Evolving Your Human Consciousness With the Law of Attraction

You can hardly turn on the television or read a newspaper article without seeing some evidence of the breakdown of an institution or system in our culture today. There appears to be a breakdown in world economies, institutions such as health care, education, banking, and more causeless acts of violence at home and around the world. Widely shifting weather patterns and natural disasters, massive oil spills, unexplained deaths of vast numbers of birds, fish and other animal life around the planet – all seemingly unrelated. Is there any case at all for the evolution of human consciousness?

In our dualistic third and fourth dimensional reality, conflict, breakdown, chaos, and disorder are unavoidable. For some order-keepers conflict or contrast to what is desirable is the enemy of society. Unfortunately, on occasion, breakdown and chaos happen. And arguing with reality is a form of insanity, isn’t it? So when we encounter contrast or chaos what is the mentally, emotionally, spiritually evolved thing to do?

Consider that contrast, even chaos are necessary for human evolution. There’s a certain degree of passive breakdown that will occur in a system. That could be considered as natural, even desirable. We could compare it to the unfriendly guests leaving the party.

When larger scale breakdown go unattended to, either on a personal level or the breakdowns we’re seeing in many of our social structures, you could be in for more than you’ve bargained for.

According to Charlotte D. Shelton, “When conflict is overly managed, nipped in the bud so to speak, opportunities for transformation are blocked”. Also, “According to chaos theory, high levels of disorder are prerequisite for system evolution. Without the chaos of conflict, life stagnates.”

The Law of Attraction, which manages all energy and relationships to that energy, states what you put your focus on will expand in your experience. For that reason, it’s important to distinguish what the breakdown is, and get clear on what the solution to the problem is.

Focusing on the solution rather than the problem brings us consciously out of the breakdown, assists us in allowing in the solution and thereby aids in the evolution of consciousness adding greater expansion to all humanity.

The moment a problem, breakdown or dysfunction has your attention, let that inform you as to what your desired outcome is.

Expansion and evolution are impossible to avoid. Solution-oriented problem solving and the energy of the universal Law of Attraction speed evolution in the direction of benefits and gains for all.

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The 17 Stages of Psychic Development

The following stages will help to show you how close you are to ‘flicking on the light switch’ and waking up from Gergef’s ‘sleeping man’. The stages do not necessarily happen in any particular order, they are not set in stone and you may experience several at a time. The following order does however reflect the order of the experience of many on the journey and there does seem to be a systematic approach to the development process. Some people will go through all of them, others one or two. Overall however, you will develop at a pace that is exactly right for you.

Many of the stages are associated with the fusing of the emotional, energy body and the spiritual body, which is a vital underlying part of the development process.
1. Life Crisis

This stage does not necessarily have to happen to everyone on the psychic path if they take notice of the pebbles at an early stage. However, the move towards wishing to develop on a psychic level is often preceded by a life drama. This can be anything from a confused childhood to a recent divorce.

2. Heightened Awareness

This is when you start to see things out of the corner of your eye. This can also start with seeing ‘blobs’ of colour or swirling energies. For others it will be the beginning of hearing messages in your mind, vivid dreams, premonitions, and thinking you are either going mad or the mind is playing tricks. Often people ignore the pebbles here, and dismiss what their heightened senses are trying to tell them.

3. Hyper Sensitivity

Becoming more sensitive to criticism and other people’s views. At this stage you begin to know that you have the ability to feel other people’s feelings. Confusion and a sense of, ‘am I normal’ prevails at this stage.

4. Searching

The search for material that explains the strange experiences begins. This is often done quietly through fear of ridicule. Also a strong desire to find ‘like-minded’ individuals begins. It is at this stage you start to really question your sanity! This is the point of no return. From this stage forward you will spend your life searching for answers to life’s questions. There may be rests in between but you will always be curious. It becomes like an itch you can’t scratch.

5. Starting to stand up for yourself

Beware! The meek will suddenly start standing up for themselves and will not take any nonsense. This may be short term as it is only the start. A strong foundation has not yet been constructed but the wheels will have been set in motion.

6. Feeling alone / misunderstood

At this stage the developing psychic has usually found material to partially explain their interest and people of a like-minded nature. Unfortunately at this stage, those often closest to the person will want to destroy their partner’s / friend’s new interest because they feel (but will not admit it) threatened by the new ‘hobby’. The psychic will often be taken aside by a ‘concerned’ relative about how they are getting into an occult or being brainwashed, and how it is all mumbo jumbo. If you do not have this stage you are very lucky!!

This leads to a very confused psychic. Is it wrong to continue? What should I do? Am I mad? Usually the decision is to carry on quietly and not share the newfound knowledge with your immediate peers.

7. I can’t do it

Feelings of insecurity surface very well at this stage. The developing psychic sees others moving at a faster speed. They can’t work out how to speed their own progress but become increasingly disheartened because of the speed their psychic peers are moving at around them. For some the opposite may happen, this will be they feel they are moving too quickly, frightened by the experience and wanting to slow it down or shut it off because the responsibility feels overwhelming.

Imagine waking up into a strange and unknown world to you. If you are one of the lucky few who would be extremely curious and would enjoy waking up in the unfamiliar, the unfamiliar would appear a daunting place until you had got used to it. For many, they begin to wake up in this new world, they try to deny themselves the fact they are waking up somewhere different in the hope things can stay the same, the familiar and well-known, ‘comfort zone’. This will continue until the developing psychic is no longer scared and wishes to embrace the ‘new world’ they are waking up to – this can take some while.

We have all at some point in our life feared change. The trick in overcoming the fear of change is to take a moment to fast forward life to how it will be if we remain the same. Life cannot change unless we change, merely hoping it will change leads to disappointment. In your mind, fast forward your life to how it will be once change has happened. You will soon see change is an exciting option!

8. Wanting silence / to be alone

The senses are still sharpening, as they are doing so it is likely at this stage the developing psychic becomes very sensitive to loud noises, they may find they can’t stand the radio playing or the sound of raised voices. Often they will want to be in open space or feel a strong need to be in the countryside. An increased wish to spend periods alone contemplating or ‘staring out the kitchen window.’ Your body is telling you it wishes to meditate. During this stage it is necessary to find a regular quiet spot during the day to avoid irritability.

9. Realisation that your job / circumstances are not right for you

This is the beginning of learning to see the bricks!! Often people will wait until they are made redundant or sacked (the boulder) before they can see they have outgrown their job / circumstances / relationship or that their place of work or home does not match with their newfound awareness. This is often a horrid stage because it is about realising that your life has often been a compromise (not always) up until this point. The difficult bit is the courage to let go and move on.
Moving through this stage often becomes a stumbling block for most people and delays their development. This stage is about breaking away from the decisions ‘made for you’ in life and ‘what you have done to please another’. It is about breaking free of the career you chose because it pleased your parents, the relationship you stayed in for convenience or the job you do, for the money.

Probably the most important factor in choosing the psychic path and developing your skill to the best of your ability; is about authenticity. You cannot be a truly authentic psychic unless you are honest with yourself. Those who are not honest with themselves often fear the psychic path. Those who are honest with themselves embrace it!

10. Feeling abandoned

This part does not necessarily happen to everyone on the psychic path.

At this stage friends and family start to leave your life or they appear to be leaving. The developing psychic no longer feels connected to those they have been associating with for years. The structures of your life begin to disintegrate. Everything you thought to be real / are attached to, fall apart.

How depressing!! This is actually a fantastic stage, providing you make sure you stretch your view beyond the current situation. How do you repair a derelict building? Well you don’t! First you have to knock it down so that you build a new, stronger one in its place.

This stage is about seeing through any illusions. Through this stage we find what is real. Oh how we tell ourselves lies! We tell ourselves everything is fine when it’s not. We tell ourselves it’s awful when clearly it’s okay. When all is taken away from us we begin to understand the beauty of the Universe. We develop a great understanding of what is really important and learn how to deeply appreciate the small things in life. Trivia becomes trivia once this stage is complete. What seemed devastating doesn’t carry the same emotion it did previously.

Uncontrollable crying for no apparent reason is part of this stage. This is because the cells of the body are starting to throw off old memory, making way for the strong ability to see into your own and other people’s lives.

11. Increased ability

The psychic senses usually by this time are developing with a very good and firm foundation. The ability to ‘read’ people is often really quite strong by this stage.

12. De-tox

This stage for some people comes early on, for others it comes quite a bit later. If you are ignoring it a physical illness will often have to surface to show you (a boulder). The length of time you have been ignoring the necessity for this the heavier the physical illness.

At this stage it is time to clean up your body and if it has not happened already, your thoughts. As the ability to channel higher energies than your own, increases, it is vital the channel the energies are using, is a ‘clean’ one. If it is not, as does happen with a lot of psychic’s not very nice physical illness begins to occur. If you refuse to de-tox, the effect is a bit like stuffing a potato up an exhaust pipe.

To de-tox means fasting for a few days. There are many different fasts you can do, from only drinking water for a day or so, to eating brown rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to ten days. Do a colon cleanse, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat less sugar and meat. Minimise your caffeine intake. Stay away from low energy food such as takeaways and microwave meals. If you smoke, drink too much alcohol or are dependant on any form of drugs (legal or illegal) then either stop or get help to stop.

Please note, taking illegal drugs is a low energy practice; therefore not only detrimental to yourself but any person you may be reading for. Due to the fact it is a low energy act, you will attract low energy spirit, and you will not be able to sustain your energy at a high enough vibration to channel successfully. It would be too much of a jump from being low energy to channelling high energy. Long-term, people who do this will short circuit and the lights will blow!

13. Wanting to help everyone

This stage may sound as though it is a great place to be. In actual fact it isn’t. You can’t help anyone, only yourself, you can offer people a ‘leg-up’ not a ‘hold up’. If you try and drag a person along to a place within where they really do not want to be but you think it is best for them, stop it – leave them alone!! Focus on the ‘self’, your ‘self’. People are fine as they are, you only have the right to change yourself – leave them alone!

Those in your life however, may go along with it for a while to be polite. Just because you have started to find this new found knowledge you think the world should know, you will if you’re not careful, get the ‘nut case’ status within your family or circle of friends. You have no right to ram things down the throat of others. If they are interested they will ask. If you do ram knowledge down people’s necks (there will be the temptation) be prepared because at some stage you will get your theories shot down by the ‘life is only what you can see’ sceptic. If / when you get to this stage, arguing will only be a waste of your energy. Accept and observe their views as they are, they’re entitled to them. You wouldn’t like your opinion shot down so it’s unfair to shoot at or back at theirs.

Usually at this stage the developing psychic with regard to this subject will not be hugely confident within himself or herself. You will know when you are, because you will not have a need to tell others how to be, and they will begin to have a deep respect for your interest in psychic development. It’s almost ironic in that respect.

This stage is a test of how true to yourself you are. Few people like to be ‘preached’ to on how they should live their life, so remember LEAVE THEM ALONE, no matter how much you can see they are heading along the wrong path. Offer advice ONLY if they ask! Avoid the, ‘told you so’ when they’ve made their mistake. Eventually they will ask you first for your psychic advice before they act (keep it impartial) when they have seen a few times, your predictions have been accurate. In the mean time, focus on continuing to develop yourself.

14. Know all

At this stage you ‘know it all’. The developing psychic becomes bored with the methods they are learning. Feel their group is holding them back; they have nothing more to learn. The belief starts to set in that they have experienced enough to move on and go it alone, away from their peers.

Some people lose friends in this stage and become seen as unapproachable, even if on hindsight they are seen to be all knowing. As this stage becomes more developed, the psychic gets to the stage of ‘the more you know the less you need to say’, eventually gaining great respect for their abilities as the need to preach disappears – a great place to be.

15. Clearing

This is the stage the fun really starts!! The clearing stage is when all the things you have never dealt with, or all the things you find frightening, begin to rear their head. Your very worst fears become realities and all your insecurities pound at you. The more you have ignored them in life, the more pronounced the way the Universe will show them to you for clearing. The way forward with this stage is to embrace and welcome the clearing stage, for this is what will really change your life for the better forever!

This stage usually involves a lot of crying and extreme’s of emotion. During this stage it is often best to stay with your present job and circumstances. The very roots of what you thought was stable will be shaken. It is often at this stage the developing psychic thinks they need to change the externals (Job, relationship etc) to make them happy. This is not the case, blaming these situations, as the source of your unhappiness will slow the process. Stick with ‘processing’ the feelings you are going through, only then change the externals if your feelings are still the same.

Depending on the developing psychic, this process can last some while and will happen in tandem with some of the other stages. During this process, the developing psychic will realise it is not a loner’s process and return to their peers within their development group for help and advice.

16. Breakthrough

After the clearing process (which can take a while) the psychic becomes exceptionally perceptive. They can ‘see’ what is going on within / for someone at a hundred paces. This is because anything that was in the way of opening up to a true state of being, has been removed during the clearing process. There is then nothing stopping you!!

The clearing stage is also necessary for the humbling of the psychic. The ore of the great Universal force humbles the psychic as the waking up process is in full swing. A deep appreciation of all that life represents happens at this stage.

The ability to manifest what you want in your life comes faster and faster, you begin to look younger, the mind becomes very quiet and the body becomes healthier.

Most people think earning lots of money or winning the lottery will make them happy. Getting to this point you will feel wealthy in the true sense of the word.

17. Power

The power stage is the one to be respected the most. It is at this point, many hit the ‘high stakes,’ becoming very good at their work – powerfully psychic.

This is the stage when people very much seek your assistance. It is the point of real challenge. This is when a person’s psychic abilities become so heightened they have to be very clear on which way it is channelled. This is why it is so important to also develop spiritually whilst on the psychic path.

It is at this point a psychic can channel energies that are powerful in helping people, but can also be used in a direction of power over others. It is the responsibility of the true psychic to do their best to never exert power over others. To be able to do this, you have to lose the attachment to what people do with their lives. It is not the psychic’s position to judge others or direct a person’s life; you are simply there to channel the highest source of information possible to allow a person to make an informed decision on the direction their life is taking.

The information received will only be to the same ‘level’ of the psychic. A highly developed guide will not channel through a medium of little knowledge. The same as a Solicitor will not discuss the technicalities of the law with a five year old.

Once through the main stages of the psychic path, life changes dramatically. Everything begins to slot pleasantly into place. Few things worry you, any fears are short-term and struggles with life become brief. The poverty mentality that most of us are afflicted with, begins to dissolve, we learn that there is enough of everything for everyone. Negative thoughts and feelings about others and us disappear, and helping others becomes natural.

Life becomes very fast, change is constant, rapid and welcome. There is a thirst and hunger for more knowledge and understanding of how life works. ‘Reading’ others becomes very simple with the ability to ‘dip’ in and out of the energy of those living and of those who have passed over happening at the flick of a mental switch with ease and little effort. Like tuning into a radio station you become the receiver and can switch on and off whenever you desire.

A desire to be comfortable in life increases, but the interest in material belongings diminishes. The increase in your own and other people’s wealth (in all areas of life) becomes the source of celebration. Jealous thoughts and actions are a thing of the past. Pleasure is had in accepting people as perfect exactly the way they are. Thus meaning, people do not have to change in order to please you. They are acceptable, as you are accepting of yourself.

This does however, mean it becomes easy to choose whom you wish to have in your life and those you wish to let go of. At this stage safety exists. The psychic learns that by letting go, not having to hold on tight, allows true progress of the self and others. It is likely by this point anything the psychic has held on tight to will have been lost. This may be in the form of material objects, family members, friends or partners. This takes place in order for the psychic to learn to let all energies be free and not judged for their physical manifestations. Things become an ‘interesting evolutionary process’ rather than a problem or terrible occurrence.

Then comes sharing and enfoldment – a spiritual process that remains unexplainable and private to the individual. The relationship with the Universal force (or God if you choose) attains wholeness.

From this point it does not mean it is the end. The psychic simply builds upon what is already learnt, matching with the principles that life is the same but different. It is different in the fact that skydiving is as interesting as cleaning the toilet. You may have heard of the saying “before enlightenment chop wood carry water – after enlightenment chop wood carry water.” Life on the outer world may not have changed; life on the inner world however, is far more pleasurable.

If as a developing psychic you feel you are not experiencing all the stages it does not mean you have failed. Every person’s experience is different. For some, part of their life purpose is to complete the full stages of the psychic journey, for others it is as purposeful to experience a few. Life is about experiencing; no one experience is more important than another. No matter what your experience of the psychic journey is, it is one hundred percent right for you at this stage in your life. The very fact you have found it, means your journey will be astounding.

Bestselling author Heidi Sawyer, Director of The Heidi Sawyer Institute of Psychic Development. Heidi is an accomplished author and world-renowned course facilitator on the subject of Psychic Development, her website can be found at http://www.psychiccourses.com take our free psychic test to find out if you have the gift.

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Datre 059 – Are there universes that are not physical in nature?

JOHN: We have some questions from Mitch. His first question is… “Are there universes that are not physical in nature?”

DATRE: Yes, there are many. The physical ones are in the minority, very few that have any form of what you call physicality.

JOHN: And in a follow-up to that he asks… “If so, is it possible to describe a few?”

DATRE: No, it is not. Because if it is NOT physical how can we explain to you when you only are familiar with physicality. In other words, there would be no way for me to explain a ghost or whatever. You have those concepts that you work with here, but you’re still explaining a physical construct explanation. So to explain something non-physical would be an impossibility. Continue.

JOHN: Now he asks… “Datre has described some of the physical symptoms being caused by the new energies coming into our space, such as: back pain, runny nose and eyes, stomach problems, etc… Are there others? And if so, what is their purpose?”

DATRE: There will be others from time to time. We just had one that we sent to you recently about the experiences by both John and Aona. There will be different experiences for different individuals. Now, just because John and Aona had these in this fashion, does not mean that everyone is going to have them in that way. Each individual will be experiencing different things that will be happening to their physical constructs. What are the reasons for it? How are changes ever going to take place if everything stays status quo? This is what you’re in, is ‘evolution’, it has always been ‘evolution’, it will always be ‘evolution’. Your physical constructs will change. The physical constructs change to work in ‘different’ parameters, that’s that.

JOHN: And he further continues… “Also, can additional non-physical symptoms be described to us?”

DATRE: No, because non-physical symptoms are taking place ‘within’ the construct of the physical. You see, ‘you’ are NOT physical, you work ‘through’ a physical construct and you don’t ‘know’ how your bodies work. Not one of you ‘knows’, because the physical construct has become so automatic in its functioning.

You can open up a body and watch a heart go thump, thump, thump, but they still think that the heart is a pump and they still make repairs thinking the heart is a pump. But a body is ‘electrically’ operated. It is an operation you do not understand. You see, things don’t just ‘flow’ and ‘go’, your bodies are very complicated. You are a HOLOGRAM that is a very complex ‘electro-magnetic’ system. And you live in it everyday and don’t pay any attention to it, except when something isn’t working right. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is there a time frame that can be given for how “long” the Birth will take (i.e. a moment, a year, whatever)?”

DATRE: A moment, a year, both. It will take as long as ‘you’ comprehend it to be, each individual will experience it differently. To some, it will seem like a long drawn out process, to others it will happen in the ‘blink’ of an eye. It is YOUR interpretation of the length of time that will make it so, for you as an individual. Continue.

JOHN: He now asks… “Datre mentioned, in datre033, that “specialists” have come here to help deal with the large gap between the two bubble realities but that too many of them became fascinated with the experience and “stayed”. What were they fascinated with?”

DATRE: Physicality! Physicality to that that has never experienced a physical construct doing things is a fascination. It’s simply that you have done it for so long that you’re no longer fascinated. The YOU that you are is trying to get your attention, but you won’t look and you won’t listen. But, to someone that has never been in a physical construct, this is ‘extreme’ fascination.

Why is a baby sitting on the floor fascinated with fingers and toes? Something new? Something that works and they can’t figure it out? Fascination! But, by the time you’re not even all grown up you’re ‘dis-enchanted’ so quickly, so quickly. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is this “mistaken” collision of two diversely mature bubbles likely to occur again as a planed event?”


JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Did this experience accelerate, or in some other way enhance, the growth of either or both of the bubbles groups? If yes, in what way?”

DATRE: Any time… just lets put it this way… any time you come in contact, in the physical, with someone that is interested in the ‘same’ thing that you are interested in, but has more ‘knowledge’ on that particular subject than you do, are you not ‘fascinated’ with the information and knowledge that individual has? Any time you put two ‘diverse’ people together and they find some commonality, even if it is one thing. One individual has one thing they’re interested in and one has another, but you find one that is common, the one that is common is going to start your conversation. Then you will branch out into what ‘your’ particular interest is and what ‘their’ particular interest is.

Then if you listen to them and they listen to you, then you see, you are learning on many different levels. So, diversity, stimulates and stimulation is what is needed to, shall we say, that’s the driving force that is needed, the stimulation. When you no longer become ‘stimulated’ you become ‘stagnant’ and when you become stagnant, you can no longer become an individual, because you’re ‘not’ interested. You NEED to be interested and ‘stimulation’ is the thing that you look for to ‘keep’ you interested.

So, two planets, what’s the difference… two bubbles? What’s the difference, STIMULATION. Planed or accident, it does not matter. That there’s stimulation, another area to GROW in. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Datre mentioned, in datre034, that when we begin to explore our meditations, we are on the road to discovery. Could Datre please expand on this statement?”

DATRE: Anything that you find is of interest to you and you pursue, it’s ‘always’ the road to ‘discovery’. Be it someone that plays an instrument, be it someone that uses a paint brush, be it someone that drives a great big piece of equipment and he finds a new way of digging dirt, anything that you can find ‘different’ stimulates you and it is the road to discovery. That’s all that is, is constant stimulation. Instead of just sitting there doing things over and over again, why not find a unique way of doing something? Change ‘something’ to stimulate you, to get you interested. Then in becoming interested, you may ‘discover’ something that you had absolutely no idea of ever going in that direction that you ended up going in. That is the road to DISCOVERY. Its going down a road in the middle of a country – not on those big roads where you’ve got all the trucks – but a little road that goes to little bitsy towns and stuff. And you see a road that goes one way and you say, ‘well we don’t have anything else to do, lets go down that road and see where that goes’ – a road to ‘discovery’. You see, it is NOT complicated, it is not complicated. Just whatever is ‘your’ area of DISCOVERY.

JOHN: OK, his final question is… “In the most recent Wanda part II, Datre mentioned there will be three planets where people will go to continue their experience. Will people, on any of the new planet experiences, maintain their consciousness -awareness of their previous experience here on Earth or will it be another “forget everything to enhance the learning opportunity?”

DATRE: Those that will go the ‘cloned’ planet Earth will see very little difference. They’ll see a lot of changes on their planet, but they’re not going to be that much aware of planetary changes. They will still maintain… because they’re still in a very definite learning process.

Now, those that go to the next planet for their ‘discovery’, there will be some of that that will be maintained. It will be up to the individuals as to how much they wish to maintain in the next experience. Because they will be making changes before they leave here. So their changes might be so ‘dramatic’ in scope prior to leaving here that some of ‘this’ here may not be of that much importance. That does not mean that they’re going to ‘scrap’ it, they will put it in their little ‘container’ and take it with them. But, because it has been already ‘learned’ experiences, they won’t be ‘using’ it, shall we say, in their next experience.

The third experience, the third planetary existence, is not really a planet. It is an existence, it is a, shall we say, more or less a stepping stone to go into the BIG Universe. Because there has to be an area where the ‘stability’ of the magnitude of the change will have to be ‘absorbed’. Because in ‘that’ construct, you will not be working with that which you call ‘consciousness’.

Consciousness is a planetary existence construct that you use. So those that are going out into the BIG Universe will not be working with that which you call a ‘consciousness’. They will NOT be working with ‘dream states’; they will NOT be working with ‘psyche’. They will be working entirely differently; they will NOT be working with a physical form. However, they will still maintain that which you call the ‘remembrance’ of a physical form. Then, many times, in order to maintain their stability, they WILL form a ‘physical’ form to, shall we say, reside in for comfort.

But they ‘know’ that that is only a ‘memory’ type thing that they will use for a ‘comfort’ factor. But, that will be, depending upon how much ‘stability’ they’re able to maintain as to how long they will stay in that existence. But there is going to be ‘some’ type of existence that they will… it will be very ‘wispy’, it will be something that you cannot understand here. It will be just a ‘wispy’ environment to learn to function ‘without’ those things that you take for granted. Like ‘dream states’ and ‘consciousness’ and the ‘psyche’ and all of this and the various things that you are so used to and think nothing of. But, to take them away is going to cause some ‘instability’ for a short period of time. But there are not that many that are going out into the BIG Universe either. So, continue.

JOHN: That was the last one from Mitch.

DATRE: OK, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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Useful Psychic Abilities

At the outset it is very important to understand why developing and using your psychic skills is important. We all possess abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, ESP and direct mind over matter power in the form of psychokinesis. Psychokinesis is a very important psychic skill because it empowers one to directly control matter with the mind. We can obviously see how this is so important for all areas of life, and especially in terms of manifesting whatever we may need when we need it and also whatever we deeply desire.

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations that we want to manifest and for some reason there is usually blockage. This blockage is easily removed when we learn to use our psychic mind over mater powers. That is the subject of this article. The very best information that I can provide on how to effectively use and control your psychic abilities is from my own personal experience. Now, I’ve learned most of what I know about awakening and using psychic abilities within the context of yoga, chakras, meditation and by working with the sacred manuscript known as “This Is PK.”

That manuscript is obviously one of the best resources for learning how to work with psychokinesis and mind over matter in general. Psychokinesis or “PK” is direct mind over matter power. It enables us to move objects at a distance, to control and manifest though much easier, to influence outcomes, naturally heal ourselves and others, and to easily attract whatever is needed or deeply desired in your life. Im sure you can see how this specific psychic ability can be quite beneficial.

Again, we are all obviously born with many psychic abilities. These include: The ability to astral project into other worlds especially during sleep, manifest thought and intent, natural healing powers. It also includes powers such as mental telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. Many times these latent abilities in humans are triggered, awakened and activated as a result of certain practices and even by simply coming into contact with mere knowledge or information. For example, many people have experienced extreme psychic or mind over matter phenomenon immediately after coming into contact with certain people, certain information, or after merely doing certain practices such as yoga, meditation or chakra work.

The ways that our psychic abilities are triggered or awakened depends largely on our individual and unique Karma. Maybe reading this article or following up with related information will awaken and/or enhance your psychic abilities. In any case, I can assure you that whenever you do experience your real psychic PK power, you will know it and you will not mistake it for anything else. This abilities are very real and also quite fascinatng to experience. Aside from yoga, chakras and meditation work, there are many other approaches for immediately awakening and triggering our psychic abilities.

These abilities are very important to know about because they give one access to a whole other level of mental and spiritual power. And this power affects our abilities in life, our opportunities and levels of good fortune. Many of these approaches are covered in the manuscript This Is PK and are quite effective. Our psychic skills are becoming more of a survival skill than anything else. Strong intuition and inner knowledge is more important than ever in this age when we are all being bombareded with so much information. These skills can benefit our lives in unlimited ways. In fact, developing these higher abilities is the first step towards living well in total abundance.

Again, my preferred method of working with my own psychic abilities and developing them to the fullest is with yoga and meditation and chakra practice. I feel this way for a number of good reaasons. First of all, yoga is one of the oldest and most reliable systems of accessing our higher selves. The chakras are the oldest mapping system of human nature and potential. As I began working with mantra yoga and Bhakti yoga unto Lord Sri Krsna, my psychic abilities began flourishing like never before. It was like a blosooming lotus flower PK is very important to learn about because nodern science takes it very seriously as a mind power that can control matter and even influence outcomes by effecting the element of “chance.”

PK is connected to the quantum level of manifestation and knowing how to rely on your own personal PK powers is the secret to real personal liberation and unlimited prosperity. In fact, the science of psychokinesis has become a very important hot topic among people from all over the world because it reveals the truth about what the power of our minds can do. It also has become such a hot topic because many people out there including myself have had personal experiences with PK and witnessed it first hand. So naturally, we seek to know more and learn more and we find answers. After you know that your PK power is real, then you learn how to use it, and enjoy a life filled with all that you have ever needed and deeply desired. In my opinion the best way of learning the truth about PK and how to work ith your natural psychic abilities is to learn from This Is PK manuscript and from your own personal experience.

Bhakta David is a practitioner of Bhakti yoga and works with many yoga and meditation organizations. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, and helping others to work with their psychic abilities. For more information on this exciting subject matter, refer to This Is PK manuscript at the website www.thisispk.org

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Make-Believe, Play-Acting and the Law of Attraction

Frederick Dodson is the author of books, audios and videos on success, spirituality and metaphysics. He is the creator of Reality Creation Coaching at http://www.oceanofsilence.com and the creator of free and buyable Audio-Coachings and Audio-Meditations at http://www.realitycreation.org

Reality Creation is the Art of matching your energy-field (your thoughts, emotions and actions) with the energy-field of the Reality you wish to Create. You thereby attract what focus on, into your life. So if you wanted to attract money, you’d assume the energy-field of already being rich. If you wanted to attract health you’d practice already seeing yourself as healthy. If you wanted to find your ideal partner, you’d practice feeling like you are already in a relationship. You can only attract experiences into your life that you radiate. You cannot experience anything you don’t believe or feel. When you have a certain “feeling”, that means energy is radiating out of your body, mind and being, attracting whatever matches that feeling. Every reality you wish to have, has a certain “feeling”. Find out what it feels like to already have what you want, and it’s yours!

Creating Reality takes some effort and practice because its the opposite of what the world teaches…namely that experiences create what you believe and feel. In Reality Creation you learn that what you feel and believe creates what you experience. So learning this skill requires plenty of reading books on it, plenty of visualizing, plenty of mental releasing of negative programming and plenty of prioritization. You prioritize what is important to you and you disregard what is not. Energy flows where your attention goes. To practice Reality Creation you train your will – or you get a coach who will support you with pointers and reminders.

Nowadays there is a lot of sneaky marketing going on, telling you you can “have it all” within only a few hours if ONLY you buy a certain product IMMEDIATELY. Such marketers will make up fake Testimonials about someone becoming a Millionaire within 10 Minutes of buying the product or curing cancer within one day of signing up for a subscription. While miracles do happen and it is exciting, fun and even sometimes effective to believe in rapid results, such marketing in the new-age, law-of-attraction, “the secret”, “manifesting” and “goal-achievement” market does more damage than good. Why? Because secretly and inwardly most people don’t actually believe they can achieve those results that quickly. And the best advertisement or hard-selling propaganda can’t change that – only YOU can. So all of this “get rich quick!!!! Sign up now!!!!” hype is mostly to get people to give the seller money. Someone using those kind of tactics is often not truly interested in the well-being of the Customer (there are exceptions though – I’ve met some goodhearted people who use these strategies).

Reality Creation is not something for an instant and quick-fix but a lifestyle, a philosophy of a lifetime, something you can cultivate and get better at over years. The “quick fix” crowd is usually the crowd driven by a needy Ego that will most likely not achieve, not create, not reach. Why? Because neediness attracts more neediness. Feeling non-needy and at peace attracts prosperity.

Most readers of this will be familiar with “Visualization” as widely taught as a method of Reality Creation and commercialized in movies such as “What the Bleep” and “The Secret”. Interestingly, despite Millions of people now being familiar with the Art of Visualizing ones preferred realities many don’t use it consistently. Why? Because they haven’t practiced their will. They were promised a quick fix. And maybe that quick fix happened and then they rested on their laurels or that quick fix didn’t happen and they gave up. In any case, as of the year 2010 you still don’t have very many people actually training their Imagination.

And yet, in this article I’d like to go one step further than Visualization I’d like to introduce a new word:


This is the same thing as Visualization except that you actually act out and demonstrate what you would normally only be imagining. This intensified act quickens the manifestation of your goals and dreams. Other words for Physicalization are.

Acting-with-Expectation (of something coming true)
Preparing for something (in the trust it will come true)

So in applying Reality Creation to get Rich would you…

a) Read a Book on how to get Rich
b) Read a Book by someone who is Rich
c) Read a Book on how to Invest your Money
d) Read a Book unrelated to Money…?

This is a Reality Creation Quiz. Answer it before reading on.

Answer a) is the most incorrect of all answers. If you were already rich and play-acting being a Millionaire, you would not read a book on how to get Rich. You already are! Answer b) is a little better than a because you can learn more from someone who is rich than from someone just writing about being rich. Answer c) is even better because if you already are rich you might be reading books on what to do with all your money! And answer d) is the best because if you were really rich above and beyond your wildest Imagination you may not care about money itself anymore but delve into other subjects (that subject already being taken care of). Of course some love money for moneys sake, but that’s rare.

If you want to Physicalize a Partner for yourself, you would perhaps lay the table, put on candlelight and prepare for your love to join you every evening. And one day he or she will be sitting there. Sometimes it takes only a few days, sometimes it takes many years. But it does eventually come true…always!

If you want to Physicalize become a movie-actor, you’d have to hang around where movie actors hang-around. Where do they hang-around. You don’t know? Then find out! I love it when people state a certain goal but don’t actually want to enter the energy-field that contains the fulfillment of that goal. Being in New York, London or Los Angeles may be a good idea if you want to be an actor in Movie Productions.

If you want to Physicalize good health because you are having issues with, let’s say, your back and you are saying “I did not sign up for Yoga because I have issues with my back”, then maybe you should sign up for Yoga – thereby demonstrating your belief in betterment.

I am not recommending you take risks with your health though – never overwhelm your threshold of believability. But you get the point.

If you want to Physicalize that you can afford to go on vacation although today it does not look as if you could go on vacation, then start preparing for it. Get out your vacation clothes and pack them. Look for flights in the Internet. Look at pictures from your Destination. Tell people you are going to travel (unless these are people that will say “But you don’t have the money to travel” – in that case, keep your goal a secret). Behaving in this way, the means to travel will come to you. It’s metaphysical law. If you were looking for something to rely on in life, you can always rely on attractor-fields bringing back the precise overall result of the energy you put out!

Helpful tool the – Relaxing Into The Reality You Prefer by Fred Dodson

This Guided Meditation helps you “match your energy frequency” with a reality you would prefer to experience. This is achieved not by effort but by relaxing into it. You will experience. You will feel Reality Creation as a whole-body sensation of well-being. You can be, have and do anything you like if you are able to match your energy-field with what you would like to create. Runtime: 40 Minutes. Voice and Production: Fred Dodson.

$ 20 Dollars

Buy Now

Datre 058 – What are realities? Why does a physical body feel emotions?

JOHN: We have some questions from Wanda. Her first question is… “What are realities?”

DATRE: Now, what are realities? Realities are different constructs – vibratory constructs – that’s all realities are. You are living in one reality here in the physical. In different realities there are different vibrations. We’ve talked about that; you can only go into the vibrations of a different reality that your ‘vibration’ matches. In other words, you can’t go into another reality that your ‘vibration’ does NOT match.

JOHN: She next asks… “What is their purpose?”

DATRE: Their purpose is… that is the way this was set-up. Every ‘existence’ is set-up differently. This particular one was set-up with different realities in order to ‘stretch’ you, to get you to move into different directions. In other words, just sitting here on the planet and never ‘exploring’ in any other direction… you can’t… you have to move, other than just being born, living and dying. There would be no reason to
have an ‘existence’ that that’s all there was to it.

JOHN: She next asks… “How many are there in the Earths bubble?”

DATRE: That depends on how you count them – everybody counts them different. You’ve heard them say… they talk about ‘dimensions’ and the only thing we can understand with dimensions is you’re 3 dimensional – that’s height, width and depth – THAT is a dimension. They talk about you being in the 5th. dimension and they talk about you being in the 3rd.

dimension and all that stuff. That ‘dimension’ is NOT a ‘viable’ term, we refer to them as REALITIES. But when you get beyond a certain point, there is so ‘little’ distinction, that to count them as, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so forth does not matter. Really, it’s just something to talk about. It’s something to ‘impress’ other people with. That’s all it is, from our standpoint it is an EGO thing. So, we just leave that one alone, it doesn’t matter. Experience them, fine, it doesn’t have to have a number.

JOHN: Then she asks… “Do we need to experience some/all as prerequisite for moving to the other planet (i.e. non cloned Earth) at the time of the BIRTH?”

DATRE: You need to ‘know’ what is going on here before you can go into OTHER states of existence. In other words, that’s why we have said that there’s different states that you will go into. There will be those that will go on to the ‘cloned’ Earth. Those are the ones that need to continue in their evolution. There’s a next step and a next step. You will go where your vibration matches. That’s NOT the body vibration, that is the YOU that you are. What have ‘you’ learned from your experience within the ‘physical’ bubble that you are in at the present time?

JOHN: And her next question is… “Could you explain the BIRTH, its significance? I’m asking for more detail.”

DATRE: Well I think we have explained that as many ways as we can. The BIRTH is something that… your ‘time’ in this particular bubble, your ‘linear time’ has ENDED. When your ‘linear time’ ends, something MUST happen. In other words, you close the book that you’ve been reading – you’ve read the LAST page of the book and you’ve closed the cover. Now, how long are you going to stay in that existence? Are you going to sit there with the cover of a book closed forever? OR are you going to go on and read ‘another’ book? It’s as simple as that.

Now, those that are going to move from this planetary ‘bubble’ Earth into the CLONED Earth are going to notice very, very little difference in their existence. That is not going to be noticeable, it will happen very quickly. You’ll notice very little difference, but you’ll notice that there are a lot of changes taking place. But, at the time of the BIRTH the one’s that have ‘changed’ their vibratory construct, that THIS no longer has anything to offer them as far as ‘they’ are concerned – not as far as anybody else’s idea of what they should or should not know, as far as they are concerned, if they are no longer ‘fascinated’ by that which you call ‘physical reality’ in its present construct, will make a change. They’ve read the book they’re not going to want to go back to the first page and read it all over again; they’re going to want to pick-up a ‘new’ book. So, they will move on, but they will not move on to the CLONED Earth, they will go into ‘another’ existence – another planetary existence, if desired. If their vibration is beyond that point, we’ve explained all of that before. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “Describe the purpose of the reality of the new cloned Earth and the other planet.”

DATRE: Now, it does not matter, because the ‘cloned’ Earth is a continuation of ‘this’ physical existence. That’s what the ‘cloned’ Earth is like. Because those that are on this planetary existence of ‘this’ Earth that have NOT reached an understanding of ‘this’ planetary existence and are still looking for ‘more’ experience in this ‘type’ of reality existence, they will notice very little difference. And the ‘realities’ in the ‘cloned’ Earth will be different – there’s no reason for them to be the
Those realities will be different but there’s no explaining those realities any more than explaining these, because realities cannot be explained. If they could be explained and you could sit down and say, ‘well this is this and that is that’, ‘well I understand this, this and this, where do I take my test’ and write it like you do an examination and you’re all through with it. You see, there would be no object in it, because as soon as you’ve written the test and two months later somebody asks you about, ‘what was the answer to question thirteen’, you wouldn’t have any idea. You see, it is NOT anything that you can put down, because what difference does it make what the answer to question thirteen was? If you have the ‘knowingness’ within you, that is what is important, it’s the KNOWING. OK, continue.

JOHN: She next asks… “Why does a physical body feel emotions?”

DATRE: Because that is the way you have set it up. That is one of your experiences, that is why the ‘fascination’ for a physical construct. Because, in other existences you do not have this ‘advanced’ a physical construct to work through. This is a GRAND experience, that’s why everyone wants it. Because EMOTION is something that is not experienced in any other form. The physical form has the ’emotions’ and that’s the fascination of working with it. I know you’ll say, ‘well how come when my body feels so terrible, what’s so ‘grand’ about that?’. Well, it depends upon how you look at that. It’s NOT what is happening, it’s your RE-ACTION and ACTION to what is happening. Continue.

JOHN: Then she says… “If the Psyche is emotionless, what purpose can the body’s emotions have for it?”

DATRE: Well, the body’s emotions do not connect with the Psyche. The Psyche is your ‘bridge’, shall we say… this is not ‘exactly’ correct, but I’m going to use it here, but remember, this is not exactly correct, but I will state it this way, maybe to help you understand. The Psyche acts as the BRIDGE between the ‘dream’ state and the physical ‘awake’ state in the physical body. I’m using that this way, this time, to help you understand what the Psyche is. Its like, your ‘dream’ state is here and your ‘awake’ state is over here, your Psyche BRIDGES the two. That’s only for ‘this’ particular explanation.

JOHN: She continues… “Is the lesson to overcome the body’s agenda for the Psyche’s agenda?”

DATRE: You ‘never’ overcome the body. That is an old, old teaching. You do NOT overcome the body. You LEARN the body. The body is fascination. You learn what the body is doing, the body has a ‘tremendous’ amount of intelligence in the ATOMS that form, that which you call, your physical construct. Your brain, which is part of your body, is a ‘fascination’ as to HOW it works. You don’t ‘overcome’, you understand – that is the difference.

The ‘overcoming’ of the body, to have greater realization, whatever, is a concept that does NOT work. Why did you come to physical reality in the first place? You came here, because you had this GRAND piece of equipment to work with. Continue.

JOHN: And continuing… “In which case, what is the body’s agenda?”

DATRE: Well, if you were to watch the body, you would become ‘fascinated’ by it. You will see your body, as you say, automatically perform different things. In other words, let us take a keyboard, individuals that are proficient at typing at a keyboard. In copying from a piece of paper, one piece of paper, copying some information and putting it on a keyboard and putting it up on a screen and putting some other information on the keyboard and putting it on the screen and putting it all together. The people that are proficient with that are sitting there, their fingers are typing, fast, fast, fast and the individual that’s typing is thinking what they’re going to do after work. The body is automatically doing ALL the typing and the brain is thinking of something else. Now, isn’t the body intelligent? Because the body has learned to perform different things that you don’t have to monitor constantly.

When you stop and think, what this body does for you, constantly, without you even being aware of it. What would it be like, if you had to watch every heart beat? You would spend all of your time trying to keep that heart beating. Then what would happen to the rest of it? Then the kidneys wouldn’t function or something else would go wrong. But you have set things into motion, through the ATOMS of the body – molecules and all of the other things that you have within the body. That is an ‘automatic’ process and you don’t even have to do one thing, not one single thing, but be IN it and DIRECT it. Or sit and watch IT do things.

You see you don’t realize… you hate your body. I’ve never understood that from my standpoint. That people sit and complain, constantly, about their body and yet that’s the very thing that you came into this existence to work with. So how can you expect the body to perform, when you’re always saying, ‘you hate it’? It does not make sense to someone in the state of observation. Now, when you begin to recognize the ‘value’ of the body and work together WITH the body, you’ll find that there’s a whole different SHIFT that will take place. Continue.

JOHN: Along that same vain she further says… “What is the Psyche’s agenda?”

DATRE: The Psyche’s agenda IS. That’s it. The Psyche… when you go into the ‘dream’ state, that is… from that vantage point, in the ‘dream’ state, you can ‘pick’ and ‘choose’ what you want to experience in your physical existence.

Now, the Psyche is so complicated that you can’t explain it. But, in that ‘dream’ state, you can make your decisions as to what you want to experience. Upon awakening, if you have ‘dragged’ a whole bunch of physicality into your ‘dream’ state and all you’re doing is mulling and mulling and mulling, you can’t get a clear picture of what you should be doing when you are awake. That’s where all of the confusion comes in. The big thing now, has been for I don’t know how long, has been this business of DREAM INTERPRETATION.

No one else can interpret your dreams. But it is something that you’re trying to understand. But, if you’re not going into your ‘dream’ state clear, then you can’t understand the ‘pictures’ that you’re getting. Because the pictures that you’re getting when you are awake, can be ‘entirely’ different than what the ‘original’ intent was. Its the people that are ‘clear’ in their ‘dream’ state – and we have spoken of these individuals that are ‘clear’ in their ‘dream’ state – because when they go into the ‘dream’ state, there is NO division between the ‘dreaming’ and the ‘awake’ state – it is a continuation. Now those are the people that are LIVING THEIR DREAMS – literally. But those are few in number, but they do exist upon your planet.

So, the Psyche IS. I’ve told you that it’s a bridge, that’s as good an explanation that I can give you.

JOHN: Her next question is… “The experiments on different dimensions, planets, realities have purposes which their creators wanted certain outcomes to be achieved. What gets done with the results?”

DATRE: Things are there for you to experience, that’s what gets done with the results. The results of anything are as you experiences them and as you interpret them as you are here in the physical. The ‘expression’ in the physical being, is the result. The YOU that you are experiences and expresses in realities, in existences, planetary, non-planetary, many different states. The ‘only’ thing that happens is what do YOU get out of the experiences. Not so that you can go and talk to your neighbor and tell what a ‘grand’ thing happened. You can do that, but that doesn’t change them. The only thing you’re interested in is changing and expanding YOUR awareness. This is what we… you wanted ‘individuation’, that is what you wanted, you wanted to be individuals. So that is what is happening, you are achieving on an individualistic basis.

You can go as far as you want to go. But you don’t have to sit and this is the ‘whole thing’, the beginning and the end. You don’t have to constantly be thinking about all of these things because in thinking about all these things and running to other people who are experiencing the same things, the only thing is; you’re making yourself comfortable in the expression that you’re in at the present time. But the thing is, as you begin to ‘work’ more and more with yourself, you’ll find yourself gravitating away from groups of individuals, because you’re ‘moving’ and others don’t keep up with you. Then as you become more and more individualistic you will find that the people that you CAN relate to do not think the way you do. So, the more ‘individualistic’ you become, the more you draw away from the MASS. OK, continue.

JOHN: Her final question is… ” What is meant to be the result for this Universe? Datre mentioned for it to be realized. Could Datre expand on this?” I think that she got mixed up between the Earth ‘bubble’ being ‘realized’ and the Universe which IS realized.

DATRE: Now, the Universe is what she spoke of?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: Well John, I think you are right she has it mixed up a bit. But this Universe is in a ‘constant’ state of expansion. Expansion, not in size, but in awareness of the individuals within the Universe. Read the question again please.

JOHN: “What is meant to be the result for this Universe?”

DATRE: What is to be the result of the Universe? The Universe will continue, it will ‘always’ continue. Because the expansion of awareness of the individuals ‘within’ the Universe will continue. Then when you are no longer ‘fascinated’, if there are no more areas that you want to explore, when you get into the areas that Datre is, when THAT becomes shall we say, in your terms, ‘old hat’ and you have experienced ALL of the different elements that you wish to ‘explore’ from a Universal concept, then you go to the next Universe. Because there is ‘communication’ between Universes. And there is NOT “ONE” universe, there are ‘multiple’ Universes. You cannot explain a Universe any more than you can explain a reality. It is all these things that MUST be experienced. But, for you in the physical, you have a long ways to go yet.

Because you’re in this… this is a whole new area of exploration. The expansion of ‘awareness’ within a physical construct. You are further ahead in awareness on ‘this’ particular planetary existence. Your understanding of this planet and those that are on this planet is far greater than it is in ‘other’ planetary existences. There ‘are’ other planetary existences, but the formation of the physical form and the abilities of the physical form in a HOLOGRAPHIC state is far and above greater than anyplace else. And the HOLOGRAPHIC existence, is but ‘one’ existence for existences within the Universe in other planetary existences.

Other planetary existences are NOT like you are. There would be no reason to have them the same. You don’t want duplication, why duplicate. You need something new, you need something… and that is where the ‘searching’ comes in, that ‘longing’, that ‘searching’, that ‘craving’ for experience, THAT is the ‘motivating’ force in a Universe, is the ‘craving’ for more. It is NOT something that can be taught, it is ‘within’, it is an ‘expression’. The YOU that you are is the one that has the ‘craving’. The YOU that you are is the one that is the ‘driving’ force. Then as you become ‘aware’ of the YOU that you are, you’ll find that, what you thought was a ‘humdrum’ physical existence, becomes very ‘fascinating’. Because you are looking at it from a ‘different’ angle. That is what DRIVES Universes, is that CRAVING for something NEW, something DIFFERENT. In other words, to put it in ‘your’ expressions, ‘what’s on the other side of the mountain?’ ‘What’s at the bend of the road?’ ‘If I turn to the left on a road, what’s there?’ THAT is the CRAVING that comes from the YOU that you are. That is what’s DRIVING you. Be it in physical existence or any ‘other’ type of existence, the YOU that you are EXISTS.

You can either ‘continue’ to keep that FLAME of CRAVING going OR you can actually EXTINGUISH it, by the old expression, ‘I don’t care’. Because the ‘I don’t care’s’ don’t go. It’s those that say, ‘I wonder’ and ‘how come’ and ‘what is there?’ and ‘what more is there?’ there’s the difference. It is a GRAND exploration. This Universe has TREMENDOUS amounts of different kinds of exploration, within THIS Universe. We that compose Datre are ‘still’ fascinated by what goes on within this Universe. But when we have either ‘actually’ or vicariously ABSORBED the information and we feel the need to go further. Then we will leave ‘this’ Universe and go into ‘another’ Universe for another existence. You don’t have to have a physical body to exist. Next!

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

Datre 057 – feeling like you just got run over with a truck

JOHN: We have some questions from Al and his first question is in the form of a comment… “I cannot focus on any one goal and I almost feel like I’m fading in and out”

DATRE: Now the questions that we’re going to answer for Al were asked quite some time ago, but we had such a backlog we didn’t get to them before. But perhaps by now he has worked himself out of that into another area.

Now, what is happening to him is happening to a great many on your planet, that are becoming aware of themselves in this reality at the present time. As we have stated before, the new energies are going to make many changes in the physical bodies and that your ‘realities’ are NOT going to be as divided as they were previously. They called them ‘veils’, they called them barriers of different kinds, and everyone has a different term that they stated.

But what it is, the realities have always been very separated and NOW they are merging so that you get in and out of realities much easier and much faster than you ever did previously – without DOING anything. Now, the old thinking was, that in order to get into another ‘reality’ you had to sit and meditate and do all sorts of things, in order to get to those different realities. Now, that is no longer the case.

The individuals that are using these new energies to advantage are finding that it’s very easy for them to “not know where they are”. What happens is, when you go into another reality – during the daytime, just in the ordinary day… work a day world, if you want to call it that – to slide into another reality and slide out of it again. The thing that you will feel is, you will feel like you’re not quite with your feet on the ground. As Aona says, you don’t feel quite real. Because you have made a transition, you have made it quickly, but the thing is, you have a ‘different’ awareness.

The body is aware that you have left and come back in again. Then what happens when you come back into the body again, sometimes it takes a while to readjust your ‘focus’ into the physical construct. Now, I don’t know if that helps or its more confusing, but that is what is happening. You see, you’re NOT making a concerted effort to go into the different realities but it is happening and that is what is very confusing at this point in time. So maybe that will help you to realize what you’re doing and it IS very difficult to focus now. Because of all the things that are happening in relationship to the physical construct and in relationship to that which you HAD as linear time.

As linear time begins to, shall we say, ‘dissolve’ as far as your ‘concept’ of linear time is concerned, that also causes a ‘type’ of disorientation. Now, many are not even feeling this. But those individuals that are very sensitive to what their body is doing, and what they are doing, are noticing these things a lot quicker than other people. That is some of the things that are happening. OK, lets continue.

JOHN: And he continues on and says… “Except for having a lot of strange sensations, impressions and fleeting glimpses I don’t seem to qualify as being at all sensitive or “enlightened”.”

DATRE: Well, you see, that happens. It is those that are working from a very ‘strong’ EGO that are making ‘all the claims’ as to what they can do and what is happening and ‘oh this is this and that is that and those are something else’. Those people are working from the EGO. In other words, you still, on this planet, are functioning from the standpoint of “Hierarchy”. This has been the ‘big’ number on your planet, since, goodness knows when, I guess since ‘individuation’, if you want to put it that way. Because there’s always those that have put themselves over and above others. Be it intellectually, be it monetarily, be it size wise, whatever. There are those that always have the BIG EGO… that they are better and you are less. When you work from the standpoint of an EGO it is very difficult to understand WHO and WHAT you are. Those individuals that are going through ‘learning WHO they are’ and those that have big EGOS are having a LOT of trouble.

Now what is happening with this individual, is that he does not have that ‘kind’ of a struggle that he is existing in. The EGO is not the big thing with him as an individual. So, he is more sensitive to ALL these NEW vibrations. The individual that has a big EGO is NOT sensitive to what’s going on. Because they are so ‘focused’ in, shall we say, ‘Earth existence’ that they maintain their focus. It’s the people that are ‘sensitive’ that are beginning to feel all of these changes. You see everybody on the planet cannot change at the same time. It is like a saying that John has, ‘there are very few that are at the TIP of the spear, the majority is the big, long shaft that follows’. So, it is those individuals who are out there at the TIP of the spear, that are beginning to get all these feelings of, shall we say, ‘instability’ on the planet.

We’re speaking from watching two individuals here and speaking to other individuals that this is happening to. Thereby seeing what is happening with the ‘majority’ of the people and the ‘minority’ of the people. Continue.

JOHN: He continues on and says… “The last 4 days I felt like I just got run over with a truck – I’ve been in a real dark mood and am even more unfocused than usual.”

DATRE: I think he borrowed one of Aona’s things, she is always saying she feels like she has been run over by a truck. Unless you have had that feeling you cannot explain it to anyone else, but it is that feeling of… like she says, being run over by a truck. That is ‘part’ of the new energies. You see, the more you are ‘feeling’ these energies and their EFFECT ‘now’; you feel that it is very ‘strong’. But those that are not getting any feeling of the new energies whatsoever, when these vibrations finally get up to a higher point, they’re going to be HIT very hard and VERY solidly. That is where you’re going to have everybody running to the doctors to find out what’s wrong with them. Psychiatrists and psychologist offices are going to be full.

Far better to go through this NOW, because you remember, the energies are here and how much in ‘tune’ you are with yourself is… you decided what you were going to do and how you were going to handle these energies. The thing is, you may not know it in the physical, when you’re wide awake, but when you’re sleeping you know just exactly what you’re doing. It is those that are deciding what they’re doing and handling the energies, they’re going to have a great deal more experiences and physical ‘reactions’ to what is happening to them.

But, the thing is, you’re taking the energies as they come. Those that are not knowing what’s happening, and all of a sudden get hit with these tremendous energy waves, the impact will be more intense. The more you wait to ‘interact’ with these energies, the more difficult it’s going to be. Now, that is not saying that you’re not going through a great deal of what everyone else on the planet is going through to greater or lesser extent, because the ‘time’, ‘linear time’ span, is diminishing to the point where the majority of the people on the planet are feeling it in one way or another.

But, the sliding in and out of realities, now that is something different. That feeling of ‘I’m not quite here’, ‘I know I’m here, but I feel sort of faded’. Now, you’re really extending, in those areas, when THAT begins to happen. Because that does NOT begin to happen to a person that is very much into the heavy EGO and into… well of course heavy EGO, when you get into that and the hierarchy and all of that, what you have, is a very, very, course body. Because, those two go hand in hand. When you set yourself ABOVE another person, for ANY reason, you are setting a very ‘strong’ physical body to work IN and THROUGH. That is just an automatic. So, maybe we’ve helped in those areas. Are there more questions?

JOHN: Yes and he further continues along that vain and says… “I hope this is just an adjustment period to a recent new wave of energy.”

DATRE: That is correct. And let me say to all of you, these are going to continue. You are going to go through periods of, as Aona would put it, ‘I feel great’, ‘I feel excited’, ‘I feel energetic’, ‘everything seems to go click, click, click and it is marvelous’ and then one day she wakes and she’s been run over by a truck. The ‘depression’ comes in. The inability to settle down to anything, to start painting, to start sewing, to start making things, to changing all the furniture around.

That is the big number, John never knows what house he’s walking into because when he comes home everything is all… pictures are all down, new pictures are up, furniture is all over the place. He say’s, ‘just don’t move the bed so I would fall over it’. But you see, when those new waves of energy come in, the beginning of the wave… its like if you were in water and a big wave comes and hits you and it sort of ‘knocks you silly’ for a while, until you re-adjust and shall we say, get your ‘sea legs’ again. Then you go back to, as Aona says, well now I feel ‘normal’, whatever normal is, but anyway that’s her way of expressing where she is.

You will find, that if you can express these things to ‘other’ people, so they ‘know’ where you’re coming from, it does help. Because, if you have a partner or you have other people that you’re working with or whatever, then you say, ‘you know, things just aren’t going right, right now’, ‘I feel disoriented’ or however you want to express it to a individual that you’re working with. So that they ‘know’ that if you react quickly to a situation and sort of ‘snap’ back at another person, that you’re in that state of confusion. You don’t have to go out and explain the whole thing, but they will understand where you’re coming from.

Its the person that wakes up in the morning and things go ‘wrong’ and to the ones in the household would say, ‘things are not just right today, I’m not angry with you, I’m not angry with anybody, its just that I can’t seem to get things to work properly’. ‘If I’m upset today, I’m not upset with anybody or any thing, its just I can’t seem to get things to work properly’. You see that takes all the strain off of other people. Because then they don’t think, ‘well I wonder if he’s mad at me?’. ‘What did I do wrong?’ Or any of these other things. It works in the work place too. People are ‘not’ unfeeling. So, the minute you express what’s happening, then if you turn around and yell at somebody, they say, ‘well he’s just having a bad day, he just told me he was’. So you see, they ‘know’ then, it’s just a flare up and it just something you’re just going through. Everybody does it, even more so now and it will continue to be more so. Next question?

JOHN: OK, now we’ve got another series of questions. He says… “When I contemplate existence – who/what is thinking? What is the interconnection?”

DATRE: You’re thinking from your ‘awake’ physical standpoint, because that’s when you think. You see, you ‘think’ in your dream state, but you ‘think’ so entirely different that you then many times cannot begin to translate from dream to awake state.

So, what you’re contemplating, is what you have experienced, what you have heard, what you have read, those are experiences that you have had in the ‘awakened’ state. You’re taking that information and putting it together to make the ‘pictures’ for your understanding in physicality. Is that understandable?

JOHN: From my point of view, I understand what he’s talking about and I’m not satisfied that that explains what he’s asking.

DATRE: All right.

JOHN: We have a term that says, ‘me, myself and I’ and then we have this situation that says ‘thought’ and ‘think’. So, when I used to wonder about this, I would say, ‘well who is it that’s wondering these things?’ ‘This is a different ‘quality’ or different ‘expression’ than the ‘usual’ expression of me’. What expression is that?

DATRE: That is still ‘you’ in the physical. You in the physical are trying to put things together for your understanding. You see if you were not in the physical, what’s to understand – because it’s all there? See, that’s the difference.

We have talked about the PSYCHE and we have talked about the ‘land of the PSYCHE’, we tried to put it that way because we couldn’t think of anything else, we’ve called it the ‘sea of the PSYCHE’, whatever. You see, when you are in THAT state, you are picking and choosing a ‘multitude’ of options. So, you can explore anything you want to in that state. You can explore a great deal more in the ‘dream state’ than you can in the meditative state. Because in the meditative state you are still – you are ‘directing’ to a degree. In the ‘sleep state’ it is different because those that ‘totally’, ‘completely’, leave their body, they travel all over in every area that you can think of – they dip in and out of all the ‘realities’. That is why many who do that – completely leave their bodies at night – they close their eyes and they at that point are gone.

Those individuals, upon awakening, will ‘feel’ themselves coming back into their bodies and their bodies, most of the time, will be what you call, shivery cold. Because they have been OUT of them for that long period of time and that is an adjustment that they make when they come back into the body in the morning, is that they have gone out of their bodies for so long and experiencing so many different things.

JOHN: When you use the term ‘out of the body’ or ‘non-physical’ then there’s a distinction here, because in those terms, the ‘dead zone’ must be considered ‘physical’.

DATRE: Well from our standpoint, definitely the ‘dead zone’ IS considered ‘physical’. It is just a change of ‘vibration’.

JOHN: All right, but it is NOT what you are… that is NOT a condition that you are referring to as the NON-physical. That is a condition that is ‘physical’, that ‘dead zone’ thing.

DATRE: No, the ‘dead zone’ as far as we are concerned, that is ‘physical’. A different ‘kind’ of physicality, but it is still physical. That is why you try to scare yourself into this ‘dying’ thing and yet you’ve done it so many, many times, so what’s the scary part of it? That’s why you will find that ‘most’ people prior to death are very calm, because they’re waiting to go. Because they know they have been there before and they know that takes all the stress out of that which you call the physical living. Then they go into the ‘dead zone’ and they play. But, that is different. That is different than meditation and that is different than dreaming. Does that help?

JOHN: Yes, that’s the point I wanted to get across, because that’s an easy thing to get confused with.

DATRE: Yes, but you see, you have all these different states of awareness; you have ALL these different states of awareness. They are all ‘different’, but it is still YOU that is experiencing each and every one of them.

JOHN: His next question is… “I cannot overcome the idea of “oneness” – where do “I” end and “you” begin?”

DATRE: Well you see there IS that feeling of ‘oneness’. However, the ‘oneness’ that most people feel and are trying to ‘achieve’, is the ‘oneness’ of the physical being to another physical being or other physical beings. This feeling of oneness is a ‘remembrance’, of sorts, from the time of prior to individuation, when you were a ‘cloned’ reality. They are trying to become ONE with ALL THINGS. In the physical waking state, YOU are INDIVIDUALIZED. That is what you wanted, from the CLONED state into individuation. So in the waking ‘physical’ state, regardless of how close you are to another, it is still NOT the oneness that is the ‘state’ that is achieved OUT of physical existence. Even in that which you call your ‘dead zone’, you are STILL individuated.

Now, when you achieve the state of EXISTENCE that you are OUT of ‘this’ bubble, of these realities, and are in another state of EXISTENCE, somewhere, someplace else, without a body, where you can take that which is Universal substance and make ‘something’, not using a physical brain, that is a state of EXISTENCE where there is ONENESS. But it cannot be explained easily, because that is one of the most ‘difficult’ things to explain with your words. Its something that ‘words’ cannot explain, it must be experienced and it cannot be experienced while in the physical.

Now, the individuals that have come, even from another place, whatever that may be, that have come in here with special things to ‘introduce’ into your planetary existence here, have a different ‘feeling’ of that which you call ONENESS. Because once in a while, they will slide into another feeling where they will ‘feel’ a ONENESS type thing. But that still is NOT what you would call, the ONENESS that exists when you get out into the Universe.

Now, even in the Universe, we maintain a ‘type’ of individuality, even if we are all ‘aware’ of what everyone else is doing and everything else. But there STILL is a ‘type’ of individualism. Because THAT is this Universal concept – in this particular Universe. So you see, all Universes are different also – there’s a LOT of differences in the Universes – why repeat anything.

So to explain that feeling of ‘oneness’, you’re TOUCHING something that you have had a greater ‘knowingness’ of, at what you would call, ‘another point in time’ – those are just words. But you’re tapping into something that is, shall we say, like a remembrance.

JOHN: Or a vibratory patterning that ‘resonates’ with YOUR vibratory patterning.

DATRE: Yes, that is what it is, but you see, that is why it becomes complicated here because nothing like that exists here. But, there are certain things, regardless of where you come from and what you’re doing here. There are certain things that… you have a word here… you go to a place and it looks familiar and they call it ‘deja vu’. All right, now what you’re having is a type of MENTAL deja vu. It is… you’re translating not a physical thing but you’re translating… just touching into a ‘feeling’ that is very fleeting, but is recognizable as something that you’re familiar with that you can’t quite put your finger on. OK? I know we were talking in circles, but the words are so limiting I’m having trouble expressing what I want to tell you.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “Can you give more information regarding those who were “particles” and those who were “waveform” – does this relate to the two bubbles or were they both particles and the “waveforms” were those who came “after” – the “specialists”?”

DATRE: Now, lets do it this way, I’m going to turn it around, if I get into that too deeply we’re going to loose the train of what we’ve been doing all this time. I will tell you basically, right here from the beginning, we just hit into individuals so I will continue in that vain.

Specialists are totally ‘different’ and unique. They come here to perform a service, and then they leave. That does not go by ‘linear year’ time. Because as specialists, you come into a physicality and you come into a linear time but, the ‘linear time’ is of no consequence. In other words, a ‘specialist’ will come in and set-up a pseudo HOLOGRAM that will look and act and react as the HOLOGRAMS upon your planet.

There are certain guidelines to be followed. In other words, you come in and you ‘act’ and ‘re-act’ as all the rest of the physical people upon your planet. However, there are those that come in as individuals, that will come into this planetary existence in a pseudo HOLOGRAM that expresses a 45, 50, 55 year old individual upon the planet. They will ‘appear’ in a town, in an area, whatever.

They will go from place to place because they are bringing something on to this planet. They may be seen a couple of times and never seen again. They will ‘implant’ different thought patterns. They can be in ‘science’, they can be in ‘medicine’, they can be in many different areas, that which you call law and all of that. They can come into these areas and ‘implant’ different thought patterning’s into the mass consciousness in these different areas.

They will not take on the practice of law, they will not take on the practice of medicine and they will not take on these other things. But, they will put themselves in areas where these individuals are. They will mix in what you would call ‘conversational’ groups where they will all be talking about things pertaining to medicine. Then this individual will ‘implant’ some new ideas, some new thinking into that group of individuals and they will begin to ‘ponder’ these things and see how these things can work into what they are discussing. They will discuss it and that individual will walk away. Now, that individual may be seen again in another group of people.

But, when the individuals feels that their job is finished they will leave. Now, what has happened is, there are individuals that have become so enamored with the physical construct and what is happening here and has become so ‘fascinated’ with it, that they will stay. Then they will continue to build on this ‘pseudo’ HOLOGRAM and build up the particles to the point that they have ‘solidified’ themselves into physicality and will stay and go through this death process and all this other, because they’re fascinated by this physicality.

Others will come in and they may stay for 100 years, always ‘appearing’ as a 45, 50, 55 year old individual. The only thing they do is change their clothing aspect. But because they’re ‘pseudo’, they maintain the pseudo HOLOGRAM and at such time as they feel that what they came to do is done, they will go. We’re getting into some really ‘deep’ things here and people will say, ‘well how do I know who is ‘pseudo’ and who is a real HOLOGRAM?’. You will NOT know. Those individuals will NOT, be they male of female, do not form a relationship with another individual because they’re not into physicality. They’re here to do a job and when the job is finished, they go, they go back to the existence that they had ‘previous’ to coming in here. So, lets leave it at that now.

The wave and the particle forms do not matter, because you have mixed and matched so much in here. But I will tell you one thing, that the ‘particle’ HOLOGRAMS, will, with the new energies coming in, be able to ‘understand’ and work with the ‘wave’. Then at such time as a ‘particle’ being ‘adopts’ that much of a ‘waveform’ concept and understanding, they will see no difference between themselves and the wall that is in front of them and ‘walk through it’. When you are diverse enough, so that you are able to work with ‘particles’ and ‘waves’ BOTH, this is what you will be able to do. Now, that’s not becoming a ‘shaman’ or any of that. That is becoming aware and ‘knowing’ what you in the physical existence are able to do. This will not all of a sudden pop in and you’ll walk through a wall one day and scare yourself – it doesn’t happen that quickly. It is a process of the body and you working together, back and forth, back and forth, until this becomes an automatic. I know that this sounds like science fiction, but it will happen. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is “all that we are” contained within the Earth bubble?”

DATRE: Yes, at the present time, because you’re working through a HOLOGRAPHIC existence. So, everything is here, within your bubble, all the ‘realities’ that you experience and everything, its all here. This is what you’re to learn while you’re here, to learn all of this.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is it necessary (to birth ourselves into selfhood) to know all 12 sub realities in our bubble – would we “consciously” be aware of this?”

DATRE: Yes, but you may not ‘know’ all the realities in the physical, but you will be familiar with them all within the YOU that you are. How far your understanding in the physical is concerned, that depends on the YOU that you are and how far you want to go. Some become aware of ALL of them and some of them only part of them. But that awareness of only ‘part’ of them is only that which is in the physical existence. Because you see, when you get up in your bigger numbers or your ‘finer’ vibrations, there is no way that you are going to visit those areas and come back into the physical form and explain it – because you can’t, its different, it has no explanation whatsoever.

You’re comfortable, you know what its like while you’re there, you say, ‘well I’m going to remember this and I’m going to bring it back in’. You come back in and you’re like you’re in a fog, because you can’t quickly readjust from one to another. But, there’s NOTHING that you can describe, to anyone, about those ‘other’ realities and you will find that in a very short time, within a matter of hours, what you have experienced, you can’t even have any remembrance of. The brain doesn’t have anything to put together. It’s an experience that the brain cannot explain. If the brain can’t explain it, it can’t make a picture. But it doesn’t matter; you’ve been there. So, you’ll say, ‘well I can’t understand how that can happen’. Well it does, that’s all we can tell you, it does. Next question.

JOHN: His next question is… “Is the BIRTH about reaching “adulthood” and taking responsibility for our individual “reality” and development for ourselves?”

DATRE: I can’t quite get that one.

JOHN: He’s saying “Is the purpose of the BIRTH about reaching adulthood of self, if you will?”

DATRE: All right, I had not completely understood that. Actually what the BIRTH is all about, is to take the experiences of Earth existence and taking them with you – taking that ‘whole package’, taking that ALL with you. But that requires an understanding that cannot be taught or explained or anything else, it is an individual thing. There are no two people that are going to experience the BIRTH in the same way. There is only ONE person that can go through the BIRTH – that is you. You don’t go through holding hands, it is an individualistic thing.

It is what YOU want to do; it is what YOU want to learn. It is the day that you say to yourself and KNOW within the very DEPTH of your BEING, “I EXIST AND I AM AND I ALWAYS WILL BE”. That we have heard people say, again and again and again, and it means ‘nothing’ to them – it is words. What you need to do is get down so DEEP, the emotion is so DEEP, that regardless of what happens to you, where you go, what you do, in any ‘other’ reality, in any ‘other’ existence throughout ‘this’ particular Universe, you KNOW that you ARE, that you EXIST and that you always WILL EXIST. You can be shattered into a million different pieces and yet there will be THAT which is YOU that will PULL you all back together again and YOU’LL say “I KNOW”. But it is NOT a shallow thing. That is why there will be so few that will go through that ‘type’ of BIRTH.

Because you can talk about, ‘I’m not afraid of dying’, ‘I’m not afraid of death’, ‘this is this and that is that’ and all of these other things. But, it has to be EXPERIENCED, it is something that has to be EXPERIENCED. You can say, ‘well I’ve gone through the charkas and I’ve gone through the kundalini’, fine. But the ‘kundalini’ for the most part is an awakening of the centers within this physical body – that is only ONE thing that you’re working through. The kundalini is only working with the physical construct.

A great deal more happens when you go through a BIRTH, because that is also the ‘shattering’ of your mental capacity – and that’s when you have to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Otherwise you can’t put your pieces back together again. The BIRTH is not to be ‘feared’. It is to looked upon with great excitement and anticipation and I guess the ones that don’t ‘fear’ a BIRTH are those that have experienced one previously. Or those that have that ‘quality’ of ‘exploration’ and those that want to know what’s going to happen. ‘I’m going to give it a try, I want to see what happens’. Now, did I answer?

JOHN: Yes, I think you did quite well. His final question is, its fairly long… “I have the impression that we exist in an energy field which is encompassed by the energy field where those of Datre “exist” which is within an energy field in which SETH 2 exists – would this be accurate – or would the image of different vibrational structures within the same energy fields be more accurate?”

DATRE: All right, you exist within an energy field which is what you call your bubble – that is the energy field that you exist in. Now that energy field exists within the Universe. Those which you call SETH 2 or SETH 1 or those, whatever names you want to put on it, like Datre, that is a Universal existence. When the information began coming through, the vibration bringing through that information said, “you can call me SETH”.

The same way with Datre. We too are a vibratory patterning and needed a ‘name’. That was something that was NOT understood by those that read the SETH material. Now, you see, we have had the advantage here, because the SETH material, in a book that was read by Aona, now in her reading of the book, when we tap into her vibration that book is there for US to be aware of.

Now, her awareness at one point in time was different than her awareness at another point in time. But that was simply because as you can… its like going to school, it is the same thing. You are ‘teaching’ the physical and you are ‘learning’ in the physical and if you’re in the first grade, this is what you learn. If you’re in the second grade, this is what you learn and you go on up until you get into colleges and universities and all of that. Then there are those that continue beyond that point and study, what you call, ‘all your physical existence’. They desire to ‘learn’ and know more about the subject that they are interested in. They ‘crave’ this information.

Now, there are those that ‘crave’ this, what you call, ‘spiritual information’. They are constantly searching to stretch, constantly searching ‘more’ information, more information.

Now, with the physical understanding of that which we call Aona is different than it was, back in the 70’s, when these books were first read. Because of ‘her’ experiences, in and out of body both, has expanded her awareness, so that the same “book” being read today has a ‘deeper’ context than it did at another point in time – because the understanding is different. But, Universal information can be understood at different levels. You can understand Universal information when we take you like we say, in baby steps. But you can only ‘understand’ according to your capacity of what ‘you’ have experienced and what ‘you’ have understood in the physical construct. Now, when you begin to put things together and then go back and read again Universal information, which the SETH material was and is, that will read entirely different.

But you see, individuals will read one book; they’ll read two books, maybe three books. But when it really gets down to ‘plowing’ and really gets down to ‘tough’ understanding, trying to figure out ‘what’ is being said and working with that, then you are really starting to make ‘steps’ and you maybe, for several years, will not understand what that particular segment of the book meant and all of a sudden, one day, someone will say a sentence or you’ll read a sentence and ‘ah ha, that’s my answer’. But it is like everything else, you have to have it all… you know you can’t just go out and do ‘brain’ surgery if you read a text book when you’re a senior in high school – it doesn’t work that way. The same thing with these other things that we have talked about, ‘the nature of the PSYCHE’, ‘creating your own reality’ and all of these other things. We can speak about it and speak about it and it doesn’t seem to make any headway at all.

Because, what they think about creating your own reality and what you actually DO when you create your own reality, are two ‘different’ things. Someone will say, ‘I created my own reality’, ‘I got this job, I got this house, I got all of these things’, fine. But, was that what you had laid out for yourself for experience? ‘Of course it was’. ‘Well why can’t I do the same thing?’ ‘I’m as intelligent as they are, I’ve had the schooling, I’ve had all of these opportunities and why can’t I make anything work?’ What did you set for yourself? You see, its wondering why someone can do, something and can have what I can’t have. But you set yourself a goal of ‘what’ you wanted to accomplish. Now, had you had the job that was that demanding, that you had to have all those other people underneath you and in order to make the money to buy the house, to buy the car – that may have taken the focus off of what you came here to do. Especially at this time in your existence, when you’re getting ready for one of the GRANDEST things that can happen to individuals in the physical form.

So, you see, you also have to look at it that… you see, that’s one of the things that have come in – I’m diverting now. But, one of the cope-outs is, when things don’t go right or when things go right, ‘its gods will’. You have heard that even if you are not connected with Christianity, you have heard it again and again. Because Aona and John live in the ‘bible belt’, they hear all of this constantly. Then, we take it and we go in another direction, ‘you create your own reality’. It’s the same thing, put in different words. One is, ‘well you create your own reality’. ‘Are you stupid enough to do that?’ or ‘are you grand enough to do that?’. Or its gods will, so he says you can’t do this or you can’t do that. You see, there again, we get back into this ‘belief’ system, when you PARROT those words, you BELIEVE those words.

When you BELIEVE those words, that becomes a blockage and that is what we talk about with BELIEF systems. You BLOCK yourself with the phrases that you use in everyday life, but you don’t realize it. That is why we say OBSERVE, not only observe others, observe yourself and that is the HARDEST one to do – is to observe yourself and what ‘you’ are saying. Because what you’re speaking vocally, reflects your thinking at the present time. So you’ll say, ‘well that’s what they said’. Now, one says its ‘gods will’ and the other one says ‘you create your own reality’.

But, there’s one thing that goes a little bit further in this ‘create your own reality’ – and I’m going to keep pounding on this until somebody understands what I’m talking about – you create your own reality, YES. But you don’t take it from the ‘dream state’ or your PSYCHE, whichever you want to call it, into the PURE state, back into physicality. Because you translate everything through the ‘brain’ and you ‘muddy’ it.

Now, lets throw a little bit out there to ‘entice’ you to begin to watch what you’re doing. With the new energies that are coming in, you are going to be ‘forming’ or shall we say, ‘diminishing’ the barriers that surround the “3RD. BRAIN”. The “3RD. BRAIN” I s in your head, its contained within that which you call your skull. The energies are going to begin to ‘open’ your “3RD. BRAIN”. When you begin to open the “3RD. BRAIN”, you are going to be able to “SEE DIFFERENTLY”.

Now, when you begin to watch, what you call your ‘belief’ system and watch how much of that which you call your physical brain, your EGO and all of that and how much that ‘colors’ your daytime existence, when you become ‘aware’ of that, you’ll start changing. Then as you start releasing a lot of this in your changing’s, that allows the “3RD. BRAIN” to come into existence, so that you become aware of it. Then your awareness of the “3RD.

BRAINS” existence will change how you “VIEW” everything with your pictures in front of you. Your ‘pictures’ will begin to look very, very different than what you see today, because you’ll be seeing things in a ‘different’ context entirely.

So you see, you have GRAND things in front of you. I’m not saying that you’re NOT going to go through depression, periods of depression. You will go through periods of depression. Aona is going through periods of depression. John is going through periods of depression. Aona is going through ‘physical’ changes. John is going through ‘physical’ changes and they are ‘both’ very much aware of it. There are days when they are very restless, nothing is satisfying. There are days when food tastes marvelous.

There are days when food has no taste, it’s just a process of eating and ‘nothing’ tastes good. You’re going to find that the variances are going to be more and more. You’re going to see the ‘swings’. But that is adjusting to the new physical and adjusting to the new energy waves. When the wave… when you’re on the other side of the wave and its gone past, but you’re still in the residual part of it, that’s when you start, shall we say, ‘feeling real’ again. Feeling like you’ve got you feet on the ground, everything is great. All the ‘excitement’ comes back into your life. Everything you do is ‘exciting’ and happy and everything. Then comes another energy wave, crash, you get hit by another truck.

So, the people that are going to have less trouble with what is happening are those that ‘know’ what IS happening. That is one of the things that we’re here for, to help you understand what is happening. Because, not that it makes it any easier, any easier in like… what is the word Aona uses… in a ‘funk’. OK, so you’ve got a day when it’s in a funk, just remember it won’t last. Just remember, you’re not alone, you have lots and lots of company and it is just part of allowing ‘you’ to become the YOU that you ‘know’ you are. Are there any more questions now?

JOHN: No, that was the last one.

DATRE: That is fine, we will leave you now. If there are any further questions we will be happy to clarify.

We’re Datre.

Datre 056 – Incompleteness

Datre answers Bo.
JOHN: We have a question from Bo and his question is… “Is there any way to simply achieve oblivion? “

DATRE: Now, to ‘achieve oblivion’ is not something you really truly want. You ‘feel’ like you want it and there are going to be many, many, many on your planet that are going to feel as you do. The energies are changing upon your planet and because of the energy changing’s, it is causing a different vibratory construct within the physical being. Now, when you are in the physical body the majority of your ‘actions’ and ‘re-actions’ will be in regard to bodily changes.

Your wanting to go into ‘oblivion’ is wanting to STOP everything – this very minute. You’re being overwhelmed with the new energies and the sooner you learn to ‘work’ with the new energies, the easier it is going to be for ALL of you.

Now, there are many running helter skelter that are feeling ‘exactly’ the same way that you are – you are NOT alone. Oblivion is NOT an answer. Because, if you were to ‘die’ right this very minute that you are reading this transcript, you would find the ‘same’ perplexities in what you call your ‘dead zone’. Because the energies are also effecting that which you call your ‘dead zone’, because as we’ve said before, it is another ‘form’ of physicality that is ‘removed’ from THIS physical reality as you know it. But, upon that which you call ‘death’ you still carry the ‘same’ thought patterns with you which will be the ones of ‘incompleteness’, which will probably be ‘more’ devastating to you in the ‘dead zone’, than they are in the, what you call the ‘live zone’, because as long as you’re in a physical form, you can ‘still’ take action. When you are in the ‘dead zone’, you are ‘unable’ to take action in the same way. So, your ‘frustration’ will increase and NOT decrease. That is one of the things that is experienced in those that go into the ‘dead zone’, is the ‘incompleteness’ and that is why so many are so anxious to ‘jump’ back in again, because of the ‘incompleteness’.

Now, one of the things that are happening now, with the new energies, is you ‘need’ to get in touch with your physical body a little bit more, because the physical body is the one that is undergoing the changes. You that are working the ‘robot’ of the physical body are NOT in frustration. The frustration comes in the physical construct. The YOU that you are, is not in perplexity, it is your ‘waking’ hours that are ‘perplexing’ to you.

Now, you will notice, that there are individuals upon your planet that are ‘moving’ around. Peoples say, they have no idea ‘how’ they got to a certain place but they just felt the need to go to a certain area. When they get to that area, because they don’t ‘know’ why they are there, they begin to ‘explore’ what IS there that brought them to that place. Now, perhaps that is one of the things that will be helpful to you. Many are using that, because in using that form of ‘motion’ of the physical being into ‘another’ location is taking your ‘stagnant’ thoughts, shall we say, and putting movement into them. In other words, were you to take yourself and go into an entirely different location, because you saw a bus go by that said the name of a town and you say, ‘I’ve never been there’, then pick up and go there. See what is in that town. You’ll go into a parking lot, where you park your car when you go to get groceries and you pull in there and someone pulls right next to you with a license plate on with a state name that you have never been to and you say, ‘I wonder what that state is like?’.

I don’t believe that we have encountered anyone, that in our Datre communications with all of you on the Datre Net, that have explored ‘every’ state in this, what you call your, United States. There must be ‘one’ at least that you have not been to. Sit down and make a list of all the states that you have been in, all the towns that you have lived in and what you ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ like about each one of them. That will keep you occupied for a while, unless you have never moved away from home. Most everyone that would be on the Datre Net has moved to some degree, because they are ‘explorers’. So, you list the states that you’ve been in, you list the cities that you’ve been in. Now, how many do you have left? With the winter as it is now, you may not want to go up to where its so cold. But then, why don’t you see if you can’t find someplace else to go? There are lots of states that aren’t that cold right now. That does not mean that you have to live there forever and ever and ever. That means go someplace else to get a different feeling of what something else is like.

From what you say, I pick up that you are in a ‘stagnant’ situation. There is only ‘one’ person that ‘stagnates’ you and that is you. It is something that you should do with ANTICIPATION. What is there? What can I find that is different? You may get there and say, ‘I don’t like it, it’s the same as someplace else’. All right, then go someplace else. The only one that can stagnate you is you. There are so many things – just in your states – to explore. There must be something, someplace of enjoyment.

Is it exploration of ‘outdoors’? Now outdoors, you have multiple things to do, you ski, you skate, you water ski, you skate on cement, you hike, you climb, you go looking for birds, there’s many many things to do outdoors. You dig in the dirt, you plant things, you do all kinds of things outdoors. If you don’t like outdoors, than go indoors. There are many things that are inside buildings that are interesting. There are all kinds of painting things – there’s music. There’s many, many things that you can do inside a building that you can take part in or you can sit and watch other people do.

You know, Aona has a funny statement, she says, ‘I don’t mind exercise, I can sit and watch someone do it all day long’. But you see, she doesn’t mind it; she can watch somebody else do it. That doesn’t mean she has to do it herself. That isn’t anything she’s interested in. She doesn’t have to watch her weight, she doesn’t have to watch her flexibility, she has it. So she say’s why should I run from here to there and back again, because I have achieved nothing, I’ll find something else to do with my time. But there are those that like to run. Sometimes just getting out and running off your frustration helps. So, there are many, many things that you can do. But, do not think that you are alone in this feeling that you are getting in the physical construct. Remember, it is your ‘reaction’ to your physical construct that is causing the ‘feelings’ that you have. Because the YOU that you are, only has feelings via it’s connection to you in the physicality.

So you try something, it doesn’t work. All right it doesn’t work, what’s the big deal? It has been an ‘experience’. That is why you took physicality in the first place. And if you decide to give up physicality now, that is where you’re putting a ‘stop’ on it, then you have to go through this whole thing, if you so desire, and in your state of ‘frustration’ I’m sure that that is what you ‘would’ desire, is to come back into the physical again. Then you’ve got to go through this whole ‘baby’ stage until you can grow up big enough to be able to do anything, in a constructive manner, in a physical form.

Now, we are not only speaking to you, we are speaking to everyone. Because, this is a pattern that has been consistently followed by individuals upon your planet, that we have observed. They have gotten to the point, that ‘life’ holds no interest for them whatsoever. The only time that ‘life existence’ is ‘exciting’ to them they think, is when they have left it.

Then they say, ‘I want to get back in again’.

Now you can read, there have been all manner of books that have been written on that very same subject, and again and again. You go back into your 1800 – 1700 books, that is a subject that has been consistently repeated and repeated. ‘I’m tired of physicality, I don’t want it any more’ and the minute they get out, they want back in. This is NOT new, by any means.

But it might be, and you can look at it another way, it might be that that is very strong in your ‘genetic’ patterning – is discontent for physicality. In other words, you could say, “it is NOT your fault ” – it is your ‘genetics’ that are ‘surfacing’ shall we say, to give you that feeling.

Now, do you have the strength of character to say, ‘well, if that is my genetics, then I do not have to live THAT genetic pattern’? ‘I can override that and I WILL override that and I will find enjoyment in a physical construct upon this planet Earth’. It is simple, yet it is probably one of the most ‘difficult’ things that individuals upon your planet have to, shall we say, contend with.

The death of a loved one puts individuals in ‘dark’ despair – those are your words. Many things cause MUCH hurt within the physical construct. But remember, that ‘hurt’ is for you to learn. What did you ‘learn’ by that?

Now, it is not easy to sit down and materialize a ‘grand’ home and a big car and a trip on the water and all of these ‘other’ things. Because that is NOT the stage of development that you are in. You’ll say, ‘well how come some people can do this and some people can’t’? It was ‘your’ choice as to what you desired when you came in – what did you want to learn? That is something that is not an easy thing to find out. But as you continue to learn and explore, you will find out some of the ‘lessons’ you came here to learn, because they will ‘stare’ at you in one way or another, until you learn THAT particular thing.

But, I would say to you, that you have the opportunity to have a grand life. A ‘grand life’ does not exist in a monetary construct. A ‘grand life’ does not exist in having your ‘ultimate’ love. It does not exist in your marriage, your children, your work place or anything else. It exists within the ‘individual’ construct you are working with in your ‘daytime’ hours, as to whether you have ‘control’ over the EMOTIONAL being. Where you have control over your ’emotional’ being, THAT is where the ‘contentment’ lays. Now that does not mean that you can’t get angry. That does not mean that you cannot cry. That does not mean that you cannot HAVE emotions. But that means, watch your ’emotions’.

The biggest thing that we hear of now through the channel, is that which they call DEPRESSION. That is the biggest thing, shall we say, upon your planet at the present time. Of all the things that they talk about and all the diseases and all this other thing, what is the ‘big’ uppermost thing on the planet at the present time, DEPRESSION. There are many way of working with that and people can give you all kinds of ideas, but the IDEA is to learn to work with SELF – that is the big lesson. Do not despair, because in finding yourself going through the ‘death’ process, you will be a ‘very’ unhappy person, because you have NOT achieved what you have set out to achieve.

If you want to play games, and this is the easiest way to do it, make this a ‘game’, PRETEND that you are happy. Pretend that everything is fine. Pretend that, ‘I am looking for something exciting, I’m looking for something NEW’. Pretend that you are ‘happy’ in finding it. Then when you have a day that is ‘happy’, not from pretending, for periods of time, but when you find a day when you are ‘absolutely’ happy, then you will say, ‘this is what it ‘feels’ like. OK, body remember this one, I want this one again and again and again and again’. But you need to ‘pretend’ you’re happy first, until the body gets the feeling. You have to teach the body in many areas too. The body has a certain intelligence.

But you have multiple, multiple, personalities that you work with. When you get to recognize your personalities that come in, and this takes attention, recognize the personality that comes in and ‘decide’ if that is the way you want to act or not. Then say, ‘this personality, every time you come in you show a ‘different’ type of ‘depression’, Now, I would prefer that this personality is NOT here at the present time’. ‘I would like to experience ‘another’ personality’. Then, here’s the trick, sit and wait, until you can feel another personality coming in through your ’emotional’ being. Because as you become proficient in it, you can ‘actually’ FEEL the body react to a NEW personality – guaranteed! Guaranteed, because it has been done by others upon your planet. Then it becomes a game. It becomes a game of fascination. Then when you have a personality that comes in, that is one that has ‘contentment’, then work from there. It does not do to work from a personality of depression, because you can’t move. You can’t DO anything with a personality that expresses depression.

Now, take THAT one and get it out of the way and bring in another personality, so that you are able to DO something. Then in finding that personality, you will find a different ‘type’ of JOY and HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT, because from ‘that’ personality, you can do that.

You have ‘different’ personalities, hundreds and hundreds of them. You have a personality that will always bring in tears. You have a personality that will bring in laughter. You have a personality that will bring in all manner of ‘different’ emotional constructs within your physical being.

So, until you set aside… all you have to do… it is the simplest thing. When you have that feeling of ‘depression’ and that’s what it is, it is a ‘feeling’ of the emotional body of depression, you sit down in a chair and you say, ‘I do not wish to have this personality with me at the present time. Would you please step aside and allow another personality to come in?’. And wait. It may not happen the first time you do it, it may not happen the second time you do it, but, be persistent. Then your personalities will get the idea and you will find something very interesting. That you can bring in another personality that’s very contented and within a couple of hours the depression will come back in. Because that one doesn’t enjoy being set aside – set it aside again. Ask for another personality to come in. Don’t say, ‘I want a certain type of personality to come in’. Let the personality come in and ‘you’ decide whether it’s one that you like the feeling of – the emotional feeling of. You make the decision at the time the other personality changes and comes in.

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Datre 055- What SOUL MATE is all About !

Datre answers Thomas.
JOHN: We have some questions from Thomas and he says thank you for some other questions. His new questions are… “I know the first priority we should be working on to prepare for the coming change, is enhancing the connection to our psyche and learning about our bodies and our environment. Is there something we could be preparing to protect and sustain our physical being and that of our families? How devastating to the physical environment will this change be or will the physical environment no longer exist as we know it now? “

DATRE: This physical existence will no longer be recognizable, because no one will stay on this planet in this body. You cannot protect your body or the body of others. The protection of the body is immaterial. Right at this present time, the only thing you’re using a body for is for experiences. But it is a ‘transitory’ vehicle. In other words, until you go through the upcoming BIRTH process, that is when you will ‘solidify’ your ‘first’ signature print or your ‘second’ signature print or your ‘seventh’ signature print, depending upon how many BIRTHS from ‘other’ planetary existences you have experienced.

Now, I can hear the people making a great big GULP. But there are those upon your planet that have this feeling of anticipation and underlying excitement, because they have gone through BIRTHS of different kinds in different planetary existences. So, it is a ‘rush’ that you in a way get a little excited about… there’s a little bit of ‘fear’ there. But, you KNOW what it is like to come out on the ‘other’ side. So, its like being in a roller coaster and all the excitement that you build up before you get on the roller coaster and then you go on the roller coaster and you get this BIG rush of excitement and you scream and you holler and you go up and down and up and down and in a very short time you step off the roller coaster. But, you’re strapped in, you know you are safe and so you just enjoy the ‘thrill’ of the ride.

Now, the individuals that are experiencing upon the planet, in this physicality, at this point in time, that are going through the BIRTH and are going to go through that type of roller coaster ride, are very excited about it. Number one, because it has NEVER been experienced in a physical construct as you have now. They ‘know’, as we have told you before, that the physical construct is going to ‘stay’ on the planet – this is planetary material. But, they KNOW that the minute they go through the BIRTH they are still going to BE. Then ‘another’ vehicle of sorts will be provided.

So, it is an exciting time coming up for those that have gone through other BIRTHS. They don’t… peoples living upon your planet in physicality, they don’t KNOW that they have been through other BIRTHS, unless they have had something happen that they ‘recognize’. That, ‘oh, I have done this before’. But they’re many, many, many, the ‘majority’ don’t KNOW if they have ever gone through a BIRTH or not. Does that explain?

JOHN: Yes, I think so. Ah this connection here that keeps coming up of family and all this and concerned about the ‘physical’ in the transition.

DATRE: Well, you see, that is one thing you must realize, that regardless where you are in your evolution, regardless where anyone else is in their evolution, you can not ‘change’ another in a physical construct. You cannot change another, in the state of BEING. That is something that is TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY an ‘individualized’ process. Unless you are living in a ‘cloned’ reality, living from a ‘one mind’ principle and expressing from that point, then you can ‘only’ go as far as that ‘one mind’ principle allows you to extend. But, if you are living an existence where you are ‘individualized’, then you CAN’T have an effect upon another person.

Now, you talk about SOUL MATES and all of this other thing… maybe this is a good place to bring that up. In the ‘soul mate’, your ‘soul mate’ is a ‘connection’ that is made to the physical construct. That is where the ‘mating’, that is where the familiarity, that is where a lot of this ‘soul mating’ comes in. It is a PHYSICAL connection that is made that is ‘comfortable’ and you feel as if you have ‘known’ that person forever. But, what you’re picking up is the ‘compatible’ vibration of another HOLOGRAM to you in a HOLOGRAPHIC state. That’s what ‘soul mate’ is all about.

Now, if any of those individuals who have ‘soul mates’ and this is IT and ten years down the road the ‘soul mate’ is no longer a ‘soul mate’, they go out and find ANOTHER ‘soul mate’. It is something that they have put together, but it’s not cast in stone. Then you’ll hear those that say, ‘there’s only one man for me’ or ‘one woman for me’. Out of billions of people on your planet and there’s only one? If that is your feeling and you’re mourning in the physicality about it, put on your shoes and go to another country. Then find ‘other’ people to interact with. Even in your States, which are thousands of miles across, get into your shoes and go someplace else, causing yourself less grief. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life mourning about a situation, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and go someplace else.

Now in your family relationships, they are so TIGHT that you’re trying to ‘glue’ the whole thing together. In trying to glue the whole thing together, you are only going to cause misery to yourself. Because in an ‘individualized’ planetary existence the NEED to ‘explore’ exists. That does not mean that you can’t stay together. But explore in different directions, allow the leniency. You cannot take someone out of the ‘dead zone’ to come and live with you again. Nor can you put anyone into the ‘dead zone’. That you can’t do, unless you ‘shoot’ their physical body and then they have nothing to work through. But, you see, the physical existence that you have now, is only a TEMPORARY situation. Because you will find that when the body wears out, you will find some way to ‘release’ the body in what you call ‘death’. Or your ‘experiential’ patterning will run out and you don’t want to go any further, so then you find some way to get OUT of the physical being again.

But you cannot ‘stop’ another individual from dying – it is an impossibility – any more than you can take someone from the ‘dead zone’ and put them back to life again. The same thing exists when you go through ANY of these processes – it is a SINGULAR situation.

Yes, you have taken the obligation of wife; family, husband, whatever and you want to protect them. Yes, you can only ‘protect’ them up to a certain point. But, they have to grow into their OWN awareness. And many, they say, ‘well its only a little child’. You don’t ‘know’ what’s going on in that child’s head. How many times is that child ‘playing’ at being a child and having the ‘knowledge’ of being a grown up, that they have brought in with them and are only waiting for that body to get BIG enough to begin experiencing? So you see, it may be a little child, but is like Aona has said many times; it is a forty year old in a three year old body.

JOHN: Since you dealt with a… some part of the question as to ‘soul mates’ do you want to get into the question of what is a ‘soul’?

DATRE: No, not on this one. We will do that some other time. That gets very complicated and that will take a session that we will do individualistic at some point in time.

JOHN: OK, his next question is… “What can be done to learn more about ones ‘body vibration’? Are there exercises or something that will help one familiarize oneself with one’s ‘body vibration’? Or do we just need to observe and be present to watch as our bodies change and ‘ride the wave’? “

DATRE: The last is the ‘true’ one. You see, you cannot change your vibration, the body changes IT’S vibration according to ‘your’ experiential patterning. In other words, the body will change as ‘your’ ATTITUDE towards your existence changes. In other words, if you make the comment that, ‘I can’t eat a certain food because it makes me sick’, now, that is translated to the body and the body will ‘react’ accordingly. ‘I don’t want to go to work today’; ‘I don’t want to go to school today’. ‘Oh, I’m getting a sore throat’. The body says, ‘oh, your getting a sore throat’ and the more you dwell on it the sorer that throat becomes. Because that is your desire, you told the body that that’s what it is. So the body will say, ‘alright, that’s what you wanted’.

So you can see, you work with your body all the time. But the vibration that your body contains is your ‘reaction’ to living within that physical construct. Understanding different concepts will release the body from a lot of tension. Then in releasing the body from tension, that is also a way to allow the vibration of the body to change. So you see, its a catch 22 all the way around. But there’s no way to change your body vibration. Your body vibration will ‘change’ automatically when you go into the sleep state or you go into a deep meditation or one of those other things. But, that is a body concept that changes when you go into a meditation; this is what you have trained your body to do. But, the minute you come back out of meditation your body will resume where it was before.

Now, depending upon your experiences in “out of body ” and how much you comprehend when you’re out of body in meditation that can change the vibration. Because maybe you have learned something that is going to help you in your understanding of yourself, your planet, your body whatever and then you’ll say, ‘oh, then that’s not necessary for me to ‘believe’ that any more’. In changing that belief, that changes your body construct.

So you see, you work so interchangeably in so many different directions all the time. Most of the time things you’re not even aware of are taking place, because many things you do not ‘wish’ to know about take place in your sleep state. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last question.

DATRE: OK, we will leave you now.

We are Datre. 

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