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Archive | March, 2011

Datre 062A – If every human on Earth at the same time was thinking the same thought, would this thought manifest immediately ?

Well, it could not be. The reason it could NOT be is because the planetary existences are setup in two ways, ‘cloned’ and ‘individuation’. You began ‘cloned’; you went to ‘individuation’. In individuation, in order to ‘propel’ you through your experiences, you have to have ‘opposites’. That’s the way ‘this’ existence is set up. So even in a ‘cloned’ situation, there is ‘variance’, but there is NOT ‘individuation’. But in ‘individuation’, there is ‘no way’ to think the same thought, because in order to ‘propel’ you into your experiences, you have to have the ‘opposites’ in all directions.

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Datre 061 – Is there a purpose to romantic love?

Your ‘genetics’ draw you to different people. It is NOT the YOU that you are; it is the physical construct that genetically draws you to individuals. Now, you can do anything you want to with that connection. You can be drawn to an individual, attracted to that individual, be it man or woman, but it does not ‘necessarily’ evolve into a romantic situation. That depends on the individual. Some people are very inclined to ‘jump’ in and out of relationships. Other people are very content with a, what you call, a platonic relationship.

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Quis varius

Quis varius justo eleifend et. Suspendisse aliquam sit amet turpis pretium aliquam. Integer faucibus lorem nec nunc aliquet, vel hendrerit urna fringilla. Praesent eget pulvinar lorem. Sed nec libero venenatis elit tempor pulvinar. Phasellus ut tellus viverra, tincidunt ante sit amet, pellentesque nisl. Mauris blandit eu odio pulvinar lacinia. Fusce arcu dolor, vestibulum eu tempor eget, […]

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Datre 060 – How do you get rid of beliefs?

DATRE: You do not get ‘rid’ of beliefs, you ‘replace’ them – it is an automatic. If you have always, always, always, believed that if this circumstance happened, this would naturally follow. If that is something that you’ve always believed, if this happens, then this will happen automatically, then THAT is a belief that you need to look at.

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