. If your script says, “I want to read the Datre information”, then you will put yourself in a position to read the Datre material. If you want some “other” information, you will put yourself in a position to receive “other” information. And it is ALL up to you. You don’t realize what a “powerful” individual “you” are – you have no idea. If you begin to realize, that the “ball game” is “yours”. And realize, deep down inside, how “powerful” you really, really are, then theses sentences that have been said, “You are a god”, will begin to make sense to you. But until you hit that “realization”, you can walk around all day and blather and blather and say, “well, after all I’m a god”. That is intellectually “blathering”.

What you’re looking for is the “feeling”. And when you have the “feeling” that “you are a god”, then you don’t need to “blather” about it. Because, you are so busy “observing” not only what you are doing, but what everyone else is doing, and your life becomes enriched beyond measure.

And you can sit and meditate. And you can pray for world peace. And you can do ALL of these “other” things, if that is your desire. But, what does “world peace” do for you? What does it do to your everyday life? You in the United States, in particular, how does it effect what happens when you get up in the morning? Don’t you eat your food? Don’t you go to your work place? Don’t you take care of your families? Don’t you do all of these other things that you do everyday of the week?

The individual that is going to raise MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is “not” the one that’s sitting praying. It’s the one that’s “doing”. You must realize a very fundamental, this planet was “originally” set up as “opposites”, because “this” is what you wanted to experience. If you don’t have an “opposite”, how are you going to understand? The “opposites” are your learning. “Observe” – that is the big word. You “need” your “opposites” for this particular learning experience. This is what it is all about. Everything on your planet and everyone on your planet is working with “opposites”. You have “black” and you have “white” and you have “day” and you have “night”. You have those that are the “bullies” and you have those that are called the little “angels”.

The little goodie, goodie two shoes that never do anything wrong. And the “bullies” who are always beating up on the little goodie, goodie two shoes. It’s your “opposites”. But, you’re writing the script. And when you begin to “understand” and can look at the “bully” and the little goodie, goodie two shoes and see them fighting, it does not bother you. Because it’s “their” fight. This is what they’re experiencing. And, you can separate them. But neither one of them should get praise or neither one of them should get scolded – just separate them. That’s all there is to it, because those that have decided to be one, will be one, and those that have decided to be the other, will be the other. There’s “always” the “opposites”.

And why the concept that everybody has to be good? If everybody was good, what would you “learn” from? Where is your learning experience, if everybody walks around with a halo? You can’t learn from that, because that is “not” the way this is set up. And you can scream and holler and pray and fight and argue and all these other things about, “everybody should be “this way””, and it is not going to change things one bit. The only thing that is going to “change”, is going to be “you”.

And that’s what the BIRTH is all about. You’ve had enough of the “opposites”. “I want to get out of here, I want to get out of here”. Now, when you “understand” the “opposites”, and see from “your” observation and “your” reaction, then in “understanding” not only what you’re “observing”, but your “reaction” to the “observation”, and you’ve learned what this “physical life” is all about – then “you” can go. But no one can tell “who” is going to go where.

So, as far as the business of the groups getting together, that is “your” decision. But, in saying “no” – don’t let them put a guilt trip on you because you have said no. You see, that’s the other thing that MASS humanity does, if you don’t want to agree with them and go along with them, they’ll put a “guilt” trip on you. Then if you “accept” that guilt trip, then you have lost again. You do not have to be a “part” of anything. The only requirement, if you wish to “evolve”, is that “you” know “you” – the “only” requirement.

So, we wanted to comment on that because there has been so much on that lately and there always will be. Because, you see what is happening? They want to make it “all” the same. Or they want to make their group “special”. That is fine. But there again, if you want to “know” and “evolve”, it is NOT in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You live “in” it, but you don’t have to be a “part” of it. You can be an “observer” OF it.


We’re Datre.

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Datre 093 – You REAL reality is in your dream state

Datre answers Frank and Tage

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Frank and his first question is… “I continually read Datre saying, “KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE”. I get an inkling that to find out WHO I AM will be found in dreams, which Datre says is our “REAL” reality.”

DATRE: Now, your “real” reality is in that which you call your dream state, because that is where the contact is made to “all” that is in your BUBBLE. All the experiences are there. Anything that you want to experience in anyway shape or form. So, what happens is, you “dip” into that in the sleep state. But, because of you’re taking so much of that which you do in physicality into your “dream state”, you come back with a whole mixture of things. And “interpreting your dreams is “not” going to do it, because you come back with something that the “brain” understands.

In other words, you dip into different realities, you dip into different situations. Some you want to experience, some you “don’t” want to experience. This is what you do in your “dream state”. But, you can’t bring that back into physicality and make it work until you “know” what you’re doing. You come back with all kinds of things, which you “interpret”. But, when you get to the point that you’re living in physicality totally and completely in the “whole”, you’re not that interested in what’s going on in your dreams. Your “dream state” can be one framework and your physicality can be another. Because when you become, totally and completely, immersed in that which you call your physicality and enjoying your experiences or not enjoying your experiences to the fullest, but being “who” you are and playing your parts, the “dream” is not going to be that important, because you will bring that information in and you will “act” it out. So you don’t have to be “both” places.

All the information is in your BUBBLE, everything is there. Things that you have not even begun to touch the surface of. But, do not be concerned with your dreams. Be concerned with your “life” in physicality, in your “day time”, that you’re living; this is where your experiences is.

JOHN: I would think you would be concerned with your dreams to one degree only. Don’t bring “yesterdays” garbage “into” your sleep state and “confuse” the “dream” environment.

DATRE: That’s true. But the only thing that you confuse is “your self”. You’re not confusing anyone else. You’re only confusing yourself, because, what happens the next day when you brought through this “crazy” dream? You’re trying to figure it out. Now what is one of the things that you will do? You’ll ask somebody else about your dreams. You’ll go down and buy a book on dreams to interpret it. Now, how much of your day have you wasted, from our standpoint, of looking at the situation? How much of your day have you wasted, trying to figure out what happened in your dream? What reality did I go into? What was this all about? What did it signify? It is not important. It is not important. What is important is “you” begin to work “in” physicality with the physical body “you” choose to do what “you” wanted to do.

There again, were getting back to that same thing. You choose your parents. You choose them one of two ways, you either choose them from a point of “this is what I want to learn” or you choose them by default. But, those that choose them because they “knew” what they wanted to do are doing it. If chosen by “default” you’re just running around and not finding a place for yourself any place.

If you’re busy, doing what you want to do, without any interference that you accept, then you’re beginning to “know” who you are. Now, you will continually have people that will be giving you advice, because that’s MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, remember, “you” are the decision maker. You can listen, but then you do what “you” want to do and do not complain about the consequences of your actions. Because, that to, is unimportant to anyone else except “you”. And the consequences of your actions should be “observed” by you and in your “observation” you will learn. That is what it is all about – “that” is the journey. It is not in your dreams. It is not what someone else told you. It is what “you” learn and that is called “evolution”. You are “evolving” your “self” – evolution is singular. It’s not your friends, its not your relations, its not anyone – its “you”. In “observing” what is happening. “You” are the one that is “evolving”.

You take an athlete, and he will work and work and work, to hone a skill. He will do a jump again and again and again hour after hour after hour to hone a skill. He will throw a piece of equipment, hour, after hour, after hour. Then look at a television screen that shows him throwing something so that he can perfect his skill at throwing. Now, if you wish to evolve, that which you are, how much time are “you” going to spend “observing” situations and making decisions – all by yourself? That’s what a “master” does. He spends his waking hours, working on his own evolution. I hope this will help you – continue.

JOHN: Franks next question is… “What is the best way for one to learn or to see ‘Who I really am’? I know that I am more than my body….in my head. How do I move that to a real understanding….into my soul…my being?”

DATRE: Now, you know you’re more than your body, that was a statement you made, but, do not “separate” anything, because, without experiencing through your body you would miss one of the GRANDEST experiences in the Universe. You need to express in some way. You “choose” the expression of physicality. Now, the body, and you, work together. One of the difficulties many people have is the fact that they don’t like their body. They don’t like the bodies because its short or its tall or its thin or its fat or whatever you want to say about the body. I don’t like my hair. I don’t like the fact that my fingernails don’t grow, I’ve got little short fingernails, I wish I had long fingernails. The man says, “I wish I could grow a beard like so in so, because that’s the kind of beard I’d like to have”. Don’t become “obsessed” by the things you don’t like about your body.

A great deal of that comes from that which you call your television and peoples in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS are buying into it – it is a way of making money. You could achieve the same thing if you want to just go out in the back yard or go into a spare room of whatever all by yourself and exercise. But in order to get, what you call, “what you want”, you have to go into a room with all these sweaty smelly people. And wear some ridiculous costumes. Then look at yourself and say, “I wish I were like that”.

Your body is a vehicle for “expression”. That does not mean it has to be on stage. You walk in a big city and walk down a sidewalk, who’s going to pay any attention to you? The only time you have any attention paid to you, is when you “interact” with other people.

Now, they talk about first impressions – what is a first impression? Physical! That is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS first impression. Now, the man or woman who are beginning to know themselves and are secure in their own being, is not impressed by the “package” that you are coming in. They’re impressed by the way “you” are as far as speaking to them – what you’re saying. That is what they’re interested in. So, you put a great deal upon the body, the package you come in. But if you begin to work “with” the body instead of “fighting” the body, the body will change. That is one of the things that they’re beginning to understand – that the hatred of the body does nothing. They talk about losing weight; they talk about all these other things. Now, if by changing the body you can change your mind, and have a better feeling about yourself, that’s fine. But, isn’t it much easier to “accept” the package that you’re in and work from that point?

We keep hounding on that one word “observation”. How are you going to know about yourself, unless you “interact” with other people? Because the individuals that you “interact” with, are a “mirror” to you. They will show you different things about you. Then if you are a “grand” observer, you will see it. Then at that point, you will make the changes you wish to make.

In other words, let me give you an example. Jealousy is a big number, particularly in your United States, people are jealous of each other. Now, if someone is talking to you and they’re talking about what they want, that another person has, “oh, I want a house like so in so”, “oh, I wish I had so in so’s car”, and, “I don’t know why I can’t have a car like that”. You see what they’re showing you? If you’re an “observer” you’ll recognize, “well that’s what I feel”, “I would like a house like that”, “I would like a car like that”. Then immediately you’ll find out you’re experiencing the same thing that this other individual is saying. Then you’ll say, “I am a jealous person, because I want that to”. Instead of being satisfied with where you are.

Now, you don’t have to be jealous. You can “observe” that conversation and say, “That’s what I’d like to have too”, but then go out and do something about it, instead of continuing to be jealous about it. Jealous people are those people that are “inactive”. If you are busy trying to get what “you” want to get not because another person has it, but because “you” want it, you will find a way of getting it by working “for” it. Then you do not have to be jealous in your obtaining of it. There are signs out there for you all the time. The people that you interact with and draw “to” you are those that you wish to “learn” from.

Just like one we did just recently where the individual is making strides and does not recognize it. But, you see, you don’t “notice” and pay attention to what your “emotional” reactions are to situations. The minute you “do” notice that you’re reacting “emotionally” to situations, then you have made a step in the right direction.

Now, I don’t know if we got off the subject on that or not.

JOHN: Basically, you’ve been answering right along the same lines of what we’ve had on a few other occasions. How do I get to know “who” I am?

DATRE: That is the way. There again, we say, “be the observer”. Then when you begin to “observe” and begin to notice, that’s the difference. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS just goes on and on and on. They don’t “notice” what is happening. They notice superficially, but they don’t notice to make changes within themselves. Then when you “notice” that, that’s when you make the change – it becomes an automatic. When anyone sees the difference, the change has already begun to take place. The word “observation” is very difficult, because, until you begin to “recognize” then you will be able to see the difference. Once you’ve done it, then many things will just start taking place – guaranteed. Because, you will be looking at individuals and situations from a “different” standpoint. So, we hope that we have answered your question, we are Datre.


JOHN: Okay, now we have a question from Tage, and his question is… “May I be some of them (he’s referring back to MASTERS on the path and such as this) who will MAKE IT in this my lifetime? (The Ascension). That is my most important quest. All others fall in this one.”

DATRE: Well, number one; there will NOT be an ascension. So we can cross that out, we’ve said that many times. You’re not going to have any ascension. You “are” going to have a BIRTH, which means “everyone” goes. You’ll be going some place. As to you as an individual, as to where you’ll go, I don’t want to disturb you by putting it back in your lap, but you’re the only one that is going to know. No one else is going to know. No one else is going to be able to “tell” you where you’re going to go, because no one “knows”. It is “your” experience. It is “your” evolution, and someone cannot “tell” you where “you” are going. They have no idea, none whatsoever. So, what was that after the ascension part?

JOHN: He’s trying to find out if he is one of those that are enlightened enough to make it through this lifetime as the “final” lifetime. Basically, that’s what he’s asking.

DATRE: But read that last…

JOHN: “That is my most important quest.” in regards to ascension, that’s what it say’s.

DATRE: And what else?

JOHN: “All others fall in this one.”

DATRE: Alright, now, if you have read “ism’s” and “osophies” and many different things that have been written through that which you call time, there is one thing that will be constantly repeated, which many people ignore or do not recognize the significance of, “it is “not” the end result that counts, it is the journey”. That is “it”. The “journey” is what is important. It is “not” where you are going “after”.

If this “journey” is as enjoyable as it can be, you will have no “desire” to go any place else. When you can get to this point, when you can honestly and sincerely say within yourself, “well, if I decide to come back into physicality again, I will be perfectly satisfied.”. Do you realize what a statement that is? In other words, when you get to the point where you are perfectly content in the situations that you have set-up for “yourself”, then it does not matter “what” physicality you are in, whether you’re in the Big Universe, whether you’re in another form of expression, because you will find that the “journey”, the “experience”, is what was important. Its “not” tomorrow, tomorrow is “not” important. It is what you do with “today” that’s important, because “this” is where you’re at.

Now, your days can be as long or as short as you want them to be. Your days can be as full of catastrophe or as full of “pleasure” as you “want” them to be. You “forget”, “you” are the one that is writing the script. You’re the one that can “change” the play. If the audience didn’t react to the play as the writer wrote it, what does he do? He changes a scene here and changes a scene there.

Well, if you’re to the point of understanding that you’re writing the script, then why don’t you change it? People say, “well I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. That’s the easiest thing to say, “I can’t” or “its someone else’s fault”. Do you realize what those two words do? Those two phrases do to you? It throws you “immediately” back into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, quicker than you can blink an eye. You put yourself, by those two phrases, into “helplessness”.

A MASTER is not helpless. A MASTER stands on his own two feet, regardless of what anyone else in this world does, thinks or say’s. A MASTER “knows” him or her self. A MASTER accepts the challenges that he puts in front of him or her self. It not a willy nilly, sit by the side of the road and watch everybody else type of thing. It is getting into that which you call “living” and living it.

That is one of the things that people keep saying, “well, I want to do this and I want to do that and I want to do something else”. Have you ever thought, a MASTER does not say, “I want to”, a MASTER say’s, “I will”. “I will do that, I’m not going to sit and think about it, I’ll do it”. “I will accept the consequences of whatever I do, because I am doing it”.

We have said many, many times, “you are alone”. You are “singular” your experience is “your” experience – period. You drag everyone else into your experience, because you are “helpless”. But, if you’re “not” helpless, if you “know” who you are, you don’t need to drag everyone else in to “support” you in your “helplessness”. That’s what groups, organizations, whatever you want to call it, is all about. You don’t “need” anyone else’s support when you “know” who you are, because “you” can handle the situation that “you” put in front of you – nobody else puts them there.

There’s no such thing as an “accident”, we have said that many, many times. “Well, I had an accident, somebody bumped into my car”. But you don’t realize, “you” have set that up in front of yourself. Why did you do it? What did you learn from that experience? How did you handle that experience? What was your “action” and what was your “reaction” to that experience? What was the other persons “action” and “reaction” to that experience?

This is what “observation” is all about. And in “observation” you will begin to stand on your own two feet. Because, if you “watch” what is happening, it will make all the difference. Then someone will come back and say, “well, I haven’t got time”. Well, you’ve got time for other things. When you’re in situations, like a auto accident, where else should you be?

Except, at that “time” you should be right there. Instead of, “what about work?”, “What about my kids?”, “What about this what about that?” “What about something else?”. You’re “scattered” and that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is. It is scattered, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is UN-focused.

This is what we’re trying to tell you – be “focused”. Be where you are, at the time you’re there. Enjoy what is happening. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t enjoy it. But “don’t enjoy it” to the fullest. Then if you “enjoy it”, enjoy it to the fullest.

JOHN: In other words, be the “actor”. Revel in what you’re playing. If you’re going to be miserable, be as miserable as you can possibly be.

DATRE: That’s what an actor does. You watch these people on stage, they’re screaming, they’re hollering, they’re crying, they’re doing all of these things. They’re trying to get you involved in what they’re trying to portray to you. They’re trying to convey to you – tragedy. And they’re doing it to the hilt, so that you’ll get involved in what they’re doing. Can you see the correlation? Its there, you’re the actor, you’re the one, nobody else is telling you how to act your part.

If you “allow” others to tell you “how” to act a part, you’re right smack dab back in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And you’re “not” the MASTER you want to be. A MASTER of his or her life, is a MASTER of his or her life. And when you become the MASTER of your life, you’re not caring where you are. You’re not caring if you’re in physicality, you’re not caring if you’re some place else. What do you think some place else is? Some place else is supposed to be something which you have “projected” in that which you call your brain, which is a fantastic never-never land of bliss. Now, isn’t that rather boring? Heaven, as it is referred to, is being in light and love, but what are you doing? You’re doing “nothing”. Well, if everyone sat around and did “nothing” there would be no “evolution”.

You are “not” a BLOB. You are in physicality to be an “active”, “interactive” individual. And a MASTER is not one who sits home on his thumbs. A MASTER is out in the work place. A MASTER is working. A MASTER is experiencing. A MASTER is doing his or her thing the way he or she wants to do it – regardless what anyone else tells them to do. And these people will all tell them how to do this, do that, do it this way, do it that way and he listens to all of them and does not reject them – but does his or her own thing. And in doing your own thing – that is freedom.

So, I hope we have given you the answer you’re looking for. But remember, its “here” and its “now” and you have a “grand” experience – enjoy it.

We are Datre.

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Datre 092 – What Datre is here for ?

Datre answers Nasser

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Nasser and his first question relative to comments that Datre made in their reply to June, is… “For example, as Datre you presumably know who “you” are, yet you are still here talking to us, relating to us. If it is true that you can live as you so desire, and we can live as we so desire, then why are you here telling us of alternative ways to live (such as “being more aware” in our day to day lives)?”

DATRE: The reason I am here… we are here giving you information, is because we can hear you “crying”. We can “observe” the “franticness” of that which you call your HOLOGRAM – your “scatteredness”. Your HOLOGRAM to us are like a bunch of little squiggly lines that are “agitated”. That’s what we can perceive, because it is only a “perception” and so, shall we say, we can “feel” the vibration of the “squiggles”. So to try and help, like you would a baby. A baby cries and kicks in a crib and what do you want to do? It is an instinct that is indescribable in that which you call physical words, but the “instinct” is there to sooth the child. So, you could say that we more or less have that instinct also to sooth the squiggly lines that we see that are all excited and need soothing. That’s what Datre is here for.

Now, when we come into physicality, and enter a physical body, then we are able to work through the physical body and in that way experience the physicality, the relationship with other things, shall we say. In other words, by working through a physical body, we have the grand opportunity to explore the body, to explore the brain, to see and hear and taste and touch and smell and all of these things. To observe people and places, buildings, trees, television, to us all of these things are very exciting. But, in coming into physicality, it allows us the opportunity of being able to interact in an entirely different way. In other words, when we are within a physical body and that body is “interacting” with other individuals in a work situation, in a situation of going to a store and purchasing something and we’re in that physical body with the “original” owner of that physical body, it becomes a “dual” thing, in “her” experiencing, “we” are able to experience. We are able to “observe” the actions and reactions of other individuals in a store situation. Then, because we see things from a different standpoint than you do, we can see the peoples and the “disturbed” nature of peoples upon the planet. Also, we are able, being in a physical body, we’re able to pick-up vibrations that you are unaware of. In other words, you’re able to pick-up only things that have a “material” content to them.

In other words, you say you can pick-up a “waveform”. Now, you can’t pick-up a “waveform”, you can only pick-up the “particles” IN the “waveform”, because that’s all your physicality will allow. That’s what physicality is all about, working with “particles”. So, a “waveform” is something that cannot be “perceived” by you in physicality. But, because of “our” perception, of being IN a physical body, but “understanding” a “waveform” we can also in a physical body, pick-up a “waveform” which will give us different information than what you get with the “particles”. So, you see, it’s dualistic. And we’re here to help those that need “soothing”.

Those that are “crying” for information, because they do not wish physicality any more. They want information, to understand, so that they can “leave” physicality and the only way you can “leave” physicality – be it five minutes or be it eon’s of time – is through “understanding” physicality. When you “understand” physicality, then there’s no need to do it any more. So that’s what Datre is all about. Is giving you “information” that will spark something “deep” within you for understanding. And giving you an “opportunity” to “experience” IN physicality, because that’s what you need. You not only need the words, you need the “experiences”, because the “experiences” will, in different ways, change your understanding. You have to have the “understanding” in the physical brain, that’s what its all about.

Your physical body is something you’re using as a “tool” for understanding. That’s the whole thing. That’s why we keep saying the same thing in “different” ways because, something will “trigger” one person, where another way of saying the same thing, will trigger another person. And the more people that “trigger” their own understanding, because that’s what its all about, the more that are able to do that, the easier it is for them to live within physicality, understand physicality and be able to leave it to go on to “other” experiences within the Universe that are “not” based on physicality – which is another whole ballgame – that you have no idea what its about. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, and his next question is… “Is it because we are the ones who choose you to be here in our existence?”

DATRE: If you choose me to be within your experience, that is fine. If you choose “not” to have me within your experience, that is fine too, that is your choice. It is very simple, if you want to read the Datre information that is put on a computer screen, you are free to do so. If you don’t want the information, you just don’t read it any more. There is nothing that say’s… this is “not” a “class”, you don’t have to sign-up for it. There are many people that have been reading this Datre material from the first time it came on the screen and have never decided that they wanted to be put on the list. It does not matter. Information is “always” there in any form that you want it, whenever you want it, from whoever you want it – it’s always there. Information of every kind. When this planetary BUBBLE was set up, all the information was there. It’s always been there. Datre is only an easier access to the information that is all. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on, he say’s… “If that is the case, then where is your choice in the matter?”

DATRE: You mean Datre’s choice?

JOHN: Datre’s choice!

DATRE: Datre doesn’t make choices. You see you don’t understand that Datre is “not” physical. You do not understand anything other than physicality. You can’t, that is what you are here to learn. What we do, and how we function, has nothing to do with physicality. You don’t understand how rapid things happen when the moment you have an “inspiration” it is completed. Can you imagine – you would go crazy – in ten minutes of your time, if you were to have “every” thought that you think materialize – instantly. In ten minutes, you would be mad. You can’t handle that rapidity, because you’re functioning from a human brain standpoint.

When I’m not in a body, that is the way I function. It is not necessary to slow things down, because I don’t live in a physical construct. But, that is something you cannot fathom. You have no understanding of that and you shouldn’t, because you have to work through a physical construct – that’s what you came here for. It is “slowed” down so that you can work with “particles”. That’s what its all about and you can learn a great deal.

It’s just another way of functioning. The Universe is “multitudinous” in its way of functioning – “you” chose physicality. This is just “one” way of functioning within a Universe. Continue.

JOHN: Then he continues on and says… “You are here telling us about being more aware of our selves and our experiences, how to be more aware, and the implications and importance of it. If I am to “give myself credit” as you often tell us to do, then I’d say that some greater and grander part of me is telling this “limited me” to become more aware of the whole “I AM”. And one of the ways it is doing this is by pulling you into my experience. Would you say that’s correct?”

DATRE: There again, if you wish to pull the Datre information into your experience, that is fine, that is your choice. But, as said before, it does not matter how you learn, it is that you “do” learn, because you’ve asked for the information.

You have an expression here on your planet, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. That is an old, old, old saying. It is said many different ways throughout your centuries of time. If you want the information, the information will be there, it does not say in what form. It does not say in a “physical” form. It does not say in a “book”. It does not say “how” you’re going to get it. But, if you have questions, you “will” have answers.

If you have a greater portion of “you” and that’s what you’re calling the YOU that “you” are, then “you” have a greater portion. But don’t “think” of a greater portion. In physicality, “this” is what you have. Don’t always be looking for something else that is greater than “you” are, because you’re “all” IT anyway. You only put yourself into physicality for the “experience” of physicality. And that does not make you “lesser” or “more”.

Its NOT a pyramid system where YOU that “you” are is sitting up there at the top and all these “lesser” “YOU’s” are sitting down here. No, don’t separate yourself.

JOHN: It’s like an actor, though he goes on the stage and plays a “villain”, that does not diminish from the actor themselves.

DATRE: No! In fact, if you were to look at that analogy, John, which was very good, “who” is the greater? The actor is the greater, because he can play two parts – now which is greater? Its the “actor” that’s the greatest, he’s “playing” the part of a “villain”, but he’s “not” a villain – but he is able to play the role. So you see, you’re “all” role playing, in one way or another. In other words, the YOU that “you” are, is acting out a role – you’re “role” playing – that is all it is. And if “that” was understood, that’s a mind blower. Continue.

JOHN: And he continues along and says… “If yes, then why (doesn’t) the grander part of myself not make itself known to me more directly?”

DATRE: It does all the time; it “does” all the time. The thing is, the majority of the peoples are so “layered” with years of being tossed around by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that, that is all they perceive. It’s very simple to function from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, because in that way, you don’t have to be responsible for anything. In other words, it’s because of “this” person that this happened. It’s because of the weather. It’s because of my genetics. Its because of this, its because of that, its because of something else that “this” is the way I am. “Well I have the traits of my mother.” “I have the traits of my father.” “I’m just like my uncle Joe.” Where are “you”? This is what we’re trying to get at – where are “you”?

Can’t “you” be “you”? You don’t have to be like your uncle Joe. You don’t have to be like your mother. You don’t have to be like your father. And that’s a very difficult concept for people to understand.

And, when you meet these people that are becoming to “know” who they are, they stand out like a great big lighthouse in the fog, because they are uniquely different. They’re uniquely different because of the way they look at physicality and the way they “function” in physicality is different.

When discussing things in a work place, their view of the situation is entirely “different” than those in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That is why, when you find those that are beginning to know “who” they are, they’re “not” jabber boxes. In fact, quite the opposite, they’re very quiet individuals. And you know “why” they’re quiet? Because they have reached the point where they don’t “fit”. They don’t “fit” into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because their “thinking” is different. This is what makes them quiet. It’s not quiet to “impress” or exclude themselves from physicality. The quietness comes from the fact that what they’re thinking and what the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is expressing, are two “different” things. That’s why they’re quiet. Then when there is something important to say, they will say it. But, they don’t just go around blabbering. And they’re “observing” this and they’re not angry with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in any way shape or form.

They’re “observing” it and noticing the difference that is taking place within themselves. They’re making comparisons of what “they” were like, shall we say, previously, and what they’re like now. But, that does not stop them from functioning. In fact, they function far better because, in knowing “who” you are, one of the things you drop is the “stress” of the body. Your body is not tense, it’s not tight and the mouth is not going 50 miles per hour. There’s a quietness that’s an “automatic”. You don’t need to be tense and jabbering when you’re “observing”.

But that doesn’t mean, you stop functioning. You still drive your car to work. You still go into the workplace. You still pay the bills and feed your family, nurture your family and love them. But it’s different. And until it has happened to the individual, you can’t explain what it is because everyone is different, everyone ‘s experience is different. So, continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on and say’s… “I often tell myself, with full intent, that I want to know who I am, fully. And yet, shortly after, something happens that lets me know I really don’t know who I am.”

DATRE: Now, you don’t realize, you’ve already made a big step. You have already made a big step, in the fact that you “noticed” that you don’t know “who” you are. You see what a big step that is? If you didn’t have any idea, you wouldn’t notice the difference.

MASS CONSCIOUSNESS doesn’t “notice” the difference. Its only when you begin to perceive the “difference” is when you “know” you’re beginning to make changes. Continue.

JOHN: And, his final statement is… “What is the relationship, if any, between the grander part of who is me, and that which is Datre?”

DATRE: What is the relationship? We just function in different experiential patterns. You’re experiencing in physicality. We’re experiencing “without” physicality – there’s the difference.

JOHN: It sounds like he’s trying to get to the point that is Datre some remote “part” of who he is?

DATRE: No! I don’t have any connection with physicality at all. I’m in an entirely different experiential patterning. The only part that you’re connected to is the greater “whole” of “you”. You only use a small portion of YOU in expressing physicality. But, who’s to say which “portion” is the greater – the YOU in observation or the “you” in physicality? One is as equally important as the other. And one is “not” greater than the other.

JOHN: They’re both the same.

DATRE: You’re the “whole” thing. And the thing that happens is… and we’d like people to write to us and tell us, this is not something that is “pie in the sky” sort of talking, there are those that are beginning to say that they are having difficulty in distinguishing the difference between “night” and “day” – because it all runs together. Now, when it “all” runs together, you see what you’re doing? Instead of that which you call, going to sleep, and loosing all contact with the physical construct, in setting up your “play” for the next day or what you want to experience as a big chunk of a play, over a period of time. Those individuals are becoming the YOU that they are and experiencing continuously. Then when you experience continuously, then you will find that “you” are YOU.

Now, that does not hold. They probably have it for a day or two or something like that. But, they can “see” how it all goes together – there is no separate. They lie down and close their eyes, but they still continue in a “daytime” mode. You set-up your days and your nights, that is the way it is set-up. When you get beyond the point of “day” and “night”, all is a continuous flow. Then you can see, that they’re working with that which we call, THE YOU THAT “you” ARE. And you’re acting out the play as “you” have set it up. Then, there doesn’t “need” to be a separation of “day” and “night” – it’s not necessary.

But, because its “unnatural” because you are living in this construct of “day” and “night”, the decision is made to go back to the “day”, “night” existence. But, when you begin to “show” yourself the continuation, then its showing you what its like to have existence without the “day” and the “night” – it is continuous. And it is happening to people. That is a hard concept and I can guarantee you one thing – you can’t “fake” it. And, the other thing is, you cannot “push” yourself into it. It is “not” something that can be “learned”. It is only something that can be experienced. And I guarantee, when you are ready for it, it will happen and it will be a “grand” experience. Continue.

JOHN: That was the final question.

DATRE: All right, we thank you. We hope we have given you the information you were looking for.

We are Datre.

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Datre 091 – What is the reason for physical illness?

Datre answers Yaniv

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Yaniv, and his first question is… “What is the reason for physical illness?”

DATRE: There again, there is no reason for physical illness. You don’t have to be ill, its something “you” do for experience. Now, the peoples that have a life that they’re “living”, are not interested in illness. The people that don’t seem to have anything that is exciting, so going to get “sick” and going to hospitals and all of this stuff, is “body” activity. That’s all it is. But, because you are constantly being told about all the stuff on your television and radio and other people talking about “illness” all the time and pills and doctors and all that stuff, it gets to the point that you’re always taking something, to get rid of something. So it gets to be, what Aona calls a catch 22. You don’t have to be ill. The body doesn’t have to be ill, the body doesn’t have to die. But, those are things that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does not understand, that is not part of their “game”. So, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is physical illness a zymology for something that the body is trying to point out to the spirit?”

DATRE: Well, number one, we don’t understand this “spirit” thing. We don’t get involved in that because that is “your” terminology. We speak of you as a “whole”. We don’t think of you in “parts”. When we say “you”, that means the “whole” of you in expression. In other words, you express through physicality, and in expressing through physicality that is a “totality”, it’s NOT separate. It is “one” integral unit. And, if I may say so, that is where some of you have more illnesses than others in “thinking” that you’re separated – you’re NOT. When “you” are expressing in physicality, there is “no” separation. There are no separate parts of you. You’re “not” a body, you’re not a “spirit”, you’re not a this, you’re not a that – “you” in physicality are “you” – TOTAL.

Now, that portion of you that leaves the physical body, in that which you call death, you can refer to that as “spirit” if you want to – but, it isn’t, because, you still maintain a pseudo body.

So, until you leave this whole thing through what they call the BIRTH, you still are “you”. Then on the other side of the BIRTH, you will still be “you”. Your “containment” doesn’t matter, because you are “you”, beginning to end. But, because of you’re evolution, you “require” a containment – because that is all you know. That’s all you’re familiar with, you’re not familiar with functioning “without” containment.

Now, if you want to talk about “spirit”, that’s when you can talk about “spirit”. That is functioning “without” containment. But you don’t function “without” containment until you get to the Big Universe – and that’s “knowing” WHO YOU ARE. But, at this point, that is what we’re trying to help you to “understand” the difference between what you’re expressing “now” and what you “can” express. You all “know” that to some degree or other. But you can’t work with those things when you’re in physicality. When you’re in physicality, you better stay in physicality and learn how “in” physicality, because you can’t get “out” of physicality until you “understand” it.

Now, the body is “genetic” in its character. The body is made up of “two” things – plants and animals. And it doesn’t matter what portion of “plant” and what portion of “animal” you are – it just does NOT matter, you’re BOTH. That is why when you come in here you “build” a body out of “plant” and “animal”, when you leave, you “leave” it behind, because it is Earth substance. But you don’t give yourselves credit enough to “know” that that’s what you do, because you don’t understand how it works. That is part of what happens, that is how it works.

You’re afraid of dying, you’re afraid of death, and yet you’ve done it “billions” of times and still you’re afraid of it. And all the time you know what it is. But you don’t allow yourself in physicality to “know” what it is – there’s where the “trick” is. Is to “know” in physicality what it is and understand it from a physical brain standpoint – “not” intellectually. It’s “not” a brain thing. It’s a deep down “knowing” that “excites” the whole physical construct.

You see one of the difficulties that we constantly incur in the Datre material is this business of “separating” everything. Separating the “spirit”, separating the body, separating, separating, separating. When you begin to work as a “total”, when you work “with” the body as an instrument of “expression”, of “experience”, then it becomes a different world – entirely.

So, illness. You chose the genetics that you wanted when you came into physicality through the birth process. Because of the familiarity of the family that you were last in, that’s where you’ll probably go back in again. Now, they say, genetics can’t be changed – from a physical standpoint, they’re beginning to change. They’re taking out this genetic and changing that genetic, the doctors are beginning to do that. But you see what that does? You’re relying on someone else to “fix” you. The name of the game is – why don’t you fix “you” yourself? You have the “knowingness” if you but have the desire to find it. Its “all” there, nothing is hidden.

So, if you have an illness, what’s the first thing you do? “I’ve got cancer, but I know why I’ve got cancer. I’ve got cancer because there’s cancer in my family”. Now, to look at that very honestly, what are you doing with that statement? You are blaming someone else for what’s happened to you. It is so easy, so simple, because that is what you hear all the time – but are you “listening”? You don’t blame your family because there’s cancer in the family and now you’ve got it. Now, you’re either “blaming” or asking for sympathy. That is “not” being “you”. Being “you” and understanding “you” is saying, “oh, they say I have cancer. Well, do I want it or don’t I? Well, I don’t think I want it. I don’t need that experience. I’ll find something else that’s more fun.”.

So, you see, from our standpoint, we see how you react in physicality. And what we’re trying to do in these transcripts is make you “aware” of what you’re doing. You don’t “have” to follow the MASS of humanity – that is “not” being “you”. Illness is something “you” have decided that “you” wanted to experience – for whatever reason. Its up to you as to what you want to do with it. It’s nobody else’s fault. You’re writing the script.

You’re the “actor”, you’re the “producer”, you’re the “writer”, and you’re the whole thing. You’re putting yourself on “stage”, which is putting yourself in “physicality”.

In other words, when you come into physicality, you’re putting yourself on stage. You “dress” for the “stage” in your physical construct – that’s your “stage” dressing. You pick-up animal parts and you pick-up pl ant parts and you put this “clothing” on and this is your “physical” construct – now you’re ready to go on “stage”. Now, you stay on stage as long as you are interested in the “play”. When you are no longer interested in the “play”, you decide on death. See, from our standpoint, how different we look at the whole scene?

If part of the “play” is, you say, “well, I’ll be ill for a while”. All right, it’s “your” play. You’re “writing” it, you’re “directing” it, you’re “acting” in it. And if you’re looking for “applause”, where is your “applause” going to come from? From others that are on the “stage” – because that’s “all” it is, you’re “all” on stage. But, if you become “you”, you don’t care about the “other” actors. You say, “I don’t care for this play that I’m in, this play is going no place. Well, I guess I’ll make another script. Now, I don’t think its necessary for me to change my clothes, I’ll just wear the ones I’m wearing – which is your physical containment – and write another script and hop on stage with that.”. And you’re still in your same containment; you’re still in your same clothing. But, because of your long time thinking that in order to change your “stage play” you have to change clothes – that’s when you came into this, what you call death.

You haven’t always had “death” on this planet. You don’t… because you don’t know any further back than just a short while. But you figured that, in order to keep the “play” going, you stayed in one “costume”. Then in order to go into another “play” you had to change “costumes” – so, here comes death. You don’t have to change “costumes”. You can change the “play” – without changing “costumes” at all.

Now, I probably have you totally confused. But to us… the way we look at it from our standpoint, that is the way “we” see it as the way “you” project it. Okay, continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “If a physical illness is a symbolic language or a calling for the spirit, how can these symbols be interpreted?”

DATRE: Well, there again you’ve got the spirit thing. You’ve got to realize what I’ve said before; you’re a “totality”. In physicality there is no separation – don’t separate yourself. You at night go to “who”? You don’t go to somebody else for information; you go to YOU for further information. But it is only a different “part” of you when you’re in that which you call sleep stage, because in the sleep stage you don’t have the restrictions. You “restrict” yourself by coming into physicality. When you go in the “dream” state, you’re “free” and you can see further and make choices as to what you want. You know, if you’re having a continuous play, how many times do they “rewrite” the script? “Well this part isn’t working exactly right, lets change the script and let’s do it this way”. So you do it that way and say, “yes, I like this better”. So, what you’re doing is, in the sleep state you’re monitoring the “stage play”. You’re making changes; you’re making adjustments to your play in your nighttime. Then in the daytime, you “act” it out. Its so simple, so very, very, simple. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is the charka system relevant for this? If so, what does each charka represent to Datre?”

DATRE: That charka system is a system that has been brought forth from way back. There is a lot of credence put on the charka’s and what they do and what they don’t do. And the kundalini and what that does and what that doesn’t do. There again, we don’t work from the principle of “structure”. That is a “structure. In other words, if you do this, this will happen. If you do that, that will happen. We don’t work from that standpoint; we work from the “open” standpoint of a “framework”. With the Datre material, if you read it and you get, what we call, an AH HA, and you say, “oh, now that’s different. Well, now that changes my thinking patterns.” Then your “action” and “reaction” within physicality is going to change. And, if you have a kundalini experience, and you don’t know anything about it, it’s going to happen and there’s not going to be any problems with it.

But you sit, and you go into these “structures” and there are many people that “damage” what you call the “psyche” and become incapacitated in the physical to handle physical situations – what good does that do you? It does not help you in any way.

What we’re trying to do is get you to understand, very simply, what physicality is all about. Its not getting into anything, any more than if I was… for me to explain the charka’s would be like me trying to tell you what to do with your “gall bladder”. To us you see that has no relevance at all, in explaining to you what physicality is all about. And how to understand, “how” to work “through” physicality in the understanding “of” it. And therefore, in the understanding “of” it are able to, shall we say, “accelerate” your development – your evolution. The faster you understand it, the quicker you’re going to go through this and change your whole play. So, do not be concerned about charka’s because to us it’s no different than a gall bladder or your intestines or anything else.

It is an old custom. You’re going into that which you call the twenty first century. Don’t drag all this “old” stuff with you. You want “new” technology, all right; I’m giving you “new” technology. I’m giving you… what do they call these fast speed computers? What do they call them… so many megs or so many what?

JOHN: You’re going into a… just a fast computer, its just so many megahertz, correct. You could say you’re going into a 1000 megahertz system.

DATRE: Okay, you want to go into a 1000 megahertz system on your computer, right? Boy, that’s exciting. What do you care about your old computer that you sold three months ago, because you wanted to get into the “new” system? Boy, this is exciting – same thing. Why take all these “old” structures into the 21st. century? Why not find the shortest, fastest way to go? That’s what it all about. That’s what Datre’s here for.

Now, we’re “not” giving you anything you don’t already have. We’re only trying to help you “find” it. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s “not” a teaching. It’s only trying to help you “understand” WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You’ve “got it”, it’s just uncovering it. And lets get that 1000 megahertz program going. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “The charka system, the Judaic Tree of Life, and the Christian sacraments are given as a road map for the growth of the spirit – as a way for one to learn to “know oneself”. Is this true?”

DATRE: It doesn’t matter if its true or not, because everyone works from a different standpoint. If it’s true to you, then it’s true. If it’s not true to you, it’s not true. There has not been any “accelerated” teachings. In other words, you’ve been working with the same material that you’ve had, for a long time. As was said, lets not worry about the “old” computer; let’s get that 1000 megahertz thing going.

There’s excitement in that. And we know that there’s “excitement” in that because of the letters we get from those that have “jumped” on the bandwagon, “bit” the bullet and gotten that 1000 megahertz system going. They’re not living like MASS CONSCIOUSNESS any more. They are living in physicality, but they are living it entirely different. Because, as they have changed, they have changed their script. Their play is “entirely” different, because every night they’re “rewriting” it to keep up with what they’re doing.

They’re in the 1000 megahertz system. And you say, “that computer really flies”. Their physical construct really flies because their whole computer system is different. Continue.

JOHN: Again, his next question is… “Datre keeps saying that we have to get to know who we are. Can Datre provide a general roadmap, a guide, an exercise for one to learn to know who (s)he is?”

DATRE: That we don’t do, that’s a “structure” thing. You want the roadmap to be written like a textbook. It is “not” like a textbook. That’s “structure”, that’s like learning the charka’s and what they’re all about and learning the kundalini and what that’s all about – its a “structure”. Structure “holds” you in a certain pattern – we don’t want to give you a “pattern”. If we give you a “pattern” you’re going to get “stuck” again. We’re trying to take you “out” of the “pattern” and give you FREEDOM. That is all I can say on that subject – continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “If there are stages in our growth, on the way to getting to know who we are, what are these stages?”

DATRE: I can only say one thing on this and it angers more people than it makes happy – when it happens to you, you will know. We get letters all of the time. Some of these people, they are having these experiences and they are coming back and saying, “Now I understand what Datre is talking about, because I had the experience”. We can’t give you a “package” and say, “if you do this, this and this, this will happen”. That’s “structure”! That’s like going to school. That’s what all of your “isms” and “osophies” and “churches” and everything that you can find that has a “ritual of structure” to it, holds you in that pattern. What we’re trying to get you to do is to move “out” of the pattern. Be “you”, don’t be what someone else “tells” you to be or “expects” you to be or “wants” you to be. The “you” that you express must come from “within”.

Go back to what I said about the “stage” – really “understand” what I told you about coming into physicality and putting on your “stage” clothes. Then when that “clicks”, when that becomes “not” words, but that which hits way down deep inside into your very deepest “knowingness”, it is like you’ve come out of a dark room into the sunshine. And it happens in the “blink of an eye”. Everyone will tell us that, “it just happened”. They weren’t doing anything special, nothing special was going on – it just happened – and “that” is the way it works. That angers many people, because we don’t give them the “structure”.

We’re going into the 21st. century and the 1000 megahertz system, and when you insert that 1000 megahertz “thinking” and “experiencing” the physical body “responds” with, “WOW, now we’re really flying”. Next question?

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: We thank you, we hope you have enjoyed.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 090 – WORLD I

Datre answers Thomas on WORLD I

JOHN: We have some seeming confusions concerning Datre’s comments about WORLD I and who is going there. In one case those that are satisfied with their life here and love the planet and their God etc… On the other hand we have the “discontented”, the people into crime and violence etc… Both of these seemingly different groups of people are indicated to be going to WORLD I – please clarify.

DATRE: That could be misinterpreted in that way. But, when you stop and think about it, where else would either one of them go? You see, were it not for the situation that exists upon your planet, in your diversity and multiplicity, those that are what you call murderers, those that are gang people and all of that – they would be satisfied to stay here too. The thing is, they are showing you the “inequality” of that which you have set up as a system upon your planet – of the “haves” and the “have-not’s”.

In other words, when they get on WORLD I, you will get all of those people that “basically” need a “savior”, need a “God” to look to. They do not understand that they have within themselves the capacity to be an “individual” that can, shall we say, stand on their own two feet.

Now, why are there gangs? It’s the only way that they can show that they are as good or better than somebody else. In other words… you see, you have a corporate structure, something they cannot participate in. I could almost guarantee you that the gang members, the ones that start the gangs, the head of the gangs, were they to use their mental capacity in another direction; they would be the heads of companies. Because, they want to be on top – it is an “ego” thing.

The thing that “drives” more than anything else in the “human” is that which you call the “ego”.

JOHN: The emotional ego.

DATRE: Yes, not the EGOIC SELF, I’m not referring to that – I said the “ego”. Now, it is wanting to be “top dog”. It is wanting to be “number one”. What is sports all about? Battling to be “number one”. What is “money” all about? Battling to have the “most”. What is everything on your planet? Why do you have a hierarchy in that which you call the ‘dead zone’? Everyone thinks that’s so grand and glorious. What’s that all about? EGO!

It comes down to the very “basic” elements.

Now, why do they start gangs? EGO! We’ve got a gang, we’ve got shirts that’s got stuff written all over them, we’ve got ‘tattoo’s’, we’ve got bikes, we’ve got all of these things – look at us, draw attention to.

Why do these people murder other people? To get attention. That’s what its all about. Its “ego”, its “rage” that comes forth. Now, when you say, ‘well there are people that just go out on the hi-way and just shoot people’. WHY? They want to get caught so they can get their picture in the paper. It is the grandest event of their lives, it is all they have, they have nothing else. Look at me, I want attention. That’s what people do things for. Why does a child lie down on the floor in the supermarket and kick and scream and holler because they can’t get what they want? I WANT ATTENTION! Basic “ego”. That’s what drives the whole thing.

If, everyone was on a more “equal” basis, which they will be when they go on to WORLD I, you’re not going to find that because there will not be the great diversity between the “haves” and the “have-not’s”. This has been something that has been existing on your planet for a “long” period of time. Look way back in the 1800’s – 1700’s, when you had those that had to clean mansions in order to put food in their mouths. And where were they? In a little attic room that was cold without heat and this is where they had to survive, because there was no other way for them to make that which you call money. And who had the money? The men that had the big businesses that had the big mansions. There always was that big gap between the “haves” and the “have-not’s”. And you know what I relate that to? The very thing that you look at all the time and pay no attention to, “right”, “wrong”, “black”, “white”, “have”, “have-not” – opposites. That is the way this was set up, it was set on “opposites”. The learning was to be on “opposites”.

Now, we are coming forth with information that say’s, ‘you’re ready to be your own person’. It does not matter if you “have” or if you “have-not”, if you “know” WHO you are, you’re content and you’re fascinated by LIFE and LIVING, because it looks “different” to you. And why does it look different? Because you’re beginning to recognize that you “draw” your own pictures for your own experiences.

But you see man has not – up to this point – evolved to the point of being able to comprehend “that” type of information. There’s many things that “man” has not been introduced to, things that have not been put into his make-up, through genealogy, through energy waves, through many different ways that there are of changing the physical construct. But, you’re to the point that you can understand what is happening, if you so desire and put forth the effort that you “can” do it. There have always been those that understood this. And it has been as long as you have been able to speak and pass on stories. Then you got to that which you call printing and writing where you were able to put it down so others could read it. But, it has “always” been there. But it is “only” there for people that can “see” it – it has never changed.

But, there are more NOW that they are able to comprehend, because your brain capacity is entirely different. If you were to be able to examine a brain and its capacity today, and the brain and its capacity of one living in the 1700’s, there’s no comparison, none whatsoever. You have the ability “now” to be able to comprehend much of this.

Now, what I’m saying is, WORLD I will contain these people that are murderers, those that are “unscrupulous”, to use your words, in their way of getting ahead and making money any way they can. Also those that are completely content with life on this planet. Their God is in their heaven, He’s taking care of me; He will give me no more than I can handle and they’re living content in that framework. Those will ALL go to WORLD I. It will be the same as when you go through your “death” process. All of the memories of these circumstances will be lost in that which you call death. You don’t remember “who” you were last time. You have genetics in the body that you pick-up and that is why you go into familiar family situations again and again, because you want those genetics, those are familiar to you. There will be a familiarity when you get into that same genetic pool.

But, when these individuals all go to WORLD I, their HOLOGRAMS will be different in their patterning. They will not all be the same. But they will be different, because there will be certain genetics that will “not” be put into the new HOLOGRAM. The reason for that being is, if you inhabit a new “structure” that is unfamiliar to you, you will handle it from a “different” standpoint of “not” being familiar – this is something “new”.

So, your actions and reactions will be different on WORLD I. Everyone will start out with an entirely different way of, shall we say, you will “look” like men, you will “look” like women. You will have… perhaps you’ll have grass and trees and water and that sort of thing, whatever it is decided to put on WORLD I. And the evolution of the species, at that point, will pick- up where these individuals are at the present time. In other words, there will be enough familiarity to them, that they will not notice the difference.

But, there will be a difference, because that which you call “free will” will “not” be on the planetary existence on WORLD I, because the “free will” allowed too much latitude. The physical became too much enamored by that which you call “external” things. They lost that which you call “spirituality”. Your desire to obtain more information for the “upliftment” of physicality as a whole. Because there was so much latitude here that your “main” intent and goal and purpose, became “monetary” and “things” oriented.

That’s where your “attention” is. You have to have the big house. The young people start out today, they want to start where you are at the present time. They don’t want to start from the bottom and build their lives. They want to start with the house the television, the… all of the furnishings, of the very best quality, the cars, all of this. With total disregard for how they’re going to pay for it. That is not important, we’ve got to have this, we’ve got to have that. You don’t “got to have”, it’s a wanting and it’s a wanting because everyone else “has”. If no one else “has”, the direction of the thought patterning of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS can be entirely different.

So, when you start with a comparatively clean slate, your thought patterns are going to be different than “thing” oriented. This is what we are hoping to achieve by starting those all together, with “basic” thought patterns of having their God and having their trees and having the things that they are familiar with and all starting and working from that point. So you can see that, although we seem to be saying one thing at one time and another thing at another time its still all the same thing – its still WORLD I.

WORLD II will consist of those that are beginning to see that there is something “different”, but can’t quite grasp what it is. This is a lot of your churches that are beginning to make strides in understanding. This is in your “psychic” community. They’re looking for something; they’re still into that “savior” mode. They’re still into “angels” and “gods” and “space ships” and that sort of thing. But, they still “know”, there’s an inkling that there’s more and they’re beginning to search in those directions. There’s an unrest within them to understand. Now, in WORLD II, that is where they will be working with that “thought” pattern throughout. That will be where they will “start” from and work from “that” point.

Then of course WORLD III will be those that are getting ready to work themselves to get ready to go into what you call the BIG Universe. But WORLD II will still have planetary existence, because that is still needed. They still need… they need that security of a planet. They need the security of a “god” or “space ships” or whatever. So that will still be a planetary existence of sorts.

But you see, their starting point will be different from WORLD I. WORLD I is “basic”. So perhaps we have helped to straighten that out. Do you have any more questions John?

JOHN: No, I think you did a very good job.

DATRE: All right, fine, we thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 089 – What Does It Really Mean To be An Observer

Datre answers Dale.

NOTE: We have moved this subject ahead of some others because we felt it was a possible confusion for many of you. Datre.

JOHN: Okay, today we have some “confusions” in the form of a multi part question from Dale. Now, I would like to read this whole E-mail that he sent, he says…

“I find Datre’s continual interest in the idea of the “observer” to be rather strange. From how I understand it, an observer does not take part in what it sees. It is passive, and does nothing other than observe.

It seems that Datre is suggesting that any capacity to “think”, “remember”, “build on”, and “work with” is far less important than the capacity to just sit in a stupefied, mindless state just observing the universe.

In which case, Datre should be less concerned with OUR development and more concerned with the development of TV cameras, microwave antennas, and other energy sensors. After all, a brain or any capability to think, understand, or remember is entirely unnecessary to the “impartial observer”.

Heck, even a simple solar cell makes a great impartial observer, and it doesn’t ask any of those “unnecessary” questions that Datre hates, such as the questions about the nature of the universe. A solar cell only “cares” about the light shining on it in the moment, and doesn’t “worry” about anything “beyond” its current existence. Don’t bother with us, Datre! The solar cells have already achieved all the goals Datre says we should be doing.

If Datre’s goal here is for us to become idiots just wandering around in stupefied fascination with the most mundane things (ooh, look! A fork! Wow!), then I don’t think I want to be a part of what Datre is talking about.”

DATRE: Well, first of all let’s get to the thing that Datre hates. You say that Datre ‘hates’. Datre does NOT ‘hate’. Datre say’s that all of the Universal information is “unimportant” to you – that is NOT ‘hating’, that is saying that there are no “words” that your physical brain has constructed for your understanding of Universal principles.

The Universe is NOT like your planetary existence. Your planetary existence is entirely different. Every planetary existence is entirely different. If you were to go to another planet that had any type of existence upon it, you could not understand it, because, your brain is only set up to understand “this” planetary existence. That is something you don’t seem to understand or comprehend because of that part of you that “thinks” that if you were to go to another planet, you would know exactly what it was. But, it would only be from what you could “see” with your physical eyes and words that you could use from the standpoint of what your vocabulary is.

For those that go “outside” of the body and go into “other” realities, your “realities” are only your planetary BUBBLE realities. So you see, regardless of how far you go in your thinking and your imagination in your travels and so forth, you’re still within your BUBBLE.

So, it is NOT ‘hating’, it is NOT ‘avoidance’, it is consistently saying, ‘the Universe is of no concern to you, because you have no way of “understanding” it’. It is like those people on the Datre list that have all of a sudden, shall we say, begun to “understand” what the pictures they’re painting for themselves are all about. What physicality is all about. What “they” are all about. And they are “astounded” that its so ‘different” than what they expected. But, how can “we” explain to you the difference? The “difference” has to be “discovered” by you as an individual, because no two are going to have the “same” experience when they begin to find out WHO they ARE. THAT is why you are “individuals”. If you were all “clones” it would be very simple. We could bring down the information and you would all be just like “robots” and bing, bing, bing, you would all know the same thing.

You are “individual”. Your experiences are “individual”. Your understanding is “individual”. And finding out WHO you really are and what your “purpose” is in physicality, is different for every single “individual” – and you stop and think of all that you have on your planet. Were they ALL to find out WHO they were, you would not recognize the planet at all, because the “actions” and the “re-actions” of the individuals upon the planet would be so different that you could not understand what was happening – if you happen to be one who didn’t “know” WHO you were and you were seeing all these people that “did” know WHO they were.

Now, let’s get to the word “observation”. You “look” and you “see”, the words to you are the same – look, see, observe. To you they all sound like they are exactly the same. In “looking” and in “seeing” there are two different perspectives. You can “look” at something and you can “see” something, but they are two “different” things. Ask anyone who has done extensive “look-out” duty on big ships, the difference between “looking” and “seeing” – there is a great deal of difference. But from the everyday man’s experience, “looking” and “seeing” are exactly the same. For the “look-out” on the water, it is different.

Okay, now, getting out an “American College Dictionary” we find the following: “OBSERVE; 2. to regard with ATTENTION, so as to see or LEARN something. 3. to make or take an observation of; to watch, view, or note for some scientific, official, or other SPECIAL PURPOSE… 5. to KEEP or MAINTAIN in one’s action, conduct, etc.”

We have capitalized these words to make a point.

Now, what we’re saying from that – “to take note of”, “to watch”, “to view”. Now, when you “watch” something, when you ‘view” something, from those two words, from my understanding of those two words – “watching” and “viewing” – you are able to take ACTION, rather than re-ACTION. This is what we have been telling you, “observation” is and “viewing” and “watching” a situation and from THAT point, you take ACTION rather than re-ACTING to a situation.

This is the difference we are trying to tell you. In “observation” and in “watching” a situation and “viewing” a situation everything changes. But you are very “reactionary” people – the whole planet is that way – and it’s becoming more that way all the time. Because people will say, ‘I don’t have time, I don’t have enough time’, how many times a day do you hear that? From Aona’s standpoint, when she’s in the shop, people come in, they’re in a hurry, they’re in a hurry, they don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. They pick up something and they run it across something else and they get a great big smudge on it, ‘oh, I was in such a hurry’. They have wasted more time getting the smudge out, than if they had taken the time to pick it up and not dragged it across something else and get it smudged. Why are they out of “time”? You don’t have “time” any more. And I think that is what is happening. Is that they are feeling that “loss of time” and that is what is making them frantic, because they don’t know how to take care of it, they don’t know how to handle it.

People talk about “freedom”. Being out of “time” is grand “freedom” but they don’t know what to do with it, it scares them and they become frantic. Then they continually look at that watch on the wrist so that they’re not late for something. That watch only tells the “time” that you want it to tell. Then if you want it to tell that you’re going to be late, that’s what you will “react to”. Now, if you don’t have the watch, how are you going to react?

A number of years ago, and this goes back quite a ways, there were those that were working for companies where the individuals within the company’s were not wearing watches and they did that on purpose. They did that because they did not want the “restriction”. It allowed them to work at their own pace, rather than what someone else told them they had to do. This particularly happened in the field, which you call sales. The salesmen would say, ‘I’ll be there in the morning’ or ‘I will be there in the afternoon’, but they did not tell the customer the time they would be there. That took the “restriction” off of the salesmen to have to get into an automobile and tear down the road to hit a meeting at a specific time. They were already beginning to set their own time.

Now, you work in a company and they set up a meeting for a certain time. How many people are late? They come tearing into the room, with coat tails flying, ‘I am late because…’. You set your own “time”; you set your own pictures. Then when you begin to “observe” the pictures you put in front of you that is what we’re telling you. We’re not telling you to sit like a glob. Everyone that we know of that are making great strides and beginning to “know” WHO the are, there is not one of them that is sitting with their feet up and meditating. They are raising families. They are working at jobs. They’re all active individuals. They are active in that which you call “life” and “living”. And they’re getting so much out of it that they never got out of it before, because they didn’t understand what it was all about.

The one thing that happens more than anything is those that sit and “ponder” everything -they don’t get any place. It is in “living” that you “discover” what its about. We’re saying, “observe”, because in “observation” you will learn to “act” rather than “react”, that’s what this is all about.

JOHN: Comment; One of the other major distinctions between “looking”, “seeing” and “observing” is, looking and seeing require no intellect. “Observing” requires engaging the intellect.

DATRE: Yes, because from an “observation” is where you make a decision. From our standpoint if you’re “looking” and “seeing” and reacting, you’re “not” engaging gray matter at all. It’s a physical “reaction” to a situation. Now, an “observer” acts from using the brain.

You see you’re so much interested in things of unimportance. If there’s an accident on the road, everybody has to slow down and look and see what happened and who got hurt and what damage there was to the car. While people are backed up for miles and miles and miles, because every single one in every single car has to slow down to see what happened. Number one, you’re on a highway, you’re not going to know the people that had the accident. You can’t do anything for the people that are “hurt” in the accident. You can’t do anything to fix the car that was in the accident. All you can do is “look” and “see”. And what has been accomplished? Absolutely nothing. Except, you do not “respect” the other individuals around you.

An “observer” RESPECTS everything around him or her. If you had RESPECT for the other individuals around you, you would continue to go by that accident and not make a “spectacle” of these people that are hurt and in pain. Then allow them to be respected and not looked at as, ‘oh, what happened?’. You’re not respecting the people behind you, these people have places to go and things to do and you’re slowing down because you want to “see” and you can’t do anything about it anyway. See how futile? An “observer” would not look and see. He would respect those that were with him; he would respect the people behind him and continue at the pace that he could continue at. RESPECT. An “observer” always respects everything and everyone. Because, an “observer” uses his “thought” patterns – seeing and looking accomplishes nothing.

Now, because your words are stumbling blocks, instead of stepping-stones, in many cases, it is very difficult for us to try and find the words that exactly work. We thought that when we use the word “observer” that it would help you to understand, because an “observation” is when decisions can be made and a decision cannot be made without engaging the brain. So we thought it was a good word and if it has been a stumbling block we apologize for that, because it was not intended to be so.

The other thing about “thinking”, I think there was a comment about – not using our past or something like that, to build on. May I have the paper? He say’s, “Datre is suggesting that any capacity to “think”, “remember”, “build on”, and “work with” is far less important than the capacity to just sit in a stupefied, mindless state just observing the universe”. Now, in “observation” you “think”. In “thinking”, you work with and build on. But, “remembrance” in not that important. Why? Because, if you are beginning to build frameworks, the “past” and the way you “reacted” in the past is of no importance, simply because, in your “observation” you’re going to find that your “actions” are different than your “reactions” at another point in time.

Now, the “observer” who begins to “discover” what this is all about, will remember how he or she used to “react” to a given situation. But, it is only in being an “observer” that they will say, ‘oh, I acted entirely different than I had previously’. And what makes the difference? Being and “observer” makes the difference. Because the difference is that you “think” a situation through. Then you take “action” instead of “reaction”. So you see, remembrance, in that particular instance, is not necessary – except, to show you that there IS a difference.

Now, perhaps that will help, I hope it will, because we want you to understand the differences and how “different” your very life can be – it is entirely different. And I wish that everyone who is beginning to understand what we’re talking about – by being an “observer”, could each and everyone of them tell you from their personal experience, how “different” their lives are. As one individual said, ‘if you had told me that I would be this way, six months ago, I would have laughed in your face’. There is a difference, and we hope we can be of service to you, in giving you this information. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 088 – Your OWN Evolution

Datre answers Susmita (part II)

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is the goal of a planetary being is to see her children (those having experience on a planet) attain SELF-REALIZATION?”

DATRE: Who cares about anyone else? No one should care about anyone else. The only one you need to care about is yourself. Those that are becoming themselves and beginning to “know” WHO they are, are not concerned with anything BUT themselves. Because, in acting from the physical, from the Being of your “self”, knowing WHO you are you will do exactly the “right” thing, shall we say, from your standpoint, from their standpoint. Because they have an opportunity to paint the picture to make things work – without being all involved in another persons evolution. Be it a wife, a husband, a child, a mother or father, whatever. Everyone has a right to their “own” evolution.

The only thing that has happened is, that you’ve been in these physical bodies for so long, that you don’t realize, that even a baby that is born, must be taken care of, must be fed, must be clothed, must all these things. But that child’s evolution, is the “child’s” evolution. That child came into that family because it wanted to. It was not a ‘gift’ from God. It was not because ‘you’ wanted children. It’s because, that child say’s, ‘this is the family that I need to experience through to get the experiences that I need for ‘my’ evolution’. But, the longer the child is in the physical body and is ‘layered’ consistently, by the “do’s” and the “don’ts” of the parents and teachers, etc, they begin to loose track of their original intent.

I see parents today, with children in their 30’s living under their parent’s roof and the parents are concerned with them. How is that individual ever going to evolve, if it is constantly being taken care of? It needs its own evolution. That does not mean, kick the kids out in the street. But, everyone’s evolution is their own. It is “not” your responsibility. And those who are beginning to “know” WHO they are, realize it is ‘not’ their responsibility, and are having ‘grand’ times within the family structure, because they understand. Continue.

JOHN: “The evolution in a planet/bubble follows a time line, likewise the evolution in the entire BIG Universe follows a time line! Is that what was alluded to when Datre mentioned Universal timing?”

DATRE: Yes! But it doesn’t matter because you haven’t got a time line any more. So, your time is your own. You are no longer under a “time line” you are in what they call a “stretched moment”. The “stretched moment” exists because the BIRTH took place and no one took a body with them. So, a “stretched moment” exists and there is no “grander” time than to “know” WHO YOU ARE, than in that which is called a “stretched moment”, because you can regulate things for “yourself”. You are no longer under the restrictions of a ‘time line’.

So, your days, your nights, your experiences, can all be at any length you so desire for your “observation”. No one is controlling. It is ‘yours’ to do with as you wish. What a “grander” experience can anyone in physicality ever be given? Continue.

JOHN: A clarification. She included the Universe as following a time line. The Universe NEVER has such a thing as a ‘time line’.

DATRE: Oh, I did not notice that. There is a Universal ‘timing’, but no “time line”. All right, there is no “time line” in the Universe. And Universal “timing” is something that the physical brain can’t understand anyway. It is of no importance to the physical beings.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Can Datre describe the previous experience(s) of the human species who began their initial journey on Earth, before adopting the human physical construct?”

DATRE: You have nothing within your physical brain to be able to comprehend. We’re not getting into those areas. You’re trying to understand things from a physical standpoint and you cannot do it. I don’t like to keep stressing that all the time, but people are interested in something that has nothing to do with them. You have no idea how long you’ve been in physicality and if I were to give you a number, what difference would it make? It has no relevance whatsoever on your evolution.

You talk about dinosaurs being such and such years. You talk about the mountains being such and such years. You talk about the pyramids being such and such years. What difference does it make? What we’re here to teach you and to try to get across to you is “your own” evolution. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question say’s… “Can a physical planetary being with an understanding of what constitutes this Universe, move on to a different planet in a different universe for new experiences?”

DATRE: Well, you’re getting Universes and planets all mixed up. So I cannot answer that question as it’s posed.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Although physical forms/realities appear from and disappear into non-physical forms/realities, can evolution strictly continue along physical lines?”

DATRE: Those that are leaving this planet now are going to continue on another planet in another form of physicality, yes, very definitely. Physicality will be maintained by the individuals that are experiencing physicality, until physicality is understood. You cannot graduate from High School, until you understand and have learned what has been given to you and you can pass tests that say, ‘I understand’.

You can’t move from out of physicality, once you’re in physicality, until you “understand” physicality. Then if that takes you eons of time, it will take you eons of time. You don’t even know what an EON is, but that’s alright, its a good word, because it ‘stretches’ you past a certain number that you can understand.

But, what difference does it make? When you “know” WHO YOU ARE, it does not matter. Because you put a “beginning” and an “end” on everything. That’s… when you invented “death” – because you were tired of ‘living’ – you locked yourself into a very “short” experience upon this planet. So, in the time that you spend on this planet, you learn very little.

Now, you’re no longer on a “time line” you’re in a “stretched moment”. So “stretch” your time in whatever direction you want to, to get to “know” WHO YOU ARE. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “How do stars look like from Datre’s point of view? How do they differ from planets?”

DATRE: Well, the only time… you see, there again, you talk to Datre as if Datre was an individual that was physical. Number one, Datre is composed of… I don’t know how many, because different ones of us come in and come and go within the physical construct which you call Aona. The only time we can “see” is when we’re in a physical body. But we are NOT physical, any more than Aona is physical when she leaves her body. But, when she leaves her body she is NOT physical, she “knows” she is not physical, she experiences, but she “knows” she is. So, when she gets the signal to come back into the body, she comes back into the body and is physical again. But, for her to explain her experiences through a physical brain, she cannot – because what she experiences, is NOT physical. And when you go out and experience in a non-physicality, how are you going to explain in a physical body with a physical brain? It cannot be. Its no different that a disk that you put in a computer, you can’t get that computer to put out anything but what you put in it. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is the sun which is a “reflection” of light from Jupiter (as Datre said) a planet?”

DATRE: Now, what difference does it make? Does it matter if the sun is a planet or if it’s a star? If Jupiter has life, like alligators or it has something that looks like a frog or a fish? It does not matter. This as we have said before, everything “out there” is so much more fascinating than in here – WHY? It is like a little child that does not want to go to school. They scream and holler and throw tantrums, because they don’t want to go to school. Why don’t they want to go to school? They don’t want to learn, because learning takes effort and anything that’s worthwhile takes effort. Understanding takes effort. But, once you understand, then it’s very simple. But, it’s the same thing. Its kicking and screaming to get “out of here” to someplace else. You’re not going to be any smarter someplace else than you are here – guaranteed.

The same way with dying, you’re not going to be one wit smarter when you’re dead than when you’re alive. Everyone wants to hear from people that are dead. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s not any grand information that’s coming from the dead for most people, because, what you’re contacting is people that you’ve know when they were living. So, you see, it is a round robin.

But, when you begin to work with “self” and begin to understand, that is when it becomes interesting – that’s when you begin to enjoy life. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I read somewhere that Einstein said, “All knowledge is experience, everything else is just information!” If that is true then how can information brought by Datre help us gain knowledge or understanding? Is our capacity to understand is limited/defined by our experience?”

DATRE: You paint your pictures. Why do you put a picture in front of you? Why do you continue to put pictures in front of you when you are “awake”? If its not for experience, I don’t know what its for. But, only the “observer” begins to realize, what the pictures say to them. You paint your pictures, learn from them.

You can get all the Datre that we can give you, we will continue to tell you, over and over again and those who are beginning to “know” WHO they ARE are “amazed” at how few statements any of those that come through as Datre have made. There are very few, but we have explained them so many different ways. Time and time again, we have repeated and repeated the same information in many, many, many, different ways.

But, there are those that have hit something that say’s ‘wait a minute, “now” I understand what that meant’. And when those things begin to happen, that’s when changes begin to take place. We keep telling you to “observe” your pictures, continuously. We’ve brought you up from ground zero and we’ve been speaking about this all the time. And those that are beginning to see their own pictures “know” they’re painting their own pictures and understanding their own pictures. They’re beginning to have tremendous things happen in their lives. They’re happy, they’re enjoying life, because they are “seeing it” in an entirely different manner. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I understand everything in the Big Universe is understandable from its Vibration or “Signature print”. Is that somewhat like the Universal Alphabet or more like Color Spectrum or Sound Pitch?”

DATRE: No, you’re putting a “print” on something that has no “print”. The only “print” that you have is in physicality. Those are your words. There is no such thing. There’s no Universal “print”. Everything is “evolution”. You have the word “print”, which means it is solidified on a piece of paper. When you “print” something, you put symbols on paper and that becomes ‘solid’ for you to read or whatever you want to do with it. A “print” is not fluid from the brain standpoint. There is no fluidity in something that is printed.

Recently we touched in with Aona and heard a beautiful piece that was being played and it was Mozart. And that has been played many different times from the time he was living until now by many different people, many different interpretations. Then, when the piece was over, a man asked the man that was conducting this piece, why this was different than his last recording. He said you did not play it like you did your last recording. And the conductor said, ‘that is the reason that I do not like to put anything out on a record, because it ‘solidifies’ the movement. You see, that man recognized, that once it is put in “print” that it is “solid”. That means that every time that you hear that piece that is on a recording, it is ‘exactly’ the same. So, where is the spontaneity? Where is the ‘evolution’ of that particular piece of music? There is NO evolution, when it is “printed”. So, that is why we say, there is no “print” in the Universe.

Signature prints, we have referred to, is in physicality. I believe we related it to fingerprints. That you have a fingerprint that is not like anyone else’s fingerprint. That is your ‘individuality’. You have a “signature print” that is a “vibrational” print and many maintain that ‘vibrational’ print, exactly the same, from the time they are born until they go through that which you call death. Their signature print does not change. But, there are those that are ‘changing’ their ‘signature print’, because they are “evolving”. Evolution does NOT stand still. It never has and it never will. Continue.

JOHN: Her final question is… “Is it possible to explain what exactly is a Hologram from your universal stand point?”

DATRE: As we’ve said before, it’s a bunch of squiggly lines.

JOHN: Scientifically, it’s just an interference pattern of light.

DATRE: That’s about right. But you see, you have to have something in physicality to work with. There’s no other way that you can understand physicality, until you get into a body. But, how many of you have stood “behind” your body and looked through your eyes as if you have never seen through eyes and “observe” from that standpoint? That is something for you to “play” with. That is something for you to experience. That’s why we are so fascinated by coming into a physical body. That’s why so many come through Aona’s physical body, because they enjoy an experience, that there is no other way that they could ever experience it.

That is why we have to keep such close track of her, because when she comes back in, her “signature print” has changed, simply because of all of the different vibratory constructs that have interacted with this physical construct. You see, you don’t get that when you work with those in, what you call, the ‘dead zone’, because you’re working “physical construct” with “physical construct”. When you work with Universal vibration constructs, that come through “this” physical construct, it changes the “print” of the body. Then, depending on how many people “use” the body before she comes back into it again, makes a difference as to how long it takes her to come back “into” the body, because the body is “not” recognized by her, as what she left – it’s different. Then she has to become “acclimated” to what you would call, a “new body”. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes days to become familiar with a body that she uses all the time.

But, you see, you don’t understand “energy constructs” that clearly. But, for you as an exercise, for “all” of you, STAND OUTSIDE OF YOUR BODY AND LOOK THROUGH YOUR EYES. Then you will experience something that is very different – “very” different. This is what an “observer” does. An “observer” is within the body but “observing” from a different standpoint. So, have fun, enjoy.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 087- You and Your Planet are HOLOGRAPHIC

Datre answers Susmita. (part I)

JOHN: Okay, today we have some more questions from Susmita and her first question is… “I understand entities are a particular species of universal being, who are containments. Can Datre give us some examples of containments besides planets or globs?”

DATRE: You come from an Entity that is a containment – each and every one of you. Then when you leave, many of you will go out – at the time of the BIRTH – through an Entity, which is a containment. Continue.

JOHN: And her second question is… “I understand “BIRTH” signifies the end of an evolutionary cycle and at that time there are three(?) choices (a) to be realized in a new planet at the level of a human being that we are at the present.”

DATRE: All right, you can go out at the level of the human being, which you are now. We’ve said that on a previous one on the net that there are those that are beginning to leave “now”. That is the first group that is going out. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along the same question line she say’s… “Or (b) to be not realized and be (not exist any more as human and all human experiences are absorbed by the source entity)”

DATRE: That ‘source’ Entity is your containment. If those that want their existence totally and completely annihilated, that is what they will do. But then, remember, once that decision is made, then there’s no coming “back” into physicality. In other words, if you want to give up everything, “period” – that’s the end. It’s the only time its ever happened. But, there are so many that are discontented with anything and everything and ALL things that they want to be ‘completely’ annihilated. If that is their ‘choice’, this is a time when they will do it. But, they have to maintain ‘something’, until the time of the birth. Continue.

JOHN: Continuing along again, she say’s… “Or (c) continue as a different ‘unrealized’ being (as a non-physical Universal being or other physical planetary beings). Correct me please.”

DATRE: You will go… the next group that will go out, are those that have some knowledge of that which you call this Datre information. They will not necessarily have completed the whole cycle, but they have some knowledge of what the whole cycle is about. Then they will go and be on another planet in a form of physical containment to continue their understanding. So, that will be the next group that will leave the planet, okay. So, now we have “two” planetary existences. All right, continue.

JOHN: Then for the next question she say’s… “The third choice is only available to a few who have completely understood what the human evolution is all about.”

DATRE: That is correct. That is the one that goes through this whole evolutionary cycle in total and complete AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING. Then those are the ones that will begin to work from that which you call the MIND of the BUBBLE. Once they begin that, they are no longer in a ‘human’ form. Those are the ones that… some of them will go to another ‘space’, shall we say, to completely become comfortable in that which you call the Universe. There are those upon this planet that have come from the Universe. Have come in here and will go back out to where they came from. Those are the ones that will go into that type of an existence. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along, she say’s… “I guess the Planetary being (mother Earth) in her infinite love, has supplied each of us with the material and the environment needed, to be able to have experiences in a physical construct! It only makes me ashamed to know how we treat her!”

DATRE: Well you see, there again, you’re putting a great deal of thinking into that mother Earth situation. That is an old, old, old teaching and there is nothing wrong with the ‘old’ teachings. But, what we’re trying to get you to understand is, that regardless of what happens to your planet, your ‘individual’ evolution is what we are concerned with. The planet will take care of itself. If after everything is taken off this planet, as far as physical beings are concerned, if this planet decides that it no longer desires an existence, it will no longer exist. Because your ‘planet’, as well as ‘you’, is HOLOGRAPHIC.

And HOLOGRAPHIC is… you all know what a HOLOGRAM is. You’ve seen it many times. Where they take many different ‘lights’ and they put them all together, all these lines together to make a HOLOGRAM. A HOLOGRAM is something you can do on your computer screen with your lines. You can take… you see it on television, they take all these lines and they make animals and people and everything out of all these lines that move and move and move. What they’re doing is, that is a representation of what ‘you’ are. But, that is a very hard concept to understand. But ‘that’ is what you look like.

That is why we need to maintain an almost constant contact with Aona. Because, from our standpoint, she’s a bunch of squiggly lines. Then, in order to continually find her, we have to keep track of the squiggly line vibration in order to locate her. So that is why, when we come into her body and she leaves her body, that we have to, shall we say, keep an eye on her or we can loose her, because when she’s out of body, she is OUT OF BODY. She is a NO THING, except a vibration. She doesn’t even have the squiggly lines. She doesn’t have… she is a NO THING until she comes back into physicality again.

A hard concept to understand is, if you are not in a physical containment, you cannot be seen. Think about that one for a while. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “What about those men/women who have not the slightest idea about their true nature and can’t decide one way or other during BIRTH?”

DATRE: Well if they don’t know anything about their ‘true’ nature they won’t be able to make any decisions. So, those are the ones that are leaving the planet now. Those are the ones that have no idea of what’s going on. From their standpoint they think they’re the body and that is ‘one’ stage of evolution.

You see there’s no higher or no lower in that state of evolution. They are evolving at ‘their’ rate of speed and that is fine. Then in order to continue their evolution, they’re leaving ‘this’ physical planet to go to another planetary existence that is more comfortable to them, because, they will have ‘other’ individuals that are at the same stage of evolution that they are. There’s no ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘higher’ or ‘lower’. It is an evolutionary process that will continue.

The reason for the separation is, due to the energy construct, upon the planet and the difference in the various evolutions of the physical beings upon the planet. That is why the separation is necessary. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues on with the next question and say’s… “If the ultimate goal in the Universe is to get “REALIZED” and some of us do not want to get realized at any level in the BIG Universe, then there needs to be a new universe for new experience.”

DATRE: No, that is not exactly right. You have many different experiences within THIS universe. You have many REALITIES within this Universe. You see, you just don’t ‘pop’ off one Universe into another Universe. You can ‘pop’ off the planet. But this Universe contains multitudinous different experiences and expressions and evolutions. Continue.

JOHN: And along the same lines… “If all of the opportunities created and maintained by everything in the big universe for new experiences have been exhausted after the origin, expansion and eventual contraction of a universe, does evolution move to a different universe?”

DATRE: Now, you’re going into areas that your brains cannot comprehend. You look at evolution, you look at planetary existence, you look at Universes – from the standpoint of a physical brain. There is no way you can understand a Universe, from a physical brain – it is an impossibility. There is no end – to anything. Nor is there a “definite” beginning to anything – EVOLUTION IS. Those that comprise Datre don’t even know of a beginning – because, it WAS when they BECAME. So, how can we explain to you? You can’t even – with your physical brain – understand what you did the last time in physicality, the last time in another reality. You can’t explain that, how in the world are you ever going to explain a Universe? It is not comprehendible. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues on and say’s… “I guess the shrinking of many universes and expansion of many universes going on simultaneously!” that relates to the previous question.

DATRE: Well, there again, there is no explanation to that. That is concerning yourself with something that is of no importance to you. Your “importance” is understanding what you’re doing here NOW. When you get out into the Universe, then you can contemplate those kinds of questions. But, until you reach that point… until you reach the point of even “knowing” WHO YOU ARE, how are you going to understand… you’re functioning with a physical brain that is only going to take so much. EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED is within this BUBBLE. And, that does not explain the Universe. Those things are there for your experience. But, NOT for you to “contemplate” Universal understanding, because the brain will NEVER understand. The YOU that ‘you’ are has a better level of understanding. But that is not a “totality” either. Continue.

JOHN: Comment. Here we’re getting back to the same problem again. Not concerning themselves with WHO and WHAT they are. Concerning themselves with “out there”, because it’s got to be better “out there”.

DATRE: It never is. You have the most exciting, the grandest thing happening here on your planet and nobody can seem to understand it. EXCEPT, for the few that are beginning to get a glimpse of WHO they truly are. Now, those people don’t care what ‘time’ it is, they don’t care what day it is – none of that. They don’t care about the Universe; they don’t care about “anything” – except, what they are doing with themselves. The pictures “they” are painting for themselves.

Now, they’re not out in “la la land”. These people have families, these people work at jobs. These people “function” IN physicality – and that’s where it’s AT. They’re becoming GRAND “observers” of everyday life and have passed the point of being bored and thinking “out there” is greater than what is in here. They are becoming GRAND “observers” and are shall we say, “having the best days of their lives”. Because, when you “know” who you are, you “understand” you are, and the only limitations on anything, is “you”. Then, “knowing” that, the only limitations are the ones they put on themselves. They are beginning to “drop” their limitations. And in dropping their “limitations”, they are experiencing a “whole new world”. Right here on this very planet that everybody else exists on, that wants to get out of it, that wants to go “out there”, that wants to do all these grand and glorious things that are in the “never, never land”, that you can sit and “speculate” on from now until… and never go any place. These people are getting into their bodies and “living life” and it is a GRANDER experience than any of them ever imagined, because their letters tell us so. Continue.

JOHN: And along the same lines she say’s… “I wonder how the overall energy balance is maintained?”

DATRE: It is not of any concern to you. You don’t have any instruments that you can run out there and check the energy. You cannot even register a “waveform”. You say you register a “waveform” by your instruments. You are “only” measuring the “particles” within a “waveform”. You haven’t the vaguest idea of what a “waveform” energy is. And there are those that are beginning to “function” off of “waveform” energy. The scientific community, and the medical community and any of those that are working off the “brain book learning” are never going to understand that. And it does not matter, that is “their” evolution. Each one has their own; it is what “you” want to do. But, do not be concerned about things that have no relationship or relativity to your personal existence. Continue.

Continued on part (II)

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Datre 86 – No One That Is An Older Soul Than Another Soul

Datre answers a “veteran.human.being”

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from an individual who calls themselves a “veteran.human.being”.

DATRE: What is a “veteran.human.being”? Does that refer to somebody who has been here a long time?

JOHN: I have no idea.

DATRE: Now, if he is looking at himself as a “veteran.human”, he is one of two things, either he must be around a hundred years old or he has figured that he has “reincarnated” many, many times. In the “psychic” community they say, ‘oh, you’re an old soul’. Well, the thing that’s very interesting is, that not one of you is “older” than the other. For whatever reason, you don’t seem to understand that. There is NO ONE THAT IS AN OLDER SOUL THAN ANOTHER SOUL.

The thing is that the word “soul” is a nebulous term that man has contrived to explain physicality, non physicality, whatever. But, you may have had many, what you call, “reincarnations”. But how many over a thousand have you had? How many over two thousand have you had? How many over five thousand have you had? If anyone on the planet at the present time, in that which you call, the “living” physical construct, have any idea how many times and how many different physical experiences that they have had, they would be shocked out of their gee bobbins. They have no idea. Somebody say’s, ‘well, I’ve been here, ten – fifteen times’. You’ve been here ten – fifteen “thousand” times. That’s why we’re trying to get you “out” of here, because you’ve done it so many times. Aren’t you bored? Don’t you want to do something else? Okay, get off the soapbox and continue.

JOHN: Okay, his first question is… “We’ve come here to experience the physical. How do we know that we’ve accomplished the prerequisites.”

DATRE: When you know, number one, WHO you are, when you go through the cycle of “birth”, “death”, “day”, “night” the whole thing, in total and complete “awareness”, what else is there to learn? But, first of all, you have to “know” WHO you are. Then when you begin to know WHO you are, then, things will begin to change. Then, your “awareness” of WHO you are will change everything, because you will ‘paint’ different pictures. In painting different ‘pictures’ you will be able to do things that at one point in your existence you thought “impossible”. It is “not” impossible, the only thing is that you set-up too many barriers.

First thing, KNOW WHO YOU ARE. In that, that is the beginning. Many say, ‘we want to unfold’. Start there. But until you get to that point, nothing ‘unfolds’ except MASS CONSCIOUSNESS thinking that you ‘reprocess’. When you begin to ‘think’ from the standpoint of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE, and you’re painting the ‘pictures’ and you’re running the whole show, then you can start ‘changing’ things. Then when you can start ‘changing’ things, that’s when you begin to get to the point where you will be able to experience, any and all things upon the planet, in ‘total’ awareness, with what many would refer to as being “unemotional”, because you will be an “observer”. Then, as an “observer” you can DO anything. Continue.

JOHN: And, his next question is… “According to the calendar; I have maybe 13 years left in this body.”

DATRE: Now, who said you have 13 years left in the body? What are you basing your information on? Are you basing it on medical information that you should live to be so and so years old? What are you basing it upon? Do you want to leave the physical body and go through that which you call the “death” – “rebirth” process again? Or are you going to learn ‘this’ time and learn enough so that you don’t have to do that all over again? 13 years has nothing to do with anything.

How about the woman that died the other day at 110? She was still living in her own home, cooking her own meals, cleaning her own house, doing all of her washing, ironing and all of that other stuff in full capacity. Then she said one day, ‘I think I’ve had enough of this’ and laid down and went to sleep and died, as you call it. Why did she wait until 110? Because she was fascinated with that which you call LIFE. Then when you’re no longer fascinated with that which you call LIFE, then you will die. But, it is up to “you”, as to when “you” want to go out of this physical construct. It will stay, as long as you want it to stay.

JOHN: The body, that is.

DATRE: Yes! The body will follow the brain shall we say, because, you’re the one that “programs” the brain. Then, if you tell the brain, the body is fine, the brain will tell the body it’s fine and it will be fine. So, if you want to put numbers on how long you’re going to stay, that is up to you. But, from our standpoint, we can’t see why one would put a limitation on the “grandest” experiences that you can have, which is called LIFE.


JOHN: Then his next question is… “I like this knowing but understand that I’m an evolving being. I can not find the place wherein I am still physical and learning as opposed to the natural state of mind.”

DATRE: Well, you’re going to do one of two things as long as you’re within this BUBBLE, you’re either going to be in that which you call life or that which you call death. Very simply, there is no place else for you to be. You have that “option” there is no other option.

Now, if you were to get to the point that you understood physicality, beginning to end, then begin to work off of that which is the MIND, which is that which is contained within your BUBBLE, when you work from “that” standpoint, you’re NOT working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You’d be working strictly from the YOU that ‘you’ are – which is a “NO-THING”. Then, in that functioning, there is a tremendous amount of information – within the MIND – that is very fascinating. But, there isn’t, at the present time, not one that has their feet on the planet in physicality that is working “off” the MIND, because you’re not constructed to do that yet. You’re in the process of making changes within that which you call your “physical” brain, to be able to “comprehend” the zymology of the MIND. But, until THAT is to the point where it is what we call “completed”, within your brain cavity in physicality, you are “unable” to COMPREHEND the “symbols” within the MIND.

Now, when you work with experiences in your “sleep time”, you are working with the YOU that ‘you’ are, to decide what you want to experience in the physical. But, that’s YOU working with ‘you’. When you’re in the physical, you can do one of two things. You can work “directly” with the YOU that ‘you’ are and ‘understand’ WHAT you are experiencing. Or, you can work off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – there are two choices there. Then from the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS standpoint, you’re not working from any ‘concept’ other than ‘willy-nilly’. In other words, you’re NOT controlling your life at all, from the standpoint of the YOU that ‘you’ are. You’re just being ‘pushed’ here and ‘pushed’ there and you’re living your life, shall we say, in “default”. You’re NOT in control, when you’re working off MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is so easy to get to, it’s all around you, it’s in your house, it’s in your… as we’ve said before, it’s in your community, it’s all over. Then, if that is the way you want to live, that is entirely up to you. But, if you want to live in physicality, in a physical body, in contact with the YOU that ‘you’ are, and every experience that comes before you – ACT instead of re-ACT – then you are living in an entirely different circumstance.

In that case, when you are ACTING instead of re-ACTING, you are in control of your very life existence. We are beginning to hear from some on the Datre net that are beginning to have “grand” experiences. One individual said, ‘there are times when I have trouble distinguishing between being awake and asleep. I have to stop and think where I am.’

The individuals that are having this experience are working directly from and with their real YOU essence. These individuals are “observing” a continuous flow. For them this is an exciting new beginning.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Where do we fit as painters/sculptors/poets still always needing MORE TIME to express our human limitations?”

DATRE: Well, everybody does something. Even the fellow that is a janitor with a broom. Maybe that is all he is capable of doing, but he does it. Then he may feel that his life is too short to do what he wants to do. Maybe it won’t be sweeping with a broom, but it may be something else that he enjoys doing.

You see your physical activity does not set you apart from anything or anyone – only if you want it to be. A writer will go off, a poet will go off, they like to be by themselves, they like the quite. The musician will go off by him or herself if they are a composer. Or they will go off to practice their instrument, to be by themselves so that they can hear what they’re doing, better.

But, there are also those that are working as, what you call, those that cook in the kitchen, the chefs that work in these big restaurants. They’re working with confusion all the time. But, they are creating “masterpieces” in their minds. So, where do they fit? Where does anybody fit? The man that is cooking something and he gets an idea for the next thing that he’s going to cook, while he’s cooking the one thing. He say’s, ‘next time, I’m going to do this, when I prepare that, I’m going to do it this way’. He does not look at anything but, ‘next time, I will do this’. A painter say’s, ‘next time, I will do that’. A sculptor will say, ‘next time, I will do that’.

But, why feel the pressure of ‘time’? It is yours to command. Do the things you want to, don’t set limitations. If you set limitations, what you’re doing is succumbing to the flow of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Which say’s, ‘this is what you need to do now’, ‘this is what you need to do some other time’. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is the ‘only’ thing that puts limitations on anything. They will put limitations on ‘time’, consistently. Then, what do you hear from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, daily, ‘I don’t have enough ‘time’ to do this’, ‘I don’t have enough ‘time’ to do that’, ‘I don’t have enough ‘time’ to do something else’.

All right, all I can say to you is, where are “your” priorities and what do you want to get done? Then, if you want to run like those squirrels in the cage, that just go round and round, then that is up to you. But, the people that get things done, put them all in an organizational pattern and say, ‘okay, this is what I’m going to do’ and they get a lot done that way. Because, “they” have set the standards of what they’re going to do and when they’re going to do it. But, most people don’t do that. The only way you can be “pressured” by that which you call “time”, is if you allow ‘other’ people to run your life. If you run your own life, then there’s no pressure and there’s NO TIME.

A day can be as long or as short as ‘you’ want it, it’s entirely up to you. YOU paint the picture that is in front of you. When do you want the sun to come up? When do you want the sun to go down? It is ALL within your power of OBSERVATION. If you are intent on what you are doing, and enjoy what you are doing, you have a great deal ‘more’ time than those that are doing what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it. That is the difference.

You will NEVER see a Master hurry. He does not know the meaning of that word, because, to him, evolution is a “forever” pattern. In or out of physicality, it does not matter. Eons of ‘time’ do not matter to a Master. He will do what he does when he does it, because he sets it ALL himself. It is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that sets things FOR you, when you buy into it. Then the idea is, to get “out” of it and enjoy that, which we call, LIVING.

Because, it does not matter, if you are in a physical containment or you’re ‘without’ a physical containment. If you are LIVING, then how long is a moment? A blink of an eye or an eon of time? Next question.

JOHN: That was the last question, but that’s an interesting distinction. You cannot LIVE as part of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you can only exist.

DATRE: You exist, yes. You do not “know” what it is like to LIVE, until ‘you’ begin to “know who you are”. Then we can ask any number of those on the Datre list on the net that we know of, that have begun to “know” the difference between ‘existence’ and LIVING. When you reach that point, there is such a decided difference, that even they cannot explain it. It is in the “observation”. It is an “awareness” of what you are doing. If you “know” what you are doing, everyday is a “fascination”, because it is all “different” experiences and your experiences change, shall we say, more quickly. Because when you’ve had an experience and you’ve “observed” it and you “know” the reason for putting it in front of you, and you “observe” in ‘total’ understanding, then you don’t have to do that any more. That’s why your experiences become more and different. Then things begin happening quicker.

Right now, the majority of the individuals on the planet are many years behind in what they have set out for themselves. They’ve said, that they want this or they want that or they don’t want this or they don’t want that. Then when that appears in their physical reality it is probably 5 to 10 years down the road. Then they’ll say, ‘well I can remember, I asked for this, but that was a long time ago’ – yes it was. But, the individual that “knows” who they are will make the same comment, of wanting something or looking for something, and within a matter of days, it will be there. How come? They can paint any picture that they want to at any time. But, painting the picture from “think” is not going to do it.

You can “think” about something as long as you want to, but until you “know” what you’re doing in the “knowing” of the YOU that ‘you’ are, then you will just keep on “thinking”. It’s when you become the YOU that ‘you’ are and become that MAGNIFICENT OBSERVER, you can start painting your own pictures. Then things will change very quickly. Because you don’t have to have an experience for any length of time. In other words, you don’t have to ‘stretch’ everything out. You don’t have to ‘continually’ do the same thing.

Like the woman who’s house burned down, four years ago at Christmas time. This year at Christmas time, her house burned down again, four years later. What is she trying to tell herself? Now, for someone that “knows” who they are, if they didn’t get it the first time, believe me they would get it the second time. There would be absolutely no question as to why they had done that the second time. There are times that you have to get the picture more than once. But, that’s in becoming to “know” who you are. But, from seeing the lady on TV through Aona’s eyes, it was very obvious that she had no idea of what was happening. That is when you’re working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you don’t understand. There’s a very definite message there for that lady. She painted those pictures, why did she paint them?

Are you continually painting pictures in front of you to get a message through to ‘you’ from the YOU that you are into the physical containment for understanding? That’s what its all about. I think that we have completed that. Am I correct?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: All right, we’ll leave you now.

We are Datre.

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