How To Attract Abundance With Energy Clearing

In this video, filmed at A-Fest, Christie Marie Sheldon reveals how your abundance blocks are keeping you from attracting the financial prosperity and success you deserve, and how you can remove these blocks to experience abundance. Learn more about the Unlimited Abundance course by Christie Marie Sheldon

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What does “bilocation” mean in Remote Viewing?

Bilocation is a word that any avid remote viewing researcher will come across and it is also an experience that all remote viewers have had while implementing the correct Technical Remote Viewing® protocols. Remote Viewing is still a fairly young technology, having only been introduced and put into use for twenty years, since 1983. We […]

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The Hidden Meaning of Reoccurring Numbers

Reoccurring numbers are numbers that keep on repeating themselves to people and are believed to portray a hidden meaning. This is one of those mysterious ways that try to tell you that there is something you are missing in your life and this will automatically push your mind in that direction. If you are one […]

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Message from the One and Only

Message from the One and Only September  23, 2015 In the Light of at-ONE-ment       This crucial message from the One and Only was received today, September 23rd, 2015 by Gerald O’Donnell, a day when the portals to the Most High were kept opened and unencumbered as the day of at-One-ment unfolded.   […]

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Abundance – The Three Core Truths

Here’s an example of some common “I can’t” feelings experienced by people who struggle endlessly with abundance: – “I always have to work hard to make money.” – “No matter how hard I work… or how positive I try to be about my financial situation… I never seem to have enough.” – “It’s not fair. […]

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How to Develop Mediumship

Everyone can develop mediumship abilities in their lives. It will take a little practice and time, but is very possible. Below we will give some general guidelines and pointers on how to start developing mediumship. Some people will be more sensitive and developing mediumship will come much faster and easier. Just like some people find […]

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Life After Life After Life

Reincarnation – a life after this life after another…… What a wonderful thought that our soul is immortal and embarks upon a new chapter and learning curve with each successive human lifetime! There are many who intuitively feel that subsequent human births will follow this one. Others cannot consider the idea of ‘having to return’ […]

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How to Have an Out of Body Experience Basics

Information abounds regarding how to have an out of body experience. Some of what’s out there is great, and some, while well-meaning, can be confusing or misleading. We’re going to begin to peek behind the veil here and de-mystify the out of body experience. If you’ve read anything about the subject, you’ll know that relaxation […]

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