The Law of Attraction For Sports

This is a brief Manual on how to apply mental focusing, mental releasing and metaphysical ideas about attractor-energy-fields to athletes, sports pros and to win games and matches.

1. Visualisation of Physical Movements and Success

In academic field studies it has been verified time and time again that you can improve your performance by not only physically training but adding mental visualisation to your routine. As a Basketball player you would then imagine yourself throwing the Ball from many different positions and making the basket again and again and again. As a golf player you would imagine ideal body movements, the ideal swing and in your imagination you would hear the ideal clonk of the Ball, feel how it was struck just right and see it land near or in the hole. As a soccer player you would enter your Imagination to feel and see how your pass is just perfect or how if you’re a striker you shoot goals again and again and again from every possible position and if you’re a defender how you ward off even the quickest strikers. Similar applies to every other type of sports: You imagine the right body movements, the right behaviour and the achievement of the aim, the preferred end result. If you’re a professional swimmer that end result may involve a certain figure on a clock. In almost any sports it will involve the cheering of crowds. Your results, no matter where or who you are, will improve dramatically.

Once you have made a routine of mental visualisation there are ways you can intensify its effects on your body, mind and reality. By adding three-dimensionality and emotion into the mix the imprint your visualisation has on the subconscious and, by energy-fields on physical reality and other players, increases. So when visualising that cheering crowd, allow yourself to really feel what it would feel like if that situation were real here and now. Tell yourself you are not visualizing in order to make something happen later but in order to experience something right here and now, the moment you are visualizing it. At the peak of excitement, let go of visualizing, just forget about it. If doing it in this way you have just accumulated energy without releasing it. You will be able to carry that energy into the match.

Allow this to be fun and pleasant. If your physical exercise is tough and hardening, allow Visualisation to be a little retreat and vacation from that, a soft basking in the beauty of the activity. How long you visualize is a matter of personal preference. Some do it for 5 minutes before every match, some for 30 minutes. Some do it every day, some once a month. If you become practiced in this you will find the timing that is right for you.

In professional sports almost everyone is in good physical shape and ready to give it all. That puts everyone on a similar level of performance. What makes the difference then is the mental and emotional state…what one was thinking prior to the match and what one is thinking during the match. Imagination of success tunes your spirit, mind and body. It makes your subconscious take over your physical body and movements in unexpected ways. You may think you got lucky with a good reflex movement or a fantastic coincidence but that was actually the fruit of how you programmed yourself and your mind. You can actually also improve the movement of your body not only by physical adjustment but also by imagining the correct movement repeatedly. Take note of the erratic movement or behaviour you would like to get rid of or overcome. Then think about which movement you want in place of that. And then imagine that movement more intensely and repeatedly. You can also adjust movement habits as described in the section that follows.

2. Breaking Movement Habits

It’s easy to fall into specific habits of moving because we try to create automatic behaviours for success. However, not everything we do on automatic leads to success. Every professional athlete is familiar with regretting having made certain movements, where it seems as if they had no choice, as if they had made that movement without their consent. A fantastic technique to break unwanted habits is as follows:

1. Deliberately Mimic the unwanted movement

Rather than having the unwanted movement show up automatically, unwittingly, suddenly, take it “into your hands” and mimic or copy the movement intentionally. This removes it from subconscious behaviour into conscious behaviour. For this you will have to remember the last time you did the unwanted movement. And then physically copy it as best you can.

2. Deliberately Act Out the wanted movement

Then you’ll have to think about what movement you want in place of that and act that movement out as best you can.

3. Alternate back and forth between the unwanted and the wanted

In order to gain more control over your movements and rule out any possibility of it ever happening again subconsciously, go back and forth between doing the old movement and the new movement. Turn on the unwanted, then turn on the wanted, over and over until you have regained full control.

4. Practice this during Competition

It is one thing to be able to do this in practice and a whole other level to do it “in the real situation”. Take the exercise out onto the Field or out into the Arena. If you feel confident enough, only practice the wanted movement on match. If you have not yet fully mastered the issue then practice deliberately doing the unwanted to some extent (to an extent it will not jeopardize your team if you do team sports).

An example of the Alternating-Technique for various movement problems.

Have your neck be too stiff

Have your neck be loose

Alternate several times until the issue is under your conscious control

Do a sloppy puck pass.

Do a clean puck pass.

Alternate several times until the issue is under your conscious control.

Flinch and retreat at the opponent

Stand your ground

Alternate several times until the issue is under your conscious control.

Loose concentration at a crucial moment

Keep concentration at a crucial moment

Alternate several times until the issue is under your conscious control.

Hit the tennis ball awkwardly every time the opponent puts you under pressure in a certain way.

Hit the tennis ball pointedly every time the opponent put you under pressure in a certain way.

Alternate several times until the issue is under your conscious control.

3. Remote Sensing and Anticipation

When a professional athlete knows something before it happens they don’t call this “Precognition” or “Extrasensory Perception” (which it is) because society is shy of using esoteric expressions to describe things that are happening. So they use words such as “Anticipation” as in “he anticipated the ball would come that way” or “he had the feeling for it”. It is this ability for Remote Sensing that separates the Pros from the Superstars. Superstars would not be Superstars if they didn’t accomplish feats that appear magical, yes almost impossible. Remote Sensing applies less to solo sports such as Golf and Swimming but to competitive sports and team sports. In team sports you have to “remote sense”…

Where on the playing field the other players are
What they are about to do

Teams that know each other very well or have a “good vibe” with each other will more likely be able to sense. And if they do, the to the audience they look quick, classy, proactive, while teams that do not have it appear sluggish, awkward and reactive. For your remote sensing to work properly you have to acknowledge that it exists. All so-called Superstars know it exists whether they publicly admit it or not. Some of them know that it exists but don’t have a word for it. It’s a concept they are half-conscious of and apply but they have never expressed it or made a teaching of it. In interviews you will hear them say:

“I just knew he was going to go there”

“I guess I was at the right place at the right time”

“It was a magic moment. I could just sense the ball would come there”

“I don’t know, I just happen to be at the right places”

They know what is going on half-consciously. That is, they don’t know but somehow they do. Others are completely aware of the ability and know that it depends on their wakefulness and nothing more. A sense of concentration, awareness, wakefulness, and having your attention spread across the field is what facilitates this ability. It makes a difference whether your attention is preoccupied with yourself, preoccupied with the opponent, or (unfortunately) preoccupied with events outside of the game, or whether your attention is with the flow of the game in its entirety. If you are connected with your heart to what is going on here and now, with everything that is happening in your surroundings, you will sense. The more energy and power you have, the more you are able to have your attention embrace the entire game, the entire opposing team, your own team and the goal of the game. Your attention thus free (and not stuck on something that happened before the game, not stuck on fear of loosing, not stuck on having to win, not stuck on anything), you sense what is going on and what is going to happen in a few seconds from now. Somehow you just know that your team mate is only faking a pass to the right and so you run to the left. Somehow you just know that the ball is not going to come your direction so you run somewhere else. Somehow you just know that the ball will right there and you stand there before it does. Somehow you just know that your opponent will strike over there, so (depending on the sports) you either move out of the way or occupy that space. Provided that you are physically fit, you can develop Superawareness. You cannot have Superawareness in a state of exhaustion. That is another reason, physical fitness is important. Someone who is running on his last reserve batteries cannot rev up any sort of extrasensory awareness or “Anticipation”.

Faking certain manoeuvres in order to deceive the opponent is the art of masking yourself to the Remote Sensing abilities of your opponent. You have to be a good actor or, in a sense, a good liar to be able to fake in competitive matches. Imagine for example playing table tennis. Fully intend to shoot the next ball to the right side. Your opponent will “remote sense” your Intention. Your eye pupils may also subtly go to the right side which your opponent, if he is good, will pick up. And then, in a split second, quicker than anyone can comprehend, shoot the ball to the left side. Radically reverse your intention. See what happened? You caught your opponent completely off-guard. Playing beach volleyball, keep shooting the ball to the same place, over and over and over again until your opponent gets used to it. At the appropriate moment fake playing it there once again and change direction. If your opponent is more awake than that you can do a double fake, meaning you fake that you will fake it but then play it to the same place once again. Of course, the more pro you are, the more chains-of-fakery you are able to implement.

4. Action and Reaction

A successful state is one in which opponents are reacting to you rather than you to them. An opponent would like to force you into a reactive state so that he or she can dominate the game. You would like to initiate action so that you can determine the game. Of course its possible to win a game even if you are in reactive mode – by cunning skill or a lucky strike – but your odds of success are significantly higher if you are in control of the game (which implies control of the outcome). And so they say “attack is the best defence” and “if he strikes you, strike him ten times back”. Being more active than reactive does not mean being more offensive than defensive – do not mistake the two ideas. You can also be pro-active in the defence of any team sports by jumping into action before the other side does. Staying on the pro-active side of things is a matter of being quicker, more awake, more anticipating, more skilled, physically more fit, more eager to initiate. In case you loose the pro-active side it should be your first priority to gain it back as quickly as possible. This manner of doing any sports certainly costs more energy than “letting the other side come on” but it almost guarantees more victories than losses. Sometimes two teams or players are so good that they neutralize each other. As audience you will then either see a mighty entertaining battle for the upper hand or a very boring game in which neither takes control. In those cases games are decided not by the team but by certain moments in which individual players broke through the spell and moved forward.

A match in which it is expected that neither side can take control can also be dominated by tactics and more subtle joys not seen by the common audience. Such games then become practices in patience and persistence rather than action and reaction. So in the cases you feel you are not able to take initiative and control of the game, do what you can do with persistence. Upkeep the energy Upkeep the focus. That’s what competitive sports is all about: Who can keep focus longer? Who can vibrate a certain type of energy longer? Those unfamiliar with the idea that there even is such a thing as “energy” or “vibrations” governing all of reality will likely not be able to compete on a very high level because they don’t even understand the basic building blocks of the Universe. If you look closely at who the famous sports people of the ages were you will scarcely find one who was unfamiliar with at least basic metaphysical or spiritual understanding.

5. The Power of Focus

If I can uphold and maintain my focus longer than my opponent he will eventually falter and go into reaction. Reaction to what? To my maintained focus. Victory belongs to those who can maintain focus the longest and strongest. There is nothing else to it. In world champion type competitions the audience can see and feel that its all about concentration – loose it only once and it could mean a mistake that your opponent uses (unless he has lost concentration too). It can be only one second of inattentiveness that decide whether you will win Olympic Gold or not. With runners it is often even less than a second that is decisive. Imagine that…less than a second. That is the type of power required to perform high and that power is mental. If you will, concentrate on some object of your choice for a moment. So how long could you upkeep that concentration? 10 seconds? 30 seconds? 3 minutes? 60 minutes? Truth be told, no human can maintain full and clear concentration on one thing for 60 minutes. It is possible to stay relatively concentrated that long but there will always be lapses, blackouts and times where your mind drifts and wanders. In high-performance sports your opponents are waiting on your moment of blackout, on your moment of wandering thought.

Can you practice the ability to focus? Of course you can, for example with what we just did. But if you are a professional athlete you already practice focusing with every match, every game, every competition, every training, every practice.

Mental Focus can also override and even disappear physical pain. A Marathon Runner who is physically suffering can, by focusing on the goal or on relaxing and cooling his body or by refusing to give in to the pain, overcome it in order to keep going.

6. Summoning the Power of the Universe

Professional athletes are seen applying all kinds of prayers, magic spells, lucky charms, odd rituals to invoke the Power of the Universe. And that’s a good thing, not only psychologically but actually. What most people consider “superstitious nonsense” is actually an added benefit to ones performance. The Force that created all the Universes and Worlds is so powerful that it can easily create an increase in the athletes performance. Thanking the infinite and most High for that extra energy is a good thing to do. Pray not as an act of begging but as an act of gratitude. Pray not in an attitude of fear but in a statement of Decisiveness.

As for your rituals, develop your own. I know an ice-hockey coach who, once on a winning-streak, does not change his clothes or the entirety of that streak. They are his “winning clothes”. He will put on the exact same clothes for every game for as long as that winning streak endures. We may not understand his reasoning rationally. Such behaviours follow the logic of the non-linear realm, spiritual logic.

A soccer player I have been watching always touches the cross on his necklace right after scoring a goal. What he is doing is charging the cross with energy – his own, that of the cheering audience and of the exciting moment. He keeps doing that – something fantastic happens and he touches his cross. Then, one day, his team is in trouble and in urgent need of a goal. There are only a few more second to play and there is a corner kick. For the first time I see him touch his cross prior to the goal. He is now using the cross not to charge it but as an anchor to remind him of all the great moments before. And it works. He has loaded and charged up the cross so many times before, now the cross is loading and charging him up. And by God, does he ever shoot that decisive goal, a stunning long distance shot from way outside the penalty area.

This was a brief overview on some of the “secrets” of high-performance sports. I trust you enjoyed it. If you experienced positive effects because of the information contained herein, I’d appreciate your Feedback about it.

Frederick Dodson is the creator of books, videos and audios on success, spirituality and metaphysics. He is the creator of the free Reality Creation Coaching at and Meditation-Audio-Downloads at

Datre 84a – Datre on changes

Datre answers Kevin – “changes” – add on

DATRE: Now, just a little while ago we did a question thing from a man called Kevin (datre084) and he asked about any changes. Then because of Aona reading the newspaper today, we want to add something to that. Now, John, you read that one there that I’ve got marked.

JOHN: “Crime rate in US continues dropping, numbers are lowest in 23 years of survey”.

DATRE: Now, why is that happening? You wonder why that’s happening? ‘Oh, it’s because of this and it’s because of that and it’s because of something else.’ What did we tell you way back when, about the individuals making decisions as whether they were going to WORLD I, WORLD II or WORLD III. That was quite some time ago. Now, you will, from now on begin to see evidence of those that have made the ‘decision’ or NON-decision, as the case may be, to go to WORLD I.

Now, they are beginning to leave the planet and go to WORLD I. You don’t have to sit in front of TV and watch the news, you don’t have to constantly listen to the radio news, you don’t have to constantly have your nose in the newspaper, to see dramatic changes taking place. Aona doesn’t have time to fool around with all of that but, she goes through a paper and reads the big letters (headlines) in the Sunday paper, because that gives pretty much the information about what’s happening.

Now, those that are going to WORLD I are those that are shall we say, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS individuals who are ‘unaware’ of WHO they are. They are functioning solely from the bodily standpoint. In other words, they don’t know the difference between themselves and their body. Their bodies are them and that is where they function from – solely from the body. Those individuals would not have any idea about anything else other that the bodily needs, the bodily wants, ‘I want to have’ and that is where they function from. They’re not functioning from anything other than ‘base’ emotions. Those are the individuals that are going to WORLD I.

Now, there is nothing wrong with going to WORLD I. It’s NOT a hierarchal system. It is an ‘evolutionary’ patterning. The energies are changing, on this planet, choices are being made. Then, as choices are being made, changes take place. You see, those individuals that are working from a bodily construct of ‘base’ emotions, are finding it very difficult to maintain what you call, physical life on this planet, because they can’t handle the increased… I guess your word would be ‘velocity’, of the incoming energy waves. So, they need to leave, one way or another.

Now, that has to do with these that are into heavy crime. Where are they functioning from… base emotion. In other words, if I want something, I’m going to get it and its not only ‘need’ for survival, as far as food and shelter is concerned, but it is also, ‘I want’. You’ve heard of the young people that shoot someone else in order to get their shoes or their jackets or something like that. That is base emotion that they’re functioning from.

Now, those individuals are finding it very difficult to live upon this planet. Those are the ones that are beginning to go to WORLD I. That will give all of them a common base for their evolution. In other words, they’ll, when they go there; they are… just like in the death process, you don’t remember ‘who’ you were when you died. Okay, you don’t remember your last existence, shall we say, on this planet. When you’re born again, it’s all brand new. Okay, this is what will happen to them on WORLD I. It will be as if they “died”, because actually they are doing that, they are actually dying here and being, shall we say, re-born on another planet, which is what we have referred to as WORLD I.

Now, when they are “reborn” on this WORLD I, they will ALL start out from a whole different construct and that is good, because from that standpoint they will be able to be all basically of the same make-up, so that they will be able to progress from that point. Now, here’s another one I want John to read, where I have it all underlined.

JOHN: It say’s… “Heavy rain pounded Ethiopia again Saturday, feeding overflowing rivers that have killed some 2,000 people and are threatening to create an inland sea in Somalia. The death toll is rising so fast aid agencies can only guess at it.”

DATRE: Now, that will give you an idea of what is happening. You see, those people that are taking part in that scenario or that drama, are one’s that are going to WORLD I. Now, you see, if you have the understanding of that situation, you will not be looking at it from an ’emotional’ standpoint. In other words, people that look at a statement like that can become ’emotionally’ involved, because they see the ‘tragedy’ of it.

Now, if you have the ‘understanding’ of WHY these things are taking place, it is very easy to look at something like that, ‘unemotionally’, because you ‘know’ that those individuals that are taking part in that scenario are going to be placed someplace else and it is going to be far better for them. But, because it is looked at as 2,000, people look at it from an ’emotional’ construct, because they don’t have the ‘knowledge’ that the Datre material has been giving you for your understanding of what is happening and why it is happening.

Because, this planet can not continue in it’s existence with the ‘different’ stages of evolution of individuals upon ONE planet. So, you will begin to see more and more of these things and in seeing and ‘observing’ with understanding, you don’t look at it as a ‘tragedy’, but as something being very ‘helpful’ to everyone. The ones that are leaving the planet and the one’s that are here on the planet in the present existence.

So, are changes taking place? Yes, very definitely, changes ARE taking place. They’re taking place in the scientific communities. They’re taking place in your technology. They’re taking place all over. Then because those are the things that are in the forefront, those are the things that are what you call, ‘in the news’ that you see all the time, about the scientific breakthroughs and about the technology. You probably hear more about your technology and your Met and all of that. But, where is this little article about 2,000 dying in Somalia? It is stuck way back in some section that nobody ever looks at.

That is why we have said, ‘be OBSERVERS’. Watch what is happening, not only on the front page of a newspaper. Not only on the news on your TV and your radio. But get back into your newspaper on the pages that nobody looks at. There are all kinds of advertising and stuff and there’s a little tiny thing that’s put in there, for ‘you’ to see and ‘observe’ and realize ‘what’ is happening.

So, this is sort of added on to the one question that was previously asked. So, we hope this will be of help to you; this will help you in your understanding of ‘what’ is happening and ‘why’ it is happening. Now, those peoples that are leaving this planet, in what you call, death, will find themselves in a new environment.

JOHN: Much more conducive to their development than this one.

DATRE: Absolutely! So, anyway, that is all we have to tell you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 084 – The YOU that ‘you’ are is far grander than you have any idea

Datre answers Kevin (part II)

JOHN: We are now continuing with the questions from Kevin and his first question is… “Datre has stated that since they are outside of our BUBBLE, they (Datre) therefore have no influence on individuals within our BUBBLE and no affect on our evolution: they are only here to observe. But by the very act of providing this information for us via a channel, not to mention adjusting the energies that enter the BUBBLE, aren’t they in fact influencing individuals within this BUBBLE, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and in some way, our evolution? Isn’t this the intent?”

DATRE: That is a byproduct, it is not an intent. If we were to stand by and ‘not’ bring forth this information we would be doing a disservice to those ‘specialists’ that are in here that have become enamored with physicality and have become, shall we say, forgotten ‘who’ they were. Now, by bringing forth this information the main thrust is to help those ‘specialists’ who really came in here for some specific reason and did not turn around and leave when the job was done.

In other words, it would be like you had a plumbing problem in the kitchen sink and you called in a plumber. Then when the job was finished he came back, he couldn’t get the job finished in one day. He says, ‘well I have to have some other parts, so I’ll come back tomorrow’. So the next day he comes back and he brings some other parts. But he finds out, ‘oh well, this doesn’t fit just exactly the way I wanted it to but I’ll get another part and I’ll come back tomorrow’. Then the next thing you know, he’s beginning to eat his meals with you and you’re becoming friendly with him. Then, well this one night it was starting to get dark and he had a long ways to go and you said, ‘well do you have any family?’ and he say’s, ‘no, I live by myself’. ‘Well then, why don’t you stay over night with us?’ Then after staying over night with you, then the next day he went off to work, but he came back in the evening to see if everything was all right. ‘Well come and have dinner with us, why don’t you stay with us tonight?’. The next thing you know, he’s moved into your spare bedroom. John is laughing, but that’s exactly the way it looks to us.

He’s found some place that is comfortable and he’s not going to leave. His ‘job’ was to come in and fix the plumbing. He’s forgotten everything else, except that this has become his home. That’s what happens to ‘specialists’ that have come in here.

Now, if someone, after many years of living in this house, to this plumber you said, ‘we can’t have you living with us any more, we need that space, because one of the parents is ill and we need to have that spare bedroom to take care of them.’. The plumber gets mad, because he is told to leave. Now, if the situation is explained to him and he is a reasonable individual he will leave and that will be fine. But, until something happens that the plumber has to leave, he will stay.

Now, when the BIRTH comes, far better for the ‘specialists’ to ‘know’ what is coming and explain to them what the situation is and what its like, which he’s forgotten all about what its like out of this little BUBBLE. Wouldn’t it be a disservice to all of a sudden throw the plumber out into the snow and not explain to him why? It would be the same with the ‘specialists’ to have the BIRTH occur and he felt he was dumped out in the snow? Then sitting out there in the snow, wondering what happened, totally and completely lost. Far better for the plumber that the situation is explained to him, than opening up the upstairs window and throwing him out into the snow. Same as the ‘specialists’. He needs to remember ‘who’ he is. I know that’s a very simple analogy, but sometimes, I have to use stories for you to understand WHY Datre is here. That’s what its all about.

Then the people that are not interested in this information are not going to pay that much attention to it. They’re going to read it and say, ‘oh, there’s another channeling’. ‘Oh, this is interesting, this is something different, this is new’. But that’s going to be the end of it. But, there’s going to be certain phrases that a ‘specialists’ is going to hit and say, ‘now, that’s something I’ve always ‘known’ but forgotten’. Then, search for SELF will begin. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I am interested in the “new wave” energies. Specifically how are these energies being controlled?”

DATRE: They are NOT being controlled, they are being directed. They’re being directed to your BUBBLE to be used in whatever way the individuals within the BUBBLE use it. That is all it is, it is a “direction”.

You see, we can’t come in here and pull out the ‘specialists’ by the tops of their heads. We can’t come in here and make all kinds of changes – if the changes are NOT accepted. The energy is to help those that have different thought patterns to be able to maintain and use them in the way they so desire.

So, the energies are put in here. It is up to each individual to do with them, whatever they want to do with them. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “Have these energies changed over the past several years?”

DATRE: Well, it depends on how ‘observant’ you have been. If you have not noticed many of the changes that are taking place in areas of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. If you have not noticed the changes in your weather patterning’s. Then I cannot tell you any more than that.

You will find that, although you can’t put down stakes to measure the changes that have taken place, there have been a great deal of changes that have taken place with the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of your whole planet. Now, you can say, ‘well, I can’t see any change here, or I can’t see any change there’. You’re going to hit pockets that haven’t changed. But, if you were to see the energy patterns ‘over all of your planet’, they definitely appear to be different. Now, this has been going on for a number of years, it has just been intensified within the last few years. But, there’s going to be more changes. There are changes coming up that you will notice.

You see, right now, all you can see, in almost any direction you turn, is the squabbling and the arguing amongst individuals – the other guy is always the one that is wrong. Then when you have that occurring, somebody is paying attention. Somebody is going to look at the situation and say, ‘wait a minute, who is wrong?’ and begin to analyze and see. The fellows that are up there in any capacity at the top of a company, at the top a business, big or small, as we’ve said before, it will be… the area will be pretty much as that individual has set the patterning.

You’ll find that in these countries they’re always changing heads of government. One’s in for a while, then somebody else is in and then somebody else is in and its always pointing the finger – well its not my fault, its the other guys fault. But, every time you put one finger out, you’ve got three coming back at you.

You know, in a HOLOGRAM, it can be manipulated in any way “you” wish to manipulate it. It is your AWARENESS of your being in a HOLOGRAM and watching how ‘you’ can make ‘your’ HOLOGRAM work rather than watching everybody else’s. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “Are we and the planet being affected differently by them at present and if so, how?”

DATRE: I think we got… didn’t we just take care of that?

JOHN: Well, we more or less took care of that in the last question.

DATRE: That’s what I figured.

JOHN: So we’ll go on to the following question… “Is there an ultimate set of physical changes that these energies are being used to manifest and if so what are they?”

DATRE: The ultimate would be that you could use these new energies to get in touch and bring in more of the YOU that ‘you’ are into physicality and functioning from “that” standpoint, rather than functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The YOU that ‘you’ are is far grander than you have any idea. It’s the BEST TEACHER you’ve got – but you don’t listen, you don’t pay any attention. Because its, ‘I want to do it this way’. If you do… what they say, RELAX and watch what’s happening and you take action accordingly, your life would be altogether different.

But, what the majority on the planet does, is NOT watch the signs and take action. The first thing they do is RE-ACT and that changes your whole pattern. Re-action, is the up-tight, its the strung out, its those that don’t have enough ‘time’, its all the ‘pressures’ and yet, how come some people can walk with such serenity that are doing the same thing or maybe more?

Its watching the signs… you’re painting the picture. Why don’t you pay any attention to it? Believe me, if you were an artist and were painting on a piece of canvas, you’d pay attention to what you were doing. You’re ALL artists. You’re creating everything that exists around you all the time, why don’t you pay attention to it? If you were paying attention to it, things would be so much easier, you wouldn’t have the struggle. You might experience things that are ‘unpleasant’ to you, that’s different. You may get angry, but you ‘know’ what the anger is about. It’s ACTION, not RE-ACTION that makes the difference. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I sometimes get the impression that Datre are cognizant of the personality that is asking the questions of them. They (Datre) seem to anticipate questions that I have before they are even sent and some of the answers have particular relevance to what I am experiencing at the time. Despite the fact that we are communicating electronically, are Datre able to “tune in” to the psyche of the individuals out here on Datre Net or are they getting it all from the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS?”

DATRE: No. All we are doing is answering the questions. If you will notice that the questions are answered in such a way that it does not matter what level of “intellect” you work from. Because we try to make little ‘pictures’ for you that you can understand what we’re talking about. It is as ‘we’ see it, when we are in the physical construct. So that is what we work from.

Now, more than one person has said that Datre seems to answer the question, just when I have the question in front of me; here comes the answer from Datre. Now, give YOURSELVES credit, you’re the one that is creating the picture. You’re the one that is ‘interpreting’ the symbols that are coming through on that which you call your net. You’re the one that is doing it, we are not doing it. You have a question that you wish to have answered… now first you must remember, there is no way to ask a question, if you don’t have the answer, because you couldn’t formulate it, from a physical standpoint, you could not formulate it. So, the reason you ‘ask’ the question, is because you want to get it out in front of you and you want to get the ‘answer’ out in front of you for you to be able to ‘comprehend’ it and put it into the brain. That’s what its all about. Then, because ‘you’ have set up the scenario, not us, ‘you’, you get the answers you were looking for – simple. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question from Kevin is… “Do THOUGHTERS also handle ideas for music? I’ve heard that great composers like Mozart and Stravinsky actually heard their compositions in their ears before putting them to paper. Is this the work of THOUGHTERS or did these compositions come from somewhere else?”

DATRE: It could come from two places. It could come from music that those in the ‘dead zone’ are playing with, sounds that they are working with in the ‘dead zone’; it also could come from THOUGHTERS. So, I do not know. Those are the only two options you have. Continue.

JOHN: That was the final question from Kevin.

DATRE: All right, did we answer them all now?

JOHN: Yes we have we’ve gone through the whole smear.

DATRE: All right, we will leave you now, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Meditation, Awakening and Enlightenment

People from the Eastern hemisphere are probably more acquainted with the term or the word “Enlightenment.” If you’re from the Western hemisphere, you probably are acquainted with the term “Awakening”. So what is “Awakening” or “Enlightenment”? In the Western tradition Abraham Maslow was really the pioneer in studying these wonderful experiences of “Awakening”. He called them “Peak Experiences.” They really are magical, wonderful, enlightened experiences of truly being present in the moment. Being present in the moment and alive; being so present that you feel and sense everything around you and everything inside of you. It was a very magical, beautiful experience he found as he researched it many years ago.

In more of the Eastern traditions they use the word “Enlightenment,” very similar to what we call “awakening” in the West. It entails losing the egoic and being present with right now. Buddha is quoted to have said “There is no self.” I think what he meant is that we are so in touch with all that is around us that we lose the egoic identity of “me” and “mine.” There’s a greater love and we’re more in touch with other people than we are with ourselves. Sometimes, when people do drugs this experience of “me” and “mine” occurs. I definitely don’t advocate this method as a way of moving into an awakening. We all know that drugs are not a solution to finding ourselves but will only put us on a path to self-destruction. Meditation is a safe and much more effective way of experiencing this form of awakening.

There truly are many different definitions of enlightenment or awakening. I could go on and on about what it means or what it doesn’t mean. In the Western tradition the term “via nakeva” is described as “it isn’t what you think it is.” It means that it isn’t anything that you think it is. In the East they often use the term “neti-neti” which means “not this, not that.” So enlightenment is really beyond description. It fascinates us, we pursue it, and some people even enter monasteries to experience it. Some people enter retreat centers and programs to find “enlightenment” or “awakening.” There is a lot of energy around the world going into finding an awakening or enlightenment.

I too hold to the tradition that true awakening and enlightenment truly cannot be fully described. It is beyond words, beyond description. What I can do is give you some practical, hand-on tools so that you too can have these wonderful experiences on your own. Perhaps the best way that I can describe it is that enlightened, awakened people are very quiet. I don’t mean that they don’t talk; what they do is they stay “still inside.” They allow their mind to be quiet, to be at rest, and to be present with what is. I often use the example of children. Children are often perfect examples of enlightened beings because they are really 100% present with what is, right here, right now. They don’t worry about the past or the future. They concentrate on that moment that they are living in.

If you’re interested on having your own enlightenment experience I encourage you to be still. Be quiet, quiet the mind. What you will find is that in that vacuum, in that huge emptiness of nothingness, it is actually filled beyond description. Let me give you an example. If you have ever been in a cave, as I have been when I’ve been spelunking, when you turn off all he lights it becomes pitch black. It is still, with no talking, yet what you will find is that is still but so amazingly full that emptiness can be. That silence is amazing. I encourage you to find this emptiness, this quietness, and be present with what is. Don’t think about it, don’t put words to the moment, don’t describe it, just be in that quietness. It isn’t beautiful, it isn’t ugly, it isn’t exquisite, it just “IS.” Lose all the adverbs, all the adjectives and just be. Be still.

If you practice this experience of being still, in this quietness, that is what I am going to call “Dr. Puff’s Awakening or Enlightenment Experience or Life.” When you are truly still you are awakened to the vast infinite reality around you that your normally very busy mind is keeping you from. Be still and quiet.

In the Christian and Jewish Bible there is a beautiful verse that I really love that says, “Be still and know that I am God.” I think the key there is to just be still and the whole vast cosmos opens to you. The wonderful thing is that you can experience this on your own. All you have to do is work towards quieting your mind. I know it’s work, but it is so worth it to reach the point where you can truly quiet your mind. Keep practicing and working on it.

I think one of the best ways of achieving this is to go on a retreat but if this is not possible keep using the techniques I teach you here or the podcasts on my website to work towards that moment when you become enlightened. Eventually you will find that you can find that place in your mind where you are still, quiet, and even “awakened” or “enlightened” on your own. Work towards this and keep meditating. You will begin to have perhaps “mini enlightenment” experiences that will get bigger and grow. Perhaps some day you will enter a world where throughout the day you are truly present and still. You will be still and enlightened with the vast and wonderful cosmos that used to be cluttered with your thoughts throughout the day.

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. is a meditation expert, international speaker and the creator of the weekly Meditation For Health Podcast, available at He also creates a weekly podcast that explores the world of Enlightenment available at If you would like to contact Dr. Puff, his e-mail address is

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Datre 083 – The nature of mass consciousness

Datre answers Kevin (part I)

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Kevin and his first question is… “What is the specific nature of the ‘mass consciousness’?”

DATRE: The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is… how shall we put that? You have a brain that thinks and that action of thinking is most times turned into speaking. Speaking carries a vibration, they measure that on machines, so you’ve seen that. What they’re registering is the ENERGY. All right, now, what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is, is the ENERGY waves from peoples speaking. Now, that is why you have different areas of a city that have different types of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS existing.

Now, you have a certain MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in a home, because you have the people in a house speaking. That is their MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, shall we say.

JOHN: The local MASS CONSCIOUSNESS for them.

DATRE: Yes, because that is just the family unit within that house. Okay, that forms a type of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because its energy waves that are in existence within those confines. Then you have areas of work. Why is it people want to work for one company as opposed to another company? It is because of the ‘words’ that are spoken by the individuals that work within that company or plant or whatever it happens to be. There are those that the words have ‘different’ energy patterns. Some businesses have energy patterns that are very scattered, there’s no cohesiveness to it at all. If you were to be able to perceive the energy patterns, you would walk in the front door and could feel like you were ‘bombarded’ from every which direction because, nothing was harmonious, everything was bang, bang, bang, all over the place. You could walk into another building where there is a business and you’ll feel calm, you’ll feel peaceful, because the energy flow of the thought patterns of the people speaking is going in one… more or less in one direction. In other words, it’s all working together instead
of ‘divergent’.

So, here you have a house. Here you have a business. Here you have a school. Here you have a library. Here you have gas stations. You have all of these different things that have, built around them, a type of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because of the words that are spoken. So it sets up little ‘pockets’ of energy, shall we say, from the words that are spoken.

Now, you will find neighborhoods where there are houses and you can have say, (just use 15 houses in one little area) you will drive in there and it is all very peaceful. It has nothing to do with the people or how they look, how they dress, what the houses are like, it has nothing to do with that whatsoever. But its through the ‘words’ that are spoken in that area that that you will feel a calmness. You can go across the street from those 15 houses, go to another 15 houses and the energy will drive you crazy because you have people that are ‘volatile’ in their nature, the words that are spoken are harsh, they carry an ‘abrasive’ quality, there’s anger and anger carries a different energy wave pattern. So, when you drive in there, the energy ‘strength’ of going in all different directions will… the minute you drive in there, you can’t handle it and you want to get ‘out’ of that area into another area.

Now, that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS stays in those areas until something changes it. Then the only thing that can change it are the thoughts and the words ‘spoken’ by those people that live in those little areas.

Now in this first group of 15 houses, if half those people were to move out and half of the people from the second group, where it is very bombastic and very diverse energies, were half of those people to move into those houses vacated by the other people, you would find an automatic change in the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in both places simply because, now you have the combination of smoother energies and the very bombastic energies. So, instead of having one or the other, you will have more of a leveling off, because it will be a combination of both.

Relate it to color. Were a black man and a white woman to marry, the offspring will not be as ‘white’ as the white woman nor as dark as the black man. You see, what happens, you have the blending and that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that exists in all of the areas of the cities and all of the businesses and the schools and all the rest of that in a town or a city there is a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that exists above or within the whole city area. Because all of these energies from all of these different places merges. Then the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of all the cities within a state merge and that forms a cohesiveness. Its not that black and white, but you’re getting the idea. You can go from one state to another and you can feel the difference in the thought patterning of the peoples that live in those areas.

JOHN: Just like your example of different neighborhoods.

DATRE: Same thing, same thing, its just on a larger scale. Now, you have heard it said that the United States that most of you live in has a certain ‘aura’ about it or something. Well, you see, that’s the way you in physicality would relate to it. That it has a certain ‘aura’ or that it has a certain sign, astrological sign, or whatever. You use different words to describe what it is, but what you’re actually describing or trying to put a description on is the thought patterning’s.

Because, you will find even in the other countries, where the countries are very small, and you can move from like, Italy and France and Germany and all these other countries, those countries have what you call a certain ‘flavor’. Now peoples that travel in those countries can go from one country to another and they can ‘feel’ the difference in the ‘flavor’ of the country that they’re in. The ‘flavor’ is achieved by the individual MASS CONSCIOUSNESSES of those that are living in those areas.

Now that’s as close as I can come to explaining. Is that going to help?

JOHN: I think that’s quite excellent.

DATRE: All right fine, we go.

JOHN: His next question is… “How does it influence what we perceive individually and what we agree to perceive as a group?”

DATRE: Well, that entirely depends on you. That is what we have been telling you, do you want to continue to be shoved and pushed around by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? Or, do you want to be the YOU that ‘you’ are? It does not matter where you live or where you work or what you do or how you dress or what you eat, or any of that. What matters is what do ‘you’ want to do within the physical embodiment that you are in?

Now, there is so much repetitiveness, because the MAJORITY on your planet is too LAZY to “think for themselves” or do anything different. It’s so much easier to pull off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS because it’s right there. It takes a little bit of effort to try and reach beyond that point. Those that live in certain areas, they live there… you’ll say, ‘well why do they stay there?’. That’s why we say, it is up to the individual to make ‘their’ changes and it is ‘only’ that individual that is willing to find out WHO they are that is going to make a change.

You can look at something like the people that have grown up in poverty, grown up in streets where there are killings and shootings all the time. There are all kinds of drugs and all of that and the individual has no money. But he has convinced himself that he is not going to stay in that type of environment, because he wants to be better than that. He’s searching for SELF. He can’t search for ‘self’ if he stays there and does like everyone else. So, he begins his search for ‘self’ and finds a way of getting ‘out’ of that environment into another environment and there’s ‘always’ a way. The signs are there constantly. It depends upon whether you want to work at it or not.

You know, you don’t get… all of a sudden somebody hands you a pair of wings and say’s, ‘okay, now you’re an angel’. The people that DO anything are those that have wanted to go out and see and push their ‘own’ limits by their own actions, not by anyone else’s, to find out really WHO they are. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “How can we avoid its influence and draw instead from the Universal Mind?” talking about MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

DATRE: You don’t ‘avoid’ anything, you live in it. But, you can live in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and still be your own person. You can live in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and draw from Universal Mind only if you have begun to ‘know’ WHO you truly are. If you don’t ‘know’ WHO you are, there is no way you’re going to be working with Universal Mind. Because Universal Mind, even in your own BUBBLE, the Mind in your own BUBBLE, is what you can ‘draw’ from before you get out into Universal mind, is ALL SYMBOLIC and you don’t all of a sudden learn to interpret symbols. Because it is a whole ‘different’ way of understanding.

Then, that only happens… it is like everything else, you take anyone, like a karate master, how does he become ‘black belt’? It certainly isn’t sitting in a chair watching somebody else do it. That’s what you ‘expect’ when you listen to or read the Datre material because you have worked for so long with, that which we call, ‘the psychic communities’ information. The psychic community information is basically nothing more or less than that which comes from the ‘dead zone’. The ‘dead zone’ doesn’t ‘push’ you to find out WHO ‘you’ are. The ‘dead zone’ likes to talk to you and ‘tell’ you things and we will ‘tell’ you things, if we think we can ‘push’ you to find out WHO ‘you’ are, because that’s ALL that is important. You can’t go anyplace or do anything until you know WHO you are first. There is a ‘knowing’ that takes place and once you begin to get that ‘feeling’, then you can work from that point. It is NOT something that you can buy, sell, trade, do anything with. It is working with THAT which is the YOU that ‘you’ are within the physical containment. Continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “I work in an area which is surrounded by about a dozen broadcast towers for radio and television. Many of these towers are transmitting up to 50,000 watts of power. I’m concerned that this energy might have a detrimental effect on those within close range. Is this the case?”

DATRE: What are you looking for? If you’re looking for a problem and you want to use that as a catalyst, fine. One of the places that John and Aona lived in had these, what do they call them?

JOHN: High-tension lines.

DATRE: Yah, but what do they have those big boxes on…

JOHN: Transformers!

DATRE: They had three transformers at three corners of the house; there was only one corner that did not have a transformer with all kinds of lines on it. Now, some people would say, ‘oh, you can’t live with transformers that are within six to eight feet of the house, it will kill you’. They lived there for a year on a heavily traveled road intersection with the big transformers – it did not bother them. What’s to bother, if you’re ‘not’ looking for a problem? There’s the difference.

JOHN: Remember, there are NO victims!

DATRE: No, there are NO victims – absolutely not! But, they could have gotten sick, they could have died, because of those three transformers. Very simple, that’s NOT in their thought patterning. You see, what you do with things… it is like your television; it is funny for us to crawl into Aona’s body and watch it. You can’t eat pork, you can’t eat beef, you can’t eat chicken, you can’t eat fish, you can’t eat fruit, you can’t eat vegetables, you can’t…. If you were to listen to every single thing that comes on that which is your television, read and absorb everything that was in your newspapers, you could not eat a thing, because its all contaminated.

You’re getting fruit from other countries that are coming into this country that has been grown under adverse conditions. Adverse conditions? You’ve got so many insecticides and pesticides in your own ground now that you don’t even know what it tastes like to have good food. So, of course naturally, it has to be what comes from another country.

You constantly, constantly, look for problems, so that you can be a victim of one kind or another. What… you make your choice what you want to be a victim of. You can be a victim of anything.

JOHN: Or nothing.

DATRE: It depends upon what you want to do. And of course, if you get something, be sure to take a pill. Now, I can tell you for sure, John and Aona laughed about it the other night, if Aona were to take a pill every time something happened to her, she would be so ‘spaced out’ she wouldn’t even be on this planet. I think she knows only one other person that goes through as much with the physical body as she does.

Why? Because, we can get into her body and see what’s happening. That’s the difference. She’s a guinea pig and not everybody can be a guinea pig, because if she were concerned with only her body and was afraid of pain and sickness she would have been dead years ago. So, you see, it depends where your mind is.

Now, what happens when she gets sick? She gets sick! What does she do? What pills are you taking, what antibiotics are you taking, what are you doing? She probably drinks more water, because she has a lot of fevers. But, she knows what these fevers are. And how does one strengthen an immune system if you never get sick? Complain because you’ve got a cold, because you’ve got flu, because you’ve got all theses other things you try to avoid, try to avoid. The body has to have those things in order to build up the immune system. You are constantly building your immune system. Your immune system wouldn’t work, if you were never sick. Then, when you ‘got’ something, you wouldn’t have anything to “work with”. The body is a unique instrument, but you have no idea what its all about. Aona doesn’t know what its all about either, after having been down and out for two weeks but, was she in bed? No! She was up, she was miserable, she didn’t like what was happening – she was really bad sick. What did she take? Nothing! What did she do with her eating? Same as always!

What are you learning when you have something that is not, as you say, peaches and cream living? Are you learning by it? She has learned a great deal and she has gone through it for a lot more years then many of you will ever go through it. But, she ‘knows’ and she understands. And how is she going to be the person that she wants to be, unless she understands? You have to be ‘aware’, you have to be ‘aware’ of what is going on. On the ‘insides’ of your body and on the ‘outside’s’ of your body – it’s ALL experience. It may not be what you want, but if you learn by it, that’s what its ALL ABOUT. Like she say’s, ‘I won’t waste it, I’m living this life, but I won’t waste it’. That’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is ALL about, living like ‘everyone else’ does and NOT LIVING like “you” want to live regardless of what the ‘other’ people tell you. She “knows” and she will do what she wants to do and they can tell her all the things they want to tell her, ‘you should go to a doctor, you should do this, you should do that, you should do something else’. She does exactly what she wants to do, which is NOTHING, because she watches the process. If she’s all ‘drugged’ up, how is she going to know what’s going on? Continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s last question for this segment is… “My family drinks filtered town water, which is also fluoridated. However the filtering process does not remove the fluoride compounds. Public studies contend that these compounds are more beneficial than harmful but I am nevertheless suspicious of them. Considering Datre’s prescription for drinking lots of water at this time, are fluorides a problem?”

DATRE: If you think it is, it is. It’s as simple as that. If every time you go into a new city you have to buy water to drink that’s fine, if you’re so convinced that you’re going to get sick from it. You see, that’s what happens in these areas where there’s all this contamination, that people are so convinced that it’s the water that’s causing it or its the soil that the stuff is grown in. There are degrees of ‘contamination’ all over. But, if you ‘think’ that that is a problem, it is ‘definitely’ going to be a problem. Because a ‘thought’… a ‘thought pattern’ that ‘you’ have established of “fear” in any direction, is going to produce those results.

If you’re afraid of eating strawberries, because you’re going to get a rash like someone else did or one of your relatives did, you’ll get it. You see the brain gives you what ‘you’ want. When you say, ‘well, I’m afraid I’m going to get a rash from that’, the brain says, ‘oh, you’re going to get a rash from that’. The brain will provide you with a rash. You don’t ‘understand’ that. But, that’s what it is. That’s what we’ve said, watch, be an ‘observer’. If you’re convinced that the fluoride is going to be detrimental to you and you say, ‘well, I guess really I don’t think that way’. You’re NOT convinced and you really don’t know, deep within your being, then, by all means, ‘don’t drink the water’, its as simple as that. If you go different places and never ‘think’ about the water being contaminated, it won’t BE contaminated, because you haven’t fed it into the brain. Once you feed it into the brain, unless you change that brain patterning, it’s going to stay there and it’s going to jump up and bite you. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question from Kevin for this segment.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre. y

Datre 081 – The Flow Of Creation

Datre answers Wanda (part I)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Wanda and her first question is… “Are thoughts as units of awareness independent of me?”

DATRE: Definitely. If you were to go way back into the beginning of when we came on to the net, we described THOUGHTS as “dandelion seeds”. That is definitely independent of you. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Do I pull them in from the bubble or does my brain “think” them up?”

DATRE: No, you don’t pull them in from the BUBBLE and your brain doesn’t think them up. What happens is, when you begin to “think” about something that is a puzzlement to you or something you wish to expand on, in making something or writing or painting or any of that, and you begin to open up the “physical” brain and things just “flow” through the physical brain, you will begin to have connections in the physical brain, of things that you have seen or heard or interacted with. They will come together and it will ‘oh, if I do this, then this will happen, but, then if I do that, what comes next?’. There is nothing within that which you call the ‘brain’ THINKING pattern, you, to use your terms, hit a blank.

Now, the next moment, a THOUGHT can connect with those ‘thinks’ that you have produced, because in the production of the ‘thinks’ there is… it would be like a wave pattern. All right, a pattern exists, a THOUGHT that is similar to that pattern, will connect on to it – onto this pattern. At that point, the brain can pick up what is contained within the THOUGHT, if it so desires. Then at that point you can begin to open up, unravel, whatever words you want to use, that THOUGHT. Then that THOUGHT can trigger other things. You will, probably for many days, what’s contained within that THOUGHT will keep unraveling, unfolding and it will unfold and unravel as deeply or as long as you want it to, depending upon what you’re doing.

If you’re into creating something, like music or painting or anything, you get, shall we say, in the flow of doing something and this will… you’ll just be amazed, because all of a sudden here you are blending colors to paint with that you never would have ever thought of before. You say… I say the word thought, but that is what you would say. To be proper, you’d say, ‘I would never think to do that’. You would not ‘think’ to do that, because ‘thinking’ only takes you so far. Thinking is ‘brain’ experiences – connecting.

So, in ‘thinking’ you only can go so far, but when you connect with a THOUGHT, you can continue and continue and continue, until you are “finished” with whatever you had, so that you’re satisfied. Then the THOUGHT, at that point, you have released it, you’re through with it. What does it do? It is viable within its own self to break from your ‘think’ patterns and continue on. As it breaks away from your ‘think’ patterns, it REJUVENATES itself and continues on. And a person a thousand miles away can pick up that very same little THOUGHT and use it again – because it is a viable thing, all by itself, it rejuvenates itself. You have used it, you have used it as much as you wish to use it and it continues on.

The analogy I like to use, that probably is easier for you to understand, is water. I have used this many times. Water can be in a river, it can be in a lake, it can come out of a faucet, it can come from a waterfall, it can come in the form of rain – it is water. All right, all these different places that water can be and what happens? You can go to someplace where there is water. You can stand and look at it, you can drink it, you can swim in it, you can walk through it, you can wash with it if you have soap, you can do all these things with water – and water doesn’t care. You have used it and when you’re through using it, that’s all right. You may have changed the way water is, after you have used it, because when you drink it, it comes out of you and it goes into your sewer system and goes out. But what happens is, because you have so many peoples on your planet, you

have now had to figure out a way to clean up your water. So you add chemicals to clean it so you can use it again. Prior to the time of so many people, water took care of itself. Water went back into the earth; the earth took care of the water and put it whereever when it was cleansed. It also went up into the atmosphere and came down again, and that was a cleansing action. At that point in your evolution, you did not have to clean your water.

That’s the way a THOUGHT is. Nobody has to clean up a THOUGHT. It is independent in and of itself – it has its own viability. A THOUGHT is used, it regenerates itself. Year’s back, your water took care of itself. So maybe now you can get an idea of how that works. But a THOUGHT is a viable thing in and of itself. You have no control over it. If it wants… if the combination of your ‘thinks’ attracts a THOUGHT to it, like a magnet, you can use the THOUGHT. But when you release it, that THOUGHT goes on its own and rejuvenates itself and can be used again and again and again, because it is never ending. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “If, following along the same part of that previous question, they are independent of me and have their own existence what is their purpose?”

DATRE: Their purpose is to BE. You don’t understand that there are things that ARE. You don’t… everything has a purpose, but it does not ‘have’ to have a purpose. It can just BE. This is what it is, this is how it works and that’s all there is to it. It doesn’t ‘have’ to have a purpose, because it just IS. What’s the purpose of a rock? A single rock, what is the purpose of a single rock? Same thing. A rock IS. A THOUGHT IS. We call them THOUGHTERS, because there is nothing else in your BUBBLE to explain what that is. That’s why you can’t understand the Universe, because there is nothing in your vocabularies, in any of your languages, the ones that I speak through Aona or the ones in other countries, you don’t have words for explanations.

Because, in the Universe, EVERYTHING IS EXPERIENCE. But, because of your mentality, you have to put a word on everything. And do you realize how many times you put up HUGE stumbling blocks, because you don’t accept something for what it is? You have to put a label on EVERYTHING. Why can’t things just exist and you just enjoy their existence? But, you have to put a ‘name’ on it. Then, by putting a name on it, you ‘immediately’ have set up connotations of ‘good and bad’. It is that simple. From our standpoint, it is VERY simple. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing along, her next question says… “Who/What creates them?” THOUGHTS we’re talking about.

DATRE: We have used this expression before and we will use it again, they’re NOT ‘born’, they are BIRTHED. That’s as close as we can come to any explanation. THEY ARE BIRTHED. Then once something is BIRTHED, it is, to use your terms, FOREVER. Continue.

JOHN: And once again, continuing along, she says… “Are they carriers of ideas which require me to do-create something with?”

DATRE: No, definitely NOT. You’re not required to do anything with them. You’re not required to pick them up. You’re not required to do anything with them. If they attach themselves to a ‘think’ patterning you have and you don’t want them, very simple, you can open up the little seed and if there’s nothing inside that little seed that you want to unroll, unravel or look at or anything, if there isn’t anything in there, then you just let it go.

There are many more times a day than you could ever count that a THOUGHT will connect to a ‘think’ patterning, during your daytime hours. But, what would John, sitting at a computer, working away, and a THOUGHTER comes in and there’s something within the patterning that they connect with. I don’t know what makes the connection, but they connect with your ‘think’ patterning and this THOUGHTER goes through and John takes a look at it and he said, ‘now where in the world did that come from? I certainly am not right now interested in a unique way of baking bread.’. He has no use for it, he lets it go. Many time a day, but you see, you don’t pay any attention to those ‘subtleties’. But they occur all the time. You’ll turn around and say, ‘I wonder where that THOUGHT came from?’.

You see, automatically, you have used the right word. Because it’s something that is what you say, ‘out of the blue’ and has no connection with what you’re doing or anything else. But a THOUGHTER went by and connected up with you and you don’t want it, let it go. So it goes on its merry way. Continue.

JOHN: And further along that same line of questioning’s… “Who/What creates ideas? Are they alive as Datre and we are?”

DATRE: Ideas are ‘thinks’. And the majority of your planet gets your ‘thinks’ from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. There are not that many on your planet, that use THOUGHTERS – surprisingly enough. That is why most of you are so bored, because you do not ‘allow’ THOUGHTERS. You’re so busy scrambling your head with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘thinks’, that if a THOUGHTER came through you wouldn’t even recognize it. Then, until you recognize your 1st THOUGHTER, and recognize how uniquely different it is, you’ll never know the difference. It is like everything else that we have said to you, until it happens to you as an individual, you can’t explain it to anyone else. Continue.

JOHN: Now her next question says… “It seems that mass consciousness is a reservoir of ideas which I can use to create matter with. However, many of these ideas are limiting and it depends on my “maturity” to use the unlimited ones.”

DATRE: Well you can do whatever you want to, but from our standpoint, the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ideas ARE very limiting. When you get to the point of using THOUGHTERS, you’re going to be astounded at some of the information that you will get regarding any number of subjects that you want to mention. As a for instance, we’ll use John again, because that’s the one we have the contact with. John will be pondering, something, and he will be, what he calls, mulling it over in his head, and when he lets it go, that’s when a THOUGHTER can be recognized. Because, he will say, “all of a sudden I got this idea”. Then that idea goes to another idea, goes to another idea, goes to another idea and he will say, ‘I never would have THOUGHT of that’. No, he wouldn’t have, had he continued to ‘think’ about it. See the difference? ‘Think’ about it, but let it go. Because a THOUGHTER can be right around the corner with your answer, but if you keep just going around and around and around like a squirrel in a cage, you’re never going to get any place with it.

It’s when you let it go. That’s what they say about ALLOWING. You’ll hear them say, ‘allow, get in the flow’ all of these things. What it means is, quit your constant GRINDING on something, again and again and again. If you really let it go, a THOUGHTER will come in with something. You may say, ‘it was so absurd, that I never would have had any idea to go in that direction’. Of course you wouldn’t, because if you’re STILL working with ‘thinks’, you can’t get yourself out of the mud. You’re still walking around in mud puddles. That is what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is all about. It’s very hard to get any NEW ideas through the “mass” of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “When enough experiences and skills are obtained its time to move on to more thoughts which don’t have any physical-earthly points of reference. Any comments?”

DATRE: Well, there again, you see, you’re trying to make a… you’re trying to make a ‘study’ of these things instead of ‘allowing’ things to happen. It’s not something you can write in a book and work by a magic formula. Because, EVOLUTION is not a ‘magic’ formula, there’s no one out there writing a formula for you to EVOLVE to. There’s no such thing.

You see, in your scientific community, they’re coming up now with some grand and wonderful things and the thing is, when they start letting all this ‘think’ stuff go, they can connect with THOUGHTERS. But, you see, your ‘thinks’ have been used and used and used and used, for centuries. So, the only way they can come up with anything new, is to let all the ‘thinks’ go and open up to THOUGHTS.

JOHN: Sort of like the science of ‘non doing’.

DATRE: If that’s what they call it and that’s where its at. That’s why they say, ‘well how come the man that took care of the polio, a little man sitting all by himself’ – pretty much from what I understand, those are the people that come up with the cures. Those are the people that come up with the ideas. It’s not those sitting in laboratories with multiple peoples. That’s very hard to do, unless the person is what a lot of people refer to as a ‘loner’. I’ve heard that expression used many times, ‘he’s a loner’. The loner is the one that gets the THOUGHTS. It’s not those that sit in the MASS, because all they’re going to do is get the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because there is no other way, because the room is so full of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘thinks’ that there’s no place for a THOUGHTER to come in, there’s no space for a THOUGHTER. Its the loner, the one that gets away by them self that opens up to the THOUGHTERS, because its in getting ‘away’ from all the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are even able to ‘connect’ with a THOUGHTER. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on, with a little bit different subject, she says… “The akashic records and mass consciousness are they the same thing or not? Or are the akashic records the sum total of early experiences like events and is mass consciousness the sum total of attitudes, ideas and thoughts?”

DATRE: You live in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – that’s how you function. 99.99% of your planet functions from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. There are a few that don’t, but they’re very rare. As you can see when you’ve got all those percentages, you’ve got less than 1% or even much less, of your planet, that is working and existing with something else, other than MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Yes, you have to be in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because that’s where you are and this is how you run the body, is through MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. And through your communication with ‘other’ people. But, the communication and running the body and everything, with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, is fine. But, when you get away, as a loner does, then he opens up to THOUGHT.

Now, as for the akashic records, I don’t know about them, so John will have to tell me what that is all about.

JOHN: That’s really the archive of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

DATRE: Is that in the dead zone?

JOHN: Yes, a lot of psychics like to read the akashic records. What they are reading is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS ‘thinks’ throughout history.

DATRE: Oh, that’s a history thing?

JOHN: Yes, is/was.

DATRE: Well that doesn’t do any good, does it? What do they do that for?

JOHN: Well, we have a special name for it, we call it akashic records, and therefore it must be worth something.

DATRE: Oh, well I think everybody on this planet has done everything enough times, the same… why dig up the old stuff to keep… you talk about all the excitement of going into the year 2000. Everybody’s excited about the year 2000. Well how can you get excited about 2000 and change, if you’re going to take all that old junk with you? I mean that to me does not even equate and I’m not using much of a physical brain. But, I don’t understand why that would be any big deal to have that old stuff.

That’s like your history, you can make that… you can listen to ten different programs giving… telling about somebody’s life that is all dead and over with and every person that you hear are going to have a ‘different’ explanation. Get right down to families, one sister will tell, ‘well, my parents were, well this is the way I saw my dad and this is the way I saw my mother’. Then the other sister says, ‘ oh, but mother wasn’t that way and dad wasn’t that way’. Then a brother comes in and says, ‘well you’re both wrong, dad was this and mother was that’. You see, mother and dad, two people, three people observing two people, and every one is different. That is why we say, ‘your experiences are ‘your’ experiences, nobody else’s’. How obvious can it be?

You’ll talk about a class reunion that happened ten years ago, then everyone at that class reunion will tell you a different story of what had happened and they were all in the same room experiencing “the same thing” – NO THEY WERE NOT. Everyone in that room had their own experience – ten years later, they’ve all got different stories. Now, WHAT BENEFIT IS HISTORY? If people that live it and see it talked about say, ‘well, that’s not the way I saw it’. It wasn’t the way you saw it, naturally it was ‘not’ the way you saw it, you’re not going to agree with other people. You can’t, because you are here for an experience and that experience is ‘yours’ and ‘how’ you view it is entirely up to you.

It can be the greatest tragedy in the world or it can be a learning experience. It can be the grandest thing in the world or it can be a learning experience. It is ALL up to you. But, from our standpoint, if you’re wanting to go forward in the evolution of your species called ‘man’ and ‘woman’, then don’t drag that big old garbage bag behind you and keep looking inside of it, to be sure that its all there. Leave the garbage bag for the garbage man to pick up and go into the future unencumbered and greet each day with expectation of something ‘new’ and something different, instead of something old, rehashed. Now, I will get off my soapbox. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Could Datre tell us more about what is the Mind?”

DATRE: The MIND is that which is contained within the BUBBLE. It is like the air you breath. The difference between the MIND and the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, is the CONTENTS that are in the MIND of the BUBBLE, are there to be used. There’s also the ‘thinks’ that have been processed through the ‘brain’ – that compose MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and they’re all there together.

You see, you look at that which you call ‘air’ and you have so many components that make up ‘air’. Those are all the components you ‘know’ of that make up ‘air’. How many components don’t you have any way of figuring? There’s ‘gillions’ of them. But, because you can’t ‘see’ them and can’t detect them with metal instruments, for you they don’t exist. That’s fine, it does not matter. But everything is there for your enjoyment, for your understanding, experiencing and you see, that’s what you do when you go to sleep. That’s why you come back with these crazy ‘dream’ stories. Because you’ve been ‘out there’ exploring all of these many things, but when you come back the brain tries to tell you what you experienced, but it doesn’t have any connections, so it comes up with a whole bunch of garbage. But, when you’re out of body in your sleep time and connecting with the YOU that you are, there are all sorts of wonderful things out there. That’s why some people wake up with this silly grin on their face. They’ve been having a grand time – ‘whoops, we’re back in physicality again, well here we go for another day’. Continue.

JOHN: All right, her next story… yes, her next story… her next question, relative to MIND again… “Does it exist in the universe?”

DATRE: No, no need to, there’s no need to. We are BIRTHED and we exist and we do what we do. We don’t need any patterns; we don’t need to figure out anything. It’s all there and we just take whatever we want and use it. You haven’t been able to do that yet. See, those that are able to get connected with that which is the MIND and can go all through this stuff and ‘know’ what the ‘magic’ is and ‘know’ what this whole thing is about – to understand your BUBBLE, they’re out there playing in the MIND. That’s why when they begin playing in the MIND, and then it’s a very short step into the Universe when they go through the BIRTH, because the Universe is already not too foreign to them. But, you haven’t learned to work IN the MIND. You still haven’t figured out, your sleep and your awake and your death and your re-birth. You haven’t experienced ALL of that in total awareness and until you can do that, you can’t go out into the Universe. Its as simple as that, because what would you do?. There’s nothing to hang onto, there’s nothing to stand on, you don’t have a body, you’re there, you ‘know’ you’re there, your by yourself, what are you going to do?

You see, trying to compare the Universe with your BUBBLE is, there’s no way. You can’t do it. There are no words to describe it and that’s what makes people that are working with their physical brain angry, because there are NO guidelines – and there aren’t. The only thing is, is your AWARENESS and that can open up more things than you can ever imagine. Continue.

JOHN: All right, now her final question for this particular segment is, referring again to the MIND… “Is awareness its equivalent in the universe?” equivalent to the MIND?

DATRE: No, because we don’t need awareness. See, there again, you’re trying to think of… because I’m using a physical construct you seem to think I’m a physical being. I’m NOT a physical being, but I can read the brain patterning of Aona, I can observe the brain patterning’s of John. I can observe brain patterning’s ‘through’ Aona if I’m in a mall, in a grocery store, watching television. You see, I can perceive all of those things, I can use them to speak to you, but I don’t have a body, I don’t have a size. You see, you have a size, you’re contained, I have no size. I’m as BIG as I want to be or as SMALL as I want to be. I can be in more places than you can ever imagine, because I can ‘split’ myself and experience, not only in this BUBBLE, but in many BUBBLES throughout the Universe all at the same time. I AM and I can pull in any portion of experience into my TOTALITY, because that’s the only thing I can use to describe it.

But, you see, you CHOOSE to be ‘contained’ within a physical construct and you will continue in a physical construct until you can figure the thing out. The YOU that you are has a pretty good idea what this whole thing is all about. Then, until that information can be given to you in the physical, so that you can understand it, you’re going to have to continue in a physical construct – because you’ve got to figure this out. This was ‘your’ desire and once you desired it, that’s where you were and you ‘will’ be. But, as for us, I can’t describe any one of those portions that come in and speak through this physical construct.

There have probably been, what, 5 – 6 today in this session that have come through. Because, they come… its like you would come and say to someone, ‘oh, I’ve got something I want to say’, so then one of us leaves and another one comes in. Then another one comes in, ‘I’ve got something to say’ and then they come in and then they go out. But, you see, its… its hard to explain, because we don’t talk to each other, it just that we do. It’s very interesting, because you have no idea what it is like when you have NEVER experienced containment, to step into a physical containment. It’s something that you could not imagine. You could not imagine, if you had never experienced seeing, seeing color, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, you have no idea. But, to the majority of us that would try to… I don’t know of anybody that would want to have containment. But, because we only send little portions of ourselves in, because there’s no way that we can do otherwise because we would ‘blow up’ the body with the energy. Aona can hold a lot of energy, tremendous amounts of energy, but the thing is, that we could blow her apart if we bring in too much of our energy from the Universe.

JOHN: The same thing if she was to bring in more of herself, same problem.

DATRE: Same problem. See, the YOU that you are, could not fully come in here. You only… see there’s another thing that will blow their mind, you don’t send all of yourself into physical expression. You see, you split yourselves off and are not even aware of it, because you think you’re the whole ball game – but you’re NOT – because the YOU that you are is the whole ball game. You’re ONE expression in physicality. That is what you’re experiencing. Now, since there is no ‘time’ and ‘space’, how many ‘others’ are there that are experiencing physicality in what you call different ‘times’ and different ‘spaces’ and still connected to the YOU that you are?

Then again, how many YOU’s that you are, are within the BUBBLE? That’ll stretch your minds a little bit. Get your mind thinking about something like that. When you get your minds really thinking about what this whole thing is all about, its NOT whizzy bang wow, its UNDERSTANDING and AWARENESS. Because, until you can get past the idea of having to be ‘taught’, and realizing the GREATEST TEACHER that exists, is YOU – that’s the greatest teacher you have, each and every one of you. You’re looking to another physical Entity, of some sort, to ‘teach’ you. THE GREATEST TEACHER YOU HAVE IS THE “YOU” THAT YOU ARE. There is NONE greater. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question for this segment.

DATRE: That was a good place to stop. We have enjoyed being with you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 080 – Datre On Universal Beings

Datre answers Susmita (part II)

JOHN: Okay, we will continue with the questions from Susmita, and the first question in this segment is… “Does universal beings or say the group of vibrations known as “Datre” although composed of individually self-realized beings (?), also have something like “mass consciousness”? The difference may be in the awareness of it!”

DATRE: Now, first of all, we’re NOT realized Beings. We are ‘birthed’ as Universal Beings. We are not ‘realized’ what you call, ‘human beings’. There is an entire difference. So, being ‘birthed’ as Universal Beings we know nothing about that which you call, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, as far as an experiential development is concerned, because that is what ‘you’ work from. We don’t have ‘brains’. John is laughing, I didn’t realize how funny that was until I said it – be sure and get that on the tape. All right, continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Can a universal being choose to work like an entity in the sense of choosing to send its vibrations thru different realities?”

DATRE: Can a Universal Being send its vibrations to different realities?

JOHN: Can a universal being choose to work like an entity?

DATRE: No. No, an Entity is a containment and that is a ‘specific’ species within the Universe. So, an Entity IS a Universal Being. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Can portions of a single entity be expressed in different realities thru time and space as realized and unrealized beings; for example as a planet, as a plant, as a physical human being, as a non-physical universal being and so on?”

DATRE: Well, the thing is that all of the experiences that are experienced through other mediums, like physicality, etc., can be picked-up by the Entity, because, after all, the Entity is “it’s mother”. It’s the Entity that BIRTHED the spark that is experiencing physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Can you give us some simple examples of specific things that you personally and others in the “Datre” group love to do in the Universe?”

DATRE: But, we don’t use the word ‘love’ – we exist – which is a very difficult concept for you. We don’t ‘know’ enjoyment and we don’t know something that isn’t enjoyment. I mean, ‘existence’ IS. So, that’s… we do what we do. We don’t experience through physicality like you do, you have all kinds of different things that you experience in the physical construct. We don’t have a physical construct; so therefore, we’re playing in a different ball game than you are. So, continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Can a universal being become an expert in several specialties?”

DATRE: It is a possibility. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “You would you appear to be as “Gods” to most humans I presume!”

DATRE: I don’t know how they could make that connection, unless they were connecting that with what they had in their mind of what a God was. You see, you could look at us as Gods or you could look at us as teachers, you could look at us as ‘observers’, you could look at us many ways, because you’re looking at us through what ‘you’ have as a mental concept. But, you really can’t look at us any way at all, because, unless we function through physicality, you cannot know of our existence. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Does the human concept of “God” originally have something to do with the inner knowing of the existence of powerful entities or universal beings?”

DATRE: I don’t think it’s the knowledge of Universal entities or Universal Beings. It is something that you have put ON something, because you belittle yourselves. You do not realize what you are capable of and when an individual upon your planet begins to ‘draw’ from that ‘power’ that they are capable of drawing from, they are so fascinated by the ‘power’ that is theirs that they think, how could it possibly be them? I mean it has to be something ‘greater’ than them to produce that power. They cannot believe that they can be that, what you call, powerful, because it is a feeling that they have no other word to put on. So they call it ‘powerful’ and if they feel ‘that’ powerful, its got to be from someplace else, it can’t be from within themselves, because you have belittled the ‘human’ construct to the point that you can’t DO anything, unless someone else is ‘allowing’ you to do it.

In other words, basically, you have yet to learn to stand on your own two feet and declare WHO you are, to KNOW who you are. You say, ‘I am’, but you don’t mean it, because then you turn around and have to worship something else, because there has to be something greater than you. Which is a falsity. Because, there is NONE greater than you. The only thing is, you’ve put yourselves in physical bodies and therefore “limited yourselves” and do not truly express WHO and WHAT ‘you’ are. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I understand universal beings do not have emotions but do have a state of feeling which can be described as universal love, joy, harmony, ecstasy and so on.”

DATRE: I think at one time we made a mistake, we mentioned something about love, because those were the only words that we could use at the time. But, the thing is, you must realize, that those are ‘human’ emotions. A Universal being does NOT have emotions. What would a Universal Being do with emotions? What would they carry it around in, they haven’t got a body. So, how could they handle a physical emotion without a body? Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is, carrying on with that same thought… “Also there is no memory, thoughts are expressed immediately.”

DATRE: Your words, again, are so limiting. We work; I guess the best way to say it is, ‘thought DO’. There’s NO separation. The thinking is the doing and the doing is the thinking. It is NOT separated into two things. You think and you do and you do and you think. But, you cannot imagine what it is like when it’s together. The only time that we can separate the ‘think’ and the ‘thought’ and the DO, is when we’re into a physical form. See, that’s what fascinates us, is the physical form separates all these different things. You have ’emotions’, you have ‘thinking’, you have ‘doing’, you have all of these things that are fascinating, within one thing, called a physical construct and yet you despise it. But, that is all right, someday you will learn to understand what a ‘grand’ thing that you have at your disposal to operate within, in the daytime, what you call the daytime, you’re waking hours. So, continue.

JOHN: And the next part of that question is… “As such there is no possibility of conflict, disappointment or regret or hanging on to the past.”

DATRE: We don’t have a past, nor do we have a future. That is ALL physical construct. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on again, she says… “But what if your loving intentions causes chaos or disharmony for many down-the-road of evolution?”

DATRE: I don’t know how we can. All we’re trying to do is explain to you what the physical construct is capable of, what ‘you’ are capable of. If you take ‘any’ experience, regardless of what it is, and work it through a physical construct, you can have ANY outcome you desire. That is entirely up to you. You can take, what some would call, a horrible experience, and bemoan it for the rest of your physical life until you die, shall we say.

Or another would take an ‘identical’ experience and do nothing but ‘profit’ and ‘grow’ by it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, it is for ‘you’ to interpret the way ‘you’ want to interpret it. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ you do with it, it is entirely up to ‘you’. It is ‘your’ process and if you want to put ‘blame’ on something, because you can not handle it yourself, then it does not matter ‘what’ happens to you, good, bad or indifferent, you will ‘blame’ someone else for what ‘you’ are experiencing. There is no one that has any control over what you are experiencing, other than ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN: And again, continuing along those same question lines… “To you it may be a blink of an eye but to us with lower vibration it may seem like an endless nightmare!”

DATRE: That is ‘your’ interpretation, no one else’s. Continue.

JOHN: And the final part of that phase of questions is… “To what extent can you see future or consequences in our terms?”

DATRE: We cannot and we do not. We can, through the eyes of the channel, can ‘watch’ something and use ‘her’ brain for interpretation and also use what is a ‘concept’ of interpretation. But, as to seeing into the future or connecting up with the past or any of that, that is simply a brain connection. That has nothing to do with us what-so-ever. And as far as looking into the future, to look in Aona’s brain – it’s a blank. Because she doesn’t care about the future. So, that doesn’t help us either. We couldn’t even, like the psychics do, tell your future by all these different methods that they use. But we could not do that with her, because there is nothing there. Her future is NOT written, shall we say, because she is writing her own, nobody else. Its hers, she writes it and she say’s ‘hands off’. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, now the next question is… “I understand if our intentions are strong and clear (without any distortions resulting from contradictory beliefs that we hold) then we need not fear anything like being hit by a car or a stray bullet, mugged and raped by a stranger, getting unintended pregnancy (even after unprotected sex), losing a child or job or material things! Is it true?”

DATRE: What do you want to believe? You’re writing your script, we’ve said that before and again and again. Then if you want to be afraid of what ‘you’ are setting up for yourself, then you are scaring yourself for your own reasons. You have to realize, if you have set something before you, then why did you set that before you? What was the reason behind it? That’s what AWARENESS is all about, is figuring out ‘why’ you do what you do. What result are you looking for? What lesson are you trying to teach yourself? What are you trying to learn? No one does anything TO you. If someone is involved in a circumstance that you have set before you, that has ALL been planed out in advance of it happening.

So, you see, when you FULLY, totally and completely, understand that ONE thing, you will have made great strides in your understanding. That is what ‘man’ does NOT do; he does not look at his ‘own’ evolution. He looks at everybody else’s, will tell everyone else, what to do, how to act, but pays no attention to his own.

You’re on this planet; you’re at the end of an evolutionary cycle. You are to learn INDIVIDUATION and yet, that is the one thing you don’t want to do – it’s the very reason you came into this physical construct. Is to learn INDIVIDUATION. Everyone can come in, if you want to come in as a ‘blob’ and be a CLONE and work off of ‘group mind’. But, INDIVIDUATION is a GRAND thing if you can get yourselves to realize what it is all about. Continue.

JOHN: And the follow on to that same question… “I think that kind of intention requires knowing who we are!”

DATRE: Of course, that is what you have to do. What are you telling yourself? What are you showing yourself? Pay attention to what is happening. What are you setting before you, to learn, to experience? Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Could you outline the major changes in the evolution of “mass consciousness” since the human species began its journey?”

DATRE: No, there’s no way. There’s no way to do that – not from our standpoint. Now, maybe others can do that, but that is not anything… they talk about some records that they can tune into psychically and read and that sort of thing. But, there again, that is all speculation. That is working from the human construct and seeing what ‘you’ want to see. What ‘you’ want to tell other people. And everyone will tell you different. They will occasionally come up with something that is somewhat similar, because they’re all reading from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS you can only draw so much – that’s all there is there.

Then until such time as you begin to read from the MIND of the BUBBLE that will be different. But in that case you’re not interested in the evolution of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because, when you begin to do that, you’re interested in your ‘singular’ individual evolution and you don’t care about others, because that is of no interest to you. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing on with that same question… “Did we begin as androgynous species: what motivated the sexual polarity? Is it the plant and animal contact?”

DATRE: No. This was set up for evolution, as every other planet is set up for evolution. Then the direction your evolution takes, is entirely up to those that come on to the planet. The MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is what has become so strong that it is difficult for others to exist on this planet, who wish to evolve as individuals and begin to get information that is NOT in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That is where a great deal of unhappiness is coming from in that to evolve as fast as individuals wish to evolve is very difficult, because the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has a ‘layering’ affect, that in order to exist on this planet you have to “abide by so many rules” that are in this planetary BUBBLE.

That is why, once you figure out, what the ‘magic’ is all about, you can leave the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and begin to work ‘directly’ with the MIND of the BUBBLE – and THAT is another stage of evolution. But that is becoming more difficult in the physical construct. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “If the principle of opposites or polarity exist throughout our universe how come there is none among the universal beings? If polarity exists there what’s the nature of it?”

DATRE: Well, polarities exist within your BUBBLE. Within other planetary bubbles you do not necessarily have polarity. Now, all the planetary bubbles are not the same… evolution is ‘different’ on every single one. You don’t use the same principle… why would there ever be two? There is no need to have two. Where does evolution come in, if the next planetary existence you go to is going to be the same as this one? Something has to change.

But you haven’t learned it, because you still believe in ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Now, if you know polarities exist and you know there is ‘good’ and there’s ‘bad’ and that has to be for the polarities on this planet and you understand that, why do you have to side in one side or another? Why can’t you acknowledge their existence and go on your own way? That is very difficult for ‘humanity’ to understand. You don’t have to be ‘good’ or you don’t have to be ‘bad’. Can’t you just exist in a physical construct and acknowledge both and not get upset by either one? Continue.

JOHN: Her final question is more of a comment that we wanted to deal with, she say’s… “I sometimes get concerned about Aona’s health because I read somewhere that Jane’s (Jane Roberts of the Seth material) husband thought that her changeling’s was to a great extent responsible for the rapid deterioration of her health and her physically painful death.”

DATRE: You must understand, and that was explained in the Seth material, because Aona has read it many times. The one thing that was difficult for Jane to understand was the information that she was receiving. She had trouble with the information that she was bringing forth, because she was ‘unsure’ of it. She wondered about whether she should bring forth this information, because, what would people say about it. There was an internal conflict between the information that she was bringing forth and putting in books and her ‘own’ innate belief system.

Now, ‘that’ is why her body became ridged. Her resistance… when you ‘resist’ something, what is the first thing you do? The physical body ‘tightens’. Is that correct John?

JOHN: That’s right, you put up a wall of defense – a rigid wall.

DATRE: Yes, you put up a ‘rigid’ wall and the first thing that happens is the body ‘stiffens’. All right, you put up resistance, you put up the wall and when you ‘resist’ your body is in constant tension. Then until that ‘tension’ is released, it continues and you keep your body in continuous tension. It wears down the physical construct, the physical HOLOGRAM.

Why are there individuals, in physicality, upon your planet, that are H U N D E R E D S of years old? Because they ‘experience’ physicality, but set up no ‘resistance’ against it.

Now, as far as Aona’s body is concerned, she has no ‘resistance’ to the information. She is very familiar with it. It is something that she ‘knows’. Something that she understands. It is NOT a big mystery to her. So, there’s no ‘resistance’ to the information. That is why, as she has “in bodily years grown older”, her flexibility of her hands and her feet and her toes and fingers have become MORE flexible then they were 15 years ago. You can take her toes… the reason I say toes, is because that is one of the first places that people tighten up is in their feet. You can take her toes and practically crisscross them in any way you want, because she’s flexible, she is NOT rigid within her body.

The time the rigidity sets into her body is when there are physical changes being made to accommodate the evolution. Because, as her thought patterning continue to change and the vibration within the physical construct changes. Every time we come in and bring through information the physical construct changes and there are times that we “do experiments” with her body, because there’s only a very few bodies that we can go into to see how these energy waves are acting upon the human construct. Then because of her construct being as such, we can go in and see what is happening and how the physical construct is handling the energies. Her body is in constant change. There are sometimes that there are things that change that ‘tighten’ the body for certain periods of time. But, because she’s not concerned with them, other than being uncomfortable, it does not wear on the physical construct.

So, you see, there are two different aspects that you are working from. Jane was fearful and she was fearful of the information. At times, she was very familiar with it. But then, the old thought patterns would come in and there was conflict.

Now, you see, to say that the information and the channeling is what wore her body out, it was her choice. It was her choice and her decision as to what she did with her body. As we’ve said before, we have NO control over anything within physicality, we do not ‘wish’ to control anything in physicality. That is for ‘you’ to do, each and every one of you. It is for Aona to do, it is her body. She runs it the way she wants to work it for her own experience. The short time that we’re in, we do as much with it as we want to do, because we have permission to do so. We can ‘stretch’ it and pull it in any direction we want to… she say’s you can do anything you want to with it, as long as I’m out of it, but be sure and put it all back in place when you leave. We will leave you now.

We’re Datre.

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