May 2011


Datre 084 – The YOU that ‘you’ are is far grander than you have any idea

The YOU that ‘you’ are is far grander than you have any idea. It’s the BEST TEACHER you’ve got – but you don’t listen, you don’t pay any attention. Because its, ‘I want to do it this way’. If you do… what they say, RELAX and watch what’s happening and you take action accordingly, your life would be altogether different.


Datre 081 – The Flow Of Creation

Nobody has to clean up a THOUGHT. It is independent in and of itself – it has its own viability. A THOUGHT is used, it regenerates itself. Year’s back, your water took care of itself. So maybe now you can get an idea of how that works. But a THOUGHT is a viable thing in and of itself. You have no control over it


Datre 080 – Datre On Universal Beings

we don’t use the word ‘love’ – we exist – which is a very difficult concept for you. We don’t ‘know’ enjoyment and we don’t know something that isn’t enjoyment. I mean, ‘existence’ IS. So, that’s… we do what we do.

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