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Natural healing techniques gain more and more popularity as they are safe, efficient and – unlike pharmaceutical drugs -have little or no side effects. One of these techniques is known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. It is easy to learn, can be used anywhere and does not require any equipment.

Many people use Emotional Freedom Technique to get rid of common health problems as it is extremely versatile. EFT is one of the methods that provide relief by balancing energy system of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine is based of similar principles, and some therapies – like acupressure, work by restoring a vital energy flow that has been disrupted by negative emotions, unhealthy habits and other factors.

Emotional Freedom Technique is easy to learn but make sure that you learn from an expert. You can also use programs that are available on the Internet or find a practitioner of EFT who will explain the process to you and make it perfectly clear. Additionally, although Emotional Freedom Technique is safe to use, in some cases may create an emotional crisis that may require the guidance of an experienced therapist.

Emotional Freedom Technique works amazingly efficient and cures many ailments in virtually minutes. It may be more beneficial than other psychotherapeutic methods that require months or years of therapy. The results are long lasting although some psychological or other health problems may require repetition of the process until the blockage in energy flow is realised.

EFT combines focusing on fear or pain and tapping on the acupuncture points on the face, chest and hands. Tapping clears energy channels and initiates flow of energy that is vital for our wellbeing.

There are many problems that Emotional Freedom Technique can help with:

· Phobias, including fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of public speaking and many others
· Anxiety and panic attacks
· Insomnia
· Anger
· Obesity
· Addictions, including sugar craving and other food cravings, addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
· Stress related problems, with both psychological and physical symptoms
· Back pain
· Asthma
· Headaches and migraine

Headaches, insomnia, weight gain and many other health problems are often related to stress. Relaxation techniques help you reduce stress but it often comes back affecting many areas of our life. Emotional Freedom Technique has a very high success rate, and the process can be easily and quickly repeated if another deadline or crisis puts you under stress again.

Emotional Freedom Technique provides a safe and quick solution to many health issues that otherwise may require painful or costly cures. As many other natural therapies it will work much better if you introduce healthy changes into your life.

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