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Datre 079 – Thoughters

Thoughters are unique. Thoughters are… like we said way at the beginning, we can only describe it as the dandelion seed, in that, it goes where ever it wishes to go, it replenishes itself, it is an ISNESS, there are no boundaries on a Thoughter. We can say, ‘Thoughters’ are ‘birthed’ as Thoughters. Now, that is different… do not get that mixed up with ‘born’, which is a physical construct. They are BIRTHED as Thoughters. They exist as Thoughters. So there is a definite difference, but the only words that you can understand are ‘birthed’ and ‘born’, so we have to use those. That is when it becomes difficult to explain things. That’s why many things cannot be explained, because your words are so limiting.

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Datre 078 – Body and Mind

You will wonder sometimes why you get a craving for something. You’re not craving a thing, the body is. You see you have not separated yourself enough to be able to tell the difference. Your body is giving you signals all the time – constantly. – when you begin to function without ‘always’ being in that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, everything ‘looks’ different. Your ‘reaction’ to everything on your planet is different. It may be subtle, but it is different. Because you’re no longer acting out a role, that everyone else is acting out in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You are becoming an individual and realizing, that you’re the WHOLE BALLGAME –

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Datre 077 – You have to find YOUR belief system!

HOW MUCH IS REALLY TOTALLY YOU? How much have you been told from the time you were born? How much of that, do you at the present stage of your evolution want to continue holding on to? If you want to hold on to the fact that the Sun comes up and the Sun goes down, that’s up to you. If you want to hold on to the fact that people do things TO you, all right. But we have told you many, many times, there’s no such thing as an ‘accident’.

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Datre 076 – Datre on taking ACTION

People are well meaning and will try and help you in many ways. But, when you focus on LACK of job that is something you will continually be bumping up against. People will say, ‘but I can not afford that’. Now, what happens when you make such a statement that is recorded in the brain as a FACT. Now every time that particular item is mentioned the brain connects that statement with “I can not afford that” and the money will not be there. You do not realize the power your words hold.

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Datre 075 – What you need to know right now is “life”

There are many things that you don’t NEED to know right now about what your future is. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW is “LIFE” – LIFE on this planet. Don’t sit and muddle about things, get out and LIVE. That is what the name of the game is. Physicality is a GAME, but you’ve all taken it seriously.

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Datre 074 – Datre On Consciousness

ALL matter is conscious. It would have to be. If you stop and think about it, how would anything stay together if there wasn’t something to ‘hold’ it together? You see, everything on your planet is composed of ‘matter’ and each ‘particle’ (if you want to use that term) of ‘matter’, is CONSCIOUS. The tiniest grain of sand is CONSCIOUS. This is one of the difficulties in trying to explain ‘that’ which is the ‘in between’ because your brains focus on everything that is ‘matter’. That is your reality. That is where you’re ‘functioning’ from. You’re functioning ‘from’ matter; you’re functioning ‘with’ matter. But, contained within ALL matter, there is CONSCIOUSNESS.

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Datre 073 – Mass Consciousness

Well, there are some individuals that are living in an area where the land is being polluted by toxins and people are dying of cancer’. I don’t like to tell you this, but that has been agreed upon. Why has it been agreed upon? To draw attention to a subject that needs to be addressed. That is their thought pattern.

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Datre 072 – Existence, Universal and our evolution

This is not complicated, evolution is not complicated. What complicates it is that you have a real… what is the word, dichotomy in the thinking processes. You have those that are working their bodies and their thought patterns off of ‘mass consciousness’ and there are individuals who are working their physicality off of UNIVERSAL MIND and those two are as different as day and night

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Datre 071 – BIRTH process and the new energy

your body is using more HYDROGEN now than it ever has before. Those bodies that are beginning to work more off that which you call HYDROGEN, than OXYGEN, are beginning to change in their construct of their physical being. Simply because their body is, with HYDROGEN, is becoming, shall we say, a finer construct. In other words, if you had a body that was 95% HYDOROGEN on this planet at this time, that body would be INVISABLE. So that’s what I mean by FINER. In other words, it is becoming… the HYDROGEN base body is working with the chemicals that compose your food. Not BAD chemicals, but everything that’s in the composition of your food. Its being digested and worked with in a different manner.

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Datre 070 – The reference to God

We have spoken many times of you getting in touch with the YOU that you are and by doing that, expressing ‘more’ of what you are. If that is who you wish to revere and call your God, it is the YOU that you are but a physical expression of. Now, the more you know about the YOU that you are, the more you’ll realize that you’re the ‘expression’. Then the more that you come in contact with the YOU that you are that you express the ‘true’ you which you wish to express.

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