Datre 079 – Thoughters

Datre answers Susmita. (part I)

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Susmita and her first question is… “I understand mind has to exist before matter can exist.”

DATRE: No. In the case of physicality that is not a viable concept. Matter can exist without the MIND, because matter contains consciousness – as we have said before. That’s the only word that we can find that works, that you can understand. We’ve said before, everything contains that which you call consciousness. In other words, the rocks, the plants. The trees anything contains that which you call consciousness. So, the MIND is, shall we say, that is a different construct entirely. Now, I don’t know whether… so many people interchange ‘mind’ and ‘brain’. So MIND, what we call the MIND that is within the BUBBLE that is CONTENT the ‘brain’ PROCESSES content. The brain processes content from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and from the MIND within the BUBBLE – it does two things. So, the brain is a ‘processor’. So maybe that’ll help straighten this out a little bit. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… When I look at the intricate beauty of a flower or the ever changing shapes and colors of clouds in the sky I always wonder from whose mind it came from? Who can create such beauty! Am I only fantasizing? I know that there is a very thin line or perhaps no line between fact and fantasy!”

DATRE: Well, you see, you are ALL grand creators, you just don’t realize it. Now, what you as an individual see, is your own creation. That is why everyone sees differently. Now, you have set up, shall we say, guidelines, for instance like a flower. You will look at a rose, because you have identified that over how long time I do not know, ever since that plant has existed, you’ve insisted that that particular plant is a rose. So, it has been a rose, been a rose, been a rose. You all agree on color, it’s a red rose. Your red rose and another individuals red rose can be entirely different, because of what intricacy ‘you’ see that another individual does NOT see.

The more you begin to explore and ‘observe’, the more you will notice the subtle changes in your observation. Things become ‘sharper’, they become more intricate in design and you were not necessarily focusing on the intricacies, it will just be that you will see them. So, one person can look at a rose, ‘so, its a rose, no big deal’. Another person will look at it with extreme fascination, because they are putting ‘their’ interpretation on that ‘particular’ flower and it becomes as beautiful as they wish to perceive it to be. There again, you create what you wish to see. That’s why some people will see a ‘dump’ and another will see, ‘oh, something grand to create with’. Its in… You have heard it again and again, ‘it is all within the eye of the beholder’. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Do “Thoughters” work directly with/from universal mind?”

DATRE: Thoughters are unique. Thoughters are… like we said way at the beginning, we can only describe it as the dandelion seed, in that, it goes where ever it wishes to go, it replenishes itself, it is an ISNESS, there are no boundaries on a Thoughter. We can say, ‘Thoughters’ are ‘birthed’ as Thoughters. Now, that is different… do not get that mixed up with ‘born’, which is a physical construct. They are BIRTHED as Thoughters. They exist as Thoughters. So there is a definite difference, but the only words that you can understand are ‘birthed’ and ‘born’, so we have to use those. That is when it becomes difficult to explain things. That’s why many things cannot be explained, because your words are so limiting. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Certain thoughts suddenly appear out of nowhere, without any act of perceiving or linking with previous thought. Are those the ones that come from “Thoughters”?

DATRE: That is a difficult question, it can be yes and it can be no. It can be a connection… you see, your computer runs all the time. You don’t have an OFF switch on your computer called your brain. Now, that brain may be putting something together with something else that you’re totally unaware of. It also can be a ‘Thoughter’. But a Thoughter usually comes as a “brand new idea” from which you can ‘continuously’ draw and get more and more and more and more out of that ‘original’ idea. A ‘link’ from the brain will be something, you’ll recognize it, but it has no connection with anything, you cannot ‘draw’ from a link. But you can draw inspiration and ideas from a THOUGHT that is coming from a Thoughter. So, that is the only way we can tell you the difference and you would have to be the one that could decipher for yourself individually. Continue.

JOHN: Alright, and the next question is… “I understand plants are just as realized as animals are and they also work from Group mind. Could you say a little more about the inner world of plants as opposed to animals or humans.”

DATRE: Well, number one, the human does not work from ‘group’ mind. It works from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but that’s your own ‘drawing’ from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. An animal works from a ‘group’ mind. In other words, when an animal “dies” it goes back into ‘group’ mind and it draws from that for it’s next experience.

A plant does NOT have that type of existence, because the plant does not have that which you call a brain to work with. So, there’s those different stages… a plant goes through, shall we say, it’s evolutionary cycle, it dies, it’s reborn, it dies, it’s reborn, it dies, it’s reborn. But, that is different it does not have a state of evolution. On a planet, a plant remains ‘that’ particular plant and that stays with the planet – that is its planetary existence.

Now, with animals, animals can go to different planetary existences, because the ‘group’ mind can take them to different planetary existences. Then depending upon the planetary existence, they will change their construct to match and be able to work with the planet. So, there’s three different kinds right there. Continue.

JOHN: And along those same lines, her next question is… “Are the rocks and minerals realized too?”

DATRE: No. The rocks and minerals are like the plants, they’re conscious, but they’re not realized. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “How do the process of evolution differ for realized bodies like animals, as opposed to those who are not realized like humans?”

DATRE: Well, those that are realized have a certain vibratory construct and that is maintained, regardless of how many eons or whatever you want to call it, they exist. They were and they will be, because they have been “realized”.

Now, the humans when they are realized, from this BIRTH, if that’s their desire, then from that point, that is where they will be and they will continue their evolution from ‘that’ point and in their ‘next’ planetary existence they will be ‘that’ all the time.

JOHN: A whole new species.

DATRE: Yes, but it will be from that point of realization. So, continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is the purpose of evolution is having a greater and grander experience?”

DATRE: Of course! If you’re one of those individuals that are always looking for something NEW then you will find that there is an ‘excitement’ in evolution. Then you don’t want to stop. You want to continue. There are those that want to stop – that is up to them.

But, when you go through a certain period of time, then there has to be a break-off, because this planetary existence is something that is coming to an end. Then, in order to go any further, you need to go someplace else. You’ve gone as far as you’re going to go, most people have dug themselves in and they’re ‘resistant’ to change. The majority on your planet are ‘resistant’ to change. They want things to stay as they are. Then, there are those on the planet that are anxious for change. They’re looking for something new; they’re looking for another place else to go – to experience something else. So, that is why a change has to be made.

You can’t put those two divergent qualities on one planet and make it work, because there’s dissatisfaction on ‘both’ sides. Those that are resistant to change, want to stay the way they are. They don’t like the individuals that are searching for something ‘new’ and different – Visa versa, the other is also true. So, when you have that great a divergence, you need to change. Your planet is too small to separate you. You’ll notice, everything now is global.

So, those that are, shall we say, going kicking and screaming are unhappy and the others are not moving as fast as they want to move. Because their thoughts are beginning to connect up with things that the one’s that are digging in can’t even fathom. So, how can there be communication? Even in… Get it right down to the smallest denominator, which you call your families. Look how divergent your thought patterns are within a family. Those that are trying to hold the family together and those that are screaming and kicking and saying, ‘I want to be out on my own’. Your thought patterns within a family are so different and divergent that they can no longer stay together. That is just a tiny example. Then when you take a whole planet, you have mass confusion and chaos. So, you can see, those that want to evolve are going to be given the opportunity TO evolve in a different construct entirely. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is the process driven initially by group intentions/desires/expectations and later more and more by individual intentions and desires?” This process of evolution.

DATRE: Of course. Of course, there are those individuals that are very, very comfortable existing off of that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s their comfort zone. They enjoy being like everyone else. They enjoy the same things everyone else enjoys. The young people will wear crazy clothes, because they want to be different. And yet they’re difference is not between each other, the difference is between they and their parents or other people. But, they still are working in a group. Then someone comes up with a new crazy hair do, then they ALL want to try that, because that is the ‘group’ that they are working with.

Same with your companies. Some companies are very restrictive in that, this is the way that you have to dress if you work in this company. These are the rules; therefore you have to look like everyone else. Other companies, it does not matter, all they want you to do is produce something new, different. Those are called… what do they call them John?

JOHN: Entrepreneurs?

DATRE: Could be, the mavericks, the ones that come up with new thoughts, new ideas. The boss doesn’t care how that individual is dressed, it does not matter. So you see, you’re having all different things happening on your planet – all at the same time. But, those that want to go someplace else and do something different and their thought patterns are ‘entirely’ different, then there’s no place for them. You can be ‘different’ so long as you stay within the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS construct. But that is where the difference ceases. Then those that do not fit into the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS construct find themselves with a uniqueness that doesn’t necessarily fit and they’re making ‘adjustments’ TO fit. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Was there always individuals throughout the human experience, whose thought pattern differed significantly from the mass consciousness?”

DATRE: Yes, because there are those that remember what they were doing when they “died” and continued in that, so they do not loose it at the next birth. It’s the ones that start over every time; they take nothing from when they were “when they were alive”. They take nothing from that which you call the dead zone and they start over brand new again, with no remembrance of anything. No desire, no particular intent or purpose for that which you call your ‘next’ birth. Those that have an intent and purpose in their next birth, will very definitely continue. Then in their continuation, they will come in as uniquely different individuals. Continue.

JOHN: Taking off on that same question she says… “Like Buddha or Christ for example. Can you locate the strongly individuated Buddha personality in any realities in our bubble or is it beyond recognition?”

DATRE: Now, you have to realize that those “individuals” existed at a time far beyond your “remembrance”. What you have set in your mind as to ‘your’ interpretation as to that which is ‘Christ’, ‘your’ interpretation of that which is ‘Buddha’, ‘your’ interpretation of that which is ‘God’ or whatever; it is “your” interpretation. So, if you find a vibration that ‘you’ think is Christ, that is ‘your’ interpretation’. It does not matter one way or the other. Because you see, you have a concept in your mind of what that individual represents. So, that ‘concept’ is what you will resonate to. That’s why, to observe that which you call ‘your Christ’ in a church atmosphere, everybody’s concept is different, there’s no two alike. There never can be any two alike, because you all are working from the concept that you have in your particular computer, which is your brain.

You put things in a computer, that’s mechanical, and everything you have in your computer is different than anybody else’s because that is what you put in yours, when you make up the things that go in your computer. The stuff that you put into your computer, like programs and the stuff that originally goes in the box, all the electrical pieces, those are the ones that you put in your computer on the desk. You do the same thing with the brain. You’re putting stuff in there all the time. You’re putting it in for recognition.

As a child, you begin to formulate what these individuals are. Now, how can any two people formulate the same thing? Because your input is all different. So finding anyone is, from our standpoint, a very difficult concept to perceive. Because we would have to find the one that looked like the one that ‘you’ thought it was. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, and her next question is… “Can an individual plant’s or animal’s experience/thought pattern deviate significantly from their respective Group Mind(s)?”

DATRE: Now, as I’ve explained before, plants don’t have group minds, they run on an entirely different principle. Animals work from a group mind. Can they deviate – they can experience when they’re in the bodies. When they have physical bodies, they can have different experiences. When they go back into group mind they take their experiences with them and those experiences are put into the group mind. Which means that any animal that’s going… take any of your animals and they go into that group mind, they draw from that for their next experience. So, the more an animal experiences different things, the more different an animal can become, because there will be differences to draw from. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is, relative to the previous question… “How do they change their vibration to evolve?”

DATRE: They do not evolve. They expand their experiences, but they do not evolve. They will always maintain that specific vibration. That specific vibration is carried with them wherever they exist. If they’re on planet Earth, their vibration is here for planet Earth and they exist as ‘cats and ‘dogs’. If they exist on another planet, they will not necessarily be ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’ their vibration will have a different effect on other planets. But, the group mind that they draw from will be that of the group mind and that does not change anything, other than what they draw from.

In other words, you draw from your BUBBLE. You draw from the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you draw from the MIND of the BUBBLE. But, you can’t draw from anything else. This is what you have, this is your evolution. This is your BUBBLE; this is the one you’re to learn from. But, the difference is, that there… because a human per se has never been realized, you’re at the ‘tip’ of the spear as far as the evolution of a physical construct is concerned. So it is entirely different, your evolution of that which you call your brain understanding has NOT been realized.

So, this is entirely different. You’re not in an animal construct evolutionary process. You are evolving as an ‘entirely different’ species, because you’re NOT drawing from a group mind. You’re working toward INDIVIDUATION. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “Is there a point after self-realization where evolution can stop for someone, who chooses “not to be” any more?”

DATRE: Yes, that will happen at the BIRTH. If one wants to… if they’ve said, ‘I’ve had enough, I don’t want any more’ you can quit. Then what will happen is that which is contained within your evolutionary experiences for as long as you have been “in existence” will be absorbed by an Entity, which is a containment. Because ALL experiences are ‘contained’, they’re never lost. Continue.

JOHN: And following on that she say’s… “If so, would that state of being be something like “nirvana”?”

DATRE: No, because when you give up – not wishing to experience anymore – that is what you give up. That is no longer existence.

Nirvana is a state that has been misunderstood from it’s original intent. Nirvana was functioning from a standpoint of using as much of the MIND contained within the BUBBLE as possible. Then, when one reached the point of no longer being able to get enough of the MIND information and was unhappy drawing from that which is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – they finished out a “life time” of drawing from the MIND of the BUBBLE. At that point they chose to continue to draw from the MIND of the BUBBLE but no longer experience physicality.

Now, a great deal is lost in not going through physicality, but also a great deal is gained, by working with that which you call the MIND of the BUBBLE. But at that point it was simply MIND. Then those that went into that which they called ‘Nirvana’ were those that were no longer fascinated with the ‘magic’. Because, they ‘knew’ what it was to go from sleep, to awake, to death, to re-birth and they went through that full cycle in total ‘awareness’. Then there was no ‘magic’ any more. Then when the ‘magic’ ceases, there’s no need to play the game. When you don’t play the game anymore, then you begin to draw TOTALLY from that which you call the MIND of the BUBBLE. At that point, you do not need a physical body, because you’re busy interpreting the ‘symbols’ within the MIND of the BUBBLE. That’s Nirvana. But, Nirvana is shall we say, attained – using your words – when an individual has played the whole game and ‘knows’ its a game, and ‘knows’ that ‘they’ are the ones that put the game in front of them in the first place. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “As our Universe stands now, is being a universal being more or less defines the highest range of vibration that is possible?”

DATRE: I wonder if she’s talking about ‘our’ universe, meaning you’re planetary existence?

JOHN: Our BUBBLE you mean?

DATRE: Yes. There’s two ways of answering that. You see, all that is contained within your universe is many, many planetary bubbles – many stages of existence, many stages of evolution. So, sometimes this planet and all contained within this BUBBLE is referred to as the Universe. But there’s many ‘bubbles’ in a Universe and there are Universes beyond this Universe – yes. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, her next question is… “If realities within the same bubble (our earth or solar system (?) For example) are separated by vibrations? Does this truth also hold for one bubble to another bubble and from one universe to the other universes?”

DATRE: Basically. That’s the only way anything can be separated. That’s the only way anything can be separated, is by what you call, vibrations. It is not a very good word, but it’s the only one you have. So, there is no other way of separating that which ‘you’re’ MIND at the present time can conceive. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, and her next question is… “I understand a finer vibration that is self-realized can travel thru and have the experience of those having a courser vibration; but the vice-versa is not possible.”

DATRE: That is correct to a certain degree. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question for this segment is… “If that is so, then an animal can chose to temporally have the experience of a plant!….

DATRE: No. No, because you have to realize that an animal works from a ‘group mind’. It, group mind, does not conceive of being anything other than what it is. If you work from a ‘group mind’ you cannot perceive an individual thought like that, because that is not coming out of the ‘group mind’. Continue.

JOHN: And that same question continues on… “But that seems odd! What I am confused about is what separates those that are self-realized and those that are not so, is it awareness or vibration or both?”

DATRE: I think maybe we touched a little bit on that. Those that are self realized, are those that have gone through a BIRTH. In other words, the end of an ‘existence’ at some level and have ‘chosen’ to STAY at that level – THAT is realized. Now, they’re satisfied with the evolution at that point, so they ‘stay’ at that evolutionary concept.

Now, because you’re working from a ‘different’ concept than has ever been before, and that is the evolution of that which you call, man/woman in physical mass. This is an evolution that is different than has ever previously been. So, its very difficult, because you don’t understand, that NONE on this planetary existence, from its beginning to its end have been ‘realized’.

Those that came ON this planet were in a stage of evolution. But, those that are ON this planet will, for the ‘first time’ – those that were in a state of evolution coming onto this planet – will for the first time go through THIS type of a BIRTH. The only time you can become REALIZED is when you go from the end of a cycle – an evolutionary cycle called the BIRTH – that is the point you will be ‘realized’ at. But there have been NONE that have left the BUBBLE. They don’t leave the BUBBLE until the end of the evolutionary cycle. So, at that point, individuals CAN be realized, if that is their desire, they don’t wish to evolve any further than the state of MAN, as man is at the present time. They will continue in that state, regardless of how ‘others’ evolve beyond that point, they will STOP at that point. I don’t know whether I’ve made that clear or not, but I’ve tried. Is that all right John?

JOHN: Its fine with me. It’s a difficult concept for those on this planet to conceive of because…

DATRE: Well because through that which you call your ‘time’ you’re ‘original’ concepts in your evolution when you began ‘this’ planetary existence have been changed. The ‘original’ intent of evolution, has in many instances, been changed and lost, shall we say, in your evolutionary processes. Things have been ‘changed’ by those “in authority”, so that the ‘original’ content of the information is no longer there.

JOHN: When you say, those in authority, your talking about physical beings.

DATRE: Yes. Yes, physical beings. No one has any influence on individuals in this BUBBLE, except those that are IN the BUBBLE. We can give you information to help you understand, but there is NO WAY that we can come in and change anything. It is YOUR evolution; it has been since the beginning. It is NOT OUR evolution, it has nothing to do with us. We can ‘watch’ your evolution, but we can in no way ‘effect’ your evolution. You came into and on to this planetary existence, those that are within the BUBBLE are the ‘only’ ones that can change ‘anything’ – period.

Then, those that are within the BUBBLE that are interested in ‘power’ can change circumstances. Those that are interested in finding out WHO THEY ARE, what the planet’s all about, what the body is all about, what evolution is all about, don’t care for outward power – its not their goal. So there has always been those that were interested in evolution, but NOT of a ‘physical’ evolution – that comes with it. You have to evolve the physical body along with everyone else that’s evolving the physical body. But, those that are here to find out what its all about and find out where the ‘magic’ is and walk through, the daytime, the night time, the death and the birth and find out what makes that work, how does it work.

If that is their intent, then regardless of what goes on with MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, this is their intent, they want to find the ‘magic’, what makes this work and they will continue to find out what makes it work. It is never ending, because they are interested in what they ‘originally’ came here to find out and that is the ‘evolution’ HERE. So, I don’t know if we have explained this fully or not. But, those within the BUBBLE are the only ones that can make any changes – guaranteed. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question for this segment.

DATRE: That was a very good place to end. That will give them something to chew on. We will leave you now.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 078 – Body and Mind

Datre answers Cynthia and Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Cynthia and her first question is… “…That if we no longer function from “mass consciousness” and we start to get our thoughts directly from the mind, can we still consider ourselves to be MAN?”

These questions are in relation to a quote from Datre… “Because you no longer function from the point of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but function from the DIRECT THOUGHT THAT EXISTS WITHIN THE MIND. You’re bypassing that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and working ‘direct’ from the MIND.”

DATRE: Of course, you always will be. Where you receive your information from is not going to change your physical construct to the point that it is ‘unrecognizable’. It is just that you will be changing your brain patterning, which will allow you to ‘see’ and ‘experience’ differently. That is what happens when you begin functioning from that which is the MIND – which is within the BUBBLE. Continue.

JOHN: And taking off from that again she say’s… “Or are we a whole different species…. something in between matter and spirit?”

DATRE: You are a combination that cannot be separated. That is your physical construct, you are ‘matter’ and you are, that which you call, ‘spirit’. Now, functioning from the MIND or functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is, it does not matter, you still will contain your bodily construct. You will appear very much the same at all times, because that is what you have set out. This is your stage of evolution that is of… finding out WHO you are, it is not ‘changing’ the bodily construct to find out WHO you are.
It is changing your ‘out-look’ and your ‘in-look’ from a standpoint of understanding. Evolution is understanding what is happening in this stage of your evolution. Understanding the planet, understanding you, understanding what makes a planet function, what makes ‘you’ function? That is what this is all about. Then when you begin to make the change, from functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to that which we call the MIND, which is within the BUBBLE of the planet, what happens is, you’re not being a ‘robot’. When you function from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, all you’re doing is acting like everyone else. You’re thinking like everyone else. That does not mean that everyone else does not have ‘moments’ of inspiration.

But, when you begin to function without ‘always’ being in that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, everything ‘looks’ different. Your ‘reaction’ to everything on your planet is different. It may be subtle, but it is different. Because you’re no longer acting out a role, that everyone else is acting out in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You are becoming an individual and realizing, that you’re the WHOLE BALLGAME – you are the one that is setting the stage. You’re the actor, you’re the director, you’re the scriptwriter, and you’re the whole thing. Then when you realize THAT, then working with the information that is contained within the MIND, there’s unlimited options. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is a ‘limited’ amount of information that you can work with.

So, actually what you’re doing is you’re changing EVERYTHING. You’re ‘actually’ changing everything when you begin to work from that which is called the MIND. Because EVERY THING is within the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE. Things that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS would never be able to fathom. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is it possible to change “mass consciousness” if enough people begin to operate from what Datre calls “awareness” as opposed to “consciousness”?”

DATRE: Well you have to realize that you cannot separate ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’, because ‘consciousness’ is a part of that which you call your physical existence. But, from the standpoint of changing your ‘awareness’ and changing the thought patterns of the… that are within your brain structure, there are subtle changes that take place.

Now, if you are a ‘good’ observer, you will already begin to notice the changes that are taking place with the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS upon your planet. Your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS “IS” changing. Not only because of Datre, there are ‘others’ that are bringing through information also. But, we only bring the information through to help ‘you’ to change ‘you’. To become more aware of ‘you’. Then the more ‘you’ become aware of ‘you’ that immediately changes your surroundings and everything that you inter-act with. You’re acting with ‘other’ individuals, from the standpoint of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and that ALONE changes everything – because you appear different. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is ‘chatty’, uptight, frustrated and all these other things that… when they draw off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, its perpetual ‘I have to do this’, ‘I have to do that’ and they’re always seemingly running in circles.

When you begin to ‘know’ who you are, it is nice to talk, but your talk will be different. That does not mean that you throw out everything on television, that you throw out your newspaper, that you don’t turn on the radio, that you don’t communicate with people. You do, very definitely, but the thing that happens is that people are, shall we say, astounded by your calmness. You’re an individual they don’t encounter everyday of the week, because of your very ‘being’ of calmness. They do not understand a person that is not harassed, by time, by circumstances. The calmness that you go about doing things and getting things done with, is something that they are amazed by. And they’re very interested in you, because you are completely different than anyone they have ever known before.

So you see, the more individuals that are existing in that state of calmness, it does make a difference. You don’t have to preach to them. You don’t have to tell them about what your belief systems are or any of that. You see, it has often been said and it is true, ‘a child listens, not to what your mouth says, but what they see’. Because a child is listening to chatter all the time and they get used to hearing the chatter so they don’t pay any attention. But, what they DO pay attention to is, your ‘actions’ and they will mimic your actions. If you react with calmness, not put on, but inner calmness, the child immediately settles down – because that is what they see, that’s what they will do. A woman that’s swearing at her child in the grocery store and hitting them and yelling at them, what does that child do? They’ll turn around and hit the dog or the cat or whatever happens to be handy – because that’s their reaction. That is what happens, when those that are calm, walk within the midst of people and we have said this before. When the ‘master’ walks among you he is not noticed, but immediate calmness occurs around him/her. He/she is not noticed, but he/she is the ‘observer’. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question from Cynthia is… “Is this the transcendence that we must go through in order to “ascend”?”

DATRE: No one ascends from this planet. I don’t understand your ascension. You will ALL go through the BIRTH – if that’s what you’re referring to. Every single one of you on this planet will go through the BIRTH. Just depends upon where you’re going. But I do NOT call that ascending, I call that EVOLUTION. Evolution is change and this time it’s the end of a cycle. At the end of a cycle you evolve to the next level of evolution – if you want to call it that. But it is NOT ascension. You’re not going to go flying up in the sky or any of that sort of thing. You’re going to disappear – scare you? No big deal. You will disappear from this planet and you will be on another planetary existence of some sort, if that is your desire. If it is not your desire, then you will go someplace else.

You see, ‘you’ run the ballgame, but you don’t know it – you’re not aware of it. That’s why we say, when you become aware of WHO you are, then all of these things that are so mystical, become your reality. The mystery is gone. It is like everything else, once you’ve learned it, its no longer a mystery. You take those that are called magicians, and they put things in their hands and the things disappear and then they re-arrear someplace else. To those that are ‘observing’ it is a mystery – they can’t figure it out. But, become friendly with the magician, learn how to do his tricks, the mystery is gone. Continue.


JOHN: Okay, now we have some questions from Kevin and Kevin’s first question is… “Exactly what is the 3rd brain and does it occupy a specific location within our gray matter?”

DATRE: Yes, it very definitely does and it is in the process of growing in each and every one of your heads. The difference being is that those that are beginning to ‘know’ WHO they are, that growth is faster than those that have no idea that they’re anything more than a body. So the growth within the physical construct is of all different durations. There are those that will not have the growth of the 3rd brain in this planetary existence, because they do not need it. The 3rd brain is being introduced to have connection with that information contained within the MIND. Because the information contained within the MIND is ‘symbolic’ and the computer brain that you have at the present time is unable to decipher, shall we say, many of the symbols. So the 3rd brain coming on line is going to make it easier for you to be able to interpret the symbols that are within the MIND. Is that clear John?

JOHN: Yes that’s clear to me.

DATRE: Okay, continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “Are there telltale signs that would indicate when this change has begun to take place within our physical construct?”

DATRE: Yes. There… because from time to time you will “get snippets of information” that are what you would call astounding. Something will, for lack of a better term, pop into your head that is a ‘total’ revelation to you, as far as information is concerned and it will be not of an ‘ordinary’ type of thing, it will be very, very different. But, perhaps some question that you’ve had regarding something that is, like a question that you’d say, ‘well, sometimes I want to ask Datre or someone about that’. “All of a sudden” this answer will pop into your head. You may question its validity, because it is so unusual. ‘How can I be getting this type of information?’. But that’s what will happen.

There is also another, ‘indication’, shall we say, that there are times when you will feel different sensations within that which you call your head. You will feel different… its not a pain, but it may be a little uncomfortable, it may be a little tightness and it is within the skull area. Its not a headache, its not unbearable, it will feel… sometime it will feel like you’d like to ‘push the skull open a bit’. Like you feel like your head is ‘expanding’ and it will be, usually be in the ‘back’ part of the head, you know where you’ve got those two cords coming up in the back of your neck, okay, it will be above that. It will be like you’d like to grab the two pieces above those two cords in the back of your neck and get a hold of your skull and pull it open a little bit to make it a little bigger. That’s the only feeling we can tell you, because we have felt it with Aona.

Now, that does not mean that’s going to be everyone else’s feeling. Because, as we have said before, every individual is different. We can only tell you this; because that is the feeling that Aona gets in her head. How you feel, we do not know – we haven’t any idea. Because, you see, between the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ that you express in physicality, you are working together to achieve this. So, only the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ that you are acting out in physicality know what is going on. But, there is security in knowing that it is a cooperative effort or it wouldn’t be taking place. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “These various changes to our physical construct; are they visibly recognizable, i.e. via autopsy?”

DATRE: We do not know. We haven’t had anybody take anybody apart that we know. You see, there again if these changes are taking place – the opening of the 3rd brain – there’s not going to be an autopsy on the physical construct anyway. You know why? Because anyone in a physical construct that is in this ‘type’ of excitement and experience that is going to open up, shall we say, “new worlds” of information – why would they subject the physical body to dying? Now, remember what we’ve said, there are no ‘accidents’. Those that “die” do so because they ‘want’ to die.

Now, those that are beginning to open up the 3rd brain are not going to want to die. They’re going to want to remain in the physical to see what happens. This is excitement. So, there would be… you couldn’t have an autopsy because there wouldn’t be anybody that would want to die in this state of excitement. Continue.

JOHN: And taking off on that he says… “If so, why hasn’t the medical community reported discovering such changes?”

DATRE: I think we answered that one. Because there isn’t any bodies to do it on.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Do we have any control/influence on the pace of these changes?”

DATRE: Now, there again, if you were in contact with the YOU that you are, you would ‘know’ what is happening. Now, there are many who do not want to know what is happening and said, ‘I will allow, it does not matter’. ‘If I’m going to go through an evolution of the body, fine, I’ll watch it happen’. If you want to get in touch with the YOU that you are, that’s the only one that knows what’s happening. This is all “YOU”. Nobody else knows what is happening. So the pace is set.

In your dream state, you get in touch with the YOU that ‘you’ are, you say, ‘okay, we’re going to do this, this and this – and you agree. But, you wake up from sleep – it’s all gone. Because the connection is not made to the point that it continues. Now, that’s a hard concept for anyone to understand. But, that’s exactly what happens.

Now, if you were ever to get to the point of walking the ‘daytime’ and the ‘dream time’ consecutively, you would see what happens. But, there are not that many that have ever done that. There are not that many that have ever ‘walked’ the dream time. But, if you walk the ‘dream time’ you’ll find that it is continuous with the ‘daytime’. It is a ‘constant’ evolution.

That’s what happens when you get to the point that when you can ‘walk’ the daytime and the dreamtime and that which you call death and ‘rebirth’ and another existence and go through the whole thing with constant ‘awareness’ – now WHERE are you? That is quite an experience and there are those that have done that. You see then the mystery is all gone. That is what we call ‘evolution’. When you do that, you know what’s happening. So, why do you want to continue this? The mystery’s all gone when you know HOW it works.

So, where are you going to get the tools to make up your next existence that is going to contain some excitement – EVOLUTION? When you begin to realize you’re writing your own script and no one else is doing it, you’re doing it ALL yourself – the mystery is gone. Continue.

JOHN: And Kevin’s next question is… “Are there any methods for expediting this process or do we just have to be patient and allow it to happen?”

DATRE: That depends on the YOU that ‘you’ are and how much you want to experience in physicality. That is a two way conversation until it become a one way conversation. Until there is ‘total’ integration. But, the thing is, the only way that we can tell you to expedite this, is to become more ‘aware’ of what is happening. Be the grand ‘observer’. Not only OUTSIDE, what’s going on ‘outside’ of your body, but be aware of the subtleties of the changes within the body. Most people don’t pay much attention to the body. But the body has it’s own innate intelligence.

You will wonder sometimes why you get a craving for something. You’re not craving a thing, the body is. You see you have not separated yourself enough to be able to tell the difference. Your body is giving you signals all the time – constantly. You’ll say, ‘well I’m hot’. You’re not hot, the body is hot. ‘I’m hungry’, you’re not hungry, the body is hungry. Then at that point you say, ‘okay, body what do you want to eat?’ The body will tell you. It will tell you, sweet, sour, salty whatever. It doesn’t really matter in what form the food comes as long as those cravings are satisfied. The body can want sweet, that can be many things. It can be a piece of candy, it can be a piece of fruit – they’re both sweet.

You see, begin to get in touch with the body, the body can tell you many things. The body is undergoing changes, they’re subtitle changes. It is like we have said before, at one point of your evolution your body needed an appendix. Your body does no longer need appendix. Many children today that are born, don’t even have an appendix, it’s not there. In the ‘older’ generations on the planet now, the appendix is all shriveled up and sometimes totally disappeared within the body. You take peoples in their 80 year range, their appendix is either like a little tiny shriveled up prune or raisin or it isn’t there at all. It is NOT needed.

Now, I’m sure that you don’t feel you appendix disintegrating – were you to have one in the first place. But, changes are taking place within the body all the time. The changes that are taking place within your body that you can recognize, recognize them. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, so, something is taking place, some changes are being made’. How we can expedite that and get it to go faster or slower, is not up to us. We keep saying the same thing over and over and perhaps you get a little frustrated. Everyone else you talk to in the psychic community will give you answers and that is fine, that is what they’re doing. But, we don’t give you those kind of answers. We tell you, these things are up to you. We give you little guide lines here and there, but not individually, what to do, what not to do. What is happening to them, that is not what we’re telling you and we do not intend to tell you, because how is one ever going to learn? It is more exciting to be able to experience on your own, then to tell you what is happening – it takes all the excitement away.

If you knew, when you went on a trip and went on to a road, the many things that you were going to encounter, the up and the downs and the turns and the scenery and everything, if you knew it all before hand you wouldn’t be interested in going. It’s the excitement of getting in the automobile and going down the road and seeing for yourself. That’s where the excitement is. It’s not anyone telling you what to do. But, you will be experiencing many things, they may be subtle, but notice them and enjoy them. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “Is there a difference between the MIND that provides everything necessary to function in this planetary bubble and the UNIVERSAL MIND? If so, what differentiates them?”

DATRE: Well, the Universal MIND is different, because the functioning within the Universal MIND has to be different, simply because you’re working from a physical construct and we’re not. So, what we do and how we do it has nothing to do with a physical construct. So, having nothing to do with a physical construct, what we would draw from would naturally be different than what you draw from. Because, everything that ‘you’ draw from that’s within the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE is pertaining to physicality – everything there pertains to physicality.

Now, the more that you get into that which is the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE and the more you understand and the more you get into the understanding, and the more you search for the ‘different’, the unique, the more you uncover. Then that becomes an exploration that’s entirely different than you’re used to functioning with, which is that which is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, you’re still working from the concept of a physical construct.

Now, those that are, shall we say, at the edge of the MIND within the BUBBLE are stretching and reaching some of that which is within the Universal MIND – because they understand, because they’re getting into different constructs. So, their exploration, just because they’re here, does not stop. It is like you can go into any reality that you want, providing you have the understanding of being able to go into that particular reality. The same thing with the MIND. There are no barriers, if you ‘understand’ what the barriers are. Then if your understanding reaches beyond that point, then you’ll get beyond that point. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, now the final question is… “Is the 3rd brain able to draw from the UNIVERSAL MIND?”

DATRE: That is why the 3rd brain is coming on line. It’s coming on line so that you can understand the zymology. The MIND within the BUBBLE is all symbols and you need another understanding in order to be able to interpret the symbols.


DATRE: Oh, I am sorry, give that whole question again.

JOHN: Is the 3rd brain able to draw from the UNIVERSAL MIND?

DATRE: No! The 3rd brain is coming on line so that you will be able to understand the symbols that are within the MIND that’s within the BUBBLE. It will take quite a while to get to the point of going out to Universal MIND. That is entirely ‘different’ zymology. There is some similarity, but there are a great deal of difference also. So, the 3rd brain will allow you to tap into that which is the MIND of the BUBBLE. Which is ‘zymology’, which is very different than functioning from that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question. I like to make a comment. As I understand it, when we start functioning from the principle of MIND, then the brain becomes subservient to the MIND. Which is what it’s ‘original’ intent was. Instead of being the BIG BUBBA, it’s the ‘follower’.

DATRE: That is correct. Because then ‘you’ become the director. In functioning from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS your working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you’re working from the brain. So the body construct… or the brain is where you’re functioning from. So when you begin to function from the MIND, then the YOU that ‘you’ are is in control. That’s the difference. I’m glad you brought that up John.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We’re Datre.

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Datre 077 – You have to find YOUR belief system!

Datre answers Al.

JOHN: We have some questions from Al, and his first question is… “Datre said, “There are symbols in your dreams that you need to figure out”. Could you give some more insight as to what and how to look for them? Are these “personal” symbols or more “universal”?

DATRE: Both! Now, there is many people who’ll use dream interpretation and they’ll say, ‘well if you see a new baby, that’s a new beginning’ and ‘if you see an automobile that refers to your physical construct’ auto being the physical construct that is movable and all of that stuff. Now, it is far better for you NOT to know much about the dream symbols, because in that way you get a ‘feeling’ what it is. Not what the brain immediately connects as being so. It’s like everything else, we’ve said right from the very beginning of a lot of the Datre information, HOW MUCH IS REALLY TOTALLY YOU? How much have you been told from the time you were born? How much of that, do you at the present stage of your evolution want to continue holding on to? If you want to hold on to the fact that the Sun comes up and the Sun goes down, that’s up to you. If you want to hold on to the fact that people do things TO you, all right. But we have told you many, many times, there’s no such thing as an ‘accident’. It’s an INCIDENT. An incident is for learning.

So, you have to find YOUR belief system. Not somebody else’s. Not what somebody has written in a book. You read the dream symbols and how many books are you going to read and everybody that publishes a book has something different to tell you. So, there are times when the LESS you know, as far as ‘brain’ knowing is concerned, the better off you are. Because, you don’t set up ‘blocks’ in your brain that says, ‘well, this automatically makes that so’. That is ‘maybe’ for the person next door, but is it for you? It may be for your family members, but is it for you?

Is that what ‘you’ believe? Your belief system, you carry into your ‘dream time’, we have told you that before. In your ‘dream time’ you are very clear as to what is happening. But, the minute you get back in physicality, you start labeling everything from a ‘brain’ concept. Now, the clearer you are in your brain concept of your belief, the clearer you’re going to get your picture from your ‘dream time’ into your waking moments, so that you can ACT upon them. Then you accidents become incidences and your incidences are your learning processes. It’s not very complicated. But its been made complicated by the ‘layering’ of beliefs.

Now, many at this time are beginning to see a lot of ‘symbols’ in their dreams. They will see… like… what’s your geometry… the triangle and the circles and the… but they’ll be dimensional. They will move around, some may be colored in different ways, those all have meaning. But, they’re most difficult to be able to interpret. That is harder for you to interpret than it is for you to interpret something happening to physical people. In other words, in a dream of walking into a house and seeing a cat and dog at the front door, that is easier for you to interpret, than it is to try and interpret a triangle or a square or a circle or any of that. Geometric figures go way beyond that too. Your geometric symbols, unless you are a scientist or teacher of mathematics, are Universal symbols. That does not mean that those people do not get geometric symbols, but that is their occupation and are more apt to see them than the ordinary person.

You see, back when you had what you call your hieroglyphic’s, those were all symbols. The peoples that used them at that time knew them, just like you know your writing symbols of today. So symbols have always been used. Symbols are used today, you don’t realize that everything in a book – what you call words – are nothing more than symbols. That is why you can read a book, another person reads the book, you get together and talk about the book. You agree and then you begin to disagree and you disagree more and disagree more. Why? Because the symbols appear different to different people, based upon where they are in their evolutionary process.

The Datre material goes out and we have no idea how many people read that information, because of the number of people that have put us so that when they read ‘their’ stuff, they can also get to read Datre. So, we have no idea how many people read it. But, we are constantly getting letters – keep them coming because that gives us some feed back, because John reads those things to us – and they will quote something that had made a difference in their understanding of what they’re doing in their life. One person, out of many hundreds and hundreds. That is fine, because that one person picked up something that was pertinent to their life.

That’s like with dreams, you need to pick up what is pertinent to ‘your’ life and ‘your’ living and ‘your’ experiences. So as far as telling you what the interpretation of your dream is, no way. Even as close as we are to Aona, she has to figure that out for her self. That is not for us to figure to tell her. If she can’t figure it out, then that’s ‘her’ problem. So, write your dream down if you want to, if that helps you. Then look at it, study it, if it doesn’t make any sense to you, leave it alone. Maybe sometime when you’re doing something, the answer will come. Sometimes it won’t. But, if you dwell, on anything, that becomes CIRCULAR THINKING. Because, that’s what you’re doing, you’re doing ‘brain’ CIRCULAR THINKING. Going over and over and over. Do it once, if it works, fine. If it doesn’t work, leave it alone.

If you want to ‘know’ that answer and the ‘desire’ is great enough within you, that answer will come. But, it will come when you are ready for it. How many years do you have to wait for an answer to a question? That depends. Both Aona and John have waited many years, for answers to their questions. Because they did not have a FRAMEWORK the brain could work with to understand the answer. We can give answers. But, does your brain have a FRAMEWORK for interpretation?

Remember, you’re working with a computer. Don’t get angry with the computer, its doing it’s job and it’s doing it very well. But, if you punch something into the computer and it doesn’t work and you’ll say, ‘well, there’s something wrong with the program’ and you get out of the program and leave it alone. You don’t do that with your brain. You ‘insist’ that the brain give you an answer. Don’t bother, there’s something wrong with the program. Sure, you don’t have a FRAMEWORK in which to put the information. That’s why dream interpretation is what you call, a ‘tricky’ situation. Because, as many people as you ask, they’ll give you answers. But, that doesn’t help you one bit. The answer has to come from within ‘you’. Next question.

JOHN: Comment! One of the problems that I’ve found in defining the symbols in a dream, is the seemingly ‘same’ symbol will often come up in different dreams having ‘different’ meanings. Then if you’ve put a fixed meaning to it, you close down the understanding of those ‘other’ dreams.

DATRE: Yes! You have to let it flow; you have to let it flow. If you understand, that’s fine. If you don’t, like I say, leave it alone. Don’t TRY for an answer. Don’t push the river, because you can’t do it. A river goes in one direction and I don’t care what you do. You can stand there all day, but you’re not going to push it the other direction. Continue.

JOHN: The next question from Al is… “Given that the “BIRTH” has already occurred at the “light and sound structure” level – then is it just a question of each of us bringing it into our individual awareness/perception field?”

DATRE: For some, yes, for ‘some’ yes. There are those that it does not matter one way or the other, because it will happen when the Universal ‘timing’ is right. But, for those that want to bring that into their perception, there’s only one way to do that and that’s to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. When you KNOW who you are, that is bringing it into your ‘perception’ field. Then regardless of what the “physical action is”, it will not matter, because you will go along with what is happening when it happens. Without any struggle, but with anticipation.

It’s those who KNOW WHO THEY ARE, those are the ones that don’t have any problems. There is more and more on the net, from the information that we are receiving from you, that are beginning to get a glimpse of WHO they really are. They are reaching heights of excitement, because that’s when it begins to be exciting. Life turns from a ‘drudge’ into an everyday exploration. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “I caught a glimpse/awareness of “BEing” in a vast field of dancing light and energy waves – is this the “structure” behind our reality?”

DATRE: Well, I cannot tell you what you were seeing. Whatever you experience and however you experience it is up to your interpretation. Now, seeing color and seeing all of these things is nothing more than tapping into different portions of different realities. Because, you see, light and color and sound and all of that, is within your ‘present’ BUBBLE. That is ALL contained in your BUBBLE. That is ‘physically’ oriented. But, in being physically oriented, when you go into other realities, even if you don’t go with the body, you go with the freedom without the body and you go into other realities, you will come back and remembrance of seeing energy, waves, seeing color. But, those, when you get into different realities, those ARE the other realities. But, your brain cannot interpret them. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s been a GRAND experience, you’ve been some place and seen something different. So, those are GRAND experiences. Just enjoy the color. If you hear sound in another reality, enjoy the sound, because it is different. Its different than the sounds and the colors and everything you experience when you’re eyes are open.

When you experience different realities, you are opening up different areas of perception that every one of you have. It’s just that some do it and others don’t do it. But, it really doesn’t matter. But, if you do it and it happens say, ‘hey, that was fun, I guess I’ll do that again’. Then if you do it again, enjoy it. But, don’t have to interpret. Just enjoy realities for the enjoyment of a reality. I know that everything has to sort of be ‘pigeon holed’ here and has to have an explanation, but, it doesn’t. It doesn’t, just enjoy. Enjoy having your eyes open. Enjoy having your eyes closed in sleep. Enjoy realities that you travel to.

You see, you have that which you call, synapse. You’re here when your clicked ON. Where are you when you’re clicked OFF? And how much of the ‘click off’ do you remember when you come back into the ‘click ON’? For some individuals, the synapse rate is so quick they don’t notice it. But as you get further and further out of that which you call, TIME, you’ll find that the ‘click ON’s’ and the ‘click OFF’s’, there’s more that ‘you’ perceive – not the clock – but ‘you’. You will experience greater length of ‘click OFF’ that you bring into your remembrance, when you ‘click ON’. It has nothing to do with your clocks. It has to do with ‘you’, because there is no ‘time’ anyway. But, now the ‘restriction’ OF time is becoming less and less of a hold on you. So, more and more experiences. Hooray, go surf the wave. Continue.

JOHN: And Al’s next question is… “Datre said there is no “sound” in the Universe – does this include “inner/interior sound” – is “inner/interior sound” a fundamental “structure” or does it exist only as a component fabric to emergent reality?”

DATRE: Well, the only reason that you… that is a physical construct reality. Your ‘body’ is what sees color. Your ‘body’ is what hears sound. In the Universe, we don’t have bodies, so how would we hear anything and how would we see anything per se? You can’t perceive the Universe with physical eyes, because it doesn’t work that way. You have perception, but it is not like eyes. I know, because I enjoy coming in and using eyes. To me that is a GRAND experience. To ‘see’ what you see and ‘hear’ what you hear through the body construct. But, you’re so used to it, you’re so tired of it. But, to someone who comes occasionally, because I don’t always get a chance to come in, depending upon the subject, there are subjects that I’m totally left out of. But, I enjoy when I do come in, because you have beauty in sound and you have beauty in color, that you take for granted. But, that is ‘only’ when I’m in this body. The same with all the rest of us in the Universe. That’s why its so fascinating to have a body we can use. But, that is only ‘here’ in this BUBBLE that you have that.

Now, when you go to another planetary existence, maybe that is one of the concepts that you wish to take with you. You’ll say, ‘well, I want to be able to see’, ‘I want to be able to hear’; those are what you will take with you. Because that reality will be constructed on, basically, what your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS here, wants in the ‘next’ planetary existence. So you ‘will’ see and ‘will’ hear, because those are two concepts that you definitely want in your ‘next’ exploration. But, that still will be a planetary existence. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question… “I can accept the concept of “no memory” and even in a basic way grasp its meaning but I’m curious as to how Datre and Seth in particular can maintain a flow of communication over an extended period of time – if “memory is of the body” how can they have memory of what was said/dictated “before”? Are these inter-communications so huge that the entire exchange is “one” event of which we perceive but little pieces at a time?”

DATRE: Yes. But you see, what we do when we enter the physical construct is we have ‘total’ access to the brain. That is all on the ‘computer disk’ that Aona calls her brain. So, if you have a computer disk that contains thousands and thousands of bits and bytes of information, you put it in your computer and you start at the beginning and you go through to find what you want, correct? Is that the way it works?

JOHN: That’s the way it works.

DATRE: All right, what did they do? They made the computer after… they made a mechanical brain. That’s what a computer is. Where did they get the idea for a computer? The brain was what they modeled it after. The brain is a ‘fantastic’ computer. It has an ‘on’ signal at the time of birth and it doesn’t shut ‘off’. So, every incident, from the time of birth, is recorded on that computer disk that you call your brain. So, if we want to find something, we just look around until we find what we’re looking for. That’s why… you don’t ‘hear’ what’s going on when we do the transcripts, because you only see the typed words. But you don’t hear the gaps that occur when these transcripts are being made. Because, sometimes we change… the information asked for changes. We switch and the next coming into the body needs to search to find out the question that was asked by John. But, for us that is no problem.

You see Aona is not the first one that has ever done this sort of thing. This has been going on ‘forever’. There has ‘always’ been communication to bring forth information. Since the very beginning of your planetary existence. It’s harder now, for communication, simply because of the construct of the physical. It is more difficult, simply because the physical bodies of today are of such ‘technical’ magnitude and you have been in bodies for such ‘long’ periods of time that you don’t realize, YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY. So, the difficulty comes in finding those individuals that ‘know’ they are not the body. Then you’d say, ‘well, that’s not that difficult’. Really? To find someone that allows total and complete use of the body, from the standpoint of the information we’re bring through, because the conflict comes with the individual body construct ‘kicking out’ information it is uncomfortable with.

So, if we try to come through an individual and we’re doing fine until we get into Universal information and understanding and get into the ‘God’ concept and saying that God only exists on ‘your’ planetary existence and NOT Universally, what happens? We’re kicked out. Because peoples have become so set in that concept and there are ‘other’ concepts that we’re not bringing through on the ‘net’ that would actually ‘blow’ people away and they could not ‘believe’ such things were so. ‘Well, that’s too much of a fantasy, that is unbelievable’.

But, Aona has no restrictions like that. Not only that, how many people are going to go through having their brain ‘constantly’ adjusted? Constantly tinkered with? You see, every time we come through with our energy and our information, her BRAIN is changed. We cannot use this brain without making changes in it, because the brain is a recorder. It is like putting it on a computer disk. The difference is, the computer disk doesn’t say, ‘kick it out’. But the ‘brain’, which is attached to the physical construct ‘will’ kick it out because of belief systems. So, you see, there’s a lot that goes on in the brain that you don’t ever think about, because it is of no interest to you. But the reason we can pick things up, is because we search. Because, when we’re in the body, the body IS OURS. There’s no restrictions, the body doesn’t fight it.

Why doesn’t the body fight it? Because Aona understands the information we’re bringing through – it is NOT foreign to her. If it were foreign to her, she would have bodily problems. She does not have bodily problems. The problems that she has, if you want to call them problems, is the constant ‘readjusting’ to the energies and to the information that we bring through. But she does not ‘kick it out’, because she understands it. She is more comfortable with Universal information than she is with planetary information – as strange as that may seem. I know that seems very unusual to many people, but that is a fact. So, continue on to the next question.

JOHN: Okay, the next question is… “I would appreciate some further clarification/explanation of “allow/flow” – “Chose/ACT”. Just when I think I have it settled it breaks loose and dares to be “defined” again.”

DATRE: Of course! It will always do that. You know why? Because any time you introduce a NEW concept, the brain has to figure out a way of making sense out of it. Then as you change a concept, an idea, an understanding, the brain has to put a ‘story’ on it to make sense out of it. So, that is a constant thing. The only difference is, now you are becoming AWARE that things are changing. Where as before, you weren’t ‘aware’ of the changes. The subtitles of the occurrences – that’s the difference. Then, the more you CHANGE, the more you WILL change. Because you are loosening the ‘tight hold’ you have on your ‘belief system’. Then by releasing that ‘hold’ you’re ‘allowing’ information to be put into the brain to be worked with and this will continue, it never stops. It is a continuing process and the ‘unfolding’ is GRAND. Continue.

JOHN: All right, the next question is… “Is one of the purposes of the “new” energies to change the timing/structure of the synaptic gap so that we have more control of our period of pause/reflection and thus can alter our perception of time more “at will”?”

DATRE: No! No, that is not it. The ‘time’ is a concept that you have been working with from the beginning. The reason the planetary ‘time’ or physical time is, shall we say, running out is that you’re at the END of an evolutionary cycle. At the end of an evolutionary cycle, there should be a BIRTH into another state of evolution. But, because so many on your planet were not ready to do ‘anything’, they were ‘stagnated’ and how are you going to have ‘evolution’ if nothing is going to change – nothing is going to move?

Also, there are other things in the Universe that are ‘timed’ and what you’re doing now is, you are living in what is called an EXTENDED MOMENT. But an EXTENDED MOMENT does NOT have ‘time’. An EXTENDED MOMENT can be as long as is necessary to achieve the evolution of the people in physical constructs on your planet, to coincide with other planetary existences and ‘other’ things that are taking place. Then, when that happens, in ‘the blink of an eye’ it will ALL change. That is what it is all about. It has nothing to do with your brain whatsoever.

The confusion comes in trying to hang on to that which you call ‘time’ so tightly. You see what do you have… I’ve heard you say it John, something about the rats leaving a sinking ship or something, I don’t…

JOHN: Yes, that’s it.

DATRE: And so they hang on and hang on and hang on. Well, that’s what you’re doing with ‘time’. You’re so afraid to let go of it that you’re hanging on to it. That’s why you still have, that which you call, the existence of ‘time’. But, those that are not paying any attention to ‘time’, will find that they can ‘stretch it’ just like… what do they play; the kids play with… that silly putty stuff? Yes, that’s the way you’re doing with your time of every day.

But, you see, you don’t realize, that you’re the one that’s doing that. Those on the planet are doing that. And why are some of them keeping their little ‘silly putty’ ball all together in a little tiny ball? Because they’re fearful of opening it up and stretching it out and seeing what it will do. Or bouncing it or doing anything with it. They’re just sitting there holding it. Then there are others that are out ‘playing’ with it. That’s why, when you begin to ‘know’ WHO you are, you’ll begin to play with that ‘silly putty’. You’ll take it and stretch it and fool with it in every which direction you can – because it is fun. Then you’ll say, ‘well I’ll be late for an appointment’. How can you be late if you’re setting your own time? How much ‘frustration’ are you going to tie yourself into, because you need to be there at such and such a time? You’re doing it yourself. Now, you are running your ‘own’ time clock. Scary to some people – fun to others – two sides of the coin again. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Can you suggest a method or approach to help with the “symbols/zymology” in our dreams “that we need to figure out”.”

DATRE: No, that is yours. It has nothing to do with us whatsoever. That is for you to figure out. The more you know YOU the more you will figure out. Then, what if you don’t figure it out, what difference does it make?

What about individuals that have no remembrance of dreams? They seem to be doing quite well. I can give you a very good example, that’s Aona. Why doesn’t she remember her dreams? Because she isn’t particularly interested. Now, if she wanted to put a little leverage on us, she could, because we’re using her body. She could ‘demand’ to know her future and her demand would be met. Because we have a contract with her and we would tell her. She does not want to know. Why spoil all the fun? Why would she want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow? Each day should be an adventure. Not something to fear, not something to want to know anything about, because, today is today. How do you know what’s going to happen in the next moment? Does it matter? If you look at life as ‘incidents’ instead of ‘accidents’ everything will be handled the way you want to handle it when the next moment occurs.

That is a FREEDOM that most individuals are afraid of. Because it’s so FREE that you don’t have anything to hang on to but YOU. But if you don’t know WHO you are, you’re going to get a little bit scared. As much as you want your FREEDOM, you’re still going to be a little bit scared, because who’s going to take care of you in the next moment? Those who know WHO they are, know, ‘I will take care of myself in the next moment’. That’s NOT being braggadocios and that’s NOT coming from a ‘physical’ knowingness. That is coming from deep, deep, within. Then when those people acknowledge that, they begin ‘heat’ within the center of the body – the trunk of the body – begins to heat, to warm. And when that individual say’s, ‘I AM’ the whole body responds. Next question.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Are “we” “you” turned inside out?”

DATRE: No! You are always you. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “In a dark room when I close my eyes very tight I can, for 1 to 2 minutes see a vast kaleidoscope of gold colored patterns, normally geometric, that are swirling and dancing around, what am I seeing?”

DATRE: You’re seeing that state of relaxation that they call… I don’t know, that first state of relaxation that you go into. What’s that John?

JOHN: That’s the Alpha state, I believe.

DATRE: When you get into those states of relaxation that is what we have observed with Aona. If we come in… Because we wanted to see what that was like and so we had her go into… that was many, many years ago, can’t even remember. But, had her go into that state of relaxation and all she did was keep relaxing and relaxing and relaxing until she could not feel the body any more. Then at that point, then the colors came. That is all we remember of that that was many years ago. But that’s what she saw and when asked, she said that’s what people see. The first thing they see is those colors. So, that is the state of relaxation. Now, from there you can do many things, depending upon your intent. Continue.

JOHN: Comment on that, one of the other characteristics of that is that he mentioned holding… closing the eyes very tightly. That will create also a ‘body’ reaction, where you see shorting of the synapse and the electrical system within the body, because of the ‘tightness of closing the eyes. That’s a physical phenomena that the body will create under those conditions, depending on how ‘tight’ you’re closing the eyes.

DATRE: I don’t know we’ve never gone through that one with Aona.

JOHN: Okay, I’ve played with that one myself. People that are fearful will tightly close their eyes and they’ll see all kinds of sparks and wonderful things but they are in such fear that that just emphasizes the fear and they just close their eyes tighter and it happens more and more. It’s a ‘body’ reaction kind of thing.

DATRE: Okay, glad you had that. We’ve never experienced it through Aona so I do not know. Okay.

JOHN: That was the final question.

DATRE: All right, is there anything that you want to add?

JOHN: Not particularly, that last question I might also mention that the tightness of the eyes is one situation, but the patterns… I went through a period of several years… I don’t know how long, where every night I’d close my eyes and I lay there and describe to Aona all the beautiful patterns that I was seeing before I ever went to sleep. But, that phase of my experience changed and now I don’t see that any more, but it went on for several years. So, it seems to be a cycle of pattern recognition that I was going through.

DATRE: That would be your zymology patterning. That’s interesting. You see we’re not in the body for periods of time, unless we want to find out something. Then we will ask Aona to do something for us, so that we can come in… She will get the body started and then we will come in and observe. So, maybe we should continue just a little bit on what we were talking about today at the lunchtime.

Now, what we were discussing was the fact that one of the stages that will be coming up, that many will begin to experience is, with the new energies coming in your bodies are, shall we say, you are GATHERING MORE ATOMIC PARTICLES within the physical construct. More atomic particles clinging to the HOLOGRAM. Now, one of the things that happens when ‘that’ begins to happen is that your body will become much more sensitive to your surroundings. As an example, when Aona first comes back into the body she does not feel the functions of the body, like she did a few years ago, when she came back in she’d feel the ‘functions’ of the body and it felt ‘icky’ to her. This occurred every time.

Now, as that which you call the end of ‘time’ has occurred and the new energies coming in and the bodily changes taking place, the sensation of her being aware of her being back in the body and seeing through the eyes again, she experiences that, but she doesn’t experience the rest of the body. She FEELS everything in the room. She feels a table in front of her, she feels the sharp edge of the table coming into her stomach area and the table is a good foot away. She feels the walls pressing up against her arms and the walls are way far away from her. She feels the ceiling and the floor and ALL the things in the room.

Her body is becoming more and more – TOTALLY SENSUOUS – in that she feels everything and it is lasting longer. In other words, this can last for 15-20 minutes, a half hour now. Where as when it first happened, it was just, she was aware of it and then it was gone. But, the last year, especially, with the increasing energies, she’s feeling it for longer and longer periods of time.

Now, if she’s completely relaxed and sitting in a chair and she’s to the state of, ‘oh, this feels good’, complete relaxation, she immediately feels every piece of furniture in the room. She feels the ‘texture’; she feels that it’s all very close to her. Now, as you know and I know, the furniture is not close to her – she is close to the furniture, because her awareness spectrum is continuing to grow outward.

Now, we have talked, many, many times about you being an ‘observer’. We have also mentioned that one on television that is called Caine. He is playing the part of a Shaman. As we have said before, you DO have Shamans upon the planet. But they are so few in number and they usually are not known. A Shaman has no desire to be known. He/she wishes to keep his anonymity to be the observer he wants to be. But, the Shaman does not ‘observe’ as much with his eyes as he does with his whole body. He knows ‘everything’ that is around him at any given moment. He ‘observes’ with FULL body. These are what the new energies are ‘allowing’, is the change of the bodies to be able to contain more ATOMIC STRUCTURE. The more atomic structure your body can hold, the more it will be able to sense that which is around it.

Now, I think that will give them something to think about. We do not go for ‘pie-in-the-sky’ type of things. We will tell you what is ‘actually’ happening. We use Aona as an example, because we can get into her body and tell you what is happening to her body. There are ‘others’ on this planet, who’s bodies we enter that we are doing different things with. This just happens to be one of the things that we’re working with Aona’s body with and many people are going to begin to experience this, more and more and more. As this becomes, like we say, this becomes longer and longer all the time, even in relaxation now, she gets to that point where she feels ‘everything’.

You see, you don’t have to ‘crack’ the psyche; you don’t have to do any of these ‘marvelous’ things. But, as you get to ‘know’ the physical construct that you’re working through and with and ‘allowing’, these things WILL happen. You get to know WHO you are. You get to know what the body is doing and as the two begin to work together, GRAND things happen. So, that is why we say, OBSERVE and know WHO you are. That’s when the FUN begins. That’s when all the drudgery ends. The bumps in the road are no longer horrendous ‘accidents’, but INCIDENCES for EVOLUTION. We thank you. We have enjoyed being with you, we will see you again.

We are Datre.

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Datre 076 – Datre on taking ACTION

JOHN: We have a question that might apply to several on the Datre list. “I hope this is not presumptuous. My life seems to be a mess. I meditate, pray and visualize daily and there are people praying for me. I believe I create my own reality. I am agonizing over what is going on. I have been unemployed for over a year and am deeply in debt. I have sent out 100’s of resumes and have had little results. I just finished a job finding course where they taped a mock interview. I came across very well. I am articulate, intelligent, imaginative and creative. I just don’t understand what is happening. I have been doing the course in miracles lessons for past 3 months try to live life honestly and by the golden rule. Right now I’m faced with possibly losing my home”

DATRE: Now, we do not know you as an individual, so therefore, what we will say will be directed to… what shall we say, a generic individual, not knowing male, female, although we do know you are male. We will speak to you as if we were speaking to any other person in these, what you call, problem areas.

Now, there are many on your planet that are going through these same types of experiences. Many are concerned in these areas, as is only natural, because you need to have that which is monetary in order to be able to sustain the physical construct. I don’t know whether we have put out a transcript recently in this area or not, but we have at one point in time – perhaps not on the net. One of the things that are happening, is that people are “losing their jobs”. Now what is happening when those are “losing their jobs” is they are doing that from a position of learning. The YOU that you are is trying to get in touch with ‘you’ to make you observant to what you ‘could’ be doing at this present time.

Now, evolution comes in many different forms. Evolution, is ‘knowing’ more about your ‘self’. Now, “no one did this TO you” this is a result of the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ in physicality getting closer together. The YOU that you are, is constantly giving you signals, everyday, many, many times a day. The way to ‘becoming’ more of the YOU that you are is by being ‘observant’ and following these signals. You will say, ‘but nothing has happened’. Have you followed every signal that you have received during the day?

As a child, go back in your memory patterning, what was the thing that you desired to do as a child? Many children are asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. Then they come up with many different things that they want to be. Now, there are those that will ‘follow’ what they want to be. They will continue to follow that all through their lives. But many individuals will “take a job for money” and not do what they really want to do. Perhaps, in searching memory patterns you will come across something that you ‘desired’ to do, all your life you wanted to do this something. Maybe you wanted to do wood working. Maybe you wanted to be a skier or a skater or a football player or basketball or baseball. Or maybe you wanted to be a writer or painter or many, many different things that you have always desired that you wanted to do. If there is something in your thought patterning’s that is a ‘desire’ of something you’ve always wanted to do, find a way to DO IT.

If you want to be a writer, start writing. Send as much writing as you can to every newspaper, magazine, book, whatever you can find, write and write and write, satisfy that desire. If you want to work with wood, find someplace that will take someone as a beginner and work as a beginner. And work at that, whatever it might be that you have always desired to do.

Now, if you’re too old to play sports, maybe there is some activity that you can get into that would provide you with that which you call monetary sustenance in teaching children sports. You have many organizations that you can work with that will pay you to teach children. It is hard for us to know what ‘you’ have set forth for your self. But there IS something there that you are not finding.

Success does not always come in the form of money. Success comes in satisfaction in many ways. Then because you are going in only ‘one’ direction you perhaps have forgotten to turn around when you find the ‘door’ in front of you closed. Then see what would happen if you opened the door behind you.

People are well meaning and will try and help you in many ways. But, when you focus on LACK of job that is something you will continually be bumping up against. People will say, ‘but I can not afford that’. Now, what happens when you make such a statement that is recorded in the brain as a FACT. Now every time that particular item is mentioned the brain connects that statement with “I can not afford that” and the money will not be there. You do not realize the power your words hold.

People that have a problem with their physical bodies and always keep saying, ‘I need to loose weight’. Now, the body does NOT want to ‘loose’ anything. So the body say’s, ‘no, I don’t want to loose’. The minute you take the focus off of ‘lose’, things change. You can say, ‘I want to change my life style’. ‘I will eat different food’, ‘I would like to do this, I would like to do that’ and put it into motion. The one’s who don’t loose weight are those that continually say, ‘I want to loose weight’. It does not work that way.

The thing that is needed, is NOT to continually look at what you DON’T have, but look at what you DESIRE to have. The biggest thing to remember is the two very most powerful words that you can use – I AM. Now, say, I AM and pursue. It does not matter ‘what’ you pursue. But, go after ‘something’ regardless of what it is. You’ll say, ‘well I would like to work in wood, but it does not afford me a living’. Already you have set a ‘road block’. The words ‘does not’ tells the brain that this is what you desire.

Now, if you whittle away, with some resources, a little at a time, it does not have to be a tremendous amount right at the beginning. Do not focus on what you DON’T have; focus on what you DO HAVE and what you WANT to do.

Now, you speak of meditation and you speak of prayer. Now, ACTION is the name of the game. ACTION gets things done. The people that achieve are the people who do what they have to do when they have to do it – even if they don’t ‘want’ to do it. But, you need to take ACTION in a direction. And all the meditation and all the prayers in the world will not help, if you do not put the body into motion. Try and ‘observe’ what the YOU that you are is telling you. If you find yourself on a strange street and you wonder why you’re there, begin to look around and ‘observe’ why you are on that street. There may be something there that if you ‘look’ you can see. Watch for ‘ideas’.

You are involved in ‘repetitive’ thinking at the present time. This is not only for you as an individual, but it is occurring on the planet with many individuals that are finding themselves in similar situations. Repetitive thinking is ‘grinding’ away at something and nothing is achieved. You need NEW thoughts and ACTION in any direction that is pleasing to you. Because, in finding pleasure in what you are doing, that is going to ‘release’ you from the ‘tension’ that you have put around yourself.

So, our advice, if there is such a thing as giving advice, to those on the planet that are in similar circumstances is, see what can be achieved by ACTION. That is where it’s all at. You are here to be CREATORS, that is true and you ‘create’ through POSITIVE ACTION. The majority of the people on your planet create by DEFAULT. They allow themselves to be ‘pushed around’ willy nilly. So, we say, find what you like to do and DO IT. Take positive ACTION in a direction that will release the tension from your body and at that point, things will begin to change for you. We thank you for letting us speak to you.

We are Datre.

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Datre 075 – What you need to know right now is “life”

Datre answers some recurring questions.

JOHN: We have some recurring questions that we’ve decided to group together for answering. The first question is… “Could Datre explain in more detail how a being living in a terrestrial body could be able to “duplicate” its physical body in the Universe if the physical body belongs to the Earth? In other words I understand that when the BIRTH shall come, very few individuals shall be able to reconstruct their physical bodies in the Universe.”

DATRE: Well, first of all, you have to understand that from a physical standpoint, you’re not aware of all the functions of your body. In other words, that is not your prime objective to know how everything within the construct of your body works. It is taken for granted that everything works in a certain manner. If you want to point at something, you lift your arm and point one finger, you don’t even think about it. Those are all cellular activities. The functions within the body are all what you would call AUTOMATIC, they have been made that way so that you do not have to be concerned with how everything functions. If you had to run your body from a mental standpoint, you couldn’t, you would be over whelmed. So it has been made so that it is a cellular activity and it all works and it is of no concern to you.

But, the YOU that you are knows ‘how’ everything works. Then when it becomes necessary for you to have that information, you will connect with the YOU that you are and bring that information into the physical construct. You won’t be constructing a body from the grass and trees and animals and dirt and all that sort of thing, because that’s PARTICLE. But, you will be re-constructing that anatomy in an entirely different way.

Now, that is for those that will be going into a wispy environment that their body will not be necessary all the time. They will learn to function ‘with’ a wispy body and ‘without’. But that again is a learning process. Now, as for the individuals that are going to other planetary existences, those will be provided on the ‘other’ planets – you don’t take it from here. You re-construct it on another planet. If you want to call it that, there will be a ‘prototype’ there that will be used for re-construction. So, as to what you’re going to look like next time, what difference does it make? You’re not concerned when you die as to what you’re going to look like the next time.

So, you see what you’re doing is you’re putting ‘big numbers’ on that sort of thing and that is not important. It will happen and it will be… you see, when you’re working with the physical brain you’re working with questions from physicality. Then when the BIRTH happens, if you’re going to another physical existence, to finish up the things that you want to finish up in your learning experiences, your re-construction will be on whatever you want to continue to learn on. That is why we’re saying that it’s important to get in touch with the YOU that you are. The more you get in touch with that, the more you will understand about ‘other’ things other than ‘this’ physical reality.

We have talked about many things and the thing that’s something that cannot be explained, is that which is IN BETWEEN. That is ‘that’ reality that you have not brought into physicality. You see, if you were to bring ALL the knowledge of the YOU that you are into physicality, it wouldn’t work, it can’t work. You get into an automobile to get someplace, but you don’t stay in the automobile. You get into a physical construct to get someplace, to learn something, but when you’ve learned what YOU want to learn you’ll get out of it. Hard concept, but very true. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is, relative to the previous… “If yes, what should be the “know-how” of these few individuals able to do so?”

DATRE: Its NOT a ‘know-how’, its all there for each and every one of you, nothing, we have said it many, many times, nothing is hidden, it is for you to find, for you to discover. There are many things that you don’t NEED to know right now about what your future is. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW is “LIFE” – LIFE on this planet. Don’t sit and muddle about things, get out and LIVE. That is what the name of the game is. Physicality is a GAME, but you’ve all taken it seriously. Physicality is something that you’re ‘bored’ with, because you’ve had it too long. You want something NEW, you want something different, you want to get out of here and HERE is the most important and interesting place you can be. Once you discover that, things will be entirely different for you.

We can’t explain it any simpler than that. If you did not want to be in physicality, you would NOT be here – simple. You ‘chose’ to be here and yet the minute you get into the physical body, you complain about it continually. Instead of enjoying and trying to understand, circumstances, situations, your surroundings, everything upon this planet. You’re not curious about what makes THIS planet work; you’re more interested in what goes on ‘out there’. This is where it’s interesting. But you don’t see that and it is a very hard thing to get across, because ‘out there’ is supposed to be so marvelous. You see, when you go into meditation and you go ‘out there’, you’re actually avoiding LIVING here, because you think THAT is grand and glorious. You know why it’s grand and glorious? Because you have NO bodily feelings. When you’re in meditation, you don’t feel your body – correct? Am I right John?

JOHN: That’s correct.

DATRE: All right, what happens when you get back in the body? ‘Oops I’ve got a pain in the back’, ‘Oh, I’ve got such a headache’, ‘Oh, my body’s all worn out’, ‘I’m so tired, I’m exhausted’, and all of these things. But in meditation, oh boy, grand and glorious, I’m seeing all kinds of things and I’m all ‘blissed’ out. Fine that’s good, do that when you need relaxation. Get out there and discover, that’s fine. But then come back into the body and LIVE. Stop complaining about the body. If you keep constantly complaining about the body that becomes your single focus. Your focus is to LIVE in the body – the body is to EXPERIENCE. So, maybe we can get this across some day. That’s why you’re IN the body. That’s why many have chosen to stay in physical existence even after the BIRTH, because they want the physical existence experience. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, the next question, relative to the original question is… “Could these few individuals be already aware of this?”


JOHN: The next question is… “I was wondering if you (John) or Datre could comment on the energy waves that are coming our way. It seems like not much has been said about them lately. Are they still affecting our bodies?”

DATRE: Very definitely. It has not been too long ago that one particular day John and Aona were both very disoriented to the point of things feeling “unreal”. That is a result of the different energy waves being absorbed within the physical construct. This is continuing and will continue. It’s just that we don’t tell you, ‘oh, there’s an energy wave coming’, because some of you will feel bad because you don’t feel it – ‘I didn’t feel anything’.

Then some of you will say, ‘oh, this was a marvelous experience’, because they’ve set it up mentally that that’s what it’s going to be. We would rather NOT tell you, because that way you will experience what you experience and it has nothing to do with conjuring up something in the brain. Or feeling bad because everybody else felt something and you didn’t. You see, there are those that will say, ‘oh, I felt this marvelous… and I was disoriented… and all these things’, then ‘oh, yes I did too’. So everybody has that experience and you’re sitting in the room thinking, ‘well, what’s the matter with me, I didn’t feel anything?’. Now, what if you had had that experience two months earlier and they’re all just getting it now? So don’t feel left out when everybody has grand and marvelous experiences. These that are experiencing these grand and marvelous experiences are probably catching up to you because you’ve already had them or you have had them at such an early time that those experiences that they’re having now are of no concern to you whatsoever.

Don’t think you’re always… don’t plant the seed in the mind that you’re always behind everybody else. Stop and turn it around and think, ‘well, it might be that I’ve already experienced that’. You see, you have a tendency to put yourself down – don’t do that. Let people have their grand and glorious experiences, let them all get together and say this and this and this and this. But listen to what they’re saying, because it’s important to listen, but if it doesn’t effect you in any way, shape or form what does it matter? Then they’ll say, ‘well what about you?’ and you’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t feel anything, but I didn’t think it was that important to me’. It might be that you’ll have it later, but what difference, time is NOT important and it is going to be less and less important.

Different bodies absorb different energies differently. Different brains process information differently. So you cannot all be the same. You can agree on a table being a table and that sort of thing, but when it comes to the inner ‘self’, your experiential ‘self’, your ‘in between’, shall we say, that ‘in between’ is different for every single individual upon this planet and every individual in the ‘dead zone’. Everything is different for everyone that is functioning from a ‘brain’ standpoint – it’s all different. So, don’t compare and feel bad. Many people will agree on something and you don’t agree – what difference does it make? You’re doing you’re thing. There was something that they used to say, ‘I want to do it myself’, what
was that…

JOHN: I want to do it my way.

DATRE: I want to do it my way, now, that was a very big message coming through. That does not mean that you step all over everybody else to get where you’re going. But, do it ‘your’ way. Not according to somebody else. That is a big number. Then you will begin your first steps to being an INDIVIDUAL when you quit following the crowd. Step out and experience to ‘your’ own understanding and for ‘your’ enjoyment – not somebody else’s.


JOHN: And the next question is… “I know I have had an unusual back problem lately, right in the middle of my spine. I’ve never had much problem with my back, but for the past week and a half there has been something going on, can it be explained by the energy waves?”

DATRE: It can be explained by the changes that are taking place in your body. Now, one of the reasons that Aona and John watch their television is to watch and observe what is going on in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now, in your sports, and I don’t care what sport you want to mention, you can go the whole gamut, every single kind, you will find one recurring thing – injury.

Now, there was a time when you did not have all the equipment that they wear in the football game, as an example. They had very little, their heads banged around inside their helmets and the padding would slide all over and you know they didn’t have much in the way of padding. They would grab the clothing and spin people around and all sorts of things and they’d go crashing to the ground. Now you have them playing on cement and all padded up and they’re getting hurt all the time. They go out and play on the grass, they still get hurt all the time. Constant backache. Constant injury to the limbs. All of these things, consistently. If you were to walk into a room with 50 people and ask them to raise their hands, the number of people that have had back ache within the last week, you would find almost everyone in that room had had some sort of back problem within the last week. Everybody complains, ‘oh, my back, oh, my back’. What is happening is the little pads between the bones are expanding.

JOHN: In the vertebrae.

DATRE: Yes! I couldn’t think of the name of it. They’re expanding and what happens is, that is the, shall we say, the electrical system of the body. That’s where all your nerve endings are, beginning or whatever and those are getting bigger. Then when that happens, that is making the spinal column change. Then when the physical body goes through changes, there are areas that will have pain from time to time. The back is a major place that changes are taking place. That is not a result of the new energies. That is the result of the changing, by the YOU that you are, changing the physical construct.

Your physical construct, in the last 50 years has changed dramatically, but you don’t see that because it’s such a progressive thing. But if you will look, even go back to the time of the 1800’s people were tiny. If they were to come… if you were to take those people in the 1800’s and put a basketball player in front of them, they would run and scream in terror. The ladies were less than 5 feet tall, some of them a little bit taller. But that isn’t that long ago and look at the changes.

You go in someplace and look at the clothing those people wore at that time – tiny, tiny, tiny things. Your children, even at six and seven, could not get into some of the clothing that was worn by grown up ladies at that time – very tiny. The physical construct is constantly in change. That’s where the backaches come from. That’s where the arms, the shoulders, the legs, the ankles, the neck, the head, everything all these changes are taking place. So, if you hurt, okay, so you hurt, it is nothing dramatic. Now, if its something you get to the point you can’t stand it, then find out about it. But, just for having something unusual, it comes and it goes.

So, its like with Aona, she had a constant headache for 6 or 7 years, something like that. But there were changes taking place. That’s along time to have a headache. You see, everybody thinks it is very simple to make changes, it is not that simple. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question… “I’m still having a problem understanding what role the physical body plays in the BIRTH. I imagine the BIRTH as more a mind or spiritual experience, are there physical aspects to the process, or will our bodies just be blown away when the event happens?”

DATRE: As we have said before, some people will be aware of what’s happening, some will not. Some will, shall we say, go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning and they’ll be someplace else and not be aware that anything different has taken place. Any more than you remember what happened in your last lifetime. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is there an advantage to being in a physical body as opposed to being in the dead zone?”

DATRE: From our standpoint it depends upon the evolution of the one that is in, what you call, the dead zone. Now, there are many in the dead zone who have not reached a great deal in their evolutionary construct of what they have decided… that the YOU that you are has decided that it wishes to experience. So, from our standpoint, those that need to get on with what they had ‘originally’ set out to do when they took physicality in the first place, need to get going. But, it doesn’t matter. The only thing is NOW is the most exciting time to be in physicality, because of the changes that are taking place. So, those that are not in physicality are missing out on a lot of exciting things that are happening.

Things are happening in the physical body, things are happening on, what you call, the spiritual world and things are happening in your technology. So, there is a great deal happening NOW, more than any other time in every area, because you’re coming to the end of a cycle. What we mean by the end of the cycle is that when you end a cycle, then you have what is called a BIRTH or re-birth, whichever you want to call it.

Then at the end of a cycle, everything is accelerated. So the acceleration and being an ‘observer’ and watching everything that is happening and taking part in things that are happening, this is an exciting time. So, from our standpoint, we think it is a better experience, there’s MORE to experience, than if they were in, what you call, the dead zone and observing from that standpoint, if they so desired. Because more can be learned ‘faster’ in the physical construct. That’s why your physical construct was set up, for experience. It was a different kind of experience, a different kind of understanding. So, NOW is an exciting time, even if most of the people don’t think so. Most of the people on the planet don’t think this is exciting at all, they look at every tragedy. But it depends upon… its like the coins that you have, its got two sides and you are the one that chooses which side of the coin you want to look at. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “In the latest material, Datre was talking about experiencing reality through two bodies at once. Was he talking about becoming aware of other aspect selves of your Entity or creating a double of our current body?”

DATRE: I do not know, because I was not the one that did the transcript. But I would say that there… when you experience and work from two bodies, you are working from two bodies. You’re NOT working from an aspect; you’re working with two SEPARATE bodies. Hard concept, yes, but it can be done.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is there something one can do to work towards that experience? Sometimes I feel like I am on the edge of a bubble, like I am in an egg ready to hatch if I could just figure out how to break it open. Is that a fair analogy of our position?”

DATRE: Yes, there are many that are having that feeling. They’re getting a type of excitement, an exhilaration that in the physical they feel like something is going to be happening and that’s just a feeling that they’re getting. What it is that they’re feeling is the exhilaration of everything that is happening upon your planet at the present time. So, that is an experience that many people are having right now.

There is nothing you can “DO”. Be observant, watch, listen and then you pay attention to what signals you are trying to give yourself in physicality. You are constantly, constantly, giving the physical body signals and begin to watch the signals that you’re giving yourself. You’ll turn down a street and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here, I turned at the wrong place’ and get angry because you made a mis-turn. Now, instead of getting angry because you turned on the wrong street, become ‘aware’ of WHY you made that turn. Begin to look at the buildings, the stores, begin to look at your surroundings on the street that you’re on. Why did you turn on that street? You’re giving yourself a signal, there’s something there, look for it.

Then you’ll say, ‘I didn’t find anything’. All right, you didn’t find anything, but you did ONE important thing, instead of ‘re-acting’ you ACTED. You didn’t re-act and get angry with yourself for turning on the wrong street. You took ‘positive’ ACTION to begin to look and see ‘why’ you went down that street. You may come across a building that say’s, ‘oh, this is something that I’ve been looking for’, park the car and go in. Or, as said before, you may find nothing. But you have, in that little action, have changed thought patterns from frustration and anger, into ‘observation’. And the more you do that, the more interesting your life will become. This is what we have said about being an ‘observer’. Don’t re-act, ACT. Continue.

JOHN: The next question… “I know one time you cautioned me against breaking the personality (ala Carlos Castaneda). I don’t expect there is a manual with exact steps, but I guess I am looking for some guide lines or suggestions.” Relative to this opening up dynamic and cracking the PSYCHE.

DATRE: All right, now we just got through explaining, instead of being a re-actor, take action. I know that sounds like a very simplistic way of doing things. But at a time when your body is making as many changes as it is, mentally your brain is making changes in your thought patterns. Be gentle with the body. Then in that simple way of ‘action’ instead of re-action, that is an easy way to take the tension off of the body, become an ‘observer’, take action and in that way you’re going to gain tremendously, without going through a ‘cracking’ of the PSYCHE which is going to cause you physical discomfort. You don’t need any more physical discomfort than you have at the present time.

Now, somebody will say, ‘well, I feel fine, nothing wrong with me’. There isn’t anything wrong with you, no, but the changes that are taking place within the body, are ‘within’ the body. So, give the body its optimum chance of making changes and by doing that which we call ‘action’ instead of re-action. That allows the body to make its changes and also does a great deal to enhance YOUR experience of LIFE. Not ‘existence’. The majority on your planet ‘exist’. Change your existence into living LIFE. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Why do I increasingly feel unattached from my day to day life?”

DATRE: Because you’re getting out of ‘time’. We have spoken of this previously, that everyone on this planet is getting out of, what you call, your ‘time’. You’ve all asked for ‘freedom’. The feeling you get from ‘freedom’ is a feeling of ‘detachment’. Detachment is showing you that these are the things that are happening. You have allowed yourself to let go of that GRIP that you have so ‘tight’ on physicality. And getting out of ‘time’ also gives you that feeling of ‘detachment’.

You see, you live your life by interaction with other people. That’s what keeps you alive. You draw from one person, another person draws from you. That is why there are groups of people that you enjoy being with, because they have some type of energy that you want and you have some kind that they want. There’s an interaction of energies between the two of you or between you and a group of people. You can go into another group of people and there’s nothing there that is compatible or needed by your body as far as energy is concerned. So that immediately is a distraction and you don’t want to be with those people. That’s why you get those feelings when you get in crowds, that you want to get out, you want to get away. You can’t stand it you feel smothered. Its because their energies are ‘totally’ incompatible with yours. Those energies have ‘nothing’ that you want and conversely, you have nothing they want.

So your interaction with other ‘bodies’ is an action that you need to maintain your physicality. If you were all alone on the planet, you would ‘not’ exist. Not only that, there would be no reason to exist in a physical body. A physical body works in many different ways you never begin to understand. But, the ‘detachment’ feeling is, you’re getting out of ‘time’, your thought patterns are different and when your thought patterns are different your physical construct is different. Then when your physical construct is different, you’re ‘not’ exchanging PHEROMONES with another person. When you’re NOT exchanging PHEROMONES with another person, you feel ‘detached’. Then THAT is the beginning of INDIVIDUALITY. That is what is happening to many people that are making great strides in understanding – the feeling of detachment.

At some times you feel strange and it doesn’t last long. But you will find as that which you call your years go by, you’ll find that detachment becomes very comfortable. Because, at that point, “you’re pretty much living your own life”. You can be in crowds of people and be totally detached from them and that is the time of being the greatest ‘observer’. Because, ‘they’ are all interacting and at that time, when they are interacting, you are ‘detached’ and being an ‘observer’. That’s when you can see what happens on your planet with the people in physicality. If you’re IN IT, you can’t ‘see’ it. But in these moments of ‘detachment’, take advantage of it, because at that point you can become a ‘fantastic’ observer and you will see things you have never seen before. It may not last long, but it will be a ‘revelation’ to you. That is part of your learning process. Continue.

JOHN: The next question… “I do not feel a ‘fire in the stomach’ to achieve anything particular.”

DATRE: There are many that go through that from time to time. That is that ‘other’ emotion, shall we say, that comes from detachment. Because you don’t have the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS desire to push and achieve. Now, when you get into those states you can do one of two things, you can find something that is of creative interest to ‘you’ – after all, that is why you’re here on the planet. You are ALL grand creators. But you create in one of two ways, either you create by mimicking and by default or you create ‘individually’ as an individual creator.

In the state of ‘detachment’ you become a grand creator, because you’re NOT picking up from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. So, what happens is, you reach these states of not wanting and feeling no need to do anything. But, because of all the things that are happening, find something you really enjoy. Then create from that point and you don’t have any idea what you will come up with – but you have to start. It is very important for you to continue in your creative aspect, because that’s what you’re here to do. You can’t just sit and lolly gag around, because then you’re loosing, you need to continue to create. Buy a piece of wood and get a knife and cut into it. Get some paint and paper and draw, build something. Do something, just keep trying things, keep trying. You will come to something you’ll find, ‘I never knew I could do that’, how come? You never tried anything.

You know, as an example, the moaning and groaning about all of these people that have lost their jobs. For many, many on your planet, this has been a grand opportunity, for them, for the first time in their lives to do what they wanted to do. Then from that, there have been many individuals that have started to do what they have always wanted to do. Are making, what you call, a living out of doing what they wanted to do. Monetarily, they may not have, what society says, is a grand living, but they don’t care, because they’re creating and that’s what you were put on this planet in physicality to do. Create, in some shape, form, manner, anything thing that makes you happy – and it doesn’t matter what it is. If its going out and skiing down a slope. If its going out… in that skiing they have come up with a new innovation for a new ski that is giving them an opportunity to design it, to make it, to sell it. You see what happens? Allow these things to happen, to take place. The FUTURE is constantly PULLING you toward IT.

When you are desperate, you’re without a job; you need to begin to ‘open up’ instead of close down. In opening up, do what you want to do and begin your creative process. You will find JOY in the creating and things will change, because it much easier to ‘observe’ from a point of happiness, than it is to re-act from the point of pressure and having to do. You’ve all put yourself into pressure, from every side. In pressure, you ‘react’ instead of ACT. You can see very easily how those go together. When you release the pressure, it makes all the difference. Sure, you’ve lost your job, but its those that pick themselves up and say, ‘I can do something else, I don’t have to do the same thing for the rest of my life’. It is forcing them to look differently at different situations.

Nobody DID that to them, lets get that straight right from the beginning. They put themselves in a situation to have a new experience. Those are hard lessons to learn, but that’s exactly what they did. The YOU that you are is working with you constantly and if you’re stubborn and don’t want to make the move, that you need to make, to achieve what you set out for yourself to achieve, you’re going to be pushed in different directions, to change, to do what basically, the YOU that you are and the ‘you’ in physicality want to achieve. No one does anything TO you. You do it to yourself for your own experience and growth.

So, find something that ‘you’ want to do. Begin your creative process and you will find grand JOY in it. Then, LIFE becomes something that you can LIVE instead of exist. Enjoy! Next question.

JOHN: This is the final question… “I know that I create my own future experiences, but feel guilty when I try to allow my Higher Source to take the responsibility”

DATRE: Now, your higher source, as you call it, has no responsibility whatsoever. The YOU that you are and that you connect with, in that which you call sleep, is giving you ‘multiple’ options, every night you go to sleep. Multiple options are laid out in front of you; you choose what your next experience is going to be. Then, in physicality, you act out those experiences ‘you’ have chosen.

The concept of a ‘higher self’ has a label of hierarchy. There is NO ONE higher or lower than ‘you’. All the information, everything, is in the MIND that is within the BUBBLE of THIS particular planetary existence. Everything is there. Now, if you draw from the MIND, how in the world can there be anything ‘higher’? There isn’t anything higher. It’s only what you are able to pick and choose and work with in physicality. So why is anything higher? It’s a matter of ‘choice’. It NOT higher or lower, it has nothing to do with that whatsoever. The only difference is, that there are those that are more able to connect with, what you call, the YOU that you are and bring THAT information into physicality. Rather than NOT paying attention to the messages that are sent, everyday.

That’s where we get right back to the beginning, where we said, ‘instead of ‘reacting’ and getting angry and frustrated because you turned on the ‘wrong’ street. Don’t be a ‘reactor’ be an ACTER. Why did you turn down that street? What should I look for? That changes the way you live as you continue to do that. The more you release the frustration in the physical construct, the more you ‘observe’, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you learn and it never, ever ends. And that includes all that takes place in Datre. We never, ever, finish learning. That’s what its all about. It’s taking THOUGHT and acting upon THOUGHT. That’s ALL there is, that’s this whole UNIVERSE – not just your planet, the whole UNIVERSE. So, you can see that it’s very simple and yet very complicated, because of ‘your’ thought patterns about THIS particular reality on planet Earth. It’s the confusion that exists from everything that you have been taught by ‘others’. Now it is ‘time’ for ‘you’ to begin to be an individual.

Take THIS moment from here on and begin to think for yourself. Not what ‘others’ have told you, ‘oh, don’t do this, something will happen’ and ‘don’t do that’ and ‘well you know if you do this and if you do that’. That’s fine. Now, to be an ‘individual’ you have to realize that that’s THEIR reality. Do you want to make THEIR reality your reality? That’s fine, but in that case you’re NOT becoming an ‘individual’, you’re letting ‘others’ influence you and that’s NOT the ball game. The ball game is, INDIVIDUALITY. Be your own creator. In opening that door, the FUTURE will pull you TO it and you won’t have to kick and scream.

That does not mean there won’t be ‘dumps’ in the road, but those bumps in the road, are for your ‘individual’ experience and learning and the faster you learn from them, the quicker they will go away. Because, if you’ve learned it, you don’t need it any more, you don’t have to repeat it. Learn it and learn it well and if you can answer the ‘why’, the situation is gone. When you understand ‘why’, what do you need it for? Your neighbor next door doesn’t know the life you’re living and much less cares. So, be an INDIVIDUAL. Do what THIS life in physicality is here for. You’re into the body for a reason, you just didn’t come in here wily nilly, you came into this body to learn, you came to learn physicality. Learn it! Then in the learning process, learn to LIVE LIFE and enjoy it. Next question.

JOHN: That was the final question.

DATRE: All right, we will leave you now – enjoy.

We are Datre.

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Datre 074 – Datre On Consciousness

Datre on consciousness.

DATRE: Now we are having some confusion with this word called CONSCIOUS. Now, it has been referred to as, CONSCIOUSNESS, SUB CONSCIOUSNESS, and SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS. It has also been referred to as, ENERGY, MATTER and ANTI MATTER. Now ‘energy’ refers to conscious… no, ‘matter’ would be the conscious, ‘energy’ would be the sub conscious and ‘anti matter’ would be super conscious.

Also, you have three other things you’re working with, your PAST, your PRESENT and your FUTURE. Now, there again you have that which ‘you call’ SPACE, divided into three. Here, there and the ‘space’ between. The ‘space’ between is where the difficulty comes in. You know your ‘past, ‘present’ and ‘future’. You know your ‘energy’, your ‘matter’ and ‘anti-matter’.

All right, now, consciousness has been referred to in many different ways, shapes and forms. You can’t divide CONSCIOUSNESS. When you have that which you call CONSCIOUS, there is no ‘super conscious’, there is no ‘expanded conscious’ – CONSCIOUSNESS IS.

We explained one time, that ALL matter is conscious. It would have to be. If you stop and think about it, how would anything stay together if there wasn’t something to ‘hold’ it together? You see, everything on your planet is composed of ‘matter’ and each ‘particle’ (if you want to use that term) of ‘matter’, is CONSCIOUS. The tiniest grain of sand is CONSCIOUS. This is one of the difficulties in trying to explain ‘that’ which is the ‘in between’ because your brains focus on everything that is ‘matter’. That is your reality. That is where you’re ‘functioning’ from. You’re functioning ‘from’ matter; you’re functioning ‘with’ matter. But, contained within ALL matter, there is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, then you’ll say, “well then what about ‘consciousness’ that is termed MASS CONSCIOUSNESS?”. Now, there again, a thought is what you would call, ‘that’ which is ‘in between’. But, all thoughts have a validity of their own and they function within your reality. Thoughts, gathered together, shall we say, into a LUMP over the city or over a house or whatever, is what you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. But, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, in this instance is the gathering together of multiplicity of thought ‘patterns’.

So, you see, in one case you’re working with ‘matter’, which you can see and regulate. In the ‘other’ instance you’re working with the ‘in between’, but you’re also working with that, but in a ‘different’ way. So you work with ‘matter’ with tools, with hands, with whatever is available from your vantage point – that’s what you call conscious. Everything that is matter is ‘conscious’ so you’re working with that from a physical standpoint. All right, now you take MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you’re also working with that, but you’re also working with it in a ‘different’ construct.

Now, we go one stage further. When you reach the point that you no longer work with thought patterns, from that term, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and you work DIRECTLY with, all that surrounds you in your BUBBLE called, the MIND, you’re at another ‘in between’. Because you no longer function from the point of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, but function from the DIRECT THOUGHT THAT EXISTS WITHIN THE MIND. You’re bypassing that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS and working ‘direct’ from the MIND. In order to do THAT, you have had to develop within the physical construct, that ‘brain’ capacity that is able to TAKE the thoughts that are surrounding you, in that which you call the MIND and being able to ‘pull’ that into your physical construct and make ‘sense’ out of it. Because with the brain that you have at the present time, that is a difficulty.

Everyone now is beginning to wonder about all of these things and things are beginning to happen to individuals so that they are going to be able to function with those thoughts what you call, directly from the MIND. Then the brain within the physical construct WILL be able to understand it. Now, there are those of you that from time to time have been able to work with the thoughts that come from the MIND. You have been able to tap into that. This is where these ‘revelations’, shall we call them, come to the forefront. Things that totally amaze you because they are so uniquely different. Now, were you to be able to ‘hold’ that and be able to work ‘directly’ from the thoughts that exist in the MIND and be able to ‘bypass’ the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS thought patterns, you would live entirely different.

Now, lets get into this which you call, your ‘expanded’ CONSCIOUSNESS. The reason we chose, at one time, to tell you about AWARENESS, was to change thought patterns within your brain. AWARENESS is what you can ‘expand’, because AWARENESS is that quality that is uniquely different and it allows you to change the ‘rigidity’ of the ‘structure’ that you have built around the word CONSCIOUSNESS. When you ‘change’ a pattern within the brain you’re ‘allowing’ a different understanding to be able to be ‘absorbed’ and understood.

Now, these words are used interchangeably all the time in any books that you read, who ever wrote it, who ever said it. Then because it is so common in your language structure we still will pick up that word occasionally and use it, because we are concentrating on the information we wish to give you and not on each specific word. The reason for changing your thinking about CONSCIOUSNESS and turning it into AWARENESS, is to allow you to look at things differently, because every day its same old, same old, same old. You’re so familiar with your surroundings. You’re so familiar with your language structure. When you ‘change’ your language structure it changes your concept of understanding. It doesn’t have to be a big fantastic change that takes place. But instead of using the word CONSCIOUSNESS, SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, SUB CONSCIOUSNESS, when you say AWARENESS, where’s the limitation? You have… see you’ve sub divided everything. You function under those because that’s familiar to you.

Now, if you want to change, out of the familiar, into something a little different, how are you going to change the way you look at it if you don’t change the patterning within the brain understanding? So AWARENESS puts a different light on it.

Now, that which you call CONSCIOUSNESS, does NOT exist in the UNIVERSE. But AWARENESS does exist in the UNIVERSE, because it is a ‘different’ understanding entirely. When you function from ‘no body’, when you function without the present, the past and the future, CONSCIOUSNESS is NOT needed. Because, in that type of existence it is DOING. It is pulling things together to make ‘something’ out of NOTHING. But, at the time we take and put a bunch of things together and make ‘something’, we are AWARE what we are doing at the present time. But, it is just… it is happening, it is NOT being ‘recorded’ in the brain.

You see, everything that you do and think and act on and all of these experiences are BRAIN related. Otherwise, you would have difficulty functioning in physicality, because if you didn’t have that reference of that which you call CONSCIOUSNESS, when you went to sleep at night you’d wake up in the morning and you would have to teach yourself all over again every single day. You would have to teach your self how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to dress, everything. Everything, from the time you went to sleep, until you woke up would be lost and you would have to start all over again. But you don’t realize that it’s your BRAIN that ‘connects’ and makes your pictures work.

But we don’t have any ‘pictures’. We don’t function in that way. But, that is what you are functioning with, is that which you call CONSCIOUSNESS. That is the taking in of the thoughts, its the recording of the thoughts, its understanding, its a multitude of things. But that is CONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS works with your BRAIN. But, what we did when we introduced AWARENESS, is to change ‘thinking’, brain thinking. Because AWARENESS is something ‘different’ for you, it’s a different way of looking at something. John, do you have any questions now?

JOHN: No, you seem to have done a very good job from my point of view.

DATRE: But you see what happens is, because you are functioning from a physical standpoint, you’re functioning like… its almost like you’re a mechanical machine. In other words, you have things that you’re working with constantly. So you need to have a reference point to work from constantly. That is part of the physical structure that is needed continuously.

Now, what happens in the dream state is that you work from an entirely ‘different’ standpoint. That is why dream interpretation becomes difficult. Because, you can say, “Well I remember dreaming of this white cat that went across in front of me and went up some stairs and turned around and looked at me with big starry eyes and walked through a door.”. What is the meaning of my dream? Now, who is going to interpret that? But, you see, that’s the only thing the brain could come up with, that made any sense. That’s what we have said before, with the PSYCHE and all of these things that you function with, but are totally unaware of. The cat has nothing to do with anything that you dreamt in many cases. Because, those that are working in different realities in the dream state, it can’t be described, because there is nothing in the brain that makes… that you can take and put words to.

So, you need the brain to function. But, as your brain changes, you begin to function, throughout your whole body. The GLANDS of your body are ALL centers of AWARENESS, from our standpoint. This is what we call them is centers of AWARENESS within the body, because you have centers within your body that function at an extremely ‘precise’ rate in whatever location and whatever function they happen to perform.

But, as your glands change within the physical construct and the brain takes on a ‘different’ quality – they call it the 3rd brain – okay, your words. The 3rd brain is going to allow the connection between that which we call the MIND, which contains everything that is needed for functioning within ‘this’ planetary BUBBLE, and it is able to COMPREHEND the information in the MIND, that will take place through that which you call your 3rd brain. This is one of the things the new energies are doing is making changes within your physical construct.

Now, the more that you are going to be able to draw from that which you call the MIND and bring it in to understanding in the brain, you’re going to discover more and more of WHO you really are. That is the purpose of evolution and opening the 3rd brain, is to allow you in the physical, to understand more and more about WHO you truly are. And that is a GRAND understanding, because working from the physical expression it is constantly busy trying to make everything work during the daytime. In other words, you have to get up, you have to eat, you have to go to work, you have to do this, you have to do that, you have to do something else. Your whole days are crammed full of things that you have to do.

Now, when you have that amount of concentration, on things you have to do, its very difficult for you to find out WHO you really are, because there are not that many moments that you sit and think about anything like that. But, in AWARENESS, you will begin to perceive things differently. You will change the pictures in front of you, that are put in front of you by things that you put together with your brain.

Now, when you open the 3rd brain and are drawing from ‘different’ material, you can see what will happen with the brain, it will paint a ‘different’ picture. Then in painting a ‘different’ picture, the realization of WHO you really are is going to be much clearer, because there will be a difference.

So, CONSCIOUSNESS, as we have said CONSCIOUSNESS – IS. You will not need CONSCIOUSNESS outside of here. It is NOT needed in the UNIVERSE. CONSCIOUSNESS is needed if you’re going to be going into another matter, mass based, physicality. There you have to have it in order to exist. We don’t need it to exist, but we DO have AWARENESS and it is difficult to explain, because its the only word that you have that comes close to what I can describe as OUR existence.

So, you see, it is NOT mundane. Your existence is not as mundane as you might think it is. The thing is that you think that by going to another planet you will gain ‘freedom’. This is the thing you are all looking for; you’re all looking for freedom. Freedom does NOT exist on another ‘place’, freedom exists right here in physicality, the minute you know WHO you are. Because, at that point, when you know WHO you are, you will have ‘immediately’ released ALL the boundaries that are giving you so many problems. Because, when you know WHO you are, you look at things entirely different. Because, things change within your physical anatomy to ‘allow’ you to see differently.

So, I may have muddled the whole thing up and made you more confused than you were at the beginning and if we use the words interchangeably, its because we’re interested in getting across a message more so than watching the terminology. But, we try very hard to remember to use AWARENESS. Just in one word (consciousness), if we can help eliminate that from our conversations, it will be one conversation where you will find consistently, another word (awareness) to change your thinking. We thank you, we’ve enjoyed being with you and we hope at this point you have so many questions running around in your head that you don’t know which one to ask first. In creating confusion is where the realization of something becomes clear. If you’re never confused, then you’re not going to find anything either, because you’ve already placed it in it’s little BOX and put it someplace. In confusion, you’re like a juggler who has thrown 15 things up in the air and is running around trying to catch everything and throw it up in the air again, so that it isn’t dropped. But, what is the grandest moment of a juggler? When everything comes down and he’s got them all in his hands, that is when the JOY hits. We thank you.

We are Datre, good bye.

Datre 073 – Mass Consciousness

Datre answers Thomas (part III) final

JOHN: This is the final section with questions from Thomas and the first question is… “Could Datre give a state of the planet address?”

DATRE: I don’t know exactly what he’s referring to.

JOHN: That’s sort of like we have Governors and we have Presidents that give ‘state of the union’ addresses. In other words, how are things going….

DATRE: Oh, how are things going on your planet?

JOHN: Yes, how are things progressing….

DATRE: All right. Now, what we want to tell you is there are going to be some interesting changes in thought patterns of the ‘mass consciousness’ upon your planet, this what you call, Fall. We do not like to tell you in advance what is going to happen, because, all things are subject to change. The predictions are fine, but, predictions that do not, shall we say, come true, cause people to think that because the prediction was not correct, then maybe the rest of the information is not correct also. That is just your ‘mass consciousness’ thinking. But, what we see coming is going to be very interesting. If you ‘observe’ that which you call your news, not the murders, kidnapping and rape and all that sort of thing. But watching the different ‘attitudes’ of individuals in different countries regarding different situations. You will find some interesting changes taking place. Some will say, ‘how do these changes in ‘mass consciousness’ take place?’ Very simply, because everything that is ‘acted’ out in physicality, everything that is ‘spoken’ in physicality becomes a ‘part’ of that which you call ‘mass consciousness’.

Now, ‘mass consciousness’, we will start at the top and go down, that’s the easiest for us. You have ‘mass consciousness’ of the planet. You have ‘mass consciousness’ of the individuals upon the planet. The ‘mass consciousness’ of the individuals upon the planet also effect the ‘mass consciousness’ OF the planet. Now, you have a ‘mass consciousness’ that envelops your BUBBLE. Then you have ‘mass consciousness’ that is over different land areas, which you call continents. You have within the continents different ‘sections’ like I think your continent here has 3 sections to it, the top part, you have…

JOHN: Yes the North America, United States and South American.

DATRE: Yes, so those three have separate ‘mass consciousness’. You work off of the group that you’re in like the U.S. works off of that. The peoples that are closer to the top and closer to the bottom will find that there is, a little bit, of like, shall we say, spill over from one to another, but very minuscule. Its almost as if you drew a line between the thinking patterns, because there are not enough peoples from one area to another to effect to any degree. Now, within your United States, we’ll take that because that’s were most of the people understand, within the United States, you have separate States. We can take Italy as an example, within that country; they have different ‘sections’ within that country. Within many of your European countries you have different… they’re called different names. Then each one of those ‘sections’ has a ‘mass consciousness’. That’s why your thinking is different, even within a country like Italy, like Germany, like Great Britain, like the United States.

You’ll find that the ‘things’ that are thought within the States, whether they be this country or another country, will still have their own ‘mass consciousness’. That’s why one State will think one way and another State will think another way and they’re side by side and people never stop to say, ‘how come?’ they just accept it because it always has been. But what is controlling that… the word ‘control’ I don’t want to use that but I have to use it in this context, the controlling thought pattern of a State is what regulates the ‘thinking’ patterns of the individuals within that particular State.

Now, there are different ‘areas’ in different countries that you will find, like within one country, in one State you’ll find, as an example, the individuals in the North of the State and the South of the State, don’t even think alike. So there again, you have an ‘other’ ‘mass consciousness’ separation. Now, beyond that point, you get down to individuals. There again you have another separation. So when we speak of ‘mass consciousness’ can you see the amount of, shall we say, layering in just that one area alone? Then you speak very freely of ‘realities’ when you have trouble comprehending ‘mass consciousness’ in its varying states and forms.

Now, what happens is, every action and every thought… or spoken word makes a difference in the ‘mass consciousness’ construct in an area, whatever that area may be? If you watch the ‘thought’ patterning’s of the different areas and ‘observe’ them you’ll… it becomes a very fascinating process. Even to a town, you will have a ‘mass consciousness’ of a town. The ‘mass consciousness’ of individuals upon an airplane or upon a ship in the sea, it all carries it’s own thought patterning. Now, hard as it may be to believe, the individuals that are on an airplane that crashes, the YOU that you are ‘knows’ that plane is going to crash. It is all decided, the individuals upon the plane have all decided, this is what they ‘wish’ to experience. Why, in some crashes, does everyone die? Why in some crashes do some live and others die? What ‘experience’ do they wish? So you see, ‘mass consciousness’ is very fascinating from our standpoint.

If you begin to look at your different countries, your different areas of different countries and watch the patterning of the thought of the individuals in the areas, why are some areas more volatile in their thinking process than other areas in their thinking process? What changes ‘mass consciousness’ thinking?

Now, why did Datre choose the NET? Because, the information that goes on, what you call, the NET goes all over the place. When John pushes a button that information goes, where does it go? He does not know it bounces here and there and there and there and someplace else. But, the words are symbols, those symbols have a vibration to them, if they didn’t you could not ‘see’ them. As they ‘bounce’ and hit other areas as they’re going through this channel and that channel and the next channel, these other waves that are lines that pass and inter… They don’t interact, but there is a vibration there that is carried or picked up.

Even if a person gets a message that has nothing to do with Datre what so ever, it might be the stock market. There is that which you call, subliminal, because it has ‘touched’ and crossed these ‘other’ wires or channels, whatever you want to call it and unbeknownst to the person that’s reading the stock information on the screen there is also subliminally the vibration of the Datre information. It might be very, very tiny but the information is there. That is why a channel is used, because the words need to be spoken INTO physicality. Because, as the words are spoken into physicality that vibration carries. What is to stop it? Those that wish to pick it up will and that is how subtlety changes take place.

That is not ‘only’ Datre information that is all kinds of information. Your information, your talking, everything that is going on, on your planet in physicality becomes that which we call ‘mass consciousness’. It is ALL there, plus all the information of UNIVERSAL MIND. But in order to contact and get information from UNIVERSAL MIND it must go through the ‘mass consciousness’ and in doing so, there can be distortions, because if you stop and think of where we started and how many layers ‘down’ that information goes through. That is why we ‘prefer’ to come into the body to use the portion that we have set aside in this brain, that we continually can refer to. Someone said one time, ‘how do you know how to pick how to pick up your place? How can you make continuity?’. Because, we have a ‘portion’ of this brain that is ‘ours’, that is how we know. But we also use the physical brain of Aona for referring to things when we cannot find that what you call with your words.

Now, your planetary thought patterning’s are changing. Not just because of Datre, but also because of ALL the information that is coming through that is making subtle changes from many different areas. As thing have begun to be looked at in a ‘different’ manner, just slightly different, it is going to change things. Say that there are 5 individuals that get an AHA from some experience and express it, do you know how many individuals that is impacting? Hundreds, thousands. So you see, ‘watch’ the changes that are taking place. Some people read a newspaper one way, look at the TV news one way, other people look at those same pieces of information entirely different, because they’re watching an EVOLUTIONARY process. Quite a bit of difference. Watch for coming changes in what you call, this Fall. I think that is the biggest thing that I have to tell you about that subject. Continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question from Thomas is… “Where are (we) at environmentally and where do we seem to be heading in that regard?”

DATRE: There is a great deal of talk about the environment. They’re talking about the trees being cut down. They’re talking about the trees dying. They’re talking about the water being polluted. They’re talking about the chemicals that are going into the water. They’re talking about the soil being polluted. They’re talking about the chemicals that are being put into the soil. And all the time the physical construct of the HOLOGRAM is changing to be able to work ‘with’ the changes. Now, that may seem inside out, but that is truth.

Now, you’ll say, ‘Well, there are some individuals that are living in an area where the land is being polluted by toxins and people are dying of cancer’. I don’t like to tell you this, but that has been agreed upon. Why has it been agreed upon? To draw attention to a subject that needs to be addressed. That is their thought pattern. They think that this is what they need to do. Is it or isn’t it? It doesn’t matter. That’s what they think in their life time is important, because they’re bringing forth what you would call, a message. To them, that makes ‘their’ existence worthwhile. Who is to say? Remember, it is ‘their’ evolution, not yours, whoever you may be. Everyone chooses. Each evolution is strictly up to the individual that is living the lifetime in physicality. So, as far as any of the planetary things is concerned, it is ‘your’ action or re-action to a planetary existence. That might sound very ‘unemotional’, but that’s what it is. It IS unemotional, because, from a UNIVERSAL standpoint we do not work with emotion. We are ‘observers’ of conditions upon your planet, that is it, OBSERVERS. Then as your evolution continues there are those that will find that they will become ‘unemotionally’ involved and become OBSERVERS. Then when you become an OBSERVER you spend more time ‘acting’ than ‘re-acting’. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “What is the key issue in that area?” referring to the environment.

DATRE: There is NO key issue. It is only as you perceive it as an individual. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Also, where are we at psychologically?”

DATRE: There again, that is a very difficult question to answer. Because, what are you comparing it to? You see, when you begin to make comparisons or try to figure out where you are, in any stage of evolution, what can you compare it to? You have… your mental capacity for making things out of ‘mass’ is superior to those that made things out of ‘mass’ in the 1300’s. But, does that mean that you understand anything more about evolution than you did in the 1300’s? You see, you’re looking at things from a ‘mass’ construct, which is physicality, which is fine, but you can’t make a comparison because it isn’t there. That is why we have said before, that things are being ‘compressed’ to be taken in your ‘package’, from yourself and your Aspects that you have gathered into your construct and all of that. But, you don’t have to ‘check’ it to make comparisons.

You see, that is why, if I may say so, the United States has such a BIG Ego problem with the whole U.S.. In that you have, what you call, an ‘inflated’ Ego. In other words, you are the one that sets the standards for the rest of the world. Now, that is what we would call the Ego. Because you feel you are better than other countries. You have thought that for a long period of time. Yet there are ‘fantastic’ things that are taking place in the ‘medical’ field, in the field of ‘science’, in the field of ‘technology’, that are taking place in ‘other’ countries upon your planet that are far ‘superior’ to some of ‘your’ ideas. But, you will pass them off, because there is something you came up with, a few years ago, that you had to be number ONE. Now, that went from automobiles to everything. You had to… you had to be the best. Why do you have to be the best? That is nothing but EMOTIONAL EGO.

Now, you have to have the EGOIC SELF in order to maintain in physicality. But, the EMOTIONAL EGO is what ‘drives’ the majority of your planet. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “What can we expect in terms of the mass consciousness as we approach closer to the BIRTH?”

DATRE: As I have said before, there is a ‘change’ coming. To what degree people will notice we do not know. But those that are more than casual ‘observers’ will notice changes. Subtle though they may be at first, they will be seen. Because once a change takes place, it is like a snowball going down hill, it will get bigger and bigger. Then finally it gets so big that the little boy on the top of the hill that started with his marble rolling down the hill in the snow… people will all of a sudden look up and see this great big ball coming at them – but the ball is already in motion. That is the way things work. It is the little things that will begin to grow and in the Fall you will begin to see the ‘change’ taking place in different areas – be OBSERVERS. Continue.

JOHN: That was the end of the questions from Thomas.

DATRE: Have we covered everything sufficiently?

JOHN: I think that we have, this is the third and final segment of these questions from Thomas.

DATRE: All right, we thank you, we will leave you now.

We are Datre.

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Datre 072 – Existence, Universal and our evolution

Datre answers Thomas (part II)

JOHN: The first question from Thomas in this session is… “I understand that the I that I am, have simultaneous existences that exist in different times.”

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “I understand that I use these existences to grow and learn from”

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: And the next question is… “This implies that some existences have more substance and more growth behind them than others”

DATRE: That is true. There are some existences in your “time spans” that you, shall we say, take a ‘free’ ride. You don’t… you’re not interested in evolution all you’re interested in is physicality. So, there are existences that are more beneficial than others. You see it was so long ago that you lost your ‘interest’ in evolution that it’s hard to go back to that point. But, you’ll find in today with all the individuals you have on your planet, the very small amount of individuals that are interested in that which you call evolution. That is not anything that even “enters their mind”. All they care about is getting through today and thinking about what tomorrows going to bring and remembering yesterday. But, not particularly interested in where they’re going after what you call death.

They would have absolutely no interest in what is involved in planetary existence. They would have no interest in anything that would involve UNIVERSAL existence. They might be interested in what happens if your mechanical things go to different planets. But, that soon fades except for the people that are involved in it everyday. The rest of humanity is not that much interested in it. They’re interested in what happened, ‘oh, the space probe did this or did that or something else’, a topic of conversation and that’s all that’s important. But, the evolution of the individual is not of any interest to the majority of the people upon your planet. Continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “This is what I see as the idea of ‘soul age'”

DATRE: I don’t know where that all came from, I have heard of it spoken of many times, ‘he is an old soul’. Now, to me that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever because I don’t know what that is all about. You have experiences; you have maintained the continuity to some degree, from one section of physicality to the next section, in some cases. But, the thing… what it may be when you term ‘old soul’ that you have in speaking to another person – have a remembrance of vaguely having done something at some other space in time with an individual so therefore you will set that up as being an ‘old soul’. All that is is tapping into another ‘time frame’ from this vantage point and recognizing an experience that is taking place and recognizing the vibratory construct of the individual that you are speaking with. Then recognizing that vibratory construct in another person that you’re speaking with in another ‘time span’.

In other words, if you are talking to this person and they say, ‘I have a feeling that you and I did such and such in the time of the Roman Empire’ and you will tap into that ‘time span’ and say, ‘oh yes, I remember you were there and we did this and this and this’. Now, all you’re doing is tapping into another ‘time frame’ and recognizing the vibration of the other person that you’re speaking with. So you figure, if that’s ‘then’ and this is ‘now’, you have to be an ‘old soul’. That is all I can figure out that you’re doing.

JOHN: The reference to an ‘old soul’ is broader than that, usually what it implies is that the individual has some recognition of what they were prior to physicality, prior to coming to ‘this’ experience.

DATRE: There are not that many that are able to do that.

JOHN: But that still doesn’t make it any older.

DATRE: No, not a bit. Not a bit, but most of the time there are not that many that ever recognize that they were anyplace other than here. They will talk about the Roman Empire, they will talk about the Egyptians, they will talk about all these other things, but they’re all Earth based. That’s when I’ve heard them talk about ‘you must be an old soul’. What they’re picking up is who you are ‘representing’ or how you are ‘representing’ our self in ‘this’ physicality with the knowledge, shall we say, of multiple physicality experiences. Things that you have maintained in, shall we say, your genes or whatever that you have been able to connect with and how you are living ‘this’ particular existence.

You know, to a ‘novice’ who meets someone that is… has evolved, the ‘novice’ thinks that one in evolution is far superior to them. Because, well you know this and you know that and you know something else and I never heard of this, where did you ever hear of that? So, ‘well you must be an old soul’ otherwise you would not have gathered all this information. That is what I’m referring to and that is the only context I can think of. Because, you see, you figure that ‘soul’ business in a context that I cannot relate to. Continue.

JOHN: The next question continues along these lines and he says… “Is this a valid way to view our existence?” the old souls thing

DATRE: No. No, you view your existence on a daily basis. It is not what you knew yesterday that’s important if you don’t learn anything today. Now you may say, ‘I didn’t learn anything today’, but the very fact that you were in physicality and reacting with all the elements within physicality, even by default, you have learned something. So, it is the day to day process that is important. Yesterday is NOT important, it never has been, it never will be.

If there were something of importance, to maintain, you would have ‘compressed’ it like you do with your computers and kept it on a disk. But that does not mean that everyday you have to put that disk back into your computer to be sure that its still there. You see what I’m referring to? Your brain does the same thing, you don’t have to check up to see how much you remember, it’s not important. It’s where your going and where you want to go and what you want to observe. If you’re going to think about anything, think about tomorrow. You can’t go forward if you’ve got your head turned around looking behind you, because the first two steps you take you’re going to fall over something. It’s not going to be of any advantage. Behind you is not important.

The GARBAGE that you carry in a bag that you put by your bed when you go to bed at night, you pick up the next morning and drag it around with you all day long. Every once in a while you get down into that GARBAGE bag and rummage around and rummage around to see if you can find something. You take it back home; you put it beside your bed. You know, the people that decide, ‘I don’t need to carry that with me every day of my life’, my goodness what freedom, of not having to carry… The older you get, the bigger the bag. By the time you reach 50 you’ve got a great big, well sometimes you’ve got 2 GARBAGE bags you’re dragging along. Then you wonder why you look at these old people and they’re all slumped over? Just the next time you see some elderly people walking along and they’re all slumped over, in your mind, imagine them pulling 2 great big GARBAGE bags and then you will smile. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is that what separates who will go to which planet at the BIRTH time?”

DATRE: The only thing that separates who will go where is the vibration of the physical construct of your physical HOLOGRAM, that is what is the separation. It has nothing to do with anything else. You are constantly making changes in your HOLOGRAM. It is your experiences, your understanding of your planetary existence, what it is all about. When you have reached the point that you’re secure in the ‘knowledge’ of what your planetary existence is all about, what ‘you’ are all about, what your HOLOGRAM is all about, then that is what decides where you go. It is all those things that make up your vibratory construct. Then as we have said before, realities are divided by vibratory constructs. That’s why you can go to some realities and you can’t go to ‘other’ realities because you don’t have the ability to function in certain realities. That’s because you don’t have the ‘understanding’ for functioning within different realities. It is the same any place you go, you have to be able to function within the reality that you’re going to in order to be able to be there.

You can’t, just by desire go, because number one, if you’ve never been there, how do you ‘know’ where you’re going? There are no road maps. There is nobody to tell you, when you get up to star 13 you make a left turn. There isn’t going to be any of this. We have said before and we will continue to say, THIS IS A JOURNEY THAT YOU DO ALONE. The vibration of your physical construct, which is comprising all of that which is within your physical structure, including your brain, including all your sensory perceptions, that comprises your whole HOLOGRAM. That is what is going to ‘allow’ you to go to different areas, because ‘that’ is the ‘package’ you take with you. Then if that ‘package’ is of a low vibratory construct, you’re not going to be able to function in any existence that has a ‘higher’ vibratory construct – it is an impossibility.

It’s a very simple physics principle that functions throughout the UNIVERSE. It is ‘not’ magic, it is all ‘principles’, UNIVERSES are set up on PRINCIPLES. Then each area of a UNIVERSE has different PRINCIPLES, different vibratory constructs. So, you will go, where you will go and you will be happy in it. It is like going to bed at night. Are you going to wake up in the morning or are you going to wake up ‘dead’? You don’t know, how do you know? The YOU that you are knows, but in physicality you hide that from yourself because you don’t want to know. Even that YOU that ‘you’ are cannot bring ALL of itself into physicality, no way. You could not come in to physicality with ‘all the knowing’ that is available to you. You take it a step at a time, that’s what you do in a ‘life time’, you learn, one thing after another.

So, do not be concerned about the BIRTH, do not be concerned about ‘life’ and ‘death’, it is ‘nothing’, it is EVOLUTION. It is nothing to be ‘feared’. The one thing you need to know and be ‘secure’ in is that you ‘know’ that you ARE. You ‘know’ that you WERE that you ARE and that you will BE. When you become secure in THAT knowledge, then it does not matter ‘where’ your existence is. It doesn’t matter if your existence is on planet Earth. It does not matter if your existence is out on the planet in the far regions of the Milky Way. It does not matter if your existence is out in the UNIVERSE – it doesn’t matter, because you ‘know’ you ARE.

But, because of physicality and what has happened in the ‘layering’ of ‘mass consciousness’ in physicality, you have held yourself in a cocoon. Now you hear about the cocoon and the butterfly all the time, that’s a very familiar one to you, OK, you are in a cocoon. But there are those that are beginning to get that cocoon to start opening and those are the ones that are going to be butterflies and they’re ‘fascinated’ by the process. You’re no longer fascinated by the process of living in physicality – bottom line. When you become fascinated with what is happening in physicality, you’ll look at things differently. Now, that does not mean you’re not going to have ‘bad’ days. That doesn’t mean the stomach isn’t going to hurt. That does not mean you’re not going to get headaches. That does not mean you’re going to have many different things that happen in physicality. You will have challenges, within the physical body and outside the physical body. You’ll have challenges within your family relations or whatever relationships you have.

But if you’re able, just for a few minutes, to step back and say to yourself, ‘oops, I forgot to watch the process’, instead of getting emotionally involved in it. That is the part that is important. That is what, to use an example, Aona did today. She was hot, she was tired, she was dirty, she’d been scrubbing for 3 hours, she was angry and she lashed out at John. Then John said, ‘I’m an innocent bystander, why are you lashing out at me?’. Then Aona realized, at that moment, what she had done, not to John, but what she had done to herself. She became emotional and forgot to be an ‘observer’. That’s where the difference comes in, in your ‘reactions’ to situations, is the pressure of doing things and having to do things. The ’emotion’ that is of the physical construct, gets in the way. Then it is through the ’emotion’ that you ‘react’ – I said REACT – because when you are in ‘control’ you ACT, not REACT. Continue.

JOHN: Well the final question for this session is… “It seems that there are a lot of people on the planet now that do not have a good understanding of what life is about, and this causes problems in dealing with life on the planet. Is this a correct assessment, or misplaced belief?”

DATRE: Yes, the ‘mass consciousness’ is ‘not’ concerned with ‘life evolution’ – not concerned one bit. So those that are interested in LIFE, learning about their physical existence, learning about planetary existence, learning about EVOLUTION, learning about UNIVERSAL existence, that’s where there is that distinct division. That is going to be one of the things that is going to ‘separate’ individuals. Because, those that are in ‘mass consciousness’ are not interested in what the Datre information is. This is fine, that is THEIR evolution. Everyone evolves at an ‘individual’ rate and it does not matter how many eons it takes for evolution – there’s no ‘time’ on anything.

That’s what gets in the way of much of thinking is that everything you do is related to ‘time’ – EVERYTHING, including your Sun coming up and going down. That is the way your planet works. But you’re so related to ‘time’ that you feel that ‘evolution’ has to come in a year or two and that’s even stretching it. Evolution is a continuing process. The difference is, there are those on this planet that have evolved to a point, that the ‘difference’ between the ‘mass consciousness’ and where they’re at is, there is such a BIG division and its very difficult to, shall we say, make any headway beyond this point. You’re both on the same planet using the same basic substances for ‘evolution’.

But, the people in ‘mass consciousness’ are content; they’re content with what’s going on. If they weren’t content, they wouldn’t continually come back into physicality for other experiences. Now, those that are ready to have a NEW experience are anxious to get ‘on’ with it. They are anxious to find out, ‘what could we work with, other than grass and trees and automobiles and flying airplanes and houses and all of that?’ What type of experience would be that different? What type of things could we work with? What could our dreams take us into?

You see, if you could sit down and fashion a NEW PLANET and not use ANY reference to anything that exists upon this planet or that is in this planetary existence and make an ‘entirely’ NEW one, what would you create? Try it, it is a real mind bender, because you think you’ve come up with something, but as you stop and think about it, you’ll find that it exists within this physical construct, because THIS is all you have. You are working off a MIND within this BUBBLE. So everything that you would ‘think’ of is within this planetary BUBBLE.

Now, if you were to be going into ‘another’ BUBBLE with ‘another’ UNIVERSAL MIND of a ‘different’ construct, what would it be? For some, it would be scary. For others, it would be excitement. Can you imagine functioning in a ‘totally’ different environment that had NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING that resembles this planet – period. That is what the BIRTH is all about is to take those who have finished their EVOLUTIONARY process upon ‘this’ planet and are ready for a NEW experience and give them that NEW experience. The only one that sets the parameters, as to whether you go or you don’t go, is the YOU that you are and you ‘know’ or you don’t know – its as simple as that.

This is not complicated, evolution is not complicated. What complicates it is that you have a real… what is the word, dichotomy in the thinking processes. You have those that are working their bodies and their thought patterns off of ‘mass consciousness’ and there are individuals who are working their physicality off of UNIVERSAL MIND and those two are as different as day and night. So, the separation is needed, the timing and the change is to be made. But it is no big deal. You’re not afraid to go to sleep at night; you ‘know’ you’re going to wake up in the morning. That is the confidence that you have when you ‘know’ WHO you are. You KNOW you are and it does not matter what the ‘location’ is – no big deal. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question from Thomas for this session.

DATRE: All right, we hope we have been of help, cleared up a few situations, we’ll leave you now.

We’re Datre.

To be continued on (part III)

Datre 071 – BIRTH process and the new energy

Datre answers Thomas (part I)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Thomas, his first question is… “What is the function/purpose of the physical body in the BIRTH process?”

DATRE: There’s really not a function as far as that is concerned. What they hope to achieve is that ‘some’ will be able to leave this planetary existence and go ‘directly’ out into the Universe with the physical body. Not like you see the physical body, but the ability to duplicate a physical body in the Universe. That will be a first because there is no physicality per se in the Universe. So for that individual to be able to go out into the UNIVERSE with the total understanding of physicality as far as the body is concerned, to be able to take that and to be able to, shall we say, in a way, be able to ‘duplicate’ that construct for a learning process. In other words, you’re not going to stand on a cloud and make your body appear, that isn’t the point. The evolution of the body is… on this planet, is far beyond those on other planetary systems. So to be able to take the ‘knowledge’ of HOW a physical body is constructed and it’s operational… how it operates is going to be very interesting, because in itself it will be a study of something very unique in Universal understanding.

Not only that, the information that will go in this ‘packet’ of what you call ‘physicality’ will also be the many different functions of your ‘glands’ and your ‘brain’ etc. The evolution to this point has been indeed GRAND. So it will be a ‘totality’ of all that has been able to be absorbed and shall we say, learned and understood in this physicality, will be in a package that will be taken by who ever is able to go out ‘directly’ into the Universe. That will be a first. There will be some that will be able to do it. At this point we don’t know how many, but it will be very few. Because, to have the understanding of all that is involved in this, not only ‘this’ planetary existence, but previous planetary existences that that, shall we say, individual will carry with them, will be of great value to those in the Universe who have no idea of what a physical life time or life ‘times’ is all about. What is a brain? What is the function of a brain? What is the function of the ‘glands’ within a body? What is the function of ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’ and all of those different things in a ‘mass’ package?

You see, you can’t take ‘mass’ from this planet out into the Universe. You take the ‘concepts’ of what is involved in a physical body. Now, that is not as easy as it sounds.

JOHN: The essence, the…

DATRE: Well, no, no, because essence would have a ‘mass’ quality. So you see, it can’t even be essence because that essence would have a… even like an essence that you smell, they call those essences in little bottles, that have different smells to them, that is ‘still’ physically based. So you see, even an essence could not go. But it would be the little ‘package’ which would be the ‘knowing’ of physicality and its functions and how the brain works and all of these things. These will be extremely interesting, because in the Universe things could be put together, shall we say, for explanations, so that others could benefit from that. So it will be ‘unique’, it will be very unique.

So, as to thinking you can take the physical body, no you cannot, this belongs to the planet, it will stay with the planet. Even if you go someplace else, this will stay with the planet. Because you’ll ALL, in going to other planets, will take with you but a ‘package’ for reconstruction upon whatever type of surface you go to. But this stays with the planet, just like grass and everything else. Because that is what you’re composed of. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Do we take it with us when we go, or is it more of a launching pad to where we are going?”

DATRE: It is neither, you don’t take it with you and it is not a launch pad. Like I say, the only thing I can explain it is that you will take a ‘packet’ with you. You see, one of the difficulties in explaining to you is that when you “die” you take many things with you. In other words, that’s why people don’t know that they’re ‘dead’. That’s why they try to get back in their bodies, because they don’t ‘know’ that they’re out of the body and can’t get back in again. They stay around their body and try to ‘reactivate’ the body, but they are ‘disconnected’, they are severed from it. Perhaps one of the best examples of that was many years ago you had a TV program called MASH and one of the men under some medication was able to ‘see’ these people that had died and were looking for their bodies. They did a very good program on that, because Aona wanted us to see that, so there were many people that saw that program and I saw it too.

But, you see, when you go into a “death” process you take your ‘knowingness’ with you. That is why you are able to reconstruct a ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAM in the death process, because that is immediate. You see, you’re so ‘afraid’ of death, you wonder what its all about, yet you have done it so many times and its very ‘natural’ to you, but there are those that ‘continually’ “loose” their remembrance of everything, every time they come into physicality. But, when you go through the BIRTH, it’s going to be a different sensation, but you’ll still have that which you call ‘remembrance’ in the ‘package’ that you take with you. Now, that does not stay for any length of time, it ‘diminishes’, lets put it that way.

Now, for peoples that travel and have lived in many different places within this particular life time, in other words, they’ve had homes here, they’ve had homes there, they’ve had homes other places. Maybe as a child their parents moved around a lot. They were only in one place a few years and then in another place and another place and then they were in other countries, not in the U.S., but in other countries. Now, you talk to someone that is probably 60, 70 age range and they will find that even the memory of those number of years there are certain places that they have… someone will say, ‘well don’t you remember you lived in such and such a place?’ And depending upon the individual, there are many that have no remembrance of that at all.

Because as you experience, many of you now, in this particular lifetime, are ‘compressing’ your experiences. So that you… its like your computer thing, you compress it and put more on a disk, that’s what you’re doing with your brain. Now those that know the importance of that, not necessarily in the physical, but your knowing of what you’re doing in your acting out of physicality, you are ‘compressing’ this information to be saved. Now, those that are not interested in evolution, they don’t care about keeping anything. But those that are in the process of evolution and have been in the process of evolution for long periods of time, in not only this life time, are compressing information to take as much with them as they can.

So, the fact that you can’t remember some of the events that happened to you in say, a 60 or 70 year period, what are you going to do with “thousands” of years experience? You see it all takes on a different construct entirely. So, I think we got a little lost… we changed here. Did we cover that subject?

JOHN: Yes I think you did.

DATRE: All right, continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is there a value, in regards to the BIRTH, in maintaining the physical body in good shape?”

DATRE: Yes! The value to keeping the body in good shape is that you wish to stay and experience as much as you can. You want to have as many experiences as you can within this physical construct which you are in at the present time. Now, that does not matter whether there is going to be a BIRTH or not. You still want to live, shall we say, as long as you can and be able to experience as much as you can, because that is your individual evolution.

Now, keeping the body in good shape does not necessarily mean that it has to be in good shape as far as looking at the body is concerned. In other words, you don’t have to have big muscles and be able to do all kinds of strong lifting and doing all of that sort of thing. What I’m saying, in good shape is are you working with your body to give it the nourishment it needs? To give it the rest it needs? To keep it clean? To keeping the innards functioning as good as you can with everyday activity, whatever that happens to be? So, keeping the body in good shape, that is what I call good shape. That is not all of these other things.

From our vantage point, to run down the side of a road where there’s a lot of traffic, to us seems very foolish. Because all that you’re doing is inhaling all of the exhaust from all those automobiles. So, you see, from our standpoint, you see, that’s defeating the purpose of the body. In other words, you’re running to build up the body and yet you’re putting all that junk in your lungs. So see where, from our vantage point that doesn’t look very intelligent. If you’re going to run someplace, run where there’s trees, vegetation, so that the noxious fumes of your atmosphere are interacted and absorbed by the trees, the trees process that and give you good air to breath. That is just a simple thing. A person running 5 miles up and down a road every day, is not doing his body as much good as the little lady working out in her garden. See, from our vantage point we look at things entirely different. Getting out and walking on the sidewalk or walking where ever you’re able to walk where you’re not breathing the exhaust fumes of the automobile. So, that’s what we would say, is keeping the body in good health. Give it good air to breath, as good as you can.

Many live in great big cities where there is not much good air. But, I don’t know that much about all around, but I would think that from the experiences that I’ve had with Aona and John there’s always a park in every city that they’ve ever lived in, because they’ve always found it and that’s big cities. Big cities where it’s hot. Big cities where it’s cold. And big cities North, South, East, West and big cities in other countries. There’s always someplace where there’s a park where you can breath the best air you can breath. Because your trees and your grass, they’re all your friends and they will give you the best air that you can get. So, continue.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… Much along the lines you just covered… “Is there any value to exercise other than if it feels good and you enjoy it, go for it?”

DATRE: Yes, but I would say, if you want to go for exercise, do you want to sit in a room with a lot of sweaty people? Or do you want to take those things like… what do they call those things they exercise with and go outdoors? I know it is not much fun to go outdoors and do those things by yourself. Its more fun to put on the ‘stinky’ clothes and go in and do your exercises with other people, because you can always look at someone else and say, ‘well I’m in better shape than they are’, so its kind of an ego booster. You don’t get ego boosting much when you’re out by yourself.

But, as I have said before, outdoors is best. If you want to exercise… you see these are all things that are individual. It is up to you what you want to do with your life, it does not matter. You can do what ever you want to do, in whatever way you want to do it. If you want to take drugs, if you want to drink water, whatever you want to do, do it. But, ‘know’ what you’re doing, don’t just do. Think about what you’re doing. That’s when it becomes beneficial, because when you begin to ‘think’ about what you’re doing that shows the body that you’re concerned with it’s welfare and that makes a great deal of difference in the ‘life’ that you will have. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “Can Datre explain in more detail the changes, and the purpose of the changes, being made to our physical bodies, in regards to how they will be utilized in the BIRTH process?”

DATRE: Well, I cannot tell you the changes because we don’t know how the energy interacts until its there. We have those upon the planet that are being constantly observed when any NEW energy comes in, as to what effect it has on the physical construct. What effects it has on the mental construct of individuals. There are those that have, shall we say, volunteered to do that, to be the ones that we watch, because they are the ones that receive the energy first. They have, what you would call, a FINER body.

What is happening, your body is using more HYDROGEN now than it ever has before. Those bodies that are beginning to work more off that which you call HYDROGEN, than OXYGEN, are beginning to change in their construct of their physical being. Simply because their body is, with HYDROGEN, is becoming, shall we say, a finer construct. In other words, if you had a body that was 95% HYDOROGEN on this planet at this time, that body would be INVISABLE. So that’s what I mean by FINER. In other words, it is becoming… the HYDROGEN base body is working with the chemicals that compose your food. Not BAD chemicals, but everything that’s in the composition of your food. Its being digested and worked with in a different manner.

So these individuals are being watched, because the first thing that happens when new energies comes in is, they react with the planet before it reacts with the physical construct. So that in itself changes your food and your food that you ingest, changes your physical construct. The water that you drink changes your physical construct. Those that drink a great deal of water, at this time, find it very beneficial. In fact they find that they need a great deal of water because they need to supplement that HYDROGEN. That is why Aona drinks a lot of water, because when we work with her, we use the HYDROGEN and the OXYGEN, so she needs to replenish all the time.

Now, there are times when Aona is low on HYDROGEN, her body becomes very tired and when that begins to happen, now she has been at this long enough so that she recognizes that particular TYPE of tiredness. She knows that when that particular type of tiredness occurs, that she needs wine, of high quality, to be able to replenish the HYDROGEN at a faster rate. In other words, what is that that you get John?

JOHN: Blackberry wine.

DATRE: Blackberry wine; that is a special kind?

JOHN: It happens to be Morgan David which is a ‘kosher’ wine.

DATRE: No, that’s got a bigger name than that.

JOHN: Oh, that’s right ‘Manischewitz’.

DATRE: That’s the one. All right now, because of the way that wine is made, that is a very high alcoholic content, am I right?

JOHN: It’s about 11% by volume.

DATRE: All right! Now that is extremely high in comparison to a lot of alcoholic drinks. But what happens is, blackberries and blue berries are very good cleansers for your system. So that being used and also the replenishment of the HYDROGEN to the body rejuvenates the body and drinking that one day, the next day the body will have overcome that weak tired feeling. Now, when you partake of anything like that you don’t need large amounts. Very small amounts will do it because it is so concentrated. But what it is, its like you have these people that do the exercises, they have those booster drinks, OK. Now, for Aona the wine is a booster drink because it cleanses the insides of the system, with the blackberry and it also increases the HYDROGEN content which is put into the body, much faster than water.

JOHN: The… if I remember right the increase is about 30 to 40 to one. A unit of wine contains 30 to 40 times the amount of HYDROGEN of that same unit of water.

DATRE: That’s about right, that’s about right. So you see, what you can drink and need to drink a LOT of water, simply because you need that input all through the day. But, for the booster of HYDROGEN… like Aona may be sometimes 2, 3 weeks and will not have any wine and then she will have one little… how much in that?

JOHN: Oh, about 4 ounces, maybe 5.

DATRE: That’s all that’s needed, because with the water content she maintains. But, when the energies are changing and depending upon her physical activity, because now she has so many things doing inside and outside. You see, when you begin to work with a HYDROGEN based body on a OXYGEN planet your body is… it doesn’t, shall we say, have as much sustaining strength. So, you’ll find that you tire more quickly and you’ll hit these spots of needing more HYDROGEN. So, we got off on that, but I think that’s important for peoples to know, continue.

JOHN: OK, and the next question is… “How can we learn to manipulate our Hologram the way Datre can when he enters a physical body?”

DATRE: That is a funny question. What do you do every day? You are so used to the body that you don’t realize that that’s what you do everyday that you are within that which you call physicality. You’re manipulating it all the time. You see, what is interesting is, as we’ve said before, there are different ones of us that are able to do different things. There are those that come in that just want the experience of… sometimes they’re so fascinated to see what this experience is about, that they will come in and just search through the physical construct, just to see what its all about. Never speak a word, never move the body; they’re just so fascinated by the whole concept.

Now, babies come into a body and learn to manipulate them – correct?

JOHN: That’s what we say.

DATRE: They have to get up and learn how to walk. They have to learn how to eat. They have to learn how to talk. They even have to learn how to see because little baby’s eyes don’t focus the first day they look at you. You’ll say, ‘oh, look he’s smiling at me’, its probably a gas bubble. But the thing is it is like when we first came in and began to work with Aona; it was like we had to learn how everything worked. That’s the way with Aona after her operation. How did everything work? How did the eyes work? Double vision, couldn’t see ‘one’ thing, everything was double. How to write. How to do the simplest of things when you’re NOT familiar with a body. That’s what she went through. That’s why when we were going through these stages with her she had patience with us because she had done it herself. Then she would get out of the body and watch us try and work with the body. You see, from her standpoint this working with a HOLOGRAM was something that she had done, so she was interested in how we would do it.

You’ve had the body, ever since that which you call birth, so it’s no big deal to you. We haven’t, we have it for a couple of hours, but then we’re gone. Now, there’s one of us that has it more often, that was the one that began to work with her to start with. That is the one that has progressed to eating and watching TV and walking up and down stairs. In fact, walking period, was quite interesting and now walks up and down stairs. Pours coffee, helps Aona paint, loves to paint. When she does crafts, she will give him the projects to paint that are just putting the paint on. He’s fascinated by that which you call paint. So you see, when you only have a body for as short periods of time that we have the body it’s a lot different. Now in this transcript, I don’t know how many there will be – we’re in and out. So, but for you to manipulate the HOLOGRAM, you do it all the time. You do it every… from the day you take your first breath, in fact, even before that, but anyway. When you begin to develop, even before birth, you beginning to work with that physical body. So, no big deal, if you haven’t figured it out yet, then I think you’ve got some problems. Continue.

JOHN: The last question in this session is… “What is involved in manipulating the Hologram?”

DATRE: Well that’s self explanatory. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question for this segment of questions from Thomas.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now.

We are Datre.

Continued on Datre answers Thomas (part II)

Datre 070 – The reference to God

JOHN: OK, today we have some questions from Larry and he’s making reference to some of the earlier Datre material and would like some clarification, his first question is… “It would seem as if the Entity who supplied me with My ‘life spark’ would be like a God to me.”

DATRE: Why? Why would that be like a God? In physicality you have a mother and a father, but you don’t necessarily revere them. In fact a lot of times there’s a great deal of animosity between children and their parents, dislike for parents many times. So, what would be the difference? You see. You’re but a ‘small’ portion of the YOU that you are that is expressing through physicality. So, lets leave it at that and see where the rest of these questions go.

JOHN: The next question is… “Is that one of our concepts of God?” relative to the previous question.

DATRE: I don’t know, I really don’t know. I don’t know what ‘mans’ concept of God is because every individual on this planet, and there’s I don’t know how many people you’ve got, each one has a different concept of that which they call God or the All That Is or whatever name they want to give it. Everyone has a ‘different’ concept. You all agree on certain fundamentals, but there’s no two alike, no more than your fingerprints are alike. So what mans concept of God is, is individualistic. Continue.

JOHN: The next question, continuing along those lines says… “Also it would seem that the Entity who supplied me with my ‘life spark’ would also have a personality and we should be able to communicate in some fashion with that entity. Is that possible?”

DATRE: Well we have spoken many times of you getting in touch with the YOU that you are and by doing that, expressing ‘more’ of what you are. If that is who you wish to revere and call your God, it is the YOU that you are but a physical expression of. Now, the more you know about the YOU that you are, the more you’ll realize that you’re the ‘expression’. Then the more that you come in contact with the YOU that you are that you express the ‘true’ you which you wish to express. Continue.

JOHN: All right, now we have another question from Larry, which says… “Is it possible that the Entity that Neal Walsch termed God in his book ‘Conversations with God’ is such a ‘life spark’ producing entity?”

DATRE: Now, the ‘life spark’ producing Entity is but a CONTAINMENT. The Entity that ‘sparked’ the YOU that you are is a CONTAINMENT. Now, this becomes very complicated. But, when Entities decided that they wished to participate in their creation they found that they could ‘zip through’, shall we say, but had no way of containing a memory. So they devised a way of being able to ‘express’ in physicality through a medium that would have a memory to contain memory of experiences.

Now, at the time of the BIRTH you will leave through an Entity. In other words, you will merge or gravitate to an Entity that will take you ‘out’ of this physicality. Now, I don’t wish to go into that any further, because it gets too complicated, but the Entity is a containment, that’s all an Entity is. Your experiences is what the Entity will gain and gather at the time of the BIRTH. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “After reading that book, (referring to Conversations with God) it doesn’t seem like Mr. Walsch is communicating with a ‘Dead Zone’ entity.”

DATRE: Now, the ‘dead zone’ Entities are a multiplicity. There are different ‘realities’ within that which you call your ‘dead zone’. Just as there are different reality expressions within physicality. Now, this becomes complicated, in that… I will use an example of being able to ‘predict’ a future event. Now, it has been said and you’ve heard it many times before, ‘well such and such was predicted and it didn’t happen’. In which reality ‘didn’t’ it happen? In which reality ‘did’ it happen? Just because you have you feet on planet earth that does NOT mean that the reality that ‘you’ are living in and the neighbor next door is living in are one and the same. Now, that’s very mind bogging. This is why it is difficult to explain ‘realities’ because realities merge and realities separate. Now, the same thing exists in that which you call your ‘dead zone’. In the ‘dead zone’, your ‘package’ of recent physical life goes with you and that life experience you take with you and ‘that’ takes you into different ‘realities’ within that which you call your ‘dead zone’.

Now, there are multiple realities within the ‘dead zone’ also. Now, at the time of the BIRTH is when ALL within physicality, in living or in death, which ever you happen to be in, at the time of the BIRTH, this is when ALL leave the planet. No one has left the planet previously. Now, in those realities that are as far as you can go within this planetary BUBBLE, those realities out that far, if you want to call it that or use that terminology for your minds eye to figure, that ‘touches’ and those in THAT reality can touch into UNIVERSAL awareness. But, its a back and a forth, its not there to stay but, the information is there. So, from that realm, you can see where that material blends. Understood?

JOHN: Yes, I understand that.

DATRE: All right fine, then continue.

JOHN: Further on that, those realities in their proximity could also relate to ‘dead zone’, physicality, UNIVERSE all that is assessable from that vantage point.

DATRE: Yes, yes, from that vantage point it is, because that is… those that stay in that are staying there for ‘teaching’. Because in every reality, that exists within your BUBBLE, there are what we call teachers – you call teachers. We have to use the word ‘teachers’ simply because that’s something you’re familiar with. You go to school, you have a teacher. You go to college, you have a teacher. You go to learn a trade, electronics or whatever, you have a teacher. Someone with specific knowledge in certain areas are called teachers.

JOHN: At least those that try to communicate that knowledge, yes.

DATRE: Yes, yes. So, you call them teachers. All right to use your language, in every reality, there are those, which you would term teachers. Like the old saying, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’. Its not like when you go to school, you ‘get’ a teacher. Here in what you call your ‘different’ learning other than out of books in physicality, in your ‘other’ learning of things you want to know, you call for information and the information that you get, you say, comes from a teacher. Be it a physical teacher or if you want to call it, words in your head. You still refer to that information as a teacher. So in ALL realities you have that which you call teachers. Then you see it is like with us, in this UNIVERSE we know there are OTHER UNIVERSES. How do we know? Because we have taped into that information or however you want to put it.

The same way with those that are in what you would call, the furthest out reality have tapped into UNIVERSAL knowledge. Because at that point, you’re working with that which you call MIND information, which is in your whole BUBBLE, I mean everything that’s in your BUBBLE is in your BUBBLE. That is what they call the MIND; your brain is in your head. The MIND of information is what surrounds you and that surrounds everything that’s within the BUBBLE. Then those that are furthest out are working from that standpoint. They work with a different concept entirely. That’s why they’re going to be able to go out when the BIRTH occurs, they’ll just be out in the UNIVERSE and it will be very natural for them because they already are working off the principle of MIND. They’re not working from a ‘brain’ function and that’s very difficult in physicality to understand.

JOHN: I’d like to bring up another point, as I understand it, also some of those that are out there are there purposely in order to NOT go beyond that point and disrupt the BIRTH.

DATRE: Definitely! Yes, because this has to be a UNIVERSALLY ‘timed’ event. So, yes definitely.

JOHN: OK, the next question is… “Also isn’t it possible that Entities would communicate with us and use terms we can relate to like ‘God’ and themselves have a higher understanding of what God means?”

DATRE: All right, God seems to be a stumbling block for many individuals. In books, in the teachings of the Ram, in a lot of your teachings, the reference is to God. The reference to God is there for a comfort value. People are more comfortable if they think this information is coming from God. God is a protector. God is all loving, all caring, all knowing, all seeing. That is the context that you have put on the ‘concept’ of a God. This is a ‘comfort’ zone for those in physicality. Because they can’t imagine, that they, in and of themselves, by asking and asking and asking for answers, gets to the point that they realize that they CAN stand on their own. They reach a point where they KNOW who they are. Then when you KNOW who you are, then you don’t need anyone else to rely on. Now, that doesn’t mean the questions stop. But it means that you no longer need to rely on another individual for anything. You KNOW who you are and it does not matter what anyone else thinks, believes, understands, or knows, it doesn’t matter. You KNOW who you are and when you know WHO you are, you don’t need a security blanket any longer.

Now, for those that need a security blanket, there’s nothing wrong with that, because we have said many, many ‘gillion’ times, ‘evolution is an ongoing process’. Then as you begin to understand more and more and more, these things happen automatically. You don’t have to ‘push’ to try and become something, because you already ARE, you just have to ask the questions till you discover WHO you are and we’ve said that a ‘gillion’ times. So, the concept of a God is from our standpoint a security blanket that the majority of the people are very uncomfortable without. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… continuing along the same lines… “It would seem that each of us must progress according to our understanding and thus receive information accordingly.”

DATRE: That is correct and that is exactly what happens. You see, we’re sitting here giving information that will be put on the NET and for everyone that we have that is a recipient of this information, everyone that reads this information will have a different concept of ‘what’ is being said. That is why we try to keep things so that it is understandable by everyone. The ‘symbols’ are your interpretation and everyone interprets differently. So, everything is fine, as it is, information is ‘always’ important. It is for ‘you’ to decipher, what you want and what you don’t want and no one can tell you what is right or wrong, because its for ‘you’. Then when you get together with people, after talking, there can be an ‘agreement’ on information and this is fine. But, agreement or disagreement on information doesn’t matter, because ‘you’ are the one, each individual, that is seeking their own individual answers and each one will be different. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “It would seem that each ‘life spark’ would have to originate from another Entity ad infinitum.”

DATRE: Yes, you have a certain number of Entities that put off ‘multiple life sparks’ for this expression in planetary existence. Now, there are those of you who are becoming a complete and total SELF. So, when that point is reached that you become a ‘complete’ and total SELF, an Entity is no longer required. Because when you become a SELF and you ‘know’ who you are then you don’t need a ‘containment’ to take you any place to do anything, because then you ARE. But, in this particular BUBBLE these experiences that are being gained by ALL the ‘life sparks’ will be… the ‘life sparks’ will be like, they’re drawn like a magnet to an Entity to leave here at the time of the BIRTH. That is very simplistic, but lets put it that way. There will be no one, shall we say, left behind for lack of an Entity because one Entity contains many, many ‘sparks’. Continue.

JOHN: Sort of like a tour bus.

DATRE: That is correct, but the bus doesn’t have any feeling.

JOHN: Yes, I understand that, but capacity wise.


JOHN: The next question is… “It would also seem to me that the originating Entity would have a personality and not be an impersonal energy field.”

DATRE: You see, there again we get into this business of words. What you call a personality is something that an Entity would not understand. There again, you’re putting it in terms of physicality and it becomes a stumbling block, because an Entity is waiting for you and ‘your’ experiences. So, the Entity will be ‘enlarged’ in its capacity of understanding, by your experiences. The Entity only experiences physicality through the YOU that you are. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “At least after receiving the experiences of it’s many created ‘life sparks’ it would develop a personality.” Again referring to the Entity.

DATRE: Now, because this is NEW we’ll see after the BIRTH. This is different than ever before. This is why so many are here, they want to see what’s going to happen, they want to see how this is going to work – first time experiment.

JOHN: Nobody’s ever seen this kind of a show.

DATRE: No! And that’s why it is excitement for those that are waiting for the final experience of the BIRTH out of this planetary existence. So, we shall see, it shall be GRAND whatever happens. One thing that we have always said, ‘if you know you ARE, you know you have been and you know you will BE, that is always very pleasant’, ride the WAVE and see where it takes you. Lots of big surf out there. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “In the “White Ramtha Book” Ramtha talks a lot about God. Who or what is he talking about?”

DATRE: Now, you must realize, as we have said before, ‘everyone’s concept of God is different’. You don’t have a fingerprint like anyone else in this whole planetary existence, what makes you think that your concept of God is the same as anyone else’s? That is why physicality is so unique. Your Aspect Selves or your whatever portions of the YOU that you are is existing in, what you call, different time spans, in different realities and everything else.

How much different the concept of “a God” back in 1500 and a concept of a God in today? Altogether different, because in the reading of books you can see the difference in the way individuals thought about God, that’s in your literature. If any of you are readers, so that you know what has been going on in many of your ‘time’ periods. Your concept of God as far as ‘mass consciousness’ is concerned has changed consistently. Now, we’re back to that famous word again EVOLUTION. So, what was RAMTHA’s concept of God, what was he trying to get you to understand about the concept of God, that was that time, this is this time and although it was not a span of not that many years, to some individuals, that short span of years has been like some individuals look at that as an entirely different life time.

They look back to that time when they were hearing that information and trying to understand what they thought at that time and its so different to what they think today that it has no correlation, even within one personalities life time. So, you see, everything keeps changing constantly and there again, it is ‘your’ concept of what you think of as a God. It is not important to anyone else. Its what you think and how you react towards that concept. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “If he (referring to Ramtha) is of Universal Understanding it would seem that He is using a term suitable for the audience.”

DATRE: That is correct, that is absolutely correct. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is… “It seems that Ramtha is referring to a great ‘IS ness’. Is this the all or a subordinate part?”

DATRE: Now, you seem, for whatever reason and this is not only the one that is asking the questions, this is for the majority of the people, you seem to think there’s only ONE. You refer to IS ness, you refer to ONE God, you seem to think there’s one at the top and everything spreads down from there. It is NOT that way and we have tried to get that concept out to you.

Datre goes under ‘one’ heading, one name, that took a long time to figure out, the body accepts many different, what would you call us, different ones that come and speak through her. Now, we are all different. We are NOT one. We are all different. We all use this physical body different. We use the throat different. We use the eyes different. Some cannot use the eyes of the body.

Now, let us go one step further and really get you out there and start thinking a little deeper. The one concept that is very difficult for anyone to comprehend is the fact that each one of us can be ‘multiple’. Now, lets say from a physical standpoint, the only way you can function in physicality is through the body – one body – that’s all you have to do is function through ONE body. Now, lets stretch you a little bit. What would it be like if you were given TWO bodies to function through, simultaneously and be aware of ‘both’ at the same time? Can you imagine one of them that wants to be out in an automobile and another one sitting at a table eating and you’re doing BOTH at the same time and you’re AWARE of both at the same time?

That is a concept that is difficult for you, because you only have one body to work with. Now, as you progress through the ‘stages’ of physicality, through the ‘stages’ of your different realities, you will get to the point where you WILL function in TWO places at the same time and be FULLY aware of BOTH. Hard concept? Yes, but there are those upon your planet that before the BIRTH will be doing exactly that, in full and ‘total’ awareness. They will be walking TWO worlds simultaneously and be aware of both. But continue to return to ‘this’ planetary physicality until the BIRTH takes place. Now, big number? Yes! But it will be done by those on your planet before the BIRTH takes place. So, continue.

JOHN: The next and final question from Larry is… “I guess trying to understand in this way all falls apart when we get into the infinite nature of ‘All that Is’.”

DATRE: Well you see, All that Is was a phrase that was introduced how many years ago, it was used to ‘expand the God concept. It was to get you to expand your thinking beyond a God that you figure that looked like a man but be more than any man could possibly ever be. So the All that Is concept was brought forth to ‘expand’ your concept that All that Is is ‘more’ than this planet and expand it to All that Is is all that you can see. In other words, if the concept of All that Is was not invented, maybe you would not be going to what you call Mars in your tin machines right now. So you see, different concepts are brought forward to expand your awareness into different areas of understanding.

So when ‘you’ use the term ‘All that Is’ its just another BIGGER God. So that is something you have now, but really it’s not necessary. You don’t have to refer to God or All that Is or any of that, we use the term IS ness in a different context, but you use that as another God terminology. What you’re actually doing is trying to put a Universal thought pattern into the God concept and it doesn’t work. What you have to realize is that the Universe isn’t just one it is many.

In other words, lets get real simplistic; if you had a little farm, say 500 acres, that one man could operate with the modern equipment. Now lets pretend that the one man is God and that 500 acres is this planet. Now, there’s a great big company, who is buying up all these farms to produce products and has all manner of people working for it to insure proper operation. They have all these different people working all these different farms, they may have a CEO, but he doesn’t usually do much except try to avoid giving answers. It is all these people involved that do the work to keep the operation running smoothly. This is the relationship that you are trying to fit into that one term God, it doesn’t work.

Now, you don’t have to refer to ‘All that Is’, you don’t have to refer to God, you don’t have to refer to anything, even in everyday conversation, its just a habit. Because if you begin to work with concepts and ideas and the way you see things as opposed to others, those words don’t even have to be there. You see, one thing that is probably not realized to the extent that it should be, is the ‘vibration of your words give an impression. The vibration of your words and the symbols on your paper are such that if you continue to use certain words and patterns they become real. If you use a given word or symbol often enough you can actually create a monster and you don’t even realize it, because it’s the repetition that reinforces that particular vibrational pattern. So when you work with concepts, you eliminate certain word or symbol patterns. Then as you begin to use concepts and ideas one day you’ll begin to realize, ‘I don’t use those terms any more’. These words or symbols are just like everything else, it’s just a habit and habits take time to change. But as you become aware of a habit, each time you will come closer to catching yourself before you use that habit and one day that habit will be no more. Is that the last question?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now.

We are Datre.