10 Steps To Master Telepathy – Mind To Mind Communication

The word “Telepathy ” has been derived from the
words “Tele ” meaning “Distance ” and “Pathy ” meaning “Feeling “. So
Telepathy actually means getting feelings through a distance. To
elaborate, Telepathy is the communication between two minds, separated
over a distance, without the use of the five known senses.

At some point or the other, we all have experienced Telepathy. Maybe
you were thinking of someone you haven’#8217;t talked to in months and you
suddenly get a call from him. Or when two people are together, they
might say the same thing at the same time. These are spontaneous
mind-to-mind communication. Such Telepathy that tends to occur
frequently between closely related individuals.

In this article we will go through the steps required to practice voluntary Telepathy. Here are the steps:

1. Sender And Receiver : We will need two people. One will be the
Sender, who will attempt to transmit thoughts; the other will be the
Receiver, who will attempt to receive the thoughts transmitted by the
Sender. Prior to the experiment, decide clearly if you are going to be
the Sender or the Receiver. If you don’#8217;t, you both might end up being
Receivers or Senders! Avoid that confusion.

For this article, we will assume that you are the Sender.

2. Belief : First of all, it is very important that the Sender and
the Receiver both believe that Telepathy is possible. Even if the
belief is not 100%, an open-minded attitude is a must. In fact, it is
best if the participants not only believe in Telepathy, but also
actually deeply desire it to occur. If you are a skeptic, and if the
doors of your mind are closed, you will get very poor results.

3. Physical Relaxation : Telepathy is most effective when the Sender
and the Receiver are both totally relaxed physically. Also, being in
positive health makes you concentrate better. Try not to practice when
you are unwell.

Relax yourself using any relaxation method you find best. You can
either breathe deeply a couple of times, or use the progressive
relaxation method.

4. Mental Relaxation : Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Make
your mind tranquil. Let thoughts come and go, but don’#8217;t get attached to
them. Focus on your purpose. Since you are the Sender, your focus will
be to send your thoughts across. Your partner, the Receiver should
focus his mind to be receptive to your thoughts.

Make sure that both of you do not have any distractions around. A
disturbed environment will be detrimental to your progress. A calm and
quiet environment will give maximum results

5. Visualization : Before beginning the transmission, it is
important that the previous steps are well followed. They will set up
the foundation for your success.

With your eyes shut, visualize a very clear picture of the Receiver.
Imagine that he is a few feet away from you. Visualize him in full
color. Feel that he is actually there. If you want, you can even look
at a colored picture of him before the experiment. This will help you
visualize him properly.

Now imagine a silver tube connecting your mind and his mind. This
tube is the channel through which your thoughts would be communicated
to him. Visualize this tube to be full of energy. Know in your heart
that this tube is very effective and will do the job well.

Please note that visualizing the tube is not a must. It is just a
very effective aid to help you focus and gives your thoughts a
well-defined direction. Instead of this tube, you can even visualize
that you are talking to your friend over the telephone.

6. Transmission : Now imagine that your thoughts are being
transmitted through the tube – from your mind to his mind. If you are
thinking of transmitting a mental picture of an apple, visualize a
bright, red, juicy apple traveling across our tube. Make the picture as
vivid as possible. Charge the apple with emotion. Believe that
Telepathy is real. Desire that your thoughts reach your friend. Imagine
the feeling you will have when you succeed. This is very crucial.
Emotions are a very powerful trigger and give excellent results. Very
often, Telepathy experiments fail because the thoughts lack emotional

Make sure you do not strain yourself to send the thought. You have
to be relaxed and composed. 7. When to stop : While you are sending
your thoughts, there will be a moment when you will have a strong
feeling that the thought has been transmitted. This is an unmistakable
feeling that cannot be faked. Whenever you get such a feeling, the job
is done. This might take a few seconds to several minutes. If even
after 15 minutes, you do not get this feeling, you can abandon the
experiment and try at a later date. Trying further will not help much
because your mind would be exhausted.

8. The Receiver : Throughout the experiment, the Receiver should
keep his mind blank and should try to receive the thoughts being sent
by you. He should avoid trying too hard. Forcing himself to sense what
you are thinking will sabotage your attempts. His mind will be most
receptive when he is relaxed and at ease.

He will get several impressions coming to his mind. He should keep a
pen and paper next to him, and note down whatever thoughts come to his
mind. He will probably feel that he is making things up. But that’#8217;s ok.
This is how Telepathy works.

9. Compare results : Once you are through with your experiments,
compare your results. Check all the impressions that the Receiver has
written down. Does it contain the thought that you tried to transmit?
The more you practice, the more accurate results you will get.

10. Repeat the experiment : You should then repeat the experiment –
either immediately or at a later date. If you have got some success,
your confidence would be quite high and you would want to repeat it
immediately. But if there was no success, do not get discouraged and
try the next day. Regular practice sessions are a must, because only
consistency will make you better.

You should also alternate between being the Receiver and the Sender.
This will tell you what you are better at – Receiving or Sending.

General Tips : Keep it short : Keep your experiments short, maybe 15
minutes or less. This will prevent boredom and fatigue. Your Telepathic
ability is at its peak when you feel most energized.

Have Patience : One of the most important conditions of experimental
telepathic work is patience. Don’#8217;t be discouraged if you do not find
much success initially. Any psychic experiment, including Telepathy,
takes some practice before you see results. Once you practice for a few
days, you will start getting more successes.

Stay aware from skeptics : Skeptics have got one purpose in life: To
sidetrack believers. Stay away from such people because they will put
doubt in your mind and will dampen your spirits. Your results prove to
you that Telepathy works. Skeptics will not help you much. Sharing your
results with them will only discourage and hinder your accomplishments.

Only try to share your experiences with like-minded people, people who are positive and encouraging.

Conclusion : Exploring your own Telepathic abilities is an
incredible journey. Although it will be fun and exciting, developing a
strong foundation will take time and patience. Never expect too much
success in the beginning.

But the good news is that Telepathy can be learned and cultivated
very easily. With regular practice you will become a Telepathy adept!
You will always be correct in sending and receiving messages, with
astounding clarity and accuracy.

Copyright Abhishek Agarwal. To know more about Telepathy, visit Abhishek’#8217;s Paranormal Den, http://www.astralprojectnow.com. You can also download his exhaustive FREE 167-Pages ebook on Astral Projection.

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